Nicole Sherzinger: “To make it, you really have to sell your soul to the devil.”



In a recent interview with The Independent, Nicole Sherzinger – the former lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls – discussed the music industry and what is truly needed to make it. According to her, female pop stars who receive “industry love” must obey orders, forget about their values and accept to be slutty. In short, they must be willing participants of the elite’s Agenda. In Sheringer’s words: ” To make it, you really have to sell your soul to the devil”. This phrase is often used by celebrities who discuss the industry (see the article When Insiders Expose the Ugly Side of the Entertainment Industry) and its meaning can be a lot more literal than most would expect. Indeed, making it in the industry does not only imply doing things you don’t feel like doing – it implies going against the very morals and values you grew up with. Even worse, it implies submitting to the dark forces ruling the industry and all of the spiritual sacrifices that come with it.

Sherzinger began her singing career as part of an “acoustic goth” band named Days of the New, which was all about art and music. Real success however only came about when she joined the Pussycat Dolls, a group that was the total opposite of Days of the New. It was indeed a record company-created group that was designed use sex to sell catchy pop tunes. Sherzinger apparently did not like what the Pussycat Dolls were about, but she joined anyway, stating that she “didn’t have a choice”.

“My first response when I was invited to join was, No way! I come from a strong religious background, and I had a very conservative upbringing. So I was nervous, and confused. Here I was wanting to be Whitney Houston, so why did I have to dress in lingerie to do that? I didn’t get it.”

When asked the “sexy songs” she sings, Sherzinger replied:

“With these kind of songs, I don’t feel I have to justify myself to anyone. I come from the most religious family – my grandfather is a priest – and if they support me in all this, and they do, then I’m OK. I’m being sassy and classy; I’m having fun. I’m not coming from a dark place.”

Sherzinger is however aware that she is probably not doing enough to become a top, industry-backed pop singer.

“To be honest with you, I sometimes wish I were more slutty. I’d probably be a lot more successful if I were. This is such a tough industry, you know. To make it, you really have to sell your soul to the devil.”

When asked is she sold her soul to the devil:

“No, I haven’t. That’s probably why I haven’t quite reached the top of my mountain. I mean, where’s my Tony Award, my Grammy, my Oscar? Why don’t I have any of those things yet?”

From a young naive singer dreaming of making it big, Nicole Sherzinger is apparently turning  into another disgruntled pop star that is slowly learning the truth about the music industry.




      • gladtameetcha on

        Er, Lin…..there's never going to be a news source reporting on monarchs. Thats why they're called SECRET societies. Duurrr.

      • How can you not know that? Don't believe the hype. Just because she looks pretty and says nice things doesn't mean she is telling the truth.

      • Her first video with Edens Crush displayed ALL of the women in Butterfly bras. She often does the "Shhh" symbol, and dressed slutty enough in the "Dontcha video" to have already sold out. She is most likely a generational slave just like Ana Maria Lombo also of Edens Crush. I have many pics of ANa Maria dressed in different alters for one interview. All of those Edens Crush girls are defintely monarchs.

    • Really?!?! Last time I checked, Nicole Scherzinger was one of those selling her body the most, no different to Britney, Christina, Gwen, Shakira, Beyonce.. at least 4 of these women can really sing, just like Nicole, yet they participated directly in a downturn of society where from being sexy superstars like before in the 80s and mid 90s, stars now even if they had great voices had to become hypersexualized in their performances and videos.

      The Pussycat Dolls were actually notorious for being on top of that hypersexualized game. Lyrics, performance, dress.. come on, Nicole played by the rules BIG TIME. She did everything the industry may have asked her to do. the only boundary she did not break was to appear completely nude. Not much missing to that, though.

      Whether you find that means selling your sell – I don't think so, personally. But she definitely sold her body and sexuality for success.

      • She was on the x factor and some of the comments she made exposed how naive she actually is. Sure she's not opposed to getting her kit off for a few quid but there were comments from her that I found quite unusual. I believe this girl doesn't really know a great deal. Not saying she's stupid, just extremely ignorant and kinda childish

    • she is. just watch her first solo video "Poison"… How many times does she really has to show us the pyramid symbol? Too obvious and she's not fooling anyone about "oooooh, i'm not that slutty so that's why i'm not that famous". So boring and stupid….

  1. Why don't these people ever take responsibility? "didn''t have a choice", no body put a gun to her head… she wasn't a child. And does she really think she doesn't have a grammy because she's not slutty enough? Unbelievable. I don't think I can even read this stuff anymore.

    • Desire makes people do a lot of things they don't want to do to get what they want. It's hard to explain, you have to experience it.

    • You don't necessarily know the circumstances @daylight. If your female it does look like you have to be slutty to get anywhere in music or film, think of the majority female talents in music and hollywood oscar winning actresses…
      And if she said she didn't have a choice, where ever she was in that place at the time (when she was called up), I guess she didn't have one as she went against her own set of believes

    • there is always a choice. it is not a mysterious thing, it's just a choice. she made a poor choice. hopefully she will start making better ones. because what's really important in life? fame? I don't think so.

    • "no body put a gun to her head… "

      How do you know? Were you there? Do you see what is going on behind closed doors?

      • oh give me a break. Stop making excuses for them. I listen to female artists that don't writhe around in their underwear and they are still successful. You don't see their face plastered everywhere, or their music played in every store, but they still make a good living and do what they love. And some do end up very successful. Like Kelly Clarkson, Adele…just off the top of my head, there are many others too. Being slutty can get you far, but only for so long. It's not an all or nothing choice.

      • So what? The majority of music, poetry, art is about human relationships and sex. Relationships (and their pain or joy) are often what move and inspire the creative ones among us to create art.

      • Just shows you don't listen much on Adele's songs. lol.

        I've heard almost all the songs Adele have sung and have never heard her sing about sex. Relationship, yes. Sex? No. Not all of them are even break-up songs like most people think she does all the time.

      • Adele and Kelly Clarkson are in the illuminati too….but I do agree that you should nit make excuses for them….

      • mintcookie24 on

        hey sorry for that but adele is one of them just see her pictures .. hopefully kelly not.

    • daylight………..agree with you but ya know some people, they are Soooooooooooooo obsessed with fame, materialism, money and want to be noticed and be a bigger star than the next person, they dont think of anything and anyone else, look at Gaga, she is the worst one, she even calls herself the Queen of the universe and the Master of the art of Fame and that is somone who has sold out completely……………I mean like totally out of stock, lol

    • My interpretation of what she said is that she had no choice is that there were certain things she was required to do to make it in the music industry. In other words, she had no choice but to do what she did to be successful.

    • Preach. People need to realize at the end of the day EVERY choice EVERYONE makes, has made, and will make were done through their own will.

    • Exactly! There ARE singers who don't go down that road. Think Alanis Morrissette. Think Adele. Think Norah Jones. All multi million dollar selling female singers. Just because in mainstream pop there currently is not much of none-stripping female stars to see does not mean there's no choice. Everyone who complies despite an inner wish is complicit in it. Reinforces and upholds that system. If she acknowledged "I participated in it despiter better knowledge and conscience", I'd respect her critique. Her whining despite her selling out her body and sexuality big time (as one of the worst as part of PCD and solo endeavours – look at her solo video, she wears practically nothing) for success, I don't respect.

  2. Her solo career is not very successful – I think thats because she's not sold her soul (yet). But this girl has a lot of talent, so she would deserve it! (Google her singing opera – you'll be speechless!)
    It is strange to watch the fight within her – whether to make her dream come true or stay moral… Anyway, I hope she will chose the good way and be happy in her life.

    • Oh my word…..thanks for letting us know about her opera singing abilities…..never knew she was THIS talented. Hope she has the courage to break free from this evil industry and stay TRUE to herself and her talent.

    • Thank you! I was like who is writing this article and why do they not know how to spell her name correctly?!? Isn't spell check part of journalism 101?

  3. Wow what a revelation!!
    She clearly isnt afraid of speaking her mind.
    I myself am an aspiring Underground house music producer and the best ones today are in Miami. Im in Johannesburg and if i finally do make to the USA will i also have to sell my soul? Hope not!!

  4. I kinda feel like this is what happened with Amerie. She didnt sell herself to what the industry demands to rise to or stay on top.

    In fact I sometimes feel thats what happens to one hit wonders/ one hit albums. They give the artist a taste of industry success and fame, then make demands for them to experience more fame to sustain it.

    • I completely agree. I loved Amerie's breakout album. She's very talented and beautiful and has something unique about her that makes her stand out from the rest. She should have risen to the top but we don't even hear about her anymore. Doesn't make sense.

    • Happens time and time again…the ones who don't end up playing cruise ships, fairs, and six flags, on a triple-bill with other one-hit wonders, or leave the business altogether.

    • I totally agree! And I love Amerie! I'm glad she didn't sell out. Her music makes better boyfriends and she's one of the most underrated R&B singers if you ask me.

      • interesting what you say about the boyfriends. I did notice that her music seem to bring out the better side of guys that i knew. They seem to really respond to her.

      • and what about jasmine sulivan such a beautifiul unique voice not a wanna be beyonce and where is she in the charts???

    • Good point. She was gorgeous, had a unique voice, didn't dress like a tramp, and wasn't singing about materialism or sex. That's not good in the eyes of the music industry.

    • Lilly Allen, Katy B, M.I.A (yes), Robyn… the similar situation I think. And I'm still not sure, what to think about Aaliyah case. But there are many underrated singers, nothing special. It seems that spectacular career is only for 'chosen ones'.
      Greetings from Poland.

    • I agree! i think that is a perfect example of Katy Perry. With her hit "i kissed a girl" there probably wanted to sell her soul and make more demands so she won't be a one hit wonder with that song.

    • The photoshoots I see with Jennifer Lawrence have a lot of programming in them. Did you catch Jack Nicholson "surprising" her backstage? They had an exchange that sounded A LOT like a handler/monarch would have. It could have been natural, but I kind went "whoa" inside. Jacks background is very mysterious, btw. Very involved with the Laurel Canyon crew back in the day (a ton of celebs that flocked to that area almost instantaneously that all happened to have parents with military connections and mostly from the DC area –… – fantastic read). Jacks got no real birth certificate to speak of, very involved in cult activities back in the day.

  5. north germany on

    its not poorly written, its making it clear that she is very pretty and very talented but to be really really good then she can't do half way, she probably said no to the heavy ritual, that's why no grammy for her!

  6. I don't even think being a popstar is worth it. The adulation is fake, nobody truly loves you, you can't go anywhere without being mobbed, people want you to fail… You don't even have the freedom to go wherever you want and enjoy your money. I mean when was the last time you saw Britney going to Hawaii for a nice vacay? She's always working and making money for all the people behind her machine/brand. She doesn't even have friends! And nobody had her back when she had her meltdown. They just worried about her getting "better" so she kept making money. But she's not the same anymore.

    Also… Neither of these people are making unforgettable classics anyway. No Whitney, no Michael. It's all bad music. They give everything for nothing.

    • In that vein, being a slave to the military industrial complex isn't worth it either. Thousands if not millions of humans have turned over their souls to play with the power of advanced military technology…its initially alluring, but a whole wealth of nasty beings start getting attached to your soul. Then its a real fight to stop the landslide. The technology they have, the remote viewing, the invisibility cloaking, the long distance psychic scanning…people just keep folding when they get offered "power". Its a real shame. We don't come here to worship anything or to control each other. We are merely here to create and coexist. That's why there is so much discord right now – everyone's so busy worshipping and trying to control and deny the power of human existence.

