The Occult Symbolism of the 2012 Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies


Watched by almost a billion viewers across all five continents, the 2012 Olympic ceremonies were, for a few hours, the focal point of the world. As is the case for most high-profile media events, the world elite’s messages, symbols and agenda were part of the show. We’ll look at the occult symbolism of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics.

Olympic ceremonies are often among the most watched TV events on the planet. They are an exceptional chance for the host countries to showcase their greatness through a grandiose, elaborate and massive show. The 2012 London Olympics were no exception as England’s history, culture and accomplishments were thoroughly celebrated and applauded. Some moments were grand, others were funny; some were dark and even disturbing. Other moments were highly symbolic, reflecting the agenda of the occult elite. Given that London is one of the power capitals of the world, it would have been more surprising if the symbolism and philosophy of the global elite had not been infused throughout the ceremonies.

Of course, not everything was symbolic in that sense and not everything was in-your-face, but over the course of the several hours that the ceremonies lasted, a good deal of symbolism was communicated to billion of viewers around the world. Let’s look at the most symbolic moments of the 2012 London Olympics.

Opening Ceremony

The ceremonies were designed and coordinated by Danny Boyle, director of the movies Trainspotting and Slumdog Millionaire. Entitled Isles of Wonder, the opening ceremony focused on the history of England and the actors that influenced it. The journey began in ancient and mythical England then traveled through the industrial revolution, ending in modern times. The story was told using specific symbols and references that recall the occult side of Great Britain.

Green and Pleasant Land

The show begins in pastoral England, complete with farmers and cricket players. There are also many symbols alluding to its ancient mystical lore. The focal point of the show is a hill that is said to have magical properties: Glastonbury Tor.

The mythical spirally hill named Glastonbury Tor overlooks pastoral England. This recreation of the Tor is topped by a giant oak tree, a tree considered sacred by Celtic Druids and representative of the Supreme Deity.

Glastonbury Tor is one of the oldest sacred sites in England. Believed to be at the intersection of powerful ley lines, the Tor is related to many mystical stories and legends. For instance, it is thought to be Avalon from the legend of King Arthur and his 12 knights, a story that is esoterically associated with the sun and the twelve signs of the zodiac. Another legend claims that Joseph of Arimathea, the great uncle of Jesus Christ who was a tin merchant, brought young Jesus on a trip to Glastonbury. He later came back to the site and threw the chalice used by Jesus during the last supper (the fabled Holy Grail) in Chalice Well – an area of Glastonbury said to have magical powers. Archeologists have also discovered that the construction of the Gastonbury abbey involved sacred geometry “known by the builders of Egyptian pyramids” and passed down through societies of stonemasons (the originators of modern Freemasonry).

The “real” Glastonbury Tor, topped by St. Michael’s Church. The hill is the site of Christian pilgrimages and seasonal rituals practiced by ritual magicians, witches, pagans, and of various occult and spiritual festivals.

The presence of Glastonbury Tor in the Olympic stadium provides a definitively mystical and esoteric undertone to the opening ceremonies.

While countrymen work the land and run around maypoles (which incidentally bear a cosmic and phallic occult meaning), a young boy in the crowd stands up and sings part of a classical English hymn, William Blake’s Jerusalem.

William Blake is often described as a “visionary” whose artistic works were heavily inspired by Druidism, Gnosticism and Freemasonry (his depiction of the “Grand Geometrician” holding a Masonic compass is above the Rockefeller Center in New York). While some of his creations had Christian connotations, they were often told from a Gnostic and esoteric point of view. Jerusalem refers to the apocryphal story described above of Jesus visiting the “green and pleasant land” of Glastonbury with his great-uncle, Joseph of Arimathea.

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England’s mountains green?
And was the holy Lamb of God
On England’s pleasant pastures seen?
And did the Countenance Divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here
Among these dark Satanic Mills?
The poem asks if Jesus walked in England and founded New Jerusalem (as described in Revelation) among these “dark Satanic Mills”. This enigmatic expression is said to refer to England’s industrial revolution and the dark buildings that came with it.
Coincidentally, the next part of the opening ceremonies describe just that: The construction of “dark Satanic Mills”.

The Industrial Revolution

After the singing of the hymns, men in top hats, enter England’s Green and Pleasant land and bring about important change.

The men in top hats survey the land and shake each hands. This small elite group will coordinate the industrial revolution and get the masses to work.

The top-hat guys are lead by civil engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who stands at the base of the Tor and give a speech quoting Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The oak tree then rises from the ground and hundreds of workers emerge from under the Tor and begin transforming England’s landscape.

At this point, there are a few facts that deserve to be pointed out. First, the legend of King Arthur stipulates that the top of the Tor provided entrance to Annwn, the ancient word for the Underworld. Second, the official name of the segment about the industrial revolution is Pandemonium, which is the name of the capital of Hell in Milton’s classical work Paradise Lost. These clues indicate that London did not become New Jerusalem (a metaphor for heaven) as stated by Blake’s hymn, but literally hell on earth. And all of this pandemonium was brought about by a handful of elite men who got thousands of workers apparently emerge from the underworld and build industrial England.

Peasants of the country worked in hellish conditions to bring to reality the elite’s vision.

It is now an established fact that the bringing down of monarchies and the push for industrial revolution during the 18th century was heavily influenced by Secret Societies such as the Grand Orient Freemasons and the Bavarian Illuminati, who called for an “unshackling of science” and a “new age of Reason”. The men in top hats coordinating the transformation can therefore be associated with the secretive groups that historically engendered a new economic, political and social system during the 18th Century.

The unfolding of “Pandemonium” is depicted using two very distinct groups: Elite “thinkers” who decide and oversee the project and “workers” who work in the field and take orders. All of this happens in the Olympic stadium, which is surrounded by giant triangles with illuminated capstones – a classic symbol representing an elite ruling above masses.

The final product of Pandemonium is one big messy grey mass full of “Satanic mills” and seven phallic chimneys spitting out smoke.

Leave the Kids Alone

The next important sequence of the ceremony paid tribute to the National Health Service (NHS) and Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). The set combined sick kids on hospital beds with characters from English children’s literature and had a very strange and dark undertone from the start, when it began with the theme from The Exorcist, which is, in case you don’t know, a movie about a child possessed by the Devil. Odd choice.

The sequence begins with children on hospital beds who get put to sleep by nurses. Then J.K. Rowling appears and reads a quote from Peter Pan alluding to Neverland, which becomes real in the “two minutes before you go to sleep”. I couldn’t say if that was done on purpose, but many elements of this set, mostly the mix of vulnerable children in a hospital with fairy tales and the concept of blurring the lines between reality and fiction, are all associated with mind control programming. Like the Wizard of Oz and Alice of Wonderland, the story of Peter Pan is heavily used in mind control programming as victims are told to escape to “Neverland” while inducing dissociation from reality.

A child reading Peter Pan. On the page, we see a scary Captain Hook standing next to … a kid strapped to a bed? According to Franz Springmeier, Monarch programming uses a technique called “Peter Pan Programming”, in which Captain Hook represents the handler.

After J.K. Rowling’s appearance, hordes of ghouls and villains from English literature enter the stage, running after the children and scaring the crap out of them.

As if under the spell of this gigantic figure of Lord Voldemort, this young girl’s bed hovers high above the ground. Does this represent dissociation engendered by intense trauma?

While the evil characters run after the children, the nurses are completely immobile and powerless as if declaring “Health workers can do nothing when the elite’s mind control is happening behind closed doors”.

Luckily, a whole bunch of Mary Poppins fly down and shoo away the scary characters. Then, a rather creepy giant baby appears on stage.

Is it just me or does the giant baby have a big “separation” on the forehead?

The odd combination of children in a hospital and fairy tales might have been a clever way to combine two important aspects of British culture. It can also be a sick way of referring to Monarch mind control. On that note, let’s bring out Mr. Bean!

Abide With Me

Right before the Parade of Nations, the ceremony presented a dark segment that confused and disturbed more than a few viewers. Supposedly dedicated to victims of the 7/7 London Bombings, it had the feel of a dark ritual. Also, once again, we see an innocent child being preyed upon by dark forces. Despite the fact that the Christian hymn Abide With Me was playing in the background, the performance had an eerie feel, as if we were witnessing some kind of occult child sacrifice.

The set begins with a group of performers feverishly dancing under a giant orange ball resembling the sun orb. Then a young boy appears, looking somewhat lost and confused. One of the dancers approach the boy and looks to take something precious from him.

The dancer takes from the young boy an imaginary ball, which can represent his life force or maybe his soul.

Once the dancer takes the child’s soul, he taunts him with it and takes it away from him. The boy attempts to take it back but it is no use, he cannot do it. Apparently drained and resigned, the boy embraces the dancer who stole his soul.

The boy hugs the man who preyed on him and is ultimately integrated into the “dark side”.

At the end of the set, the child is at the center of the dancers and raises his hands in the air as if saying “I am reborn with the dark side”. On that creepy, disturbing note, let’s bring out the athletes!

Nations and Flames

As it is always the case, the Parade of Nations is done in a very orderly manner, with each country entering the stadium separately, in alphabetical order (we’ll see how it contrasts with the closing ceremony). Each flag was then placed at the feet of the Tor and the magical oak tree.

Once that was accomplished, the ceremony then focused on the almighty torch and the “fire that never dies”. The occult symbolism behind the torch bearer carrying the Olympic flame was discussed in my article  London 2012: The Olympic torch relay and Prometheus so I won’t dwell on that aspect, though it is very significant.

The show ended with the lighting of the Olympic cauldron which was composed of petals representing each nation present during the Olympics.

Viewed from above, the Olympic Stadium resembled a gigantic eye whose pupil was being lit.

Combined with the ever-present pyramidal structures around the Stadium, the the event became one big tribute to the Illuminati elite. Two weeks later, the closing ceremony took the Illuminati symbolism to another level.

The Closing Ceremony

Contrary to the opening ceremony that reflected on the past, the closing ceremony looked towards the future … as envisioned by the elite. Not unlike the opening ceremony, it featured a whole lot of British music and I am pretty sure that record companies paid top dollar to have their artists perform on this unique world stage. I’ll skip the music performances and focus on the core message of the closing ceremony: Celebrating the Illuminati’s New World Order.

Praise Illuminati

Contrarily to the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony was all about nations blending together into one giant global community – one of the goals of the New World Order. While, at the beginning of the games, athletes entered the stadium behind their national flag and a banner bearing the name of their countries, all of that was gone at closing ceremony. Everyone was mixed together.

We then witnessed a weird segment.

Performers used blocks to build a pyramid at the center of the stage…and began literally revering it.

“We all lay down before the almighty Illuminati pyramid”. This Illuminati blatant-ness lasted several odd minutes.


Musical performances began with a specific song, John Lennon’s Imagine, and a specific verse from it which was considered, by some observers, to be somewhat out of place in the context of the Olympic ceremony.

As if to emphasize the words said in that verse, John Lennon was shown singing it.

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace

You, you may say
I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world

Under the cauldron representing all countries joined together “as one”, young children sing Imagine.

In the context of the Olympics, where people come from all countries and all religions, this verse was a little out of place. More importantly, no countries, no religions, no possessions and “a world as one” is a good way to describe the global socialist system the elite is trying to create with the New World Order. Was Lennon envisioning a secretive group of politicians and bankers creating his perfect world? Probably not. But when you get killed by a MK-Ultra patsy, the elite can pretty do what it wants with your work and image.

Let’s Worship the Fire for, Like, a Half an Hour

After a bunch of performances (featuring a whole lot of Jessie J for some reason), the ceremony heavily focused on the Olympic cauldron. Before it is extinguished, it slightly opens up and a fiery phoenix appears above it.

As if emerging from the fire produced by the petals (representing Nations of the world), a phoenix appears above the cauldron.

The symbol of the phoenix, the bird that is reborn from its ashes, is extremely important to occult secret societies and, consequently, to the occult elite.

“The phoenix is the most celebrated of all the symbolic creatures fabricated by the ancient Mysteries for the purpose of concealing the great truths of esoteric philosophy. (…) Mediæval Hermetists regarded the phoenix as a symbol of the accomplishment of alchemical transmutation, a process equivalent to human regeneration. The name phoenix was also given to one of the secret alchemical formula. (…) In the Mysteries it was customary to refer to initiates as phoenixes or men who had been born again, for just as physical birth gives man consciousness in the physical world, so the neophyte, after nine degrees in the womb of the Mysteries, was born into a consciousness of the Spiritual world. This is the mystery of initiation to which Christ referred when he said, “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” (John iii. 3). The phoenix is a fitting symbol of this spiritual truth.”
– Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

While the phoenix represents spiritual rebirth on an individual level, it can also represent the rebirth of the entire world from its ashes – as a New World Order.

This gigantic mural situated inside the UN’s Security Council Chamber in New York features a phoenix rising from a world in ashes.

Right after the apparition of the phoenix above the Olympic cauldron, the boy band Take That performed a song with a rather symbolic title, considering the context: Rule The World.

With a phoenix rising above all nations as a backdrop, Take That sings “Rule the World”. This is getting pretty blatant.

After the song, a bunch of ballet dancers dressed as phoenixes hopped around, as if revering and giving tribute to the fiery bird above them.

Praising the phoenix in a ritualistic and celebratory manner.

At midnight, the Olympic cauldron and the petals representing each country are slowly extinguished, but the phoenix, representing the occult elite and the New World Order, stays lit above it. In other words, as the nations of the world slowly disappear, a New World Order will emerge. On that note, let’s listen to The Who!


In Conclusion

Olympic Ceremonies traditionally showcase the host Nation’s history and culture, but also celebrates those behind the games: the occult elite. Since London is a power capital of the world with a rich occult history ranging from the Knight Templars to influential Masonic lodges, and not forgetting prominent occultists advising the royals such as John Dee and Sir Francis Bacon, is it surprising to see this aspect of History being referred to in a symbolic matter?

While obviously not everything during Olympic ceremonies related to Illuminati symbolism, there were plenty of elements inserted throughout to get the message across. In the end, the Olympic games, like many other media events, turned into a worldwide mega ritual celebrating the goals and the symbolism of the world elite. On that note, let’s bring out the Spice Girls!




    • That was a good analysis. We weren't meant to all be the same. They keep pushing this one world under a Satanic groove. They keep on with their indoctrination rituals– ceremonies– and I am like … *yawn*… .

      • Love that "one nation under a satanic groove". That about sums it up plus it's too funny!!!

      • TRUTHwontSETyouFREE- on

        Someone told me that the Beijing Olympics had the insemination ritual ( while the London ceremonies displayed the product of the baby…

        it's really weird, check out the link. I don't really have a grasp of this concept but it involves something new or evil being born.

        Another thing that really got to me was the fact Jessie J was sing "not about the money, money…" on a Rolls Royce. After reading an article of Jessie J that VC once wrote, she's right. It isn't about the money, or the price tag, but your mind, your soul.

        This is off topic but I think VC should really touch this subject: Joel Olsteen and the theme of Prosperity Evangelicalism.

        The ceremonies of the Olympics were the sickest and most disgusting bull crap display I've ever seen. Spice Girls, really? Phoenix rising, demon terrorizing little kids, a celebration of technology and how it's taken over the youth, a pyramid?, the elite over seeing the building the city, the boy being embraced by a werido, the TREE! the Babylon like mountain!….I can't take it.

        And one more thing: did anyone see that weird video clip of Freddy Mercury of Queen singing with the crowd? It was great at first, but sequence went on for a while…seemed like a chant of some sort…again, weird.

      • Right, and as a result, we go on killing each other on the basis of being "different".

        If the New World Order helps everyone get along better, then I say it looks much more appealing than we have now.

    • Yep. This is an excellent and very well researched article, VC.

      Just the simple facts about all the symbols and elements shown are insanely blatant. I hope by now that ANYONE could notice the pyramids with illuminated capstones (surrounding the masses – HINT!!!) above the stadium, but the rest of your analysis is also a wealth of information that I would bet very few people knew anything about – including me, and I come from Brit heritage.

      I found the whole hospital / sick kids thing most disturbing of all, as if it is perhaps intentional foreshadowing or harbinger of the future plagues to come?

      People definitely need to realize, at a minimum, that with a multi-billion $$$ (or pounds, if you must) spectacle made for a global audience like this, NOTHING IS ACCIDENTAL. Everything that was shown was chosen, and for very specific reasons.

      Well, except maybe the Spice Girls lol – but actually that, too, has a specific purpose – after all the occult rituals and symbolism, let's take them right back to the mindless distractions of their daily lives of being saturated in meaningless pop culture, and let's face it – celebrity (IDOL) worship BS.

      To quote from one of my favorite songwriters:

      "I'm Waiting, for the pagan times that surely are ahead".

      I guess there's really no need for any more waiting – they're already here, and now.

      • There's nothing new with this just like pyramid, one eye, brainwash, selling soul and some any kind/s of programming so tired of this it's making me sick.

      • Seems like celebrities have all been having babies over the past 4 -5 years… Could this be related? From the inseminal ceremony to the "birth"? Are they pro creating while they can before thy all go under ground? Into the underground bunkers provided for the elite when something finally does go down. If they're underground, females do not get menstral cycles if they aren't exposed to the sun. If they're underground in these bunkers for years then maybe they are having babies now while they can. That's my theory. Something evil is happening. It's unsettling not knowing how bad it will really be. Just have to have faith and never give up hope.

      • Idle Minds Are The D on

        I completely agree with the pop culture part.

        Apparently, "One Direction" (the very popular bubblegummy pop boy-band that young girls everywhere are swooning over) also performed… on a checkered floor, that is.

        I really wish VC would have elaborated more on the music performances, but I guess they were too ridiculously blatant. When I heard Jessie J was performing, I even immediately thought of VC's article on her "Price Tag" song and just imagined her re-enacting the video in a more "out there" manner. Which did not disappoint, since she did not wait long before rolling around in a pimped out Royce while singing about how that stuff does not matter.

        But other than that, great stuff. Frightened the flying shizz out of me.

      • Hi LVB how are you? you are missed. haven't spoken to you in soo long. hope you are well. I didn't even see the opening and closing ceremony just watched gymnastics, track and field parts which are my fav's. but Wow i can believe what i saw. Thanks Vigilant.

    • the only thing though is that VC put "Franz" Springmeier instead of FRITZ, his real name. u can find his book online for free or go to youtube. its mind-boggling but if u can handle it u should read it

    • Thank you VC for the summary. I watched in pure astonishment, horror, shock at the blatancy of the whole thing. When they first announced the presence of Prince Harry just before the start of the ceremony, I was wondering why he looked so unhappy and downright uncomfortable. As the ceremony unfolded I began to understand why. Every time the camera panned him, his brow was furrowed and he just looked stressed out. I thought it very peculiar. Well now I know why thanks to your description. I also wondered where his brother was, no mention of him at all. He (Wills)was probably down in the dungeon forced to stoke the fires and do the chanting. Sad for those boys what they were born into and forced into. Just like what you described they showed those innocent children in the ceremony being used and sucked into the evil vortex. Sad sad sad.

      When I saw Annie Lennox on that ship of satanic symbolism,in all of her glory. Singing, dancing, prancing and giddy to the point of ecstasy, I just shook my head in awe. Utterly ridiculous!

    • To Dexter: The New World Order will be great and all you will have to do is submit to Lucifer and sacrifice your children for mind control! Sounds wonderful. Idiot!

      • Yes Dexter, We will all regret letting them have their way. Remember that they are liars. They will promise to give us a better world but it will be worse than ever. They have controlled the world for centuries and we have had nothing but wars, famine and more wars.

        If they came telling of their true agenda we would never let them in, but they lie.

      • how do u know you'd have to submit to lucifer and give up your children for mind control? did the elite tell u that themselves?

    • Thank you for another intresting article. Another point is the "sacking" of G4S the security company appointed for the olymips games, convenient enough to bring in the army no less. An obvious move towards a population oblivious to a policed nation! Shocking…

    • I appreicate the information that you have put out there for people to be informed about what is going on. However the Olympics is such a small part of what is going on with the Occult movement. Most importantly who is really the leaders and who else is involved. People would be amazed, stunned, and even a bit afraid to know the agenda and how far the intent is.
      My understanding is they are intending on influencing our children in the schools with their ideas of how the world should be. This is to be done in such a way as to make sure parents are disregarded for their moral beliefs taught in the home and or churches.

    • I just stumbled across this site.The information is amazing.Personally I thought the opening ceromony was
      Bizarre this article backs my feelings.

    • Was the attack at the olympics delayed/postponed/canceled? Or Rik Clay paid the price for letting the secret out??

      Good analysis!!

      • There never was going to be an attack.

        That belief was the result of over analysis of signs, symbols, dates and alleged predictive programming.

        Unfortunately Rik Clay freaked himself out and paid the price of over analysis, not for letting the secret out.

      • Well they're definitely planning something…but I agree the opening and closing ceremonies were merely rituals to formally launch the birth of the New World Order….

        Much has been spoken about the connection of the connection between the Dark Knight Shootings and the Olympic Opening Ceremony…

        Then the day after the Olympics the BBC started running this advert:

        Just to repeat whats said: "As the sun sets – Darkness Rises!"

        The show "Ripper" is about a man causing MAYHEM in London. Jack the Ripper is suspected to have been a high level freemason.

        So you have an advert showing the happiness of the Olympics ending (as the sun sets) ….and as the camera pans below the clouds you have dark, filthy streets (darkness rises!)

        Also the song thats used in the advert is by two well known initiates of freemasonry – Jay Z and Kanye West – "No Church in The Wild"

        This song is similar to John Lennons Imagine – in that it talks about destroying religion etc…however it takes it much further calling for open rebellion and mass revolution.

        The opening lyrics of the song (and also in the advert) are:

        Human being to the mob

        What’s a mob to a king?

        What’s a king to a god?

        What’s a god to a non-believer?

        Who don’t believe in anything?

        Is basically saying –

        whats 1 person to a mob? Nothing…

        whats a mob to a king…? Nothing, a king can crush a mob

        whats a king to a God? Nothing, God can crush a King

        BUT! what's a God to a non believer? Ha – thats how we can defeat God!

        Believe in nothing! Lets have REVOLUTION!

        And this is the ultimate plan…Ultimate Chaos….

        Ordo ab Chao –

        This is why they had the Phoenix at the end of the Olympic Closing Ceremony. The Phoenix (Luciferian New World Order) – Rising from the Ashes…of the chaos thats just around the corner.

        God is always in control don't forget – that's our ultimate protection.

      • All they have to do is release a biowarfare weapon and not "find" the cure until 13 out of 14 people are dead. With the kind of anarchy that would cause they can have a few false flag "terrorist attacks" and justify everything they want in a police state.

        The shelters are just in case the rioting gets messy. I don't think it is hard for them to do it all?

        The thing I wonder about is if current ethnic groups are going to stay in their homelands as a one world state is set up?

        Is there a Chinese Army in Mexico waiting?

        What do the NWO people care if the US has any particular racial mix?

        Maybe the Continental United States is going to be 1/2 Chinese to suppress any American Military reaction?

        The Olympic Ceromonies were threatening.

      • There was going to be an attack but it's likely they abandoned that plan long ago – probably from Rik Clay onwards. From that point on, they put in tidbits of disinfo in the news for the truthers to catch on – like the G45 security, foiled bomb plots, in the weeks immediately before the opening ceremony – so they could try to warn everyone, and ultimately be discredited when nothing happened.

        They won't use the 'it was terroritz' false flag twice, I think they're smarter than that…

      • The Olympics aren't fully over yet, with the Paralympics yet to come.

        There is this weird clock on this ominous webside
        To enter the webside you have to solve a riddle (the answer is "human").

        When you click around a bit you can find the clock which exists in 2 versions:


        For the second one you might be asked for a user name and password.

        Somebody found out that the user name is "user" and password "user:user"

        The clock counts down the moons or nights (noctes) to the the exact date and time of

        September 9th 2012 at 13:23:33 – which is the day of the Closing for the Paralympics and the

        Olympics 2012 as a whole. Someone brought to mind that 9/9/2012 at that time is also 11years after 9/11/2001 (only counting the mooncycles of which each has 28 days/nights ). That would make 9/9/2012 the day where the Illuminati celebrate the eleventh anniversary of 9/11.

