Ke$ha’s iHeartRadio “Pool Party” Performance: An Overload of Illuminati Symbolism


The iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party was a two-day musical weekend that took place on June 29th at Fontainebleau in Miami Beach. The high profile event featured pop acts such as Miley Cyrus, Pitbull and Ke$ha. I wasn’t aware this even existed but when a VC reader sent me stills of Ke$ha’s set, I had to watch her performance as it appeared to be an extremely blatant, Illuminati-themed set. I watched the whole 50 minutes thing…and it was. My head is still hurting. If you can take it, here’s the performance.

The show begins with Ke$ha addressing her fans about being “misfits” and fighting for acceptance. How are her fans called? “Animals”… It’s as if this name was chosen by the elite that is laughing at the people who love this stuff.

The first thing we then see is a planet exploding and turning into a giant all-seeing eye. This pretty much sets the tone of the entire performance.

Planet earth turned into a giant eye-ball, as if saying that the Illuminati controls the world.

Planet earth (I assume) turns into a giant eye-ball…A way of saying that the Illuminati controls the world?

The audience then gets 50 minutes full of mind-numbing, hypnotizing symbolism.

When Ke$ha finished perfoming her song "Crazy Kids", she stood like this for a few seconds while the crowd cheered. Hurray for Illuminati!

At the end of “Crazy Kids”, Ke$ha stayed like this for a few seconds while the crowd cheered. Hurray for Illuminati!

Even the keyboard player had an eye on her shirt.

Even the keyboard player had an eye on her shirt.

She later wears a headdress adorned with an all seeing eye between two pyramids. This looks like an esoteric, third eye, pineal gland type thing...but there isn't a lot of "spiritual enlightenment" going on in that show.

Later in the show, Ke$ha wears a headdress adorned with an all seeing eye between two pyramids.

While the above headdress looks like an esoteric, third eye, pineal gland type thing which usually refer to “spiritual enlightenent”, there isn’t much of that going on during that show. For instance, before the next song, Ke$ha asks the crowd:

“Do you guys like balls? I do. I love them. I love every kind of ball. I like big balls…I like little balls…I even like saggy balls, they don’t even bother me. That’s good news for the older people here. But my favorite ball, is an eyeball.”

She then does this.

She later did it again, while wearing and all-seeing eye headdress thing.

Her favorite ball, is the Illuminati all-seeing eye ball. She said it…and probably nobody there got it. That’s pop music today.

Can Ke$ha display her servitude to the Illuminati in a clearer way? The answer is yes. Here’s what happens during that song.

A bunch of eyeball guys dressed in Masonic-type wear come out and dance around with Ke$ha. Yup, dancing around with eyeballs.

Then come out The Residents, a group comprised of eyeball guys dressed in Masonic-type who dance around with Ke$ha.

We see on the big screen eyeballs flying around on a Masonic checkerboard pattern.

Behind the performers are eyeballs flying around on a Masonic checkerboard pattern.

The last song of the performance was Die Young. As I described in the article entitled The Illuminati Symbolism of Ke$ha’s “Die Young” and How it Ridicules the Indoctrinated Masses, the video of that song was pure Illuminati symbolism. Unsurprisingly enough, the performance was as well.

Ke$ha's dancers wore inverted pentagrams across their chests while she had an inverted cross inside a heart. That's how you make black magic and satanism appealing to kids. Also, singing to them "we're gonna die young" is a nice touch.

The dancers had inverted pentagrams across their chests while Ke$ha’s costumed featured an inverted cross (inside a heart). That’s how you make black magic and satanism appealing to kids. Also, singing to them “we’re gonna die young” is a nice touch.

An all-seeing eye inside a triangle? Sure, why not.

An all-seeing eye inside a triangle? Sure, why not. Let’s brainwash these kids good.

This guy is just watching all of this, taking it all in, telling to himself "Wow, this is awesome".

This guy is just watching all of this, taking it all in, mesmerized by the flashing images, telling to himself “Wow, this is awesome”.

In short, this was what young people are paying to be exposed to. Pure, mind numbing, Illuminati symbolism with no real artistic meaning or content at all. Ke$ha’s last words of the show: “I hope you all get laid tonight!”. Such insight, such inspiration, such depth. Wow.



    • This is a spiritual battle for the souls of our youth. Human Beings, created in God's image, are spirits, with a soul living in an earthly body. these symbols that they flash around have a 'spiritual' significance that we know very little about in the material world. satan and his demons use sold-out human puppets as a deception, (like a magician uses illusion) to ensnare the human prey (usually the innocent children, youth) to sell-out their soul to him for the temporary riches, fame that he offers, like he tried with Jesus (Mathew 4:1-11) and failed. Submit to GOD (Jesus Christ) first, resist the devil and he will FLEE! (James 4:7).

    • By the year 2020 no one will have 20/20 vision we will all have one big eye, no depth perception, and bruises all over our body from running into each other all the time. We will no longer be able to experience the third dimension, the Earth will just look flat and we will be perceiving our environment the same way a cartoon might experience it's life on a 2 dimensional plane

      • How to blow your Physics Tutors mind in under 3 minutes…
        Student: Can you explain what a 2 dimensional object is Sir?
        Tutor: Yes, a piece of paper is 2 dimensional!
        Student: But Sir, what about the thickness of the paper?
        Tutor: Well, to be accurate it's the surface of the paper that's 2 dimensional not the object itself!
        Student: But Sir? If you took away the papers thickness; the paper, and therefore the paper's surface wouldn't exist, would it?
        Tutor: Listen Sonny! The plane of the paper's surface is virtual, it's a model we use to calculate and confirm our theories!
        Student: Sir, so you're basically saying you use a model of something that can't exist in the physical world to base physical theories on? Wow, Physics is really confusing!
        Tutor: Errrrrrrrrr YES!!!! ????????%%%%%%%?????????

        Aren't our educators clever!

      • I’d rather not John. I think we should all try to think about things critically and be our own educators. After all, the "official" educators are in reality just indoctrinators of; "in many cases" false information; information used to keep this insane evil system functioning until the whole house of cards inevitably collapses.

    • There will be new world and new people in 2020s. :) No occult elite of modern day. But, well… I'm afraid that they will not just disappear. They want to take as much people as possible with them.

      • Olka nothing will likely to happen by 2020 unless it is in the Bible. So when you stated ~They want to take as much people as possible with them.~ this is a bit oversatement in my humble opinion. No one has this authority but God alone and nothing from dark plans is to be fulfilled if it is in direct conflict with His plans.
        We better know the better part of it.

      • Not to conflict with your beliefs but in my opinion, God does not care about us. We are His experiment. He is experiencing himself through us. Hence why we are made in his image. We are Gods. We, with the right diet and conscious, can create, just like Him. But also, another thing is that the bible was written by man, so how can it be truthful? Parts of it may be truth but how can we distinguish which parts are those?

        What Olka says is true to some extent. There WILL be a new world but, not the one many think there will be. I think there will be chaos for those who are true to their soul will have ascended. "The Rapture" for those who believe in it is true. Those who eat pure (vegan) will ascend because no one wants carnivores in the 13th vibrations with the craving for rotting flesh.

    • Many individuals follow our current year, such as 2013 but based on the Ethiopian calendar, which many of those who are "awakened" or partially believe is is the true year, states that it is 2006. So for those who believed in the end of the world was 2012, wasn't entirely true because it was 2005. Some say, which I believe is true, the true chaos shall begin in 2020 (or 2012 in Ethiopian). Which means we have 7 more years until the 75% will rise with the vibrations, as will Mamma Amma (Mother Earth) and the 25% will be stuck on her shell. (I watch da13thsun on youtube and believe his words true.)

    • Or they are product end results of the forces that we are monitoring, our worst fears concerning these brainwashing schemes come true

    • Everyone's Brother on

      *Mainstream Music.

      There is plenty of good music with good messages out there if you look. This does not even include Christian/religious music, which I am unfamiliar with.

      A great musician named Cody Chesnutt released a cd in 2002, titled The Headphone Masterpiece. It was riddled with sexual overtones, had multiple songs calling women bitches, and was/is one of my favorite albums of my youth. His ear for melody and musical talent were evident, regardless of content.

