Dumbing-Down Society Part 3: How to Reverse its Effects


The first two parts of this series describes the negative effects that some commonly consumed chemicals have on the body and brain. This third and final part looks at some natural ways to keep the brain healthy and provides tips to rid the body of dangerous substances. In other words, how to fight back against the dumbing down of society!

Parts I and II of this series of articles identified some toxic substances found in common foods and medicines and described some of their effects on the human brain. The main culprits discussed were aspartame, mercury, fluoride and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Whether these substances disturb the nervous system, decrease cognitive function, impair judgment, or affect the memory, the net result is the general dumbing down of society.

All is not doom and gloom, however. Nature, with its wonderful tendency to restore equilibrium, provides us humans the cure to almost any affliction we might develop. Ancient healers even believed that nature helped humans discover the cure to their illnesses in subtle and mysterious ways:

“The plant might also be considered worthy of veneration because from its crushed leaves, petals, stalks, or roots could be extracted healing unctions, essences, or drugs affecting the nature and intelligence of human beings – such as the poppy and the ancient herbs of prophecy. The plant might also be regarded as efficacious in the cure of many diseases because its fruit, leaves, petals, or roots bore a resemblance in shape or color to parts or organs of the human body. For example, the distilled juices of certain species of ferns, also the hairy moss growing upon oaks, and the thistledown were said to have the power of growing hair; the dentaria, which resembles a tooth in shape, was said to cure the toothache; and the palma Christi plant, because of its shape, cured all afflictions of the hands.”
– Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

So, after dwelling in the awful world of poisonous chemicals and corrupted officials, the only fitting way to conclude this series of articles is to explore the all-natural ways to restore health.

Stop the Toxification

Warning: This article provides tips to naturally detoxify the body. If you are in need of a serious detox program, please consult a professional.

The first step in ridding your body from poisons is, quite logically, to stop ingesting poisons. It sounds simple enough, but this step is probably the most difficult, as many toxins are found in everyday foods and even tap water. An increased vigilance is necessary in everyday life and, sometimes, some annoying actions must be taken to keep the toxins out of your body. Nevertheless, once you actually feel your body and mind healing, you’ll be proud of your efforts.

Before we look at the ways to avoid specific toxins, here are some general guidelines any health-conscious person should apply at all times: Avoid processed foods and artificial drinks. Instead, look for organic and locally grown produce or, even better, grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs. By doing so, you automatically avoid many harmful substances, including MSG, HFCS, pesticides, sodium fluoride and mercury. You also save money, which is always nice. When buying groceries, always read the labels and, as they say, if you can’t read it, don’t eat it.

Here are specific ways to avoid particular toxins:

Avoiding Fluoride

There are two types of fluoride: calcium fluoride and sodium fluoride. Calcium fluoride is naturally found in water sources, while sodium fluoride is a synthetic waste product of the nuclear, aluminum, and phosphate fertilizer industries. Guess which  type is found in our water? Right, the nasty one. Regular water filters such as Brita do a good job in reducing the taste of metals and chemicals in the water but they do not filter out the fluoride. Purifying the water through reverse osmosis is the most effective way to remove sodium fluoride from water.

Standard reverse osmosis system

Some processed foods also contain high concentrations of sodium fluoride, including instant tea, grape juice products, and soy milk for babies, so once again, avoid processed foods. Also, switch to a fluoride-free toothpaste (or at least try not to swallow the $0.93 Colgate you bought at Walmart).

Consuming foods rich in calcium and magnesium help prevent fluoride intoxication, as they prevent the poison from attaching to the body.

“Magnesium is a very important mineral that many are lacking. Besides being so important in the metabolism and synthesis of nutrients within your cells, it also inhibits the absorption of fluoride into your cells! Along with magnesium, calcium seems to help attract the fluorides away from your bones and teeth, allowing your body to eliminate those toxins. So during any detox efforts with fluoride, it is essential that you include a healthy supplemental dose of absorbable calcium/magnesium as part of the protocol.”
– Paul Fassa, How to Detox Fluoride from Your Body

Avoiding Mercury

First, if you or your children are being vaccinated, always request a Thimerosal-free shot. Second, avoid fish and seafood with high mercury levels; fish with the highest levels of mercury are marlin, orange roughy, shark, swordfish, tilefish and tuna (ahi, albacore and Yellowfin). Some seafood has low mercury levels, making them safer to consume, including anchovies, catfish, clam, crab, shrimp, flounder, salmon, sardine, tilapia and trout. As rule of thumb, bigger fish contain more mercury since they eat smaller fish and absorb all their mercury, and live longer, allowing mercury to build up.

As seen in Part II of this series, some foods containing HFCS are also contaminated with mercury. Here’s the chart produced by the EPA:

Avoiding Aspartame

Always read labels and avoid “sugar-free” products. Aspartame is found in soft drinks, over-the-counter drugs & prescription drugs (very common, listed under “inactive ingredients”), vitamin & herb supplements, yogurt, candy, breath mints, cereals, sugar-free chewing gum, cocoa mixes, coffee beverages, instant breakfasts, gelatin desserts, frozen desserts, juice beverages, laxatives, milk drinks, shake mixes, tabletop sweeteners, tea beverages, instant teas and coffees, topping mixes and wine coolers.

Avoiding HFCS

Read the labels and if you find high fructose corn syrup at the top the list of ingredients, tell the product “oh no you didn’t!”, snap your fingers with attitude and put it back on the shelf. Ignore the confused looks of other shoppers.

We will now look at some all-natural ways to detox the body from harmful substances.


The standard procedure for removing heavy metals from the body is called “chelation.” It is accomplished by administering a chelating agent  – usually dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) – that binds to the heavy metals in the body and cause them to be naturally flushed out. This type of treatment is quite strenuous, has many side-effects and should be undertaken only with medical supervision.

If, however, you believe that ridding the body of a harsh substance with another harsh substance might be self-defeating, I tend to agree with you. Fortunately there are herbs and spices that naturally act as chelating agents: Cilantro does a great job at it.

The most widely used and loved herbs and spices worldwide are derived from the same plant, Coriandrum sativum. The leaves of this plant are frequently referred to as cilantro, while the seeds are most commonly called coriander. Other than making any dish spectacular, the herb has the unique power of neutralizing mercury.

“This kitchen herb is capable of mobilizing mercury, cadmium, lead and aluminum in both bones and the central nervous system. It is probably the only effective agent in mobilizing mercury stored in the intracellular space (attached to mitochondria, tubulin, liposomes etc) and in the nucleus of the cell (reversing DNA damage of mercury).”
– Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD,  Chelation: How to remove Mercury, Lead, & other Metals

Studies have however suggested that cilantro only moves the problem to other parts of the body and thus must be used with another agent to complete the detoxification process.

Chlorella: Cilantro’s Side-Kick

In addition to repairing and activating the body’s detoxification functions, chlorella is known to bind to all known toxic metals and environmental toxins and facilitate their evacuation. This makes chlorella cilantro’s perfect sidekick.

“Because cilantro mobilizes more toxins then it can carry out of the body, it may flood the connective tissue (where the nerves reside) with metals, that were previously stored in safer hiding places.

This process is called re-toxification. It can easily be avoided by simultaneously giving an intestinal toxin-absorbing agent. Our definite choice is the algal organism chlorella. A recent animal study demonstrated rapid removal of aluminum from the skeleton superior to any known other detox agent.

Cilantro causes the gallbladder to dump bile — containing the excreted neurotoxins — into the small intestine. The bile-release occurs naturally as we are eating and is much enhanced by cilantro. If no chlorella is taken, most neurotoxins are reabsorbed on the way down the small intestine by the abundant nerve endings of the enteric nervous system”
– Ibid


We may not be sure if garlic actually repels vampires, but we can be certain it repels toxins from the body.

“Garlic contains numerous sulphur components, including the most valuable sulph-hydryl groups, which oxidize mercury, cadmium and lead and make these metals water-soluble. (…) Garlic also contains the most important mineral, which protects from mercury toxicity, bioactive selenium.”
– Ibid

So, garlic zaps mercury and  lead and helps the body evacuate the metals from the body. Perhaps bad breath is the way to good health.

Turmeric (Curcuma)

This plant from the ginger family is widely used in Southeast Asia as a spice and its cleaning powers have been renowned for centuries. Turmeric is enshrined in Ayurvedic medicine as the king of spices. The bitter spice helps cleanse the liver, purify the blood, and promotes good digestion and elimination. It possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties, but none of the unpleasant side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs. It has been used for skin cleansing, color enhancement and food preservation.

Turmeric steps up the production of three enzymes–aryl-hydrocarbon-hydroxylase, glutathione-S-transferase, and UDP-glucuronyl-transferase. These are chemical “knives” that break down potentially harmful substances in the liver. Turmeric offers similar protection for people who are taking medications such as methotrexate and other forms of chemotherapy, which are metabolized by, or shuttled through, the liver.
– James A. Dukes, Ph D., Dr. Duke’s Essential Herbs

Scientific studies have recently discovered that mixing black pepper with tumeric exponentially increases its healing properties on the body. No wonder traditional South Asian recipes often combine the two spices. So don’t hold back … grind some black pepper into that tumeric!


It is not a secret that consuming the fatty acids found in fish brings many healthy benefits. The acids do wonders for our brains. In fact, Omega-3 is literally our brain’s fuel, helping to maintain its core functions. Our most important organ heavily relies on Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), two long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids that our bodies cannot create. The only way to obtain those acids is through diet.

“Most health professionals believe that DHA is the fatty acid that is most important for healthy structure and development of the brain and for vision so it is vital that there is enough DHA in the diet during pregnancy and in the first few years of a child’s life. EPA on the other hand, is essential for healthy functioning of the brain on a day to day basis, which means that throughout your life you need a constant supply of EPA.”
– David McEnvoy, Why Fish Oil is Brain Fuel

Here are some facts about Omega-3 that are of particular interest in the context of those articles:

  • Research by the University of Western Australia found that women who took fish oil supplements during the latter part of their pregnancy had babies with better hand-to-eye coordination, were better speakers and could understand more at the age of two and a half than babies whose mothers who were given olive oil instead.
  • A study by Aberdeen University, led by professor Lawrence Whalley, found that fish oil helps the brain to work faster, increases IQ scores and slows down the aging process.
  • The Durham trials led by Dr. Madeleine Portwood have consistently found that fish oil improves behaviour, concentration and learning in the classroom.
  • Researcher Natalie Sinn in Australia found fish oil to be more effective than Ritalin for ADHD.
  • Hibbeln et al. looked at diet in 22 countries and found an significant association between low fish consumption and post-natal depression.
  • Dr. Malcolm Peet found that ethyl-EPA, a highly concentrated form of Omega 3, dramatically reduces depression.

Fish oil also plays an important role in ridding the brain of unwanted substances:

“The fatty acid complexes EPA and DHA in fish oil make the red and white blood cells more flexible thus improving the microcirculation of the brain, heart and other tissues. All detoxification functions depend on optimal oxygen delivery and blood flow. EPA and DHA protect the brain from viral infections and are needed for the development of intelligence and eyesight. The most vital cell organelle for detoxification is the peroxisome. These small structures are also responsible for the specific job each cell has.

In the pineal gland the melatonin is produced in the peroxisome, in the neurons dopamine and norepinephrine, etc. It is here, where mercury and other toxic metal attach and disable the cell from doing its work.”
– Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD,  Chelation: How to remove Mercury, Lead, & other Metals

That is all well and good, but what are the best sources of fish oil? Consuming large quantities of fish would be the logical choice, but knowing that many species contain high levels of mercury, doing so might actually cause further damage to the brain. For this reason, Omega-3 supplements are probably the best way to keep the body well-stocked with EPA and DHA.

When selecting an Omega-3 supplement, you need to make sure it is molecularly distilled and is high in both DHA and EPA, especially DHA. Molecular distillation is a special process that removes all the toxins from the oil (including mercury), ensuring it is safe for human consumption. Avoid low-grade products. They often contain low levels of fatty acids and are filled with other oils and preservatives.

Final Advice: Sleep, Sweat and Stimulate

  • Sufficient sleep is vital to keeping the body and the brain in good condition. Conversely, sleep deprivation impairs one’s ability to think handle stress, maintain a healthy immune system and moderate one’s emotions.
  • Regular exercise is critically important for detoxification. It allows the evacuation of toxins through skin while improving the entire metabolism.
  • Stimulate your brain: read, think, meditate and challenge it constantly.

In Conclusion

This article examines the ways to avoid harmful substances in everyday products and looks at a handful of all-natural ways to free the body from their poisonous grasp. In addition to providing us the necessary nutrients used by the body to evacuate toxins, the natural substances described in this article also help maintain general heath. Regularly consuming cilantro, garlic, turmeric and Omega-3 boosts the immune system, improves rational thinking and increases memory. The amazing properties of those simple ingredients are only now being (slowly) documented by science, but they have been used by cultures worldwide for centuries.

We are conditioned to treat ailments caused by artificial products with other artificial products, that, in turn, can cause other ailments. It is only by breaking this vicious circle that we can reclaim ownership of our brains and reach our fullest potential. So, today’s a new day: Put down the cheeseburger-flavored Doritos … and change your life.




    • yes… yogurt is good for the gut. Flax seed oil is good to also add to yogurt but add honey to hid the taste of fish. I believe 2 tablespoons is all you need daily. (can be added to anything) I make magical cream with it. Found in the French girls do not get fat cookbook. :o)

      To your health!

      ps. ladies, your skin will look wonderful too!!

  1. Wow, so i should stop complaining when my mom adds cilantro to every dish she makes. Thanks for this article, you really do care.

  2. Good stuff VC, I've heard some of this stuff from my mom before, now I just gotta be more conscientious about it.

    • You can purchase tumeric very inexpensively at your local health food store in bulk most of the time.

      the little bottles are way more expensive than I'm willing to pay. Find your bulk spices, they are somewhere in your town.

    • Any grocery store should have it in the spice section. If not seek out an Asian or Indian market.
      In a side note:to save money very your spices in the bulk section of the grocery if there is one. I live in TX and our HEB plus has bulk spices so I buy small quantities to keep the spices fresh and pay pennies on the dollar compared to whole bottles which go stale after 30 days!

    • Just a note to everyone: Try and get unprocessed spices. All too frequently they're irradiated/radurised which means they've been zapped with a high dose of microwaves and as we know this is very detrimental to the health and probably also damages goodness of the product itself

  3. thanks for telling how to avoid it . ever since i read the other two article ive been on a crazy change watching everything that goes into my body

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  6. I just don't see the threat VC does in parts 1 and 2 (need to elaborate on that), but I can't blame him for these healthy-living suggestions either, except perhaps for overenthusiasm. That's my initial impression of part 3.

  7. "coconuts July 24th, 2010 7:33 pm :

    Good stuff VC, I’ve heard some of this stuff from my mom before, now I just gotta be more conscientious about it."

    Why would you listen to some random dude with a website over the woman who gave birth to you?

    • Mom probably didn't have any FACTS to back it up. Mom's are not correct by default. Think for yourself and do the research. Question EVERYTHING!

  8. Great job, as always. We've got to accent the positive and solutions at this point. I use all of your suggested natural supplements, thankfully, and many more–they can find them on good natural medicine sites. The overwhelming evidence of the Agenda is discouraging many-great step to educate and empower the awakened. Another angle you may want to pursue in your valiant vigilant pursuit is the educational angle–this woman rocks: Love, Zen (www.zengardner.com, or http://www.beforeitsnews.com alternative editor) Keep the enlightenment rolling, good man! It's working!

    google: the deliberate dumbing down of america

    Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Advisor in the US Department of Education, blew the whistle on government activities.
    http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com/ – Cached – Similar

  9. theatreofdreams on

    Finally!! Glad to see you've heard some of our suggestions. This will help give people direction more than you know. Great article Vigilant keep it up!

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    Very nice work as usual sir, if only more people realized they are systematically destroyed.

    When i have enough, i am renting a billboard with your site on it.

  11. Excellent article. Turmeric (Curcuma) with black pepper which helps the body use the Curcuma better, absorption. There are many things this works on when combined with other herbs. I used it, Graviola, and high dosages to Vit C to control a Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma I have. (Please note, not cure but help back down)

  12. I use a water distiller from H20Labs. The remaining residue from the public water supply leaves brown stinking residue. You should not drink the public water at all cost. If you can afford to filter the whole house then you should because you should also avoid bathing in it. If you were able to smell this stuff, you would never allow the water to get into your body without separating the 500+ chemical compounds first.

    I hope to buy a whole house filter one day. I did buy a whole house floride filter but you need to filter the reamining 499 chemical compunds also.

  13. Wheatgrass and spirulina is also as good if not better than chlorella! Try putting it in your drink or blend it in your smoothies.

  14. YES!!!!!!!!!!Great research!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep scrutinizing everything people!!!!! Synthetic verses natural vitamins and minerals is another topic to consider, Vigilant. It's a another can-o-worms. The only kind of Vitamin C I take any more is the juice of a lime or lemon every day. You will be shocked at what fake C does to your body as well as the rest of them.

