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Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16



Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

In this edition of SPOTM: Elle Fanning, Jonah Hill, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and a bunch of pics proving that the One-Eye sign is ruling the world. Yes, all of these pics only appeared in the last few weeks.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

Elle Fanning and the other stars of the movie Neon Demon (which I’ll be writing about very soon) were featured in a photoshoot in V magazine. Shot by the occult elite’s favorite photographer Steven Klein, the photoshoot is all about making death and abuse fashionable. In this pic, magazine mentions that, Elle is wearing a dress by Maison Close. She is also holding a huge knife to the bottom of her mouth, threatening to kill herself. The eyelashes are by Dior.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

Here, Elle is wearing a bra and briefs by Vex. She is also the victim of a murder, laying on the street next to garbage, with her feet chained up. Shoes by Christian Whatever.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

As I often stated in previous SPTOMs, the fashion world loves to make corpses look glamorous. The handbag saying “Drop dead gorgeous” basically says it all.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

Jonah Hill was featured in The Rake magazine to promote his latest movie. This picture was prominently featured to let you know that, if one wants to stay relevant in this industry, one has to show submission. Notice the grave look on his face. This is not a playful pic and he not “making funny faces”. This is dead serious.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

Aidan Turner does the same exact sign in The Guardian.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

This is the main pic associated with the release of Frank Ocean’s second album.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

Rihanna was featured in CR magazine in a set shot by the other favorite photographer of the elite: Terry Richardson. Through a perfectly timed shot (and maybe Photoshop), the One-Eye sign is recreated again.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

The photoshoot is meant to portray Rihanna as Marie Antoinette, the last Queen of France who was disliked due to her promiscuity and lavish spending. I guess this is a good way to represent modern Beta Kittens and, as a representative of the Beta Kitten system, Rihanna holds one of her breasts.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

English singer Theo Hutchcraft giving the One-Eyed salute.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

The One-Eye sign is all over the world, prominently displayed on magazine coves. This is Filipino actress and signer Arci Munoz. She is dressed in red and, with the words “new blood”, we get a strong reference to the occult elite’s “initiation and sacrifice” color code. Is she being initiated to the higher ups of the industry?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

Another pic from the photoshoot proving that none of this is a coincidence.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

Here’s a big, fat One-Eye sign on the cover of Polish magazine Zwierciadło with actress Iza Kuna.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

This is the cover of Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook. Really? Does this sign have to be on a cookbook? Yes it does. It has to be everywhere.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

On an ad for some beauty product? Of course.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

Third Eye Blind is back from the ’90s and this is the art associated with their new album. Is he about to get his eye taken out?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

Complete the Instagram caption saying “Eye see you”, model Karlie Kloss shares the rest of the industry’s obsession with the all-seeing eye.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

Britney wears an “Eyes Wide Shut”-style, Sex Kitten mask and a revealing dress. She stands next to a strange altar containing the Virgin Mary and other figures such as skull heads. Is she about to partake into a blasphemous ritual?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

Speaking of Sex Kitten, here’s Mariah Carey. Ever since her divorce, she’s been in full “Beta Programming” mode. Her she is with Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, looking as if she was sent to “escort” him.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

She looks “out of it” as well.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

Her Instagram account has also taken a clear “Beta Kitten” turn. In this pic, she looks as if she was on her way to “escort” a very rich elite person.

Thanks to everyone who sent in pics!

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Symbolic Pics of the Month 09/16

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Britney looks dead inside ALL THE TIME. its obvious she doesnt want to be a celebrity anymore but someone is forcing her. Its sad to watch


She will always be a celebrity regardless.
plenty of footage of britney recently looking happy and full of life, I think the medication is finally finished after nearly 10 years


Of course she’ll always be a celebrity under the control of puppet masters just like the rest of them here. The forever-present one-eye symbol along with whatever hat you’re wearing which represents that you are under their control whether you like it or not. I pity her for trying to get out if she is, but then again there’s that “no-exit policy.”

