Madonna’s MDNA Tour Replete with Illuminati Agenda


The Grand Priestess of the music industry is back on tour and it began in Tel-Aviv, Israel. As we’ve seen in the article on the 2012 Superbowl Half-Time show, Madonna signed a multi-year deal with Interscope records and, since then, all of her new works fully embrace the same Illuminati Agenda as the rest of the music industry. However, since it is Madonna things are taken to another level. People have come to expect controversy from Madonna, but this is not simply controversy for the sake of it like she used to doΒ  in the 90’s. Nope, this is symbolic and calculated controversy, engineered to carry all of the Illuminati’s messages. Here’s a short article from the Telegraph that sums up her show.

Madonna tells Israel: you can’t be a fan of mine and not want world peace

Madonna, whose conversion to the esoteric Jewish sect Kabbalah sparked an unlikely trend in Hollywood, launched her world tour in Tel Aviv last night with a plea for peace in the Middle East.

The American singer greeted 30,000 Israeli fans in Tel Aviv’s Ramat Gan Stadium with the declaration: “You can’t be a fan of mine and not want peace in the world”. Her management had distributed hundreds of free tickets to

“We all bleed the same colour,” Madonna told her ecstatic crowd, standing against the backdrop of an enormous illuminated crucifix and satanic symbols. “If we can all rise above our egos and our titles and the names of our countries and our religions, and treat everyone around us with dignity and respect, then we are on the road to peace. If there is peace here in the Middle East, there can be peace in the whole world.”

The diva then went on to perform her song “Gang Bang” accompanied by images of blood stains, video clips showing the singer spraying bullets from both a hand gun and a machine gun, and closing on the phrase “die, bitch!”

Israel’s ultra-orthodox community, however, were outraged that the “Like A Virgin” singer was performing in the Jewish state. A report in religious journal ‘HaEda’ described the tour as “disgraceful” and claimed rumours the “famous gentile singer” would be visiting religious sites in the country’s north had spared “pain and rage within the god-fearing community”.

Madonna has reportedly postponed a planned tour of Galilee following protests by the local religious community.

– Source: The Telegraph

So the show began with Madonna pleading for “world peace”, a slogan of the New World Order. A few minutes later, she dances around toting machine guns, revolvers and an AK-47 – a weapon that is widely used in wars across the world, including in Israel. The cognitive dissonance between what Madonna says (i.e. “If there is peace here in the Middle East, there can be peace in the whole world”), and what she does (shooting and killing bunch of people with blood stains everywhere) is typical of Illuminati double-speak. Like Orwell wrote several decades ago,Β WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.

Glamorizing death, violence and oppression. Also, leopard prints represent Sex-Kitten programming, hinting that these women were “programmed” to do this.

Atop hypocritical double-speak involving war, there is also hypocritical double-speak involving spirituality. After her moralizing speech about “respect”: “If we can all rise above our egos and our titles and the names of our countries and our religions, and treat everyone around us with dignity and respect, then we are on the road to peace”, the show turns into a big Black Mass insulting Christianity.

The show begins with a red (bloody) illuminated crucifix bearing the letters MDNA – an acronym strangely similar to MDMA, another name for Ecstasy – a drug that is very popular on dance floors across the world.


Madonna’s Black Mass included monks turning into male strippers along with guts, guns and satanic symbols being flashed on the walls. Things that so many pop stars did in the recent years. This is not about art, this is all-out, insistent propaganda.

In short Madonna’s MDNA tour reflects how the Illuminati confuses the world with its double-speak. It lulls the world with talks of “world peace” while glamorizing the death, bloodshed and oppression of the masses. It moralizes people about “religious tolerance” while systematically attacking and destroying all faiths that are not part of the belief system of the world elite – which incidentally includes a bastardized version of Kabbalah as practiced by Madonna, the Grand Priestess of the Illuminati music business.




      • It's got to be how she got the job in the early eighties. I wonder if they didn't do everything from hiring the best pop songwriters to plastic surgery?

        If the fake Paul McCartney thing out of British Intelligence is true. If the CIA Laurel Canyon genesis of the sixties counter culture is true… It's all a planned social engineering program.

        And now another torpedo in the water with Gaga – this time with devil horns. What's next? Just the depopulation event?

        They obviously consider attacking the 1950's American middle class sexual mores to be very important for repatterning America.

      • @Ted

        Oh, please, don't talk about this bullshit anymore. I mean the PID conspirasy theory, of course.

      • I knew that might be a bridge too far for some… But I believe Mills was saying exactly that. Redice Radio programs on Shakespere being a British intelligence program with the Globe theatre owner as a false front stooge same vein. Reason works are so incredible for 4 people to do or 1 writer is because they were really Think Tank Rand Corp type group efforts.

      • "Who actually wrote the Beatles music?

        Post by sandokhan on Aug 15, 2009, 9:09am" google that. And fake Paul is a no brainer. 1966 death intro fake paul, who looks creepy, is taller, is actully right handed, japanese state fingerprints do not match, his own daughter's DNA does NOT match, fake signature, Heather Mills found out.

      • @Anonymous.

        Its a "theory," he can talk all day about it here cause that's what we do here.

      • @alycan

        It's stupid. It has no serious proofs. VC is a very good site with competent articles. But some people prefer to create their own theories, which are absurd sometimes. By the way, in the radio interview Mccartney confessed putting the "messages" about his "death" in backwards in their songs was a "marketing strategy". So I'm not fluent in English as you can see and I hope you understand what I mean. Finally, I don't want anyone to insult or something else. I'm sorry.

    • she looks so desperate to please her elite that she barely has room to fit those cheetah print small tatas a show. lol. smh…old hag still trying to take money from you while you support her elites (devil) agenda. smh…

      God bless

      • Madonna's 'tatas' are not small, and she is far from a hag, she is 53 and has a better body than ALL the popstars half her age. Man, I would sooo do her!

    • This is strange. Also, I've noticed the so called disses to christianity, well a lot of people should really research what those religious symbols mean where they actually come from.

    • "If there is peace here in the Middle East, there can be peace in the whole world.”

      The diva then went on to perform her song “Gang Bang” accompanied by images of blood stains, video clips showing the singer spraying bullets from both a hand gun and a machine gun, and closing on the phrase “die, bitch! …LOL THAT"S HILARIOUS πŸ˜€

      • Harold B. Flyntmyer on

        Quite evidently, it would seem that he did indeed feel the need to point that out.

        Of course, some unusual circumstance could have led to his statement… Perhaps his father has just implemented a Truth In The Household act, and having heard his son's fateful comment, determined that he then must 'truth up to it' and put it on the 'net for all and sundry.

        Could be…

        Don't you worry though, your equally self-required sentiment to follow has earnt you 18.2 Mean Kitty points, in honour of your dissing one of our High Priestesses. Keep earning those babies, remember, just 100 and you can become one of our birth mothers!

    • I'm not sold on the MDMA side story, that's the easy and obvious hook that was tagged to give her a more hip and cool street cred for the youngins.

      Me knowing a thing or two about a thing or two, get the feeling she's promoting sumthin else. Have you heard of the Merovingian bloodline?? No?? Yes?? Well those inbreds over in buckingham palace seem to think they are of Jesus and Mary magdolene's offsprings bloodline. I know crazy Eh??

      Anyway if you look at it like M-DNA then it's as though she's on the Merovigian DNA tour, and her tour kicked off as the Dragon met with the space station. If any of you know a thing or two about Osirus and Isis and Horus, you may see the significance of these illuminati rituals that are currently taking place.

      Queens jubilee, transit of Venus, Just wait wait till the olympics, I'd bet there is something major planned and I pray against it ever taking place.


      • They claim they are the descendents of Christ and Magdalena? And are you so naive to believe that? We are talking about headcases of first-degree. They want to create some kind of mystified past. What a sublime ancestry -only in their wildest dreams. Their arrogance is out of hand I'm afraid.

      • Sarah Connor on

        GLS – he said 'they' believe, so no, DWWC is not that naive. Sheesh! Slow down when reading.

        Interesting DWWC!!!! Hadn't even thought of that but it certainly makes sense!

      • Thank-you Sarah C, yes "they" have such beliefs, not I. Just to add on to my original post, the story or myth as I understand it is, Set was upset that Osiris and Isis ( Egyptian gods) were the rulers of the land and underworld, so he murdered Osiris and chopped up his body and scattered them across the land.

        Now Isis was a mess, so Set and his old lady ran the show, but Isis being the goddess scorned went and searched the land for her dismembered beau. I'm not sure but please correct me if I'm mistaken but she found all his parts but his main boy part. Then she did find "it" and magickly put him back together, gave him life, had a son Horus who was born to take down Set and avenge his father.

