Abuse Victim : British Politician ‘Murdered’ Young Boy During Depraved Elite Party

The site of the former Elm House Guest House in Barnes, where abuse is alleged to have taken place

An alleged victim of a high level sex ring claims that a Conservative MP killed a young boy during a depraved sex party that was attended by the rich and powerful of England in the 1980’s.

The site of the former Elm House Guest House in Barnes, where abuse is alleged to have taken place
The site of the former Elm House Guest House in Barnes, where abuse is alleged to have taken place

The recent scandals emanating from Great Britain involving high level politicians, businessmen and celebrities (see Jimmy Savile) provide us a glimpse of the dark, twisted world of the occult elite. One of their favorite kinks : Preying innocent children, violating them in horrific ways and feeding on their youth as if it was a source of life force. These crimes are not the product of a few deviant individuals, they are the result of a high level and highly institutionalized group that was dubbed by the Westminster paedophile ring.

An alleged victim of the Westminster ring, who is now over 40 years old, has recently came forward claiming to have been one of 15 boys who were abused at the hands of the powerful network. According to The Telegraph:

A Conservative MP murdered a young boy during a depraved sex party in the 1980s, an alleged victim of the Westminster paedophile scandal has claimed.

The 12-year-old boy, who was being abused by a group of men, was strangled by the politician at a luxury townhouse in front of other victims, it has been alleged.

On another occasion, the victim claims a young boy, who was around ten-years-old, was deliberately run down and killed by a car being driven by one of his abusers.

The alleged murders are among three that are now being investigated by the Metropolitan Police as part of a major probe into claims that a powerful ring with links to Westminster was operating in Britain in the 1970s and 1980s.


He claims after being handed to the group by his father, he was regularly picked up in cars and taken to hotels and apartments, where he was physically and sexually abused by “senior military and political” figures.

Some of the abuse allegedly took place at flats in the Dolphin Square development in Pimlico, where a number of politicians have London homes.

The man, who has spoken at length to Scotland Yard detectives, said he had witnessed two murders of abuse victims by members of the group.

He told the Sunday People that he had been in the same room as a 12-year-old boy, when a Tory MP throttled him to death.

The murder was allegedly witnessed by another abuse victim who was in the room at the same time.

He said: “I watched while that happened. I am not sure how I got out of that. Whether I will ever know why I survived, I am not sure.”

On another occasion he claims a member of the gang deliberately ran over one of the victims, in what he described as an effort to demonstrate their power.

A third boy was murdered during a depraved orgy at which another Tory MP was present, the man has told detectives.-
The Telegraph, Tory MP ‘murdered’ boy at orgy, abuse victim claims

The situation lived by these young victims is akin to mind control slaves. According to the accuser :

“They were very powerful people and they controlled my life for the next nine years. They created fear that penetrated every part of me, day in day out. You didn’t question what they wanted, you did as they asked without question and the punishments were very severe.”

“They had no hesitation in doing what they wanted to do,” Nick said. “Some of them were quite open about who they were. They had no fear at all of being caught, it didn’t cross their mind.”
– The Telegraph, Westminster ring investigated over murder links

As you can see, these claims bear all of the hallmarks of the occult elite. Young children given up by their parents to high powered circles; Repeated and ritualistic abuse; Gratuitous murders that could be blood sacrifices. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Will Scotland Yard arrest and punish these criminals? Considering the fact that the authorities are basically “in on it” (they covered up these stories for decades), I wouldn’t count on it.



  1. The scale of abuse is incomprehensible and it isn't exclusive to the UK, it goes world wide. Most of the children that were abused were in care homes. They were removed from their families by the state and put into children's homes. The elite then had a continuous supply of children to abuse and murder, that they could just erase from the system.

