Symbolic Pics of the Month (10/12)


Sorry for the lack of updates in the past weeks (even VC’s need to take vacations!). Worry not, a lot of new content will be posted this month.

In this month’s SPOTM: Lady Gaga, Marina and the Diamonds and a whole lot of blatant MK imagery in fashion photoshoots.


This photoshoot entitled “Sweet Escape” is featured in the October issue of W magazine and was shot by Nick Knight – the director Lady Gaga’s video “Born This Way” (analyzed on this site). The photoshoot is replete with Mind Control imagery, complete with references to trauma and alter personas. The title “Sweet Escape” references the concept of dissociation. In this image, the otherwordly model appears to be lifting up while reading a fairytale (which are used to programmed MK slaves).


In this pic, the model is holding a cage with a bird trapped in it, a classic symbol representing mind control. To make things more obvious, one of the birds is hiding one of the model’s eyes while the other is shown bleeding.


In this pic, the model is “in the clouds” (dissociation) and there’s another emphasis on a single eye. She has red scars on her arms and legs, symbolizing the trauma and abuse of Mind Control.


The model’s alter persona lies dormant in a stroller while the active persona is awake. She wears rabbit ears, symbol of mind control (as in follow the white rabbit towards dissociation).


The reflection in the mirror is “independent” from the model, symbolizing the existence of a separate alter persona that is “behind the looking glass”. Scars on the chair still represent trauma.


Discarted/unused alter personas laying lifeless on a dead tree. They are “silenced” by butterflies on their mouth – representing Monarch programming. This entire photoshoot truly contains almost every symbol associated with mind control.


The final images of the photoshoot are a lot darker, as if representing the final product of the MK slave. In this image, a “black wedding” with the dark side…the model doesn’t seem to happy about it.


Final image of the shoot: An emotion-less model in a very dark setting with one eye hidden. Transformation complete?
Isabela Fontana in Allure magazine with a mega-emphasis on the one-eye symbol.


Another pic from Fontana’s photoshoot with a collar, symbolizing control and dehumanization.


Lady Gaga “tributing” Michael Jackson during a London fashion week. That’s great, but why is she wearing big-ass Mickey Mouse ears (a symbol of mind control)? Is she ridiculing the fact that MJ was a victim of the MK music industry?


During the same fashion show, Gaga wore another outfit. But let’s try to ignore that flowery thing she has on her face and let’s look at the guy next to her: hat designer Philip Treacy. His t-shirt is also referring to Michael Jackson in an odd way, with a one-eyed charicatural version of him. Why does it seem like people in the industry ridicule MJ’s death? How about stopping these questionable “tributes”  and let him rest in peace? In case you’re wondering about Philip Treacy’s connections with the Mind Control entertainment industry, let’s look at some of his most famous hat designs:


I don’t think there’s a more blatant way to describe Monarch Mind Control.


Yup, that’s how he does it.


Creepy-ass Terry Richardson with Lady Gaga, who is wearing a sex-kitten outfit. Wait, maybe this has nothing to do with sex-kitten programming and she only likes the pattern…


Nope, sex-kitten.


Popular Welsh singer Marina and the Diamonds is all about that Illuminati one-eyed symbolism. Here she is on the cover of Factory magazine.


Just, you know, like, casually hiding one eye and stuff.




Like all young female industry pawns, Marina poses as a blond Marylin Monroe, the prototype of industry-controlled sex-kittens.


So this hair color is “6.66 Babylon”? That’s a pretty hardcore hair color name…


Speaking of the number of the beast, here’s a new design from Lil Wayne’s favorite clothing line, UNIF. Three 6’s holding hands…how cute!
Macedonian ad for mobile phone company… And, for no apparent reason, a model hiding one eye.


Homepage of the official website of Stitches…For no apparent reason, a model hiding one eye.


Laundry Day Festival in Belgium…a bunch of young people dancing under a gigantic stage full of Illuminati symbolism disguised as a theme of pseudo-esoteric-enlightenement.




  1. I wouldn't say "pseudo-esoteric-enlightenement" as much as being in bed together… I've come to understand that new age and the like came about for the exact same reason as this other agenda, to pull you away and confuse you. To me, no doubt it has its place, I've studied and dabbled in much of it, but its all been a bit of a stepping stone for me, I absorb and move toward ultimate knowledge coming from within… So its very interesting to see it all melded together, I try to pay attention when that happens…

  2. DOOOD….srsly, not to sound vain and all, but all of this looks ripped off of my high school photography portfolio…from like, a decade ago. Are you telling me I created the Illuminati? (Man, I knew I was the s**t…but why does everyone copy me?)

    Or would you suggest that I must also be brainwashed? I wonder what the purpose would be of brainwashing poor white trash that lives on the wrong side of the tracks?

  3. May the lord continue to keep his children, its daunting & appalling that these people know very well what they are doing but choose to be bad, all i pray for them is eternal rest in the Lord! Shalom!

  4. pls excuse the misspelled words. Im way too excited to get this off my chest.This is very disturbing. Sometimes I really get frustrated and saddened and also very confused. You see, I was raised in a very religous household. The JW's. I never felt it tho, even as a child. This religion has separated my family who to this day laugh or brush off anything I say about these things or any things I've discovered about the JW's. Whats more disturbing is finding out my father who was a leading minister in this religion was the polar opposite of who we thought he was. He left the JW's for a few years as did my whole family. In that time he joined the Masons and has never been the same. due to a lack of space or time….and a hell of a life story..ill get to the point. Looking back in my life at major events there are just too many "coincidents" that make me believe my family and myself have been brainwashed for years. We were taught to live for the "new world". A term they have purposely stopped using in recent years. Could you help me in my research on the JW's more? Any info is helpful…Theres lots I have found out but now what? When you find out the most trusted people in your life are not that at all….it can make you go crazy…literally. Your WHOLE foundation is ripped from under u. I feel sick to my guts. I just pray there is a GOD and we haven't been dupped!

  5. Is it just me, or did the photo of the models hanging in the tree remind anyone of the lovely song from one of the 'Hunger Games' books?…

    In case nobody remembers, this is it:

    Are you, are you

    Coming to the tree

    Where they strung up a man they say murdered three.

    Strange things did happen here

    No stranger would it be

    If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.

    Are you, are you

    Coming to the tree

    Where the dead man called out for his love to flee.

    Strange things did happen here

    No stranger would it be

    If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.

    Are you, are you

    Coming to the tree

    Where I told you to run so we’d both be free.

    Strange things did happen here

    No stranger would it be

    If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.

    Are you, are you

    Coming to the tree

    Wear a necklace of rope, side by side with me.

    Strange things did happen here

    No stranger would it be

    If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.

    I don't know about the rest of you people, but I honestly found it disturbing to see even a slight similarity between that song and the photograph.

  6. Is it me, or does it llok like an upside down cross(where a nose is supposed to be) on the t-shirt of the guy sitting with GaGA in that ridiculous flower head dress?

  7. When I was little, my dad always told me Dajjal is one eyed. Dajjal will come one day and when he'll come he will have so much, so loud music going on that people will forget there prayers and run after him the whole time" I didn't quiet understand how it was possible. But these days everywhere I see I see " one eye" and with that I can say "I will tell you what no prophet before me has told his nation before, that he (Lucifer, Shaitan, Dismal) is one eyed, and He (God) is not one eyed. Holy Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)." – Sahih al Bukhari. Also watch "The Arrivals" on the

  8. Babylon and 666 come right out of the Holy Bible. Both have to do with the antichrist system. Yes, a system not a person. No man could do all of that in that long period of time. Its been around since the beginning of the Roman Empire. That is why Revelation 17 goes into detail about that. They are known for preaching a false Jesus and not the Bible version. Also the last picture of the festival with its symbols, each one looks like the papal mitre a.k.a. the pope's hat. So it seems all roads lead to Rome as the old saying goes.

