Symbolic Pics of the Month 10/16


In this edition of SPOTM: Zayn Malik, Kendall Jenner, Robbie Williams, the gender-blurring agenda and … a space station.

Yes, a space station.

Actress Isla Fisher is on the cover of Elle Australia with a rather visible Illuminati symbol right on her chest. That is kind of like farmers branding cattle with a hot iron.
Actress Isla Fisher is on the cover of Elle Australia with a rather visible Illuminati symbol right on her chest. That is kind of like branding cattle with a hot iron … but with a Gucci Dress.
The same exact dress is prominently featured on the cover of Female Singapore. It is as if they really want that dress to be out there.
The same dress is prominently featured on the October cover of Female Singapore. They really want the entire world to see that dress (and symbol).


That same dress was also featured in this month's Wonderland magazine. They REALLY want us to see that symbol.
That same dress was also featured in this month’s Wonderland magazine. They REALLY want us to see it.
On the cover of that Wonderland magazine? Kim Kardashian with one eye hidden of course.
On the cover of that Wonderland magazine is Kim Kardashian – with one eye hidden of course.
Speaking of the Kardashians, Kendall Jenner posted an extremely symbolic picture on Instagram this month. She apparently got the word "Meow" tattooed inside her lip, which is exactly what an MK sex kitten would be forced to do. As if to make things extra obvious, Kendall took care to include the classic Illuminati symbol in the background.
Speaking of the Kardashians, Kendall Jenner posted an extremely symbolic picture on Instagram this month. She got the word “Meow” tattooed inside her lip, which is exactly what an MK sex kitten would do. To make things extra obvious, Kendall took care to include the classic Illuminati symbol in the background.
Men can be sex kittens too. This is Robbie Williams fully clothed in butterflies - Monarch programming. He then revealed in underwear for some reason which features a fierce kitten. In short, he is 100 dressed in MK programming uniform.
Men can be sex kittens too. This is Robbie Williams fully draped in butterflies (Monarch programming). For some reason, he revealed his underwear to the audience. It featured a fierce kitten right on the crotch. In short, he was 100% dressed in MK Beta Kitten programming uniform.
Zayn Malik was also dressed with butterflies in High Snobriety magazine.
Zayn Malik was also dressed with butterflies and kittens (there’s a tiger on the sleeve of that Gucci jacket) in High Snobriety magazine.
The same photoshoot features him hiding one-eye. His face is saying "I cant believe this is happening". Yes, he is being sucked into the occult elites system big time. I wish there was a pic describing what I am trying to say...
The same photoshoot features him hiding one-eye. His face is saying “I cant believe I’m doing this”. Yes Malik, you are being sucked big time into the occult elites system. I wish there was a pic describing what I am trying to say…
There it is.
That will do (same photoshoot).
Asa Butterfield is another young English man who has to do the elites symbolism. Here is doing the Illuminati sign with his hands and eye in Schön! magazine.
Asa Butterfield is another young English man who has to give praise to his elite rulers. In this picture, he is re-creating the symbol of the all-seeing eye inside the triangle with his hands and eye in Schön! magazine.
Same photoshoot, same one-eye thing.
Same photoshoot, same one-eye thing.
Asa Butterfield was also on the cover of Rogue magazine with, once again, the one-eye sign. How can one not acknowledge the insistence of the symbol across mass media? These celebrities are all telling us that theyre slaves to a system and nobody is seeing it.
Asa Butterfield was also on the cover of Rogue magazine with, once again, the one-eye sign. How can one not acknowledge the insistence of the symbol across mass media? These celebrities are all telling us that they are slaves to a system and nobody is seeing it.
Kelly Osborne is also hiding one eye on the alternate cover of the same magazine.
Kelly Osborne is also hiding one eye on the alternate cover of the same magazine.
Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins are all blatantly hiding one eye in the same magazine.
Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins are all blatantly hiding one eye in the same magazine.
Do we have to see this crap in video games now? Yes, we do. It has to be everywhere.
Do we have to see this crap in video games now? Yes, we do. It has to be everywhere.
Model Asia Argento is making sure her entire family is doing that Illuminati crap.
Model Asia Argento is making sure her entire family is doing that Illuminati crap.
The October cover of LOfficiel features actor Lee Jong Suk hiding one eye. But wait, maybe it is a coincidence. Maybe he had something in his eye and they took the picture and decided to put it right on the cover of the magazine.
The October cover of L’Officiel features actor Lee Jong Suk hiding one eye. But wait, maybe it is a coincidence. Maybe he had something in his eye and they took the picture right at that moment and decided to put that picture right on the cover of the magazine.
No coincidence. Just another celebrity displaying who is ruling him.
No coincidence. Just another celebrity doing what he is being told.
Heres a confusing headline: "Covergirl Announces its First Male Covergirl Spokesmodel". As stated is several previous articles, there is blatant "blurring of the gender" agenda going on.
Here’s a confusing headline from the Daily Mail: “Covergirl Announces its First Male Covergirl Spokesmodel”. A magazine called “Covergirl” features a male who looks like a female of its cover. As stated is several previous articles, there is blatant “blurring of the gender” agenda going on.
Heres James Charles endorsed by Katy Perry. The eye on his shirt is a good way of telling us that this is all part of the occult elites Agenda.
Here’s James Charles “endorsed” by Katy Perry. The eye on his shirt is a good way of telling us that this is all part of the occult elite’s Agenda. I am not saying that this guy shouldn’t wear make-up (I don’t care what he does with his face). I am saying that he is exactly what the industry wants to see in mass media right now.
This is happening in the rap world as well. Rapper Young Thug has been modelling in cute dresses for a while now.
This is happening in the rap world as well. This is Young Thug modelling in cute dress in Complex magazine.
He also stated that he likes wearing young girls clothing. That cannot be right.
Young Thug reportedly stated that he enjoys wearing young girls’ clothing. Why do we even need to know about this? Because they want the masses to be exposed to this as much as possible. There is already a worrying number of people who believe that gender is a “social construct”.
The cover of Tinashes "Company" features her sitting right under a rams head. Her "company" is Baphomet.
The cover of Tinashe’s “Company” features her sitting right under a rams head. Her “company” is Baphomet.
Mass media has announced a project to create a first nation in space: Asgardia. It was unveiled by a team of scientists and legal experts who say the move "will foster peace, open up access to space technologies and offer protection for citizens of planet Earth". Also, for no reason at all, the space nation will apparently have a giant Eye of Horus right on it. I guess the occult elite is looking to annoying the entire galaxy with the one-eye sign.
Newspapers around the world announced a project to create the first “nation in space”. Named after the one fothe worlds inhabited by Norse gods, Asgardia was unveiled by a team of scientists and legal experts. They say that the move “will foster peace, open up access to space technologies and offer protection for citizens of planet Earth”. This is great. But why is there a giant Eye of Horus right on the official depiction of the space nation? I guess the occult elite is looking to annoying the entire galaxy with the one-eye sign.

