Symbolic Pics of the Month (11/12)


In this month’s SPOTM: Kanye West, Rihanna, Ke$ha and some NWO symbolism.

The editorial shoot of the September issue of Vogue Italia is called “Multifaceted Women” and is about models putting on weird creepy masks on their faces. In Mind Control symbolism, masks represent alter personas of MK slaves – switching masks means switching alters.


This model is “putting on” one of her personas. Is the title “Face the Future” a way of saying to readers that the future is all about MK slaves and MK symbolism?


Putting lipstick on a creepy, dehumanizing mask. MK slaves are not even aware that they are wearing a mask (a metaphor for an alter persona) when they are triggered. Is this why this model doesn’t seem to be aware that she is putting makeup on a mask – and not her actual face?


…Just chilling wearing a mask…next to a horse…nothing to see here.


…Just chilling, wearing a creepy mask, looking completely lifeless like a MK slave during programming…being licked by a dog wearing studs. Nothing to see here.


Pic on the right: Changing personas?


Paris Hilton’s boyfriend River Viiperi hiding one eye and doing the Masonic sign of the hidden hand (see the Article entitled The Hidden Hand that Shaped History). Hard to ignore this hand sign combo.


In case you didn’t read that article (you should, it’s great), here’s what Masonic books depict the “sign of the Master of the Veil”.


Rob Kardashian also feels the urge to hide one eye while posing for a pic


French singer Mylène Farmer has to do it too.


Ad for perfume features blond Rihanna with one eye hidden.


Speaking of RiRi, her new album cover has the ever-present one-eye symbolism. There is also a focus on her new tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis. Apparently, it is dedicated to her grandmother. That is all well and good, but Isis is mostly known to be the mother of Horus and the ultimate figure of the Mysteries. Freemasons are call themselves the “widow’s sons” – the “widow” being Isis who lost her husband Osiris. Being initiated in occult mysteries has been defined as “unveiling Isis” as exemplified by Madame Blavatsy’s book “Isis Unveiled”.


Rihanna performing with a big Eye of Horus on her chest. Does she know about the deeper meaning of these symbols? Not sure. One thing is for sure: Those who handle her definitely do.


Kanye West walking around with some pants patched with Church of Satan symbols: An inverted pentagram and Baphomet. Looking sharp Kanye!


Another pop star rocking the Church of Satan logo, Ke-dollarsign-Ha.


In the music video “I Was There”, Beyonce sings in front of a giant shining logo of the UN. Is there still doubt that these artists are used for the elite’s propaganda? Imagine if it was a Nazi symbol behind her, while she is singing an emotional song conceived to stir up some emotions? You’d probably think: “Wow, she is being used for Nazi propaganda”. Well, the same thing is happening here, but with different logo.


Iggy Azalea’s video “Bac 2 Tha Future” features a Monarch Butterfly on one eye – a blatant, reoccuring symbol of Monarch programming. But wait, maybe its an accident. Sometimes butterflies land on people’s eyes while they’re shooting a music video. It happens.


Maybe this is also an accident.


Well, if she’s gonna use that image for the cover of her mixtape, + a bunch of butterfly wings around her, I’d say that this Monarch Mind Control symbolism is there on purpose.


The ad for Britney’s perfume refers to the occult concept of duality. It is very similar to the Seal of Solomon, a Kabbalistic symbol representing duality and the Hermetic saying “As Above, So Below”. In Monarch Mind Control (something Britney probably knows about), duality is used to program individuals, where there’s a “good” and a “bad” girl.


The cover of this science magazine is a rather blatant promotion of transhumanism. Of course, sex has to be used to sell the love of robots.


This promotional ad for the European Union is pretty weird. It combines symbols of several religions into a single star with the saying: “We can all share the same star”. This is a rather apt way of representing all world religions merged together for the elite’s NWO. Furthermore, why is there hammer and sickle of communist USSR? It is not a religion. This is rather odd, but fitting, when we know that the NWO is intended to become one big totalitarian world system.


The logo of BBC’s “Children in Need” Foundation is a teddy bear with one eye hidden. Knowing that the BBC is covered up for decades Jimmy Savile’s sex abuse on children, it is somewhat fitting that their logo also represents Illuminati mind control.





    • LOL VC and he's great sense of humour.As for Rihanna,that child needs Jesus and huge bucket of holy water.what more can I say??

      • The text on her face looks like "FART"; in fact I thought that's what it actually said. Must be subliminal because… I did what it said. Also, maybe they saying love = fart?

      • I find it hilarious that people actually come to this site, claim to understand esoteric agenda and then leave a comment that says "These people need JESUS". SERIOUSLY?!? Don't you get that religion is a major tool used by the elite to keep the masses passive and controlled. If your going to take the time to read through vigilant citizen, go even further down the rabbit hole and research the crucibles of your religion and its inevitable connection to the Egyptian culture. Don't waste your time shaking your finger at Kanye, Rihanna, Ke$ha the Kardashians etc…. if your not willing to admit that you too have been manipulated by the system! I guess its a classic case of not being able to see the forest for all the trees……SMGDH.

      • @ JAson – or it could've been a tongue in cheek comment. I know plenty of ppl who are not religious who say things of that nature in jest…ppl who say "Jesus take the wheel" all the time, it's a meme. Before you jump all over someone who may, or may not be religious find out what they actually believe.

      • @JAson: You falsely believe that the roots of all religions connect to Egyptian culture and religion. You cannot understand the true roots of Christianity, nor of any religion, for that matter. God (the one, true God), makes it clear that the natural man cannot understand spiritual things. Only the spiritual man can understand spiritual things. Once you connect to God spiritually, He Himself teaches you all things, and you become a work in progress. Lady Vigilant is correct and what's more, you need Jesus as well.

        To understand the roots of all religions, you need spiritual discernment, which you don't have. But if you did, you'd find that the Egyptian religions were just a stepping stone along the way. In reality, all religions trace back to the pre-Diluvian world; indeed, all the way back to Adam. Of course, there is only one way to God. All others are false religions.

      • Hashin – thought the same thing. it looks like FART right across her face. fart on face? love fart on my face? is that what this means? I have to say, rihanna looks like like worse things have happened to her than that…. she really does need Jesus… everytime I see her it gives me the feeling of a train going off the tracks. what a sad mess.

      • JAson, are you the Jason that created that laughable (so laughable, that even Atheists are laughing their asses off) "movie" Zeitgeist? That would explain your ridiculous comment completely.

  1. The pedobear for children in need, the masks for alters and torture is now mainstream. I would have thought they would have been on hiatus due to "Sandy", their HAARP storm. Oh, well, it just goes to show there is no coincidence about any of this stuff. Why do we still deem this to be high fashion? Is that a play on words? Are they just trying to push over the edge? They will not be able to if we keep our eyes– both of them– on the ball and see them clearly for the perverse lot they are… ."I got two eyes to see" (me).

      • Uh, if "MK slaves" KNEW – while in programmed mode – they wouldn't be MK slaves. However there is, I imagine, the soul that tries to fight back, but someone I know who smoked a weed once said that it funked up her cognitive abilities – and was like there were two forces fighting in her head. The lifeless, effect of the drug [almost like a chemical reaction, somewhat like a parasite hanging onto the mind], and the true mind/soul/human being.

        Imagine what a multiple – in tens worth the dose in one LSD blotter paper "cap" which can fit on your pinky nail, and is STILL not 100% pure – imagine what a handful of those would do.

        From Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine:

        "In 1992, Gail and Jacob happened to pass by a newsstand with a large,

        sensational headline: "Brainwashing Experiments: Victims to Be Compen­

        sated." Kastner started skimming the article, and several phrases immediately

        leaped out: "baby talk," "memory loss," "incontinence." "I said, 'Jacob, buy

        this paper.' " Sitting in a nearby coffee shop, the couple read an incredible

        story about how, in the 1950s, the United States Central Intelligence Agency

        had funded a Montreal doctor to perform bizarre experiments on his psychi­

        atric patients, keeping them asleep and in isolation for weeks, then adminis­

        tering huge doses of electroshock as well as experimental drug cocktails

        including the psychedelic LSD and the hallucinogen PCP, commonly known

        as angel dust. The experiments—which reduced patients to preverbal, infan­

        tile states —had been performed at McGill University's Allan Memorial In­

        stitute under the supervision of its director, Dr. Ewen Cameron. The CIA's

        funding of Cameron had been revealed in the late seventies through a Free­

        dom of Information Act request, sparking hearings in the U.S. Senate. Nine

        of Cameron's former patients got together and sued the CIA as well as the

        Canadian government, which had also funded Cameron's research. Over

        protracted trials, the patients' lawyers argued that the experiments had vio­

        lated all standards of medical ethics. They had gone to Cameron seeking re­

        lief from minor psychiatric ailments—postpartum depression, anxiety, even

        for help to deal with marital difficulties —and had been used, without their

        knowledge or permission, as human guinea pigs to satisfy the CIA's thirst for

        information about how to control the human mind. In 1988, the CIA settled,

        awarding a total of $750,000 in damages to the nine plaintiffs—at the time

        the largest settlement ever against the agency. Four years later, the Canadian THE T O R T U R E LAB 29

        government would agree to pay $100,000 in compensation to each patient

        who was part of the experiments. 3

        Not only did Cameron play a central role in developing contemporary

        U.S. torture techniques, but his experiments also offer a unique insight into

        the underlying logic of disaster capitalism. Like the free-market economists

        who are convinced that only a large-scale disaster—a great unmaking—can

        prepare the ground for their "reforms," Cameron believed that by inflicting

        an array of shocks to the human brain, he could unmake and erase faulty

        minds, then rebuild new personalities on that ever-elusive clean slate." -p29

    • Eh. They're unaware of what's being done to them. From birth, they have been taken and programmed into a Monarch puppet for the use of the Elite. In fact, they're chosen for the trait of dissociation.

      • All of them are chosen since birth though? Quite a few just need the money and fame, thus they are fully aware of what they let themselves in for. Probably it's some kind of inner weakness they have to be admired or endless greediness. Likewise some people live like Spartans because they choose or want to. We are not all cut the same way. Our fingertips vary, hence our inner needs vary.

      • Hashashin@ If VC was an university you probably couldn't pass the exams in there, and you'd be rejected in the same time. Many things just has escaped from you, you let it escape because you wanted to! VC is a very talented, true and original person when it comes to write these kind of articles, for sure he won't delete your comment, he respect others although some ppl have the porpuse of insult him, he's always keeping ppl updated of things that appear to be innocent, but at the end, the hard truth is that they're evil.

        I live in Africa and normally, witchcraft only exists in Africa. Witchcraft to make money and succeed in life, and sometimes if they don't comply with the duties of ritual they pay with their own lives. Many sorcerers, ask their clients certain sacrifices like sleeping with their own mothers or daughters, they ask horrific things that go from violations of children to misterious death of missing ppl, everything paid with human suffering is well coming, and every ppl knows that this just make devil happy.

        In other hands there're people who can't deal with it "have to kill the mother??? or rape his own daughter??? what the hell???" they just prefer to give up, they do succeed but for a short time 'cause they forgot that in the ritual act they surrender completely, body and soul to the great master of evil, result? they pay with their own life.

        Now, do you believe that ppl with low level of development and wisdom know how to deal with it, and people in 1st world do not??? They want to be rich and famous, they have wisdom, tools and so on… These ppl practice witchcraft in high levels.

