“Now You See Me”: A Movie About the Illuminati Entertainment Industry?


“Now You See Me” is about big-time magicians doing incredible magic tricks … and some kind of a bank heist. But mostly, “Now You See Me” is about a shady organization named “The Eye” that controls these entertainers. While most viewers are dizzied with the senseless action of the movie, an important message is being communicated: The occult elite controls the entertainment business … Do you see it?


Warning: Gigantic spoilers ahead!

Most critics had the same complaint about Now You See Me: The story makes absolutely no sense and is completely illogical. I wholeheartedly agree with them. Almost everything that happens during the entire movie is implausible. Even the mind-blowing overarching “master plan” of the movie actually depends on so many variables that could go wrong that it is, in fact, a horrible plan.

While most viewers will try to make sense of the action in Now You See Me, the movie simply keeps repeating to the viewers “The closer you look, the less you see”. It also constantly repeats that magicians always do something to distract the audience while the real magic happens elsewhere. Does this apply to the movie itself? Of course, it does. The police chase, the bank heist plot, the explosions are there to keep the viewers’ eyes occupied while the real underlying story unfolds: It is about the entertainment industry, the forces that rule it and those that are used by it. It is also about the audience, the masses that are being fooled by master illusionists. The first lines of the movie say it all:

“Come in close. Closer. Because the more you think you see, the easier it’ll be to fool you. Because what is seeing? You’re looking, but what you’re really doing is filtering, interpreting, searching for meaning. My job? To take that most of gifts you give me, your attention, and use it against you.”

These lines, said while a magic card trick is being performed, sum up the true role of mass media and the entertainment industry. The rest of the movie aptly describes who rules the industry and even the methods it uses. The magicians are recruited by a secret society named “The Eye” (this might ring a bell for readers of this site) that uses the entertainers to further its agenda and make its symbolism a part of popular culture. Take a step back and realize this: The movie IS the magician. Let’s take a look at the themes of Now You See me.


At first, we see the four magicians doing their own little thing separately. They are all trying to make a living doing their magic tricks. They are however far from being big-time celebrities. They are watched and followed by a hooded figure who leaves an invitation in the form of a tarot card.

In the back of the card is the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye with invitation information. In this particular shot, the card is hiding one of Merritt McKinney's eyes (played by Woody Harrelson), hinting that he's about to be part of the occult elite's entertainment industry.
On the back of the invitation card is the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye. In this particular shot, the card is held above a photo of one of the magicians and hides one of its eyes – hinting that he’s about to be part of the occult elite’s entertainment industry. The fact that one eye is replaced by the all-seeing eye also implies that he is about to lose a whole lot sight … and freedom.

The four magicians are selected because they excel in their particular field of magic and, mostly, because they sometimes appear to be using real, occult magic.

From left to right: Henley Reeves is an escapist and has been given the High Priestess card; J. Daniel Atlas is an illusionist and was given the Lovers card; Merritt McKinney is a mentalist and given The Hermit Card; Jack Wilder is a sleight of hand illusionist and was given the Death card.
From left to right: Henley Reeves is an escapist (High Priestess tarot card); J. Daniel Atlas is an illusionist (Lovers card); Merritt McKinney is a mentalist (Hermit card); Jack Wilder is a sleight-of-hand illusionist (Death card).


Jack Wilder, the youngest of the crew received the death card for a reason: it foreshadows his upcoming ritual sacrifice.
Jack Wilder, the youngest of the crew received the Death card for a reason: It foreshadows his upcoming ritual sacrifice.

The magicians are invited to a strange apartment with strange contraptions in it. After figuring out the riddles that were placed there (an initiation process), they see the elite’s plans laid out for them. Then, just like magic, they become big-time entertainers.

Puppets of Their Rulers

After joining The Eye, the magicians are in Las Vegas, surrounded by a roaring crowd while we hear big boisterous music that basically screams “This is showbiz, baby!”. The four magicians, who were four solo, independent acts, have now joined a group to become the Four Horsemen. This name is taken the Bible’s Book of Revelation, where the Four Horsemen are harbingers of the Apocalypse and the tribulations that come with it. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are often said to be associated with pestilence, war, famine, and death. This is a rather grim name for a bunch of magicians, but it makes sense when we know that they are working for the occult elite. The Book of Revelation is of great importance in secret societies as it is believed to conceal an occult meaning to be only deciphered by the initiates. A lot of their symbolism derives from it and this is no exception.

Not unlike “real” performers in the entertainment industry, the Four Horsemen are only there to obey orders coming from The Eye. Everything about them relates to the secret society that controls them.