  15. First time commenting, but I check your site often. Love the work you're doing. For the person above who asks "where to start," I would suggest the Turmeric/Black Pepper mix. Sometimes I'll put pepper on my food, and mix the turmeric w/ my organic tea, or just throw both on my food. Whatever helps it taste the best, but you can also buy them as a combination supplement at vitamin stores as well. It helps target the hard-to-kill fat pockets, and has the same effect as a solid fiber-rich diet which isn't necessarily a gross thing, it just helps to keep things moving, which is critical to the detoxing process. That's a great place to start. If possible, you might want to start shopping at organic grocery stores. Whole Foods is a nationwide chain and pretty strict about what they allow on their shelves and the employees are very knowledgeable and passionate about their jobs and will help you with anything you might need. One step at a time, don't overwhelm yourself.

    VC, I recently lost over 30lbs., and I'm taking it upon myself to get my nephew out of his bad (and by bad, I mean atrocious) eating habits amid a gross lack of education – or concern – in our family. It's been a trying process, but your previous articles have really helped me identify where I need to adjust his diet and strategize how to counter what he's used to with healthier alternatives. My family's history of diabetes, high blood pressure and every other diet-related affliction under the sun stops before it has a chance to claim me, and I refuse to let it resume with him.

    Keep up the good work.

  16. Hemp seeds contain many fatty acids, along with fibre and protein. Hemp, flax, grapeseed, sunflower oil all contain good levels of omegas.

    Concentrated supplements, bleh, let nature do the concentrating.

  17. Goji berries (tybet) healthy , apricot/ peach may cure (cancer ),rice healthy,potatos,ginseng. Blue berries antioxidant.

    Metal cans contains toxic stuff = cancer

    barbique grill and sosages = cancer

    microwave – uv toxic waves = cancer

    healthy chocolate bars – 15g sugar not healthy

    cell phone radiation = brain / ear cancer.

    nuts -good for heart

    High Stress Levels Can Cause Weight Gain

    Grapes Reduce Risk for Heart Disease and Diabetes

    Chocolate can Help Prevent Strokes

    Brown Rice to Prevent High Blood Pressure, Lower Heart Attack Risk

    green tea -good for your body

    pumpkin seeds – good for prostate cancer

    garlic is good for lowering cholesterol , antibiotics natural way

    ginger( canada dry) drink use for throat pain and poor digestion

    when you have food poison after you are exosted – drink gatorade drink to gain sugar and strength

    Olive Oil Could Guard Against Developing Ulcerative Colitis

    When is very hot outside don't swim in cold water asap you could die

    When you fell numb arm or chest pain its about to be hear attack don't drink when that happen you could die

    Nuts with most antioxidants:

    Good for heart:

    1.pecans (highest) 5,095

    2.walnuts 3,846

    3.hazelnuts 2,739

    4.pistachios 2,267

    5.almonds 1,265

    6.penuts 899

    7.cashews 567

    8. macadamias 481

    9.brazil nuts 403

    10.pine nuts (lowest) 204


    List go on an on New World order population reduction by elite is on.

  18. I've been trying to get off Coke Zero because those things are soooo good–but aspertame isn't. I'm buying tons of Omega3 vitamins tommorow

  19. Thanks for this article! With all that’s going on the world, and learning of all these ways They’re trying to manipulate us, I was starting to feel overwhelmed. This article has renewed my hope though, I’ve made a lot of changes since your last 2 articles, and this one’s given me even more ideas. As usual, I’ll be spreading this link like wildfire! Even got my crabby dad all up on nutrition now!!

  20. Well,

    I guess I should listen to my wife more often. She takes her supplements regularly and feels and acts like a young teenager. She takes garlic and Fish Oils EVERYDAY. I also have to be happier whenever she makes curried chicken nearly everyday, being married to a Jamaican and all.

    Curry comes from the tumeric root.

    But where to find some of these herbs, there are some great websites that delivers them to your door. My wife shops with them all the time. Just make sure you choose capsules, not tablets, as they dissolve faster. One more thing, make sure the dosage is high enough from one capsule so you’ll have enough for your daily intake.

    Thanks for everything, VC…and Wifey.

  21. ive been researching nutrition for months, and i graduate the lvn nursin program in december. and based on my research and the gloomy future we most likely seem to be headed, optimum nutrition intake is going to be virtually impossible with out proper vitamin supplementation and diet. the foods we eat from being picked to reaching the shelf to being purchased and finally used reduces nutrition value by at least 40 percent, which is y through the food we eat alone is virtually impossible to meet minimum needs. slowly change your foods to organic, it is tough to change this overnight, but over a period of time you can change the food u eat to much healthier nutrient dense foods by cooking your own organic food. quality not quantity. thats right eating out at fast foods restraunts provides the hfcs in the soda and the msg in the fake food all in one sitting, so if u want a toxic meal, have at it. even with organic food the nutrition isnt going to meet optimum value for great health and a clear mind. so vitamin and mineral supplementation is going to be key. i highly reccomend checking out the real vitamins and minerals book, really informative and helps createe your own plan specifically for you. i also highlly recommend stocking not only food but these supplements cuz at tough times it will become even more difficult to stay healthy, especially wen you cant b stingy on the food you eat. the food you eat is creates a better you literally.

  22. congratulations for the article AND congratulations for the people who comment here.

    a lot of great talk goes on here, don't forget you make this site great too! =`]

  23. beverley jane on


    you can buy ORGANIC tumeric powder online by bulk. i think i first found and purchased a one pound bag of tumeric (organic) by searching for it on ebay! believe it or not!

    be sure you are buying organic and that the packaging (the actual bag the tumeric is in, not the shipping box) is made of some kinda relective foil that doesnt allow light inside. this will help when it is shipped and goes through the shipping X-RAY machine. it won't be damaged.

    you must wear gloves when working with powder it stains everything! but well worth it :)

  24. i love this article because for once it's giving me some hope and a way to fight back rather than feeling doomed (not that i don't love your research) thanks

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  26. good article. It’s nice to give some tips to try to help us after reading all the bad things about food.
    Thank you !

  27. When it comes to vaccines, single dose vaccines usually have no thimerosal as compared to their combined-dose counterparts. Dr. Sears has a great delayed vaccination schedule to follow with single dose vaccines, should you choose to vaccinate your children.

    Btw, love Cilantro, and eat it daily!!! Great stuff!!!

  28. NoFan_Aspertame on

    I’M REPEATING A PREVIOUS COMMENT: Beware, aspartame is NOT only found in products labeled “sugar-free” or “diet”. I have seen normal chewing gum that contains SOME sugar, but ALSO contains ASPARTAME. This to me raises questions as to how intent someone is in getting us to eat this stuff without realising it.

    • I have seen other products where aspartame and sugar are used together and my thoughts were the same – they are sneaking the toxins in everywhere they can. And now, we have to be concerned with what it being done to common sugar; as if sugar consumption wasn't enough of a problem already.

      Round-Up Ready sugar beets have been planted on more than 1 million acres in 10 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces, accounting for 95% of the 2010 crop, Monsanto said.

      At grocery stores there are two common kinds of sugar. The more expensive one will have "Pure Cane" Sugar on the label while the other just says Sugar. Here in the United States, genetically modified foods do not have to be labeled as such. So guess what is in the Sugar.

  29. thank u VC for this article.Love ur website (=

    anyways i just want to share with all the readers out there. i love one of my dad dishes; his special fish soup.he adds shallot, garlic, ginger, chillies, turmeric, lemongrass, (all crushed) and tamarind juice in boiling water, then add fish and a little pinch of salt. all of the ingredients are fresh and natural. it tastes so nice and spicy. ~(= VC, the previous 3 articles are all about the food. what about the toiletries. we used chemicals from hair to toe to clean ourselves. can u do research on shampoo, deodorant, face wash, face cream, hair conditioner etc? we use these things daily..is it safe??.. i wonder i always change my shampoo..

  30. Great job! I really appreciate your attempt to provide a solution! :)

    It's more than what we expected, Thank you!

  31. I must say that I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles – they are well-written, well-researched, and very informative. The only problem I have is that they don't come quickly enough – but I know you really put alot of thought into them so it takes time. ; ) Keep up the good work!

  32. Great stuff vc . Few tips to add if I may. Check out eating for your blood type, sir Jason winters tea (blood purifier through 3 herb catalyst),food combining(eating/not eating certain food groups together),enzyme nutrition therapy( all raw food contains food enzymes which completely digest what we eat), and cure tooth decay by ramiel nagel .





  34. in my opinion, I believe that the heart is more important then the brain. existing within our hearts is all of the love for all life. within our brains, our world is polarized where seperation exists

    "if our eyes let us see and our tongues let us taste, what does our mind do?…"


    THE WAY to DETOX and MOST ENJOYABLE which you have not mentioned is through the use of SAUNAS/STEAM ROOMS if you want to get your own at HOME search FAR-INFRARED SAUNAS you can get them in different sizes from 1 to 8 people and are a lot less expensive thanb you would imagine.





    My commentsdidn't post maybe was to long now i will try and split it up.. and ad the rest of the info i originally tried to .

  37. Please, DON'T use reverse osmosis for your water! You will then be removing ALL the minerals from your water that your body really needs. Instead, do this:

    1. Refuse dental fluoride treatments.

    2. Use fluoride-free natural toothpaste available at health stores, or make your own toothpaste, i.e. mix baking soda and ocean sea salt 50/50 and make it into a paste with a small amount of 3% hydrogen peroxide or water.

    3. Buy organic foods not treated with pesticides. Some pesticides contain fluoride.

    4. Do not eat processed foods and drinks; many contain fluoride, i.e. cereal, fruit drinks, soda, soup, ect.

    5. Do not use commercial baby formula; most contain fluoride.

    6. Do not use Teflon coated pots, pans or other products.

    Use a charcoal filter to get rid of the chlorine and other contaminants, i.e. Brita or PUR water filters. Fluoride is a heavy metal that is easily eliminated by eating butter and virgin coconut oil. Do not drink distilled water, reverse osmosis water, softened water ( which contains too much salt), or bottled water that has fluoride or salt added, or is in unsafe plastic containers. Distilled and reverse osmosis water are devoid of minerals and actually leach minerals from the body.


    ALZHEIMER’S is also Unheard of in India due to the wide use of this single root and has been proven to reduce symptoms by 30% http://derrenbrown.co.uk/blog/2010/07/discovered-

    Another awesome way to stay healthy is to juice your own Fruit/Veg/Herbs look up the "Gerson Therapy" here is a clip form the much watch documentary "Food Matters" showing how nutrition can CURE severe Cancer
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShqKk3fasZA THE IMAGES WILL BLOW YOUR MIND !!!

  39. Hey VC,

    Once again fabulous article, I appreciate the work you do to wake up the masses. 😀
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    Thanks again,

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    wishing you health and hapiness

  41. CaliSunAngel on

    Great Job VC… my hubby has been trying to tell me for years… I will be sure to listen now… BTW I would also like you to research Bath & Body Products… more specifically the effects of Sulfates and Parabens on our bodies.

    Reading the labels makes a big difference in selecting skincare as well. Soap is not regulated, that is why there are no ingredients listed on bars of soap. They are made of harsh chemicals and detergents. When trying to select a heathly chioce for your skin, natural products are best, but beware just because it says "ALL NATURAL" doesn't make it so.

    Yes VC, we will need you on this one.

    P.S. Olive oil is great for any skin type, yes olive oil. Use it as bath and body oil. Rub it on your skin, pour a little in your bath water.

  42. What the fuck are us diabetics suppose to drink with our morning cuppa if artificial sweetener's going to kill us?

    • You can use honey for starters. Or man up and drink it plain. That will certainly wake you up in the morn!

      All the comments on here are wonderfully helpful! http://www.tuberose.com/Site_Map.html has detailed articles on the above and so much more, it is amazing. Also, I use whey Isolate protein and even in those you must watch out for sucralose, aspartame or any artificial sweetner or preservative. Creatine seems to be the best for rebuilding muscle tissue if you buy it pure [without flavoring of any kind], for both men and women.

    • Stevia, (made from a leaf) is a great alternative sweetener to all those other ones. It also tastes better. I use it in everything!

  43. Thanks for some positive feedback. We may live in turbulent times, but each day is truly a gift to be cherished. We need to inspire hope in each other. Human beings are still capable of making the right choices and all we have to do is abolish fear and embrace love. Knowledge is power!

  44. ^^^ yohjah, great idea!!!

    yes, the face creams, shampoo, soaps–we use them everyday, our skins absorb all the toxic chemicals… it should be as bad as ingesting the toxic food.

    and as always — thank you VC.

  45. Kondition, do some research. There are many natural sweeteners for diabetics. Try Truvia or Purvia. Depending on the severity of your diabetes, you could also try natural sweeteners like honey and agave nectar.

  46. hjdvbglafhgljkgalkj on

    A lot of people can't afford to only buy healthy foods all the time. Molecularly-distilled Omega-3 is probably kind of rare and expensive… I'll keep eating my salmon.

    I try to eat healthy as much as possible. I do cardio and sleep well at night.

    But there are still other problems… acid rain, electrical-pollution, pollution, radiations, etc. It's so annoying.

  47. My mother left me some Mountain Dew but it contained "sugar", 100%! WOW! I was stunned to see companies going back to "sugar" instead of HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). And I'm noticing it's not just Mountain Dew but other soda companies as well as food companies that are going back to sugar without a sugar substitute.

    Real sugar is making a comeback and with articles like this one, maybe we can finally get the crap out of our foods & drinks and not let the Elites dumb us down. Hopefully, with everyone on this board, we can sidestep this "food trap" and get on the road to better & healthier foods & products.

    • Yes, real "sugar" is making a comeback – as if the consumption of common sugar wasn't bad enough already, a lot of sugar made now come from genetically-modified sugar beets.

      Round-Up Ready sugar beets have been planted on more than 1 million acres in 10 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces, accounting for 95% of the 2010 crop, Monsanto said.

      As High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) takes a well-deserved hit and some companies begin to phase it out, we need to consider what they will be replacing it with. At grocery stores there are two common kinds of sugar. The more expensive one will have "Pure Cane" Sugar on the label while the other just says Sugar. Here in the United States, genetically modified foods do not have to be labeled as such. So guess what is in the Sugar.

  48. TO CaliSunAngel:

    I use olive oil on my hair along with plain yoghurt. They are the best when you don't have any conditioner. Olive oil is excellent and should be purchased by the gallon! LOL!!

  49. TO Kondition:

    I've used agave and instead of using a full teaspoon of it with my coffee/tea/iced drink, I only used a 1/2 teaspoon because it's much sweeter than sugar. I was surprised to see agave in my local food store but people and stores are starting to carry it besides stores like Whole Foods.

  50. Everyone knows about Aspartame, and like HFCS it's been getting replaced in various items. More and more you now use a combination of Sucralose and Acesulfame K instead.

    But I wonder about Sucralose and Acesulfame K. Obviously with Sucralose the replacement of a few HO endponts with Chlorine isn't good, and Acesulfame K seems to have come out of nowhere.


    I went to the site, http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com and was surprised to see how many cosmetics were filled with chemicals & unhealthy stuff. I didn't see some of the stuff I use, but I did see plenty of the cosmetics my friends use & was stunned. It's a good website to keep bookmarked so you can see just what you're putting into your body. There's plenty of "organic" makeup women can switch to but it will take information like this one to make the change.

    Makes me wonder if people in Hollywood are realizing some of the makeup they use are really dangerous! Some of those actresses are breaking out in some really bad acne & wonder if their dermatologist is giving them the right information about giving their skin a rest. We see soooooooooooooooooooooooooomany who seem to "sleep" in their makeup. Their skin must be screaming, " take it off" because they never seem to give their skin a break.

  52. I've noticed lately, shampoos are starting to say on the outside label: Sulfate-free shampoo. I bought a small travel size for 99¢ and was happy with the effects. With websites like this, VC, it can spread the word and people will start to notice & buy healthier products and make healthier choices.

  53. I highly recommend taking a high quality multivitamin and mineral supplement to get started on the right track. vitamins and minerals all work together, one helping and enhancing the effects of the other. for the best health of your life and the greatest mental clarity, a balance of all the essential vitamins and minerals are nessesary. this is possible through eating unprocessed and organic food. try to get food grown nearest to you to avoid loss of nutrients through shipping of food from sometimes thousands of miles away.

  54. Thanks for posting this part, VC.

    After reading the first two parts I was so obsessed with not eating mercury and just avoiding it.

    Now, I know there is a /solution/ for detoxification besides just taking those fake pills.

  55. riding horses on

    the best way to have an intake of omega 3 and other omega types is not fish oil but flax seed oil. it from a plant and 2 table spoons a day are enough. usually flax seed oil contains 3 dif types of omega fatty acids.

    supplements are never the best choice. the best is always the real thing from the plant (like pure garlic – raw or in all kind of meals n foods) but not as a supplement.

