Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/17


In this edition of SPOTM: Various examples of insanity being celebrated as “art”, the “gender revolution” and, of course, the One-Eye sign is still everywhere.

Kolor Collective is Rio de Janeiro-based creative group that is described as “afro-feminist fantasist”. According to The Guardian, the group explores “challenges the struggle faced by black women in Brazil through theatrical and provocative art”. The actual message of some of these pictures is actually much more aggressive. The images portray “empowerment” through hate and even violence. In this picture, a man, who apparently was savagely beaten to death, is hung on a wall like a hunting trophy. So inspiring.
A man dressed in a suit imprisoned by a man in drag.
A man dressed like a stripper about to be barbecued by two drunken models.
A woman in a shooting range where the targets are men. Is this truly “feminism”? Isn’t it about equality? Why has it become about all-out hatred? There are dozens of other pics that could be posted here but you probably get it by now. What would have been the reception of is the roles were reversed? Outrage.
In this pic, a young black girl stabs a Ken doll. This is the opposite of empowerment, it is about radicalizing and infusing with hatred groups of people.
In another example of horrific abuse being presented as “art”, two deeply disturbing murals appeared overnight in Brussels. This one depicts a young boy held down by a man holding a knife. It is inspired by the painting “The There is something deeply wrong with our society if this is deemed “art” that is OK to display in the streets.
Another mural depicts gutted body hanging upside down with blood seeping out. In the end, this “art” is a symptom of the toxic mindstate that permeates society.
Of course, the One-Eye sign has been everywhere in the past weeks. And Netflix has it all over its platform. Here’s a promotional image for A Series of Unfortunate Events.
Here’s another one from the same series.
This is the promotional image for another Netflix production, iBoy. Or should I say EyeBoy … Get it? … Because of the eye…
Narcos, another Netflix original. They love that One-Eye sign. Did you think that the elite’s symbolism would not follow the streaming media revolution?
Clueso is a popular German singer signed with Sony Music. This is a recent pic of him thanking the industry for letting him being popular.
Actress Allison Williams in a photoshoot celebrating the finale of Lena Dunham’s series “Girls”.
Van Jones in Variety’s “Inauguration Issue”.
The cover of Avon UK features a girl hiding one eye. Using children to push the elite’s agenda is SO CUTE.
The cover of the autobiography of Juventus footballer Claudio Marchisio features him doing the One-Eye sign. The number of book covers featuring celebrities doing that sign is ridiculous.
Azealia Banks posts all kinds of crazy stuff on social media but this one probably takes the cake. It’s a video of her announcing that she is about to clean the closet she uses for “brujeria”, which is a Spanish word for witchcraft. She sacrifices live chicken in there. She then proceeds to sandblast a thick layer of dried blood and feathers.
On the left is Emma Watson at Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards. Most critics said that she had a very pretty Christian Dior dress. A closer look at it (left) reveals that there’s a big Baphomet head on it. At the bottom is stitched “Le Diable” which means “The Devil” in French. Emma won the “Inspiration of the Year” award that night.
The January issue of National Geographic was titled “Gender Revolution: The Shifting Landscape of Gender” and featured a transgender child (left). Once again, mass media is oddly pushing for the normalization of the sex change of children who did not even reach puberty yet. Why, though? Why can’t they wait to adulthood to make this life-altering change?Some children are even given hormone-blocking drugs by their parents to “facilitate” gender change. This is in my humble opinion, nothing less than child abuse. The cover on the right features children and teens constituting a “spectrum” of genders – including one who is “intersex nonbinary”. Interesting fact, the gender “female” is not on the cover. Yup. One of the actual two genders is not even there. Thank you for NatGeo for keeping up with your original mission which is “to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge.”

Special thanks to everybody who sent in pics!

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Gender Dysphoria is sometimes a legitimate mental illness – I know someone in real life who struggles with it, and he describes it as “unwanted” – yet, the media is celebrating it. Their brainwashing seems to be an attempt to actually INSTILL the mental illness in otherwise healthy children and adults. I’ve been diagnosed as having Bipolar 1 with Mania. I’m still waiting for the media to come out and tell me I deserve special rights, parades, and magazine photo shoots, and that being Bipolar is a way of life that all should be celebrated, even adopted. Of course, it’s not going to happen, because mental illness is nothing to glorify, celebrate or emulate. Yet, the powers-that-be continue to promote the gender confusion, as if it’s perfectly normal, even desirable – probably because such a societal confusion is more useful to their long terms goals (population control, gender-cultural warfare, the… Read more »

Be less agnostic and understand the devil is definitely trying to confuse and destroy the youngest of us in a Luciferian revolution. Look at Crowley’s work and understand the plan to sexualize children in a mass societal initiation. “The powers INSTILL” to corrupt and rule then damn.