      10 years later, after I had given up on him coming out with anything else, he released Landing On A Hundred, in 2012. His first album, at the time, echoed my value of lust and ego in life. I only started to change these values a couple years ago, and that is a constant process.

      His 2nd album blew me away! It is clear Cody is a changed man, and his lyrics are full of truth and wisdom. VC readers would be foolish not to at least YouTube him.

      The first words of the album:
      "I was a dead man. I was asleep. I was a stranger in a foreign land, til I met thee."

      Another song is titled "What Kind of Cool (Will They Think of Next)"

      And lastly, the song I slightly stole my VC name from,
      "Everybody's Brother"

    • It looks like she is doing a worship song and dance and the audience is passive participants. Like she is glorifying all this illumnati imagery and such. But they don't realize what they are being exposed to and made a part of. And then maybe some are.

  1. The retarded parents taking their kids to these concerts deserve what's coming for them.
    Makes me so mad, how can you let your own kid sing "We're gonna die young"??? Are you deaf? What would you do if your kids actually died young?? I bet it wouldn't be fun anymore!

    People are stupid, I'm sorry but theres no other way to call all thiss nonsense.

    Please God help us all especialy the next generation :( So sad…

    • Joyce @ on

      Funny thing was, before she sung that song. She talked about a fan she spoke to before the show (who she couldn't remember the name… seriously!?) who was being bullied and though about committing suicide. How crazy…

  2. I could only stand to watch a few seconds at a time skipping around, but WOW is she a terrible performer and can't sing to save her life. This is not music, it's complete amateur crap, and the symbols are absolutely unbelievably blatant and pervasive. It does look like the audience is completely hypnotized throughout and I noticed at the beginning that there was a very Rorschach, hypnotizing looking screen play for a couple of minutes, perhaps priming their minds to completely take in the rest of the symbolism? So unreal.

    • face in the crowd on

      Exactly. She is terrible, the lyrics are illogical and vague "we were born to fight" etc The sound loops in the beginning sound like distressed sea mammals. Crap is right Sarah, I 100% agree that she isn't even a decent live performer, definitely not an alchemist or hoodoo master on or off stage. Just some talentless hack, somehow able to sell her songs to celebrities with more physical skill or sellable aesthetic. So shes got some money to pay the media, to be promoted as relevant. She is hanging by a thread to relevancy. The audience looks hypnotized, yes, but fleetingly so because they are all thinking what I was during the intro and the first ten seconds after she walked on stage….they were thinking "wait a minute, this sucks, am I right?" and what are you supposed to do if you realize you are the idiot, spending your VALUABLE time watching a shitty show? ha ha play along I suppose? Def sheep mentality but those sheep know the smell of shit so its not like anyone is going to leave and be like "YEA I am Kesha's animal fan! Her music is so good and she is so awesome at performing live!" I was going to watch the entire thing but…I made a coffee instead. The intro was wack, with the ninja-sage-dancers (bad choreography) were retail, basic crop costumes? and she looked bloated, toasted. I refuse to believe anyone in the audience actually sought out a ticket and bought it. However, since there could be a small percentage of people who are yet unaware of how awful an artist or performer she is, I guess maybe I could believe a few people got in for free and were happy with that because maybe they would see some boobs or fireworks. 99.9% that people don't remember or care about her or her performances. She is not relevant. Just spending her money at this point. Desperate. Funny.

      • Damn talk about hateration! Haven't you heard the saying One mans meat is another mans treasure? While I may agree that Kesha is not that great a performer, its still just my opinion. If others enjoy her music that's their problem. Doesn't give you the right to call her fans stupid or sheep or whatever. She wouldn't be out there if she wasn't selling.

  3. As we enter the end times, this is just a sample of the depravity to come… It's going to get alot worse than this. Believers must stay vigilant and not get lured by the lusts and culture.

      • where is the light? Where is the voice crying in the wilderness? Is 'Jesus' going to save people? Jesus isn't even the correct name now is it? The Bible was altered but do you know what was removed and changed? How is it that what many self described Christians have in their minds is nothing more than yet another IDOL no different than Kesha when you get down to the TRUTH. What exactly is the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet which 'Jesus' referred to as the first sign of the end? Pretty important one would think. I'd bet most people here know more about KESHA.

    • remembertheeagle on

      @ watchman Amen! We are being bombarded and as we approach midnight we must do all we can to get our houses in order. Reading Psalms 91 every day is helping and knowing that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ will conquer all the evil of this world is also quite comforting.

    • she is not illuminated. she is just a stupid puppet that is doing what she is told and she probably doesn't even know why. the only thing she might know is that if she says and displays eyeballs she gets famous. sad that young kids are watching it and copying her.

  4. Good article!

    I can´t believe this is the kind of trash young people watch and sing everyday. Many kids think these "artists" are true role-models. I turn off TV instead.

    For example, yesterday I watched a lot of teenagers who were mesmerized by the 1D movie and it makes me think about how children are being indoctrinated at a massive level.

  5. I get so pissed off whenever I hear "die young". The fact that the video was SOOO BLATANT. And then the way it came out around the batman shootings. Its like they are just laughing in our faces over all the murder they cause. And when there was an outrage about it Kesha blamed her producers and tried to play innocent. Obv you arent innocent when you are still having the satanic crap while you perform it. More people need to start calling them out on it!! You cannot watch that video and tell me that this stuff isnt going on. And if you still buy her music after that then you are just feeding into it as well.
    Blood money!

  6. Ever since i heard the song die young on campus the other day it keeps popping in my head and i instantly think GET OUT. I want no part of this. The weird thing is the song popped up in my head before i scrolled to this article. Synchronicity?
    Kesha is a satanic supporter brainwashing our youth and a complete bimbo and the sad thing is people are paying her for it. VIACOM, we all know that your kesha show was just damage control because you knew people would probably (and were) outraged by the die young video. All the youngins and some hipsters might have fallen for her innocent ploy but i wont. If anyone promotes this symbolism I consider them guilty by association. Especially if they try to lie to my face about it and then turn around and promote it anyways. And thats what I find sad. People make excuses for these celebrities and claim "but she seems so nice! she donates to charities, blah blah blah" Well guess what someone can still be completely evil and know how to lie and act and "donate". Actions speak louder than words and what i see in her and the rest of hollywood is liars, and evil.

    • She isn't a bimbo, she is actually very smart and well educated and doesn't really drink or party in her real life, this is a character she is playing. Do not underestimate her.

      • People say this about every female star that plays dumb to get attention…snooki, jessica simpson, kim kardashian ect.. All brilliant minds just playing an act, such a difficult role for them that they rely on their amazing acting abilities to play such dim-witted, superficial women.

      • hahahha gah.. anyone can play someone dumber than themselves. Why are there so many fools here? I thought VC was a place for people who truly understood the world around them but so many of these comments are too amusing. Pray for the world people because even sheep find these articles "interesting".

      • So…she promotes all that s**t, makes millions and millions doing the aforementioned promotion of said s**t and certainly comes across in public like she's doing all that s**t, but doesn't actually do it. There is a word for that – HYPOCRITE. and somehow you see that as noble or something. Sad.

  7. I wont be watching this at all, the bloody images giving me a sore head as it is, that guy just looks totally mindless the way hes standing there staring at this shit!!

    I dread the future. I really do! Things are bad enough as it is :(

  8. There's an iconic picture of Aleister Crowley wearing a larger wizard hat version of the all seeing eye headdress Kesha has here. It's like she has the girl's fashion version. Google images of Crowley to see what i mean.

  9. What's more upsetting to me is the fact that shes not evening trying to hide anything. Nothing is being hidden anymore but people are so brainwashed they can't see past it.

  10. I don't really get the lyrics in the first song…why are these kids born to break the doors down and be warriors?? What are they fighting for lol? to be free to do whatever the hell they want? That is available right now. It's like they are trying to create a fight that really isn't even there to begin with. She clearly looks possessed.