  56. To the diabetic who asked what to use in coffees and teas: Use stevia leaf extract and agave nectar. Both are plant sources that do not raise blood glucose levels.

    Thanks for the great article!










  58. The Anti Monique on

    They're putting mercury in my pop tarts? wut? Who told them they could destroy my pop tarts by poisoning me?

    My sister loves to eat those orange cup things, but she only buys the ones that have "water" as the ingredient ; meaning they put the oranges in a cup of water – not a cup of HFCS (poison).

    I am so going to boycott pop tarts now! Those bastards are trying to kill me! And I'm just a teenager!

  59. Great article. A few changes: black pepper is linked to cancer. Udo's 3:6:9 oil (all vegetarian) may be used instead of fish oil. Consuming fish products like krill depletes oceanic foods for marine organisms.

    And the quote from Manly P. Hall… wasn't he a Satantist or something? An occultist perhaps?

    Finally, your readers should know about "MORGELLONS DISEASE," another killer, but this one's a real sci-fi horror, highly infectious apparently, and it will probably do us all in. It's one of the things killing the bees. I see evidence of it in my hair roots, my scabs, and my saliva. With a cheap microscope, you can probably see it, too. Or just do the "grape juice test," and be sure to not put the results down the bathroom sink, because it will clog the sink really badly. The stuff turns into a gel that can't be cut down with enzymes. I know, I've tried it.

    • Manly Hall was a spiritualist and occultist, (but occult just means hidden). His major life's work took him 7 years, THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES, and it should be available in a local library. It is a good start to spiritualism study.

  60. Awesome info, keep spreading the truth.

    I recently became raw vegan for these reasons and have never felt better!

  61. Already on most of the “fixes” you’ve written here & they do WORK!! Good article, hell no . . . GREAT article, HELL YEAH!!

    Nice work, keep up the good work!

  62. lyricalwordsmyth on

    Great article as usual! Vigilant, you are hilarious for that “oh no you didn’t, three snaps and a wave” comment….!!!!! LMAO!!!

    Also people, don’t underestimate the power of colon hydrotherapy and enemas…

  63. Aspartame is also in DIET RED BULL!! You’ll have to go back and start mixing your cranberry juice with the “original” Red Bull!!! I switched back to the original because I didn’t like the taste of the diet version. Now, I’m happy I did.

    And don’t forget those other “energy” drinks with “diet” in their names.

  64. I love your articles! I love your site, thank you for this wonderful article… now you will have to do an article exborating on how the powers that be WHO, UN etc are trying to impose CODEX on the world to control natural plants & herbs that are used for healing & vitamins in to their own controlled substances!!! People must learn of this so they can FIGHT.. or refuse to participate and resist all legislation to that effect…. and refuse to support the leaders that are in support of CODEX….








    In regards to actresses bad skin and dermatologists – they would due to there "training" (brainwashing) most likely per-scribe Antibiotics or ACUTANE which i can tell you is one of the most disgusting and distructive drugs ever created ! rather than suggesting you to detox and cleanse your LIVER/Kidneys which are the source of all skin problems as if they cannot get rid of the build up of waste or stop functioning as they are supposed to naturally due to damage your body will get rid of the toxins/waste through the largest organ of your body the SKin.

    Avoiding all Dairy or at least inorganic Dairy full of BOVINE GROWTH HORMONE and finding out if you have Gluten or Lactose intolerance should be the first steps you take if you are suffering with bad SKIN problems.

    hope this helps.

  67. ok I dont know bout u but installing that reverse osmosis thing looks a lil complicated….

    wont simple bottled mineral water do the trick?! (buxton, evian?)

  68. Also, one more point. omega 3 and omega 6 can actually cause DAMAGE when taken in large quantities, due to the production of free radicals, so dont go crazy on the fish oil people! You'll find when buying fish oil, the supplement always comes packed with vitamins too which mop up the free radicals created by the oil compounds, which may seem safe enough to indulge in them, but those sneaky lil pests can always get away and damage pretty much anything in your body! if your taking fish oil, increase the antioxidants in your diet too- berries, fruits, vegetables, nuts…!

  69. ~Truth be told~ on

    @Every One Wll Bow

    Try putting it in here bath water. i've always had really sensitive skin to the point ill randomly break out in hives. When I puting it in my bath water or all over before i went to sleep i saw a major difference. joboba (how ever you spell it) oil is good also. I've also always had a very dry scalp, thats why i just recently cut my locks. oil oil is almond oil was the only thing that made my scalp tolerable. I also use bottled watter in my hair and over the years the texture has change dramticly because the facet water is too hard on my hair.

  70. ~Truth be told~ on


    Comment 92

    Yeah It's sad. its almost as though people cannot get their minds to settle enough so they can sleep.

  71. ~Truth be told~ on


    I tried distilled water but it made me feel even worse. I know distill water is good for certain infections though. have you guys heard of collidal silver? its the natural form of penicillan. its distill water and silver and if you ever get strep or mono or staph infection it will clear it up just like the antibiotics from the doctor. a year ago i get strep and i have no medical insurance. So i called a family member thats a doctor in Mississippi and she told me to got to vitamin world and pic up a bottle of this. I used it every hour for 3 days and then twice a day for the the next seven. It cleared it and i was fine. So I keep a bottle of this in the cabinet. it has also been linked to helping with cancers. you cannot take it everyday like a vitamin because the silver can change you skins color. there was a guy on some talk show that had turned purple from using it in excess.

    • Smart on the colloidial silver. The reason you felt ill with the distilled water is because you were drinking a healthy source of water and minerals which means your body was flushing out the other toxic build up from the 'bad' water, food and air. Many things can be stored in either fat cells, the liver, the lymphatic system etc. When you embark upon a detox regimen then you will feel flu like symptoms before you feel better. This is because your body now has the time to rid itself of toxins and is not being bombarded everyday by harmful crap. It's like having to dust before you can sweep.

  72. ~Truth be told~ on

    The thing we must all realize with taking supplements is you have to flush your body out. otherwise your looking at kidney stones and all other infections. we should all sit down and figure out a system that we can stick to diligently. Whether your going to cleanse your body twice a year, plant your own vegetables and fruits, go completely organic, what ever it may be you have to map it out. organic is more expensive so you have to be willing to pay the cost to be healthy. foods at certain farmers markets tend to be higher and they are not avalible all year round alot of times. It's also important to allow God to direct you which path to g as far as buying food.

  73. Every One Wll Bow- J on

    Awe-inspiring! I loved the article. As I read the article and comments from respondents, I took notes. Like some of the respondents mentioned, the ingredients they are placing in our foods was a sinister move. They talk about obesity in America as if they are clueless to what is truly the source of the matter.

    Did all this take place during the time the government went after Phyllis Morrison’s cigarette company? Was this a distraction? Even though cigarettes are bad, but was it a strategy. Now that they won a lawsuit in that case, who is going to sue FDA for its faulty practices? Do we need a big-brother government over this government? I often think that there is going to come a time where people are going to hire lawyers outside of the United States to file lawsuits. Who can we trust?

    I read a comment that made a very important point. Healthy food is becoming costly. People are losing their jobs. This is a dilemma for many people to make such needed changes. It used to be that the healthy foods were cheaper in grocery stories and processed foods were expensive. I guess the government has learned that the whistle was blown on them. Since people are searching for organic foods now, they are attempting to make a profit it as well.

    It is time to go back to the old days and stop living the modern life. This lifestyle is killing us. The old ways are better. We need to go back to grandma's kitchen where everything was cooked from scratch, vegetables were purchased from local farmer's market and meat was purchased at the local meat's butcher store.

    When you see a local famer, thank him or her. We need to visit local farmers’ markets to support them. I am glad they all did not disappear from the face of the earth. People thought farmers we a thing of the past, but we should be grateful many of them weathered the storm for our sakes. I live in a southern state. I observed several farmers’ markets open on Saturday mornings. I am sure where they all are driving from, but I am glad to people buy from them such as my mother.

    For years, these places were closed, but they are operating in full force now.

    I do not want to hear a single person say, "Nobody does that any more." The old ways were the best ways. People were healthier and physically fit. In the past, people were able to eat baked cakes made from scratch and ice cream without getting sick. My grandfather adored my grandmother's cooking and he lived a healthy life as a slender man. I used to rub my head (figure of speech) trying to come to a conclusion on what is going on; high percentage of food allergies, diabetes, obesity, skin allergies, etc. But now I know what can be causing some of the problems; thanks to this blog.

  74. Every One Wll Bow- J on

    BTW, does anyone know whether or not Meaningful Beauty Wellness Vitamins and Mineral Supplements are effective to use daily? It comes with 30 packets for a month's supply. Each packet has four capsules; energizer (formulated with B vitamins), mineral Complex, antioxidants (balanced carotenes and vitamin A) and superjiuce.

  75. Every One Wll Bow- J on

    @ ~Truth be told~

    I see this topic is your specialty. I will try it in my bath water. I do know that my skin is so smooth and soft. The lady, who told me about olive oil, mentioned how the women in the "Bible days" used it. I listened and tried it, and loved the results.

  76. Granny Good Food on

    Sometimes the Gene Pool needs cleaning, so there are things like aspartame, HFCS, Splenda, fluoride, ad nauseum to do the dirty work. Those who are called to hear the truth will respond; the stupid ones will die young. Hard to say, but I've thought about this a lot and it seems to be the only answer. I teach, I write, I scream, I pray, and only a few will listen. As a Christian, I had to consider that even Jesus did not try to save everyone; in fact, he HID the truth, by means of parables, just so that the evil ones would NOT get healed and be blessed. That gives me peace when people laugh at me or ridicule what I have studied and labored at for several decades.

    There's one thing I did not see in the list: Iodine. It reverses the effects of Fluoride, Bromine, and Chlorine; as well as mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. The greatest food source is Sea Vegetables. I would highly recommend for people who want the whole truth to consider its health benefits.

    Keep up the good work, Vigilant. I send people to this site all the time! ~~~Granny

  77. ~Truth be told~ on

    @Every One Wll Bow

    Try the bottled water on your hair. i bet you you'll love how it feel after a couple a times of doing.

  78. Having grown up in an Indian household where natural food was Cooked from scratched everynight.

    I was fortunate to have all these foods and spices on the daily bases and feel my good overall health, whether mind or body, is a direct reason for this.

    I suggest to anyone if they want to make a change in their life through diet, to look into Indian food recipes, and to visit ethnic markets. These markets usually have these spices, such as termeric, and have fruits and vegetables that havn't been sprayed by poison. Though you wont find shiny, perfect looking veggies/fruit straight out a magazine, you will find that they are real, good for you, and will go bad if you dont eat them within a couple days!

    Great Work VC.

    Keep on keepin on.


  79. Every One Wll Bow- J on

    @ jesse (92)

    Look at the type of world we live in.

    "The Fame Monster, the expanded version of Lady Gaga's blockbuster debut album The Fame, reached a milestone this week. The digital tracks from the album have sold a combined total of more than 25 million units. No other album has rung up such a hefty total in sales of its digital tracks."

    What message is this sending? There are a lot of zombies in this world; they need dead music to continue to make them feel dead inside.

  80. Every One Wll Bow- J on

    I was puzzled why the change from natural food to poisoned food. I wondered why the government is testing chemicals in our foods as if we are lab rats. As I was reading articles, I came across a part of a sentence that became 3-D to me- "the manmade, indestructible chemical in their blood."

    We have for the most part being discussing how the government is poisoning our minds through mind control techniques. We discussed from the "Illuminati" to "New World Order; the Lord and Satan

    So, I thought when I read that part. Satan needs to move everything out that was created by the Lord and He called good. Anything Satan makes has to be destructive copies of what the Lord makes; the opposite (opposite of good is bad). These things we encounter in foods, etc are manmade and given long names that people cannot pronounce to create confusion and the indestructible chemical gets in our blood. This is all done by the hands of the government. The FDA is allowing more crap to reach the public without its approval.

    The funny thing is that the government campaigned for people to stop smoking in order to look reactive. The funny thing is that they have new and improved ways to give people cancer. However, we can fight back by being proactive.

  81. Every One Wll Bow- Jesus Christ on

    @ CaliSunAngel (74)

    I am not exactly sure what all olive oil does for the skin, but I have been mixing it with my lotion for six years now.

    My niece has eczema, and I have been trying to get her to do the same. I wonder why there are so many adults and children suffering from this form of dermatitis.

  82. ~Truth be told~ on

    We need to stay informed and the only way to do so is to seek knowledge. thats what God gave us mind for. he has sent us to this site to help us see the truth. it is up to us what we do with this knowledge.

  83. Is High Fructose Corn Syrup really the work of the Illuminati?

    Someone showed me the YouTube link to the commercial that promotes HFCS as good, and it felt really creepy watching it!

    Why are they trying to promote something that could kill us?

  84. readbetweenthelines on

    A Chinese practitioner told me that adults NEED TO BE IN BED BY 10PM. She said if they are trying to lose weight or regulate their hormones, they will fail if they don't sleep between the hours of 10-3am. Also children must be in bed by 8:30pm for the same reason, healthy development of hormones and proper metabolism. People American's are sleep deprived like no other nation and we can see it.

    Also…beware of the term "sugar" instead of HFCS on sodas. Monsanto has farmed GMO sugar beets to use in products as well. The sugar MUST BE ORGANIC! In order to be safe to consume. You can read more about Monsanto's GMO sugar beets at Organic Consumer Association.

    Salmon beware, if it's farm raised Salmon…DONT EAT IT! Many farm raised salmon have been fed with, guess what??? Oh yeah, corn!!! The blasted things the are doing to these animals that they turn around and feed to us. IF YOU'RE GOING TO EAT SALMON, EAT WILD SALMON!!! I know farm raised is cheaper, but again you know why…you get what you pay for!

  85. Great Article!!!

    Yo, VC I figured out your ancestory from the Coin and Statue you posted man it too easy man LOL

    So I dont ruin it for everyone Ill give them a Hint, it starts with the letter P……..

  86. Mohammed Saad on

    I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a crusader of truth and you are making a huge difference. I have been able to wake yp some people by simply referring to your site. You undertake serious topics and are able to break them down for most to understand. You also throw in a little humor to lighten up the mood. Thanks again for your hard work.

  87. We have to protect our precious bodily fluids from this New World Order conspiracy.
    I for my part only drink distilled water. I don’t have an aversion to women, but I deny them my essence.

  88. Thanks for great information.

    Here is my 2 cents worth: – regular face/body soaps contain a lot of petrochemical byproducts which are horrible for the skin. I always had trouble using commercial soaps (dry, taught, blotchy , flaky skin on my face)

    I started making my own soap about 3 years ago using 100% natural plant oils (coconut, palm, olive, jojoba etc). My skin especially my face complexion improved radically. All that dryness and flakiness has gone. I m now 58 and no longer even use moisturiser as my skin doesnt seem to need it. Friends loved the soaps and it has encouraged me to start my own small business making natural beauty products using 100% plant oils, instead of supporting the petroleum industry & subsidiaries by using mineral oil based products!

    Making soap (google it) is a bit time consuming, and you need to be precise but one batch will suffice for your personal needs for 6 months or more. Give it a try!

    • ilovegreentea on

      oh so right! I stopped using commercial soaps years ago started to use tea tree castille soap and never looked back. Sometimes I use 99% Aloe Vera gel as a moisturizer. And I had terrible breakouts.

  89. Thanks MAtt, much appreciated for the great article, you truely are a great person and offcource let the detoxification begin*

  90. Excellent article, at last something positive and helpful. I find that a lot of sites keep telling everyone how bad everything is but provide no positive solutions. Excellent job.

  91. Hi VC,

    Great article! I've found that ever since I stopped eating out (fast food, takeaways) and cooked my own food, I've lost weight and felt better. Too much Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG), Salt and Corn Syrup in restaurant food anyways!

    So, I guess spices are the best thing to put on the barbecue – so will be skipping the Heintz BBQ Sauce and replacing it with spices then …

  92. Blackmangabbin on

    Good stuff. I'm glad that I was able to read up on this article series and now I have been paying more attention to the things I buy and feed my kids. Right on playa.

  93. Organic foods are so expensive and you can’t really start a garden in New England. Our seasons are so temperamental. It’s crazy how what’s good for you are sky high in prices but what’s bad for you sells 5 for $2 dollars in bundles. Amazing….this society is so backwards.

  94. To expand on the need for clean water, The fluoride water filter is a good starting point. But ultimately a whole house filter is needed because when showering the fluoride and chlorine or chloramine(depending an where you are) is absorbed in through the pours bodies largest organ.. the skin.

    Then while detoxing, distilled water should be consumed during cleansing, it will help bind to toxic substances and help to remove them from the body by way of urine. Be sure not to drink distilled water for extended periods without re-mineralizing your vessel with a quality mineral source. Some conductive minerals in balance should be in order so that you can get your synapses firing stronger than ever.

    Fluoride also displaces the bodies supply of iodine, getting some kelp or other iodine rich foods will help to rebuild the immune system.