This scale model of the stage on which the Four Horesemen perform is one giant eye.
The stage on which the Horsemen perform is a giant eye. That’s a scale model of the stage.
The logo of the Four Horsemen is quite enigmatic.
The logo of the Four Horsemen is quite enigmatic.
In one scene however, in the Horsemen's backstage room, we see a strange decoration that says "Eye". It appears to be made of a the combination of two 3D versions of the Horsemen logo. In short, the logo is another hidden way of hiding the Eye symbolism in plain sight.
In one scene, however, we see a strange decoration that says “Eye”. It appears to consist of a combination of two 3D versions of the Horsemen logo. In short, the logo is another hidden way of hiding Eye symbolism in plain sight.
When the group completes its most spectacular magic trick, the symbol of the Eye flashes on Times Square, hinting that performers are used to associate symbols of the occult elite with popular culture and mass media.
When the group completes its most spectacular magic trick, the symbol of the Eye flashes on Times Square. While most people believe that The Eye is a myth, its symbolism is everywhere … just like in real life.

Everything about the Four Horsemen is therefore stamped with the seal of the Eye.

It is interesting to note that the people behind the movie did not create a fictional symbol to represent the secret society. They used the most important symbol of today’s occult elite – one the most important symbols of various powerful secret societies. As we often see on this site, this symbol is also already used all over mass media. Why is that? Is it because the movie plays the role of the Four Horsemen – a vehicle for the symbolism of the occult elite?

The Eye – Based on the Actual Secret Society that Runs Hollywood?

As the movie progresses, we discover some information The Eye and its history. Everything about it closely resembles an actual secret society that is powerful in Hollywood: the OTO, a self-described “magickal Order”.

In the movie, the Eye is:

“keepers of real magic and protectors of those who practice it. Candidates for initiation must follow a series of commands with blind obedience”.

It is clearly stated that the symbol of the Eye originates from the Ancient Egyptian symbol of the Eye of Horus.

During the movie we see a documentary about The Eye which states that it originates from Ancient Egypt.
A documentary on the Eye shows its occult origin.
The researcher investigating the origins of the Four Horsemen and the Eye drew this in her notepad and wrote above it "Eye of Horus".
This is a page of the notepad of the researcher investigating the Four Horsemen. The Eye of Horus is one of the most important symbols of the Freemasons, OTO, and the Illuminati. The use of this symbol in this movie was not random.

The characteristics of the Eye closely resemble the OTO.

The OTO is based on Aleister Crowley’s Thelema  – a philosophy that was “communicated” to him while inside an Egyptian pyramid. Like The Eye, the OTO primarily focuses on “real” magick and its near-scientific application. Crowley added the letter “k” at the end of magick to distinguish it from stage magic. Therefore, like The Eye, the OTO considers itself “keepers of real magic”.

The symbol of the Eye of Horus is of the extreme importance for the OTO because the OTO is all about bringing about the Aeon of Horus – an era ruled by the Thelema. Is it surprising to see that, in this Aeon of Horus, mass media is literally flooded with the symbol of the Eye of Horus?

In the movie, one of the book used to research The Eye is called "The Guardians of Horus".
In the movie, one of the books used to research The Eye is called “The Guardians of Horus”.
The layout of the cover closely resembles the cover of actual OTO litterature, complete with rectangular borders and golden text written in gold.
The layout of its cover closely resembles the cover of actual OTO books, complete with rectangular borders and a title in golden, embedded, capitalized letters.

Just like The Eye, the OTO exerts a great influence in Hollywood. One of its mission statements is to bring about Thelema and the Aeon of Horus to the masses. What better tool than mass media to do so?

Inside the Industry

As we witness the Four Horsemen rise to fame, we also see how the entertainment industry functions. For instance, there are a few allusions to the usage of mind control on various people.

This French guy, who is supposed to be a randomly selected member of the audience for a magic trick is actually someone who was targeted and programmed to do whatever they want him to do.
This supposedly “randomly selected member of the audience” for a magic trick is actually a mind-control slave.

Thaddeus (the guy who attempts to debunk the Horsemen and the Eye) describes how this guy ended up on stage:

“He was selected. Programmed his mind to make it to Las Vegas. And then they kept reinforcing it until he did. They trailed him. They studied him. Nothing was left to chance. He had no idea he was their target. And they simply activated him in Las Vegas.”


This FBI agent (played by Common) starts playing an air violin after he hears the word "bullshit", letting us know that even people in law enforcement can be mind controlled in order for the elite to get its plans done.
This FBI agent (played by Common) starts playing an air violin after he hears the word “bullshit”. We later learn that he was programmed by the magicians and that the word “bullshit” triggers him into playing air violin. This is a way of letting us know that law enforcement can also be programmed by the elite.

