London 2012: The Olympic torch relay and Prometheus


London is getting ready for the 2012 Summer Olympics and the Olympic torch relay will begin on May 18th 2012. This ceremonial event, where people from all walks of life carry the Olympic torch across the host country, is particularly symbolic to those who began this Olympic traditions.

In Greek mythology, the original “torch-bearer” was Prometheus, the Titan who stole fire from the gods in order to give it to humanity. Fire was considered by ancients as being a tiny spark of the sun, which was considered to be the physical manifestation of deity (see Sun Worship). By bringing fire to mankind, Prometheus has therefore enabled humans to partake in “all things divine” and even allowed them to aspire to become gods themselves. For this reason, Prometheus is particularly revered in secret societies, as his myth is the ultimate representation of the philosophy and the goals of mystery schools: ascension towards divinity and immortality through man’s own means.

In esoteric teachings, the act of “carrying the torch” is symbolic of man’s awareness of his own “divine spark” and represents his aspiration to become “one of the gods”. This is, in a nutshell, the core philosophy of the world’s elite, which is heavily influenced by the hermetic teachings of Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism and Illuminism. For this reason, Prometheus’ Torch of Illumination is often found in the occult elite’s symbolism.

The myth of Prometheus is, in many ways, similar to the myth of Lucifer – whose name is Latin for “Light Bearer”. Since Lucifer fell from Heaven to the earthly realm – bringing with him “the light of Illumination” – he is considered in occult schools to be the Bringer of Light, of the Morning Star, of intellectualism and of enlightenment.

Since the Torch of Enlightenment is the main symbol representing the elite’s philosophy, is it surprising to find it prominently featured in a ritual opening the world’s grandest sporting event?


In the Olympics

The first relaying of the Olympic torch was held at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, during the Nazi Regime. Despite the fact that Hitler banned Masonic organizations from Germany (he identified them as servants of the Jews), his regime was nevertheless inspired and deeply steeped in by secret societies. He had a great respect for the symbolism and the constitution of secret societies.

“All the supposed abominations, the skeletons and death’s heads, the coffins and the mysteries, are mere bogeys for children. But there is one dangerous element and that is the element I have copied from them. They form a sort of priestly nobility. They have developed an esoteric doctrine not merely formulated, but imparted through the symbols and mysteries in degrees of initiation. The hierarchical organization and the initiation through symbolic rites, that is to say, without bothering the brain but by working on the imagination through magic and the symbols of a cult, all this has a dangerous element, and the element I have taken over. Don’t you see that our party must be of this character…? An Order, that is what it has to be — an Order, the hierarchial Order of a secular priesthood… Ourselves or the Freemasons or the Church — there is room for one of the three and no more… We are the strongest of the three and shall get rid of the other two.”
Hermann Rauschning, “Hitler Speaks”

The Nazi Party was heavily influenced by Germanic mysticism. Several members of the Party were part of the Thule Society – an occult secret society based in Munich. Despite its outward differences with other secret societies such as Freemasonry, in the end of the day, when all is said and done, all of the inner-most teachings of these society are pretty much the same.

Since “occult minds think alike” the torch relay became part of the Olympic tradition. So, every two years, entire countries gather and celebrate the passing of Prometheus torch, which  can only be lit by the ultimate source: the sun – symbol of the deity.

Since most people who assist to these torch relays – including the torch carriers themsevles- know nothing about the occult meaning of the event, the carrying of the Olympic torch remains a stunning example of the elite’s rituals and philosophy being celebrated in front of a dumbfounded crowd. Clapping for and cheering their local light-bearing Lucifer, the masses celebrate, once again, the extent of their own ignorance.

Other Illuminati symbolism in the 2012 Olympics:

Here’s a recent BBC article celebrating the torch relay and describing some of its history:

London 2012: What is the Olympic torch relay?

“It is an utterly thrilling thing to do,” says Philip Barker.

The Olympic historian and author has a lump in the throat just at the memory of running, torch clasped in his hand, high in the Taygetos mountains above Sparta, Greece.

He was a part of the torch relay, the human-powered running feat that bore the flame on its journey from its source, Olympia, to the Atlanta Games in 1996.

From 18 May 2012 the Olympic torch relay will tour the UK in the run up to the London Games – taking 70 days, with about 8,000 torchbearers.

Organisers say 95% of the country’s population should be within one hour of the route which will end with the lighting of the cauldron during the opening ceremony in the Olympic stadium, Stratford.

They hope that the emotion felt by Philip Barker will be shared by the nation and among crowds lining the route.

But how did the Olympic Games come to have this almost cultish following of a naked flame?

The perception of the torch relay is that it’s a contemporary re-enactment of an ancient Greek tradition.

In reality, it is a phenomenon just of the modern Olympics, only beginning in the 1936 Summer Games in Berlin, and for the Winter Games at Oslo in 1952.

But the idea is rooted in a mash-up of Greek myths, thought to date from around the 6th-5th centuries BC.

The stories concern Prometheus. He was a Titan and “friend to man” who stole fire, a sacred element, disguised inside a narthex stalk (a kind of giant fennel) from Zeus, the father of the Gods, and gave it to mortals.

The ancient Greeks had Lampadedromia – torch relay races – where the winning team lit a sacred flame, possibly as part of the cult worship of Prometheus and his defiance of the gods to impart knowledge to mortals. The modern relay has a nod to the flame-kindling vestal virgins from the rival Roman civilisation thrown in.

It also conjures the spirit of the “sacred truce”, a peace declared across ancient Greece in the months before an Olympic Games and communicated by runners who travelled the country.

As University of Oxford classicist Cressida Ryan puts it: “It’s an amalgam of bits of mythology.

“Agreeing on the facts doesn’t really matter, it’s too long ago to know. Today it is used as a force for good – someone has taken an idea and run with it.”

An Olympic flame first burned at the Amsterdam Games, 1928, but it was not until 1936 that a relay with a torch took shape, under the Nazi regime and sports organiser Carl Diem.

A flame was kindled in Olympia using the sun and a parabolic mirror, then carried to the Berlin stadium by runners through Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria and Czechoslovakia – countries that later would fall under Nazi domination.

Fire was a symbol of Hitler’s regime, and torchlight processions were a feature. The leadership aimed to draw a direct link back to ancient civilisation. As Ryan explains: “They wanted a symbolic bridge between ancient Greece and modern Germany. And light is a symbol of purity – the bright, white, pure, stunning light of the ancient Greeks was something that fed into the Aryan myth.”

Adolf Hitler’s favoured filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl captured that myth, documenting the event for her 1938 film Olympia.

Post-war, for the 1948 London Olympics, organisers embraced the idea of the torch relay. Despite the austere times, the torch was mobbed by crowds along the route.

Since then, the torch has enjoyed a mostly high old time, every four, and latterly two, years, changing design with each Olympic host city and each decade’s trends.

The relay has sometimes gone with a theme – Rome 1960: The Ancient Relay; Mexico City ’68: The Relay to the New World; Seoul ’88: Harmony and Progress.

The modes of transportation have become ever-more outlandish – on skis, Oslo 1952; Skidoo, Calgary ’88; and ski-jumper, Lillehammer ’94.

The torch has taken to the water with swimmers, in Veracruz, Mexico, ’68 and in Marseilles, France for Grenoble ’68 as well as underwater at the Great Barrier Reef for Sydney 2000.

It has taken to the skies – on Concorde, Albertville ’92; via satellite, Montreal ’76; parachute, Lillehammer ’94. And the torch, without flame, has been into space, twice, ahead of Atlanta ’96 and Sydney 2000.

Canoes, steamboats, wagons, horses, camels and many sportspeople and celebrities have also played their part.

It has also drawn protest, most prominently from pro-Tibet and human rights campaigners in many countries when it was flanked by Chinese bodyguards in its round-the-world-tour ahead of Beijing 2008.

And until at least the 1950s, it was rather a sexist torch – no women were allowed to take part.

The flame is sometimes accidentally extinguished en route, apparently “more often than they like to let on,” says Barker.

In case of such an event, it can be re-lit with special back-up flames from Olympia carried with the relay, often in miners’-style lamps.

Should a cloudy day threaten the initial ceremony when women kindle the flame from the Sun at Olympia, there are also a series of flames kept in reserve from the “practice kindles” in the days leading up to the televised event. The torch has been used to light the cauldron by sporting legends like Muhammad Ali, by athlete Li Ning suspended on wires, by paralympic archer Antonio Rebollo and as fire amid water by runner Cathy Freeman.

It is all part of the facade that Olympic-minded historians say stokes enthusiasm for a positive sporting event, often among people who cannot be at the Games themselves.

The founder of the modern Olympic movement, Pierre de Coubertin hoped the Olympic torch would “pursue its way through ages, increasing friendly understanding among nations, for the good of a humanity always more enthusiastic, more courageous and more pure.”

Thirty Olympiads on, for carriers like Barker, that symbolism is key.

“When it is your turn to carry the flame, you think emotional thoughts, think of people who have competed in the Olympics, Jesse Owens, great heroes like Steve Redgrave,” he says.

“You feel part of that because you’re helping take the flame to the stadium. It was extremely special, very emotional.”




  1. FormerGlobalist on

    You should see the mascot as well… Its got one eye…

    NWO kickoff in the olympics!


    • WOW!! This is so weird and creepy! I just finished…and I mean JUST FINISHED reading this self published story on smashwords:

      It's a parody of "Harry Potter" where this teenage boy goes to a magic school in America. In the first part of the story the two main teens go to a class called "Promethean Sciences" where this pedophile teaches them how to raise the dead. Now that you mention it, near the end they mention the Illuminati!!!

      Luckily, it's for free on Smashwords. I don't know, maybe whoever wrote this story is a vigilant citizen fan! LOL!

      • When I am fed up with the world and people around me trying to talk some sense into their heads I just like to come here and be relieved that i am not the crazy one and i am just different i have my eyes open. Thank you vigilant citizen and all of you people who comment here for giving me the support that i am the sane one and being my breather when it comes to our crazy messed up world

    • Why it is wrong for "Prometheus/Lucifer to defy the gods to impart knowledge to mortals"? Why should we live in the dark?

      To me, it seems God is bipolar. There are so many contradictory aspects. We suffer, but God loves us…supposedly.

      So, everytime I cook with fire, am I honoring Lucifer? ("Shabbat elevator")

      And to the knee-jerk christians in the forum, where is Lucifer mentioned in the bible? Or Lilith? I thought that over the years through translation this embellishment – the addition of Lucifer – was made.

      Was there an actual Ark?

      And in regards to The Garden of Eden? What about the saying, "With great knowledge comes great sorrow?"

      I had some Goat Yogurt today. Does that mean I drank from Baphomet?

      Is the Bible allegory? You know, when an "underling" disobeys his boss, of course there is going to be trouble. Prometheus versus Zeus seems like underling versus Boss.

      Aren't Jesus and Lucifer referred to as the light bringer, star, or morning star? Sun god?

      "At the time the Catholic Church centralized its hegemony over countries and disputes the devil

      became a self-oriented mechanism used to dissuade potential dissidents by means of a

      combination of terror and attraction."

      "In perspective, the popular wisdom suspected that a disproportionate wealth or the success in business might be a result of a pact with Satan. While the devil provided the involved person with a set of material properties, that person needed to give his soul in exchange."

      "Basically, Lucifer as a social construction embodies the frights and taboos of Western culture. As with other myths such as Prometheus, Lucifer symbolizes the tension between reason and love."

      I am having a spiritual identity crisis.

      • No you are not, just asking questions of yourself and having a problem with the nature of what you see. Great wealth is impossible to come by unless great theft, lyiing, and deceit is involved. Take the time to investigate any great accumulation of material wealth and you will find great crimes committed in its pursuit, always. Living life ,trying to avoid sin, as in the 10 commandmwnts, seems easy on paper but extremely difficult in the world You are always pushed and pulled by what feels good, and how you justify it in your mind the things you do because they did this to me so screw them, is very easy mindset to find yourself in. Unless you move to a mountaintop this always will be the enternal struggle and I hope you find a way, I have not been able to , but I try, not as much as I should , but try. I hope you will find your way

    • Essential Truth on

      I wonder if the spirit of Prometheus possesses whoever bears the torch during the relay? that would be freaky!! demons travelling like 'Azazel' from the Denzel Washington movie 'Fallen'…from person to person across the host country!!

      I have co-workers who ran with the torch when it crossed Canada last year for the Vancouver Winter Olympics, which was the longest torch relay in the history of Olympics….and they havent been the same since…lol j/k

      • prometeus was a mythological character he doesnt have a spirit to possess anyone. the only thing that possesses these people are demons. and the runners usually are doing it for tradition and sport and have no idea.

  2. Great Article, the whole event seems to be dripping in occulting rituals and sybolism event after event..

  3. Disgustipated on

    Great article! Will there perhaps be more about the Nazi cult in the future?

