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Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

In this edition of SPOTM: Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, and more undeniable proof that the occult elite is pushing its symbolism anywhere it possibly can.



Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20
Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

Selena Gomez was recently featured in a photoshoot in Dazed magazine. Most of the pictures symbolically depict the sad state of an ex-child star in the industry. In this pic, Selena wears Mickey Mouse hands – a probable nod to her Disney beginnings and to … Disney Monarch programming. Indeed, like most media involving Gomez, this photoshoot has heavy MK themes.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

There’s a doll’s head in Selena’s mouth – a way of representing the alter-persona of an MK slave.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

Here, Selena doesn’t look well at all. She looks like she’s been drugged and abused … like an MK slave.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

Selena’s head surrounding with pics of her days as a child star. One of these pics conveniently hides one eye, effectively creating a one-eye sign.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

Speaking of the one-eye sign, it was all over mass media last month. This is Randy Blythe, the lead singer of Lamb of God on the cover of Kerrang! magazine. The one-eye sign is not only for Disney pop stars – old school metal bands who wish to keep their careers going need to do it as well.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

Kylie Jenner on the cover of Bazaar magazine. Big, fat one-eye sign.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

The cover of Vogue Brazil featured an obvious one-eye sign. It promoted the Vogue Ball – one of the most “occult elite” fashion events in history (read my article about it here).

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

This is Rose McGowan on the cover of Das Magazin. It is the fourth time she is featured in SPOTM by doing this same exact hand sign. She is telling us something. And that something is that she is owned by the occult elite. “Die Wut Der Frauen” means “The Anger of Women”. That’s what she is being used for.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

This is NFL star Odell Bekham Jr. (aka OBJ) doing a big fat one-eye sign on his IG account. The caption says: “I’ll never change … but I’ll adapt”. I guess he needs to “adapt” to the one-eye sign if he wants to keep the endorsement deals coming.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

Nicolas Winding Refn poses for Prada by doing a one-eye sign combined with devil horns. Refn is the director of the movie The Neon Demon – a sickening movie about the occult elite in the fashion industry (read my article about it here).

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

Here’s another pic of Refn doing the devil horns proving that there is absolutely nothing random about any of these signs.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

This is a promo pic for the new Netflix series Ares. Yes, another Netflix series that is promoted with a blatant one-eye sign. 

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

Ares is yet another Netflix series about young people getting involved in a satanic secret society. Apparently, it is pretty sickening.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

Dots is a Lego product that is marketed to young girls. For no specific reason: The one-eye sign all over of the place.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

Miranda Kerr promotes some hot garbage by hiding one of her eye with said garbage.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

This is the album art of Circles – a recently released posthumous album of Mac Miller. As you can see, the blurred pics create a one-eye sign. Even after death, artists are subjected to this crap. And considering the strange circumstances surrounding Mac Miller’s death, this might be a “signature” of the occult elite.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

On January 25th, the “power couple” Jay-z and Beyoncé organized a pre-Grammy brunch with industry guests such as Diddy, Dj Khaled, Rihanna, the Jonas Brothers and many more. This media event was promoted all over the news by mainly using this pic of Beyoncé doing the 666 hand sign.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

Jay-Z hides one eye behind Beyoncé”s head. While the event was said to promote “black excellence”, it was mainly about submission to the occult elite. About 24 hours later, a figure of “black excellence” died in symbolic circumstances: Kobe.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

Speaking of Kobe, the official invitation to his “celebration of life” event at the Staples Center is surrounded by butterflies. Signature of the occult elite?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

Speaking of Monarch butterflies, Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi is constantly surrounded by Monarch butterflies. This is an event promoting Stormi’s makeup line.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

Monarch butterflies trapped inside of cages: Monarch programming.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

Cardi B recently annouced to her fans that she has a new name. Can you guess what it is?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

Dear Lord Jesus.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

And Satan himself gave his nod of approval.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics!

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Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/20

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Beyonce looks so dark and evil in these photos. She doesn’t have an ounce of happiness emanating from her.


Actually I feel sorry for her as for many showbizzers in her state. Nothing to mock or to laugh about.


