What’s Up With Room 322 at Hotel ZaZa?

A very creepy painting above the bed depicting two girls with dead eyes and deformed, elongated necks. Does this image represent split personalities?

Hotel ZaZa is a stylish inn located in Houston, Texas. While the hotel is known for its luxurious suites, a recent post on Reddit revealed the existence of the mysterious “Room 322”. This room it is not advertised on the hotel’s website and, in short, is the definition of creepy. This is what the Redditor posted:

stay here frequently when on business. Hotel was booked solid and my colleague managed to score a room unplanned. We all had normal zaza style rooms (swank) and he ended up in this goth dungeon closet.

Seriously- the room had a chain holding the bed to wall, pictures of skulls and a creepy, incongruous portrait of an old man. Room was about 1/3 the normal size with the furniture blocking part of the TV, bed and window.

We asked about it at the front desk and the clerk looked it up and said ” that room isn’t supposed to be rented.’ and immediately moved him.
– Source: Reddit

Here are pics of the room, each of which kind of raises concerns about what actually happens there.

The floor is hard, dirty concrete, unlike any other room in the hotel.
Unlike any other room in the hotel, the floor is cold, hard, dirty concrete,


The room is about a third of the size of other rooms in the hotel. The mirror is embedded in the brick wall, leading some Redditors to think that it is actually a two-way mirror...
The room is about a third of the size of other rooms in the hotel and is the only one with brick walls. The mirror is embedded in the brick wall, leading some to believe that it is actually a two-way mirror…
The bed is chained to the wall. Why?
The bed is chained to the wall. Why?
Skull frame on the wall. Rather appropriate since 322 is the Skull and Bones' sacred number.
Skull frame on the wall. Rather appropriate since 322 is the Skull and Bones’ sacred number.
Skull clock
Skull clock

Those that are aware of the occult elite’s symbolism know that 322 is the “sacred” number of the Skull & Bones secret society (to which belong the likes of George W. Bush, George Bush Sr. and John Kerry).

Official Skull and Bones logo prominently featuring the number 322.
Official Skull and Bones logo prominently featuring the number 322.
A very creepy painting above the bed depicting two girls with dead eyes and deformed, elongated necks. Does this image represent split personalities?
A very creepy painting above the bed depicting two girls with dead eyes and deformed, elongated necks. Does this image represent split personalities?
Another creepy image above the bed of a guy with huge eyes. Does this represent an all-seeing handler?
Another creepy image above the bed of a guy with huge eyes. He doesn’t look nice at all.
Overseeing the room is the picture of a man. According to some, it is Jay Comeaux, President at Stanford Group Company. Why is this random elite guy on the wall? WHY??
Overseeing the room is the picture of a suited man. Appaerently, it is Jay Comeaux, President of Stanford Group Company. Why is this random elite guy on the wall? Does he have something to do with the Skull and Bones?
This looks like the perfect place to traumatize someone.
This looks like the perfect place to traumatize someone.

When the story came out, people from the hotel’s PR responded that room 322 was a theme room entitled “Hard Times” and was meant to recreate a “prison experience”. This room is however not advertised anywhere and, as some people noted, there is nothing in that room that really recalls a “prison experience”. Do jail cells have huge mirrors, brick walls and frames of skulls, weird deformed faces and company CEOs on walls? Not really.

Another strange fact, a year before this story came out, a book author posted on her blog a little something about room 322 as well. This is what she wrote about it:

“When I checked into Houston’s Hotel ZaZa at midnight on Thursday night, there was some confusion. My first room was a themed room, known as the Hard Times room; this skull was on the wall. A few minutes after I got there, the front desk called up and said they had to move me; the people at the front desk were deeply upset at the thought of me being stuck in this room.”
– Source: Pop Culture Nerd

Apparently, hotel staff do not want everyday visitors to stay in that room. Is this room called “Hard Times” because it is used for occult elite trauma-inducing rituals? Cannot say for sure, but this is definitely a sinister site.


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the way to test for a two-way mirror is this: touch the mirror with your finger. if there is a gap between the tip of your finger and the image of your finger in the mirror- that's a regular mirror. if your finger touches the image of your finger- that's a two-way. get out!