  2. Does anyone remember Mary Whitehouse and her rantings of imorality throughout the early 70's……….I used to like her and what she stood up for even though I was young at the time…………I could see the way the world was heading with the Page 3 girls nude in the papers and the sexist films of filth and swearing………….the music industry was screaming about freedom even though the love of sex and drugs in the 60's was over hyped and boring we were all being locked into the chain events of what was to follow…………….The love of Money, and what comes with it!

  3. The security services are tolerant of endemic high-level torture of children just because it is part of the very tapestry of English life. It cannot be cut out, any more than a fungus can be cut out of a body. It is part of the whole and in every part of the mindset and yet it is deeply suppressed. The only way forward is to keep this subject on air, keep talking about it so that in due course, as people become more and more inured they will be ready for ever deeper realisations.. and when these are finally experienced, change will happen. Taboo is the big dog that master employs to guard the place where the bodies are buried.

  4. These people will receive their retribution, The Lord of the universe promises in his book:

    "Indeed, the criminals are in error and madness. The Day they are dragged into the Fire on their faces [it will be said], 'Taste the touch of Saqar (i.e., Hell).'" [Quran 54: 47-48]

    : "On the Day the punishment will cover them from above them and from below their feet and it is said, 'Taste [the result of] what you used to do.'" [Quran 29: 55]

    "And you will see the criminals that Day bound together in shackles. Their garments of liquid pitch and their faces covered by the Fire." [Quran 14: 49-50]

    And do not be saddened for the innocent victims as they will be the successful in the hereafter (in sha Allah)

    ‘Praise be to Allah who has removed from us (all) sorrow, for our Lord is indeed Oft–Forgiving, appreciative; who has settled us in the house of lasting residence out of His bounty. No toil nor sense of weariness shall touch us therein" (Quran 35:34-35).

  5. I knew that my ex sucked but reading this makes me think our relationship was pure abuse. The past in the article about hiding things just to make her feel crazy. My ex also would come to my door and spray his cologne before I got there to make me miss him after we split. Thank God I moved away…… I agree with Freud. People are inherently bad. All of this trauma, mind control stuff happens in real life to non elites or people who tree not celebs. It's just not as systematic or on purpose. Some bad apples just do these things to others and it comes natural to them. Hollywood and the upper ranks is a beacon to this type of person. They gather together and it just gets nastier.

    • Don't make it so complicated, and it won't be hard to understand. The Battle between Good and Evil has raged from the beginning, and it will continue all the way to the "End", whatever the end happens to be, or will be divinely ordained. It's really that easy folks…choose your side wisely……..Semper Fi

  6. They do this because they think they have the power to overthrow prophecy; namely, the Day of Judgement. They think that their sorcery combined with modern technology can overtake God in Heaven. They will find out how incorrect they are.

    Righteousness will win.

  7. This is the birthpangs of p********a becoming mainstream. We're being desensitized to it by seeing it in the news. Even though it's with a negative slant, it will slowly become more positive until it begins to be accepted, only by a few at first, but then more will jump on the bandwagon, if for no other reason than to look tolerant and accepting. Just 50 years ago no one could have anticipated that homosexuality would be as visibly accepted as it is today. These folks are patiently pushing their agenda with the goal of acceptance in mind.

  8. What I find interesting is that David Icke mentioned Dolphin Square, Pimlico in his book, "The Biggest Secret" and that the area was nicknamed Pimp-lico. This book was published in the late 90's and he also exposed Jimmy Saville many years ago, but of course nobody really believed him but as we all come to find out that he was right all along about Jimmy S.

    Btw the VC book looks great, think I might buy it when I get paid lol. Does anybody know if the comments that are on the website will also be featured in the book?

    Thank you VC

    • Dolphin Square was known in the 70's as the place of somekind of weirdness………….i worked down the Kings Road and the gossip was from the famous Lesbian club the GREEN DOOR (Killing of sister george fame) and their association with the KRAYS> Cliff Richards and God only knows who!

