Rihanna’s Mind Control Perfume Ad


Seems that beauty product ads are becoming important mediums to push mind control/illuminati symbolism. The short video advertisement for Rihanna’s perfume Reb’l Fleur is crammed with mind control triggers and monarch programming symbolism.

Rihanna is first shown lying inside a flower, representing purity and innocence. She is then walks towards a mirror reflecting herself dressed in black – representing her “bad side” and her alter persona.

While she is going through the “looking glass” (reference to Alice in Wonderland), we see written “Bad Feels so Good”.

In mind control, slaves are encouraged to embrace their bad side (their alter persona) as it is the only way to be relieved from their trauma/torture. So, yes, it feels bad to be good.

Once through the looking glass, Rihanna is shown walking through a maze surrounded by fractured mirrors.

Labyrinths and fractured mirrors are mind control triggers representing the internal world of mind control victims: false reality, illusion and confusion. Only the handler, represented by the men in black, hold the key to their psyche.

Rihanna’s handlers are literally in her head, watching her going through the maze. They then take a hold of her.

Rihanna blinded by her three handlers

The scene becomes oddly sexual as Rihanna holds the phallic-shaped perfume bottle while she is blinded by her handlers. This refers to the sexually abusive relationship between mind control slaves and their handlers.

The entire ad then plays in reverse, another allusion to the reversal of good and bad. As she goes through the looking glass again, we see “Good Feels so Bad”.




    • that music…..that SAME EXACT MUSIC plays on youtube videos "exposing" illuminati symbolism in music and movies…..

      its the SAME music that plays on almost EVERY track of nicki minaj's album, &a variation of that same tume plays on just about every song of kanye's new album…

      im starting to hear it A LOT lately, and im wondering how nobody else has noticed that its the sameeeee exact music, every single time


      • OH weird!!! Why is that tune everywhere?!? What is it, is there any significance? There must be!

      • The music is creepy. I muted it right away because i have some kind of phobia of music being played backwards, especially when there are hidden messages. The hair on the back of my neck stands up and I start to hyperventilate. My husband tells me that Kanye West plays his music like that and that he does a lot of the beats for Rhianna. I'm not sure if he's right but I wouldn't be surprised if its true.

      • its true! the same tune when you rewind a song and the voices fade in and out. we hear it in a few of jay-z's songs and that song by beyonce "who run the world?"…. -____- theyre tryna get us, i tell ya!

    • now lets first think all about this ad ITS RETARDED because Wat the fuck is she doing. first, she getting covered by flamingo's feathers then shes inside the maze who the fuck she think she is Alice in wonderland in just glad this wasn't a wizard of Oz perfume ad. then, she step through some mirror that said "BAD FEELS SO GOOD" well we know whose going to hell( jay-z,Kayne west ,nicki manaj,beonyce,Rhianna,lady gaga even though she talks about how much she loves Jesus,that girls who sings price tag ft b.o.b) but to make a short story she has problem getting beat up raped by the devil lol being the princess of the Illuminati in s&m video all im saying she needs to be exorcised :( there's still time to repent to Jesus do it NOW!!! who like SKINS CAUSE I DO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • to be honest i didnt even know she a perfume and after i saw this commercail di anyone ever try to notice that the perfume comes out of her crotch

      • I don't get the sexual part…I don't even get how ANYONE could watch that and not be a little freaked out…why do they buy it?

      • Because all people see is an amazing pop star that apparently has free will………..sheeple.

      • @ Chrissy Because people are desensitized. They don't get what they see. They only get the oddly beautiful imagery. I still remember when I was the same way, being desensitized by the mass media sh*t. I didn't always realise that some symbols refer to really, really bad and nasty things.

      • I guess I didn't get everything I saw either…but would you have looked at this and not even thought it was slightly creepy?

      • It was strategically placed down by her crotch. Nothing anyone does in the buisness is usually about what the song says it's about anymore or the product. That's what makes them more annoying. Not that I think she's a bad person and I hate to bring her up but…Beyonce's perfume ad wasn't any better. Yes it was sexual like how they wanted it but everytime I saw it I wasn't thinking about how sexy it was; I was thinking…"isn't she suppossed to be selling this to women? If so being that sexual isn't neccessary." Same goes for Rihanna. If I was still a fan, I would be saying that she doesn't have to get this sexual in order for me to buy her perfume. I really liked the beginning good part of it when I saw a little clip the other day. I thought it was refreshing until just now after watching the whole ad. Please….give the sexy a rest. Kim K too. Try something else and please as hard as it might be for them…leave the illumnati out. Please!

      • In advertising it is extremely common to represent an "ideal" scene or "great escape." The only reason people are buying her perfume is because they actively want to be in her world, be like her and be "bad" and "sexy" like her. We all know sex sells. The imagery and the symbolism are starkly manipulative, but people see what they want to see, regardless of being educated in symbolism.

      • You're exactly right and that's what makes it even more irritationg because when you try to tell people they don't want to listen. All I want to do is help. I by no means want people to follow me but I just want people to buy things with an honest heart of actually liking the product not because of who selling it or how it being selled. Stop following these people. Besides them trying to find themselves in the buisness and just wanting to be themselves they too are also being pushed and in some cases peered pressured into doing some things so they aren't even leadin themselves properly. Why would you want to follow them? (by the way.. the rest of this stuff said after the first sentence is not being directed to you Versai. I just had to get the rest of this off my chest. LOL)

  1. Sad part is, TEENAGERS are the target as always. The next generation of humans on this planet will be pretty messed up…

    Sidenote: Oh by the way, we're partying down here. MUBARAK is GONE… Nothing Obama could do to keep his dictatorship alive to serve the US agenda.

    One day the PEOPLE form all across this globe will test TRUE FREEDOM of mind, soul and body.

    • ES! The news just aired!

      Although here, in the U.S. they made the FREE COMMUNITY in Egypt seem like wild animals…

      But i know the truth. Powered by the feeling of freedom!

      I can only hope this will be the US one day…

      P.s. Access Hollywood is doing a segment on Lady Gaga now, and the mood has changed because they keep showing her “throwing up” her one eye symbolism saying “We are fine, free through music!”

      Yeah right….. -____-

      It’s discouraging.

    • Nd here I thought Mubarak was the good guy nd the next guy coming in will be another puppet like obama. I dont believe anything I see in the news I prefer thinking for myself.

      • Omar Suleiman (the guy taking over from Mubarak) is a CIA Puppet! Chile all over again. African King you've been duped by the media…

      • "From chaos, order."