  9. i read your article on that cabin movie(never saw it, looks terrible, you spoiled it… jk) and it had an interesting point about karma and how we have to choose these things with our own free will even after they have blatantly warned us about the bad nature. this constant symbolism is the warning. if we choose that phone company we are choosing an evil, freely, and they warned us beforehand with the symbolism.

    • Maybe that applies to us here who understand about the sinister nature of the Illuminati. People who don’t know about this, however, can NOT be considered to have been properly warned. Even people who know about this may have to buy Illuminati merchandise since EVERYTHING is Illuminati these days.

      The Illuminists seem to have a very sketchy idea about how to work around karma. Guess what, you Illuminist psychopaths: All the bad karma’s on you, there is no escape!

  10. Should I be concerned with the fact that the picture of the ladies in the tree is a close to exact replica of a dream I had almost 15 years ago? Like, lighting, colors and all.

  11. Does anyone else feel alone?

    Before I used to be so happy seeing people working to do things like find the cure for cancer or fight for equality or whatever. I was happy with the Queen and Obama, etc.

    But NOW, now that I know nearly everything's a lie, and that nothing's going to get better, I honestly feel so alone.

    At least in movies the characters can eliminate the baddies. But the illuminati, and all those other satanic idiots, they're in control of everything and there's nothing we can do but just…live with it. We can't do anything or they will swipe us.


    • I felt the same 2 months back. I started praying to God to open the eyes of my loved ones so they know too what's going on … That way I will have someone to talk to:-)

    • YES! I know exactly how u feel. I try not to get too anxious about it but like u say when a person who thinks they are lucid enough to make good decisions finds out they've been fooled so well it makes u doubt everything. Not a good feeling to have.

  12. Wonder if part of stars mocking Michael Jackson in death is because he didn't live and die in the right way? Instead, much of his life speaks of self-parody until his untimely predictable sad dealth. Jim Morrison lived a rock star life, for example, but perhaps Jackson might comes off as kind of pathetic in the eyes of other famous players when compared to the basic heroic rock myth or notions of darker forces.

  13. Good to have you back I hope you post something about Mariah and Nicki two mind controlled puppets arguing over who has the most followers…

  14. Ummm i used that red hair dye and after i was done i went to throw the packet out and then i realised it had 666 i freaked out since then the colour has washed out pretty fast kind of scared me from red hair dye eeppp i will be more aware of hair dye numbers now i should read before hand

  15. I wonder if people are being replaced by cold eyed alien look alikes.

    For reference, see for:

    1. Starman

    2. The Last Starfighter

    there are a lot of others.

    • Very astute awareness on your part. Our sub-concious often picks up on these symbols, even if our concious mind does not. The cabal often place penis’s in illustrations, even children’s cartoons!

  16. why don't they just make things simple for themselves and just have an operation and remove one eye.. Instead of putting a hand to cover it up.. I mean it looks ridiculous! And that way everything will be much simpler, don't u think?

  17. I knew marina and the diamonds was Illuminati but i just didn't want to believe it 🙁 "Tv taught me how to feel, now real life has no appeal" She also says that her new ablum "Electra Hearts" is only a Character named Electra and once she is done with her Electra Hearts tour she will going back to being Marina.

  18. The hat designer and his designs…. ever thought that he wasn’t intentionally aware that his designs represented mind control? I mean only a few people are aware that a monarch butterfly is actually a symbol for something dark. To others, it’s just a beautiful butterfly. Ever thought that the designer, wanted to artistically create something beautiful and stylish. Maybe in his mind and perspetive a butterfly represents something innocently positive… like beauty or freedom. Everything on here is so negative. And these pictures are just a few selections from the media. So all the people shunning the media and fashion are generalizing based on very small things.

  19. Becoming aware of all of the occult manipulation we are all subject to has been a real relief to me as it has provided some clues and possible answers to some big question marks I've always had about myself. I am beginning to wonder though, what is the difference between being exposed to these things with enlightenment and being exposed to them unawares? If the goal is truly mind control and the images and words and what have you are so sinister and obscure and penetrating, wouldn't we be unable to avoid it's influence? I mean, this stuff is EVERYWHERE! Also, how much might we already have been programmed before our new found knowledge? It seems quite likely to me that at this point the damage is done. Everything might be just triggering something already in us. Who here can say that since they've learned all of this information, have stopped watching tv, using the internet, listening to music, and buying things? No matter what we know, we're still subjects of this creepy thing. Don't you think?

    • As much as you are right person.being aware is a little too late coz we can't live without tech(advanced banking etc) we have to live as they want us too ofcourse OBEY am sure its not as bad as we potray it but with a clear conscious.the only worry is the depopulation coming in the next few months

    • i for one has stopped watching tv, movies and music. I fill most of my time with reading books and do something to get closer to God like praying & learning the quran and finally find peace.

    • What I was getting at was that while this stuff is all terribly interesting, it is stuff that I would never have been exposed to had I never seen this sight. Pop culture has very little place in my life but now that it's "esoteric", I willingly and needlessly subbject myself to it on a regular basis. I'm not sure it's a good idea for me.

  20. Thanx 4 the post.I've noticed 666 bonding with the help of mickey.also the word control has a "C" like that of cocacola.I'd also like 4 you to check on games been playing 4 a good 15 years and realised I ve gone 2 church 5times during this time.and what's up with the HIV coming an end( family guy american dad etc emphasis on it even bonno @ the mtv awards)can't tok about the eye coz its every where now.

  21. It's fitting that the Illuminati eyeball-fest is in elite banking center Belgium. Look at the people making masonic hand signs as somewhat instructed by the billboards. One guy is in the foreground of the picture, to the left of the center aisle, throwing up a masonic "M".

    And what is the black armband on Lady Gaga's white jacket? It brings to mind the armbands of the Nazis.

  22. I get mad because I try and open peoples eyes but they act like Im nuts! but usually more spiritual people just look at me with that " I know my friend" look. I guess they just have to find out for themselves or they just wont ever get it. Anyways VC I was watching some Mariah Carey videos and I thought it would be cool if you did some investigating on some of her videos like breakdown w bone thugs. Thanks!! God Bless All

    • I reserved some doubts as to whether Mariah was truly in all this, but I'm convinced she is since I've started noticing what appears to be her throwing up very subtle masonic symbols. She seems very vacant eyes and fake smiles anymore. Lately I even wondered if she is wishing she could get out of it, the way she kind of frozen smiles in these award ceremonies surrounded by handler and music industry types.

      • yeah I think the same thing cause if you watch some of her old videos she has an alter ego, had a breakdown and its obsessed with butterflies. But they also have that MJ video saying she came to him crying saying that Motola was evil and following her around. I think shes a MK victim and is so messed up she goes back and forth with it.

  23. I want to point out the "Laundry Day" picture. If you look closely it shows a bat not unlike the Batman logo right above the two huge eyes at the bottom. What is it with all this Batman stuff? It's getting to the point where I want to boycott Batman altogether and not let my kids watch it. It seems very sinister. What does the bat represent to these weirdos?

  24. Here's a thought regarding the hair color. If they are going to be so obvious with printing 666 and Babylon on the box….what exactly are people putting on their heads for 20 mins when they are using this product??? Does this product have some sort of "mind-numbing" chemical in it that would allow even more absorbing of this mind control system??? Just a thought, but one would have to wonder….no??? Of course….I may be WAAAAY off base with this comment or thought, but it sure makes you wonder just HOW they are using these products to their advantage. Are these altering our brain function that we are less resistant to these tactics???? How many millions of people every year color their hair with these hair products? Are the hair coloring companies upping the ante and "concentrating" the amounts they are using (Notice you can color your hair in less time these days?) in order to speed up the process or to numb the awakening minds, because as you can see clearly on this site….MANY are waking up!!!!