How is it definitive?

“the powers” are a bunch of rich kid pansies. Grow some balls. Oh wait, it isn’t worth it right? We’ll just take s**t for a living and pay an arm and a leg for water right? Because Luficer is a bad guy, boo-hoo. You god damn coward. The enemy is right around the corner from you in your own town and you’re too weak to realize it. To damn stupid to understand how the world works. Keep thinking everyone’s a good person because they look like you.

are you a bot or something?
You think your making sense but your utterly confused.
Did Lucifer have something to do with it?

One of their goals is to eliminate tradtional roles and family structure. Good point on the media normalizing it. Be we agnostic or in belief, the solid is that they are most certainly interested in breaking up what we know as normal behavior.

The Nuclear family is a fundamental element in a well-functioning society. Destroy that and you get chaos. Through chaos it is easier to control

I don’t see any reason that a tiny percentage of people who feel they were born in the wrong body have this kind of medicas treatment in order to be ablehnt to live a normal life-maybe even dreaming ofrece forming a family one day- should be accused of the destruction of “nuclear families”.
Why are some people so afraid of transsexuals?

Well, first thing, it’s 100% counter-natural.

Elites like to say : “Out of Chaos Comes Order” (eg create a problem to force a solution)

Well said! I have a child with autism and I don’t see the media glorifying autism or giving my child special privileges. They spend all of this money on gender research and nothing on autism.

My son is on the spectrum, I’ve found cilantro/chlorella and B vitamins–along with Epsom salt baths–to be of help.

Address of the mural with the gutted body: 14 Rue des Brigittines, 1000 Brussels

Baphomet (freemasons god aka plain old satan) must be proud ….

Rupert Murdoch (via 21st century Fox) bought Nat Geo in 2015, then fired everyone on the award-winning staff. Simply search “Nat Geo Rupert Murdoch” to learn more both about the takeover, and you will understand why its quality will never be the same level it once was. You will see it used more and more to push the agenda.

They place their symbols for two reasons; they are playing god by showing that they are everywhere. While at the same time they are hiding in plane sight, for the ones who don’t believe they exist. they do want to blur the gender lines and ruin traditional family and marriage values, well they’re satanists so. Always remember the same people who control the media are the same ones who control governments, and such. the Zionist want NWO

Zionism is just a small part of the over all movement.I n fact i think they also moved from using Zionism as a catch all term.
Also i got to say that Being a Jew doesn’t make you Zionist and vice versa.
Most jews dont even know whats going on in the world.

Even before Murdoch took over, National Geographic has been pushing the globalist agenda for years and years. They push climate change panic in issue after issue, for instance. Another example is the “War on Science” issue they ran a few years ago, criticising the “anti-science” belief that GMOs are bad for you. In fact, all of their reporting on agriculture and food reflects a distinct pro-GMO/pro-industrial ag slant. Not to mention the fact that N.G. is a huge propaganda organ for NASA.

Spot on! The first time I experienced a downfall of National Geographic was November 2015, “The climate issue”. “Cool it” on the front page. All the information was second hand technology already tried and tested in Germany (and no down sides were emphasized). One German actually said on their webpage: but this is outdated – this technology is not worth the cost anymore.

search for trannies in hollywood.
EVERYONE is a tranny! You will be shocked

That Azealia s**t is weird as hell. These people are absolutely bat s**t crazy

Emma Watson is so disgusting. Ugh.

I don’t see Emma herself as disgusting but it does seem that she has allowed for the elite to control her which is disappointing. She is on the hot list in Hollywood these days, so it is worth keeping an eye on the situation. It is so sad to see people succumb to the elite for fame. Emma has been hard not to like for me, but the signs are starting to come about. BTW, thanks to VC to waking me up to symbolism.

ugh did you see her movie about “false memory syndrome” about the mass hyseria of the 90s about satanism? they say her character made up a bunch of occult satanic rituals that she participated in as a young child, hence “false memory syndrome”. Not to mention her speech about feminism that is full of inaccuracies and biases. Total product of the elite schlepping their agenda and being lauded for it wearing a beautiful satan dress…

Emma Watson is old enough to make decisions and MK/ULTRA is not as a powerful hypnotic that those being programmed can still make their own decisions. Victims still have free will to choose and Watson decided to join up to push the NWO agenda to the point she’s giving speeches about the non existent gender inequality to promote the NWO created feminist propaganda. She’s vile for wanting to sell out the rest of the planet for fortune and 15 minutes of fame.