    On a side note, I try to stay away from the more corporate brands of packaged food even if they are organic, check out the companies you buy check for corporate links!

  95. Great article but really difficult. I can't quite say i can eat onions all my life. A great workout sounds great though 😀

  96. Another excellent article. I would add just 2 caveats.

    Freaky to quote Manly P. Hall on this website, since he was luciferian and illuminate, and one of the NWO's greatest heroes.

    Chelating, especially mercury, can be very dangerous, and loosen more which can finally lodge in the brain, which then requires DMSA to remove. Probably the most researched person as a resource for mercury removal, is Dr. Hal Huggins. Following his protocol is well worth the effort and can save potential problems.

  97. Good stuff. :-)

    However, recommending fish oil as a source of omega-3 fatty acids is a no-no. Again, being consistent with the quest of the article (ridding ourselves of these dumbing agents), some of the main repositories of mercury pollution are the world's oceans and, naturally, the fauna in them. That would be the first reason to discard fish oil as a source of omega-3 fatty acids. The second and last one is that linseed, or flax seed, is a plant source of omega-3 fatty acids, and in far greater proportion compared to fish oil, AND without the mercury poisoning, plus the debilitating effects of ingesting secondary nutrition in the form of animal-based rather than plant-based foods.




  98. Every One Wll Bow- J on

    Tampering with the food we eat is all too bizarre and bloodcurdling. Do "They" have no boundaries?

    I read an article about people, who own iPhones will be able to break electronic locks on their devices in order to download software applications that haven't been approved by Apple Inc. This is supposed to be legal based on some new government rules.

    Here are some examples:

    “- allow owners of used cell phones to break access controls on their phones in order to switch wireless


    – allow people to break technical protections on video games to investigate or correct security flaws.

    – allow college professors, film students and documentary filmmakers to break copy-protection measures on

    DVDs so they can embed clips for educational purposes, criticism, commentary and noncommercial videos.

    – allow computer owners to bypass the need for external security devices called dongles if the dongle no longer

    works and cannot be replaced."

    I just wonder if these rules will eventually lead to the government being able to break security locks placed on our phones for privacy. This might sound like a glorious moment for some IPhone owners, but we need to be careful. What goes around comes around. We may think that it is okay to do it to others, but what happens when it is done to us and the government allows it?

    New Government Rule:

    -allow government officials to break technical protections and security codes placed on citizen's people's phones

    and computers to investigate voice mails, website visits and e-mails for any security reason without probable


    or better yet:

    -allow people to break technical protections and passwords on other people's phones and computers to

    investigate or correct security flaws

    Before celebrating, people should know where this is leading to in America. This sounds too much like hacking. If people once celebrated Asbestos, they can celebrate other new creations that becomes dangerous to people. Think about this! Millions of people set up accounts to bank online, pay bills, online, get money from ATMs, and so forth. I we start overriding some things now, whose to say what all we (at least the government) are going to be able to override in the future in order to correct security flaws. Sounds to me the mark of the beast (666) is well on its way.

    The key to being smart or intelligent is being able to generalize learned information. This concept regarding the "big brother" can be applied to more than just to the food industry. The government has already proven this.

    Can you imagine eating dinner with your family or taking a shower home alone and police officers (facist; martial law) knocks your front door down and invade your privacy without a search warrant or no real cause? Be on the watch of what your "Big Brother" is doing. What appears innocent today, may no appear so innocent tomorrow.

  99. Every One Wll Bow- J on

    This is in Canada; not too far from the United States:


    "Blair is under intense pressure following allegations that police threatened to gang-rape women who were arrested at the event. Journalist Amy Miller described how numerous women were strip-searched by male officers and that one severely traumatized woman was sexually molested by police who stuck their fingers up her vagina, which is classified as rape.

    “I was told I was going to be gang banged. I was told that I was never going to want to act as a journalist again by making sure I was going to be repeatedly raped while I was in jail,” said Miller.

    Brutal police attacks on peaceful protesters are routinely preceded by scenes of anarchists destroying private property with no police interference. Indeed, a growing body of evidence points to the fact that the anarchists who set a police car on fire and also smashed shop windows were in fact undercover police officers. This is a routine occurrence at global summits, where cops dress up as anarchists and cause mayhem in order to justify a police crackdown on legitimate demonstrators."

    This sounds similar to the Christian novel "Illuminati" I recently read. That was a fiction novel. This is real life. I think everyone should read that novel to become familiar with things that are taking place around us.

  100. Wow i love your articles Vigilant Citizen! You're giving me inspiration to take care of myself more. Thank you. Keep up your lovely work. Peace from Holland!

  101. Thank you for these articles! I have been following your articles for about a year? I like a lot of what you have to say and enjoy your point of view. It's refreshing. I am in the process of changing my diet according to many of the things you've said above. I do remember hearing a lot of that info from one of Oprah's regular guests Dr Oz. I don't really follow Oprah anymore but think his book 'You On a Diet" outlines a lot of what you're stating. You should check it out, if you haven't already.

    Again, I just wanted to thank you for your articles! You always present facts to back up your story instead of just spouting off unfounded and judgmental theories, like some other sites do.


  102. DiziLLuZioNed on

    Did you know that putting chemicals on your skin can be far worse than ingesting them?

    Did you know it’s been estimated that if you use conventional cosmetics on a daily basis, you can absorb almost 5 pounds of chemicals and toxins into your body each year?!

    The link to this article by Dr. Mercola who is a naturapathic doctor. Some highlights from the article are:

    This is in large part because when you eat something the enzymes in your saliva and stomach help break it down and flush it out of your body.

    When the chemical cocktail is delivered into your blood stream via your skin, however, it bypasses this built-in protective filtration process, so you have decreased protection against the toxins.

    Paraben, a chemical found in underarm deodorants and other cosmetics that has been shown to mimic the action of the female hormone estrogen, which can drive the growth of human breast tumors.

    Phthalates, plasticizing ingredients (present in nearly three-quarters of 72 products tested by the Environmental Working Group), which have been linked to birth defects in the reproductive system of boys and lower sperm-motility in adult men, among other problems.

    Musks, used as fragrances, can accumulate in your body, and have been linked to skin irritation, hormone disruption, and cancer in laboratory studies.

    Artificial fragrances, which are among the top five known allergens, and can cause asthma and trigger asthma attacks.

    Methylisothiazolinone (MIT), a chemical used in shampoo to prevent bacteria from developing, which may have detrimental effects on your nervous system.

    Toluene, made from petroleum or coal tar, and found in most synthetic fragrances. Chronic exposure linked to anemia, lowered blood cell count, liver or kidney damage, and may affect a developing fetus.

    Mineral Oil, Paraffin, and Petrolatum, these products coat your skin like plastic, clogging pores and creating a build-up of toxins. They also slow cellular development, which can cause you to show earlier signs of aging, and are a suspected cause of cancer and disruption to hormonal activity.

  103. Audrey Harlan on

    "Read the labels and if you find high fructose corn syrup at the top the list of ingredients, tell the product “oh no you didn’t!”, snap your fingers with attitude and put it back on the shelf. Ignore the confused looks of other shoppers."

    hahahahahaha….I think I'm in love…;)

    Love your articles so much…thanks:)


  104. Juan Hernandez on

    Hey thanks for doing your part in waking people up. I enjoy your website and look forward to reading your new articles. Your a blessing to all of us who believe that one day the tyrant will fall and things will change for the better.

  105. someone above mentioned that soaps and lotions contain parabens and

    harsh chemicals. Thats right, i just wanted to add that just yesterday i went

    and bought goat's milk soap and looked at the ingredients and they were

    all natural oils combined with goat's milk. they are a little expensive but

    i think its definately worth it.

  106. For those that believe that fish oils can be dangerous because of their mercury content, this is a misunderstanding. Fish oils do not poison with mercury because they contain selenium. And unlike flax seed, fish oil also have Vitamin D which is one of the greatest cancer fighting vitamins out there and is ussually deficient in diets..

    Yes! Most Fish contain high levels of selenium, which keeps the mercury moving through the body and out through the urinary tract. Therefore the mercury is never deposited in the body.

    Fish like shark don't contain a balanced level of selenium compared to mercury, so it is wise to stay away from shark.

    Also chelating can be dangerous…., however there are natural ways to chelate, with cilantro or seaweed for example, that are not dangerous. Also taking a selenium supplement can help to mobilize mercury and remove it from the body.

    Selenium: Relation to Decreased Toxicity of Methylmercury Added to Diets Containing Tuna

    Selenium Helps Remove Mercury from the Body

  107. thanks vigilant

    please dont go or shop at Naturalcures.com its load bs and i have been scamed last month by them, i paid them 85 dollars over some product and Bob barefoot clacium books but they never sent them over or even cared to reply to my emails and their phone says always busyyy. the website is owned by Kevin trudeau the Radio host guy and i havnt heard good things about him either on youtube either .

  108. Great article Vigilant! You are really opening the eyes and minds of those that do not know
    Dr. Oz is great. Im glad he has his own show too. Hello Everyone will bow how are you,
    Hellos to LVB and stacy. EWB, you are so right about the cell phones and computers
    its all scary. We need to take action. I want to close my email account and everything and just
    stay up here. nothing is safe anymore.


  109. Very good to see these issues brought into light here. It is very important to realize that much of what is thought of as healthy, is merely a synthetic form that has most often been produced for profit. We have all been played to some degree, the challenge is to do what is best for the function of our physiology putting all preconceived ideas in the back of our mind. I found the Wai diet as a result of a challenge from my wife who believed that fruits had no protein, over a year later I cannot tell you what this diet has done for my physical condition, an excerpt here;

    "Wai Says

    Cooking food creates the toxins that cause welfare diseases

    "Wai sites are the result of doing research for a book. Originally we were just doing research about the relation between diet and the skin, but the more scientific studies we read (mostly financed by pharmaceutical companies), the more we discovered that 'they' very well know the causes of major diseases, which they publicly pretend not to know."

    "The Wai Diet is about eating raw, natural, easy to digest foods, excluding all cooked foods and foods that naturally contain high levels of anti-nutrients or (plant-)hormones.

    We will show that the Wai diet abundantly supplies all required nutrients, and that one doesn't need other, so called 'healthy foods' containing compounds that need to compensate for the ill effects of a normal diet.

    We will supply guidance as to how adapt to this diet, how to take in exactly the right amounts of energy, and how to optimally appreciate it."

    Site found here, http://www.waiworld.com/waidiet/thewaidiet.html

    This site is selling nothing, promotes only things you can find in stores, or online, and will if followed change everything you ever thought about food, and diet, and will get you off the stanard food addictions that corporate empires depend on.


  110. Every One Wll Bow- J on

    @ jamie oliver (150)

    "I think you are a shill and I ask you to comment in a serious way about the disappearance of Christopher Bollyn."

    Are you serious? Why don't you do a blog to discuss the disappearance of Christopher Bollyn? Apparently, this topic is very important to YOU. We all can only assume what happened to this journalist. However, YOU are a SHILL if you do not do the research and report back to us.

    Give me a break.

  111. After many years of study, research and experience, I can offer some simple, but surprising advice:

    1) Avoid everything mainstream. If it's been on TV and in magazines, then avoid. If it's manufactured by a big corporate entity, then avoid. Don't get tricked by their clever "natural" packaging and marketing. This is warfare, and their biochemists are really, really good. Evil and diabolical perhaps, but some of the top scientists on the planet. Money, position, status, ego, contracts, peer pressure, compromise, and threats keep 99.99% in line. Scientist Jeffrey Wigand (sp?) from Big Tabacco was a rare exception. This first rule sounds extreme, and it is, but I'm being honest as there is not one corporate food item produced that is not injurous to your body, mind and soul.

    2) Take total control of your water. Remove everything via reverse osmosis, and/or gravity feed filter with all the candles (Dalton). Then ozonate, then add some liquid minerals, place in a glass container and enjoy. Buy filters for your showers. Never use the ice from your fridges ice maker. Don't drink bottled water unless it's Fiji Water, but it's only a matter of time before they are "pressured" also. Poisoning our water is essential to their Agenda.

    3) Don't waste your time reading labels. English definition of words vs. Legal definition fools us all. Corporations have a dozen ways of stuffing a product with poison and making it sound safe on a label. The word "organic" has become useless.

    4) Avoid all mainstream cleaning products. Use vinegar, borax, lemon juice, salt water.

    5) Throw out all medications. Consider real colloidal silver (which will never turn your skin blue / grey) which you can make, food grade hydrogen peroxide, Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), and your natural fruits and veggies as your new medicine. Ozonated water will help too. Everything the FDA says, assume the exact opposite is true. Everything under the "natural umbrella" that the FDA claims is useless or potentially dangerous is EXACTLY the opposite. Knowing this will actually make you appreciate the FDA afterall. Never get another vaccine as long as you live; ditto for your kids and pets. Don't even think of arguing with this one. You simply don't know what I know.

    6) Disconnect your cable TV and cut down your rentals to no more than 1 per week (to start). You can't fathom what the programming is doing to you via the audio and video subliminals and the symbols. Accidentally throw out your children's iPod (or zap with a very strong magnet). Then control their music as long as you can. Start to play games / cards / sports with your kids and move away from the electronics. Focus more on your pets.

    7) Start learning about real nutrition and supplementation, but never join any MLM schemes out there. Take advice from people who are not taking your money and look as if they are really healthy / vibrant. Find smaller family owned stores to buy from that look like the owners are tree huggers. Learn to grow your own food and herbs in some capacity. Try "ethnic" markets around you. Don't get fooled by "organic". You must cook 95% of all your meals. Make smoothies to get all those things you don't care to eat. Use the internet very carefully over many weeks to understand what your body might need via supplementation. Assume your MD knows squat. Certified dietitions are nearly useless. Educate yourself. Divide the tasks among family members, and teach each other.

    8) Remember, money is not the issue here. The money you save from no TV, fewer movies/rentals, almost no restaurants, no junk food, no medications, reduced or no health insurrance, and no bottled water means you will have the money to buy better food, filters, supplements, etc.

    The above advice is hard to live by, and only about 5% of the people I ancounter can proceed with it, mainly because they can't fathom the "conspiracy" of it all. But, once you adapt to the above, your life will become incredible. I've taken the time to tell you these things for free because I am one who knows things, and with knowledge comes responsibilty. I enjoy pointing people in the right direction and seeing them prosper. Enjoy.


    • ilovegreentea on

      thank you Dr. F. Wow. I grew up in an area that is considered "tree hugger", and they are the healthiest people I know. I see how important it is to do all the things outlined in your post now that I'm returning to a healthier lifestyle. I am going to give myself a full 9 months to gradually do all this. I've done 35% of it. Thank you, I am printing off your suggestions.

    • Dr.F, I can agree with everything you said except that our foods should be cooked. There is overwhelming evidence that food tempered with high heat will likely destroy most of the nutritional content and create various carcinogens. I shouldn't have to provide a source because they can be found everywhere. Just search "The effects of cooked food on the body" or something similar and you will what people have to say. Potatoes do have to be cooked to breakdown the toxins contained in them, but regardless they are unneeded in our diets.

      Thanks for your contribution to awareness.

  112. This is my new favorite site. I love you, vigilant. You are saving our livelihoods and happiness. Thank you.

  113. Good to know that you're working hard to inform us all. Good post. It's funny– I try to encourage people often to take their health into their own hands, but this info is worth its' weight in GOLD! Beware of the infiltrators though. So many are making themselves known because many of us ARE WAKING UP! Allow me to quote Zbigniew Brzezinski— "[we fear] A massive, global awakening"…

    Has anyone ever read "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu? To you all: Just be careful in these days and times. The infiltrators are moving in a massive way to spew lies. Keep your discerning EYE alert. Deception is quite real right now… (think Alex Jones, David Icke amongst others).


  114. Thank you.

    Recommended reading: Slow Death by Rubber Duck: The secret danger of EVERYDAY THINGS. by Smith and Lourie. These men conducted experiments on themselves by consuming canned goods, tuna and beverages that were microwaved in plastic and then tested their blood and urine. VERY INTERESTING!

    They have a chapter at the end that offers ways to avoid chemical contamination.

    Some things mentioned in this book were also covered by comments from Dizilouzioned (sorry if I misspelled).

    Keep up the good work VC.

  115. As the mother of "autistic" twins, I am very grateful for this website. I have been quite aware of this subliminal programming and manipulation of society. We have not had cable for over a year and have flourished as a family in many ways. Even my husband (who thought he couldn't live without TV), realizes now what a negative effect it had on us. Unfortunately, his young children from a previous marriage, are being completely brainwashed through video games (that their mother lets them play constantly). They talk about killing as they play with their toys, and all they want to do is "pretend" kill with their toys. Most parents think nothing of this, or even think it's normal for boys. It is disturbing.

