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Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19



Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

In this edition of SPOTM: Taissa Farmiga, Britney Spears, Madonna, the most ridiculous shirts you’ve ever seen and a bunch of pics that will make you say “wow” … as in “wow, what is wrong with these people?”.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

American Horror Story star Taissa Farmiga was recently featured in a photoshoot for Rogue magazine. And, yup, it is all about Monarch mind control. In this pic, Taissa lays on a bed surrounded by the disembodied arms of mannequins – a classic symbol of mind control representing MK handlers. Taissa holds a rotary phone while a mannequin holds another one. This kind of symbolism is often used in MK imagery to represent a slave being “triggered” by a handler (see Lady’s Gaga video Telephone).

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

Here, Taissa’s hair is held up by the handlers. She’s in a position of vulnerability as the hands could easily pull her hair and cause pain.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

Taissa sits with a blank, MK-slave-stare next to a mannequin.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

… Carrying her programming around.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

As usual, the one-eye sign popped up everywhere this month. This is a pic of Kendall Jenner announcing that she became the face of Tiffany Co. It seems that we need to add “ping pong paddle” to the list of stupid things used by these industry puppets to hide an eye. What’s next? A cello?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

This is the promotional image for a new Netflix series named The Perfection. Yup, that’s a cello hiding one eye. So creative. As seen in several articles in the past, Netflix is dedicated to creating content that is 100% in line with the elite’s agenda. Although The Perfection is not out yet, the trailer depicts some horrifying scenes alluding to mind control, including someone getting electroshocked.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

This is the cover of Madonna’s new single Medellin. The “High Priestess of the Industry” has one eye hidden and holds a symbolic red glove while holding Maluma in a dominating matter. For her new album, Madonna created a new persona named Madame X, which is all about mind control. Expect an article about it soon. 

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

Actress Taryn Manning (8 Miles, Orange is the New Black) released a new music single entitled The Light.  This is the promo pic of the single. Apparently, she needs to hide one eye or her single wouldn’t see “The Light” of day.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

This is the cover of the new album by Lithuanian artist Jazzu. And you thought that Lithuania was safe from this crap, didn’t you? 

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

This is a screenshot from the music video Twit by K-Pop singer Hwasa. It doesn’t require an in-depth analysis. She basically sings  “twit twit twit” while constantly hiding one eye. A perfect reflection of the music industry today.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

Hwasa was also in Dazed magazine. 

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

She also promoted some makeup. Wow. She really brings something new to the table.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

This is a pic by clothing line named Cuck and Bull Shop. This literally cuck is hiding one eye while doing a textbook soy boy face. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s walking around with a shirt that says “Sissy Husband”. Wow.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

Wow. After posing for this pic, this guy will probably throw himself off a bridge.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

Does this brand also create weird, awkward, embarrassing shirts for women? Yes. And they chose a girl that looks really young to wear this explicit shirt. 

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

Draw My Story is a popular series on YouTube where stars tell a cute story while cute images are drawn in the background. In short, it is custom made to be appealing to young people. For this occasion, Billie Eilish wore a bunch of inverted crosses around her neck- the main symbol satanism. That is how the occult elite’s religion gets normalized to the young generation.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

Shortly after #FreeBritney began trending (read my article about it here), Britney “took a break from treatment” to spend some time with her boyfriend. She then posted a rather unconvincing video on Instagram to say that she’s OK. Some people said: “You see, she wasn’t being held against her will, that was a crazy conspiracy theory”. The pics that were taken as she was leaving the mental health facility tell another story. Dazed, confused and MKULTRA-ed.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

This is the face persona that is heavily medicated and that is not in control of her mind. 

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

Taking things to a stranger level, Britney’s former handler Sam Lutfi (he was around during her 2008 breakdown) posted this tweet about Britney’s “release” and #FreeBritney. Wow.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

In my article about the Sri Lanka bombings, I explained the occult timing and meaning of this horrific event. And the way mass media spun this attack is more proof of elite meddling. It is rather obvious that a memo was passed around to make sure that the victims are described as “Easter worshippers” instead of “Christians”. This weird, contrived expression is clearly the result of a brainstorming session to spin this story in a specific manner. 

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

Apparently, ABC News got the same memo. Is the word “Christian” being censored by mass media?