  25. …"Illuminati symbolism disguised as a theme of pseudo-esoteric-enlightenement."

    yeah… a lot of kids at my college talk about this nonchalant now, like they all "know something" or somthing, but of course, no one does anything they're just like "oh, the illuminati, cool lol"

  26. Can we please stop with all the references to religion. VCR writes in a clear objective manner without referring to the scriptures. Please let's not turn this into a bible bashing site. It is possible for me to be an atheist but know that people attend church, so given that I believe that people worship Satan but it doesn't mean I believe in him.

    We must look at these things objectively, without a doubt the entertainment industry is full of these symbols, but how do we really know if it's true illuminati/occult symbolism or some very astute music executives exploiting the whole theory to boost interest in their artists.

    I truly believe that there is a hidden elite that control, a hidden elite that is behind all governments. All we need do is look at what is happening in the middle east, we have been conditioned to believe that these people are extremist terrorists, whilst the west are bombing these countries with drones and have occupied these countries for years. No wonder why these people are so pissed off, no wonder they are taking to the streets to protest. We in the western world are the terrorists, we have absolutely no right to occupy these countries.

    There is so much that is wrong in the world at the moment and reciting scriptures does not help.

  27. Carbon is the basis for all physical life forms. Carbon 12 is the most abundant in the universe and in humans, especially DNA. Carbon isotopes are made up of 6 Protons 6 Neutrons and 6 Electrons…666. It's been discovered–I personally don't know how much truth there is to this but Carbon 7 allegedly amplifies thoughts because it can carry hyper dimensional fields but it's made of 6 protons 6 electrons and 1 neutron. Therefore it can be used for telepathy, materialisation, transmutation, teleportation, bilocation, healing, flight etc. Watch The Secret of Secrets Carbon 666 on Youtube. Apparently the last supper was a representation of Carbon 7 6 disciples on either side with the one Jesus in the middle–right before the crucifixion, death and resurrection. I knew about this carbon thing for a while and wondered why it has never been mentioned on VC. I hope you can write an article about this one VC!

    All I have to say is sometimes I think the mainstream wants us to fear things we shouldn't fear. Besides you should only fear your Creator, fear no man/woman or boogeyman! There is definitely a twisting of the Good going on. Best example is the Swastika and what it actually means. We all know Hitler and Nazi Germany corrupted that symbol. The truth REALLY IS OUT THERE, we need to take advantage of these FREE LIBRARY systems before they're gone. I truly beleive the whole armour of Yahweh is the Truth is will set your mind free from the cloud of rubbish we're being fed. Sadly, most churches can't help you cause they don't even know they are part of the problem.

    -The Sabbath is Saturday, why would you consciously choose to worship on SUNDAY you don't choose to you've been TAUGHT to.

  28. Wondering why so blatant?

    Mocking those who recognize it, perhaps? As though intimating that ,yeah, it's all in plain sight and there is nothing you can do about it…arrogant for sure.

  29. This is getting so tiring and boring. It sucks to see over and over again the symbolism.

    I can only say I feel sorry for the sheep (the puppets) that prefer to sell their liberty and will, for the ilussion of fame, and money that will only bring them unhappiness.

  30. Demonic entities do exist!

    We need to fight against the dark side.

    Thank you VC of opening our minds.

    6.And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

    7 And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns.

    8 The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.

    We will prevail…

    We will prevail….Jesus save us!

  31. Ppl should check out the brand Evil Genius…saw one of their shirts and thought oh i like that, until i scrolled down and saw their I heart satan shirts. They have graphic shirts that contain tons of sub imagery relating to death

  32. I know this is off topic but you posted a picture of a music festival. was wondering if you have any articles on music festivals? im a music lover and im always ready for a music festival. buive noticed so much symbolism at musi festivals its ridiculous and sometimes it has affected my experience simply because it bothers me. it bothers me that people dont see why they trying to do. i went to ultra fest in miami when madonna attended and it was just crazy.. the symbolism and how they would outwardly say they want to take over the world with their repeteative beats. i love electronic music and we all know how it has taken over for the last few years, its almost weird. all the symbolism in electronic music and mind controlling beats. sounds like a good tool. i believe its easier to control thousands of teens while on the influence of drugs, it almost sounds like an illuminati fest! feast on the mind of teens. anyway would like others opinions on it and maybe an article. thank you!

  33. The third photo down in the fairytale fashion shoot immediately reminded my of Whitney Houston. Wasn't she photographed with mysterious cuts on her arms and legs at a party the day before she was found dead? Sometimes I wonder if these mysterious MK celebrity deaths are trauma-treatments (which they probably get on a regular basis) gone wrong…

  34. men i know you always say that lifelesslike models are not fashion, but youve got to admit that the sweet escape photo shooting its really artistic, the watercolors on the front page, dresses making the leaves of the tree, and theres even a reference to singer sargent´s madame X, bacon´s pope innocent X, and medieval themes such as memento mori. i think its the most refined way to portray the "devils,elitistic mapnipulation of the construction of beauty and how women should look like". without sadistic cops and blah blah blah.

  35. I am sick. Are they never disgusted at themselves? When they look at themselves in the mirror, how can they possibly accept to have become like this? Is Lady GaGa happy with herself? Is she mad? Don't they wish to be beautiful and nice? I just came to the point I don't understand these people, beyond disapproving I now fail in understanding, they have got the "Gods of the Ugly". We don't like them and it's Ok, but do they like themselves?

    • I reply at myself; Ok, there is a sort of esthetic justice, you have bad thoughts your face reflects them and you get uglier. Beautiful people must be good, or no wonder that even super-rich girls, who can afford the best among treatments for beauty, if they start getting involved in this evil side of culture, they start getting similar to whitches, their face loses brightness, their glance loses kindness, the bones of the facial lineaments get stiff and hard. I'm not kidding; then they give a lot of money away for surgery, but it doesn't work. The Goddess of Beauty was also goddess of love. If you cannot love God, at least love other human beings. There's no point in being evil.

  36. I've been reading, following and creeping upon VC's website and forums for a long long time and I've finally been inspired to comment. I sincerely wish we could truly learn more from the sincere source of why the symbolism is so significant and blatant. Yes, it's nice to research and guess upon why but, what if it's not what we're speculating upon, what if it's so dark and demonizing that we cannot even imagine? Often I wonder about it all, and I also feel like they're making it a joke to put it out so obviously because they want us to think one thing.. but I have a feeling it's darker than what we're speculating upon. No, I cannot give examples on why or what I think it is, but it's just a hunch per say.

    • Evil is the ultimate darkness and wickedness that you can imagine, that's what they represent. We just have to search for the Light of God, Allah Jehovah what ever you want to call him and he and his angels will protect us.

  37. Hey VC, I love this sight!!! Could you dissect the Kate Perry video wide awake. I mean the video is clear as day with symbolism.

  38. I follow you and admire the work that you do, but please try to keep your facts – regarding all aspects – straight. I know that This is rather irrelevant, but it is not accurate to use the term "macedonian", in order to describe something which is not of greek origin (macedonians are greeks). I recognise that a lot of people do, but it is historically wrong, misguided and quite provocative.

    Thank you in advance and I will understand if you choose not to publish this comment due to its irrelevance, but please consider changing your description.

  39. In addition to all the obvious symbolism in that W photoshoot, there was another detail that's been on my mind lately: pink hair. What's the deal with it? Ever noticed how many formerly not so big stars wind up with
    it when they become more popular? I've been noticing it in other places too. Just started watching Alias again and in the first episode, in the first scene showing her as a CIA agent in action, she's got pink hair. It's kinda MK, I think.

  40. The "6.66" hair color looks very similar to Arizona Wilders'. For those of you who don't know, she was brought up from childhood in a mind control program, and when she broke free she changed her hair from blonde to this color.

    • No need to be rude about it. Telling someone to stop talking is almost like a controller that we read about in research on these subjects, so chill.

  41. @Chrissy,

    God does not punish his prophets… God imparted prophet Suleiman with the knowledge of how to control the Jinn.

    Prophet Suleiman was a King after his father Prophet Dawud (A.S.) or David in English had passed away.