  9. Sooner or later this sick practice will make it's way into mainstream culture. They are slowly turning us into them right now, with the occult being spoon fed to us, sex being thrown at us through movies tv music etc. pedophila through Disney, idol worship sports celebrities, violence through all media. They ramp all this stuff up about every 10 years making it worse and worse and as long as you let it into your life it works it's straight up witchcraft. To change a culture you must target the children growing into the next generation that's why all those thing are being introduced in their lives younger and younger. Guard your (any child's)child's mind stop the psych war. Peace people

    • Speaking of Disney, I noticed a lyric from Frozen suggesting the guy with the reindeer is involved in beastiality. I forget exactly how they phrase it, but its something along the lines of "his relationship with his reindeer goes against the laws of nature" Its the Fixer Upper song by his troll family. Let It Go and Love is an Open Door are also really songs about programming.

      Yet I can't help but like those songs. Disney in general. They're so evil, but they know what the public want. And I don't mean p********a, beastiality, or that other sick stuff

  10. These abusers will pay the price, probably not in this unjust world, but it the next. God will avenge the innocent.

    "It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones." – Luke 17:2

  11. Also linked to this story: "Father claims police covered up son’s murder by Westminster paedophile ring
    Vishambar Mehrotra, whose eight-year-old son was killed in 1981, says police ignored tipoff from male prostitute"
    The boy's name was Vishal.
    The Mi5 vet Mps, I don't understand why the security services are tolerant of paedophilia e.g. Kincora boys home will be excluded from the sex abuse enquiry….Disgusting

  12. "Lord" Brittan needs a feature article. His past is disturbing. His interviews, found on YouTube, are blood chilling. He is a CREEP par excellance.

  13. Here in the ussa, Bill Cosby is being thrown under the bus for $h!+ that May or may not have happened 40 plus yrs ago. The illuminazis are diverting the public away from this new documentary coming out exposing p********s in Hollywood. Divide & Conquer the masses is their game. Same BS charges on Julian Asaange. He & Cosby should talk!

    • Assange has or had a lawyer affiliated with the Rothschild's so I wouldn't put him in the same category as Cosby.

      As well, there used to be a YT video of Assange stating he really doesn't care about who did 9/11. That right there should raise an eyebrow.

      • One possible reason for Julian Assange’s reticence regarding 9/11 is that Assange may have been sponsored by a dissident faction of US intelligence that wanted to undermine certain persons within the controlling elite — Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, for example — but not the controlling elite itself.

    • Good point. I'm sure Cosby was no saint, but Angie Dickinson as one of the "victims' clued me in on this being a media set up. No criminal charges being pressed. The "victims" are all old D-list celebrities all talking on point. So these "victims' now benefit by plenty of memes (MEdia MEntions) which serve to increase what they can get paid. Soon they'll be paraded out on old folk TV, like the View and 60 Min. My sense is that Cosby angered someone in power and now they are going after him. Same with Assange.

      • women like them, ambitious, are more than happy to go along so they can get promotions and go up the career ladder. it's part of their job description. they go with their eyes wide open but now they decided for some reason they know to come forward and start their accusations. i'm not buying it. unless they were minors when everything took place. were they? probably not.

      • Angie Dickinson is not one of his victims. Maybe you mean Janice Dickinson so your clue is wrong. These women have nothing to gain and everything to loose by coming forward. You cannot believe what mass media says like you are. Is it possibly that coz did it, yes. If he was so innocent why was he hanging with that pervert Hefner all the time then. Good guys don't do that or go there when they are marrie. Get our head outta your ass

      • That's what I was thinking………….making him pay-back time for whatever………….and scaring the life out of everyone who thinks that Hollywood is a free ride!

    • No, what happened to Cosby, is that he stopped paying his dues and or pissed somebody off, and they decided it was time to pull the plug on him. But make no mistake sexual abuse is what these people do. Its how they get to where they are…by feeding off others pain. And once they think they're invincible they start gladly partaking in the sexual deviance that in turn is what allows the illuminati to keep them controlled as a means of blackmail. Make no mistake, Cosby the Que was druggin women and screwing them. He was just paying the right people and making the right people happy. Not anymore apparently and now they are deliberately allowing all cats to come out of that bag..