        Kanye West a person who knows how to right lyrics and touch ppl. How can he doesn't know about symbols at his outfits??? If you think that he use it just to shock ppl and call attention, so somehow he knows what these symbols mean? or not. just propaganda??? come on! He is intelligent enough to ignore and support something evil just for propaganda!!! Resuming he knows about the story, he supports because he wants and have accepted it and period.

        sorry for my english :)

    • No they don't, that's why it's called programming, they are programmed (like a computer program) only to be what they want them to be, and they suppress all possible self-esteem and ego (that will help you to take yourself back in place in dignity or self preservation) by torture and conditioning those slaves almost totally lack of will to act by their own (they follow only what they have been told, that includes how to dress how to act in public etc) but human mind is so strong that often, the programming is broken and that is when artists (mostly) begin to take drugs (to avoid mental pain) or they start "talking" against the programmers (e.g.: MJ, Tupac etc).

      • Rodrigo that's awful. People encounter serious problems in their lives and the rest of us cry over trivial matters.

    • A bit of clarification is needed here I believe. These comments are all very good, but I think it is best not to make the assumption that all of the pop-stars are MK mind-controlled slaves. If they are young adults, or even teens when they ascend to fame, it is more likely that they simply want the money/power/fame, so they "buy in" with their souls (a.k.a. selling your soul to the devil). From that point on they serve Lucifer and his power structure. Of course, it is possible that both can be taking place.

      Real mind control is typically effected at a very early age (there is an actual "optimal" age range that was determined through extensive testing…tragically). The basic idea is to completely break down and shatter the human mind through unimaginable trauma. The brain reverts to a primal state, and then can be compartmentalized by a skilled programmer and "rebuilt" into untold numbers of alters that each have a unique personality and "trigger" that activates them.

      If you want further details on the subject, Fritz Springmeier is a good choice and is very thorough. However, I would advise against studying about this subject or the occult unless you are grounded in the faith and word of God. Otherwise, it is possible to be led astray. And for those who have to comment on Christianity, please refer to comment #1 on this string by @DeadMessenger. Otherwise, God Bless.

      Thanks, and happy reading!

  2. Only The Beginning on

    Haven't you had a butterfly landing on your right eye VC?

    Happens to me all the time… Especially when I'm wearing my black and white clothes…

    Kanye West having an invented pentagram? Uh Oh, I've never seen that before!

    The most disturbing is the Children in need logo… Especially if you actually have been on their website you may find a big teddy bear (hiding one eye) with some posing celebrity.

    Children in need… More like pedophiles in need of children! Sickening…

    • It's on her left eye.

      Everyone on this website says right when they mean left and vice versa.

      It's HER left, OUR right.

      • Only The Beginning on

        Actually I was referring to the right eye as in:

        Woe to the worthless shepherd that deserteth the flock! The sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye; his arm withering shall wither, and his right eye darkening shall be darkened (Zech. 11:17);

        and also:

        "The beast gave all a mark on their right had or on their foreheads."

        … For some reason it's often the right side (maybe as in being in the right, being in the "light") which is important when speaking of symbolism.

        … But yeah, I was wrong this time, since this time her left eye was "sacrificed" while the right (and remember: also the right as in "the true") eye will witnessing the world.

    • All major music labels are owned by four corporations (soon to be three) and all film/television shows on Cable TV is owned by five corporations.

      • Exactly, and don't forget that the so-called 'Elite' families (the Illuminati or Council of 300) are major stock holders thru shell corporations of each of the tv/HolyWood/music business corporations.

        So in effect, 'they' control it all.

        For anyone who doesn't believe it, consider how many people that are now awake to evils of the NWO, and here in the US, awake to the bogus 2 party 'system' (with our billion dollar election less than a week away) and yet our point of view is NEVER addressed by abc or cbs or nbc or the nytimes or the wall street journal or by cnn or fox, etc etc etc. Hell, one could have a cable channel devoted to VC's work and others like him and OWN the marketplace on these ideas and have better ratings than 99% of the current cable channels in existence. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if a channel appears soon that purports to dissiminate the truth but is in fact just another propoganda machine.

        As to the BBC's 'Children in Need' ad, in the wake of the Savile revelations, they really might as well be blatant about their campaign and add the words: 'of cock' at the end of their 'Children in Need' banner. No reason to continue pretending what they're all about.

  3. "We can all share the same star"? What? So, they mean we all must share the new religion of the NWO, the one world religion, the religion of Satan, disguised in an upward pentagram, that sums up all beliefs, religions and isms. That does not mean that all religions are accepted, this means that all personal beliefs are forced into satanism, or under the wings of the dark side, if you will…

    • Hi!

      At last I found someone knowing the truth.

      Our late leaders forewarned about things to come.Now there are plenty of signs…Or rather,omens.Yes,Antichrist MUST unite ALL religions.That is why his dark agents are everywhere.When in 1992 missioner-infiltrator D came to my town K. we had no idea.20 years later it became obvious.He did work of the dark destroying Churches.It took political rivals to reveal another bishop's masonic initiation.Sure that guy was in our parliament.Both completed they "theological" degrees in USA.And,yes my homeland is in east europe.Naive VC authors shocking public with Jim Saville.mmmmmm…We had President 1996-2000 who presided over kidnapping killing and sex trafficking of dozens of thousands.Result?He got order for Sequrity Pease and Stability in the world.Handsomely rewarded…I am glad that the END IS NEAR.Recently we had prothetic utterance that God will miraculously keep THOSE WHO ARE HIS.God help us in dark times ahead.

      P.S.Can someone explain what is going on in bible schools and universities throughout the west?I have more disturbing facts,names and horrors connected to them.

    • I been thinking that since I was kid!

      I remember goin into one of the shops and asking 'why does pudsey have his knickers on his head?' Must've been about 5 or 6 and everyone looked at me in disgust and my aunt yelled at me! Haha makes sense now with this jimmy saville stuff goin on!

  4. Bodycasting Photogra on

    I really enjoy the collection of beautyfull images often…

    I must say as a photographer i try to set the scene every time.. and I do love the details and the control of them.. I however must say this..

    i really think the 1 writer of these post is to busy wanting too see symbolisme in everything and especialy that is almost always is perceefd by him as a statement and the truth..

    I know from experiance and contact with lots and lots of creative persons and photographers .. that they blindly copy others.. find inspiration in everything.. not because it's symbolisme always.. "mostly because it looks cool.." has dramatic effect.. revers to movies and other pictures more because of its beauty/or not perception.. The use of symbols is no longer one about religion statement.. like tattoos.. not every criminal is tattood.. and not every tattooed person is a criminal or religious.. its more the way it looks then what it means..

    This said.. I do love this site.. it does tel about symbolism and it is used inside the minds of artists.. and it can be used if they know what it really means.. Please do not judge models and artists and photographers for beeing religiously programming the world.. whooeoeoeoe…. now.. thank them and buy their works if it affects you in a positive way and share that.. share the beauty and joy… its fun finding facts here.. but just a bit less judgementhal please..

    A dutch Struggling artist

    (spelling errors incl..)

    • This is far from judgmental, it is harsh truth.

      There is symbolism in everything, and you can either choose to ignore or acknowledge it. In this age, it has gotten to the point where much of this symbolism is known, especially to the world of mass media art/photography.

      • You're saying that if an artist takes a picture that just so happens to have a person with one eye covered up, there is a double meaning? I've taken a picture like that. It wasn't because I wanted to make people think about the reasons that I have one eye covered, it was just because I wanted to cover one eye.


    • I've had a cousin (who is extremely religious) pose for a photographer once to help build their portfolio. Unaware of what she was doing, she took pictures of her hand covering one eye.

      Sometimes, people really don't know or just don't want to know. I don't think Iggy is under mind control, but since she is getting into the music industry, it was only bound to happen eventually. Britney Spears and Rihanna are mere puppets, obviously.

      • Your cousin did not know what she was doing, but she was copying something that was stored subcontiously…. just like when we hear a new song, we just can't get it out of our heads, then sometime later you forget, and then one day you start singing the song,and you think.. where did that come from? It's the same thing.

    • The part about blindly copying is what is worrying because its a trend the elites wants everyone to conform to because I have a cousin who recently posted a new profile picture of herself showing off her new hairdo which covered one eye (which irked me a little).

      Obviously she isn't part of the Illuminati but inspired by all these musicians/artistes/models etc who are all doing it and she does know why. I call it subconscious programming for people to further deny the truth which allows these people to continue hiding in plain sight.

      • The whole idea is to get everyone doing it. It doesn't matter if the person doing it knows what it means or not, it is a symbol and it represents an "energy." The more people adopt it, the less unusual it becomes and the more accepted it becomes. So you end up with people "calling evil good" and millions are brainwashed into energizing evil all over the planet in the name of "art" and "fashion". Neither are "art" or "fashion" but they are both certainly designed to manipulate and control. Just because it's copying doesn't make it without effect; no one would copy that behavior if it had no effect.

    • It would seem to me that any artist worth their salt would have deep perception of what their art (what ever form) is projecting to the world. I've never met an artist that din't understand their art. Often, it seems that they are the only ones that do.

  5. "…Just chilling, wearing a creepy mask, looking completely lifeless like a MK slave during programming…being licked by a dog wearing studs. Nothing to see here."


  6. I love this time of the month VC! Your comments are very snappish today, I like that :-)

    The pics are disturbing as usual. That "fashion" shoot – disgusting.

  7. Glad to see Rihanna is apart of the occult mysteries! I LOVE Isis, she's a wonderful Goddess and I've heard so many good things about the pagans I know who work with her and follow the Egyptian Kemetic religion. I hope that I'll be initiated into Egyptian paganism, right now I follow a more eclectic path, it's very earth based, simple. But I'm drawn to the Kemetic Gods and Goddesses and they are pulling me to them, to study them. I already have a close connection to Bast, Horus, Hathor and Thoth and I have worked with them before, it was a powerful, spiritually full filling experience. I'm also drawn toward the Hindu deities, in particular Kali Ma, Ganesh and Shakti and Sumerian Goddess Inanna. I wonder if there are any other celebs who follow paganism? Like Asatru, Heathenism, Wicca, Hinduism, Kemeticism, Celtic, etc… Hm, only time will tell, hopefully more people won't be afraid to come out of their own witchy broom closets! Glad to see a change in the world is coming, we certainly need it. 😀

      • I think you should not be bothered by Gracie's belief. One must take care of one's own personal faith. Her belief is her problem, her thing to deal with. Take care of your own faith – I am sure you are not perfect – none of us are perfect. Taking care of our own faith, keeping it alive is much more useful for our soul than trying to convince a satanist that what she or he believes/devoted to is deeply harmful for his/her soul. It is simply useless to try – a person of the other kind of belief will not think about your patronising words positively but rather become even more rejecting or even angered. Useless endeavour to patronise her, also not too nice.

    • Gracie, you can only use a capital G when referring to the God of Heaven and earth, you are not to capitalize it when referring to the gods of the underworld…for a reason, they are from the underworld…I feel very sad for you.

      • Sorry, but sometimes it reminds me the spirit of inquisition.

        Capital letters, conventions and even "Gods" names are just symbols.

        One is All.

        What cares here is our souls connections.

        Let be REALLY free.

        The real Armageddon is inside, right now.

        "Themselves understand themselves,

        and the like of themselves.

        As souls only understand souls."

        Walt Whitman

      • Not taking anyone''s side or stating my beliefs but who are you to judge another persons beliefs? It is not your job or responsibility to force your beliefs unto others. How would you feel if I told you that technically you shouldn't capitalize God at all because there is no god. Simply the multiple universes and the energy that connects them all. Or, if I said that you using the word "God" to describe your deity is rude as it is a general term and "God" has a name "Yaweh" that is much more appropriate. You should learn to respect all beliefs and religions since they are all faith based and therefore mean they feel just as strongly about them as you do.