  4. I kind of fail to see the big deal. Are humans not supposed to have any ceremonies?

      • @concerned > We are the slaves NOW. Slaves to black magic, to fallen angels, money, worrying about ending up in hell. If Eve hadn't take a bite, we'd be immortal, leaving in heaven with our beloved families, we wouldn't know of pain, disease, death, evil. What we have achieved so far? Wars, faminine, hatred, personal struggles. We are deprived slaves whilst alive and dare to say slaves in death. The fact that some of us are christened and brought up as Christians doesn't give us an automatic ticket to salvation or make us perfect. We constantly have to live with our weak personalities.

      • @Lee… speak for yourself…I am not a slave to anyone, Nor will I ever be.

    • he was just showing people what these ceremonies mean. Its not necessarily bad, the meaning is actually kind of pretty in my opinion…

      • not necessarily bad, huh? they are celebrating knowledge brought to people from a fallen angel, did you even read the article? but again i guess its only seen as bad to those that adhere to the bible in which God forbides learning from the devil. anything God wanted us to know he reveals to us himself. thats why scientists say we only really use about 10% of our brains. Its on purpose. Remember the story of Adam and Eve? The serpent "illuminated" them in the Garden of Eden(which was after satans fall) and from then on they saw things as they were(Evil and Good) instead of the Good that God bestowed upon them. He didnt always intend on his children being privy to evil, mystery and magic. And these bastards are tricking the masses into practicing it with them.

      • If Eve had not taken the fruit from the tree of knowledge, we would be a bunch of ignorant slaves. There is a double meaning to Genesis…the literal and the philosophical .

      • "Ignorant slaves"? whoa so what do u call the people in this world who have no idea about anything…including this evil and deceit that increasingly abounds…I would rather as the Psalm says be a "doorkeeper" in the house of my God than have a thousand even a hundred years on this sin ridden planet!

      • @you obviously are still an ignorant slave to think that betraying God and giving up eden to live in the world that is corrupted is a good thing. who says such? honestly

      • @ Truth…This world is safer than it ever has been in our human history. Look at the data…people live longer and are way more prosperous. I don't believe in sin or any god that could fall to the human emotion of jealously. Thats a god I don't want any part of.

        @delphine…That is not betraying god. That is betraying the story in which you believe in. I don't believe in the god of the bible created by men, sorry.

      • aussiechick on

        Sure, we can have ceremonies…. but usually, most of us have no idea of what we are really celebrating / worshiping and sending our energy into. We follow along rituals and traditions that everyone does just because thats what everyone does without any understanding of the meaning of what we are doing.

        For example walking around the local shops yesterday I saw FIVE people with skull shirts.. even girls wtih pink skull shirts with heart shaped eye sockets… I also saw a guy wearing a shirt with one eyes all over it… another with pyramids on it… Why? its fashion. – everyone is wearing it.

        I bet they have no idea what they are representing and promoting.. just like I used to have no idea what the olympics was about.

        Thanks VC, I'll be watching the 2012 olympics with a careful eye and discerning mind.

      • "Remember, Satan doesn't care what you believe, as long as you DO NOT believe in Christ!"- There is no middle road, you are either for God or unknowingly for Satan.

      • @Concerned… I'm guessing your so-called "god" is the serpent/Lucifer the one who "freed you from the bondage of ignorace." Absolutely sickening…..if it isnt another satanists, we have enough of those in freemasonry/elite, you know the ones who control the world, who are the epitome of evil and reak havoc on God's creation and his people.

      • @ wow…I believe we all have the same god my friend. Why am I sickening…? That's silly. I just look at the world differently than you. I'm not sick, you sound a little angry though. What Freemason is ruling the world right now? Please enlighten me.

      • @Concerned….. I am concerned for you and will keep you in my prayers, you are obviously a satanists and under demonic influence, hence your delusional thought process. Therefore it is of no use or consequence to debate, the only thing one can do is pray for you.

      • @Wow….obviously I am a Satanist? Please explain. Im not delusional…I believe in truth.

        Not the false truth that was handed to you from a man who you it was the word of god. Do research my friend and Please pray for me because your thoughts will only aid me on my quest. You follow the same truth as me just veiled differently. You read it as the ten commandments, yet i prefer the much earlier version in Chapter 125 of the Egyptian book of the dead. Basically the same thing. One was based on another. I am for peace in this world not destruction. I will have you in my thoughts as well.

    • Sarah Connor on

      Very interesting AD! I have read quite a few bible studies with Prince Charles as the front runner for AC. Have you seen the Brazilian statue of him as 'Saviour of the World'?

      I read a very indepth study of scripture that gave me chills!!! I can't copy & paste it because it was a book but here is a similar article I found when looking for a picture of the statue for you. This is not as in depth or convincing as the one I read years ago, but creepy still!!!

      • As evil as Prince Charles is (and goofy with those ears lol), I don't think he will prove to be the Antichrist.

        Many people have said King Juan Carlos of Spain, who they call "The King of Kings", etc.

        Whoever it is, they apparently are/were to be born in the city of seven hills = Rome.

        One thing is certain, though, and that is that (almost) everyone on the planet will think this person is really great…until later.

        Peace to you, SC. :)

      • Sarah Connor on

        Prophecy of Daniel 9:26-27 states that Antichrist shall be a "Prince"!! He is not foretold to be a king, but a Prince! Therefore, it may be highly significant prophetically that Charles is not a king, nor may he ever be a king; he may always be a Prince – a point the Prince Charles crowd likes to refer to at least, and that his royal ancestors have claimed to sit upon the throne of David for nearly two millennia. There is actually quite a bit of information, like I said – enough to creep me out.

        I would not even begin to pretend to know either way! But that won't keep me from keeping my eye on a few people…..list of usual suspects.

        Never heard of Juan Carlos – will look him up. Lot's of speculation on David Rockefeller too.

      • So, I wasn't saying that I do or do not think that "JC" of Spain is the antichrist, because of course, no one knows that anyway. But, just keep in mind that before Kings become Kings, they are Princes….food for thought.

        I think the majority of what people have said related to Juan Carlos of Spain has mainly to do with his being the leader to bring Spain into the EU (or European Common Market, as it was called at that time), with Spain being the last (and tenth) nation to join in its original form. And this is seen as being closely related to Daniel's prophecies addressing the beast with ten horns (or nations), which is eerily similar to the what has been foretold about the "Revived Roman Empire", and thus, many believe that is exactly what EU is, or is at least putting the pieces of the foundation in place for the Beast that's yet to come there

        And then there's also this, which I find more than a little creepy and disturbing…

        "During periods of Franco's temporary incapacity in 1974 and 1975 Juan Carlos was acting head of state. Near death, on 30 October 1975, Franco gave full control to Juan Carlos. On 22 November, following Franco's death, the Cortes Generales proclaimed Juan Carlos King of Spain and on 27 November, Juan Carlos was anointed king in a ceremony called Holy Spirit Mass, which was the equivalent of a coronation, at the Jerónimos Church in Madrid. He opted not to call himself John III or Charles V, but by his Spanish name of Juan Carlos I."

        So, in this promotion ceremony of Prince Juan Carlos becoming King Juan Carlos, they referred to their big event as "The Holy Spirit Mass". To label the coronation of a MAN to become a King and calling it "The Holy Spirit Mass" is not good, and sounds immediately blasphemous to me. But I could be wrong, maybe they didn't mean it quite that way – but then again, maybe they absolutely did, knowing the ruling elite cult as we do.

        But, despite all this, I actually tend to think that when this hideously evil "man of sin" reveals himself and proclaims himself to be God – demanding the submission, loyalty and devoted worship of the entire human race – he will most likely be a person that we have never heard of when he first appears on the world stage.

        Just as no one really knew or cared about who Adolf Hitler was until he came to power and began implementing his evil plans for the world, it may be the same with the antichrist.

        I mean, when you think about it in terms of celebs/the entertainment biz and mass media propaganda, it is so clear that, especially in modern times, they can create a new persona, image and entity almost instantly, simply by flooding the world with their "image" and stories about virtually any person that they want to elevate into a "superstar" position of being "famous" and idolized for various reasons of their own choosing.

        In this case, it will be global propaganda like we've never seen before, with 24/7 coverage on all tv channels, radio stations, internet, etc. I can't imagine that the antichrist would have anything less than the most awesome and powerful PR machine that has ever existed, so that everyone on earth will be forced to see and know and feel his awful presence and power.

        And, considering that the mass deceptions that will accompany his arrival, whether it is some Bluebeam type of alien invasion false flag, or global holographic illusions (signs and lying wonders in the heavens, etc.) of whatever sort, I can imagine that once he has arrived, it will not take long for this phenomenon and person to completely become the focus of the world's attention, and will remain that way for as long as his terrible reign of evil lasts.

        Remembering the whole vanity thing, we can know that this person and his mentor will never be satisfied no matter how much they are loved, adored and praised – the ultimate junkie and attention whore who wants and will demand ALL of the glory and power, every minute of every day.

        The ultimate "me, me, me" sort of loser is how I envision Satan, and his second in command will not be any different – although they will both be skilled beyond our comprehension as far as being able to convince us that they are humble and caring…at least in the beginning.

        So, all speculation and imagination aside, what we already know is that God is in control and simply cannot lose in this spiritual war for our souls. We will put all of our trust and faith in God – and only in God – and pray for strength, forgiveness for our sins, courage and wisdom to endure the terrible times to come – and for compassion and love for our fellow man, so that we may be able to help others who will surely be spiritually lost, confused and very frightened by what our world will become.

        We will need each other more than ever before, and although it is true that "God helps those who help themselves", He is also very well pleased with those who can achieve selflessness and find it within their souls to help others in times of severe crisis, pain, fear and sorrow.

        So, no matter who the antichrist is or what the exact details are of what he will do and when all these things are going to take place, what is much more important is who WE are going to become spiritually, and how WE are going to treat each other when that terrible time is upon us.

        As His children, we are very important and precious to God – the antichrist is not at all important to God, because he has already been defeated in the most final and eternal way.

        Peace to you all. :)

      • Sarah Connor on

        Whoa LVB!!! You could have just posted a link or something 😉 Kidding aside, that is some interesting information, and of course, good closing thoughts! I'm leaning more to the AC coming out of left field, cause it really just would be too easy would it not? But based off fulfilling the different scriptures, it is interesting to watch the global political figures who do fit some ABC profiling for lack of a better analogy, just in case. Hidden in plain sight and all. Nevertheless, the whole reason I brought it up was in response AD's article. The idea that the 2012 Olympic ceremony could even be considered, even slightly, to be some type of elite/occult celebration to initiate the AC…IN London!!! Well, it gave me the willies like it did when I read about PC years ago. Double willies.

        Thanks VC for another great article! Exposing yet one more sliver of crazy in this world we live. It is somehow quite empowering. For the first time in 10 years, I'll be watching something other than the snowboarding competitions – the ceremony, gotta see what they are going to make those crazy little one-eyed freakensteinbots do…..and admittedly, some of this other stuff will be in the back, though way back of my mind, yet still on my radar! Hope we will get a 'review' article when it's over!

      • I think prince william is the antichrist

        he is very charismatic and loved until he shows his true self

        also the queen is pushful and wants him to rule before she dies

        I think something major wil happen around when he is age 33

        remember christ died at 33

        and the anti christ is a christ wannabe

        born of a virgin mary et al

    • Yeah we're sure he will. Just like the Antichrist was going to come in 2006 right? And how Judgement is coming in two more days! Ha! It's funny because all this site reeks with religious people (I know not everyone, so don't come in trying to defend yourself saying "Oh i'm not religious lol invalid argument!"), and your stupid religion says that in two days, all Christians will disappear and be saved by God while the rest of us stay here and die. I just can't wait to see what Christians say when nothing happens that day, apart from a few pranks and who knows, a psycho that feels the need to commit suicide or something.

      • Actually, you won't find many Christians who believe any of this nonsense about the 21st being "the end" – or any other predicted date, for that matter.

        Yaknow, considering that the Book itself says "no man will know the day or the hour" and all. lol

        We do know that the day will come, and that's all that really matters.

      • Sarah Connor on

        Chris I don't know any who believe this Sat is it, for what it is worth. And all my Friends who are Christian agree how ridiculous it looks. I actually feel your pain, or frustration on that one!

      • Chris, you're wrong. The Bible doesn't say anything about what day the Rapture will happen. It's supposed to not be known by anyone apart from God when the Rapture will happen. One man claims that he thinks that he has figured out the date, but he is misguided.

      • Things That Make You on

        @Chris, What you are referring to is the opinion of ONE man, not the opionion of ALL christians. Most, if not all christians know that it says "no one man will know the day or hour" (or something to that effect) So please, don't believe everything that comes outta America to be the truth…

      • Things That Make You on

        At first your comment made me VERY angry, no that I re-read it, I just feel sad for you.

      • If I remember right, while the Bible says we won't know the hour or day, it also says for us to watch and be vigilant for Christ's return.

      • Gary Dirtwise on

        only crazy harold said that, not our god, he based info from gregorian calendar, the ancient hebrews didnt use that

      • So yeah, to sum up…

        "But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up." – 2 Peter 3:10

        "as a thief in the night" = not on a scheduled date and time with lots of media coverage :)

      • Oh People! When are u ever going to stop being so obsessed by the anti christ theory? Prince charles or his son being the anti christ is a ridiculous idea. Its so hilarious,im not laughing.