    On another subject…On the eve of the third set of vaccinations for my twins, I believe I had a premonition. That day I was fighting with their father and his family because I did noit want them to have it. Something just told me it was not right. That night, my daughter began have facial twitches, hand twitching. Over the next few days, my son just stopped talking. I don't care what anyone says, I know that this was done to them. The pain and suffering is unbearable at times…no, all of the time I have a pain inside. However, I know that there has to be a solution, I truly believe that…and this article gives me hope. Thank you so much for writing. Also, thank you Dr. F. I believe you are wise, and genuine. Thanks.

  116. Hurray for alternative medicine. Take that you pharmaceutical drug pushers! Who says that greed is the best way to run an economy? Yes, greed encourages mass production and mass distribution, so as to make products and services more widely available, but at the detrimental cost of lower quality. In this case, the quality can be so low as to actually harm/kill its consumers. I personally think such a cost is too high. We need to rethink the values we encourage in this society. It would be better if people and corporations were NOT motivated by profit seeking motives and cared only about the actual effect they are having on their consumers. Say, go back to nature, and go back to hand-made local manufacturing? It's about quality, not quantity.

  117. Every One Wll Bow- J on

    @ Aldys (174)

    I agree with you. I wish the best for your children. Some parents changed their children's diet that resulted to miraculous reverse of autism. I am certain you are doing what is best for your children. People do not realize that this is not commplace and more children are being affected in this manner. Thank you for sharing your story.

  118. I get my supplements from the vitacost webite. Best prices I've found anywhere. Organic tumeric root powder, organic cold pressed flax, chorella, etc… Plant derived food supplements. It's easy to drop this stuff in a blender with some organic raw eggs and raw honey to sweeten and then drink it down …delicious! The Gerson diet looks real good to. I'm going to go on it and see what happens. Supplements and eating right is a LOT cheaper than paying a doctor to cut stuff out of you and prescribe expensive poisons to cover up your symptoms. It's easy, just stop buying bad stuff and start buying good stuff and then you don't have access to the bad stuff.



    The Power Hour radio show

    Gerson Therapy


    Dr. Cass Ingram

  119. MaryLou Iglesias on

    I absolutely LOVE this article. It is both eyeopening and informative. I was proud to see that I am already implimenting many of the natural herbs and roots that are used as cleansing and toxin reversing agent. I also have had a R.O for more than 10 years and a Water Softener for my entire house…the next thing Ill do is change my hot water heater to Solar…You have provided much needed and important Knowledge and I thank you for that.

  120. I’ve heard a LOT of these things from holistic nutritionists I used to go to school with as well (though many of them also encourage a vegan lifestyle to avoid the mercury in fish altogether…yeah, that’ll happen). A lot of them emphasise just how bad beef, pork, and chicken are for you, not because they’re meats, but because the vast majority of the plants that process them do not handle the meat in a way that is suitable for human consumption. (Seriously. Google Tyson chicken plant health codes and see what comes up. Roaches? Nasty.) They’re also less than humane…horrifically so.

    Good stuff! 😀 Thanks for sharing with everyone.

    • ilovegreentea on

      I’ve watched the entire arrivals documentary and it has a very pro islamic slant. Informative but with a subtle agenda slanted towards the unthreatening and peaceful religion of Islam. I am open minded but the lack of objectivity towards Islam told me all I needed to know. There are lots of objective documentaries out there that will inform. This isn’t one of them, especially since they’ve taken a few clips from other documentaries and made it there own.

      Search Codex and population reduction, flouride, dangers of aspartamine.

    • ilovegreentea on

      I’ve watched the entire arrivals documentary and it has a very pro islamic slant. Informative but with a subtle agenda slanted towards the nonthreatening and peaceful religion of Islam. I am open minded but the lack of objectivity towards Islam told me all I needed to know. There are lots of objective documentaries out there that will inform. This isn’t one of them, especially since they’ve taken a few clips from other documentaries and made it there own.

      Search Codex and population reduction, fluoride, dangers of aspartame.

  121. The best place to get most of these spices is from a Pakistani/Indian shop. Chinese shops have many such herbs and spices too. The Pakistani shops sell them in bulk and it works out at less than 50% of the cost you would pay at a typical supermarket as these spices are part of the staple diet in Pakistani/Indian cuisine. For authentic names ask for:

    Curcuma – Haldi Powder

    Cilantro/Coriander – Thania (fresh) or Thania seeds or Thania powder which you can put into your cooking.

    Curcumin – Jerra seeds or Jeera powder. This is also good for your health. Often you can buy a mix of Thania powder+Jeera.

    • ilovegreentea on

      divide and conquer. Same strategy, multiple targets, same outcome-population reduction. By any means necessary.

  122. Learn more about these herbs and spices as well as organic produce and essential oils : http://www.organicfacts.net/organic-oils/organic-

    If they don't stock them in your major grocery stores in the USA, I would suggest looking in your local asian run grocery stores and asking them politely. (if they don't stock it, ask where you can find it)

  123. Wonderful as a mom with one on the way i found your article very helpful especialy regaurding the fish oil considering i think anything that comes from the water is disgusting. Unfortunately now my son is going to have to get used to tumeric and pepper picky thing he is my boy. But it's all worth it iin the end. Thanks.

  124. VC,

    May God smile upon you for what you are doing.

    Also, don't forget to bless your food and drink before consumption. There are very REAL reasons why people have done this for thousands of years. This should not be overlooked or underestimated.

  125. Every One Wll Bow- J on

    Jon (182)

    Thank for sharing the video (8:50 minutes). I watched it, and it is very informative.

  126. Every One Wll Bow- J on


    When you consider your next blog, if not already in the making, can you please consider discussing Hollywood nation. What is going on? If Oliver Stone is speaking out, then you have to know it is something sinister.

  127. NATURAL NEWS com on


    My own research and lifestyle changes has brought me to the same conclusions as stated in the article!

    The addition of more RAW FOODS does wonders as well.

    Those looking to learn more info on all this check out NATURALNEWS.com

    much love and keep them coming VC

  128. Great article Vigilant, as always. I like this style a lot, but don't give up your classic way of reviewing individual videos and movies, those are great, too.

    I've just finished a new one, as well. I have to warn you, though, that if you're looking for a fun review of pop stars and symbolism, this probably isn't the one for you. But if you're interested in taking a very serious up-close and personal look at how the New World Order psychological warfare and propaganda machinery are used in real-life situations, and the evil alliances between governments, intelligence agencies and corporate mass media, I think you will find this very interesting.


    You'll definitely learn some new things about stuff that we've all been lied to about for over a decade now. This is really a no bullsh!t, straight facts look at the NWO, so just be sure that you are in the right frame of mind to deal with some serious subjects.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks and take care!

  129. Thank you for the article VC!

    “There is no disease that God has created, except that He also has created its remedy” Prophet Mohammad, as narrated by Bukhari 7.582

    I see there is some contradiction on the reverse osmosis filter usage vs. the charcoal filter….best way to know is to still research and validate again….

  130. great article! thanks for informing the population

    at a time when disinformation is getting higher and higher

  131. @ I'm Stoned.

    You are ridiculous, your brain is the one that receives those chemical imputs. If you really think your heart is more valuable than your brain then you should look up "Brain Death." An overview would be that your heart and organs work but there is no brain activity. Your essentially dead because YOUR BRAIN IS NOT WORKING> Which means you can't think your just a body with organs. And it is not a coma, coma is where your brain is working but you can't recieve conciousness. Also If you're stoned then I would worry about the toxic chemicals that are entering your brain at whatever moment you get high.

    I never heard such a ridiculous statement in my life and I am 19.

  132. Stupendous article by the way, you should really check out the hundredyearlie.com or get the book "The Hundred Year Lie" By Randall Fitzgerald. Very good read and it also gives other ways to detoxify your body from harmful chemicals from food and other household products.


  134. These last three articles were great. It amazes me how you get this information.
    Natural things are a lot better. Artificial stuff makes me feel, I guess, dirty inside. I knew there was something wrong with that.
    Thanks for the article. By the way how would we get water that is mercury free?

  135. Yessss!! Thank you so much! I was REALLY hoping that you wouldn’t leave us hanging with all that scarrry shit in parts 1 and 2…I knew you’d come through though..LoL seriously, thanks. A lot of this is what my husband and I do anyway, and upon reading the first parts we’ve been trying to encorporate it into daily living even more…
    But the extra tips are very appreciated..thank you so much..

    • totally agree… i was contemplating moving to a remote cave in Afghanistan until i read this. 😉

      happy to know there is some good advice there to follow among all the crap i have now filtered out of my life!
      off to buy some omega-3 and Garlic now!

    • it has everything to do with it- there will first be a fals apocalypse and many will fall for it and the bottom line is going to be- help me america, give me the chip because you won't be able to survive with out it (your bank accnt #, health info etc will all be in it)

      whether its really 2012 or soon after who knows, it def SELLS but it will def be a FAKE apocalypse and we must not fall for it for the true second coming will be a surprise to all

      (the mayans most likely predicted end of world = start of NWO, not really the real end of world)

      • they already put it in new borns in texas to track them in case someone tries to "steal" a baby, good cover up right?

      • Wonderful info. Activated Charcoal should also be listed here. But, God has provided us with many things to help the body heal. (although, if you avoid harmful products and foods all together the body will heal on its own, and fight off dis-ease problems better too!)

        Some are talking about tracking chips here.. Im not for them, I do not want them (there not the mark, because you are not giving the beast ur authority over you or your worship) But, if we do get them, we can give them something to watch, something to track.. Lets spread the Gospel of Christ to all the world, make them know our names! Not by vandalism, or hate mail, or the "truth movement" but by telling the people the real truth, about their Savior Jesus Christ, who died for all that we all might eternal life through Him and with Him.. 😀

        Im giving my life to the only one who makes the moon reflect the sun. Will you reflect the Sons Light?

        For thou wilt light my candle: the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness. Psalm 18:28

        The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

        When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell.

        Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident.

        One thing have I desired of the LORD, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to enquire in his temple.

        For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock.

        And now shall mine head be lifted up above mine enemies round about me: therefore will I offer in his tabernacle sacrifices of joy; I will sing, yea, I will sing praises unto the LORD. Psalm 27:1-6

      • i work at a hospital in connecticut, this chip that you mentioned we have it as well.

        yeah it's attach to a wristband that can be removed .

        it was implemented after a jealous aunt tried to walk out of the hospital with her sister's baby.

        i fail to see the "cover up" of anything here

  136. Good work !

    @ July , In the Bible it says than NO-ONE knows the date of the end of the world, only The Father knows . 2012 is a fake thing that illuminati created just for u waste ur money and dont mind in what is really happening… Soon there is gonna be the 3th world war as writed in the Bible .

  137. Although this has nothing to do with this post. What do you think about the chip implants into humans? Many are saying this is the mark of the beast.

    • Whether or not these implants are the mark of the beast, I can tell you that vets working with microchipped animals have discovered that the microchips cause cancer at a rate 20X greater than smoking does.

  138. this is terrible on

    this is fucking terrible i have some of those items in my house right now, or have in the past and ive tried telling my parents in the past. we have so many paccks of flourided water bottles, processed foods, they wont listen to a fucking word i bet theyll deem me as mad. how the fuck am i supposed to tell them when i told them a year ago and they just kept buying it…FUCK i feel like this is a dead end i feel helpless but this is my family thats taking in these poisons fuckkk

  139. wow, i was so depressed to learn everything in the first 2 articles but after reading the third i feel a lot better. now i know what i need to do to help protect myself and people i love. thanks for doing so much research and posting this!

  140. Cuinesnebunix on

    Wow all the parts of these series are INCREDIBLE!

    What A great Job Vigilant!

    Wow I am stoned with all the information gathered with this articles!



  141. "cheeseburger-flavored Doritos"

    a friend of mine told me how he heard about this new flavor and was excited to try it

  142. "stoned then I would worry about the toxic chemicals that are entering your brain at whatever moment you get high." – ARP

    What are you implying, ARP?

    • I replied to your question ignorant but Vig. deleted it. But i dont need to explain myself again… Getting high is just bad for your brain. As other things you put in your body like HFCS. You can always look at the websites against marijuana and other drugs and they will tell you the effects. Just be careful whatever goes in your body

      • apr is a fed on

        apr is the illuminati. i vaporize medical cannabis 8 times a day. it does not harm brain function, in fact, thc kills cancer cells. Read up on the facts, not some reefer madness bullshit. leave this website fed

      • HAhahaa yes i am a fed…….. Omg. No i am a 19 yr old girl that likes to be aware what goes in my body. Marijuana effects everyone differently, but i dont think name calling and judgement are in order for a discussion about the effects. How old are you? Because it seems to me that you are very immature to even be on this page.

      • He is correct about THC fighting cancer. Cannibis Science in Colorado Springs has the most recent and up to date data concerning thier experiments with lab mice, cancer cell injections, cannibis smoke inhilation and the tumors magically disappear.

  143. Please elaborate mor on

    I enjoyed reading your article and I'm afraid I'm being affected by so many of those points. I'm god damn scared. I live with my parents and they've been dependent very on processed foods, flouride water ( there's 6 big packs stocked in the kitchen", and what not.

    It's not that I don't want to change my lifestyle but I have to confront my parents about this and it's not going to be easy.


  144. Well, something I've noticed recently, the muslim are waiting to fight the Dajjal, to whom a notorious amount of web pages (all muslim) agree that it is the NWO, due to their one eye logo.

    However, Catholics, among other Christians are awaiting for the rising of the greatest rival, the anti Christ, a person, not an organization.

    And the Illuminat/Freemasons are just counting the days for their master, the new age fake Christ to rise, become public and be accepted by the world as the coming of our Lord.

    I wonder… if the muslim destroy the NWO and think the dajjal is over, and then the Illuminati/freemasons bring their new age fake Christ and the muslims accept him, for he won't have just one eye… So then they will just start prosecuting and killing Christians (as usual)??? … which by the way that's how the quuran ends and actually that is how the book of Revelations mentions the start of the real pains for the faithful.

    Now it all make sense. Well, I will keep everyone in my prayers.

      • fuckthejehudi on

        so paco the spic christians never killed and prosecuted muslims in chechenya,spain,bosnia,kosovo etc

      • If I go into a garage, I don't become a car. If I go into a grocery store I don't become food. Many , many who go to church are not christians. The evil ones always use religion or patriotism or "the latest scientific findings" to force their agendas on others. We who have awakened to what is really going on around us must not fight with each other. We must carefully but urgently awaken others and not waste precious time attacking those who see the bigger picture just because they don't agree with our views on other things.

    • I wonder… if the muslim destroy the NWO and think the dajjal is over, and then the Illuminati/freemasons bring their new age fake Christ and the muslims accept him, for he won’t have just one eye"

      just look what you wrote up there paco.i dont know how muslims prosecute christians when muslim lands are invaded by christians.did iraq invade usa ?or is it the other way around.?how does this make sense if the muslims destroy the nwo ,then there wont be no illuminati/freemasons because they are the nwo.end of illuminati is the end of satans reign on earth, who ever stays after whether christian,jew,muslim was not blinded by the djall and stayed on course of GOD.all the wars in iraq,afganistan,palestine are wars by the satan worshiping freemasons and zionist jews in usa and western europe against gods people(muslims) for the security and the move to the new and the final seat of the satan and that is isreal. americans and the rest of the western world is being brainwashed by their masters to believe islam is a religion of evil and muslims are their enemy when in fact 9/11 and the bombings there after in europe were the starting point of the New world order by your government, but you still being blinded by your satan worshiping government clearly cant see.i suggest what vc said get some garlic and herbs and detox your system because clearly you have had too many vaccines with high levels of mercury in them for your thinking is clouded.

    • You really are a dumbass…

      because if you were well informed of who the dajjal really isd you won't ask these stupid idiot question asshole…

      the dajjal is in fact the Anti-Christ, he will be one-eyed ( maybe not litteraly, what i mean is that he will see just own side and would destroy the other; because in both religions Islam/Christianity that man will be charming and charismatic, that's why many will believe him… so it maybe just a metaphor about the one eye)

      So down believe any thing you fucking government would say about us because we re well educated, well informed and not stupid nor unjust or evil and fanatic about you guys (Christians)…

      and i wanna tell you something, let's talk logic how could people who buys weapons from the usa (that are made in world war 2) , have the power to kill you all; don't believe what your government tells you, we don't have weapons of mass destruction, we can bearly defend our selves against Israel, so how could we possibly do war against the most powerfull army of all time… and if you believe that Iran could do a nuclear bomb it could never be like that, a country alone could never with its own ressources, could do more than 3% percent of uranium, with the aid of Turkey and Bresil, it could only cross the 5%; so don't think we are a real threat and we are terrorists, becaue history proofs the contrary (example: in irak, they didn't find anything, not nuclear bombs, nor weapons of mass desturction, they only went and destroy the whole country)

      something else, you know that almost all of muslims know about freemassonry and the illuminati and we don't have many persons in these societies because we are attached to our religion, and dedecated to God's teachings.

      and one more thing did you ever find any masonic symbols in any mosque…i don't think so because we do what we can't to prevent these kind of things ( maybe in Dubai only because Dubai bacame litteraly a masonic country just like the usa, Dubai accually rose because of the usa, some very masonic monuments in dubai are burj al arab and burj al khalifa) .

      so be vigilant the next time you and many others…

    • Hi, just some corrections, I am a muslim and the dajjal is the anti-christ.. It is "A Person", many websites that speculates about the NWO thingy is the dajjal is not totally wrong either, the NWO really are corrupting the masses until the arrival of the anti-christ, who will eventually assume leadership and continue to corrupt the world (which I believe both muslims and christians believes in) so by any theory of we defeating the NWO and the dajjal is over is really not true, I am not a big fan of speaking on behalf of other religion because I know I am not well-versed in christianity, judaism, etc etc, so the moral of the story, is you don't know much, don't make a quick assumption because it will lead to misscom and miscomm turns to war and war turns to bla bla bla bla, (trust me honey, it will bored everyone's behind stiff if you know what I mean ) so lived life and be respectful of others cheers :)

  145. VitaminWater on

    What's fucked up is how VitaminWater is promoted as beneficial for Humans but it's like any other soft drink, a fricken scam !!!