And by the way, those “pawny” faces never get old due to how they’re being “programmed” and dropping dead gorgeous as if death along with sexualized youth is a fun thing promoted by the models and those “kitties.”


Britney has extremely child like expressions of maybe a toddler which she did not have as a teenager. It’s pretty clear she is not all there in the head anymore. They simply hide her away. Someone needs to figure out why some of these celebrities are beginning to have plastic surgery that forces their lips to look like the joker. Remember in her music video HIAM they painted a joker face on her. Well now her face actually turns up like that. One of the Olsen twins as well. Meg Ryan, Priscilla Presley, even Joyce Myers who wants us all to be good Christians. Lisa Rinna whose plastic has looked like trash since the 80’s. Melan Griffith too. Does anyone remember the last thing that happened to Anna Nicole before she died? The infamous video tape of her in clown makeup.
Britney is not ok, she is simply controlled.


Our Queen Marie-Antoinette has NEVER been promiscuous to ANYONE. This is american propaganda!!
The French revolution was organised by the Elite and the decapitation and slaughter of the CATHOLIC King of France and his adored and FAITHFUL wife was a ritual murder held in public.
Some monarchists here in France are constantly claiming for the sanctification of our innocent King and Queen who died both as MARTYRS.

D D d

A people that enjoys beheading or burning of people, is not a people, but almost a people. It lacks conscience. How many did you think were cheering back then?


There’s a book by Anne Coulter called Demonic that explains what happened very well. For instance, the mob that grabbed the king and queen gang raped her maid servant in the streets. Evil doers have a way of polishing history for future generations that complete contradicts modern ideals of it. Disgraceful. Lies only come from one place.

Bob Evans

Ann Coulter? I would not pollute my mind with anything from that trailer trash scum


Trailer trash? She’s from Connecticutt and went to an Ivy League school. You may disagree with her politics, but that doesn’t give you license to be untruthful.


Ann is a lawyer who can be paid for spin. She has also admitted that much of what she says is stuff she does deliberately just to watch people get angry. She may not even believe half the stuff she says. She just gets paid to be a big mouth and say things that are often incredibly dumb.

Elizabeth Gulley

You are totally right!! I was appalled for Marie Antoinette to be so vilified in death. She loved her family and her husband. And she was faithful. What happened to her, her husband, and most of all her small children was blatantly evil. God rest their souls.

free your mind

Because I can no longer tolerate modern films, filled with moral degradation, and increasing vilolence, I’ve taken to watching old movies. I find a striking contrast in the actresses of yesteryear and those of today. In general, the actresses and celebrities of today, appear gaunt and sickly. I began noticing this fact years before I had even heard of the Illuminati. Their natural hair appears like straw from continuous processing and constant bleaching. I wonder what they look like w/o other human’s hair sewn or attached onto their scalps. They appear overly thin and sickly, malnourished, and not just the models. Now we have even young actresses getting botox and other plastic surgeries, and it is not called “plastic” for nothing. It is a stark contrast against the lovely, natural looking curvacious women of past film eras. Without the tons of fake make-up and false eyelashes, and photo-shopping, one can only wonder what these fakers actually look like in person. It’s all fake. Stop supporting fake BS and deceit with your money, and share truth with your friends. If they reject you, find new friends who are truly aware. If you still can’t find any new friends, then know that… Read more »


@free you mind: I agree with you one hundred percent; hands down. I have become very selective with making friends. It is not only that people are fake; but have become verbally abusive, compulvise in their actions without any fore thought of their actions. They have become back stabbing, lying carnards including narcisstic, self emulating behaviorists. They’re rude in their mannerisms, and most of all the vast majority of people walk around in a daze showing that society has become wholly programmed into a world of make believe. People might read our posts as antisocial but such awareness and precaution actually shows intelligence of how and what society has become: a mental and spiritual state of illusion and of broken souls. Peace be to you!