        All we know is that the anti christ will come one ugly day and u will wish u were not born or living! So dont stress about it or get hyper coz it will happen one bloody day.

        And for what its worth, if all three monotheistic religions starting in the middle east then its more common sense that the anti christ will emerge from that area.

        Enjoy your life as much as possible and stop depressing yourself and others

      • be more open minded on

        @chris I'm curious of your religion, I wouldn't call it stupid out of respect for religions period. Don't know if you're a believer or not but ever heard of Scoffers? That guy could be claiming to be a christian, but is not CHRIST-like. Not all are righteous just because they SAY they are christians. Harold is speaking for Harold and whomever wants to follow or listen to him. Some people of other religions may believe him too, but i guarantee majority of all people regardless of religion DON'T. To be honest, I'm sure we all have alot to do the weekend of this rapture and hope to get it done after it's over.

      • be more open minded on

        @LVB, you're right about the coming Lord will be like a thief in the night, but only to those who are in darkness. For the ones who are ready plainly see this day coming.

      • be more open minded on

        2 Peter 3:10(NASB)

        " But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements will be destroyed with intense heat, and the earth and its works will be burned up."

        Matthew 24:42-44(NASB)

        42 "Therefore be on the alert, for you do not know which day your Lord is coming.

        43 "But be sure of this, that if the head of the house had known at what time of the night the thief was coming, he would have been on the alert and would not have allowed his house to be broken into.

        44 "For this reason you be ready too; for the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not think He will.

        So if you're ready, You will SEE this day coming. If you're still living in the darkness, not living for the Lord then this day sneaks upon you. The eye is the lamp of the body. If you have the light of the body, what good is it if its in darkness. That's in the bible also, its something to that nature. I hope I didn't say it wrong.

      • lol really? thats funny because i am a christian and dont believe that about the 21st. thanks for telling me what all christians are thinking because i didnt know.

  5. I do believe that the 2012 Olympics in London will be a tad bit different than previous games. Will cave-dwelling, bearded men use giant fans to try and blow out the torches' flame? The Horror! Will the games open with a chess match between Lucifer and Michael? Will the Obama administration hand out free Adobe software so that we can all see how 'real' Bernard's certificate of birth is? Will Obama, I mean Osama Bin laden finally be able to get box seats? Will Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad win best dressed couple? Will Bill O' Reilly tell everyone to shut up so he can hear if Glenn Beck is crying? Will Jon Stewart Leibowitz and Stephen Colbert finally admit to being the surrogate parents for Schwarzenegger's illegitimate child? Will George W. Bush (not the reptilian, the human one) throw out the first pitch for the Libya vs. Iran opening baseball game? Will Pope Benedict have a day care service? Only time will tell. I am looking forward to this momentous occasion. Are you?

    • Essential Truth on

      Lol…Im betting on a fake Alien Invasion where they come down and abduct the Queen!! hahaha or some type of HAARP light show at least!….but seriously, i hope it'll be a safe and enjoyable Olympic Games for everyone in UK

      • Sarah Connor on

        I agree ET – that would be some prime pickins for 'disclosure' or 'bluebeam'.

      • Sarah Connor on

        The conditioning for disclosure is off the charts this year, in all media outlets!!! On Sunday 5/22 National Geograhic is airing a show "When Aliens Attack"

        What if an extra-terrestrial force attacked Earth? What might that look like and how will the people of Earth respond? Consulting a cast of world-renowned scientists, survival experts and defense experts, this two-hour special, Alien Invasion explores this frightening scenario. Experts reveal what could motivate alien invaders to attack Earth, and speculate on how the attack might play out — the strategy alien invaders might use and the most effective ways for humans to respond. Well turn to science and history to figure out what works. Well show how humanity can survive this ultimate test.

      • Thierry Mugler's latest eau de parfum is called Alien. You couldn't make it up 😉

  6. VC advocate on

    "Cult following" and "cultish worship", how can any of this be good for humanity. As VC says in the tagline "signs and symbols rule the world". Stay vigilant!

  7. I much rather have received the torch from Prometheus than be lost in the ignorance of Zeus. Please apply this to any religion or tale in which you subscribe to. In its most basic form the celebration is about the defiance of ignorance, with the light of reason.

    • It amazes me how people who read VC articles and actually like them and leave posts still don't get it. It's like the whole purpose of the site and the articles go right over their head never to be perceived and understood.

      • @believer

        It's not that they don't understand. It's that they just don't believe it.

      • @Seeker….. or its just that they choose to be "ignorant" or ignore the truth when its right there in from of them. Research Masonic occult roots which connects with their symbolism and Masonic rituals.

      • @ Believer…those occult roots which you speak of were here long before any instances of the bible. Once Christianity became the religion of the state (Rome) all evidence of any occult practices were destroyed (Alexandria). All that remains now are the remnants of a once bountiful library of knowledge. Its sad really.

      • severalminds on


        do not worry…those who want to undrstand, they just get the meaning of VC article..those who fake of being "freaky" are just trolls trying to promote/defend their false gods from exposure…strangely, they pop out always everywhere when it is talked about their viscid godness.

        what do you expect from one that preferes the hell instead of paradise? who can demonstrate me that we became "smarter" after we get fallen from paradise???…were those damned masons, babilonian "brothers" in paradise, did they try it by themselves personally if the people there is really more stupid than on this damned earth tortured by the satanist masons day and night??? you see…there are many persons very arrogant who believe they have a kind of authorisation to decide for others…for me, i would merely prefer to remain in paradise than the hateful and poisoned false knowledge of devil…this idiot story about the "knowledge" got by Eve across sin is really for the stupid and invidious people with complex of self consideration. A normal person shouldn't try to become "higher" than the others or to have power on the things across the false knowledge which bring only destruction and death to the world. It is a vanity, greed and many other principal sins descending from the jealousy sin which put the beginning of murder in human istory…We see the "knowledge" of masons got from devil, it is nuclear energy, atomic bomb, HAARP, mobile phones and etc. there was a kind of strange, sudden "boom" from 1700 (the period when officially there was announced "illuminati" sect even if it was existing by a long time under other names, as a part of occult hierarchy which is guided from underworld so called "agharti" land – hell where the dark king tries to mess up the world continuosly on the base of its interests, that dark king is devil which waits for the day to be prepared by its slaves infiltrated in all over in the world, the day when the world would accept it as a king. Many famous satanist talk about this king and land, Blavatsky,. Crowley, Bailey and etc. adored it as their godness). So all that new technology misteriously popped out from everywhere wasn't a simple coincidence, but was a sign of contract between the power hungry bastards and dark entities…Airplane, tv, radio, bombs, arms…No one of these things are for the benefit of humanity, they all work against the harmony of environment, this diabolic technology is against the beauty, peace of world, against the nature, against the healthy life. It brings lots of troubles, cancer, pollution and disasters…this technology makes the hujman being more stupid, lazy, detached from the rest of nature, fragile, dependant on industry, this technology doesn't give a possibility to persons to comunicate directly, it divides the society, the individuals, it creates the virtual realities, it killes the brain, the consciousness – the "Third eye" of human being. This is the "knowledge" of damned masons got from their damned false godness??? so i just say them "go to hell then and enjoy your knowledge there, this is not the right place for you"…

      • @severalminds….The problem is I do understand and after reading your statement, way more than you. Why is it freaky to believe that the bible may also be incorrect.? I also fail to see how nuclear energy and cell phones is knowledge from the devil. Airplane, tv, and radio all benefit humanity so I also fail to see that point of view either. Just making accusations and not backing up your statements with facts, makes you sound fanatical. "who can demonstrate me that we became “smarter” after we get fallen from paradise???"—I can, I realize when i am naked and when i am not. The story of Genesis is a story and there are many more deeper meanings then the literal interpretation. The bible was written by men who knew exactly what they were doing. It has since become a force for a control all over the world.

  8. @Concerned – The only problem is that the masses are purposely kept in ignorance.

    • The masses are only kept in ignorance by their own ignorance.. All the information is out there for those who which to seek it.

      • No it is not. High level occult knowledge is only reserved to initiates of Secret Societies. Membership to the most powerful Secret Societies is only reserved to bloodline families.

      • @ Rite. That is only speculation…most higher occult knowledge is in plain sight for everyone to see.

      • @Concerned… this is sad, you are completely dilusional and have no knowledge of the truth what so ever. Why are you even on a site like this when clearly you are on "their" side promoting satanic beliefs and occult practices. You claim not to be a "slave" but you obviously are just another illuminati puppet promoting their occult agenda and "New Age" beliefs. Curious are you a Satanists, because you clearly share the same beliefs as the higher ranking freemason Satanists who are deeply involved in the occult, witchcraft, sorcery.

      • @Rite…On the contrary I have studied and studied and find nothing nefarious in my beleifs. I am a warm giving person who helps any man when he is down. I believe I am accountable for everything I say and do. I don't believe what you may call sin. If god created you only to test you and have you worship him…what is the purpose in that? What about reason? Why give man reason yet forbade him to use it.? I'm sorry but that does not make sense to me. You can believe what you like and I respect that, you must also respect my view to debate the topic. Don't get angry, give me the reasons and facts on why you feel the way you do.

    • @concerned….looks like we got another disinformation agent on the loose, spreading lies, promoting the elitist agenda.

      • @informed…i promote only truth. the deeper you look the more you will find that I'm right on the mark. Do research and tell me why you think Im so wrong. I would truly be interested in hearing your point of view.

      • @several minds…I concur, @wisdom you are right it is of no use or consequence to debate with such people who abide in strong delusion "concerned". a strong delusion of which can only be defeated/overcome by God. I will keep you in prayer also concerned, unbeknownst to you, you have been brainwashed and decieved by Satan.

      • @Believer…A true Christian would see the light in debating with people that think differently than them. To state "you are right it is of no use or consequence to debate with such people who abide in strong delusion" shows that you hold a very egotistical point of view. It also shows that you are looking for camaraderie from others that share your opinion without bringing any facts about why you believe what you believe. I am very learned in the bible. In fact there is no other book I have read more in my entire life. I went to a Christian Church for more than half of my life. But after years of study and my own personal reflection, unbeknownst to you…I don't believe in Satan. He is an archetype for people's fear and an entity for men to blame when they fall short. Believer, you believe in the story…I believe in the story beneath the story. I understand why it was created and I take an honest look at what it has done to this world. Maybe you should do the same.

  9. I sort of wish I didn't know all this because this would be the only Olympics I'd have any chance of going to in the near future…apart from that there's the concern that something really sinister might occur at the olympics. I'm actually worried for my family in London…

    • Don't be afraid. Go there, enjoy it, witness it for yourself whatever it may be. No person has ever conquered their fears by avoiding them. If you take a candle into a dark room, the darkness will flee. Cheer for your champions! There is still a tremendous amount of good in this world, so be a part of it, spread it around, and take it with you wherever you go :)

  10. Great and informative article as always and my gratitude at not having to see the 2012=ZION graphic that's been floating around the web!

    I am not a fan of the olympics nor of the blatant social engineering that happens before, after and during the games. Undesirable elements (ie.the homeless and working poor) are relocated and new laws aimed at controlling the populace are typically introduced. Cheap real estate occupied by the working class are turned into Olympic villages and sold back to the highest bidder when the games end. Lets not forget this is often highly subsidized by the municipality or the country hosting the games (your tax $ "at work"). Some examples:

    It would appear that there is more going on here than the support of athletic achievement and I'm glad to see VC dissecting the symbolism involved in the marketing of this event to the masses. Invoking these types of archetypes will inevitably blind people to the con job that's happening to them.

  11. and of course the 2012 logo can easily be rearranged to spell "ZION" ~ RIP Rik Clay

  12. I was JUST pondering this yesterday! I knew there had to be some occult symbolism in the Olympics.

    Thank you for the very informative article, once again! :)

  13. FormerGlobalist on

    Islam's interpretation of the false prophet emphasise on the fact that he is one-eyed.

    It fits. The puzzles are coming together.

  14. i find it odd that a certain blonde haired blue eyed boy prince will be 30 next year. supposedly he will inherit the throne next year. 3 years later he will be pronounced king.

    they say Christ was 30 when he started his ministry. he was killed at 33.

    the olympics take place in his home city, in the year 2012 when humanity is supposed to have a great spiritual awakening. the anti-christ-light-bearer revealed next year? he will be 30? his belatine marriage followed by the death of the most notorious villian of the 21st century? am i the only seeing this?????

    • aussiechick on

      I've heard that too…. Its very interesteding and something to consider. I mean he is very charasmatic and is definately a candidate for the AC imo.