    Prophet Suleiman (A.S.) had asked God to grant him powers that no one else could have after him. God thereby gave him the ability to speak to animals. Prophet Suleiman (A.S.) also had the ability to control Jinn. Jinns are creatures God made from fire. We can not see them, but they can see us. They are similar to us in some ways and they can be either good or bad, however, the majority are bad, due to their fiery nature.

    They (illuminati?) stole that knowledge from him but he is nonetheless innocent from their wrongdoing.

  42. Ok fine ill say it…I don't know how to write this and sound believable. I don't think my mind and/or body is my own anymore. Something is not right. Random cuts and rashes in strange places like private areas and wrists. Insomnia like crazy. When I sleep I have odd dreams, not scary, but odd. Like old women teaching me to speak in old languages and the other night I dreamt my body was dead but I wasn't a ghost cause people could see me and touch me – but it definitely looked like my body – it was me just not me. I could feel the skin on my face and everything. Random religious dreams of Jesus on the cross in pain. I'm either stone cold or so emotional. I get random sadistic thoughts that truly are not like me…whether its sexual or killing. I've had a perfectly normal upbringing as far as I know. Although sometimes I have what I think are flashbacks of being in hospital with a hole in my neck…mum says it was just extreme eczema and I believed her but now I'm not so sure – can eczema be so severe it feels like a hole is in your neck? I love my parents to death my father is also a Reverend great father. But something weird is going on with me. I'm a crazy huh?

    • Dear FreeWorld, check your complete name and eventually change it, legally, into a positive one, related to some big Saint Protectors, an exorcist once said the devil couldn't harm him among other things, because his name was Gabriel which guaranteed the extra protection of the powerful Arch-Angel Gabriel, other exorcists had to give up the job; then go to an exorcist. A very strong name could be, I imagine, John-Gabriel, or John Michael. Also Saint John is a strong saint-protector. I am catholic, however, maybe you don't believe in these things, but really once an exorcist said he was protected also because his name was Gabriel. And if you've got a silly name or a name related to a pagan myth cancel it, delete it, one of the worst names possible, for example is Melody, it sounds sweet, but the few girls who bring it have terrible problems; it's almost a hole that makes demons pass. For girls I suggest Marie or Mary or Michelle, if you can, better Marie-Michelle, but I imagine you a boy…

      • My name is African. I am African. My 1st name means "to praise" and my surname "tears". And now I am officially freaked out.

    • Well, change it into John Gabriel, African names are dangerous because you've got vudu ancestors, it makes everything easier for demons even if you are a good person, cut the line with it, pray for them, but do change name. John, Gabriel, Robert, Michelle and overall Mary, Marie, Maria protect people; what can I tell you? don't keep anything related to vudu, no matter the roots, idolatry of the "roots" is bad and gives way to the demons of paganism to come back. You want to exit, exit, the door is open, pray for your ancestors but cut the line.

      At the Beginning there was the Word, and the Word was near God and the Word was God.

      The Word was God= if you want to change reality you've got to change the words. Change Names.

    • Oh dear, those do sound like something that would happen to a mind controlled victim. Not remembering how you got those scars, sexual and homicidal thoughts (sex kitten or assassin), ancient languages, disturbing images. I don't want to frighten you. Can I ask you a few questions? Do you have sleep paralysis when you wake up and you can't move? Do you have memory loss or time lapses? What denomination and church is your father a reverend of? How old are you? Do you come from a well-off family? Is there generational abuse in your family? Your father being a reverend doesn't protect you. Many illuminati have infiltrated the Christian faith and serve in high positions and also in the military. I guess I would need more background info to help you.

      • I also know people who played the good christians during the day but used to practice also strange "magical" rituals for few people in other moments, very often they mix names of saints into it, but if you ask what kind of prayers are they praying they say they can't tell you…

  43. Yes, StandUP. I can relate. The pictures are very disturbing. I came from a high degree family myself (I rebelled against everything my parents told me). Because I was the youngest of 12, they let me have my way. I figured they must've had a lot of illuminati clones with my brothers & sisters. Even now, they seem so mind controlled to the point of stubborness. One sister has severe depression unable to be cured even by EST, one bro was a Long Tam Veteran and still has nightmares of being chased by a black figure. The black wedding and transformed controlled pictures are extremely disturbing. I've seen lots of these pictures. Beware of all of this advertising.

    StandUP, I pray everyday to Jesus, our Saviour.


    can someone please help me out i feel like am not living like my mind is switched off when i knew about the illuminati i started to recognise evreything thing even the most littlest things i tolled my brothers and sister about it and the youngest was 5 and i thought it would be hash to tell her about it but i did and evreytime she sees a symbol she just shouts thats illuminati and tells me to move it! i found that quite good for them to knkow now byut i my parents dont believe this they wont listen to me they just think am insane or something!!, i hate this life we are bieng controlled by the media the goverment is shuttiong our mouths and we have to follow what they say we are blinded by evreything around us and this is sick!!! i feel like am trapped outside of this world i am dead but i am still living DOES ANYONE ELSE SUFFER FROM THIS?

    • Love God, for He is not of this world either. Fear is paralysis. So be even minded, and start finding the purpose in life, for there is a deeper purpose.

      • Just do your thing. No need to try an wake people up. Instead learn to survive and thrive. No need for gods or demons, you are stronger than you think.

    • Don't be afraid because you are not alone. I went through this process years ago and developed an anxiety disorder! Going through the process that realizing that everything you were ever told was a lie can make life feel like an illusion. The best thing you can do is to ground yourself, meditate and talk to God! You need to let go of the need to control. Just let go of all thoughts and feelings and find your inner self. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true! You will be okay. Get out of the house and get into nature and take your shoes off. Enjoy all that God has created. Don't dwell on negative thoughts and emotions. There are always what ifs. Life is short, accept it and the fact that there are things out of your control! But those things don't necessarily have to affect you. You have to do this to get past the anxiety stage. This is an awakening stage and is the most difficult. Once you get past it things become much clearer.

  45. After reading VC, it's seems to me that the end of times in approaching.

    (Revelation 13:3-18) And I saw one of his heads…wounded to death; and his fatal wound was healed: and all the world was in wonder over the beast.

    And they worshipped Satan which gave the beast his power: and they worshipped the beast, saying, "Who is like the beast? Who is able to fight against him?"

    And he was gifted with a mouth that could speak great & convincing things and blasphemies; and he was empowered to continue forty-two months. (3 1/2 yrears)

    And with his mouth he blasphemed God: His name, His tabernacle, and all that dwell in heaven with God.

    And he was empowered to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all races and languages and nations.

    And all those whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb (Jesus), will worship the beast.

    If any man has an ear that wants to hear truth, let him be given the ability hear and understand these words.

    Whosoever leads others into captivity shall go into captivity himself: he that kills others with the sword will also be killed with the sword. By confidence in this fact, the saints will receive patience and faith to endure their hardships.

    And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth; with two horns like a lamb, and speaking like a dragon.

    And he has all the power of the first beast that came before him, and he causes them that live on the earth to worship the first beast, whose fatal wound was healed.

    May Jesus help us.


  46. I would recommend people to look into soul capture/transference regards Black Box technology. Death may not be an escape at all. This is the worst aspect, and very much needs exploration/exposure. This is, I think, how for years, the thought 'they never die' crops up for me time and time again regards these very old men and women who seem to go on forever. Which would explain how for thousands of years, their plan/agenda has been steadily, without falter, bringing us here at this juxtiposition between natural biological womb-man-kind and the animated, biosynthetic machine. They don't 'die' just transfer into a regenerated clone or 'new' body with knowledge of the ages, identity and purpose fully intact. In their bible, they claim 'man lives but once' but the 'gods' or daemons are 'immortal'. Well, the most troubling notion I have is that we too are 'soul captured' when we 'die' and can be re-placed, as in placed into another 'vehicle' which may not be biological but technological; trapping us in the physical dimension. Another scenario would be re-placed into animal form and vice versa for animal souls. They say the end days will be as of the time of Noah with chimeras. This is the ancient knowledge of the Solomon/David tribes and Ab'Ram was not a good guy but a warmongering terrorist of his time. They Live On.