        Do you know of any story on the mainstream controlled media where someone was killed, chopped up and distributed throughout the land????? Ah I bet you do!! There's nothing new under the sun.

        I have to give credit to The Spaceman…

      • As long as they haven't brainwashed you to accept their fabrications. There is no way that Christ had children. I will be never convinced of it.

      • My husband and I are both of that same ancestry but I do not for a minute believe Jesus was married. His purpose was to be the sacrifice that takes away sin. And mission accomplished 2000 years ago!

      • They have tested the Merovingian's DNA and found no proof Hebrew or Middle Eastern descent, as which Jesus and Mary Magdelene would have been.

  1. Madonna has been an a puppet of this industry for so long, none of this is really surprising. She has to compete with Lady Gaga now, so shes gotta turn of the controversy!

    Lets not mention anything about the fact that she has zero talent left.

    I also find it incredibly ironic for her to be dancing around with guns preaching world peace to a bunch of people who support the state endorsed genocide of Palestinian people.


    • "also find it incredibly ironic for her to be dancing around with guns preaching world peace to a bunch of people who support the state endorsed genocide of Palestinian people.


      haha you are a funny guy)))))))) I think you should visit West Bank (Illuminati termin accauly)

      or should I say JUDEA AND SAMARIA the REAL NAME OF THIS PLACE! Becouse you will not find any genocide there… The population of the so called palestinians increased in 2 millions during the last 15 years!! hahaha what kind of genocide is THIS???

      The hall story of palestinian "nation" was maid up by the Elite!!!

      Its funny to see hear people who believes in Elit propoganda πŸ˜‰

      • Actually there is a genocide in Palestine, systematic and calculated control of those people, and many NON ILLUMINATI people have visited and have seen the chaos and the destruction. Unless you have gone too? And you'd know so much, the elite divide and conquer the middle east as all places they have invaded. If there was no such thing then why would Obama promise millions to israel? Get with it.

      • 2Fred

        I have been there a hundread times…. genocide means mass killings and culture destruction!

        There is NO this or that in West Bank! There is more then 1.5 million muslims citisens inside Israel!

        Obama is giving money to a Israel butt also to Egypt and many other countries so what?

        You should undestand one thing there is SO MUCH arab mistifications that you should go there by your self to undestand how much lie is there…. How much of this lie is made by mainstream mass-media!!

        And you can find a lot info about this… from making fake fotos to plugging a children pupets inside so-called blown building!

    • @speeker No genocide in Palestine? I bet you did not visit Gaza now, have you? Do some research, and get your fact right. Israel is but an oppressive state that has, is and most probably will kill more of our people. If there were no genocide how do you explain the millions of refugees, that are in Jordan for example or in the countries around?

  2. "but this is not simply controversy for the sake of it like she used to do in the 90′s."? we guess she s being flashing illuminati propaganda since the begining…

    • Besides all the Illuminati and army/police state agenda propaganda, I just honestly feel like telling Madonna to FREAKING PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!!! I dont know about you guys, but to tell the truth 60 year old boobs hanging out on show is not hot at all.

      Please Madonna, do the world a favor and cover up and wear clothes that suit your age. Please.

      • Madonna is okay on

        All this redundant Illuminati sh*t from all these puppet celebrities worldwide aside…. I wish people would STFU about Madonna's age already.

        Madonna is in her 50s, but she hasn't retired from her career, she remains energetic, dancing around and doing yoga and wearing colorful clothes and whatnot. Madonna can be a great role model to everyone!

        Madonna is free to have her own style and do what she does at her age! This is a free country for everyone, not just young whiny idiots.

        It's so stupid to make fun of someone's age. You will all be 50 years old too, you fools.

      • She's a miserab on

        Sounds like there's a stan in here…."Boohoo you're so ageist!"

        If you're defending her, you obviously don't really get the concept of what an Illuminati puppet is.

      • What you are saying is not only ageist it is sexist. A woman's body is her own domain, it is not for you to say that she exists as a sexual object that should be de-sexualised once she has reached the age you decide she no longer arouses you. For anyone to judge a human being like this robs them of their god given humanity. Do you not think of women as human? It seems like you think they are less then so, can you even see it? The Illuminati have done a good job on you.

      • He's defending her because he has a mother, and so do you, so STOP making fun of someone's age, especially a woman's. Discuss the topic of the article, the symbolism or whatnot, but spitting out hatred unnecessarily is one of the reasons why humanity is in the place it is now.

      • why doesn't anyone tell that old hag Mick Jagger to hang up his tights??

        he is waaaaaaaay more disgusting that Madonna. and i am *not* a fan of hers.

  3. People don't even realize that she's completely unoriginal and just ripped off Nina Hagen in a slightly more vulgar way… ;-;

    • I don't doubt that. My thought on that though is most if not all we see in these shows are completely recycled ideas in different ways to enthrall us, no matter who is doing it. Keeping us entranced; whether it being a devout follower of one said performing idol or another… and/or fighting amongst ourselves to who is the original.

      • She has absolutely no talent. Why you feel the need to defend a 50 plus yr old showing boobs? Are you minded controlled or just an empty skull?!?

      • @Truth is, all of them are weirdos. She shows off her chest, the other weirdo Charlie Sheen behaves like a loose cannon AKA teen boy etc. All of them are a bunch of weirdos in different ways. They'll never mature mentally.. they're attention-seeking, superficial, spoiled peter pans as most people bend over backwards like sycophantic courtiers to please them.

      • Mainstream music is about stealing from lesser known singers/musicians/styles and calling it "new". ie the the Nina Hagen reference… A LOT of people have borrowed from her, and just because many people may not know her here (but there are many who do), it does not mean her influence is not abundant. I could say the same for Mylene Farmer (from France), and even Grace Jones.

        Just because you don't like it or think the singer is a "nobody", doesn't mean they are, and if you do you are playing straight in to the hands of the industry (in turn the illuminati as well) and buying in to their shitty ideals.

    • THANX for pointing out the NINA Hagen rip-off ! yeah it's lame when someone w/ Madonna's status can't pay enough theater-whiz-kids to help develop better/original moves, meh…

      BTW: as far as this site's self-labelled {philosophical / serious} Illuminati issues, try to hear me out for a second:
      ok, I like diggin' thru conspiracies, or mining-for-hidden-stuff too…. but in all the cases you've listed for Madonna's "mixed messages" of religion /anti-religion, peace/violence, well c'mon:: u never read much on the way these opposite-messages are
      ooooold, same ole stuff from most of our post-modern talkers/writers/entertainers who want to DRUM UP CONTROVERSY by any means…. so dis-information, in a serious sense, is the thing to look for;;
      but SERIOUSLY guys—-this is a sexy butt lifelong titillating entertainer who *always* says / does **any** of these same-old "ooooo, soooo mixed & strange" type of things.

      If she DIDN't do these "freshman philosophy" often corny mixed-bogus-messages, we could just as well
      complain that "she's using her sex appeal & popular music to REPEAT the SAME messages ! oh NO!"

      You know what "wicked massive power" is destroying the world while we're talking about this?
      CORRUPTION and abuse, in whichever form the abusers can get away-with, and ***IF*** people cared more for HOLDING bankers & politicians accountable—INSTEAD of spending all day on
      pop-culture & ever-hidden-spooky-conspiracies, WELL—-we'd start putting the abusers & scumbabs in JAIL and shedding light now that we have the most open media in history to do it.

    • schizophobicrevolver555 on

      WOAH!! Dont bring Nina Hagen into this sick game play… if anything Nina spends a vast amount of time talking along with other women in press conferences and that it disgusts her how the music industry and movie industry is so corrupt and financing goverments for more war heads and weapons and funding bio-warfare chemicals simulated in various un disclosed test sites…. youtube Nina Hagen and watch her Video "So Bad" and watch how she exposes the NWO and illuminati with defiance

  4. Did Madonna really say ' “If we can all rise above our egos" ? Madonna? The narcissistic woman who named her self Madonna and stands on stands on stage in her underpants in front of a giant screen reflecting her image to thousands? Shut up Madonna.

    • just FYI, her name is Madonna by birth. Her mother was named Madonna. Its a very popular italian/french name, especially withing devout catholic communities such as the one Madonna's family comes from.

      • I'm italian, I live in Italy and the name "Madonna" is not used as you you think.