  11. PS. I find it weird that so many people just can't seem to see the creepy dark vibe of stuff like Kesha, Gaga, Beyonce, etc. You try to point it out and they act like you are crazy or hopelessly unhip. At the same time that pop culture is so bland and mainstream it's also got this dark underbelly. I think killing arts programs in US schools has led people to have zero sense of aesthetics so they'll lap up any 'art' that's slopped out to them and not think critically about it. I've told people who've tried to pooh pooh me when I said it was crap that I don't appreciate being told what to like, thank you very much. I have a mind of my own and I know when I'm being handed a bowl of sh*t and a spoon. Just because mindless Vogue magazine or MTV tries to tell me it's caviar doesn't make it so.

  12. I couldn't watch it. It's just mind-numbing. I don't know if pawns like Kesha are willing participants or slaves to their craft. I won't make assumptions. Some (celebs) seem very into it while others seem reluctant. I wish people would just pray for not only these pop culture figures but also the politicians who are under this deception. Pray for each other as well bc I find it to be easier on my conscience and stomach to do or think about things that 15 years ago would've turned me off. We all have to focus on praying away these demons (that's what they are) from us all. The more this permeates amongst us the harder it will be to rid ourselves of these curses. And pray that people awaken to these deceptions before it's too late and several generations pass with no God in Heaven only the manipulator of this earth.

    • Yes but they don't go away without the Holy Cummunion/Holy Water/confessions/fasting etc. We all get influenced by the evil spirits, some have them inside, some others are badly influenced. Too many constant fights, one war to be won.

      • Adam I am better off to fight evil inside and outside knowing that I have help from above than to succumb to forces of dark.
        We are out of options are not we? For me these spreading of sugar coated deathly influence of hell aimed primarily at young ones is one more reason to get closer to The One Whom my soul admires. I feel thirsty for Word of God His guidance and His great love.Whenever I am on my knees I can not find right words to express all gratitude affection that I fill for being a new creature now.
        I have to constantly remind myself that all stuff comes true before our eyes was described in great details in the Word of God. He is in control – no soul will be snatched out of His hands unless we willfully swerve on our ways. If dark is allowed to play on such a grand scale as it is now we are up to a great revival.This is the only hope that left.

      • You are right nevertheless the above-mentioned won't hurt you or anyone else. They have been tried and tasted for hundreds of years so they can't be wrong eh. How many godly people used to live isolated in caves while fasting for a very long time.

      • I am totally with you on fasting and praying. Long time if possible. It always bring some changes. Hard to imagine what my life would become if I would not practice it.

      • Hopefully your life will become even better and you'll be given some space in heaven in due time. Be blessed.

  13. This "performance" Kesha, resembles a lot like Rihanna had done in 2012 on Disturbia.
    With white triangles superposed as seen on the second last image of the article.

    That was also during the iHeartRadio, the symbolism remains the same year after year … It's really visible.

  14. Corporative pop entertainment industry throwing all their cards on the table… LOL
    Makes me sick… I feel like vomiting!

    Well, i think at least politicaly speaking, people are waking up on all over the world. My question is: when people will wake up for this rotten reality of the pop industry too? When people will realise this filth? All this twisted and disposable crap… when people will start to aking questions about what's happening in the mainstream? The patterns are more and more blatant.

    We need a cultural revolution right now.

  15. How can something this obvious to be satanic entertain people. Most know what the illuminati is by now. Don't they find it weird that she uses a lot of it in her 'performance'? And if I ask people they all say ''cause she is crazy''. The people basically make an excuse for her without even thinking about it. I don't know anymore.

  16. lets all hope and prayer war with Syria does not happen because if Iran gets involved we all doing to die! Iran is not like Afghanistan or Iraq! They won't take s**t from no one! They truely have have God on their side!!!!! Iran is the last land where Freemason have not touched and never will! Ya Mehdi!

    • Iran is the last land where Freemason have not touched……mmmmm
      Back in 90's I was talking to one pastor from that region. Iran does not have freemasons. Their authorities are no better then masons. Killings of Christians is regular thing in there. It is not done by criminals or zealots for even general public does like the killing if infidels.(whatever that means). Regime was and is very oppressive. The whole twelfth Imam thing as some official talked to him… Well… No comments… (I can not come when it is quiet. I can reveal myself only out of chaos) – says it all.
      They have everything prepared for coming of the antichrist man having spirit and power of satan whose role to unite religions and create new order.
      Always exalt Iran for only West is evil.

      As for war I am with you Truth hurts. Any war is madness. If those events will go on now – God forbid – lot of Gulf region governments will accept it. Sad…

      • You heard it from a pastor.. that's so objective! Read what Sean Stone has to say about Iran rather than propogating ignorance.. he has spent a long time living there too.

      • It is much easier to go see it self than to rely on sources. Who is Sean in the first place? No place on earth is different from another when it comes to dark stuff and preparation to ever more sinister. " Iran and Cuba and North Korea are only three countries that are not controlled by Rothschield's banking cartels." Wait what?????? Is being controlled by devil much better than being controlled by demons and their peons?
        I am trying to keep myself from any bias or bygotry. If I am talking on Iran it is not that I do not recognize its achievements. Because that land has some moral standards wrong does not become right. Because media demonize it all the time does not mean that it is holy. Everything is much more intricate in this twisted world.
        Every single place on earth is controlled by the same evil for long time. In preparation for the order to come no place is more advanced or lagging behind. If it is not yet clear to us than we need to educate ourselves more. That is not something to come rather it is almost here. One government One Law One Religion.Same freedom hating tolerance preaching (not practicing) controlling and oppressing regime is to be set. And soon.

  17. If I DONT watch it, what will I have missed? They are like additive ridden slushies – Keisha, Katy, Riri, Miley – you can choose a different flavor for each day of the week but their basic recipe is identical and they all do the same bad things to you

  18. "This guy is just watching all of this, taking it all in, mesmerized by the flashing images, telling to himself – Wow, this is awesome”.

    Priceless input, VC !

  19. im sure artists are aware of these kinds of sites…. And how many of us watched that video of a performance we knew NOTHING about until now. They know what's up, put some pyramids, eyeballs and Greek mythology into your show, and BOOM! Instant exposure. Now everyone's talking ;). We are still blind….. But not to what is blatantly I front of our eyes. Hey, look like your part of an ancient secret society… And you will instantly become cool and talked about.

    • You're talking about symbolism they've been putting out since before VCs website was up….
      Symbolism that is not intended for mass consumption.

    • What wrong with greek mythology – there are lessons to be learned in those stories that are relevent to today. Like the story of medusa, she gets raped by the god of the sea and goes to athena for help and instead of helping her she turns her into a gorgon – today that would be called s.l.u.t. shaming. A girl gets rape and instead of other females giving her support they bash her. The greeks gods to me is a lesson to learn from cause they sinned just like mortals do but their had power which just made them even more corrupt

  20. You have got to be completely brainwashed to think this evil ugly B***** has any talent. WOW. What a joke.
    I really have no faith in humanity anymore. This is just pathetic. Does anyone actually like her or her sorry excuse for music ?! I mean seriously.

    • Faith in humanity? Think again! If those millions of addicted to demonic stuff are totally blind that does not mean that all is lost. The One who opened my eyes is more than able to do so with others.

    • I have to listen to this garbage about 5 times a day at work, All the same kesha, riri, perry, gaga, 1D crap all on repeat.. The girls lap in up like candy, so sad.

  21. Please LORD make it stop. This is seriously just overkill. Are people really this dumb? This just makes me so sick.

  22. My parents raised me Christian and in such a way to see the evil that was in the mainstream media. Even when I called myself an atheist in my early 20's, I still "felt" and "saw" the evil in media and I would always ignore my feelings as being an old way of thinking about things….Well, I have to say, I'm agnostic now and seeing how blatant things are in mainstream music really has me wondering. I always told myself that the existence of evil would be the biggest proof that there is a God and I have to say I'm seeing a lot of evil these days.

    • That's the same logic I have. If I need any more proof to the existence of God, just look around at all those evil people of the world fighting so hard against him. Whomever it is they trying so hard to push away must be an almighty force if it takes all of this evil to oppose him. No church needed. GOD IS REAL.