        Check out this video on YouTube which I found to be an interesting analysis

        "Countdown Clock, the Moon, Magnitude 9.1 Sumatra, Magnitude 7.7 – SEA OF OKHOTSK"

      • One might think that this illuminati webside is just a hoax, but I find it to be far to sophisticated for that.Considering all the riddles and symbols and passwords you need to get further access to the webside.For if you click the double clocks in a certain order (left clock center, on the right clock number 9 (IX) then 11 (XI)) you will be transfered to the AcademiA OmniLVX. On the left side are 3 Chapters: for the Initiate, The Novice and last the Minerval to enter the Church of Minerva. The Novice and Minerval require usernames and passwords which nobody figured out so far…

        Very ominous. But maybe just another distractions to keep us occupied and pondering – without ever fully recognizing what is REALLY going on.

      • sorry,but no. Rik Clay did not prevent an Olympic false flag event. absolutely no evidence of that what so ever. Face reality!!

      • Eyes Wide Open on

        i think there was an attack at the london olympics…this is my opinion…it was not a terrorist attack but think about this…all those security cameras they installed were the attack on society there and cost a lot of money to have them installed…do you think they took them down after the olympics were over and wasted all that money….no i don't think so…those cameras are still there…and now its a police state…big brother everywhere to control the masses and to keep an "eye" on everyone…they created a fake attack scenario to install those cameras…Open your eyes "Sheeple" to what is really going on all around the world

    • this rising from the ashes crap is in a lot of movies/shows…harry potter, and then yesterday i watch the movie 'the watch' and they said the same crap near the end…that movie was a bit odd, something about "aliens" n random crap.

      • The BBC are showing Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull as we speak. As we know, that film is about Alien contact. Anyways as I mentioned in a previous post, I was turned onto Rik Clay only a couple of weeks ago. His premise was that Project Bluebeam would be launched during the Olympics. At first I thought no, but now I think it might be a strong possibility given the probe that NASA coincidentally 'landed' on Mars a couple of week ago.

        It doesn't mean the Mothership will be hovering over the White House next week though. All the scientists need to say is that the MARS probe has now found fossilised evidence of alien life and there you will have the start of their 'new age', project bluebeam and everything else that will follow through that open door.

        Astronomically, our Milky Way is due to align with a black hole – that's what 2012 heralds. Whatever you believe, there will certainly be an energetic resonance with the Earth magnetic field and nobody, not even the 'illuminati' know exactly how this alignment and resonance will affect us as human beings. It's supposed to raise our consciousness. Therefore the illuminati will need to get on with their fake lightshow soon to throw us off this new info from the Cosmos when and however it arrives!

      • WAKEUP, you make a lot of sense!!!! the babe think is verrry interesting! also the Alien think, you MUST watch ANCIENT ALIENS, the episode about the Mayan calendar on HISTORY CHANNEL. They give inside of what the Mayan Calendar end of the world really means…

  1. Hi there

    I got something quite different from this. I saw the opening ceremony as quite harmless, and the references to the NHS and GOSH certainly ruffled a few of the elite's feathers.

    The closing ceremony was a different matter altogether. I found it cynical and dark and creepy. It's as if they did it on purpose to say "yeah, it was a great opening ceremony, positive and wonderful, but we're closing the lid on all that…it is the elite who is really in charge."

    And my thoughts echoed a lot of people in the UK too. Even if they may not understand the symbolism behind it.

    Peace x

    • The ode to the NHS was just as planned as the one eyes, pyramids etc. Its all controlled by the same people everyone hates! Just because the state gives the peasants some measly little crumbs of health care, does not mean that people should be asking the government to do anything more. The more everyone wants to government to do everything, the worse everything gets!

      • We have just gone through 30 years of privatisation. The government has tried to stop doing what they do !!!

    • Ancient aliens is my favorite show. I bought the book Chariots of the Gods by Erik Von Danniken. Very good read. Asks a lot of questions.

  2. SOS, different event.

    We get it…you love your pyramids and one eyed stuff. The elite for all their supposed power are very bland and boring.

  3. Great article VC! Especially love your humour hahah.

    One thing I am really glad though is that Mr. Bean's hilarious kit is just plain & simply hilarious.

    I was afraid that there'd be some Illuminati symbolism on there…

    • Tbh… now that I think about it, I think it does have a meaning. I'm not good at analyzing so please don't judge.

      So here:

      Mr. Bean is the mass – the dumbed down, stupid mass (he's shown playing the least important instrument). The rest of the orchestra – the elite(all of the musicians are playing more important roles than Bean). Everything is perfect until Mr. Bean is playing but when he stops – the whole orchestra has to stop. Despite the fact that his role is small and the least important, nothing can happen without him. That simply portrays how mass dumbing works. People, the mass, they have the least power – everything is done by the elite BUT nothing can happen without them. Hope it makes sense.

  4. was watching it was so weird i saw loads of symbolism. that pic vc showed in the un's security council(?) is so blatant! and also did you know the world will ban religion and the united nations will declare peace? 'and then the end will come.'

  5. Woukd you say they were celebrating or officially activating NWO? I'd say the Phoenix symbolizes the Antichrist who in the Revelation if I'm not wrong raises from the waters and water symbolizes nations. And we can see the cauldron represents that. To me, they were welcoming him. If you remember, the Queen said something like "let's welcome the Olympic games of the MODERN ERA" like announcing changes. Let's keep BOTH eyes wide open! Thans VC!

    • My thoughts on this too! I think that creepy giant baby held a bit more symbolism than discussed – perhaps the birth of the Antichrist? That section the performance reminded me of Aleister Crowley's novel 'Moonchild', interesting enough he was also British and his involvement in the occult huge. His definition of a Moonchild was that of a child possesed by evil.

      • conception took place in the beijing olympics …birth took place 2012 (giant baby) antichrist? nwo?

  6. Would you say they were celebrating or officially activating NWO? I'd say the Phoenix symbolizes the Antichrist who in the Revelation if I'm not wrong raises from the waters and water symbolizes nations. And we can see the cauldron represents that. To me, they were welcoming him. If you remember, the Queen said something like "let's welcome the Olympic games of the MODERN ERA" like announcing changes. Let's keep BOTH eyes wide open! Thanks VC!

    • The Queen mentioned the Games as being the 30th Olympic Games of the modern era, i.e. the 30th modern Olympic games. It's a term used to distinguish the games now from the games of Ancient Greece.

  7. This is so sickeningly blatant!! And worse of all is that normal people are so brainwashed that even if you point it out, they still don't get it.

    I just can't believe that in a world where innocent people are being killed in Myanmar, the olympics seems to be the big news! Sad…

  8. this is a message for VC because I'm not sure how to personally email you: do you ever listen to AM640 View From Space with the Spaceman based in Toronto, Ontario?

    Very interesting; he delves about the Illuminati and talks about brainwashing of citizens.

    Well last Saturday he was talking about the Olympics. Can I send you the link and you can tell me what you think?

    • We are engaged in research and observation here, not psychic activity and superstition. Many were adamant about something happening during the games and nothing occurred, so let's not derail ourselves with hocus pocus buddy.

      • @Observer Your comment is quite ironic. I would say that the world's 'elite' are more heavily involved in 'hocus pocus' then you give them credit for. Afterall, they are the ones heavily involved in occult practices and magic ritual designed to harness energy and manifest dark forces for their own despicable means. Isn't that what we have been observing here on this site?

        Esoteric study and practice is more likely to touch on what you dismiss as 'psychic activity and superstition' and less likely to rely on the limitations of rational thought, 'research and observation'.

        The illuminati want people to think that what you cannot see, hear, touch or measure does not exist, when they themselves are accessing and harnessing these very noetic/natural powers for themselves.

        Oh and the Olympics are not officially over. We still have the Paralympics yet to start!

        So let's see shall we?

      • Which is not in London and therefore irrelevant to this conversation. Not to mention MILLIONS DIE EVERY DAY. SANDY HOOK, WHILE TRAGIC, IS NO DIFFERENT FROM ANY OTHER DAY ON EARTH. children are murdered everywhere.

      • I believe Sandy Hook to be a ritualistic sacrifice related to Saturnalia. Saturnalia was a pagan Roman holiday that began around December 17th which is around the time Sandy Hook happened. It was the celebration of the rebirth of Saturn which was symbolized by the dying of the old king to usher in the new king. A victim was chosen and sacrificed and then celebrations ensued including feasting and orgies. This usually lasted for about 2 weeks. The birth of the new king was celebrated on December 25th. The pagans made sacrifices to ensure future prosperity and fertility. There is much to learn about the Saturn Death Cults and I think this event has something to do with it!

  9. The tree on the tor represents the Tree of Liberty, which is meant to depict freedom and strength of Britain against corruption.

    What I did find creepy however, was the Closing Ceremony's focus on the media and newsprint. Most of the set was covered in newspaper print. As we all know, the media is corrupt. (See the Leveson Enquiry). So I found it disturbing that it seemed to portray the newspapers as something so important to British culture, and that it should have been the main focus of the ceremony, especially in light of all the scandal that has been in the news this last year.

    The British newspapers are not the be all and end all in society and it seems the government were just crawling around Rupert Murdoch. Sinister.

    • The newspapers covering everything was a reference to Mind Control. It was saying that Britain is totally bathed in media mind control. The Illuminati laughing at it's victims as always.

      The other refrence to mind control was in the Opening ceremony where the family house had TV show images projected onto it, which was the Illuminati saying "we bathe your house and family with mind control TV shows for the last 50 years." The family then danced to this mind control, showign how they are no longer in control of their own bodys, but dancing to the mind control rythm set by the Illuminati run MSM.

      Shame VC didn't spot this. I found it to be the most disturbing and distrespectful piece of the ceremony.

  10. My parents asked me to come and watch the closing ceremonies, so i watched it for like an half hour. Then i couldnt take it anymore, i saw too many pyramids, satanic rituals and other illuminati/freemasonry shit. I just stopped watching cause i was just disgusted by this whole olympic closing, yugh!

  11. Unfortunately, their is nothing we all can do about it. The prophecies in the holy books(e.g Bible) must come to pass. Let us brace ourselves and be more vigilant and prayerful whatever what you may believe in. Together, we shall all rise again to be happy in the end

    • weeell no, i always feel we should do our best to warn ppl. share the knowledge we have and plant seeds for the future. since we are on the topic of god, im pretty sure that's exactly what he wants. knowledge about him, the world around us, and the evils in life to be spread to the people who are still in the dark . whats the point if being a vigilant warrior if you're only saving yourself. that'll be a pretty jacked up battle if you ask me =].

      beside, there are people trying to emerge and see. a lot of people said the opening ceremony was odd and the closing was odder, that should be our chance to jump in and explain the best way we can. even if they don't get it at first, it'll always stay reminiscent in there minds, that's what happened to me. =]

      • U couldn't be more right Chrissy I believe just as the evil world plants things in our heads we can show them the truth and open their eyes

    • What if greedy sexed up rich people are just using religious texts as a Screenplay and at the end just have lunch in their new Feudal society?

      The reason it is tracking religious texts is that really really rich people are making it look that way?

      How will we know until the very end when it is too late to resist the chains?

    • I agree, we can't change what will happen in the future. There will be a new era, a new Jerusalem which has been prophesised but I don't think we should focus too much on the future, we just have to stay present and find god within, love who you are, love thy neighbor as Jesus taught us to do, love God our father and love our earthly mother. The reason why there is destruction and natural disasters is because of the lack of respect we have for our planet and eachother and most importantly ourselves. The world will balance itself out because it is the natural order but for this there is going to be massive changes which have already begun. This is the beginning of the end, I beleive the only way to survive these changes is to become much more spiritual. We need to create a union with god. Pray and meditate, give thanks to god and ask that God full your heart and mind with divine love.
      I know this sounds very serious but don't forget to live and to live you need to have fun, this is positive and to raise your vibration we need to be more positive. We are like a wave and we move together so if enough of us are positive then this will influence the rest to be also positive.

      • Sounds like what they told the Jews as they got on the Cattle Cars. Just know there's nothing you can do. Think about family.

        Well they separated the families at the front gate and the old women and men and children went to the gas chambers, the young women went to the SS Brothels and the young men went to the Work camp.

        Where's the family now?

        No thank you.

      • Of course we can change the future! Anyone who tells you we/you can't is selling the same lie as the Illuminati. What are you gonna do, just sit there and let all this stuff go down? "Oh well, it says in the Bible (or on the internet) that the forces of evil are gonna win dominion over the Earth, so I won't bother trying to fight it. Let me just hand over my everlasting soul. La di da…."

        You all know these a-holes have tried before, to take over our world. It didn't work then, and it won'despite now despite all their gadgets and spells and subterfuge. We have already evolved past all their machinations; despite everything they do, more of us are waking up to the truth every day. If the number of humans consciously adding positive energy to the balance of the planet reached critical mass, we could physically and spiritually break free of them Right Now.

        So it pisses me off when you guys say you're just gonna sit around waiting for Revelations or whatever. Way to sell out. Buncha friggin sissies.

      • @AndreaM

        i bows to yous!!!!! <3

        if revelations happens, again i'm pretty sure God wants us to put up a heavy, i mean a heavy fight, and like always do it to the best of our ability. to say not to is not having faith in his works…

        the seed starts with you!

      • @ AndreaM

        I agree with you . We who want to see change are bound to make change . We should use this as a forum to have our own summit or summits . Do what the elites do . Meet once a year in some location . Starts with the first step .We have to get up from behind our laptops .

        If we want change , then we have to make it happen . Why are we sitting here waiting for the second coming ? That could possibly be a ruse to keep us sitting here waiting for someone else to make change . …. Just saying . I , like many here would like some divine intervention , but , perhaps that could be a long time coming . Its time we resist our own laziness and reliance on others to come to our aid . Im on board . Are you ?

  12. oh man, I want to send you that link about am640 radio show about the Olympics and the symbolism as mentioned above but i definitely wrote down my wrong email address hahaha.

    • Why not post it in the group forums? There are plenty of people in there I am sure would discuss it's contents, and sometimes VC will pull articles from the threads and put them into new topics if there's a lot of interest. :)

      • I will post the link for the AM640 in the forums. Hope everyone has a chance to listen to them.

        Enjoy. The August 11th segment creeped me out so much.

  13. I thought the newspapers with ominous headlines covering everything at the beginning represented the news media obscuring and obstructing reality. You couldn't see the real objects because they were all "covered". All in all, a dark ritual from opening to closing. Not a bright future being promised us is it??

    • it wasn't newspaper articles… was cleverly depicted quotes/pages from books written by famous British authors

  14. I have just been told by someone i know that earlier there was a contrail ( the smoke line things aeroplanes make) above the o2arena (millenium dome) in the shape of a pyramid, with the eye, and even the star of david thing!hes bringing me a photo later so i will repost here if i can. he said the pics he got were very clear he calledd me specifically to tell me about it because he couldnt believe it!

  15. The seven older athletes passing the flame to the seven young ones who lit the torch. Seven is the number of perfection and refinement; fourteen represents the double of that and the establishment (or confirmation) of a concept.

    The ones lying around the pyramid were on their backs, feet pointed toward the object. This was a direct insult to the authority of the Heavenly Father, submission to nature and the will of mankind, physically and spiritually.

    Most of the music was a distraction, reminding us who controls our thoughts and emotions.

  16. The "giant baby" was definitely a point to focus on. If you looked closely at the image the child was semi transparent or cross sectioned and under the skin was a grid/mesh with an erector set like structure below that. Homage to genetic engineering I presume.

    • or maybe it was just constructed of a material to make it lighter so it didnt collapse? I mean some of this stuff yeah its blatant but lets not get carried away

  17. Danny Boyle also directed "28 days later" … what the … (!)

    imdb … "Four weeks after a mysterious, incurable virus spreads throughout the UK, a handful of survivors try to find sanctuary."

    • Yup! And then 28 months later the US Army steps in and squares stuff away. Only for the situation to get messed up by selfish civilians >:D

    • I'm gonna add my take on the numbers:

      28 consists of the figure 2 and the figure 8. According to simple gematria 2 equals 11.

      So 28 can be read as 11 plus 8, which equals 19.

      The time period of "28 days later" aka "28 days after" the closing ceremony on August 12th can be divided like this:

      19 days left in August and another 9 days left in September to reach this date: 9.9.2012.

      Not only are there a lot of nines involved here, but also "nine" often simply means: END.

      Think golf course for example, the last hole is number 18 (1+8 = 9). Or think cats:

      some say, that cats have nine lives, because they can survive falls from high places.

      Many interesting things to find in numerology!

      .9 (smiley without UP-shift)

  18. i am 16 and i love reading stuff like this. i talk about it at school and girls dont believe me but the boys know A LOT about the illuminati, my best friend was the one who told me about it. i feel my generation will finally understand what is going on as adults around me seem to be oblivious to it alll…

    • Sara

      Lots of young adults don't believe in this stuff because they are being brainwashed; brainwashed by the media, music industry, products, and goods and this is WHAT THEY WANT! They want the viewers like your friends who know nothing about this to be sucked in so they can secretly get away with all the things they have on their agenda.

      Props to you for researching and finding out this website and having a keen interest.

      Not everyone is oblivious, hence, that's why this website exists and people like me are replying to your comment. I am 25, I have friends who are older than me who are, like your friends or like the girls in your class, who don't have an opinion or don't understand it or have simply already given in to "well this is happening but I'm okay with it" mentality.

      I'm glad to see young people reading up on this.

      • I am 14 and no one in my school believes in it. My parents almost brought me to a psychiatrist because my classmate told them that I believe in the existence of the Freemasons and Illuminatis. :(

    • Good on you Sara! I'm in my forties and have only just woken up to the illuminati agenda, even though I've always been critical of a lot of the stuff that goes on in today's world, especially popular culture and the music industry. I don't know if it is because the symbolism has become ever more blatant over the past decade or that I'm more aware and actually looking through the eyes of my 14-year-old who is lapping it all up, but I see it everywhere now! As you're only two years older than my daughter may I ask you what you think might be a good way to start opening her eyes to this without totally condemning her tastes or downright scaring her?

      • Just pray. MY son acted like I was silly until his FRIENDS started telling/showing him stuff. Then its real and cool…God will find away.

    • Good for you Sara! When all your school mates wake up, you'll be way ahead of the game that's being played. You are going to have an important role to play in reaching your generation.

    • Sara…stay vigilant and stay strong! The more you spread the truth, the more it will eventually sink in. More young folks like yourself are waking up every day and that is a really good thing.

    • Good for you Sara! (ugh, I think back to being 16 and I was totally lost)

      Sadly, I think most women receive a stronger brainwashing than men. We are set up from birth to be the weaker sex, love the color pink, play with dolls, wait for prince charming to save us, or nowadays it's a vampire who will save us (Twilight), starve yourself, put plastic in your body, wear ridiculous torture inducing shoes, work hard and get paid less… I could go on and on.

      My point is, when you wake up, there's no going back but that doesn't mean everyone is going to get on board (it's a slow process). I used to preach to my friends, but I find that some people 1) aren't ready for the truth and 2) some don't want to know the truth.

      I didn't want to wake up and used to YELL at my boyfriend to shut up with his negative crap. After two or three years of seeing, hearing, watching and doing my own in depth research, I couldn't walk away from the truth. I got depressed. Very depressed.

      However, I've found "a way" to battle this evilness. But people also don't want to hear about that either because for thousands of years there has been a purposeful onslaught on the way (truth, life). I'm being cryptic because I'm trying hard not to prophetsize my Christian beliefs (since VC says not to do that here…) But, my second point is, if I didn't have my beliefs learning about this stuff would be so much more painful, and depressing.

      First things first – we wake up. We educate ourselves. We get exercise our faith. We become soldiers. Then we can be a resource for others who seeking the truth. Those who don't want the truth, well, what can you do? Maybe they don't want to be soldiers? Maybe they're happy living in the matrix? We can pray for them and hope for the best.

      VC is a tremendous resource, and so are all of you. I love the comments section – I'm so grateful to know there are people out there seeking the truth. Especially 16 year olds. That's amazing.

      Thanks for reading. I know I have a big mouth. :)

    • Definitely! I basically flipped out, and my mom was like, "it's coincidental, they're just showing off the medal!", and I said, "It may be coincidental, but it's no coincidence that a camera man zoomed in on these people- being chosen as a cameraman at an event of Olympics-caliber means that you're skillful enough to make sure that every shot is well-calculated and meant to convey an emotion or idea." And with that… I wonder if the athletes knew what it means, or if the mass production of the one eyed symbol has been so successful that "They" have /finally/ reached their goal of making it a cool and mainstream thing to do, even if you don't know it represents something. Because at one point, it wasn't everyday that you found your average citizens walking around flashing the one eye- it used to be models, actors, musicians, etc. And now it's FINALLY being adopted by the average Joe, which sort of ties in to how the Olympics can be viewed as the "ushering in of a new era".

      …if that made any sense, lol. I'm bad with explaining myself sometimes. I'll go back to my hole now, haha. XD

      • Good point about expert cameramen and careful choice of shots with nothing left to chance. From a UK Daily Telegraph story about "creative tensions" among Olympics Cermony directors (

        "Boyle has been in dispute with the Olympic Broadcast Services (OBS) over how the ceremony will be covered for months, and tensions are understood to have increased markedly in recent days.

        "Telegraph Sport reported in April that Boyle had insisted in inserting his own director to oversee the creative elements of the show, leading to objections from OBS chief executive Manolo Romero.

        "Romero has overseen the broadcast of all recent Olympic Games but is renowned for an abrasive approach that has rubbed up against Boyle’s determination to deliver a unique show.

        "Boyle won the argument over direction, with executive producer Hamish Hamilton, who has experience of directing Superbowl half-time shows and the Oscars, installed."

        So the dude who oversees Superbowl and Oscars is brought in to knock Danny Boyle and Olympic Broadcast Services director's heads together.

      • don't go back into your hole – we need people like you who can present logical explanations to those who aren't ready to believe. your cameraman argument is just brilliant. thanks for the fresh perspective.

      • You explained very well. It seems you have say something important. Pls do not hide in your hole, but grace us once in a while with your perspective.

    • There's a vid on youtube on a "director" or photographer telling Lady Gaga to cover her one eye, so I wouldn't be surprised if those athletes were being coached to put that medal over their eye. They want their symbolism out there. In fact, they like websites like VC and others talking about this. Gives them energy and power, just like going to a concert does. It's an energy thing. So TV is the biggest stage ever…and they used it.

  19. Nice article as usual VG, but i have to correct u on something semi-important. Pandemonium comes from the composition of pan+demon+ium as u write, but the first word (pan) is not the ancient God, but the greek word "Pan" or "Pas" which means "all, everything" or similar. Pandemonium means "All demons" and of course it was used for the supposed place where "all demons live/exist".

    Etymology of "pan":


  20. There's one really significant symbol that nobody anywhere is seeing in this ceremony. I'm surprised that even VC didn't catch it. The tree at the top of the hill is very clearly the Tree of Knowledge. As in, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, from the Garden of Eden.

    There may be no other hallmark quite as distinctive or consistent in illuminati/satanic propaganda than the Tree of Knowledge, because it is so central to their belief system. They worship the Tree of Knowledge–the tree that God told Adam and Eve not to eat from bc they would die, but Satan lied and told them that they should eat from it bc they would become Gods. The many occult systems believe Satan was telling the truth, and they worship the proverbial Tree of Knowledge over the Tree of Life. They believe that the pursuit of knowledge is greater than (or synonymous with) the pursuit of truth, and that it will lead to godlike abilities, omniscience, and "illumination", as they call it. If you look at the symbols closely, even what they call the Kabbalistic "Tree of Life" is often visually represented in a way more fitting to the Tree of Knowledge–one small example of how Satan has to use underhanded techniques to gain followers, copying God, or at least convincing people that God's ways are the same as his, in order to divert people from the truth.

    The fundamental underpinnings of this are simple and mostly self-evident in everyday life. Here's a little philosophical proof.

    Knowledge is not equal to Truth. And the pursuit of knowledge is not the same as the pursuit of truth. The pursuit of knowledge is a never ending pursuit of mental concepts of the world and things in it, inevitably unfruitful. The deeper you look into anything, there is always more detail to be found out. No matter how many times you split the atom, there will always be more parts within those parts. Such is the essence of the scientific pursuit–science is great, but even the philosophers behind early science and the scientific method stated that science will never find the truth, but only get seemingly closer and closer to it. But, of course, how can you know how close you actually are to the truth if you haven't already discovered it? At the fundamental core of the pursuit of knowledge is analysis; you take a seeming whole, and mentally split it into parts. Examine those parts, and you'll have a greater understanding of the whole. Perhaps the first, most fundamental "analysis" is the splitting of one's concept of the entire world around them into "good" and "evil". Hence the full name of the tree, "The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil".