Who is making fun? People are saying what they think. Also, she has only herself to blame. She chose this life. I have no sympathy for her.

Holistic Holly

Join the discussion…

So many delightful but obscure vids on Youtube exploring the horrifying details of life in SatanWood,despite Youtube banning hate speech and free expression, these vids still go strong with millions of views which just goes to show you that with Youtube, making money is still the bottom line–as with all dictatorships.


I just said the same exact thing!!! yup!!! no sympathy for any of them AT ALL…not one ounce!!!


Mk Ultra starts with childhood. Beyonce didn’t have a choice.

D D d

I do not see any feeling in Bey’s eyes that shows she is happy with what she achieved.
She makes me think she keeps looking at a train wrecking, while sipping overprised tea, bored..


Seriously! Look at the first photo of her and JZ. It’s like the demons are manifesting and contorting their faces. That is not a normal look. Chilling!


Bey and J look more emotionless, empty, and bored, producing forced sneers for the photogs. Sad and ugly, but hardly demonic.

“Black Excellence” could indeed have another meaning, similar to Depeche Mode and Black Celebration. Obviously this photo with all its various symbolism drives the point home. Like, who would want to attend?


Exactly what I thought! Those faces are the most ugliest, evilest, demon-like faces, I’ve ever seen. Well, maybe one or two more, as I scroll down! Ugh!


FK her.. she chooses it every time she flips her hand over that evil eye.

Puri Chandra from New Delhi

Join the discussion…

Nah, both are conformists, plain old keeping up with the joneses and in Hollywood, you keep up or you’re out on your a-s, no tickee no laundry, NO WORK.

That is a comforting warm fuzzy take on the anathema but most likely in grievous error.


it’s pronounced binaca


Beyonce has lost it all. Just sn empty vessel. She looks so out of it.

D D d

Her main attraction.
She keeps yelling and shouting, oh pardon, singing, to distract us, but uses her body to sell the drama. Indeed, like an empty vessel with big boobies.
If only she’d retired before making millions of fools go Oh oh oh oh ohoh ohoh..
I still can’t surpress annoyance showing, when someone does that with a look like it is a shared joy.


Reminds me of Celine Dion. She used to be a beautiful woman! But NOW? Sad to see such beauty get so taken over.


That poor creature looks sick. She’s probably dying from some kind of cancerous demon eating her from inside.


That picture of Rose McGowan reminded me of something. It reminded me that she had said she grew up in the Children of God cult. Then I started to think of the Phoenix brothers (River and Joaquin) and realized that family also grew up in that same cult. Other stars that also had cult or commune upbringings are the Arquette’s, and Winona Ryder. I find it odd that all of these stars have come from cult like childhoods. Then once they’re deemed stars in Hollywood as teens and adult later in life they join the cult of Scientology. It seems they move around in cults their whole lives. Very weird and it just reaffirms the rumor that NOBODY becomes famous by accident; they’re all chosen…..and likely were abused kids in cults. It’s all very strange, but it’s starting to all make sense on how Hollywood operates.

D D d

They are choosen ..because ..they were abused.
The way they were abused is internationally used for centuries. The ways maybe were originally unwritten technics – but in the 60’s,70’s, and 80’s some researchers published cases of mentally disturbed clients and the ways they became disturbed, and by who.
Most of those books I can not find anymore in our local library..
not even digitalised.
But the signs of mass manipulation by those same tactics and sorts of culprits are all over the place. VC only has shown hundreds already.
It, abuse by Peole Who Read People, is not entertainment, it is in your local town, family, school, workplace too? Just look around.
Recently I mentioned the cult of faithfull followers that got poisoned and shot. There is a big story about that online, still:
The Untold Story of the Jonestown Massacre by John Judge
Again, feel free to re-look up some segments or names..


“They are choosen ..because ..they were abused.”

That’s what won Woody Harrelson the lead in Natural Born Killers. No one could believe that the lovable character from the popular televised sitcom Cheers scored the leading role—without a single audition, IIRC. What I do remember reading is a statement by Oliver Stone defending his decision with a sentiment to the effect of, “I knew he would be perfect for the role. Because of who his father is, I knew he had it in him.”