  23. ayy man.. seriously even for the people that are not beliving the whole conspiricy…
    even they should juzz see out of awarenes of what is going on stage
    out of what they are expierencing right in that moment that this shhit
    its not Fun its not Inspiring its not Music….

    its just
    Disgusting Creppy Propaganda
    that makes my Head Hurt
    why thee fuckk shoulld i pay forr eyeballs everywhere on stage

    this would be living hell for a pothead -.-
    but seriously..

    Why is she doing this for money and fame….why is she so willing to do it and even that big and in our face mann…
    it so frustrating…..

  24. and…. upside down gold pentagrams on the dancers.

    .. thanks VC, i'm getting better at recognizing the propaganda!

  25. Aww Wow…….My eyes are hurtin', illuminati symbolism overload. This is too much man……. The Jews' (The non-semetic, Zionist,fake and fraudulent Jews that is) One eyed "Messiah" is comin' guys. Half of you don't even have a clue what is to come but that time is getting closer and closer. Also the performance was held June 29th. 9+2=11. 11 being an occult number…..

  26. I've noticed a few people mentioned Iran. The Rothschilds own every bank in the world apart from three countries, which are: Cuba, North Korea and of course Iran. Why d'ya think the "Elite" have targeted North Korea and Iran recently (in the past year or so) from what they show in the news. I mean how come they don't get mentioned now?? I mean not even a little peep considering the fact they were manipulating the public into thinking North Korea and Iran were going to attack "us". Hmmmmm, not gonna attack us now then eh? Let me also tell you I have not read one article on this Syria debacle, neither have I watched 1 second of news coverage of it. Because I know why they are there and what their REAL reason is on why they are in Syria. Don't believe the bullshit media. They manipulate the truth and tell YOU how THEY want YOU to think…….. Thanks VC, keep doing ya thing 😉

  27. At this point, it's for shock, attention and also to desensitize people to these images. I don't see the point in dissecting every one of her performances because they are all the same with similar symbolism. We gotta go deeper than this at this point…

  28. People should also be aware that musicians are aware of the attention that Illuminati symbols can give them. obviously the music industry is obsessed with Illuminati symbols.

  29. Weird about the Residents. That's an actual extremely weird avante-garde band who formed in the sixties.. They have had the eyeball thing going for a really long time and I would be shocked if they were knee deep in the illuminati filth. They are the opposite of popular. I'm not a fan, but surprised to see them with Kesha. I completely agree with everyone here, she is just utterly putrid.

    • The new sublime album on the cd its self it has a big ass pyramid on it. I was really sad when I saw that on there cd like that so blatant cus sublime is one of my favorite bands and artist and it kills me too see them sell out like this. That's one band I never thought I would see that kinda garbage from them. Now that I think about it thats probably the elites way of saying we might have had killed Bradley. He probably had some kinda contract that if he died the record company would own the rights to his music. It's sad that even today bands with artistic substance unlike mindless pop stars like kesha are not exempt from promoting this shit. Like Sara baralies she is so talented and actually writes good music on the cover of her new album she's doing the one eye thing so sad.

  30. VC watched the whole 50 minutes cuz he liked it ;D
    JK. It was entertaining but the symbolism is pretty blatant. I mean what's the point of dancers dressing up as eyeballs? Makes you wonder who comes up with that.

  31. Well Naomi campbell has built an entire estate in the shape of the eye of Horus on a small island where it is speculated that satan will hide out in the end times .. google it. Can't better that!

  32. Its a shame that kids nowadays don't know about the dark side of the industry that's just literally "staring" at them in plain sight and yet they have no clue to the dark meaning behind the lyrics of "We're gonna die young"

    Seeing those "eyes" made my own eyes hurt like its being heavily strained by all of these illuminating Satanism that's being made to look cool… one's own expense.

    And I thought Kesha herself was trying to escaped but she seems enslaved to it permanently while awaiting the same fate as those before her.

    • My mom has only ever been an opthamological assistant at various eye doctors's offices. I can't help but think of optometrists. Sorry!

  33. Anyone Else??? on

    Does anyone else feel like something big is about to happen???? I've been having this STRONG feeling in the pit of my stomach for the past couple of days. Can anyone else relate????

  34. Don't think I could bear watching a second of that. It looks like they're just begging people to see it now, I bet they're incredulous that so many arn't getting the message, I don't know what more they have to do.

    Why is it kesha and lady gaga call their fans "animals" and "monsters", for people who talk about empowerment and such they sure don't think it's wrong to program their fans to think of themselves as lower non-human beings. Really can't be psycologically healthy to call yourself a monster, might just turn into one…and who would want that to happen?

  35. "Ke$ha’s last words of the show: 'I hope you all get laid tonight!'”

    …to seal the Black Magick intentions of the performance, k, thanks!

  36. Quoted from "How The Illuminati Create An Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave" by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier. Chapter 5 page 160.
    The word Saturn consistently turns up as an important word for the Illuminati and upper levels of the occult. Therapists may encounter something to do with Saturn in a programmed multiple. Fritz was also aware that Saturn was the father of all Gods in the mythology of the ancient world. David M. Talbot in his book The Saturn Myth documents how all over the world Saturn has been worshipped even more than the sun god. Saturn has been the secret god of the occult world.
    When we read in Deut. 18:9-10, "When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch." All of these practices are abominations done by Satanists today and are becoming more common among Americans. Note that the first item mentioned by Moses in this passage was passing (putting) children into the fire (of Moloch).

    • "Moses groups together all the words which the language contained for different modes of exploring the future and discovering the will of God, for the purpose of forbidding every description of soothsaying, and places the prohibition of Moloch-worship at the head, to show the inward connection between soothsaying and idolatry, possibly because februation, or passing children through the fire in the worship of Moloch, was more intimately connected with soothsaying and magic than any other description of idolatry." The worship of Moloch was the worship of Saturn.
      There are perhaps various routes one can take to learn this. One route is a very close examination of the Scripture, especially the old Septuagint. Scriptures actually write of this fact in Amos 5:25-26 and Acts 7:41-43. Amos wrote, "Did ye bring unto me sacrifices and offerings in the wilderness forty years, 0 House of Israel? Yea, ye have borne the tabernacle of your king ("siccuth malkecem", or in the Septuagint it reads "skenen tou Moloch"!), and the shrine (kiyyun) of your images, the star of your God, which ye made to yourselves" AMS 5:25-26.

      • The Christian Stephen quotes these passages of Amos and connects it with the worship of the golden calf (bull or Taurus). His words on this are recorded in Acts 7:4 1. He further connects it in the next verse with the worship of "the host of heaven". In line with translations like the Septuagint, he states Page 160 …. in verse 43 that Amos 5 refers to the cult "of Moloch and the star of the god Rephan". Further, the word Chiun (Kaimanu in Assyria) has been represented by the word Rephan in Acts 7:43. Rephan is Kaivan (Chiun) which is the arabian and syrian way of saying Saturn. Rephan apparently was a very limited or localized way of saying Saturn. The adoration of the calf (bull) in the wilderness was an important act of defiance by the Israelites– while Moses went up on the mountain to speak to God face to face. This worship of the bull was actually worship of Saturn!

      • Some call this star worship, and the bull was worshipped because at that time the constellation Taurus (the Bull) marked the position of the sun at the time of the spring equinox. The fact that the calf was gold was no accident–gold has many Satanic connotations. For a modern occult reference connecting the Bull, astrology and gold together see Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey (Lucis Trust, 1951), pp 378-79. Various scholars on ancient religion have written that the worship of Moloch was Saturn worship.
        For instance, Siculus Diodorus wrote, ". ..there was a brazen statue of Saturn putting forth the palms of his hands, bending in such a manner toward the earth, as that the boy who was laid upon them, in order to be sacrificed, should slip off, and so fall down headlong into a deep burning furnace…'' Moloch, then was the Sun God, during the Zodiac period from Taurus to Serpens and Scorpio which is when the sun is hottest. The Babylonians referred to Saturn as the "star of the sun".