    The pursuit of truth, on the other hand, is simply being more honest and open with your experience and observation of the world around you. The pursuit of truth is to destroy knowledge within you head, casting aside all beliefs and assumptions so that you can see the world for what it really is. It's very scientific in the sense that your mind will inevitably construct new ideas about the world and things in it based on the empirical evidence that you see with your own two eyes. But not scientific in the sense that you can't show this evidence to anyone else. It's so fundamental and simple: put your faith not in your knowledge, not in the ideas you've been given, but in what you see for yourself. Put aside the ideas you've been given and see the world for yourself. That's the last thing Satan wants humanity to do– I wonder why? (sarcasm)

    • That's a great point. Like triangles, pyramids, and even butterflies, trees are ubiquitous symbols. So we don't often notice their placement. We also should not view every tree as something nefarious. But in this context I believe you are very right. Tree of knowledge. You also gave a great contrast of truth and knowledge. Thank you!

    • That reminds me of the scene in the Matrix where Neo has the choice between the blue pill and red pill.

      Red pill-truth

      Blue pill-whatever knowledge you want to believe

      • Be careful with the Matrix. It appears to be a very liberating movie, but it warps some key concepts, and leads you on a very strange path that you believe you are choosing.

    • Very well written Salvatore. I enjoyed reading your post & I had to read it more than once. You explained it perfectly & it made a lot of sense.

      In regards to the fruitless quest for knowledge, I found that the more meaning I look into something, the more useless the quest becomes because you can see it from so many different angles and always find another theory. Throw in a mix of different perceptions & there will always be different theories & answers. You will never find the truth, just a lot of theories, concepts, & ideas for your choice to pick and choose what to believe in.

      As for the quest on truth, you put aside all of your knowledge and just see things for what they really are like you stated. No need to look at all the angles or the what ifs because there are a million angles and a million what ifs, all leading to different theories, concepts, & ideas. Just go with your gut feeling. If you feel something is wrong, 9 out 10 times it most likely is. Like you said, put faith in yourself and what you feel, not in the ideas or programming you are using or have been given. Those tools can help you find knowledge but not truth.

    • I do not believe the author missed this unless he is blind: the tree is gigantic. In addition, I highly doubt that his knowledge base was so limited/impaired that he was not able to draw the relationship.

      Why did he not mention the Tree of Knowledge/Tree of Life? Maybe he was pressed for time, or wanted to afford his readers with the opportunity of bring this to light.

      Nevertheless, it was a pleasure reading your insights on the Tree of Life/Knowledge. Thank you for sharing.

  21. The eye pupil closed at the opening ceremony like a light was just turned on. And then the pupil closes in the closing ceremony like when you're tripping.

  22. " The word “Pandemonium” is a combination of name Pan (the horned Greek god) and the word “demon”, making Pan/demon/ium. "

    "pan" means "all", "every" in Greek, as in "pantheism", "pandeism", "panslavic", "panhellenistic". But nevertheless, Pandemonium doesn't mean anything pleasant.

    As for the ceremonies, same ordo ab chao/solve et coagula stuff we get on everyday basis but shown in a pompous way. The amount of symbolism in mass culture today is not even funny. I'm not sure if it's done for purpose of showing that "they run this thing" like a gang sign, money (some photographers/graphic artists say that such occult symbols sell very well and at least attract attention) or making the population acquainted with the principles by which the powers that be are shaping the world, so the people will at least know why the truly hard times will come.

  23. The most disturbing thing about the whole event is that it was not broadcast live in the US. I didn't se some of the events mentioned by VC, most likely because NBC edited both ceremonies. It makes me wonder what was left out. I'm positive something was going on while the world was engrossed in Mr. Bean. One thing I noticed when the nations were being paraded in were people next to the flag bearers. Some of them had cornucopia's and some of them had polished triangles. I'm not really sure why the difference though. The closing ceremonies reminds me about the theories that pop culture was created by the CIA. Well, it looks like maybe it was MI6 all along. For example, Take That. They've been hella popular since the early 90's. That's a long time to be reigning in the fickle pop culture arena. That's a long time of innovating and pushing the envelope. Or, is that what we are told and directed to accept? Western companies are proven successful in convincing consumers to want whatever is being sold to them.

    Has anyone seen the site plans for Rio? Architecturally its pretty bad ass. But, the aquatic arena is in the river. It looks like an egg traveling through a fallopian tube. Or something, my biology aint good.

    Interesting times indeed.

    • oh yes "take that" were extremely popular in 1995. They disappeared for over a decade apart from one member, R Williams, and suddenly out of nowhere they became popular again the last few years.

      • What's even more interesting about that is that Robbie Williams is REALLY in the know about what's going on behind the scenes. He sometimes posts on the Above Top Secret Forum (as "chrisonabike".) and has also talked about his experiences with E.T.s/UFOs and the knowledge he's gained through research on things such as mind control, the Illuminati, etc. Being in a "boy band", it wouldn't surprise me if he was programmed years ago – just like so many others. But the fact that he's one of the few who speaks out is inspiring to me – we need more people in the public eye asking questions and planting seeds of creative thought. I couldn't tell who was who in the above photo of Take That – was Robbie there? Considering what he's divulged before in interviews, it surprises me that they'd "let" him be a part of that – unless, of course, he was reprogrammed.

        On another note (though still on topic.), I didn't watch very much at all of the opening or closing ceremonies, as we don't generally watch TV here. But while waiting for dinner to finish on the night of the closing ceremonies, my partner put the TV on for a few minutes, and I actually found the courage to sit and watch for a second. Of course, there were many things right out in the open, and he and I were both yelling at the TV. :) But something I noticed that no one else has yet mentioned here is when all the newspaper articles or book excerpts or whatever they were were on the floor (during Freddy Mercury's image being used and Eric Idle dancing about.): One of the titles, which was QUITE big, said, "O Brave ___ World" (I couldn't catch the missing word due to crappy camera angles. :)), and I had to point out the possibility of that saying "O Brave NEW World". Did anyone else notice that?


    • Sex, Drugs Rock and Roll were foisted on American culture primarily by the British Invasion; The lyrics, the beat, the mod hairdos – all a creation of Tavistock, London.

  24. The phoenix returns with a woman attached to it.

    Who might that be?

    Nique…I did notice during some of the events that athelites were putting a sideways "V" to their eyes (using thier index and middle fingers) when the camera was on them. Thought that was kinda odd.

  25. Am I the only one who missed the 7/7 tribute and the building of the pyramid? To be honest, I think NBC cut it out. Same for the Phoenix. I don't remember seeing any of that.

    • I do know that NBC cut out the 7/7 tribute because "it had nothing to do with America"…so I was able to see it on another site. I was thinking the whole time if they were doing some dance to worship the sun and how that honors the victims.

      As far as the closing ceremony…I refused to watch it. The elite did what I thought they would do.

  26. I watched the entire event just to know how many blatant stuff the elite were preparing for the whole world to watch… I couldn't help feeling confused and disturbed about what I watched… In addition to the elements VC has pointed in his article, I watched more elements as checkerboard patterns everywhere, athletes covering one eye with their medals, some extracts from Shakespeare's literature that could be understood in many strange ways… And we should also remember all the performances made by several artists, the meaning of their songs and the moments in which they were performed during the show…

    Thanks for this great article VC!

  27. How could a celebration of the NHS be considered something the Elite would want to do?

    I actually thought Dany Boyle's opening ceremony was very political, left wing orientated, and an anti Tory statement. Which, be association, means it was very anti Elite.

    Closing ceremony was, granted, a lot more establishment.

    • I totally agree with the comment regarding danny Boyle being very right-wing and as such anti-Elite, although I can understand VC's comments also

      Basically the Tories have been doing, and will continue to do, their utmost to disband the NHS, so for that and the whole GOSH segment to be included was, to me, a very obvious middle finger to David Cameron and his cronies

      On another note, the minute I saw the whole children being chased by evil film characters I was like 'what the…?!?!'. It kinda freaked me out, and I'm 27 FFS!!!

      Yes it was full of occult symbolism but at the same time I do love Danny Boyle and I actually learned a lot from the whole shebang. For example, I did not know the guy who invented the world wide web was British, and did not make a profit from it, he said 'this is for everyone'. Pretty remarkable when you think about the millions upon millions made daily by Bill Gates and those lot over at Apple

      Like I said I know it was full of occult symbolism and I'm not criticising VC because I'm hooked to this site, but for me it was just nice to be a bit patriotic for a few weeks, and feel proud to a Brit since as a nation we tend to rip each other apart on a daily basis! Plus no one can deny the camaraderie of the entire event

      As for the closing ceremony, yes that was a little more obvious :// …

    • The elite want to celebrate the NHS because it makes people dependent on the government to care for them in the same way a drug dealer has a drug user dependent on them. So the NHS sequence was a celebration of dependency.

      NWO wants people to be dependent on the government for everything so the people have no power themselves.

  28. I'm tired of watching them pretending that they're ruling the world! why instead they just pretending ruling the world, don't take the next step: ruling the world as they aim for? I just want this next action to take place because after this I'll know that GOD is coming to rule the world that once HE built alone! without helpers! why do they want to command something that they did nothing to exist??? :(

  29. "Was Lennon envisioning a secretive group of politicians and bankers creating his perfect world? Probably not"

    not. period.

    • Yeah. I'm wondering what would Lennon think about his image being raped by the crown when he already broke up with them a long long time ago.

    • No, but John Lennon probably knew first-hand about them… "I think our society is run by insane people for insane objectives."

      Look up John Lennon and Tavistock Institute for more information…

      • The elite most certainly saw Lennon as a loose cannon. It's no coincidence he was murdered as soon as he returned from his (self?)imposed exile from 1975-79. Suddenly he was out there releasing albums again and there was no way they were going to let him loose influencing the masses with his ideas again, he was too big and too iconic, and they couldn't control him and what he was saying.

      • wow. from wikipedia.

        How the Simple Mason plies

        Tool to Temple, See it rise!

        Princes of Jerusalem,

        How we mock and scoff at them!

        Boaz broken,

        Jachin gone,

        Freely spoken


        All above

        Is overthrown

        For the love

        Of Babalon.

    • i'm from rio and i already spot occult meaning on the little rio's presentation. during marisa monte's singing there was an ode to "yemanjá", a entity from voodoo roots who is considered the "queen of the ocean". expect a lot of voodoo and african devils on rio 2016.

      • @carol What a disgusting comment. My heritage is Nigerian. Why is it that Africans (and those of African/Nigerian heritage in Brazil) who decided to resist Christianity – the religion of the European enslavers in favour of their original religion are considered pagans and their religion evil or demonic? African devils you refer to their deities as!!?

        It’s African religions that went on to form elements within European religions. Isis from Ancient Egypt did indeed become Yemaja, but that Mother deity exists in many other religions. In Greece she became Aphrodite. If you are a Christian today, you call her the VIRGIN MARY!

        If you frown upon what you consider paganism, Christianity contains many pagan elements. Christmas and Easter are pagan celebrations and Jesus Christ’s death was actually the ultimate BLOOD SACRIFICE.

        Go research things before talking offensive nonsense!

      • @MiaMore….With all due respect, I don't think Yemaja is Aphrodite. Ochun is more like Aphrodite. Nor do I think Isis became Yemaja! Isis is a death goddess; Yemaya is life!

        That said, I agree with you that Christianity is full of pagan elements. And the African/Nigerian religions transported to the Americas were and are beautiful. It's very sad that they have been demonized or trivialized by Westerners. Unfortunately, I do think that the Illuminati are trying to appropriate voodoo. Did you see all those voodoo ads during Super Bowl? Stupid, disrespectful, ignorant.

        But the elite cannot 'use' these gods and goddesses! The Illuminati won't get away with it! I hope the ceremony in Rio does invite the appearance of the Orisha! We should be so lucky! We should pray for their help against the NWO.

      • @miamore

        1 – i'm brazilian and my greatparents were slaves, so my heritage is so nigerian as yours.

        2 – it's proved that the portugueses bought slaves from african people who sold their enemies as slaves.

        3 – there's a LOT of black magick in african religions.

        4 – christianity did and does much more good than black african magick.

        5- jesus was the son of god and and he died to save the mankind NOT to ruin someone's life as a lot of voodoos sacrifices is used to.

        6 – you should shut up and pray for the salvation of your soul.

      • @ Carol How sad that I can see the mental shackles in your mind.

        1)Clearly you identify yourself as the descendant of 'slaves', not the descendants of African PEOPLE and have no interest in where any of your history lies beyond that point. Nigeria had many great societies in antiquity that existed before Christianity but you just absorb the lies of your enslavers. I think they call that Stockholm syndrome.

        2) Where is this 'proven'? Because enslavers wrote that in a book and repeated it many times? You appear to be an apologist for this genocidal period in history. Would you say the same thing about Jewish people in the Holocaust? Are you a Holocaust denier too? There is no difference.

        3) Ifa/Obeah were the traditional religions in Nigeria – not Voodoo. Anything can be taken out of context. More importantly, when Jesus turned water into wine, materialized loaves and fishes out of nothing, made the blind see and was resurrected from the dead – would you not classify that as magic? I would summize that there is an awful lot of magic in Christianity as well.

        4) 'Christianity did and does more good then Black African magic'? Lol! What a bizarre statement! First of all what exactly is this 'African black magic' business? It is not a religion. And more importantly Christianity been used to KILL and ENSLAVE millions of people. That IS a fact! Have you never heard of The Crusades? Time to go back to school for you.

        5) So you are okay with Blood sacrifice and even pray to 'be covered in the blood of Jesus' so long as it's Christians doing it. Blood sacrifice is blood sacrifice mama. Period.

        6) hahaha! Resorting to insults because somebody has dared challenge your indoctrinated mind.

        Your mind is in a trap, right where the 'elite' want it. Even if the Bible, particularly the New Testament were a historical document, it has over 1000 documented changes to it. There are also many missing texts that will never see the light of day, but yet you base your faith and clearly your sanity on half a book at best.

        Do you really think that they 'elite' who have controlled things for centuries would just happen to let the complete 'truth' out through the Bible to the subjugated masses who they want to control? They are the ones who are printing it and distributing it afterall! Think about that!

        They laugh at you when they write the following in the Bible and you lap it up:

        "Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to curry their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord". Colossians 3:22

        Does that feel like the word of God to you deep in your soul? No its the word of the 'elite' who do not want you to challenge the status quo. You have been so brainwashed that you have no critical comment to make on it except resorting to name-calling. You just OBEY. And so you will remain helpless. Oh and don't worry about my soul. It will be just fine.

        I know these may not be popular comments, but lets face it, they toy with the heart of the matter which is about WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT ALL THIS?? If you haven't got Christianity to fall back on – what do you have?? (No I am not Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist or devil worshipper!!)

        At least let any feedback be constructive. I'm fine with people thinking I'm wrong but tell me why I am wrong rather than insult me. Insults stem from minds that are not free that get frustrated and cannot articulate arguments when something contradicts their fragile belief systems.

      • ""So you are okay with Blood sacrifice and even pray to ‘be covered in the blood of Jesus’ so long as it’s Christians doing it. Blood sacrifice is blood sacrifice mama. Period.""

        That blood sacrifice was a voluntary, not a forced one. Christ willingly sacrificed Himself whilst an adult for mankind. Finally it brought salvation, not fame or wealth. You comparisons are irrational.Would devil sacrifice anything for your existence? Btw there is no way that Christ would be asked to sacrifice Himself if He was a Father. Hence, the merovingians are a bunch of imposters who spread lies about being the descendants of Christ.

      • @miamore

        someone is seeking for atention.

        maybe it's because the hole in your heart that can't be fulfilled worshiping yemanjá.

        try jesus next time

        i won't spent my time replying a nwo enthusiastic.

      • MiaMore, youre the one being manipulated, the main enemy of illiminati are christians/catholics.

        Also, the illuminati dont want you to read the Bible, and they have succeeded because extremely few people actually read the Bible, you probably havent either so you wouldnt know. The bible is the word of God, and therefore the truth.

      • @akg Okay, let me get this straight. I thought that ALL blood sacrifices were evil and Illuminati. But when I mention that Jesus himself was a blood sacrifice you switch to good vs bad blood sacrifice. So, hypothetically, if somebody was to volunteer today to be a blood sacrifice – for a good cause – that's okay with you but blood sacrifice for fame and wealth is bad. Okay i've got it! So you are generally fine with the principle blood sacrifices then. Oh and as for irrational – who mentioned anything about Merovingians/Christ being a Father??? What are you talking about?

        @carol Attention seeking?? I am allowed to disagree and question offensive comments. My response was based on exactly what you had written but because you can't find an adequate reply you – once again – you resort to insults. I knew you would. You are predictable because you do not even know WHY you believe what you do. There is no conversation with a mind swamped with indoctrination – religious or otherwise!

        @santiago zx The main enemy of the illuminati are Christians/Catholics? The Pope walks hand in hand with the Illuminati. If Ancient Egypt and its symbols are evil and Illuminati – then why is there an great big OBELISK in the middle of Vatican Square and the ALL-SEEING EYE in artwork INSIDE the Vatican??? Please look it up and answer specifically.

        Sexual abuse runs rampant in the Catholic Church. Fact! The Vatican (bank) was accused of money-laundering in cohoots with the Mafia. Fact! The POPE was a member of Hitler youth. Fact! This is surely not what God condones is it??

        Also in October last year, the Vatican released a statement calling for 'a global public authority'. Read the statement yourself. They are seeking the New World Order. What say you to this? Probably nothing.

        Ahhh, you know nothing about me. I HAVE been reading the Bible which is where my huge problem with the New Testament comes from. Tell me who wrote this Book? Then tell me how a book written by so many human men (most probably related to the Piso Family) over centuries = the word of God 'and therefore the truth'? This is surely an irrational response??

        NO, I am not an NWO enthusiast, a yemaja worshipper, idol worshipper, athiest, muslim, buddhist, devil worshipper. etc etc. or any other insult you want to level at me. I'm just attempting to search for answers that free me from the illuminati control grid like everybody else. But I am also questioning what part these mainstream religions have to play in keeping us captive.

        Alas, I realize that you can't debate with xxxxxxxxxxs (fill in the religious blanks). You just resort to insults and irrationality and cannot actually critically look at your belief systems. I can feel people getting so incensed and angry? Why? Have I insulted your family? This is why people KILL for religion.

        Its a SCARY thing to have no mind of your own. To be so controlled. I have not once criticized, I've just queried things. The 'pack' however mauls anybody who dares question the status quo…

        Good Luck!

      • MiaMore says:

        August 19, 2012 at 5:31 am

        @akg Okay, let me get this straight. I thought that ALL blood sacrifices were evil and Illuminati. But when I mention that Jesus himself was a blood sacrifice you switch to good vs bad blood sacrifice. So, hypothetically, if somebody was to volunteer today to be a blood sacrifice – for a good cause – that’s okay with you but blood sacrifice for fame and wealth is bad. Okay i’ve got it! So you are generally fine with the principle blood sacrifices then. Oh and as for irrational – who mentioned anything about Merovingians/Christ being a Father??? What are you talking about?

        @@Yes all blood sacrifices are evil apart from that particular one. What can we do, some of us have simple minds. If you ask me, Eva should be kicked out of heaven and another woman should be created for Adam. Wouldn't be everything nice and simple this way then?

      • @Carol Yemaya is not an "entity". She is not a "devil". Nor are the other gods and goddesses brought to the Americas from Africa. Not everything magical is evil.

      • others argue that blood sacrifice which was used all down throught history in many major cultures around the world, is old magic and no longer relevant in out current paradigm. The blood spilled by Jesus on the cross covers all past, present and future sins, so therefore, there is no more need for animal – human sacrifice.

        I guess it goes on here and there.

      • @miamore you would be better off applying your IQ to the genuine study of the Word of God (yes, folks that means the bible) than continuing in 'vain babble' and ego stroking. I have no desire to insult or argue with you, I'm just keen to clarify a few points lest any kind souls get fooled by your 'eloquent' diatribe into believing a non-truth.
        Firstly, blood sacrifice (whether you label them for 'good or bad') predates us all, it was seen; and in some circles still is perceived, to be a highly rituatulist and powerful method of sealing a deal, so to speak. Hence it's predominance in the Old Testament, where in some cases God specifically instructed men to kill a bird/ mammal etc as an offering. Nontheless, Jesus Christ was, as AKG mentioned, the ultimate and (for all God- fearing Christians) the final sacrifice. His dying and the shedding of his blood called time on the need for sacrificial offerings to 'appease' God. Believe that if you choose. If not, na for your own.
        Moving on. Slavery. Yes, Collossians 3:22 does refer to slavery and yes, in that verse the apostle Paul does remind us to humble ourselves aka obey our earthly masters – btw it's repeated again at Ephesians 6:5 just to hammer the message home – but, and for the sake of clarity let me quote from actual scripture, the key phrases in, "Servants, obey in all things [your] masters according to the flesh; not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but in singleness of heart, fearing God" are 'according to the flesh' (eg meaning, do not submit spiritually) and, 'but… Fearing God' (meaning, fear no man). Nb/ All bible verse can be taken out of context if one tries hard enough.
        I appreciate that it's very difficult for people who are not trying to live in a Christ-like way to imagine a way of life that seeks to treat others, neighbours, friends and especially enemies (superiors even), with respect. It's not the norm in fact it's frowned upon in modern society (where such people are described as weak, naive etc). But the world by its very nature is made up of varying social statuses – unfortunately not everyone can be the 'boss' so who is the real 'fool'? One who is content with his lot, whatever that may be ,or the other who hates his job boss life etc and lives in a constant state of envy, anger and hatred? I know which I choose. Jesus Christ has told us, who believe in his word, that we are heirs to the Kingdom of God, that we are in this world but not of it. So why on earth (literally) should a Christian be concerned, much less consumed, with titles, status and the like. Answer: they should not. I suspect this is not a notion your intellectly-driven mind can easily adjust to. Well, God has blessed us all with brains but also with spirituality, we are told to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. If you feel you are too smart to be 'tricked' into submission to God, then consider too that the joke's on you because that, is the biggest trick of all. Any philosophy that works towards self glory is a fast ticket to hell.
        Finally. You are right; organised religion has been infiltrated, the Catholic church is a sham. But what has that got to do with anything. Jesus Christ/ God is real and I'd encourage you – and all who agree with you – to dedicate, at the least, an equal amount of time, as afforded to researching world(ly) history, in reviewing the vast amount of proof of the Lord's time here on earth (for those who need such proof). I pray you find HIM.
        God bless.

  30. Before Lennon's imagine, there was a small piece of Bohemian Rhapsody:

    Is this the real life?

    Is this just fantasy?

    Caught in a landslide,

    No escape from reality

    Curious isn't it?

  31. I was watching this with my family and trying to point out the heavy symbolism that was in the ceremony..yet they though I was making things up and that i shouldn't believe what i see online.I've also discussed it with my therapist,and they still remain blind to it.

    • Be wary of psychologists and therapists. They will condition you to perceive the world that they have been conditioned to believe. I don't believe the science is wrong. I just believe they only see the world at its surface.

    • before you talk to anyone about these symbolisms they need to understand and accept the iconcept of the powerful elites if they don't it just doesent get to them, they basically think that you are crazy and sadly some people will just not listen, it's very hard to get to them

      • i've just been opened with the symbols of illuminatti and find it an interesting topic, rest assured i am also objectively analyzing past events and how i can relate the staging. Well most of it do happens as stated, this mind control, this NWO, it is subtly embedded through our subconscious…Thanks for all those comments that i'd read..

    • I agree with Mercer, Jordan. Most people do not see this or want to see this. They simply don't believe that this evil exists and our leaders are workers of iniquity. It's the most difficult thing I have ever found to explain and prove to family or anyone. You probably know more than your therapist, sad to say…but probably true.