MKULTRA victims do not in any way have a chance to exert freewill. That is the whole point, it’s called mind control for a reason. Stop being a shill.

‘non existent gender inequality’ ….really.

She may actually be a member of the elite or related to someone who is. After all her first role was playing a witch..

Thank you. I have never understood the adoration of her. She never really did anything to make me dislike her (until now), but she never did enough to make me think she was the best ever. I never really got it.

I know guys that think ronda rousey is smoking hot. Guys that don’t talk to girls in their own area but watch a lot of TV. I’m guessing those are the same clowns that are so open to suggestion they let other men tell them whats attractive.

Indeed. I think ‘they’ take a particularly sick delight in twisting actors who people love and identify with from childhood. Emma Watson is sort of the perfect victim in waiting for them, because many younger people see her and think “Hermione” from Harry Potter. If beloved Hermione Granger is doing it, it really can’t be all that bad, can it? Same with the mutilation of Miley Cyrus. We among the People, often innocently, identify these celebrities with the characters they play, and often don’t distinguish enough between the two. For all we know, Emma Watson is far far from being anything like the brainy Hermione character that a generation was brought up to conflate with her.

It’s sad that she actually didn’t use the usual one eyed symbolism but went straight for the Baphoment and “Le Diable/The Devil”. We should have known that she would be a pawn; it’s extremely rare for one to get that mainstream without giving in…

I think Emma is one of few normal stars of her generation, actually all the Harry Potter kids turned well. I think it’s because Warner Brothers doesn’t really seem to have as many elites in their ranks compared to companies like Disney, Sony, Fox and Viacom. Similar to how Marvel didn’t used to push the agenda in their movies into Disney bought them out.

You’re retarded guy.

Actually, I’ve heard that Warner Bors. is one of the more satanic studios.

C’mon, she’s so damn hot!

Sure, if you like tweety bird heads!

“She” could well be a “he”.

Are you not disgusting yourself ?

its a M2F tranny

Interesting about Emma Watson. The new Beauty and the Beast, what is up with that beast?? I know he had horns in the animated version, but not like absurdly huge, menacing goat horns, ala the Baphomet. Literally looks like she is dancing and falling in love with the devil in the trailers and pics, just like Hollywood loves most. If she wasn’t illuminati before, she definitely signed up when working with Disney on that project, and now her dress confirms it all, at least in my mind.

The same with Angelina Jolie and her Disney’s Malificent. Why were her horns so giantic that she looks like the devil? They plastered that picture all over town. Clearly pushing Disney’s satanic agenda.

Good point, also extremely exaggerated from how they were in the cartoon. I did see that one, she was written to be a victim of abuse and betrayal and therefore her evil turn is sympathetic. She is not really the villain in that movie, the king/father of Sleeping Beauty is. How quaint. I guess the Beast has a similar story… so Gaston and other males will be the truly loathsome ones. I still see through that though and only notice a young, innocent looking girl falling in love with a giant beast with devil horns. *sigh*

have you never read the original beauty and the beast? he was a prince who was cursed. with the disney animated version, beast and gaston are two sides of the same coin, however the beast learns to let go of his ego and things while gsston does not which is why gaston is the villian of the story. However you can also look at it from another viewpoint, to the villagers, gaston would be the hero, the warrior the one protecting them from the beast – basically a tradional male but with an oversized ego. gaston has three blondes but he wants belle. the blondes would because be the w****s while belle is the virginal woman he wants to make his wife. belle doesnt want gaston mostly due to his ego, if he wasnt so selfish and narcissistic she might have married him. the story of beauty and the beast… Read more »

No, I have not. I actually knew people though that back in the day sort of put up a stink about how the cartoon promoted b********y or falling in love with a monster, and I was all oh brother, give it a rest. But now when they give him obvious devil horns and the star actress is promoting Satan with her fashion choices, but he will be the good guy in the end and her choice justified, I’m just pointing it out that it is again blurring the lines. It is typical Disney fare.

c’mon the beast looks exactly like the cartoon. Stick to law and policies.

In the animated, he had shorter horns though. This remake and Beast’s horns are much too like… no… exactly like Baphomet. Don’t kid yourself.

Thanks for pointing this out. I went and took a look and you are right – little horns on the cartoon version of the Beast, big Baphomet horns on the live action with Emma Watson. Maybe she wants inccubus/succubus activity? Who knows?