Another key aspect of the Illuminati industry is the use of ritual sacrifices in order to bring about transformation. The illusionist Jack Wilder was given the tarot card of Death at the beginning of the movie because he was chosen for a ritual sacrifice.

Jack, one of the Four Horsemen, dies in a car crash - an event that is broadcast on live TV.
Jack, one of the Four Horsemen, dies (kind of) in a car crash – an event that is broadcast on live TV.

The event causes shock and brings sympathy towards the elite-backed magicians. We later discover that the car crash was a set up and that Jack is still alive – but the public doesn’t know that. The event is an example of a ritual sacrifice played out on a mass scale by the occult elite. It was also a diversion.

The movie also shows what happens to those who fall out of the elite’s good graces. Thaddeus, an ex-magician, now makes a career out of creating DVDs “debunking” magicians. When he goes against the elite-backed Horsemen, things do not end well for him.

Thaddeus is framed by The Eye and thrown in jail.
Thaddeus is framed by The Eye and thrown in jail.

When asking the police officer (who turns out to be part of The Eye) why this is happening to him, here’s the reply.

“The legend is that The Eye is everywhere. Waiting for the truly great magicians to distinguish themselves from the mediocre ones. Maybe that was you. Deep down inside you wanted nothing more than be part of The Eye, but you were never invited.”


As the movie progresses, it becomes obvious that the members of the Four Horsemen have no idea what’s really going on. Like real life artists in the industry, they are mere puppets trying to fulfill the tasks given to them. They, however, know one thing for sure: They desperately want to be part of The Eye.

Once they complete their entire mission, the Horsemen meet up in Central Park.

The magicians are greeted by the very guy that was trying to arrest them during the entire movie. Does this make sense? No. But it does convey the meaning that The Eye own mass media AND law enforcement.
The magicians are greeted by Dylan Rhodes, the FBI agent that was trying to arrest them during the entire movie … *cough*… While this plot twist makes little to no sense, it does convey the meaning that The Eye own mass media AND law enforcement.

Rhodes tells the magicians “Welcome to The Eye” and brings them to a carousel that starts turning. The magicians mount on a little horsie and start spinning around. This leads us to think: Were the magician taken for a literal ride during the whole time? Does The Eye even exist?

Judging by the magnitude of the schemes the Horsemen were involved in, there is no doubt that a VERY powerful entity was behind them. However, like in real life, outsiders can never be part of the “inner-circle”. While the Horsemen did everything required from them, they will never be part of the elite. This fact is reinforced in a semi-hidden scene at the end of the movie.

A few minutes after the credits roll out, there’s a scene that I’m sure many people missed. It shows the ultimate fate of entertainers used by the occult elite.

The Horsemen are told to go to a place in the desert where old Las Vegas signs are thrown away. This neon sign graveyard pretty much represents their own career.
The Horsemen are told to go to a place in the desert where old Las Vegas signs are thrown away. This neon sign graveyard pretty much represents their own career.

They then go get equipment for their new magic show.

The magicians realizes that the boxes stamped with the sign of The Eye are locked. The Horsemen do not have access to Eye-related privileges anymore.
The magicians realize that the boxes stamped with the sign of The Eye are locked. The Horsemen do not have access to Eye-related privileges anymore.

Thinking that maybe their magical tarot cards might be able to unlock their crates, the magicians look in their pockets. Their tarot cards are gone. The Eye does not need these performers anymore so their pass was revoked. They were used and now they were thrown away in the desert amongst discarded neon signs.

So to answer questions many ask me: Are artists like Jay-Z actually part of the Illuminati? There’s your answer.

The Big Picture

Throughout the movie, investigators ask themselves “Why do they go through all of this trouble”? Why do the magicians and, by extension The Eye construct these elaborate schemes? It makes no sense. And, to many viewers, the movie doesn’t make sense. Most of the action is based on moronic police officers running around, pointing their guns, trying to catch smug-faced magicians. However, behind the action scenes and the loud music, there’s a message there. The movie itself repeatedly tells the viewers: “The closer you look, the less you see”. The closer you try to understand and make sense of the action going on screen, the less you see the “big picture”.

Now You See Me is definitely not about a bank heist. It is about the “magic” of the entertainment industry. Crowley defined magick as “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”. The goal of the entertainment industry is to cause change. But that change takes time … years, decades and generations. The movie describes the process in a very metaphorical matter.