      • yes! well said! we are here to create and coexist.

        thank you! for this profound reminder!

      • I liked what you had to say but the truth is that we're actually here to worship the one true God. He is the one that creates, not us. We're blessed with the resources that God created and we build on them.

      • I won't call it that way. We as humans have divine faculties that are made in the image of our Creator, and because the Divine has the creative force, so we have!
        Humanity creates, that's a fact. Look around you and you will see it for yourself.

      • The question is: what are we creating? a pleasant dream or a nightmare? Heaven or hell?

      • Right now, the negative, antimatter-ey activity seems to be amping up, and Ive noticed, along with others, a rapid speed up of time. Perhaps with WiFi'ing the planet and our short attention spans from living so RUSH RUSH RUSH all the time, we are collapsing false time. I hope one day to see its collapse and a return to a more naturally set world where people don't spend most of the day staring at screens. Time and probability are most likely one and the same thing. Best to get your probability on point so we can all have the best future probable.

      • Its a dangerous belief to place all the credit for divine goodness on an external being. That's probably the worst part about religion. Takes away OUR potential for being the greatest good and gives an excuse to create the greatest evil.

      • Why would we have to come here to worship a god? Sounds like a whacky, insecure god to me, needing people to be created specifically to worship him. The Abrahamic religions, if they had any good to bring to humanity, they would have brought it within the timeframe during which they had been created, ie hijacked from existing pagan religions. They haven't. What has happened, however, is a bunch of imposter gods have spent centuries creating and recreating myths to trap us into following them. Jesus was just some really enlightened dude that went around pointing these false gods out to people…but he was so on point, that his first followers and all of their writings were basically destroyed. Here to worship one true god, give me a break. Theres about a billion different dimensions and other forms of life out there.

      • I assume you are unfamiliar with the Sophia/Gaia myth. Check out the parts of the bible that have been edited out, for they are most likely to be close to truth. Truth is malleable, so nothing really IS true, just mostly close to it. We are here to participate in her creative dream.

      • Very insightful wendy. I agree that the "truth" is malleable. A few years ago, I came across a website that espoused very similar conclusions as the gaia myth. At that time, I was also introduced to various other religions besides Christianity like Hinduism, Kabbalah, Buddhism, etc. I have come to believe that ultimately, there only exists the One Source, which manifests its infinite creative potential through us. Has anyone here ever come across the forum interview of a supposedly high ranking member of an Illumintati bloodline? This individual claims he belongs to one of the extra-terrestrial bloodlines that greatly supersedes the more commonly known 13. You can read it here: – Very interesting stuff.

        Also, the site I was referring to initially is

      • Atman, i have been on that a few times and ive found some interesting info on that site mind, but one thing i never knew was that the interview was with a high ranking illuminati family member…….. Wow! & i will be checking that link out, thanks man……………or Atman even

    • Val, I totally agree with all you say. (There is alot more to this if anyone looks up the illuminati they will discover the true evil behind all this. They are luring our young generation into this fixation on fame/celebrities & to follow/copy their example, its all so very shallow, hollow & false/fake). I won't say anymore but if you haven't already done so, I recommend researching, it will open your eyes. It is not the way to live a life of contentment.

  7. it really is truly scary when the famous people begin to question WHY they arent as big – its as if they have all these e.xpectations but know the sacrifice they have to make.

    she never said that she WOULDNT sell her soul, has she? where is her grammy? her oscar? what kind of world do we live in where grammys and oscars are disguised for the rich as a 'keep quiet and thank you for selling yourself to us' award to make them seem more important to the world?

    no matter how much money these people have they will always be small to me. and im a 17 year old girl from england, currently struggling with her A-levels, with no money, but at least i know whats right and what isnt.

    • Good for you, believe me when I say that demonic possession is real and nobody in their right mind would be selling their soul.

      • You shouldn't try to scare kids with that utter nonsense. There's already enough fear and hysteria in this world. You can't sell something like a soul, if indeed there were such a thing. This is all a complicated head game for some old psychopaths who get a thrill from toying human lives.

        Live in the real world.

      • Fear and hysteria are enough… However if there is not such a thing as soul and eternity, then….They are right to dive into cesspit of mind control,depravity,fame and strange illuminated religion.No judgement, no justice, absolute impunity- why not to follow evil as long as it pays? I bet those on top of pyramid know about spiritual matters unlike you, Syrus.

      • Syrus………which kids is she trying to scare??, she's not scaring anyone she is stating facts, Its YOU that doesnt know what you're talking about………………….dont believe it if you dont want to……….

      • Facts? In what universe do *you* live in? There's about as much "fact" behind the concept of demonic possession as there is to support the independent existence of the Froot Loops Mascot. It's 90% mental gymnastics even to have a conversation about the existence of "demons". And I'm referring to the self-proclaimed 17-year-old, and anyone else within that age group who falls under the header of an acceptable target for this glorified fear pornography you're peddling.

        @hvns I know about all the things those nut jobs in power know and possibly more. I've read the Law of One, listened to the Science of Peace, am familiar with the works of Albert Pike, Thomas Hobbes, Leo Strauss, Aldous Huxley, Edgar Cayce, Aleister Crowley, Manly Palmer Hall, and I've have the complete history of the Golden Dawn society. I've followed Jordan Maxwell, Eustace Mullins, Richard Hoagland, David Wilcock, David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Zecharia Sitchin, and a laundry list of others. I know about the 13 families and the fall of Atlantis and all the old myths. I've familiarized myself with the subject of SRA, and I grew up with a lot of the cartoons, television shows, pop music, and esoterica often talked about on this site.

        That I don't buy into this invisible, mythical masturbation is a result of actually thinking for myself and not believing everything some preacher yells at me from behind a pulpit. I don't by into superstition because it's based on fear, not facts. If you want to live in a world populated by monsters, fine. But don't drag others into your schizophrenic fantasy-land. That makes you no different than the villains, trying to push your distended worldview onto others. I have principles and morality that are probably higher than yours and I wasn't raised religious, I don't attend church and I'm pretty sure I don't own a proper bible either. I have my own beliefs which are based on what may or may not be actual facts, but are at least theories which can be tested in a lab. Get back to me when you decide to grow a pair… Of thumbs.

      • What you're supporting is just another form of trauma-based mind control imposed upon you by a barely-legal medieval anti-reality cult. The Luciferians, by extension, are YOUR shadow archetype.

      • face in the crowd on

        How much do you know about neuroscience and evolutionary psychology? You sound smart so I assume you know enough?

        Science proves creation exists. Your id, ego and super ego also exist (borrowed terms but essentially, these neurological processes can, in fact, be measured).

        I am a learned, non religious person and 100% believe in what I have seen, sane people can possess themselves into vegetative states. As well as dangerous states.

        I personally don't think what she meant was be fearful of literal demons. I think she meant, be empowered by the knowledge that people can be incredibly evil. The word "demon" is a borrowed word.

        Really. Have some perspective, especially if you are going to spout off your literary accomplishments. Demons (aka immoral, anti life type stuff) exist. Inside your head. To deny this, means you are ignorant and yes…don't read the bible, read more RECENT publications on neuroscience and evolutionary psychology.

        We condition ourselves to face inevitable death, not by choice and certainly we are not aware that we do this (behind the scenes) every waking moment of life. To live is to await death. This is why mental demons exist and this explains all evil deeds done to others. Why not do what we can while living to assist with a reconciled, dignified death? The golden rule.

        You are welcome.

      • Your notions of the mind are based largely on Freud's concepts, which are generally regarded as outdated and fallacious, but I won't debate that one way or the other since you're obviously just trying to make a point. And nowhere does anybody but you even HINT at a psychological interpretation of demonic possession, or even a para-scientific one (thought-forms, for instance). No, we get "Good job! &watch out for dem daemons, li'l miss", followed closely by two different people calling *me* out for reprimanding her (not including you), *plus* the additional mindless clapping prior to my arrival at all.

        I strongly didn't get the sense Laura was speaking about creatures of the Id. I think you're taking something hyperbolic and removing it from its context in your mission to one-up me.

        "…believe me when I say that demonic possession is real and nobody in their right mind would be selling their soul."

        She's directly to the concept of of "selling" one's "soul" for fame and recognition. And she's using this to dovetail an admittedly vague reference to demonic possession which she immediately links back to this idea of selling your soul. Before acting like a big-shot and trying to take me on with your rehashed garble, take a minute to LURK MOAR, a'ight?

        Drive safe, now. L:)

      • face in the crowd on

        I am not on a mission to one-up you. You seem like someone who lacks perspective and needs control. Let people comment and have opinion in peace. You are not the authority here. As far as I am concerned, demons exist inside our own thoughts and since we have free will, that warrants a person commenting that another younger person should be guarded. No, I myself am not religious. I don't believe in Satan, Heaven or Hell. I think these things are fiction.

        Your response was dense, demanding and frankly, why should anyone here listen to you? Because you "strongly have a sense"? Great. That really does not make you an authority on…anything but yourself. Classic narcissistic rant in a chat room.

        I say you assume and interpret based on your assumptions. Freud is outdated. Right. Since so many years have passed since his discoveries, you are correct but really, his discoveries on the psyche lead to so much so there is still relevance there.

        You sound like a bitter atheist and that, to me, is worst than a bible thumper. ESPECIALLY when kids are involved.

        SOPHIE. Listen to LAURA. Me thinks Syrus is a man, intent on controlling the perceptions of others. If you take demons FIGURATIVELY OR LITERALLY you will be wiser than the person who ASSUMES they do not exist. We have free will and demons live within our psyche. TRUST ME.

        On the flip side, all that is in observable Nature is God, and can not be controlled or kept by men. What if selling your soul was a possible when taken into the concept of leading your psyche away from honor and closer to dishonor? Ethics. Why do we have morality? So in addition to neuroscience and psychology, you obviously have no points of reference on philosophy either?

        Good thing you read a lot of well know occult finds. Ever read books on Theosophy?

        Ok. That was me trying to one up you. Maybe we both should get a life and let others form their own opinions on the soul. I will lead, you can follow.

        No more comments for you to enrage yourself with. Peace.

      • I said it before and I'll say it again: Trying to scare children with hold wives' tales and pseudoscience is pathetic. That you support it is even more pathetic. I don't care about any of the other things you say, because I have only one central point to make, and how I use language is irrelevant.

        By the way, I have a right to demand these things on her behalf. She's within my age bracket; I am not some old fuck peddling more bullshit. We could have gone out together in high school, hypothetically. I was still a junior when she was a freshman. I've had to put up with halfwits like you who aren't up to date on the modern science, and who muddle their data with traditional beliefs and urban myths. Ordinary people don't have to worry very much about the "demonic possession" you're talking about.

        I've dealt with this psychological/thought-form concept of inviting a demon in my own time when I was in my early teens. You'd basically have to feed all of your negative, toxic emotions into an alter-consciousness made up of all your worst tendencies, and continually feed it with your sorrow and misery to keep it intact and extract energy, focus and protection in return. It's not something that can happen by accident. You'd have to already be in a very bad place psychologically to lose yourself in that. You'd have to already be damned to begin with, figuratively speaking.