      • It has been said that her father raised her to be a mind controlled and evil person by giving her DID by abusing her. The imagery in her video for "Father" alludes to it. Her parents named her Madonna, or Mother. Creepy when you think of it from the perspective of Illuminati sub-plots. Lady Gaga, or Stefani G. also has weird daddy issues. Her daddy is a little OVER supportive. Not outright accusing either of these girls being moiested by their fathers, but it would seem so.

  5. Miss Josef Harrison on

    I have been watching youtube videos on the opening of her concert in Tel Aviv. Sadly nobody mentioned or even care about what she portrayed during the tour. The only thing that people care about is either her controversy with Lady Gaga, like whose concert is better? And of course many people stands for Madonna because she got a super cool fucking opening ceremony that clearly mocks religion. It is clear but people don't care. The audience are not stupid. It is just they don't give a fuck.

  6. can't wait to see your article on Gaga's concert from august in Bucharest.

    until then, all the best πŸ˜€

    • Actually lady gaga's concert is not that symbolic- from the videos she has seemed to have toned it down…
      The set maybe a church but it comes across more a Church of god than Satan. The born this way ball promotes nothing other than self acceptance from
      What i can see!

      • I don't know for sure, but i think the "Born This Way" tour has to do with her possible transgenderism. Some speculate she may be a hermaphrodite, or quite possibly a guy, altogether.

  7. If you wanna stay in the game for life you gotta play by their rules!!

    It's more like all the singers, actors etc. are just not using their own creativity anymore or did they really ever?

    Some of the things I see in music videos/flims/advertising/promo peices/runway magazine shots/commericals etc. have images that I really think the person doing the promotion or advertising would truly never do, unless of course your one of them. The mind control is already been done or evil and dark satanic rituals are up your alley, your kind of thing.

    Sometimes the actual music is good but the video has images in it that have nothing to do with the song.

    Sometimes the wording in the song is so blant in your face with mind control/one world order or other dark subject matter and the video is appealing yet still does not go along with what the song is about.

    As long as the money keeps rolling in like a big drift from a whiteout snowstorm and the benefits of all kinds keep drifting towards entainers then they will be more likely to play the game to stay in it for life.

    Alot of the entertainers: singers/actors/models/book writers/flim script writers had some form of trauma in their childhood or early teen life and lived a lower middle class/or poor finanical lifestyle. They had hardly any money growing up, so to impress this person with money,fortune,fame and making them feel special #1. would be easy and a great target for mind control thus to spread their ideas and agendas. Not everyone that has had something tramautic happen in their life to barely any money caused them to go to the dark side or become easy to control. However with those in the entertainment industry it seems for likely that they choose the path of darkness with no dignity for their own soul.

    I recently watched sleeping beauty on netflix and I am not talking about the disney flim.

    This flim centered around a women who looked like and was buildt like a young teen all white and I mean goth white /anorexia skinny.The women took a job knowing she was going to be drugged and violated by people/old men while under the influnence of this drug putting her into a sleep induced state.

    I ask you why would any normal person want to do this type of role/movie where you are naked etc. In real life if I were an actress I would rather do a postive role that was uplifting and spread a good message, verses the {I'll do anything for money role}. Or perhaps she was under mind control during her acting out the parts she had in the flim. I don't get it . The only reasons I watched the flim was because it seemed after reading the description of what the flim was about it looked okay and the flim was an indepent flim. Meaning they usually produce out of the box kind of movies that I sometimes like and let me just say it was way……..out of the box way……. out there for me and it ended horribly and I just sat there saying you've got to be kidding me. I say avoid this flim altogether it sucked.

    So what I am saying is money must speak louder than words or the mind is controlled and your not thinking straight.

    In case of Madonna and all other big-shot entertainers that are in your face and making big bucks it's a case of both. The game is in your hands now and you call the shots. Now you are the controlled- controller mind controlling the masses.

    I could not get over the screaming fans all so excitied and screaming without madonna even being on the stage yet. Obessed to max! Get a life, hellywood and the entertainment world is not so glamorous nor pretty or safe take it for what it is.

    Stop obessing over singers, actors, models, etc. Start screaming for jesus but make no Idol out of him please.

  8. I have to disagree to me her concert represents the conflict in the middle east with religion-muslim-vs jewish vs christianity…Take a look at the dates where her tour starts,,middle eastern countries with a history of violence, genocide. The show starts out with Byzantine Cross, monks, then we see her in a confession booth praying with a shadow of a machine gun,, she emerges as a jihadist with a black veil and points the gun at the audience– muslim attack on christianity/jews…….Theres really more to this show and its symbols and the 3 middle eastern countries she has chosen to start the tour with..

    • So now it s the Muslims again attacking .. get your facts right .. the biggest terrorists are the US and Israel .. for all that matters .. Tired of Islam constantly being put in a negative light.

  9. tech support on

    VC you should make videos as well as these articles. The standard of YT videos about these kinds of subjects is, er, 'variable' to say the least.

    What do you think?

  10. Let's not forget that way back when M first went to NYC she was in an indie movie called A Certain Sacrifice where she participated in a Satanic ritual that did end with sacrificing a victim. I have to wonder two things now- did they really kill someone for that movie, and was that film the payment or initiation that started her career rise? I would have laughed that off even a year ago, now I find it terrifyingly probable.

  11. I knew it! I saw a clip this morning on the news of her dancing with some muscular guys clad in red Satanic looking robes with black rosaries around their necks, and I just KNEW that this world tour of hers was going to be filled with symbols and Illuminati related garbage.

  12. This is not "doublespeak." This is "doublethink." Doublespeak is merely euphemism employed to mislead. Doublethink is a much more complex and dangerous phenomenon. Doublethink requires decades of influence and work, slowly leading an entire society to accept two mutually exclusive and contradictory concepts in their minds at the same time. This is what is meant by "War is Peace," and all others. One that didn't make Orwell's book but has become mantra for America is "Freedom isn't free." Think about it. Freedom, as defined by the Constitution, is "endowed," meaning given freely. Thus freedom is indeed free. The opposite of this truth is "Freedom isn't free." Ya get that? This is not doublespeak. This is doublethink. Try it out on anyone. Simply grab an American by the tail and ask them for yourselves. Try and convince them otherwise. You will not be able to, because they have been hypnotized into belief. If it were merely "doublespeak" you could easily clarify the difference. Doublethink was not created in the book "1984." It was defined and given a name. Let us use this more proper term and be better educated because of it.

    • I have always hated that statement, "freedom isn't free". I hated seeing all of those stupid bumper stickers all over the place after 911. Such B.S. I could not believe all of the stupid things people put on their cars back then such as," Untied we stand, divided we fall". Such propaganda.

  13. She can't hide her age too much longer. If you notice she keeps her hands covered, because the hands are one area you can't add make up or do plastic surgery to hide aging. The only thing visible that says she is 53 are her hands. (same thing that gives transgenders away like Miss Canada Jenna Talackova – she has man hands ughg scary) The hands don't lie.

  14. what's really funny is that the original plan was to get 120,000 people (divided to 2 shows) to see her show.

    eventually she canceled one show because of "busy schedule" (low ticket sales) and merged the bought tickets of the 2 shows to one. and only half of the tickets were sold (not to mention few hundred tickets were given for free…)

    you do the math :)

  15. Typical….the high priestess showing off again. 53 years old now and responsible for so many cruel, bastardizing unholy things to make people forget their Creator. Time is running out dear: yes also for you. Let the elite plan all they want….for God is the best of planners. Seek the Truth people….

  16. Yeah, if nothing else you can always fall back on mocking Christ. That never gets old. Plus you know you're not going to get any death threats. Madonna is such a coward.

  17. I saw a video where she has a lot of Nazi symbolism incorporated in her show as well. Many Jewish people were not too happy about that one.

  18. Well if Madonna can't bring in the ignorant masses to her concert like she used to I only wonder how much time she has left before a "drug overdose" happens in her future.

  19. Have you noticed that in a screen appeared the word BIONIC… but the "B" contained a "Z", creating the word ZION?. It was extremely evident. Greetings.

    • Since you mention her kids, I need to say that when it comes to them, she actually keeps them seperate from the media's influence, going as far as prohibiting them from watching TV. So she isn't as demonic as she sells herself to be.

  20. How about the Queen's Jubilee illuminati jamboree pop concert? It featured a bunch of suspect artists, singing children from former imperialist colonies of the British Empire and the lighting of a huge 'national beacon' Luciferian torch. Nice.

    • At the Diamond Jubilee concert, Jessie J performed the song Domino, a song that very much seems like it's about Illuminati mind-control. When she sang the lyrics "Work my world into the sunlight," on each of the three screens behind her was a sun-symbol that looked exactly like a swastika except with 6 rays instead of 4. Sun worship, Nazi allusion, and 666? Jeez…

      When the screens weren't flashing symbols or patterns, they were quickly flashing alternating solid red and green. It seemed hypnotic.

