Ke$ha’s iHeartRadio “Pool Party” Performance: An Overload of Illuminati Symbolism


The iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party was a two-day musical weekend that took place on June 29th at Fontainebleau in Miami Beach. The high profile event featured pop acts such as Miley Cyrus, Pitbull and Ke$ha. I wasn’t aware this even existed but when a VC reader sent me stills of Ke$ha’s set, I had to watch her performance as it appeared to be an extremely blatant, Illuminati-themed set. I watched the whole 50 minutes thing…and it was. My head is still hurting. If you can take it, here’s the performance.

The show begins with Ke$ha addressing her fans about being “misfits” and fighting for acceptance. How are her fans called? “Animals”… It’s as if this name was chosen by the elite that is laughing at the people who love this stuff.

The first thing we then see is a planet exploding and turning into a giant all-seeing eye. This pretty much sets the tone of the entire performance.

Planet earth turned into a giant eye-ball, as if saying that the Illuminati controls the world.

Planet earth (I assume) turns into a giant eye-ball…A way of saying that the Illuminati controls the world?

The audience then gets 50 minutes full of mind-numbing, hypnotizing symbolism.

When Ke$ha finished perfoming her song "Crazy Kids", she stood like this for a few seconds while the crowd cheered. Hurray for Illuminati!

At the end of “Crazy Kids”, Ke$ha stayed like this for a few seconds while the crowd cheered. Hurray for Illuminati!

Even the keyboard player had an eye on her shirt.

Even the keyboard player had an eye on her shirt.

She later wears a headdress adorned with an all seeing eye between two pyramids. This looks like an esoteric, third eye, pineal gland type thing...but there isn't a lot of "spiritual enlightenment" going on in that show.

Later in the show, Ke$ha wears a headdress adorned with an all seeing eye between two pyramids.

While the above headdress looks like an esoteric, third eye, pineal gland type thing which usually refer to “spiritual enlightenent”, there isn’t much of that going on during that show. For instance, before the next song, Ke$ha asks the crowd:

“Do you guys like balls? I do. I love them. I love every kind of ball. I like big balls…I like little balls…I even like saggy balls, they don’t even bother me. That’s good news for the older people here. But my favorite ball, is an eyeball.”

She then does this.

She later did it again, while wearing and all-seeing eye headdress thing.

Her favorite ball, is the Illuminati all-seeing eye ball. She said it…and probably nobody there got it. That’s pop music today.

Can Ke$ha display her servitude to the Illuminati in a clearer way? The answer is yes. Here’s what happens during that song.

A bunch of eyeball guys dressed in Masonic-type wear come out and dance around with Ke$ha. Yup, dancing around with eyeballs.

Then come out The Residents, a group comprised of eyeball guys dressed in Masonic-type who dance around with Ke$ha.

We see on the big screen eyeballs flying around on a Masonic checkerboard pattern.

Behind the performers are eyeballs flying around on a Masonic checkerboard pattern.

The last song of the performance was Die Young. As I described in the article entitled The Illuminati Symbolism of Ke$ha’s “Die Young” and How it Ridicules the Indoctrinated Masses, the video of that song was pure Illuminati symbolism. Unsurprisingly enough, the performance was as well.

Ke$ha's dancers wore inverted pentagrams across their chests while she had an inverted cross inside a heart. That's how you make black magic and satanism appealing to kids. Also, singing to them "we're gonna die young" is a nice touch.

The dancers had inverted pentagrams across their chests while Ke$ha’s costumed featured an inverted cross (inside a heart). That’s how you make black magic and satanism appealing to kids. Also, singing to them “we’re gonna die young” is a nice touch.

An all-seeing eye inside a triangle? Sure, why not.

An all-seeing eye inside a triangle? Sure, why not. Let’s brainwash these kids good.

This guy is just watching all of this, taking it all in, telling to himself "Wow, this is awesome".

This guy is just watching all of this, taking it all in, mesmerized by the flashing images, telling to himself “Wow, this is awesome”.

In short, this was what young people are paying to be exposed to. Pure, mind numbing, Illuminati symbolism with no real artistic meaning or content at all. Ke$ha’s last words of the show: “I hope you all get laid tonight!”. Such insight, such inspiration, such depth. Wow.


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10 months 24 days ago

there is a devil influence in the music of today

2 years 9 months ago

Society as a whole just needs to revert back to the 50s. It was an absolute golden era compared the world today – which is going to shit at an absolutely nauseating pace. I'm so glad I have such an insight into life as such a young age. My only wish is to escape from this corrupt and festering society before it implodes in on it's self. I definitely don't wanna be there when that happens. A nice quiet life in the country is good enough for me.

2 years 9 months ago

Why cnt we all come together and stop this madness? what ever happened to fighting for our rights. FREED OF SPEECH ? too bad they are trying to form a one world government. so no more constitution. I pray to god everyone wakes up.

2 years 9 months ago

the video is private 🙂

Christian Disciple
2 years 10 months ago

Christians out there, I have started a Twitter to help raise awareness of the truth. Please check it out and follow if you can! God bless that we help renew the mind of those are lost in the world.

Issela Santina
2 years 11 months ago

Ke$ha was in the Philippines recently (based on when I typed this comment). I saw some pictures of her performance. Lots of crazy single-eye poses, and then on the sidebars, there was one that talked about her "occult behavior". She said the leads the Illuminati. :/

2 years 11 months ago

I go to the next panel and size it up before reading the captions to see what I can find. Its like taking a Vigilant Citizen 101 MidTerm. I spotted the upside down cross on the heart before I read it. Also eyes on a masonic checkered background. So the education in here is beginning to sink in….