Special thanks to those who sent in pics!

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Whenever I see Symbolic Pics of the Month I am so glad I don’t know who any of these people are.

People, turn off your TVs.

its ok if u are aware and awake already. u have to know your enemy. so i say watch (out) and be informed about all satanic crap and political agendas. tv is full of both.

I’m officially old. The only one I recognized was Robbie Williams, and at first I thought it was Morrissey.

I though so too, lol!

Good thing I don’t care if I don’t know some of them, but the ever-annoying butterflies, kitties, and one-eye symbol is nothing new despite constant annoyance that many blind folk don’t realize their dark meanings.

And stop purchasing newspapers and magazines as well.

Problem is, we have to inform the younger generations what is happening. You have to be at least vaguely aware of what is being presented to the mainstream consciousness. Even if you regard everything on TV as pure propaganda *you still have to be aware of what they send so you know what their propaganda is*.

I’m an Environmental Engineer. Many don’t know what that means, but basically, I look at environmental pollutants that can have a deleterious effect on human health. I can tell you that the greatest health concern is superbugs, antibiotic resistant pathogens. But, in relation to this site, you should be concerned about endocrine disruptors, which may be purposely added for their negative health effects. Endocrine disruptors (including BPA, PFCs, BFRs, PBDEs, PCBs, DDT, etc.) affect the endocrine system (hormones). Your endocrine system is extremely complex and works like a messaging system within your body with hormone cascades and feedback loops. BPA, for example, mimics estradiol and can affect estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid hormone levels. This could lead to a variety of health issues such as PCOS, infertility, hypothyroidism, and breast cancer. Endocrine disruptors are typically lipophilic and so they get stored in adipose tissue (fat cells) rather than excreted out of… Read more »
Thanks so much for sharing, this info is VERY interesting. I have Graves disease and psoriasis. Both manifested when i was losing weight as part of becoming healthy, i had such horrendous eating habits. Used to eat all sorts of dairy, ice cream, fruit juices, tv dinner filled with msg and who kiws what else. I always though it was a huge coincidence that as my body used the stored fat in my body, i started getting auto immune disorders. It’s as if the crap stored in my body fat was unlocked as i created a deficit so my body used the stored fat. What you say certainly makes sense. It has been hell trying to balace my body. The endocrinologusts wanted to take my thyroid out but through pink himalayan salt in my water, pure aloe vera juice and trying to eat healthier my thyroid i stable (took 6… Read more »
@SNAP From what I understand, Graves disease can be caused by aspartame, a sugar substitute that was once banned by the FDA. The FDA relies heavily on studies to make their decisions. These studies are not always independent. There are several good documentary films that speak of this in great detail. The greatest threat of sugar substitutes is that it makes the body crave sugar (that it’s not getting with the fake sugar) and makes you eat more than you would usually. For example, you may normally eat two slices of pizza, but with a couple glasses of diet coke, you may eat the whole pizza. MSG (monosodium glutamate) likewise increases the desire to eat. That is why you cannot eat just one Dorito. When scientists want to fatten up mice for testing, they feed them MSG. It has long been known to cause people to eat more. It is… Read more »