    • Before wasting your sanity, time and money on a "therapist" you need to first determine if they are informed, ignorant, or delusional

      Ask them what money is. Ask them why you're not taught in school what it is, where it comes from, and who controls its value

      Ask them what the UN is. Ask them who created it and why

      Ask them what the Council On Foreign Relations or Royal Institute Of International Affairs is

      Ask them why a bankrupt country like America is invading countries that have no debt

      If they cannot accurately answer these questions, they are ignorant of the world they live in. If an ignorant person fancies themself as informed, they are delusional, not in touch with reality

      Don't let a delusional person influence you or worse be in a position to judge or have power over you. Nothing good can come of it

      • Good point. Not everyone can be woken up. Some prefer to live in blissful ignorance. It takes courage and guts to question things and not believe every "fact" we are told via the mainstream press. Just wake up those who are at least willing to listen and be objective.

    • Iwasblindnowic on

      I didn't see it (praise the Lord) but I am certain many had difficulties to stop watching it (hypnotic state). Be cautious about your therapist, he/she may be an handler. That is how they work. It is all planned and orchestrated!! You don't need a therapist. you need Yahweh.

  32. Syrus Magistus on

    I freakin' LOVE Phoenix Chicks!

    I want my VERY own harem of lady firebirds right there in my golden-ivory tower overlooking the Asterian wonderland my godly presence inspires! I want my secret police to be an army of messenger hawks that coordinate with my mystical bird-lady elemental bitchez to keep order and unity within the megalopolis of the New City. I want naiads and dryads to keep my forests and fountains populated with beautiful naked women all year-round! We could play Bach and watch the wheat fields sing praises back to me.

    I'm SO sorry. That was me; my ADD kicked in there and I was powerless to stop gushing sophomorically. I know I may not seem the type, but actually come from similar intellectual tradition, so it takes effort NOT to sound totally megalomaniacal some days. C'est la vie!

  33. I wish you would have covered a few more scenes and acts in this article that were in the ceremonies. To me, there was quite of bit more that could have been mentioned. I know not everything in the opening and closing ceremonies are symbolic, but it seemed like you watered down some things. Also, I think these rituals held way more significance then just another flashy showing of the NWO's symbols snd schemes. I personally think they invoked demons to manifest out of their hour long rituals with all the elements they used-giant harmonically tuned bell to kick start it, incantation scribbling on the floor, sulfur smell being released, chanting, beating drums, music, dancing etc etc. Not to mention the Phoenix at the end which I think they're showing us their gameplay is close to commencing and the 'Rise' of the False Prophet and Anti-Christ is coming soon. You can "Just Imagine" what else comes with the emergal of them, and what has to happen to bring about their presence's about…just read Revelations. This was basically the NWO'S Pre game ceremony before kickoff.

    • There is a LOT more symbolism that other sites and videos are covering. Just google search it. I noticed VC does not get too much into prophecy or religious symbolism. For biblical prophecy believers, like myself, this was the conception, birth and rise of the beast/antichrist system. Very blatant.

    • Brad, I could not agree with you more. I had quite an experience watching the portion where they lit the cauldron at the opening ceremony. It was kind of boring while the athletes were running around the stadium with the flames, but I did notice the music – a very pleasant melody being sung. I couldn't make out the words, but I thought wow, this is a very enchanting tune, and I could see where this could lull a crowd into some sort of trance. So I keep watching and eventually the 7 go to light the cauldron. Meanwhile the music has changed into a deeper, riveting, darker something. The leaves rise up, and they show several camera shots from above – and it's an eye. And at first the eye is illuminating (yes that's the word that came to mind) these gorgeous strands of firelight but then….it turned. Into something else, and suddenly it reminded me of looking straight into the pits of hell. I don't know how to describe it, but it reminded me of the way Satan would turn on us in an instant after beguiling us with his beauty and light. Of course the eye represents Satan, so it makes sense, right? Then I look up the lyrics to that 'enchanting' melody that was sung – at one point Bob Costas said it was called Caliban's Dream. I don't know about you, or anyone else, but to me, it's a lullaby for Satan.

      As the rain tossed above us, in the garden of the world

      But a flame arrives to guide us, past the gold between the angles of the stars

      Watch you over all the children in the rain;

      And the streets where I remember

      Where the fire that lights a candle soars again;

      A flaring flame, hear it call;

      Through the darkness, hear it call to us all

      And start again;

      Its beating heart

      Comes again

      When the light dries all the fields, and the joy drives out our pain

      And the nations come to greet us, waving molten loaves and waves of golden corn

      Can you hear us, oh, the spirit of the world

      May your light be ever near us

      Always heal us from the dark that we may fall

      We're a flame

      And reflect

      We're the corn

      I don't know what corn would or does represent, but it means something. I ended up watching the clip of the lighting again, and now wished I hadn't but maybe it was necessary for me to really see. Because the second time, I was very aware of who they were singing to, and what this represented. And the second time – I saw a demon in that cauldron eye. Some may call me crazy, and that's ok, but there was nothing but pure evil in that thing. And the phoenix rising out of it at the closing ceremonies confirmed it. I dont know if they are announcing AC is on his way, or already here, or what not – I hate to speculate on such things unless the Lord is very clear, but there was something…something VERY significant about these "ceremonies".

      • Yikes, i saw the same thing you saw, the demon in the eye…..i thought i was imagining things

  34. My perception as much as I can remember the basics now . … Did no one get the bit about the queen giving "James Bond " the approval conjugal) to carry the torch of Prometheus. and the subsequent mutual descent into a delivery of fireworks (orgasm) and then the symbolic light (sperm) being carried up the watery canal to the womb of the stadium wherein ultimately after much ado was the egg (olympic pyre)

    amidst this was the blatant display of the working class servitude to the moneyed elites . and their enslavement to the "satanic mills " of hell.

    Then the exposition of the cadavers of the old (Mcartney Ali etc ) made to perform as puppets to the illuminati will . Regardles of respect and decorum of old age . FFS..!!

    I saw too much to consciously ingest at the time . But as symbolism does , no doubt it was internalised .

    On the closing ceremony ..well am afraid I'd just had too much beer by then But what I noticed rather strongly was the "light bulb headed policemen" orchestrating the will of the Illuminati .. (blue uniforms with a light on their heads ) equated to me the Police force of the illuminati controlling the direction of everybody .

    Oh and the tentacled Octopus .. at the center , depicting central control . Then all the usual obvious NWO guff ..

  35. I'm so exhausted. Do we really have the power to stop them??? We all know that this Illuminati Elite are the ruler of this world, They know more than us.. It's like we are preparing for a battle but we don't even know who is our enemy. They know our weaknesses, Since we were born we had this vaccines, (they control the Medicine), We had this education system controlled by them. How we are going to stop them??

    • Syrus Magistus on

      They're not as strong as they look. It's all smoke and mirrors, like a stage performance. They actually NEED big spectacles like this to keep themselves energized and upright, because it's the nature of evil to be chaotic and backstabbing. Without mysticism like this, they'd all eat each other.

      We have two advantages: We have numbers and we have awareness of them. It's all we need. These kinds of groups need secrecy in order to survive. None of their rituals would work if people were conscious of the significance, which is why in magickal orders, you have degrees of initiation that are set up as you'll find them (to compartmentalize knowledge). Their entire system is left-brained, basically. It's all about control and domination based on relative power. We have a system with is the inverse of it, and it trumps their system because positive psychic energy is a thousand times more frenetic.

      In fact, they're already losing. It's only a matter of time before their house of cards collapses at this point. What's important is that you do not PERCEIVE them as unbeatable. The source of their dark power is YOU.

      It's a parasitic trap. It turns your own power against you. Those things are easy to beat, you just stop struggling and let it fall away. If you believe a parasitic trap is unbreakable, then it will be for you. No matter what you try your own mental energy will turn against itself, and all your techniques will fail. But it doesn't have to be anything complicated, because once people started expecting the illusion to be unbreakable that belief would be enough to make it true. As deadly as the other powers are, it would be easy to kill the occasional master who figures it out. Which is exactly what I've been seeing.

      • Outstanding comment–Thank You! We should never forget that the dark Ones fear US because they know we are spiritually stronger than them. They're throwing every vile thing at us that their puny little minds come up with to see what'll work as a control method. Their Time has come & gone in the big scheme of things. They are on their way OUT!

      • And there is a third, we have/we are The Light. The Light that we have continual 24.7.365 access to are the Angels, Guardian Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guide(s), Group Soul [Councils] and all Beings of Light (All-Oneness) which connect with us when we are Conscious/Aware of The Light that Is Us and within…and even if we're not that Conscious or Aware or tapped into It…simply asking is the key.

        If we only knew how much of a fish bowl this third density existence is…and how Protected we are by The Light when there are numerous forms (tangible and intangible) of darkness surrounding us, we would undoubtedly see Life differently. The only thing we must do is ask. Do not think that the planned agendas were cancelled…no…they were thwarted by The Light due to the global requests of all those who have called on The ALL-Oneness(One Infinite Creator)/All-Oneness for assistance. This is how we neutralize the service-to-self(ers)….with the invoking/evoking of The Light and service-to-others.

        I'd love to share more but I've learned it's better to keep things to as much of a minimum as possible. However, I will share two valuable pieces of information…

        1) – goto Library link on left – download with no charge>

        The Law of One [Books 1-5]

        2) Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness by Shakuntala Modi, M.D.

        In peace…

    • WarForYourSoul on

      Nothing can "stop" them. Society is too brainwashed, too selfish and too indifferent largely due to Satan's constant influence on them through the media and their acceptance of it which I'm sure you are well aware of. But we have something so much more powerful and more important and that is salvation through Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone. Turn away from your sins, ask forgiveness for your sins from the bottom of your heart and allow him into your life so that you may be put right in God's eyes and enter into an eternal relationship with the Most Powerful, Most High Creator. When a confession is honest and true God will hear you and the Holy Spirit will enter into your life and bring about an unexplainable feeling of peace and joy like you've never experienced before- like the weight of all of your sins has been lifted off of your soul. I promise.

      Fear not those who can only kill your body, but fear God who has the power to kill your body and decide the fate of your soul. This life is only temporary, everything we see around us will one day be gone and only our soul will remain. We literally live in a spiritual battleground, there is a constant war for your soul between good and evil. The New World Order will come to fruition regardless of anything we do as it is written in the Bible. Personal salvation of your soul should be your first concern followed by serving God through the Holy Spirit so that others may be introduced to the Word of God and Jesus and that they may be saved as well. These truly evil, sick and twisted elite people fully believe in a twisted version of the Bible and are behind the popularization of things like the New Age faith that speak of Christ as an attainable human state and deny Christ's Godhood and gift of eternal salvation through his death on the cross. These people also happen to be the most selfish, sick and immoral people on the Planet Earth. Now ask yourself, if the people practically ruling the Earth I live on, the only world and life I know, believe in these spiritual things passionately and treat these things extremely seriously, then should that not have major implications on my life and spiritual life? I don't know about you, but I would want to do and believe in exactly the opposite of what these elite believe in. Let them believe in human divinity, material acquisition, wealth, power and secret knowledge as the desire for these things comes from Satan. I will rest my faith, as I hope everyone reading this will as well, in the saviour of mankind the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • We aren't supposed to stop them, that's not what all this is about. Now I don't always agree with everything said on this site (most of it actually) but the overall message is right. Being aware is the point. Know what is happening around you. We aren't going to be able to stop them, that's not the plan. But we aren't supposed to just lay down and take it either. The fact is, humanity has always and will continue to survive until the end of days, however they may come. Millions will die, millions will be born, just as it has been through millions of years. Through wars, dictators, natural disasters… the point is know who you are, know what is happening, and do your best to survive it and be happy til your time comes, at which point whatever you are looking forward to after your death comes to you. The point of all this is that this IS going to happen, but you can't lose faith in whatever you have faith in. You can't lose hope.

    • TheBattleForYourMind on

      We can't stop them on our own..

      So How Do we do it?

      Prayer. Bible. Faith. Witness.
      And Keeping the Law Of God.

  36. I was waiting for the moment when the stadium will explode. Thank God thousands of families are safe now. We all need to pray. Pray for a better future, for the controlled people, for the world to be in perfect peace without any cults.

    Thank you VC for "illuminating" the secrets and mysteries in this article. Cheers to you!

    • Pray? Oh yes because God is going to come save us right, like he's done for the past 2000 years of human suffering. Praying is worse than useless because it is the carrot dangled before the donkey. We need to arm ourselves and shoot the El-ite down in the street.

    • Me and my father were waiting for that too. My father was so sure that the stadium was going to blow. Especially since there were missiles on a block of flats right next to the stadium.

  37. What was up with all the dancers having their eyes darkened like the undead? Mummies in bandages creating the pyramid and dancing around it and the vampyre-like creatures dancing on and around the ship with annie lennox? The ship was black and had two sails that looked suspiciously like wings with masts at angles instead of upright – it 'sailed' accross the stadium like a ship flying through the night. Annie Lennox, former wife of dave stewart who's personal history could curiously be interpreted as something to do with mind control.

    And of course, there were the models. Allegedly they were the 'british supermodels', kate moss and naomi campbell wore gold alexander mcqueen creations (mcqueen and gaga were apparently very close) the others in victoria beckham creations and one of the models wore what looked like an egyptian crown (Isis perhaps?).

    all the bands/singers appearing were paid the nominal amount of £1 sterling and all of them have either a new tour, album or, in the case of the spice girls, a musical to promote.

    I thought that perhaps the big baby and then the child with the dancers in the opening ceremony had something to do with the egyptian overtones in the closing ceremony – perhaps they were the main event, an egyptian type ritual in two parts, the birth of an horus perhaps? I'm not entirely sure what I thought it all was, but am sure Annie Lennox and her entourage of vampyres/creatures of the night on the dark boat was the voyage of the sun (or Horus)through the night sky before being reborn with the morning dawn….must refresh my memory on egyptian ritual.

    Did the american tv stations show those parts of the show?

    • Yes, NBC played that part of the ceremony over here. I understand from the article that some very dark and symbolic scenes weren't shown over here, so thanks a million for the article, VC. I wasn't sure what to make of the scene with Annie Lennox on the winged ship, and everyone with dark eyes. Definitely very odd. You're probably right about the Egyptian/Horus aspect, with the ship representing a voyage to the underworld… which as I understand so far has to do with a very very ancient astronomical phenomena where one constellation disappears below the horizon at a particular time of year, before re-emerging three days later (The Cygnus Mystery by Andrew Collins).

      I'm just wondering if the baby at the beginning (not shown over here) and the child who has his souls stolen later on are connected in some kind of strange or symbolic storyline? Were there any strange scenes later on involving a young man or older man to continue the story? Or maybe that is reserved for 2016 in Rio… possibly (just a guess) with a transhumanistic, sustainability, and/or population reduction theme?

  38. I agree with this article. However, I'm amazed that the writer fails to mention the scariest section in the closing – the singer George Michael, dressed in all black, with a white skull as a VERY contrasting belt-buckle; followed by the eeriest sight I've seen on TV for a long time: the female singer entering on a wooden ship which seems populated with prostitutes and slaves – what have either of these two 'acts' got to do with British culture or the 'Olympic spirit'? They sent a shiver up and down my spine several times, and, in concurrence with the writer's remark about the symbolism being 'in your face,' I find this sort of blatant content most disturbing. I can't write as coherently or as eloquently as the article's author, but I give thanks to VC for allowing me to finally awaken to the sinister stuff being hidden in plain sight within the very crooks and crannies of what we ordinarily consider to be 'good clean innocent fun,' and 'a bit of a laugh and a distraction.'

  39. Michael Martin on

    Nice article, VC. I would like to add that during the first hour of the closing ceremony, when the depiction of the London skyline covered in newspaper cuttings ended, the London Eye (a giant ferris wheel located near the Houses of Parliament, home to the UK government) was lifted off the ground, flipped on its side and positioned stationary and illuminated – almost UFO-like – above the night's proceedings. And there it remained. I believe it represented the eye of providence and the ruling secret elite's obsession with watching our every move in the UK, which has become increasingly totalitarian.

  40. complacentone on

    Excellent work as always, VC! I had a slightly more frightening experience with the opening ceremony's last act – "Abide with Me". This was the first conclusion I came to while watching it, and verified this with others:

    – Act opens with a clear sun-salutation style worship dance ritual.

    – All actors (dancers) but two (man and boy) are in red.

    – Act opens with dancers throwing sand against the sun to indicate desert (Middle East).

    – All actors are of Middle Eastern ethnicity.

    – Man separates from actors, walks about stage while actors and dancers bow before him, indicating a separateness about him, power.

    – Man is clothed in gold, showing relation to sun, power, glory ("angel of light").

    – Man interacts with child (also clothed in gold).

    – Man teaches child magical intelligence (I didn't get so much that he was taking something from the child, but teaching him an energetic manipulation of some kind – magic).

    – The boy responds by embracing the man, loving him.

    – The man embraces the child back.

    – The man then returns the boy back to the dancers who have been watching in anticipation at this point.

    – Upon the shoulders of the man, the boy raises his hands unto the heavens as all the dancers (people of the earth) bow down before him.

    I hope this is pretty clear to you by now that I am suggesting that the man in gold is Lucifer, the fallen angel, and the little boy is the antichrist.

    Supporting background –

    – Boy and man only characters dressed in gold, indicating relationship to sun and "power" and "glory"

    – All dancers engaged in hypnotic ritualistic dance set to heartbeat indicating that important spiritual event is occurring

    – Christian hymn traditionally asking Christ to abide with us against the evil one, being used as "reverse" (as you know, very common in Satanism) in this context to ask the antichrist to "Abide with Us" as we overthrow God's kingdom

    – –

    I am very interested in hearing other people's thoughts on this interpretation. I, myself, have difficulty watching this clip without my stomach turning and my hair standing on end. I showed it to several other people and they had similar or worse bodily reactions.

    I believe that what VC was saying here is true, that the opening ceremony showed a progression of history. What VC glanced over was that before this "antichrist" closing act, there was a giant party that clearly showed the chronology of the "party" decades with music, era-appropriate clothing, and movie clips from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and now – in chronological order to continue through with the history. It ENDS with the anticipation of the revelation of the antichrist!!!!!

  41. I've been waiting for this article all week long, thank you for affirming all my thoughts.


    p.s. Jessie J performed one of the most important messages…"written in the stars"

    Oh written in the stars

    A million miles away

    A message to the main


    Seasons come and go

    But I will never change

    And I'm on my way

  42. I was very sad to see (or rather, hear) that Kate Bush had gone along with allowing her new remix of Running Up That Hill to be premiered during the closing ceremony. It was played during the pyramid building, but if NBC cut that bit out you wouldn't have heard in America.

  43. I was hoping to hear more about the giant, creepy baby. A random baby that giant and with that much focus had to mean something big…

  44. openyoureyesnclose y on

    Thank you as always VC! I was patiently awaiting your analysis! As I figured, it was going to be quite the celebration ,both opening and closing, with all the worlds royalty in attendance. I watched the closing ceremony with my mouth open! Once the Phoenix slowly arose, and just eerily lingered for while after all the praise dancing.. I was done. It was certainly dark , blatant, and hopefully, not prophetic!

  45. NO NO NO. You say that "The word 'Pandemonium' is a combination of name Pan (the horned Greek god) and the word 'demon', making Pan/demon/ium".

    Actually the composite "pan" here (and in composite words) is the ancient greek word (used until today) for "everything". The word demon originates from the ancient greek word "daio", which roughly means assign a destiny to someone. Pandemonium more or less denotes a situation with big noises that can't let you concentrate on your task.

    (Greek is not an easy language to translate!)

  46. Great article as usual, but why do you say the elite wants a socialist government? I think that's the last thing they would want.

    • I've wondered the same thing, but I think it's a code-word for dictatorship. Like how the Nazis were called "National Socialists." And how Communism in Russia at least appeared to be a worker's party, but turned out to be a brutal dictatorship. Different names, same old BS.

  47. Whilst this is very good coverage, there has been some exemplary work done by one or two YouTubers; one in particular is focussing right.

    On the Paralympics.

    All this ritual and symbolism was for a reason and that reason has yet to come to pass because (obviously) The Paralympics closing ceremonies ARE THE END.

    The end of this cycle of empire, the end of this cycle of monarchy, the end of this cycle of Roman Law, religions existant since the last Zero Point 2012 years ago.

    Many ritual sacrifices were conducted throughout this first phase of The Olympics; most went unmentioned in the media. All were unmentioned in expose's. The final Bone-Fire went largely unreported in the mainstream. A huge fire 13th August, qouted as 'the largest in recent history' at a recycling plant in Dagenham, East London was tagged 'Olympic Blaze' cause unknown. 200 fire engines attended. I'd say cremation of care to dispose of the bodies. Suspect the 7 missing Somalians, the 'disqualified' Collins and family plus others sacrificed at the Olympics Village after hours parties.

    Anyway, picking up from other commentators posts: The Giant Baby: there was reference made elswhere that this represented the birth of the 'anti-christ' remember that 'they shall be led by a little child' in particular significance to Horishima/Nagasaki Memorial on 8th August, where 'little boy' blasted the Japanese civilians into oblivion. This hideous effigy was either the nuke itself cloaked to be detonated at the Stadium on 9-9-12 (30 or XXX for Olympic anniversary). For a real smack in the face, the memorial for the victims of Hiroshima was headed by Truman's grandson. Also running was Cameron's tribute to Israeli audience on their FF attack 1972 Berlin Olympics where Israeli athletes were killed; made it sound like a far greater travesty than Hiroshima 'we must never forget' 'atrocity' blah blah.

    Let's see; we have a promised Mystery Tour Bus closing ceremony on the 10th September promised; George Michael said 'it's time to put you all out of your misery' concerning this. Also Royal Mail are issuiing 29 (11) Gold Stamps with disabled people figured on them and Gold Postal boxes too.

    What is required is a big focus on the Paralympics as there is so little time left and we shall not have the luxury of review, post events. That's what all THIS was about, after all.

    • My handler named me 'Mr. Littleboy.'

      Anyhow, the point of this response is to mention the number of yet another event.

      Since you're naming dates, I will add that the number is 1123.

  48. Not to mention the mascot is……

    a one eye person.

    The world is definately more than what we know and taught to be.

  49. I watched the closing ceremonies and tried to explain the occult symbolism to my family. They just responded you are reading too much into things. I don't think so.

  50. I tried to post a really long comment, and the system seems to have rejected it. Let's see if it works to break it into sections:

    There were all kinds of things going on in the closing ceremony especially. I took notes of everything that caught my attention:

    Timothy Spall who played a dark wizard and betrayer in Harry Potter portrayed Winston Churchill, who was supposedly an Illuminist, quoting the demon Caliban from the alchemical play ‘The Tempest,’ written by William Shakespeare, who may have been a front for a secret society run by Sir Francis Bacon. He was also standing in tower of Big Ben, which can be seen as an eye in a pyramid motif overlooking the ruling building of England (Parliament) and the River Thames (Tamesis, the river of Isis as named by the Romans because its flooding cycles resembled those of the Nile – recall how the opening ceremony started with an homage to the river).

    One of the prominent newspaper quotes in the stadium was ‘To be or not to be,’ also from Shakespeare. Might be a wordplay on bees, a symbol of the Merovingian lineage.

    Light bulbs on the hats of hundreds of extras – on bowler hats and also taxi lights on caps. Symbolizes lighting of the crown chakra via illumination. Lots and lots of light references in the show, from song lyrics (‘Light it up like it’s dynamite,’ ‘So bright you blind me,’ ‘Don’t fade away,’ Light up the sky’) to the fireworks displays that turned the stadium into a giant cup of light, over and over again. In the Brazil segment we had light box hats, light up crowns, rings of light and lit Carnaval costumes (light garments). I also noticed a light-bulb cloak, and one of the newsprint quotes was Dylan Thomas: ‘Rage against the dying of the light.’ During the fashion segment, all of the featured clothes were gold and shimmery, catching the light. And the Spice Girls’ taxis were covered with lights.

    The Union Jack flag itself is an 8 pointed star, a symbol going back at least to Sumerian times, associated with Inanna/Ishtar/Babalon and the wheel of the year, the solstices, equinoxes and midpoints. Most of the show took place on a giant Union Jack diagram.