        The second you stop feeding them with your coherent psychic energy, they die. Just like a pet. And they can be programmed to do whatever you want, but like I said a person whose life isn't already in shambles, and who is pretty knowledgeable in occult imagery wouldn't have to worry about anything happening by accident. You have a better chance of getting robbed by pirates or assassinated by ninjas in the real world than being possessed by any "demons" if you're a random high school kid. Paranoia is more dangerous. People do stupid things when they're frightened. Fear is the mind-killer.

        And yes, I am familiar with Theosophy. I have books by Helena Blavatsky. The American Theosophical Society exactly one block removed from John Marshall, which is the neighborhood high school. My parents and our associates still remember when it was a vibrant hotspot to the local intelligentsia. Do you know about the Maharishi effect? Do you understand that meditation and feelings of love and peace are more powerful than any evil force you can imagine? That the square root of one percent of a nation's population can protect everyone else from danger, violence, invasion, terror, and crime? I do. And not only am I an egghead, I also participate in my community and have a real life. The fact that I can do talks like these on the side is just a testament to how incredibly awesomesauce I am. :p

        Oh, and I'm not an atheist, but I have nothing against them in terms of prejudice. And I have nothing against bible-thumbers either, because I think science and spirituality are both aspects of a greater reality that join together higher up, and I've seen the place where they merge in my own studies. I've basically integrated everything I've learned as fast as I can, but there's a lot more supporting data I'm not using for my own reasons. You should understand how out of your depth you are though. I make no assumptions, because that's bad science and even worse spirituality. So eat my balls, dude.

      • Demons and gods are one in the same. Lower astral types, soulless, usually, and they have claimed the earth for themselves and seek to control humanity. All the Abrahamic religions are ruled by those types, Satanism, the military/industrial complex, the government, the shadow government, etc. They can give you actual "power" but they like to take bits of your soul with it. You have more power than all of the lower astral jerks put together, but we have been conditioned for thousands of years to think otherwise. Takes a lot of strength to kick those bullies out. Everyone wants a savior, everyone wants that special edge that an invoked spirit seems to bring.

      • Yes wendy11, that was the point i was trying to make and sorry if i offended anyone if i came across as abrasive in my post

      • Syrus, Im aware of the that you noted above btw but there was no need to start a ranting session and start listing all the freemasons/occultists that you know about…., alot of people on this site are familiar with the people above also but i was referring about "demons" influencing human bodies/minds, not seeing them in dark alley ways and hiding behind bushes…… they exist but in a parallel dimension to ours, we cannot see them as our bodies are not spiritually opened to see them…………..think of dreams, we all have visons/dream in our sleep for example, You see someone/thing that is not necessarily there when you "wake up" but you still had that vison.

      • I have extensive training in dream work, and I've experienced aetheric visions, seen what I regard to be thought-forms or perhaps even the outlines of people in some parallel reality. I've also experienced sleep paralysis, and had encounters of a most sublime and inspirational quality both inside and out of dream-space. I've met hauntingly beautiful figures and tangled with very serious, utterly ghoulish nightmare creatures. Was it all real on some level? I don't doubt it. Was it what you zealots are so self-righteously claiming it is? Fat chance. Do you have a right to subject kids to this deplorable, ignorant cult mentality? You do not. The youth of today deserve better than what you, the elders, have been able to provide.

      • You know what's on the other side of this reality, what our scientists call "Space-Time"? It's a realm called Time-Space. Dewey Larson postulated the existence of a coordinate time plane all the way back in the 1950's (solving all the mysteries of Quantum Physics) and it's the closest we've ever come to uncovering a real working model for the universe's machinations. It's not populated by demons; it's populated by *people*. And your body is replicated there. When you dream, your brain is flooded with the neurotransmitter-chemical DMT, which is a hallucinogen universally produced by virtually all living things.

        So whatever you're seeing when the pineal gland activates its micro-wormholes to teleport Consciousness to the other side, it's distorted through the lens of a potent chemical that's used by the brain to generate full-spectrum lights and colors within the photo-receptor sites in that gland. The content of your subconscious, of your psyche, is completely dependent on the psychological and moral/ethical choices *you* have made. A grand continuum of Creation co-exists with us, and we are open to all things because we are ONE with all things. If you see demons when you hallucinate, it's just a friendly message to straighten up from the other side of *you*. You have no devil to blame.

        Nightmares are a result of cognitive and moral dissonance within people. So are the Illuminati. You can shape up or ship out; just stop tormenting the younger people who've done nothing to deserve this sort of mistreatment. Do your own shadow work. Take some fucking responsibility for the problem, instead of going through all these mental gymnastics to pin the problem on others, be they divine, mortal, or infernal. I have no patience for overgrown children.

      • Oh My God, Syrus have you heard yourself you sound exactly like a news reader, telling people and explaining how YOU want THEM (general public) to think, the answer to what's going on in the world is spiritual, thats what people dont get and if you dont want to believe it then that is up to you, but a little bit of advice i could give you is…………….get off this effin site………..

      • Mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of reality and ourselves are intermixed and interdependent. You can't take an extreme stance on everything. The big, important things (purity versus corruption; righteous versus unrighteous; fear versus love) have meaningful distinctions which exist separate from each other for the most part in that one frequency tends to cancel out or muffle the other. My service, my motivation, is to impose order and justice upon the psychic chaos. It is my desire to liberate the innocent from tyranny, and to educate the ignorant wherever possible to the fullness and the organization of nature and experience. I am straightforward in my goals and motives.

        I cannot convince you I am telling you the truth because it's something people have to take on faith until a person proves their true color through action, not words. But I believe in using the tools most effectively co-opted and employed by the cabal to do good and to foster sanity and progress. I want to protect people from harm and to neutralize malevolent forces. This is of little or no concern to you either way. I am telling it like this because I think it's important to explain why I use the language that I do. And at least I'm trying to tell people HOW to think, instead of merely WHAT to think. Unlike some forces I could point to.

        People like you do not have a monopoly on good behavior or on righteous action. You don't have the only way to truth and divinity. You're like children playing in a sandbox, and you need to respect that other people can be in the park too, and if they're not hurting anyone you shouldn't harass them. On the contrary, if you see violence going on it's a moral obligation to put a stop to it if you can. Even if you can't, it's worth a lot to do your best regardless of the overwhelming negative opposition.

      • You can tell people what to think or how to think, but until they can integrate any information FOR THEMSELVES, your words have no meaning. Its not like giving a method for processing thoughts is in any way superior to giving an audience a bunch of dots to connect on their own.

      • Syrus, sorry if ive come across as arrogant i never meant to, but from what ive researched, experienced, seen and heard experiences of other people, all the dots join and it makes sense to me about alot of the things i used to question when i was a kid and things make sense now because i know why, but you know what on the other hand you seem very knowledgeable and knowledge is power after all

      • I have a personal thing for power. I don't want power over others. I just want the power to assert my own existence and live life on my own terms, without stepping on any toes who aren't stepping on mine already. I'd normally like to leave it there, but people exist who aren't satisfied to leave well enough alone, and would seek and go out of their way to control other people and be general douche bags in the worst possible way. I have no sympathy for those people, but I do have compassion and I try to have some understanding too.

        Connecting the dots is fine. But at the end of the day, all this wisdom-seeking is a wasted effort if you can't learn to know Love. That's what teachers like Jesus have tried to teach you. That's what great leaders have cried out for. It seems a pity that so few have answered the call, and that barely enough love and good will exists to maintain goodness and peace in most parts of the world. This is a grave oversight, and one no amount of chatter and intercourse will fix without actual people being willing to actually treat each other humanely and give respect to personal and metaphysical boundaries.

        It is important to remember we're living in a world where love/understanding and light/wisdom are two sides of the very same coin. I would only like to say that this is the thing I believe matters the most, and would wish to convey more than any other thought or principle combined…

      • So time and probability is the same. That's cool. Shame 99.9% of peoples pineals are so calcified they can barely produce that lovely DMT. Are you placing blame for fluoride consumption on the collective subconscious?

      • I don't believe it's all that productive to place blame. You might attribute the challenges faced by us as a whole on dissonance within the collective consciousness. When people preach one thing and uphold another they create a double-standard, and dark creatures of the Id manifest out of that blind spot.

        Your pineal gland is holographic, so even if a small portion of it is uncalcified, you'll be able to use it to the fullest with patience and practice, and certain things will also decalcify it, like fermented skate liver oil or grass-fed organic raw high vitamin butter oil (or something close to it). The codliveroilshop website sells a Royal Ice blend which is quite good.

        Also, just plain old spiritual work will start to crack the bits of bone and grit forming inside- and you don't *really* have to worry about complete calcification until you reach past middle age.

        Probability/probability "vortexes" exist within the field of time. They're not exactly the same. Time and Gravity are a product of the same force though. I would research David Wilcock's so-called Source Field for greater insight. He is an excellent resource to those with an even remotely open-enough mind. :)

      • I'm with you on the Love thing my brother. I am not referring to this discussion here, but in general seems to me there is too much talking. Too often people are so willing to verbally declare their beliefs and they argue with others over it. But what does it matter if you believe/preach one thing and yet you do the opposite? Also, is not the pineal gland the same "3rd eye" or the 'seat of cosmic/christ consciousness?"

      • Words have power. They give form to ideals, which form the beginnings of conscience. Many people are pre-occupied with the wisdom/light side of the cosmic equation, so it's necessary to talk to them on their level sometimes. Isn't that what good teachers would do?

        Not that I am one, and no; it doesn't matter what you believe/preach if you are ultimately a hypocrite. But that's rather like asking whether the Pope is Catholic.

        And yes, the third eye is technically your pineal gland and the Seat of God, or whatever terminology you prefer. It sits in the exact geometric center of the brain, and is lined with photo-receptors and micro-crystals which can project full-spectrum colors under pressure, in addition to some other mechanisms capable further approximating the functions of your eye, in addition to anything *else* the brilliant little thing is capable of.

        I recommend and continue to recommend the work of David Wilcock if you're curious. The 2012 Enigma web documentary was his seminal work on the topic before any of the others

      • Wow…You're so AWESOME!!! Your explanation really cleared up my understanding of my dreams..I ALWAYS seem to interact w/deceased family members…and it's sooo bizarre that I just KNOW things about ppl, which can be scary at times…Thank U Thank U.

      • Syrus you see demons in your sleep. Face the music and ignore them. Even the beutiful ones are demons and yes you can tell as their beauty is devoid of depth, it has some sinister quality. I've seen beautiful ones in my dreams too who were unbelievably frightening, hard to explain really, yet I knew.

      • You're wrong, Gina. About what you said. I know the differences qualitatively between all things, and you shouldn't make assumptions about things like the beauty devoid of depth or having some sinister quality. You're projecting something that has no bearing on what my actual experiences where. When some malevolent being or presence is felt, it's straightforward. They don't disguise themselves, and I usually end up fighting them immediately.

        My dream journal reflects these precise encounters and is very detailed. If you want to tell me that *I* am sinister and devoid of depth, that's one thing. You've felt my energy, I would assume (if you are sensitive like I am), but you can't make assumptions about things you have no direct experience of. By presuming everything falls into black and white categories, you rob experience of its richness and color. Understand where I'm coming from.