  47. Those first 3 photographs are stating 'Death is the only Freedom' and the one depicting the dead tree with dead slaves should be entitled 'Strange Fruit' or perhaps Forbidden Fruits? Lady GaGa's wearing a floral wreath on her head and the reason she's got the huge Mickey Mouse ears is to tell the other guests what 'programme' mode she's in; like the floral wreath shot. It's interesting that these two shots show her very 'isolated' from the crowd. I've noticed this with certain celeb shots, they're in mode and under control, in 'isolation' perhaps until the 'special' rituals later.

  48. And we all move slowly into oblivion, this is why I don't care anymore about fashion or mass media because all I know is that they have dark meaning behind the glamour and fame.

    Well VC your break was worth it and am looking forward to more eye-opening details of the "illuminati" and the New World Order and how they are corrupting everybody.

  49. i noticed a few 666s tonight. during dancing with the stars, bristol palin received a 6,6,6

    on conan, they all did the 'ok' hand sign, aka 666

  50. If you think that music festival symbolism is bad, shoulda been at Lollapalooza in Chicago this summer. Literally symbolism all over the park, it started to creep me out.

  51. Our Fashion, Music, Food and Entertainment has become so unhealthy and disturbing to digest- the move towards a satanic society never stops! May we always be vigilant in keeping our minds and actions free from this awful way of life

  52. Look carefully at the "Sweet Escape" photo shoot pics. They are full of subliminal images — in the backgrounds, in the clothing, in the folds of the fabrics, in the hair of the models, in the tree … My eyes hurt soon after looking at the pics, my vision became blurry. I left the computer and went in the other room and my vision was fine, but I felt compelled to come back and look again.

    • I wonder if these photos are in this sequence in the magazine. They seem to be telling a story–depicting the phases of the programming regime: first the girl seems serene, intent on elevating her consciousness, then the journey is revealed to be a trick, a cage. Then the first break in the psyche, using some sort of infantilization(?), and implantation of the cabalistic tree/mansion and the accompanying parade of alters. Refinement via the porcelain/mirror/beta rituals and some torture, then she's ready to be a sacrificial "bride." From innocence to corrupted in 10 pics or less.

      It's like a crib sheet for handlers, with the added benefit of activating triggers in victims who see the images. And we all know how they like to brag.

    • I've started to notice hidden images in messy parts of album covers and fashion photos and such. Hidden in smoke, perhaps.

  53. The 666-Babylon hair color is an obvious reference to the Bible book of Revelation, chapters 17-18, for starters, re the Great W***e, Babylon The Great, & Mystery Babylon. She is described as being dressed in scarlet & purple. She also rides the scarlet beast & the beast's number is 666, in Rev. 13.

  54. Doctors in the 90s tried to help thousands of victims who claimed they were satanically ritually abused. But the False Memory Syndrome Foundation sued them and had them shut down. The founder of the foundation was a self-proclaimed p*******e and was funded by… you know who… Rockefeller Foundation!

  55. Basically the checkerboard floor is Masonic. It represents the Gnostic theme of duality. The Masons came from the Knights Templars who adopted it from King Solomon's Temple. King Solomon was notorious for incorporating pagan esoteric rituals based on the Babylonian religion into his temple rituals. That is why God punished him.

  56. *Off-topic, why do "artists" ALWAYS wear those extremely ridiculous clothes? Don't they have enough money to buy normal attire? Lady Gaga looks awfully ridiculous.

    God.. this is too much for me to bear.

  57. Most disturbing yet + i can't get over the Loreal Paris pic x3 they're REally trying to make this stuff seem cool. I mean, who doesn't think bad is cool at some point in their life. The fAct that they so bravely named it that makes me want it more. Isn't that weird? and wrong v.v Anyway, great pics!! Very wholesome. Smh it's getting worse.

    • Bad is never cool. It's easy, no self-control/self-discipline is required. To do the right thing, to be a good person is definitely an ongoing struggle.


    My husband came home from shopping the other day all excited about this new shirt from buckle. I took one look at it and wanted to puke. It is the second shirt on the link I posted. It features pyramids, with the all seeing eye and in the middle is says society. Also on the tag, it had the same symbol, and said society international. I was really upset and he just doesn't get it, nothing about the shirt disturbed him at all. I scrolled through all the t-shirt brands and they are all so blatant. There is the brand obey propaganda and many others. Just click on the link and look at them for yourselves.

  59. Sex Yeah lyrics by Marina and the Diamonds: "Been there, done that, got the t-shirt

    / Sold my soul, and yeah the truth hurts"

    It does hurt.

  60. Phillip Tracey designed Victoria Beckhams hat for the royal wedding. No butterflies on it, but i was just thinking yesterday how much I like it. LOL cant even trust a hat designer.

  61. Skopje is capital CITY of a country named Macedonia formerly a part of Yugoslavia and 2000 years ago a part of Greece. Who cares about borders anyway and can you possibly be more offtopic than this?? Geez.

    • No we care about borders. If we don't care why the Slavs in the S part of ex-Jugoslavia make false claims? The Vatican and the usual suspects have managed to split Jugoslavia, it doesn't mean that they have no intention to split other countries too.

  62. on the hair color add, what is the yellow caution sign in the upper left hand corner. I get those on my shutterfly account when i try to post a picture to a photo book with low resolution?

  63. Sick sick sick! I just hate that talentless w***e madonna and the beast called gaga. I mean I really hate them with a passion. Michael Jackson rest in peace brother you are with the almighty now where these fools can't touch you. Be patient people judgement day is fast approaching.

  64. I know the reason they ridicule Michael in death as in life: "If you show me the cash than I will take it/If you tell me to cry than I will fake it/If you give me your hand than I will shake it/You'd do anything for money…"

    • Nice, I guess that taunt is even more poignent when people realize that the money they work for is fiat money. Value taken in faith.

      • Guys, you don't know how much yer comments mean to me. He is the main reason I fight, along with Heath Ledger. I wish you well in finding who you are and fighting for justice…

  65. well everyone, let's get ready for the antichrist, the dajjal! i mean it is really being pushed down our throats, everywhere! the constant symbols, and outright denial of even "a remote connection" between them, let alone the truth, a demonic cabal awaiting the advent of their king in our realm of existence.

    Well, at least when the world ends, a new cycle will begin, a lovely Satya Yuga, all this filth will ultimately get dissolved into nothingness by God and The Good will be there again, so be happy, do the things that have meaning to you, things that aren't incorporated into any system built by the hands of a fallen man, things like love, joy, happiness that's not tide down to some crappy new product hailed by a mega-corporation, enjoy a sunset, listen to your children's laughter, tell someone you care about them, breath in and if you can, take a walk among the elements of nature, not corrupted by this filth but living with the life of Divinity in them.

    Find happiness outside the matrix of power that squeezes the life out of you each time you look at it, find happiness within you and realize that you are the Image of Eternal God, and that you are the center of every realm of manifestation, from the physical, up to the supra-individual (spiritual), the still small voice, free from thought-feeling, listen to it, the only way out of all this is through true spirituality, free from whatever polluted socio-economic system you may find yourself in, the one that is the Polar opposite of this, if these "elite" as they call themselves indulge in practices that overturn the true nature of the occult sphere and invert sacred symbols to invoke latent negative potentials and actualize them into the ugly reality that is our present world, doesn't it make sense to seek a spiritual path that well, dare i say, without being heckled, venerates these symbols and others unto their true transcendent estate?