    • Somebody creative wi on

      You may not or not know it; somehow things that the Freemasons know and believe hold more truth that many aspects of generally known religions, and in fact the "Illuminati" like when you follow a religion because you are easier to control by fear causing dogmas. They are in positions of power, because they know more than most the nature of reality (If you know the rules of chess; you will always be victorious against someone that doesn't know them); that is the power of secret societies, and one may think "They have Satanic/Luciferian things," and some of their things really are satanic (depending on which secret society, some are more corrupted than others, and in fact corrupted ones may have prevailed and they are in control today), but many of their symbols hold a deep and truthful meaning , and they hold those concepts so they can use them against you; and you believing in your artificial and manipulated beliefs (if you really follow a religion) and thinking superficially and escaping of some of their true concepts will leave you in the lower section of the pyramid. They are powerful because they know many truths, and they keep them secret, so that one is kept manipulable and ignorant. Freedom is lost due to fear; and fear is due to lack of knowledge and wisdom; and you know, those "Illuminati" obviously have more freedom, because they know what you may not/do not want to know. I am saying that one should obviously have a mind that really searches for truth, and many masonic truths are very valuable, but I obviously do not suggest anyone to be a Freemason; in fact I am opposed to it; it is the corrupted repartition of wisdom. The only thing I dislike about this page is that it has a bunch people that is dogmatic (they believe that their religion holds all/most truths), so they limit themselves; so they don't progress progress a good, wise, and real philosophy that may help the world, and overthrow the "Illuminati" the best and most pacific way; by seeking wisdom so then having the possibility to claim freedom and make things better and less "mysterious" and "mystic;" these words indicate a not understandable concept. A real "miracle" is just a set of a logic (but still subtle and spiritual) successions of causes and effects. This message in a nutshell is: use the uncommon (supposedly common) sense if you want to achieve freedom and overthrow the "Illuminati," and not the things that they want you to believe!

      • They are only powerful for 2 reasons I can think of. First off, they are extremely arrogant, greedy needy, superficial human beings who thrive on controlling others. Finally, their power stems from absorbing knowledge from other beings created before the human race. The knowledge and power is given to them in order to misuse and abuse it, so they can create chaos and mayhem. I feel pity for them as they have been used for so long,,,,, so where is the intelligence in all that? They are punching holes in water for years taking some others down with them.

      • Thank you, you said what I wanted to say. Many people see Ancient Mystery symbols and think immediately it is "Satanic/Luciferian." That is not always the case, it is a matter of intent. Some of these things are merely tools. For example, in astral projection, you can be encountered by demons or travel to a distant planet and not run into a single demonic entity–this is all driven by your conscious thought. Another example is application of protective "spells" vs harmful ones. The Eye of Horus is actually an amulet used for centuries to ward off the evil eye. Perhaps these celebs wear it for that purpose so they would not be affected by the "witchcraft" of their peers?

        Actually, a person verse in the occult will be more guarded than someone who is a faithful Christian. You see, there is a duality in everything. The occult is really just a discipline of metaphysical science, it is not really "magic" and in fact, there is no such thing in my vocabulary as there is logic in the processes and effects can eventually be quantified by energy units.

      • vla, you hit the nail on the head. These beings are using them. Some of these creatures are very old and extremely intelligent. Having been around for so long, their scope is far greater than ours. They've had plenty of time to refine their mass, and individual, manipulating techniques. In some cases I'm sure they are inhabiting hosts to further their wretched cause. But they are nevertheless creatures created and are not gods as Gracie seems to think.

      • "A real “miracle” is just a set of a logic (but still subtle and spiritual) successions of causes and effects."

        insomuch as HE is the cause, and we are the effect, yes.

        a real miracle is just creation responding to the commands of it's Creator.

    • openyoureyesnclose y on

      seriously..I know you commenters who replied to this young lady's thoughts are good Christians, so Ill go easy.

      Here are things you must process in order to know that everything outside of Christianity is NOT Satanism. What a narrow, intolerant, fanatical point of view to have in the world of multiplicity.

      1. Christianity is the second youngest of the major religions. Islam being the baby. And as a result of when its was created, is it a Hodge-podge of roman paganism and Jewish dogmas all neatly bound by Sumerian & Egyptian mythology which is the basis of all greek/roman paganism. It is a hybrid of sorts. This is not Christianity hating.. its all historical data.. feel free to read up.

      2. Isis/Ishtar = Mary Horus/Zeus = Jesus

      I refer here to the roman catholic version of his life. I personally prescribe to the more ancient, Essence's version of Jesus, the perfect man, Mystic and healer, found in the Dead Sea scrolls.

      3. Egyptology does NOT equal Satanism.

      The religion is about balance in this plane and being the best human you can be. Maa't which is the 42 laws to guide a human in this life to ensure a light heart (this is where the term" lightheartedness"comes from) and entrance into a blessed afterlife and not damnation in the underworld. Sounds familiar, huh?..10 commandments, heaven, & hell all 5,000 years before Moses stood on a mountain getting the word and creating golden snake idols on wooden rods (WHICH god that snake represents.. opens a nasty can of worms)

      4.Creation did not make ONE kind of anything.. this also transcends the paths to which his toddlers (us) find, worship, and revere him in this life. There's is NO ONE way to do anything on this physical plane of matter. How amazingly unimaginative if there was only ONE way! And we all know we cannot begin to comprehend the imagination of Creation as we are truly surrounded by the wonders of Creation's thoughts manifesting.

      This path may be this young lady's path to love and revere Creation. Remember.. your good book tells you not to judge, condemn, and to be always tolerant as you are to love and respect your brother. (25) Jesus said: Love thy brother as thy soul; keep him as the apple of thine eye. Gospel of Thomas

      • The concept of "duality" comes from man-made religions. It does not exist with THE CREATOR.

      • I absolutely agree with your learned comments.

        The triplicate " creative " power…the demiurge.

        The three wise men who went in search of the baby messiah, the three kings of Plato, The Alif , Laam , mem of the Quran, jubelo, jubela, jubleom of the legend of hiram abiff ,

        The triplicate god…creative force….

        Either the phallus with gonads….

        Or the mons veneris, with the capstone( clitoris)

        It is the worship of generation….sex…creative ..procreative force.

        This force has been sublimated into the statues , myths, fairy tales , legends and anthologies of the ancients…..

      • openyoureyesnclose y on

        @ ann onymous

        Would you not agree that Creation on THIS plane CREATES duality?

        It is the very nature of matter itself.

        spirit in flesh = a separation from the ethereal to the material creating a Divine symbiotic relationship which is focused on the ONE, Creator

        Creation of matter (liquid, gas, and solids) requires the agitation, splitting, and replication/duplication of atoms(matter) into molecules, into elements, into to manipulative matter(tangible matter) . All of which is orchestrated and managed the Creator

      • you're decieved on

        You're so far from the truth that it hurts.

        Yes we shouldn't judge but Jesus says we should save every soul from being decieved!!

        The reason we say all these pagan beliefs are evil and that Jesus is the only way is by simply looking at the fruits of their trees.

        Pagans believe in sacrificing first borns to moloch, God says in the bible that you are NOT to do this as its an abomination, pagans believe in temple prostitutes, havin sex infront of idols and witchcraft which if u translate witchcraft in the bible you will find it means 'mind altering substances' which hello? A lot of spiritualists/newage people do because they believe it brings them closer to god which we all know is another lie from satans mouth. Also if

        If any religion tells you to do something that is morally questionable or will harm you or others around you should tell you that it is a false path. I don't see God asking for child sacrifice, I didn't see Jesus kill in the name of God, quite the opposite actually. If anything the Word of God teaches true discipline, u may see God as a opressive ruler, I see a protective holy father that is giving me these rules/guidelines/commandments for my own good. While christianity may be young compared to other faiths, God on the other hand is alpha and omega, along with His word, which we follow has been around way before the planet was even created.

        You've been decieved if u see any truth in masonic teachings yet even they acknowledge God except they believe lucifer deserves worship! It makes me laugh that u read this and still say christianity is false. My friends, if u are to learn anything from this site, it should be how real the devil is!! But the good news is, if there's satan then there is God! Who WILL win against this douchebag. Its all been written.

        I agree with your point on religion tho which is why I say this, religion seperates us from God, it constantly tells us we are not worthy and ignores christ's teachings and His sacrifice. Did He not teach not with compassion and love for His people? We don't need a vicar or a middleman, or a specific place of worship cause we are ALL temples of God and that being christian if anything is about having a relationship with God. Jesus isn't zeus or whatever, while yes He's perfect and blameless, the truth is, He is you and me. He is the blueprint of a christian's life, he went through the same things/hardships we are going through today.

        Anyways I'm babbling on, my point is; don't let the devil lie to you anymore. Open your eyes and see that the truth isn't that the illuminati runs the world, but that the truth is that God does. The douchebags maybe running the show atm, but unfortunately for them the world has an end date and God doesn't!

        I hope you give God a go and open your hearts to His perfect gift, Christ.

      • The Bible also says to pull our brothers out of the fire. and by loving our brothers we tell them the truth;thus pulling them out of the fire. Calling an apple an apple is not judging.

        the devil is a liar and has so many ppl fooled. Jesus said He is the only way, so unfortunately for anyone who tries any other way, its going to be the wrong way. God said it, i believe it, and that settles it.

        The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel is just one source i recommend to you, or anyone struggling with the truths of the Bible and its validity.

        God Bless, every knee will bow.

  8. Candle of the Meteor on

    This whole charade isn't going to work. They're trying to maintain a balance between moving slowly enough that people won't notice, but fast enough that they get it done before people inevitably do, and because of the Internet, their time frame has shortened. The shocking speed at which the word about the Illuminati is spreading (even if misinformed to some degree), the growing number of political dissenters, and failure of many of their psy-ops is extremely pleasing in my eyes. It shows that they are having trouble maintaining balance, and either will not progress to the final stage, or will attempt to do so and fail miserably.

    Personally, I believe that the people who run this whole show are just bored with life. They've inherited everything from their family's legacy: wealth, fame, power, etc. The only thing they have left is ruling the world, so why not do it with style so-to-speak? Even if they fall and are exposed, they will have left behind the greatest empire in human history. Regardless of how they're viewed, their names will live on forever, their symbols will have been etched into the collective consciousness, and their taint will have graced every inch of the world. Honestly, it's sad that they have moved so far past the simple pleasures in life that total domination is only thing that stimulates their senses, and I feel slightly pitiful for them.

    Keep it up, everyone, they can't hold out for too long.

    • In the beginning to an extent you're correct, but it's not simply being bored with life. It's a Satanic agenda and they've been given orders to carry out which has been carried out through the generations. One stone upon another, like a pyramid each one doing their part. Sad but most of those people come from Satanic generational families so you know what the deal is.

      • And once you make a pact with some unpleasant evil creatures, there is hardly a way to break the chains.

  9. Michael Knight on

    NWO wont be socialist system…it will be a tyrany and a new neofevdal system…neosocialism would be ok…at least we would get rid of robbers;)

  10. There is also a repeating indicator of fetish and BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism) in these pics. They want to make perversion popular, so that when they eventually get pedophelia legalized, you will think nothing of it. Just normal, nothing to see here …

    I don't think it is a coincidence that this BDSM novel "50 Shades of Grey", which is aimed at a female audience, is so popular now (#1 bestseller at Amazon). Women read this trash in public on the train. It is all about desensitizing people to sin.

    • Yep. And isn't Madonna's old buddy Steven Meisel also the one who did most of the photography for the SEX book?


      Don't some of the masks look like faces of drag queens and/or people who've had too much plastic surgery? Ick!