        Obviously, when you see chaos like that, it has been orchestrated so that they can usher in their 'order.' So, no, nothing good will come from the uprising in Egypt. Just another excuse to put someone in charge who will further the NWO.

      • Yeah, the Egyptian Revolution seemed so fostered from the get go. One, when they predict it in the media to happen, you know its being controlled from the inside. Two, when CNN get inside access along with other stations, come on. Whatever they want to show, they will put it on national/international t.v. Whatever they do want, you won't hear a word about it, like what goes on in Palestine or in parts of Africa or Asia. There is no such thing as free press any more, especially when it comes to showcasing truth and freedom. Three, when I heard that a GOOGLE executive was of the original supporters of the revolution and help spread its message on the web, well it was a wrap. Plus there is already an American online activism website, ( funded by the CIA secretly and American businesses publiclly) which has taken credit for helping to start revolution.

        This is not to say that the revolts in Egypt weren't for a good cause, or that that the people weren't authentically upset about their government, but little do they know how easily they will be led back to the crucibal again if they keep on beleiving they are still postively are in control of the movement and their destiny by following the same people who led theme to this change in the first place.

      • But then again if bad feels good, that good she's feeling is also bad and if good feels bad then that bad is good!?…

    • Awesome!

      And as far as teenagers go…there is one up side to this madness.

      Teenagers eventually rebel against the norms, if evil becomes the norm the next generation of teens may rebel against that.

      • Yeah pretty much my friends and I do that now.

        Everyone things that being completely wasted and smoking cigarettes are cool. We are basically rebels since we don't prize doing that over our weekends.

        Also everyone strives soo hard to be sexy or bad. It's sad whenever you turn around, some girl or guy who doesn't look like the impossible figures that they flash on the media tries so hard to emulate that. We prefer just being creative and doing stuff that makes us happy. Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll is just overrated. And it's overrated to make people think it's cool and not think about stuff before they do it.

    • I thought Obama et al was behind his departure. Philanthropist billionaire George Soros has funded opposition organizations in Egypt and throughout the Middle East, where anti-regime chaos has already toppled the pro-Western leader of Tunisia and is threatening the rule of President Hosni Mubarak, a key U.S. ally.

      Mohamed ElBaradei, one of the main opposition leaders in Egypt, has also sat on the board of an international “crisis management” group alongside Soros and other personalities who champion dialogue with Hamas, a violent offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

      The Brotherhood, which seeks to spread Islam around the world in part by first creating an Islamic caliphate in Egypt, now backs ElBaradai, who has defended the group in the news media the last few weeks.

      I guess this is what Soros means when he says, “my foundations are prepared to contribute”. Translation: look what I am pulling off! Question: can we still call it democracy when billionaires fund revolutions aimed at putting their guys in place?

      [Google Executive] Wael Ghonim, freed from Egyptian prison Monday, confirms… that he is the man behind the Facebook page that sparked revolt- and we know google is in bed with the american government.

    • Mabrook n_n, I'm glad arabs are here too. Because I feel they're the most who are affected by this than westerners themselves. Non-americans as I've noticed tend to be more trend following in an effort to fit it into a westernized world than americans themselves.

    • People in Egypt must remain vigilant with what or who comes next because the army took over the business and guess which country is funding and providing equipment to egyptian army? 1 billion dollar per year.

    • African King says the next generation is gonna be messed up….lol, I concur, but there's been messages like this since world war 2 ended and the u.s.a. started thinking it would never falter again financially and rebuild the world how it wanted to; in fact, there's a kids show from the 50's that have a dildo with balls on it in the intro. I'm not saying dildo's are bad, it's just that it was the 50's and it was a kids show.

    • Egypt will undoubtedly get much worse than Mubarak. you haven't seen anything yet. And rest assured the globalists wanted Mubarak out because Mubarak wouldn't support war with Iran. This was a coup and had nothing to do with 'freedom.' the Egyptian people are poor and will remain poor.

      Some of you fools need to wake up.

      • Shaking my head, lol

        No, its good that you don't know about it in my opinion. It indicates you don't abbreviate much, in touch with the real English language.

        Good. :)

        Im guilty of that though. Dx

      • I used to abbreviate! (Or "abbrev" as a 7 year old said…) I was reading old notes from high school and wondered "WTH was I thinking!" (hehe) It was a bunch of "w^?nmh, jmnr" If ANYONE knows what I just said, I give you a digital high five.

        But generally, when I find myself abbreviating, I try to correct myself so as not to lose touch with "real" english. Even now with spell check and all the mindless tools for success we are given, I have trouble spelling simple words… pathetic! I try to play word games, like Boggle, to keep myself on my grammar-toes.

        Thanks for the info, or should I say tyvm!

      • Yes totally, I have instinctively always written out full words even when text messaging (now these days usually sending 3-4 texts in one go so as to do so) which I'm really glad now that I understand the reason for "textspeak".

        If you look in George Orwell's book 1984 everything is abbreviated so that it actually abbreviates the way in which you are able to think; it is extremely hard to have rebellious ideas if you can't put your feelings into words to communicate them.

        As comedian Steve Hughes states in one of his awesome skits (not that I'm condoning homophobia really but neither is Steve LOL):

        "And I'll admit I've got some homophobic friends; I know none of us are supposed to be like that anymore, 'cause of the age of political correctness, which is actually intellectual colonialism, a psychological facism for the creation of thought crime, but…"


        Namaste xo

      • yes!! i've been thinking the same thing about how we write now and how similar the circumstances are to 1984. people don't realize that we are practicing and perfecting limiting our expression and what we respond to. through texting, and tweeting. in texting we abbreviate so much, and use textspeak. twitter is training us to limit ourselves to only 140 characters. in limiting what we read and write, they can ultimately decide what we think and how we can behave.

        i saw an ad promoting the use of text to warn about overdrafting. it then said, "RU4REAL?" we're so used to this language. it's scary. especially how they make it look "fun" and how we so easily buy into it. i'm not saying i'm above it, i am without a doubt guilty of it myself. but i am really glad that you thought about it this too as i have. awareness is key, as vigilant readers know.

      • I actually find the arguments against textspeech especially interesting on here, with all the emphasis on symbols. Words are themselves symbols, visual representation of concepts. Those concepts being how we construct thoughts to communicate to others.

        The point of "newspeak" in 1984 wasn't that it was bad because it used shorter or abbreviated words, but because it cut entire concepts out of what things could be communicated through them.