    • ~Truth be told~ on

      most definately a huge scam. the world is based off alot of lies and scams. its important to stay aware and chose what you believe wisely.

  146. And off subject, but relevant to what humans consume psychologically, what about all those 3D movies out now? A miniseries in 1993 explored this area

    "Wild Palms"

    1993 NR 2 discs

    It's the year 2007, and Harry Wyckoff (James Belushi) is a TV executive whose new 3-D project is expected to change the world. Soon, he's a rising star at his company. But when he determines that the cutting-edge technology with which he's so enamored is a necessary component in a menacing thought-control experiment, Wyckoff winds up embroiled in a murderous conspiracy that may not offer him a graceful, not to mention safe, way out."

    A kernel of truth here perhaps? Reality is stranger than fiction.

    • I just finished watching the first 4 episodes of Wild Palms. Not only does it portray 3D, hologram multi-media entertainment, if you watch you will see the subtle use illuminati symbols in it. Plus in the dialog the characters talk about terrorism sponsored by the govt. (pre 9-11), the concept of the Fathers and the Friends, (two warring illuminati factions, also described in Rumor MIll News, search it), and portrays the abduction of children for use in elite rituals, and the character Grace talks about her own abduction as a child and initiation into the elite society lifestyle. Shows how people who are searching for fame get sucked into the elite machine and how they adopt that agenda. OK, the acting is bad, but look beyond that for the info being disseminated about the elite powers that be. Remember this was done in 1993!!! Foreshadowing the plans and revealing the hand of the elite system rulers….

    • chlorella is a type of algae. you can buy it in tablets. check your local Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, or similar.

      • home depot has reverse osmosis filter

        interesting- for that to created in the first placethere had to be a reason

        seeking omega 3 vitamins- anyone suggest a good brand to look into- its ridiculous how much is out there and gets confusing- as far as chlorella, Sun A brand is supposed to be the best and created in Japan

      • Matthias Reim on

        Stacy-NYC try xtend-life.com, I buy fish oil supplements from them because they have independent lab analysis for mecury, and its molecularly distilled. Bottle runs about 17 bucks for 60 caps. I have been using their products for about 5 years now. Their customer service is great. They're from New Zealand and I have had no problems having them shipped to the U.S. so far. The have exceptional products, but better yet check out their site and be informed.

  147. @paco- they also beleive there will be 30 false prophets first and only the true beleivers will see "disbelief" written on his forehead

    i think some of the 30 prophets were already people of our time ex. some people think Rob Hubbart who started scientology was a false prophet, bush sr and jr, some popes, etc

  148. @ say what= wow this is for a whole other article

    i just saw the previews at "despicable me" showing and they were ALL 3d and ALL animation geared toward children- perhaps to start getting used to it? supposedly they still haven't perfected it because it gives people head aches- they are still working on improving 3d- they say soon to come there will 3d presentations in school and images teaching children to replace teachers-

    i wonder though why go that far if nwo is going to come soon- unless that will be for the new way later on

  149. Every One Wll Bow- J on

    @ Troll (203)

    It is not a Godly statement to point fingers at a group of people and class them a demon. Not all democrats and republicans are demons. Keep the old adage in mind, "It takes one to know one."

    When we make venomous remarks to someone, we could very well be making these remarks at God. We do not know who the Lord in using to carry out his will on earth. We need pray for people as well as ourselves. We need to stop hurting humans with hurtful words. The human race is more in tune with what is taking place around us them to know what to pray for.

    Instead of calling human beings demons and attacking them, the best practice is to pray for them. Pray to the Lord for Him to show them His way. The Lord’s thoughts are not our thoughts; therefore, his ways are not our ways. We do not know what the Lord will have a person to do.

    IN THE PROCESS OF REVISING OUR DIETS, AMERICAN PEOPLE MUST ALSO ADJUST THE WAY THEY COMMUNICATE TO ONE ANOTHER. STOP ALLOWING THE MEDIA TO DICTATE YOUR THOUGHTS AND WAYS. It is never okay to swear, curse, threaten and wish bodily harm to others. These things will come back on us.

  150. Every One Wll Bow- J on

    Vigilant, I know I requested for you to consider dissecting the Hollywood nation, who is influencing the minds of millions of Americans. However, I believe it more important to investigate and examine the media. There is an underlined message mass media is conveying. This message is poisonous to the human race.

    People have become more vocal in negative ways and the practice of good standards and values are declining. What I am seeing in the news is too petrifying.

    I do not know which one I would choose (food with dangerous chemicals or bloodcurdling media), if I had to make the choice to make this country safer.

  151. @friend- yes, it will come as a surprise to all, but after the false apocalypse that people will fall for, perhaps that is the whole 2012 fiasco

  152. Great article.. by far one of my favorites. I enjoy visiting the website and seeing knew articles posted, keep up the good work!

    Thanks Again!

  153. Ignorant,

    What I am implying is that when you get high your brain is recieving harmful chemicals that alter your neuro signals. Not to contradict myself in anyway I will give you a website of the facts about marijana which I am sure what I'm stoned is taking. I can give you another website for other drugs as well…

    Here are just some of the key facts:

    >The main ingredient in marijuana is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), but more than 400 other chemicals also are in the plant.

    >The strength of today's marijuana is as much as ten times greater than the marijuana used in the early 1970s.

    >Marijuana smoke contains some of the same ingredients in tobacco smoke that can cause emphysema and cancer.

    >Marijuana smoke has been found to contain more cancer-causing agents than is found in tobacco smoke. Examination of human lung tissue that had been exposed to marijuana smoke over a long period of time in a laboratory showed cellular changes called metaplasia that are considered precancerous. In laboratory test, the tars from marijuana smoke have produced tumors when applied to animal skin. These studies suggest that it is likely that marijuana may cause cancer if used for a number of years


  154. I was hoping Vigilant Citizen could help me with something. Chris Brown was recently dubebd as a woman beater due to his history with Rihanna. Well, could it be that none of it is true? That the Illuminati are behind it?

    MJ was accussed of being a peadophile. This was set up by the Illuminati as MJ did not obey them. They ruined his reputation and when he continued to rebel against them, they killed him. With 2Pac, his reputation was demolished when it was said that he raped a girl. And soon after his continous disobedience, they killed him aswell.

    Could it be the same situation with Chris Brown, but unlike the previous two, Brown went quite?

    • theonetheycallS on

      What I thought was werid about the whole thing w/ CB was everyone attacking Rihanna, on message boards and such. It makes you wonder how many women he has beaten up and had his people cover up, just a thought.

  155. @ A

    I believe you with the MJ thing and Tupac and Chris Brown. I think he was framed for

    the Rihanna situation. Im not sure though. Its just crazy how it all went down

    No one talks about her hardly wearing any clothes and posing half naked…Come on now

    I never believed MJ did any of that BS!!

    Oh @ LVB I read your blog. OMG it was great!

    The pictures were horrible but they were real. My heart goes out

    to all that died and their families and everyone. Very sad

    I also read the other one and I was two months behind

    The one where you talk about a few people who are running this music industry

    Thank you for all that you do

  156. An eye-opening article. Keep up the good work. Really can't have enough of ur articles on the ''the truth seekers.''

  157. Thanks for solutions!


    * Eat as many raw organic foods as possible. (fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds)

    * Grow your own sprouts – Easy!! (THE most nutrient rich food on the planet) http://www.sproutpeople.com

    * Make your own detoxifying drink called Rejuvelac. Easy to do, see link below.



    "Rejuvelac™, a drink made from cultured wheatberries or other grains, is one of the most important elements in the Living Foods Lifestyle®. Because it contains a high level of enzymes, it aids in digestion. Rejuvelac™ replaces the missing enzymes that cooked foods have taken out. It contains friendly bacteria that is necessary for a healthy colon, which helps to remove toxins. It also is filled with vitamins B, C, and E, as well as enzymes." (http://www.annwigmore.org/living_foods.html)

    Peace, love and blessings to all!!

  158. Freeyourmind

    Thank you for reading and telling me what u think, it's always good to know your thoughts. I'm sorry that one had to be so painful, but I didn't feel right just explaining the PsyWar parts of it, and not telling the real human side of the tragedies. It is very disturbing to know just how evil and sociopathic these people who run things really are – they truly have no conscience or regrets about doing the things they do to all of us "little people".

    Their day of judgement will come, though, just as it will for all of us. Be ready. :)

  159. Dont give your kids vaccinations like I did. Stay away from fluoride (it can go through your pores in the shower)

    Dont use microwave. Dont drink milk. Avoid sugar. Dont smoke. Buy Organtic. If you can, find a Dentist to remove mecury fillings. Im so sorry Aaron and Adam I had you get vaccinations when you were babies, will you ever forgive me?

  160. Hey Vigilant,

    What do you think about borax used for fluoride detoxification? My father tried it and he said he felt an immediate increase in focus and well-being, along with much more vivid and intense dreams. I'm sure you've heard of it, have you found borax to be harmful?

    As always, love your site. I've been following it for months and telling as many people as I can. Keep up the great work. Somebody's got to do it.

    Thanks again.


  161. I'm proud of yo on

    You went one whole month not talking about music videos or lady caca. I know it must have been hard for you as you seem obssesed with videos and her. Please continue to resist the urge to promote crappy music because you have enough articles on that…..

    • Sorry i guess i got confused with this new website. Yes i have. And i have heard about its effects on your brain instead of making you feel good. It destroys your neurons (thats what makes up your brain ) and it is an inhibitor for a neurotransmitter dopamine could make you dependant on the drug because it has that outside source which will deplete the dopamine made naturally in your brain.

      • ARP, cannabis does not destroy neurons. Stop spewing bullshit on topics about which you know nothing. It is one of the most powerful anti-cancer substances on Earth. Educate yourself before spreading lies. Read up on humans' endocannabinoid system. Even you have one, but I know that you'll hate to hear that.


  162. I sure hope ARP's conclusion on Marijuana isn't SOLELY dependent on SECONDARY RESOURCE, otherwise he/she's in the same league as those who refuse to believe the chance of the American government taking part in the 9/11 tragedy.

    • No it is not… I have had my own personal experience and it was normal. But my body didnt like it. It was coughing like I shouldnt be putting that into my lungs. It was harmful to me and i just never got into it. From the people I know that use it all the time they dont do anything with their lives and they choose to do so because they still want to get high whenever they wished. They're living on their parents expences and lying to their faces, its just a sad thing when I think about the people marijuana effect.

      ALTHOUGH you might say well i turned out ok or whoever did. There are those exceptions but very few. I actually know one friend of mine who actually got kicked out for that his gf broke up with him and he had to get a job, a new place but he is miserable, his only way out is through feeling high so he wont think about his life. But he has to see past that and go towards God. He wont listen to me though. I only try my best on being a friend that he can talk to but he wont change his life for the better, its very sad and i do get really touchy on the subject of marijuana. but i hope that answers your question. Also I dont think that constitues as a way for me to believe everything America/Media says or i wouldnt be on this site commenting.

      By the way I am a woman.



  164. You might consider including olive oil (the purest you can find) and sea salt in your diet – together they work to help detox and strengthen your immune system. Olive oil and sea salt is discussed in the Bible — regarding diet specifically. And, now you know why.

  165. So much for not knowing what to eat for dinner.. I'll go with a nice salmon-cilantro salad spiced up with some garlic and a couple of omega-3 pills! Lovely!

  166. Good article again VC.

    But for me now, the issue that keeps nagging me is how you find all this information, manage to break it down and make a beutiful publication, make that publication…

    Have you got an informer is this one of there other coniving ways of getting at us? Excuse my ignorance but you are suddenly encouraging the consumption of "dimercaptosuccinic acid" so as to get rid of sodium flouride!


    • I have been wondering the same. Giving us the information to be satisfied with. But who knows, maybe we cant handle the strait up truth.

    • I quote: "The standard procedure for removing heavy metals from the body is called “chelation.” It is accomplished by administering a chelating agent – usually dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) – that binds to the heavy metals in the body and cause them to be naturally flushed out. This type of treatment is quite strenuous, has many side-effects and should be undertaken only with medical supervision."

      INSTEAD of the 'bad' DMSA, he says we should eat more cilantro, I don't see the problem.

  167. @ Everyone will bow – Jesus Christ says:


  168. Congratulations VC

    I have followed your site for a while now and always enjoy the alternative perspective on our weird and wonderful world

    So, please keep up the great work

    and well done for creating a more user friendly site

    Excellent dude!

    love and hugs to you x

    • I'm from India and we use all the spices mentioned above and more, i can swear it works, i had mono and throat sickness when i left India to hong kong. when i came back and started eating Indian foods….mono and my throat irritation disappeared.

      You can use Turmeric in your daily diet, you don't even have to eat Indian food, just add a bit of turmeric powder, coriander powder, black pepper ..fry it in a pan and add it into your favorite dish…it does not change the taste much and you wont feel spicy to make a trip to restroom.

      If you want all the spices and does not want to look around picking one by one…use "garam masala" go to any Indian store or online and ask for "garam masala" english meaning "hot spices" …it would have around 15 different varieties of spices all mixed together..just fry it in a pan and use it daily.. a pinch of it on your favorite dish…most of your health issues would go away in couple of weeks…i can guarantee you and the cost would be less than couple of dollars..

      Good Luck..i can assure you it will do wonders to your health.

  169. ARP,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I have friend too who have become "lazy" due to Marijuana, but I also have friends who partake in political stands, create art, music, and are active with their development in spiritually and the physical self thanks to Marijuana.

    Please do not let your personal experiences & those close to you paint a global picture of the countless amount of people who benefit from this plant. Yes, there will always be those who use it for "trivial" matters, but lets just remember just because the Americans massacred Native Indians (and later receiving a medal), does not mean all Americans are savages & barbaric, right?

    Each individual reacts differently and this applies to ALL substances.

    Thank you :)

  170. Forgot to mention, there is a great percentage that lives by the ways of God & continues to practice their intake on Marijuana.

    I have a friend just like yours, but I didn't let him spoil my view(s) on Marijuana, I simply can't because there are too many who speaks of this plant in a righteous manner.

    Zoom out for the magnifying glass is always concentrating on the negative aspects of a substance, we fail to acknowledge the remaining testimonies and research when it's not at the center of attention.

    And yeah..Medical Marijuana patients, can't forget about them.

  171. Your buddy needs to get his mind in check, indeed if he/she can't find himself through the spiritual plant, then he MUST go to God because he/she is completely missing the lesson that God left in the plants. It's a shame, but it's not surprising when we've been conditioned to believe Marijuana is the Devils Plant through Propaganda

    This is just Marijuana…I haven't touched on subjects such as Psilocybin Mushrooms, LSD, & other mind altering substances which I will not get into, but I will say, what I've said about Marijuana up until now also applies to Psychedelic substances, it's incredible the shroud of dark mist surrounding it.

    Good day :)

    • Dear Drive,

      I do understand what you are saying about the benefits and what has been said about the plant, also i know of the people that aren't wasting their lives because of the plant. I also am not saying that it is a Devil Plant lol. I do understand that it is a plant and not synthetic. Although I do have some concerns with the medical drug, as you have read medical drugs (like shots) are regulated by the government, and since it is a plant it might go under the food category of how they take care of it, with pesticides. So they might have some benefits, like flu shots by helping the immune system fight against the flu, but it is also injected with mercury and other chemicals that are harmful towards your body and the same can go for marijuana, not with mercury but harmful chemicals.

      To avoid futher confronation, all I am saying is what Vgilant is saying is watch what goes into your body because you might think its good for you but it actually isn't in the long run.

      Also to clarify I AM A GIRL and I AM A NORMAL PERSON THAT JUST LIKES TO KNOW WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON IN THE WORLD. NOT ILLUMINATI OR FEDERAL AGENT…. If i was that then i would have better things to do like plan out the new world order or something. but as you can see i am not. Drive I am glad you did not see me that way and I am grateful. See you on the next article!