The fingernail thing is A MYTH, it doesnt work. Lots of mirrors dont show that little space. That little space between your fingers has to do with the type of glass that is used. Anyone who has played with cheap toys can realize this. I learned about this myth as a kid and tried it on every single mirror i found, including the random mirrors attached on shitty toys. Some show the gap, others dont. A quick google search will show you this too. A better way to look for fake mirrors would be to inspect the wear and tear at the corners of the mirror, a lot of mirrors are made with glass and a reflective film on the back of the glass, which starts to wear away on the corners. Depending on the type of fake mirror, you could also cup your hands on it and look through… Read more »

I know I'm late to comment on this article but this is the first time I've seen it. Don't know if anyone will see this… However, I had to make a comment because I thought it was interesting when I looked up the hotel out of curiosity I noticed the name of the hotel restaurant… It's name is Monarch. Spooky! 🙂

Well, now I see that someone noticed the same thing just a few comments up… sorry 😛 But, yeah, try as I might I could not get the room to pop up for reservation. The other ones that are mentioned in interviews and whatnot in reference to this one being themed are listed… not this one though.

no carpet = no blood stains

I was at hotel zaza for a luncheon last week, and, being a Houston native, I had never even heard of this hotel before. This hotel was so eerie to me, I had to go home and research it; that's how I stumbled upon this thread. There was most definitely an uncomfortable/evil feel to it, no matter how expensive the hotel may look. If something feels wrong, then there's something wrong–never ignore intuition.

Am I the only one who noticed that the pillow in the bed reads: "hey beautiful, we own you" …?

If I had been assigned that room I'd just bite the cost and smash that mirror, just to see if there is a room behind it. I'd have to know.

The elite skulls and bones like 322 because of that. Genesis 3:22King James Version (KJV) 22 And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever: People have to have understanding of the Bible, if people don’t understand it, they will likely not believe in God. But once you have understanding, it’s simple and everything starts to make sense. They know good and evil like gods(so they think) and now they want to live forever. Tranhumanism, mix iron with clay, human with machine and upload their brains into the machine and live forever just like God promises eternal life but they want to bypass God and say see, we can live forever without God also with knowledge. You may… Read more »

Did some reading on it, "The room appears to be much smaller than the rest of the rooms in the hotel, which touts extra-spacious living areas as an accoutrement to visitors. The room appears to be a normal sized room divided into two or more smaller rooms by the out of place brick wall and some masonry work, which was deemed rather shoddy by some of the readers who claimed to be in pertinent fields of construction.
The brick wall appears to be built to house, or frame, the large mirror above the bed. The room, again, appears to be half of a regular room, divided. This leads to the question: is this a two way mirror?"

This only adds to the horrible images my mind is concocting about what kind of sick things they're doing in this room – possibly for an audience.

WOW HOLY CRAP. I just realized something. This comment was on youtube video about the ouija board… read on!!

"oh my goodness… Always leave if they mention zozo.. Zozo is the name of a demon or demons that often manifests thru a ouija board and he is not kool at all. Sometimes he goes by Sozo, Soso, Bozo, Zaza and similar. When asked how old he is he often says thru the ouija board "No age". Zozo is a trickster, tormentor and evil. He also seems to have a thing with mirrors. I don't know what to say about mama though. Try googling it."

wow wow wow that is creepy the hotel is named after an actual demon. ahk

Just ignore d*mons and start reading about the lives and actions of Saints. Awesome stuff. The first ones from angels ended up wicked and dreadful, messing with humans 24/7. Saints on the other hand who lived briefly and were made by flesh and blood achieved great things and showed immense strength, physical and spiritual.

link to yt vid?

Zozo is not a demon, its like a meme amongst spirits. They like to spook people by moving the planchette around and a lot of people jump to the conclusion of demons because theyre conditioned by childhood stories, christian upbringings and hollywood movies. ouija boards are like omegle of the spirits, you only contact spirits not demons n s**t.

The artist of the twisted mirrored-woman portrait, Ruth Borum-Loveland (http://ruthborum.com/), had Illimunati (and just plain creepy) symbolism in all of her paintings. This particular painting is called "Landlocked in a Lovely Place"…

All of her paintings are sold. Her work is filled with the All Seeing Eye, triangles, Women with two eyes in each eye, pyramids, Baphomet heads, skulls, women with long necks and snake tongues, sad-twisted-empty-eyed women, Medusa heads, blood doplets, cupcakes that resemble triangles with an all seeing 'cherry' on top….
interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNfSjWcsA9s

Good info, nice side work on your part.

Just like Mark Ryden!

Has anyone noticed the address?
5701 Main St, Houston, Add up the numbers,
(13 Main St, Houston)

3.22 was also the date the Georgia Guidestones were erected.

