Does Sugar in Processed Foods Make You Dumber? New Study Says Yes.


In the series of articles entitled Dumbing Down Society, I described the many negative effects of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) on general health. This high-powered sweetener is found in a great number of sugary processed foods such as jams, soft drinks and pre-packaged baked goods. It is also found in other products that are no so sugary such as  soups, breads, pasta sauces, cereals, frozen entrees, meat products, salad dressings and condiments. Research links HFCS to increasing rates of obesity and diabetes in North America, especially among children. Fructose converts to fat more than any other sugar. And being a liquid, it passes much more quickly into the blood stream.

A recent study now claims that HFCS not only makes you fat, it also makes you dumb(er). According to a team from University of California, the sweetener actually disrupts basic brain functions. Fortunately, these negative effects can be reduced with the consumption Omega-3s, a fatty acid that was discussed in the article Dumbing-Down Society Part 3: How to Reverse its Effects. Here’s an article about the study on HFCS.

Does sugar make you stupid? Study suggests it sabotages learning and memory

  • Fructose is commonly added to processed foods such as soft drinks
  • It was found to hamper memory and slow brain activity

Too much sugar could be making you stupid, according to researchers.

The suggestion follows tests in the laboratory comparing high-fructose corn syrup, which is six times sweeter than cane sugar and a common ingredient in processed foods, with omega-3 fatty acids, known to aid memory and learning.

In an experiment on rats, one group had a sugary diet for six weeks and another was fed healthily.

At the start of the study, published in the Journal of Physiology, the  University of California team tested how well the rats navigated a maze – placing landmarks to help them learn the way.

Six weeks later, the researchers tested the rats’ ability to recall the route.

Study co-author Professor Fernando Gomez-Pinilla said the rats fed just a sugary diet were slower and their brains had declined.

He said: ‘Eating a high-fructose diet over the long term alters your brain’s ability to learn and remember information.

However, the good news is that eating nuts and fish such as salmon can counteract this disruption.

‘Our findings illustrate that what you eat affects how you think,’ said Prof Gomez-Pinilla. ‘Adding omega-3 fatty acids to your meals can help minimise the damage.’

While earlier research has revealed how fructose harms the body through its role in diabetes, obesity and fatty liver, this study is the first to uncover how the sweetener influences the brain.

The researchers were studying the impact of high-fructose corn syrup on rats, who have similar brain chemistry to humans.
The inexpensive liquid is six times sweeter than cane sugar and is commonly added to processed foods such as soft drinks.

‘We’re not talking about naturally occurring fructose in fruits, which also contain important antioxidants,’ said Prof Gomez-Pinilla.

‘We’re concerned about high-fructose corn syrup that is added to manufactured food products as a sweetener and preservative.’

Prof Gomez-Pinilla and co-author Rahul Agrawal found the brain’s of the rats that each consumed a fructose solution as drinking water for six weeks had changed.

Prof Gomez-Pinilla said: ‘Their brain cells had trouble signaling each other, disrupting the rats’ ability to think clearly and recall the route they’d learned six weeks earlier.’

A closer look at the rats’ brain tissue suggested that insulin had lost much of its power to influence the brain cells.

The authors suspect that eating too much fructose could block insulin’s ability to regulate how cells use and store sugar for the energy required for processing thoughts and emotions.

However, their study also suggests that eating foods rich in omega-3 regularly could protect the brain from the effects of fructose.

Prof Gomez-Pinilla said: ‘It’s like saving money in the bank. You want to build a reserve for your brain to tap when it requires extra fuel to fight off future diseases.’
– Source: Daily Mail




      • Is it really so bad in US, that you can buy GMO vegetables without ever knowing about it? These are no labeled? So sick. Fortunately in my country GMO is still banned, but I think it's only a matter of time until they legalize it and our brainwashed people will support it.

        I have my own garden with vegetables and fruits, I buy milk and eggs from a farmer, I don't buy anything with MGS or aspartame. But in the past… ehhh, I ate shit, not food. This change helped me a lot, I'm now more healthy and… less dumb? I lived before like in some kind of trance, I'm talking about my brain activity, it was poisoned. It's hard to describe, but I can say one. food does matter.

    • TheWiredWorld on

      That means you're pretty unhealthy, lol. I eat like my hunter gatherer ancestors and holy crap do I feel amazing.

    • Sorry but for your information most vegetables available are GMOs. GMOs can be mass produce in addition to the usage of fertilizers, chemicals absorbed by plants, vegetables and crops. Truthseekers should connect the dots then you will realize everything is corrupted by the "system".

    • You can be a 'vegetarian' and still eat crap. All kinds of 'vegetarian' processed foods WILL contain HFCS. (I came across HFCS is a jar of pickles the other day.) My suggestion, eat only whole, plant based foods and consume as little processed junk as possible! :)

  1. hairypocketman on

    good job again VC

    i have been aware of HFCS for a while and regularly check for it in my foodstuffs. Though, through your insight, I have completly changed my diet and live a much more healthier lifestyle. The benefits are humongous!!

    My eyes are open, and opening other peoples eyes is an effort but worth it if it stops them eating rubbish like this!!!