A niacin detox would help too. Increase the dosage gradually so that you will keep getting the flush, then exercise then go to sweat it out in a sauna. Oh and do take some charcoal so that the toxins that your fat cells are releasing will find their way out of your body, instead of reabsorbing.

You really know your stuff (wo)man. Thanks for the information, I will pass it on.

Wean off food steak to chicken to fish to veggie to vegan and go on an extended fast. Then work your way back up as far as you’re willing to go. Most people never pass pescatarian on the way back up. You should exercise as well as you wean off and all the way back up. You have to understand that the body was designed to stand up all day. Running, jumping, climbing etc. The key to health is testosterone and it is stored somewhere in the legs I believe. Foods like spinach and sweet potatoes will keep it high. But run and do martial arts too if you can. When you live a domesticated life you’re like a farm animal. Fat and stupid. When you’re wild you’re free, and exotic and beautiful, and strong and fast etc. That’s the cure for hormonal imbalance and many other issues with the… Read more »

Toxins Bio accumulate up the food chain. go vegan to drastically reduce your consumption of Endocrine disruptors and other toxins.

I have Graves disease too and literally all I had to do to get my thyroid hormone levels back in order was take the medicine that my doctor gave me. your doctor is not your enemy

check out the youtube channel vegetable police and also go to the whole journey dot com its christa orecchio’s website. you CAN heal naturally. I Did. I promise.

“Estradiol, for example, affects normal brain development and aids in gender identity, male and female. Endocrine disruption of estradiol during brain development by EDs such as BPA could account for the gender confusion as well as for the rise in homosexual behavior. For example, certain PCBs in mice caused changes to sexual preference. In other words, God did not make them this way.” Excellent reply Anonymous. I’ve been saying this all along, that homosexuality and anything non heterosexual, is clearly man made. And what’s worse it whenever I state this, I’m instantly attacked as being Christian, yet I’m not religious. I merely see that it’s polarly opposite to nature. Nature would not make something that would result in the destruction of its species, through not being able to procreate. Just as man genetically modifies fruits and vegetables, to not have seeds, it has genetically modified the human to desire its… Read more »

Interesting point, but homosexuality is a (relatively rare) feature of the unmodified animal kingdom. The bonobo for example, uses a variety of sex acts – include m/m sex – as a means of conflict resolution! Procreation is not the goal.

It is also an act of exerting dominance and can be seen even in “heterosexual” humans. This is not caused by any toxin or pollutant, but rather human (carnal) nature. The Apostle Paul (and others in the Bible) emphasizes the need to control the “flesh” or our own sinful and corrupt nature. There is a stark contrast between living by the spirit and living by the flesh. Most people nowadays live by the flesh, trying to fulfill their own carnal desires. As seen in this site, this is urged by the Global Elite.

I would advise all, if they haven’t read it, to read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.

The issue here is the promotion of indulgence in the animal urges to the children against the will of the people. That’s the conspiracy in nutshell. All these little tricks are bells and whistles and a lot (and I mean a lot) is just theatrics. Yes the hormone system is being f****d with. No it isnt indefensible and yes it can be reversed. These people say don’t eat soy and thats all bullshit. Food is energy. Don’t eat empty calories and if you aren’t doing anything then don’t f*****G eat period. There are conspiracies on top of conspiracies going on and this satanists illuminati thing is part of it. In cahoots with the devil my ass. A bunch of queers with no balls that are trying to scare people on a mass level (aka terrorism) and they keep society’s focus on the youth so that maturity is never promoted as… Read more »

It’s not fair you’re being downvoted instead of debated. You’re absolutely right;we need to rise up on a massive scale and create an entirely new system. But this first requires that people are even aware of the issue – which is why I propagate spreading awareness of the ‘Illuminati’ issue (regardless of what you think it is – aliens, satanists, the 1%, a CIA psyop – it doesn’t matter) so we can get people dealing with it.

Use this digital age’s ability to easily mass distribute information to get everybody talking about this.