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics!

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Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/19

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It wouldn’t surprise me if Madonna was initiating Maluma into the industry and/or is his handler. The printing on those t-shirts are just plain wrong & Britney’s face in the pics above look like she’s probably been drugged or re-programmed, if you look closely she looks like she is wearing an eye shape necklace.

Stay Woke people.


Good call. It does look like the eye.


That’s usually what they use Madonna for to recruit more people. Maluma’s career has taken off and he’s everywhere now so he’ll sadly be the next victim to become another puppet.


Maluma is already a huge star in Latinoamerica. All his songs are hits and his music videos have billions of views….he has been spreading the agenda in latin music for a while
But it seems like Madonna is initiating him in the US market

Puppet nonsense

He will be next to become a puppet? You do realise he was already a puppet? No one gets in the industry without being one.
Also britneys nails were perfect in those pics, a far cry from the anxiety attacks when she was a judge on x factor


“she looks like she is wearing an eye shape necklace.” I agree.


I noticed the necklace too I zoomed in

Smitty's Inner-city Meats

A dress that slides over her head with no bra, Birkenstocks and that hair = they pulled her up out of a bed, dressed her like a toddler and frog-marched her to the car. That’s what my kids look like when we leave for a roadtrip at 5am.

Head in a Jar

By “Easter worshippers,” they really mean “Ishtar worshippers.”


No, they mean Christians. Christians do not celebrate Ishtar. They celebrate Christ’s resurrection, and it’s called Easter (Ishtar) because of Constantine. Eggs and bunnies are fertility symbols. We just happen to take them back, as all creation belongs to God, not some confused demon.


No Resurrection Day is what they call it. is replacing the ever popular Christian Easter (Pagan) holiday


If they meant “Christians”, they would say that.

They didn’t call the New Zealand massacre victims “mosque worshippers” did they??

Normalizing satanic ideas and names, while denigrating “Christians” as a name not worthy of utterance, is for a reason.

Are you clueless?


Demons are unable to speak the name of Christ. That’s why they have to use a different word.


Everything Christianity has was stolen from pagans. Have you ever seen Zeitgeist? You should. It would clear up some of the misconceptions you seem to have. All of Christianity is just a copy of religions that came before it.


Join the discussion…


Sorry, the above is an error.

Anyhoo, the reason Christianity/Catholicism uses some Pagan references is because Our Lord Jesus needed to connect with the people and explain to them why their worship was correct, they needed to direct it correctly to the Holy Trinity. As St.Patrick used the Shamrock to illustrate the Holy Trinity to my ancient fellow Irishmen. Please stop corrupting what really happened with Protest(ent) arguments.


Maria Iolandi

What a silly statement! is it supposed to invalidate Christianity? If everything in Christianity were a brand new invention, that would be a problem! Truth is eternal, as God, and he has started revealing Himself partially and covertly since the beginning of human consciousness. All true myths and ancient symbols points to Christ.


Why are you here, Logan? No one cares about your opinion, so go back underneath whatever bridge you slithered out from.


@Logan Shh! They don’t like being confronted with the dark side of their religions traditions. They like to believe adorning indoor trees, hiding chocolate eggs, and lying to children about mythological characters somehow honors Jesus. They also choose to overlook King James’ name (same King who had a book on demonology, same King who sent Colombus on his mission) on their Bibles, and refuse to admit the NIV edition is an abomination. The Bible has been tampered with by man.

I’m gonna get downvoted and possibly flamed for my observations as well. Its easier to downvote people than it is to question and research.

Strike the 9

A**hole who thinks he is enlightened…spare me. You prove that you have done no true research.