    • I think it is perverse that not only has this trashy novel become popular but women are encouraged to read it in public and I bet some do so as not to be labelled 'prudes'. At one time a similar book to this written by Jackie Collins or Erica Jong would have been read at home in private and not even in the living room.

    • Fifty shades of gray is NOT about s and m. Its about domestic violence and blatant abuse of that girl. I am a professional Mistress, and know what I'm talking about. People who read that book should really check out the book "S and M 101" to really understand it. My clients all have some sort of submissive fantasies, and acting them out with me is always consensual, and when play time is over, its over. I leave, and everyone is happy. I always do what my clients ask for, and never overstep their boundaries. There is a fine line between s and m and outright abuse….Please don't believe the hype or waste your hard earned money on that bullshit!

  11. Does Kanye west know that he is wearing all the symbols of the satanic religion? Is he telling us that he is proud of it and doesn't care what we think about it? Does he actually think that satan will win against the almighty god or what? These people are baffling to say the least. At the end of the day how can one win against the One that created him in the first place. Because surely if these people believe in the devil then they also have to believe in god. These people are worse than one can imagine. I have truly lost all faith in this world, everything has become so obviously evil and satanic. The lines are drawn folks, you just have to choose your side.

    • K West is supposed to be a talented musician? I really can't see the appeal, so maybe people are charmed or something and find him talented and attractive. I'm totally confused by his popularity.

      • Kanye West IS a talented musician whose production style I admire its just that he is on the WRONG team. However, when it comes to rapping or singing? That's another issue where his 'talent' is questionable 😉

    • @Sister Soul,

      Kanye West without a doubt KNOWS what he's doing. There countless videos online which you can look up, with the most famous one where he proudly shouts a crowd in sort of freestyle manner "I sold my soul to the devil!" and acknowledges it was wrong but doesn't care because it brought him riches, so he claims.

      Very disturbing stuff.

    • Kanye West is hideous, inside & out. Not only are his "hip satanic" clothes ugly and ridiculous… his eyes are dead like his soul.

      I hope it was worth it.

  12. These Symbolic Pics posts are great. Regarding these models who do the whole "one eye salute" thing… how in the world can a person get to that point to be such a blatant "tool"?

    Photographer: "OK, now cover one eye with your hand. And then we're going to cover one eye with your hair."

    Model: "Yes, sir, boss. Whatever you say, boss. I'm just a piece of slime… garbage… a tool… a doormat… a yes-man, a chicken-s*** toadie… so do whatever you want to do with me because all I'm concerned about is making it to the top in this business. So please, Mr. Tool Illuminati Photographer Person, dehumanize me in any way that you see fit."

    • Models have NO SAY whatsoever in what they do, they are a tool or puppet and are only there trying to become famous and make a few dollars, the models in these ads probably don't make enough to pay their bills and their "handlers" oops, managers. Watch ANY episode of American's Next Top Model and you can see how easily they are manipulated, especially by Tyra, it is sad.

  13. This is by far my fav list of pics. IF PEOPLE DO NOT SEE what is going on here, its probably because they're in line for a big mac, monitored by an iphone, restricted from important sites on the internet, and working 9-5 as a robot slave. Hearing someone say yesterday, "this is just the way the world is, what do symbols or illuminati have to do with you?" literally almost made me throw up. As if they're already gone.

  14. Am I the only one that noticed that RIRI has the word chalice printerd across her chest in and among all of the emotions and verbs noted as well?

    • I saw that too. One has to wonder exactly what she thinks she's being " filled up" with. Is it a sly, but crude sex metaphor? Or does it refer to her slave status, i.e. being filled with personas and programming? Or is a deeper, more esoteric melding of the previous options? Like she is the chalice for the sacred feminine, a manifestation of the goddess?

      Also, severely creepy for use on an album cover most widely seen by, and of interest to, kids.

  15. I have a question for you guys, and from the bottom of my heart I wish someone will answer it. We know the time of retribution is around the corner, we all know who the bad guys are and what they are doing and what their final goal is: The rise of the prince of darkness and a global empire. We also know God and good will prevail. Now, here's my question: Why would they bother, then? Why so much effort, time and money spent if they already know they're not gonna win? Or maybe, there's a chance they can win???

    • Their under a grand delusion. Once demons possess you like most of these people you don't think of consequences, etc. You just do as you're told. Continue on the demonic path. The lucky ones will get out once they've had enough of the lies, wake up to what it is their involved in, or God fishes them out. Maybe some have chosen to be on the devil's side because they were told they could win, but obviously we know how the story ends.

    • They do it to desensitize. Remember what you behold you become, the more you behold, the less you can recognize the truth and only the Truth can set you free.

    • The devel and demons want to take as many as they can Down with them because they know the time is short and people are waking up to the deceit


    • They think they will win because their master, satan, deceived them. Truth is God will win out in the end and reign forever.

  16. EU star is the most interesting thing to me. I am from Lithuania (east Europe). My country joined EU in 2004 and I still remember how it was promoted before. "Lithuania HAS to join EU!!!". It was everywhere: TV, news sites, radio, ads, street posters, political goals – EVERYWHERE. Lithuania HAS to join EU!!! We will live better!!! Why we have to join EU? Because all other European countries join it! We have to join NATO too, because USA are our "best friends"! And almost all people believed it. So, my country joined EU and NATO in 2004. Maybe the life changed, maybe it became better? NO!!!

    Lithuania is depopulating, degrading country with destroyed economy, mass emigration and thousand people with no hope. One fact is enough: in 1990, when USSR collapsed (my country was part of USSR if you don't know) the population was 3,7 million people. Now in 2012 here live only 2,9 million people!!! It's 0,8 million depopulation just in 20 years (22% of population!). Mass emigration and wery low birth rate (one of the lowest in the world). It's horrible to see how my small but beautiful country with rich history and beautiful culture is "on the highway to hell" now. Free sex, alcohol, drugs, childless lifestyle and mass ignorance are becoming more and more "popular and trendy". People don't even believe in God. Lithuanians was traditionally very religious nation with high moral standards, but now when someone starts to talk about God, morals, religion, traditional values, people's reaction is like "lulz, dafuq r u talkin bout? Let's talk bout hot chickz". And almost nobody wants to see that future is really dark… It seems to be even darker than present. But people don't see the darkness because they are already blind.

    And about other pictures… It's not new thing. These symbols are everywhere. But people don't believe that. "You are stupid ignorant paranoid, lol. Maybe you believe in Santa and little green aliens too?" – that's 90% peoples reaction.

    And by the way, very interesting thing happening here. When you talk shit about (for example) gays, it's "hate speech" and you will have problems with police. But when someone talks shit about christianity, christians, people who believe in God – it's "nothing wrong" with that. So, political correctness is not for christians?

    • the eu star is topped by the hammer and sickle – symbols for saturn, aka kronos, aka "father time" aka "the grim reaper."

      death right at the top.


    • Exactly the same here in Greece too my friend and all over EU……

      But there is one difference.

      My country was selected to start the transformation of EU into one state. Germany has a leading role into this as always (see WWs). Did you hear what Merkel said? She said a few days ago that there is no sovereignty if national debt is more than 80% -90% and that concerns Germany too!!! hahahaha

      Something similar said also Mario Draghi in Der Spiegel magazine!

      God help us all!

      • Those chalga clubs and videos look rather tacky like traditional Bulgarian folk corrupted and perverted. To me it sounds like a mix of Bhangra music and early 90's clubbing music.

    • ShadowOnTheWall on

      Hi,same here:( im also from post soviet country.. joined to eu in 2003 (i think, who cares?) but even without EU, our country has been long fucked.

      so i turned myself to Islam. nobody knows around me.. but it gave me peace and harmony.. and i dont care if ur a christian or muslim or agnostic (though i dont think so), we re sisters in sorrow. im sorry for our people's blindness…

      • Wow. I am traditional Christian, but I'm interested in Islam too. Both religions have the same roots. We both believe in the same God/Allah, we have the same moral values and waiting for Jesus/Isa 2nd coming. Christianity and Islam both are very similar Abrahamic religions. But brainwashed people think that Islam is something terrible. That's a big mistake.

        I think the unity of Christiams and Muslims is the biggest fear of global elite. Mass media talks shit about Muslims everyday. Elite don't respect Christianity, but they mock Islam even worse (maybe because Islam is growing religion, it's more dangerous to their positions than almost destroyed Christianity). Oil wars is a big factor too.

      • I don't get it…

        If you are a"traditional Christian" (or Muslim, or Jew, or whatever) how can you believe that your religion "has the same roots" with another one?

        That sounds very panreligious! I am sure global elite will be trilled if such beliefs become popular since they are trying to form a global religion.

      • @ Artemis

        Have you ever studied both religions? Christianity and Islam are classified as "Abrahamic religions" (check other sites if you don't believe me). Both religions have the same historical roots – Judaism. Do you know that our Holy Bible is holy book for Muslims too? Why Muslims believe in the same prophets Abraom/Ibrahim, Moses/Musa etc. and their teachings? Why are they waiting for second coming of Jesus/Isa? Why do they respect Maria/Maryam? Adam and Eve, Noah, Apocalypse, Antichrist/Dajal, moral values, sins… Everything is almost the same. And the most important thing is that we believe in one and only Creator! Allah is nothing different than our God. In Judaism God is called Eli (words "Eli" and "Allah" have the same Semitic roots). It's not "panreligiuous" to accept the fact that these three religions (Judaism > Christianity > Islam) have the same historical roots. It's a fact, bro. You can only be panreligious if you merge different religions that have nothing in common, for example Christianity, Hinduism, Budism, even Paganism (as freemasons do)… Yes, these relligions really don't have nothing in common. But Christianity, Islam and Judaism are sister religions. Global elite just use "divide and conqer" strategy. Even Christianity vas divided. Do you remember the wars between Western Christianity and Orthodox Christianity, between Roman Christians and Protestants? That was very similar, and it was a big mistake.

        I think this might be interesting to you (just google it for youself):

        "Both religions are from the same God, the one and only one God.

        Both religions believe in God and his Angels, the second eternal life, the Day of Judgment, the Paradise and the Hell.

        Both religions are sharing the main morals and conducts that are for the benefit of humanity and nature.

        Although some Christians believe that Jesus is God or son of God while Muslims believe that Jesus is human and born by God miracle from the virgin Mary (Mariam), both religions believe in the same God (the Creator).

        Both religions are similar in practicing mutual respect to their believers.

        Quran says (meaning English translation):

        "…. You will find the nearest in love to Muslims those who say 'we are Christians'. That is because amongst them are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world and they are not arrogant. And when they listen to the Quran revelation received by the Messenger (Muhammad), you see their eyes overflowing with tears because of the truth they have recognized. … So because of what they said, Allah (God) rewarded them …."[Quran, chapter 5, verses 82-86]"

      • Not Funny

        Of course i know about the religious wars of the past since I am an Orthodox Christian myself and my country was enslaved by Ottomans for 500 years.

        Your point of view is very syncretistic for me, but of course respected.

        As I devoted OC I try to interpret my religion as it is (based on the Greek Septuagint, the New Testament and Patristics) and not as I would want to be.

        Anyway, it is not the time and place for a "discussion" like this.

        Take care.

    • Enjoyed reading your post. I really spat out my drink when reading: “lulz, dafuq r u talkin bout? Let’s talk bout hot chickz”. Thanks for that. I wish you and your country all the best in fighting the evil we're all dealing with.

  17. I try to visit this website everyday but I rarely comment. This time, I have to. By far the most obvious and blatantly disturbing selection of Pics of the Month I've seen so far.

    Batten down the hatches.