  2. crazzzy…makes me think…my son is 4 and hes a big boy..not only is he real tall ,hes almost 4 feet tall hes 3'10'' ..but hes heavy set too hes 76lbs ..i just ownder if its whatever crap they are putting into foods nowadays.. he doesnt eat ALOT like u would imagine he eats like a normal kid would…guess i have to start really watchin what im giving him dont want to unknowingly put him at risk for diabetes or whatever when hes older

    • Good for you for realizing that! :) We can all check labels more. The best way, I have found, to reduce HFCS intake is to cook more at home. :) Which also will reduce the amount of GMO's consumed as well. :) Cooking at home doesn't have to take a lot of time (slow cookers are awesome to cook with if you have little time), and the benefits are immense!

    • Candle of the Meteor on

      Disgusting. Learn how to feed your child. Just because the corporations are selling tons of processed garbage doesn't mean you have to buy it, and don't give me any BS about it being hard to avoid. I'm really big when it comes to nutrition and health and my entire family easily abstains from preservatives, GMOs and added flavoring and coloring.

      • TheWiredWorld on

        I eat "primally", and while it's utterly amazing, it's pretty damned expensive. (which is another angle "they're" trying to trap the populace".

  3. Be more open-minded on

    I'm slowly moving into the process of not eating meat. As long as we have fast food places this will continue to grow. They're putting fructose in everything. Alot of foods taste the same because of this. This is what makes the foods taste good to help make it sells.

    • I eat meat, but I make sure its not coming from a source where they raise the animal in bad conditions and that it is killed humanely, or I hunt my own food and process it myself. Society has really taught us to disassociate from our roots (raising our own food!). Gardening is a must as well! But eating less meat isn't a bad idea either, just if you do eat it, research things and make smart choices. :)

      • Thank you VC for articles about HFCS. It's really weird that you can't find anything about HFCS in polish internet. We have sites like this, there is something about aspartame, MSG, but absolutely nothing about this, while it's used in a lot of drinks instead of sugar. At the beginning I thought that it only applies to USA, because in our country it's called literally glucose-fructose syrup and i thought it's same as normal sugar, because saccharose is simply glucose + fructose… How stupid I was…

    • TheWiredWorld on

      Don't stop eating meat, I can't stress that enough. Our hunter gatherer ancestors did so (WITH foliage) for….well, I'll just let this explain it

      Local farmers markets. Can't stress it enough. I was cutting some fresh chicken the other day and it looks incredibly different than the crap you buy from a franchise store that it looks like a different animal.

      • Sabretruthtiger on

        So true. Meat is food of the Gods!!! For any of you unaware of the globalist agenda, they're trying to stop us eating meat and are behind the big 'anti-meat' campaign in the media and popular culture. Meat is important for protein, aminos, iron and other essential nutrients that are hard to come by in vegetables without careful selection and sufficient ingestion of the requisite nutrient-rich options (nuts and soy for protein (dairy for some) iron-rich veges etc) high protein meat diets combined with exercise promotes muscular strength and bone density, it also strengthens the immune system. A strong, healthy population that has muscular fighting strength is NOT what the globalists want. There is nothing wrong with being a vegetarian in itself if a healthy eating plan is maintained but the vegetarian angle fits in snugly with the Eugenicist 'nature above man' doctrine whereby they intend to wipe out hundreds of millions even billions of the world's population. The take over of resources and land in the name of the global warming SCAM and 'saving the planet' is their methodology, and it's happening all over the world. The metrosexual, vegetarian hippie eco-fascist human-hating, weak man is their ideal serf in the transition to the global Orwellian feudal technocracy.

      • While I understand where you're coming from, there is benefit in being mindful that We are Source Creations which means there are infinite variations which means that every one's physical system is not conducive to meat. Some of our systems thrive on meat, "real" meat, that is. Others thrive on fruits/grains/vegetables. Then there are those whose systems need a mixture of both. And even within these three templates, there can be expansive numbers of pairings and types [of foods]. This planet, galaxy, universe and omniverse is just too vast to be defined by either-or scenarios. Just something think about…

  4. Good Article. Printed it out to give to my mother who continues to bye processed food for my kids. I stopped buying anything that has HFCS a few months ago due to a previous food article of yours. You have to look hard to find products that don't have it and they usually cost twice as much but it's worth it. It angers me that the most affordable foods are the worst for your body and brain. Shop local for meats, veggies, and fruits!

    • Actually processed foods are NOT as affordable as cooking for yourself. If you actually eat veggies and fruits and whole foods and cook at home, the savings are immense! I cook nearly everything I eat at home, buy little to no processed foods, even if its organic, and I eat better than everyone else I know on a MUCH smaller budget.

      Look at it this way, I can get 1lbs of apple for about .80cents OR I can get 1 candy bar for about .80cents which weighs about 2 oz, how is that cheaper? It's not! I'll get about 3 apples, which are way more filling for the price of a candy bar. Processed food is not cheaper that's a myth that the food industry propagates.

      • Actually, where I live, fruit and veg is very expensive. To say that it's a myth is a bit dismissive- many people don't have access to farmer's markets/greengrocers etc. I eat very healthily but much of my fruit and veg comes from a supermarket. I have started ordering in organic fruit and veg, but how many people would rather just eat the processed, cheap rubbish instead? Well, quite a lot, if I look around…work more, consume more= less time to prepare meals…

      • I went through a period when I was buying only organic. But the carrots inside the plastic bags were usually half rotten, the apples and broccoli didn't look organic either. My dad is into organic produce which he cultivates just for family and friends, so I never came across organic fruit/veggies that look like the ones they sell in the stores. Since then I decided to buy only organic milk, eggs and meat. Nothing else. But still I have my doubts that they are actually organic. You don't know for sure they don't use some dye for the chicken skin to make it look organic or some other enhancers.