    The set with the miniature London skyline, including the London Eye ferris wheel (with six spokes representing a six pointed star, called the Seal of Solomon and representing the ascension of the lightbody). Notice that the Eye was later pulled up on the central rigging and oversaw the entire show beneath it. LOTS of eye symbolism. I noticed an especially egregious version on the video screen when the Kaiser Chiefs (is their name a Bavarian Illuminati reference?) were playing ‘Pinball Wizard’ (about a deaf, dumb and blind kid – Horus, the god associated with the Antichrist as a child avatar of Set, has an aspect called Harpocrates who is a silent deafmute, representing the silence before creation – and one of the prominent newspaper quotes was ‘The rest is silence,’ from Hamlet). The one-eye flashed on the screen depicted in the target symbolism from the Who logo, and surrounded by a hypnotic black and white mod/Masonic checkerboard pattern. Another blatant one-eye reference was the new band from Oasis members, called Beady Eye. That was written on their drum kit and sat on the stage for a long time.


    • The Pet Shop Boys – Where to begin? The only way to describe their segment is to call it terrifying. Surrounded by what looked like knights in orange pyramid helmets (representing sun rays?) on bicycles, dressed in black s&m leather and monkey fur, and wearing enormous conical pyramid wizard hats. Sang ‘West End Girls’ which seems innocuous enough until you look at the lyric ‘From Lake Geneva to the Finland station,’ which is a reference to the train trip that Lenin took from Switzerland to St. Peterburg at the start of the Russian revolution, turning the tide from a possible self-rule by the masses to the dictatorship of Communism.
      Gives a lot of subtext and resonance to a deceptively simple pop song, doesn’t it? And note, on that link, the name of the ship that fired the shot at the Winter Palace and started the revolution – the AURORA, like the town that recently saw the Batman killings. Batman and Robin ushered in the closing ceremony, via an explosion!

      Madness – Why is the sax player levitating? Lots of ascent references throughout the show. Flying nuns, angels, human cannonballs, reference to the early days of flight with helicopter and airplane bikes. There was even a UFO in the opening ceremony, later passed off as a blimp (moved pretty fast for a blimp). Recall the UFO in the Atlanta Olympics ceremony. Also one of the lyrics from ‘Rule the World’ by Take That said ‘ride on a star,’ a reference to the climbing of the ladder of seven stars at the axis mundi, the celestial ascent back up the Tree of Life to return to the Godhead. Also supposed wizard and Illuminist Bowie was featured, with songs like ‘Starman’ and ‘Ziggy Stardust.’ Annie Lennox sang ‘Little Bird,’ all about flying. Kate Bush sang ‘Running Up the Hill,’ possible reference to Mount Sion, the place where the Nephilim supposedly came to earth. The Queen and James Bond parachuted in – is this a flying reference or a nod to the fall of the Nephilim?

      Why all the vehicles circling the track around the stage? I think it represented the movements of astronomical bodies, orbits of stars and planets, or the track of the sun.

      Many noticed the newsprint. The black and white represents duality, the juxtaposition of dark/light, good/evil, and it also symbolizes the Qliphoth, the negative reality found at the back of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, aka the Underworld.

      Eric Idle singing ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.’ That song is from ‘Life of Brian,’ and can be seen as a mockery of the Crucifixion. I think it’s also an Illuminist reference to the ancient practice of a sacrifice on the solar cross to guarantee the return of the sun after winter. There was also a Bollywood segment, possibly a nod to Kali/Shiva, ancient Indo-Aryan versions of the Underworld goddess and god. Please note, after he finished singing, Idle disappeared into the stage/was swallowed by the Underworld, like Madonna at the Supernatural Ba’al Endtime Show. And there was a shot of Prince Harry, possibly of the red-haired Setian/Merovingian bloodline, mouthing the words to this song.

      • References to the ‘Queen,’ not of England, but the great mother goddess. The band Queen reformed, but instead of Freddie Mercury (Hermetic name, anyone?), they were fronted by Jessie J, a new Illuminist pop queen, upon whom Roger Taylor gazed lasciviously as she writhed at his feet in a nude bodysuit – Inanna the Queen of Heaven was depicted as nude after she descended into the Underworld and had to sacrifice her powers, represented by articles of clothing. When the torch was passed to Brazil, they trucked the sea goddess Yemaja around the stage. I think this referred not to an indigenous Yoruba deity, but to Inanna/Ishtar, who sailed the Abyss (site of the door to the Underworld in kabbalah) in her solar boat, represented blatantly by Annie Lennox and her ship of the damned powered by Lucierian/Nephilim black shredded fallen angel wings. There is supposed to be a branch of the Templar bloodline in Scotland, where Lennox is from. Re: the Abyss, When Fat Boy Slim came out, the psychedelic bus morphed into what was supposed to be an octopus. I think its 8 arms reinforced the 8 point Inanna star motif, possibly representing the sephirotic paths that come together to form the Abyss door to the Qliphoth over the negative sephira Da’ath. And with the grille of the bus still clearly visible under the translucent material resembling a skull face, it looked like Cthulu, who is supposedly a monster of the Abyss.

        Please also note that FBS kept throwing ‘peace signs’ during his DJ set. This gesture can also be the Roman gesture of domination and reference to the Germanic rune of death. The ‘peace sign’ is also a broken cross, and was used by the Bolsheviks when they destroyed churches.

        Blue Beam – There was blue light in a lot of segments, and references to wild weather, with blowing umbrellas, rain and high wind, etc. Going a bit further afield, when looking online at Olympics stuff I noticed that the logo from the Munich 1972 games looks exactly like the Norway spiral anomaly, supposedly a blue-beam project to open a stargate to other dimensions.

      • Military – Take That were wearing very military themed jackets while they sang about ruling the world. When the stupid rolling billboards were brought in to celebrate British fashion, the escorts were in uniforms and goosestepping like Nazis, to the lyric ‘we are the goon squad and we’re coming to town.’ And ‘fashion’ sounds an awful lot like ‘fascism,’ doesn’t it?

        Disinfo – George Michael wearing a huge skull belt buckle singing ‘take these lies and make them true somehow’ while ‘Freedom’ flashes all around the stage, like ‘World Peace’ at the Superbowl. Sure.

        Miscellany – The Spice Girls repetitiously singing the nonsense lyric ‘zigazigah’ – Aleister Crowley wrote a book called ‘Liber 777.’ The title refers to the zig-zag bolt of lightning from primordial creation that supposedly broke some of the spheres of the sephirot, the kabbalistic Tree of Life, and created the shells of the Qliphoth, in other words, initiated the Fall and created the Underworld (lightning bolt = snake). Re: the ‘Imagine’ NWO segment, the Beatles had a photo of Crowley on their Sgt Pepper album cover. The Beatles scared me as a child, and I think I was on to something. I am also scared of creepy Russell Brand, who came out singing ‘I Am the Walrus’ in a Masonic top hat. I mentioned Harpocrates/Horus above, and he was associated with breaking the primordial egg of creation – hence the lyric ‘I am the Eggman.’ That song has many references to flying, and to ‘pornographic priestesses,’ like the sacred prostitutes in Ishtar worship. It also asks ‘Don't you think the Joker laughs at you?’ – again referring to the recent Joker killings in Aurora. And it references the Eiffel Tower, supposedly some kind of Masonic sacred geometry transmitter. Incidentally, suspected Illuminist band Duran Duran played at the Olympics concert in Hyde Park, and they did a James Bond (007, the codename for John Dee, the court sorcerer to Queen Elizabeth I) theme song, ‘A View to a Kill,’ with a video featuring them dressed up as spies on the Eiffel Tower. Which brings us full circle to the James Bond/Queen parachute drop, and speaking of full circle, there is a lot of chatter on the internet about how the opening ceremony started with ringing a bell (the giant ‘Be not afeard’ chime) and drawing a magic circle (tempering the hot metal Olympic ring), both of which are found in ceremonial magick rituals. Repetition is ritual, so the repetition of symbols, motifs, words and sounds in the ceremonies was done for purposes of drawing down power towards an agenda.

      • I had the above formatted with bullets and numbering and more links, sorry all that got lost in the system.

  51. 1. what about OASIS? all message known, world changing but can't say a word to us?

    2. They are now called 'Beady eye'… is it blatant? or a coincidence, to perform in OG2012?

    3. I think the oak tree actually represented Tree of Knowledge. Somehow worshiping the enlightened knowledge.

    4. Boys and girls on beds seems traumatized. Something related to MK Ultra or hidden programming.

    5. what about all those people dressed in blue, with a "light" (bulb) on their head?

  52. Thanks VC for the analysis. I didn't watch the ceremonies because I knew there would be symbolism in them. And I'm so so so tired to see those symbols everywhere no matter where I go, sometimes I think that if Armageddon has to come, let it be quickly so we can get it over with.

  53. I like the lack of religious opinions from VC. I was raised a devout Roman Catholic. But, the more I read and learn the more I feel that this religion is/was just another tool by the elite to keep the masses in check. Whats the difference between us worshiping the sun or Ra or Jesus or Muhammad or Apollo or whatever? I'm sure it was all touted as coming from a legitimate god like power and people believed it. They believe it because they fear death. They fear the unknown. I've gone to war and done some stuff. The only truth I discovered in those crappy times was to discard all fear. Only in accepting your death can you begin to fully appreciate your life.

    My favorite movie scene of all time was the Mayan sacrifice scene in Apocalypto. The priests knew that the eclipse was a fairly normal occurrence. They used their knowledge to manipulate the masses who were paralyzed by fear. The leadership were content in letting their citizens be manipulated by the priests because it kept the royalty in power. All this apocalypse nonsense is scary in that people will got nuts. When this does fires off for certain, it will be no different than manipulated people donning crescents or crosses during the Crusades. Religion is the opiate of the masses.

    It detracts from the fact that we are not free. We are held in bondage by a very real and very perishable group of people. They love power and they get off on being on top. They have created a system that everyone now has been conditioned to believe is sacrosanct.

    Believe what you want but don't be complacent in thinking its the truth just because someone told you or because its in a book.

    Long live the Republic.

    • personally, i think a lot of organized religion and churches are materialistic and worship things other than Jesus…That's why I just read the bible and pray a lot…Even Jesus didn't like what was going on in the temples back when he lived it was corrupt… What ever happens is meant to happen, no sense in dwelling on it! I don't think these elites way back then could see 2000 years into the future, yet things in the bible are happening today…makes ya wonder…

      • I agree, this stuff was going on since the Old Testament. Same stuff, new names. The more I read the Bible, the more I get it. Churches are mostly corrupt, etc. There's nothing new under the sun.

        It gives me more faith because things are turning out exactly the way the prophets and Christ said they would. So tptb are following the script too. They can't do anything without the the Most High God allowing it. Never could. Some one had to play Judas and someone has to play the antiChrist. It's God's plan, He wrote the script (scripture). It will come to pass unless our leaders repent and I do not see that happening.

      • The other possibility is that the Bible was written by the Illuminati. It's a script that lays out the creation of a new world order. If they can make you accept it with the hope that God will fix things for you later, you won't fight them. It seems like the way they would work – create a fake opposition, then make things happen that way so you believe it.

        I'm not saying that I know that that is true, but its a possibility. I don't think you should unquestioningly accept anything as gospel truth at this point. Things are getting too weird.

      • Interesting concept with a lot of facts to support it. The new testament of the modern Bible was put together by the Catholic hierarchy during the Council of Nicea in 325AD. There the question of the divinity of Christ was set. Also, the gospels were picked that best represented the teachings of the church. Mary has a gospel and there are many others out there that are not sanctioned. Interestingly, Constantine made Christianity the official religion in 313. Almost 270 years after Jesus' death. Also, early churches were modeled after the Roman Basilica or court house. Church architecture is very explicit in its message of religious hierarchy.

        The idea of the Illuminati being around in the times of the infant church is plausible. Clearly its some form of a cult about ancient Egypt. Maybe Egypt's elite managed to survive being assimilated into the Roman society. We cannot deny the similarities in the mythology between Christian, Roman, Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Hindu, and even Islamic religions. There is always this duality that is used to justify conflict. We are supposed to believe that Muslims and Jews are related. The difference was that Ishmael was dumb enough to give his birthright to Jacob. Jacob conveniently means deceiver.

        Every time a society is conquered, its religion is assimilated to keep the masses happy. Look at all the occult holidays that are now magically Christian holidays. Look at the symbols that have pagan roots.

        The book of Revelation is just another method to maintain power. Create conflict, let the poor people kill each other, come in as the savior. This is all rigged. God is not going to save our asses. If he/she did, it wouldn't teach us anything, would it? It wouldn't solve anything. This apocalyptic stuff isn't about the triumph of good versus evil. Its about the appearance of good versus evil. Its about letting the masses think they are making a choice. If Jesus comes, we still get a unified world order.

      • It was esau who was jacob's twin and sold his birthright. Ishmael would have been their uncle

      • I stand corrected. Abraham had two sons; Ishmael and Isaac. Ishmael was the first son of Abraham whose mother was Hagar. Isaac was the second son born of Sara. Muslims believe they are descended from Abraham by Ishmael. Christian mythology states we are from Isaac. Nicely prepackaged reason for conflict.

        Isaac had Jacob and Esau.

      • @Freedom57 & DA = I couldn't agree more.

        While there is certainly profound wisdom & insight that can be gleaned from the scriptures, it is wise to be aware of the bible's history as a propoganda tool (not the fault of the works themselves, but the PEOPLE controlling the words), and to take everything – EVERYTHING – with a grain of salt, filtered through one's own discerning eye.

      • How very Calvanistic of you: Judas still had a free will, as does the coming anti-Christ. Prophesy does not negate free will, it simply means God has a foreknowledge of the things to come.

      • As I see it: some of the things that are told in the Bible to happen, happened because the “people” who wrote the Bible, are really the “people” orchestrating ALL that is happening on our earth!

        Jesus? Christianity? A SATANIC cult! Just look at their “God”, who told Abraham to sacrifice his own son … and this chap actually carrying more about the order of his “God”, then about his own child!

        PLEASE! What Kind Of A “God” Can This Really Be?!! I know: some followers would answer me that it wasn't for real, but “God” just wanted to test the obedience of Abraham … PLEASE PEOPLE! Wake up! What Kind of “God” Would Need This Kind Of Proof Of Obedience?!! If today a grandfather would ask such a thing from his own son, we would call him a psychopath, and put it into an asylum! What would you think if your own father would sacrifice yourself, just because some “God” told him so?! Can you see it?!!

        Why would the same “God” sacrifice his own child (Jesus) on the cross for our “sins”?! Just please start to think people! Would you punish one of your children because of something in other one children of your children did?! Where is the sense in all of this?!

        And, even if Jesus would be who the Bible says he is, why would he tell his disciples to arm themselves, and that “he who doesn't have the means to buy a sword should sell his garments in order to be able to buy one”?!

        Yes, there are some useful and beautiful things in the Bible, like for example “doing unto others what we wish to be done to ourselves”, etc., but that doesn't mean that everything in the Bible is true!

        It is a Satanic ritual to eat the body of humans, and to drink their blood … And look what this Jesus guy tells us to do in his memory?! Can't you see that it is the same?!

        Please ask yourself the following questions:

        why would a real God need ANYTHING from us?

        Why would a real God need our devotion–ship?

        why would a real God need us to obey?

        Why would a real God get angry if we don't do what he/she/it tells us to do?

        Why would a real God DESTROYED humanity if it doesn't do what she/he/it wants?

        What kind of free will is this if we are punished if we don't do what it/she/he commands?

        What kind of a “God” would create his children, and then blame them for their sins? I mean; even Apple tree suddenly gives growth to lemons: who would you make responsible for that? The lemons, or the Apple tree?!

        And finally, if there really would have been a “paradise” like the one described in the Bible, wouldn't the 1st thing that a real God would have asked his creation to do be to eat from the tree of eternal life and the tree of knowledge?! Wouldn't that be the greatest gift a real God could give to his children?!

        You readers, who are fathers or mothers, don't you strive to get the best education to your children, and to show and teach them EVERYTHING (for free) in order to make it possible for them to be and become the happiest and freest person in the entire world?! And, if they wouldn't need any more from you, wouldn't that make you extremely happy, and show you that you have done well as a father/mother? Why should it be any different with a real God?!

        From Alan Watts:

        “You, yourself, are the eternal energy

        which appears at this universe.

        You didn't come into this world;

        you came out of it.

        Like a wave from the ocean.”

      • hmmm your arguments are rational to a certain extent, however as God's commandments and Christ's teachings/lifestyle suit part of my personality, I'll stick as much as I can with them.

      • @Freedom 57

        hmmm your arguments are rational to a certain extent, however as God’s commandments and Christ’s teachings/lifestyle suit part of my personality, I’ll stick as much as I can with them.

  54. I caught the closing ceremonies and if flashed to an olympic gold medalist winner and he was covering one eye with his medal. Just thought I would add that to the symbol spottings.

  55. Finally! Thanks VC. I watched both ceremonies and rightly said they were rituals. Also, as someone has already mentioned George Michael, not too long ago he was touted as a drunk and drug fuelled person. I believe he was going through deprogramming. I watched him last year at a Brit music ceremony and he slurred his words while singing. I thought he'd do the same this time. He didn't and i can't help but think he's now been re-programmed and back in line with the establishment. I went for a lot of events and even in the Olympic Park a lot of the structures and architecture are occultic symbols. The orbit resembles a phallic structure. The basketball arena is shaped as a big white square. The velodrome is like a wave or an S and there are a lot of triangles in the Olympic stadium proper. The aquatics centre is shaped like the belly of a whale. I could go on. Then you had the athletes who were throwing up the 666 finger signs, the devil horns and the one eyed symbols. I watched a lot of basketball and the USA guys were the biggest culprits. One of the one eyed symbols (Wenlock or Mandeville) tried running to me to hug me, you should have seen the way i did a quick detour to avoid it. It was sports which i enjoy but so sad that it's laced with all these things. Even the medals are symbolic. They have also given ultimate monetary power to visa. You could only buy tickets with visa cards and in the absence of cash you could only use a visa card.

    • Interesting observation about the Visa Credit Cards.

      Even more interesting: The origins of the word "Visa":

      The word "visa" is derived from "charta visa," a phrase in New Latin that meant "paper that has been verified." The original Latin word is "videre," meaning "to see." The French adopted the word "visa," which was then assimilated into the English language.

      From the Latin word 'videre' meaning "to see". It has the same root as the word 'vision'.

      Videre is from the PIE base 'weid' meaning "to know, to see".

      "Vision"???? "To know, to see"???……………

      All-Seeing Eye, anyone?

      • Something very interesting is that, even though it isn't historic to language the way that Latin is, in Swedish, "att visa" means "to show". That being said, I think your interpretation is a very astute one. 😀


  56. Let them continue with whatever they wish, they will see the GREATNESS OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD at the end of time.

    WARNING TO CHILDREN OF GOD: Be watchful and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die. Hold on to what you have, so that no one(nothing; worldly pleasures and wealth) will take your crown. BEWARE. THE END IS NEARER THAN YOU THINK!!!

  57. Skylar Hartman on

    Apparently VC didn't notice that the lights that surround the top of the stadium are Triangles with one huge light on the top of each triangular light rack. they are all focused on the middle at one point.

  58. In the closing ceremonies, did anyone else notice that the band stage/truck platform had a sort of Masonic checkerboard pattern? No, it wasn't precise black and white squares, but it fits the pattern.

    And with all the big name performances among music artists, I was hoping to see Ellie Goulding. Being a fan, I waited all night just to see her – and expected to see – her because she fits. British woman, has the #1 hit single on the radio right now and has been even more popular in the U.K. than in the U.S. Plus, she's best friends with Jessie J in real life (who was featured). After seeing all of the performances and pageantry, then it occurred to me. Jessie J was so prominent in the closing ceremonies because she is a tool of the elite. Ellie Goulding would be a more popular/relevant choice but she hasn't pledged her loyalty through the public symbolism, whereas Jessie J has. My guess: won't be much longer before Ellie gets sucked in too. :(

  59. What about the Annie Lennox bit with the ship full of what looked to be dead people? It got kinda dark during that part too! I missed the opening ceremony and came in a few min late on the closing…but I still caught a lot of the weird stuff.. In one pic I saw when I googled Annie Lennox there are speakers along side the stage that are covered with writing that almost looks like it is writing out of a bible or something…? whole thing was kinda strange…. But then now days what isn't?

  60. Did anyone mention Annie Lenox and her Bamphomet ship with the Man holding the tow horn on it?

    There were so many symbolism it is just so hard to mention it all. And most was irrelevant to the olympics or sport. Why build a pyramid and worship it and then have it removed? what was the point of that in a closing ceremony?

    Are people so brainwashed or stupid? so many things seems out of place and irrelavent. Even if you do not believe in the illuminati, the closing ceremony (as well as the opening) had so many irrelavent scenes and sequences that would make me feel insult if i were a Brit.

    Did the British build any pyramids?? what place did they have in the London Olympics?

    And I can go on……..The Class between the London ceremonies and the ones in Athens that really were about the ports and the culture are simply enermous!

  61. i realy had to laugh… the first thing i noticed in the opening ritual was when we the viewer where under water.. clearly the source of the themes river..i am working around this area at the moment so read alot of maps to find our work areas … on the O.S maps we use it states the source of the the themes AKA the ISIS..

    now in this area we have a strange occurance.. dead soldiers from the wars are flown in to RAF lynham and the bodies taken through wooton basset(the nearest river is the isis) the UK dead are flown into RAF brize norton now that is the othere side of the isis ..the nearest town is Witney. the local <p for witney is no other than David Camaron the he sends them to war and recives the dead bodies sacrifices and all the respect energy that goes with it… now back to the olympics.. as we emerge from the water in the video we are met by a stone.. ISLE OF WONDER:this stone was placed here to mark the source of the river themes… but isnt the sourse of the themes ISIS (strange war memorial here also prince william gave the town a award from the SUN for what they do for the dead soldiers)

  62. The Sun worship and ancient Egyptian religion theme was incredibly extensive in the closing ceremony. The references where ALL over. I highly recommend re-watching with that in mind. I was actually stunned and a bit disappointed that it wasn't given more attention in VC's analysis.

  63. Cynthia Eliane on

    I didn't like those 2012 Olympic games u_u the closing ceremony was so borring =@ and ILLULINATIC -_-" I did'nt want to watch these bullshits

  64. did not watch neither of the cermonies but that was great VC. i saw everything thru ur eyes. all of what you said was right on target.

    In addition, for the depiction with the young boy, all of the personnels standing behind the 'soul-taker' looked lost and confused. the sphinx is dirrectly beneath a pyramid, hmmm?! weird?! Also, the way that those people is laying at the bottom of the pyramid made of boxes is as though there is a wave flowing from it thru them and to the masses! hmmm?! funny?!

    Anyways VC thanx alot. i will be sure to pass this on.

  65. I dont know if you'll delete my comment but..

    I think you have wrongly assumed some things. First of all, you're putting William Blake, Freemasons, and The Illuminati in the same group. You also say that the Freemasons wanted to bring the "age of reason" or to say so, the industrial age.

    Well, I can only say that William Blake was a romantic, as one of them, he absolutely hated everything concerning the industrial revolution and the supposed "social progress" England was living. Blake saw in the past, a Green England where the Lamb inhabited (innocence, see "Songs of Innocence" and "Little Lamb") his dark satanic mills, mean the modern age, that which he hated, and of which he wanted to disappear. Moreover, he saw the Demigog of the Gnostic, as a tyrant, as an evil god. Blake depicts him with the compass, meaning that he limits the imagination of mankind, and prisons men into rationality. In short words, the god that the gnostics and the Rockefellers like "the architect", is a tyrant in Blake's eyes.

    To complete with, the freemasons, and specially the original Bavarian Illuminati, were against the capitalist order that was arising. Think of them a bit as the league of shadows in Batman, they wanted to create a new world order, in which the old traditions of alchemy would rule the earth. Knowledge = Light, and Heart = Passion. The Illuminati were only melancholics of the Middle Ages, that hated the foundations of the newly founded capitalist world.

  66. The ballet dancers were dressed as flames, not mini-Phoenixes.
    Oh and I had a small hand in the tender process for the main stadium – the floodlights, which now you mention are pyramidical, we're just the winning design. It wasn't organised that way.
    Think I'm being a bit too patriotic though; love all of your articles but really want to defend our Olympics!

  67. I read a comment where the person wondered what's going to happen in London after the Olympics. My thoughts went directly to Julian Assange as his case is on the verge of causing local riots and an international conflict. What do we make of him? I would love if VC wrote something on that!

    • I think Assange is a shill and the whole Wikileaks is Cointelpro, designed to stir up stuff in the middle east and set the stage for a war in Iran.