He was right, of course. It’s all in the genes….


See eye ay cooks up these cults around the world – that is the word-
just another way to get access


The cult she was in was accused of promoting sex with children and her dad (the head of the cult) had connections with Voge bambini whic she had modeled for. Coincidence? I think not


*Vogue bambini


Agree with you. Maybe that’s why Joaquin Phoenix having such deep eyes and presence. What I also was reading in the book ‘how to create an illuminati slave’ is that they use traumatizing of brothers and sisters. The brother of Joaquin strangely died and Joaquin was there. So … maybe there was couple of reasons why the brother was sacrificed.

johnny utah

He didn’t “strangely” die, he OD’d in front of many people on the street outside of a club.


Beyoncé is what happens when you sell your soul to the devil and industry. Sure, famous; rich; successful. Her and Mr Beyoncé look worn and ragged. I don’t see the big deal about either. She’s raunchy and nasty. And well… who is he these days? Beyoncé’s husband.


At least he’s not pretty. No waste there.


I know it. Beyonce WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. Great shape. Geez, what a waste.


Um… is nobody going to state the obvious? Why does a little child have a makeup range in the market???? She looks like a frikkin baby in that photo. Babies manage makeup companies now??? Is it just like play make-up or actual make-up?

You people and your consumerist demands confuse me.


If she has a stripper name, why not a make-up range?


Stripping is one thing, but children don’t generally wear makeup. How much money are they planning to make? Or lose. Are they going to keep pushing children to wear makeup in the hopes that their company survives? I confoosed.


MK & Ashley O founded their production company Dualstar Entertainment Group, LLC in 1993 at the ripe ol’ age of 6. This is nothing like that. Similar circles, I’m sure. But the line was a personal brand until Kylie Cosmetics sold a 51% stake to Coty, Inc. for a cool $600 mil just last year, in 2019. Not a tax write-off, but a long-term investment strategy.
Stormi is just the inspo for Kylie’s latest collection. Which… implicates a sinister dedicatory, I now see.


That puzzled me, too. And then, gotta sexualize them early. Pedos like it better. Poor thing (Stormi).


The evil K’s have to ensure the whoredom in their vile family will continue.


Yeah that got me too :/ I reckon she picks names for her kids that will suit her make up ranges now.

St Clair

Jay Z plays the role of pimp, and Beyonce is his product. What kind of man would promote his wife and mother of his children in such a way? A pimp. We know the ghetto trash worship this w---e of Babylon, but for the MSM to promote them as some kind of ideal tells us just Who is behind the veil. The Evil One is alive and well in Hollywood and New York, as He was in Sodom and Gomorrah


Don’t know if I’m reaching, but Beyoncé is wearing blue and Jay Z is wearing pink. Could they be touching the gender subject? Also on the second picture of theirs, she’s standing in front of him, covering one of his eyes. Is that supposed to mean that she is taking the lead, the dominant “empowered” woman? (I know that Jay Z is her handler, but I’m thinking about the message they want to convey.)


About the colors, 20th century actually messed up with linking between colors and genders/sexes. Pink as male and blue as female color has a long history from Middle Ages (blue represented color of sky/Heaven and Saint Mary, while pink – skincolor of baby Jesus).


I’d heard about that, the changing of the meanings of colors, but I didn’t know what the meanings were. Thanks for telling me!

Dovid Yiddisher King

Jesus had pink skin?

Mental Protection

I got about 5 minutes into Ares and that’s all it took to realize there would be nothing worth watching there. Usually evil shows try to suck you slowly in for the first couple of episodes. This one went literally straight for the jugular in an act so stupid, vile and nonsensical it was clear it’s intended audience are sadists. I have made it a point to refuse to download things into my mind that offend my spirit and I will say why. Last week I had a dream that was curious enough to make me think about it over my morning coffee. As I did I realized two elements were from fleeting images in the news and a movie I had watched the previous evening. One was maybe a second on screen of the destination sign above the driver on a transit bus. The street was the same name as a pub I used to go to many years ago. I realized that’s why I ended up there in my dream. Even innocuous, fleeting images from media can trigger long forgotten connections in our minds. What then of purposeful manipulation through symbols, emotional soundtracks and ‘go big or go… Read more »