This is such flawed thinking and a pillar to what amounts to the persecution of homosexuals in many cultures, and also women (sometimes men) that cannot bear children for one reason or another indirectly. Just because one abstains from procreation or fails to procreate doesn’t mean that one destroys nature. A homosexual isn’t a killer, especially en masse, simply because they are homosexual. As someone else said, procreation is NOT the goal, and the pattern of thought that makes procreation the most paramount ambition and duty for man or all living creatures — religious or not — is silly, and part of the reason why we humans have become locusts across our own planet. If nature wasn’t interested in producing things that “destroy species,” then man wouldn’t have nails, teeth, or hands and non-humans wouldn’t have natural predators. You’re ignoring a huge portion of evolutionary science to support a very… Read more »

So true…there’s a disturbing number of people who seem to think reproducing is the ONLY reason for our existence…these are the same people who have tons of kids but contribute nothing of value to society. Of course we need to keep our species alive but we have other reasons for being here and other responsibilities as well. It’s not enough just to procreate…we should be evolved past that! We are beings capable of far more than we realize!

yeah, you’re right

I conjure this statement.

I agree with the idea that the elite intentionally spread this toxic chemicals and that the hormones and chemicals in a human’s brain affect their sexuality and gender identity, among other things such as emotional regulation etc.

However, Harbinger, homosexuality isn’t “man-made”, as mammals have been engaging in homosexual acts since the dawn of time. Remember Ancient Greece? Their love for boys was not brought upon by pollutants developed by their governments.

Shut up.

I used to know who all the entertainers were. I got so sick of them I quit watching TV and movies, and now I can happily say, I don’t know who hardly any of these pathetic looking creeps even are. I do know they are a sorry looking bunch of defaced trash.

why are you so bitter lol

I live in Canada so im not sure if this is on the US site or international site as well, but Guess clothing is promoting their new “unisex” clothing line on the canadian website right now and it features a male and female model who look very alike wearing the same clothes meant for “both genders”. This gender blurring thing is so crazy, i was pretty shocked how casually they were marketing it.

I didn’t realize that one but I am certainly sad to say I am not surprised. They are really bringing it on now…..

Casual is a great description here. It’s not just the casual marketing that bothers me.

It’s the fact that intelligent people are so willing to casually endorse the concept of gender as a ‘spectrum’. And I say that actually agreeing that there can be a variety of different and valid options regarding both sexuality and gender.

But it’s a *complex* subject and mass media is simplifying it, and therefore subtly sending the message that it applies to everyone and that we should be casual about it. And the eradication of distinct male/female role models from mass media only makes gender fluidity more likely.

But, hey, it’s only gender right?…..

Consider also the even more subtle psychological modeling for audiences of these gender melting media figures. We’re not seeing uber-confident avatars of 20th Century androgyny like Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, The Plasmatics’ Wendy O. Williams, Grace Jones or Prince, performers who never gave off an air of pliability. The gender blurring going on in 2016 insists on exchanging only the most damaged and unexamined aspects of the male/female gender polarities. Gender bending men of 2016 are always passive, seeking approval, pleading, weak, addicted to cosmetics. The young man in the photo above, for example, looks like Pee Wee Herman’s malnourished, duck-lipped nephew off to pretend to play softball for a photo shoot, whilst wearing three pounds of makeup. Few gender bending women of 2016 that I can recall reflect the admirable qualities of a male-informed self, like durability and self-reliance. Passive-aggression, complaining, triggering and shivering with ptsd are the essential accessories,… Read more »

Agreed. Actually though, all celebrities that are allowed to be famous these days are similarly watered down. And absence of ‘self direction and critical thinking’ is such a great way to word it.

Council of Africans United for the Truth in Christ
Believers in Jesus Christ, I am addressing you – please take note that everything you are going to begin to see take shape is exactly in line with bible prophecy. There is nothing to fear, God is only going to show Himself strong even more. As sin abounds, so shall grace abound even more. That is a spiritual principle we cannot afford to lose sight of. In fact God is going to manifest what exactly He is about to all the world so that no man can say they didn’t know what exactly He was like. The Holy Spirit is the only force that is restricting the Babylon system for coming to full fruition (2 Thessa 2:8) so please seek to connect to the Holy Spirit even more so you can know what exactly to do in this final era of human history. It was never a joke, this is… Read more »

Ephesians 6:17 the whole armor of God is real. It’s spiritual armor, and we must ask God to put it on our spirits for us. That helps tremendously with staving off the enemy. Loved your post here! Thanks!

Council of Africans United for the Truth in Christ

Yes! We need to depend on what God has provided for protection. THANK YOU.