  14. These children are in my prayers. I pray that more is revealed. Help won't come over night. It takes decades for information to spread to the masses. But Im praying it spreads as quickly as possible & these predators are exposed to ALL sooner than later. The truth is coming out…but not fast enough for current victims. Heartbreaking!

    • That's the heart wrenching side of this, the truth has always been there, but we have been desensitized into oblivion for many a generations, many. Nothing will be done, lambs to the slaughter. The only solace I find is that you might escape punishment and accountability for your crimes here on earth….but you will be held accountable by God, and that's that.

  15. At the end of the day, these people are always gonna get away with all the shi* they do. True justice will never commence, this life is too short compared to the hereafter and they will definitely face retribution. So yeah commit more sins fuc*ers cuz your gonna go through even worse punishment. That's your hell.

    • Whether or not justice prevails here on earth, it is still important that victims of any abuse share their story so that 1) people can be more aware about what is happening in the world, and 2) people will be less trusting and less likely to idolise those in positions of money, power or influence.

      • well said, Anonymous. i would also add that in sharing their stories, light is thrown on the darkness of shame and pain, which often further imprisons victims in the past.

  16. Like VC says, I fear this is just the tip of a huge iceberg that runs right to the very top of the elite aristocracy… Look up Pie and Mash films, they are documentary makers who have done lots to uncover this ring. There's a recent interview with a witness, who discusses Elm Guest house and Dolphin Square – and names a few names.

  17. Even if they try to look into the matter in order to arrest the perpetrators involved, I highly doubt it as the elite has a variety of ways of "taking care of their own" like that one person who died and then his sins were exposed later as I read in an article about him one time but can't remember the name.

    Those pawns are well looked after no doubt and well protected from the law.

    • It's actually quite peculiar…who they choose to be exposed and who not, take for instance Jimmy Savile, his crimes were only uncovered after his death and let me tell you, nothing get's out into the media without their consent, they must be testing the waters, to see if the public outcry will be of such a nature that we demand full exposure of all these so called untouchables, but I am afraid they have the result what they have been aiming for…what public outcry? What demands for justice? It's like we all gave a startled yelp and retired to our little corners, turning over to the tv page. Now we have all kinds spilling from the gutters, take the Bill Cosby saga, I'm not saying he is innocent, but what if these and similar cases are only to distract the sheeple further?

      We can't save our planet, or our future and that of our kids, it's done for and predetermined, but we can help ourselves, our friends, our families, those who we come into contact with every single day by MAKING them see or die trying!

  18. Oh my this is horrible!!! But I won't be shocked if they got away with it easily ( the abusers) cos the sad fact is that they control mostly everything and they get out of these sick situations easily!!

    BUT what makes my heart at ease is that I am sure that justice will be served it may not be served here on earth but God will give them (the abusers) what they deserve … What goes around comes around.

    • Watch the video "Slavery by Consent", which is on Youtube. You'll never look at the world the same way again, just a warning. Prepare to be shocked.