        Take the example above, "RU4REAL?" Other than being shorter to type, in what way does it limit the concepts being communicated any more than "Are you for real?" Abbreviation is not innately a sin, and is certainly not the sin George Orwell was warning us of wrt (with respect to) newspeak. It's an entirely different type of modification of language than newspeak, which was about limiting the range of what could be represented, not how many letters it required to render that meaning.

        Twitter OTOH (on the other hand, for those who believe that acronyms reduce one's ability to express something) could be seen as having that effect — that anything not presentable within 140 characters isn't worth stating. Or it could be an arbitrary limit trumped up to be a feature — I know I don't consider the 200 character message limit in game on a certain web game I play to be an attempt to shape my capacity for thought, but rather a simple technical limitation caused by his wanting to use known-length strings and having some formatting data attached to them.

  2. Hm. Are there some people in the industry who try to expose them? but wow this is just so in-your-face I felt creepy watching it. I feel so BAD for these celebrities born into the mind control families and such. Also did anyone notice how her new song is called S&M? (isn't that a form of mindcontrol or something..)

    • I noticed in the video there is a shot where you can read a notepad that says "Princess of the Illuminati"… Now that people are realizing what is going on, 'they' are purposely putting these symbols out there- maybe as a way of making us feel like we are included in the "joke" and that nothing serious is going on. Making "conspiracy theorists" look like fools to point out "secrets that are not secrets"… Sigh.

      • * I was referring to the S&M video. Which is FULL of "symbolism" and I believe even more deliberately than when it was unnoticed by most.

      • they showed that Princess of the Illuminati bit was shown at least 3 times i think in the s&m vid

      • Yeah, and S&M could refer to BDSM which is a tag for porn. It's means along the lines of bondage, submission, and masochist.

      • Yeah you're right. I don't know if you've seen the american episode where they were makin fun of black history month, but the dad & son were trying to expose who really invented peanut butter & referenced the illuminati as something only crazy people believe in. The number of people becoming skeptical is growing, so the elite are just trying to get people to go back to sleep. There's also references to the illuminati in a south park episode, the national treasure movies & the angels & demons movie. It's all to misinform just as vc put in past articles. I'm glad to be awake.

      • Thats funny, I saw that American dad episode and thought who the hell do you think your trying to kid! They want to make those who are aware look crazy.

        Theres a VC article on here about how hollywood spreads false information about secret societies and their hidden agendas, its very informative.

      • Where is this notepad? I didn't see it. Also, the pink "flowers" do not look like flowers to me at all. I think they look like an undulating vaginal canal. Am I weird for thinking this? Is it just me? If I'm right, though, what could that mean?

  3. makes me think of the POM commercial where it starts in black and white- with a snake of course, then the camera pans the "sexy naked" eve that the snake is slithering all over while they talk about how it was 'more likely a pomegranate not an apple' that eve ate…. The first time we are engaged by Eve is when she opens her one eye in the shot… They mention "Ruby Red" pomegranate… which I have learned Ruby Red is a trigger word.. symbolizes prostitution… and they end it with making a point about how modern science has proven the benefits of this fruit. Maybe I am over analyzing, but what I saw was "Black and white. Snake. One eye. Ruby Red. One thing in color, being the bottle. Modern Science to thank for the proof."

    Hmmm and I don't claim to know how to analyze things, I just found it striking.

    • I just tried to leave this comment on YouTube and it said "error" when I tried to submit- so I reloaded, and now it doesn't even give me an option to post OR reply to any other comments…. Strange………………………………….. I reloaded again and have the option to post, but it still says "error" even though I am within character limits. I wonder if it is preventing me from sharing my views for a reason?

      • I read you previous comment and decided to watch the video. Since i have no sound, the very beginning when she's shaking her had vigorously, scared the living sh*t out of me. xD

        I was able to leave a comment, and reply to one, but now i cant do either ;~;

      • And heck yeah, its full of symbolism. Its in your face too!

        Most people are commenting "Oh she's doing it to make fun of the press"

        "Shes not really apart of the Illuminati"

        Things of that nature. But they are right. She is making fun of the press. She's proving she can load her video up with blatant, in your face symbolism, and still have a sheeple defend her.

        She's using the fact that the viewers know so little about the agenda against them. ex: that artists are there just to push the agenda on viewers, and NOT members of the Illuminati, which most uneducated people seem to think.

        I tried to explain, but you can only say so much with 200+ characters…. 😀

      • Nala_the_Rebel on

        the same exact thing happens to me! necole bitchie . com ALWAYS deletes my comments! they r removing anything thas the truth..so hopefully sites like this wont be infiltrated. i love VC. every other blog site wnt let ppl who r exposing the truth leave comments!! word. necole bitchie is one of them

  4. I also noticed that her eyes were illuminated….

    They seemed oddly white, and bright.

    Now when this perfume ad airs on television, everyone MUST know there is something strange about it, even if they're not informed about the agenda or symbolism.

  5. YES! The news just aired!

    Although here, in the U.S. they made the FREE COMMUNITY in Egypt seem like wild animals…

    But i know the truth. Powered by the feeling of freedom!

    I can only hope this will be the US one day…

    P.s. Access Hollywood is doing a segment on Lady Gaga now, and the mood has changed because they keep showing her "throwing up" her one eye symbolism saying "We are fine, free through music!"

    Yeah right….. -____-

    It's discouraging.

  6. CingIsBelieving on

    once she has gone thru the mirror and is now "bad" her eyes seem to be illuminated… (0:41) i bet the perfume smells like crap…..gaga and rihanna making perfume….probably spray it and it melts your skin off…lol.

  7. eh? is omar 'similar' to mubarak?? OMG!

    Ok, back to the topic, well, seeing the capture screen of the labyrinth, for me it looks like eyes. eyes which keep watching rihanna.. IMO

  8. wow. does this make people want to buy perfume? it's pretty creepy.

    i found the opening to be quite vaginal for lack of a better term. it's like she is being born, coming out of the womb. she is innocent and then turns to the dark side which they tell us is "good" but didn't look so good to me… being lost and alone in a maze then followed by three strange men? no thanks.

    the part with the 3 handlers covering her eyes made me really uncomfortable. especially that she started to touch herself. i felt… violated. inducing trauma much?

    • I felt the same way, it felt like people were touching me in inappropiate places?? O_e i actually wanted to cry it felt like i was raped after watching that. Commercials shouldn't make you feel violated and did you notice that they kept flashing the perfume name?