Pillow says “Hey Beautiful, we own you.”

That's the strange sex room.

They have a restaurant called "Monarch" at this hotel !

Hmm, so I have been in a lot of prisons for work (unfortunately…but it's part of my job). I did not get this room at all when I first read the post but when you said it's meant to look like a prison there are a couple things I see here that are similar to a prison- most prison cells are cold with concrete floors. None of them have beds that are that luxurious, that's for sure, but they are sometimes chained to the wall (plus people are taken out of their cells in chains and shackles in some of the more high security prisons). The picture of the guy from the Stanford Group stood out to me the most – it's very odd that it is there, BUT in most prisons, there is a picutre of the warden or the head of the correctional department hanging on the wall… Read more »

the drawing looks like Alestair Crowley

what better place to do a re-programming 'touch-up" than in a room that "doesn't exist"? Thanks for this VC- the evidence out there, the better.

Jay Comeaux is very much a member of elitist groups involving skulls, in case Vigilant Citizen is still wondering.

Someone, please, pour down some LUMINOL all over that floor and take some pictures!!! =]
Surely, the result will gonna be scary!


I agree with the poster above that said it seems like a marketing strategy to get people talking about their hotel. I mean, come on, do you really think these people would be that obvious and let a few members of the "public" check into this room (which by the way, looks like a regular tiny artsy fartsy apartment one might find in New York) by "accident", the members of the elite would have done something horrible to the Front Office Receptionists who let their "secret (tiny as f*ck) BDSM lair" be used by someone who isn't a member of the "elite". I mean, it's so comically kitsch and designed by a person who has some info on Secret Societies, etc and they found controversial pieces of furniture to get people talking about their hotel which is evidently, an effective tool for "name recall" I their hotel and there will… Read more »

On second thought, to be rational, there is no evidence to suggest any wrong doing occurred here, and this whole thing seems like a bunch of speculation that got totally blown out of proportion. Still a weird room though, and an entertaining read nonetheless.

Zaza is also used for "demon" just saying, the hotel itself probably isn't all that bright.

I would have torn that room apart looking for "clues" "objects" and hidden cameras. According to reuters report on Sept. 1st 2012– "Jay Comeaux, who managed the brokerage's Houston branch office, settled the case without admitting or denying the Securities and Exchange Commission's findings…Comeaux faces a bar from the industry, and may face penalties that have not yet been determined, the SEC said. Allen Stanford was sentenced in June to 110 years in prison for bilking investors with fraudulent certificates of deposit issued by Stanford International Bank, his bank in Antigua. Comeaux was responsible for supervising the brokerage's financial consultants, and received commissions of at least $1.3 million on the sales of fraudulent CDs, the SEC said. According to the SEC, Comeaux knew that the bank wouldn't disclose details of its investment holdings, but still used marketing material that told investors that the bank maintained a "well-diversified portfolio of highly… Read more »
i am not supposed to post things and this may be removed by those that exist beyond 3rd density but i feel compelled to give you a few clues for thought because i found this post so interesting and i really like this site. this bullshit illusion that we live in is made up of numbers with very specific meanings — they are hidden everywhere — especially in the alphabet via numerology. the alphabet we use today was designed many years ago with the sinister intention of tapping into the universal grid of numbers that make up our reality, this link shows each character and its numeric value: http://www.universalsky.com/Articles/Numerology/n… now if you add some knowledge of sacred physics, geometry, and numerology you will start to see patterns in our realty. here’s a smart guy that figured some stuff out: “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and… Read more »

i too believed that Tesla figured out some things he wasnt supposed to… what you posted is very interesting

Just a tip… if you are ever in a room where you suspect there's a two way mirror, place your fingernail against the glass, and if the reflection makes it look like you're not touching your own finger, than it should be a regular mirror. But if there is no space between your finger and its reflection, then it is most likely a two way mirror! I'm not sure if this counts for every single two way mirror but it is true for some that I've seen.

Remember: No space, LEAVE THE PLACE!

Very interesting article VC, thanks again.

The guy with the blue shirt in the painting looks like the creepy on this photo: http://hermetic.com/bennett/

The same skull photo shows up in BBC Sherlock in the first episode: A Study In Pink!
When Sherlock and John first visit the flat and it's on the wall in the corner on the right of Ms. Hudson!
What's that skull mean, and why is it in Sherlock's room?

The twin painting could be 'Cloning'. Or the elites fascination of twins/twinning…




So what happened? Did you figure if it had anything to do with your boyfriend?