Cool story. I realised a month ago I wasn’t having any other dreams anymore than nightmares. It was so common I didn’t even flinch anymore. I’d see dead people mutilated or walk through a scene of suffering or already dead people bleeding everywhere. And of course huge ugly creatures with monstrous faces and demonic bodies would appear out of everywhere. I’d just wave them away and say “bleh, run along you ugly creatures, no time for you.” Once I was half awake enough to realise this is now the norm. And then I asked the obvious question: Where do these scenes come from? Because I didn’t experience anything like this, not in this life anyway, so where is this ugly information coming from? Just like you, the answer was obvious: The ugly, toxic, never-happy movies from Satanicwood, California. Well, that’s what I get for having watched the garbage throughout my life. Those images are stuck in my memory and replay themselves in my subconscious all the time. Those are now my dreams. I’ve stopped watching the garbage but it’s too late now. A mind wasted. Well not all wasted. But it could have been better. I only watch selective videos… Read more »

Sarah Jayne

@MindyourMind and Mental Protection. Both great comments! There is the famous saying/observation that if you talk about slicing a lemon, squeezing it on your tongue, licking it over your lips etc that your mouth will begin to salivate. Even though there IS no lemon, just the talk and thought of it. It is used to show how the brain/mind doesn’t know the difference between real and non real, it is the THOUGHT that is real to the mind. Therefore when you witness murder, death, destruction, torture, rape, fear etc on a TV show or a movie or on the news then not only does your brain think it’s real, it stores it as a memory and uses that as a foundation. How many times do people watch a movie and say something like ‘that blood looks so fake”, “no way would the body fall like that if it had been stabbed in that area, so lame!”. Eckarte Tolle in one of his books observes that we are appalled by tales of Romans packing into a amphitheatre to watch blood sports but yet we are all watching death so frequently. We all know what it looks like to be shot, to… Read more »


Yes? Why are we being manipulated and herded into these low emotions? Are aliens feeding off of what we produce?

D D d

Don’t forget the 24/7 news-shows about war and terror mixed with promo’s on tv-series and movies, about war and terror mixed. Hours of contentless action. Moving images, most are captavating in itself, hypnotising the pushed information. And even with zapping/clicking through chnnels you always get implanted with them too for a split second. (Try watching a frontloading washer instead maybe?)

When you see normal people in shows acting normal, it is mostly to sell pills, medicin, incontinents pads. Sometimes the product is the plot even! Comedy often uses horrific deaths and tragedy. No escape, but to turn it of or switch it off.
I thank VC for dragging through all the horrid media, showing only skins of the ba stuff – so i am warned on forhand.

Sarah Jayne

Agree with you DDd.
How insane when listening to the radio the news is! A few years back I was listening to my city radio station and it was doing a Time Tunnel segment, going back to the 90’s with all the popular tunes back then. The show was upbeat and happy. Then on the hour it stops for the news and you get fed 2-3mins of death,war, anxiety, problems etc…..then back to the Time Tunnel for your favourite dance tracks. How insane is that!?!
It reminded me of the one minute of hate in Orwell’s 1984.
The news is filled with a fear that means nothing to me as an individual. Occurrences in countries I’ve never visited or never am likely to, situations I have zero control or input on and yet I’m asked to be scared, sad, worried or outraged by them on the hour every hour as I listen to the radio?!
I opened a Spotify account and no longer listen to the radio. When I am out somewhere and the radio is playing I use the news segment to think of all the good things in my world and all the amazing wonderful things humans have brought to the planet.

D D d

Whenever i am with other people and we watch or listen, I ask to mute the ads at least, or get out and make a drink or walk the dogs, anything really but to wtch the promos drag on. Recently I could not escape such a tv situatio. I saw the same promo 26 times within a weekend.


People are sneaky about the whole television thing. They can own a set and never use it—until moving in to a new place together—then, it’s on 24/7. Talk about a bait and switch!