  18. At some point soon – some of you reading these words right now are going to click on a certain web page or receive a particular text message and have your encrypted Monarch Sex Puppet viral programming triggered. At that point, you will leave your computer or turn off your phone, explain to anyone with you that you have an important errand to run, and then proceed directly to a nearby ritual site where you will disrobe and actively participate in terrible sex magick orgies of the most disgusting sorts imaginable with a wide variety of humans and animals – all directed by "Illuminati" high priests and priestesses. At the end of hours of disgusting acts of perverse group sex you will be hosed down and allowed to return home prior to your memory being wiped completely of the time spent as a sex puppet.

    You don't believe this could happen to you? You think only a small number of celebrities and their sex slaves are "MK-ed"? You think your faith will protect you from such degradations in this life?

    Stay asleep if you like. It may be easier that way. How many people can cope with discovering they have been used as human sex toys – penetrated by and made to penetrate dozens of "Illuminati" and other sex puppets – without going completely insane? How many REALLY want to know what happens to them in that "missing time"?

    But if you are reading this site you cannot look at the images above and not know that "Illuminati" sex magick mind control has the world in a lubricated death grip.

    Semenancy is central to many of their rituals. Everywhere now they taunt us with removable semenancy canvas "masks" on which they can preserve and contemplate favorite profound seminal splatter patterns.

    The "occluded eye" and "hidden hand" are ubiquitous of course. We see more and more of them as 2013 approaches. Most people understand that the "occluded eye" references what They believe to be the "Third Eye" or "All Seeing Eye" of "enlightenment". This in "Illuminati" theology correlates of course to the anus, and They therefore boast constantly of opening their (and our) "Third Eye"/"Brown Eye" through sodomy ("The Real Way" – "Technical Virginity"). But many do not know that the "hidden hand" is better known among Them as the "Hidden Fist" for it represents the penetration of the recipient's anus with an entire hand up to the forearm. As anyone who practices this particular sexual practice knows – penetration is only possible if the fingers are held together flat and slightly cupped, as in the "hidden hand" gesture.

    Bestiality obviously is as popular today with the "Illuminated" as ever – demonstrated here by the bdsm doberman gangbang with the semenancy mask model and even more disgustingly in the Mr. Ed Equus Botox Brony Play scene. Autoerotic technologies are vital to "Illuminated" plans for the coming year – which is why Britney is depicted as a tarot card methamphetamine harlot engaged in mutual cunnilingus with her own doppelganger for all eternity.

    Using sex to get people to love robots? Everyone already loves robots. The "Illuminati" are preparing us for being used as sex slave servants of our cyber-sodomist masters.

    These and many more truths may be nauseating to contemplate. But those who refuse to take them seriously now will find themselves thoroughly probed by silicon before they can say "Moore's Law". Educate yourselves and stay safe!

    • Dr. S,

      I learn quite a lot from your comments in this site. I wonder, can you list some suggestions of books or websites for us to learn more about this? Preferably something informative for us to start.

      If I Google 'semenancy', 'bdsm' or those things Google will show me porn materials which does not go deeper besides people having sex in their various ways.

      And I for certain can't ask my friends or family. They have no clue about bdsm besides 50 Shades of Grey and that it is 'strange weird sex'.

      Thanks alot. :)

      • It depends on what sort of material you need.

        Those interested in trying to better understand the technical details of Monarch mind control technology will find little available if they do not have at least basic security clearance on Illuminet or access to one of the few major research libraries remaining in territories outside of "Illuminated" control. Needless to say the interwebs are almost completely under their control (this site being one of a few contrary examples) and accurate information beyond that which they are comfortable taunting us with disappears quickly.

        Most ordinary people do not have the skills or knowledge to protect themselves from Monarch mind control technology. What is much more important for these people is to understand the reality of the perverted occult plutocracy that rules us and to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the sickening details of the enemy's agenda. Only by fully understanding the details of "Illuminati" sex magick ritual practices will one be able to recognize the signs that one is being used as a sex puppet before having one's memory wiped. No one WANTs to research any of this unholy depravity – but what would you rather have to do: force yourself to study some distasteful images for self-defense or wake up one morning to find video of yourself being used as a human toilet by "Illuminati" dressed in panda costumes?? Everyone has to decide these things for themselves….

      • Forums such as VC are filled with active "Illuminati" disinformation agents whose sole purpose is to discredit anyone who gets too close to the truth. Accusing someone who has provided detailed and verifiable information of "trolling" is one of the most common tactics of such agents.

        Assuming for the moment however that you are sincere and not posting merely to distract readers from the reality of what I am saying, it is perfectly understandable that you might be skeptical. The realities of the world within which we live are almost too horrifying and mind boggling to believe – and yet the evidence is all around us. If the overwhelming evidence presented on VC does not convince you, and if the evidence of your senses surrounded by all these fruits of "Illuminati" evil do not convince you, then by all means ignore what we are saying and do not trouble yourselves with thoughts of mind control and sex puppetry. If you do not object to being used as a multiple holed human fleshlight in violent rituals of sacrilegious and sticky sex magick then by all means ignore what is being shared with you here.

  19. I don't know rather rihanna was suppossed to be sexy on her cover but when I look at her face she looks like she's been crying. As far as the symbol behind Beyonce'…what does it mean? I never watched the video for it. I've been off the radar but what does that sign mean?

  20. and just like how everything is more blatant then ever, i think these artist now know exactly what theyre doing. theyre trying to fool "us" when theyre in interviews saying how people are calling them devil worshippers and such and they have no idea what we are talking about. like, do they not get to see the photos when theyre doing a video shoot? gimme a break, and no i dont want a piece of that kit kat bar. its full of sh** just like these artists. sry 😛

    • These women CHOOSE to be models. No one put a gun to their head and forced them to be models, actresses, or famous musicians. They are in this business to have money, fame, and to be adored. Very selfish things. Their companies are making jokes through them, as well as brainwashing, using them for symbolic purposes, and simply using them as a tool for one reason or another. Notice the people behind the scenes don't have to do any of these things, and are laughing all the way to the bank!

  21. Note too how the horse the model is posing with has his eyes covered by a hooded mask – downright symbolising that she's blinkered / unaware / dead inside too I'd say!

    Horrific – and I genuinely thought the model in the tan skirt to the right of the horse pic was a mannequin! :(

    AND (seemingly neverending), the Vogue cover shot – complete with mirrors and orange tiny pyramids in the fabric of the model's jacket


    Dehumanisation, 2012 style

    Even if you're not religious, please try praying for life the way it used to be, please – that's what I'll be doing from now on


  22. i would like to know how someone (the handler) is able to put someone through mind control – those without their parents consent / having sold them into the industry at a young age etc?

    dont they have private homes they go to at the end of the day? holidays? family and friends to keep an eye on them? how do they willingly end up strapped to a table and zapped with a cattle prod (or similar) and their brains filled with tales of wizard of oz / labyrinth tales of going down the rabbit hole and more triggers?

    or …when they sign their contract with lucifer, do they KNOW they will be subjected to all this?

    the bit about them being hypnotised, absued, used, and having their mind altered i DO believe, i just dont really understand how / where it is done???

    • It is done exactly the same way your computer gets a virus. Your brain is exposed to materials online, in music, in video games, etc, that contain hidden Monarch control codes that gradually infect your brain below the levels of conscious perception. After a sufficient amount of Monarch programming has taken place – usually requiring no more then several years of average consumption of internet/music/games/etc – the subject can be remotely activated for advanced direct programming. At this point intensive character reprogramming can take place while the subject is in a trace in front of his/her computer/video game/ipod and the "Illuminati" can put in place Monarch control programming at the brainstem level – the neurological equivalent of your computer being "root kitted". You cannot detect the presence of this programming, and when it is activated you are completely under the control of the "Illuminati" as a Monarch Sex Puppet. Later your memory is wiped. That is how it works. All that you have read about MK programming from childhood with extreme trauma is quite outdated. Their technology is far far more advanced today and almost everyone eagerly consumes massive amount of Monarch infected culture ever day.

  23. an.opinion.that.will on

    You know I've found this site extremely interesting and I can see what you pick out.

    Everything could be just the way VC describes it. Reflect on the following thoughts…PLEASE!

    Could it be, just COULD it be, that all of that "flagrant" symbolism is been waved in our faces because people who have been spending a lot of time wondering about life (let's say photographers, artists etc.) use symbols to underline that everything that exists represents nothing more than the beauty of existence? That should be celebrated, NOT categorized.

    Every symbol can be interpreted AND used in so many ways. The symbols are of course the same…creating new ones wouldn't give any meaning to anyone, but the creator. Maybe Kanye's "satanic" pants have the point that he indeed does NOT believe in the existence of God/Satan? And by the way, the Pentagram (Kesha) is just a bit older than the Satanic Church…

    Maybe the models made to wear masks point out how absurd our time and the conception of beauty has become?

    So again. Please reflect on these thoughts!

  24. Estamos Juntos on

    Just one song came to my mind as I saw BBC's pedobear…. AC DC's "jaaaaaail bait!" (or are the lyrics wrong?…)

  25. Yknow, something I feel the need to point out is that for a lot of People of Color, especially Women of Color (in this case, specifically, Women of African descent), ancient Egyptian symbols represent the greatness of their heritage. 'We' Westerners claimed ancient Greek and Roman heritage as our own, and so ancient Egypt, as a great early culture, remains theirs. The symbols therefore are associated with personal empowerment and history. Erykah Badu famously covered her stage with ankhs and wore elaborate, Egyptian-style headdresses to perform. Her message was one independent of the overall 'music industry' and charged with messages of personal empowerment, freedom, and independence. Should we automatically assume that ALL people who appreciate ancient Egypt are 'of the illuminati'? Indeed, should we assume that ALL people who study esotericism and occultism are part of the 'elite'?

  26. I am 20 Yrs old and I am very aware of whats going on around me. I can't watch t.v. without seeing symbolism and it disgust me. I wish the ppl around me knew whats going on but they think im crazy when I talk about it. But thank you vigilant citizen for keeping me vigilant and bringing ppl back to reality. "The Real Reality"

  27. Interesting to know that the director of Vogue Italia Ms. Franca Sozzani is also an ambassador for the UNO and she even plays the good one and talks about helping children and the elderly (???) Is she stupid? she doesn't even look hypocrit, I believe she's got the "eyes wide shut".

  28. sigmund Freud's on

    Does anyone on here seen Sirrah post a comment. He/She was very knowledgeable of what's going on. He/She hasn't posted since 2011. Type Sirrah in the search and read her comment. They were mindblowing.

    • Ah yes where is Sirrah? Sirrah was at least very honest. I used to believe Sirrah and Svali are the same person lol. Come back Sirrah, please :-(

  29. People,

    Perhaps some of these people are attractive, but they are not talented. If we were to take a look at John Coltrane representing black music, then look at Kanye West we could conclude that black arts have been flushed down the toilet.

    People its all context, if you want to listen to pagan music which is actually good, not this sampled garbage and rhyming crap, listen to Magma, or Univers Zero.

    If you think the hexagram or the eye of horus are nice symbols and represent something other than demonic expression and forbidden filth, you are deceived. "You will know them by their fruits" (Mathew 7:16)

  30. Chemtrails Are Real on

    I wholeheartedly believe that some of these artists are being forced to pay homage to the Devil and the Beast Power. I cannot judge anyone. My heart hurts for Britney… she's a celebrity that I pray for because her eyes are filled with so much emptiness and sadness. I'm praying for myself because we are about to engage in a severe spiritual warfare that involves the whole world.