This may be the most shocking set of pics I have yet seen on this site and possibly proof that we’re approaching a critical threshold where either mass awakening and revolt occurs or depravity accelerates to a new low and we miss our window to stop it? We have to be prepared both physically and spiritually for what is on the horizon as I think this world is going to experience a state of darkness like never before. On all fronts there is a deliberate and coordinated effort to debase humanity and drive it to self destruction and it all stems from the Judeo Masonic Luciferian Cabal who are utterly obsessed with the occult and Satanic Ritual Abuse. Every human life they snuff out through their wars, disease, famine, abortion and social engineering is regarded as a sacrifice and offering to their demons and Satan himself. They are bat s**t… Read more »

Wth is an intersex nonbinary??.


I think it’s an intersex person (someone with both biologically male and female traits) who is fine with staying intersex and doesn’t want any surgery or anything.

mentally handicap

Looking for the Lord to end this garbage soon.

The Lord⁉️ Be the change you want to see in the world….be a vessel of change. The Lord has bigger fish to fry…he gave us freewill right⁉️

Well you got to know that nearing he end times there will be less and less that will follow the Lord right?
And thre Lord of the Bible has empowered Christians true but it also says that the The Lord himself will finish the struggle definitely and with finality so that mankind can be freed from this flawed creation and live in a new heaven and earth free from the enemy.. So you see even though you may have a point, you completely lost what synickel was saying.

like my friend mentioned already in response, we are the ones that must fix this mess since we got ourselves into it. We are our own saviors, not Source. We came here to grow, evolve, learn, and to clean up this mess and fix mother earth and must unite to defeat the Archon’s and their minions.

Sure save yourelf by good wroks and see if that alone would be enough. all i know is that i look around me and i know the battle is being lost. Only One Warrior can completely stop this war permanently when He returns.
your new age movement cant even predict the simplest things and therefore lacks true divine power and only has a facsimile of wisdom parading itself as truth when it is just all pretty words with no life and action in it.

I don’t wanna live on this planet anymore

That’s what they want you to believe and to tell yourself. However, you have just as much right to live here on Earth as anything else. And you probably surpass their ability to make the Earth more beautiful.

Beautifully and refreshingly said…

I think this simplest assessment is the most fitting:

“They purport to be about equality, but I just had an epiphany and realized they’re actually mentally ill perverts who are at war with normalcy because it exposes them for the freaks they truly are. … “Normal” is the worst thing imaginable. If you recognize it as a concept, you’re a Nazi.”

“However, the driving force behind their movement has been unduly influenced by degenerates and, yes, p********s. There is a very disturbing pattern going on where it looks like, once again, the most depraved creeps have hijacked the decadence of the left and turned it into a justification of their nauseating fetishes.”

-Gavin McInnis

Disgusting, as usual. Thank you so much VC, for continuing to bring these to light! It is becoming more in-your-face every day. Emma Watson’s dress would likely have been taboo, even unthinkable to wear, just a decade ago. Now it is “pretty” and no one seems to even notice. It’s not even subtle…it’s Baphomet and, just in case that didn’t catch you, it clarifies, le diable. Yuck. National Geographic is disappointing but not surprising. Since their purchase, they’ve gone from being an intriguing magazine of epic photography and anthropological reflection, to just another drug store magazine rack rag full of agenda (“agender”, in this case?) and instagram-worthy photography. The targeting of children with gender disphoria is particularly heinous, given that children don’t even have a defined sense of sexuality or gender-identification yet, something that is learned from one’s culture, parents and peers. To deliberately confuse something as humanly basic as… Read more »

-It’s very disturbing to see those paintings in Brussels : The Dutroux case (paedophile and serial killer) has deeply traumatized Belgium. It’s strange that the authorities have allowed those so-called pieces of art in their streets.

No, that isn’t strange at all. The government is behind this.

What’s strange is you, THE PEOPLE, allow it. In a democracy, the government fears the people. But, this requires the people to exercise their power and rights. Why aren’t you doing so?

I have NO IDEA how regular people can walk by those murals in Brussels and not realize something is ENTIRELY wrong. That one with the upside down gutted body is some of the most extreme and disturbing stuff I’ve ever seen.

I wanted to say that myself. Rite in Belgium, country infamous for its paedophilia…. Not that UK would be far anyway….

A few years ago, over 300,000 Belgians marched in their streets in protest to Gov’t. cover up/involvement in paedophilia. They were, of course, pretty much ignored by the worlds “media”, and now they are being led to this level of demoralization.
No “leaders” who cared about the mental and emotional…and eventually physical…well being of it’s people (human resources) would openly traumatize them so. Disgusting, and only worthy of paint gun practice and rotten eggs&tomatoes.

Media is always controlled by governement wich themselves are controlled by the “hidden” elites.