    • no u are not the only seeing this- also interesting why May 1st another pagan holiday wknd chosen-and right before midnight, so right before the end of May 1 on U.S. time-

      i would like to add the so called awakening they are referring to, is in fact the opposite- people are losing faith; their new awakening is to actually exclude Jesus and the prophets from their lives and to include the devil in their place.

      the other "awakening" to happen- if people still aren't getting all the subliminal messages that they want us to start seeing and supporting- in hollywood/fashion/advertising= the business world of america- then there will also be a fake ufo show by holograms that the govt will use to install more fear and make every1 think its the end and bow to down to the govt for help

      who are actually the ones behind it

      the illuminati is uses pagan dates (ancient holidays)/numbers (fibonnaci)- that are very symbolic for them-

      for ex 11 is a very special numbers and that's why a lot has happened and will happen this year

      Just how the fake capture of bin laden happened around the "royal" wedding,

      the death of MJ 6/29/09 – 6 is a big devil month (lots of sacrifices happen in June)- and 2+9= 11 and again the 9 in the year 09

      this is no coincidence- on that same day while we watched the funeral, the pope and o-bummer were signing some contracts related to uniting the world from the economic perspective- gee why does the pope even have anything to do with this? he is another devil in disguise, but that is another story

      wake up people

      stop following the tweets and lives of stars

      and look to learn the truths for yourselves

      • Its also been largely prophesied that he will return into the new land of Zion… any idea why the '2012' of the London olympic logo reads "ZION"??? This is also considered to be the initial day that the world will truly see that an antichrist exists, lets call the olympics a sort of 'initiation ceremony' … Lets hope its all wrong…

  15. the antichrist is not Prince Charles though he is a supreme kind of evil.

    The Antichrist will be Prince Charles' Russian cousin Vladimir Putin ( bet on it).

    The False Prophet is not yet known but there's 99% chance he will be Prince William.

    Vladimir Putin is pure blooded Merovingian, the Windsors are not pure bloods so they cannot be the Antichrist.

    • What if it is Bono?

      Just crossed my mind, because he is one of the "global leaders" and fills stadiums of people who worship him already while he enters the stadiums like a gladiator the kolosseum

    • Sarah Connor on

      Putin…what? Those who hold Obama as a contender will be so disappointed lol! Seriously though, if you have a good read on this one I would love for you to post. This stuff fascinates me and I am suspect he is walking on good old planet earth right now. Gotta keep that list of suspects up to date…..know thy enemy and all. Thanks!!

      • yes, Putin will become the Antichrist- he's a pure blooded Merovingian -he's even higher than Prince Charles/Prince William in the Illuminati hierarchy- the story of his being born a poor nobody is bullcaca- he's a Romanov ( i.e., Rothchild). The high level Illuminists know that Putin is the 'capstone' – the invasion of Jerusalem will come from Russia with a coallition army- it's in Ezekiel 38 ( Gog and Magog). Putin is a full blooded descendant of the tribe of Judah genetically ranked higher than all other 'Royal' Satanic bloodlines. All the people in Hollywood elite know he's the Antichrist- they are sending large amounts of money/gold etc Jerusalem to give to him when he ascends the temple mount to begin the battle for 'King of Jerusalem.'

        There's also goin gto be a n invasion of North America from Russia/China. And from about 2005-2009 the Russians came into U.S. cities and planted small nuclear bombs so they can destroy the U.S. during the Apocalypse. Hollywood is right now releasing a movie about the bombs that have already been planted -it's a cinematic metaphore called:

        'Jerusalem Countdown'

        what I have said here will come true-you can bet on it!

      • @sirrah: Where do you get that the Romanovs are Rotheschilds? To my understanding they were competing families, and the Romanovs got pretty screwed by the Rothschilds when they overthrew the Tsar's (a Romanov) power by introducing Russia to Communism.

    • How much do you guys wanna bet that the antichrist will come so far out of left field?

      Also, can I please get a quick crash course on why prince charles is so evil? Just curious!

      • Sarah Connor on

        The Antichrist and a cup of tea by Tim Cohen is a really good book if you are interested in Prince Charles. If you click the link I provided above it gives some bullet points on why PC is a potential contender…biblically speaking.

      • Sarah Connor on – whoopsie. This is the link with the 'hightlights'. The above link is a bunch of Tim's work and then to his above mentioned book. I'm going to look into Putin per sirrah, and the king of spain someone mentioned above…but what I've found so far, PC is a top list contender (in alignment with scripture) so I specifically find this Olympic ceremony interesting……especially with AD's post. Crazy thing about this day and age…..veiling and unveiling…..learning and unlearning….hard to keep up, and perspective is always changing with the times.

        Daniel 12:4

        But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

      • I saw this foto of prince charles picking up a baby goat and, these 7th day adventist narrator of this piece of film would say he's clearly the anti-christ.

        He had some other arguments I can't remember but, i thought this was kind of funny.

  16. i live in the part of london where the olympic stadium is being built and see it practically everyday. I notice straight away the triangles and it being illuminated. Which on the same train journey I see Canary wharf and the flashing traingle light as well. I was sitting next to a kids who seemed so besotted by these lights, it seemed scary as it hypnotised them… Wow just (literally) so close to home

  17. Dr. Octagonapus!!!! on

    funny thing…….my college band is suppose to march there this december for the queen's parade.

  18. Wow these signs and symbols are everywhere! Thanks to you I see them everywhere…places I never thought they would be in like the Disney Movies my children USED to watch, yes, I said used to because know that i know I dont let them watch that crap anymore!

    • Sarah Connor on

      This crap is practically impossible to escape!! It certainly isn't easy guarding little hearts and minds in this culture. Check out this disgusting backyardigans video w/lyrics. I could not believe my eyes and ears. Nick Jr is the worst!!! This is some serious conditioning:
      Megatown robot central – ugh!

      "I get whatever I want and that's because I am the greatest evil Genius ever."

      "That's pretty much the point of making evil my career.

      And what I want most of all is for everyone in Mega City to bow down to me in awe and fear."

      • aussiechick on

        I know, its EVERYWHERE. I saw five people with skull tshirts while I was at the shops for less than an hour yesterday…

        HOW can skulls be fashionable?!?!?! Even girls are wearing them.. ! urgh its frustrating sometimes!!!!

  19. Things That Make You on

    Scary, just some down right jaw dropping scary shit… Lets make this go away now ppl, I know if we ALL work together, we can kick some of these psycho's asses.

    PS – If Prince William is really to be the Anit-Christ, I can understand the wedding being used as a huge mega ritual. Why is the media here in the states making a HUGE deal about the two of them coming here? Can anyone shed a light on that for me? It's like they readying us here in the states for another huge ceremony/ritual, what have you. Any thoughts anyone?

  20. I FREAKING HATE THE FREAKING ILLUMINATI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they just piss me off! seriously, EVERYTHING belongs to them nowadays! even most of our minds!

    If it werent for them,everything in the world would be so much more prosperous. Instead of worrying about what Britney Spears wore the the freaking red carpet, people would be worrying about science and growth in education! Today's teenagers (even myself) are going nowhere, and we are the future of the world. But how are we supposed to get anywhere if the holders of the future are too busy thinking about the songs on their ipods and too stubborn to see the truth?

  21. someone mentioned backyardigans

    i just saw some videos and all i can say is WOOWWWWWWWWWWWW

  22. The 2012 Olympics will be the start of the NWO.

    London is the illuminati capital of the world.

    We'll find out who the anti-Christ is and I wouldn't be surprised if bluebeam is used to stage some kind of event.

    • "London itself is of obscure etymology, but is possibly connected with the Celtic element 'lond' which means 'wild'.

      “In England, London means fortress”.

      “It also means fortress of the moon”.

      “The Latinised Roman name for London was Londinium”.

      Prometheus in comparative mythology of the gods, to include the fallen gods, correlates to Azazel, the evil “Demon of the Wilderness”.

      The ‘Wilderness’ is an occult initiate code term used to describe the human unconscious mind, which is the center of the sexual reproductive energies in human beings, according to occult initiates of the “Elite”.

      The “Illuminati” code word ‘wilderness’ is also used to designate the human subconscious dreaming mind.

      The “Illuminati” code term ‘Babel’, is used to designate the human subconscious dreaming mind as the Gate of the Astral Gods.

      “The Illuminati are the mediums of the Astral Gods, and as such, they are the incarnation of the Astral Gods in human form and corporality on earth.

      Prometheus/Azazel is both the Lord of the Astral Gods and their Gate-Keeper.

      The torch/flame/fire which Prometheus/Azazel bears represent Lucifer, another occult code word, used by initiates of the “Elite” to represent the human unconscious reproductive sexual energies and psychic potencies.

      The abundant and powerful psychic sexual reproductive energies and potencies of human-kind are under the dominion and manipulation of the demon, or god, of the “Elite”.

      The Olympic ceremony and games in 2012, the year of the “Destiny Determining Time” for the earth and humanity…coming at the change of the Ages, are a mega “Illuminati” occult ceremony, rite and ritual on a planetary scale.

      All of humanity from around the world will actively participate in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, which are in cold reality, nothing more then a deceptively colossal mega-event of ceremonial sympathetic magick, devilishly masked and disguised in the trappings of innocent athletic contests.

      The mega occult ceremonial rite and ritual which will take place next year in London is a deception, a clever trick of Satanic design, intended with the purpose of extending the rule of the “Illuminati-Elite” and their God, Lucifer/Prometheus/Azazel, over the earth and humanity, into, through and beyond the coming New Aeon.

      Choice means: Eyes wide open instead of Eyes wide shut!

      • I'm speechless as I've been clueless. Now tell me something. I never really got involved with the olympic games spirit and have no clue of the olympic games in China. It's like they never took place for me as I'm not interested in the extravaganza they create. Am I still channeling energy towards them?

      • In answer to your question Dina: The “Illuminati” are a collective body of Black Magicians who use and employ the unconscious creative and sexual reproductive psychic energies and potencies in their works of witchcraft, sorcery, ceremonial sexual magick and spell casting to create the everyday mundane world of human pursuit and activity.

        Ignorance and innocence of the human masses to the methods and means of their physical, mental and spiritual enslavement to these Black Magician is a very important component to humanities continued enslavement.

        The willed magickal desire of this collective body of Black Magicians called the “Illuminati” is that their captive slave race of remains sleeping. Without the slaves these Black Magicians are helpless to do anything under their own power, so dependent are they upon their slaves that they couldn’t survive without them. Yet, their human slaves can do quite well without the Master.

        If you are ignorant of the Master your ignorance and innocence still channels energy to the Master who benefits directly from your ignorant, uncaring and innocent state of mind.

        Once you become aware of the Master and their willed purpose and desire you now have a choice, whether to serve the Master’s desire and remain a slave, or to do nothing about it at all and be indifferent about the whole thing…which still keeps you in the status of a slave… or risk everything and rebel against the Master’s will.

        The danger to the Master is that your rebellion might set off a “Domino Effect” effecting other slaves which eventually with time will lead to the Master’s fall from power.

        The danger to you is that without the Master to tell you what to do… to tell you who you are… and to think for you… you must learn to think for yourself… in an artificial world and reality which you now question and are no longer in agreement with… nor fit comfortable within… or belong to.

      • Yomael how am I supposed to rebel. There are 6,000,000 billions people, there is no way I can inform everybody, get in contact with them and organise a revolution to overthrow the elite and their minions.

        I don't vote, I don't believe in the press, I have no idols, I have no interest in their rituals, what else I can do. I'm part of the establishment because I was born into it, it wasn't my choice. I can't save myself let alone others. We are only humans and there is so much we can do. How do you personally beat them at their own game? Suggestions would be very much appreciated.

      • Dina I understand your impasse and believe me you are not alone. There are many people out there who like you feel themselves powerless to help humanity and themselves to effect change where change both personal and collective is dearly needed in these desperate and dire times.

        The reason for our hapless state of mind to help ourselves and to help others, is the continuous purposeful conditioning and programming of our minds, by ‘Black Magicians’ of the “Elite”, who use the power of their minds to put our minds to sleep and make us into helpless sheep.

        The “Black Magicians” of the “Elite” have created an ingenious system of both secular and non-secular institutional powers which we are forced and compelled to participate in, to our own detriment, which render the awesome powers and potentials of our minds ineffective, impotent and unable to help us throw off the yoke of our continued enslaved servitude to the hidden and secret “Elite”, who have created our world and rule it.

        When we look into the mirror of self reflection we see exactly what the power of their magic, sorcery and spell casting want us to see, which is the image of a helpless lamb easily slaughtered when they the “Elite” are in one of their demonic feeding frenzy.

        We fight their wars, build their cities and nations, enrich and empower them through the worship of their image in the non-essentials we buy with our hard earned money, because we have been taught from the first day of our birth not to believe in ourselves and the vast secret powers of the mind we possess.

        The “Illuminati” use the power of fear which we have of ourselves and our minds potential, to keep us divided against ourselves and too weak and enfeebled, to attempt to stand on our own two feet and with self confidence in our own innate abilities of mind, determine our own destiny, fate and future, without the Black Magicians and their witchcraft and sorcery to hinder and deny us.

        We are powerful beings of light Dina, possessed of unimagined powers of the mind given to us by 'Creation' to “tend, care and watch over the garden”, but we like “Snow White” of fable, have fallen into a deep comatose sleep of forgetfulness, cast upon us by the evil doers we were put on this Earth to oppose with all the powers of mind, belief and spiritual faith at our disposal.