  9. I'm so getting sick of her. Whenever I go to school all I hear is people in my year talking about Rihanna 'this' Rihanna 'that.' Seriously, shut up. And now she's got a perfume? Even worse. Plus, people in my year always copy things that their favourite artists do and act in such disgraceful ways. They probably class it as 'cool' when they don't have the slightest hint of the truth. I feel like screaming 'STFU' at them, but sadly, I'm not a naughty child.

    • I am learning that you have to channel your anger and frustration into something that is beneficial to your own enlightenment- because those people are in the dark, and will probably prefer to stay there, even if you did shed some light on it all. I feel your pain, but just be thankful you are not one of them. Keep making the right choices :)

  10. My one problem with your articles and view point is that you seem to forget that people do naturally have a "wild" side. There's nothing wrong with being a little "bad" here and there. People aren't perfect; we're meant to make mistakes and learn from them.

    • you are correct. but the message is not "make mistakes and learn from them" it is more like "make mistakes because doing the right thing is bad, and you will find more satisfaction in being bad"

      big difference- the devil is in the details :]

      • but the thing is its not even like a mistake. when something is considered a mistake the person knows they did a bad thing, the regret it and try to do good next time. this is more like saying "do whats bad because its right. dont have any regrets. just do it and embrass the pain from it because its good pain."

        its like all these images and words are hitting you one after another so you really dont have time to sit and realize whats going on. its like scarffing you face with food. you dont have time to taste it. but you end up with a bad tummy ache.

        and the music dosent help either. its like when you go into the Vatican and the priests are singing and humming. its pretty when played forward but when played backward its very haunting. to me even when played forward its haunting.

    • I dont think VC "forgets" people have a wild side. It is the obvious, in your face interpretation. He talks about the hidden meaning, which is another layer of meaning.

      • matmarsyndicate on

        Seems to me they are trying to expose the "people naturally have a bad side" so go ahead buy into its okay everyone is doing it, and in this message "being bad" is accepted socially.

        It's really up to you to be the kind of person you want to be , whether you think all people have a bad side doesn't mean you should give into it. You should atleast want to be a better person. You will find you get more respect from likewise people.

      • I agree with you, and am reminded me of the little girl I saw at the park a few weeks back wearing a cute pink sparkly shirt that said "Wrong is the New Right"……it's all just social conditioning resulting in the degradation of society/values/morals etc….

  11. I cannot stand her hair color! I think this is purposefully done because it clashes with the peach dress/good side and goes better with the black dress/bad side. Peach is certainly one of the most feminine colors besides pink. Peaches are also another word for breasts. I felt like the broken mirrors were too obvious of her fractured personality. All the rings on her fingers seemed to be representative of all of her handlers. It was as if there was a ring for each man in the video, yet the men's fingers were devoid of even one ring. When they come up from behind her and they're covering her eyes, her mouth is open as if in ecstasy. Is this her being penetrated? If so, this is obviously symbolic of a gang rape. Since this is the case, does this mean that the men in suits would appear to be non-gentlemen if they were to go to the "good" side of the mirror? I'm not sure what they would be wearing on the "good" side, but this makes sense to me. And the whole "Bad feels so good, good feels so bad" bs is sending the wrong message to hormonal teen girls. Not to mention, more masonic 'As above, so below' mantra ad nauseum. They sure know how to beat a dead horse!

    • A Girl Named Slickba on

      Her hair was died red on purpose. Read about color and what the color red in the light spectrum as well as in the color interpretation means and then go read your Bible.

      ~A Chic Named Slickback

      • Thanks for attempting to answer my question and I do realize that her hair has been that color for quite some time now. I doubt it was dyed for this specific commercial since we have been seeing her with these locks in her photoshoots and videos. Can anyone recall the first appearance in this color hair? By the way, did you agree or disagree with any of my interpretation? I really don't like people telling me to go and "read my bible". Is there a certain chapter or psalm I need to read which is associated with the symbolism of her red hair? For example, does it have to do with Moses seeing the burning bush or Joseph's Coat of Many Colors? If not, please save the "read your Bible" commands for someone who's lost. My best to you.

      • WAIT!


        The only time she isnt alone, is when she's getting raped, or in misery.

      • I think her red hair debuted on the cover photo for her first single, "Only Girl (In The World)", released Sept 10th, 2010- off her most recent album, Loud….but I could be wrong….

        All I know is, when I saw it for the first time…….I was like,

        " WTF drugs were they on when they decided to give Rihanna, "Ronald McDonald Red" hair………..?!?!" lol

        Here's the pic I'm talking about:

    • i too think it seemed like gang rape, hence why my skin was crawling during that part.

      and i've also heard the word peach used for the female genitalia as well, not just breasts.

      i agree they are sending a bad message, especially to girls. bad = good… just like 1984.

    • I know this post is old but i'm just getting around to reading it and I agree, it did look like penetration was occurring g at that moment, not to mention that while they're covering her eyes and she's got her mouth open they to her rubbing the bottle up her lower stomach. Sick and disturbing.

  12. I can't stand how all her messages are about how being bad is so good. Every song is 'rebel', 'I'm a bad girl', 'I like sex', she sounds so stupid. And then she has the audacity to speak out against violence and all this other crap. HELLO!! you and your entorouge are the ones influencing all this leud behavior. It's too bad Chris didn't knock her on her head to make it right. Good thing she's going to hell, that way she'll see how all her work here, "PAID" off. Stupid braud.

    • Nice post on the VF issue……what sticks out to me, besides the slutty attire, is how all of their eyes are just filled with so much lust/arrogance/seduction/haughtiness/vanity(lol). Their eyes…and demeanour, seriously give me a very bad vibe….like if I walked in the room I might be endangering myself!!!! I am so over hollyweird and their self-indulgent ridiculousness.

  13. At 1:09, is that a herpe?

    Also, since when does "good feel so bad?" So there is a "pink rebel flower" at the beginning, which also resembes an eye, and a birth. There is also worship present in the video at the beginning. The film runs forward to a "black rebel flower", just after her eyes are covered we scroll down to her middle "area". Then back up to her eyes which are exposed in a similar manner that the "pink rebel flower" was presented.

    Rather shocking, and intellectually constructed. Lots of duality which bleeds hidden knowledge.

    Nice find VC!

  14. @VC and all VC fans ,the egyptian president has resigned due to the protests.could it be that the illuminati were behind the protests?

    • @babyface what do u mean by Illuminati behind protesters its actually the other way around Illuminati behind Mubarak and truth behind protesters.

      The people of Egypt wanted to be free of the Israel/american/illuminated leader thats why they protested so tell me how can Illuminati support the protesters??

