Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/17


In this edition of SPOTM: Emma Watson, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, a triceratops and some inappropriate stuff happening at the Kid’s Choice Awards.

Emma Watson is an “It” celeb at this particular moment and, of course, the media attention comes with a bunch of symbolic stuff (even photo “leaks”). Some controversy surrounded the following Vanity Fair photoshoot because Emma posed topless under a somewhat revealing shirt, prompting accusations of her being a “fake feminist”. As usual, mass media completely overlooked the core meaning of the photoshoot: Monarch mind control, where Emma is symbolically under the spell of a handler.

In this pic, Watson is trapped in a cage while birds are free around her. The cage is chained to what appears to be a piece of cloth which illustrates that her state of confinement is mental and not physical. As a whole, the image represents Watson being under mind control. On the left, we can make out a face made out of cage wire. Does it represent the handler, the one who has created Emma’s mental prison?
Here, Emma is lifted in the air by a man. Through trauma, the MK handler causes the slave to dissociate which comes with a feeling of weightlessness. In other words, this picture symbolically alludes to extreme pain and torture at the hands of a handler and the human brain’s natural response to it: Dissociation.
This image is also a reference to dissociation, specifically the feeling of total disorientation that it causes. The floating objects and the broken clock allude to the loss of the concepts of space and time during dissociation.
This piece illustrates the blurring between reality and fiction during mind control. Emma is embedded inside a picture frame in a perspective that is somewhat impossible. The image conveys the loss of one’s humanity during MK. Once again, this is happening under the supervision of the handler.

As usual, the One-Eye sign appeared everywhere in mass media in the past weeks – often in places that you would not expect … but also in places you would fully expect.

This product was promoted during the Superbowl and its logo couldn’t be more obvious: The triple 6 One-Eye hand sign (the fingers make three sixes).
While this “premium bottled water” is marketed as something very artistic and inspired (I only drink artistic water BTW), the truth is that it is owned by the Pepsico conglomerate which is owned by powerful elite people … the same people who are trying to permeate everything artistic with their symbolism.
This symbol is seen literally everywhere in Netflix’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. Is it a reference to the above triple 6 sign?
Guess who’s a big fan of this hand sign? You’ve guessed it. Emma Watson.
The Victoria’s Secret model Taylor Hill puts up that very same hand sign in a somewhat creative way in Marie Claire Indonesia.
More One-Eye action in Marie Claire Taiwan. This symbol NEEDS to be seen newsstands around the world.
The media conglomerate Conde Nast recently released the first issue of Vogue Arabia. On the cover is Gigi Hadid and the One-Eye sign. The title written in Arabic says: “Eye on the East”. The elite truly has its Eye on the East … and the West.
Meanwhile, Gigi’s sister Bella Hadid is doing a devil’s horn  + One-Eye sign combo to promote something.
This is an ad for an art exhibit entitled “9x9x9” at the National Gallery of Denmark. Even “national art” needs to be tainted.
A promotional poster for the movie “Kong Skull Island”. All hail the one-eyed king.
The promotional poster of the German movie “Werk Ohne Autor” = One Eye.
Every single character poster promoting Vampire Diaries features cracks around one eye.
Rihanna strategically hides one eye while being very edgy (she’s holding a lighter!) in Paper magazine.
The Kids Choice Awards is, in my humble opinion, worse than cancer and World War I combined. The fact that it is aimed specifically to kids makes it even worse than these two awful things combined. The group Little Mix delivered an uncomfortably sexual performance while wearing clothes with strange messages. The girl on the left (I don’t know her name and don’t care) is wearing a shirt on which is written “sick & twisted DEPRAVED” with a snake going inside a skull’s eye socket. Depraved means “marked by moral corruption or perversion”. Sounds about right. On the black shirt is an inverted pentagram – the symbol of black magick and satanism. The group won the award “Favorite Global Music Star”. Sounds about right.
The first image promoting the sequel of Jurassic World features a young girl looking up to a dinosaur skull. Although the skull appears to be of a triceratops, the exaggerated horns makes it reminiscent to the head of Baphomet. Before you go to the comments and type “BRO YOU REACHING BRO.”, look at this and compare.
The goat of Mendes made to fit an inverted pentagram.
The K-Pop group Six Bomb released two singles entitled “Getting Prettier Before & After” where the entire group underwent ACTUAL radical plastic surgery to change their faces. I’ve written several articles about K-Pop, its occult symbolism and the exploitation of its artists and this latest stunt further confirms the lack of control these girls have over their careers, let alone their physical integrity.

