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Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/19



In this edition of SPOTM: The symbolic posters of the movie Us, the creepiness of the Masked Singer, Halsey can’t stop hiding one eye and more proof that the fashion industry is mentally challenged.

The FOX show Masked Singer features celebrities who perform songs while wearing weird, creepy and elaborate costumes. This is one of them. It’s a dude wearing a WWI gas mask combined with antlers on his head, creating a satanic, nightmarish creature. That’s some good family fun right here. And there’s more.

That’s another costume. A white rabbit wearing a straitjacket (used to restrain people in mental institutions). Also, the glowing red eyes are a nice creepy touch. This is all pure Monarch mind control symbolism. Indeed, the white rabbit (from Alice in Wonderland) is a code for dissociation. Combined with the straitjacket, you get intense MK symbolism right on primetime TV.

Here’s another costume from the show named Raven. the creepy bird has a cage over its head (more MK symbolism). Ricky Lake said that the costume symbolized “metamorphosis and rebirth”. That’s exactly what mind control is about … but not in a good way.

Another costume: A horned monster with one eye inside the top part of a six-pointed star. This monster (holding a fake guitar and mic) symbolizes the industry.

The posters promoting Jordan Peele’s new movie “Us” could not be more symbolic. The trailer tells the story of a family being tortured by people who look exactly like them. The posters all point towards the concept of multiple personas – the basis of mind control. On this one, the woman holds a mask of her own face which also hides one eye. Pure MK imagery.

This other poster depicting two opposing faces (including one that is messed up) also alludes to the concept of dual personality.

This third poster is quite creepy. If you look closer at the scissors, you’ll notice that they resemble the faces above. Also, notice the devil horns on the scissors. Jordan Peele’s first movie Get Out had clear mind control elements and this 2nd movie is following that path.

This tweet reacting to the posters is quite appropriate as this is exactly the goal of such movies (and of mind control in general).

As usual, the one-eye sign popped-up everywhere last month. This is Naomi Cambell on the cover of Vogue with a one-eye/multiple personas-themed cover.

Vogue again. March 2019 again. However, this is the Netherlands edition. Supermodel model Lara Stone is doing a big, fat, unmistakable one-eye sign.

British writer, television presenter, model, and fashion designer Alexa Chung does a clear one-eye sign on the cover of British Girls.

Halsey is becoming a big pop star. Of course, she has to do the one-eye sign. This is her on the cover of Glamour. BUT WAIT. Maybe she’s just winking here. Let’s look at some other pics from that photoshoot.

A clear one-eye sign. BUT WAIT.  Maybe she was about to scratch an eye on this carefully planned fashion shoot.

There’s no accident, just 100% occult elite submission. In fact, her entire act is fully tainted with MK symbolism.

That’s the pic SNL used before Halsey’s performance.

British actor Nicholas Hoult is doing what he has to do to remain in the biz in ES Magazine.

Ennio Morricone is one of the greatest film music composers of all time. Sadly, he also has to be associated with this crap.

Kylie Jenner is known for her insightful commentary on modern life. Nope, just kidding. Here’s three pics she posted on Instagram with one eye melting. That’s what she contributes to society.

In the past weeks, the fashion industry has gone in full “mentally-challenged” mode. And its probably on purpose. Indeed, several brands released bizarre items that appear to be custom-made to trigger some people. This Burberry hoodie comes with a noose and some people accused the brand of promoting “lynching and suicide”. Burberry apologized profusely.

This $500 Prada keychain was accused of looking like racist depictions of black people. Prada apologized profusely.

This Gucci shirt is probably in my top-ten stupidest looking things I ever saw. To top it off it was accused of blackface for its large, red mouth opening and long, black neckline. Gucci apologized profusely.

Katy Perry’s brand released these weird looking shoes. Accusations of blackface followed, the shoes got recalled and Perry apologized profusely. Why is blackface all over mass media right now? In 2019? And why does it always come from sources close to the elite. Well, on one hand, the elite is projecting its own deep-seethed racism which it attempts to hide with hypocritical virtue signaling. On the other hand, they want racism and racial division to stay on the agenda. They want people to be upset about race and they keep throwing fuel on that fire.

Prior to the Superbowl, the beer company Samuel Adams released a limited-edition Tom Brady beer. In the promotional image, Brady has the head of a goat. While I’m aware that GOAT stands for Greatest of All Time, are they aware that this image of a goat-headed human is strikingly similar to Baphomet? Was this done on purpose?

A statue of Baphomet made by the Satanic Temple.

Special thanks for everyone who sent in pics!

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