      For one thing the mainstream media NEVER report on something they consider anti-establishment and yet bizarrely when Wikileaks announced its findings Assange was ALL over the media, strutting like a peacock. This NEVER happens!!? They would usually dismiss the guy as a kook = no coverage.

      There were also lots of disputes within Wikileaks and people leaving as Assange refused to disclose the sources for the $millions worth of donations, even though it was supposed to be a transparent organisation! And so on.

      His background is also very dodgy. Its a well known fact that he was part of a CULT where the kids were all forced to dye their hair blonde and God knows what else!! His family apparently 'escaped' but sounds like pure monarch programming to me!

      I bet the truth is that THEY now want to dispose of Assange because THEY have no further use for him and they ALWAYS tie up their loose ends. You can't dance with the devil and not expect the get burned!

  68. Interesting, isn't it? The straightforward symbol of the Union Jack, representing the Christian Union of England, Scotland, and Ireland, covered in newsprint symbolizing mind control, then trampled and stomped on, suggesting that Christianity has been supplanted by the sexual depravity and hedonism on display, and yet no one comments on who this supposed Illuminati are who openly reveal themselves in broad daylight and, through their control of the media, entertainment, and the music industry, have succeeded in bringing these horrors about. The meaning of the invisible, predatory octopus overstretching Christendom should be self evident, I would think.

    The lobotomized baby, representing epigenetic modification of the species to serve the chosen, like (Freemason) Marx's "socialist man" incapable of questioning his servitude, is the alchemical end game, and beyond evil. Don't become obsessed with the esoteric symbolism meant as grinning mockery of your gullibility and those pathetic performers here today and gone tomorrow; learn who your enemy is, as your life and future depend on it. Their greatest fear is exposure. The coming so-called scientific dictatorship and the resources at their disposal are formidable, but the weapon they are defenseless against is a spiritual renewal within your own heart.

  69. I like this site but to combine the opening and the close in one article does not do justice to the events; each event is worth an article on its own.

    Re the closing ceremony, I am surprised that the Beatles song "Here comes the Sun", was not picked up as a masonic reference. All kinds of other symbolism re pyramids, ships of the dead, etc, is present as well. The Octopus that appeared during Fatboy Slim's performance was an obvious reference to the Rockerfeller octopus, etc. Too many symbolic things for me to describe or comprehend but it might be worth a follow-up article after the comments on this thread.

  70. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..I hope some day you'll join us..and the world will live as one. :)

  71. hi, my 1st comment here, after being an interested reader for quite some time:

    my advice: watch the ceremonies again but without sound. i did so, watched it while listening eerie 70ies tangerine dream. it was a completely different journey.

    the moment I dropped my jaw the most, was when the giant-sized personified DEATH was wielding his -dont know the word in english- instrument of cutting grass/lifes. in the middle of a sport stadium.

    it was in the highly occult rowlingsegment with the kids & nurses. the nurses who started to move like ROBOTS when mr death appeared…

    its not often, u see death himself going for some children in a freakin sports event!

    for people who are interested in history & politics:

    at the end of the opening all teams af all countries walk into the stadium,

    & when u see the german team approach on screen, camera switches to a man in the audience

    doing the hitler-salute 3 times. it was all too clear for me that this was no coincidence.

    that was planned.

    in my impression, the whole show was more than just a show of symbols & power. they tried to achieve something with it. think of all the power/energy a billion interested & concentrated watching viewers can possibly create. who knows what its worth- & for whom…

  72. @mercer – All good points. I just wonder, why would the Bible and Christianity be unassailable if these folks supposedly have their finger in every other pie? The events of the Exodus that formed the Judaic nation and identity supposedly took place 3500 years ago. Well, Egypt and Sumer, where The Illuminati supposedly come from, were already old by then. They could easily have influenced them. I don't even pretend to know what's going on but I'm not swallowing anything unquestioningly. Especially not when it's insisting that I do so, like Christianity too often does. If it's proven correct I'll be the first to admit it. But for now I'll maintain a degree of skepticism out of sheer self defense.

  73. "I am pretty sure that record companies paid top dollar to have their artists perform on this unique world stage."

    – possibly, but those record companies are going to rake it the dosh with royalties! For every song sang live, each performer, song writer, composer and publisher will make a huge royalty paid for the amount of minutes it was performed and the fee is based on the size of the audience. Then, as it is broadcast, each songwriter, composer, performer, and publisher gets a royalty. Then, any reproduced music, audio tracks, and any thing broadcast in syndication gets a royalty paid by the minute charged in relation to the audience. Phew, that's a whole lotta money moving around and totally worth the record companies making a seemingly large investment to receive millions in royalties.

    Not sure how much the performers will see of it so I hope they don't spend the pound all in one place :)

  74. Dances With Wombats on

    NBC cut a heck load out of both ceremonies, specifically the Sun Orb thing in the opening, and the Pyramid worship in the closing.

    Why did they cut these two specific things out? Trying to keep the Americans asleep?

  75. The closing ceremony was far more weird. That fashion runway? It was like saying, yeah every aspect of the showbiz, the old bands, the new bands (One Direction, give me a break), the art, the music, the literature, everything is under the elite control. The whole thing was so blatant. Thank God I found this site a while ago, your analisis is the best.

  76. finally! an analysis. well done VC

    I just want to add some of my own analysis about the closing ceremony.

    1. by having the pet shop boys pretty much open up the musicalities (after emelie sande) wearing all black with magician hats, pretty much sums up the fact that we were about to witness a ritual.

    2. so the elite bastards decided to pay tribute to their latest mass blood sacrifice- the aurora batman shooting!!!! they showed batman and robin coming out of a busted car (apparantly this was to add "humour") then the next performers were a group of acrobats with bright orange hair wearing black and white stripped uniforms and black and white skull like paint on their faces.

    3. part of the stage was designed with newspaper cuttings and even depicted the light bearer. which the slaves bowed down in front of as well as the pyramid.

    4. the elevated the London Eye above part of the stage just before the slaves built AND COMPLETED the pyramid which made the whole thing look like the dollar bill which depicts the eye of horus (the LONDON EYE) above the unfinished (now completed) pyramid. this to me screams "HEAR YE HEAR YE! WE HAVE NOW OFFICIALLY ENTERED THE NEW WORLD ORDER!"

    5. NECROPHILIA!! yes this was very present. using waves (which are unseen to the human eye) to bring back illuminati slaves/artists who where heavily into occultism; john "we're bigger than Jesus" Lennon, David Bowie, and Freddie Mercury. it was like a less sophisticated version of the 2pac hologram but still with the same necrophilic tone; when the showed freddie, they had the audience chant and interact with him. communicating with the dead.

    6. colour symbols. A LOT of black and red was present.

    7. remember I, Pet Goat 2? the scene where the anti christ appears on a boat? well….that was there too. oh joy they think of everything!! the massive satanic ship that entered into the stadium with annie lennox looking like a high priestess with her minions on the boat and the guy waving satanic black wings behind her. she even sounded possessed. i also heard a snake hiss as the boat was coming into the stadium which reminded me of the vision i had where the workers let a snake into the stadium

    8. George Michael. apart from the skull belt, he said something really spooky that brought to life the esoteric meaning behind the ceremony. "you need to know tht you are at the centre of the universe right now" i remember reading on a few blogs about how the planets must allign in particular order like a birth canal before the arrival/annoncement of the anti christ. could this be the reason we were at the centre of the universe that night

    9. numerology. two main significant numbers. the number of petals that made up the cauldron was 204: 2+0+4= 6. the show started at 9 and ended 12 midnight (30mins after it was supposed to end) 9 to 12 is 3hrs and midnight to 3am is know as the witching hours

    10. the man on the tightrope walking towards a dummy replica of himself, he shakes its hand and the dummy bursts into flames. was this symbolic of leaving the old man behind and entering into a new age or evolving into the higher new age man by getting rid of the old self (transhumanist agenda)

    11. fat boy slim dj set was a huge octopus. this represents the water spirit. i believe they were evoking all the spirits of the elements. when the fallen angels were cast down into the earth, many resided in the air, the waters, the trees and all manner of places. thats why the Bible says we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities in heavenly places.

    12. satanic seductive angels coming from the ground when that old dude was singing "always look on the bright side of life" then he said "forget abou your sins!!" which reminded me of alister crowly's do what thou will law. some interesting imagery aswell; some nuns and roman soldiers came out dancing. this represents the persecution of the christians. the agenda is to get rid of christianity and atheism and join all religions under lucifer.

    13. my mum saw the camera accidently focus on something "HELL IS GOO D" then the connection cut off for a split second before the camera man quickly panned to the main stage. poor camera man, he's gna get in troubleeee for revealing that one.

    14. Brazil gave us a taste of wt to expect. brazil is known for having many idols and rituals this was shown through the water spirit/mermaid/siren performance. i also heard another snake hiss just as the mermaid was coming into the main stage.

    15, the phoenix. no explanation necessary

    16. take that dressed in police state gear singing rule the world ( i had a dream tht the anti christ was announced in the stadium and beyonce was so proud to worship him and she- along with riot police- started putting those who didnt wnt to worship the beast in fema camps). no subtlities there.

    17. the timing of the advert that came on after the ceremony for the new show ripper "as the sun sets on the olympics, darkness rises" then they paly no church in the wild. i wld love to elaborate on this but im in a rush

    18. no word of a lie, as soon as the whole thing ended at exactly 12 on the dot, thunder started roraing in the sky, reminded me of the dream i had where God spoke with a voice like thunder and sed He was gna expose GB for wt it really is……

    stay vigilant God bless

  77. "It is now an established fact that the bringing down of monarchies and the push for industrial revolution during the 18th century was heavily influenced by Secret Societies such as the Grand Orient Freemasons and the Bavarian Illuminati, who called for an “unshackling of science” and a “new age of Reason”.

    Actually, the British Monarchy was already in a far reduced state,compared to other European monarchies. That was a reason why the Industrial Revolution was succesfull in England.

    Also your ""established fact" is not a fact. It's a theory.

  78. ian gillbanks on

    i know from personal experiance. at the summer solstic at stonehenge there was was a 7 tonne statue called the Ancestor with a kings crown upon its head worshipping the sun. the metal barrier that kept people back was plain except a little welded tag around the back with three letters on it..EVE

    now Eve had 2 sons Cain and Abele.. Caine killed abele and cain was thought to not adams son but the serpents.Cain was also called the Ancestor of evil….

    its not very good am afraid but i tried to do a page on a web site if you wanna see what i mean..

  79. Well I live in the UK and I spotted most of those things too but some of that stuff wasn't even ANYTHING to do with British history so I was confused why they had like some sort of Asian stuff involved like the 'sun ord dancing' thing! It went from the past to present to the future I think…

  80. The baby is in the ceremony is the same image that is on pillar of St John the Divine Cathedral shown on VC Sinister Sites page.

  81. Great article, as always! I always look forward to reading your articles. Thanks for all of the hard work you do. I also enjoyed laughing at the humor you wrote into it… "On that creepy, disturbing side note, let's bring out the athletes!" As I watched Jessie J perform I thought of the article you wrote about her earlier in the year. Can't wait to read the next article you post!!

  82. Amazing! I wonder how many black men there were walking about in the 19th century wearing top hats. They just keep chipping away, the multiculturists.

  83. The oval shape of the giant stadium itself (and by extension the inner pitch) likens it to a womb or world egg for the giant baby. The scale of the baby suggests a Starchild (similar to the one shown in Kubrick's film "2001"), in other words: the very Faustian concept of a Homunculus, but on a Cosmic scale.

    If a baby in an egg seems a strange concept, this is no ordinary baby. The baby god Harpocrates (the Hellenized version of the Egyptian god Horus "the Younger", or the rising Sun) was represented as "the Babe in the Egg of Blue" (primordial waters): note that the stadium is lit blue in the giant baby sequence. Modern occultists connect the baby Harpocrates with Hermetic gnosticism, an idea that was popularised by Aleister Crowley, who wrote the novel "Moonchild" about the creation of a homunculus child for occult purposes.

    • this i just disgusting. they tied every single thing together from the ancient hill to the elitists crowley to today's mind control and summoning of evil spirits to even batman and robin to praising the all mighty pyramid in the end.. its insane

  84. yeah very creepy – like my husband says – what opening ceremony has a little girl crying ? and what's up with the alien looking thing at the end. welcoming of the aliens.

  85. In case anyone was NOT convinced that the Batman / Aurora shootings were in fact a Psy-op connected to the Olympics, the closing ceremony should have been the clincher.

    At one point Batman and Robin came out of a car. Batman has no connection to the UK — was created by Bob Kane in the 20's or 30's. But WAIT! Batman IS connected to the UK thanks to Director Christopher Nolan who directed the latest triology. In fact many of the actors in the trilogy are English — Christian Bale, Michael Cain, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman etc…

    SPOILER ALERT!!! In case you think I'm making this up Robin is in the Dark Knight Rises.

  86. I didn't watch all of either ceremony. There was so much symbolism it's almost impkossible for anyone to get all of it together. At leat if they did the article would be book length and take a year to write.

    That said, here are some other things I noticed during the US broadcast:

    – When Jerusalem was being sung the camera showed the Royals during the lyrics Satanic Mills

    – Matt Lauer was narrating the ceremony with Meredith Vierra. Lauer used the words "Chaos" — once to introduce those kids who were signing and another time just as a description. Ordo ab kao

    – He also called the big baby "creepy" and described the event at one point as "bedlam", another refrence to chaos

    – The forging of the ring reminded me of LOTR "One ring to rule them all" = one world govt

    – Smoke stacks of the industrial age were spewing toxic fumes — funny how no one mentioned global warming LOL

    There was so much symolism I can't even remember everything I noticed

  87. A pretty objective article in my opinion. Definitely pointed out some recurring themes without all the doom and gloom of other articles.

  88. First of all, fantastic article as usual.

    I just wanted to say to the people who read this website. I am Pagan, I am not evil, I do not want to eat your children and burn your houses down. Please stop reading into the pagan symbolism and assuming it has an evil connotation. If the elite are using these symbols, they are using them wrongly, or to intentionally freak you out – which would appear to be working, by the hoo.

    By all means, pray to your God for comfort and guidance, but please stop preaching how the wrath of the devine one will strike down all non-believers. I'm pretty sure thats not what VC is writing these articles for, while I respect your faith – I think it only right you should respect mine.

    • I don't think anybody is trying to disrespect your beliefs. You can't deny this world is full of evil and if you can admit to that you have to assess where this evil comes from. The bible tells us that God will have His vengeance and actually foretells of all of this. There are no grey areas with God. You either serve Him or you don't. If you were asleep in a burning house you would want to be woken up. This world is our burning house and we can scream and shout, but if you're sleeping too deeply there's nothing more we can do. So with my utmost respect I tell you this: God is real, He is a loving God, He will give these sycophants the ass spanking they deserve; but in His time. We have our free will and He is patiently waiting and pursuing us until as many of our hardened hearts are softened to Him as possible. He won't wait forever though. Reject or accept, but eternity is too long to take the decision lightly. If you seek Him He will reveal Himself to you.

  89. Spot ON!! Been waiting for this article ever since! Did u spot the part too where just with the case of batman's movie tragedy, there were a bunch of clowns that looked exactly like the Joker in Batman with orange hair.

  90. Complacentone: I think it makes a lot of sense. The man in gold representing Satan and the boy in gold representing anti-christ. Even in the picture we can see the initiated in red bowing down too both of them.

  91. Another excellent analysis.

    Of course, there were a few elements not listed here that were definitely significant on a symbolic level – but it would take forever to do an all-inclusive analysis of the ceremonies.

    As regards the opening ceremony, there is obviously a lot you could say about the various performances in terms of metaphor and allegory, but I think one of the strongest overall messages was regarding the young:

    You had scenes where babies and children were being sort of enchanted and presided over by dark, occult forces such as Lord Voldemort, with the noted scene where the child's soul or essence was taken by a dark, firey figure – after which point the child 'submitted to the dark side'. In my view – this was expanded upon with the later scenes where the crowds of youth were dancing around to pop/dance music, flirting with one another, and all brandishing their iPhones and portable devices. Of course, you could easily say this was just a harmless expression of youthfulness, but to me – this whole theme represented the youth being sucked into a culture of transhumanism, and a hedonistic lifestyle. They had their souls taken at a young age, so that during later life, they would buy into a plastic, corporate culture of technological life, promiscuity, and endless frivolity – much like 'Brave New World'.

    However; I think Take That's song at the end, with the references to 'ruling the world' – with a pyramid, a phoenix, and a half-globe shaped cluster of flames beneath them, representing nations – was perhaps the biggest and most blatant ritual I've ever seen performed. Even the references to 'riding on stars' and 'lighting up the sky' are in reference to the zodiac, astrotheology, and sun worship.

    The olympic torch already seemed to represent the Fasci, with multiple rods (nations) combining to form a stronger, single whole – the global government/NWO. When they began to extinguish the torch at the end, and divide the flaming rods up – they seemed to represent a half-globe of burning nations, with a phoenix rising above them – and a big pyramid above that, overseeing the whole process. The shot where you see all of this in the one frame, which was obviously emphasized deliberately – was like a literal symbol for the NWO agenda:

    Bring all the nations to their knees in a firey ritual, at which point the phoenix of the NWO will rise from the ashes – presided over by the pyramid of the elite.

    There are plenty of other aspects you could go into with this, but it was obviously an 'illuminati mega-ritual', signifying massive changes to come on the world stage, and the introduction of a global government.

  92. The Beatles were very much inside occult circles and influenced by guys like Crowley. They also enjoyed sporting freemasonic hand gestures. Lennon was probably under a great deal of influence from the beginning.

  93. Charles Bacon on


    Your methodology was irritating me throughout the whole Olympics because the symbology was so overt – it almost seemed too easy to perceive which makes me suspicious. Personally, I think the slugheads working for Brother Spartacus are running out of original ideas, but in any case, thanks for the analysis! (Although lay off my great granddad — he was Rosicrucian, not Jesuit)

    Full Disclosure: I really wanted the Stig in the closing ceremonies, so perhaps my snarkiness towards Danny Boyle is because he didn't take Clarkson's advice. Whatever.

  94. All the illuminati bits wrapped into one gigantic ceremony. The oppressed, the mind controlled, the bigwigs….and let's not forget, the giant baby! How could we forget the giant baby?

    Even my normally tame, phlegmatic husband picked out the symbolism before I did.

  95. Do you reckon it's better to study the bible and be a regular church-goer or make the effort to live your life according to Christs' teachings and lifestyle while you do your best to forgive the ones who harmed you and help the ones who need your financial assistance or understanding? I'd prefer the second part even though I can't deliver the goods.

    • Inspot,

      Why not just marry the two options?

      I can tell you right off the bat that neither ONLY reading the Bible or ONLY attending Church lets people have salvation. Rather, the Bible tells us that the ONLY way to be saved is to accept Jesus as your personal saviour, then be baptized by immersion under the names of the Godhead.

      Now that we have that straightened out, let's imagine you or anyone else doing only the first option you presented: "Wow, I'm reading the Bible for the 7th time now, and I haven't missed Church since, like, ever. Well, time to go break some of the Ten Commandments!"

      That didn't seem very cool. You see, when you really accept Jesus into your life (best decision ever, I can absolutely assure you), you don't have to worry about living up to His expectations! That's the great thing! Think back to the enslaved Isrealites at Egypt. Did God first free them, or did He first give them their rules and laws for lifestyle? God first frees, then the manner of living is brought up. The reason it's a spectacular thing that we don't have to worry about keeping Jesus' teachings to the "T" is that He blesses our lives with the Holy Spirit (Read John 14 to 16).

      Sure it's difficult to keep up with everything that God expects of us (realistic expectations, because He knows exactly who we are able to be), but the simple matter is that it all takes care of itself if you allow it to. With humility and love, you can just turn to God every day, and let Him take control. After all, just imagine trying to obey the Ten Commandments without the Galatians 5.22,23 Fruit.

      Think of the lyrics by Helen H. Lemmel:

      Turn your eyes upon Jesus,

      Look full in His wonderful face,

      And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,

      In the light of His glory and grace.

  96. There was soo much I was seeing that I couldn't explain but once again in my household of 8 I was crazy, here we go again, followed with my favourite oh its just a triangle! Out of the 8, 1 is a firm believer and 2 are on the fence! Here's what I noticed!
    Pyramid, dancers worshipping, laying down to it!
    Song singing sun sun sun, here we cum
    This is not reality song open ur eyes
    Blk people singing freedom! Alot of Florence and the machine!
    George michael wearing a skull nd cross!
    David bowie scrambling of images and distortion of sound!
    The phoenix!
    ps this was the closing ceremony
    The paralympics begin nxt week does anyone feel they will continue this agenda in the nxt opening/closing ceremony! Or will they brush it off feel it has no importance! ( not my view) just what others are saying!

  97. Just one, big, occult conditioning party compliments of the Illuminati. I ignored the entire thing except for maybe a 20 minute snippet. I don't care to witness the indoctrination of millions.

  98. How bout the " chariots of fire " song played by mr bean . During d short comedy drama piece. Dat song is symbolic

  99. Just a small correction in the section (caption) on Peter Pan;

    FYI, the reference is given for Franz Springmeier, but his first name is Fritz, that's Fritz Springmeier.

    Anyway, a very good article with info that more people should know about.


  100. I was stunned today while listening to a financial expert who also supports, or claims to support Ron Paul, advocating that states and countries are outmoded and that the globe needs to integrate. Just unbelievable. I suppose he bought this propaganda hook line & sinker. I'm scratching my head, wondering how on earth he can be a Ron Paul supporter.

  101. didn't have the time or will to go through ALL the posts here, although so many are quite interesting and eloquent….

    but does anyone else remember at some point….

    i don't know whatever song/band was playing and they kind of ended up with the words "this is for you"

    and the next 3-4 seconds you could loudly and clearly hear the sounds of some machine guns?

    i found that very disturbing and weird. am not sure what really the sound was… but hint: my unbelievable husband who couldn't care less about basically any topic from this site, who was google-ing daily dose of shitty local politics, turned his face to the tv… and was something like… that's nice, just for us, huh? did you hear that? yeah hons, did so. and was surprised he did too.

    anyone else?!?! it really felt like a "mass crime" addressed to us, the audience.


  102. The symbol formed by the pyramid + phoenix + fire is THE SAME symbol used by the O.T.O. – the Satanic Order by Alistair Crowley. Look at the bottom of the page at Wikipedia

    The same objects barely form, too, the symbol of the Free Masons (the top is the pyramidal tower of light, and the square is the stage where Jacques Rogge made this speech). Look around…

    The song RULE THE WORLD scares me out, mainly with this odd ritual involving the phoenix!

  103. Here's's little article opener for the Olympics, showing preteens and teens that there was nothing bizarre about it at all: "The 2012 Summer Olympics may be over, but the legacy that these athletes left will live on forever! From the theatrical, pop-culture-laden Opening Ceremony to the Closing Ceremony’s music-filled after party, this year’s games were inspiring, record-breaking and heartwarming. Here are our 17 favorite moments" ……sigh

  104. So for eons Satan had been the deceiver and trying to seduce and lure humanity into participating in his evil ways…. By any means necessary. Lies, lies and more lies. My thoughts are… These poor people who get tricked and succumb to temptations or what have you, tey never stood a chance. Isn't it human nature to be nieve and accepting of what we hear and see? Aren't we flawed as human beings? We are so easily manipulated, we're like lemmings. My point is, how can we do good, be good, when by nature we need to be led. We need a leader, someone/ something to follow and show us the way….. We aren't independent. Even Jesus was a Shepard, a leader, and wanted us to follow him/ his ways. The choices are ours, what we do is only up to the individual.

    I went to catholic school growing up and never understood how jut by being human we are sinners. Having bad thoughts or dreams, you're a sinner and you're going to hell. How do you control thoughts? Or dreams? How can one be good when it is so easy to be evil? But now I get it. That's the point of life. To choose. To choose good. God gave us free will so we would choose the right path on our own.

    • did he? as much as i remember that story in the bible, god forbid us to eat from the "tree of KNOWLEDGE"…

      it was the snake/satan that gave us free will in that sense, by "tempting" eve to eat from that tree.

      wasnt it?

  105. you should have looked at what the newspapers had printed on them that were spread all over the stage during the closing ceremony

  106. John Lennon's song is extremely offensive. Especially, the verse they used. "Imagine no countries, no religion" That's not a good thing.