    • You want to know an easy way to see what their plan is? Lookup 'Illuminati the card game' by Steven Jackson. Its all in there, from 9/11 to microchips, right down to fluoridation of the water. You'll see it all. Witness in horror as each card prophetically reveals each step of the illuminati agenda. You can even play along. Understand that the elite and the illuminati are the same thing. And their practices and rituals are ancient. Their organization and infastructure predates our own society so they have a huge advantage. Men have dedicated their lives and careers into making sure this agenda is successful, even though they wouldnt be alive to see the end result. Think about that for a second. Here's what's happening, admist all this chaos, lies and moral depravity, gmo food poisoning, psy-ops, sterilization and mass mind control, a few people are starting wake up here and there. Illuminati is fearful of this so it will attempt to tighten its clutches even more and attempt to lock as many minds up to the 'grid' as possible most likely using fear, technology and vaccinations. In the end you will have a mass of mind controlled microchipped slaves (minority report) who unquestionably follow society's orders under fear of punishment. Those who rebel will be forced to hideout underground or in obscure places not unlike the scenarios of demolition man or the matrix. Control. Why tho? To prevent a mass awakening. The illuminati and their employers are energy vampires. They need humanity to stay asleep so they can continue to manipulate our race and our planet for mass amounts of energy and resources to sustain their existence. Without humanity they would surely cease to exist, hence why they spend SOO much time into investing into the stupidity of the average person because simply put, knowledge is power. Hope that helps.

      • great synopsis, NOVA. even if hard to believe (especially for newcomers.) and for those spiritually inclined, there is room for application of your religious texts to the who's, why's, and how's, but most notably, the path to freedom. attend to your spirit, it is energy!!!!!!

  19. Sounds like the movie Salò (the 120 Days of Sodom). I think the movie was previously mentioned here by another poster – the full, disgusting movie is available on youtube surprisingly. Very depraved and traumatic. I can only imagine the type of minds who happily inflict such vile acts on anyone, let alone a child.

    • That Salo-movie, I've seen it. Without knowing on forehand what it was about or a synops.
      Very hard to watch, because the cruelty is made very visable. During the movie I kept hoping for a happy ending, or at least a neutral one.
      No. A culmination of torture and terror. And to top it all, the empathatic shock of seeing people enjoy it all. Literally.
      But the storyline is not only very symbolic, nowadays it might even be closer to the truth than the director intended (he was killed, vague story around that, a different one). I live in The Netherlands, and the combination of judges, government and abusive sex.. well they keep on coming out over here as well. For over 30 years at least. And they keep on going to be trashed by the same coporate media that brings us Orange-Soccer-Songcontest-…and WAR-mania everyday.
      To be short : only go watch the Salo-movie if you have a strong stomach and friends around you to reflect and talk about it.

      • Don't forget about the Dutroux affair in Belgium, I remember seeing that one on the news in the US. And read about it last year… Chilling. There is speculation he was connected to a larger p*******e network serving Belgian (& other?) elites & was essentially a procurer or children.

      • thank you for sharing your experience D D d, so that we are more informed before pursuing it further. we all have pieces of the puzzle to share and experiences to help us along, and i always appreciate your comments and thoughts.

        i still don't understand if this is a documentary or fiction or news piece, but no matter the case i will NOT be viewing, appreciate the heads up.

    • Yes, I've thought of that too in the past year or so. Apparently sadistic treatment of servants, etc was always the norm in certain circles of European royals. Absolutely power corrupts absolutely, & some individuals with power literally start believing they're a different species, separate from the peons. Young children, peasants, peons, slaves, servants whatever – are just animals, cattle to them.

  20. This is also going on here in the ussa, eg. Penn State. It also exists in small corrupt towns where the cops and govt all cover for each other. We needier hard evidence like Alex jones' bohemian Grove video to surface and punish these pedos!

    • Alex Jones is a double agent…look it up. Ever wonder why he was the only one to get in there and know all these things blurting them out in the open and why he is the only one out talking all over, alive and successful mind you… Most are hiding to tell the truth or are dead but Alex Jones is alive and getting more famous each day.
      try other sites: // TheCamelotproject.org // veteranstoday.org // truther.org. // Remember that the illuminati has a hold on Alternative media and Alex Jones is one of their employee, to continue the brainwashing process on the ones they missed out on. Like us,,,people like us seeking the truth!
      PS- nb AlexJones site is a business site more money and to control the rest.