      • In the Mithraic Mysteries, Saturn was the Sun God. (See Hall, Manly P. The Lost Teachings of All Ages. p. facing 21.) In fact, Saturn was the Sun God of many of the Pagan religions, and was the foundation of the Solar Temple. (ibid. Hall tells us on pg. 97, Lower Left, that Saturn is the foundation of the Solar Temple.) The Ten tribes of the Israelites fell into the ritual sacrifices of Moloch (Saturn worship and sacrifice) which brought them their judgment of Assyrian captivity. (2 KGS 17:16- 17)

      • Ex-Illuminati members have revealed that Saturn is Satan. Yes, Saturn is Satan. The Satanic Illuminati hierarcy teach the high level students that "those who serve Saturn promote the return of the lost son Saturn." The religion of Saturn is Saturnian gnosis–which turns out to simply be a rehash of the gnosticism that the high level Satanists believe in. Saturn is severe. Jupiter is mild. The merging of Saturn (severity) with Jupiter (mildness) is the creation of the new Golden Age–according to high level Satanic hierarchy teachings. The earth has been caught in a battle between a bi-polar world–the inner Solar Logos and the outer Saturnian sphere. The trans-Saturnian planets actually belong to Alcyone(!) which eventually gets its planets returned. (This may be the reason, that the Satanic hierarchy has treated us to "good aliens from the Pleiades." Alcyone is a star in the Pleides.) Page 161 ….

      • Saturnian gnostic teachings are that darkness contains the light. What this means is that darkness is necessary for light to exist. And light appears within the matrix of darkness only by the Demiurge Saturnes–the Logos. This is what they teach. According to Albert Pike in the Masonic Text Book Morals and Dogma given to 320 Masons, the work of the Sun is the perfecting (also known as the deification of) man. Christians view that it is Satan's work to teach men that they can be deified (which is rebellion to the one and only true God).
        SECRET HIGH LEVEL TEACHINGS In secret Satanic rituals, the Grande Master has a scepter which represents his authority to wield power through the Lord of this world who is known as Saturn. New Age leaders are calling "Saturn" "Sanat Kumera". A devil by any name is still a devil.

      • I do not have a clue. Could be he is into gardening or the female flowers he encounters, for all i know.

    • There is a theory which tells that In ancient times, the Milky Way galaxy had a very different planetary configuration. Planets as Saturn and Venus were much more closer to the Earth than we've now, and Earth hadn't moon. So the ancient pre-cataclysmic civilizations had witnessed catastrophic events in the sky, and reported those as "gods clashing". Something tremendously destructive happened in the cosmo in a times called Golden Age, that leads to the emergence of deah cult based religion model, which perdures until nowadays.

      I highly recomend you to do a research for "Thundebolts of the Gods" and "Electric Universe."
      It will open your eyes for a lot of stuff!


      • The Emerald Tablet is something else that you should read. This cataclysm allegedly sucked the atmosphere off of Mars (which had a base), caused great earthquakes on Earth and caused the ice sheets to break off which caused the great flood.

      • Yeah, the Tablet is from a time when science and spirituality were one.
        I highly recomend you to look out the work of David Talbott [Electric Universe] and specially Troy Mclachlan [Saturn Death Cult]. It's really amazing, you'll love it.

    • Okay first just because a person can see/know the future doesnt mean they're from satan and second of all satan is a blanket term that means adversary there's no single being called satan.

      • It depends. If the person is Godly and very kind-hearted, certainly those traits haven't been given by s***n. However, possessed people who despise G*d have been given assistance by s***n. The possessed ones have the ability to know everyone's past in details as the d****s take control of their bodies and give out all this info to embarrass people. Regarding predictions about the future, s***n and his advocates can only make speculations by knowing the past. No they can't predict the future as s****n lacks the ability to do so. However, if you've been around this world for so long, you can speculate. It's called experience, patterns. All those psychics are s***n's little helpers, among with others.

      • Sorry it took so long to respond. You are correct in the fact that satan means adversary. But the term was used to describe the main deities of the pagan religions. The main deities in different cultures had different names but based on the same beliefs, rituals, and meanings. This deity was known as Baal, Apollo, Osiris. Different names and cultures but same deity.

    In a dialogue with a Mother of Darkness, this Mother of Darkness alter provides some interesting information. The dialogue went like this: Mother of Darkness: "Saturn is the gateway that must be opened. For a season God has winked that man might be illuminated. But excessive light destroys. Man must not forget his destiny is concerned with loving regeneration of the earth [Mother Gaia worship] and balance. Soon the other eye of God must open. Those who are illuminated have kept the balance point. The majority of mankind has not. Few seek the ancient seed of wisdom that springs from the brow of Lucifer. Man becomes.. .forgetful of His spiritual ancestry and destiny….They are Ellyllon. Keepers of nothing. They fill the earth with their passing and crowd the planes with nothingness. They are a waste of the energies. And so the other eye must open. Each man shall receive abundance in what he seeks. Some call it Karma…"

    • Interviewer: "What do you mean by the other eye?" Mother of Darkness: "The other eye of God as some would say. Chemosh. Cleansing Fire. The outstreched arms of Molech." Interviewer: "What has that got to do with Saturn?" Mother of Darkness: "Everything. This is a most secret thing. Saturn is the gateway. The point at which all thought is fixed. The point at which all feeling shall be projected as the eye opens. Much ritual and preparation has gone into the issuance through the gateway of the ancient ones. There has been a gathering of the elemental essence to clothe them. A strengthened invisible quintessence to hold them in this plane at the time of advent.

      • Interviewer: "And what will be the result of this advent? What will it mean?" Mother of Darkness: "A restoring of balance. Those who do not seek wisdom shall cease. Those who are so bound to the earth that they forget the light shall cease….When the other eye opens the dawn shall come. The Golden Dawn shall be upon us and the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in His wings….
        The urge to sacrifice others is a gift. It is a liberation from the awful rigidity for at least it permits an awareness of other humans. However badly.. .treated as a result of that awareness they have served an important purpose. The balance is kept and the light dwells upon the illuminated. The energy is released into the circle and is converted into something powerful and useful….In this way you can see they do not truly die. Light increases. Wisdom grows….Death begets life. The sacred cycle of the ancients. The earth shall regenerate herself when the eye of Molech opens." There the reader has it, secret teachings from a Mother of Darkness on Saturn.

      • Gnosticism believes that there is a force (not Almighty God)–the Force as it is called can be used for evil or good. Within the hierarchy of the Satanists (Moriah), their thinking has no problem understanding that Lucifer is the same person as Satan. Satan is what happens when the evil side of the Force is being used, and Lucifer is that person when Page 162 …. the good side of the Force is being used. As in all of the Mystery Religions and in the occult world in general, people are told different things at different levels. Most people don't want to serve evil. They want to think they are good–their pride motivates them to want to be thought of as good and great. They will easily follow Lucifer, but are not going to admit to themselves or anyone that they are following Satan. NO problem–they are allowed to think they are Luciferians. OR if being a follower of Lucifer is too strong a statement, they can be a worshipper of almost thing. Satan in his pride has provided esoteric teachings on the worship of just about everything.

      • If one probes deep enough into the layers of hidden meanings all these worships go back to Satan. The five primary interlocked concepts of Satan, are all represented by the Serpent, which are Lucifer (aka Light-bearer or godhood); Search for light or wisdom; sun worship, the Sun god, or energy; fire also called Kundalini force; and the regenerative principle which is phallic and sex worship. These 5 interconnected concepts are represented world wide by snakes (serpents) and represent worship of the supreme serpent Satan.
        THE EXTERNALIZATION OF THE HIERARCHY The big event or operation that is being carried out is the externalization of the hierarchy. Satan's secret hierarchy with its pure Satanists have been around for thousands of years. But the Satanic conspiracy to control mankind is to become an ''open conspiracy''. The hierarchy is to be externalized. And the elimination of Christians (those who haven't sought worldly wisdom–that worldly wisdom which comes from Satan) –is to pave the way for Satan's appearance. The Satanic occult conspiracy is to leave its secret confines in Masonic Temples and Oddfellow Halls and is to permeate Society in general. This is what has been happening.