        In our long lengthy spell induced sleep of dark magick we have forgotten our ‘selves’ our mission and our reason for being, to the advantage of “Elite” Black Magicians, who believe me, fear and dread, the day of our awakening from the lethargy of our collective sleep.

        This isn’t a violent revolution Dina, but a peaceful one which doesn't require weapons of mass destruction, but a spiritual awakening involving our true spiritual identity, will and purpose of mind, body and soul, to accomplish what we’ve been put here to do in this “Eden”, to protect Her and halt Her destruction, by those who would make themselves into self deified gods through Her subjugation and destruction.

        Human history teaches the wisdom that change isn’t brought about through the combined efforts of the masses, but by the single spiritually aware and motivated individual, who against all the odds against them, alone has gotten off their knees, stood on their feet, and with the power of the ‘Holy Spirit’ in their heart, mind, body and soul achieved what others thought was impossible.

        Embrace that ‘Living Spirit’ Dina each and every day, focus with all your heart and mind on what you want and not on what you don’t want, and you will be surprised at the change you will soon see in yourself reflected in the eyes of those around you, who will look at you and wonder what mystery of mind and spirit has possessed you and made you spiritually powerful.

        Then with loving strength, compassion and understanding in your heart patiently wake them from their dark lengthy sleep of magick to greet the welcomed light of the New Aeon.

      • Yomael, my love, good to see you contributing here as well. Even after reading your unquestionably eloquent reply I have to second Dina's frustration; after one understands that the masses are, and have always been, manipulated by ''magik'' the natural question is how do you counter that, who are the antithesis of the Illuminati, who and where are the good guys?

      • The sleeping mind refuses to accept a foregone conclusion!

        The matrix of power of the Black Magicians of the “Illuminati Elite”, to create or destroy worlds and the power to spell-cast through witchcraft and sorcery, is Azazel, the one eyed demon of the wilderness, who embodies the Promethean flame of Luciferian vice involving the willed intent and purposeful abuse of the human unconscious reactionary mind and its psychic sexual reproductive energies and potencies.

        Only through the committed practice of virtuous surrender and devotion to selfless love is the human mind possessed of the infinite ‘Powers of the Almighty’ which nullify, reverse and defeat the witchcraft and sorcery of the Black Magicians of the “Illuminati Elite”.

        The choice to serve or be served is our own.

      • Yomael, thank you for your reply. I understood your stance in the previous response buy perhaps I did not word my question correctly, I was asking about the binary nature of the magic or spiritual world, the good and the bad, where there's a villain there is a hero the black and the white. The wild beast you mention is not human. What is he? Who created it? Why is it against us? We always speak of these dark forces as a matter of fact like we know who they are and where they came from but perhaps if we understand their origins we destroy their essence. That's not where my question ends however, I'm not satisfied with the biblical version of humanoid God, if anything the Bible proves the Sitchin theories of visitations as the Elohim are such humanoid creatures. I was reading a section from the Torah the other day and I could not help but laugh at the ''offering'' ceremony that's described there, where Hebrews are instructed to make offerings of pigeons and burn them in the Temple because ''the scent it sweet to the Elohim". Really? He likes the smell? Of fried pigeons? I'm sorry but I find these barbecue parties for Gods ridiculous. So I'm left wanted to know who then represent the forces of good? As I said I'm with you on the energetic manipulation of our base instincts, I see how all of this is exploited but what is the source of spirituality and goodness is what I wanted to hear your take on.

      • Those are soul stirring questions you ask which border upon the shores of intuition and reason, the known, the unknown, and the unknowable.

        “Stare too long into the Abyss and the Abyss stares back into you” be warned… but let us proceed on our quest to understand the origin and nature of the Beast and one-eyed god.

        An infinite creation and cosmic universe expands into the only thing that can possible retain it that being its own imagined self creation.

        Yet what motivates infinite cosmic creation to grow and expand?

        Only 5% percent to 10% percent of our universe is visible and measurable with the remaining 90% percent of Creation, our universe, being comprised of invisible and barely measurable matter and anti-matter…dark energy and dark matter.

        During the day our waking awareness and conscious minds employee’s only 10% of there vast potential to successfully deal with the every day mundane world of human pursuit and human activity.

        If my theory is correct it is only in the night when we enter dreaming sleep that the total vast resource of our minds is fully engaged in an impossible act of creation and recreation of both reality and non-reality.

        Our minds do this so well that we perceive in the dream non-realities at the very precise moment of there creation or recreation which we also actively participate in within the dream as if the non-reality is real.

        The answer to the origin of the shadow of the ‘one-eyed god’ we care deep within our minds lies in unknown and unknowable realms of dark stars and intelligence far older than our own race, world and universe.

        Somehow some secret as yet indefinable, and perhaps unknowable, part of our self is making this all up as we slowly, painfully, learn, expand and unravel, the infinite mystery and nature of our awareness and how to control our minds… as indeed it should be.

        You have a very sharp mind which we bear spiritual and soul nourishing fruit in the Garden of Good and Evil…Sofia.

      • The burnt pigeons in the Torah holocaust rite you mention represent the worshipful thoughts of those participating in the rite which sustain and nourish the Elohim…Sofia, and is to be understood in the context of the 'Greater Mystery', which takes place in the Tempel (Heart) of the worshipper.

        Sorry I meant to say…you have a very sharp mind which will bear spiritual and soul nourishing fruit. Your soul stirring questions really inspired me…thank you.

    • Thank you for your interesting answer Yomael and thanks for reminding me that in all understanding you need to delve into epistemology.

      Re pigeons however, I was speaking about animal sacrifices in general and the reason I used the pigeon example was because of that line that tickled my understanding of what's divine, that El enjoys the ''smell'' )) Animal sacrifices (one of the oldest forms of worship) continue to this day, Muslims have them Greek Orthodox Christians have them and neither the mullahs nor the priest have been able to provide a legitimate reason to me why they do this when we know that blood lettings and sacrifices are more on the dark side. I keep seeking.

      BTW Inspiration and gratitude are all mine. Like I told you before, your post remind me of sections from books…and with your latest answer I feel like Sophie Amundsen talking to Alberto Knox ))

      • Nubian Nile by Yomael

        Drum beats on the Nubian Nile within my deepest darkest dreamless sleep –

        Awaken distant memories of things I use to know when I was something else long ago –

        Mind over matter, matters of the mind…something I use to know before I was me long ago –

        Drum beats on the Nubian Nile awakes the sleeper from his lengthy sleep to hold once more the Dreaming Gate, which lie far below sun scorched desert sands, bridging the silent void separating the far above from the deep below –

        Drum beats on the Nubian Nile, a gate is threatened, rhythms of drum-beats call to my inner mystery of being –

        Far below sun scorched desert sands something stirs…something I knew and once understood long ago –

        Sweating in the grip of unknown fears I toss and turn within my sleep and struggle, toss and turn, within the embrace of nightmarish witchcraft and dark sorcery –

        Drum beats on the Nubian Nile…long desert caravans slowly cross endless seas of being –

        I have crossed oceans of pain to regain such brief anguished moments of memory and spiritual resurrection –

        A soaring hunting desert hawk suddenly strikes with sharp talons its serpent prey… as stilled desert winds whisper my name…am I asleep…do I still dream…or have I become a destiny and fate of imagined dream and fantasy –

        Memories of something I use to know when I was something else long ago –

        Worlds above joining worlds below –

        Drum beats echo no more as I awaken reborn from my decent into the very ‘Pit of Hell’… to return once more to the Garden of Eden…now whole and again spiritually complete…as Her loyal servant and ever vigilant guardian.

      • My comment was misplaced above. I think it's beautiful….a familiar feeling…

      • SOFIA @ It was the shedding of blood to atone for sin. The Bible says that for the wages of sin is death. Since all mankind is inherently sinful, none could qualify as a sacrifice. So the innocent animal became the sacrifice. In the Old Testament, people would sacrifice animals by laying their hands on the animal. That symbolized the transferring of one's sin and passing it onto the animal. The animal was then killed. When Jesus came and died on the Cross, He became the sacrifice as He took upon Himself all the sins of the world. He was the lamb who takes away the sin of the world -the only Innocent Man. Jesus' blood has replaced all animal sacrifices in order for atonement. Therefore there is no need to sacrifice anymore animals.

        Some villages in Greece also sacrifice animals to Saints but it’s extremely rare. The wealthy Muslims sacrifice a mammal –lamb, goat or camel- and the meat is given to poor people.

      • Neuzam, aren't you referring to the ancient “Elite” black magick rite and ritual of blood sacrifice of the eldest son of the High Priest to appease the deity?

        Wasn’t the eldest son considered the innocent lamb of the deity whose blood would take away and absolve the sins of the people.

        Doesn’t the lamb represent virtue?

        Didn’t Cain’s enact this same rite and ritual in his sacrifice of Able the lamb beloved of the deity.

        Isn’t your argument supportive of a ancient blood rite and ritual still being enacted today in the innocent blood sacrifice of children raised secretly by the black magicians of the Illuminati for the express purpose of gardening support of the deity?

        Aren’t you attempting to whitewash this malevolent theology beneath the trappings of the sacrifice of God, in the personage of Jesus, to absolve the sins of human-kind?

        Isn’t purposeful deception and deceit a characteristic trait of the dark deity worshipped by the black magicians of the “Illuminati”?

      • Ok, I don't stand a chance against Yomael's response here but since you took the time to write to me let me first thank you for your input and explain that, those are exactly the arguments that I deem unacceptable. You don't see a moral, spiritual and a logical problem with the idea of killing the most innocent to take upon itself your sins? This can not be the act of good in the name of goodness. This logic that commands “Jesus died because he was the only innocent man” astounds me! I'm trying to work this now: We are all sinful, so let's find the one that isn't sinful – and kill him! That way we are not sinful because everyone's sin is no one's sin and the one that made us look bad is dead? And just so we don't have to raise the bar of morality too high let's call this man god and romanticize his murder and pretend it was all for a good cause? How are your sins exculpated by someone else's suffering and destruction? This is the same mentality that burnt people at stake ''in the name of the father and the son of the holy ghost”, the same mentality that's justifying burying children alive and driving nails through their heads in Nigeria as an attempt to expel evil and the same mentality that drops bombs on civilians in the name of ''freedom of speech”, “democracy” and “rule of law”. I didn't mean to write about Jesus because our good host is a Christian himself and I don't even accidentally want to offend anyone's religious believes but I fail to see logic in this and the usual arguments sound contrived. To get back to the animal sacrifices however, I just found secret footage of a Turkish masonic lodge where the grand master drinks goat's blood.. .

      • With all due respect to you Sofia the gentlemen’s statement touched something deeply personal within me and I had to respond, please forgive me for that.

        I am an eldest son sacrificed in the ancient black magick rite and ritual of the “Illuminati”.

        I survived being sacrificed through the Grace and spirit of Buddhist monks who interceded and stopped the ritual before its culmination.

        I have been ostracized by my family, and those whom I mistook to be friends, for daring to remain unrepentant of my sin of remaining alive and not surrendering myself to the deity, so that they would gain absolution of their sins and continued wealth and prosperity.

        I never doubted your response…it was the pain of circumstance…I hope you understand.

      • SOFIA @ I was talking about animal sacrifices BC (Before Christ). Animal sacrifices were offered to God before the death of Jesus on the cross. Once His Blood was shed, it was offered before God, opening the way to Heaven for all who are believers. Jesus offered Himself, His life has the power to remove sin and save those who want to be saved.

      • YOMAEL @ With all respect I’m referring to the animal sacrifices in the Old Testament.

        I understand you’re a tormented soul, but my post was very clear and simple as I explained the purpose of the animal sacrifices Before Christ. As to Cain, his jealousy and malice led him to murder his own brother, Abel. God never asked Cain to sacrifice his brother. God is against human sacrifices and He only tested Abraham’s trust in Him when He instructed Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac. God gives life and has the right to take it. Cain decided of his own accord to murder his brother for selfish reasons. On the other hand, Abraham followed God’s command knowing that God creates life. If you remember Isaac, a child, was never sacrificed as God instructed Abraham not to lay a hand on the boy, which proves that God is against human sacrifice. As to illuminati, I heard of them and their deceptive ways and have no interest. I hope they find their own path to salvation. In He who gives life I believe and only Him. He who lived a humble life, sacrificed Himself for all mankind and is the bridge that reconnect us with The Creator.

      • George, like I said I did not mean to write about Jesus but when you provided that argument as to why he had to be crucified I got sidetracked. All I'm saying is that I don't believe the practice is right and am not convinced by the usual argument, I have no reason to take ''religious's servant's'' words for it because they have little to no credibility in my eyes.

        Did you watch the footage?

        Yomael, you don't need to apologize to me I wasn't complaining on the contrary it was very informative but I had to read your last post twice to make sure it wasn't your poem or a short story. Yomael, that's insane!! What cult? What deity? Where? When?

      • SOFIA @ Fair enough then, even though I wouldn't consider myself religion's servant. Just faithful.

      • I wasn't referring to you as such George, I think it's fair to say, that which you have told me is that which has been advanced by people behind religions not by yourself, and those that advance violence through religions to me are not true followers but "servants".