  21. This is nothing new. This type of ish happens everyday folks and it will continue to happen for two reasons: 1. Because the illuminati infastructure (the secret government) is too powerful to be stopped at this point, and 2. The idiotic massess of sheeple of planet earth (aka the average human/lemming) are waaaay too brainwashed to ever realize let alone find a solution to a problem this deep rooted. I mean wasnt there an article not too long ago about xmen director bryan singer being involved in some paedo ring? And thats just one guy. Think about all these underground bases, kids locked by the thousands. Experiments n s**t. Rituals. Yall better wake up.

    • Yep and they are having celebrities make a big joke out of the illuminati. The other day I was watching a Weird Al Yankovic video on his parody on the song "Royals" by Lorde where he does just that, acting as if you're a crazy paranoid conspiracy theorist whack-job if you think the illuminati is real. Look it up and watch it. It's on YouTube.

    • I agree. And even when Brian Singer was exposed, nobody batted an eye and the sheep still flocked to the theaters to support his movie. People are truly asleep at the wheel. We are at a point of hoplessness because things are so self-evident and the information is out there for all but they choose to ignore it. The only thing to do now is to be self-aware and bring along those who are willing to journey with you to realization. Unfortunately many have to be left behind.

  22. If any of these people were Freemasons they will never be brought to justice. It has been proven that there are a disproportionate amount of masons in politics, police and the judicial system in the United Kingdom.

    • It's mostly the freemasons doing it and they have lodges in every town and city. I suspect that are the reason for all the missing person posters of children nationwide in the United States with a free pass from law enforcement which is secretly ran by freemasonry too.

  23. A thought occurred to me..these kids were pretty young when this happened, it's unlikely they would know and be able to identify political figures. What if the perpetrators dressed in nice suits and simply referred to each other as "prime minister" or "senator" or whatever?

    With how much obstruction of justice has taken place in these cases and how much time has lapsed I don't see how we could ever conclusively identify those behind these awful crimes.

    • My question is why now? And why are "they" allowing this to be made public now? People don't be fooled there is ALWAYS an agenda behind everything they do – even this. This "revelation" is perfectly calculated and timed.

      • Seems to me like they are throwing us dead celebs and politicians (or at least irrelevant ones nowadays) to appease the public and protect the truth which is that these practises are STILL very much going on today with current high politicians all the way up to the Royal family.
        These latest revelations make it all look historical and "over and done with".
        Its just a distraction.

      • and crazy has its own logic, never makes sense to the sane or healthy, this is what makes many "normal" folk find these things so hard to believe.

      • I feel like they could remember, I was abused as a child and for a long time I didnt even remember, the older I became, certain smells the way some things feel, make me remember, i freaking hate it. But you will not forget the face.

      • victim's who survive such abuse have many mechanisms of survival, and recovery of those memories is not always possible, or even desirable depending upon the individual.

        that said, i am sorry that this happened to you, EWWW, i wish you peace on your journey of healing and that what can turn to good for your experiences can and do. we cannot always hold those accountable for such actions, but we can find ways to rise above THEIR darkness.

    • Like when you were 10-12 years old, you never watched TV and didn't know who was the prime minister. We may not catch the names so well at that age, but we surely can't avoid seeing those faces in newspapers/on TV

    • Had to reply as I was molested ad a child. My family did nothing. I have a very good memory and was able to have him jailed 22 years later as an adult as I was able to give a plan of the house, doctors names and surgeries and even treatments.
      Children remember more than people think my earliest memories are me aged 2/3.

    • Judgement always prevails, if not in this lifetime, then the next.

      Romans12:19 Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath {of God,} for it is written, "VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY, says the Lord."

      • Where was the "lord" when those boys were being ritually abused. In fact where is he when thousands of children go missing every year to these sex rings.

      • Jack my friend, so easy to point the blame when we are the one's who need to answer for our actions. Clearly the Lord is missing from the lives of these people & that's why this IS happening, because they have turned away from HIM. If any of these people had Jesus none of this would be going down. Pray for them. Satan never sleeps and he has already deceived you if that is your response.