The Interpol agent researching The Eye describes the most famous trick of a magician named Lionel Shrike

“When he was 14, he saw a hole in a tree in Central Park. He had a guy, who worked at the carousel, sign a card for what looked like a routine little trick. At the guy’s retirement, 18 years later, Shrike performs, has the guy sign a card and presto! The card is in the tree. It was in the tree for 18 years.

The trick was not to look closely. It was to look so far that you see 20 years into the past.”

After the Horsemen completed all of their tasks, they were asked to meet at Shrikes' tree. The card inside the tree can represent the transformative "magic" that occurs in people and society over the years through exposure to mass media and the entertainment industry.
After the Horsemen completed all of their tasks, they were asked to meet at Shrike’s tree because it represents what the Eye is all about. Just like the card inside the tree trick, the elite’s transformative “magic” is about the long-term big picture.

At one point, Thaddeus says:

“This is a magic trick played out on the global scale. And you are the abracadabra, the distraction”.

While the viewers are hypnotized with explosions and car chases, they are missing the real magic: The elite transforming society to fit its needs through mass media.

Most of the "magic" we see during the movie is CGI. The entertainment industry is the real master of illusion.
Most of the “magic” we see during the movie is CGI. The entertainment industry is the real master of illusion.

The movie ends with a call from the Illuminati to the public, letting them know that they are the ones being duped by the real magicians.

“Come in close. Closer. Because now you know our secret. We could be anywhere. Watching you. We’re looking for someone to help us with our next trick. On the count of three, open your eyes and tell me what you see. One. Two …”

Fade to black…

In Conclusion

While there is absolutely nothing “realistic” about Now You See Me, it does aptly describe what actually happens in the entertainment industry. The magicians in the movie represent the various artists and performers that are recruited by the elite to advance its agenda. The Eye is based on actual secret societies that exert influence in Hollywood. While these facts might be crystal clear to some, most viewers probably miss these messages as they try to understand what the hell is going on.

In fact, during the entire time, the movie kind of laughs at the audience. At one point, a member of the Horsemen says: “The magician must be the most intelligent person in the room”. The movie is so Hollywood that it is almost a parody of it. It is almost telling the viewers: “Look at the moronic stuff you’re consuming to be entertained”. But, behind it all, there’s a powerful message coming straight from The Eye. Either you see it … or you don’t.

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There is a much deeper esoteric message in this film. This movie is about Satan's revenge. The main character is seeking to avenge the death of his father, Lionel Shrike. It is a plan put in motion long ago, like the card placed in the tree. Satan is communicating that he has been planning his revenge upon God and mankind for a long time, and he will have it now at the end of this age. Consider the symbolism of the name Lionel Shrike. The first name is an allusion to Christ, who is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. The word "El" is translated as "God" in the Bible. So this is a reference to the Lion God. The Shrike is a bird that is also known as the "butcher bird." These birds kill their prey by impaling them on thorns and then devouring them. Wikipedia shares the… Read more »


Excellent analysis. Thank you for taking the time to put it down in words.


I agree with that. Moreover, all that movie is about 4 sorcerers (magicians) , guided by a 5th hidden one… Satanic puppeteer !

"Look up Our History is not what we think" on YouTube it kind of links in to some of the things just said and mention about the connections. Not saying its all true but ideas and concepts interestingly fall in hand with a lot of what's is being said.
Also throws in the questions I have after watching many conspiracy theories about are the illuminati good or bad as it was thrown in the lime light in a couple they were meant to be revolutionists, take down religions, banks etc but over time became the corrupted. So maybe it's true someone is reaching out for the good or to delude you further into the bad.
Rewatching the movie to see what I didn't think about first time around.

Bravo bud What an eye opener

But satan didn’t have Christ crucified. God did. Satan has no power over Christ. .

It seems ‘Parables’ has produced an extremely well researched analysis of this movie but somehow is unfamiliar with this crucial difference. Most surprising. Yet – having not seen this debacle of a ‘movie’ myself – my guess is he’s correct about essentially everything else.

To “Parables”: TL;DR.
Learn to communicate clearly and *concisely*.

another thing i see here is that Lionel Shrike[ is like satan here] while he died his son [the anti christ ] was angry and was planing to revenge his father for like 20 years or more as the illuminati has being planing for war against GOD and the creatures he made

Interesting. I've been an Alchemist now for many years, and have studied the Occult in great length, though it is a vast subject, and even I feel as though I have barely scratched the surface. However, through my search for an answer I found one, and it was the most amazing, most magical moment of my life… to try to put it in words would be useless. As much as I admire your quest for truth, I must give you some advise… before you draw your conclusions consider this, God, the Light, the Truth, the One Mind, works through all things. Therefore, when looking for the darkness, do not neglect the light. Everything is made up of light and dark, but all too often most people only seek and see the darkness in a thing, and completely miss the light, and the teaching. As an Alchemist I seek to find… Read more »

deelo – Great Post btw as I can also relate to it myself, thanks.