      Her dress had a symmetrical blue butterfly vibe to it, but I didn't get a good look at it, especially not the back, so I can't come to any conclusions about it. Except that it was ugly.

      • @whiscious or the part where kylie minogue came out and performed in a skimpy military/army outfit and just before she finished performing her expired 2001 songs, the words "WORLD PEACE" with a dove appeared on the screen behind her, then they showed a close up shot of her face and she smiled and flashed the one eye. i noticed the oddest thing about the ritualistic 4day ceremony; every other tv channel started showing alien films and films regarding the subject of alien invasions-everything from district 9, to Alien all the way down to Aliens in the attic – it was like everyone in the know was paying homage to the reptilian family *david icke voice*

      • Sarah Connor on

        Interesting Proverbs – just more conditioning/predictive programming for the 2012 Olympics?

        Rik Clay on the 2012 Olympics:……..suicided RIP

        Deciphering Symbolism and Numerology of the 2012 Olympic Mascots:

  21. I see why her husband divorced her and got the hell outta Dodge. The woman is evil personified; always has been. I bet she scared that poor man to death with her Kabbala-babble-lonian-baal witchcraft. She is a succubus. She needs to come out of the middle east and stop stirring up trouble. After 35 years in the business, I can't believe this hag is still hagging around on stage and has fans (?). It is clear somebody lied to her and told her she looks good at 53. She does not and she shouldn't believe that lie anymore.

  22. Alright, Madonna is not some illuminati, high priestess who's outsmarting us all by making us worship the devil by showering us with occult symbols, she's just michigan farm trash. She got to the top by screwing around with producers and ripping off the underground art scene. That's where all these symbols come from, somebody else thinking they're too cool for school because they're using images that used to freak people out 1000 years ago. She continuously digs on the catholic church because it gets her a response from the vatican and it pisses off her father. Madonna hasn't been a strong contender on the charts since she permanently damaged her career with erotica and it has been the same people going to her concerts for the last 3 decades…so whatever the message may be, it's not getting very far.

    • Gertrudiaba on

      Lmao you must be the dumbest person I've seen in awhile. Since erotica she hasn't been a strong contender on the charts? Her ray of light album, which is post erotica, sold more than her "like a prayer" album, which was a major success. Her confessions album and "Music" albums also became staggering worldwide hits with sales on par with her commercial peak. A huge feat considering those albums were released during the age of illegal downloads. You were saying what again?

      • Why did MDNA have the highest sales drop off in industry history last month? Record Forbes says?

      • @Ted:

        MDNA had the biggest sales drop due to bundling her ticket sales with an album. People who bought her concert also received an album, counting towards the sales. This ensured huge first week sales, but obviously, the second week had a big drop as tickets are nearly sold out for her concerts. Can't mention this without mentioning Gaga's $0.99 album "promo" which gave her huge first week sales but also made her #2 in biggest drop (difference of a few percent compared with MDNA). I actually don't think MDNA's sales tactics were that cheap considering people pay hundreds and even thousands to see her; these fans would've bought the $12 album anyway.

        The person I originally replied to said "Madonna hasn't been a strong contender in the charts since Erotica (an album in the early 90s)." This is clearly wrong since countless albums she released after Erotica became major international hits (just look at Ray of Light, Confessions and Music) rivalling her commercial peak. To give you perspective, her 1989 chart topper "Like a Prayer" sold 15 million worldwide, her 1998 hit album "Ray of Light" sold 16 million. If they want to bring up MDNA as a sales failure, then so be it, but you can't deny she had major world chart toppers well into the late 90s and 2000s. (her previous 5 albums all reached #1 in US and in most of the world)

        Vigilant Citizen doesn't call her the Grand Priestess of the music industry for anything.

      • sigh, Madonna's following grew with every record she released up until Like Prayer. When Erotica came out she became too old for the young crowd and too raunchy for the girls that liked to dance around to like a virgin. Every CD after that has really only been purchased by the fans she was able to keep. Ray of Light caused some excitement, it only sold 9 million copies and Britney came out the following year and sold 20 so it wasn't huge by any means. If you talk to a young teenager today they probably won't be able to name one of her songs or even know why she's relevant. If the illuminati are able to secretly run the world with out the majority knowing why can't they figure out that nobody is actually paying attention to what she's doing or saying, they're waiting for her to sing vogue.

    • WordsOfWisdom on

      You are not correct. She has made an impact on me. If it had not been for her, I would have never went on my Spiritual journey, found Kabbalah, changed my life for the better, and became an Initiate of a Mystery Tradition. There is The Left Side, The Right Side, and the Cental Position. It is up to every individual what course they want to take, the Pillar of Severity, the Pillar of Mercy, or the CENTRAL Pillar, Compassion. I see many people here operating on the Pillar of SEVERITY. You will get back absolutely everything you give out in this world, though, you may not get it here in this world. If you give only Love and Compassion, and strive for Peace, and non-judgement, that is what you will get back. It is not God we need to worry about judging us, it is ourselves, because our Ego will most definately testify against us. God is Merciful, Loving, and fighting back is a key, sure, sometimes we must defend, or protect ourselves. However, if the "Illuminati" is evil and working against society then it must be God's Will. Nothing can, or has ever, happened against God's Will. We are powerless against It. The thing is, evil….works for God, only it is too ignorant to know that it does. Pity and Mercy I pray for all things God has created. How many times has a mistake we have made in our life turned out to be the point where we change? Or something good has come from it? Madonna could be evil, or good, what matters is WHAT WE DO, AND HOW WE TREAT GOD'S CHILDREN. All of them! I hear the arguments that, for example, people who have risky sex deserve to get aidd and suffer, follow me now….I say, they deserve even more compassion! Just because people have a personality, and make or follow wrong choices…they deserve more compassion! We must look at all people and understand a Part of God lives in each of them, then we will begin to truly see who it is we are abusing, and we will learn to operate from compassion and not judgement. Thus we will find it has been us we are not judging, and God. Free yourselves! Wake up from the illusions of name, form, and personal history.

  23. She's a victim who had better influence and generate money or her time could be up and then she'll be worth more dead then alive! One of the perks for being a part of this mafia they call the music industry! She's old and ilbeit shed love to rest…not rest in peace tho!

  24. I dont care what this bitch does homie, it doesnt have any effect on me. Thanks to VC, I have developed a illuminati propaganda detection system. I recognize their bullshit the second I see it, and it doesnt have any effect on me. So madonna, lady gaga, jay-dicksuckiglips-z etc. can flash their illuminati symbols all they want.

  25. Yorkcity777 on

    L-U-V Madonna!

    Y-O-U You wanna?

    HELL NO! F—K Madonna and All these Puppets. Makes me sick that people actually watch and listen to this BS and ENJOY it! When will the sheeple open their eyes??? God is coming soon. And he's coming with a vengeance. I pray we all repent before time runs out….soon.

  26. I've never commented before, but as a person who grew up with Madonna, it's all rather intense. Here I was a kids when one of the first music videos I watched was Lucky Star, and now today it's a complete 180, or has been for some time.

    Here's what the opening looked like in Tel Aviv:… – See any rituals happening? Yeah, me too.

    Thanks for the heads up as always VC.

    Peace Be With You Always.

  27. Madonna and all the other so called stars, are all big contradictions of themselves. They scream world peace with guns in hand, and sing about everything they dont actually feel. What shocks me the most is how the world continues to support all of these artists' drug habits and partying lavish lifestyles. If everyone spoke for what they stood for, what they feel in theyre hearts, society and mankind could be able to live together much more peacefully. Keep being phony and nothing will ever change.

  28. "We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a New World Order, a world where the rule of law, not the rule of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance at this New World Order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its PEACEKEEPING role to fulfill the promise and vision of the U.N.'s founders."

    – President George Bush, 1991

  29. what's everyone's thoughts on the queen's jubilee and the venus transit today? Both have to mean something to the "illuminati"?