Nobody cares, but they do wonder why there’s so much militant action to try to get rid of Christianity but not islam. (Naw, not really. We know where the left is coming from. They want to stick their nose into everybody else’s business and tell them how to live. Just can’t help themselves-born totalitarians.) Funny,though, because Christianity is mystical, and what they make fun of is always the kindergarten version they teach little kids who aren’t ready for the real concept of a higher state of being. Have you ever heard of the famous Christian mystic of the 20th century, Edgar Cayce? Because there’s a whole lot more to creation, Jesus, and God than Bible stories taught to little kids. Seriously, read Cayce or Paul Solomon, or some Kaballah rather than thinking the Bible is all of Christianity. The apostles explained that Jesus taught them higher learning that the masses did not get, and Jesus explained that people get the level of Knowledge they are ready for. If you think Christianity is just churches, read some Arthur Schoenberg, for instance. Find out about the first days of the spirit beings (angels) coming to earth and experimenting with material forms, trying… Read more »

Peregrinus Ambulant

The “Mythological Christ” has already been disproven numerous times by various historians, most are even notable secular ones. The similarities of these ancient religions are more evidences of there being a common global culture in the distant past, and their belief in a “Messianic” figure, a common belief among Christians, represents more their hijacking of a prophetic event in their future than it being an amalgamation.


They are deliberately not using the word “Christian.” That is what is under discussion here, i.e., the reason for that. They are signaling something other than Christian. Don’t you get it? Dense.

Sitting Chi

Ishtar is actually Lilith…who is not a demon…but rather a chimera…the phrasing Easter Worshippers was intentional…Ishtar/Inanna’s return was symbolized by Katy Perry riding the lion in Superbowl (Superb Owl)15..Ishtar is depicted standing on two lions usually (lie ons)…she is also Hera..Samael (Zeus) wife…the Fallen are the Greek Gods…Suez Canal is Zeus spelled backward…an (Anu)s reference..

Sitting Chi

Oh Yeah…and I am the Concealed One..of Book of Enoch fame…really..descended from the Rod of Jesse..via James, brother of Jesus..


where can I learn more about this topic. I’m really interested


You think you celebrate the resurrection of someone (although it is unknown if he ever lived), instead of celebrating the original festivity that people have been celebrating for thousands of yours (on March 21) before the j… gave you Jesus. Christians have existed for thousands of years. The catholic church calls them pagans. Your so called christianism is judaism for non-jews. The church just stole a large number of holidays.
And Ishtar is no confused demon by the way.
Read about the “Roderich Bericht” and the prophecies of Sajaha to learn about how Sargon III will make an end to the cabal.

Strike the 9

More BS


I agree about “Ishtar worshippers.” They’re trying to paganize Christianity and the culture in general with the language they use. I noticed too how the news and Google celebrate the solstices/equinoxes now. When I was younger, no one cared about the solstices. Now, they’re announced like mainstream holidays. We’re living in strange times where the elites are transitioning us to the new world religion.


Christianity is DE FACTO paganized. That’s how this cult reformed to a more peaceful one. Look at origins of most chsitians holidays.


Yeah, look to the research of a bunch of atheist historians. Piss off with your programming. You are just regurgitating things the elites have been telling you like they are actual facts.

Strike the 9

Totally agree!

Strike the 9

Study my friend


Maybe ‘Easter worshippers’ is just quicker and easier to say than ‘christians celebrating the death and resurrection of their Lord and saviour Jesus Christ’ and they assume we all know what Easter is. Or maybe they are trying to slowly and methodically turn us into idol worshipping pagans with this subtle trigger phrase. It’s a hard call.


Easter was originally the celebration of Ishtar, the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility and sex. They are not saying Christian because most likely this was a sacrifice to Ishtar !


Well, the Christian god was invented way after. So yeah, they are Easter worshippers lmao, both things are equally fake.
It’s a matter of choosing the invisible friend to worhsip of your choice.

GOD is more real than liberal hipocrites

Please tell me, when was it that you invented god as a black woman though?? Tell me why is that you dont need evidences to believe in a black female god? Is there and to the hipocrisy of hateful liberals?


I bet you think you’re oppressed too.

Strike the 9

Ignorance personified!


The MSM has a double reason for using the term “Easter Worshipers.” They don’t want to use the term “Christian.” And, they enjoy saying “Easter,” since it is really an iteration of Ishtar, which is a pagan god that the Catholic church tried Christianize.

By the way, catholics are not actually Christians, but an amalgamation of Roman religions.