  31. sigmund Freud's on

    Am I the only one that read in US Weekly about Amanda Bynes crazy behavior, how she was always looking in the mirror and going off on people. It made me sad. Does anyone know the name of the sister sight to vigilant citizen. I think it was secret arcana or something like that. I wanna go and read some of Sirrah's comments from last year just to see how acurate he/she was.

    • Exactly Rebecca!

      The "Illuminati" base their sex rituals on sacrilegious pansexual BDSM which commonly includes elements of zoophilia and cryptozoophilia. Examining trends of recent years it will soon become apparent that the "Illuminati" have been vigorously promoting a host of related perversions simultaneously. We see a huge upsurge of interest in pony play, the brony fetish, furries, unicorn sodomy, tentacle sex, bareback daddy bears, etc.

      None of this is coincidence. Humanity is getting more and more inappropriately sexually aroused at a faster and faster rate. Pretty soon things are going to blow.

      • Isn't it just grand to see these and more principles of the Bible being torn down right in front of us in this very instant? Not that that's a good thing, but I do consider it a priviledge to be living in this time period. More and more, Satan is working harder and harder in increasing intelligence. The Bible tells us that there's even more to come. This seems scary, right?

        The only only ONLY way to deal with this is through faith in Jesus Christ. The sooner people realize, understand, and accept that, then the better their lives will be with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. I can assure you that then Satan will be all like, "Curses! Foiled again! I'll be back though, mark my words, I'll be back for you with something even bigger, how do you like that? Mwa-ha-hah, we'll see how you deal with… That… That thing I'll be back with."

        No reason to be scared, though, because God is always with us. Amen?

    • Those pictures are really disturbing, expecially the first one of her kissing Liam in the mask; she has alot of influence on girls her age, I don't even know what to say…

  32. Shaun Martinez on

    Is the BBC logo with the Bear right eye covered some kind of sick and twisted joke? the same entity that protected a well known pedophile has also created a foundation for children in need! What a horrible, horrible joke!

  33. There seems to be a push for the UN here lately. Not surprising that Beyonce would be pushing their acceptance.

    We have Obama wanting UN representatives (I've even seen it said UN soldiers) to come and monitor voting in key states.

    Hillary was pushing for the arms treaty with the UN.

    And just the other day saw an article about the UN wanting to monitor the internet.

    Oh and just remembered another one, the UN wanting to tax Americans.

    They are trying their hardest to give our sovereignty away. And now using the popular celebs to push the agenda subliminally. Nice. :/

  34. I don't understand how the N.W.O is going to be a big socialist regime. Based on what's gong on in today's system it's probably going to be a totalitarian fascist one world government. The definition of fascism is pretty much when the corporations become the government. Socialism is a system in which the working class owns all of the wealth, fascism is the opposite of socialism.

    • I totally agree with your comment. I'm a bit skeptical of the whole NWO thing to begin with and claiming that it would be a socialist system seems to counter any logic that links the current global economic/political system to a NWO type situation. Especially when you take the entertainment industry into account and how driven it is by capitalistic ideals, socialism makes no sense in this context. I think people need to be careful about which political terms are used.. socialism ≠ communism.. and neither of these fit the logic of the NWO. Totalitarianism is more fitting.

    • rose in massachusett on

      I see the future that "they" desire to be more like feudalism, where the nobility and the church ruled over all — we will all be like peasants. The wealthy will live like kings… oh, but then, they already do! And the mass media will be the people's religion (yeah, as it is already).

  35. Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or be sad

    I guess I'll just laugh for now! Don't people ever get bored seeing the same old themed celebrity photos, fashion, music cover albums and music videos? lol

  36. What are you talking about VC??? Didn't you hear that celebrities and models have a recurring pinkeye problem because of dirty hotel room pillows? That's why they have to cover an eye in almost every photoshoot session. duuhhhh……………..yeah right…

  37. This poor lad has been dragged in by the illuminati note his name 'MASON LEVAY' Mason I suppose comes from freemason and Levay (usually spelt LaVey) was the surname of the founder of satanism, Anton LaVey. I reckon they are prepping him for next year. Just listen to his lyrics and look at his photo's. Also another interesting note: on his twitter he says he is from 'Wonderland' also his bio says 'FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT'. Poor boy. my friend introduced us. he was either high or under control. He was just so unresponsive and blank /: When will this end?

      • Catchy indeed. He claims he writes them himself. He say's he zones out now and again, then he has all the words in his head. a particular verse that frightened me was in his song 'Wonderland' he says: When i first went to wonderland, i met a strange looking man, he said he'd let me play with the butterflies, he took me to his shed, he covered my eyes'. What happened in this so called 'wonderland' was he hurt or something when he was a child? I hate to ask incase he goes into some meltdown and gets hurt.

  38. Syrus Magistus on

    Is it just me, or does the hammer and sickle appear in five different spots on that thing? You could call that emphasis, rightly. The Communists were horrible; even worse than the fascists. They'd execute millions of people at a time, completely arbitrarily. What kind of picture does that paint? They might as well have arranged those images into a giant swastika.

    • Syrus Magistus on

      Also, Socialism is NOT the same as Communism. The USSR was a Communist government. Modern Europe is a Socialist government. Their tax dollars go towards education, healthcare, transportation, social services, and infrastructure. Their quality of life is much higher than this side of the pond. Socialism is about the community investing in itself, whereas Communism is like Fascism in that it exploits the nation to feed a war machine indefinitely, under the watch of a ruthless dictator and his inner party of lackeys. It has nothing in common with that buzz word "socialism" we use in America. The New World Order would not be socialist in its organization, but totalitarian. A few elites would exploit everyone else, instead of paying taxes in proportion to everybody else. The two are diametrically opposed ideologies.

      • The sickle is the emblem of Saturn.

        Saturn , kevan or kiyuon , el

        The hammer is the phallus….thors hammer…


        Crossed together the sickle and hammer…

        Two aspects of god..

        Plus they also make an X

        And X is Osiris…

        Tells you who made the communists…


  39. New World Odor on

    Thought I do not deny the existence of the evil and manipulation on this planet I do get another message from the "face the future" picture. The first thing it said to me was that woman should face the fact that their looks will not always be that of their youthful 20 year old self, and maintaining it with plastic surgery, and heavy makeup makes you look stupid, even worse than letting your body grow and mature naturally.

  40. Yes, yes, yes… "Butterflies and bullshit." Isn't that a line from a famous Republican song? No. Oh well, it might as well be. Or maybe "Black Sambo meets New Generation 'Joe Smith,' possibly? Joseph, I meant. And here's the best part. Regardless of how many stupid pictures THEY post through THEIR sources for all of us to gawk at, or not even see. Ole' black sambo and white-boy-American are getting so old by now, I forgot when tomorrow was gonna' be here. Was that yesterday?

    Yesterday. All this bullshit seemed so far away. O, I believe in Yesterday. Suddenly, I'm supposed to vote for some-body… There's a shadow hanging over me. O, yesterday came suddenly.

    Now it's time to go vote, please don't choke… on what I have to say… (Yea, nay, pray- background vocals)

    Something wrong, now I long… for Yesterday! Yesterday. Please don't cough of choke or say you're gay! Oh no. SOMETHING WRONG! How I long, for Yesterday-hey- hey -hey ay…

    I'm not half the man I used to be. I lost a leg in the secret Syrian campaign. No refrain and no brain, say Yes-t-e-r-d-a-a-a-a-ay

  41. sigmund Freud's on

    Yeah that's true about the UN. They are monitoring votes in certain states with mine being one of them. Texas is on the list too but their officials said they're not letting the UN come in and run shit. This world is fucked up!! That's why it makes me sad that women are pregnant and having babies. Now is not the time. I think about the FEMA camps. Like why are there foreign Russian troops over here in the U.S training, why did the U.S order like five billiom hollow-tip bullets and one that puts the icing on this fucked up cake is the bill Obama signed like last week called H.R 6566: Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Consideration. On like Oct. 8 troops from Canada were over here training for civil unrest. This one guy said to me that our govt was on the right track and he hated to lose faith in Democracy. I didn't know whether to feel sorry for his naivete or laugh at his ass. People need to wake up.

    • Have you ever considered the fact that women who get pregnant are not aware of what's going on? They just want a family, they don't want to put their children at risk.

  42. Satanists (LaVeyan) don't stand for either pedophilia or bestiality. They believe that defiling children or animals amounts to sacrilege, as both children and animals are considered sacred to them.

    Would all y'all please stop getting systematic perversion and societal decay confused with other people's religions. It makes me sad that everyone thinks satanists are all for a brainless, conformist, consumerist new world order, like, why the hell can't everyone just accept our religious preferences?

    • Exactly! I hate the way the majority of people on this website think that anything that isn't a major religion is "evil" and "Illuminati". Most of them really need to grow up and stop acting like second graders.

    • Whether you realize it or not Satanism is a compartmentalized religion. Those at the bottom don’t really know what is going on at the top. You can say that most Satanists don’t stand for pedophilia or bestiality but you don’t speak for all Satanists. I wouldn’t necessarily say all Satanists are truly evil people. Some just want to join a religion that embraces selfish carnal desires or to rebel against the tenants of Christianity. I also wouldn’t say all Christians are truly good people. Evil men often cloak themselves with religion. As for many people associating Satanism with perverted evil, do you really find that hard to believe? You're an Atheistic Satanist and only believe in Satan as a symbol and yourself as a God. Does the concept of "Do What Thou Wilt" not allow you to be an evil pervert if that is your desire? Your version of Satanism draws influence from the rituals and ceremonies of occultist Aleister Crowley. He believed in trying to invoke demons which makes it ironic that you reject the legitimacy of the other sects of Satanism. Theistic Satanists view Satan as a literal super natural deity. Most major religions believe that Satan is a literal being. Either way you revere the concept of Satan. Those who believe Satan is the enemy are going to have strong feeling/assumptions about those who revere him on any level. Especially when they consider him a corruptor of souls who wishes to condemn mankind to eternal hellfire.

  43. oh god damnit vc i really like you and i really like that you are spreading the word, but nwo beaing a socialist system? come on, please. i used to live in a socialist country, and i'm fucking telling you, the nwo's plans are faaaaaaaaaar away from socialism. the nwo is nothing more that an oligarchic fascist totalitarian police state. it seems to me that you, like 90% of americans, do not know what socialism is. so please, for the love of christ, read about communism and socialism before you make false claims. not to mention that socialism as well as communism can work and does work very well together with democracy. socialism is a system where each individual chips in for the greater good of the country, so that you can have free education, free healthcare, free housing, a guaranteed job and, as it was the case in my former country (socialist federative republic of yugoslavia), WORKERS/the people, not individual wealthy capitalists, controlled factories, farms and businesses. free education, healthcare, housing and means of production in control of the people seems like something the nwo isn't intersted in. but that's socialism, experienced first hand. get your facts straight on this one. i like this site btw.

  44. It would be funny in the robot sex image if he would ask her to take her breast implants out, he's only into "real girls".

  45. The model in the picture has had something done to her face. It's odd just how much she looks like one of the masks. She's the host on Project Runway All Stars this season, and she doesn't have much facial expression or move much when she speaks.

  46. its interesting with the debates coming up. People say george bush was the one pushing for the NWO and if romney wins, we'll go back to that. But look what Obama has been doing? HE is the one pushing for a bigger government and hasn't done a thing about our debt. Romney wants to shrink it and get People working again if he's speaking the truth. I'm wondering if once a president is elected though, are they forced to push the NWO in anyway they can without being too obvious? I think people will realize as presidents come and go it might not matter who's in office. It will become so obvious as to what's going on. don't you think?

