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Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/21

In this edition of SPOTM: Justin Bieber, Doja Cat, Demi Lovato, and more proof that “entertainers” need to show submission and humiliation in order to keep “entertaining”.



Doja Cat was recently featured in a V magazine photoshoot that’s as offputting as it is symbolic. First, Cat looks like some kind of plastic android – an apt way of representing the industry turning artists into mindless slaves. Second, a classic symbol representing the elite is an octopus (with its tentacles in all spheres of society). Considering these facts, the pics of that shoot represent the complete control of Doja Cat by the elite.

Chained to the elite.

Violated by the elite. Literally and figuratively.

Every year, V magazine releases its “New Rulers” issue which features up-and-coming celebrities that are popular with young people. It is also a perfect excuse to “initiate” these celebrities to the elite’s sick agenda. In this picture, we see Noah Beck, a Tik Tok “heartthrob” soccer player with millions of followers. They’ve put him in makeup and high heels because that’s what the agenda requires.

Model Jordun Love is also a “New Ruler” (a more appropriate term would be “New Pawn”). He has to do the one-eye sign to indicate his submission to the elite.

Rapper 24KGoldn is also a “New Pawn”. One-eye sign.

Damiar Krogh is a Tik Tok star with millions of followers. Here, he wears makeup, lipstick, and Mickey Mouse ears (MKULTRA Disney Programming). To complete this superb work of art, he’s doing a one-eye sign.

Justin Bieber recently released a new album and EVERYTHING about it screams out: “I’m an industry slave”. The cover itself features him doing the one-eye sign with an expression that says: “Why do I have to do this crap again?”

To prove that there is nothing random about Bieber’s pose above, the alternate cover also features a one-eye sign.

To promote his album, Bieber was featured in Billboard magazine. Guess what he was told to do. Yeah.

Same thing but with another flower. Seriously, these people are CREATIVE GENIUSES to come up with this stuff.

Josh Gad likes to use social media to lecture people and push political agendas. His profile picture featuring a blatant one-eye sign proves that he is a controlled pawn.

Last week, I posted an article about Demi Lovato pushing a radical agenda by claiming that gender reveals are transphobic. A few days later, Demi revealed her new album cover and it’s 100% about being under elite control. First, the title “Dancing With the Devil” is obvious. Yes, it can refer to her past hardships but it can also mean her being controlled by the satanic elite. Second, the butterflies are a reference to Monarch mind control. The multiple Demis are a reference to dissociation/multiple personas. In short, this cover is all about her being an MK slave of the industry.

Butterfly tattoo = Monarch mind control. Rehab = reprogramming.

Tom Holland – mostly known for playing Spiderman in several movies – makes a blatant one-eye sign in British GQ magazine.

JLO aka “why is she still everywhere” does a big, fat one-eye sign on the cover of Allure. The cover says “J.LO Then, Now and & Forever” … under the condition that you submit to the elite. 

51-year-old Gwen Stefani is releasing new music and she needs some of that sweet media attention. The one-eye sign is required.

Ellen Page became a trans man. I personally don’t care what people do with their bodies but the fact that this transition was on the cover of Time magazine is more proof that there’s a sustained gender-blurring agenda in mass media.

My last article was about the protests in Cyprus caused by the Eurovision song “El Diablo” which was deemed satanic. Norway’s entry to the contest is called Fallen Angel. As you might know, that’s exactly the title given to Lucifer. In his performance, singer TIX is chained (to the elite) while horned demons dance around him. Eurovision should be renamed Elitevision.

Garage is a clothing brand that is popular with teenage girls. The geniuses at this company found it smart to send an e-mail titled “Send Nudes” to its 14-year-old girls. 

In my article “What is the Great Reset?”: A Blatant Propaganda Video by the World Economic Forum, I explained the Orwellian agenda of the WEF. In a recent tweet, the same WEF actually praised lockdowns and even posted a video about how they were great for the environment. Did they mention that lockdowns destroyed lives, livelihoods, and basic liberties? Of course not, they really don’t care about that.

Some readers asked me what I thought of the whole Meghan Markle situation. This meme sums up my views rather accurately.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics!

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