      Best Wishes,


  172. I started reading your articles just recently and I quickly became your fan. Great work!

    This morning, however, I was going to read this 3rd part of your miniseries and when opening the page a big red warning popped on my screen, from Microsoft, about this website being unsafe and not recommended to continue on!! This didn't happened before, and I don't know if it's just me, which I doubt. To me, this is obviously an attempt to prevent people from reading yours posts and finding out the truth, otherwise why would they do it??!! So hang in there and hopefully we'll get to read another great article from you soon!

  173. Thanks for the good overview on detox.

    Please add info on the use of short term high dose Iodine, see the research at Optimox, http://www.optimox.com/pics/Iodine/opt_Research_I… and Dr Brownstein's work http://vitamincfoundation.org/videos/#BROWNSTEIN

    Fluoride is in the same elemental "family" as Iodine, lack of Iodine will allow Fluorine to be taken up by the pineal gland, disrupting the metabolic conversion of tryptophan to serotonin to melatonin to 5meo dmt, the natural innate psychedelic.

    The Japanese people consume about 100 times the amount of Iodine that Americans get. I buy bulk potassium iodide from ebay, and take a tiny pinch every day.

  174. Greetings:

    Great article, I would add a few items to the list that everyone should eat frequently.

    The first is low processed hemp foods (not bars and such) including de-hulled hemp seeds and cold pressed hemp seed oil. Also add a few (really easy to grow yourself in a small yard!) goji berries (lycium chinense/barbarum) and 'goldenberries' (really easy to grow from seeds from the fruit in the market) called in the Latin "physalis peruviana'.

    As you detox, you need to rebuild as well. And (aside from the hemp, darn it) you can grow both in your back yards.

    Also, if you know the benefits of real sea salt, get some good salt from Brittany/France ASAP in bulk because it will be polluted by the end of next year.

    Disclosure: I offer nothing for sale but I grow goji and goldenberry and eat hemp daily. I am thinking about doing organic sea salt in wild BC.

  175. Hey people read up on Astaxanthin, now here is a incredible synergistic compound,as of right now the most powerful antioxident and anti inflammitory agent known to man ,dig into it, research it, it has changed my life !

  176. The info about Omega 3 is completely wrong.

    The fish used to make the oil, as already mentioned, contain mercury. The chemicals used to extract the DHA and EPA are toxic, and do not remove the mercury.

    Also. it's a common misconception that you need to acquire DHA/EPA directly from diet. We can eat foods rich in ALA, such as flax seeds, walnuts, soy nuts, and pumpkin seeds and supplement with foods that have smaller amounts of ALA such as kidney beans, navy beans, tofu, winter and summer squash, raspberries and strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, romaine lettuce, collard greens, and many other fruits and vegetables..

    While it's true that our bodies don't make a tremendous amount of DHA or EPA from ALA, the fish oil lobby likes to ignore the fact it's because we don't need that much DHA or EPA to begin with. Our bodies make only as much as we need.

    DHA regulates blood thickness. Too much DHA can cause harmful effects because it makes the blood too thin.

    Thinning the blood decreases your chance of a heart attack but increases your chance for a stroke.

    Thinning the blood results in a lack of oxygen flow, and lack of oxygen flow to the brain eventually results in a stroke.

    Similiarly, EPA regulates the formation of blood clots. Too much EPA will lower your ability to form clots.

    People are advised to consult with their doctors before using fish oil if they're on blood pressure medication, anticoagulants, and diabetes medications. You can essentialy make yourself a hemophiliac if you ingest too much of this stuff.

    Elephants make all the EPA and DHA they need and they don't eat fish or seaweed! They get everything they need from their plant-based diets.

    So when you do your own research, keep in mind if your body only makes a small amount of DHA and EPA from ALA, it is only because it needs that much.

    If it wasn't for the mercury, small amounts of fish are still beneficial. The DHA and EPA acquired from fish would simply result in less conversion of DHA and EPA from plant sources until it was depleted. Taking pills is when DHA and EPA overdoses become a danger.

    • Scar – haven't researched all of the information regarding the appropriate levels of DHA/EPA, etc., but regarding fish oil supplements: there are molecularly distilled fish oils which use food-grade ethanol as their solvent. They'll typically be the most expensive on the market, because its the most expensive process and leaves nothing behind.

    • Too much DHA and EPA from softgels or pills from fish may deposit mercury in the brain but, no worries it may be chelated.

  177. You da man vigilant. Its funny when you said that "Oh no you didn't" part. That's what i felt like doing when i went to the store and was looking for something to drink, i had an upset stomach, so i wanted some ginger ale. Guess what it had HFCS(whateva the letters are) i was like Wow, then i went for my usual Arizona tea-it had it too. I kept putting back drinks on the shelf with the attitude like"Nope, can't do it." I settled for a Snapple, it was a $1.50. I hope that was ok, it better be cuz it sure was expensive enough.

    • ~Truth be told~ on


      There was an episode on the boondocks call free shabazz on season one that talked out the HFCS in the snapple the little girl was drinking. the character Huey called it "the white mans poison." that was the show's way of making reference to the elite or the government. So I'm pretty certain its in most of our drinks including snapple. it's great that your keeping your eyes open i've been doing the same since i have to look out for my little angel growing inside me. it kind of sucks now though because most of the food i've eaten has been completely foul for her and i realize this now after reading all this. have you notice how all thie garbage is aging people? and they are steady marketing the miricle wrinkle and age creams? we are all deterating before each other eyes by the elites hands. stay in prayer.

    • funny huh!!! i swear i do that already. that minute maid berry punch used to be my SHIZZ til i looked at the label, mmm that juice is the best but nope, not with that high fructose corn syrup buddy!!

      and i'll be in the corner store, lol reading labels if they dont have my oceanspray. i dont care what other folks are thinking, they would be avoiding that hfcs if they knew better too.

      vigilant knows his stuff, lol.

    • stuffing myself with on

      I KNOW!!! and yes snapple has it too..

      i found LIpton raspberry tea all natural was the best i could find so far.

  178. Rev. Deborah on

    VC you are right on the money. Thanks for providing brand named products that hide their poison in their ingredient list so the average Mr. and Mrs. Grocery Shopper wouldn't notice. I will definitely avoid those products.

    The best thing to do when shopping for groceries is shop the items that came in their original state: produce, meat, dairy. Keep the boxed items to a minimum. Take your vitamins and supplements.

    Check out http://www.valeriesaxion.com for health products and information on how God intends for you to live.


  179. Hey, just a question…

    do you guys know anything about Chlorophyll? Would it be useful for our bodies? what are the effects it cause on our organisms when consumed?

    Also, you guys forgot to mention how much DHA and EPA do we need, because you mention that we should look for high levels of DHA, however, you don't mention how much.

    • Chlorophyll is what makes plants green. It allows plants to absorb light to do photosynthesis. It will do nothing for you, except be tasty, unless you are a plant. And then I'm sure you're making your own :)

      • Actually, Chlorophyl is one of the best heavy metal detoxifying agents known to man, so yes, it would have an enormously huge positive effect. The best "supplement" form is typically "Chlorella", which has more chlorophyl per gram than any other plant on Earth. Check out The Internets, there's loads of information on Chlorophyl.

  180. Some of the views in these comments really irritate me, to the point where I must respond. The fundamentalist, arrogant view that one particular religious group is the only people who belong to God is dangerous and frankly insulting to God. Every single person who lives, has lived or will live in the future were created by God. What religious order they belong to is irrelavant. Why can't people see we all believe in a being(s) greater than us who we owe everything to, yet who owes us nothing. All paths lead to God. All religions lead to Him. Even atheists have the right to believe in what they wish, if they choose to believe science is the way to understanding life then that is their God-given right. (I also believe in evolution btw)

    Belief in Jesus? Irrelavant.

    Belief in Mohammed? Irrelavant.

    Belief in Enlightenment? Irrelavant.

    Do good deeds, treat people well, show respect and love to those around you. And don't just do it for the reward of heaven or fear of punishment. Do it because its the right thing to do. So stop the "greater than thou" view, stop hating another religious group, stop thinking that your way is the only way. After all, if you weren't born to the family you were born to or in the country you were born in, then you would have a completely different religion.

    End of rant.

    • Wow open up a book and educate yourself before you start ranting. You make absolutely no sense what so ever. Your brain is completely washed.

      • Lina Lina, maybe you should learn to read a bit better instead of insulting people you don't understand yourself!
        Are you somebody who loudly sighs and grunts if an elderly lady in front of you at the cashregister pays with her nickles and dimes too?

  181. No apology needed LVB. You did a great job!

    That explains all of it by keeping it together. People would ask if that part was left out why this or why that?

    I really appreciate your comment back to me. Are you ever on the message boards up here?

    I like them a lot. Thats true!

  182. VC please consider an investigation into Bisphenol A found in type 3 and 7 plastics and is decreasing testosterone levels in men making them weak. Keep up the good work.

  183. Ranter I agree with you and I no longer respond to people who attack personally. It only means they have limited knowledge of what they are talking about and usually the know-it-alls are lazy. So, if you time waste you may victimize yourself.

  184. MP you're correct about bisphenols I know it from personal research and years of study, journalizing and putting into practice methods of detox..

  185. Rosie Haas make sure the reverse osmosis unit is of high quality and doesn't deposit aluminum into you H2O. Also, too much calcium may affect joints,venous and arterial system by making them inflexible. So it may be of benefit to ingest powdered ascorbic acid (vit.C) to help detox aluminum and balance calcium. Other supplements to use is mg.. and msm..

  186. Not stuffing myself on

    Very nice article. Love most all of the comments, there's a few whiny crabby people who think they are smarter than everyone else, but oh well. I can deal. :) Life is Good- God is Greater! Can't wait to walk the streets of Heaven … God the Creator Bless you all … now I am the one who is ranting.

  187. This article could have gotten complicated quickly! Your fast analysis and ease of use may really reach folks, thank you again for this series, VC. Keep it coming, please!

  188. this is such a coincidence, I use ALL of these already even curcuma, they are all common traditional Mexican ingredients, especially cilantro and cumin. Its funny but I already new all of this, I think everyone has heard a little about this theory but why do we never do anything about it. WE ARE A BRAVE NEW WORLD

  189. Hey you guys!! I'm new I just wanna make a valute point… Thank God because we could be dead right now from all those bad toxins but he loves us enough to detoxify-if that's the word.us. So give all glory to God he deserves it!!

  190. Also I read online where they were making fun of like the food we eat.like making blasmephous slogans and stuff. And one of them were "betcha can't eat just one" they think there so slick.(Sorry for my country wording,lol) SMH

  191. Great article! Thanks for sharing. I have been studying herbs myself for several years and believe this is the way to healing. Perscription drugs have their place, but herbs, if used properly, can be much better for the body.

  192. Is it me, or does it seem like less and less people are commenting on your posts we usually would have 300 posts in one day.idk seems weird anyone else agree??

    • I was just about to say that!

      i think that some people only read the music industry articles and pay less attention to these ones (which is a shame as they are the more important ones!) x

      • I know we can't even get up to 300 posts on this one article were still in the 70's maybe 80's…its ridiculous…but that happens sometimes:)

      • I just wanted to point out that while this article will probably not receive as many comments as the ones regarding movies and music, there are about 330 posts on this. Because of the new format, though, you have to click on "older comments" either @ the top of the comment list or @ the bottom to see those. It might help if you're looking for something someone posted when this article first came out or what have you. :-)

      • I also want to add this was a 3 pt series, if you add the commens together it equal to the same amount ( almost) lol. Another thing most people are on board now so you do not have the arguing back and forth. It also helps when someone make a comment that draws you into a discussion on the board.

  193. VIGILANTCITIZEN, you're absolutely amazing and I love your site. So informative. Thank you! I added your website to my "TOP SITES". Have a blessed day.

  194. ALOHA everybody

    I am overjoyed at how many people are starting to open there eyes and there minds to things other than what is shown on the bullshit media co-operation owned by the richest evil deceivers in the world.

    I couldn't help but smile at the sheer volume of comments that is left on your article page.

    More and more of us everyday are starting to group up our own thoughts, the truth and the way forward.

    Bless you all.

    May the truth be with us all.

    Because a great mind needs no teacher.

    Beware of the great deception. of 2012.

    The false prophet, maitreya.

  195. I read a few of your posts, to use your friends negative experience with Marijuana as proof of how Marijuana affects life for the worse is blatantly foolish.

    Your friend is a weak minded fool and because of him and many alike he tarnishes the image of Marijuana. Tell him I said congratulations on his achievement

    What if you had friends who smoked Marijuana & taught Biology at a university/college?

    Tell your friend to stop smoking Marijuana and sip on some mouthwash because due to his negligence, he has inevitably affected the people around him to view Marijuana in a biased manner.

    It would be wrong to put the blame all on him but your view of M is the result of his idiocy.

    puzzling case = sincerely ignorant people unintentionally spreading biased propaganda

    I must permanently take my leave from here, bye.

  196. ^ not to mention the people who don't mix well with marijuana. just because they don't benefit or unable to extract the energy from it, doesn't mean others can't.

  197. fouces listener on

    first off thank you so much vc

    to be honest u have really opened my eyes is so crazy to walk down the street and see some of the shyt i see now but all this to be honest is hopeless this shyt is bigger than all of us although i see what u do and i hope keep the post comming but all the shyt we see or should i say they allow us to see is what they want im sure if they wanted to hide they could but what im still not true clear on is what they what…or there master plan is this just a slow approach to what the nazis did i would love a artical on what excatly what they are after if you could

  198. Greetings from Portugal.

    I invite you all to watch this lecture… Very interesting perspective about possibly the most powerful dumb-down reversing substance ever known.


  199. So wait……most, if not ALL, foods in the grocery store contains some of those toxins……how can we work around that??? Even if a product says organic and doesn't contain those chemicals, am I really supposed to believe it?

  200. to the funny people mocking marijuana, get educated on it. you're already making an attempt to detoxify or have the means to if you're looking at this page so detoxify what you've been told or seen on TV regarding this plant.

    but then again, i've seen the anti-"drug" commercials and they are rather convincing and promote fear. note i said "drugs", it's easy to misunderstand any substances when it falls under one category(this is how it's portrayed), so marijuana is in line with crack, cocaine, etc for those who don't know better.

    "war on DRUGS", you ask a person to state specifically what kind of drugs are bad and they can't answer or they answer with "ALL" because they are simply uneducated on the topic and they have conditioned feelings to the word "drugs", which is a trigger so that renders a mature conversation regarding "drugs" impossible.

    I know this because i was once 14 y/o and i despised "drugs" and all who came into contact with it, because i knew nothing of it and was fed only the bullshit which left ME uneducated on it.

    What's terrifying is the fact that people of all ages are affected by this propaganda and some people never untangle from it, even spreading the bs to the young at an early age

    good luck all with your detoxification

    • While I don't believe we should be putting cocaine and marijuana in the same category at all, marijuana can be harmful. If nothing else, it artificially boosts your happiness. If this is done enough, a dependence is created. That isn't to say that this dependence can't be controlled/reduced but it is very real. Giving people the impression that marijuana can be smoked all day every day without any adverse consequences is perhaps more harmful than the drug itself.

      As with anything, moderation is key. And since our society seems to have a problem moderating itself, both the positive and negative effects of everything we indulge in should be advertised, not overlooked.

      • no, marijuana does not stimulate seratonin levels artificially.

        if you want to discuss dependency and artificial "happiness" look at far as your local pharmacy, all of those drugs are legal and a lot more destructive. please educate yourself. a mind is a terrible thing to waste. dont fall prey to propaganda love!!!!!

    • i second this, vigilant, get to the meat of it. WHAT ARE THEY REALLY AFTER FROM US???

      our souls???

      more into spiritual balance would be nice (if you can offer any, and on the pineal gland, aka 3rd eye, which as you have pointed out they are doing their damnedest to blind, why???!

  201. peace from Canada i pray that my fellow friends of all nations and my own possess the clear mind state needed to indulge in this interesting controversial subject

    have fun in the sun

    • So Flowers are you are saying you are for marijuana or against it? Are you sayng marijuana is not harmful? or are you saying we are misinformed? As much as I would like to beleive it's not harmful? I think I know better. Moving on "my friend" wants to know how do you naturally detox weed out of your system quickly? Do any of the detox chemicals mentioned above work? If not any suggestion I could give her????

  202. How about MSG? That is the real "poison!!" Found in almost EVERYTHING! Google MSG poison… change your life, take back your brain cells and your health!!!

  203. brushwithsoap on

    People need to wake up to the dangers of fluoride. Go to brushwithsoap.com for a non toxic, fluoride free way to brush your teeth. Youll feel the difference after the first brush. Have a nice day

  204. I was happy to read some health-related articles here, because it is outrageous what people are calling food.

    A remark on Omega 3. I don't get why you say people should consume (highly produced) fish oil, sounds disgusting to me. (I don't think antimals are in any kind intended to be food for us; and fish is also highly poisoned, as you noticed before). Chia seeds or flax seeds for example contain high amounts of omega 3, too, and can be eaten with a freshly made and healthy breakfast (porridge, muesli, fruit cereal).