    • @Alanna:

      It's not dismissive.

      It may seem that way in text, but I do understand some places are more expensive then others (I don't go to Farmer's Markets either btw). Which is also why i have a garden. You may say, "Well, I live in an apartment, I can't…" Well, so do I, but I garden indoors (you can get special bulbs for gardening indoors actually) and on my patio, which is not bigger then 3.5ft by 7ft, not very big.

      Not only that, the fruits and vegetables things was just an example. It's not a LAW statement. My sister lived in Connecticut for a year and the fruits and veggies were harder to get there, but seafood was pretty damn cheap and available, so she started eating that more even though she was a vegetarian and didn't normally eat it. Seafood is still a whole food….

      My point is that, you work with what you have, and we can always make excuses, but I would think, especially as a visitor of this site, people would MAKE a way, rather then constantly make excuses. This site is about finding alternatives and making them work basically…

      I don't criticize anyone, and I just hope some people will see, that making excuses wont help you eat healthier, where there is a will there is a way.

  5. This is kind of a no-brainer. HFCS is garbage. Stick to using natural sugar or turbinado. And ALWAYS read food labels! If you are not sure what is in the product, ask the store worker. My rule of thumb is NO HFCS-period. Also, no more than five ingredients in foodstuffs and I better know how to pronounce them and what they are or it is getting put back onto the shelf.

    • Funny thing about the "If you can't pronounce it don't it it." rule is this, most botanicals have nearly unpronounceable names, but I still eat them. The actually name for EGCG I cannot pronounce, but I still take it. So, I feel, in that regard, its a silly standard. Chemicals, yes, I agree, avoid those like the plague!

  6. This is a sign that we should PLANT/GROW our own food.We've already started.As much as I'll miss having sugary stuff it'll be worth it.

  7. cingisbelievin12 on

    this is great. whats eerie is the fact that the show supernatural just had an episode on this. The creature they are after is using high fructose corn syrup in food to dumb down the humans so they eat us eventually.

    • I hate shows like that. While entertaining, I feel like they are point blank honestly telling us what is going in the real world. (And yes. I do think that there might be entities on this planet, physical or otherwise that are actually eating us. This could be either physically, like ritual blood sacrifice and such, or through emotional vibration, like feeding off our combined fear and suffering.) Anyway, more shows and movies seem to pointing this out.

  8. paisleycerebrum on

    for the past few weeks i've been tracking every morsel of food that i eat. monitoring fat, sodium, sugar, etc…it amazes me how i easily go over my sugar limit while eating "healthy" yet processed foods (which i've stopped). and that's when i don't even reach half of my calorie intake for the day

    random fact: excess of any form of glucose is bait for cancerous cells.

      B17, Budwig, Essiac Rene M Caisse

      Toxins, radiation, and acidosis are the unholy trinity of cancer. The combined damage from toxins, radiation, malnutrition (often caused by pharmaceuticals), and illness leads to acidosis, which is the final stage of this misunderstood condition. When a person's body chemistry becomes acidic from the aforementioned factors, then his blood's ability to retain and carry oxygen is severely diminished. Healthy individuals have a blood oxygen level of between 98 and 100 as measured by a pulse oximeter, but cancer patients routinely show around 60. Oxygen is replaced in a cancer patient's blood with wastes such as carbon dioxide. The oxygen starvation caused by acidosis leads to the formation of tumors as cells must mutate to derive their energy from a fermentation process. Normal cells obtain energy from oxygen, but oxygen-starved cells must mutate to using a type of direct sugar fermentation, which is really the body's self defense. Of course, this is not as "clean" as oxygen-based energy, and the waste products of fermentation build in the tissues causing even higher toxicity. Eventually the entire immune system is debilitated by the process of cleaning these wastes, so that it can no longer cope with the removal of unhealthy cells. This allows the cancer cells to multiply and spread unchecked to create the symptom of tumors, which is in the latter stages of this process.

      All the above was proved by Dr. Otto Warburg, and he won the Nobel Prize for it in 1931. Funny you've never heard about it, huh? Are you still walking for the cure? Don't worry, we felt horribly suckered when we learned too. Meanwhile, the industry is still murdering people for profit, while "searching for the cure".

      The secret to beating cancer is that life-giving breath of God ― oxygen. Technically, it is not that simple, but it is almost that simple. The real trick is getting the oxygen into the deep tissue cells, and getting them to "eat" it again. Dr. Budwig's regimen is just one of many for stimulating that.

      Most cancer cures (not treatments) involve adjusting the body's pH beyond neutral, and into an alkaline state. In the alkaline state, human blood is rich in oxygen, and this same oxygen is poisonous to all mutated cancer (fermenting) cells. Oxygen is, of course, harmless to healthy cells ― and we're not going into that whole free radical thing here ― except to say that oxygen is never an issue with a healthy (anti-cancer) diet. Whilst naturally mocked by the industry, the generalized anti-cancer alkalizing diets are effective, and certainly merit further reading.

      Dr. Budwig found a way to do it better and faster. She turbo-charged her anti-cancer diet with a solution made from common flax seed oil and cottage cheese. She discovered that even the so-called "healthy" (fat free) diets were a huge part of the problem. (We'll cover the cholesterol scam later.) Her regimen eliminated the damaging fats and foods from the diet that cause cellular oxygen starvation, and replaced them with healing foods, and life-saving essential fatty acids. Along with diet, she emphasized the benefits of sunlight, the natural source of the anti-cancer vitamin D3, and stress reduction. The power of sunlight (Vitamin D3) cannot be overstated.