You’ve just described neay everone in midern day Maryland. Con artists, racists (Pakistani-dishonest/fascist so called Sunni Muslims, Chinese and whites), Black bigots, molesters, two faced, street harassing, leg spreading-bible-thumoing-drug dealing-b-----d producing-foul mouth-two timing-criminal “Christians” lying, conniving, corrupt civil workers. Most of today’s residents claim to be “Christians” more like minions if the anti-Christ.

D D d

Look up the history of photoshopping, it is called retouching for over a century. And you know, a lot of make up can conceal the panda-eyes of chronic upper-abuse. I encourage you to read some biographies. The hollywood ‘scene’ was corrupt from the start.


In the days of the old movies we did not have HD so EVERYONE looked fantastic. But sometimes when you see a high quality picture of a 50’s movie star you notice that they look like clowns with all that make-up painted on their face. Nothing healthy about that.


While Hollywood of the past had its own share of abuses and perversions, it seems like everything has just been ramped up to the degree of obsession today and these celebrities are literally being pulled, barked at and tugged at like captive creatures in a hoarding house.


I’m actually really happy you addressed Mariah Carey in this. It’s so true, ever since the divorce with Nick Cannon (a relationship/life choice I believe she truly wanted as the untainted Mariah) she and her whole persona and image has been HYPER-sexualized. It’s almost like they pride themselves by exploiting certain celebrities who have been Beta programmed by blatantly showing their demise through their IG’s and appearances. I remember when she OUT OF BLUE started dating and quickly was engaged to that billionaire dude and was like….. Yeah it’s a wrap. And sure enough, the dualistic dark-wig persona “Veronica” she has started showing up in pictures and she’s almost ALWAYS wearing something overtly suggestive on red carpets and photos now. It’s so sad. Very reminiscent of the early 00s Mariah when she had the metal breakdown after her split with that top Sony exec. We can only pray for her, it’s really sad. Britney too, it’s all very hard to watch.

Look for to the Neon Demon article, VC! Thanks for all you do.


Great points. Worth highlighting that the Sony exec she married was Tommy Mottola who Michael Jackson very publicly denounced as “the Devil”.

Truth & Light

Again….bunch of stale and predictable pop star/celebruties


I wish she had stayed with Nick Cannon. He seemed very grounded.


I would love to think that this is all MK-Ultra programming, but I think in this case it might be because of her children. The second you belong to them and that you give birth they start coming for them too.The elite is filled with pedos so its either she spreads her legs (public-ally and privately) or hands them over to them. Which alternative would you pick?


My heart hurts for Brit, Brit. She knows she trapped, and wants out, you can see the pain in her eyes!


Can you make an entire article about Mariah Carey? Since she started to show signs of her “betta programming mode” and obsession with butterflies since her divorce with Sony’s ex-chairman in 1997

Thy Unveiling

She also has a Hello Kitty room in one of her homes. Or at least she once did.

I can’t say I believe her relationship with Nick was ever real; though she believed it was. I believe he was her handler, as was Tommy during their marriage


Seems they’ve been counting down the seconds until Elle Fanning turned 18 so they could throw her into disturbing photoshoots like the one here (and the Neon Demon which, as soon as I watched it, knew you needed to write an article about!)


Too bad for Britney and Mariah, I love both girls like crazy.

Britney’s expressions have changed a lot through the years. For those of you who are fans you know what I am talking about. The spark of happiness she had in her eyes has long gone. She is not enjoying this life anymore… why I don’t get is, why won’t she quit?

Mariah… what can I say? I fell in love with Mariah since the Emotions-Music Box days. Those were the real GOOD days. Not only her voice was absolute perfection, she didn’t need to show even her thighs. She used to wear clothes that made her look super beautiful. But now, to my sadness, all I see is picture after another of an unknown artist who is showing a lot of meat. Some pictures are even embarrassing I don’t know why she takes the liberty to post them. She looks now like a pornstar.

What happened to Britney and Mariah? The two girls I love have somehow died and now what I have is a couple of emotionless robots with trendy patters. Good God. How sad is this.


Mariah was moaning and grinding on rappers in their videos, like 20 years ago. I knew something was up with her then, but I was just a kid and had never heard of MK-Ultra or mind-control. She used to have a great voice for a few years, then she just turned into a moaning w---e.