  107. Nice analysis VC. I really appreciate your knowledge of all this symbolism and taking the time to break down what it all means, but when you throw in statements such as "the global socialist system the elite is trying to create with the New World Order," you really do yourself a disservice.

    I know that the New World Order has somehow become synonymous with "global socialism," but every time I hear this sort of language thrown around, I can't help but wonder A) whether people have the faintest idea of what socialism means, and B) whether people have the faintest idea of what is actually taking place in the world today.

    The primary characteristic of a socialist system is general equality within society and the absence of class structure. This equality is achieved through the common ownership of the means of production, and a system based on producing goods for use rather than for profit.

    Does anyone in their right mind think that this is the sort of system that "the globalists" are attempting to create with their "New World Order"? Please. What they are doing (and have been doing for centuries) is establishing a system where the world's masses sweat and toil to enrich the few at the top of the pyramid. It is the opposite of socialism. It's a system in which the elite — and the elite only — get to enjoy the good life, while everyone else struggles to eke out an existence, fighting over the crumbs dropped down to us by the super-rich.

    How could anyone call this socialism? VC, you do a great job in breaking down the occult symbolism so prevalent in the mass media today, but you really damage your credibility in my view when you get throw around words like socialism. At best it is based on ignorance of basic political theory, but at worst it is just classic right-wing red-baiting.

    Anyway, the system we live under is capitalism, not socialism, and the global elite are fascists, not socialists.

    • Dag, I love this site and I think VC does a great job, but I agree with your comment here. It's not only VC who uses 'socialism' in this context though, so I think he may be forgiven for 'appropriating' the term, as it were. By using the term VC probably alludes to the way socialism has played out in the former Eastern bloc, not the principles of the doctrine. Also one shouldn't forget that Orwell, who always remained a socialist, intended Animal Farm and 1984 as critiques of Stalinism. (How disturbing that these novels now seem more foreboding than ever before!) Any doctrine has it in it to become totalitarian and the worst of Stalinism equalled or was perhaps even worse then fascism.

  108. My take on the ‘The Dark Satanic Mills’ alluded to the Dark Continent aka Africa and to the wickedness of SLAVERY that was endorsed by Christianity. I say this because England’s Industrial Revolution was BUILT on THE BLOOD OF SLAVES. The Transatlantic Slave Trade was a very important aspect of English history because it was African slavery that filled England’s coffers and made England very rich indeed… the Bank of England (and every other bank) exists because of slavery, but all that was merrily omitted from the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony for obvious reasons.

    The men in top hats were the colonial slave traders whose slave trading wealth turned England from SLUM to EMPIRE. The TOKEN-top-hat black man was there for the benefit of those who KNEW that it was the profits from slave labour in the cotton and gin mills that afforded England to organise and plan an industrial revolution. The TOKEN-top-hat black man was there to pay tribute to the AFRICAN SLAVES whose free labour was the reason why England had an industrial revolution in the first place.

    • I was the jews that started and propagated the slave trade.

      You blame white Christian englishmen for it, which is exactly they way they designed it. It was the jews.

  109. cow eat cow world on

    ever swallowed a live goldfish then took a piss and his eyes popped out of your penis and stayed at the end of your penis?

  110. Two things:

    1) The masons were not the founders of modern-day satanic/illuministic freemasonry. Originally the organization was a form of apprenticeship program known as Masonry, available only to Masons/builders. ONly after the illuminati infiltrated the Masons did it actually become "Free"masonry, meaning you didn;t have to be in a building trade to be a member.

    2) The Beatles never wrote their music or lyrics. The Tavistock institute of Human Relations wrote it all as a brianwashing tool, and I surmise that was why Lennon was killed: I think he was going to share the truth. The Beatles music was written with the express intention of promoting revolution, drug use, freedom and anti-christ sentiment, so it is only fitting that they use it to program the watchers of the olympics with it.

    Other than that, good article. I didn't watch the ceremonies on purpose, but I knew I would find a good breakdown here. Good job.

  111. Congratulations on another article. The ceremonies are often nonsensical, and even as incredible as the implications you make are, it seems to be the only common thread of sense running through the whole creepy mess.

    One criticism: I think you should do an entire article on just the "Abide With Me" piece.

    My own contribution concerning that piece:

    If the overall theme of the O.C. is "History," perhaps this is biblical history, and further still considering the placement of this performance perhaps it is a transition into the biblical future.

    Another user referenced scripture likening "The Man" to an angel of light.

    complacentone said earlier that he thought the dust the dancers threw represented sand and thus the middle east. I think it's different:

    [Ephesians 2:2] Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience

    "The evil one" is the god of the world (1 John 5:19) and the power by which it rules is the power of the air.

    Also notable is that the "wind" which envelops the dancers arrives suddenly with a gong crash – or thunder.

    [Luke 10:18] And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

    A wind storm is also described as being the consequence for those who follow the evil one:

    [Proverbs 1:27] When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you….

    The dancers and The Man often make wing gestures, and they flow around as if on air currents. They are enveloped in the mist, or the prince’s power. The Man does not seem to be subject to the air, however. Perhaps his wing gestures mean he is encouraging the wind. The dancers also have "spirit balls" of their own. The moments in which they "handle" their spirit balls are the only time their feet are firmly on the ground, and are not running around.

    Along these lines, The Woman off to the side singing "Abide With Me" perhaps represents the word of God being persistently there…

    [Revelations 3:20] Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

    …as the dancers are thrown around and struggling with their soul.

    [Psalm 62:2]He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defence; I shall not be greatly moved.

    [Luke 6]47Whosoever cometh to me, and heareth my sayings, and doeth them, I will shew you to whom he is like: 48He is like a man which built an house, and digged deep, and laid the foundation on a rock: and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake it: for it was founded upon a rock. 49But he that heareth, and doeth not, is like a man that without a foundation built an house upon the earth; against which the stream did beat vehemently, and immediately it fell; and the ruin of that house was great.

    Who does the boy "cometh to" at the end?

    "Abide With Me" also "Walking With God"

    [Deuteronomy 5:33]Ye shall walk in all the ways which the LORD your God hath commanded you, that ye may live, and that it may be well with you, and that ye may prolong your days in the land which ye shall possess.

    [Genesis 5:24]And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.

    Noah and David also are described as having "walked with God"

    The dancers seem to be struggling and making a choice between being at the mercy of the prince of the power of the air to dance in the wind and hearing/doing God's commandments to walk with God.

    Here's a video of it for anyone who couldn't find it on their own

    The overall story of the performance is still a mystery to me. What is the child? What is happening at the end? There is also a big bell behind the woman. Does it represent liberty? Perhaps others with a better knowledge of biblical scripture can contribute more along these lines.

  112. I enjoyed this article.

    You might, VC, wish to muse on this event that happened on the day of and just before the opening ceremonies. For me, this was more than a coincidence…I'd like to hear your take on it. It was a huge blaze in a warehouse – said to be a recycling center.

    "More than 200 firefighters have tackled a blaze that is said to be the biggest in London for several years. Forty fire engines were sent to the incident at a recycling centre in Dagenham, east London, about 13 kilometres from Olympic Park.

    London Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson said: ‘‘We’ve not seen a fire of this size in London for several years. It’s certainly a dramatic end to the Olympics for the London Fire Brigade.

    Read more:

  113. I never exactly looked at the song by john lennon as evil… and thats not what VC was saying anyways. He was saying that They twist it around and use it in there evil ways. In a way I thought that song had a very deep and beautiful meaning… because im pretty sure no one could grasp not having anything and getting along with everyone.

    But thats not the Illuminati's goal. They want to kill everyone except like 10 percent or something like that and then yeah. But this was a great article Mr. V.c. I am so disgusted at there pathetic attempts to gain our energy for there sickening rituals. I wish I could be a hero and stop it all. Thanks for raising awareness, keep it up!

  114. Now the US is making noises about taking troops into Syria. Mt Hermon Aka Sion is located there. It's the ancient territory of the Baal worshipping Canaanites and the site where the Nephilim supposedly landed. It's also not far from Megiddo, site of Armageddon. And right across the northern Syrian border in Turkey is Batman Province (yes, Batman), site of a huge oilfield and pipeline. Also the Tigris River, with sites of human habitation going back to the Neolithic and evidence of nine ancient civilizations. It's also territory inhabited by a great many Kurds whose Yezidi religion fascinated Aleister Crowley because it shares characteristics with religions so old they go back to Sumer and very isolated parts of India and Sri Lanka.

    • I wonder if Joker refers to some maneuver the military or the military/media complex – Joker in Full Metal Jacket wrote for the Stars and Stripes. Wonder if it's code for sending troops into Syria or Batman Province.

  115. The same hymn from Blake was sung by the people in the church during prince William and Kate's marriage ceremony.

  116. Why was it that some of the things in both of the ceremonies were not aired in the US? I noticed most of what you said myself while watching both of the ceremonies myself, and I thought it was disturbing at the time. Why exclude the part about 7/7 in the US and edit many of the parts of the closing ceremonies "for time"? They really try to keep this stuff out of the minds of the american public! Keep posting the great stuff, I think you hit the nail on the head!!!


  117. thank you, thank you and thank you again i thought as much, watching these guys displaying what they've been thought to do i knew there was something secretive about it.

    Thank you once again, we need to spread these information to the world.

  118. The London 2012 Olympic mascot, bears a striking resemblance to the symbol John Dee created. Google 'The Monas Hieroglyphica'

  119. Am I the only one that noticed that the Olympic mascots Wenlock and Mandeville had the first letters of their names on their foreheads. M and W like the superbowl's giant M/W. Madonna and Whitney much? Who was sacrificed this tim. Tony Scott the director? I raise my eyebrows at Hollywood a lot lately.

    • Try interpreting it this way: Wenlock [and] Mandeville. Don't you think it kind of sounds like we-unlock-man-devil? I got that from somebody's YouTube video while searching for video evidence that Brit-Irish boy band One Direction is Illuminati. I found two from username The Jungle Surfer. Once you see them, you'll be surprised.

  120. The choice of The Exorcist theme song in the Olympic Closing Ceremony:

    For many, the MUSIC is still the most memorable aspect of The Exorcist and undeniably Mike Oldfield's haunting soundtrack played a significant role in director William Friedkin's achieving the desired effect of scaring the hell out of everyone.

    But The Exorcist wasn't the only monster Oldfield's nearly 49 minute opus helped to unleash. You see, Oldfield's Tubular Bells was the premier release of Virgin Records and launched a global empire for Sir Richard Branson, the billionaire entrepreneur known these days more for ballooning, boating, and even space travel than music.

    Tubular Bells was an unlikely debut for a record label, even in the 70s. It was an instrumental. It was almost entirely multi-tracked with Oldfield playing virtually every instrument himself, making it extremely difficult (especially in those days) to perform live. The album was basically two long songs (approximately 25 minutes each — one on each side of the record), making a "single" release impossible.

    Nonetheless, under the Virgin umbrella (many record labels had turned Oldfield away), Tubular Bells took off in Britain. Its inclusion in 73's blockbuster The Exorcist led to worldwide sales of over ten million copies and paved the way for Branson and Virgin to become a major player in the record business.

    Subsequently Virgin Records was known for signing some of the most progressive 70s and 80s rock bands including Genesis, the Sex Pistols, Human League, Culture Club, and Simple Minds.

    Branson sold Virgin to Thorn EMI in June 1992 for a reported $1 billion.

    Said Tom Newman, co-producer of Tubular Bells, "Tubular Bells made Virgin. But even if it hadn't happened in this way, Richard Branson would have made it in some other way." —

  121. lookingclosely on

    I didn't like that phoenix the moment I saw it. And the more I looked at it the more I saw it. In the center of the phoenix it appears to me to be a fire breathing face with horns similar to a lamb. Now that I see it I can not unsee it. Just take a look at each wing. They are both perfectly straight on the top except where the "horns" appear to curl. You know it may be a stretch, but then again, aren't these articles on VC considered to be a stretch by someone else?

  122. ???? ANYONE ELSE RECEIVE 403 ERRORS and FAILURES to load VC's main page the past 24 hours?

    this is only site i have had this happen to, from a secure location without filters.

    only was able to load after multiple attempts from a search.

  123. As soon as I watched the Opening Ceremony I realised what it's made of.At first,the pyramids all around the stadium made me like "wtf".then the rest came out and discouraged me from watching-it wasn't worth attention (that evening I took part in a family reunion).
    Reading some analyses on the Internet was not a surprise to me. But I must admit that I was looking forward to seeing the one on VC.
    Thanks for the detailed approach to the topic(as usual). :)
    Ah,and one more thing.I didn't see Closing Ceremony,but when I saw the part about Phoenix and "worshipping" the fire,as well as when I saw the ballet dancers, something came to my mind:
    I'm afraid there's some deep connotations between The Closing Ceremony and the ritual mentioned in the article.just read it!

  124. Great Article Thanks!!!




    A lot of good stuff in this article, face it folks the bible is an accurate book of prophecy!

  125. Great analysis! I think the Annie Lennox performance in the closing ceremony also had some serious occult/satanic overtones going on, but throughout the whole evening, whenever the blue or red lighting shifted into blatant eyes-within-pyramids mode (as seen in some of the pics above), I couldn't help wondering what ordinary folk, unschooled in the ways of conspiracy theory, would make of it. The in-your-face pyramidal lighting structures ringing the stadium throughout the Olympics were one thing, but then literally creating "all-seeing-eyes-in-pyramids" with the stadium lighting during the closing ceremony just took it over the top. As did the grand phoenix rising / Take That — "We Can Rule the World" finale. That had me staring at the screen in disbelief, jaw dropped, trying to explain to my friends (who don't know anything about this stuff) what they were really watching.

    I guess they figure there's no need for subtlety anymore. They've already won, and they own and control all media perceptions anyway. Plus anyone who cries "Freemason" or "Illuminati" is branded a conspiracy nut and summarily ignored by mainstream culture, as the elites continue to go about their business…

  126. Why can't it just be about sportsmanship and competition? Sigh. SCREW THIS ILLUMINATI SHIT. They symbolism might've been there, but I'm not letting it damper the spirit of the Olympians and what they accomplished for their countries! Rise above people, don't let the elite get you down. Because in the end, they are DOOMED!

  127. If one truly understands the doctrines of the elite, the Mystery schools, it'll become apparent they have no real reflection in Biblical Christianity. Theirs supports self-godhood, the other total humility under Yahweh (Who many occultists continually bash). The characterization of this ''wisdom as salvation'' doctrine (gnosis to apotheosis) is exampled right in Genesis 3, where Satan tempts Eve. This doctrine is continually set as the antithesis to the truth the Bible proclaims, whereas with many other religions (Eastern philosophies, the esoteric levels of paganism, many branching sects of Abrahamic religions) they are the focal point.

    One can easily side on the Kabbalistic understanding of Judaism, or the Gnostic understanding of Christianity, saying that the Bible should be understood on an esoteric level, as these occultists do with them and other religions. However, critically analyzing Judaism and Christianity towards these other religions shows a large contrast to the transition from ''profane'' to esoteric understandings. Where pagan religions have a multitude of archtype deities and fantastical stories that can easily be understood as metaphors portraying deeper concepts into humanity and other subjects, the Bible is not at all set out like that, rather it contains in itself deep concepts and a very detailed, literal and historical account to the stories it presents. The Kabbalistic and Gnostic understandings to these matters can also archaeologically be seen to come much later than it's originality, with the Jews adopting such things after their Babylonian captivity and the Gnostic texts coming generations after Christ, and within all of these are contradicting and quite messy writings which are unlike any rest of the historical writing styles of the Bible, rather containing the fantastical stories obviously meant to only represent deeper concepts, as found in the pagan and Mystery-related religions before it. It's simply the same message of gnosis to apotheosis wrapped in a new shell, just as Mormonism, the New Age movement, and many other things are today.

    As for saying that the Catholic Church whipped up the Bible we know today, such is utter nonsense. Rome persecuted Christians for centuries with Constantine suddenly coming to Christianity. But even he didn't accept what we can see in the Bible today, rather a synthesis of paganism and Christianity. There are many doctrines of Catholicism which contradict the Bible it's supposedly related to, this is obvious if one puts in some critical study. But then the question comes, why would the Roman government not edit the Bible in such a way as to accommodate these doctrines? If such a chance to drastically alter the scripture was in their hands, why would they not make it worth it? Either they were fools or they were not given this chance due to pressure by the people. In fact, it only makes sense that Rome would even accept Christianity (Albeit a corrupt form which they turned it) because of the pressure of the people after trying to snuff it out to no avail for centuries (Actually one of the largest single slaughters came pretty much right before Constantine). Then considering they later banned the same Bible they supposedly edited and killed those who found them in possession, and turned the whole mass into Latin which nobody could understand, it further shows that the Bible and the Catholic Church were NEVER ''buddies.'' And this is even further showed by the Reformer's points in the 16th century and right up until today.

    No, the elite and Christianity are indeed at odds, the only real two who are. The only way these snakes accept and truly promote Jesus and Christianity are in corrupt forms, whether they be salvation by works, Jesus as simply a man, Jesus as a teacher of esoteric wisdom, Jesus as an alien, etc.

    I should also note, good article, however I have issue with the comment of John Lennon and his song Imagine only being turned into something of the elite's eye. It indeed always has been. Lennon and the Beatles, alongside many of the counterculture gurus of the 60's, were fans/disciples of Aleister Crowley. He can be seen in the background of their Sgt.Peppers Lonely Hearts Band album cover and many of their songs are quite Gnostic. They as well helped usher in the acceptance of Eastern philosophies which essentially represent the same tenets of secret societies. This was a goal of Crowley's in bringing in the ''Aeon of Horus'' and helped break the traditional Christian values and mentality of our culture into what it is today, alongside the uprising of the New Age movement which is the apple of the elite and Satan's eye.

    Evil is not dumb. Like a sleezy man looking for a quick lay at the bar, it will sensualize you and tell you it loves you and have the nicest looking smile. But if you don't have the discernment which can only be fully brought by our Lord Jesus Christ, you'll never see past this facade.

    God bless you all.

  128. Well, I only tried to watch the opening ceremony and i knew that it would be a mega ritual since London is one of the elite's special capital cities. No surprise they emphasized on the magic and the horror of literature and culture. Harry Potter, Exorcist -really??? Is this all the "good" stuff England has to show to the world??? Plus the selection of the -let's call them- historical themes were so twisted that if i didn't have studied History, then i wouldn't know what to think. But I guess, it doesn't matter. History is the past, this seems to be our present and future.

    And as many of you have said before, what is more irritating or heart-breaking, than seeing this satanic and evil Elite ruling and destroying it all, is people seeing, watching but never-mind about anything!!! I mean, there were several pyramids around the stadium, anytime you could watch an event they were there, the tv cameras "adored" them, they were more depicted than the athletes which should be the only focus on a sports event!!! And when i was telling people about this, they were like "Yeah, they are there just for fun, they are nice to shown, it doesn't mean anything…". I'm a very democratic person and always respects the opinions and points of view of others but sorry, on this I'm never respectful!!! I feel sorry for them being hypnotised and mindless at all…

    And I pray to God, that when all this ends, the 144.000 that will supposedly survive finally see what they'll have done and feel sorry. It's not a worth living world now, it won't be worth then too, if we keep thinking like it doesn't matter or concern us…

  129. I thought no religion proselytizing was allowed here, but I see lots of Jesus talk, what´s up with that… I picked up most of the symbolism used in the opening ceremony, so I was very anxious to see the closing. But nothing prepared me for anything SO BLATANT. I was in shock and awe for three hours. Being a broadcast media professional, I know that EVERYTHING is a misce en scene and every shot is carefully planned and rehersed. The Take That/Darcey Bussell bit was so over the top. "Together we can lit up the sky and rule the world" sung the 40 something MK ultra toy soldiers, followed by a Babylonic mock human sacrifice…

    On a side note: what about Sebastian Coe´s tie pattern? Did he have to use pentagrams? This was the NWO´s coming out. I don´t believe in Satan or God, for that matter, what creeps me out is that THEY believe, and they take it sariously. But if they bleed like us, they can be taken down.

  130. Did anyone notice the pattern in Sebastian Coe's necktie? As a televised media worker, I know NOTHING is random in a mega broadcast like this. From all the geometrical, floral, abstract or figurative patterns they could´ve chosen… Pentagrams? Come on people…

  131. Wretched Infidel on

    What do you think they will do this 9-11? September 11, 2012. It will be the 3rd set of 9-11′s since George Bush Sr made the NWO speech to Congress (9-11, 1990)

    Eleven years later (ELEVEN) : 9-11, 2001 sacrifice and trauma to bring the people under subjugation and slavery. And to increase the energy to bring in more destruction = Lucifer’s goal. Horus’ goal. Set’s goal. Satan’s goal: to LIE, STEAL, MURDER AND DESTROY.


    aLL i can do is to wonder, and worry. What will they be doing on that day ? How will they use that day – in a blatantly obvious 2nd staged sacrifice, or in another announcement, speech, or change of the laws of this country, via presidential directive, or whatever its called as Obmama has showed us he loves to do? Hm.

    Just something to think about and take precautions.

    Do you think that he will put on a show at the New Madrid? Or Hoover?

  132. Wretched Infidel on

    Or in the Northwest? (Cascadian Subduction zone is ready to slip, and when that happens, they will like the mass children's deaths and see them as the best sacrifices to Set/Horus/Isis/Ashtarte/The Horned God/dess/Zeus/Apollo/Molech/Baal/God…

    Why they do not repeal or void the inhumane, stupid, bizarre, obsolete blatantly inhuman protocol of demanding our children "Get Under your Desks!" is, horrid proof that the mass casualties (after untold anguish and tormenting pain and fear is felt by all the poor children victims of this malicious policy, increasing the pychic trauma to – what – their required level?)

    are planned.

    Your children's deaths have been planned. By sending them to these government schools, by burying your heads in the sand of ignorance (negligence and unconcern for your offspring?) you are making them FODDER FOR THE SATANISTS TO BRING IN THEIR LUCIFERIAN GLOBAL DICTATORSHIP/GOLDEN AGE OF AQUARIUS, which can NOT be achieved by your dear leaders except you agree and submit to their scheme of mass murder and ruin.

    The protocol which they KNOW saves many more lives in a megaquake is that termed 'The Triangle of Life'. This could be easily and inexpensively set up in every classroom, cafeteria and bathroom, in ONE DAY if the citizens demanded it. Your money is going to finance these schools, and your children are told to obey the teachers, principals and all who walk those halls will tell them to do that which has been proven to end in maxiumum horrifying deaths.

    Then, fires will rage out of control before your children will even have a chance at a 'rescue'; the ugly fact is that their rescue is not in the cards, their pain and traumatic murders, collectively, are foregone conclusions, and unless you as parents take this information and take proactive QUICK action, their blood will be upon YOUR HEADS. MAKE THIS YOUR TOP PRIORITY, AS IT NEEDS TO BE, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. CHANGE THE PROTOCOL FROM 'GET UNDER YOUR DESKS OR 'STAND BESIDE THE WALLS' to getting OUTSIDE #1; in the cases where that is really NOT POSSIBLE to do in 30 seconds or so, they should be drilled to drop BESIDE THE BOUND AND STACKED NEWSPAPER ROWS IN THE MIDDLE OF EACH ROOM, AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN, AS LOW AS POSSIBLE.

  133. And what about the aztecs at the end of the ceremony? the pagan goddess and the rest introducing next olympic games in Brazil are even worse I think, the aztecs did human sacrifice and they were proposed as something positive, in the name of antiracism of course, but it is about blood sacrifice certainly, no doubt about it.


  134. Bobby Fisher Man on

    Its funny, they are putting it out there and we are all tired of it already. To think these old, pathetically impotent pedophiles have been doing it for centuries….so who are the elite, really?

  135. Does anyone know why the Welsh children sang,"Guide me oh Thou great Redeemer" in the Opening Ceremony? Everything else was so anti-Christian and even "Abide with me" was used negatively, yet this was a beautiful Christian hymn allowed at the beginning.

  136. Victor Hugo mc on

    Hey VC, a look at the clip of "Out Of My Mind" from B.O.B

    sorry for my english (google translate).