      • The real light must go out for the dark side to feel comfortable coming completely out. The Mysteries, also known as the Mystery Religions are the Mysteries that one is initiated into when one joins Freemasonry. In fact, the very first item any prospective Masonic candidate must do is fill out a form requesting to be initiated into ''the Mysteries.'' The Mystery Religions were actually veiled forms of the worship of Lucifer or Satan. Lucifer is simply Satan dressed up as the Light-bearer.
        In the Mystery Religions the disciples are taught that the spirits of men are the powdered bones of Saturn. When one learns who Saturn is–it is a rather distasteful idea to think that men are taught that their bodies belong to Saturn. "Part of the symbols, are displayed.. .to the initiated, but he is intentionally led astray by false interpretations…Masonry conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts, the Sages and the Elect; and uses false explanations for its symbols to mislead those deserving to be misled." (This is according to the great Freemason Albert Pike in his book Morals & Dogma.) It should come as no surprise that Saturn is one of the items which is mentioned by various Masonic authors.

      • Alice Bailey's Esoteric Astrology states that Saturn is the Lord of Karma (p. 105) Venus and Saturn shall rule men during Aquarius. (p. 148). "Saturn is the planet of discipleship… we stand at the gateway of the new world, of the new age and its new civilization, ideals and culture." (p. 148) The occult book A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, pp 1196-1207 states that Saturn is the 5th creative Hierarchy. This is the type of stuff that the Kaballa comes out with. And American businesses which are controlled by the Illuminati are getting into the act of bringing the occult out into society.

      • Just so that you know I do not advocate these twisted evil beliefs. Just bringing them to light so that you all know what you are in for and what you are fighting against!

      • They're not amping up the symbolism or trying to start a war with Iran or Syria for nothing! The mega sacrifice ritual 9/11 has come and gone and it is past 2012 and they are behind schedule.

  38. Off of topic here but, I saw the Fifth Harmony video "Me and my girls"
    Poor girls… Especialy Ally, who is so religious and now she's gonna be corrupted by the system.

  39. maybe i am a Muslim BUT today i will be a real Muslim and quit listening 2 these crapy devilish songs ill do better helpful things in my life that's what islam is really all about and its not about killing ppl as the illuminati wants u 2 think.

  40. Does her last outfit have an upside down cross in a heart?
    Is that guitarist wearing a shirt that says Hail Lucifer, just spelled differently?

    : stabs at Christianity never stop.

    • I think theay are stabs at God ultimately. The devil's goal is to take people away from God and these people have become instuments of the devil.

    • I was noticing those two aspects as well Timmy…… My pixelation rate was interfering with my being able to read the guitarist's shirt, but it looked like something with the word Lucifer in it…….. and then that Heart from a distance appeared to have inverted cross symmetry inside it….. but then from close up it was harder to tell or at least less obvious…… they would certainly be anomalous if they are not

  41. LaughingAtKesha on

    I watched part of the video. I did not watch all of it due to the lack luster music,dancing, singing and costumes. Oh yes, all the symbolism is there, but I don't think they are going to get many recruits with her. What a dead eyed, crappy singer. The songs are super bad!

  42. Hey all. I haven't read all the comments thus far, but did anyone notice that at 3:26 the swords form the staple Freemason symbol?

  43. You can't expect much from someone with an occult symbol in their name (Ke$ha, A$AP Rocky, etc). The dollar symbol has an occult origin, representing the serpent and a staff. So expect the same trend to occur in our future…

  44. II was watching an interview with lady gaga and she said the the goddess Venus is living in her. Sounds like she is possessed.

  45. When I was younger I wanted to be a singer cause I could sing. Now I'm so glad that I was too shy and never tried to get into that industry of evil. Thank you god for making me too shy to sing in front of people its a blessing really.

    • You could still sing – you can be an independent artist. You don't always have be to an a list celeb like beyonce to be famous. There are lots of people on youtube withh talent and there not a list celebs

    • Your god blesses you with a voice and you do not want to use it? Like that Child of Isis says, there are other ways to sing out loud and proud without being an industry-puppet..

  46. PrincessLuhLuh on

    this is too evident now …they not holding it back …. guys walking around big eyeballs as heads no …people these shows are now evident Illuminati rules …
    I feel sorry for those who attend these shows …. they are being brainwashed , the gaze of that man in audience speaks thousands … stay vigilant people :)

  47. Why is it not brought up that this was clearly a grab for publicity? Her popularity has been waning, no one would have cared about 'Die Young' were it not for the video. Personally, i think it is being done to mock us as well as garner publicity. When someone is genuinely in the occult, their videos tend to look a lot more like 'Tool' videos, thoyghtful, but very much simbolically occult. These pop stars are not in the occult, or they would have more reverence for it.

  48. Tre: be sure to read through the comments. There is one above with a linky to an article about The Residents having nothing to do with this, and have been contacting her management about some kind of recognition for using their likeness. She's been doing this for some time, apparently.
    Also, I seriously doubt they have anything to with the notorious 'illumined ones.' Even after all these years, they play tiny theaters. Saw them in Atlanta at the Variety Playhouse recently, and there were *maybe* 150 people there. Out of a city of five million! [Admittedly, a city with a crap music scene – but still.] They're hardly "raking it in" like those of the Keshat variety.
    If they've ever used symbolism, it's been in order to spoof it, I'd guess. They have lampooned western culture many times.
    But then again, one never knows. When I saw them, it was during the "Talking Light tour." Talking Light??
    And, rumour has it that Matt Groening named Homer after the leader of The Residents. Not saying one has anything to do with the other…but it's interesting.

    • That's what I was wondering. The Residents are so… the opposite of whatever Kesha is. Plus if it was really The Residents, one of them would have a black skull instead of an eyeball.

  49. It doesn't matter WHY they are using the symbolism. It is enough simply to use it. No such thing as SPOOF occult, wet-behind-the-ears occult or wanabee occult. If they use it then they are promoting it and usually, we see them 'rewarded' for doing it which suggests fulfillment of a deal. It is a bit like product placement in movies. We know that Brad doesn't like squeezy cheese but putting it on his table means that sales will rise.

  50. I'm surprised VC didn't mention the part in the beginning when the dancers have swords, they put the swords around Kesha and it makes the freemason symbol

  51. If this is all true, im just wondering why Satanists and the illuminati (and anyone associated with stuff like that) would choose that path, conaidering the fact that Satan cannot beat the creator of the Universe. I mean if its a match up between Satan vs God – in the long term God will win. So why pick the side that is only the temporary winner? Why not pick the side that will have eternal glory? It just seems crazy to me!

      • And they don't even get peace and quite. They constantly live in agony, if you think s***n and his minions leave them alone, you're completely wrong. Once you're in, they hunt you for eternity. Then you lose your sleep and everything else. Godly people and I'm not saying that because I'm one of them as it couldn't be further from the truth, have peace in their mind and heart, are happy with nothing. The Holy Spirit is extremely powerful, once it inhabits in you, it gets the best of you. You are a changed person.If you ever meet one of those peeps you'll see what I mean.

    • Because of YOLO – worldly wealth and power, a bit like a platinum bank card with no immediate need to repay. It is a choice and not just open to celebrities. There are dull people at work such as office managers who might have done it to get promoted to middle management. There are loads of shopkeepers tied up in freemasonary because they believe it will boost their profits and allow them to open another store in the next mall. Finally, because the best trick they have ever pulled on the flock of sheep is that God does not really exist and Satan doesn't exist either. Only the truly religious and the truly corrupt are certain of this. Most people in the street would give up arguing it after a short while due to lack of knowledge/conviction/interest

    • Unfortunately the don't actually see it that way. Their beliefs are quite different. My ex-husband is a satanic priest and I used to be one of them. They worship a false power and a false light because they are self-delusional. They believe that they have the power to control their own destiny. They are extremely arrogant, narcissistic, and some are even sociopathic. It took the power of God and years of therapy for me to undo the damage on my psyche. They just don't see things the same way as normal people and never will. And if you tell them otherwise they call you a sheep.

      • The salvation of the soul is the most significant part of someone's life. Everything else in trivial, however only a few have realised and accomplished it. Lucky them for taking the choice to become sheep. I wish I was an innocent, harmless, little sheep too. And good luck to you dearest Christina, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Never underestimate your ability to find it with a superior power's assistance.