I saw a video of Brittney singing car karaoke with that red headed British guy from one of those late night shows, and they sang “Oops, I did it again.” Afterward, he asked her what the song meant and she couldn’t answer, saying she had no idea. Most people know what it’s about, as the lyrics to any one of her songs are so basic as to be Kindergartenesque, but her response was so awkward that it just solidified what I’ve learned here about mind control and Disney princesses. Check out the video. It’s odd!


On youtube, there’s a very short clip from a Diane Sawyer interview of Spears, when Sawyer apparently utters a trigger-word and it causes Spears to switch personalities right there on-camera. Short but frightening!

“Britney Spears – alter ego’s??” Posted on youtube in 2011 by capturethemagic01.


I don’t think Britney has the choice of whether or not to quit.


Mariah truly is a great talent and I’m amazed she’s done as well as she has psychologically, being prominent this long in the industry. Considering how many meltdowns she has had, that’s really saying something.

She seems to consciously fight back against the darkest messages and although clearly overtly sexualized, hasn’t quite crossed the line into complete perversion like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez have. She seems fixated on keeping an edge of innocence to everything like a stabilizing mechanism, sort of like Michael Jackson without the child abuse (as far as we know).


She can’t quit or they will kill her.Once you are in that life the only way out is death.
If she starts to rebel ,they may activate her suicide program or she may get ritually sacrificed on one of their sabbath days.In the press they may tell the clueless it was because of some illness or accident.
She is a mind controlled slave with no personal power,even her wealth does not belong to her.


Exactly! Britney is clearly staying alive for her two sons like Eminem has been staying alive for his daughter when he started to rebel they shut him down. Also Britney said recently in a UK jonathon Ross interview that “its not me which you see on the stage, but its “somethingi have to do””.


Rememeber we have video of Britney in her room with her crowns from her beauty pageants. On Oprah Britney disagreed with her mother and claimed she was never in beauty pageants. It’s interesting that they keep psuhing child Britney on us, but we have never seen any footage of Britney at a beauty pageant. Maybe Britney has been taught to lie about her past, she clearly has memory problems now, but she has also tried to reassert herself about her life. Britney is legally seen as a child. She can not enter into contracts on her own. Blame her lawyers, her father, her producers and the court system. All her fans want to perpetuate this lie that the ship is only a business deal at this moment, but that is a lie. A grown woman does not use a cship to have her father and lawyers control her money. She uses her lawyers and financial advisors. This clearly shows that Britney is either 1) a prisoner 2) severely mentally ill as the footage of her often demonstrates, but being forced to live a life that is unhealthy and beyond her capabilities. Let’s remember that Britney’s family and lawyers pushed to… Read more »


No reason to be afraid at all… The escalation of propagating such things, and behaviors that are considered an abomination to God Almighty only shows we are drawing near to the end of this age… Wanting to corrupt the mindset of humanity is the devil’s number one priority… Manipulation through sin is vital to Lucifer’s success in deceiving, while believing lies as truth… But in the end, this lesson in futility will be destroyed at the 2nd coming of Messiah as HIS kingdom will be established with the destruction of the Babylonian system that God Almighty has allowed to exist in order for mankind to learn a vital lesson… One that humanity has never really learned as history has continually repeated itself… This time though, with the advent of technology during the last century plus, we see that if it were not for the return of the Son of God all flesh would perish… But for the sake of the elect Jesus Christ will indeed return… Remain spiritually sober to what is truly going on, and what occurs when sinful behavior defines the masses… The TRUTH, which Messiah defines in every WAY, will set one free… Thanks VC for helping… Read more »


The one eye is a reference to the Dajjal and also the 3rd eye (Pineal Gland)…. Those pictures of Mariah Carey with Ban Ki Moon are just really weird, its most likely she is ‘Escorting’ and I’m glad it wasn’t just me who’d noticed the change in her – Looking forward to the Neon Demon article 🙂


Britney’s left eye looked like is was slightly glowing red in one of those shots.