    After all, most will say God cannot make evil, only the beings with free will can, then it follows that the pentagram, the eye of providence, the star of ishtar and david, the yin yang symbol and all the others within various Traditions all encompass deep metaphysical realities that all point to their Transcendent Unity, and hence the true brotherhood of mankind. i doubt that "being in the know" of all this evil will help any of us, if anything, it just makes us all the more fazzed out and depressed, we who are young may look at the future with dismay, the parents will worry for their children and the old will shake their heads in pity of a world that has thrown away even the most common and obvious human values that point to anything virtuous. But seeking a true spiritual revelation, a communion with God would lead all of us to a state where nothing can harm us, absolutely nothing, regardless of religion.

    If I ask any average member of an Orthodox religion whether their beliefs are based on a genuine Spiritual Experience, not the word of a priest, or pastor, or imam, or brahmin, or shaman, but on something that they can truly call "Spiritual" something so out of this world that it is truly worthy of the name "GOD" the answer would be no. God is a being who wants us, according to most of them, to exist in an "orderly" manner within this sphere of existence, order being whatever socio-economic atmosphere they find themselves in, no one would ever pray or seek help from God if their system were perfectly at work, but when the stock markets crush, when people get cut from their jobs, when a child is not doing well in school, when approaching an election, when getting married, when seeking to travel etc, they appeal to Him, despite the fact that He is supposed to be "Spiritual" and "Supernatural".

    "Supernatural" to most means going against/breaking the Laws of nature to perform miracles and wonders, so God sets up Laws only to break them when necessary to show His Transcendence! wow… and the only reason i can't get that is because i'm only "human" and can't possibly grasp anything that God does! God becomes the good side of the system, and disaster it's ugly twin. If both are defined by the system itself, it follows that the creators of the system, the Illuminati, being above both sides, control the perception of them by the masses. But this is only natural, the cyclical flow of manifestation, from Satya Yuga to Kali Yuga, before the end of the world comes, the spiritual path is the True Path, for it is the only one that fosters absolute Reality, tis the abode of the gods, elysium, heaven, paradise, nirvana, the land beyond hyperborrea.

    if you can and find time to do so, please read this 22 page essay on something that might change how you view things:

    just a humble post.

  66. In the second pic (the one with the bird cage) the cage is open but one bird CHOOSES to stay inside. That's a very powerful message. Says a lot about the state of mind control slaves.

  67. There is an oxford spanish-english dictionary called oxford study which has two hands in the cover and one of them has an eye in it,, it's very creepy

  68. @Mhairi- it doesn't matter what colour it is. The fact that its three 6s and l'oreal is part of this illuminati industry is just plain satanic.

  69. For Marina for whole Electra Heart album is meant to mock the mainstream pop music like alter egos and what not. And as for the one eye thing is is originally Greek. The Greeks believe the one eye keeps away envy + bad luck. A little bit of research goes a long away.

    • The one eye thing is much older than the Greeks. The Sumerian Horon and the Egytian Horus (same deity) had his eye gouged out during a battle with Satu or Set while avenging the death of his father Asar or Osiris. Sumerian: Enki is father of Marduk who is father of Satu and Asar who is father of Horon. Egyptian: Enki is Ptah, Marduk is Ra, Satu is Set, Asar is Osiris, and Horon is Horus. Horus is the one-eyed god who united all of Egyt.

  70. I want to know when will this eye thing stop.

    It's been going on for many years. We are approaching the year 2013.

    This trolling has to stop eventually, no?

      • Because it is terribly repetitive and redundant. It's a freaking joke.

        We are being trolled and baited with eyeballs constantly. WTF.

        2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, etc to the freaking infinity and beyond.

    • I'm thinking it's to throw in our face some beast of Revelation, full of eyes all around it. Which obviously is also the surveillance culture.

      They do indeed appear obsessive-compulsive where they constantly throw up the same symbols over and over.

  71. 6.66 L'oreal is not a satan thing, looking to hard into it. I am a master colour technician and every depth and tone has a number. 6 in L'oreal is red, 66 is intense red and 6. is the depth of a dark blonde. Please look alittle further into this.

    • I also found it interesting, however, that the color just happened to be red. 'The lady in red' is another form of illuminated symbolism.

    • @Mhairi – I don't doubt you, but I have to say that I find combining that particular number with "Babylon" right below it is suspicious. They could have called it anything, but chose to link it to the Scarlet Woman and the Book of Revelations.

    • @mhairi

      As a very experienced hair colorist of 27 yrs myself, and coming from a family of designers for 65 years, I believe you don't see clearly. That is not a professional product, it is grocery store hair color.

      The public has no clue what level a 6 is in hair color. We do,they don't . Nor does hair color on the shelf in the grocery store explanin or educate like we have been taught. It is just another company numbing the minds for the mark. People use to fear 666. Not anymore, it is right in their face. I suggest you use your professional knowledge to know, that is not what they are teaching. Have the discernment to see truth.

      • @GLS – Hmmmm. The fact that they don't just change the name of the road makes it seem like a sacrificial crossroads.

    • im a hairstylist as well and I know hair color, but how do you explain why "Babylon" and "666" are together in the color title???? You didnt mention anything about the word "Babylon". Are you implying that it was just ANOTHER coincidence??

      • There is a road A666 in the UK where several fatal accidents have taken place over the years. There are even road signs to alert the drivers.

    • Oh s**t, dude, symbolic numbers, designating to symbolic colors is significant in it self. Thnx 4 the inside info. And the hair color is symbolic in itself…s***s crazy

    • You Master Colorist (blind sheep) are very lost! I am also a (master colorist) I also know that 6 in color means red and vibrant! But to put on a box to the mass public call it Satan's number, call it Babylon is not Right in any mind. Just to make it more Sexy to the women and make it seem cool? You are a blinded by the light wake up!

    • The code might be just a coincidence, but they could have used another number the same way, elevator company do not show level 13, but jump from 12 to 14.
      Plus, they associate the number with the Word Babylon (the w***e of babyon)… No coincidence.

    • you are right Mhairi, but they (illuminati) are using it on the wrong way, you understand the no.666 is for them

    • Suttle – no matter – in this demonic evil world every corporation, pop star & entertainer have taken on various satanic symbolism anyway they can sneak it in to deceive people. The devil roams about seeking those he can devour. (the Bible). Anything you mess with connected to satan opens portals for demons to come in.

  72. People attending my lectures often ask – "How is it possible that millions of people around the world are being used as Monarch Sex Puppets without an outcry from the media? Why don't more people know that their neighbors are being used by the 'Illuminati' as sex slaves and assassins?"

    "It is very simple," I explain – "there are three reasons why there is so little public discussion of 'Illuminati' sex magick mind control."

    "The first reason we all know – the 'Main Stream Media' is virtually completely controlled already by the 'Illuminated'."

    "The second reason is more subtle: the 'Illuminati' have so successfully saturated all popular culture with depraved perversion and have so adeptly normalized extreme and deviant sexual behavior of all kinds that it is difficult to notice who is showing the signs of being a Monarch Sex Puppet and who is merely a sad and twisted product of debauched modern morality."

    "But the third reason may be the most important – and it is the reason that should most terrify you and anyone else listening to my talk, for the most IMPORTANT reason most people do not see the obvious all around them is because the 'Illuminati' very easily WIPE THE MEMORIES of those they turn into sex puppets."

    I then must explain that the questioner has NO WAY OF KNOWING they are not being used as a Monarch Sex Puppet on a nightly basis to commit terrible acts of sodomy on their unwilling neighbors while taking part in sacrilegious 'Illuminati' sex magick rituals. 'Illuminated' technology is so advanced that memory wipes are now accomplished with virtually no trace or obvious side effects. Any person hearing these words may have spent the entire previous night chained down in a pentagram while being used for terrible 'Illuminati' BDSM rituals involving group sex and watersports and yet have NO MEMORY WHATSOEVER of ever having left the house.

    My audiences are typically already well read in the literature on modern sex magick mind control technologies and therefore have the skillset necessary to overcome natural skepticism and begin to empirically determine whether they or their family members are currently being used as Monarch Sex Puppets. But for casual readers on the internet it can be difficult to understand that what one thinks one remembers of the day before may not be anything but an IMPLANTED MEMORY to cover up the seizing of their body for horrifying sex magick rituals.