      • Syrus, understand what you are saying man but you stated "Do you have a right to subject kids to this deplorable, ignorant cult mentality? You do not. The youth of today deserve better than what you, the elders, have been able to provide." –

        Let me tell ya something the youth of today (Kids and young teens especially) also deserve better than the promotion and glamourization of violence, death ,witchcraft, satanism, pornography, abuse, drugs binge drinking, homosexuality, knife and gun crime,suicide,trans-humanism,aliens,ufo's – These are HEAVILY promoted through the different avenues of the media and celeb culture and its FOR A REASON & to make the youth think, that things that are morally incorrect to be seen as cool and accepted more & im sick of explaining to people that, they are doing it (Elite) for a reason to push an agenda, an agenda that is far bigger than anyone can imagine and believe me, judging by your statements, you dont know what that reason is and you seriously need to wake up…………. and on that note im done on this subject………….Peace

      • Syrus, understand what you are saying man but you stated "Do you have a right to subject kids to this deplorable, ignorant cult mentality? You do not. The youth of today deserve better than what you, the elders, have been able to provide." –

        Let me tell ya something the youth of today (Kids and young teens especially) also deserve better than the promotion and glamourization of violence, death ,witchcraft, satanism, pornography, abuse, drugs binge drinking, etc –

        These are HEAVILY promoted through the different avenues of the media and celeb culture and its FOR A REASON & to make the youth think, that things that are morally incorrect to be seen as cool and accepted more & im sick of explaining to people that, they are doing it (Elite) for a reason to push an agenda, an agenda that is far bigger than anyone can imagine and believe me, judging by your statements, you dont know what that reason is and you seriously need to wake up…………. and on that note im done on this subject………….Peace

      • You're looking at the problem from a very flat, abstract perspective. Yes, what you're talking about and what VC goes into is a reality on one level, and a pervasive one, but there's another level of reality and of experience where the situation is not so straightforward. The youth (many of them) have their own reality and their own experience which is shared to some extend, and in which these things which are glorified by elites aren't much more than background noise and scenery. What you're referring to is drama on the world stage. It's the archetypal struggle between good and evil. But in between our mental abstractions are real human beings, real people, who are not archetypes, and they are not machines.

        It sounds really ignorant when you objectify the kids in just the same way the controllers do. They're people like you and they often have a richness of their own which is neither here nor there in the cosmic struggle you're participating in with respect to the above. Give people some credit. There are more forms of expression than just the extremist perspective. Step outside yourself for a minute now and then.

      • Syrus…..I said i was done on the subject but your statement above i agree with man,where you mentioned the reality thing and the background noise and scenery…………its an illusion and its upto us in our own minds whether we believe that to be "reality", but alot of us do and thats the saddest thing…………. i know its deep stuff but you're not stupid……..

      • I don't see it as a waste of time. In this case, someone should stick up for the integrity of our youth, who are beset by virtually nothing but corrupting influences. More generally, I believe casting awareness on a problem nullifies its threat level at least somewhat.

      • In the real world, there are all manners of emotional and psychic vampires, "demons" being a name used for some. It is entirely possibly to invite so many energies into yours that you become basically possessed. Maybe self-dispossessed (because permission is almost always given) would be a better term but I think I just made that up.

      • I think you're muddling terms though. Some of those vampires are humans. Some of them are thought-forms. Some of them are higher-density humans. "Demon" isn't a effective term here.

      • thought-forms and higher density humans are terms that have no place in meaningful conversation. Are you trying to convince children that you are an intellectual, or yourself?
        Your comments are absurd, and your sense of self importance is repulsive.

      • Ya right Laura, but the sad thing is alot of people (and people on this site) understands that stuff, its very deep, but im just gonna leave it at that

    • Exactly Sophie, ya do right hun, id rather be who i am than any celeb out there or "puppet/slave" shall i say

    • Ribbons and Rainbow on

      Sophie good observation but for someone pursuing A-Levels I think you should check your grammar especially your capitalization. Stay sweet and on the right path honey.

    • yeah but in one point you will leave a life without enough money and you will be controled by the company you work as the same your children so you have to know that the illuminati are not wrong its only business and if you cannot control that is your mistake not a mistake from the showbusiness

  8. pussycat doll = kitten programming ?!?!
    i can't believe she used to be goth!!! that's cool to know about her.
    is she implying that everyone that has won a major award has sold his/her soul? that's really sad to think about

  9. Its crazy glad to see some one has morals in the industry i mean if you actuly look up the lyrics of these songs there dumb just glad theres some morals out there

  10. Oh please she is such a fake person. She was slutty and she still is and she would do anything for fame. Her label company(Interscope) really tried to push her to the top but people just don't like her. She has talent but didn't leave a good public image after PCD, concept of that group ruined her solo career. She was a lead singer, hogging all the glory and spotlight and people thought she was self-centred insincere bitch. She was good in group but solo.. not so interesting on stage. Her recent solo work such as Poison and Boomerang had a lot of symbolism… She's a flop and she can't take it so she blames ''industry'' and ''not slutty image''… well if you want to see slutty check her video Whatever you like. Nicole is very pretty but she isn't such a big star because of other things not because of her morals or innocent look. She would do anything for fame, it's just that nobody's interested in her anymore…

    • +1
      And regarding Days – remember their first huge hit "Touch, Peel, and Stand?" I always thought it had a dark feel. I'd bet there are examples besides this, but I've forgotten their other songs and glad I did…anywho, the chorus:

      "Yes I've finally found a reason
      I Don't need an excuse
      I've got this time on my hands
      You are the one to abuse
      One to abuse"

      I'm sure her folks were proud.

    • Well said, Vigilant!
      No one is interested in her anymore? Lewis Hamilton is. Her Formula 1 boyfriend. Who is the puppet and who is the master in that relationship?
      She still has links to Simon Cowell, so what is she on about?

    • There have been artists that never got big but had really decent albums. All her music is vastly underwhelming, and that is her problem. I cant even say "yeah, the man really put her down…." Her last video was all programming! And the song was terrrrrrible.

    • Nicole didnt exactly hogg all the glory on purpose, she was the best looking and the best singer out the lot of em and all the ex pussycat dolls say that they werent supposed to sing and talk in interviews and told to stay quiet and let nicole do the main speaking, Nicole had to take lead because she was told to, however the "Elite" select people that will have an impact and influence on the audience/public and if the public dont respond to you then im thinking you wont be "that" person who gets selcted by the "Elite", but it just makes you think

    • Well typed Vigilant. I guess there are different degrees to selling the soul. The more you give "them" the more "they" give you. Maybe she has no one to give/sacrifice, nothing more to give and she is at the lower chain of the hierarchy.
      Now look at her relationship with Lewis Hamilton. I want to believe there is a master/puppet role there. Like i posted below F1 is another cult. She may have been given to him to satisfy some "underhand" deal. Or he was given to her. When they broke up, he seemed to go off the rails slightly. When they got back, he stabilised a bit. I don't always believe what I read about these people and love blah the blah.
      She's linked with Simon Cowell and he's a principality on his own!

      • I wouldn't go that far to say she is programmed or puppet of L. Hamilton or S. Cowell.. my sister was in to them (PCD) for a long time… and Nicole never showed signs of mind control like Britney, she was just ruthlessly ambitious and in love with herself. Maybe she really loves Lewis, or his F1 status I don't know… As for Simon… she probably sees him as a ticket to success, they are simply using each other. Normal thing in showbizz. Nicole isn't a puppet she is smart.. smart enough to see that she is irrelevant now, her celebrity status is weaker every day.. UK is her last chance for any success. Her best days in industry are gone and she can't take it… simple as that.

    • Thank you! It really annoys me when someone says something and people go along with it just because the person said so. Just because someone SAYS something doesn't mean its the truth! Take a look at our media!

      This chick started in a group called the PUSSYCAT DOLLS! Does that ring any bells for anyone? She's probably already programmed and doesn't even know what she's been involved in, or worse she's pretending to be a saint to convince people that even slutty looking industry chicks aren't participating in evil. Don't kid yourself, folks.

      I don't beleieve that anyone who gets any amount of airtime and promotion in the indsutry hasn't been screened or approved at some level. So she's from a religious family?? Ok well there are a lot of "religious" families who are satanic and abusive to their children on the flip side. Take a look at the Vatican and all those priests. Just because you're religious doesn't mean you're a good person!

      Don't take anything any of these celebrities say at face value. Always examine it critically!

    • Um sorry. please don't berate such an awesome person. you know nothing about what happened in pcd ! You don't know her.. shes an amazing person! She isn't a slut she's an angel, don't believe everything you think you see. Reading vigilant should have taught you that. she's super talented and the reason she isn't big is because she fights her handlers tooth and nail. she's a brave hero and i adore her now that i know the truth behind her. so since you don't have the facts please refrain from dissing this intelligent, brave and upright gorgeous lady.

      Oh ps: i didn't like her either until i knew the truth either.

      • Wow that's disturbing to see such blatant adoration of some nobody wannabe celebrity. Why waste your time and feeling on someone you don't even know? Better off reading the bible and idolizing Jesus or someone who has done something other than be a "sexy" pop star and mediocre singer.

      • Please don't judge me.

        I read my Bible and am a staunch Christian, and Jesus is everything to me. But Jesus never judged anyone, AT ALL EVER. Not Mary Magdalene, not Zacchaeus, not even Judas himself! So what right do ANY OF US have to judge her? You guys truly don't know what happens behind the scenes, and if you are a frequenter of Vigilant you should know that. I have plenty of role models who have achieved things, in response to your insinuating that she hasn't. Im not a blind groupie. AND BY THE WAY I DO KNOW HER. So that's why im saying this. We may not be bosom buddies but she's always been nice to me. And you're entitled to your opinion mate, but i think she has a phenomenal voice.

  11. I applaud her for speaking out.. The music industry is truly evil and there is no artist alive that can bring to the industry what Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston brought….( Not One) The music industry is full of puppets. Nicole is just one of many people waking up to the evils of this world. In the end good always prevails….Always….These satanists will burn in Hell next to the devil they so conveniently sold their soul to.

  12. I honestly believe this is what happened to Justin Beiber. That kid was well on his way until he dissed the illuminati. After that he was barley invited to awards shows let alone nominated. I believe if he wouldn't have said what he said he would have won numerous awards by now, at the top of the charts, news articles every where about how great he is etc etc. idk maybe it's just me but it seems once he spoke out against them and confessed his love of Jesus his career hasn't been the same. He looked like he was about to be a " made man" career wise for a second. " made man" – when you sorta suck but big brother convinces the masses otherwise !

    • I think he's still under the illuminati's thumb, of course, and that is why he's getting all this bad press. Sort of as a punishment. I get this sick feeling we are going to hear soon that he suddenly has died. I look at all those tweens cutting themselves ("cut for beiber" trend) a few months back and if he died I would bet a ton of these beliebers would kill themselves. All that would delight the evil illuminati who feed off ofthat garbage.
      It's so twisted, but I really feel something bad is going to happen to him. I'm not a fan but just reading all the headlines recently about him, my first thought was "they are prepping to off him".