I’m pretty sure you’ll find that Catholics consider themself Christian regardless of the pope or Rome.
They believe in Jesus and it’s insulting to insinuate otherwise. You obviously know very little about Europe, I was brought up Catholic on my French mother’s side and just because I don’t slavishly follow any religion anymore doesn’t make me a devil. The most intolerant hateful people I encounter on social media are always Americans who seem to hold to the most extreme literal version of whatever form of Christianity they follow and always seem to attack everyone else. Hardly Christlike, so stop assuming you know what you’re talking about. I encounter more goodness, morality and kindness in people in Europe than America, the people are NOT the institutions OK!!!.


correct and especially if they dont go to their churchs or obey their leaders.And yes Americans are the most moralistic hypocrites on the planet Its true Theyre anti semitic and controlled by their handlers and dont even know it .

Those Who Have Ears Listen

you’re scolding others for being intolerant and hateful while you’re being intolerant and hateful. classic.


I’m not being intolerant or hateful I’m just fed up with hearing catholics are not Christians. It’s a pointless argument anyway so nice try!!


Throughout history, Catholics have been portrayed as separate from Christians. One example could be Martin Luther, a Catholic, who wrote his “Ninety-five Theses” in 1517 as a protest against errors and practices he saw in the Catholic Church. Through Luther’s work came the Protestant Reformation which gave the world the Puritans, Lutherans, Calvinists, Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, etc. The anti-Catholic sentiment has been in America since the colonies and has continued even into recent times. Sometimes referred to as Romanism, the Catholic Church has made a concerted effort to remain separate from Christians churches. The Catholic Church considers all other denominations of Christianity to be false and not of the “mother church.” As Christians, we are saved by saved by grace through faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ who paid for our sins in full on the cross. One can be a Catholic AND a Christian. However, this faith must be built on biblical truth and not on the words and traditions of man. There is nothing in the Bible that says one cannot be saved unless they confess their sins to a priest. There is nothing in the Bible that says one cannot be saved unless they… Read more »


Wow, you laid that out as clear as it gets.


I used to be cathlic… after finding out what i did about the roman cathlic chirch though… this is just my opinion… The cathlic chirch is corrupt. I’m not saying, cathlics. i’m saying the cathlic chirch. It has been behing some of the darkest events of human history. WWII, the inquisitions, etc. And the pope? don’t even get me started on the popes… They are trying to make themselves god. ferthermore, they sold, and still are, selling indulgences. Reasearch on them, think for yourself; and realise who they are serving. Is it jesus? Don’t think so. There actions say otherwise. What about the sex scandles beeing covered up by bishops, etc? I believe its the cathlic chirch that god wans about in revelations, it is the beast. Look at its history. Just my opinion though.

Strike the 9



what is the number of the saved again?


You are right that most catholics consider themselves Christians. Most are great folks. I should have made it clear I was speaking of the Vatican/organization. The Jesus the church of rome puts forth is not the Jesus that Christians worship and know as God.

I do know what I am talking about and have done a lot of research, and don’t just accuse people who disagree with me of being hateful, because I don’t have anything to back it with.


Christians arent supposed to bow down to statues that is in the Ten Commandments even in the Nihil Obstat Roman Catholic bible it says so.


By the way Catholics ARE the original Christians regardless of the man made corruption that has occurred over time. The Apostles themselves taught those that led to the Catholic church as an institution. Apostle John who taught Ignatius of Antioch being a prime example.

Learn your history.


Tell me one Apostle who taught any Protestant denomination founder?

Exactly… none.

Catholics KNOW Jesus and His Blood alone saves them. You are very uneducated and very judgemental.

No kidding.


The Christians that came from the Apostles were called Apostolic Christians, not catholic. When the empire of Rome began to crumble, the emperors handed off their position to the bishop of Constantinople and then Rome. The bishops became pontifus maximus, a secular name of power. They began to bastardize Christianity by bringing pagan idols and festivals and Christianize them, so that they would have more people and money in their coffers. Anything Christian became secondary.

Great cathedrals like Notre Dame, which are undoubtedly great works of art, were built on the backs of the poor and masses, by the church telling people they would go to hell if they didn’t buy indulgences to forgive their sins. In the meantime, the vatican has amassed more wealth than all the world’s nations put together. Some church.


For some reason Americans (yes, I am one) have decided to re-write history whenever they feel like it. So here it goes, CATHOLICS are CHRISTIANS who worship Jesus Christ. They have been doing that for 2000 years now, way before the USA even existed. Now you can argue the good and the bad of Catholicism but they are our brother and sister in Christ, no need to argue about that.