      • Are you saying those kids being raped and tortured were "missing The Lord from their lives" too? I seriously hope not.

      • no Nicole, that's not what I was saying, are you serious? Their parents, yes, the one's that gave them up… probably didn't take them to Sunday school & have chosen money over their children. And the authorities that we look to for aid …probably being paid off in a corrupt and twisted system where sadly, money takes care of everything.

        Really didn't even want respond to your comment I can't believe that's what you would assume but had too. This is why I don't even comment on these things… sheesh

      • A lot of abused children WERE taken to sundayschool, my dear. And for some there is where the horror started. Some of the children were very religiously believing in Jesus, some of them still are. Some of them are dead.

      • And what about the children who even grew up in the Church. Singing in Choir attending Mass every day was Jesus missing in their lives too. They were molested and raped daily. Christianity like it's counterpart Satanism are both one of the same. Why do you think they use checkerboards in their rituals and put black and white together. They and all other religions are today the top most effective and wide-scale brainwashing tools they have ever invented and to ever exist even to this very day. It's almost impossibly impenetrable to the people who are touched by this condition/spell/affliction.. And we both know that it's absolutely true to the bone. Woow.

    • They may 'never be caught' (in this life) , but at the White Throne Judgment, they'll be required to account for everything they've done.

    • I don't either! Its horrific that anybody could be involved in anything like that with anybody let alone a child. Id bet there's a few ties to the so called royal family, f*****g dirty evil bastards the lot of them. I don't know how anybody could allow things like this to happen or keep quiet about it. I certainly couldn't!

    • Read the book Satan's High Priest by Judith Spencer and you will start to understand how people can get to where they can do things like this.

    • Well, i think some of their parentes may be mind controlled,
      but i suspect this have something to do with the people's disappearance happening everywhere in the world.
      Heard another testimonial that said some of this filthy rotten elite knights tend to like children from different races and ethnicities, a fetichst way to trying demonstrate their "blood" and "racial supremacy". Its even more disgusting to me because the numbers of children disappearance and human traffic is getting higher and higher every year in the Developing Countries of the Global South. I heard about a philippine boy who was trafficated to EUA only to attend to bohemian club members"s desire to have sexual servants. There is a really terrifying thing going on…

      • I was born in Guatemala, though I lived in the city I remember people calling the Mayan Indigenous women "crazy" because they did not want White people taking pictures or talking to their children. They even become violent trying to protect their babies. NOw that Ive come across all of these things, I understand why they behaved that way. Reading these things make me physically ill I dont know why, I almost get anxiety because I wish I could help. :0(

      • sounds like their ancestors have kept the stories alive about children being preyed upon for sacrifice by the royalty of old there…

        question anything that diminishes your instincts for self-protection or for those close to you.

      • also, ReynaBurns, these are signs your spirit is being worn down by the "news." i recommend a media "fast" when you experience this and to return to the world of the real, nature's rhythms, and things that refresh your energy and spirit. better to be bruised than to develop a calloused heart!

        God Bless You.

      • Dear Reyna,
        Getting physically ill might be a trigger response to events that are hidden in your subconscious mind. Genetic memory also plays a role and it is also possible to be pulling up experiences lived in parallel lives. Deprogramming is a tough road to take, sometimes very dangerous but if you are ready to face whatever comes to you I wish you all the best.

      • You are speaking gibberish. I think she is responding like someone who is not sucked in. She is having an emotional reaction, not experiencing whatever crap you are suggesting to her.

      • I have not heard this before but have long thought it. BME parents are less trusting of white people, for obvious historical reasons and I know I was warned against 'old white men' when I was younger. to get hold of one of these BME children would be a fantasy come true for these men (and women involved).

        I do not mean my post to be racist, I'm just calling it as I see it.