Mental Protection

That’s great, MYM, how you handled those dreams, brushing them off like that. You don’t take any supplements or medications do you? I found that things like melatonin and amino acids, even too many avodacos (which are rich in aminos apparently) can facilitate nightmares with me. I don’t think it’s too late either. I think our minds, like our bodies try to seek health and balance. Sure, what we see remains in our memory, but if we aren’t constantly feeding it with garbage it sifts it back into perspective where it doesn’t bother us. I mean, we have memories for every second of our lives. It can’t all be remembered all the time. The stuff that isn’t important or being triggered by association stays forgotten. Here’s to better dreams. Cheers.


This is so good and is something I should start practicing. Not long ago someone quoted a Romans verse here that I don’t know by heart, but it talks about filling our minds with all that’s good, pure, wholesome etc, and avoid the opposite. I’m not a movie or fictional literature buff. Maybe 98% of my library is non-fictional, and when I do watch tv, I’ll watch documentaries. I’m not saying that that’s all I watch. The thing is, I really enjoy watching non-gory suspense and horror movies, or listening to creepy pastas on YouTube. That distracts me, and I’d rather watch those than beautiful romances, because they make me cry and they make me sad,”. Same thing with some animal shows, when one is hunting another, or when people are sending them back to their natural environment after being taken care of for an injury or something. That separation kills me! Maybe I just don’t get involved with suspense and horror. lol. I guess I need to be fixed. But all in all, I think we are better off not consuming Hollywood. I love European movies, French, German and Spanish mostly, because they are more available to me (non… Read more »

Lost in the Woods

Whatever is true. Whatever is noble. Whatever is right. Whatever is lovely. Whatever is admirable. Anything of excellence and worthy of praise. Dwell on these things. –Jesus Christ

Oooh look at me

I came here to say a few things: 1. all of thses poses are so stupid looking and these people take themselves so seriously that it’s laughable. 3. does Netflix make anything that’s not dark/disturbed/overly dramatic and unwatchable? and 3. Cardi B is a better name than Diamond Demon.


You have two 3’s. After 1 comes 2 then 3. Get it right.

And no, if you’re trying to sound like you’re a puppet of evil, then having the word demon in your name is more befitting than “B”. B what? Just B. Pfff.

B for Bacardi

She’s off the rum and on to a twinned-letter jeweled-elite designation….


Diamond demon announced on the 13th of this month… You can’t make this stuff up 😐 also, the fact that Kobe died 24 hours after Beyoncé’s party gave me chills. But the two middle pictures of Selena’ s are bound to give me nightmares. She looks like a dressed up cadaver in the one (with kiddy stickers on her outfit that shows a good portion of her chest no less), and literally like she’s awaiting instructions in the next one. So subservient and compliant. And forced to wear a sarong (?) that says “Happy on it when she clearly isn’t just seems so sadistically cruel. My heart breaks when I see how their lives have turned out. Honestly, there is no lifestyle and amount of money worth their pitiable existence. Thanks again as always, VC.


“Female chests make you blush?”

Where did you get that idea, other than projection?


You mean, other than the satanism in him/her…only satan thinks like that. Why else to have a “name” like that?


“shows a good portion of her chest no less”

That part made it seem like female chests make you uncomfortable.

By the way, are we supposed to feel sorry for these people or just say they’re getting what they sold their souls for. Money, fame and the admiration of billions. But mostly money in the millions, which makes life one huge party I imagine. Sure, there’s a price to pay for indulgence, but they agreed to it and are happy to do fulfill the whole process. They got what they wanted and paid the agreed price they were prepared to pay.

So…. I don’t feel sorry and believe they’re the spectacle they chose to be so we can laugh at them and their silly nonsensical theatrical performances. Clowns dancing for our laughter. So let’s laugh! Laugh it up baby! Har har whee.

Then the next day we badmouth them for being of such low moral character.

That’s what they’re there for. For us to laugh at, fantasize about and then look down upon. That’s the purpose of a celebrity.