    • I think it's highly suspect that MDNA and the Jubilee kicked off the same weekend, didn't know about the Venus transit, but last night was a full moon, too. The Jubilee is the modern version of the Egyptian heb sed festival for the continuing strength of a pharoah. The Queen rode her royal barge up the Thames just like pharaohs rode the Nile, and here's the kicker. The Roman name for the river was Tamesis. They named and consecrated it to Isis. The part of the Thames that runs past Oxford is still called the Isis River, and a boy drowned in it on Frisay night under suspicious circumstances. Wonder if he was a sacrifice. I also am freaked out by those national beacons. They lit 4200 globally in a circle around the earth. In a magical working you light a circle of candles. I think they are doing a mass ritual. I am also disturbed that MDNA is in London 10 days before the Olympics and that the opening ceremony is on July 27, called Grand Climax/De Meur onthe satanic calendar. And I think there is something scary about the fact that the virus used to attack Iran's computers was called Olympic games and started by G W Bush. Incidentally I've been really sick all weekend and can't sleep – wonder if all this energy is creating disturbances.

      • PS Just looked up Venus transit and the UK Daily Mail says its historically been a ' harbinger of doom.' Great. I also think it's a bad sign to fire up 4200 giant torches on a planet in a state of global warming, just sayin'.

      • Forgot to mention the Jubilee was entirely at taxpayer expense. Of course it was. £32MILLION

      • littleismuch on

        @Ralphster and brb

        I found this quiet disturbing with regards to this Queen Jubilee year… taken from the news early this year where a dead body(ies) was(were) found around the Royal family's estate on the 1st Jan 2012, and the last thing reported on the subject was "The Queen marked the start of her Diamond Jubilee year with a ride in the grounds of Sandringham House yesterday morning" ,btw this 'ride' took place on the same property 2 days after the body was found, while investigations were on!….
        I mean how do you explain all this…um just stunned people, this looks like human sacrifice for someone's Jubilee celebration in such an obvious manner…i wonder what the 'investigations came up with at the end', I know they tried to cover it up by saying the body must have been there 1-4 months before, but I wonder how come it was discovered on new year’s day when seemingly people take walks on the same area regularly! And now a boy drowns mysteriously.. This is just too strange. But anyway i know one thing for sure: God is watching.

        The site below says more on more bodies found on the same property a few days afterwards.

      • Thanks, Chronic. Little – I didn't know about the Sandringham stuff, thanks for the link.

  30. ChronicCommando on

    Nothing says unprofessional like having your finger on the trigger when you are not about to shoot.

  31. Idle Minds Are The D on


    Thank you Vigilant.

    I was wondering why all these stars were being so damn hypocritical and not practicing what they preach.

    For example, Lady Gaga stated "don't idolize me, idolize yourself", yet she prances around naming her fans "Little Monsters" and expects them to call her "Mother Monster" as if she f-king breathed life to them.

    It was confusing at first, but the double- speak business makes it all clear now.

    • Another thinabout Lady Kak-i mean-Gaga, she has her anti-bullying policy yet her stans are always attacking other artist, like Britney Spears, Adele, Katy Perry, and even Madonna herself. So apparently, she has a greater influence over programming the masses than the high priestess herself does.

  32. The Illusionary Beas on

    Come to think of it, the inconsistencies could also be explains as signs of psychopathy in the clinical sense. Not all psychopaths (aka sociopaths and antisocial personalities) find their way onto the wrong side of the law. It appears that at least one in twenty-five people in a given population are born without scruples and what they end up doing varies, but it's almost always horrendously destructive in some manner or another. They operate in life by implementing a kind of game theory and can only associate other people's emotional pain with the feeling of not getting what they want in leu of an actual conscience. They definitely don't think there's anything wrong with this way of thinking. They're the sort of minds that would persuade you there's no thing as selfless action. I've had a few teachers like this.

    Check it out:

    Psychopaths are well-documented in making contradictory statements all the time without really noticing it. This is usually because they can't keep all of their lies straight at one time. They have no feelings inside, which means they lie like hell shamelessly. They can even rise to positions of prominence and power because other people will be hypnotized by their innate charisma and then rally around them even in the event of their denouncement. They lie, cheat, steal, commit fraud, and ultimately rewrite the very laws of society to suit themselves. Ever wonder where the more extreme notions of mainstream capitalism come from? Or what about social darwinism?

    Now imagine if these people started a big cult family and operated this way for centuries. Imagine they got really good at "playing the game" and ultimately made our planet a monopoly board. That's exactly what's happened.

    • This is a really excellent comment you've made here.

      We have exactly the psychopathic personality you've described in the White House at this very moment. Add extreme narcissism, wealth and power to that sociopathic lack of conscience and you've got a very dangerous situation with such a person in power.

      And, unfortunately, he is not the only one – I would say that most of the individuals in the top power positions in most of the nations and multi-national corporations on earth all share these same psychopathic characteristics – George Soros would be a prime example of this.

      • I can not believe people are still "under his spell". I wonder if they will ever see him for what he is: a politician (with all the bad connotations of the term) and a puppet.

  33. Strange how Madonna is talking peace yet acting out war…also this concert is in Israel. More than 2600 years ago the prophet Jeremiah said this to Israel.

    ““They have healed the brokenness of My people superficially, Saying, ‘Peace, peace,’ But there is no peace. “Were they ashamed because of the abomination they have done? They were not even ashamed at all; They did not even know how to blush. Therefore they shall fall among those who fall; At the time that I punish them, They shall be cast down,” says the LORD. Thus says the LORD, “Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, Where the good way is, and walk in it; And you will find rest for your souls. But they said, ‘We will not walk in it.’” Jeremiah 6:14-1

  34. When I first heard the title of this tour, MDNA, I shuddered with the thought of how it seemed to be a play on the Jewish abbreviation of God's name, YHVH. (I know, this theory breaks down quickly because of the vowel thing, but it was just my first impression.) It's kind of like how Jay-Z is calling himself J-Hov lately. Basically, it's just another show of blatant blasphemy and dragging Christianity (and now Judaism) through the mud. I wonder if anyone else has thought of the YHVH comparison and if there are any articles on the subject?

  35. I've read about her kind in the greatest BOOK ever written. Basically what we are seeing is her fruit and the Lord said we will know them by their fruit. The crap she sings about is rotten like rotten fruit. And the only things that like rotten fruit is files, maggots and every other creepy bugs…. just my opinion

  36. Jaccolliot, in his work La Bible dans les Indes (Paris, 1869) tells us that, as far as we can judge by the fragments remaining to us, the Kaballa gave the Jews information on the way to hold intercourse with spirits.

    pg 28

    Hypnotism and Spiritism, A Critical and Medical Study (1907)

    by Dr. Joseph Lapponi

    available in Google Books

  37. The whole thing has been rigged from day one. She once said that "tv is poison" overlooking the fact that she is part of that poison. A fan no more…

    • "Do as I say not as I do" She doesn't let her kids watch tv but is more than happy to produce the trash in it. Like with all the rich people, they want to stay healthy but feed mcdonald's to the masses, they live in mansions in the countryside while everybody else is crammed up in the cities. It's all about creating the two classes, the elite and the mindless workers.

  38. hopelesspeople on

    I think the only one here with a clear mind is Vigilant Citizen. Notice how he never once mocks Madonna's age, her wrinkles, or whether or not she is still sexy? Most of the commenters are brainwashed and they don't even know it. You've all been programmed to judge whether someone is worthy of being "beautiful" right off the bat. Any article I see with Madonna or Lady Gaga has the majority of commenters overlooking the alarming things VC points out but instead becomes a misogynist discussion of how worthless these women are because they aren't what they consider sexy or beautiful. Society has programmed men to believe that it is empowering to judge women like they are disposable pieces of meat and it is exactly what the Illuminati wants. You all think you are above the Illuminati by rejecting their puppets but you are exhibiting the same signs of being brainwashed by media. Madonna may not be your "Maria" (think Metropolis) but something else is – I know it. "Look at her hands! Look at her wrinkles!" Is this US Weekly? Maxim's least sexiest women poll? I don't even know why you people go on VC.

    • Wow, i must say that I agree with this statement. But weaving through idiotic comments is just a process that everyone must endure on this website. Every now and then there are a few intelligent people that come through with some wisdom or genuine insight to share, but you are right!

    • Totally agree with you, however, you didn't provide any useful insight that made this post more interesting or how your criticism against other people is any better than the people criticizing madonna.

    • I think people are talking about her age simply in relation to her lyrics and performance which are not age appropriate. At least I hope so.

      But I agree, it is the same mistake. However, not all of us (maybe even none of us) are educated enough to recognize ALL the signs, and none of us are perfect. You probably have a Maria as well. So in a sense, you are making the same mistake because you think you are better. If you think you are, maybe I just misread you.

      • If a woman is a trollop -like Madonna-, she'll be a trollop whilst a teen, adult or OAP. Did you expect her to change and become normal just because she has aged? She'll get even worse with time.