    • Same type of parent that might molest their own child. I knew a mom from Connecticut who was getting a divorce from her husband. Her husband was molesting their daughter but he was awarded custody because of his connections in the state. I suspect she & her daughter were victims of a similar thing where the father passes the child off to other molesters, his associates…

      • There would be no way of him getting the child if there was evidence of abuse. Even with money, the daughter could have said otherwise to incriminate him. Most times they continue the abuse, it is settled outside of court or the mother is threatened or remains complacent. There has to be more to the story than that, if per chance the mother was lying against him to gain full custody. Not denying it happens, but it is not that easy to dismiss without raising flags once it goes to court.
        I mean, a divorce was her response to his molesting their child? It would have been a criminal case, not just a divorce hearing, unless she threw that in. You can show me the article on it if you have it because it sounds like she lied.

      • Abusers fool people all the time. How in God's name do you think they get away with this crap. Don't underestimate evil. You sound naive.

        read a great book called "Predators" written by an expert on sexual abusers where the author relates many cases of extreme abuse where the abuser gets away with the abuse, is awarded custody of the children they abuse despite massive evidence that the abuse is indeed happening and ongoing. There are also some very interesting clinical studies of abusers as a group and their modus operandi.

        Wake up. This is not a fair world and justice is aborted as often as it prevails.

    • Unfortunately in cults as this you are born into a Luciferian religion that consists of all that goes against moral boundaries for they have none. They "do as thy wilt"…. To worship Satan is to cast all cares unto occultism and they take their religion seriously. Even to death which is considered an honor and the most divine expression to their God.

      • and there is nothing that compels a Luciferian or Satanist to reveal their pursuits or the details of their practices. some are banal or even seemingly benign, others are secret and dangerous. know that they are in every facet of society, and often the more powerful, the less obvious.

    • The same type who would actually sell their children into modern sex slavery and allow them to become prostitutes at the age of 5 or more. This is a real story (link here… http://www.cracked.com/article_21538_5-things-i-l
      The same type who will allow their kids to become superstars and MK Ultra slaves as seen through lives of people like Michael Jackson (articles here on VC)
      Also, the same types who would rather gain money out of their children without a care about what happens to them. It is a sad world and the Bible says that man's heart is more wicked above anything else.

    • Most of the abused children came from children's homes. The Government has quotas to get certain amounts of children taken into care for this reason.

    • The excuse that parents are mind-controlled; brain-washed, generational victims of SRA; sex-toys of the Brotherhood; etc., should not deter crusading, Vengeful Citizens, who love and protect children and babies.

      The vermin who prey on children
      need to be stamped out–after all, do they not destroy young lives and often end them?

      Has the US, Canada, and Europe lost their minds completely, that men who used to DEFEND children and the weak, simply sit around and discuss the satanic accounts?!?

      Do not forget, that one benefit of the 'Net is that we have a running list of the names of these criminal savages. The names! Regardless of who these insects are, we know many of their names. Do not forget this. If there is one good aspect of VC's site, that is, names of the Elites
      who hurt and kill children are indeed known!

      Keep watch, speak out, and when needed, step in.

      The common man is so much more powerful than he thinks.
      That is why, most of what the demonic elite does is agitprop, mis-info, and manipulation of public and private education.
      Stand up! Save children from Hell and death.

    • Not that I believe most of the stuff on the site, but usually it's a parent who is apathetic to their child's pain; the money they could get from prostituting the child or selling them into trafficking matters more than their child's feelings for whatever reason.

    • I have looked into the franklin cover up and oh my goodness it makes me mad and it breaks my heart to know that these things go on. I cannot imagine the horror these children go thru and how sick these men are to even abuse them. They would have to be demon possess to act this way. Research Johnny Gosh and you will see how so many things are connected with politicians and men in high places. disgusting!

      • The world we live in is run by the devil hence all the predators. Keep your faith in Jesus Christ he is our Lord and our savior. Keep the faith no matter what! Pray for all human beings and always ask for forgiveness for your sins. God bless all of you.


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