  47. It doesn't matter how old, long, who, what, when, where, or why Satanists do what they do! The real point here is God Almighty the creator of "all" knows what's good for his Creation. Why explore and tamper into powers that were not made for man? Yes they have Power and yes they come from the fallen ones yet they are not for humans!! Would you allow a 5 year old to drive? In this world today we have been introduced to poison! It taste sweet but leaves you with a deadly tummy ache! Just stay in your lane! Dealing with demons and fallen beings who are immortal is foolish! And to take advice from any deity other than the one that created you and has Domain over all other Gods is ignorant! You don't know true protection, love, and peace until u seek the creator over ALL!

  48. Those Vogue Italia photos were obviously inspired by something called masking. Masking involves makeup, wigs and rubber masks. I remember watching a video about it on YouTube. I did a search on YouTube and found this video:

    It is a little creepy. This doesn't necessarily mean that the Illuminati or whoever isn't using this weird trend to further their agenda, but it is not something that the editors at Vogue Italia came up with on their own.

  49. Im so sick of seeing rihanna naked all over the place. That girl need to put some damn clothes on she's not hot & cant sing she's just completely overrated .Where are the days when women & men actually had singing voices like anita baker, sade, etc. Now they'll sign anyone who's willing to take their clothes off and wiggle across a floor

  50. Do these people actually know what these signs mean? Kanye, I can understand, but Paris Hilton's boyfriend has a "the lights are on, but no-one's home, & who's paying the electricity bill" look, who had to be told to hold his hands a certain way, otherwise he would't be photographed.

    There is one symbol they forgot to put on the European star – Nazi swastika.

    The masks are the one things the illuminati love. Get up, get dressed, put your mask on and show the world how fake you are. Under no circumstances do you show your true face/emotions/feelings/being. I was told by my illuminati family to do that every day. My response was – GET STUFFED!

  51. Iggy's explained on twitter that the butterfly represents a transformation she's gone through since her first album. and that's not even a monarch butterfly.

    • Yeah, but 'they' always say that. It's never anything else like a plant/flower going into bloom or a new sunrise, it's always a butterfly.

      Time to take these freaks out!

  52. The true controllers of this world are not of this realm, they direct things from another place altogether. Some might see them as spirits, or entities. The bonding that takes place between two people who are connected to this realm, is done via looking into one eye. A sort of spiritual bonding. These beings are the true controllers of this world and work behind the scenes. Blame is always placed on people in this world, whether that be government, or blame is also put on aliens, or whatever a person is made to see from this realm. They can put any scenario into your mind and make you believe it. Blame can be placed wherever for to most these beings are invisible, playing behind the scenes. These beings can take over your mind at will. If you even questioned which thoughts are yours and which thoughts are theirs you would not know unless you could see them. What this means is that you can look for codes all you like, but at the end of the day it will not change a thing, because most is beyond this world entirely. Their in your mind, their in your music, their in your dreams, your movies, they control everything!

    • it is a fierce battle for our minds (souls), but i have the Blood of JESUS CHRIST to cover and protect me. i'd strongly advise it for the rest of you as well.

      Bless the Name of Jesus.

      Praise the Name of Jesus.

      Thank the Name of Jesus.

      Glorify the Name of Jesus.

  53. The Multifaceted Women is not only about MK ULTRA but a lot about reincarnation and resurrection, being born again, to put make-up on a mask and be pretty on a fake way, the better to the truth.

    The make-up is about to find who you really are, through many lives on earth. It's a karma thing. Consider the blind horse, it's pretty interesting with the woman with a face/mask, makes her pretty and ugly at the same time. I think the horse here is the mass, blind, and in need of food, which means the mass needs "truth", "knowledge".

    About Mylene Farmer, she is the most successful french singer in this country, and her shows are about her as Isis too, giving her fans the truth about reality, live, death and love.

  54. Okay I just saw a episode of the Cleveland show (from maker of family guy) and it was all about the rappers being in the Illuminati. Featuring a character called Kenny west -sounds familiar-, Nicki Minaj- & she actually did the voice, will i am,, Bruno Mars, and Quest love- think he's from The Roots? It shows Kenny West with a masonic floor, the rest of the crew in cloaks & them all rapping about how the Illuminati controls ppl through creating "trends". Makes you wonder why would Nicki Minaj star in a show about this? Is she trying to let the masses know this is real?

  55. have you guys heard of mitch lucker? he was the singer of a band called suicide silence and he died recently i think on halloween. was it a coincidence or no?

  56. As I know it, probably when something shocking or huge happens, then some people might believe.

    But all I can say for now, those unbelievers are blind and they have no idea how diabolical, sinister, and manipulative the NWO can be, especially with the Illuminati as the backbone for the agenda of the elite.

    Now why would someone say something about thanking and appreciating the things that the models here and on every other monthly symbolic post, when they are obviously under MK ultra programming?

    Nah, most likely like I said, must be people who know nothing about the dark side of certain industries that are controlled by the elite.

  57. Do these pop stars actually think they are "illuminati"?? LOLOLOL. No blacks, and you've got to be trillionaires. My family tree we can date all the way back to year 1030, we have no "mixed blood" we have a "De" in our name, and we're not even anywhere near that club. There aren't many in it, but certainly no actresses nor hip hoppers in the bunch.

    PS- "Mind Control" is unnecessary. People will do anything for money or wants. No "control" needed. Brainwashing without force is easy. It's done daily through television and media. Stay away from it.

  58. Okay,now we all know what one eye means. . . Did you know that Prophet Mohammed mentioned about "one eye being satanic" 1400 years ago ? ? ? Its in Sahih-al- bukhari.

    Yes we all know about freemasons and illim*ts- where do we go from here?

    Rejecting all others and believing in One God is the foundation of a true belief

  59. Please don't get me wrong but I have often wondered concerning the Rihanna photo "As is above so is below". What about the Lord's Prayer "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven".

    • Oh no people need perverts who s**g toddlers and minors, steal, murder, abuse, call wicked spirits to harass others etc. Are you for real? You can't rebel against God, He is the Alpha and Omega. At least we are expected to do good although we are incapable to be nice and good.

      • Well, you seem to really know many bad/evil things….

        I asked this question because now that I have been visiting sites such as VC, I get confused when I come across this. Because it is used in a christian prayer which, imo, is a good prayer. So why do you seem so bitter?

        Yes we are expected to do good but calling people names (when you obviously did not even understand the question) is not doing good at all.

        Think about it.

  60. simply artists like rihanna have a feel for egypt due to their race coming from africa. its a good thing to show people the good side of things and point to the thriving land of kings and queens from which they came so very close to the crescent of civilization and modern religion. i dont know if any of you have twitter but she posts pictures of her favorite highlighted bible quotes and also has tats written in aramaic(language of jesus). so i think alot of it is blown out of proportion and people percieve what they want. symbols mean different things to everyone.

  61. i also seen someone post about the warding off of the evil eye they are very correct i myself follow tenants of kabbalah its not even a religion is more so a school of knowledge from the zohar which looks deep into the torah for those of you who dont know this is the old testament and it looks into the hidden veiled meaning of the hebrew words and numbers and has been practiced my many. also the word occult means hidden, why is it more open today? because people and religions have become more tolerant and educated. the reds tring is not itself in the zohar but it is used to ward off the evil eye and it aludes to the rachel in the torah. so look into these things before you label them "satanic" and keep in mind that kabbalah is not a set religion and is open to all therefore im almost certian bad intentioned people have used it for bad and drew on there own conclusions theres different teachers different paths of people all taking from it etc.

    • sorry, i refused to read your big, long, run-on paragraph post. it is too difficult to comprehend quickly without proper punctuation. make a little effort once in a while, it can pay off big.

  62. It is surprisingly cool to see how the abbreviation for "Symbolic pics of the month", i. e. SPOTM can also be read as "Spot 'em" 😉

  63. Do you mind if for the next fashion spread photos you also put the article too? So the readers know the story about the photos, not only from your perspective.

  64. I have a comment about the Robot and Sex magazine picture. It says "Sex in the future." I have had visions years ago about seeing people in the future and having sex bots as partners. Which I don't see much of an issue with that as long as the bot doesn't destruct itself and is built correctly.

    • I just can't believe there are that many messed up people in the world that would even contemplate the thought!!! Seriously are there people out there that have that fantasy?! Any one care to admit and explain their reasons?!?! Hahaah! … I suppose there are people who like blow up dolls (which is also messed up!) … so may be metal is next level!??! 😉

      • i hadn't contemplated the thought.

        nor do i now.

        however, i can say that it would be nice to be able to program an orgasm and have it do the work successfully every.single.time.over.and.over.and.over.and.over. a woman's hand can get tired from holding a vibrator. and too many men aren't up to the task. just sayin'.

  65. VC, I Dare you to sue those entities you just mentioned for being part of the illuminati machine, i wonder how they will react?

  66. OFF TOPIC: Can't help making the remark, that the "Face the Future" photo editorial photographed by Steven Meisel is photographically crap and trashy, not quality at all. It is like some kid holding a camera for the first time, called in from the street. The after-editing is crap as well, laughably bad.

  67. Does anyone else notice the picture of the woman sitting next to a pool with a bunch of doberman around her, is the same scene in lady gagas pokerface music video? She is also by a pool with a bunch of great danes around her. New kind of symbolism or just a coincidence? Hard to tell these days….

  68. These pictures make me feel sick. Especially the model ones. Vile in fact. Glad I only ever see pictures like this on this site as I would never buy any of this crap.

  69. hey VC and everyone, in the britney poster you have said that Mind Control is 'probably something she knows about' but isnt it very dangerous if they find out what is happening to them? almost to the point of self destruction? she knows shes being controlled/no freedom, but surely she wouldnt know that they are Mind controlling her right?

  70. what i dont understand is that performances by Kesha, Rihannaand Beyonce contain endless amounts of illuminati crap whilst other singers who are just as famous eg Taylor swift and one direction, dont have any occult symbols when they perform. how come they aren't targeting them, especially since most of of their fans are children?

  71. Speaking of alters, I just finished watching "Fight Club" for the first time and I was like "WOAH" throughout viewing the whole thing.

    I actually wanted to rush here to tell VC to do an article about the film as it contains everything from MPDisorders, Inner conflict, Boiling Rage, Alters, Consumerism, Inciting violence, Communism themes, stripping of personal identities in the name of the 'Greater Good', Neo Nazism / Cultism and seemingly the predicition of 9/11 in the final scene, but then I realised, Vigilant Citizen has taught me well as I've put the pieces of the puzzle together myself. You have taught me well.

    At first, the movie seems to bring the cool factor to fighting underground, but then I realised this movie has so much more….and once they lulled the youth into the first 1/2 of the film, then they really brought out the big guns (so to speak).

    Creepy, yet oddly magnetic film – sorry if this is the wrong place to put this comment, I just felt I had to say something….even though I am years late on the matter! haha

  72. The Illuminati is winning. While you all sit on these websites and read and comment on God, no God, or satan the elite are hard at work gaining more money and power. They've got all of you right where they want you: speaking with each other about nonsense, and probably still buying Rihanna CDs.

    • They can gain whatever they want for the time being, at the end of the day they'll get their 2 metres under. Unintelligent people they are this lot. Not all of us are buying their cr*ppy tat, allegedly music, as to the last part, you are right we are still speaking with each other about nonsense. We can't be all intellectual/knowledgeable like you.

    • Illuminati winning?Are you contemplating God's defeat?

      May it never be!Every single demon will bow down before the Lord.And soon.Also we are not just sitting here.Spread the truth.I advised this site countless times though found it few months ago.Keep your faith.Like priceless tresury.At any price.Will be rewardedin last day.