      Regarding the article..Did not expect antything else from Rihanna so as far as i know i am not surprised neither shocked

  15. nice i like the way to describe it.i want u to give something on egpytians, i feel there is a similarity in this to that of french revolution started by freemasons

  16. Its so funny cos today i was talking to a friend about how most celebrity perfumes smell awful but the masses have been dumbed down to admire these illuminati puppets and mindlessly purchase their junk.

    Then I remembered when VC mentioned that Lady Gaga's perfume is reported to smell like blood and semen (WEIRDO!). Then I thought I wonder when Rhianna is gonna release a perfume… and here it is…

    Is the ad for this up on youtube? I wanna watch the ad, it looks like it seems to have a similar theme to Rhianna's only girl in the world video….

      • LOL! That's funny, but disturbing cos I wouldn't be surprised if it did smell like…u know how twisted these illuminati puppets can be.

      • wow. the obsession is utterly revolting. what r we gonna work with next? urine & feces???

        pathetic and ridiculous!

      • don't be suprised cos Rhianna made that track S&M which stands for sado machosism and apparently people that are into that sort of sex enjoy pain and humiliation such as being pissed on and eating shit….

        Nasty stuff goes on in this world

  17. Bound and gagged Gag on

    I just watched the new S & M music video by Rihanna, and one thing is clear. Many videos are dealing with sadomasochism which is by far the most extreme genre of porn industry as far as I know.

    I have seen some OWK videos where those Latex and Leather wearing "Mistresses" whip and beat up their slave men so badly that their backs are bleeding and they are humiliated by being pissed on and they are forced to eat sh*t. They are also being electrocuted to the testicles and forced to be "human ashtrays". etc.

    Why this kind of sexual behaviour is being advertised to our youth? I mean, I can tolerate very extreme BDSM if it stays underground within those kind of people who are willing to do such harsh stuff, but I do not like it when they are promoting that to teenagers and make it more acceptable.

    Seems like nowadays being dressed like a slut isn't enough, now you have to torture and humiliate people on music videos.

    • It is so sad, isn't it :( And it is hard to prove how disturbing and violating it all is to kids today, because they are "a-okay" with it, and think it is the normal thing to do. Their attention spans are too short to actually reflect on anything

      • It also just speaks volumes about how quickly our society has become desensitized……think about what was considered 'inappropriate' 60 years ago….Elvis Presley!!! We have fallen so far, and so fast. And it seems like it is always targeted at the youth. I just can't even comprehend what comes next. Feels like in some ways we are very close to tapping the threshold of deviancy. All these videos/skins etc….not much farther to fall.

  18. Another day, another disturbing/creepy Riri vid… Zzzzz.

    What's funny is that I tested a sample of her perfume the other day, and to my surprise, it actually smelled surprisingly GOOD. (Which I guess, by her logic, means that "it felt so bad"?) In fact, she should stick to making perfume instead of assaulting our eardrums with her screechy, brain-piercing attempts at "singing". The only problem is that the scent didn't last very long. I wish we could say the same for her music career.

    Perhaps I'm biased about the music because a. I find her smug attitude and negative visual imagery so off-putting, and b. I have ears.

  19. Rhianna is a talentless whore.

    Sorry, Rhianna's Mom…sometimes we have to admit to ourselves that trying to control others is wrong and essentially, impossible.

    You are responsible, if you relinquish control. It is never the fault of the people behind the curtains. If you give up your individualism to follow a fad or trend, you are responsible as well as the party who sold themselves out. It is NOT art when it is manufactured outside of the organic spectrum of soulful individualism…

    Again, Rhianna is ok with being a talentless whore and people are ok with supporting her talentless whore-ism when, deep down, they know it is better to resist cheap imitation and try to become a "rebel flower" ourselves. Shitty smelling perfume won't bring you closer to that tacky image you set yourself up for.

    Why don't people reach for higher, moral ideals for themselves and their image to humanity? Because we allow other people to control and dictate our thoughts…not realizing the power of our own thoughts, words and ideas.

    Wake up and resist. Its so peaceful and easy and you end up strong, nothing can defeat you or leech onto you.

  20. Yeah, so I went onto youtube and pulled up the video of the commercial and WOW! I don't quite see the connection between what I saw in the commercial and perfume. Scene with her and the three hands blinding her was very sexual… all I can say is wow… watching TV is getting dangerous…

    I also didn't like that flashing screen… kind of felt like they may be putting some subliminal things in there…

  21. Anyway. Just my ouw thoughts. Rhianna is a talentless whore and I am proud that I don't watch tv, have never heard one of her songs all the way through, don't CARE and I supplement my life with music that is BEAUTIFUL and full of substance.

    Why would anyone supplement their life with anything else but quality?

    Ignorance and fear maybe.

  22. I just watched the ad…..very strange……

    The way she walks through the mirror and is weraing the black outfit is creepy, it looks evil and then as she walks through the maze, theres a part where she spins around and her dress at the back rises up and looks like claws or thorns….really weird, check it out.

    It's as if her dress has a mind of its own…more of a mind than rhianna..

    Bad feels good and good feels bad… I feel sorry for kids growing up these days

  23. By no means am I trying to be crude here…but did she BIRTH the fragrance? All hands are revealed and she did not appear to be in possession of the bottle until the end/middle of the video. Her open mouth kinda makes me think that and the flash right before of her skirt. And if she is representative of the fragrance being born at the begining of the video, we are dealing with a whole new level of sickness.

    Kinda like that Grace Jones/Eddie Murphy movie where she does the commercial for STRANGE…

    I also noticed that she has a lifted veil.

  24. Omg this commercial was so creepy and disturbing I almost feel sick. Just doesn't sit right. It also irks me reading the video comment for it on YouTube. People hailing it "genius" and have no clue what it's about. "oh it's so pretty Rihanna is so pretty I want to buy this" idiots. Someone please link this vc analysis to the comments there. I don't have an account so I can't myself

    • I think I'm going to have nightmares. This shit gets into your sub conscious. Like they are controlling our minds just by showing us this. At least most of us on here are aware of it now. The majority of the world is still 'plugged in'

      • One more thing. I got the same feeling watching the ad as o did watching black swan. Like being raped of your innocence

  25. Really, REALLY wierd and disturbing ad! I am gonna pray for her and this sick sad world we live in.

    Also, VC, PLEASE do an analysis of her new video "S & M."!!

    • @ songstress,

      Yes I agree. Although I do believe it speaks for itself. I saw the clip and was revolted, now they push bondage and S and M (obviously) onto young teenagers. This is all to drive the youth away from the growth of their soul…. its a spiritual conspiracy.