Christians should not bow down to Statues it is in the Ten Commandments. A lot of Catholic teaching is not based on the bible at all. I used to be catholic but left when i read the bible for myself and realized that there are many false churches.


We don’t “bow down” to statues; we use them to represent Christ, Mary or other saints, that’s all. We’re not praying to the statue but the person the statue represents. This is just another silly, bigotted criticism of Catholicism from just another brainwashed, anti-catholic biased couch potato who knows neither religion, history or truth. What religion did Christ establish??? CATHOLICISM..!! He made St Peter the first Pope and told him the gates of hell would not prevail against it AND gave him the keys of the kingdon of Heaven as Scripture tells us. Since God is the only one who can establish His religion, it follows that ALL other religions are false as they were established by men not God as at least 3 Popes have infallibly stated. Many Saints and Doctors of the Church have said the same thing. Only one religion leads to salvation. If you refuse to join it and die outside the Catholic Church, you are putting your eternal salvation in serious danger. It’s not enough to believe in Christ—you must co-operate with Him by joining His Church. There is no biblical evidence of ‘sola scriptura’ or “I believe therefore I’m saved”; that’s just protestants thinking… Read more »


But why pray to saints or Mary when Jesus showed us THE WAY. HE is The Way and he showed the way. He prayed to “Our Father”. He did not pray to any others before him. He did not ask for anyone to intercede. He did not teach idolatry. Rely on the Lord, not others that had weakness in flesh and in turn relied on the Lord.


Why do you quote Apostle Paul in direct contradiction of his meaning? He is the Apostle who advocated and taught of Righteousness and Salvation without Works. We are to Believe in Jesus and His Blood and Sacrifice and that alone! Catholicism is the absolute perversion of all Paul taught!


Catholics don’t “bow down” to statues. The statues are merely representations of the Saint or holy figure to which they are praying. On a separate note, the Bible was written by men, not by “God”. It was compiled over centuries, too.


isnt it just words? does it matter how someone calls their faith? i believe in god, i trust in god. i’m part of no institution though. if nobody told you about jesus christ, could you not believe in god? isnt the only important thing to believe, no matter how its put into words? and isnt the honesty and depth of belief only recognizable for myself?


Milka, that is to believe in the idea of God but not the Person of Him. It is to de-personalise Him and He is therefore just an idea, a fantasy.


Easter and Ishtar just sound similar, their etymology is completely different. And in Italy Easter is called pasqua


Exactly! Also, it seems that the word Pasqua comes from the original word “pasah” in Aramaic, meaning “to pass beyond or over” (Passover) I’m American and Italian by marriage and have lived in Italy for 25 years. I checked this out on an Italian site.


In many countries it is called a similar word to (Pasqua) and comes from the Old Jewish “pesach” (passover).


That is because Passover and Easter occur on or around the same time. But “Easter” is the festival to worship Ishtar and “Passover” is to celebrate the deliverance of the Hebrews when the angel of death killed all the Egyptian first-born children and thus secured their release. It is also the foreshadowing of Christ delivering all who believe in Him from the bondage of sin and death.


You do realize all Protestant religions splintered off from Catholicism yes? It’s mete historical fact but you can choose to ignore that Catholicism is, and always will be, the first Christian religion. P.S – Catholics worship God, Christ, the Holy Father and the one true God. They don’t worship Mary, the Saints, the angels in heaven or anyone else.

Chris J

Poor Britney, my heart breaks for her…


Eh, if your into that kind of thing..
I wonder if her heart would break for YOU! Not likely.


How would you know?.

Those Who Have Ears Listen

does it matter? I don’t care if Brittany’s heart breaks for me but like Chris, its hard to see a person suffer such as this who is clearly in distress and we are all helpless to lend a helping hand. I don’t like seeing any person or animal suffer and my heart breaks for Brittany too…something is clearly wrong and she isn’t able to help herself.


did she not know what she was getting into when she was told that she would have to sell her soul and initiate into the OTO? This is called paying the piper, or reaping what you sow. One can still feel sorry for her though.