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You will either love the world and hate God, or you will love God and hate the world. Those are your choices. You cannot serve two masters.

The world is God’s greatest creation, you dope.

…As a test to mankind, It’s love will make man forget God

Why’s it always got to be about “God” – religion is the biggest control system ever invented, don’t you know…

It’s either a control system or the path to ultimate freedom. It’s very strange to me so many people can only see the first interpretation.

Strange? I think not :
Because of the things people Must Do, Must say to ”belong” to the specific faith-group.
Because of all religious leaders that had and have people drop bombs on other people.
Even so called violence-free-religions use trauma and effect, or buy children to work for them in temples or kitchens or latrines, under the disguise of ‘education’.
Do I need to go on?
Ofcourse there are true faithfull, loving, emphatic ones, but … not enough to rule out the swines, it appears.
The Devil and hell excists? Do not make me laugh, there are lots of people doing worse things here on this earth.
Heaven and hell are not in the afterlife – they appear in the here and now.
But not for everyone to see or to share…

I’d beg to differ, Orthodox Christianity isn’t like all those ‘wonderful’ religions. You call us Orthodox, because we stayed the same from the beginning. You call us Orthodox, but the real name, which is used in my language is: Pravoslavni Hrišćani. Because we stayed true to God. And always will.

This! I love VC articles. They are simply explained and make perfect sense to me. This comment section, though! It had the potential to be a perfect place to continue discussing the article. Instead we get the nuts and zealots that only focus on their personal religion. You are absolutely right, Londoner. God didn’t create man. Man created god. AS A MEAN TO CONTROL THE MASSES through fear. Years ago there were intelligent, thought provoking commenters. I miss them

satanic you mean

It is a trolls default position, mention god and wind everyone up, then channel the discussion down a harmless cul de sac.

Really? In what way? Are they forcing you to do something, or believe something? Are you not free to decide? Besides Jesus never promoted “religion”

Could well be aliens who made us, looking at the evidence, if it were a devine god. he is sloppy and arrogant and totally uncaring. I can see a god creating a beautiful planet then sitting back and watching elite lizards carve it and humanity to pieces for percieved wealth.

Yeay, let all of future’s mankind suffer for all the bad things some other people did thousands of years ago. ?
Why does that makes sense to some, is a big mystery.
Not even science can help, unless it is not-sponsored by a corporation.

You think science is not sponsored by corporations? That’s funniest thing I’ve heard all week. What are you five or something?

No, sorry Brads, you misread. My expression ”not-sponsored” was meaned to be read as ”not sponsored” …

That makes zero sense.

The wisdom of God is foolishness to the world (1st Cor 3:19), the wise of the world see foolishness in God (1st Cor 1:18). Unless you accept the Lord Jesus Christ’s finish work on the cross (Romans 10:9), it will continue to make zero sense.

It’s easy to see the devil’s handwork made manifest from the spiritual into the physical. Symbols are by far the easiest to see. The fountainhead of all abominable religious belief systems comes from ancient Babylon, all conjured by principalities (Eph 6:12) through people who accept to believe a lie (2nd Thes 9-12) for desires of the flesh. Religion is man made, and undoubtedly been used for control, but the bible is God’s word (John 1). If you seek truth above all else, without the love of your expectations of what the world should be, you will find Christ. (Jeremiah 29:13)

Lol…is that what you say when you don’t want something? Hahaha. Hey, you want something to drink? Zero….lol!

“The greatest trick of the Devil is to convince you he does not exist.”

And in the land of the blind, the one eyes man is King. Eerie stuff

Yawn, predictable, tired recycled brainless “stars”

And if you are not with us you are against us, right?