Thanks BluBoy, glad my words resonated with you, those who have the true light must use it to bring Good and Love into this world, it is the only way to destroy this illusion of fear that the corrupt men of this world try so hard to maintain, for it is a very weak illusion, and it doesn't take much to break, and thats what they fear.

These actors are all weird. Woody Harrelson's dad was a hitman, who claimed to have shot JFK. Then you got Woody in movies like Natural Born Killers, Seven Psychopaths, No Country For Old Men… he's consistently in movies about psychopathy and killing. Jesse Eisenberg must have been raised in a bubble, because when he got tagged to play the founder of Facebook, he claims he didn't even know what Facebook was. How is that even possible? His mom was a clown at birthday parties, and in Zombieland, his biggest fear was clowns. Pretty strange. It's also weird how he stars in both Zombieland, and Adventureland, back to back. There's these very weird themes with actors, with their art imitating their life. Morgan Freeman used to be my favorite actor, now he's pushing Visa cards on me every time I turn on the TV. He has a long list of Illuminati… Read more »

Screenwriter name is Boaz Yakin (masonic BOAZ and JACHIN)

Anybody else think its strange how recently we have all these movies and celebrities talking about some kind of revolt against the government and the bankers etc? Like we've had Russell Brand talking about it, the Hunger Games is this huge franchise watched by millions.
Makes me wonder if a revolution is actually what 'they' want..

I’d say ‘yes’, that is exactly what they want. An attempt at revolution by an ill equipped population will result in a police state where the elite are granted total control in the name of security and prosperity. Recent hollywood teen flicks no longer promote lustful teens prancing all over each other, instead they instill the idea that a dystopian, troubled world is before us, that power is corrupt, and as a result revolutionary action is required. Although the world certainly is troubled, as readers of this website will clearly attest to, the elite want us to react violently so they can force us into total submission. I’ve come to realize that the most powerful tool that we have is to educate society about what is really happening and take small actions like rejecting mainstream media, consuming from small local family shops rather than massive chain stores, and strengthening the… Read more »

The cop who is in the eye went through all of that, and used the four horsemen, to get revenge on Morgan Freeman's character who could also be described as a "truther" or "conspiracy theorist". It reminds me of how they imprison a lot of the rappers who start to talk. Rappers who are in the business but are speaking out about it. In the movie it makes it seem like he was jealous because he wanted to be in the eye but wasn't good enough, but it never changed the fact that he was debunking illusions and lies. He didn't deserve jail time for that. He was also a sacrifice or the scapegoat for their actual crimes. Think about it. The movie makes a lot more sense with this added.


When people spit illuminati symbols throughout media why do they believe these symbols were placed subliminally. The illuminati isn't a secret. The cat is out of the bag. People spot illuminati symbols & say ah, they're trying to get us. But why does no one ever think about why were allowed to see these symbols & know that this group exist. And yes we're ALLOWED to see these things it's not subliminal. The secret isn't exposing the illuminati the secret is why are they exposing themselves. Meanwhile were looking so closely at them there's for more things going on off stage we aren't aware of

The illuminati expose themselves through symbols to subconsciously place those symbols in your mind. When you see their symbol and don’t recognize it, the more power it has over you… Watch out

omg this is exactly what i was thinking about! like they want us to see stuff and while we are “exposing” them they are probably planning something bigger!

I haven't seen this movie but can surmise the scene where they were thrown away in the desert amongst discarded neon signs as a future event (Fema death camps) where the masses that have been deceived by the entertainment media mind control programming, news media (Fox news etc)..have led them to their graves. The magicians playing the part of puppets are no longer needed when the elite have reached their diabolical plan. Stay away from sin city…seek Christ!!!

I'm so tired of all this illuminati bull s**t symbolism. In the end, "the meek shall inherit the earth," and all their fruitless efforts to gain immortality, enslave or kill the "useless eaters" as they call us, and gain the earth will be in vain.

The movie does exactly what it intends to do, it throws up a wall of distractions… Illusions… while you openly see and think you see the Illumnati and what is all about you might just be wrong and miss the whole picture.
By showing you the movie in plain view you have already been brainwashed into believing exactly what they want you to believe, it makes you speculate and as you over speculate you create your own confusion about the real truths.
The mind is a funny and very delicate thing it believes its own lies and creates its own truths.