Puppet nonsense

To be fair i dont think she signed anything, ( parents/handlers did) as she was a minor under 10 yo on the mickey mouse club.
Her *breakdown* in 2007 was a rebellion against what they had signed her up for. Can hardly blame britney and thinking this is her own doing is just stupidity on your part

Puppet nonsense

And what is your point? We shouldnt care about people if we personally dont know the person?


What does it matter if her heart would break for someone? Anyone with a tender heart and compassion can see that she is a troubled young woman, a victim of mind-control and not acting on her own, and that makes some of us sad.


Hi Hillary Clinton and entourage, I am a Christian that does not worship Easter, I worship Christ. Keep on trying to re-write/change history. Satan is cunning, we are aware of that.

Mojo Jojo

Are you also aware that originally Christians did not worship Jesus (but seen him as the messenger of God, as is conformed by Muslims with the Quran), neither did they eat pork, drink Alcohol, their women covered their selfs to be modest (just like the Muslims are taught to do).

All things Satan has eroded from your religion, replaced with lies and acceptance of the things God has forbid.
But the fact you now worship Jesus the messenger of God is the number one thing he has gained in victory over you!
For the one thing that God does not forgive is associating partners with him.
Anyone who dies associating partners with God, it will be as if all the good they ever done in this world was nothing on the day of reckoning!


You cannot believe in Jesus and Allah at the same time. If so, please read Jesus’s Own Words in Bible. He was talking about Jehovah. Belief in Allah is a totally different religion and belief from what Jesus had and taught.

Donald Wilson

Christians usually believe that the OT prophesies about and prophecises the future Jesus or Immanuel (Isaiah), the suffering servant sacrifice, in the NT. Jesus said “…before “Abraham was, I Am”, and ‘If you have seen me, then you have seen the Father’, declaring himself to be the incarnation of YHWH (Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh, or Yahweh(?), or the Son, or the Word. (John 1.1) He is NOT an associated partner or a messenger.


WTH? Hilary Clinton. Wake the hello up. Be relevant or be quiet.

Puppet nonsense

Is WTH really relevant in 2019? Is the word relevant really relevant today? Or just a word we use to dismiss something we dont know anything about, so rather than appear stupid we disregard stuff as irrelevant.
Better watch as your own life will become irrelevant next year, thats if you are even relevant this year haha x


Sad, nice to see your humanity shining through.
I wouldn’t wish MK ULTRA on anybody, if she’s been sold into it since birth she would have had no option. Do you know what slavery means???.


It’s a real shame Vigilant Citizen that you attract such unlikeable extreme people to your magazine, because your website is very good and very interesting. I’m not saying you’re extreme or unlikeable just a fair few of your followers!!!.

D D d

I find it shocking sometimes how the divide and conquer rules between groups of religious people here. To see them fighting over words.
Silly folks, a lot of them, others are just plain ignorant. Some have a large heart for most life though, but a more modest way of self expression. Pitty, as they are the most loving and helpfull in real life. I know a lot of volunteers that are religious but not dictative.

Truth & Light

Hollywood is a cult, we know, not surprising


Brilliant as usual, notably the ‘Easter Worshippers’ bit. I was very intrigued when I saw it on twitter


Taissa Farmiga was in The Nun, another super satanic movie created to mock Christianity. Her sister, Vera, who played Norma Bates in the show Bates Motel, is really into the occult in that The Nun is a spin-off of The Conjuring movies. I have the book written by the Warren’s, entitled, The Demonologist. Vera says she was so freaked out by the book, she refused to read it in her home, only on airplane flights. Vera was also in the movie Running Scared with Paul Walker where her character stumbles upon kiddie p--n snuff film makers. Truly disturbing part of the movie. Anyway, there’s something fishy about the Farmiga’s.


hollyweirds always beeb inherently evil Even back in the very beginning Kennedy patriarch Joey , |the irish peasants” as Peter Lawfords mum called them ,she desopised them so as low life catholics,owned what is now Murdochs Foxy studios were made then all the snuff movies to be sold to the upper classes who had in their castles and palaces and mansions own hometheatre rooms .


Bear in mind that Easter is based on Astaroth, Astarte, the light bearer, Lucifer for short. So saying easter worshippers is saying Lucifer worshippers in a nutshell.


Yes, either Christians are unwitting Lucifer worshippers, for which clowns like Obama are throwing it in Christians faces. Historically, the Occult have big sacrifices in April, the actual beginning of the year, Sri Lanka being one. So perhaps the clowns are telling “us” the entity, Astaroth, that was the true recipient of the sacrifice.