  26. Its disgusting… Rihanna is just a degenerated individual… God bless her soul… she is still a child of God.

    The main thing is that we are awakening in masses! The impression seems to me that now that 'they' know we are onto them, they are just pushing as hard as they can to get to those who dont know. At the end of the day, consciousness cannot be repressed, and those few that do get mind warped, well they are just a few at the end of the day. God will still have a place for them. They are starting to come across as a little desperate in their actions!!!! anyone agree???

  27. Crowley had a lot to say about doing things backwards, and Rihanna wouldn't be the 1st to exhibit his teachings. law of reversal | lasrever fo wal

    • What did that devil Crowley say about doing things backwards and what is the law of reversal?

      When i saw rhianna's ad and it played backwards at the end it was just really strange as if see is living in another dimension…reminded me of Alice in wonderland

    • Check out this article discussing the filming of the video and the accompanying marketing campaign. From the article:

      What viewers may find mind-boggling is that the video was choreographed to make it difficult to determine in which direction it was originally filmed. There are no obvious giveaways — say, flower petals being plucked in one direction and the petals being reattached in the other.

      Misha Louy, an executive producer at Droga5 who worked on the video, explained that in some shots Rihanna was even filmed walking backward, or was directed to walk forward in such a way that when the video was played in reverse it “wouldn’t look like she was moonwalking backwards.”

      For three months beginning in April, the perfume also will be advertised in 363 movie theaters on 1,903 screens. A 30-second spot will be an edited version of the online video, and as moviegoers exit the theaters representatives from the brand will hand them scented cards. The brand expects to hand out about seven million of the cards, offering them not to everyone but rather to the target demographic for Reb’l Fleur: women 18 to 24.

      article: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/10/business/media/

      • truangel777

        I read that link about Crowley, you should have warned me first, very disturbing stuff…. hope i dont have nightmares.

        From what i understood the reversal and learning to do things backwards is common in occult satanic rituals and is in esscence black magic…i already knew that and i can't believe i didn't make the connection in rihanna's ad..

        Thanks 4 that

      • lyra c

        I'm glad I'm not the only one that struggled to get through that article. My faith got me through it as well as a quote that keeps me going when I get a little creeped out:

        "It’s the one’s who don’t have knowledge that are afraid of those that do have knowledge. If you have knowledge keep it, use it…constantly obtain it, maintain it…don’t let these people scare you." KRS ONE commenting about secret societies

        Thanks for the input.

      • truangel777

        well said

        knowledge is power

        the difference between those who seek knowledge and those who don't is similar to the one breathing and the one lying dead six feet under or like the one surrounding by light and the one surounded by darkness who cannot see where they are going or find their path

  28. Her album entitled "Good Girl Gone Bad." This is no shock or surprise. Have you missed her latest videos? This girl is a sex symbol and is nothing close to innocent.
    We knows this already. I wonder if her perfume will smell anything like blood & semen like GaGa's…
    Or maybe it'll smell like "sex" since she states in her S&M song: "sex in the air; I don't care, i love the smell of it." Whatever sex smells like. This girl is nothing but a puppet.

  29. Great articles. I really wish their was a way that more people (especially the younger generations) would come to websites like this. Unfortunately, they are all too busy on Facebook…

  30. I read somewhere that it is called "soft porn". Soon we will be able to see a full intercourse on ch. 4 at 8pm. This is crazy..

  31. I'm tired of this Illuminasty. shes attractive, but shes not normal!

    shes just a puppet. we cant judge her(still a sin)

    i think thats why the illuminati has "celebritys" so that we can judge them( and sin)

  32. This article can relate to Jessica Alba's Revlon Commercial. I've just watched her music video of S&M and to the video, she proclaim herself as a Princess of Illuminati. So disturbing!

  33. tbh, I kinda like rihanna, I enjoy her music&whatnot, but I am aware of her behavior &i am an avid user of VC&love reading his articles and I am awake&aware to what's around me, I'm pretty proud of it, seeing I'm one of the few, young, awaken ones (im 17 lol) around. But, yes I watched the video&it defintely creeped me out!! Especially that short part, where her eyes become, illuminated D:, &then the obvious part, where it seems she was gang raped by her handlers&enjoyed it, defintely disturbed me, this ad made me uncomfortable to say the least. I think it's terrible how she's so proud of being a good girl gone bad & captializes herself on it and makes it seem okay to younger girls who actually look up to her… Smh.. I recently saw a quote of hers on Tumblr (blogging site haha) &someone quoted her saying "I'm not a ho, I just act ho-ish"… Really..?? Why would someone quote that, I swear girls make me sad these days, I for one still have my purity&innoncence, and I'm proud of that too.. &i see girls my age&younger degrading&taken advantage of because they think it's okay to be hyper-sexual &show off what they have because "Oh! This is what my favorite celebrity said,&tons of guys/girls will like me if I do" &yeah her S&M video was weird, I liked it not going to lie(but only some parts :P).. Haha but it was wayyyy weird!! Especially the part where she had the media tied up&gagged, made me feel odd&uncomfortable, especially the get-up she was in, she looked like she resembled sperm!! She was in all white latex, with a white latex cap, seriously, first thing I thought was.. "is she suppose to resemble ejaculation or something?!" &yeah there's parts where it's overly sexual, idk I tire of her oh sex is in! Do it! Be a ho! .. 😐 but her music is catchy 😛 &i kinda like her fashion sense lol, but other than that, she most defintely not someone I look up to at all!!! I promise you that!

  34. Wow. When it first started, I thought "wow, this is really beautiful, what the heck are ppl talking about?" Then cue the creepy men in black covering her eye's! After that, the whole creepy, uncomfortable feelings crept right in from start to finish the second time I watched it. Poor girl, prolly doesn't got a clue what's really happening to her. Also, no joke, I heard/watched her S&M video ONCE, and its been FOUR days and the song is still bouncing thru my head! I catch myself humming it & wanna kick myself! Its a lil worse than that "I whip my hair back & forth" crap (which I've never heard in its entirety and was stuck in head forever!) Honestly, after what I've learned here & "waking up" NOTHING shocks me anymore.

  35. I just thought of something, the word or phonetic "el" represents the word for diety or god. For example, archangels are named in accordance to their attributes to El Elyon. Just as people may abbreviate CHRISTmas with Xmas, I noticed that the name of the fragrance has been abbreviated too; REB'L Fleur. Also of note, the Akkadian phonetic for diety was ILUM. What's in a name?

