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Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17



Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

In this edition of SPOTM: The Lollapalooza festival, Rhianna, Dita von Teese and more proof that mass media is all about indoctrinating people with a carefully planned out agenda.

In the 1990’s, Lollapalooza was a major music festival that featured the biggest names in alternative rock. After being accused of losing its “alternative soul”, the tour died in 1998. In 2004, it was revived and retooled to become an international ‘weekend destination festival’. Back in 1993, record producer Steve Albini said:

“Lollapalooza is the worst example of corporate encroachment into what is supposed to be the underground. It is just a large scale marketing of bands that pretend to be alternative but are in reality just another facet of the mass cultural exploitation scheme.”

He said that back in 1993. I can’t even imagine what he must be thinking now. A simple look at the promotional material of the festival reveals that it is a super-corporate event that is deeply infected with the occult elite’s mindset.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

In this ad, you get a nice glimpse into what Lollapalooza is about. A girl is doing the one-eye sign while sticking out a lizard-like tongue; A guy trying hard to be the devil … and a whole lot of corporate sponsors.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

Another girl doing the one-eye sign. Also, a guy who appears to be a robot. In short, the target market.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

Nothing says “rebellious” like a RFID wristband connected to your credit card! Organizers of the show (in cooperation with major banks) want the young guests to walk around with RFID chips on their wrists to pay for stuff … and possibly be tracked … like lab rats.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

That’s on the website promoting that RFID thing. A hand doing the devil’s horns sign while the RFID chip is emitting all kinds of signals.

As usual, the one-eye sign popped up everywhere around the world last month, often in places that symbolically tell you “We own the entire industry” such as the cover of magazines.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

Chantal Jensen is a leading lady of Dutch television. She recently launched a new magazine and the cover is basically a big tribute to the one-eye sign. The eye on her shirt is there to make sure you 100% understand that this is all about the one-eye sign and nothing else.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

Another European magazine cover, another fat one-eye sign. “Donna Moderna” means “modern woman” in Italian. Hiding one eye is very modern.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

Basic magazine is into basic Illuminati imagery. This is Dita Von Teese with one eye hidden.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

Dita Von Teese doing it again to sell expensive gloves.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

Rihanna has been doing it for years. Her entire career has revolved around her looking pissed and hiding one eye. In this ad, she is selling some expensive jewelry. She still needs to let us know who owns all of this.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

Future is becoming a big star. Therefore, he needs to hide one eye in Billboard magazine.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

I never watched Pretty Little Liars so I assume it is about pretty girls who keep telling lies. Whatever the case may be, the ad promoting the new season is one big Illuminati tribute. Most of the girls have one eye hidden. The other eye is strategically placed at the top of a triangle.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

Conchita Wurst is a pop singer who famously won the Eurovision Song Contest. More importantly, Wurst is a face of the “blurring of the genders” agenda that has been going on in the past years. Conchita wants to be a woman but she also keeps a beard to make sure things are as confusing and unnatural as possible. Anyways, a wax statue was made to celebrate “the Queen of Austria” and this is what Conchita posted on social media.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

This older picture, with the antlers strategically placed on Conchita’s head, highlight the link between the elite’s obsession with androgyny and Baphomet.

Speaking of androgyny and its disproportionate prevalence in mass media across the world, introducing Acrush. It is a boyband from China that is being celebrated across the world. Are they being celebrated because of their great music? Heck no. Nobody cares about the music in the music industry! It is about the agenda they were custom-made to pander to.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

Acrush is the hottest boyband in China. And it is made out of girls who look like boys. They are being promoted as a “gender neutral, androgynous, non-binary band”. There are so many things that annoy me about this band that I could write a book about it. But I’ll give you the short version: The band was artificially put together by a sleazy promoter who creates crappy boy bands. They’re pushing that whole “no gender” thing because they know mass media will be nearly forced to be “in awe of their courage” or something. Also isn’t putting together five girls dressed like boys to sing in a band basically exploiting them for a cheap gimmick?

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

Take That is a boy-band made of actual boys (well, men in their late forties). Their latest album appears to be heavily influenced by MK imagery.  On the album cover, the band members are covered with butterflies, a symbol representing Monarch mind control. One might brush of this symbol as a coincidence, but the name of their album is Wonderland – as in Alice in Wonderland – the main programming script used in Monarch programming.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

Although he left the group years ago, Robbie Williams has also been a poster boy for Monarch programming. In this pic, he is covered in butterflies and a feline (representing sex kitten programming) is strategically placed on his crotch.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

Robbie Williams’ 2009 video “You Know Me” was also about Alice in Wonderland. In this scene white rabbits stand on a dualistic floor while some of them do the one-eye sign.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

Speaking of Monarch programming, the cover of Stephen King’s upcoming novel “Sleeping Beauties” features a perfect symbolic representation of mind control. The butterfly replacing the girl’s head represents MK programming taking over the subject’s mind. The book is said to “take place in a women’s prison in West Virginia during a strange mystical occurrence that causes all the women in the world to fall asleep”. Will there be MK elements in that book? All signs point to YUP.