    The images presented above should help in showing any who still doubt that the Monarch sex slave program is FAR more advanced than popularly believed. It has not been necessary for many years for disassociative disorders to be induced through inter-generational family trauma beginning in childhood. Today the 'Illuminati' have technology so advanced they are able to pre-program humanity through encoding hidden Monarch signals in all sorts of popular media – both secular and religious – in order to eventually seize control of the minds and bodies of millions of ordinary people remotely – usually over the internet. Let's examine a few of the more obvious themes with which They taunt us this month:

    We see many 'occluded eye' references of course as the 'Illuminated' never tire of boasting of how they have opened their anal 'third eye' through ritual sex magick sodomy. Promotion of anal sex ("The Real Way") and other types of sodomy are central to 'Illuminated' theory and tactics.

    But we also see many blatant references to a host of other perversions vigorously promoted by Them. The multiple references to zoophilia, bondage, group sex, and sodomy are all obvious even to the casual observer. But how may will immediately notice the disturbing celebration of ageplay in the stroller? How many will recognize the model in the bondage collar as having just been the focus of an extended group semenancy session? How many will pick up on the deliberate union of sexual opposites exploited in the magick rituals featuring high priestess Gaga. Casual students of 'conspiracies' are unlikely to be familiar with the ancient Black Sea shamanic chant referenced in the Gaga photos with 'Richardson', but roughly translated it celebrates the 'enlightenment' attained when the norms of our universe are violated and natural opposites are forced into unholy union – in this case when a small dog sodomizes a large leopard.

    These disturbing references are not the actual symbols used to control us – they are merely taunts and celebrations from the 'Illuminati'. The REAL programming is hidden in the ordinary television you watch – the ordinary web pages you visit. The REAL programming may be taking control of your body and using you as a Monarch Sex Puppet to commit horrific and depraved sexual acts on your unwilling friends and family. THE REAL programming will only be recognized by those brave enough to study the details of 'Illuminated' perversion in order to detect the signs that they or their loved ones are being used for Monarch Sex Puppetry before having memories of the perverse rituals wiped.

    Are you brave enough to study the gamut from BDSM to ageplay to brony to water bondage to semenancy? Are you prepared to watch for signs of unusual tiredness or strange sexual thoughts that may indicated someone is being used as a sex puppet?

    Prepared or not – you may already be a Monarch Sex Puppet and not know it. Learn the facts and protect your family. Good luck to all of you.

    • Please elaborate on how one first determines if they are being used and two, what doctor can one actually trust to help them. I have been trying to figure out how to find a doc that works with things like this and is actually trying to help. You know? A doc who says, 'yes, i think you have some issues, but no, i don't think you are a slave' or 'yes, i think something of a darker, slave type nature is going on' and then actually tries to help.

      • Neither doctors nor therapists nor pastors will be able to help Monarch Sex Puppets.

        Doctors cannot help because the victim's body is undamaged apart from the usual wear and tear associated with vigorous violent sex. Therapists cannot help because the victim's mind is not the problem. Pastors will be able to guide you to salvation but cannot spare you the suffering your body must go through in this world.

        As has been explained repeatedly there are only two ways to guarantee you do not become a Monarch Sex Puppet: Either disconnect from ALL potential sources of infection (this includes ALL popular media both secular and spiritual) OR carefully study the types of perversions practiced in Monarch Sex Magick Mind Control rituals so that you can identify the very specific signs of having been used as a sex slave. Without long study of the these disgusting 'Illuminated' practices – very few people reading this would EVER guess that they were being used for brony fetish zoophilia or nun/schoolgirl cosplay while in Monarch trance the night before.

        Many people would be better off disconnecting from the internet and all other media streams completely – but for those who are forced to continue to interact with Monarch infested media the only safe choice is to study the practices of our enemies exhaustively. Good luck to you lad.

    • Well said Dr S. I was involved in esoteric satanism and BDSM in my 20s. My father was a MK Ultra victim in the 60s, although I wasn't because my father was a good man. I left that lifestyle when I "found God". It is hard for normal people to understand this mentality. That lifestyle is full of what my therapist deemed sociopaths. Yes, I've been in therapy for 12 years. My ex-husband is a satanist and a sociopath. They believe that they are gods and try to manipulate everyone to their advantage. They are very good at it. They're motto is Do What Thou Will. They believe in "free love" and all of that destructive garbage. I had a mental breakdown because of these people. My husband was constantly pressuring me to engage in sex magick and "parties" when I wasn't into that. I didn't leave that situation soon enough. By God's grace I met and married a wonderful man whom I've been with for 10 years and have 2 wonderful children. It is hard to see the light when you are in the situation because of the emotional manipulation. I wish that I could help others out.

      • @Chrissy333 – Since you have been on the “other side,” I have a question for you, if it’s something you can answer, or don’t mind answering. If it upsets you to talk about this stuff, please just ignore me. But here’s my query:

        Do you think the entire esoteric/alchemical/etc. body of knowledge is corrupt and relates to the “Illuminati,” or do you think there is some merit to at least some of it and that they practice a corrupt version of it? I’m interested in religious scholarship, and I’m trying to find a definitive answer to that question. Most Christians think that the entire esoteric ethos is bad, and I can see why they feel that way. But I have studied comparative religion and ancient cultures for years, and view things with some degree of scholarly objectivity. It seems to me that a cabal of selfish elitists would go to a great deal of effort to keep the benefits of a powerful spiritual practice to themselves. There are vast similarities and connections between all of the ancient religions, Egyptian, Judaism, etc. Alchemy comes from Egypt, and I think the Illuminati are corrupting an ancient religion, a religion so old it reaches back before recorded history. I think Aleister Crowley is particularly to blame for co-opting aspects of the Egyptian religion for modern black magic. But I could be wrong, the worship of the god Set especially seems sort of terrifying, and ancient man was no joke in the barbarity department. Do you have an opinion one way or the other? You have the benefit of having experienced both sides of the issue so I would find value in your perspective.

        Thank you. I’m glad things worked out for you.

      • @Fleurdemeur, sorry it took so long to respond. I've been busy and thinking seriously about your question. You know that the Bible is incomplete and I believe that Jesus was trying to teach us that we are one with god. Read John 17:21. Jesus was actually a student of esoteric studies during the missing years between age 12 and 30. But Jesus realized that the pharisees and the priests were corrupt and using their power to control the masses, just like they do today. When the knowledge is used to manipulate others for power or money or pleasure it is evil, because it harms others. When I was involved with these people, I had an encounter in a dream where an angel wrapped his arms around me and I felt total peace and harmony and the presence of God's love. He told me his name was Ariel. It was as if he was protecting me and telling me that everything was okay. I found no mention of his name in the Bible, but in other non-canonical sources. When I read those "lost books" many things came to light. The key is not to become a God separate from God and to treat others like cattle, but to realize that The Kingdom of God is within you and we are all part of God. You don't need elaborate rituals to realize this potential, it is there all along! Carved idols have no Life and Sex Magick is not Love. Those who practice sex magick only practice it for personal gratification. These people just make all kinds of excuses to get away with whatever behavior they like. I am not saying that everyone was like that (some were very good people), but there is the potential to be misled and manipulated and you have to be careful not to do that. There is also potential for negative consequences, which I saw happen most of the time. It is a self-destructive lifestyle. Sometimes it is better to not mess with something you really know nothing about. It is okay to not to know everything. It is better to trust God, because he knows better than you! I found that if I can believe in "magick" why can't I believe in God. When I gave up and said "Okay God, I'm ready and I'm in your hands now. I'm listening", that's when things turned around in my life. A personal relationship with God was more rewarding that any "magick" that I knew of. I'm not trying to preach to you as we all have our own personal experiences and I'm just sharing mine. We are God's children and children need to be taught and disciplined. We are not all-knowing and intelligent as we think we are. We have a long way to go! Artificial means and manipulation will not serve us well in our evolution. It will only lead to self-destruction. God is not evil, he is a stern father who knows best! Trust me I learned the hard way! I don't know what you believed, but I hope that I helped.