Watched the movie again. Here's some things I noticed besides the obvious symbolism the eye, four horsemen and Illumnati relationship. Not sure if anybody can make something out of the symbolism of each playing card used. A lot of graffiti and random background writings mostly I only payed attention to visible English words. I wil go through them in notable sequence order with the movie. There is dinosaur figurines on the table when he discovers the lovers card, maybe coincidence maybe means evolution. Also I think demons on the poster on the wall as she leaves. Water is used on the four horsemen symbol, water is theorized to contain the memory of human history and hold the keys to our life in coincidence with a white rise. Not sure if this might be what the symbolism of the keys to the locks at the end of the movie under a… Read more »
The end scene in the desert. Not sure what desert it is but there is a theory an underground alien base is underneath what i am pretty sure was the Mexican desert. Most of the story may just be meaning that a war/revenge is taking place, and nobody is sure whose in the lead and making the smartest moves until it ends. Throwing so many theories around you start to think bullshit but maybe that's the point to give so many stories you don't know which ones to believe. Main messages for me was the intention to divide messages on the elevator wall. I will assume this to one of my own theories is the Multiculturalism is being pushed on us today is not to bring us together but to divide us like putting a lion with its prey into a cage together. Culture, religion, racism, discrimination putting us all… Read more »

My question is: is the movie celebrating the Illuminati / MK Ultra culture or is it trying to expose it? Discuss.

my question exactly. The fact that everyone seems to blindly adore the film gives you a hint to the answer…

It’s actually about ECONOMICS and how offshore funding actually happens. The manipulation of stocks, the BIG BUBBLES it creates. The myth of wall street generating growth when in fact money is moving from hedge fund to hedge fund generating wealth by tax maneuverings and internet based inside info. The time of markets opening from one end of the world to the other opens up room for folks to take advantage. It’s all in there. Just replace the idea of magicians with investment bankers and you will see it works really well.

The "strange" Four Horsemen symbol is a sideways 9 going through an Eleven. But honestly…the numbers 9 and 11 are lucky numbers in the occult, that's why they keep using them and used them in the past.

Ha Ha.. Ah yes, the "Shrike Tree" … the "Tree of Pain" in Dan Simmons' Hyperion Cantos series.

Just like the shrike bird that lures its prey into impaling itself on tree thorns, The Shrike construct/demon/monster uses the "Tree of Pain" or "Tree of Thorns" to impale all of humanity in the distant future.

Get ready for Hollywood / Illuminati's adaptation of this 4 book series to expand on the concept of impaling your mind, body, and soul while you suffer the inescapable agony of total subjugation… coming soon to a mind control theater near you.

To OP: Interesting read but your scope of thinking is limited. People that live their day to day lives without taking the time to investigate the the things going on around them are clueless and therefore irrelevant; hence, they are not the target audience. You and the rest of the Illuminati conspiracy theorists are the actual audience and the Illuminati is your distraction. There is always a bigger picture.

Evaluate: You cannot allow your mind to focus on the minute details. Think of the universe. From atoms come matter, from matter comes people, from people to cities, states, countries, continents, Earth, the solar system, the Milky Way Galaxy, the Universe, ad infinitum. Think…then look deeper…..question to the infinite power.

So they never say "three" at the end of the movie to use it as trigger word whenever you really hear the word "three"? i know thats kinda an overstatement but can movies or tv literally hypnotise people that way¿?

“Why do the nations rage and the people’s plot in vain … against the Lord and against His annointed? ….let us tear their fetters apart, and cast away their cords from us! He who sits in the heavens laughs, The Lord scoffs at them….” (Psalms 2:1-3)

“In the last days…the nations shall bear their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks” Isaiah 2:2-4)

It is not completely clear you are saying the movie is BY AND FROM the Illuminati while at the same time ‘exposing’ it. I’m thinking it’s about time I stop watching Hollywood crap altogether. It’s a distraction. Amen? Here are a few items I gleaned from the distraction. Themes: Eye of Horus, an order established in ancient Egypt (masons), redistribution of wealth… Distrust implanted among allies to cause division. Connection between governments, international banks and a private security contractor. (Bilderberg) Quotes: “This is a magic trick played out on a global scale.” “Whatever this grand trick is, it was designed a lo-ong time ago.” Candidates for invitation must follow a series of commands with blind obedience… for only by taking a leap of faith will their eyes truly be opened.” (Clear allusions to the masonic hoodwink, and the ritual used in the Royal Arch degree where a capstone is removed… Read more »

mi english is very bad sorry, but the logo of the film means September 11: 9 11

Maybe you didn’t get the role of Dylan Rhodes. He is also an Illusionist, and he’s part is to act that he is trying to catch the Horsmen