    • Very well put. I have to address this as somone who grew up listening to her. There is a reason that Madonna is where she is . She has been leading and is the only artist I know that is considered on the same level as Michael Jackson. Michael however wanted out and warned his fans, hence why I think his demise. Madonna however plays by the rules for a person in her position can either warn the fans like Michael Jackson or embrace the plan that the higher ups have for us and creates controlled controversy which only ticks off faiths that are not in tow with higher ups. she knows what the game is.She is currently in a position to be able to do something and she is just that she isn't on her fans side one bit. looks ir not can not deny what she can do one bit. I may not like her motives but she is human like us at the end of the day.

  39. She's a miserab on

    I sincerely hope she does not trigger any Manchurian candidates/chaos makers/more cannibals with this shit. One has to wonder what's really embedded in the images on those big-ass screens.

  40. Is it just me or does she look like Lindsey Lohan, in the first picture, and in the second picture she looks like a white Beyonce?

  41. MDNA = "Madonna"

    Though it could represent Ecstasy, it more likely refers to the acronym "INRI" (meaning "Jesus, King of the Jews", a sarcastic plaque for why He was crucified) commonly found in Catholic pictures depicting Jesus' crucifixion. Notice how MDNA is centered on the cross? INRI is usually shown on a sign above Jesus' head.

    What is freaky is Madonna's bloody cross symbolizes both her belief that she is a god (performing is her "cross to bear"), with a darker portent of her sacrificial death for the music industry.

    • Or, perhaps, this is just a nod to texting or IM-ing shorthand (I use “b4” for “before” and “sec” for “hang on a second” b/c it comes across more like speech). I think this far more likely.

      To your point, “MDNA” on a cross where “INRI” usually goes is graceless, childish, and cheap. But consider the source: this is a person who has always made war on the Catholic Church—it’s her own personal Illuminati. If she were born of the Spirit of God, the message of rebuke might still be there, but it would be very different. Madonna is no Jeremiah. She’s lost and operates with great personal power —an irrevocable gift from her maker, hers to use, abuse, or withhold.

      To this whole business of conspiracies: the problem with them and the logic that surrounds them is: if I deny a conspiracy, a “believer” will say “Aha, you’re lying”. If I admit there’s a conspiracy, a “believer” will ask, “Aha, but what are you leaving out?” The result is that the “believer” is always, ever, and only in control. And how contrary this is to St. Paul’s teachings: “Why not rather be wronged or cheated?”

      The challenge to a Believer, then, is, “Do you trust the Lord to walk with you through a time in your life when you’ve been reviled or discredited by men?” Do you want to see the power of God in your life? “My strength is made perfect in weakness,” the Lord told St. Paul.

      Please research this for yourself. The most cursory study of the New Testament will bear this out.

  42. "Words of World" Domination disguised as "Words of Peace"

    How diabolical

    Nice way for the elite to fool everyone else who's blind except those very few who are wide awake like some of us.

    Very ritualistically evil in the sense that "they" attack all that are against their beliefs in an eerie way (Christianity of course being the main target).

  43. sister soul on

    The woman is a beast! I am not surprised cause this woman sold her sold to satan years ago, she is nothing but a tool for the devil helping to bring in the so called "new world order" under the guise of world peace. What is interesting is the double speak part of it where she goes on a crazed killing spree just after that. What that actually means is in order to have world peace, whoever opposes their plans must die, hence the "die bitch" part.

  44. truthishere on

    Madonna says this a World Peace tour, she gives a speech in Isreal about the Palestinian conflict. yet she is doing a concert in Istanbul, Turkey tomorrow night. This is a very pro-muslim country. There is an honor killing in Turkey every day against women, a huge spike in honor killings in the past year, there was an honor killing against a gay man Ahmet Yildiz, which a movie was made about, gays are not allowed in Turkish army, you have to prove you are gay to the turkish army in humiilating ways, There is no freedom of speech—Fazil Say- turkeys best pianist may face prison time for making comments on twitter about Islam,, other Turkish artists, musicians are facing trial for expressing their opinion.. Turkey still denies the Armenian Genocide in which over 1 million christians were killed. There is a law called article 301 which states anyone who mentions the Armenian Genocide goes to jail.

    but Madonna is choosing to play in this country, Shouldnt she make a peace speech here as well? Dont they need a peace speech more than Israel? Shouldnt she include women and they gay man who killed in honor killings in her "nobody knows me " interlude?

    Who wants to bet she says nothing?

  45. truthishere on

    Also If Madonna used Muslim relegious symbols and imagery like she is doing with the Christian symbols in her show tomorrow in Turkey, she would be arrested and put on trial.

    • Of course … there are enough things to leugh about .. so why not leave religion alone … why always the religion card .. i am speaking for Islam but also for other religions. Ant belief should be respected.

    • In Islam, there are no symbols. The crescent was introduced by the ottoman empire. In the Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) time, they had flags with solid block colours. These symbols and their pagan origin came way before Islam anyway. Let this hag carry on, just don't give her the attention.

  46. Outstanding work VC!!! Don't stop searching! What a disgusting display! I am ashamed that an artist from USA would represent us in this way. People are becoming AWAKE to this agenda.

  47. MDNA is the short form of the name for mitochondrial DNA, which is used to track ancestry through females. Could it be a reference to the blood lines of the illuminati? Or am I just paranoid?

    • @Paul – At the risk of sounding unhinged, I'm starting to think it's not possible to be too paranoid.

    • She's a miserab on

      I'm sure that's very intentional, and you are not the first or only person to wonder about that. Someone else on here claimed she does come from a very powerful elite family, but I don't know where they got that info from. Hopefully they could come back and elaborate?

      Also, @Ralphster, I think there was some line in "Strange Days" uttered by Tom Sizemore to Ralph Fiennes about not being paranoid "enough". Anybody else recall this?

  48. maybe she is carrying around guns and stuff to show her point that they're wrong. or maybe she is using them to represent battling evil with them. i've been coming to this site for three years now and i find it interesting but i'm still not convinced that all of this illuminati stuff is true.

    • …Yeah, because we ALL know that the way to handle war and violence, and get more peace…is by picking up a gun. *eyeroll*

      I used to think highly of Madonna too, but come on now. Being a fan is one thing…ignoring what's clear as daylight in front of you because it's not what you want to hear or see, is another thing entirely…

  49. Fuck that. Fuck the glamorizations of guns. Freaks with guns followed Trayvon Martin and killed him and killed Darius Simmons when he was taking out his trash. A seventeen year old innocent boy and a thirteen year old innocent boy killed by moron white men who "thought" they were doing something for the good of the neighborhood without any evidence at all. Assholes whose idiocy had bullets to enforce itself on the innocent. Assholes who were taught guns were the answer in something other than self defense (enforcing your ideals on others on pain of death)

    Don't glamorize a weapon. Don't sell this to the young. Don't connect guns to sexiness or glamor or most disgusting of all, empowered females. I'm going to tell you something about empowered females and outspoken females right now: we already have a weapon and it's called a brain and we use it to understand that this is bullshit, that it makes no sense, and that it doesn't deserve to be listened to and that we have better things to teach our children.

    I'm going to say this again because this isn't the first music artist female who uses a gun in her performance and won't be the last. If you're a woman, you have a brain, and a damn good one that's better than all this noise and Madonna, Katy Perry, or moron friends who think that shit is cool should not convince you to accept this. It really is rock bottom entertainment that they're selling and people will get bored because newsflash, they're not all stupid. Bullshit like this gives me so much confidence about my own ideas.

  50. Some of my friends have recently watched the concert of Madonna in Abu Dhabi, UAE… They told me that they didn't really enjoy the concert coz the whole show was so creepy! I was curious so I viewed it on Youtube, and it is indeed CREEPY esp the opening act which is like a satanic ritual or something…That's why when I heard that she's performing in the UAE, I said to myself that even if there are free tickets, I wouldnt dare watch! MADONNA is definitely a grand priestess of the Illuminatis!

    • Do you really think Madonna is an Illuminati member? I doubt it. She's powerful and that's for sure. But she always wanted to shock people, this might be (I hope so!) her another reincarnation as Madonna the Scandalist. This is how she keeps herself famous and powerful. She once wore crucifixes in her cleavage, now she's playing with mystical imagery because that's what the world is talking recently about (the Illuminati, the Freemasonery, the end of the world, the New World Order). However, that just MHO.

  51. Wow….She is pretty blatant!!

    I use to like Madonna in the 80s but she is completely different now. She walks around with this attitude that she is relevant when all she is is a puppet for the Illuminati! It's pretty damn clear in her music, videos and shows.