Council of Africans: Perfectly said. As a sister in Christ, I could not agree with your exhortations more. We need to keep our eyes on Jesus, and trust the Holy Spirit, who “guides us into all truth”. (John 16:13). Fear not, be bold & brave about living God’s truth; “He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world.” (I John 4:4) Our “assignment” as Christians here on earth is to reflect God’s grace, mercy, love, and truth and to share the good news that Christ loves EVERYONE and He has the power to save anyone who sincerely trusts Him from eternal death and separation from the only true source of peace, love, and joy: God our Creator and Heavenly Father, as manisfested in three distinct persons: Father, Son, Spirit. As you have so powerfully noted, physical death WILL come to each one of us; none… Read more »
Council of Africans United for the Truth in Christ

@LostCoin, I agree, truly important that we understand our assignment and live it out. Thanks for sharing.

God certainly does hold back the forces of darkness with HIS SPIRIT… As you indicated HIS SPIRIT will be taken out from amidst us… But HE will not take HIS SPIRIT from those who are faithful to HIM… The abomination of desolation occurs when the saints are given over to the beast… Those who possess the Holy Spirit will be persecuted… Even unto physical death… Which of course will cause desolation to take place as the Spirit of God will be almost non-existent within the world at the point as Matthew chapter 24, Daniel chapter 7, Revelation chapter 20 points out… But it will be a temporary state as we who believe in Jesus Christ know that HIS return will be imminent at that point in time… At the blowing of the last, and 7th trumpet of God… Thanks for your post, and the Truth contained within it… Praise be… Read more »
Council of Africans United for the Truth in Christ

Thats really something that you said there Steven… He will not take His Spirit from the faithful. Thank you.

The funny part is were all interpreting the same character. And they’re paving the way for a king that will punish them for their misdeeds. The stage was set by those with honest intentions and it was hijacked by these evil f***s who don’t have a clue what’s coming for them. They think what’s coming will be in their favour.

Even as a Christian myself (though not the Bible-thumping kind frequently spotted on these alternative websites) I am put off by your claiming to know what is to come and speaking for the Almighty. In my view, you are essentially a fundamentalist stuck a few centuries back. Which matters more: That you live the life you know is right in service to God[s] or that you call the Lord Jesus rather than Allah or Shiva? There is no longer time for self-proclaimed prophets – nor is there time for those who would dismiss a brother because he happens to live in a culture that worships the ‘wrong’ God. Evil has clearly grown mighty in the world; it is time we stood against it, united.

Thank you for.r this truth as the times are telling and we need to be ready for the Lord will come and I want to see all saved. Amen.

SPOTM… More like SPOT ‘EM, amiright??!

One would assume that no one could possibly deny the evidence before their eyes.
But the programming runs deep.
Cognitive dissonance is powerful.
Anyone who offers this undeniable evidence of elite mind control will still be dismissed with such epithets as “tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist”.
Such is the world we inhabit circa 2016.

I f*****g hate it. I wanna box people’s face off. They privatized hydro in ontario. The bill for a lot of people was 700 a month! They said people couldn’t afford to make payments so they started a program where every household eligible gets a $75 credit/month. And then they spent 21 million on advertising and paying consultants and how to design a computer system. Kathleen Wynne won because she’s a f*****g d**e and this world is burning because of the complacency of these queers who want sex, drugs and rock n roll at the expense of out community.

I would think the sheer number of images via this link: would serve as a powerful tool in opening peoples’ eyes to what is going on in the world.

anyone see the “article” of miley cyrus explaining why shes a pansexual on yahoo? claims she met someone who doesn’t identify with gender. the whole thing sounded like she was talking bout baphomet.

Aleister Crowley thought the Greek god Pan and Baphomet were the same thing.

they are. Pan is another name for Satan

No it isnt. Pan is bread in spanish and it was the name of the earth to some people who considered it an androgenous being aka god. Satan is a whole other character in another pantheon of mythologies from another worl entirely. In the old world there was no Internet or TV. You only knew what you saw. Start from there if you want to know truth.

I wonder how “empowering” Young Thug thinks he looks to his rap audience with those masonic “puppet-on-a-string” ribbons on his wrists. That symbolic imagery can be traced back to medieval alchemy woodcuts of Earth being “strung-up” by higher powers, which is exactly what the Illuminati wants to do.

He probably stays high so he doesn’t have to face up to it….

Unfortunately covergirl isn’t just a magazine. It’s a huge makeup brand that is renowned all over the world, making this “first male covergirl” an even bigger deal. It’s also a “drugstore” brand meaning it’s more widely available to everyday people who can’t afford higher end makeup (so the everyday folk).

Yes, soon that will be plastered all over Walgreens, CVS, Your local grocery store, etc……and yet again, kids are being exposed to this garbage through the agenda. Its getting to be very nauseating……

Yes and more and more kids will think it’s cool and normal to be trans or what have you….

…and grow-up surrounded by the normalization of child abuse: Kids who have parents displaying Munchhausen by Proxy, who give their kids hormones so they can’t develop, 16 year olds getting permission from The State to go have their genitals surgically removed without their parents even knowing about it.