      • Right ! The same with Kanye and how he's ranting against the industry. I initially felt his membership was revoked but nope….. It's one of those " when you get finished" situations ( still under the illuminati thumb). He can say what he want to say & at the end of the day he's stil obligated to do everything he's ranting against, that he has had no problem doing in the past. He too seem to be in position to be destroyed image wise just in case they have to " " !

      • I think something bad has and is already happening to him…
        If you really read VC's site, you would suspect as much too. Hideous things happen to children of the industry.

    • child of isis on

      Justin Bieber wasn't gonna last long anyway. He's just the current hearthrob before him it was the Jonas Brothers and before them it was Zac Efron and before him Jesse McCartney and before them N'Sync & the Backstreet Boys and you can keep going all the way to the beetles

      • I get that and all but he like Miley Cyrys had a few more good years. I question why do they at a time when they have it all go left. Miley was fresh of Party In The USA , Hannah Motana….and she went totally left with what was obviously a career FAIL/flop. Same with Beiber. Why try to act like a thug, smoke weed, fight paps….when you have it all. Who made that call ? I always found that suspect. You have artist that have been controlled, the best PR, best songs, best career advisors and then this. What is this ?

      • Remember what Obama said to them, after saying his daughters were fans of theirs: "I have two words for you: predator drones." It was supposed to be a joke, I guess.

    • As huge fan of Justin I agreed with what you just said, he always talks about his love for God and I guess that the illuminati was pissed off because of that

      • It doesn't piss them off. They own tons of country singers, and LOVE people that come to them already with Church programming. Rihanna talks about god and jesus all the time on her twitter. ITs about capturing an audience. The Christian "god" is the same kind of "god" that they invoke during rituals anyway. Its all the same psychopathic beings.

      • These type of people will preach about god and jesus one minute, then they will do the complete opposite by displaying satanic/withcraft symbols the next, it goes with the turf….the Duality aspect if ya like in a way

      • TransitBelle on

        About these celebrities talking about God or Jesus or being religious one minute and behaving in a very contradictory manner the next, is intentional. It's a way to discredit Christianity and misguide our youth. What better way to skew the true meaning of Christianity and lead people straight to hell? They have impressionable youth thinking it's okay for Christians to wear see through clothes, dress provocatively, gyrate their bodies and generally be objects of lust.

      • Pretty much what I was thinking. Preaching Christianity, whilst practicing and displaying something different… what a great way to blur and confuse the situation further and make it harder for people to say how immoral our world has really become.

      • PeaceBEStill on

        Well said. The kind of Christianity they display is a compromised, watered down version.

      • Excuse me?

        "The Christian "god" is the same kind of "god" that they invoke during rituals anyway"

        I take it your an atheist then? Or maybe following some other religion? Because you CLEARLY have NO idea Who God NOR Jesus Christ is if you are comparing Him to satan and his demons?

        You should really think HARD before you speak

      • And JB said
        "I just want to say thank you so much, not only to God but to Jesus"

        He thanks Jesus publicly. Not sure if he professed his love for Christ tho

      • "Not only to God, but to Jesus??"

        Is it just me that sees something dodgy there?

        I could be reading too much into it but the wording sounds to me like he is suggesting that God and Jesus are entirely separate? Which to me could either be intentional or could show that he doesn't really understand Christianity… (in which case why is he preaching it so publicly?)

      • I have read the Bible. And Jesus and the Holy Spirit are both still God, just in different forms. Therefore if you are thanking God you ARE thanking Jesus. Doesn't have to be done separately.

      • It's one thing to say The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit – and thank God as the three parts of the Trinity. All I was getting is that the way JB worded it… God, BUT also Jesus… just sounded weird. No offence intended.

      • Justin may have worded it that way because not all Christians believe in the Holy Trinity. Some think that Jesus is not the actual God, but that Jesus is God's son (a separate figure) who also deserves the same worship and respect.

      • The concept of trinity was introduced in the bible in the year 325 a.c. in the council of nicea because the emperor Constantine believed in the egiptian trinity (Osiris, the father; Isis, the mother and Horus, the son). You can search information about it.
        The truth is: there is only one god and his name is Allah; Jesus is the messiah who will come back in the end of the times and Muhammad is his final messenger who was given the Holy Quran to correct the corrupted parts of the Holy Bible.
        Actually the Islam is the only one religion with absolute 0 pagan traditions.


      • To say I thank God does not say who your God is. There is a trend today, if you want to call it that, where no one is really afraid to say God but no one wants to say Jesus. Baal is god to many so I take that statement to say "I thank God, and for those who may wonder who I'm speaking of, it's Jesus. The whole "god" movement is deceiving people by making them believe all of these people believe in Jesus Christ but the truth is there are many "spiritual" people who want to thank "god", the universe, the stars, and everything else.

      • PeaceBEStill on

        The Jesus he professes is not the real Jesus Christ son of God.

        2 Corinthians {11:3} But I fear, lest by any means, as the
        serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds
        should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.
        {11:4} For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom
        we have not preached, or [if] ye receive another spirit,
        which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye
        have not accepted, ye might well bear with [him.

      • Who are we to say he wasn't professing the same Jesus. It could be that he believes strongly in Jesus but doesn't KNOW Him well.

    • I missed that, when did he speak out against them and what did he say exactly?……….I cant stand him or follow him, so thats probz why?

      he has got an owl tattoo on his arm though and its Drake's logo……………Bohemian grove comes to mind

    • hate to break it 2 u on

      Oh dear, I feel really sorry for you. Justin Bieber was a packaged product from the beginning. He was probably sold into it by his parents as a little boy. There is no struggling artist know as Justin Bieber.

      I feel so sorry for people who believe that fame is really based on talent anymore.

  13. She doesn't have a good ear for music. I read an article on some of the songs she passed up and they were all no.1 hits. Crazy = Gnarles Barkley to name one.

  14. Does anyone think that any of he housewives sold their soul? I know Kyle from RHoBH believes in/reads the kabalah, the dark side of "judaism". But what of Nene's new found success? Im just curious. I havent seen any one eyed photos of her in any of the ads so…

    Your thoughts

    • Kyle is FROM an illuminati family, but as for the rest I dont really believe so because they wouldn't be on such a D-list "celeb" type show. But they could be. The show is such a "look at me" "look at my riches" type series that everyone is so into themselves, material things, and oh yeah "drama". I think it does promote the agenda so maybe a lot of the cast is a puppet to some extent? Or are people are dumb enough to act superficial for a paycheck? Who knows…

      • All shows on Bravo promote the agenda. That's why you can still get the channel if you have satellite and cancel your cable.

      • Which illuminati family is she from? and i dont know much about her but will defo look into it

      • Kyle is not a Hilton. Paris' father is a Hilton. Kyles sister, Paris' mom married into the Hilton's.

    • Kyle is confirmed I've seen many an article about her.
      I do think the majority of the girls are kittens, after all.
      Danielle Staub? Definitive MK-Kitten.
      Hate Kyle. Destroying lives including her own sister.

  15. I am proud of her. I support her Boyfriend – Lewis Hamilton, F1 World Champion, and I always wondered if he or her were aware of these things and if they were a part of the occult. I suppose there is some good left in the world, no matter how small it is, it gives us hope. I wish her the best in her career and hope she earns everything she is "allowed" to earn by her own accord. :)

  16. Kudos for her " not selling her soul". But im not sure on her because judging off of her Behind the music she was willing to claw through anything and take down any person to become famous. Also I don't understand people like that. If you begin to realize the evils of the industry, why continue with it?

  17. Idk I think she probably sold her soul already, she was on a reality show back in early 2000 and won a spot in the group Edens Crush…there could possibly be some dark undertones just considering the name of that group and then she did Pussycat Dolls after that group fell off. She's been around the industry for a while and prob does jar some kitten programming I think she's just not wanting to tell the whole truth. She gets enough publicity and red carpet time to be considered to have made it, considering none of the other girls she's been in groups with have made it as far as she has.

  18. If Nicole were "brough up so religious" why was she part of a gothic band? Goth means dabbling in the darker forces, fascination with darkness and death and dark subjects like Vampires.

    • You can be gothic, punk,love vampires and horror movies and still be religious. I think she was brought up in a traditional Filipino family wherein religion is a big part of being Filipino.

    • That's Seriously So Stereotypical, I Have A Friend Who's EXTREMELY Religious, As In Shares With The World Freely How Much She Loves Jesus, Ect. But Is Also Goth, She Enjoys Goth Music, Fashion & So On But I Mean She Still Loves God! Seriously People!! -.-'

    • She's miles better than Britney Spears. Attractive, good dancer, decent voice. Actually I find her more talented and interesting than Perry and Spears together without being a fan of her.

      • Britney used to have a great voice though… some old videos on youtube of her singing as a kid. Also she has a good voice in the song "Everyday" (a song she wrote & song but never officially released). She can actually write songs… She also wrote "Every time", which is full of emotion. Im not sure what happened to her voice in her mid-late 20s… A lot of her songs that are released these days do sound heavily producer because they are dance/clubbing pop tracks… But she has songs (some unreleased) that sound more natural.and are much better in my opinion. Her voice might not be what it once was, but its not as bad as people make out either. Her voice is kinda plain/average now… It does have a soft/whispery and sweet quality to it though when she sings something that suits her vocally. She's also known for her dance moves. So she does have some talent. Katy Perry'svoice is not that good to me live, but she writes some ok songs I guess… I think Nicole is talented, but her voice does not appeal to me.

  19. Adele won how many awards?? 6-7?? And she didnt need to act slutty, she just has plain talent! Unlike Miss pussy cat here who doesn't really :/ sorry just saying!

  20. Peace of Weave on

    How can you say you have not sold your soul to the devil when the platform you started on required your soul? Now you realised that the industry is fickle you now want to act like you havnt sold your soul? The reason why you have not won your grammy or oscar or whatever is because the industry knows which puppet is going to carry out their agenda the best and artists like Rihanna and Lady Gaga are on top of their list. Sorry Nicole but I feel that you even trying to justify how you have not sold your soul is a little weird. I mean you was a part of X Factor which is all about image and controversy than music

    • I think Nicole was in the process of selling her soul but not completely submitted to the Dark Side maybe……There was no event or anything that marked that she had elevated onto the next level but god knows and i do agree with you though Peace of Weave

  21. Light & Truth on

    the goats will interpret this as something else. Theres def something sinister with this industry…look at how the young ones turn out….sad…the money is not worth it.

  22. She was in a manufactured pop group before PCD. That girl group only had one hit & didn't last long. She became the front woman for PCD and of course the other ladies were probably jealous (and who wouldn't be?). Nicole has an awesome voice but her solo album didn't do well, I think. I saw her sod iCal in VH1. She was bulimic. So she was already playing the industry's game. She's very pretty & talented. Some of her songs & the PCD songs are very suggestive & skanky. I liked the PCD's. I imagine she is right in that she hasn't completely given herself to Satan which is why she isn't in the media eye as much. But she did that x-factor show in the UK I think. So that's good for her. It's funny to me artist say they have to sell their soul & it seems completely fine with them because they are rich & famous. It's sad but I don't have sympathy for them. I believe some people can truly make it with talent & not by selling themselves. But a majority can't (Taylor Swift- cuz lets face it; her voice isn't that great).