    I can't believe her show starts off with wanting peace then she has the nerve to contradict that with guns and death. Madonna is nothing but a tool for the Illuminati, people follow her like a god in a sense and that is exactly what they want.

  52. Back when Like a Prayer came out she was catholic but she changed her religion,.Madonna is not Christian, she is a Kabbalist, Jewish.. Using this imagery for her is meaningless..I notice recently she is using crucifixes alot, on her tour, her perfume, she wears them as well, this is just fashion and props for her and means nothing, it gets attention, looks cool and sells.. She is in a relationship with a muslim and lately has surrounded herself with other muslims, which is something new for her, She does not even sing live anymore.

  53. It's funny how people call her a "miserable old crone" and "irrelevant." So are you negating everything VC has said about Madonna being a force in the Illuminati controlled music industry? You think the Illuminati is irrelevant? Not doing it's job good enough? This tour is set to become the highest grossing act by a solo artist, exceeding her own record for her 2008 Sticky & Sweet Tour. Believe me, Madonna's hold on the world is still very strong, and so is Lady Gaga's, Katy Perry, and all the other stars that push the agenda. I'd say Madonna still holds an extremely high position in her sect. She is very much the "Grand Priestess" as VC calls her. I doubt she ever feels "miserable." Miserable about what? Her hands? The wrinkles around her eyes? The only people who worry about her image are her stylists–it's their job to make her look as good as possible. On the contrary, this woman craves power, and she has it all. It's easy to downplay our adversaries by projecting weakness onto them, and in Madonna's case, people seem to want to lessen her by projecting feminine insecurities onto her. Like, "she must worry about her age right? Because that's what women at her age worry about?" Madonna has transcended the ranks of MK "Sex Kittens" (who's only value is sexual appeal) long ago (if she ever was one? I'm not sure). I don't think her target was seducing a male audience anyway, she always had a stronger grip on the female psyche. How she rose the ranks to get where she is at now can be left for you to decide. The Illuminati seem to respect her. They may have been "impressed" by her hunger for power and willingness to do anything to achieve it. And you can call her anything, but to say she is dumb is foolish. She is highly intelligent and cunning, like others in respectable positions of the Illuminati, always one step ahead of the masses. In many ways, she is like the Illuminati personified in female form.

    • She's still a m on

      Erm, you are aware that a crone is a type of elder witch, right? And I never said she was dumb – she's far from it. But your reaction to my words is awfully strong; wonder what's up with that?

      She absolutely is a high priestess. But I can also see that just because she has a sh*tload of power, she's still not a happy person deep inside. She seems chronically hyperactive, and can never just stay in one place and raise her four children. She always has to be doing something for attention. Yes, she's very skilled at it, but that is not indicative of a mellow person who is happy with what they have. As for her physical appearance, she's totally freaking out. You might not think an exhibitionist would have insecurities, but people do the most hypocritical things (and hold hypocritical values) all the time. I speak (well, type) as a woman who's observed her since the beginning of her career and read some of her earliest biographies.

  54. sounds like a tonne of monarch mindcontrol. she has been in this forever! people who dont believe this are "undercontrol" manipulated..try having some critical thinking seems like people forget what that is nowadays..denial and head in sand. wht more do we need to see the hidden messages. Im not insulting anyone but it be a miricle if we all woke up from the coma..the fairy dust isnt werking on me an nevver has.

  55. Apparently, the new Live Nation/Intercope deal is just another one of Madge's numerous (occultic, to say the least) rebirths, only more mainstream in terms of symbolism. Of course, she's now under the same label as Lady Gaga.

    Yet still, I can't take her seriously with this.

  56. Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra. What do they have in common? They all keep (kept) performing till they died because they made a pact with the Devil to keep pushing their moral degradation, and if they dont he takes them out – Bob Dylan said so himself.

    • BOB DYLAN'S Admission that he's still paying his dues to " the big guy below " during 60 mins Interview was very revealing and pathetic, that after all these years making money MILLIONS for the " entertainment " Industry and old enough to be great Grandfather , he STILL OWES those DEVILS and should be a warning to all aspiring entertainers . Your contract is for LIFE and you may be forced to do things you don't like . FOR LIFE .

  57. you can see the signs and symbolism so clear at this video of a concert recently took place in abu dhabi of UAE next on tour after one in tel aviv israel

  58. I commented earlier, yes i was right, she played a concert in turkey and said absolutly nothing at all. The Day before her concert in Turkey, the turkish prime minister said " we do not want any Israeli tourists coming to Turkey".. Hmm why didnt she flash his face with Hitler on her nobody knows me montage? Then at the end her Turkish dancer shows the Turkish flag on stage.

    What more proof do you need that this woman is full of BS, only cares about money and attention, and could care less about peace

    • She's still a m on

      Is that where she flashed her boobie? I guess she felt the tour wasn't getting enough publicity…

  59. On another note, as she continues her "Peace tour" who wants to bet she makes comments about the Pope when she plays in Italy and makes some peace speech there?

  60. I just found it really amusing in a totally ironic, hypocritical way that she gave a speech about peace then turned right around and trotted out on stage with guns, talking about death.

    That kinda made me realize right away where her head is really at, and I got a kick out of Vigilant pointing out the hypocrisy himself, a couple paragraphs into the article.

    Sorry Madonna, your idea of 'peace' and 'religious tolerance', isn't for me. If that means I can't be a fan, so be it. I never paid for any of your music anyway…

    • Well if you like them so much you need to wear them once in a while to entertain us. Don't forget the wigs, they'll be just perfect for you.

    • She's still a m on

      Not sure, but they were probably ripped off from somewhere. I wonder if it was "Faster Pussycat"?

  61. There is one thing that comes to my mind after digesting this interesting article.

    WHY Madonna (or Lady Gaga as described in other posts) would sport the illuminati symbolism so overtly? For what purpose? If she is one of them, or if she is their "slave", what would serve to show the world and proclaim "look here, I'm one of the Illuminati who want to rule the world, and I am here to take control of your slave minds!" This does not make sense to me… It's like admitting that you are going to hurt someone when you don't want them to know that. For me she is just poking fun at us and the fear of the mysterious Illuminati and the like. Madonna was always appropriating excplicit and shocking ideas and imagery to create a commotion and make herself famous. But I may be wrong. Otherwise the media as the Illuminati tool to make people dumb and mindless sounds definitely true to me.

    • She's still a m on

      It is always good when people start asking this kind of question. First of all, she was not "just poking fun at us and the fear of the mysterious Illuminati" when she wore that Illuminati jacket back in 1985's "Desperately Seeking Susan" because nobody at that time had heard of them. So how could expect to capitalize on our reaction then?

      I and many other people here believe that the reason all this imagery is so in-your-face now is for a couple reasons. First of all, evil people with dark secrets get so tickled about what they've been able to get away with, they like to brag about it to others "in the know" using their symbols and doublespeak/doublethink. I've heard it's also part of their occult philosophy that it's OK to do the nasty shit they do if they give people a [half-assed] warning before they do something. Then they can laugh to themselves and say, "well, we told you what was coming, but you didn't object so you must want this to happen, you stupid cattle." Lastly, they feel they are so close to their goal of total world domination, that they are just flaunting it like, "Ha,Ha! We got away with it all before and there's nothing you can do now to stop us, suckers!"

      Hope this helps answer you questions.

    • Actually it makes perfect sense for them to be blatantly Illuminati w/ Symbols and their agendas for the simple reason , they CONTROL the mainstream information flow and i.e. you will NEVER hear on FOX nor CNN .. " up next is the Entertainment Industry pushing Occultism " and they are far from the tipping point because no matter how truthful and accurate Vigilante Citizen is their audience is miniscule to Corporate Media Giants, but no fault of VC .

      They do their analysis and know there's a huge comfort zone for them to push their propaganda . That's why the GOAL should be to get this information into the main Stream , it's the only way to reach the masses to FORCE a Discussion about their Devious and PROVEN agenda .

  62. Peeps, 'MDNA' is the fifth best-selling album in the world right now (first half of 2012, source: United World Charts). It already sold over 1.3 million units worldwide (and I'm talking real sales, not shipments). It outsold latest albums by Lionel Richie and Nicki Minaj (by a very large margin) in the world. Why isn't the media talking about it? And according to LiveNation, Mo's 'MDNA Tour' is set to gross astronomical amounts of money. Her game's not over yet…

  63. i'm noticing that interscope records is at the heart of many illuminati artists/agents. it's also the record company that 50 cent is signed on to, and in a very public falling out with..

  64. First of all, she looks a HOT MESS with all that plastic surgery to her face…just look at..her face is FAT while her body is a skeleton..WEIRD!