Big Al

I noticed it as well. Plus she is wearing a black dress, while her hair is blonde (yellow) and the skin appears white.
BLACK -nigredo
WHITE -albedo
YELLOW -citrinitas
RED -rubedo
The four colors of occult tansformation and Alchemy.


I have started to believe the theories about Britney having a lookalike they parade around to keep earning her millions. Where is the real Britney Spears? Is she even alive? I feel like if she is, she’s being tortured constantly while they use these “clones” in her place… people even remark it doesn’t seem like her on tour anymore. So lethargic and dead in the eyes, can’t dance anymore, etc. Like a different person… maybe it is many different women. I have compared three magazine covers she has been on in the last two years, Women’s Health, V Magazine and Marie Claire (most recent) and I don’t believe any of them are her. The Marie Claire one looks like a crossdresser with a wide, masculine jaw and totally different teeth than Britney’s, Women’s Health one is just some random kind of lookalike of Britney (like someone you would see on a Housewives reality show) and the V Magazine one shows a very young looking woman who is similar looking to early stardom Britney but it’s not her presently. It can’t be, and I see the “it is just plastic surgery and photoshop” excuse for this stuff as bogus. & the… Read more »


Youre right! I was watching Ellen the other day and her and Britney went on a shopping centre expidition and I was like ‘whats happened to Britney?’ It looked nothing like her and she was really awkward and dead eyes no personality. She looked extremely uncomfortable and not like herself at all. I feel bad for her.


Yes! All of her old interviews are on YouTube, and she was a very sweet, witty, lively young woman. She had a very distinctive smile and bright, aware eyes that you can’t really duplicate… but apparently they have been trying. Even if someone wants to say she is just drugged or something, is still doesn’t look like her 99% of the time anymore. Looking through photos, red carpet or magazine shoots, of her over the last several years since her breakdown is fascinating… so many different people dressed up and paraded out to be her. Some of them honestly look like drag queens, some look way too young to be her (like the one that was at the VMAs this year)… some don’t really look like her at all. Poor Britney. 🙁 Even this pic in this article, what is she doing… holding the hand of a skeleton/ghost/demon? Is she supposed to be dead or something? I wonder sometimes if the real Britney is gone.

D D d

Innocense lost. It happens. But in my opinion, even in that stupid highschoolbighotvideo, she already looked ackward. And I have never ever seen a normal interview or man-to-man-talk with her and anybody.


She wasn’t weird in the interviews she did in her prime, like early 2000s with Oprah, Diane Sawyer, etc.. The most interesting one is the one from 2006 (before the famous “breakdown”) with Matt Lauer where he is a patronizing arsehat of course to her and she starts fighting back about the media and people following and harassing her and her family. It’s very raw, very sad, and she was not being controllable at that point.


Yeah I remember that, she was talking about doctors thinking she was hurting her children on purpose etc.. I also remember a clip of her talking to reporters trying to tell us all something,very cryptic like. It made news at ten Over here in uk.took no notice of it then but cant find that clip anywhere nowadays. Shes not trying to rebel since those days, hence why shes halfhearted at the best of times, shame but looking great again, if not better


Umm no. That was a lie. Britney was acting out in public. The press covered it. The fans and Britney’s team blamed the press and lied that she was already mentally ill. Had they been worried about getting Britney help, then she may not have had the severe breakdown in 2007. The time to blame Matt Lauer and pretend that Britney was not lying to him is past. Yes, she did those things in public to get attention and rebel against the good girl image, not being allowed to retire, get married and have babies. The press is not responsible for Britney and her team lying about her mental health and the destructive things she was doing in public. Britney and her team and her fans are responsible for enabling Britney. The press should have had more sensitivity, but sensitivity to what? They were being lied to about her mental health and so they treated this as normal rock star behavior when it was clearly a young girl engaging in several years of extremely erratic mental illness and now ADMITTED drug use. Matt Lauer is a jerk and everyone knows that, however Britney is also a sex addict and even… Read more »


I wanted to point out something that clicked for me after I saw the Britney/Ellen in the mall bit.. the part where they interrupt the kids playing and Ellen talks to the kids about being famous one day. Britney almost loses it completely..she let’s out this laugh that appears to be choking back tears. Her eyes begin swelling and she looKS like she cannot get away from the situation fast enough! I think they threatened to hurt/take her sons if she doesn’t keep up the dog and pony show! That is why she’s still playing nice,to protect her babies. We love you Brit and we are here for you..some of us know the truth. These ppl are scum!