    Definition for apostorphe: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/apostro

    Rihanna also has a tatoo that reads "rebelle fleur" on her neck. She also has a tatoo written backwards on her chest so that she can read it in the mirror. In divination, mirrors are a special tool, often times being perfumed before use. It's out there…

  36. Wow, that is so creepy, I feel violated and absolutely disgusted.

    I feel deeply sad for my generation and the younger people, it is so difficult as a woman to find my place. I dont see role models of good mothers or real women to look up to and learn from, I am so confused over my role I've been told I should be 'independent' and comply with a society that values 'hotness' over other virtues like intelligence or caring, I am up against all of this pressure to act like a little slutty porn star in order to find 'love', and apparently I need to take my clothes off and get a pair of fake boobs in order to have any sense of self worth..

    And while I'm trying to live as a strong woman, there are the boys. They have seen it all through porn and think sick sexual acts are normal. (I've been asked numerous times to perform disgusting acts that I find deeply offensive, like its just a normal thing to ask…!!?! Then its almost as if I'M 'letting them down' or a disappointment because I refuse to be abused) It's just crazy!!

    I am so sick of the illuminati programming in this world, and am doing all I can to remove myself from it. I am in my 20's and have stopped listening to mainstream music and watching television. I dont buy magazines etc etc

    Yet still, STILL.. this stuff reaches me and affects me.. walking past newsagency I see the covers of magazines, overhearing people talk, on billboards, overhearing the radio….

    I dont want anything to do with this rubbish.

    Sorry to say, the next generation are fked. If Elvis used to be contriversial and now look how far we've pushed it (rhianna having an orgasm while being gang raped in order to sell purfume?!?!?)… surely (and hopefully) this cant keep going much longer..

      • Thanks 33 pillars, that was a really nice article. Its reassuring to read that I'm not the only 'wierd' one who sees things like this!

      • The problem is that all this porn stuff is steeped in homosexuality and women hatred. "A man is for love, a woman for children". It is also thanks to homosexuals that the word gender = gender stereotypes is now used instead of sex and bizarrely intertwined with sexuality. All three are three different things. And gender (stereotypes) are not closely linked to sex by nature, gender roles are learned. I researched and wrote a paper on how we learn gender roles from an early age – or don't learn them. There is nothing natural about them. There is nothing natural about homosexual sex or all that porn sex either. The heterosexual women however who perform in this sex however make it look as if it is all right. And I think that this is the whole point in people like gaga. High heels also ruin your body and just as women pointed out how they oppress women, homosexuals wore them to show how "feminine" they were, which basically took away the argument from those who spoke up against them, because now when they did, they were called "homophobic". I think this whole homosexual agenda is to a large part one against women and incidentally they became most public just as women finally managed to get equal rights. Have they however been implemented? I have two university degrees, one in business, and at every single interview I was asked if was going to have children and as I refused to say I didn't, I often did not get the job. I had however also researched how work (also as an manager) and children can well be combined. There is a lot possible, it is mainly a matter of not wanting to, not of not possible. As a woman who maybe perhaps wants to have children one day I was treated like an outcast and I did not even have children! You can only have children if you can afford to finance them and yourself and a relationship with a money imbalance is often a relationship with a power imbalance. It is well known that after two children couples find themselves back to the traditional gender roles and those are not natural, they are a result of how society is structured and run, the possibilities that women have. I'd not necessarily want to give my child into all day childcare however since I have become aware of all the pathetic things that are tought. Gender as sex and the supposed naturalness of gender stereotypes attached to the body being just one of them. Women like these sex slaves made me revolt also against my body and there was no way that I ever wanted to be reduced to being a mother and a sex kitten who looks good next to a guy. Again the reading of the last year and becoming aware of the whole OCCULT BACKGROUND of gender thinking and women being portrayed and thought of in these stereotypical ways has helped me accept myself and my body finally just as I am. Also, what's interesting, JESUS never stereotyped women and men in the way that most people do! He was truely revolutionary in this. It could well be that this is another reason why they want to get rid of him. Interesting again how my Christian thinking has helped me to keep a grip of reality, because it teaches you that you have free will and responsible for your behaviour. In this God is the authority. I am not the follower of some man who talks rubbish to oppress half of human kind. Even in the old testament it is said that a good wife is a good merchant who provides for her family and be a UNITY not the slave of her husband. I am very critical of some passages in the Bible, because their fruits have not been good. The passages that say that women are minor to men somehow just being one of them. Jesus never said anything like this. HOMOSEXUALITY has an occult background! And VC recently uploaded an e-book which describes the occult background of gender!

  37. @star5

    Keep your head up and live the life that YOU want to live and be proud that you havn't been fooled by all this crap and are aware.

    Society nowadays trys to make us think walkin around half naked and doing any sexual act to please a man is liberation…..

    At the end of the day all the mass media is doing is oppressing women's self esteem and free will. Who the hell do they think they are dictating fashion, beauty and sex to women and making them feel bad and look stupid when they have their own mind and choose not to conform.

    Every woman is beautiful in her own way and we definetly do NOT need the approval or compliments of a man to know our self worth..we are all being effected by this evil, revolting shit….stay strong.

  38. Today is the second day, i still feel like i was raped, i still feel very unconfortable. What the hell did this commercial do to me?

    • Name (required) on

      i hope you are exaggerating … but perhaps the nature of such content is to disturb, damage, destroy – perhaps we are all susceptible – don't dismiss it if you feel violated. perhaps rebuke whatever it is that has or is trying to violate you taking refuge in whatever your original faith might be.

    • The ad traps the viewer. It is a MAZE that has no way out, it was designed this way. It is a palindrome. The ending is the beginning is the ending. Try to resolve it in the mind, and it loops again. But in the end…it can be regarded as "just a commercial". Hope that helps.

      • …and don't forget, Rihanna suffered a traumatic experience not long ago. She was beaten by her boyfriend on the WORLD STAGE…at the height of her career, and she is still relatively young. Lot's of pressure, lots of options. Did she take the time to resolve this within herself? Was she given the opportunity? We may never know, but if she didn't and she had any creative input into the commercial, I can see why it is the way it is. It has been designed to evoke emotions that she is continually facing…that many of our youth are facing, and can relate to, as mentioned in other comments, thus placing themselves into a fantastical maze with no end…IF they don't know the way out.

    • I suggest you seek some sort of mental help, because there is obviously something very wrong with you that is beyond this commercial. I mean I admit that the commercial gave me a weird eerie feeling but raped is a far stretch.

  39. The perfume is just a pretext, of course the video has nothing to do with it. Rihanna is become one big Illuminati joke. And joke's on her fans.