    And, it's so sad that she HAS to contiue for the illuminati…maybe she is tired of all of it too and wants to stop, but can't otherwise she will be the next to go…she's lived her life and done well for the devil.. now she pretty much is irrelevent. How sad!! She will probably HAVE to continue working and being in the spot light until the illuminati are tired of her.

    I bet this "material girl" didn't know she would be well into her 60's!!

  65. The high Satanic Priestess is back and in full force with guns and roses. How hypocritical indeed.

    Die bitch? Yeah Die bitch !!

  66. Madonna is, with this concert in Israel, paving the way for the Antichrist, who will set up an "abomination that causes desolation" in the Holy place in Jerusalem. The Antichrist will be a prominent world leader emerging in coming years whose message will be 'Peace'. He will establish a peace treaty in Israel. Look for somebody from the United Nations or European Union. When this comes to pass, there will be a time of great tribulation for the entire world, economically and politically. When this comes to pass, the end of the world has finally come. Ready to meet your maker?

    • We are all mortal with an expiration date.. There is truth to all this conspiracy. My question to her is, why would one person give the few years one has on this earth to have eternity in hell, What out weights one more than the other. ? Sad. Christian will see her in hell, in the end, with the others she lead there.

      • I was thinking exactly the same. How many years we live? 90-100 maximum, if that, so what's the point to miss out on eternal life for a few bones then and there.

  67. Tracy Haynes on

    Note-as 'A Christan' noted, MDNA is Madonna, but without the vowels, of course. It is a ' magickal' way to write it- see the definition of 'sigils' fir a clear understanding. Madonna is always casting spells, or trying to……

  68. Madonna said in an interview the reason why there is violence in the show is because it depics (visually) a journey going from the dark into the light. Why are we trying to find more to it than what actually is there?

  69. About the MDNA thing,we know that Madonna embraces the Kaballah,and such sect believes in the concept of Tetragrammaton–the real name of God consists of four letters. I think Madonna considers herself a god/goddess,so she practiced the Tetragrammaton in her stage name. Not really sure,though. >.<

  70. shirley shotts on

    This article makes me feel even happier that this vile woman is flushing her own career down the toilet. I'm sure she's refusing to believe that the public are rejecting her by surrounding herself with people who are terrified to say no to her but she's still plugging the perfume, 'fashion line' etc to make her more money because her music has tanked. It makes me laugh that Madonna thinks she's 'bigger' that the illuminati/nwo. You can't buy everthing Madonna!

  71. Yeah watch the whole MDNA tour on Youtube – the opening is of hooded cloaked figures in red swinging an incense lanterrn amidst chanting

    so much SMH

  72. We should not take this lightly.Whatever you believe, one of the most famous entertainers in the world talks about peace and then glorifies violence.She has radically changed since the vogue tour which was a kind if mindless bondage thing. With major wars going on in the middle east and the possibility of it getting worse in Syria and defo Iran, someone of this calibre whose main stage show symbolism contains wholely violent and negative imagery, you know the game plan has changed. She could have entertained the world with creativity and design but she uses guns and sex.These are worrying times indeed.

    You may have fun with your comments but you may find the bullets coming down your avenue or be bullied into to joining up.

  73. Okay I attended the concert last night and I was front row for madge. The opening number reminded me of the Nicki Minaj GRAMMY performances to the T!!! also saw the all seeing eye in the glass stain background.. It felt strane and sorta evil I thinks, but morphed into a more happy set after a few. Overall it was a good concert

  74. deeesgusting!!

    this makes her crucifiction and masonic handshakes with the gay jew and muslim (star and moon t-shirt wearing) during the Confessions tour much cleaner

  75. 3 tours so fast back to back within a few years of eachother… as if she needs the money

    all to push the agenda really fast

  76. and you forgot to mention the strip tease during the "human nature" song.. which that song is about "do as thou wilt" crowley- its human nature.. and im not sorry…

    and she had "no fear" written on her back- no fear of God, that is

  77. She's got the nerve to wear a cross around her neck in the first picture. She is the very opposite of godly. She HATES God. She's into paganism?satanic practices.

  78. I love me some MDMA(molly). Best drug on the planet bar none. It is curious why MDNA is on a cross. Maybe its like a short version or a acrynym for MaDdoNA, hence MDNA. I ready to see if viglilant will cover thec 2012 BET music awards. I heard symbols and shit were all oooover the place.

  79. YES Madonna and the illuminati but WRONG description of the show, the show doesn't even start the way you described it, not with that crucifix, get the article right at least, so it's more credible

  80. Hi Madonna,

    How's your Satanism today, public and private? Too much or not enough? I'm willing to bet the latter. Hell is eagerly awaiting you. But don't worry, you have more than earned your way into it via selling your soul to Satan (evil). Of course, you haven't changed him(IT), but he has certainly changed you. The rest is only a matter of time.

  81. "The show begins with a red… illuminated crucifix". No it doesn't – that's a cross. It's only a crucifix if it has a figure of Christ on it.

  82. Albert Hall on

    @Ted> So far, your comments make the most sense out of any. You have obviously done your 'homework', are highly intelligent and have a great mind. Great minds think alike. It's refreshing to see that someone else knows what the hell is really going on besides me. Keep up the excellent commentary, my friend. See ya around. Strawberry fields forever.

  83. Heiscomingsoon on

    Keep playing God Madonna because you are going to meet Him and I dont think you will like the results…

  84. MadonnaFanForLong on

    I could'nt believe it , about Madonna, such a strong personality always, until I've seen this

    clip from her tour in Berlin, it looks like she is drugged or possesed , creapy , and then she starts

    crying , realize what she did?. Have u ever heard Like a Virgin this way? I doesn't even resemble

    the original song, looked very creepy

  85. She need to give it up,now she's just looking pathetic & trying way too hard to be as the industry calls it "edgy". You couldnt pay me to go to any of these pop star concerts -crosses, fake blood, guns,women behaving like tramps- seen one seen em all

  86. She's scary and she's terribly dangerous. Just imagine all of the impressionable young minds that are watching her and the messages she sends. How can someone with children be this irresponsible? This is not a good mother. This is a dangerous woman.

  87. here is the opening of her MDNA tour in telaviv, I wonder if this smoke that is coming out of this thing that goes swinging above the audiance is some kind of light drug that gets everybody possesed in some way without noticing, also the chanting and the devilish like creatures with devil horns and red wings that appear on the sides, every performance these days of big artist as madonna starts with some kind of ritual. just take lady gaga, nicki minaj and others… have you ever seen this kind of things back then, I dont think so, it's all pretty clear now, but the masses will never fully understand this, only some will. if you have a normal IQ and some ratinoal thinking left in you you don't need anyone to explain it to you, just look at the video a see for yourself, it makes me sick, it's in front of your face you pay money to see it and then you scream and shout idolazing a satanic ritual and this satanic possesed person… and what will our future DEGENERATIONS turn out to be??

  88. This is the live video from Madonna's tour in 2012. Go to this video, and you'll see 8 minutes of black symbolism. Pay attention to the last minutes, when she's dancing in the middle of the stage, you need to look at the background video playing. You need to watch it:

    (poor people that go to the concerts and don't even know what that show has been made for)

    ps: some people are in the comments on YouTube are discussing wether Madonna or Gaga is better.

    Are they insane?

  89. "The show begins with a red (bloody) illuminated crucifix bearing the letters MDNA – an acronym strangely similar to MDMA, another name for Ecstasy – a drug that is very popular on dance floors across the world."

    Grasping at straws here…there was no reason to dip into drug fact. MDNA is her album – probably just means Madonna, she's running out of album title ideas.

    • not grasping at straws. Are you serious???? OBVIOUSLY its about the drug. Thats what makes her album 'popular'. take ur head out the sand.

  90. You've got the whole chronology of the show wrong, the plea for peace comes in a segment with like a prayer and open your heart, gang bang is the second number she performs after the girl gone wild opener, however what's the use of facts?

    If being a christian means not knowing what the hell you're talking about, then hail satan

  91. Thanks God it's not the Middle Age, as she would had been burned as a witch. here we go again: during the course of the History, from the Crusades to the American Indians, the only one who did spread blood,in the name of God,it has always been the Church. But , of course, let's not see the evidence, let's look for Madonna's secrets messages….Poor world

  92. This article was written by someone who clearly hasn't actually seen the show…

    I do appreciate that most of what is written about famous people like madonna is made-up, but this article makes no effort to hide this…

    so my advice is to actually watch the show, and if you don't like her then don't watch, end of story…

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