      "Without these fatty acids, the respiratory enzymes cannot function and the person suffocates, even when he is given oxygen-rich air. A deficiency in these highly unsaturated fatty-acids impairs many vital functions. First of all, it decreases the person's supply of available oxygen. We cannot survive without air and food; nor can we survive without these fatty acids. That has been proven long ago."

      ― Dr. Johanna Budwig

      Cancer revisited the industry suppressed Budwig Regimen or how to cure cancer with cottage cheese.

      • Be more open-minded on

        I couldn't see this being effective unless administered through IV. That way, it goes directly to the tumors through the blood stream. You would probably have to eat like that for years due to the process of the break down of foods to actully get what is needed. So i guess my question is would you do this before cancer, during, or after being diagnosed?

  9. This makes me want to abandon all drinks and stick to nothing but water.

    Oh wait…that, too, is poisoned with fluoride.

      • Breyer's. NOT Dreyer's. Comes in a rectangular pacage. 5 ingredients for the most part.

        Vanilla has cream, sugar, vanilla, and maybe one more thing.

      • Breyer's or dreyer's, sth I don't have access to. But yeovalley organic is free of glucose syrup etc and haagen dazs. HD can easily found here for 2 quid instead of the usual 4 quid general price tag.

      • You can't buy an ice-cream machine and supply it with your ingredients. It includes a booklet with various recipes. I have one of those but I hardly ever use it.

  10. TheTruthForDummies on

    Use common sense when choosing what you eat. Stay away from as much PROCESSED foods, choose organic when possible, or grown your own! Trader Joe's, Henry's, Mother's, Sprouts, Lassens… all these stores carry a wide variety of ORGANIC foods, as well as meat and dairy products that are from grass-fed cows, etc. If it's a big, well know corporate brand, I stay away from it.

  11. Truth B. Told on

    Again, another great article VC. I have been very weary to HFCS. Lately I've seen commercials saying that HFCS is just like regular sugar. And I was wondering why all of sudden these commercials were popping up. Now I know. I have stopped drinking soda's, now I just have to work on everything else. Which won't be hard to do now that I am dieting and trying to lose a few pounds. Thanks VC for keeping us in "the know".

    • Those commercials are the worst form of propaganda, nothing but lies by the corn refiners association!

      Do your own research, there is so much independent research that has shown the dangers of HFCS its ridiculous!

      • Truth B. Told on

        I have started doing a little more research, thanks to VC. I've always had my suspicion about HFCS.

  12. Yeah, I drink a LOT of coke. I not stoopid!

    Jk, but I drink a lot of coke, though. I should really cut back.

    • I'd say drink diet coke, but that has aspartame… lol

      Instead, go buy a soda stream! you can make your own soda with your own syrup, its awesome! That's what I use for my soda cravings. :)

  13. Thanks for posting this VC!!!

    There have actually been a number of other studies (some a couple of years old) that say this exact same thing! But they were largely ignored by the public, sadly. I have been researching hFCS for a long time, and its funny cause my husband, if he has it can, gets extremely bloated and constipated, a weird side affect, but it was more than enough proof for him to realize its shit (which I had told him it was and took it out of our diets).

    I challenge anyone here to take it out of your diets for a few weeks and then try it again, say a soda, and you see how much it really effects your well-being and general health.

    • I can tell you this much – you remove soda pop from your diet, you won't be able to like it after a month or so. Been there, can't drink the stuff anymore.

    • Very right!!! I hadn't drank soda or nasty juices in few months, then drank a few sodas over a weeks time, and now it is so hard to stay awake, I feel lethargic and always need a nap. My eyesight even feels altered. Also very lightheaded and dizzy. Found a bottle of water that said it was from natural Iceland stream, how can I trust it? What if when it came to America it was treated with flouride? Ugh wth am I supposed to drink

  14. Sorry, I have a hard time buying this. The information is kind of jumbled as far as peoples' opinions on this topic goes. I was always lectured as a kid to "make the healthy snack choice – have some fruit". One of the main sugars in fruit that makes it sweet is fructose (another being glucose), so that is the so-called 'good, natural, unrefined, healthier for you' sugar they're always talking about. All sugars are is chains of the same three elements: Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, I wonder if it really makes much difference.. Now knowing that high fructose corn syrup is six times as sweet as sugar it makes more sense to me why they use it, it saves them money.

    What scares ME about high fructose corn syrup is the possible mercury. Knowing what mercury can do to cells, tissue and neurons, that might be the reason these mice got dumb, not the fructose.

    Also lol

    • Yes, but mercury doesn't make people fat….

      There have been numerous studies done that show that since HFCS has higher fructose than say a naturally occurring source such as fruit, it might cause the weight gain because of the way it processes.

      Even if you don't agree, it's still a bad idea to support an industry that shuts down independent research and propagates lies as the truth.

      • They say mercury can cause weight gain.

        They say it can also cause weight loss.

        It probably depends on your body.

    • As far as I'm concerned, all nutritional studies coming out telling us how bad processed food is are disinformation because they are deflecting attention off of the radiation in the fresh food. Fresh produce can't not have radiation in it. Why is everyone suddenly being steered away from "evil processed foods" (which may have less radiation if you look at Chernobyl studies) to fresh whole foods? Everybody and their mama is now a health food fanatic, it's become trendy it seems.