Are there no eggs or paintguns in Belgium? If that kind of “art” should ever show up near my place…well…there is just nothing wrong with a person working on their hand/eye coordination, IMHO.

I saw a very disturbing video earlier on Worldstar with famed British actor Idris Elba entitled – Idris Elba Gets Valentine’s Day Dating Advice From Kids! Excuse my french, but what the !@#$ is this world coming to when a grown man has to ask children for dating advice?

He voiced Shere Khan in the new Jungle Book, who of course in this remake was missing one eye and it was a huge aspect of the plot. Good ol’ Illuminati Disney. He was also the chief in Zootopia, another recent Disney film with so much Illuminati symbolism it hurt my head and made me nauseous.

Very interesting, thank you for pointing that out. Just the mention of Disney is enough to grind my gears!

All the best.

Right? Disney is really on a roll these days with their many agendas to brainwash the masses. Guess they always have been though.

zootopia has a good meaning. Cowards are setting up the strong to fall in a mass frame-up so they can run the jungle. If you know anything about nature you know the predators are more important to us as humans because they protect the forest from the herbivores. We as humans need the forests.

I have not seen the movie. A grown up asking dubious advise from kids in movie? Looks like blurring of generations, looking at children as if they can advise on matters you need life experience for. Like sex. Notice the link there?

D D d,

It’s not a movie, more of a dark valentines day promo-video with p*******e undertones masked with “innocent” humor. I was wondering what the correlation was between receiving dubious advice from kids and helping impoverished children back in Africa, which somehow was the aim of this whole bizarre video. Youtube – Idris Elba Gets Valentine’s Day Dating Advice From Kids – and you’ll see what I mean.

Stay vigilant my friend.

I saw one where a little kid gives advice about chasing your dreams. I chuckled as I imagined that kid in 10 years getting crushed because their parents used their name to get credit.

On YouTube this one woman has this channel called Queer Kid Stuff. I kid you not. There have been quite a few complaints about it.

…and this stuff is usually not innocent, it’s preternaturally precocious kids trained (or mimicking) to act like little adults. I do not understand this modern entertainment world obsession with bringing kids into the adult world of sexuality and romance, whenever they can. It’s an obsession.

Baphomet is intersex/non-binary. Probably this is a honour of it. Sick.

Life changing decisions under the age of 18? Yet they are not allowed to cast political votes that really don’t count anyway? Garbage. Devil owns the Nations.

Yes Ryan, you’re so right. To think that their decisions as children won’t affect them when they grow up, mature and quite possibly change their mind is negligent and abusive. The parents are just as lost or just don’t care.

why is her hand placed on her crotch like that? suggestive much (for a child especially)?

Probably done on purpose …

All this trans and feminism talk is too annoying……… Like be what ever the f**k you want to be and dont cry and go to the police everytime someone says something about you. Cause of course they are they’re people and have a right of opinion and to talk. I swear people these days ….

true about freedom to be who we want but then its spilling over into the people who want no part of it isn’t it. Google, Ontario sex ed curriculum and lesbian Premier Wynne to see what I mean.

I know right! the Ontario sex ed says that they are going to teach to 3rd-grade kids about same-sex relationships. Why would kids need to know about gay relationships?

Children can identify as homosexual. Just like regular straight kids can have little crushes in elementary school, gay kids probably do as well.

bullshit. Crushes at that age are not sexual. All homosexuality is driven by lust. There is no spirituality involved, only flesh.

I just don’t get how these folks sleep at night. So sad to see what this world has become .

People ? I only see brainless sheeps.

So totally sick and evil…but satan is on this earth and has only got a short time….soooo….we’re only closer to the tribulation! Revelation 12:9 So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. When He banished Satan to this world, he basically gave control of this world to Satan for a period of time. Satan is not the ultimate power, but he basically influences unbelievers to an extent, and uses them for his bidding. Revelation 12:l2 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! For the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” According to 2 Corinthians 4:4, the… Read more »

Azelia banks is a major idiot,she’s so full of hate.I wonder why she’s even famous,she’s always starting arguments with everybody. I can’t believe she even posted that.

I agree with you despite the fact that I eat chicken and she likes hers fresh i assume, really nothing wrong with that. The killing floor is not pretty and the reason i didn’t eat anything with a nervous system for 20 years. Now putting it on social media is another thing.

She likes hers fresh you assume? Didn’t you get it, she says herself it’s brujeria, spanish for witchcraft. She tries super hard to show the elite what she is willing to do to make it to the top.

Ugh hello?!she said it was for witch craft.