This is an ad for the new season of Agents of Shield. On top it says: “Hail the New World Order”. Can’t really be more blatant than that.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics!

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Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/17

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La La La

On the Pretty Little Liars ad, the only woman who doesn’t have one eye hidden, has her mouth covered. And at the Agents of Shield piece, the skull also has a hidden eye.

Jeffrey Jones

Good catch.


It’s pretty amazing how the sheeple will just go watch this film (and even PAY to get brainwashed!) and think nothing of it… then perhaps go enjoy a GMO-burger while inhaling the chemtrails afterwards.

I hope you people are doing what you can to wake up as many as possible. Getting constantly ostracized for speaking the truth is not fun but consider the stakes: we’re playing a game of souls here. Exposing these things can be as simple as a few Facebook posts or talking to people in the streets. Some are pretty thick-skulled and have been brainwashed all their lives not to believe in these things; they may need your help to realize all this Illuminati stuff isn’t just a joke. Will you help them?


Yeah..good catch…She’s the only one who can truly see…but she can’t speak.

Magda Gabriela

That goes along her character, on the show she’s the smartest and she’s always the one who figures out things, she’s the only one who can see. But she can’t say anything about it


How could Money and Fame even remotely be worth this? I’d rather be Homeless, Broke, and not known.
Lord Jesus come quickly!

Truth & Light

Wash, rinse, repeat – mindlessness


I actually think this one is frightening and quite different from all the rest VC has posted up till now. I say this because of that Marvel comic one. They’re so open about it they dare to spell out “hail NWO” on a poster that will be seen by so many people. Whatever last few remnants haven’t heard of NWO ‘conspiracy theory’ are going to ask about what it is when they see this poster. “What is New World Order”? The poster openly invites people to start researching ‘conspiracy theories’. This isn’t just flashing an Illuminati sign (that most believe is a ‘meme’) – this is posting a keyword that will take you directly to ‘conspiracy’ sites if you plug it into a web browser where people might start seeing things they’re not ‘supposed’ to see. Would they jeopardize what they’ve been building up for centuries with the kind of carelessness we see in this poster and, perhaps, other blatantly Illuminati productions like ‘Rapunxel’ from Azalea? Clearly not. That means they’re confident they’ll stay in control. That the masses won’t riot. That they’ve won. For that to be true, something drastic will have to happen in the world in the… Read more »


There is no NWO you fools. The marvel thing is referring to the hydra fictional group. Fiction.


Yeah, because never in pop culture is there a double meaning to things…

kev allah

The marvel stories will culminate in 6 of the heroes creating a group to save the earth from alien attacks. That group will be called the illuminati. It’s Dr. Strange, Professor X, Iron Man, Aqua man? I think i’m not so sure about aqua man. Black panther is in it I think. Anyways, what you call fiction does not simply spawn from the creative faculties of some nerd. This is s--t that has factual basis.


The Marvel thing is a plotline from the comics dating back to the 1960’s. You candebate if the plot was based on conspiracies or conspiracies based on the plot. But it’s a story more than a half century oldthat they’re telling.


what would be interesting to see is the us presidents bloodline connection, how they are all related, including trump. just to show they are all controlled by the zionist elite bankers.

Otto Dydact

A good place to start with the connections of our current ‘el presidente’ is his father (Mr Drumpf), his son-in-law, Jared K. And surprisingly (?) enough, Chelsea’s C’s husband is also affiliated with the Chabad-Lubivitchers. They are as close to NWO controllers as you can get. It’s all a show, and we’re just the audience.


We’re not an audience, we’re the farm animals they feed off of

J Well

The fact that there’s still so much content for the same concept that he’s able to keep posting and updating emphasizes that they are really trying to indoctrinate the masses with this satanic agenda…

Big Al

So business as usual, I guess?

I really wish the “entertainment” industry would be driven out, just like the moneychangers in the temple.

Otto Dydact

I have to agree. It just occurred to me the other day that Geo Soros has made his fortune by ‘shorting/manipulating’ currencies. If that doesn’t make him a ‘money-changer’, I don’t know what they are.