Hello, i’d like to tell you about now you see me 2. sorry if my english is not the best, my first tongue is french. At the end of the movie, they gather at Green Whitch (Lucifer) place (greenwitch, England, GMT place point 0 ) i noticed a pyramid made of cards… (from a 32 cards game) On the top, you can see the Diamond Queen (she is Lilith !) and below of her, you can see 2 and 3 of clubs… of course, 1 of clubs is there but hidden because of the camera place… 1 of club is hidden…a weath symbol hidden, then 2 and 3 of clubs are really bad cards, just watch cartomancy stuffs, deceivement, treachery and many bads things… Diamond queen is also a wicked woman, treacherous(that really fits Lillith) Moreover, number 23 is bad number announcement of purification… Jesus back to break tables of… Read more »
The Penitent Man Shall Pass

I know what that symbol means. Find Third Eagle Media on Youtube. Search for Amazing 666 Pope Francis Photo.

Basically, it’s a 666, and on the flip side of the folded side is another 66. Two 6s is the devil, three 666s is the Antichrist, I think.

2/3=.666 symbolizing man (Adam+Eve) over God (Father+Son+Holy Ghost), which is Antichrist
3/2=1.5 or 5+5+5 symbolizing God over man, which the Third Eagle guy says is holy, because God putting himself over man is better.

I’m not so sure. I think they’re both probably evil. It’s just another example of the Yin Yang, or As Above, So Below symbology. The Bible forbids using the cheat codes of the universe anyways.

Anyways, there’s your answer: It’s the mark of the beast.

Hey, so i saw the movie and was wondering about what was the real purpose like the massage this movie is sending or to be clearer the people behind the movie are trying to send across, that’s the reason why I’m reading this article. so i have understood so far from my research that,artist like Kenya west, jay z are part of the so said puppets of the elites and are used by these elites then put back to where they started and the elites ca not be disobeyed. So my question is what about artists like j cole who was sighed by jay z and is sending a message of hope across with his positive lyrics i mean i am a fan of j cole like i am getting confused. Thanks for the article, will be so happy if i hopefully get a reply. Looking forward to your reply.
I watched the movie, "Now You See Me," and it is a great movie. I love mysticism and illusion. I vision the media in its quest to reveal, relay, and regards to the veil that is cascaded in front of the ones who sees but doesn't. He who has an ear let him hear as he who has eyes to see. Viewing this movie, I am awaiting the return of the sequel. Which is named in the movie; to those who are real watchers of the eye. The optical illusion is to show you what you see as real and make you believe it is. Well real is real. What you see is what it is. This sequel may bring in the element of what you don't see. To show you, while allowing you to examine the whole picture being processed. In other words, here it is, here it isn't.… Read more »

Their is a series on YouTube called THE ARRIVALS . It explain a lot.

merci beaucoup pour votre site web que Dieu vous benisse

Weren't you listening? Nothing's ever locked.

The crew is now in pre-production for Now You See Me II…I'm sure it will prove just as telling 🙂

This movie is pure illuminati bullshit. They also enclose Jesus and Buddah to the illuminati agenda calling them magicians. I guess they see spirituality as a trick and this devil worshiping is just another illusion to them. I not a great believer in the afterlife but who knows maybe there is something or someone that is "a few steps ahead of them"
Love&Truth to everybody!

I also have another perspective about the ending and jumping into the "eye", VC. I have read about "Mystery Schools" and the idea that they are schools that you are invited to by the elite, but they don't exist in this dimension.The Secret History of the World book by Mark Booth discusses more of this. It's a wild concept, but if they are able to do that, then it makes sense why they are so many steps ahead of us in this world and control so much beyond our understanding. Maybe they control physical time and space as well, altering matter as alchemy suggests. However, I do believe that their keeping secrets from the masses and going against the guidance of God will come with a severe price, that they will eventually have to pay after having all the money and power in the earthly physical world. They have been… Read more »

Watched the movie twice now, I really enjoyed it. I've been very, very confused about it and I thought that if I watched it again I would understand it more? But your kind review/analysis of this movie has really helped me to actually see how it relates to the industry ad Hollywood etc. Well I'm English but, for america any ways. I heard they're doing a second move in 2015? Looking forward to it.

"When you believe in things you don't understand,
then you suffer..
(superstition ain't the way)"

You would think that the satanic stooges could come up with a better movie, but I guess they know their audiences.

Weren't you listening? Nothings ever locked

was the FBI agent actually satan or a high priest? like in the movie the devil's advocate keanu reaves boss was actually satan.