Enjoying the torture of animals is a symptom of sociopathy.

eating meat but looking down at those who kill animals is called hypocrisy.

Its all for the attention! I don’t like her either, she’s an idiot with a big mouth! I’m not surprise she engages in that crap.. but like I said.. Idiot!

Emma Watson has a red bat under her breasts and other sacrifical type birds on the sides of the skirt….

VC, I think you should touch on “the Agenda” again. You discussed it years ago with your articles about MK Ultra, but with new people coming all the time and your focus on current film/music/tv, it would be nice to touch on what the Agenda is and how it ties into everything you write about. I know what the Agenda is so I don’t need anyone to explain it, I want VCs perspective only and specifically how it ties into his sphere of blogging.

Thank you!

Oh, the so called art of the boy being held down with a knife aimed at him made me most sick. And this is in public, and nobody has demanded its removal ? Truely vile, god help us. Shudders at thought of life imitating art…..ahhhhh

Just for the shock effect , not for the traffic, but you might look up ”statue christmas toy rotterdam” and be amazed at our Dutch level of normalisation.

In the movie with Jim Carey “A Series of Unfortunate Events” 2004, his character always promotes the one eye symbol as he chases the 3 children. Is this movie a warning…or another way to just accept the evil element?

I read the books when I was a kid, so my memory is foggy but I’ll try my best… the eye symbol here is the crest of a secret society called “V.F.D” in the books, of which the children’s parents were affiliated with while they were alive, and also appears to have had Count Olaf (the main character Jim Carrey and Neil Patrick Harris are portraying as the evil, greedy caretaker of the kids) as a member too as he has a tattoo of the eye as well. Very much a secret, subversive symbol here. It is never said what this group actually does, it is highly secretive. The author claims they were volunteer firefighters (VFD = Volunteer Fire Department) that were friends, but turned against each other, and it was indeed a house fire that killed the children’s parents. Olaf is suspected of having done it, he is a… Read more »

I’ve been watching the Netflix series, and to me it mostly seems like a story about three sibling children in the grips of the illuminati. In one of the first episodes, Count Olav tries to marry the young girl. They make it seem like it is mostly about stealing her fortune, but there are overtones of p********a throughout the series.

TY for the above comments. Once you get to the age where the grandchildren are old enough to have their own lives, with sports and clubs and such, you fall out of the loop of what is being fed to the youth. We hear of things popular, but don’t really keep up, and it’s good to be kept informed, for future reference, if needed.
The only way to win in this realm, besides divine intervention, IMHO, is vote with your money and dry up their funds. Boycott the lot. Let them stop being overpaid shills and liars and pretenders and go learn how to do something USEFUL for humanity. Shut down the whole darn industry. We really don’t need and their “programming”.

If I remember well, Emma has a witch ancestor, so somehow this is explained. The rest is MK ULTRA. And theres a high chance she might have been imposter replaced/cloned too. Its actually routine to puppetteers.

Can someone just…you know…stop this madness. There’s just too much evil. I’m tired!

This is only going to get worse. Unless we stop it, of course – but good luck convincing ‘normal’ people the Illuminati exists and there’s a concentrated effort behind this madness.

‘Conspiracy theory’

We still need to try, though. Try to get people to take a look at an article like this. This ‘madness’ won’t stop itself; that’s up to us.

Signs of the End times. VC you should do an article on Beyoncé, her announcement of having twins and the series of photos she was featured in.

Has she a dent in her belly again maybe?

All of the photos of her exposing her belly, it is like she is trying to prove she is really pregnant this time, lol…

Her bizarre, egotistical, Tumblr-style website is like the collage of a crazy person, honestly. with all of these various photos, some old photos with Jay-Z (many throwing the illuminati hand gestures), weird poetry, and of course those pregnancy photos… my god. I especially hate the one of her nude in a garden with a bust of Queen Nefertiti growing out of it. Messed up.

That was the most dumbest weirdest train wreck of a photo shoot! I had a good laugh! I’m sorry but that whole thing was stupid! smh.. she’s got really bad taste. I’m sure some of it is symbolic in some way besides the bad taste. She was definitely high when she came up with the poetry.. It is so laughable!! I hope we see less and less of her..

In the first “Kolor Collective” photo, looks like the young woman is wearing a body suit depicting a bull, which is, in the elite speak, symbolic of Moloch.

moloch is the owl.

No. Moloch is a bull.

Yes the first painting on the wall was also Caravaggio – The Sacrifice of Isaac
But still quite disturbing. I wonder how people can live near that.

I was just about to say that. Very famous painting.