  73. VC!! Just noticed something! The new Windows 8 TV commercial, when searched for on YouTube, yields a number of results where a few of the thumbnails feature the singer with one eye hidden:

    Also if u play the video and freeze it at 00:11 you see one eye drawn into each of the singer's palms!! And at 00:06 the same sign is drawn into the two background dancers' palms too!! I was shocked on seeing this! Really… I mean why, on earth, do you even need to incorporate the symbol in a commercial where nothing like this is either talked or sung about and is totally unrelated to the product??!! Unless, of course, there is a bigger agenda behind everything..

    Hey and is it also true that Microsoft uses the Swastika symbol subliminally in their Windows logo?? Do answer that :)

    Thanks VC for making ME a Vigilant Citizen :)

  74. Remember when K-dollarsign-ha first came out? No. Well me niether really but anyway…what I do remember was her being a little more free where it just felt it really was all on her doing. Nevermind how dirty she always tended to look…the point is that she seemed to be dressing and acting that way becuase she wanted to. Now even beofre reading this post her demeanor has changed. The one good thing if there's any is that they cleaned her up a bit but the rest of it…I feel sorry for her. She's like Britney almost. When you look at certain celebrities, their eyes just look lifeless. I don't think it's always drugs either.Even though Britney is back on the scene with the X factor i still feel that she needs to be left alone out of the spot light. I may not have known her personally but through my perspective of who I saw back in the day and who I see now when it comes to Britney…that is not the same woman. :( I'm not just talking performance…I mean "the woman". That's not Britney and this doesn't seem like Kesha.

  75. Kesha has a new song called DIE YOUNG, they are brainwashing people into wars. Please also report about all the conflicts going on in the world, WORLD WAR 3 is coming soon.

  76. I don't get the New World Order agenda, or how it is related to things that are evil. I mean, is it all that bad? Equality, totality, peace and unity? People with different religions, faith, race and whatnot getting together; isn't that a good thing? Please explain to me.

    • Well yeah, it's a horrible thing. Considering the fact that the world will be like the Famous Novel "The Hunger Games". Meaning Countries of the world divided into Districts working for one Elite, and Dominating Futuristic Metropolitan Capitol or something like that. Meaning the Whole Wide WORLD will be like a Food Pyramid with everyone else at the bottom, and only one ruling and dictating being or persona at the top. Followed by his/her/IT own delegates, representatives, fellow leaders, etc. at the second, third, and so on. Do you want to live in such a cruel and horrible place?

  77. Please cover what’s going on in europe , In greece, all these events have alot to do with New World Order, and there is gonna be a war with Iran, Syria, China, Venezuela. . Please I know you only cover pop culture, but we can’t forget all the wars that’s about to take place.

  78. I also saw Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day… duh) doing that hand in the coat thing in his Music Video Kill the DJ. I'm a big fan of GD, but God! That was unexpected.

  79. 'I FINK U FREEKY' Video Shows Bold Satanism by Die Antwoord ….

    Vigilant Citizen will make a perfect translation of images….

  80. I know this probably isn't the right place to post this, but I just rewatched Australian pop star Kylie Minogue's hit single "Can't get you out of my head" from 2011 – and yeah, well the title itself tells quite a bit, but I was literally dazzled by the end scene from the video of her dancing in front of the skyscrapers / towers

    I did a bit of research on the net and on Wikipedia it states that the single was released, 8th September 2001.

    PLEASE watch the video clip and tell me I'm not mad – if you slowly pause at quick increments / intervals during the final scene where she's changed from the slinky white catsuit into the silver dress with squares and has curly hair, the tower window light up and appear to flash messages.

    I'm almost certain on the LEFT hand side of the towers at one point (you really have to pull yourself away from her magnetic style of dance, it's tough) I'm sure I saw what appears to be 2 little planes or 2 helicopters made from 'lit windows' on the skyscrapers in the background.

    Before that though, there appears to be a message written on the towers directly behind kylie – I tihnk there's a number 2 there (if you turn your head to the side)?

    I know I'm probably reading too much into it, but if someone could please look at this, I'd be grateful…..the fact that it was released days before 9/11 has me well and truly spooked.

    Also, the song is so darn catchy and the beat, hypnotic that it's literally a difficult song to get out of your head once you hear it

    Any thoughts, or am I well and truly nuts?

    Clear screen shots would be great if someone has the ability

  81. Hey VC, can you write an article about Ke-dollar sign-ha's new music video for "Die Young?" I don't think that another video could rival this one in terms of blatant Illuminati symbolism

  82. Right side of Picture Six The woman pulling out silicon face similar to mascara mask super fast changing disguise different personality?

  83. Have you seen these two little English girls of the Ellen show? They are called Sophia Grace and Rosie. Are these two children trained MK Ultra children?

  84. Chucky doll eating the raw live feces from a goat while making goat noises and kicking his feet up against the goat's penis

  85. @Jason..You are very right when you say the elites use religion to control the masses.While this can be true with all fake Christian churches and pagan religions….there is only one true God and his son Jesus Christ.In this case the people who commented we should run to our lord Jesus…they are very right!

  86. This niggas are freaks

    – They don't know what they're doing, or mybe they do … But is such a hard task to believe that these puppets of the NWO really know what they're doing and promoting …

    At least many many peoples are aware of these shits …

  87. by tim_baberFriday, November 16 2012, 11:17PM

    “Placebo: RUMYODIN can mean YOURMIND, but it has at least one other cheery magicians suggestion. The name of the drug might also suggest "Are you my Odin". Too obvious to ignore.

    I hate things that are kept away from people who might profit or survive better if they knew.

    I had to look up who Odin was, and there are a number of resonances that Derren might not mind me suggesting. Heh Heh, I wouldn't want to steal his thunder. oops that was probably Thor or someone, I went to a grammar school . Odin was apparently a God of Magic. ( Hmmm, that might be a secret, but it is there on the web) And Odin lost an eye as the price of understanding stuff, left at the bottom of a well apparently. There might be more but I cover an eye with my finger on mute or channel up when things Derren points out take me places. Because Derren's body of work will always be misdirected towards the secret efforts of Nations to covertly magic us into compliance or obedience if it is needed. Nations need to make our enemies do what WE want without having to kill them, you understand. Same goes for friendlies and loose canons. [Yes I somehow know this is against every Human Right, but I have yet to find anyone who also thinks this and that it matters) If you "google image" the project name for this , Monarch Programming with the words "one eye", "eye", "cover an eye", "celebrity", in any order, you will see what stuff that matters. Oh , and if you find it all unbelievable, just google Will Filer and the NSA for the latest stuff that few have permission to know anything about.

  88. This is so sad my jaw dropped with the britney spears ad and the rihanna and kanye and Azalea and Beyonce. Come on VC how can you still doubt that these artist don't know wat they are invovled with. Maybe beyonce dnt know. Becuz she pray before she go on stage but I thought the rest are blind

  89. They all look sad and haunted in the eyes. Their eyes tell a tragic story. Was fame & fortune worth it? No. Nobody with any ounce of credibility just thinks you're an idiot. A big famous idiot. There's no price worth accepting for selling your soul.

  90. jesus christ died for our sins and paid the price that we had to pay on the cross. this act cant and shouldnt be categorised as a religion but a faith. and if only the world could understand this we could have a better world free of the devil and his little pals.

  91. openyoureyesnclose yourmouth , true christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with God…religions like the caholic church and any other thing called "church" only have the name "christian" but are religions just like islam, hindohism, budhaism or what ever else…if it is called "church" it is the synagoge of satan.

  92. its going on here(ROU) like in Lithuania, Greece…same pattern of debt, political chaos, corruption, immorality and so on..welcome to the EU, welcome to the NWO and satan’s religion.

    Strangely, another man acting like Zombie biting a dog and drinking blood similar to Michael Daniel.

    Mr. Daniel was then took a medium sized black dog onto the front porch where he began to hit the dog, strangle the dog and began to bite into the dog, ripping pieces of flesh away from the animal. The dog died at the scene.

  94. At some point soon – some of you reading these words right now are going to click on a certain web page or receive a particular text message and have your encrypted Monarch Sex Puppet viral programming triggered. At that point, you will leave your computer or turn off your phone, explain to anyone with you that you have an important errand to run, and then proceed directly to a nearby ritual site where you will disrobe and actively participate in terrible sex magick orgies of the most disgusting sorts imaginable with a wide variety of humans and animals – all directed by “Illuminati” high priests and priestesses. At the end of hours of disgusting acts of perverse group sex you will be hosed down and allowed to return home prior to your memory being wiped completely of the time spent as a sex puppet.

    You don’t believe this could happen to you? You think only a small number of celebrities and their sex slaves are “MK-ed”? You think your faith will protect you from such degradations in this life?

    Stay asleep if you like. It may be easier that way. How many people can cope with discovering they have been used as human sex toys – penetrated by and made to penetrate dozens of “Illuminati” and other sex puppets – without going completely insane? How many REALLY want to know what happens to them in that “missing time”?

    But if you are reading this site you cannot look at the images above and not know that “Illuminati” sex magick mind control has the world in a lubricated death grip.

    Semenancy is central to many of their rituals. Everywhere now they taunt us with removable semenancy canvas “masks” on which they can preserve and contemplate favorite profound seminal splatter patterns.

    The “occluded eye” and “hidden hand” are ubiquitous of course. We see more and more of them as 2013 approaches. Most people understand that the “occluded eye” references what They believe to be the “Third Eye” or “All Seeing Eye” of “enlightenment”. This in “Illuminati” theology correlates of course to the anus, and They therefore boast constantly of opening their (and our) “Third Eye”/”Brown Eye” through sodomy (“The Real Way” – “Technical Virginity”). But many do not know that the “hidden hand” is better known among Them as the “Hidden Fist” for it represents the penetration of the recipient’s anus with an entire hand up to the forearm. As anyone who practices this particular sexual practice knows – penetration is only possible if the fingers are held together flat and slightly cupped, as in the “hidden hand” gesture.

    Bestiality obviously is as popular today with the “Illuminated” as ever – demonstrated here by the bdsm doberman gangbang with the semenancy mask model and even more disgustingly in the Mr. Ed Equus Botox Brony Play scene. Autoerotic technologies are vital to “Illuminated” plans for the coming year – which is why Britney is depicted as a tarot card methamphetamine harlot engaged in mutual cunnilingus with her own doppelganger for all eternity.

    Using sex to get people to love robots? Everyone already loves robots. The “Illuminati” are preparing us for being used as sex slave servants of our cyber-sodomist masters.

    These and many more truths may be nauseating to contemplate. But those who refuse to take them seriously now will find themselves thoroughly probed by silicon before they can say “Moore’s Law”. Educate yourselves and stay safe!

  95. I hate Kanye West on

    I hate Kanye West. I loathe that video "Monster" that he and his cronies made. He is a racist, ugly, untalented, misogynist, hateful piece of shit.

  96. can i just add, that the new brit awrd trophy is white with spots on, the same design that covers the eye on the 'children in need bear'' xx

  97. Under the sign of hammer and sickle Stalin murdered more people than Hitler. The European Union stops hiding with their real aim: create a paneuropean totalitarian federation, just like USSR.
    But Poland will never agree!

    " Poland first to fight! "

  98. Much of this I simply have no tolerance for; 'this' does does not refer to this article alone, but to this entire site. I would like to urge people to stop trying connect impossible dots to describe a truth, and develop a relationship with GOD. What you conjure is still commensurate with the capabilities of a HUMAN BEING. Your claims will inevitably be muddled by flaws and human error. This world cannot be effectively described by means of human intellect, or discovery, like this site thinks it can do. Seek GOD for the and ultimate capacity of discernment. HE is the only one who should be educating you.

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