Donald Wilson

Satan has given it over to the specialists, and most people don’t even know their names, and if they do they don’t have a clue as to who the “baalim” are anymore or what they represent. Ba’al’s consort is Asherah (Ishtar, Astoreth, Inanna, Tanit, etc.), the proverbial mother goddess Scorned. The Goddess is becoming more popular, but they are often ‘worshiped’ as a pair. He likes libertines, carnal desires, selfish hedonism, temple prostitution, sex worship, power, wealth, prosperity, and worldly success – you’re promised it all for just a human sacrifice once in awhile, and he’s also the god of perverted cruelty, and full-term and partial birth abortion. He’s alleged to be popular with musicians and wannabe stars and Hollywood itself. Maybe he can help with Global Warming Climate Change and the Environment. (We have only 12, or 11, or 10 years left before Climate Change kills us all, ‘yah know!’) Other “baalim” are Molech, Remphan, and Chuin and these gods were worshiped in ancient Israel, Judah, the Phoenicia, and Canaan. Their New World counter parts are the Aztec rain god Tlaloc, (Nahuatl: “He Who Makes Things Sprout”), and Chac, the Mayan rain god. They are very close to again… Read more »


Christians all day.. Christians!!! Not Easter Worshippers…


More information on christening Christians as Easter Worshippers should be consulted on the book The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop(free as a pdf on the internet). Then for sure you will see today’s events unravelling in accordance with their ancient school of mysteries (paganism).


thank you I will check that book out.


For those wondering if Spears is still relevant… Britney’s ‘Piece of Me’ residency was hugely successful. Start date December 27, 2013 End date December 31, 2017 No. of shows 248 Attendance 916,184 Box office US $137.7 million So was ‘Britney: Live in Concert’: Start date June 3, 2017 End date July 3, 2017 Legs 1 No. of shows 11 in Asia 11 total “The commercial success of the tour continued with the release of the 2018 shows.” And her latest ‘Piece of Me Tour’: Start date July 12, 2018 End date October 21, 2018 Legs 3 No. of shows 12 in North America 18 in Europe 30 total Attendance 260,531 Box office $54.3 million “In total, the tour grossed $54.3 million with 260,531 tickets sold and was the sixth highest-grossing female tour of 2018, and was the United Kingdom’s second best-selling female tour of 2018.” Britney Spears is still a very much viable commodity for the elite, and at this point, she is *not* worth more dead than alive. Alive, she can still record albums, shoot music videos and go on residencies and tours, and her fragrance empire is worth over a billion dollars! “As of 2009, Spears claimed to… Read more »


Great Work as always, looking forward to many more, Thanks for enlightening us!!!


Great article, VC!! Jesus Christ, these Taissa Farmiga’s photos scared the f*** out of me! At Taryn Manning’s photo, there are also snakes at her rings! “And you thought that Lithuania was safe from this crap, didn’t you?”. No way, I know this happens throughout the whole world. By seeing that brand Cuck and Bull Shop’s photos, we can see the connection between the one-eye sign and humiliating situations, like the “cuck” itself, “sissy”, “proud sponsor of a hotwife”, and the “deep throat trainee”. You posted the Billie Eilish where she wore the inverted crosses, thank you! =)
She has done the one-eye symbolism before, too (you’ve showed).
Yes, Britney Spears seems a lot dazed and confused. Regarding the “Easter worshippers”, yes, it’s pretty obvious that those famous politicians and ABC News were required to use this term instead of “Christians”. Awesome article.


Maybe you can add this photo( to this article as it can be a symbol of monarch control mind


True! Who is that girl?


New photo of Taylor Swift. She recently has published new song. Well, as usual, the music video has some symbols AGAIN…


Britney looks bad like Kim Kardashian!
She was so pretty!
What can mental illness do to your soul!


Thanks VC, I really don’t understand how people refuse to wake up to this nonsense!

FYI Normani is giving the one eye salute (and weird hand movements) in her video for “Dancing with A Stranger” with Sam Smith


A great article yet again. I noticed that about the ‘Easter Worshippers’ on Twitter and totally agree with you.

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