      • Sofia, all my poems and stories are abstract creations based upon what I’ve seen and experienced as a “Chosen One” raised as an innocent and ignorant lamb of sacrifice to the serpent-god Azazel in a lower echelon family of generational “Illuminati Satanists”.

        My knowledge is based on my continued struggle and war against black magicians who would have successfully sacrificed me eighteen years ago in the Far East upon the altar of the “Old Woman” and worshipper of the serpent-god.

        Unlike so many others who were not as fortunate as I, Adepts who were Buddhist monks, interceded and stopped the rite and ritual and later adopted me as an apprentice.

        Through these Adepts I learned of a secret order of mystics on Earth dedicated to the war against the black magicians of the “Illuminati”.

        I learned through these Adepts that I was genetically bred by the “Illuminati” as a medium of the 7th dreaming gate which is the gate leading to the upper spheres or dimensions of the Heavenly hierarchy.

        The burning ambition of the black magicians of the “Elite” is to overturn the rule and hierarchy of Heaven which has confined and imprisoned them upon the earth.

        The Adepts of the Far East saved me from sure death because through me the 7th Gate was threatened.

        Before allowing me to return again West to Europe and America the Adepts taught me initiated yogic secrets of both mind and spirit…. then made me guardian of the gate I was bred to channel through dreams.

        Enough talk about me!

        I believe George is referring to the obtainment of “Christ consciousness” which is achieved through the bloodless sacrifice of the egotistical sinful nature upon the “Cosmic Cross of Nature”.

        This obtainment of spiritual unity is also called “Buddha consciousness”.

        I would like to thank George for his kind words and ask that he and others like him pray sincerely for the souls of countless innocent children trapped helpless in the world of the “Elite”, who will be sacrificed one day in blood rites and rituals to absolve the evil sins of the guilty.

      • george aka neuzam on

        It's disturbing to read what you've been through Yomael. Wish you the best from now on. Take care both of you (Sofi and Yomael).

  23. Sarah Connor on

    From by bud AP57- who usually likes to call this a "noobsweep" – that includes me!!!!!

    Chapter 4. How Are They Scaring Us into Obeying? – (The Process)

    Fake Wars (False Flag) = Global Banking Mafia owned NSA, CIA, FBI sponsored false (staged) flag Communist/Islamic terror for Oil and Military Industrial Complex PROFIT Scam.

    Must Watch Videos: Loose Change – Final Cut, 911 Blueprint for Truth, NATIONAL SECURITY ALERT, 911 In Plane Site Directors Cut, 911-Mysteries-Demolitions, Painful Deceptions, 9/11 Revisited: Were explosives used? (v.2), Core of Corruption 2009 – In the Shadows, Wake Up Call – Remastered Edition, Al Qaeda Doesn’t Exist


    Fake Man Made Global Warming Hoax = Global Banking Mafia hijacked the real environmental movement in the 90′s to create the new “It’s the Sheeple’s fault” (CO2 Fear for Profit) Carbon Tax and Credit Scam.

    Must Watch Videos: The Great Global Warming Swindle, Global Warming; Doomsday Called Off, Global Warming or Global Governance, Greenhouse Conspiracy, The Science is In Lord Monckton Debunks Global Warming, Little Ice Age, Big Chill, Mark Moreno,, Climategate E-mails, ”hide the decline” .


    Fake Man Made Virus Pandemics = Global Banking Mafia Man Made Bio Weapons Sheeple Depopulation for Profit Vaccine Scam.

    Must Watch Videos: The Origin of AIDS, Polio Vaccine -The Smoking Gun, House of Numbers, The Other Side of AIDS, Deconstructing The Myth Of AIDS, HIV=AIDS: Fact Or Fraud, Vaccine Nation, In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism, Preventing Gardasil Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Barbara Loe Fisher, Dangers of Vaccines – Part 1 Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Flu and Flu Vaccines: What’s Coming Through That Needle, Autism – Made in the USA, Robert F Kennedy Jr. – Shocking Vaccine Cover-Up, Mercury, Autism and the Global Vaccine Agenda – Dr. David Ayoub M.D., Selective-Hearing Autism caused by MMR SHOT, 60 minutes 1979 – 1976 SWINE FLU VACCINE WARNING , Mexican Swine Flu Outbreak 2009 SPECIAL REPORT by Dr Leonard Horowitz, VVH-TV News Special Report on PLUM ISLAND, Under Our Skin (Lyme Disease)


    Fake Elections = Global Banking Mafia owned voting machine corporations rigged elections and stage managed theater for profit scam that would make Shakespeare proud.

    Must Watch Videos: Invisible Ballots – A Temptation for Electronic Vote Fraud, Hacking Democracy, Princeton University Exposes Diebold Flaws Programmer under oath admits computers rig elections


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    Must Watch Videos: Generation RX, The Marketing of Madness: The Truth About Psychotropic Drugs, Big Bucks, Big Pharma – Marketing Disease & Pushing Drugs, Selling Sickness Pharmaceutical Drugs, ADHD – Epidemic or Fraud, We Become Silent – The Last Days of Health Freedom, Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging, Prescription for Disaster, – Episode 1 – Pharmaburger,


    Fake Main Stream TV, Radio, Newspaper, Internet Media = Global Banking Mafia Owned Mass Media Sheeple DISTRACTION/SPIN/FEAR for profit Scam.

    Must Watch Videos: Outfoxed – Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism, Orwell Rolls in his Grave, War Made Easy: How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death, Psywar, WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception, Hijacking Humanity Final Cut, Noam Chomsky – Manufacturing Consent, Behind The Big News: Propaganda and the CFR


    Fake Drug War = Global Banking Mafia CIA Drug Money Laundering and Privatized Prison System Sheeple Packing for Profit Scam.

    Must Watch Videos: How Weed Won the West, Plan Colombia: Cashing in on the Drug War Failure, American Drug War: The Last White Hope


    Fake Environmentalism = Global Banking Mafia Private Sheeple Land Grab Disguised as ECO (U.N. Agenda 21 Sustainable Development, Endangered Species Act, etc.) Foundations for profit Scam.

    Must Watch Videos: The U.N. Deception, Behind the Green Curtain, Michael Shaw AGENDA 21, Drought and Starvation, Henry Lamb on agenda 21, Environ-Mentalism: A New Religion for a New Age


    Fake Overpopulation = Global Banking Mafia Manufactured Sheeple Depopulation for Profit Scam. Globalists and their eugenic minions misrepresent population statistics in order to justify their agenda to wipe out large portions of the population. Science and statistics both tell us that overpopulation is a myth.

    90% of the people in the world currently live on only 3% of the land

    There is enough food for everyone but politics and greed allow people to starve to death

    The facts are the entire population of the world could fit inside of the state of Texas. The world’s population in 2010 is 6.9 billion people. The area of Texas is 268,820 square miles or 7.5 trillion square feet. That makes more than 1,000 square feet per person or over 4,000 square feet for a family of four.

    Must Watch Videos: Overpopulation is a Myth.


    Fake Water Shortage = Global Banking Mafia Manufactured Sheeple Water Privatization for Profit Scam. Globalists and their eugenic (T. Boone Pickens, G.W. Bush, etc.) minions are buying up huge areas of land with water rights in anticipation of a global aquifer crisis brought on by the corporate created toxic Bottled Water craze.

    Must Watch Videos: Blue Gold, World Water Wars, Flow for the Love of Water, Tapped

    These are exerpts from his website: – The BEST ever!!!!!

    I cannot thank him enough! True American Patriot……citizen journalism sytle… really….he was a journalist!!!!

    • Actually... on

      We keep going over this with the overpopulation. Overpopulation is NOT about how many people you can squeeze into a certain area. The population of the world is now more than 6 times what it was in 1800. The census bureau estimates that there weren't even half a billion people in 1000 AD, now there are nearly 7 billion, meaning that in the last 1000 years our numbers have grown maybe 12 TIMES and you have to consider how much water, farmland for food, gas for heat, transportation and power, personal housing space and waste by-products are going to be created and needed by every person for our species alone and how it will affect the ecosystem and more fragile species. Millions, maybe even more, of other species of life have been pushed to extinction by humanity's expansion and it is not a limitless world.

      As for no global warming or rather climate change, tell that to Lake Chad, Brazil, the polar regions and the rising sea levels.

  24. Please read Serge Tchakhotine book about the use of symbols and instincts in Nazi propaganda. It's a brilliant book that explains all the mechanisms. he talks about our instincts and how symbols and propaganda helped Hitler to create conditionate reflexes into masses.

    The book is called Le viol des foules par la propagande politique it is in french and is a book from 1939 but it's briiliant

    Also i'm your fan and love your work you helped understand many things


  25. The so called 'Antichrist' is the very person they are building up now IMO. it's Prince William, adored now but later???? and Just as Jesus started his work at aged 30 (allegedly), prince William turns 30 in 2012, it's the 30th olympic games or XXX, who needs rapture or false flag alien invasion?

    • Sarah Connor on

      Here is my only thing with Prince William:

      Rev 13:18 – Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man: and his number is 666.

      The official name "Prince Charles of Whales" makes 666 in English using the ancient Hebrew gemetria when adapted by using a natural one to one sequential mapping of the Hebrew alphabet values to English values. His official Hebrew name in newspapers transliterated as Nasich Charles mem Wales also is 666 using ancient Hebrew gemetria.

      Prince William 'does not' meet the 666 name test nor match the imagery of the beast as his father's heraldic achievement does:… – which pictures a wingless lion like beast standing on two feet like a man, as Daniel 7 describes. Closer examination reveals that this beast only has a lion head and mouth, while the rest of it matches the bear feet and leopard body of the beast of Rev 13.

      There is so, so much more about PC – but I need to check out the other list of suspects as well. Who knows???? I just personally feel that in all I've encountered, Prince William does not meet the AC profile scripturally, but more subjectively meets the criteria of what people naturally assume a future world leader must be like. Just my two cents….you can keep the change!

      • be more open minded on

        Sarah, try Maitreya. It may add up to that figure. And he claims to be a world teacher and bring peace. I'm sure that are many who names would add up to that figure. Its hard to say who the anti-christ will be.

      • Sarah Connor on

        Thank you open minded – I will. I like hearing different theories and then seeing current events unfold with some of this stuff in mind. Whole new perspective. This thread has given me some homework!

      • I've tried to explain in a simple way that Prince Charles will not be the AC because of his genetic lineage. One thing the sheeple are unaware of is how ruling power of European lineages depends upon genetic inheiritance related to the original German Royal bloodline of Judah.

        Prince Charles is from the House of Hanover -which technically does not have the right to rule as they 'stole' the Monarchy from the House of Stuart ( Diana Spencer-Stuart). Satan has focused attention upon the Windsors to keep people from figuring out who the real AC is.

        The Romanovs,Windsors,Rothchilds are all related to each other through the original German Royal House of Europe. According to Salic Law the person with the most DNA of Judah is the highest authority of the Illuminati…Vladimir Putin is that person who carries the lineages of a number of Royal German bloodlines- here's something to consider:

        From Revelation 13:2

        'The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority.'

        I’m Going to break this down in a simple way –you can dig through the complex history if you wish.

        I. The Beast I saw resembled a ‘leopard’

        There is a region of Germany called Baden-Wurttemberg which a one of the wealthiest parts of Germany –this region is also known as Swabia. This region is the historical location of many German royal bloodlines of Judah including the once very powerful Hapsburgs. The coat of arms of Baden-Wurttemberg has 3 Leopards on it. The AC is a person who carries all the Royal bloodlines of Judah.

        The Leopard of Rev 13 indicates the AC will be a ‘Leopard’ from the bloodlines of Swabia, Germany i.e., Baden-Wurttemberg. Today Swabia is absorbed into Bavaria.

        II. ‘had feet like those of a Bear’

        This one is easy to figure out- the Bear represents the Russian Bear Icon. It’s the symbol of the Russian Federation- but has been used since around the 17th century to signify a United Socialist Republics. And it figures largely in the editorial propaganda of Russia during it’s more Imperial past-which is once again reviving itself. Imperial Russia faded from public view after Tsar Nicolas II was ousted by Bolsheviks which were financed by the cousins of the Romanovs ( the Rothchilds). The Rothchilds who are related to the Windsors then put their own bloodline into power in Russia – a family know as the Hammers who are actually Saxe-Coburgs from Germany. The Hammers also run a movie company in L.A. called "Hammer Films'

        III. ‘A Mouth Like that of a Lion’

        In the book of Genesis the ruling bloodline of Judah is symbolized by the Lion:

        Genesis 49: 9 Judah is a lion’s cub;

        from the prey, my son, you have gone up.

        He stooped down; he crouched as a lion

        and as a lioness; who dares rouse him?

        10The scepter shall not depart from Judah,

        nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet,

        until tribute comes to him;

        and to him shall be the obedience of the peoples.