  137. Mr. VC, I commend your valiant exposure of the greatest work known to man. I maintain high regard for your diligence and observational capacity. You are clearly in the know. Irregardless, I wonder how many people you've actually woken up. I have combed your entire site(s) over the past couple of years, focusing on reader comments moreso than your methodical and well-executed articles, but I see no waking heads nor open eyes. I see readers mistaking your explanations for actual information. I am ultimately indifferent and bear no ill will. It is simply my wish that people would realise what you really are and what you are truly accomplishing. You are something. You are accomplishing. That accomplishment however, which shall remain unspoken, should be critically addressed at some point, if not by you, then by your loyal followers.

    All of the reverse referencing and footnoting in the world will not stop this train from where the tracks are taking it. Help them see the light, if you intend to aid Humanity as a whole. As of yet, you have only given a very narrow view of the base of the candle's wick. We are all Godly inasmuch as we are Lawless. Show your readers how to choose, not snooze. Be well.

  138. Thanks vc…i just watched this movie of leonardo dicaprio called shatter island about mind control…just hoping u guyz could write an article about it….lastly, john 14:6-be blessed

  139. I have never heard a more loosely termed and shabby comparison. All you say is 'could be eluded to and might be compared with'. Its unfortunate that the majority of you did not listen to the bbc commentary as I did throughout the ceremony (oh dont tell me, they were brain washing me). Which explained all the events and the historical significance the whole way through. Danny Boyle and Underworld are anti establishment and always have been , I know I danced at enough of there free underground rave parties !! sorry , but your WAAAAY off on this one,,, its very interesting your choice of language to create a 'sinister' feel to the whole event.. sorry, but your speaking utter rubbish, dont be sucked into this crap

  140. You say: "More importantly, no countries, no religions, no possessions and “a world as one” is a good way to describe the global socialist system the elite is trying to create with the New World Order."

    That makes absolutely no sense. A global socialist system, with no countries, no religion, and no possessions, would mean that there would be no elite. It is through these trappings, like borders and false religious conflicts that the elite is able to stay in power.

    I too think it was a poorly placed song, but mainly because how does one sing about no possessions, while the royal family looks on from the audience.

  141. Very interesting article.

    Was expecting much along these lines but with something else.

    Perhaps it's just a step? Thanks for the pictures as there were some interesting parallels between this and the Hunger Games (Olympics of the future?).

    Another interesting component is the use of certain figures Prometheus being the main one and the connection of fire between Hunger Games, The Olympics and Prometheus (The film).

    I would be really interested if Vigilant could do a write up on Prometheus (the film) and the Stargate films. I've have not watched the latter (Ark of Truth and Continuum) but I have heard that it contains symbolism and could be meaningful.

    Obviously, if Prometheus was the bringer of fire from Zeus and "creator" in some form then perhaps it is being hinted that a new "eden" will be created (or already has been for the selected of course)? NWO anyone?

    Thanks and remember knowledge is power!

  142. Very interesting article.

    Was expecting much along these lines but with something else. It sure was creepier than I expected!

    Perhaps it's just a step? Thanks for the pictures as there were some interesting parallels between this and the Hunger Games (Olympics of the future?).

    Another interesting component is the use of certain figures Prometheus being the main one and the connection of fire between Hunger Games, The Olympics and Prometheus (The film).

    I would be really interested if Vigilant could do a write up on Prometheus (the film) and the Stargate films. I've have not watched the latter (The Ark of Truth and Continuum) but I have heard that it contains symbolism and could be meaningful.

    Obviously, if Prometheus was the bringer of fire from Zeus and "creator" in some form then perhaps it is being hinted that a new "eden" will be created (or already has been for the selected of course)? NWO anyone?


  143. Very interesting article.

    Was expecting much along these lines but with something else. It was much creepier than I expected!

    Perhaps it's just a step? Thanks for the pictures as there were some interesting parallels between this and the Hunger Games (Olympics of the future?).

    Another interesting component is the use of certain figures Prometheus being the main one and the connection of fire between Hunger Games, The Olympics and Prometheus (The film).

    I would be really interested if Vigilant could do a write up on Prometheus (the film) and the Stargate films. I've have not watched the latter (The Ark of Truth and Continuum) but I have heard that it contains symbolism and could be meaningful.

    Obviously, if Prometheus was the bringer of fire from Zeus and "creator" in some form then perhaps it is being hinted that a new "eden" will be created (or already has been for the selected of course)? NWO anyone?


  144. Anyone notice the James Bond stint? John Dee was an advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. He was an occultist/alchemist who was also an agent for the Queen known as the orginal 007. Just strange.

  145. I visit this site every now and then, and I knew once

    I saw that giant weird baby, and other weird things, especially the Phoenix, there would be an article on it! They are pointing out their obvious rituals.. After all this symbol interpretation. The obvious and wisest thing to do is to seek God, and study and let the Holy Spirit teach you how to interpret the bible and His direction for your life… These signs will continue to the end.. I for one will not be investing too much time looking for them… We have to look to Christ..

  146. Great job VC. I knew when I saw the phoenix at the end of the ceremony that you were going to break it on down. That is, you were going to just give a good explanation of the events that took place at the ceremony. And to my assurance, you did just that. We truly love the work you do and if you don't realize, you are very much appreciated. God bless.

  147. Can you IMAGINE how angry John Lennon would be if he were alive today to see the meaning of his song flipped on it's head? David Wilcock did a more abbreviated take on the symbolism in the games. I'm pretty sure if Rik Clay was still around he would find your analysis the most provocative. It would be fantastic if Red Ice Creations did a interview show with Vigilent Citizen detailing this article. When you point out these things in plain sight the general public becomes slightly more aware of their invisible bars.

  148. I read through most of the comments and just came to this realization that I didn't see anything on the symbolism of the number of the games this year is 30th. Only they write it as XXX. The symbolism of XXX is that it is the 24th letter of the alphabet 2+4=6 XXX=666

  149. I did not watch the Olympics or any of the cerimonies but I am floored after seeing and reading this and other articles. It is blatantly telling us our way of life is ending and soon. I was really bothered by the man in the black pyramid type head, it had a big sword or such? It is the creature that destroyed in the movie Silent Hill and it was horrible. The whole closing ceremony should have made people wonder what the heck is this all about, it seems they were all mesmerized and it was sad. They do not know what is ahead for them. They truly are Sheep.

  150. This is not a joke it is very real. There are some extremely powerful people out there who control the world and they have an evil agenda which is to take your soul. Money is one of the main tools that is used to control people and have them do what they ask of you no matter what that may be. I know that in order to win for G_D I must keep holy the ten commandments and to be prayerful. I must not allow anything that is ungodly or unholy to come into my realm. I must stay on this path that has been set before me before it is too late meaning to save my soul. I must be careful of what I listen to and who I listen to because most media is designed to fool me and to rule me. Your soul is real and being judged is real. Those symbols are used to mind control. Your subconscience is being controlled numerous times a day per week per month per year per decade etc…..From what to buy to how to act all of your senses are being manipulated. Such as high frequency sounds that trigger certain responses and emotions that could lead you to do something you would not normally do and those symbols that flash quickly before you and then you end up doing something you would not usually do.

  151. Did you know that Yemanjá (Yara) – that profane brazilian goddess that was there to receive the flame – is known to be the Satan ggreat principality to the South America? … She is know like a beast of the water, on his blue mantle, and is adored by so many pagan religions in Brazil.

  152. Can't forget to say about the O.T.O. logotype (O.T.O. is tha secret mystic society that launched Alistair Crowley to the world). It may have also influenced Hitler, a "high level" for some secret societies…

    The image formed by the flames of the couldron, the phoenix in the middle and the pyramid spotlight above, this kit PERFECTLY FITS the O.T.O. logotype.

    The only difference is that, in the logo, the bird is FALLING to the flame, as you can see in Wikipedia page for O.T.O.

    Maybe thats the great deal! They are clearly trying to tell the world that now is the time for the "bird" (like in the Annie Lenoxx song) to rise, to revenge, came from the shadows and ashes, showing up who is to be adored now, who is above. In both cases (OTO logo and this phoenix scenario), what is above? Is the all-seeing-eye. Check for yourselves!

  153. I would like to personally thank you for bringing such wonderful information, I read your articles all the time and I believe I know so much now. When I watch tv, I think what is going to be next and then I look at your article and touch every point I think about!!!

  154. the illuminati is just pathetic no other word for it… oh wait yeah there is how about satanic! Yep let's go with that word

  155. sounds as if even our dear VC is growing as weary as us from the overt nature of these spectacles!

    no one ever accused them of being creative.

    also, am mildly curious if the Romney orchestrated Olympics were so saturated with this dreck? hmmmm…

  156. Hello all,

    I lurk here occasionally but have never posted, but now I would just like to share something that happened to me some of you may find interesting – 8 years ago I had a dream, I was only 14 years old and new nothing about illuminati etc. There was a old fashioned type of banner that hung above a staring lion. On the banner it said "27th of July, End of the World." At the same time I read it a booming voice spoke it. Then I woke up but have never forgotten it. It's funny because lately I have been seeing so many things about the 27th of July, olympic opening ceremony etc and some strange things that happen on the 27th. Not trying to freak anyone out, I mean I don't think the world is going to explode then lol but looking at it now perhaps the end of the world as we know it? Like it's going to change or something. I have told a couple of friends but they think I'm weird. Maybe I am lol! But just thought I'd share.

    God bless all

  157. amanita muscaria symbolism all over the place. the myth of the phoenix also of course perfectly match the mushrooms growth cycle.

  158. No, John Lennon wouldnt be angry.. wake up sheeple, the beast in rev 13 and his partners is described as a charismatic man of peace whom the whole world loves who blesses all the children of satan . He is the antichrist. The second one any way. That 'baby' is his son, satan incarnate, the first beast. He is the one they have all been waiting for to decieve the world and pronounce peace on them (the luciferians. ) Anti christ is a musician and has a 'golden city' (all the luciferians works) with his partners in Isaiah 14. Further, Yoko Ono specially produced this video for this ceremony.. and end times proph in Revelation says there is a Jezebel on earth again.. can you think of anyone else flying around on a bed currently? She is the preistess prtostitute for Satan and his children.

  159. 'Christianity will go.. you'll see. We're bigger than Jesus now.' – The Beatles in press conference

    When people got in an uproar they had another press conference.

    'What we meant was… people watch TV more than they go to church'

    Theyve been using the media to manipulate, brainwash and destroy Christianity and bless luciferians their WHOLE career.

  160. Now this just takes the cake on what the fate of the world will be like in these upcoming dark times under the NWO.

    Through this thorough research you have done VC, (thank you by the way) it just goes to show just how we few "awakened" ones feel about both olympic ceremonies:

    Sick, disgusting, filthy…you name it because of how ever-sinister the occult elite plans to bring down every nation on every continent subject to inferiority under its rule and dark machinations. This forever strengthens my hope and faith that something better can be done about this because of the evil that would soon be unleashed.

    Oh how those many many people who refute these things about stardom and fame claiming them to be the usual bullcrap and that it is normal to them when the REAL bullcrap is just staring right at them in the face and they just don't have a clue about the dark elements behind these things even in the normal activities that are done in everyday life.

    Those many who are blind will soon regret it when this happens since they will just insult and attack by saying whatever the hell they wanna say about things like this which reveal the truth which those people refuse to believe.

    In the meantime I'll hope for the better as I've said since those so-called attacks and insults as stated in the commenting conditions you've posted are removed….I can only imagine what some stubborn selfish people are saying about articles like this.

    And thank you again VC.

  161. small correction on

    Hi VC! I follow your blog since a few years ago. First, I would like to say thanks and keep up with the good work.

    A small thing to point out in your analysis: pandemonium actually means "all demons" in the same way as pangea is the original single continent "all earths".

    Thanks and regards

  162. its very hard to take all this on, i used to read alot about the illuminati and the assignation of JFK and lincoln, and any conspiracy theories about 9/11 then my parents told me i should stop reading it as it was making me quite depressed, so i stopped reading into it all together. But lately music videos have got way too sexualised for normal day time t.v i think its unacceptable and bizzarre that its now 'ok' . Any way this triggered me to go deeper into the rabbit hole, so to speak, then i found out more about mk ultra and i have done alot of research on that too, everything is falling into place, and i know that they are all working towards this NWO but it frustrates me when i dont know what the NWO is exactly. when i try and explain to my boyfriend about the music industry and the illuminati he just laughs at me and says 'yes dear' it makes me feel really stupid especially when im trying to tell him about the satanic rituals that they do in order to get success. i just wanna know if im not actually crazy if i believe this stuff, for me its extremely crazy NOT to see it all around us everyday…comments please, i need some sanity in this mad world

  163. Another thing that I found about the Opening Ceremony was how multicultural it was. Even when they betray other eras where there was less blacks, you still see them anyway. I thought generally non-whites were overly represented.

    The Illuminati's plan is to also rid the world of whites!

  164. The only event where the world comes together in peace.

    it dosnt matter if the so call elite are operating here theres nothing more beautifull than the olympics for humanity

  165. Mr VC,
    Scrupulous analysis, meaningful conclusions! Well-done! Yet, the real question remains: How? How to use this knowledge? How is it useful?
    Here is what I found: "Then Jesus said to them, "A little while longer the light is with you. Walk while you have the light, lest darkness overtake you; he who walks in darkness does not know where he is going." John 12:35
    My conclusion based on the verse above:
    1. If we spend too much time studying/walking around the works of the darkness, we miss out on precious time studying the truth.
    2. Studying the manifestation of evil will not save us.
    3. To maintain accurate spiritual "eyesight" has to be done through looking into the Truth ie read the Good Book!
    Lastly a suggestion: Mr VC, if you could balance the sad reality of evil with eye opening-soul healing Bible texts to educate readers on God not only about Satan.
    Keep up the good work!
    In His service

  166. "When they first announced the presence of Prince Harry just before the start of the ceremony, I was wondering why he looked so unhappy and downright uncomfortable. As the ceremony unfolded I began to understand why. Every time the camera panned him, his brow was furrowed and he just looked stressed out. I thought it very peculiar. Well now I know why thanks to your description. I also wondered where his brother was, no mention of him at all. "

    I am glad you mentioned it. At first I didn't understand why the Queen looked so nervous. Can she smile at all? She didn't seem happy at all, and yet she was celebrated to such an extent. And then that silly head of the Archbishop of Canterbury right on top of her. Who looked all the more pleased. What on earth was HE doing there! No problem with any dark things there for sure! The royals (and not only in the UK) are clearly not happy with what is expected of them…

  167. I can see what you mean on most topics but mind control is not the main purpose for all this stuff. I think you should look else where for your meaning. If anything, religion is mind control.

    If you want to see a program about mind control watch sherlock-baskerville episode. That, I must admit is all about monarch mind control. x

      • I agree. And let me say that the religions of indigenous peoples like the NativeAmericans and Africans are some of the least likely traditions to be appropriated by the 'Illuminati'.

        To me, one of the greatest weaknesses of the Illuminati or the Western occult traditions is the fact that they are based on bullshit. The ancient Western occult traditions were not carried on or preserved; they were lost! They survived as scraps and were constantly being reinvented by quacks and con artists!

        The Illuminati are certainly to be feared because of their entrenched political and financial power, their control of the media, their hoarding of natural resources, their poisoning of our food and water supplies and their access to sophisticated weaponry, but we should not ascribe to them any mystical power. That is sheer superstition. The devil is in the details!

        I am not dismissing the fact that evil exists or that the 'elite' is prostrating itself before the demonic. But what we need to see is that these people are currently winning because they have been working toward the goal of world domination for over a century, 24/7. The Nazis didn't lose the war; they just went underground. Now they've out in the open. They're going for it. Why now? And why at such an accelerated pace? That's what I want to know.

  168. …there are two things to consider…
    1) Are these symbolic events and setups ways of conveying messages to subconcious/concious by these luciferian perverts??
    2)Or are these so events abused to actually carry out mass rituals for potency and effect…
    or both???
    take for instance the previous olympics in china …
    a nest like location..references to eggs..conception…intercourse. And now in the london olympics a pops out…what is the babg for exactly???oh bey maybe its a pole vault gold medalist…nope. super symbolic of a birth…a creation.
    the entire closing ceremony was filled with dark meanings. it reeks of evil. the end is near thats for.certain…i.recommend praying and making up with God. The end is so near….some christians correct me by saying.."the end is here"

  169. The baby symbolizes the anti christ, similar to the one on cathedral de st. John divine.
    Did you also notice the illuminating olympic rings sorta looking like UFO s symbolizing aliens "of old"?

    Ty for the breakdown
    Not gonna lie I always try to find evil shit in Everything I see/hear but this ceremony was too real and kind of scary.

  170. I watched the closing ceremony and thought it was one of the most demonic things I've ever seen. It set the record in 2012 with the lit up pyramids in the entire background as well as the men on the bicycles who looked like aliens and the rising phoenix. That experiment done many years ago proves that you can make people believe just about anything because I'm sure someone will say that it is okay but its not.

  171. i have recently been researching the sandyhook incident and i see symbolism correlated here. thanks for being one of the few sites that nail this symbology!

    • that's exactly why i'm reading this article again. when i saw the excerpts of the ceremony online, i was pretty traumatized myself by the reference to captain hook in particular, and i've been waiting to see what was going to happen in reference to that in the world. now, i believe it to be sandy hook. when the shooting happened, a new movie was showing in the theaters, peter pan, starring captain hook.

  172. I was a practicing occultist and these observations are spot on. I am glad to live in a time when the general population is aware of these things. Especially the comment from the young viewers. That world exists and unfortunately much of what happens in the world is constructed by these believer's. And even more unfortunate is the evil they worship is real. I wish I could say it is all superstition. And I wish I could say it all has a happy ending. The good news is I can't say for sure it doesnt. Don't play with that world, wealth and perceived power granted by entities that disdane those who serve them more than anything. Because they betray other humans, they are viewed with contempt by the ones they serve. Wealth and power are useless trinkets to the beast and there is plenty to go around. It does come with a cost. And it makes me smile to know those who are soon going to find that out.

  173. Hey VC, just wanna say that u r a blessing to everyone who comes to this site and that I pray to Almighty God that he keeps u safe and well as u continue to expose the obvious that me and many others failed to see for ourselves :)

    Also wanted to point something out that might possibly have been overlooked(after reading many of ur articles I'm kinda getting used to this lol), namely the blue lights in the first picture of this article in the background seem to be forming the masonic symbol all around the stadium, its presence being there I believe to give meaning to that phoenix, which u already explained above. Hope I helped and keep opening peoples eyes to the truth VC! God bless u man!

  174. I see a lot of good comments on here.. but then some of you go off on a christian stand point.. and it's all wrong. Why can't people see that Religion is the biggest, and most effective form of mind control? Religion was man – made by the elite to control the masses. and in my opinion, they're doing a helluva good job with it, and have been for centuries.

  175. It seems as if there isn't much we can do to prevent the Illuminati from taking over. As many said before, the Bible's prophecies must come to pass. It is rather sad that most people of this world are either Illuminati or completely ignorant and brain-washed. On a happier note, your articles are very wonderful.

  176. What was the event that happened after the Olympics? SANDY HOOK! I believe Sandy Hook to be a ritualistic sacrifice related to Saturnalia. Saturnalia was a pagan Roman holiday that began around December 17th which is around the time Sandy Hook happened. It was the celebration of the rebirth of Saturn which was symbolized by the dying of the old king to usher in the new king. A victim was chosen and sacrificed and then celebrations ensued including feasting and orgies. This usually lasted for about 2 weeks. The birth of the new king was celebrated on December 25th. The pagans made sacrifices to ensure future prosperity and fertility. There is much to learn about the Saturn Death Cults and I think this event has something to do with it!

  177. The Opening Ceremonies dont say much about the occult from my perspective, but the closing ceremonies definitely do depict alot of spiritualism

  178. As a fairly new visitor to this site (but not to these subjects), i find myself wanting to comment on old subjects as I review V.G's take on previous events, so bare with me if I'm covering old ground. Firstly I enjoyed this analysis by V.G., I remember watching this occult ritual live on tv and literally shouting at the television in total disgust as £12,000,000 of british taxpayers money was used to celebrate ritual child abuse, mind control, saturnism , the total enslavement of mankind and and possibly worst of all, the resurrection of the career of Kenneth Branagh. I wonder if VG has caught any of the occult decodings of british researcher Mathew Delooze. I think they would enjoy his take on various topics and i would recommend him highly. I'd just like to comment on the last few posts. Chrissy333 has an interesting point and I would recommend readind David Icke's new book which covers the saturn angle in great detail and from his own unique and insightful angle. Do not believe the hype about Icke as those who criticise him have invariably NEVER even bothered to read his work(thank you VG for selling his latest book on your site). Also chives comment about the opening ceremonies not being occult is a little strange, I mean REALLY?!? I don't want to belittle your opinion but even VG didn't have time to mention all of it, for example the people beneath the GIANT WEIRD BABY THING being arranged into a crescent moon shape didn't get a mention. If you don't know the significance of this you might want to read a book on this subject. I'd recommend Children of the matrix by Icke for this. Written 20 years ago and exposing ritual child abuse among the elite in politics, media, hollywood ETC which the mainstream media have barely covered even when the saville scandal broke in the uk (saville had already been exposed on Ickes website months before his arrest). This is not an advert for david and he by no means has discovered all the information in his books alone but he doesn't claim to have either and painstakingly sources all his info in the back of his books so you can check it out. How many people's Mantra nowadays says "don't believe me , check it out for yourself" like his does. Not the evangelist preachers that's for sure' PRAISE JESUS, MAKE YOUR CHEQUES PAYABLE TO ME' seems to be their mantra(You do the math). Which brings me finally to the comment by LAVA 29 weeks ago. FairPlay to you. You nailed it in a few short lines. For you I would recommend 'The Biggest Secret' by- would you believe it – Big Dave. This book completely destroys the accepted JESUS MYTH once and for all because if you like your symbolism occult flavoured, the STORY of jesus is the knickerbocker glory of them all. That isn't to say that there is no god, how would I know, certainly not by reading a book compiled by the Babylonian brotherhood 400 years after his son? was supposedly Crucified. (Anyone who actually thinks this happened should be aware that if it had, the romans would have written about it in their quite staggeringly methodical and in depth historical accounts of the time). He only pops up in history about the time when the first pope Constantine conjures him up when the council of Nicaea (Early Bilderberg group) compile a book they then claim that god wrote(I'm simplifying but I Don't apologise). This is why the prophecies ring so true, it isn't foresight if you're just revealing some of the game plan (see Nostradamus ,Orwell,Huxley etc. ALL in secret societies). IT's always easy to look clever if you're part of a mystery school and just reveal a part of their intention. I may have overdone it here but I can't understand how anyone can claim to be an open minded truth seeker when coming from a controlled mindset like organised religion INSISTS on. I don't want to belittle spirituality but it's hard to sort the wheat from the chaff with so much bullshit about. I'm still trying though. The nearest thing I've heard to a believable spiritual message is the one David Icke received while tripping out on ayahusca in south america(respect due). Simply – "INFINITE LOVE IS THE ONLY TRUTH, EVERYTHING ELSE IS ILLUSION".Sorry for the lengthy post but sometimes you have to let it out a bit, anyway I'm off to smoke a number and as for the new world order -FUCK 'EM

  179. 13 year old girl on

    This article made me laugh so much because every single thing written in here is what me and my dad saw while watching London 2012 on TV (even the though the stadium is three minutes from my house) Nearly every single thing written here is what my dad mentioned. When Imagine came on my dad was like "They're totally messing up the real meaning of this song." And we just burst into laughter when Take That performed Rule the World. Like it says above, it was so blatantly obvious that was being implied. The mix of Illuminati signs and symbols and that Phoenix at the end…. Oh God! All I can do is laugh about the complete obviousness of it all!

  180. Conspiracy Junction on

    The closing ceremony of the Paralympics was even weirder. Please check it out, very grimdark and loads of symbolism. The main stage was an Icelandic witch rune symbol. And lets not forget the marching flamethrowers and giant flaming serpent tongued 'sun king'.

  181. The people behind all these pagan NWO ceremonies should be lined up in front of ditches and mowed down with machineguns and then covered up with bulldozers!

  182. I have the video of the Olympics ritual in China, the one part that really stood out was of the white dove formed by people in white suits, it actually morphs into a white dragon. Now, there was a signal disruption at that time they all formed the Dove flying over a silvery sword. It got stuck and the signal kept repeating and it just morphed into a dragon. Was that intentional?

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