2 years 11 months ago

the video doesnt work anymore 🙁

3 years 4 days ago

"Alright, we'll let you in, but you gotta sell it!"

3 years 4 days ago

My head hurts by listening/watching just the first minutes of it @.@

3 years 9 days ago
I've been a heavy metal fan all my life. I'm closing in on 40 and it's crazy how much has changed. When I was a teen, this type of symbolism was solely found in death metal. There are two types of death metal bands (this also applies to black metal): 1. absolutely genuine satanism, and 2. Purposely over the top lyrics that are so grotesque they become black humor. Anyway, inverted crosses and stuff like that could only be found in, for instance, a Deicide video. Can you imagine Debbie Gibson doing this kind of crap? But now, the modern… Read more »
3 years 9 days ago
while this is obviously mindnumbing trash, which i wouldn´t expose my kids to in a million years. the whole illuminati / mk -spiel is just the producer´s way of messing with people who can read between the lines. ever since jay z started his oto-clothing line just around the same time he bagan colaborating with the likes of coldplay and started hanging out at indie-shows in brooklyn, it´s common industry knowledge that using that sort of imagery will leave a mark and start controversy within our pop culture. and not only for brainless fans or "animals" for that matter, but… Read more »
3 years 10 days ago

At this point I think it is all very deliberate because this symbolism is out of the closet and widely known thanks to the internet. She is merely trading on the controversy that her handlers KNOW will invoke a reaction and get more publicity and theoretically more sales of her "music". I doubt if keslut (er, ke$ha) even has an inkling of what she is truly symbolizing herself (other than "look at me, I'm a devil worshiping skank!"), she's just a puppet with auto tune.

Jay A Williams
3 years 11 days ago

If anyone even tries to state the fact these artists aren't aware of what there representing or doing,
There are in absolute denial. This symbolism has become even more blatant and 'all-seeing' to the 'eye' than ever before. They fans or rather 'puppets' just don't want to let go of their idols. A very sad truth, and unfortunately it will become much worse.

3 years 13 days ago

I just hate them. I keep telling my classmates at school to stop listening to lady gaga and other illuminati shit because they will hypnotize you but still they laughed at me. They said that Im crazy. Well fuck them. I admit I was one of them singing illuminati songs but I woke up from the truth and I realized that I was listening to shit

3 years 13 days ago

Good Lord. I just wasted ten minutes watching that crap and I can't believe anyone else ever would. That woman has no talent or presence and anyone who thinks she wouldn't be voted off American Idol (also idiocy) in the first audition is insane.

Who do you have to blow to get off this planet?

3 years 15 days ago

Amazing how blatant the symbols are and how are all over.In movies,,,music videos and ads…Scary indeed!
The Illuminati is on a serious mission.

VC could you please take time and also look into Africa's(South to be specific) movies,theatre and music.

James decker
3 years 16 days ago

Glad a had a chance to watch it before it mysteriously went private. This is horrible what the hell is going on with our earth.

3 years 16 days ago

Get ready for Britney Spears new video"Work bitch!", it will be overloaded with MK symbols, have seen the pics from the process, want an article about it here.

heyyyyy yaaaa
3 years 17 days ago

Do you think that since you covered this event that you are going to do an article about the IheartRadio concert in Las Vegas on the 20-21? Katy Perry, Robin Thicke, Bruno Mars, and Queen are going to be there too.

3 years 18 days ago

I hope Jesus came first… They will so left behind with all this stuff.

3 years 19 days ago
SLIGHTLY off-topic, but anyone else see THIS??? It CANNOT get ANY more blatant than this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! found it on NME. Lady Gaga promises 'Gaga of Oz' theme for US TV performance on Monday Singer reveals her performance of 'Applause' on 'Good Morning America' will be inspired by 'The Wizard Of Oz' Lady Gaga has promised a "Gaga of Oz" theme when she perform new single 'Applause' on US breakfast show Good Morning America on Monday (September 9). The singer used Twitter to reveal that her performance would be inspired by the Judy Garland classic The Wizard Of Oz, posting a photo… Read more »
3 years 20 days ago

So i was driving past a sports bar and they had this steelers game day special banner hanging up flashing the triple six very boldly, sh!t is getting scary wish i could post the pic here

3 years 20 days ago
Most people are morons, and suck up whatever garbage is put in their face. I'm glad sites like this exist, it's helps people make sense of the hidden subliminal messages being feed into television, films, music, advertisements, print media etc… As for talentless ugly performers such as the above non entity (and the host of others such as, gaga, the fat reality show Kim whatshername etc…), the programming must work effectively, because these puppets have a mass of followers and make millions of dollars. Gotta love the suckers, they have no idea, no brains, no class and no taste !!
3 years 9 days ago

I first learned about subliminal messages from a Dean Koontz book, of all things. I think it was Night Chills?

Scared the crap out of me that I started seeing sex and death subliminally in just about everything the media produces.

3 years 20 days ago

I shudder to think what you'd find in video games. But when my kids were growing up with Carebears and Rainbow Brite cartoons, I figured that this kind of thing was on it's way. The kids were indoctrinated at an early age. If we don't keep them in church, teach them God's word, and set a good example, we shouldn't be surprised when they swallow the bait hook, line and sinker.