        The AC will be related to the Messiah through the bloodlines of German Judah. So the AC

        will be a satanic facsimile of the real Messiah. Therefore the AC is a descendant of the Lion of Judah and he will for a short time speak with the ‘authority’ of one who is King. ‘Mouth of a Lion’

        The Ruler come from the 'Northern Kingdom' who comes against Jerusalem is from the Russian bloodline of Judah ( actually a Romanov). The name of the AC is Vladimir Putin- no other person can fit into the prophecies. In the year 2000 right after Putin 'hijacked' Russia I solved to 666 puzzle with Hebraic Gematria- I'm not going to divulge this herein as you can probably figure it out from this Info.

        A video about Putin which contains the Double-Headed Eagle of Masonry:

        Putin singing to Russian/Hollywood elites:

      • Sarah Connor on

        @sirrah – this is very interesting information, and I thank you very much for sharing. I am going to watch your video now!!! Peace & God Bless

      • Which is why it probably won't be either of them. Do you honestly think the

        Devil is going to let people figure it out so easily? God warned humanity not to

        look for signs in the stars and beware of false Prophets.

        Which is exactly what the deceived do for answers,

        money, fame and power. They part take in Sin and

        Abominations against God.

        Remember that Satan knows not love therefore has no love for Humanity which

        includes it's followers. Their rewards are a fleeting illusion, then they are ultimately

        consumed by eternal Damnation and their Souls are tormented by Demons

        and the Devil itself.

  26. I do feel kinda weird now since I'm greek ''/

    Anyway, can Vigilant Citizen make an article about My Chemical Romance? Just to know if they are a part of the Illuminati…

    I was watching MTV the other day and I watched MCR's video clip "I'm not OK". I was sure they had nothing to do with the Illuminati. And I suddenly saw Gerard Way doing the a-ok sign while singing. Then in an other scene he had his fingers in a certain order (like Eminem did I think in an album cover). I don't really know what that means, but I know it's not good.

    BUT MCR have totally changed since them. It's like they turned a page in their lives. Does this mean they "escaped" the Illuminati? Their music is different as well as their looks. Also, if you listen to their song "Sing" it warns the world and encourage us – the new generation, the future – about what will come. In their video clips it's supposed to be in 2020 and they are a team called "Killjoys" and fight against the "Better Living Industries" who seem to controll the world. Also there aren't names of cities but areas 1-6. The 6th is the most dangerous area, and that's where the Killjoys go to hide (?). Does this remind you of NWO? Oh, I almost forgot! The Better Living Industries kidnap the younger member of the Killjoys and they are trying to get her back. Does that mean that those people trying to control young children?

    Please do a research about it I'm really confused!

    And sorry for the irrelevant comment!

    • the ancient pagan holidays are still part of greek history and have absolutely nothing to do with the religion followed by 92+% of greeks which is the supreme form of Christianity- Orthodoxy

      very few are still pagan in and out of greece, not even 5%

      and most of those have no clue the symbolism of promethius

      american societies under Ahepa have different groups such as "sons of promethius"- lots of money collected goes to the u.s. govt secretly and those greeks have no clue about that either

      illuminati use promethius as their symbol, bec he was the "ancient devil" so to speak

      who got kicked out for stealing the light from zeus to give to the people

      you should still apreciate your culture and ancient history bec it is still ancient history, and remember not all pagans are demonic though steered that way- just how they want us to lose Jesus, they also have turned the modern wiccan has turned into a witch…

      also notice the gold promethius at rockefellar center as well as pagan gods and symbols on almost all rockefellar buildings in the area- ironically they are laughing at us when they illuminate the tree they place right above promethius every Christmas for the world to see and the idiot tourists to wait hours for….

      • yes- and the Rockefellars are relatives of the Windsors ( Saxe-Coburgs) of England-thus David Rockefellar is a close relative of the Queen- and the Rothchilds are German Saxe-Coburgs related to the Satanic Queen of England. Therefore since Adolph Hitler was a Rothchild bastard he was also related to the Queen and the Rockefellars- which is why the German company I.G. Farben that made gas for the Nazi Gas chambers was actually owned by Rockefellar's Standard Oil. Former President Bill Clinton is a Rockefellar bastard, and even David Letterman is also a Rockefellar- check out where Mr. Letterman's satanic late night show is broadcast from- it's amazing to think that David Letterman and Adolf Hitler are actually fairly close cousins. I bet Letterman has lots of stock in the modern day branch of I.G. Farben now known as Bayer- they make the famous aspirin.

  27. Notice that the blue one-eyed mascot has a red kabbalah bracelet on wrist.

    • might not be bec it has to be on left hand but u never know..

      also original colors of these monster blobs were supposed to be red, white and blue- go figure

    • the one-eyed mascots have one arm pointed up and one down (like baphomet as above, so below etc). more blatant on the left sided mascot.

      • good one chicks- just noticed

        also on a dif note, yet not- speaking of one eyed monsters- there is a band called " one-eyed dolls" and their 2009 album is called "monster"- much like gaga's "monster" ball concerts etc

        these recurring themes are no coincidences

        the day is already here where young kids are familiarizing with skeletons, monsters, etcs and they are becoming part of every day life= death itself is going to become part of everyday life and no biggie just how sex and sex changes and things of that nature are no biggie anymore

        there will be no more fear of death and no more fear of God

        everything is getting pushed so fast today

        even jcpenny and avon has models covering one eye for crying out loud

        avon has a little girl in the kids section of brochure covering one eye

        death symbols on baby clothes- why oh why

        and the butterflies (symbolism of evolution) are everywhere as are skull and bones

        just look at swarovksi's new jewelry

        these are teeny tiny examples

        its all business- u need to be part of it in order to make it

        or you will have no business

        hollywood-fashion-music>> same exact promotional/marketing symbols and themes

        any one watch the "bing bang theory"? freakin' funny as hell, one of my fave shows

        check out Sheldon's t-shirts- very symbolic

        sometimes he wears the evolution one- there are little people stemming from apes and then robots stemming from the people

        also seeing hidden eye's all over lifetime movies- i mean there is absolutely no coincidence anymore- its even tv shows/movies- not just bigger hollywood

        the cat is out of the bag, and they now want you to know so you are cool with it

  28. Thanks Prometheus, what would we have done without you, we'd probably be pets in some sadist's garden 😉

  29. severalminds on

    in total ignorance of people the evil servants introduced so many rituals and dedications to their damned dark godness…olympic games is one of those dedications celebrated even at world wide level, the fire bearer is a symbol of that evil entity. I have noticed that every country that hosts the olympic games passes big troubles on the eve, during or right after those games, it seems a kind of big human sacrifice by the hosting country…the last time when cina hosted it, they ha d a terrible earthquake which killed more than 100 000 people…as we know, haarp technology can provoke earhquakes and probably their gov. was aware of it, i mean it was a kind of cinese sacrifice by the agreement of their leaders behind the curtains…just check what happened to other countries which hosted those damned olympic games. I can't wait the day when the dark idols, celebrations and symbols will be destroyed by God forever…

  30. One third of the New Testament is prophecy, dealing with the End Times. And, within these prophetic messages is the constant warning not to be deceived, not to be overcome, not to be led astray.

    • i also believe there is not one, many antichrists among us

      this also goes hand in hand with the surprise of Jesus's second coming

      you will not know, you will not be warned

      and most of all, you might have already forgotten Him by then

      so let them keep on coming bec I really don't care to analyze bec it will NOT show us when the end "really" is – it will be when it will be

      that we are near the end, yes

      but it can still be another 1,000 years..

  31. The torch relay, as you wrote was indeed non existent in ancient times. However, the modern passing-of-the-torch is not only based on the Prometheus myth, but it is indeed a pagan tradition. Since the Olympic games were held near the temple of Zeus (and other minor deities, such as Demter) the finish line of the foot races were at the temple, and that who won the game had the honor to lit the fire at the temple.

  32. I would like to also note that the 2012 LOGO for the London Summer Olympics, actually spells the word ZION in stylized form when the letters are arranged .

    So whatever it is, we suppose to achieve ZION by that points, according to the great occult masters of the Olympics (and the reasons why they chose LONDON)

  33. WHO IS RIK CLAY???

    VC, please look this man up–there are two comments above my own as it is.

    2012 is going to be the biggest deception of all time…

    XXX (30) Olympiad. Prince William is going to be XXX years old.

    The 2012 logo spells out ZION.

    Look up Rik Clay on youtube–he was suicided just after he made a video.

    Email me at if you have any questions.

    Here's his book if you're interested.

    Anyone reading this, inform yourself and spread the word. He revealed too much… they didn't like that.

    Also–note the pyramid on top of the one-eyed mascots…

    The 2008 Beijing pyramid looked similar.


    "In fact, Pastor Batchelor has directly challenged Camping, offering him $100,000 to hand over the deed and rights to the Family Radio network following the May 21 deadline. He explains, "The Bible clearly teaches in Matthew 24:36 that 'No man knows the day and hour' of Jesus' return. Christ also warned that in the last days, there would be many false teachers. It is worth asking then, does Camping's prediction match what the Bible really tells us about Christ's return? I don't believe it does. But if Camping is right, he deserves the money to spread the message; if he's wrong, he should not own a radio network."

    Batchelor also warns, "Reckless predictions of the second coming of Christ create an artificial excitement among believers followed by a corresponding depression. In addition, it hardens skeptics in their unbelief and provides new fodder for cynics to mock the Christian faith." Across the country, hundreds of Family Radio listeners are quitting their jobs and selling their possessions.

  35. "Despite its outward differences with other secret societies such as Freemasonry, in the end of the day, when all is said and done, all of the inner-most teachings of these society are pretty much the same."

    Whoah whoah whoah. I see what you did there. Cuz, you know, the Freemasons and the Thule society, they're pretty much the same thing…

    That's bullshit and you know it.

    • Really? Everyone is just going to accept this and move on? VC, you are better than this kind of cheap generalization.

      • The Tule Society was founded by Baron von Sebbotendorf who was a Freemason. He was schooled in occultism, kabbalah, Islamic mysticism, alchemy and Rosicrucianism – all of the main teachings of Freemasonry. The order had also close ties to Theosophy. In this article, I was not referring to the political and racist aspects of the order but to its "inner-most" teachings.

      • Thank you for the response. While you are correct about Sebbotendorf, to state that all of these groups are essentially the same is a gross oversimplification, and amounts to cheap fear-mongering. As a regular reader I know you are educated enough to know the differences between these societies, and I suppose I am a little disappointed to see this kind of generalization slipped in there.

        I guess it doesn't matter, really; your general audience seems to eat it up. I come here for intelligent, insightful articles, and usually that's what I get. And I happen to agree with your thoughts on the Olympics, by the way. I just had to object to your moment of silliness.

        In any case I will continue to frequent this site. I just ask that you refrain from dumbing it down too much.

        Thank you.

  36. Janet, that whole idea in the video is pretty surreal….the cute lil "one eyes" having so much fun "over the rainbow".

    Unbelievably blatant, once again.

  37. Great stuff vigilant. Would you all please read our article on Wenlock and Mandeville / 2012 / ZION / Apotheosis of Man at

  38. FormerGlobalist on

    The mascots, they're hideous!

    When it was released, I knew something was sinister. But a survey describes how children are finding them "enjoyable" (Wiki).

    They've successfully dessentisized our kids!!!!!!!

    • @FormerGlobalist,

      I agree – the mascots are gruesome.

      When my little son (now aged 3) first saw a picture of spiderman, he recoiled in horror.

      I think this shows the natural instinct of a small innocent child.

      So sad this world we live in – all its appalling, unecessary images.

      Have you seen, Infant Indoctination series. Youtube.

      • Spot on Lorna, you had me in stitches and not because the horror he sensed is hilarious but it came to my mind an old saying >from a child and a crazy person you learn the truth. I just remembered the reaction of a beautiful blue-eyed baby boy. As soon as the poor sod came across some masks in a store just before Halloween, he got really hysterical.

  39. Mtcheeeeeew on

    What can i say? This fire carrying thing is STUPID anyway! Y does everything gotta be from egypt or greece paganism? and they still get nitwits to applaud!!

  40. La geurre du feu (Quest for fire), a movie produced by Jean-Jacques Annaud shows us a 'light bearer' much older than Lucifer and Prometheus. It is about primitive tribes, that just discoverd the use of fire, and because they didn't yet control the art of fire making, one of them had to take and guard the fire with him. (Wikipedia gives a good description of the movie… (by 'older' I mean: these primitive tribes hadn't yet invented 'complicated' stories like the one of Lucifer and Prometheus, this story inventing is a later stage of human development)

    What this movie shows is how 'symbols' are rooted in antropological experience. Mankind first had to literally 'bear the fire/light) with them to survive. Later on came the association of 'fire' with wisdom, invention, courage… Maybe some groups 'claim' these symbols. But in fact they belong to 'humanity'. So, if it is true that an elite tries to monopolize some symbols in their quest for control, the way to go is to 'reclaim' these symbols. Linking them back to their antropological roots we all share is one way to do it.

  41. @CHRIS~

    Just because are well educated and well rounded that read VC….does NOT mean we are all Christian fanatics. Open a couple books (ur mind as well). Ppl that spend time only looking in one direction are the problem with MANY of the problems of the world.

  42. vigilant fan on

    Ok first off i love this website, but seriously…the Olypics?