  40. I glad you guys break this down. I been following for a while and I can recognize some things but I can't put a meaning to all of it. This dual reality is tricky and strange.

  41. If I were a woman, watching this commercial would not make me wanna buy this perfume. From a standard point of view, I don't think people would get the subliminal message of this commercial. Thanks for the dissection, VC!

  42. hah. she is so cheesy, late fashion, just a simpleton…

    I would rather pay money for a perfume that smelled like dog shit

  43. Oh my goodness… i bet the fans will be rushing to get this perfume when its released -_-,

    Oh whats next rihanna?? are u proud that your being controlled by the illuminati seeing as they see you as thier "little princess"…

    sad some ppl can do anything for fame… when fame and money doesn't give the happiness that they are looking for. Most of these artists will end up as addicts when their "funtime" is over. Now ppl look up to celebritys as thier role model or idol! It makes me feel sick.

    I remember a girl said to me "ill slap you if you call justin bieber a talentless arrogant idiot again!!"

    I CANT BELIEVE People are more serious even and care about these illuminati puppets…. Gggrrrrr….

  44. Hey All, I wonder if its possible that Rihanna's abuse by her boyfriend Chris brown may have actually been done by handlers.

    • im glad someone mentioned that cos i always thought that the whole chris brown/rhianna incident was shrouded in mystery….something doesn't quite add up

      Also am i the only one who finds beyonce and jay z's relationship slightly strange?

  45. When a crime is perpetrated, the need for secrecy is an obvious imperative. And yet, many crimes, particularly of a paraphilic variety trigger an opposing and perverse need for exposure; a form of exhibitionism generally expressed indirectly by the criminal (notes to the family, works of referential art, etc.)

    There is no reason to think that those who mold the zeitgeist are immune to this very deep-seated urge. In cases when the threat of actual exposure is minimal to none, the confessional work can often be very blatant, and fulfills this exhibitionistic need in a risk-free manner.

    There is another aspect to the symbolic allegories of very real crimes being so widely produced and disseminated: just as in snuff, the viewer is implicated in the crime merely through the act of observation. The notion of tainting unwitting millions in this fashion must be nigh irresistible to the sort of folks who are responsible for this filth.

  46. does anyone else see the demon face?!

    its on the second picture with the three men.

    the two bushes are eyes

    the middle triangular one, a nose and the shard going up towards where she is standing are like ugly sharp teeth!

    thats what freaked me out the most

  47. Even the first personna is corrupted — she is rising from rumpled bed sheets with what that implies while dressed very provocatively and shooting come hither looks. It is only by current standards that it could possibly be considered something approaching innocent, although it definately does contrast with the extremely over the top "dark" personna.

    On a related note, in her Grammy appearance with Drake is the decoration on the lower front of her costume meant to invoke the image of a masonic apron from a distance?

    See this:


  48. All of that eye movement when they'd get close on her face and the way she'd look at the audience was annoying and unsettling. She was Totally flirting with her audience. And the background music has given me a harsh headache.

  49. I'm unsure whether the fact I didn't have sound whilst watching this contributed, but watching it in a silent room taking in every bit of detail is just wow….. The last scene with the three handlers + her having an orgasmic look on her face + the caressing and movement of her private region and her hips was fucking foul. I physically feel disgusting. She just had a root with 3 guys and enjoyed it. This is an Ad? For teenagers? God help us all.

  50. Haha, it looks like the perfume came from her crotch. Seriously, is this supposed to want to make women want to buy this and feel sexy? I can't imagine even wanting to smell it now. So not sexy on so many levels.

  51. I just skipped right through this video. Crazy stuff. @ nnne. is that true? I don't recall hearing anything familiar.

    And for all of you who think you'll get hypnotized by the reversed music you are hearing. Believe in yourself and dont let your mind get weak. Only then there is an opening. If you just believe in yourself and keep doing what is truly right.

    People will be okay.

  52. Maybe I've been living under a rock or something, but was Rihanna ever actually a 'good girl'? Or any of these pop star chicks for that matter? All this fractured duality doesn't really mean anything to me because they've always been demented freaks for as long as I've had my eyes on them. It'd be like if I grew up in some atheistic family and started praising the devil every day to try and shock my parents. It's just not very impressive to me. It's just sad thinking she or anybody else might be going through some psycho fucked up cult slavery. I get a twisting feeling in my gut from contemplating trauma-based mind control.

  53. might I add that the colours of her clothing could be significant… the pink and the black… go look at the xplanation of Alicia Keys doesnt mean anything… i dont know how accurate the explanation is for Alicia… but the colour transition from a peach/pink colour to black… its quite "coincidental"


    it has its own symbolism…

    Also… with the whole reversal of everything… it could be related to the whole thing of songs… whne you play them in reverse, they bring out a different message, like those old metal songs, and with some of the more modern hip hop songs…. worth exploring… could it be that this is more comon than we think??

  54. Not trying to be racist ,but it's also weird that her handlers that are brain washing her are white. That goes to show that the big leaders in the system are white. They bring in in one of all colors to deceive.

    I was looking @ a interview of the comic Dave C. when he was explaning his last show. He said "Why would Mariah C. have to take her shirt off when she's rich?" Later Michael J. + her EX was a bad man. Her EX was a buissness man for Sony. Michael took over half the buissness when he was suspended. Michael's contract was over with Sony. Years later he died. Sony took over the rights of the video tour "This is It". Not saying Sony killed him. It just sounds a little weird that would happen when his contract it up with Sony.

  55. I hear vc talk a lot about references to alice in wonderland in mind control, i wonder why he's never done an article about Gwen Stefani and her old video "what you waiting for?" …. if you are looking for a video with wonderland paraphernalia that is the one…. maybe the video is not in the mk ultra kind of way…

  56. hi-frequency on

    I wrote a break down of this dumb ass add on The YBF when they premiered the video. Of course there was all the usually " i hate rhi rhi", "shes wack" , and yall are just haters, rhi rhi, is the best" statements which left me no choice to but to go in on the mind control ad.

    I wrote a break down you would have been proud of! Glad to see you analyzed it too!

    Stay up n awake!

    signed " an avid fan"

  57. They were all just like, "Screw it, we're not even going to try and hide this is about the Illuminati and mind control." If they were any more blatant "bad" Rhianna would be wearing a leopard dress. Oh and the ending, so much rape being implied. I mean the first ending, before the reverse sequence. I also thought the way they warped the music in the reverse sequence was creepy, and I'm a horror fan that listens to Goth music, I know creepy.

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