& if people want to see it, they can make the trip. There is no way anyone wants to have to see that every day on their way to the office, store, or school.
Belgium is another made up, “fake” country. Mebbe it’s time to disband it’s system. Obviously, it’s “leaders” actions over the yrs. have proven them criminals against humanity. Out the lot, and get rid of that demoralizing propaganda. “Art”…Pfffftttt….. catchword, is all…

Philomena\'s Daughter
VC, they have to display a symbol showing allegiance to the NWO or they can’t sell anything. The 1EYE symbol is the easiest to use. I’ve been looking at advertising of all types including weekly dept store sale circulars, and for the last 6-12 months, they all have something, somewhere in the ads that relates to the NWO. Clearly, this is the end times, and the Biblical prophecy that spoke about displaying a mark showing allegiance to thebeast or you can’t buy OR SELL is something the NWO has implemented. They had to get the Sellers on board first, and once they have them in order, they’ll turn to the rest of us consumers. Have you noticed how many long-standing companies are suddenly going out of business, despite the “robust” economy and constant 2-4% GDP growth? Likely they’re the ones that refused to go along & get along under the… Read more »

Most Disturbing – Avon, UK for using a child for their sybolism and surprising in that Avon is considered anything but a new age like company.

Most Predictable – Netflix – no surprises that something which eats out time up is a part of the elite agenda.

Most Disturbing II – National Geographic in that those who kbow their history realize they are delving into matters which are not the norm pushing transgender and male-femal traditional distruction.

Most Predictable II – The Brazilian fashion bit in that anything goes in the fashion industry.

Final Thought – Noticing how out schools are pushing the agenda of late and noticing the left in the US is becoming the facist, whodathunkit. People have spoken of a pending race war when a more likely scenarion would seem to be a culture or belief war with race divided in some cases.

Try as I might, I just don’t see any way the Western World will repent of its’ sins in time for salvation from righteous judgment. In the past 41 years I’ve had on this rock I’ve seen things go from not looking good to insane… and all the sleeping sheeple around me can’t understand why our family isolates ourself so much.

Kolor Collective = stupid
Van Jones = communist
National Geographic = child p**n
Azealia Banks = who?

The Doll picture was the most disturbing.

Right? Let’s encourage our children, here mostly our daughters, to stab people based on their gender and race.

It made me furious inside because its promoting male hate. Feminist claim its about equality but its not. She’s black stabbing a white male, symbolizing the downfall that is desired for straight white males. All the female barbies on the mirror but she chose to stab the male one, that to me is what feminism REALLY is about. Male hate point blank period!!!! And shes so young too, probably already mkd and everything.

Emma’s eyes are lifeless.

The American Bar Associatio (ABA) Journal for Jan. 2017 has one-eye symbolism if you would like to check that out.

Oh Emma, how you’ve disappointed me.

Bunch of sick . . . . . .

Philomena\'s Daughter
Btw “Truth & Light” God didn’t us give free will to abuse it. He gave it to us to choose Good over evil – we are on this earth to know God, to love God & to serve God, in other words to work out our salvation. This is the final rebellion, where the enemy (Satan) is given free rein to try his hardest to draw people away from God. Those who remain true to God, will win a great place in Heaven. This is the time of the great Apostasy spoken of in the Bible at the end times. Can anyone deny that in past centuries most people believed in God, and in our most recent century (since Fatima, which May 13th is the 100th anniversary), people have been steadily falling away from faith. This isn’t an accident, and it isn’t due to “consciousness-raising” no matter what atheists might… Read more »
Looking at this article a second time, it’s just… wow. It’s just boggles the mind ‘normal’ people can go on thinking everything is a-OK. I don’t have Netflix (and I certainly don’t want to) but I could imagine myself if I did and watched it regularly… I think I’d start questioning why there happens to be some person covering one eye in pretty much everything they cast. I’ve tried pointing out these things to my friend list using my CIAbook account, writing about these topics and pointing out the obvious but nobody wants to see it. The really crazy thing is you can possibly be excused as oblivious to these things when nobody has specifically pointed them out to you but if you still can’t see it even after people show you these pictures and say, ‘you may want to take a deeper look at why they’re all covering one… Read more »

Surprise there’s no post about M Knight Shamaylan new movie Split

That is my thought also. I noticed some strange messages in the movie.

I hope he makes an article about it.

Feminism is about hatred of white men only, not islamic and/or brown men. The battle cry for the next batch of feminists is “#free the nipple”. They don´t give a damn about the millions of black slaves in the Middle-East, the fgm that´rampant in the West now, the sex-slavery that´s hurting women and children of Eastern Europe and Asia like never before. No, it´s time to have endless “news” stories about Trump´s tweets and violent marches against him. To be fair, most of these dummies don´t know anything about reality. Maybe if they did they wouldn´t be so shamefully repugnant.