      We're just being steered to think fresh whole foods are great, when … is it? Hm. I'd take a dosimeter to it. EPA's job is to check it, but wait – they stopped testing when they started finding it in food. So everyone can pretend we "don't know" if the food is contaminated, even though fallout brings it down to the crops. I can't tell you what the solution is, other than to protect yourself every way you know how, eat what you are able, and try to grow food indoors. We can only do so much, but don't fool yourself is what I'm saying.

      Huge psyops going on right now. A double-bind situation if there ever was one.

      • Not that I don't advocate eating organic, which we do for as much as possible and are fed organically at my husband's job 2 meals a day, but you realize that food that is irradiated does not STORE the radiation. I do not drink soda, and family is and was very healthy.

        Radiation passes through the object and out the other side. Just as an X-ray passes through but does not cumulate in your body. It may change cellular structure to some cells on the way, but does not store up. You grocery store produce aisle is not anymore radioactive than the surrounding areas due to many factors the most of which you get is natural radiation from the sun. Radiation is radiation, sun or man-made. Guess what your computer is doing to you right now?

      • OjosPelados on

        @tiffany No, you're not only missing the point of nuclear fallout, but you are also confusing ionizing with non-ionizing radiation. I wasn't talking about food irradiation to kill germs before it gets to the store.

        We've been getting radionuclides for 14 months from Fukushima through the jetstream. You know – fallout. It falls on the food, especially with the rain which brings the hot particles down.

        In addition, the radiation coming from computer monitors is not ionizing radiation. HUGE difference and of course *I* know the difference or I wouldn't have posted what I did. Ionizing radiation that you ingest in your food will cause you problems until it is all gone, which will take approximately 10 times the half-life. The only isotope from Fukushima I know if with a relatively short half-life is I-131, half-life 8 days, gone in about 80 days or just under 3 months. Cesium-137 half-life is 30 years, so it takes 300 years to go away. Other isotopes will take thousands to go away. Most people will not be able to remove all hot particles from the body, therefore it stays to cause a myriad of health problems.

        And, no, the most radiation we get is not those pesky petty gamma rays from the sun! Much much worse from Fukushima. Read about it, it's been covered up and about to get many many many times worse if/when Spent Fuel Pool #4 collapses.

        Who gave that post a thumbs up? Misleading post!

      • Ionizing radiation passes through. I hold my degrees in Nuclear Radiology and well know what types of radiation there are.

        I don't know what your credentials are, but I am not that worried about the fallout from Japan. You get about 10 chest x-rays worth of radiation every year from the sun. My cousin who worked as a stewardess got way more radiation than I ever did handling isotopes with proper care and shielding. We are required to swipe our hands in front of a Geiger counter all day, we read numbers throughout the entire hospital. Outside when working at offices. The ambient amount of radiation has not increased in the air here. I am sorry to disagree with you, but I check levels many times per day as required by my job. It's low level background same as always has been.

        You are correct with your half lives of I-131, which is why we check our thyroid levels weekly to make sure none has permeated our skin. (It's one of the only medical isotopes that does that and can be fatal to a fetus).

        I have no reason to lie, it is a daily part of my job and I have no vested interest in lying. If I felt it was dangerous, I'd be screaming it all over this website as I regularly do with other Big brother and NWO topics.

      • Also if you really knew your radiation you would know that you would never take a dosimeter to food to read levels. It would be a Geiger Counter. A dosimeter is used to minter levels on a more long term level. It's what you'd wear on your collar or pocket for a month in the imaging field.

        I'd be more than happy to borrow one and take it to the store and do reading of outside, regular aisles and then vegetables. Totally easy. You seem very aggressive, I am not sure why. Just try to impart my knowledge about my specialty. I don't seem to understand why you attack someone on the side of the truth here on VC instead of the real bad guys out there. I'm much more wary about GMO than radiation.

        We try to eat organic, non-gmo food as much as possible. No soda, no fast food, ever. No alcohol either for me. There is a great Non-GMO app/website with shopping guides. Very cool.

      • Here is the difference between ionizing and non.
        Non-ionizing does not damage DNA and is very weak. Ionizing is gamma and x-ray, exactly as I said. Sun, x-ray and isotopes(unstable) all issue ionizing radiation. So food that is irradiated with ionizing is the same as the gamma rays emitted by any fallout. Even I131, which issues beta radiation is still ionizing. I do know my profession.

        There may be some fallout in milk, but the levels are very low. Please don't worry too much. Besides, what has happened already happened and there is not much you can do about it. It was a freak perfect storm, but it's over and what can you do now?

        I feel safe eating and drinking whole foods that are organic, killed humanely, and are locally sourced, non GMO and not processed as much as possible.

  15. AnotherBlackChild on

    This is so accurate. Thimerosol, Mercury, and High Fructose Corn Syrup is becoming a new pandemic to the nation. A main lead to obesity, ADHD, and even possibly Autism. A friend of mine has a son that is a victim of autism. He says that his son was just fine for the first four years of his life, until one day "he just wasn't there anymore". So he took his son to a pediatrician/physician for a check up, and he was diagnosed with autism. When he told me this story I immediately thought of vaccines, HFCS, and mercury that the government deliberately processes.