  52. y son was watching one of her videos the other day. I told him to turn the TV… He asked me Why? Because she is a witch and worships Satan…. His mouth almost hit the floor.

    This music and videos are really amid at destroying our young generation

  53. Did anyone else notice her eyes in the fourth photo? Her eyes look like they're looking in different directions, seriously wtf?

  54. My two cents: I actually like Ke$ha. She writes her own music, she writes her own lyrics, she's a Southern gal like me, and she is a runner (like me). I like to work out to her music; I'm not an impressionable youth, but a 30 year old professional. However, we can't point a finger to blame her entirely for her set design and costumes. Her handlers/managers are the obvious ones who control themes and content. Let's pray for Ke$ha, but respect her as an artist….unlike so many uncreative popstars these days!

    • I'm from Nashville TN and only a bit older…. many of my friends went to the same school as her at Brentwood High… I too am proud of her for pushing herself into a successful spotlight while maintaining a publicized affinity and love for our hometown……………………………………………………………………… and then she souled out. GET REAL RISSA she has forfeited her individuality to follow the Instructions of Luciferian Handlers… she is following the same scripts which are forced on all the other horribly untalented pop stars and it is undeniable! And you should know that by now, especially if you have been paying attention to the ongoing progression of Satanism at outrageous levels in her videos

    • Everyone's Brother on

      That was a joke right? Respect her as an artist? There is NOTHING artistic about her. Writes her own music? Doubtful, but either way, that isn't music. Shame on you. I am your age, and we were raised on much better music; compared to which, she sounds like a possum dying. How do you say she writes her own lyrics and then a few sentences later say "her handlers/managers are the obvious ones who control themes and content"? I will pray for her, but I refuse to respect her as an artist, and the fact that you are implying she is creative makes me want to pray for you too, or at least for your taste in music.

    • All these performing artists are promoted as writing their own material as it gives sense of authenticity to their product. But the performance is a whole contrived product: song + dance+ set+ costume= sales. The product's purpose is to stimulate the core emotions of sex, anger, fear and the behaviors of dominance and submission. To listen to it mindfully, is one thing. To keep the repetition going on in the background while you are going about your routine activities is, hypnosis. We can all wake up now.

      • Exactly, I remember reading something about beyonce somewhere and how she kept taking credit for a song, I think it was regarding bootilicious, and the guy who worked with her on that song was getting so pissed that he called her dad and her dad told him pretty much the same thing you said. Fans want to believe the artists are doing it all.

  55. V.C. Another great summary, thank you so much. You have made me so aware of the world around me.
    These people desserve whats coming to them. Selling their souls for fame and fortune.
    I'm so pleased to have the knowledge now to be able to protect my children from these "perverts" that call themselves "artists" . At least I will try my best.

  56. Maybe someone posted this already…but did anyone else notice that kesha herself looked high? Maybe an alter was doing the performing?

  57. For such a large crowd there didn't seem to be much enthusiasm. She is AWFUL. I like how she sometimes remembered to put the microphone up to her mouth when the singing was going on. What a lackluster dance performance. I only watched the end, it's all I could take. I didn't want to poison my mind with this trash.

  58. This is disgusting. But think of all the people out there in the world that don't know about occult/illuminati symbolism. Some of them are indeed ignorant but some just simply have no knowledge of it. That's why we need more sites like this! I never knew any if this stuff until about 6 months ago. Thank god I was googling song meanings to one of Lana Del Rey's songs and someone posted a comment referencing MK-Ultra. I am a curious person and whenever I see something I don't know about I do research and that's what I did on MK-Ultra. Which led to sooooo many more discoveries. I'll admit, at first I didn't want to believe that everything I had known was all a lie, but now I'm so happy I finally know the truth!

    • As do the rest of the world. Ask Chinese or Indian or Brazilian what is going on deeply inside their society. Such things as moral standards are in swift decline. It is not about economy or is it?

  59. one thing is see the pics the VC posts, another thing is when you watch this singers making this sings with their hands and covering their eyes… looks sooooo stupid and ridiculous that makes me think if this whole Illuminati thing is for real.

  60. I don't think Ke$ha is even in the Illuminati if it exists, I think she knows people are starting to talk about it online and decided to start using their symbols so people will talk about her more. Her drunk girl personae is just an act she is actually very smart, hard working and calculating.

    • They don't actually call themselves Illuminati. They call themselves the illuminated ones. Their rituals to become illuminated are too horrible to discuss in detail. There are several secret societies to which they belong.

  61. Hi V.C.! I am writing you from the tiny caribbean island of Sint Maarten. Yes your influence has even reach this part of the world LoL. I have been a silent reader of your articles for many years and this is my first time ever commenting on this site. I am a christian and some years ago while in college in Holland, I felt compelled in my spirit to start my own research on the occult based on what I saw was happening in the world (esp. the media).

    Since I became a christian I always sensed that there was group of very evil and powerful people in the shadows somewhere pulling the strings. I never heard of the illuminati until I started my research which eventually led me to your site. I have been a faithful reader ever since.

  62. A lot of what you have stated in your articles lines right up with my research. I am not american and I have never lived in the states, but America has a big influence on our culture (music, entertainment etc.). So alot of what you guys experience, we also see and feel here. In these last days that we are living in I want to encourage my fellow readers to remain strong and faithful to your beliefs. Those in the illuminati feel that they are invincible and gloating over their weatlh and power. But one day the party is going to stop and each of them will have to give account to God on all the evil they have done on judgement day. Remember that saying who laughs last, laughs the best.

    I want to say thank you to V.C. for your hard work and dedication. It takes alot of courage to do what you do. Please don't ever stop and may God almighty bless you.

  63. Anyone see "America's Got Talent" last night, I don't really watch the show very much but caught part of it, there was an act from a pervious season performing and they were called iLuminate (pronounced like eye-luminate), and at the end the lady who was the coach or something came out and had a very large eye of horus tatoo on her arm. What was up with that? Jumping on the illuminati bandwagon? This stuff is everywhere, I think some people see it and just copy what they see.

  64. Seeing all this stuff, this crazy imagery that alludes to an even crazier organization, the fact that the Illuminati exists and so few are even aware of it, it's so fucking disorienting. I mean ,seriously, it feels like I'm in an anime. What the fuck is this life?

  65. "You're an interesting species. An interesting mix. You're capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares. You feel so lost, so cut off, so alone, only you're not. See, in all our searching, the only thing we've found that makes the emptiness bearable, is each other."

    Stay strong everyone.

  66. The Majority of the symbols you are seeing are not by nature Illuminati symbols. They mean one thing and the "illuminati" are using them in a perverted way.

    • 32 degree or any degree way more perverted than any pervert on death row. What is worse than the pact with lucuifer to do as much evil as possible?

    • If you're actually a 32nd degree mason, then you know damn well that you are lying.

      If you're not then you still know you're lying, but you're misguided.

      Either way, I hope you get out it.

  67. As much as I don't appreciate Keisha, at least she performs with the persona of a fully grown up woman, even a sort of amazon. Practically laudable when compared with Miley's pseudo kiddie pornographic child sex simulations. Ugh.

  68. all for the kids to think it is normal.. The eyes in suits watching us.. all six of them.. and the satanism mixed in
    there..isnt this the same chick who sings about glitter on the floor and the orgy, everyone getting naked turning her on?? what was the name of that one again.. seems she needs to go over the top for even younger stupid followers but i hope she is just trying to please the boss for her sake and not used in real life devil
    Lady gaga has summoned venus. she looks so dazed lately that i dont know if shes also acting to please the man in charge or to continue trying to tell us like she did again at the vmas which most ppl didnt get the point of the canvas and wigs and hand gestures.
    And I must throw in- thank you to Madonna and her daughter for the material
    Girl line that includes upside down crosses and the lightning symbol on pants. Sold at Macy's to your teeny bopper daughters. That store itself, represented by a
    Red star, is evil and u should write an article on the stars who became fashion designers all of a sudden and have deals there.

    • thanks stacy excellent i didn't know about Madonna redemption with fashion and stuff; mind boggling.
      what is its response in america so far?