What is Intersex-Binary????


Baphomet = Androgyny
Satanic Conspiracy
Aleister Crowley, Kenneth Anger, Michael Aquino, Alfred Kinsey, to name a few

I’m curious what if anything will be said here about the new ‘Get out’ movie. It’s a ‘horror’ about an interracial couple who goes to meet her white family. Turns out the whites have been kidnapping and mind controlling blacks to be their zombiefied slaves!

I’ve been watching the last several years- how can you not see it- the societal manipulation of narratives connected to race which have stoked hostility tensions and to violent ends. There have been so many cases of black on white violence and a clear attempt to not report these cases for what they are, meanwhile we are being told blacks are victims of white racism and so badly that we may as well still be living in 1921.

Check out the trailer. Mind blowing that anyone would even conceive such a movie and at this time and it not be per an agenda? Crazy.

Kinda sounds like Madonnas world, if you ask me. Wonder how her two new purchases are doing at the foot rubbing test…

I believe the first graffiti mural is a version of a close up of the detail of Caravaggios Sacrice of Issac

Came up with that all by yourself, didja? LOL…

Ive been noticing for for decades this anti male message. I thought we were trying to all be equal? Why do women feel the need to not just be equal but to put men down in the process. ive seen and heard the most incredible short sighted coments on men, that had the genders been reversed, there would be rioting in the streets. the easiest way to feel better about your self is to put others down. But its not real.

The answer to your ? is in your comment. “Why do women…”. See? It’s worked on you. A FEW women in the world decide to try to go along with the “divide/conquer/seed&breed&harvest hate” program, and folk like you take their game and flip it to “women” like it’s ALL women backing up and participating in this.
You are doing exactly what “they” want, and doing what you claim the “other side” is. I hope you see this, and work on your thinking. MANY women know that male and female are meant to be complimentary companions, with each contributing to the good of all. The misguided aren’t going to change that. Please don’t judge all women by the actions of some brainwashed, mindscrewed narcissists, eh?

Well the pic is in Brussels after all. If you want to find a good example of the term “sheeple” then spend some days there.

We get National Geographic, and I keep intending to write a letter about the January issue. On the hand, it is discussing sociology and cultural change, but on the other, the lead article contained very, very bad science meant to push the issue and confuse people.

Ya think? They do an issue on gender, and don’t include “female”?!? Write the letter.

I like to come here from time to time to read the articles VC posts because I like to hear and understand how other people view the world. I also think quite often the articles are interesting and the information here has made me more observant of how subversive the media really is. However, I have to say I have family and friends who do not identify as male or female and I truly believe there are people who genuinely do not fit into the binary gender system most of us have grown up with and / or fit into. It’s not a mental health issue (at least not in my experience of the people I know) and the only time I’ve known it to become a serious psychological issue is when people are facing the negative reactions of family and/or society that can’t see past their own biases. But… Read more »
Good post. It’s a difficult issue and a reasonable debate. My concern is the fact there does appear to be a clear agenda behind all the ‘discussion’… and where there’s a mass media agenda, there’s the Illuminati. Thus, it makes sense to tread carefully – these people don’t care about ‘liberating’ anyone, just perverting them. Can I understand how difficult it must be to feel one has the wrong sex or feels attracted to the ‘wrong’ sex in a society that won’t accept such a thing? Certainly. Does various kinds of ‘divergent’ sexuality exist in nature? Yes. What we need to look closer at, however, is: why? Another poster here with evident deep knowledge about the subject commented that man-created chemicals in our now highly artificial environment are likely to cause hormonal imbalancing that could account for ‘deviant’ tendencies, going as far as to state the use of these chemicals… Read more »

You’re right and I agree.

Believe me I don’t trust the media. If I did I wouldn’t have found my way to this little corner of the internet. It’s very, very clear to me there is an agenda in play that is not in the best interest of the majority. I do take umbrage however to the implication that anyone who doesn’t fit into a social or sexual paradigm somehow automatically becomes a sheep or a sinner or whatever else they get labelled with. Especially when these paradigms are almost always a construct of religion, which is just another form of mind control perpetuated on the masses by a self-serving elite – a fact which appears to elude so many commenting on the articles on this site. To me religion / media / the illuminati etc. are all instruments of the same propaganda machine designed to keep each and everyone of us from recognising our… Read more »

I agree with all your points.

Top few pics were misandry, so don’t conflate feminism with violence for men.