    Puh-lease *said in a ghetto girl overtone, followed by an s-snap*

  43. Isn't there a torch bearer in Kanye West's Runaway Full-length Film? I've been trying to figure out why they have a little kid dressed in red running with a torch in the video (around 7 minutes into the video and again about 9 minutes into the video). Except theres smoke coming from the torch not fire. Odd.

  44. It's Greek mythology…it's still highly revered today.

    The only difference between mythology and religion is faith.

    If such stories were true, then I for one would like to thank the light bringer (Lucifer or Promy) for bringing us some super special awesome knowledge.

    Also, the word satan never appeared in the Torah until after the Jews underwent Babylonian captivity.

    So something tells me it was just added onto their little stories.

    • "In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is King”.

      Both mythology and religion are one and the same…requiring human belief and human faith to make them real in the minds of the worshipful believer.

      Lucifer, the one eyed god and demon of the wilderness, in the aspect of Prometheus, represents the 93 magickal formula of sex/love under will, which embodies the purposeful torture and abuse of the human unconscious mind and its psychic sexual reproductive energies and potencies in works of evil spell casting, black magick, bewitchment, illusion, sorcery and witchcraft.

      To the ‘Practitioner of the Craft’ (sorcery and witchcraft) “the one-eyed man is King”, but to the wise, the knowledgeable, and the understanding, Azazel, another name and aspect of ‘the one-eyed King’, is the embodiment of the seven deadly vice which corrupt the 'Eternal Spirit' and brings about the slow and anguished death of the immortal soul.

      The choice is whether to serve (selfless surrender to love)… or to be served (selfish abused love), which determine who we are and what we will become.


  46. the statue of liberty is a symbol of Thaïs

    Thaïs, a celebrated hetaera during the era of Alexander….

    Thais or Thaïs was a leader of the destruction of the palace of Persepolis in IRAN…

    the statue of liberty that you know is a Statue of civilization burning….

    and this statue's torch is towards the East(IRAN)…

    means they want to burning IRAN civilization again….

    and it may the symbol of ISIS….

    the mother of All FreeMasons…..

    Good Article

    • severalminds on

      Hossein…with all respect:-))) honestly your comment makes me smile. When the USA was founded the former Iran still didn't exist, it had another name, another territory, another position…and finally with all the targets at the world, you think the USA would be fixed on only Iran to destroy even dedicating the Liberty status to it?????:-)))) it is too reducing as opinion towards the meaning of occult symbolism which is much more deep and global. It is not about the USA and Iran, Iraq, Libia, or Pakistan it is not even about afghanistan. It is about the ancient international satanic elite (which includes not only american members, but also persian, arab, russian, european ones) keeping the world in hellish condition with wars, conflicts everywhere and puting their masonic symbols in all points where they rule, it is not only liberty status which reminds one more time their "light beerer" lucis…they don't give a damn to the USA or Iran, believe me, their target is the whole world and then the universe…the little ethnic, racial conflicts, political scandals are just the result of their common evil work targeting the power on the world across deviding the humanity into little pieces. Together the people is strong, devided they are done…it is simple. No conspiration against Iran into liberty status:-))) believe me.

  47. Those who are anti-religious, this site is about religious occult worship of the elite that is telling you what to believe (or not believe at all so that you are a slave to material things) and the same elite hates true Christians. Why? Because they love their Lucifer. It is YOU who refuse to see the spiritual reality right in front of you. Well, your choice, but don't post here if you wish to refuse the fact that YES there are still people believing in more then a limited and broken and sick self-ego…

    • Exactly. If you don't want to see the truth, fine. That is your choice that you are allowed to have. All this 'logic' that atheists use is regurgitations of other scientist's opinions. 'Logic'=narcissim=ego. Stephen Hawking doesn't know any more about black holes than you or me. He just THINKS he does based on common 'science.' Common 'science' used to say the world was flat too. We are ants in a controlled ant farm and all God wants is for us to love and enjoy the beauty of this physical existence he created for us. Things like greed, jealousy, hate, pain are all by products of this great 'knowledge' we received from Lucifer, who freaking hates mankind. It's hilarious. Funny how all the great world leaders go out into the woods and worship a pagan stone owl god named Moloch. God could crush satan right now if he wanted but obviously its a battle for souls and God wants only the righteous to be his eternal friends. Do you blame him?

  48. What many of you all fail to glean from any of these teachings is that Christ is one in a long list of archetypal sun gods. You go around the net criticizing people who are different than you are, propagating the same mentality of divide and conquer. Christianity is a cult just like every other religion out there. If any one is being possessed it is you ignorant people. You uphold the archetype of the sun by believing in Christ (Which is inherently occultic). What you all deem as faith I deem as ignorance; at times malicious blindess. Read why Theodosius' soldiers wouldn't destroy the statue of Serapis in the library of Alexandria. Then go read about the crusades. The vatican is one giant secret society too. It is all controlled and it always has been. Intent forms. Do what you intend to do and let noone blind you.

    • severalminds on

      nobody forced you to read the people here…nobody went to talk around, it is you that come and read the things which you don't like…i guess you remember where is the door, pls?

      P.S. crusades or templars had nothing to do with Christ…violence is against the peaceful doctrine of Jesus and murder is against what the unique God ordered to avoid…

      • Big Billy Bob on

        you expect logic and rational discourse from conspiracy theorists and Christians?

      • Billy Bob I'm sorry you feel so negative about Christians. It's a shame really but you're entitled to your opinions.

  49. Kaaren Nafar on

    This is a comment to all the readers and fans:

    OH COME ON!!! don't you just want to shut the F**k up? I mean, yes, we know the world is full of symbols. Yes we know Bin Laden's death was a sacrifice and, MOTHERF**kers, our favorite daemon celebrities die one by one, too.

    Yes, we know they're controlling us, poisoning us, making new viruses and many more shit. We know a lot, and we have proof for it. Undeniable proof, that the most ignorant people can't ignore. I've been reading articles in this website for a while now. I'm been reading a lot of comments, either. What is wrong with people? Don't know just sometimes want to stop nagging and crying and shit? I mean, the readers of this website are not a few. Each article has about 600 comments, all agreeing on the subject. You could start a revolution , damn it. Whether do something about it, or stop whining. And the first thing anybody can do, is changing themselves, which I doubt anyone is going to do anytime soon. I'm so sick and tired of you people. What the hell is wrong with you?!!!!!

  50. Hello,

    I would kindly suggest that the first step to understand secret societies is to study Dante Alighieri’s poem: La Divina Commedia. And go to the paradise where the blessed souls in shape of rose are.

    Dante is supposed to be the first rusicrucian in the past.


    • Those who choose to participate in this agora are not familiar with the pleasures and pains of which you speak…spirit, and who is to say they are wrong or unwise to remain so.

  51. severalminds on

    Concerned, your arrogance is typical for your kind of masonic slave…you ask the respect for your opinion, but it is highly fake by your side, cause denying clearly God that we all believe in, you have just badly offended us…then you said many nonsense among it also that falling from paradise as benefit for humanity…who are you that you decide for others what is good and what is bad? so you still ask a respect for ur opinion? and tell me why the people should consider as an absolute truth the nonsense that you split out here? your arguments make me laugh (fortunately)…it is not the right place for you, i guess, there are many occult dedicated web sites where you would find a lot of brothers and fans of your dark and sick ideals…

    and for your info, the people didn't become healthier than before, and we don't live longer…some centuries ago there were much more long living and healthy people which didn't use all that pharma shit…read some story, some research of your so called scientists which until now can't find the secret of long living which people had hundreds of years ago…the world gets worst with the people like you, believe me, we don't need your "knowledge" and false "progress". We want our liberty and peace back with blu skies without chemtrails, with the sun uncovered and with the world free of tortures, wars, pervertion, sickness etc. In few words we prefer the paradise instead of your hellish and false "knowledge" which is actually the highest level of ignorance of fallen man…

    • Excellent post severalminds. If only I could express better what you're saying. I admire you're thinking.

    • @severalminds… I'm not even sure what you are trying to say here. I didn't ask you to respect my opinion, but rather tell me yours and why you believe the way you do. You cant seem to do that. Until that eventful day when eve ate the metaphoric apple or fruit of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil…we were ignorant to good and evil. This is the story of divine knowledge passed on to man. This story has been told in many different ways before, but the one in the bible is the most famous. The myth of Prometheus is also another version of this same story. What I spit here is not nonsense but things for people to consider, maybe I could be right? I'm glad you find humor in my arguments, I am really waiting for you to show me how silly I am. waiting…waiting…waiting. So who are you to say I don't belong here. I love learning about occult knowledge and how it is used in today's world. That's why I read this amazing blog. You have no right to exclude me. You my friend are the one being arrogant. Im simply stating facts.

      "and for your info, the people didn’t become healthier than before, and we don’t live longer…some centuries ago there were much more long living and healthy people"—-severalminds

      What are you talking about? There is no historical data to back your up your statement. People do live longer here is stats guru Hans Rosling explaining why people are living longer now.

      "which didn’t use all that pharma shit…"—-severalminds

      Im a cancer survivor…that pharma shit saved my life.

      "read some story, some research of your so called scientists which until now can’t find the secret of long living which people had hundreds of years ago…"—-severalminds

      Here is the oldst confirmed person to ever live. Jeanne Calment 122 years of age. She lived to be that age during my lifetime. This confirms when I stated that we are living longer than ever before. If people did live longer hundreds of years ago, we who have read about it in several sources outside of the bible.

      "the world gets worst with the people like you, believe me, we don’t need your “knowledge” and false “progress”."—-severalminds

      I treat every human being that I encounter in my life with care and respect. I believe I enrich the world in which I live in everyday. The progress I speak off is true not false and is backed by REAL data.

      "We want our liberty and peace back with blu skies without chemtrails, with the sun uncovered and with the world free of tortures, wars, pervertion, sickness etc."—-severalminds

      I think everyone wants this dude. I do have peace and liberty where I live. Sickness…is one that I can tell you is getting worked on. Everyday those damn scientist are doing research on stem cells, cancer prevention, eating habits…ect. Its amazing whats happening right now.

      "In few words we prefer the paradise instead of your hellish and false “knowledge” which is actually the highest level of ignorance of fallen man…"—-severalminds

      Who is we and how can I address the whole group at once.? My knowledge is not false, it is very real and once again you have not backed up anything. I hope you will look into what I have told you.

  52. Don’t put too much time into learning what satan and his demons are up to, lest you get caught in satans snare. Better to spend time in scripture and walking, praying with our Lord Jesus. Theres no other Way.
    Psa 119:110 The wicked have laid a snare for me: yet I erred not from thy precepts.

  53. the torch is connected to orion, during summer solstice the sun crosses orion's "torch", during this period of time. the lightening of the torch (as well as the alignment with the center of the milky way) during an equinox or a solstice means that we are entering in a new "precessional seasonal age".

    here it is

    The Olympic Torch today is ignited several months before the opening celebration of the Olympic Games at the site of the ancient Olympics in Olympia, Greece. Eleven women, representing the Vestal Virgins, perform a ceremony in which the torch is kindled by the light of the Sun, its rays concentrated by a parabolic mirror. (wikipedia)

    my complete post about this (in italian, sorry guys)

  54. My question is not completely related to this article, but to another older article (I've just discovered this website a few days ago) about Lady Di….

    …I still don't understand why SHE had to be killed, just because her name was Diana?

  55. Why not admit that Satan isn't to be blamed for all this!!!!! We all play along on his games we allow "them" to control us. We like it we all do. To some level or not we have all part taken. We fantasize of being a millionaire having this body. Duh,, we are sinning right there. You judge me or others you are sinning. Please stop this hatred. Let those dark ones do their job if you are so concerned about Jesus and the good then do it. Do not speak nonesense live your life as an example and love others do not judge. If you are really with Satan just know something he will adore you and respect until yo uare weak and stupid. You yourself lead yourself to perdition not HIM.

  56. @ M. Oliver

    "Instead, you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, with its thousands of angels. You have come to the joyful gathering of God's firstborn, whose names are written in heaven. You have come to God, who is judge of all people and to the spirits of good people made perfect." ~ HEBREWS 12 : 22 – 24

  57. If there is one thing that is the playground of the Devil, it is unbelief, and if there is one thing that the Devil is always seeking to promote and maintain, it is unfaith.

    The hallmark of the Devil's work from the Garden to the end is unbelief, doubt of God, to question about God and God's ways – and God's motives. That is where the Devil is coming all the time – with an 'if'. If this and if that… If God were what He says He is, then this would not be. You know the thousands of 'ifs' and 'buts' of the Devil.

    The only power of victory over the Devil is faith in God. We can use the language of victory and power over Satan and it counts for nothing. We must have a new position of power over the enemy. The key is faith; it may be faith in the Blood, or in the Name, or in the Lord, but it is faith.

  58. Well said, Lorna. We also need to be vigilant about casting out demons in Jesus' name. As baptized Christians we have the power and authority to do so. We have to be careful and not give him – the evil one – too much attention. In the face of all that is happening, this is difficult to discern – especially when it is all so much "in our faces."