So when their frontal lobes develop at 23/24 and they realize what they’ve done, it will be too late. We must stop this evil, anti-human agenda in every way we can. The cynical evil is in these elites laughing at the kids of “peasants” getting their genitalia lopped off, causing many to later turn to suicide after this is regretted or unable to have children, despite no natural deficiencies.

The worst is when they change the whole family layout because the weak ass parents just wanna have a good time. Before you know it family BBQS look like a grunge rave in the 80s.

Great image!

lol at space station, can you all go there and leave me alone? lmao

More likely that they go there and nuke the planet.

They wish they could leave this planet, but no, they are trapped.

lmao seriously the elite can go there and live

Guys in dress…that’s disgusting.

One thing to change in you’re posts. Stop calling them the ‘elite’. They are just confused souls thinking doing bad things will give them power and it does, but it is nothing compared to God’s power and they are only drowning deeper in their own ignorance and karma.

I agree! We may think we’re better than them but God judges all our sins the same and we all need is love. I thank God so much for the mercy he’s given us. I commented in another thread how easy it is to say elite or just think of them as evil beings or whatever but they’re just people. Very Very lost people I might add but people all the same.We wouldn’t have all the info we have without people God has saved from these evil things coming out and sharing what they know, and there’s even more people out there who need to know God’s love so we should be praying for them!

These articles are VERY powerful for awakening normies. It’s good intro info that’s not too over their heads and they can start to see a pattern with their own eyes.

This site got me woken up about 7 years ago now, you are very right on that one!

yes. especially simply showing the sheer amount of one eye pics all over the globe should have an effect on everyone who is still able to think. not many left im afraid.

Do not be affraid, that’s useless. Be worried and act upon.

Any one else notice the “Cash Only” Cat / Kitten / ‘P***y Cat’ above the eye of Horus in the Kendall pic?? Definitely intended as more Beta Kitten Programming symbols…

Pop culture is now so bleak, sadistic and hateful, that these industries aren’t even trying to cover up their true colors with a saccharine, wholesome exterior like they used to. You can really feel a distinct, unified message of misery and decay just emanating from these places. I feel like all these people are being held captive by a handful of demented owners who are aging and working overtime to achieve their mad “dreams” before death. Hopefully, when they move on to meet THEIR lord, all these “butterflies” will be set free. Look to support truly independent groups and artists with humane, loving and humble messages in their music and art, artists who are talented but decided to either leave or not enter this system. They get no exposure because The Beast runs on monopolies of public communications and influence. They have to peddle everything themselves because they don’t have… Read more »

Kendall is already under mind control and hypnosis techniques since the Kardashians released that Christmas postcard. If you remember that card Kendall and Kylie were shown as high-level slaves. In this case, both are models and we all know models are the first ones to be under mind control techniques because the fashion industry is part of the Luciferian show business. Just like Kate Moss.

That Young Thug saying he likes wearing young girl’s clothing sure offered a new creep factor to things. Of course the media eats that sht up! Ratings ratings ratings

Who knows why people like the things they do, but I call BS..I’m betting that dude would be sporting avg clothing if he wasn’t in the spotlight and had enough money not to give a shyte. It’s ALL BULLSHT.

I would NOT want to be on this new Space Station. I bet even more disgusting experiments would happen with ZERO accountability. And all evidence would be erased via the airlock…creepy.

The ultimate rendition site – in space no one can hear you scream indeed.

Is space even real? Yes, I’m referring to the ‘insane’ ‘psyop’ flat earth theory. I thought it was ridiculous, of course, but I watched a few of Odd Reality’s videos on YouTube. He’s presented me with questions I simply cannot answer, such as why the Statue of Liberty is even visible from 60+ km away or why the coriolis effect allegedly affects sniper bullets but not commercial aircraft. He even has a clip showing there being both day and night *at the same time* on different parts of the horizon. I suggest you take a look.

Young Thug in a dress. Good grief. I wonder what his hardcore street thug friends think. All the other ones- no surprise. The kardashian/Jenner girls are the ultimate slave trash.

Ohh that Katy Perry picture, full of duality at all levels. Colors, gender, etc.

Know your enemy and reveal him. The bible tells us to learn as much as we can about the evil ones ways and to reveal it and tell others about it.

The more they are convinced that they’ve got the moral momentum, the more brazen (and careless) they become.

It’s not obvious yet, is it?


Just wait when they shine/project that thing (eye) in the sky and deceive people with it.

Google “Jennifer Aniston Eyelove” – it’s ostensibly a commercial for chronic dry eye treatment but features Jen gurgling on about “Eyelove” in a creepy manner. In that vein, I also don’t like the Lenscrafters eye logo, yes, I know it’s an eyewear company, but the eye looks a little crazy.