  16. Yoda demands holographic chess piece enema:

    "MINE! Or I will help you not!"

    Chewbacca moans in the background.

  17. All the cheap crappy food have that mess in it …eating healthy is expensive for a reason! Keep the day ta day hard working and poor folk dumb and full of sh!!…..that way not only are we hypnotized by television an music were high on high fructose corn syrup as well….with a side of hormones, fluoride, pesticide, and sprinkles of chemtrail should keep us in our place! Muther f*ckers!

  18. If everyone in the country miraculously left processed foods alone & started eating fruits & vegetables, there would then be studies released about how apples and fresh spinach are bad for you because of pesticides. Pray over your food, whatever it is before you eat it; this corrupt country manages to dilute and poison the most natural foods in the name of profit and pure evil.

    • OjosPelados on

      It looks like VC deleted my response to you, showing a link to my other post about radionuclides in food (a link which saves space from explaining it all again). I will reply again, see if it gets deleted too or if VC was just confused. My post was perfectly appropriate and relevant to the conversation about food choices.

      Anyway, It won't be pesticides that are the biggest concern on the fresh food – it will be and is radioactive particles from Fukushima. There are studies done by the IAEA after Chernobyl showing that radionuclides could be decreased from food by processing it. Researchers after Chernobyl also discovered for instance that you could reduce radionuclides on rice by removing the outer hull where it tends to hide.

      Pick your poison – do you want radiation in your food or you want processed food? Processed junk is probably gone in a day or two, whereas hot particles could be with you your entire life. So before people jump on the whole foods bandwagon, know that because the world is changed now, there is no easy choice anymore. We could grow our food indoors, and that's the best solution and the best of both worlds – fresh food with minimal radionuclides. And there are things we can do to clean radiation from the body. So all is not hopeless, but people need to understand that if you eat fresh food grown outdoors, you are probably going to be eating radiation. If you eat food grown indoors, then you get to avoid artificial sugars, possibly the pesticides you speak of, and also some radiation. Win situation.

      There may be some spots here or there which get less fallout, of course. But without testing (and we can test food ourselves), nobody can say the food is safe because the EPA stopped testing food last June. It was already found in food by them and UC Berkeley. I remember strawberries and mushrooms. Milk radiation levels are also high in California.

      I agree that praying over food should help, I've heard of that. That or sending it good energy (see Dr. Emoto's water experiments, for those who prefer a less-organized-religion route).

      Everyone is free to eat what they want. I'm just showing the sneaky deception going around right now. That's what this site is supposed to be about.

      • OjosPelados on

        I meant we can test food ourselves not in a precise way, because food has to be tested a special way usually to get accurate measurements of radionuclide content. I think they make it into a slurry or something. So you can get a rough measurement of at least surface radiation by using a dosimeter. There are even some free or $2/$4 apps for Android phones online. Then you can compare readings on food. Or if you have $150 or more or less to spend, you can get a regular geiger counter. Some are more suitable than others for food testing, and some people demonstrate their attempts on YouTube.

        All this might not matter, because if SFP4 is as big a disaster as they say, so many people will get obviously sick (compared to people who've been getting sick lately and don't realize it's from radiation) that they may be forced to test the food finally and warn the public.

      • ojos, you would only need to do a breakdown of the food IF it was hot with a Geiger counter.

        If it isn't hot, it isn't hot.

        If hot, then I guess you'd run tests to pinpoint the peaks of the existing radionuclides. Very easy.

        But first, the food would have to ping that Geiger counter as being hot-therefore containing radioactivity significantly more than background radiation.

        I am willing to concede there is some milk contamination going on, but to say my posts are fake and question why people would support it seems vey close minded, as if you think your way is the way. I wonder how often you actually take a counter to your food?

        Processed food break cellular bonds just as irradiated cells do. Do I want long half-life isotopes in my food, milk or water? No, absolutely not. I don't believe it is that prevalent and you can't do much about it. Processed foods we can do something about.

    • My bad – it looks like VC didn't delete anything and my late night posting must not have gone through. And I was stressed out by the Fukushima situation, so I jumped to conclusions.

      Sorry VC!

  19. there's a reason why most of us say "God bless this food to the nourishment of our body"

    God is not a fool, and neither are we.. He prepares us..

  20. Well, I don't know if the HFC sugar was making me dumb, but I will testify that it was definitely making me fat, LOL! I quit drinking sodas and fruit juices a little over a year ago and already I have lost 25-30 pounds off my body. And it was all mostly belly and back fat. Completely cutting out the fried, greasy junk fast food definitely helped as well. Even took up long-distance walking, too. I guess in a way, the sugar WAS making me dumb because before then, I had no interest in physical exercise. Now, since learning better ways to live life, my mind is much more clearer, my thoughts much more purer, my verbal expressions much more lucid and coherent, my moods much more calmer and temperate.

    I strongly believe the HFCS in foods is what contributes to the ADD/ADHD in humans, thus the need for manmade pharmaceuticals (Ritalin, Adderal, etc.) to control these conditions. It's always been about profit for the drug companies. Ya know: give us a disease and then give us the cure for it …

    • No, they don't cure us of anything, they just manage the illness so they can make even more money when you keep buying the drugs.

  21. i eat a spoon full of flax seed a day, those things are full of Omega-3 and also very good for your intestines :)

  22. Wow, this reminds me of a commercial I saw recently that promoted HFCS. It was trying to convince the viewer that there isn't much of a difference between HFCS and cane sugar. I could tell that it was just trying to promote the product just like any other commercial but I'm sure there were others who were convinced otherwise.