I had my own thought on the meaning behind the ridiculous name ZaZa — Z is the last letter of the alphabet and a is the beginning, so, maybe it is a reference to Alpha and Omega (beginning and end), only in reverse- as the Illuminati love to reverse things to twist it into their own evil meanings. So if Alpha and Omega represents God, the Omega and Alpha represents the Devil.

There is a demon named Azazel in the Hebraic tradition.

And Azazel is associated with the Yezidi god Taus Melek. See my comments above.

The owner of the hotel company is obviously a member of the skull and bones, and that room is just for members. Probably members who are being punished for something, or going through some initiation or other ritual. It is a prison – for their members – which is why it is small and spartan, but still has coffee and a TV and other things a normal prisoner would not get. And lots of things around to remind them of the group they are in. And a room right next to it for spying on whoever is in this room. Wonder what other rooms they spy on?

This room is strange! So, inwanted to knoe more, and looked uo the hotels website: they do not advertise it. However, i found another interesting fact: the hotel's restaurant's name is MOMARCH!! This is too much coincidence.

I guess I don't find the room scary, some fun art and a crafty bed

That picture of the two girls with the long necks actually look like dicks…. The breasts are the balls….

I want to know what's under the bed! Chains on beds? May suggest bed tips up! What's the room under 322? So many questions on my mind! They better hope I never get that room & if I did I expect I would hope I wouldn't wind up dead! 😉 Great pics though, but need more! Wouldn't be surprised if this comes up again…

The Website is now renting room 322. It looks like we won this battle, because they were forced to expose it

Good bits of information to understand what is really going on in terms of mind-programming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HYt3Bw3wa0

I'm from houston, and I know that beyonce and Jay z sometimes stay there when they are in town.
I drive by the hotel all the time. it's located in our museum district/ med center.

Crazy to think place like this exists so close to home…

wow ive struggled in there before..finally

in that room itself? can you say more?

Everything you post is incredible!

Life changing for me!

I am so fascinated by this article…. I do however think this room is a freaky sex room for consenting adults.. Even if one of those adults is paid to be there… I hear George C likes it rough maybe that is why his picture is in the bathroom

No way, all the 322 symbolism is there. I mean, you really have to have no knowledge of these secret societies to sit here and look at this and say it's just an innocent fun room. There are two things "Oh, that's funny and kinky" and then there is "Something is really ****ed up here with this". With the disturbing elements to this room, the logical choice here is the obvious later.

Post this comment I can t maybe they select certain people through the mirror unless there's a window on that same wall. And someone should look up the artist of that painting with the guy howd it get there.

The artist of the long-necked women is Ruth Borium-Loveland. Look her up. Her paintings include lots of triangles, eyes, and duality. Many if them depict faces with two irises in each eyeball. Not a coincidence at all.
The name on the weird guy painting appears to be Benny H. I read somewhere that the President of the ZaZa is named Benji Homsey…kinda close?

Maybe the painted Benny is how the artist sees Benji Homsey. Hmmmmm……….

I just dont get why they would risk MK'ing someone in a hotel? The risk of getting overheard and reported to the police would be too big. Or maybe, they have the police by their b*lls so badly that they don't care if they get overheard anymore. They know noone would care or bother. people would either be too scared to get involved or after rapporting and getting no feedback, they'd give up. Or; maybe the room is sound proof? What do you guys think?

Bug-eyed man painting by Benny H. Benny Hill, maybe? Wouldn’t surprise me.

The mirror is embedded in the brick wall, leading some to believe that it is actually a two-way mirror…

My mom is looking at hotel Zaza in Dallas….oh no. She might want us to stay there.
I came back to this article as fast as I could. :/

I'm taking my wife here for our 30th anniversary. Do you think she would mind me changing our room from "casablanca" room to this one?? lol

WOW. So, Moody Gardens in Galveston isn't the only place that has these odd surroundings and goings on. (Although, with Moody Gardens, the pyramids there and all, it could've been a coincidence)!
I hope so…

Next person who gets put there by accident should hide a spy camera or something. Not that I'd expect it to be that easy to beat Big Brother at his own games…

I worked for an events company a few years back. It was my birthday and my boss choose me to help with putting up birthday party decorates the hole place had a lot of energy. Very haunted.

Is the picture of "Benny H." (or by Benny H) representing the controversial Texas-based preacher Benny Hinn? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benny_hinn

Is it just me or, on the painting of the man with the blue shirt, both his pupils are instead shiny pyramids/capstones?