    • The mind control stuff is the aspect of this whole thing I believe the least. I guess we're supposed to believe that budding pop stars are kept in a dungeon somewhere and forced to do horrible things until they get a record deal. It lacks the ring of authenticity to me.

      That said I believe in a global ruling elite of devil worshipers so who am I to judge?

  69. I shudder to think what you'd find in video games. But when my kids were growing up with Carebears and Rainbow Brite cartoons, I figured that this kind of thing was on it's way. The kids were indoctrinated at an early age. If we don't keep them in church, teach them God's word, and set a good example, we shouldn't be surprised when they swallow the bait hook, line and sinker.

  70. T....?????...... on

    Most people are morons, and suck up whatever garbage is put in their face. I'm glad sites like this exist, it's helps people make sense of the hidden subliminal messages being feed into television, films, music, advertisements, print media etc… As for talentless ugly performers such as the above non entity (and the host of others such as, gaga, the fat reality show Kim whatshername etc…), the programming must work effectively, because these puppets have a mass of followers and make millions of dollars. Gotta love the suckers, they have no idea, no brains, no class and no taste !!

    • I first learned about subliminal messages from a Dean Koontz book, of all things. I think it was Night Chills?

      Scared the crap out of me that I started seeing sex and death subliminally in just about everything the media produces.

  71. So i was driving past a sports bar and they had this steelers game day special banner hanging up flashing the triple six very boldly, sh!t is getting scary wish i could post the pic here

  72. SLIGHTLY off-topic, but anyone else see THIS??? It CANNOT get ANY more blatant than this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    found it on NME.

    Lady Gaga promises 'Gaga of Oz' theme for US TV performance on Monday

    Singer reveals her performance of 'Applause' on 'Good Morning America' will be inspired by 'The Wizard Of Oz'

    Lady Gaga has promised a "Gaga of Oz" theme when she perform new single 'Applause' on US breakfast show Good Morning America on Monday (September 9).

    The singer used Twitter to reveal that her performance would be inspired by the Judy Garland classic The Wizard Of Oz, posting a photo of the film's iconic yellow brick road.

    In her follow-up tweet, Gaga teased fans further with a brief "Gaga of Oz" rhyme: "When Dorothy goes GLAM / snatches all the weaves of OZ / outsmarting the Wicked West / as she thrills for your APPLAUSE!"

    Last Sunday (September 1), Lady Gaga performed 'Applause' and debuted seven new songs from her forthcoming album 'ARTPOP' at her intimate comeback gig at London's Roundhouse on the opening night of this year's iTunes Festival. The new songs she performed are titled 'Aura', 'MANiCURE', 'ARTPOP', 'Jewels & Drugs', 'Sex Dreams', 'Swine' and 'I Wanna Be With You'.

    'ARTPOP' is due for release on November 11 and features production from Zedd, Madeon and DJ White Shadow, who has recently described the singer's third full-length effort as "a really fun album".

  73. Do you think that since you covered this event that you are going to do an article about the IheartRadio concert in Las Vegas on the 20-21? Katy Perry, Robin Thicke, Bruno Mars, and Queen are going to be there too.

  74. Get ready for Britney Spears new video"Work bitch!", it will be overloaded with MK symbols, have seen the pics from the process, want an article about it here.

  75. Glad a had a chance to watch it before it mysteriously went private. This is horrible what the hell is going on with our earth.

  76. Amazing how blatant the symbols are and how are all over.In movies,,,music videos and ads…Scary indeed!
    The Illuminati is on a serious mission.

    VC could you please take time and also look into Africa's(South to be specific) movies,theatre and music.

  77. Good Lord. I just wasted ten minutes watching that crap and I can't believe anyone else ever would. That woman has no talent or presence and anyone who thinks she wouldn't be voted off American Idol (also idiocy) in the first audition is insane.

    Who do you have to blow to get off this planet?

  78. I just hate them. I keep telling my classmates at school to stop listening to lady gaga and other illuminati shit because they will hypnotize you but still they laughed at me. They said that Im crazy. Well fuck them. I admit I was one of them singing illuminati songs but I woke up from the truth and I realized that I was listening to shit

  79. If anyone even tries to state the fact these artists aren't aware of what there representing or doing,
    There are in absolute denial. This symbolism has become even more blatant and 'all-seeing' to the 'eye' than ever before. They fans or rather 'puppets' just don't want to let go of their idols. A very sad truth, and unfortunately it will become much worse.

  80. At this point I think it is all very deliberate because this symbolism is out of the closet and widely known thanks to the internet. She is merely trading on the controversy that her handlers KNOW will invoke a reaction and get more publicity and theoretically more sales of her "music". I doubt if keslut (er, ke$ha) even has an inkling of what she is truly symbolizing herself (other than "look at me, I'm a devil worshiping skank!"), she's just a puppet with auto tune.

  81. roadtriptoouttaspace on

    while this is obviously mindnumbing trash, which i wouldn´t expose my kids to in a million years.
    the whole illuminati / mk -spiel is just the producer´s way of messing with people who can read between the lines. ever since jay z started his oto-clothing line just around the same time he bagan colaborating with the likes of coldplay and started hanging out at indie-shows in brooklyn, it´s common industry knowledge that using that sort of imagery will leave a mark and start controversy within our pop culture. and not only for brainless fans or "animals" for that matter, but a much wider audience, who normally wouldn´t expose themselves to entertainment aimed at somewhat challenged tweens/ teenagers.
    there is no such thing as BAD publicity. some producer, choreographer and visual artist is just f***-ing with you and laughing all the way to the bank.
    i personally blame braindead parents for this kind of trash to spread like a virus. you might aswell feed your kids cookie dough for breakfast.

  82. I've been a heavy metal fan all my life. I'm closing in on 40 and it's crazy how much has changed. When I was a teen, this type of symbolism was solely found in death metal. There are two types of death metal bands (this also applies to black metal): 1. absolutely genuine satanism, and 2. Purposely over the top lyrics that are so grotesque they become black humor.

    Anyway, inverted crosses and stuff like that could only be found in, for instance, a Deicide video. Can you imagine Debbie Gibson doing this kind of crap? But now, the modern day Debbie Gibsons of the world make videos every bit as evil as anything spawned out of Tampa in the early 90s.

    In fact, it is my love of metal that really opened my eyes and made me realize that it's not a coincidence that so many bands sing about the same stuff. Even the bands that aren't overtly satanic will sing songs that very clearly reference a new world order, templars, etc. Hammerfall and Kamelot are good examples. Yet, in all my life, I've never met a metalhead that gave this type of thing much though. Mostly it just sounds manly and cool. Songs about war and killing and so forth are music to a masculine soul, for whatever that's worth.

    It should also be mentioned that there are many Christian metal bands, also both overt and more subtle. Extol, Trouble, Helloween, Rob Rock and many more. So please don't label metal as a whole as evil.

    It's very, very difficult to stop appreciating the "bad" stuff though. Judas Priest is just crazy awesome, but sing songs like "Judas Be My Guide" (not to mention many odes to homosexuality). I just can't bring myself to delete that kind of stuff. I think I'm old enough to take a step back and look at the whole picture and the story it tells, both evil and good.

    End of ramble.

  83. I go to the next panel and size it up before reading the captions to see what I can find. Its like taking a Vigilant Citizen 101 MidTerm. I spotted the upside down cross on the heart before I read it. Also eyes on a masonic checkered background. So the education in here is beginning to sink in….

  84. Issela Santina on

    Ke$ha was in the Philippines recently (based on when I typed this comment). I saw some pictures of her performance. Lots of crazy single-eye poses, and then on the sidebars, there was one that talked about her "occult behavior". She said the leads the Illuminati. :/

  85. Why cnt we all come together and stop this madness? what ever happened to fighting for our rights. FREED OF SPEECH ? too bad they are trying to form a one world government. so no more constitution. I pray to god everyone wakes up.

  86. Society as a whole just needs to revert back to the 50s. It was an absolute golden era compared the world today – which is going to shit at an absolutely nauseating pace. I'm so glad I have such an insight into life as such a young age. My only wish is to escape from this corrupt and festering society before it implodes in on it's self. I definitely don't wanna be there when that happens. A nice quiet life in the country is good enough for me.

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