    • When she was in the pussycat dolls, only she was to sing the lead because they were told to, in interviews the other "dolls" were supposed to stay quiet and not talk and let nicole do all the talking……i think it was Kimberly Wyatt that said this and it makes sense because the other "dolls" did fuck all

  23. 1. If Pussycat Dolls weren't slutty enough, I don't know what is. 2. How could her grandfather be a priest? Think about it. 3. I think to win an Oscar or a Tony, you have to appear in a movie or a Broadway play. Maybe she doesn't understand that. 4. A lot of female artists who have won a Grammy have not been slutty. Like Adele. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  24. i am sorry but i dont think that she hasnt sold her soul because for me to even start in that industry and be seen everywhere.invited to those event and even to have that so called status ,you need to abide by the rule which means to accept the paart of the deal ,all off them want fame and wealth and you cannot tell me that by choosing this path you will not want to get those … let's pray that that rubbish will end soon and more and more eyes will open

    • I think you have to be initiated in some way to get a recording contract and you get selected and i think thats when you sell your soul,

      In regards to selling your soul, hip hop model Melyssa Ford said it in an interview when they were talking about Kat Stacks at some premiere, Amber Rose said basically the same thing on the Wendy Williams, Everyone that is in the same circles say the same thing…….why do they say it, ask youself really……………. WHY?

  25. Oh! That's all its going to take to get more likes on my comments? *rips off clothes and dances on counter*

  26. malisa wright on

    I would never want to be part of this industry. All you are to them is another Maserati or home on anisland. The sharks are coming for your blood.

  27. She's no "hero." She knew exactly what they wanted, gave it to them and then complained about it. Then, she has the gall to complain that she hasn't gotten HER awards. Give me a break. Do the work and have some integrity and, maybe, you'll get some kind of recognition but I wouldn't count on it. You may have to toil in obscurity for your "art" and never achieve any kind of recognition. That's the world we currently live in thanks to the Powers-That-Be and "popular culture" (two words that make me as sick as "military hero").

  28. I'm not super religious, but I do believe in something like selling the soul to get something in life. I know lots of cases in real life where honest and hard working people have a hard life and get treated really badly and saw people who play dirty and are successful.
    The craziest case I know is of that one girl(don't know her in person) who is an artist(mostly in comics, manga and cartoons), she is not very talented and draws tons of fan art and copies other people's style, makes tons of photos of herself especially with famous people, to get attention and to sell her stuff. She eventually managed to hook up with an old but famous dude and became his girlfriend for a while. She most likely did because he knew the right people. And guess where she is working now? At the main Disney studios!
    On the other side I see plenty of other, very talented and hard working artists who even don't have a art related job…

    I noticed that "fame" is just another materialistic thing and is only temporarily. While true happiness and a good feeling when you did something honest and on your own, can last till the end of your life! The people that sell their souls usually long for something superficial and materialistic, like fame, wealth, attention, or some objects. Those people are usually very impatient and have not enough mental strength for accomplishing something big on their own.
    Also seems like, so less a person has(usually something materialistic), so happier the person seems.

  29. i agree with her but they are artists who made it with pure hard work with no slutty dark sides … Alicia Keys won 5 grammys with her debut album … that album was clean with no dark sides . it was pure hard work … or am i wrong ?

    • She sings "Empire State of Mind" with Jay Z the Illuminati kingpin and if you Google "Alicia Keys Illuminati" there are lots of photos of her throwing goat horns and one eye. She's always given me the creeps.

    • Could not stand the girl from day one. Wasn't she attached to Clive Davis at the hip? Or Quincy Jones. Doesn't matter, same kind of handler.

  30. She thinks she deserves a Tony, a Grammy and an Oscar for what? – “Bottle Pop?” Yes, that was surely a timeless and transcendent moment in the arts.

    I’ m not feeling her complaints – you don’t get to collect a hefty check for prancing around in your underwear in autotuned softcore that sets women back a thousand years, then complain that you are not taken seriously as an artiste.

    • More like three thousand years- but I think her point is had she sold her soul she would have had those things regardless of how deserving she was of one.

    • Singling her out for that is stupid – Beyonce trots around nearly naked on a regular basis; Gaga's been butt naked all over ads and videos; Rhianna was topless on her CD cover. Lets not pretend all the current most successful female artists got there and kep their dignity and morality at the same time – they didn't.

  31. She just got herself blacklisted for sure. We all know what happens when people in the industry decide to speak out.

  32. This is one of the articles that reveals little,if anything new… While surfing through all comments one thing hit my mind-nearly all of us realized that even most important things are on sale now.My point is to divert your attention from "celebrities"-for me most of them unknown-to real life auction of souls. Did you know that some societies/sororities/fraternities in universities recruiting folks for NWO? Did you know that all your tuition will be paid if you are to undergo FUNERAL CEREMONY? Did you know that success has nothing to do with talent nowadays all that is needed right dark connections? Did you know that most folks do not even remotely realize what they are doing for money until late? Waiting article or discussion on that.Waiting in vain…Having more facts to say…While typing more youth will be entangled and this keeps me awake.God help us.

    • gogo gadjet arms on

      I know. People don't realize that as far as the industry is concerned (and that goes for media, music, film, tv etc.) no one gets anywhere without the right connections and the connected people who make the decisions are the Satanists. The other 50% are born into it. There are no struggling arists anymore who happen to make it big because they're "just so talented."

      • Lin,did you know about initiation ceremony?It is so called funeral ceremony.And as much as I know people's lives change dramatically after that.Satan can not offer anything good even for right cause,like education.

  33. Strange, it seems like they took everything about her past off the internet. I can't find a single video of her singing with that band.

    • She was backgroung vocals at best…some songs only at the very end. She doesn't even really stand out. Maybe that's why they approached her…pretty girl… wants to be famous…living in the shadow. Ding Ding Ding…let's tell her what she's won boys. Slavery!! Yeah; she's got sex kitten written all over her. Maybe they were just a bit careful to not have her look all cracked out and crazy…

  34. This bitch already sold her soul….she's already got a collection of slutty songs/music videos. She's just too oldto market now.

    • She's not too old to market at all… She still looks fairly young and she's only in her 30s… Beyonce, Britney and Shakira are all in their 30s and they still get heavily promoted. In fact I feel like Beyonce has been more promoted and appearing in "sexy" photoshoots for magazines these days after she had her child. Although I agree that Nicole does not look classy in some of her videos… But I think the real problem is her music is not that great or catchy. She has some talent and is pretty, but she has never appealed to me in any way. She kinda lacks charisma for me. So maybe thats why she's not as big as some other singers…

  35. 'Making it big' doesn't always have to be by 'MTV, Grammys' definition. She should get back into goth music or chick metal, she could have a career that allows her to live comfortably on her income from making music. She wouldn't be Brittany Spears or Gaga rich, but I know of a lot of goth and women in metal bands who tour the world, release albums every year, and make a really good income doing it; they didn't have to sell their souls to do so, they get to sing about whatever topic they want (many even sing about God) and they are living their dream…you just will never see them on TV or at the Grammys, but that's the point. You don't have to be a mainstream sellout to be a successful, professional musician, you just have to be willing to give up mainstream fame and riches for a life of being reconized by the (VERY LARGE) fanbase of goth and metal music fans instead of TMZs papparazzi.
    A goth acoutistic band would go over really well in the goth music scene, or, with her operatic voice, she could do backing female vocals for a male fronted metal band, or even front her own metal band.

    • There is a band called Lacuna Coil, very popular and successful in Europe, and it's vocalist is an amazing woman who sings 'clean' vocals, but it's 'light' metal. Many of you don't realize that goth music and metal comes in all types, it's not all satanic or dark or heavy. Two of my favorite bands are a great example of this…

      *Otep- a metal band fronted by a woman, Shamaya Otep, who is very successful in music, spoken word, and art. She can growl and scream as well as any male metal vocalist, but her lyrics are about positive topics. She sings about 2 subjects mainly; her own past of healing from abuse, and politics. Some of my favorite songs of hers are about fighting back against the 'Control Machine', abolishing the corporate owned government, and being against the imperial wars we are killing millions for oil over. As Otep says…'Rise, Rebel, Resist!'

      • *The Cruxshadows- a gothic/industrial/dance band, highly successful and popular, their music is about living a life of positive influence, love, and the light of God without the confines of organized religion or dogma. It's about accepting all people who are willing to live for the light and love, and it's about standing up and fighting for those who cannot stand up for themselves. As Rogue of the Cruxshadows sings…'Stand up when no one else is willing, act not in hatred or in spite, be unto this world as a perfect knight, even if it means your life'.

        All these bands make enough income with their music to live very comfortably and they tour the world doing what they love. This girl could do it too, if she chooses to.

        *sorry for multiple posts, comment was too long*

      • Have you heard of The Benjamin Gate?
        All their songs are my favorite. Here are a few that I think ppl would feel right away
        1. Rush
        2. Halo

  36. Hi VC,
    I hope you are able to read this post.
    I was wondering if you could do some research on the shootings that happened in Herkimer, NY. I am a resident of the Mohawk Valley and because of this, I cannot help but have the sense that this was a staged event. Specifically that the shooter was an MK Ultra-Delta puppet. If you need to contact me for further information, please email me at my (undisplayed) email address.

    Thank you for your time.
    God Bless,

  37. Has anyone else noticed that the Monster High dolls lineup in Vig's other recent article resembles the Pussycat Dolls? Same stripper clothes and brainless expressions. I also noticed the P Dolls in some of their wretched videos have a lot of fake tattoos around one eye.

    • And I also just remembered where I have seen the P Dolls schtick before – it's a tired retread of Vanity 6 from the 1980's.

  38. honestly speaking on

    So being sexy and slutty with a couple other sexy slutty girls is selling your soul? I know REAL sluts that sleep with whoever. Now in days its normal to see a girl walkin around with her booty out. I dont believe they sold their souls (whatever that means anymore). Yeah you can blame the music industry that your losing popularity. Just Dont go crying back to them asking for a greatest hits album (which would only be 4 songs). I cant believe she thought her fine a** was gonna come in the industry and not show off that body. Sex sells! The elite dont even want us havin sex but it makes so much money they cant help but promote it.

    • Northernlights on

      Did you see Adele's performance at the "oscars"? Skyfall, the blood raining down and her pointy fingernails? The ritual that was performed and her hand gestures? Make NO mistake about it, she is part and parcel of the whole stinking festering sore that they call the music industry.

      • mitsouko………Im always hearing that Rihanna is a witch and this person is a witch and that person is but how exactly does it work within the music biz? does it mean to conjure through music and dance and to hypnotise people through their lyrics? also how does one become a witch?………..sorry ive heard this loads of times but not sure how exactly it works……..anyone else's thought please

  39. Yesterday on "The Talk" they annonced Nicole's comment about the real price of fame, but they purposely overlooked when she said "sell your soul to the devil" and only focused on her "sluttiness" comment. Then they brought a celebrity on the show that won a ton of huge awards but was never slutty a day in her career…what does that tell you about the price she had to pay?