    • I was thinking of that commercial too, convincing everyone it's "just the same" as other sugars. It was in a nice corn field, sunny happy feeling.

    • atomicpepper on

      The study cited above did not compare the effects of sugar and corn syrup. It just said that the rats didn't remember things as well when fed corn syrup.

  23. It's made from corn. Corn is natural. So it's healthy, right? RIGHT?! 😛

    Are they still planning to call it "corn sugar" so that is sounds more natural? Reminds me of MSG, which is also in everything, and is called several different names.

  24. Anybody watch Supernatural this season? The villain was a demon-possessed rich guy who wanted to rule the world by making people dumber, and they did that by putting glucose in all the food. Predictive programming, you say?

    • Curious Citizen on

      i watched the movie Dark Shadows with Johny deep…it was so weird!! there was a scene in that movie where JD is like "sell your soul to the devil" it was so creepy not just because of what he said, but i felt like i was being hypnotized:S

  25. Candle of the Meteor on

    If you're going to use a sweetener, use Stevia. It does not raise your blood pressure or spike your insulin like sugar does and is completely natural (it was originally used by the Native Indians before we arrived). Tastes just like sugar, just a bit more expensive. All of the other artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame are pure poison.

      • Candle of the Meteor on

        Yeah, my friend is like that, so he uses Xylitol. Also natural, but it can cause diarrhea if you use too much.

  26. Sugar is a killer so is the fake sugars. I wish there was a pill for breakfest, one for lunch and one for dinner. No more cooking no clean up and no calories etc. to worry about.

  27. HarmoniiesPoet on

    {Supernatural season 7} seems as they don't care once again to rub the diseased truth in our face.

  28. WakeUpSheeple on


    Thank you for this article!@ I've been trying to turn my diet around for some time – it is difficult as most know. This is very helpful information and enough to do the trick. Thank you VC.

  29. intuitivesense on

    It's not just HFCS. All refined sugars are terrible for you. Take a look at this article:

    According to the article, even naturally occurring sugars in fruit should be eaten separately from starches and proteins in order for the body to process the sugars properly, and it explains why:

    "When starches and complex sugars (like those in honey and fruits) are digested, they are broken down into simple sugars called "monosaccharides", which are usable substances–nutriments. When starches and sugars are taken together and undergo fermentation, they are broken down into carbon dioxide, acetic acid, alcohol and water. With the exception of the water, all these are unusable substances–poisons. When proteins are digested, they are broken down into amino acids, which are usable substances–nutriments. When proteins are taken with sugar, they putrefy; they are broken down into a variety of ptomaines and leucomaines, which are nonusable substances–poisons. Enzymic digestion of foods prepares them for use by our body. Bacterial decomposition makes them unfit for use by our body. The first process gives us nutriments; the second gives us poisons."

  30. "Does Sugar in Processed Foods Make You Dumber? New Study Says Yes."

    You don't say…

    Seriously, it isn't even sugar (Extracted from corn.). And the "It makes you dumber." We already had enough proof of that.

  31. i am 30 years old.. when i was 21 i drank soda almost EVERY DAY, an average of 2 cans i'd say. right before my 22nd birthday i cut out soda to less than 1 can a week. i started eating more fruits and vegetables, started swimming & riding a bicycle around town. i lost 30 pounds and have kept it off for 8 years. what i'm getting at is that HFCS is BAD NEWS and we're all better off without it!!!!

    • i must add that i used to eat junk food and fast food constantly (wendy's double bacon cheeseburger & fries, etc). now i cook most of my own meals and eat lots of salad with lots and lots and lots of veggies!! :)

  32. rose from massachuse on

    I go to the grocery store & people give me funny looks because I read the labels… I look for sodium, fat, and yes, high fructose corn syrup. If a packaged food has "too much" of these things, I put it back on the shelf and don't buy it. Once when I was shopping with another person, he snarled at me, "Stop reading the stupid labels! Just buy it!" But I still read the labels, and I still watch what I consume.

    So, people, go ahead, read the labels on the packages. People will look at you funny, but you may be saving your health.

    • "So, people, go ahead, read the labels on the packages. People will look at you funny, but you may be saving your health."

      Have you considered the possibility these people may be aliens?

  33. I just wanted to add that I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease last September. Last September my doctor told me I was the first patient she has ever had with Crohn's Disease. This altered my diet, but I continued to drink Sprite like crazy, as I always have done. I cut out all cokes except for Sprite, and this was basically the only thing I ever drank (2nd ingredient being HFCS itself). I see a specialist now who encourages me to test my body's responce to different foods. After cutting out the HFCS, the results were immediate. Literally, no pain or irregularity. No loud, random dying whale noises from my stomach. Nothing. I felt completely normal. I have continued this and have found my body to have more energy as well as losing weight. Since I last saw my doctor, she has had many new patients with Crohn's Disease. I am convinced that the human body is not designed to digest HFCS since it is not natural. I also believe it to be the cause of diabetes and some other health issues. The proof is in the pudding, folks!

  34. At school, in 10 yrs. ago, they fed us donuts for breakfast & pizza/hamburgers for lunch EVERY day! But you could only have ONE. So many students were hungry & always passed out/fainted & threw up. They sold candy, chips & soda @ the concession stands. & they treated us like prisoners.

