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Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/19



In this edition of SPOTM: Jennifer Lopez, Billie Eilish, Juice WRLD and a whole lot of celebrities doing the one-eye sign. Also: Possibly the most Satanic clock ever made … inside a church.

Billie Eilish was featured on the cover of Fader. As seen in my article The Disturbing Meaning of Billie Eilish’s “bury a friend”, everything about her is about trauma and mind control. On this pic: A plastic bag on her head to represent suffocation.

In this other pic from Fader, Billie holds a doll that kind of looks like her. A classic symbol representing the alter-persona of an MK slave. Also, to confirm that this is about the occult elite, she awkwardly hides one eye.


This is up-and-coming rapper Juice WRLD on the cover of Billboard. Yup, he’s hiding one eye. And everything about this rapper who is signed with Interscope (like Billie Eilish) is pure occult elite agenda.

Juice WRLD has already collaborated with several industry artists that were featured on this site such as Nicki Minaj and Brendon Urie. This is the art of his single with another industry darling Halsey. It depicts a butterfly on what looks like ribcage bones and a snake underneath. Pure Monarch mind control symbolism.


There’s already lots of Juice WRLD merch available out there and most of it plays with his signature number 999 … which is often stylized to look like 666. Also, half of his face melting off is a great way of displaying the one-eye sign.

Speaking of the one-eye sign, this is Bella Thorne on the cover art of a song by super-producer Steve Aoki.

Bella Thorne is yet another Disney child star who got “recruited” by the industry. She’s yet another young female who had to imitate Marilyn Monroe in a magazine photoshoot (Harper’s Bazaar). As explained in this article, Monroe is the prototype of Beta Kitten Programming. Nearly all celebrities who enter the Beta Kitten side of the industry have to give Monroe her “props”.

Are you ready for some pics of celebrities doing the one-eye sign? No? Well, here’s about a dozen of them. This is Australian record producer Flume. He’s holding a flower to hide one eye which is possibly the least original pose in the history of pics.

English soccer player Dele Alli. He does this sign a lot. It even spurred a hashtag challenge on social media, complete with a video teaching kids how to do this sign.

A random kid doing the #delechallenge on social media.

This is British actress Gemma Chan on the cover of Allure. If I see another pic of someone hiding one eye with a flower, I’m going to scream.


(Takes breath) AAAAAAAARRGGH! Both pics are from beauty products catalogs.

This is Solange, Beyoncés sister. This pic basically says: I need to do this crap to be somewhat relevant in the industry.

Bollywood star Janvi Kapoor. The cover says: “Girl on the rise”. Yes, that’s what you need to do to be “on the rise”.

This photoshoot with Chinese actress Zhong Chuxi in Ginger magazine is so blatant.

About 90% of the pics of that photoshoot feature the one-eye sign.

How can people not see the blatant, worldwide agenda?

Angelina Jolie and her kids hiding one eye at the premiere of her latest Netflix movie.

This is the cover art of the new single of Jennifer Lopez “Medicine”. This thing on her head is 100 Monarch mind control symbolism: Silenced multiple personas. Also, diamonds are used to identify “Presidential models”.

This is a promo pic of the new Netflix series The Order. It is yet another Netflix series that markets blatant Satanism, occult rituals and black magicks to young people. Another example of this: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

This “clock” was allowed to be installed inside a church in Austria. It consists of an upside-down Jesus whose severed arms are mounted on a mechanism to point the time.

Bishop Hermann Glettler authorized artist Manfred Erjautz to install this grotesque piece made from a recycled corpus from a crucifix. Inverting Christian symbolism is Satanism 101. Severing the limbs of Jesus and making a clock with them is Psychopathy 201.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics!

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