  40. I believe there is an evil dark force controlling the world.

    But this girl hasnt made it big because she sucks!……js

      • Yes It was strange. I am a fan of her sinds Grease but That is the only strange thing About her I can think of. I hope she not sell her soul……

  41. Beligerent Bulldog on

    so i dont get it…is not everyone programmed…monarched? if nicole says she never sold her soul…well, maybe she has just been programmed to think that is one must to do achieve stardom..i thought pussycat dolls was in definate reference to beta sex kitten and doll programming. she says she is not slutty enough? what exactly does she mean, not slutty enough? is she referring to beastiality alters, sex and blood and satanic alters that she knows of? because she is slutty enough, at least according to wearing slutty outfits, so what does that statement really mean? she cannot speak of everything or else she could be hurt herself. maybe nicole isn't programming but she has to SHHHH be quiet about it.

  42. Thanks VC!

    Now, I’ve never been her fan or the PCD’s but puuhhlezzz! Complaining about what! I see her comercials about that dumb shampoo almost all the time! And trust me, you wouldn’t wanna be on the top of their pyramid… Why are people so obssess with fame? Hard work paids off. Trust me. Not necesarly has to be money. Money money moolah moolah dinero dinero. People say they wanna do things they love, but in real life, most do it for money. It is unfair, really. You have talent, but you see some material-girl(boy)-who-uses-auto-tune-too-much type get more credit than you.But rethink. Is fame really worth it? Do you really need atention that bad that you need paparazzis and a mob to invade your life? God help us.

  43. On some level we all sell our souls everyday to put food on our tables, pay mortgages and such. It looks like she said at one point "Be some bartender and go back to school or get a quick paycheck." When those bills start coming in and you are barely getting by then ya I can see making insane choices.

    • That's BS. There's a difference between working to provide for yourself by teaching or something than agreeing to climb in the casting couch and let strangers inside you for a role or a hit song. The fact that you even compared the average citizens work to that is incredibly disrespectful and says loads about you as a person and your desire to try and rationalize what is essentially prostitution (and murder in cases of sacrifice) for Grammys.

  44. @Junior I know what you mean. My mother has graduated numoruos of times. And had tons of jobs. BUT! There is always light to a dark cave. I rater scrub dirty toilets with my bare hands and deal with harsh clients at a hotel (like mother did) than sell my soul to an industry that who knows you might end up as someone who “accidently overdose”…

  45. “No, I haven’t. That’s probably why I haven’t quite reached the top of my mountain. I mean, where’s my Tony Award, my Grammy, my Oscar? Why don’t I have any of those things yet?”

    Oh, i don't know maybe you have to have a little thing called TALENT! Might help.

  46. What joke she has already indeed perfirmed her ritual iniation…or else we wouldnt even. Know who she was…from loosen buttons to Ja ho..where shes throwin so many hand signs and tributes to Ra…then dancing out of a box which represents the Squre on stage on idol she hasnt had huge success cus shes wack and has no true CRAFT… only her body which shes more then willing to invesrt for her DREAM. Paleeeze she needs to repent before its too late. Esp from catholisim….. JESUS IS COMUING SOON!!!!!

  47. I wonder is she just saying this because her solo career hasn't went anywhere? Because I've seen older vids and pics and she wasn't so "innocent" looking as far as pictures and things go. When the pussycat dolls where popular I didn't see her complaining about being a puppet then. If her solor career was at a high point right now I guarantee you she wouldn't be so called "speaking out" if you will I'm not saying she's lying, we all know most artist have to do some probably traumatizing stuff to make it, but something about it coming from her seems hypocritical.

  48. i'm so confused, if pussycat dolls and all her previous singles didn't have slutty imagery then what is slutty to her? I'm scared to know. Adele is not slutty and she's the top in the business right now. Grammy AND and Oscar. Maybe Nicole was supposed to go to another level, the final level of sacrifice for fame and she turned it down.

    VC, i'm wondering if you'll be posting about Courtney Stodden's alter ego video she posted online a few weeks ago:

    When people were laughing at her, my heart was breaking for this girl. She's a vitcim and needs HELP and obviously her own parents can't be trusted because they sold her to industry handlers.

    • Maybe Nicole is saying in a coded way that actual prostitution is expected from women in the business. I remember seeing film of Courtney Love kissing one creepy old male exec after another on the cheek at an industry event when she was in her heyday and it seemed she was very familiar with all of them, if you catch my drift. Now the sad rumor is that Lindsay Lohan's mom has been brokering deals with rich men for her daughter since Lindsay can't get insured for film work anymore. And I read about a private club in NYC where billionaires go to meet new young models, and the girls know they'd better go if they want work.

      • Wow, I think you hit the nail on the head. I can't believe I didn't think of that. Nicole should just try to be an indie artist or something. It's not worth it.

        I've also read numerously of how many female singers, models and actresses (especially ones that are trying to become famous) are prostitutes. I remember Heidi Fleiss saying something like what she did is nothing compared to what really goes on in elite circles.

        I've read rumors (which i believe) of socialite Diana Jenkins being a very high profile madam as in billionaire clients in the middle east and all over the world.

        This is what made me believe the rumors: She had the AUDACITY to say it's to support a humanitarian rights Project. The pictures are very sexual and supposedly it is a gallery of who works for her (I think the girls anyway). Absolutely sickening.

  49. the video of her latest single Boomerang is subliminally promoting Big Brother-ism (i.e. CCTV all around her) …not sure if she was aware of that….most music videos now are in sync with the illuminati agenda glorifying sex, violence and bad behaviour as if it's something cool.

  50. You've got to wonder what kind of life they think they'll have when they get into this business. They seem to be
    blind to all the tragical stories of people who started out the same way. You'd think they see celebrities have no freedom and as soon as they try to rebel they end up in a bad way.

    Why do people think so much of Oscars, Grammy awards, or any awards in general? It's all bullshit anyway. Obama and Al Gore managed to win the Nobel Prize for Peace; what else is there to say about fake, media-generated merits?

    I understand why an atheist with the same values the industry pushes would want to do this – but once they realise the spiritual side of it is real, don't they feel like running away at the speed of light?

  51. I'm not very up on these sort of singers, but wasn't she recruited by Cowell to be a judge on one of his shows? I cannot imagine for one second that she isn't 'one of them', I believe anyone who is in a well promoted band, past or present and is invited by Cowell to be part of his stable, will most certainly have made 'sacrifices' to get there, whether they are mentally aware of it or not. There are many talented people out there who will never get offered a recording contract, not because they are'nt good enough, but because they have not been chosen to be groomed and programmed by the Entertainment industry.

  52. wait a minute…so that means MJ sold his soul to the devil to get his 8 grammies ? sad, sad.
    and whitney too ?
    well, they were puppets anyway…

  53. Maybe now artists like this are fully aware of the talk on sites like VC and are playing it for sympathy or to revive stalled careers. The Oh-how-terrible-the-industry-is angle when they're really insiders. It's certainly got us talking about her hasn't it, and who's thought of the P Dolls in years? That's a huge part of the reason pop artists say and do weird things, just to get people talking about them. Cynical but effective.

    • Nonsense. Michael Jackson made it to THE top of the heap and spoke about it. Tell me again that the only singers who say this are bitter because they never really 'made it'…

  54. Truth & Light on

    Talking about selling soul to devil……the devil is claiming one of its own….lil Wayne…..the devil do not like you. God is life, the devil is death and destruction!!

  55. The entire popular music industry has been taken over for some time now by the anti-Christs. Those, that have refused their offers, or revealed some of their secrets, have paid a heavy price, some with their life's.

  56. give it time she probably will, maybe the only reason why she is supposedly speaking out is because she has'nt made it like she thought she would, ………….would she be reaching out talking bout the dark side of the industry had she made it big….no…maybe not….notice how alot of celebrities all of a sudden talk bout the dark side of the industry when they aint so popular anymore….no pitty from me, they all know what they were and are and will contiue to do….you want fame , fortune, success, attention to be rich , then pay the price and if you cant afford it then dont knock down the next idiot who's willing to pay for it…,

  57. SeeingTheLight on

    The only problem I have with her is her attitude about this whole thing. When talking in her interviews she seemed like she was only "disgruntled" because she wasn't incredibly famous yet not the trade itself. I love how she's complaining about a blood-pact with the Devil being the initial price to ever REALLY enter into the music industry, yet whines about not receiving grammy's or Oscar's. By the time you actually reach those levels the sacrifice has to be much higher. To me it sounds like her ego is the problem and despite being in the PCD she still doesn't really understand that selling your soul is only the beginning of the journey to "success."

  58. I've had respect for this girl since the end of pcd. She represented herself and her artists honestly and truly in the xfactor [James Arthur, Jahmene Douglas, Rylan Clark],she's always seemed different to the "others", her music to me has an overwhelming positive vibe too. Kudos to her for speaking out about the industry its a shame others can't take her as an example and quit with the sheeple behaviour …. Off Topic-But what has happened to bieber recently? O.o

    • Sheila, I posted a couple of links on one of my comments on this subject on Lil Wayne's article i think it was but its scary isnt it

  59. That picture of her! Ugh! She used to be a very pretty woman, but she looks sunked-in and dark/goth in that photo.. I really don't believe her – I think she has joined in with them, she is not an A-list, but she is making money and I've seen her illuminati commercials where she was breaking the room full of mirrors/glass and I've also seen a pic of her gorgeous mansion in a magazine, so she signed up with them, maybe not the big money contract yet, but she is one of them!

  60. What, Nicole was in Days of the New??! Honestly I never got into that band & only remember the huge radio single “I Finally Found A Reason”(I THINK that’s the title. It has the lyrics “..Ive got this time on my hands, you are the one to abuse..ect”) & their other few radio singles. I didnt think they were Awful, just not a band I cared nothing about.

    What did Nicole do in the band? I dont recall female singing as in a 2nd vocalist..did she write songs, play an instrument? I’m just very curious. I often write on pop culture/music & know a lot (that’s not bragging actually, many would see it as scary or sad how much info my mind auto memorizes about art..haha), but didnt know this. :0

    It also makes me respect her as an artist a LOT more, she had Something to do with Days of the New, so she’s an actual talented artist. (not that I think pop music is talentless, MUCH I enjoy; just like every other musical genre!)

    And all theories aside: The music industry IS F-ed up/shady/ect & Always has been; I know 1st hand. But I’m not going to get into it being nothing more that mankind’s greed, that exists in ALL major industries.

    And it’s great (and explains why shes not as popular as most other pop artists) that she actually keeps her personal morals & wont give in; even though she KNOWS it’s hurting her art career. Yeah, HUGE respect there, iMo! I feel the same about Die Antwoord, who actually told Interscope, turn down opening for GaGa, ect. All these things/in a position many would kill for & they were THERE; if they stayed they’d have 10x the fame & $, but they care about art FIRST. What ALL artists’ minset should be imo!! I’m now really interested to see Nicole make a new solo record, but her be in Total control; it may be some kind of mind blowing abstract rock or shoegaze electro, who knows? Anyway, regardless of what you personally believe about how deep the music (& all art) industries “evil” really goes, I think this article shows that, (despite what MANY on here/ect claim) not EVERY artist signed to a major label is evil & have no morals. MOST dont & are just people trying to survive career wise like most of you; some compromise their moral & art, other do less, some dont, ect. As always, just My Opinion. :)



  61. If you lie with catch fleas!

    This is why most of so called pop stars, if not all are scratching themselves silly!