“Eyelove” advertisement is literally everywhere. Almost every subway in Chicago has their logo plastered everywhere. And what is their logo? An eye of course. So basically the subways are just covered in eyes. Lovely.

Wow! Big month for SPOTM… That space station one is creepy, specially as they have attempted to hide it… I didn’t see it at first, only saw the flower of life…. Twisted!

Do I seriously want to be called an Assguardian?…LOL

Inverted cross earrings on Isla Fisher.

Re: the pic of the family that shows its allegiance together… Remember when red-eye in pics was due to the flash? It’s clear it’s not an accident the girl on the right has bright red irises to go along with their signs. How long will it be ’til people are able to purchase bright red contacts to complete their Cabal-sponsored look? /s

The pics have become so outlandish and common, for every still sleeping person who still emulates this nonsense, there’s another who’s nudged awake as they realize there’s more to it than just fashion/celebrity ridiculousness.

Full Disclosure gets closer each day with hints and acknowledgements of things to come. The Cabal’s days of running the show are numbered; for now, their desperation to remain in control becomes more apparent each day.

According to youtube, the contacts are Now available. One video showing extreme body modifications featured several people contacts that were totally black–no pupils visible.

Seriously though, what exactly do these “elite” want to do with their lives and ours? This is annoying beyond belief, and so is their NWO agenda. It pisses me off to no end. Magazines, books, TV shows, movies, video games, music, architecture, just about anything under the sun, they’ll poison what they want just to corrupt the minds of people young and old. This is why we should be more vigilant regarding such things.
Thanks though, VC, for raising my awareness towards this insanity, leading me to know the enemy that we all face. I mean, I’ve discovered this site thanks to a classmate of mine way back in high school, during a computer lab class, starting from an article about Lady Gaga and the VMAs.

There is no morality anymore, people don’t even care if you showed them this. The West is a disaster… All the real moral people, who were true human beings are all dead or dying now. Our new elders are unwise hippies that have grown up. The world is a disaster, everything has been turned upside down. This is surely paving the way for the anti-Christ. I just wonder if there will be any true Christians left to persecute… poor people.

Satan knows his time is short… Which is why the ramping up of hedonistic, licentious behavior has been going on for the last decade… Stay spiritually sober folks, and be sure that we do not drink of the cup of fornication that Babylon holds… Revelation chapter 17…. God bless, and peace be with you… Remember our Savior has overcome this world…. HE will be with us to the end as long as we stay on the straight, and narrow road our Father has placed us on…

It’s more and more disgusting!

The “coverguy” Covergirl has the worst eyebrows ever, outdoing even Bert from Sesame Street. The meow lip tattoo is so trashy! She’s going to hate that 20 years from now. I knew an ex skinhead who had a hidden lip tattoo and it was disgusting.

Maybe the cover up is about being ginger..?

I never comment on SPOTM.. but Young thug is a a disaster.

Only suburban kids who think its cool to like this clown listen to him. Luckily for my community, this is influencing and confusing nobody. If rap wasn’t so commercial now,young thug would be playing dress on his own time and making those god awful noises he calls lyrics for his own amusement.

Absolute the worst pics I’ve ever seen in SPOTM. The gender blur thing simply rocks my core. Gross. The elite want one gender. Sick.

Disgusting disgusting disgusting… More exposed than ever!!!

Asgardia is just exactly like that movie Elysium, Where the rich paid 1 million dollars for getting a property in the spaceship Elysium and all the wealthy were living there while all the people that couldn’t afford to pay 1 million dollars was left here on the planet to work as a “slave” in the factories. As always the wealthy living on a bubble and all the rest forgotten to their luck!

K, don’t laugh at me, but…..what is the point of the whole one-eye thing? i get it’s to say who they are in allegiance with but….who cares?? why is it so necessary to throw it out there all the time? i don’t get it. is it bc it’s “cool”? a sign you’re with the “in-crowd”? bc apparently the high school clique mentality rules the world? that alone is annoying. on a side note…any chance this one-eye thing is the mark of the beast?? ??

thine eye becomes single and a organ of perception that can astral travel and embed into stars,
as long as you keep looking at their eye you will never use your own inner vision.
study dan winter!!

Yeh Jorge your right, they should be exposed though dnt you think? As im sick of guessing is she/he? This proves it? Also your right who the eff is he to rule the world why cant Wotsit eaters rule the world? lol.

