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Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/21

In this edition of SPOTM: Prince, Demi Lovato, the series “Them” and more proof that the occult elite is afflicted with sickness.



In this edition of SPOTM: Prince, Demi Lovato, the series “Them” and more proof that the occult elite is afflicted with sickness.

After spending some time in rehab (reprogramming), Demi Lovato came back with a new look and a whole lot of agenda-pushing. This Paper magazine photoshoot is full of symbolism that screams out two things: 1. She is owned by the occult elite 2. she’s an industry slave. In this picture, Demi stands next to an illuminated pyramid (representing the elite). She is completely draped in feline prints (used to identify Beta Kitten slaves).

Here, her dress is actually “glowing”, hinting at the fact that there’s something meaningful about it. She’s an industry slave that has been used and abused since childhood. No wonder the name of her new album is Dancing With the Devil.

Why is her womb glowing?

A great way of representing an MK slave: Trapped in a sphere with all kinds of wires around it.

The ultimate goal of MKULTRA: To create multiple alter-personas.

Lovato posted on social media a promo for Dancing With the Devil featuring a monarch butterfly. Everything about her is about Monarch programming.

As usual, the one-eye sign was all over the place last month. And in prominent places.

Amazon recently released Them, yet another product catering to the elite’s new favorite genre: “Race Horror”. The prominent one-eye sign in this promo indicates that this thing is fully endorsed by the elite and its “divide and conquer” agenda.

Produced by Lena Waithe, the series is basically about black people being tortured in horrific ways by their white neighbors.

Some of the scenes are so gratuitously cruel, violent, and depraved that lots of critics (including black people) find it exploitative of black people.

A headline about the awfulness of Them.

Another headline about the what “race horror” is really about.

Most people hate this kind of garbage, but it keeps getting made. Because they want society to be exposed to it. And the one-eye sign lets you know that this is pure propaganda. The goal: To continually feed hate and division between races in order to destroy nations from within. See how this guy’s face is fractured? That’s what they’re trying to do to us.

YouTube star Jake Paul was featured on the cover of Inked. You better believe he has to do the one-eye sign.

Mexican actress and singer Camila Sodi also has to do a one-eye sign on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Mexico. Gotta get these local celebrities to show submission as well.

French group Yelle recently released a video and it heavily revolves around the one-eye sign. Again, local celebrities need to do this.

The cover of Vogue Russia uses hair placed strategically to form a one-eye sign They’re so creative and groundbreaking.

This is a random ad from Belgium using a random kid making a one-eye sign for no specific reason. Well, there is a specific reason: To plaster the world with the universal sign of the occult elite.

This is a random ad from the Netherlands. I’m not sure they thought this all the way through … if you read the word “count” while ignoring that blatant one-eye sign you get the word … yeah.

Even after death.

Almost exactly five years after Prince’s bizarre death (read my article about it here), it was announced that a new album would be dropping in July. And this is the album cover. The elite loves to control its slaves after they die. They complain much less.

Prince was always a vocal critic of the music industry. During his legal battle with Warner Brothers, Prince performed with the word “Slave” written across his face in 1996. Now that he’s dead, they can post his one-eye pic everywhere and profit from his unreleased works.

Holy Week was under attack this year.

The occult elite loves to desecrate anything Christian, especially on Holy Week (see Lil Nas X’s Satan Shoes). This is an ad by Sony Pictures promoting the movie The Unholy featuring an inverted cross. Release date: Good Friday.

Newsweek recently featured a story about injecting blood from young people (including children) to older people combat aging. I guess it’s not a conspiracy anymore? Because the elite has been doing it for ages.

Special thanks to all those who sent in pics.

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