I love this movie. The highest magician of them all turned out to be the detective. Hidden in plain sight the entire game. Not only playing a major role in the game, but orchestrating it as well. I think this movie actually is an eye-opener. While the masses are seen as being fired by the horsemen, the horsemen were also being hoodwinked by the master magician. And he didn't just sit back and watch the action unfold. He ess right in the thick of it. And isn't that exactly what a true elitist with a sense of humor would do? They are doing it all the time. It just goes to show, never judge a book by its cover. That little unassuming nerd in the corner of the room might just be your puppetmaster.

Of all the symbols they could use, I have no idea why they would use eye of horus. One people have see. Over and over associated with the occult, it would have made much more sense to use something else.

Even The Title Of The Movie Says It All. "Now You See Me" I think the movie was made by people who are trying to expose illuminatti. For people who don't know about illuminatti "Now You See What It Is About." At the same time, it is hypnotising the masses that you must worship the eye. "The Eye" is seen as an elite group that helps people out by giving people money & that if you double cross them, they will end your life e.g. "Thaddeus Bradley." Many people who have tryed to expose he illuminatti have been compromised by the FBI, police force etc. Its time to choose if you are with Jesus Christ or the devil himself!!! the devil is gonna fail anyway but he doesn't want to fail alone. God wants us to prosper & to praise him because one day, we shall live together with him… Read more »

cool article. revealed some things I missed watching the movie. I enjoyed the flick actually and wouldn't mind seeing a sequel. One thing though I noticed. I know the article is a few mnths old so I apologize for the really late response but you mentioned that the after credit scene was symbolic of the Eye not needing the magicians anymore. My understanding was that the scene took place prior to the events the magicians became famous as the horsemen, and was set after the four discovered the blue prints in the apartment. If that is so how could it be a sign the magicians themselves are no longer needed when their work for the Eye has not even begun? If I am interpreting this wrong please let me know. Thanks.

Just watched it. Great romp. Good little write up, to, but a couple of underpinning points are erroneous – "As the movie progresses, it becomes obvious that the members of the Four Horsemen have no idea what’s really going on…". This is spelled out in the movie – they're in the blind leap of faith phase, the initiation for joining The Eye. "After joining The Eye, the magicians are in Las Vegas". See above. Biggest miss, though, is the end scene. It's nothing more than a deleted scene from the beginning of the movie. They're in the desert (Nevada), wearing the same clothes as they had on when they all first came together and it takes a moment to register "what cards?". It looks like that in the scene they shot and cut, Woody forgot his prop, hence his grin. I'm sure there's a great subtext to be exposed from… Read more »

there's one tiny mistake in this review it's that true they don't have the pocket cause they merge it at some part of the movie and i think henley gave it to the FBI guy cause he pocketed something and not all of them checked their pockets and as you see merritt checking his pockets he is suprised to find the card in his back pocket(check the wiki)

There is an image of someone in a hood or cloak underwater during the sinking key sequence , you need to freeze directly after Dave Franco says 2 but it is there…. Entasis

The symbol looks like a 4 and an H, for the for four horsemen

Perhaps the "illuminate" are trying to make themselves out to be the cult-ish, evil, bad guys to disguise the fact that we all have the ability to become uber powerful. Perhaps JayZ etc are trying to get us to wake up?

I just recently watched the movie, and at the end, Merritt actually finds his tarot card in his back pocket ,and that's where the movie cuts off, and I found out there working on a squel to the movie! Is that where the MASTER plan really unfolds ,like Thaddeus said "on a global scale"??

That is strange as I just rented it and the entire desert scene is gone. When the screen goes black underwater in France, the movie rolls credits and ends. Someone else is saying the DVD for sale did the same thing. Not saying that you are lying, but am interested to know further information about what and where you saw the scene extend further than VC. It makes sense to me, in that they showed Merritt with The Eye superimposed over his, and he seemed to have the "genuine" occult power of the group. I also think that the casting of Harrelson in that role was no coincidence, but that's just me.

I liked the movie and have been waiting on this review for a while. I was wondering if anybody else noticed the "upside-down cross" that was displayed when the detective was the gps like thingy to locate the magicians. The upside-down cross is shown when the detective gets lost trying to chase them.

I love reading VC articles but honestly I think VC fell short and didn't delivered an accurate interpretation and got a few scenes wrongly ordered. this movie was NOT about the entertainment industry( like VC says) it's about something bigger. I still believe this movie still holds a lot of secrets that no one has identified. this movie is truly an artwork in my personal opinion. this is going to be like Kurbrick films, they were highly criticized and bashed when they were first released, years later they became masterpieces.

i have to admit i liked the movie…maybe it's all the nice tricks that they did but now remembering it critically i totally agree. I was among those who missed the last clip of the magicians being dumped after being used… Truly the world is coming to an end