No Jorge the Beast is something else, the One Eye is the Jewish Messiah, the One Eyed liar, read VC previous posts for more info.

young people like to copy celebrities, you will see random teenagers doing the one seeing eye in pictures or the devil hornes. All these symbols have an effect in your mind if you use them too often

The all seeing eye likely has its origins in Saturn Worship. Saturn is the Demiurge, or chief Archon. So the all seeing eye that you see everywhere is tribute to their god. Many of those that show the sign are not conscious and under mind control, so do your best to never judge these individuals as many of them are MK’ed robots with no control over their actions

btw the Demiurge is represented as the old dude in the control room with all the TVs in Matrix Reloaded lol

One meaning is surveillance. But the true occult meaning is outlined in the book Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic by the head of the Satanic Dragon Rouge order. He says the Eye of Satan refers to a hidden chakra called Thaumiel which when opened makes a practitioner immortal and a god.

The masons study the mystery religions of Egypt and Babylon. Horus was an Egyptian god who lost an eye. Some think he represents Lucifer. This is supposed to be the age of Horus, whatever that means. It is occult mason stuff.

“In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king”.

In the eyes of a king, blind man is slave.

ummm. vigilante?? you guys?? WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT ASGARDIA THE NATION IN SPACE???? It sounded sketchy so I went on the official site… They want to build a nation in space for only 150 million people… with no laws and unlimited research… and only countries with dual citizenship can apply.. AFRICA and other POOR countries don’t have dual citizenship.. RICH countries do… OH GOD ITS HAPPENING.. and only 150 million YET the asgardian want to be able to come down and have citizenship on earth.. maybe to kill us with theirfancy new weapons!?! I mean it happens in every movie, the richies leave to space and then f**k with the Earth. well its a proposed project and not official but still..ITS HAPPENING & along with the rigged U.S election and everything else, were officially doomed .. the whole fake isis and now all the bombings and rockets being… Read more »
God, please send the illuminati to another planet or nation in space – good riddance. They believe in backwardness, paganistic, mythological Gods, Satan, aliens…so boring. They believe they have the divine touch…hence illuminati….they have been illuminated with the knowledge that they are stars blah blah blah.. But the irony is this…it’s mainly based on Christianity/ they use the Bible as a blueprint. All the symbolism is advertising that they belong to the same club. They’re mad, impressionable, sick, greedy people desperate for money led by lunatics who can’t let people be who they are, come up with this agenda then that (boring). I mean if they’re into transgender, then why not push for transgender rights instead of cross-dressing. The worst aspect is they practice abuse on so many different levels. The Devil is just a manifestation of Evil versus Good. He is not red, like a lobster wearing horns the… Read more »

Funny…the time on the watch of the Korean model cover shoots are both 10:10. What could be the significance of that?

Obey soon to be genderconfused androids, stick ur tongue out and lose your soul, yeah, oh will they regret it not having a human brain

Dude video games have been filled with this symbolism for decades. Surprised you’ve never done a single article on it considering how popular they are.

It’s funny that kendall Jenner has deleted the picture off her instagram.

Gender blurring, nothing new. There was David Bowie in the 70s. Boy George and Annie Lennox during the 80s new wave movement are dubbed Gender Benders.

Robbie Williams is getting desperate – his records aren’t selling like they used to. He should take it all off. Hey! He did that in SING When we are winning CD inside sleeve.

Robbie Williams joined the same club as Madonna e.c. : The Seekers for the Next generation of Buyers. Gone are ambitions to seem adult, used is cheap childish monotone dreck that some sellers call popmusic. It is not even that, it is a jingle, sung by a grown up man who pretends to be hip for toddlers.
Just as a sidenote, I liked his persona a moment in the 90’s when he showed his ‘silhouette’ at Ray Cokes – I was drunk.

This is everywhere man, what can I say….Thanks for the post VC, always appreciated. I would like you to do an article on the British conspiracy theorist Max Spiers who was recently found dead in Poland (He was there to do a conference on Ufo’s and conspiracy theories) & the authorities have said he died of natural causes without actually doing a post mortem….Just makes you think doesn’t it.

Major coverage for Max in The Daily Mail today…

i mean this stuff is so in your face it’s funny. And sad that people can’t see it. I feel so alone knowing all of this. Thank god for you guys.

I would think tattooing ‘meow’ on the inner lip suggests they like eating p***y…?

Everybody START INFORMING ALL YOU KNOW of this Illuminati stuff. Don’t draw any conclusions for them; just show them that this stuff exists. I’ve heard the [plausible, down to Earth, grounded in reality] theory that all this Illuminati stuff is a giant COINTELPRO (, ie. the CIA attempting to get us all focusing on this Illuminati crap instead of real problems such as social inequality, poverty etc. No! Even if that IS the case we have to risk it (but honestly: There’s so much of this stuff it seems outside the scope of what even the ruthless CIA would set in motion). We can STILL talk about ‘real’ problems even as we deal with this Illuminati content! Clearly this is a time we must all come together to combat this… for the sake of the planet. The scope of this evil is overwhelming. Once you understand that this ILLUMINATI CONSPIRACY… Read more »