Selena sold her soul. Whether the deal is working out for her is open to interpretation. Beyonce seems to have brokered her deal with a higher level demon, maybe Mr D himself. Selena seems to have worked with a minion of Asmodeus and been tricked. A powerful demon requires a strong body; one suspects her’s was genetically inadequate to get a long term deal. We note that Beyonce was able to offer up a child. Selena seems unable to fulfill that level of bargain. It would seem that she will be brought to her final destination sooner rather than later. Rather than accept a Higher power she was seduced by a Lower one. But there are plenty more like her, and they will not be deterred by her bloody sacrifice. Just like gamblers at Vegas, they just KNOW that they will be the one to beat the Devil, not accepting that when it comes to evil, the house always wins.

D D d

The analogs used are all human.

See the Hope

Is it possible to put a finger on WHY these people and the industries they are attached to are going down this road? I think so, but it’s not something observable on the surface. Can you judge a book by its cover? Yes you can, but it is not likely to be accurate. Human beings live in what we might call 2 worlds at the same time. We all interact with one world that is seen and external and we “present” ourselves to that world in a certain way, using our abilities to establish security, acceptance, and a sense of meaning within that world. But we also, at the very same time live in our inner world, the one inside us that is unseen and internal. In that world, we literally have no way to hide. In our inner world, our skills as actors don’t fool us. We know what there is to know about ourselves. Most of us are terrified that if the outer world were to find out about our inner world, the gig would be up, and the external façade would crumble – taking the security, acceptance, and meaning we’ve established with it. This fear is the… Read more »

Truth & Light

Pure negative vibes/energy

Sarah Jayne

Lovely post See The Hope. The inner world (as you call it) is the Truth and even the artists flashing the one eye signs and seeking their acceptance and greatness in the out world can return to the inner world and find Truth there. See the illusion for what it is and then it disappears.
Thank you for writing such a long and thorough post. I heartily enjoyed reading it.

See the Hope

Sarah, that’s it exactly!

Carolyn McCabe-Joy

So vacant and empty. Beyonce and Jay Z look evil and ugh I would not want to be next to them. The vibes are sooo bad emanating from them!


I always speculate Stormi and Butterflies connection because before Kylie announce child’s name, media all over talked about the kid’s name would involve in Butterflies. Butterfly effect is clearly behind the meaning of the name Stormi. And Butterfly been a MK Ultra symbol it is clear that Kylie implies that birth of her kid could be influenced by mind control programming, MK Ultra. And,the fact that Travis releasing the song “butterfly effect” during his time together with Kylie is no coincidence. Naming their Child Stormi is kinda pledging their child to this dark and damned Occultism. Appreciate your articles so much VC!!!


What does being black have to do with anything?


Just seeing how many NPC’s are on this site. A lot apparently judging by the votes. NPC’s are demonically mind possessed.


That sick b-----d that directed that awful movie neon demon makes me sick! Every time I see him or Dakota fanning little sister that starred in it they creep me out! Can’t believe sh*t like that is actually produce & consider a movie gross…


Wait until you see Dr. Sleep…


Diamond Demon? Really? These people are a bunch of dorks and weirdos. and if they were truly good people they would be willing to explain why they cover one eye and do those hand gestures. I don’t find this stuff scary or freaky. Its just f..king stupid.


If they truly good people they wouldn’t sell their soul to fame n money in the first place.


Doesn’t even sound the least bit original.Yawn.I’m sure some obscure metalhead back in the 80s probably thought up the same name to call their wannabe band.


The pic of Selena Gomez looking drugged. She also appears to have what looks like dried blood on her inner thighs.


I’d lick it off and save her from those serpents.


How heroic, Dash.


The Lego thing is just sickening. If these adult jackazzes wanna promote and prostitute themselves to whomever that’s fine but leave the children alone for crying out loud.


It’s the children they’re after. They get extra points the more innocent the innocence is they’re destroying.

Dane Jefferies

What a bunch of losers.

Truth Teller

I was checking out the LEGO product. I noticed the girl on the left is wearing a feline print shirt. If you know about esoteric symbolism,then you know what means. It’s really quite sad.


Good point. Also, note there are 33 pieces in the legos. An important number to them.

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