Yeah the whole scene was like trying to get britney to go to the dark side, when the kid said he wanted to be a doctor britney agreed then ellen said you should be famous instead, britney said you cant say that. Ellen was a bit odd to the public


Ugh. Sad. The main Diane Sawyer interview from years ago is all over YouTube, and she has a mini meltdown… like she starts talking to a ghost or something and begins breaking down in tears as she realizes where she is and such. She tells herself to be “Strong Britney” and begs them to turn off the cameras because she is embarrassed. She has been so abused. 🙁


This is the truth!! Love that so many of us here know reality 🙂


Rihanna is another high level slave that has been so promoted this last year in a very evil way. First she made that bloody video and then the Anti Diary videos that talked about her mind control.
AND all her photoshoots make her look sexualized and she is always high on weed. Poor girl she has been so abused by the industry, she looks so lost like Britney and Mariah!!


Regarding Britney I think the tiara is because her nickname has always been “princess of pop”regarding Mariah Carey the guy in the pic with her I believe is one of her handlers…. its her boyfriend’s business partner and half of the promotion company called Ratpac… his name is Brett Ratner… I believe he is one of the men who arrange her to be an escort. Just my observation tho…


It’s sort of sad when this stops being shocking… It’s literally an every day thing that no one can avoid. :/

Kev allah

You’re one step closer to the goal. Getting angry at this s--t and doing something about it.


I remember a SouthPark Episode with Britney where she is a mk slave.Worth watching.


Courtney Stodden is coming unhinged. She is a fascinating case study of programming unravelling. It will be interesting to see if a stint in “rehab” is next for her. Paris Jackson seems to be on the verge of losing it as well. Her family sent her away once as a young teen to Diamond Ranch in Utah, a probable MK programming center. It may not have “stuck”. Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen to her as well.

D D d

Oh I think it did stuck. She is showing all the normal signs of a puppet breaking down so somebody can pick her up later. Who do you think delivers the dope?


I don’t know why people always talk about Courtney Stodden as so fascinating. She is the stereotypical blond bimbo; that’s it. That program has been run a million times. Someone who actually has talent, sings, dances, spies and escorts is way more interesting to watch IMO


I just saw a picture of Paris Jackson in a bathtub that she just instagrammed a few days ago. I hope she will be ok. The bathtub scares me after Whitney and BK.


Rihanna always looks always high on weed! very robot-like. she is another high level slave like britney and mariah.

Freya Cummings

I was really annoyed at Theo from hurts doing the one eye symbol. I’m a fan of hurts its really sad to see a band you like do this. I saw the u.k singer Ellie Goulding do the 666 symbol in a pic at the GQ awards which upset me as we’ll as I’m a huge Ellie Goulding fan.
Is there any one who will not sell out to the industry anymore!?!.


I think when many start out, they’re really just as oblivious to all of this as the rest of us were. Some just throw up signs thinking it’s just “rock and roll, man!” and then, as time goes on, they start seeing how deeply seriously leaders in the industry take this, how many truly consider themselves warlocks of Black Magick, who truly believe that magick is how they attain their wealth and seduce the masses.

When you see very talented musicians, who still have a strong fan bases, who continue putting out music for years but no longer get the exposure lesser artists continue getting, I think that answers the question as to whether or not they’ve woken up. They might still technically be part of the industry but are no longer deeply in its culture.


I’m actually glad all these puppets are exposing themselves, because now I know who NOT to support or give my money to. Every little thing counts!!

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