  35. weirdly enough, this is the scenario of the latest supernatural series. and i kind of felt like the show is quite the social commentary even before finding out about this site and reading some of its materials. would be interesting to know VC's thoughts on this.

  36. I "woke up" sometime ago but frankly stuff is still sinking in and I'm still in a kind of denial stage. It's really tough realizing so much of what I grew up on as a Gen Y kid has sinister intentions and not what they really are. It's hard dealing with the fact my childhood was basically a lie. My education, what movies I loved, what music I liked, what drinks I liked, almost everything. How do you even begin to cope with that? It just blows your mind.

    • Awake and Alive on

      I understand what you mean. I found out in January of 2011. I decided to check back in on this site since I was off for a while. I have prayed 2 times and am on the verge of tears while on this site. It's all a lie! The feeling of hatred from being decieved since from the craddle is overwhelming! I am just glad I have the good Lord on my side. :) Bless you.

  37. Awake and Alive on

    Woah! At first I started freaking out because I just finished two mini bottles Mtn. Dew. Plus my mom bought me and my sister some of those Omega 3 stuff. Good thing I have planned to start eating healthier sinmce my great metabolism won't last forever.

  38. HFCS has been used since the early 70's as a new cheap sweetener and was hailed as a new cheap sweetener, just what the world needs, another cheap sweetener. Of course it's a god-send for greedy and selfish food manufacturers who see no difference between food they're feeding to people and something inanimate like a hammer that you might use around your house. To them it's simply a product that people buy so they want to make it as cheap as they possibly can to increase their own profits at the expense of public health.

    Corn based products such as HFCS have also been shown to increase osteoporosis, tooth decay, anemia, osteoarthritis and more. Researchers found that Native American Indians who lived after the arrival of Europeans had far more of these health issues due to the shift in their diets over to a corn based diet as opposed to those who lived prior who previously ate a traditional hunter/gatherer well-balanced diet, rich in seafood including a variety of plants and animals too.

    Corn is also an inadequate source of various nutrients and minerals such as protein, is usually deficient in 3 of the 8 essential amino acids that the human body cannot produce, has significant amount of phytate, a chemical that binds to iron and inhibits iron absorption into the body thus making such people prone to iron deficiency anemia and other health issues related to poor iron status. Corn is also a poor source of calcium and niacin (B3 vitamin). Deficiencies in these minerals including tryptophan can result in a condition called Pellagra which is characterized by a deficiency in those nutrients and is common in corn eating communities as well as dermatitis, diarrhea and depression.

    Furthermore, HFCS has no real nutritional value to it at all and is more than twice as sweet as regular sugar and causes a huge spike in blood sugar when consumed. If that blood sugar is not immediately used up by the muscles via some kind of exercise it is converted into fat and stored in the body as excess weight. This is another way that HFCS and other grain products can contribute to obesity, heart disease and even Alzheimer's and memory loss. This increase in fat and cholesterol slows the micro circulation of blood through the brain accelerating cell death through lack of oxygen and nutrients. It can also make the body more acidic which causes a host of other health issues. Many health problems in the west are those of an acidic nature or excess fire or yang energy as we would say in Chinese medicine so this is another condition we want to eliminate from the body.

    Since HFCS is in virtually everything today that is packaged and processed you really have to become a label reader and check everything you buy. Since it causes such a strong insulin spike in the body and people are often sitting at home or at work when consuming such foods, it's vital to make sure that you're cutting this ingredient out of your diet as much as possible.

    Always keep in mind that any sugars that are not used up by the muscles will be quickly converted into fat and stored on the body. This is true of HFCS or any other sugars, even organic. This is one reason why it's always a good idea to get up and move after every meal. Take a brisk walk, do a light workout or something that uses the muscles so that any excess sugar you may have either consumed or that maybe stored as fat in the body will be burned off before it has a chance to do so.

    Learn more:

  39. i drink reverse osmosis purified water, take garlic turmeric with black pepper and fish oil, eat lots of organic fruits and vegetables now. i eat mostly 100 percent whole wheat pasta with organic sauce and low fat turkey or organic romain lettuce salad with turkey, plus wildflower honey, etc… i lost like 70 pounds and my thinking is way clearer. i thank God for this aspect of the truth learned on VC and other places. the pesticide ridden fruit tastes so bitter it makes you not want to eat fruit, then you turn to sugary foods instead which is even worse, another thing, the sugar in fruit is dealt with by the body differently then other sugars, it metabolizes differently, even weight watchers now lets you eat as much fruit as you want, they have fed us lies about health and weight loss, teaching us that we need to eat less and exercise more, exercise and how much you eat has nothing to with it, i lost 70 pounds and im telling you, its WHAT you eat. i could write a book on it but it would really only take like 1 page of the truth for ppl to findly understand how to not be fat anymore. i did it for my health though, losing weight was just a bonus.

  40. Samuel girvan on

    GOVERNMENTS store all the healthy organic foods in storage areas while we are given the processed food that gives you cancer and more diseases over time… Like I'm in the UK and they have to tell you if your food is a GMO but I really don't know where my school gets its cheap crap food! A my school unbelievable has an all seeing eye on its webpage, '' LJHS''. 'I would really love to be at a protest about this stuff!'

  41. ChristieAnn on

    Shuger dusent make u dum. I no that becawse it hasent made mee dum. Of cors I no tha 1+1 is 11.

    Lol jk! Luckily I've decided to eat healthier.

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