  62. OMG B O S S I P blog site copied this entire entry, including the closing comment.. and there was no shout-out or anything..umm can you sue for that since they make money off of each click/view? .. IDK just trying to look out since their one of the many blogs trying to pursue people into thinking the ELITE/ILLUMINATI is a bunch of "crazy-mumbo-jumbo" yet every now and then they'll post a contradicting title or statement like: "Illuminati strikes again" or something condescending like that.

  63. It's the same with katy perry..I remember watching her first real music video. It was simple,it was honest,it was conservative. You can't find that video anymore…anywhere.It's before she sold her sole to the industry as well. She even admitted to selling her sole because she wasn't becoming a star.

    The devil was, before he became the devil,was the angel of music.

  64. Ms. Adventure on

    Part of me respects Nicole's trepidation about "the industry" and the sacrifices allegedly required…her questioning how much of herself she is willing to give up, and how much of a whore she is willing to be. Part of me agrees with many of you that she's already done her fair share of acting the hootchie in videos…and that's just the part that the public sees! How slutty are we talking?!

    I watched her on DWTS and saw that she is a gifted dancer and a talented, driven performer….. However, I'm disappointed to hear that her gauge of "success" is a stupid bloody Tony or Grammy award. I sure hope they took that quote out of context, because anyone who goes into the arts for the purpose of mass adulation and meaningless "awards" (aka OBJECTS that a publicist probably PAID FOR and that ultimately collect dust) is going into it for all of the wrong reasons, and should reconsider their path altogether.

  65. Personally I think she may have already sold out…never really followed her music; but it seems as superficial as anyone elses; also, she is not opposed to showing her "goodies". And didn't she have a tour titled "World Domination" and belong to a band titled "Pussycat Dolls"… surely she could have quit if she was asked to do things she didn't want to. one always has a choice…called free will folks. Also; I skimmed some of the songs from Days of the New featuring her and she is but a whisper in the background. I believe they hooked her when they agreed to make her the "lead" singer. Even without a grammy or whatever else she thinks she deserves she is still the focus of attention. She hangs around on her strings with all the other puppets. Maybe she is the "I'm not a puppet" Puppet…but with her smiling all over X Factor and Dancing with the Stars…she is not that convincing. Talent? … Sure. Perhaps she should have stayed with Opera, Theatre, and Musicals… at least she was an artist. Now….well you see what she's become. Sad really.

  66. Oh she wishes! Silly moo sold out ages ago. Would she have had her #1s with the PCD and on her own (OK, she only got 1 #1 in the UK) if she was pure and sweet and innocent. Yeah right.

    She is one the super demon Simon Cowell's bitches and she knows it. It's all reverse psychology trying to make herself out to be pure.

    If she thinks she has to be nastier and sluttier to get any awards, the only thing she could do is get her tetas and her regina out. Other than that, I think we have seen it all.

  67. Angel Hair Pasta on

    I thought Pussycat Dolls were very successful? 2 US top 5 albums. 15 million sold. Perhaps they could be the next Spice Girls. She wished she's more slutty? The Pussycat videos were very sexual and sensual. Probably inappropriate for kids.

    I think she's bemoaning the lack of solo success.

  68. Working in corporate America requires you put aside your emotional self. Sociopaths rule the corporate world. So no doubt they rule Hollyweird. Their movies glamorize sociopathic behaviors. They also breed more sociopaths. Think about the slasher movies. Young preteen boys watching two older teens have sex, a beautiful half naked woman, the boy is getting excited, the intensity grows, the excitement grows then wham a knife goes through the young womans back and out her breast. That my friend is Hollywood.

    Hollywood also supports the growth of government control over our lives. They shoot guns to make a living and have hired guns surrounding them for protection but we wraiths in the real world, we should be ashamed that we own guns to protect ourselves. All of the so called movie stars make me sick.

    • Don't say anything of this to people you know because they might think jealousy is talking. On the other hand you are absolutely right, I couldn't agree with you more.

    • Ms. Adventure on

      Do you mean a literal pit of fire and mayhem where "bad" people go when they die to spend the rest of eternity?

      Maybe, maybe not.

      Do you mean a real-life hell where pop-stars and other members of the hoi-polloi have to sacrifice their free will, their minds, their ideas, and maybe even their loved-ones? Where someone's actions are constantly monitored and their life is not their own? Where cameras follow them around, gossip rags show their every flaw, and handlers control their every move? Where the label execs (analogous to the devil) take the lion's share of the money, often leaving the artists deep in financial and emotional debt?

      Yes, I believe that happens. We've seen it happen many times.

  69. It's easy to sell your soul, but its hard not to.

    That's why I would rather cut my wrist than sell my soul, I would rather literally eat pig poop than sell my soul, I would decline a trillion dollars if it meant my soul would be sold. I would never ever ever sell my soul no matter what the circumstance.

  70. littlestmermaid on

    maybe it has already been mentioned but I thought I might throw it out there… nicole's old group days of the new has faced some issues of their own. frontman travis meeks in particular was featured on a&e's "intervention" in 2005. it was a haunting episode, showing the decay of a clearly talented man due to his addiction to meth. most people haven't heard of days of the new, sad that the guy is probably more famous for one episode of that show than his music career at all. wonder if his issues were more related to getting into the illuminati agenda or mourning the fame he would not get for avoiding said agenda.

  71. RealizeTruth on

    well, i don't know what's happening with Nicole, but I do know that after her departure from the PCD I haven't heard anything from her in a while. I guess she's trying to find herself and is realizing that she's getting older and compromising her morals and integrity for fame and fortune isn't the route (bummer.)
    I hope that she can make a comeback, if it's in God's will for her.

  72. While I do believe that sex sells…there are many artists that did not go the slutty route to become Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Adele, Pink, Gwen Stefani etc. Perhaps its just as much about her own personal self image and esteem, talent, and record label. She acts as if she doesn't have a choice of being the type artist she aspires to be and perhaps that has been to her detriment! She needs to stand her ground. Nobody forced her to join a group called "Pussycat" Dolls…a burlesque group that wears lingerie. wth???!!!

  73. Nicole is soo part of the illu !!!! Look at what she is doing, can you please give yourself a smak in the face and wake up ?!! It couldnt be more sluttier the lady is almost showing her …. Like please and do you even think that if nicole isnt a part you would see her face so often. Please I think she’s one of the biggest one. But yeah prayer is the key, God still loves them and all of you repent for the day is coming that the judgement will be released.
    Please stay faithfull and keep yourself away from garbidge you deserve better and God wants to give you something better .
    Repent , love you and bye mwauuhh

  74. This is a slight digression: what do you think about British star Adele's success? She dresses very matronly, she is overweight, and her popularity results from her actual vocal talent… Is she an exception, or have I overlooked details? I know that she recently had a baby with a significantly older, and well-connected businessman– perhaps a music industry-insider?

  75. Well if it takes someone to be slutty and sell their soul to make it to the top of the mountain you wont find what your looking for once you reach it.

  76. If it takes being slutty and selling your soul to make it to the top of the mountain your not going to find what your looking for once you reach it.

  77. There was an episode of uk x factor where she was acting really weird. Google/Youtube it…sorry if someone has already posted this info

  78. How come Adele is so revered by the music industry then?

    She has a shitload of Grammys and is far from slutty.

    Sometimes TALENT actually does take you to the pinnacle.

  79. Ben Brilliant on

    She is making excuses.
    Kirk Franklin, Espranza Spalding, and, Matthew West have all won Grammy's. I haven't notice any of them having to dress slutty or make music not "spiritual" to make it in the music industry.
    It is so much easier to blame your results on external factors instead of the person you must face in the mirror.
    Success comes to those who take 100% responsibility for their success and failures.

  80. "Where's my grammy?" – ???????

    Er, Nichole – you're in an industry-conceived group called the Pussycat Dolls. You sing shit pop songs that incite jealousy between women in the most facile, basic, playground, 2-dimensional fashion [cite "bet you wish your girlfriend was hot like me"] and you're asking where is your GRAMMY????

    Vigilant Citizen – of all your posts, this has to be the most incredulous. Please can someone inform poor little Nichole that when she "sold her soul to the devil" she sacrificed any artistic integrity she might have once had, and denied herself the privilege of practicing and performing "music" in any real sense, so really, she should have just gone with it and been "even more slutty" – and who would have thought that was possible? Anyone who thinks they deserve a Grammy purely on the basis of being "slutty" has clearly, most definitely, been misinformed. Because let's face it Nichole, the only reason so much money was thrown at producing your low-end music waste-product was to PROVOKE. It wasn't to inspire or enrich people's lives. It was to stimulate the economy with smut and titillation. How on earth can someone preach about being from a religious background at the same time as wishing they had been more slutty and yet declare they are somehow still "classy," all in the one breath? The mind BOGGLES.

  81. Its PRINCESS, Bitch! on

    Its sad that Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber have won awards and are major successful but Nicole is wayyyyy better, any fucking day!!!!!!!!

  82. Shani Colbourne on

    Since you're from a strong religious background, you should know the importance of your soul. It's the real YOU; the you that will remain after your flesh has died and rot. You sell your soul to the devil, and you'll burn in hell for eternity. The devil doesnt care about you, he's just going around collecting souls to make up his kingdom; and using people like those in the music industry as fronts.

    Learn to be happy and content with what you have. Stop comparing yourself to others. You cant take all these worldly possessions with you. It's not worth it. What shall it profit a man (or woman) to gain the whole world and lose their soul. Nothing!

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  84. Wonder what's up with Nicole now, is she still fighintg agaisnt joining?
    Look how much weight she's lost and if anyone watches x Factor in the UK shes acting a bit crazy?!

  85. It goes to show you that the people winning the Oscars, Grammys, and Tonys have all sold their souls. You have to sell your should to Satan to win a little golden idol.

  86. VC's analysis is interesting, logical (in the literal sense), and thought- provoking. HOWEVER any discussion of the evils of the Illuminatti & all other supposedly cult-like secret societies 'pulling the strings'…when is the end-game? Is VC & others like him really saying it's been going on for HUNDREDS of years? As an economist, people only think of 'wiifm'- 'what's in it for me'. A person living in 1500's would give a damn what would benefit a world 2 seconds after they died, let alone hundreds of years. Firther every generation thinks the following one is 'going to hell'. Yet no one who proposes/supports these theories EVER addresses this area.Why? B/c they have no f'n idea or they be billionaires applying this ability to the stock market, gambling, etc. Hey but I'm on here too

  87. she already sold her soul.please she wants an oscar.first you have to be in movies is she dizzy or what and a tony award you must be in broadway.she says she didn't sell her soul.that's an excuse to make up for the fact that she sucks and hasn't made it big.because in her videos there's a lot of cut it out beachh cause your tired! !!!

  88. Don't sell your soul nothing is worth that. It's all fake looks the whole show….it's just physical if being ordinary in live in not selling your soul I would forever be ordinary….I would never go to the Devils side and it knows it. The Devils stuff is all fake Hollywood is completely fake…..I like nice music not slutty crap like miley etc it's all the same iluanati music slutty dumb tongue hanging out butts in your faces so dumb…..this whole world is run by demon demon idiots and I see through it.

  89. Shamika Ansoategui on

    Finally Nicole Sherzinger realized what it takes to be successful. It is not really necessary to give up your morals and give away your dignity. why would you do that? only if you are too hungry for fame and so called success. It is about the choices we make in life and what we expect out of it. No one can take your dignity, values and morals away unless you are weak and succumb your soul.

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