Brainwashing is done in the opposite order to doing laundry.
With brainwashing, the softener comes before the washing.


Of course, Rihanna is one of the most used celebrities for mind control and occult symbolism.
She has been under mind control and hypnosis techniques since 2009.
Poor girl, she really looks like an empty shell and soulless.

Oh my

Since 2005!


2 years ago i bought early bird tickets to a festival. then more details about it came out and they introduced the RFID/cashless wristband… and then i immediately sold my ticket.

Anonymous A

Disney World has been using the RFID wrist bands fo a couple of years now….when we first saw them my DH cut it open to see what it was bc the clueless cast members had no idea how it worked. Since then, we always opt-out of using them which brings confusion & surprise to the staff, but we figure we’re already being tracked enough while visiting, why give them a better way to do it with an active transmitter.


Who better than Stephen King to promote Monarch programming……his mother is a Pillsbury (huge illuminati family).n How do I know this? My cousin married into the family!!


“Hail the New World Order”. Can’t really be more blatant than that.

Not to mention the octopus in the background, reminiscent of the NRO.

We Need Help

VC, didn’t you write an article about the KPOP boy group BTS’s Blood, Sweat and Tears music video? I thought you did but I cannot find it. Their videos are HEAVY in symbolism – to the point where their fans have no Idea what they are watching.


ohh yesss i agree. i was disappointed why there are no articles about this at all. ps, i really like the new user interface on the comment section


They didnt even cover EXO’s MAMA because tbh i was really scared of the symbols and all


Bts started using symbols from their music videos “I need you”, “Young forever”. I asked VC to make an analysis at that time. But “Blood, Sweat & Tears” is another story, it just has tonnes of symbols. It’s insane. And the funny thing the members cannot explain what their music videos mean because they don’t know. They just do what they ordered to do. Their handlers are dangerous.


Ironically, I get the most exposure to these things by coming to this site.


That pic of Robbie Williams makes me want to barf.

Vicky P

One-eye sign? Even the shelter pet is in on it.

Oh my


I think the absolute worst item on this menu of SPOTM is the “boy” band. Picture this: A 9 year old girl listening to this band, watching a music video and then developing a crush on one of the band members. She later finds out it’s a girl, but you know it’s okay to have crushes on other girls… good Lord.

Xiao Mao

Nope. Lesbians exist, sorry if that makes your p e nis sad.


I hope it makes your brain sad that you totally missed out on how the Ruling Elite want kids brainwashed into being only gay and that hetero is wrong etc It is about confusion and reversal of values to destroy a society from within.


aight not tryna like … start a fight here but how did i turn out gay if i lived in a rural community, all fresh food and water, away from any media or anything to ‘pollute’ my mind ? like, truly i knew i was gay before we even had tv and i grew up in a really catholic country so ??


Looks like I’m suffering truth exhaustion because I can’t be bothered to be offended by the idiocy of the occult elite any more. Still posted a summary of VC’s article here with a link on my NWO-exposing Facebook profile in hope of waking a few sheeple up. Here you go, I’ve copied what I wrote verbatim so you don’t even have to spend 2 mins thinking up a description to help unveil truth – just copy-paste and slap this on your social media profiles: — Vigilant Citizen just posted his April issue of ‘Symbolic Pics of the Month’. As usual, it’s this bunch of hipsters showing submission to the industry by hiding one eye or doing other weird, unnatural, satanism-inspired stuff. These people are controlled by people who in turn control our world. We’re letting Earth be run by devil worshippers – that’s right, they actually worship Satan, except they name him ‘Lucifer’ because they perceive him as the hero of the biblical tale! It’s pretty dumb, is it not? Maybe we should put an end to it. Or maybe we just just let Trump start WW3 while further impoverishing the brainwashed masses in the Land of the Slaves. I… Read more »


the industry [products by media not underground] is more fake than 10 years ago.
so simple language, stupid beat and sh*ty video.


That octopus/tentacle imagery on the Agents of Shield advert is reminiscent of the ring and symbol used in the more recent James Bond film starring Daniel Craig. I think Christoph (?sp) Waltz was the head of that organization.

Suspicious Agnostic

Seems like a bit of a slow month for our rulers – they’re probably a little busy these days, what with planning out and inciting ww3.

J Well

Please could you cover the “Mandela Effect” I brushed it off initially when my brother introduced it to me, but after looking into whilst waiting for a class at school, it’s quite shocking and honestly scary…

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