    On local and organic I can only agree, because besides from our own health we should take responsibility for our environment.

    People, stop eating shit and start a normal life, free from all authorities; start thinking.

  205. Marcano the Artist on

    You are a breathe of fresh air. Thank You SOOOO much for putting info out like this, I WILL be spreading the word, and please keep it up. You now have a long term supporter, the day I read this and did some more research half my food and cans and products got dumped in the trash. Blessings!

  206. Sometimes it feels like there is no help, and i feel trapped in with all the bs. but this is great to read and makes me feel better. thanks again citizen



    Titles include must-reads such as:

    * 1984 By GEORGE ORWELL

    * The Illuminati Formula to Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave By FRITZ SPRINGMEIER

    *The lost keys od masonry By MANLY.P HALL

  208. I would add *unfermented* soy to the list. Besides the fact that most soy in the USA is genetically modified, it's in everything! I was surprised to notice that soybean oil is the base for one of my favorite, all-natural, bottled salad dressings! Consume only fermented soy products in small amounts: tempeh and miso soup. I truly believe consuming significant portions of it earlier in my life added to my later health problems. Buyer beware.

  209. I recommend HEMP SEEDS for omegas they are safer than the pills because its nature. hemp seeds provide the PERFECT ratio of omega3,6 and 9’s unlike everything else. I am a vegan and mostly eat fruit for 8 months now.

    Hot peppers work the same as garlic for me. The kind i grow are thai dragon I feel the same after eating raw garlic cloves. I have asthma from all the pollution and cannabis not only cleans my lungs but opens my lungs allowing me to breathe where before i had problems. I also have a lot more creativity, imagination when I smoke cannabis.

    I have found many ‘studies’ that supposedly prove cannabis is bad for you but fools believe this stuff because the sources just lead to other people sourcing other people which does NOT lead to a real source or even experience. I hope my experiences I talked about is enough to show people you have all been lied to and well have fun breathing all the pollution sometimes I cough up OIL BECAUSE of all the pollution. If I am coughing it up that means EVERYONE who doesnt smoke cannabis is in fact holding toxic oil substances they inhale every day in their bodies. Im not the creator but I can recognize the fruits of nature for what they are as opposed to what the authorities say. If cannabis oil were used to MAKE FUEL FOR CARS GASOLINE WOULD NOT BE TOXIC and the sickness levels on planet earth would dramatically reduce. THERE IS NO NEED FOR BIG OIL CANNABIS PROVIDES FOOD, MEDICINE, FIBRE, FUEL. Spread that message. Why doesnt the vigilant citizen talk about THE REMEDY TO KILLING THE POWER STRUCTURE CANNABIS. Its so easy to grow you get the most nutritious food, the best medicine, safe fuel, long lasting flexable fibre and much more and it grows faster than most plants on planet earth. Cannabis could be the only plant on this planet that can be a male AND female.

  210. yahoo recently released a story that we shuud be using more flouride in our toothpastes saying its the best way to destory bacteria

  211. DiziLLuZioNed on

    Alert! Mainstream News Source CNN talking about the harmful effects of everyday toxins on humans. The top 5 most toxic chemicals to avoid are:

    BPA — Bisphenol A

    BPA is used to make lightweight, clear, heat-resistant plastic. It's also used in epoxy resins.

    The chemical can lead to heart disease, diabetes and liver problems in adults, and previous research has linked BPA to serious developmental and reproductive problems.

    To avoid it, buy stainless steel bottles and glass food storage containers. Switch to fresh or frozen vegetables instead of canned. If you buy plastic, check for the number on the bottom — if there is a number 7, assume the container contains BPA unless it explicitly says otherwise.


    This family of chemicals softens plastics. Phthalates are considered endocrine disrupters. Research has also shown phthalates disrupt reproductive development. Avoid shampoos, conditioners and other personal care products that list "fragrance" as an ingredient. These chemicals have increasingly become associated with changes in development of the male brain as well as with genital defects, metabolic abnormalities and reduced testosterone in babies and adults.

    PFOA — Perfluorooctanoic acid (also called C8)

    PFOA is used to make Teflon and other nonstick and stain- or water-repellent products. Teflon pans quickly reach temperatures that cause the non-stick coating to begin breaking down, releasing toxins that have been linked to cancer, birth defects and thyroid disease into the air in your kitchen.


    Formaldehyde is an ingredient in resins that act as a glue in the manufacture of pressed wood products. It is a known human carcinogen, causing cancers of the respiratory or gastrointestinal tract. Other common adverse health effects include fatigue, skin rashes, and allergic reactions.

    Buying furniture free from formaldehyde eliminates much of the exposure you face from the chemical. If you have wood products containing formaldehyde, increase ventilation, reduce humidity with air conditioning or dehumidifiers and keep your home cool.

    PBDEs — Polybrominated diphenyl ethers

    PBDEs are a group of chemicals used as flame retardants. Toxicology tests show PBDEs may damage your liver and kidneys and affect your brain and behavior. Try to find products without PBDE flame retardants and be sure to sweep up dust.

  212. Hi, it would have been cool if the text also contained some

    exact amounts of the different herbs and stuff so that people know how much they

    should take every day. Can you overdose on curcuma or cilantro?

  213. It is important to support farmer's markets because Monsanto and other agribusiness giants are phasing the family farmer out in great numbers. This includes corn farms, dairy, poultry, beef, fruit and veggie farms. If one genetically engineered Monsanto seed invades another farmer's crop, through no fault of his own, they slap him with a lawsuit which usually ends with the farmer having to destroy his own crop for that harvest or paying out the ear to the evil cons. This is everywhere and slow centralization of our food stock [remember the Soviet Union Four Year Plan] means higher prices and crappier food. Every little bit helps so even if it's just a few tomatoes, avacados, pears or even beets or dates, whatever it is, buy it at a farmer's market. You don't have to restock your cabinets, just a handful will do. If 500 hundred people buy one bushel of something it will make an impact.

  214. I looked up chlorella.

    Did you all know that it is known to cause diarrhea, nausea, gas, green poop, and stomach cramping within the first week of use? It is also only safe to use for the first 2 months of you taking it. After that, you have to stop. It also is known to have caused serious allergic reactions, including asthma and other breathing problems. Also, if you have a weak immune system, it can cause bad bacteria to take over your intestine. It can also make your skin very sensitive to the sun. Vigilant keeps missing these things for some reason…

    And to reverse osmosis. It removes the fluoride, which is great, but it also removes Calcium and Potassium, two minerals found in natural spring water that we need for out health. It makes flat water that's just H20, and no minerals. which is not good.

    Vigilant is telling us good things that Chlorella and Reverse-Osmosis can do, but for some reason, he is avoiding the bad things that they can do.


  215. My mom is always making me take Omega 3 pills and nagging me about not eating products with high-fructose corn syrup in them, now i am very thankful to have a mother that is aware of the conspiracys of the government, im 16 and i dont really know any better but your really opening my eyes with your articles even though i sometimes have a hard time understanding them i dont care as long as i get "the big picture" knowlege really is power, thank you VC(:

  216. Thank you for fighting the good fight… you're living the words of Jello Biafra – "Become the Media." We need more Vigilant Citizens!!!

    You can fool some people sometimes, but you can't fool all the people all the time -Bob Marley (PBUH)

  217. great article!

    short, easy read packed full of info. i knew garlic was a great detoxifier, but never read about tumeric.

    guess im going to have to eat more indian food!

  218. Dr Hulda Clark

    The Renegade Health Show

    David Wolfe

    A few sites I have found particulary helpful.

    Research "Super foods" and how to use them in your diet

    Liver and kidney clenses helped me alot when changing my life style.

    Most importantly do your own research, dont take ANYBODYS word for it. Try introducing new things to your diet/cutting chemicals out and take note of how you feel.

  219. It is very important to get the flouride out of your system within a month of not using flouride toothpastes the majority of my back pain had diminished and aching feelings in my joints have been getting better weekly, i was buying a clay based toothpaste which was quite expensive so decided to make my own here is my recipe: 4 tbsps benzonite clay, 4 tbsps purified water, 1 tsp bicarb soda (i include this for whitening, very effective) and 4 drops essentlal peppermint oil mix together in a tub with a lid, done. I also use my own liquorice and green tea mouthwash recipe from James Wong book Grow your own drugs. Making your own remedies is exciting, natural and is about re-establishing our connection with our planet. Tip for growing your own food and herbs taken from Anastasia ringing cedars books highly recommended, place the seed under your tongue for 9 mins before planting do not water the seed it will germinate to your body temperature and will be able to "read" from your DNA what you need and will cater for you. amazing my 10 yr old daughter tested this with her 1st tomato plant, everyone else was hit with a blight whereas Tommy (our plant) gave us over 50 fruit and is huge i have taken samples from him and re-potted using water with willow bark in it overnight and these are all doing wonderful. Our role on this planet is not to be mindless workers but active creators, if everyone was given their own piece of land and they grew their own food we would definately be getting back to the garden of eden paradises in our own back yards.

  220. I think the information in this page is valid but it's not so important what happens to our flesh..

    keeping the spirit pure is much much more important than that. We should avoid trash from media and feed our souls with pure loving energy: the word of God

  221. 1st time commenting long time reader….. i dont know if it has been posted here but can any1 give me the name of some brands that contain Molecularly Distilled OMEGA-3 that can b bought @ the pharmacy???

    (^_^)…… thanks

  222. Get a closed-system colonic done. Preferably a series of three to get the whole thing. You get rid of so many old toxins and the clarity and energy you feel are amazing. The colon is the second brain in the body and it is where 85% of disease starts.You will not believe the difference in how you think and feel.

  223. This is wicked! I mean I have been looking into home remedies for a while now; and since a face rash came up on my face. (maybe due to hormones or the stress of stuff that you know!) but I really enjoy making them and im glad you are spreading the info Vigilant! :)

    Bicarbonate of soda and pepermint oil is meant to be good for tooth paste aswell apparently!

    try honey and olive oil on your hair before your bath and leave for about an hour, then wash out and wahlah…it is silky smooth. Cnat strees Olive oil enough! andNatural Yougurt face mask, leave 20mins and wash…

  224. Just a quick note on reading labels, just found out from Kellogg's in Canada we do not have the right to know that we are consuming GMO! So when reading the above advice just keep that in mind. Lot of good information here Thank you & Keep up the good work.

  225. Thanks Vigilant Citizen for these interesting and informative articles. Coincidently I have been eating a lot of cilantro lately and I'm to glad to hear its helping to detoxify my body. It's infuriating knowing that the "elite" are doing everything in their power to destroy us from the inside and out. Thanks for keeping us informed about the truth. Be sure to check out http://www.sherryshriner.com and check out my Myspace profile page at http://www.myspace.com/josephmontano to find out more truth.

    May the Lord continue to guide you to His truth.

    Yah bless,


  226. Great stuff, freeing the masses from enslavement is a noble cause.

    I would add HEMP to the list as it contains loads of Omega 3 and 6 and all of the essential amino acids (protein), it's not grown with pesticides and herbicides, because it's a weed, and it actually repairs soil that's been damaged by pesticides and herbicides.

    You can make clothes from it, build a house , a car(first ford was made of hemp resin) heat your home from the oil and run the car too… it also makes better quality paper than tress with no cost to the environment… Maybe that's why it's illegal to grow it in so many countries.

    HEMP is the wonder plant and could save the whole planet.


  227. Great article. I can only hope that sharing it will have the same effect on my friends as it did me. I've provided a link to information about the myths of VitaminB12 and the hidden realities on nutritional deficiencies. Commonly mistaken is the idea the we are "malnourished," but instead we suffer from "mal-absorption," because our intestinal flora is damaged by spices and herbs such as garlic and onion.

  228. Whats funny is that most people have no idea whats going on in the world. I'm in period 1 in school listening to economics and all this crap is… rhetoric. they try to tell us about riches and all to get us to beleive their ideas and follow their laws. The "dumbing-down" of society is the icing on their cake, getting more sheep for their flock… sad thing. thanlk god there are people who know.

  229. I'm suspicious of your recommendation to have more calcium.

    Sodium fluoride does indeed bind to calcium. I'm not a scientist, but I thought that the mechanism by which sodium fluoride attacks the pineal gland is by CALCIFICATION. In other words, that the sodium fluoride is attracted to the pineal gland (as well as bones and teeth and whatnot) and *draws* the calcium to these places. It is my understanding that this was why some thought it was helping teeth and bones to begin with.

    Forget calcium: get more *natural* vitamin D (from sunlight!) which helps you better absorb the calcium you already consume.

  230. Love this. And all other articles. Thank you. I wanted to mention that we have been using cilantro essential oil to help cleanse the heavy metals from vaccinations from our two children. We also use lemon essential oil to help the cleansing process. I had no idea how truly bad vaccines were and my son had to have them for school. We will no longer accept vaccinations and will be homeschooling for numerous reasons. I also had someone recommend we buy fluoride tablets and give them to our baby and older son, it seemed off to me so I went with my intuition and did not do this. It was a nurse actually. I learn something new everyday and I feel like my eyes are opening more and more and I'm gaining the tools to raise my family to think for themselves and see things clearly.

  231. this is sad, my mom doesn't believe anything I tell her about this stuff. I try to tell her this is the stuff the industry doesn't want you to know, but she just replies with "most stuff on the internet isn't real" or whatever. gets me so angry sometimes ._.

  232. I recommend a documentary about healthcare made by Michael Moore "Sicko". There is a new edition … worth getting for the extra content.

  233. as a reader of this site and many alternative media sites, I love the fact u give goood advice on alternative "medicines" to help us get back to a normal holistic way to heal our bodies of all these toxins we injest(not so much this site but you're all linked), yet u don't push the virtues of HEMP. Yes that's right HEMP,
    the no. 1 plant that can bring this world back to a carbon neutral planet within years(or so I've read), a plant that has better EPA & DHA than fish oil, better enthanol extraction than corn. One quote I read said if America gave 7% of its agriculture over to HEMP production it would solve its fuel problems. With HEMP you can build a house from the ground up, insulate it, and furnish it with HEMP. Eight states in America have legalised the growing of HEMP, only Canada & China mass produce it(that I know of), yet Australia has its seed labelled as not for human consumption just to get around import duties. People should get behind the production of HEMP in their countries….HEMP HEMP HEMP HEMP….and the number 1 advantage of HEMP is you can't get stoned off it….you can sit there and laugh at the stoners trying to smoke it….WIN WIN

  234. I've been on a diet for a long time and I'm relieved that I am completely in the clear… I just hope I reversed as much as I could have over time… some of this I was eating as a child on almost a daily basis such as strawberry jelly. Makes me question everything my parents fed me. I won't let it get to me too much but I will keep turning it over in my head… as mentioned, it's good to stay stimulated physically and mentally.

    And to be honest I think that knowing what VC is and how to read it and understand and taking a lot of time to educate myself about its content makes me smarter. I feel a lot of contempt for what are considered to be average people. Average people I've never liked before. What people consider the average person today is what I consider below average and maybe even below nothing. It's not only about being book smart, it's about higher-level thinking… higher-level thinking is rare. Higher-level body is rare too. You don't see people like this on a regular day.

  235. Re CILANTRO: The best way to bind up Mercury and other toxic compounds with Cilantro, is to use Oil of Cilantro. Just after you take the Cilantro, then massage the last or distal joint of the middle finger with the thumb/thumb nail of the same hand for about one minute. This stimulates a nerve function that allows the Cilantro to cross the blood brain barrier and therefore get the Cilantro into the brain to bind up the mercury and other brain toxins. I got this info from my Dentist while doing a major detox program as part of the complete mercury removal from my teeth and the rest of my body.
    There is also another chemical chelator which is DMPS, which must be administered by a NaturoPath or medical Dr.
    It took two years of intense treatment for me to be mercury free.
    Many other parasite, viruses, bacteria, toxicities, hide behind the mercury and without removing the mercury, one cannot get at the remaining problems.
    There are also a variety of ways to detox kidneys, then intestinal parasite cleanse, gallbladder/liver flush then a liver cleanse. Please consult a highly trained and experienced practioner for help, guidance and treatment.
    Best regards to you all.

  236. Re CILANTRO
    I forgot to add that cilantro has a lot of vitamin K, which is a big help for improving Calcium deposition in bones, but if you have had a blood clot or are using blood thinners such as Warfarin, then please have a trained experienced professional help find the right balance.
    Best regards

  237. I'd recommend that people look into a vegan EPA/DHA supplement. Fish get theirs from algae, so why would we get it from fish when we can get it from the source? Plus, some vegan companies grow their algae in distilled drinking water that are completely contained. So no extra mercury. :) I'd actually just plain recommend decreasing your animal product consumption: down to zero is optimal! Seriously the amount of crap that they feed and pump into the animals is going into our bodies. Not to mention that our bodies are far more suited to digest plant foods than animal ones, and the animals are treated so poorly. I never realized how many of my health problems were caused by animal products until I stopped consuming them.

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