      • @Chrissy333 – Thank you, I appreciate your answer. I don’t really care about magick, it’s more the hermetic, alchemical and shamanistic underpinnings that interest me, from the Egyptian religion and further back in time to even more ancient cultures. Magick seems self-serving and mechanistic to me, if there’s any truth to it at all, and I’ve always been a lot more interested in spirituality and soul development. I’ve personally had spontaneous spiritual experiences that can only be termed alchemical. I agree with Carl Jung that alchemy is symbolic language for a process of self-development at a very deep level and that a lot of religious imagery is a projection of the energy behind that process. I personally feel that God is the ultimate consciousness, knowing everything as its Creator but unlimited by the bounds of creation, so why wouldn’t our psychology reflect a divinity of consciousness if we are made in His image? That especially expresses itself in art, the cultural record of mankind. We’re still missing a lot of the picture about our ancient history – what I learned from studying art history and archaeology is how much analysis is still guesswork and theorizing based on an incomplete record. The thing about Christianity is that is in fact part of a complex of related Mediterranean religions with obvious similarities. A divine Father, a mortal mother who becomes divinized, a holy child who is a sacred solar king and a sacrifice whose blood redeems the world – these are archetypes which repeat across religions. The Satan/Christ dichotomy is an archetype that goes all the way back to very ancient shamanism, with its motif of the duel of the summer and winter sun, also reflected in the Set/Osiris conflict of Egyptian mythos. That’s not to say that I feel that any of that negates Christianity. I think God is so mysterious and so fundamental to the universe that the same images and symbols express themselves throughout it. I agree with you that we’re part of a unified whole, not in the New World Order kind of way, but as part of the same creation. For that reason, I’m not one to toss out other religions and cultures. I want to understand how it all fits together. The more I learn about the Bible, the more strange it seems with stories about fallen angels, corruption and sorcery – something very weird seems to have happened back then. I wish the language of the old texts spelled things out more clearly. You’re right, I think we are missing information. You’re also right that it’s not about power or control or forcing outcomes to bend to human will. The simple answer might be that these people are just crazy, a possibility I haven’t ruled out at all.

      • @Fleurdamour, you sound like someone I'd like to talk to. I wish that we could discuss this in detail. Have you studied any of the Sumerian, Babylonian or Egyptian religions? There are a lot of similarities and the Bible has borrowed many stories from them. You could learn more by reading them. I would suggest researching the Sumerian Tablets, the Tablets of Destiny, the Book of the Dead, the Book of Enoch to start off. Though you sound like you are already well versed. I enjoyed the philosophy of Tolstoy "The Kingdom of Heaven is Within You". Carl Jung was a Rosicrucian by the way! He was very much involved in the occult, but so was Tolstoy. Most philosophers were involved in secret societies. I don't believe that spiritual mysteries are essentially bad, I just believe that you should seek knowledge and wisdom over power. The Bible is not averse to knowledge and wisdom as there are many verses relating to seeking them. I agree that many things are symbolic of the spiritual nature, but I think that people focus too much on the symbols or idols and not on their inner selves. I believe that of all the "enlightened masters" Jesus had it right! I think that people misinterpret him and do not seek to understand the deeper layers of his meanings.

      • I am glad that you shared that story but I would never call that man an ex husband. Let's call him a bad choice. Cause your the man of god that you are now with for 10yrs is and forever be your husband and call that ex a bad choice and not your ex husband because marriage is a union of God not Satan.

    • Yes, I think many MK'd celebrities have no idea that they have been programmed. Some of the MK'd celebrities like Britney Spears, Madonna and Lady Gaga are more obvious because they exhibit disassociative behavior at times and promote Illuminati symbols in their clothing, videos, movies, etc. but I think even more mainstream singers and actresses have been programmed as well. I remember just a few years back, actress Teri Hatcher from the hit series "Desperate Housewives" met with former president George Bush Sr. supposedly for a luncheon to discuss a charitable concern and photographers after their lunch videotaped him hugging her and patting her buttocks like they had had a tryst of some sort. When Jay Leno (or maybe it was David Letterman) showed this footage on his show when interviewing Teri Hatcher and then asked her about her "date", Teri Hatcher said she had no recollection whatsoever of that happening (the patting on the buttocks part) and she truly looked shocked and confused. I thought she seemed very sincere about not knowing and I couldn't help wondering whether or not she was MK'd. Just look it up on YouTube to see the footage.

    • Has VC ever pressed the idea of Christianity on you forcefully? You come here by your own volition, and make yourself subject to the ideas and opinions of others.

      VC has the right to charge for a compilation of his research because he works hard on them, and the information that he presents on his site is free. Is it wrong to ask for a little compensation for the in-depth research compiled together for your convenience? No.

      If you don't like what the Christian Citizen has to say or offer, you're more than free to peruse other sites.

      Because God gave you free will, after all. Might as well use it, yes?

    • i say set up secret surveillance on yourself if you have valid suspiscions (and not just random paranoia), that's easy enough. there is absolutely no need to go digging around in the dung as you suggest. if anything will push someone over the edge, it would be getting yourself and your mind tainted with the perversion that you are advocating people to "study". come on. kinda sounds like you have an evil agenda to me.

      • If you have been a regular consumer of popular/religious music, television, films, web pages, video games, and so forth any time in the past two decades your mind is already thoroughly infested with Monarch Control Programming working to seize control of your body and mind at the brainstem level. It does not matter whether you only consume "decent media". It does not matter how strong your moral values or how deep your faith in God. The Monarch Sex Magick Mind Control system is ubiquitous and only those who have not exposed themselves to its programming are safe from the risk of sex slavery.

        So you have two choices: keep consuming the Monarch 'virus' that will eventually seize control of your 'system' (if it hasn't already…) or familiarize yourself thoroughly with the types of 'viruses' out there and know exactly what the symptoms of each are.

        Would YOU recognize the signs that you had been used in sacrilegious sissy boy flagellation rituals last night while you thought you were asleep? Almost certainly not…

    • Dr. S,

      Do you happen to have a website related to the esoteric and Illuminati stuff? There's a lot I can learn from you and if you do have a website, mind sharing with us here?

    • I think that TV is mind controlling people but not to the the level of MK. It is definitely filled with perversions making society that way as well, and the internet has subconscious cues as well. However the more a person wakes up to what is really going on the less they can be controlled. So most people here have a stronger defense against this stuff than most people. But what I'm getting at is they cannot mind control someone who knows what's really happening.

      • If warning decent people that their bodies are being used by the adult baby fetish p**n film producers is paranoid then we need more paranoiacs….

    • @Dr. S, I don't think it is necessary to pollute your mind with studying perversion in depth to figure out the Illuminati. According to the bible we "should be wise about what is good, and innocent/simple about what is evil" (Romans 16:19). We should also spend our time thinking about "whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." (Phil 4:8).

      If you suspect that you are a victim of MK ask God to reveal it to you and to break the mind control. By the way, cuts and bruises on your body after you wake up can also stem from demons, especially if you suffer from sleep paralysis. Again pray to the Lord and ask for help.

      I think the Illuminati are powerful, but they are not God. Therefore I doubt it that so many people are under MK influence. I think those who are are usually high level politicians, actors, singers, musicians, prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers, drug addicts, soldiers, people from very rich families. Perhaps some scientists, too. There is also a big danger for foster children to be used for an MK program.

      I don't think that the average citizen needs to fear they are being used in an MK ULTRA program without their knowledge. If everyone was outside at night being used for perverted orgies, I don't think our society would function after all. You would also easily catch an STD and make multiple mistakes at work due to lack of sleep. We are human after all, this MK lifestyle wears you down after a while, this is why these celebs usually go nuts at a certain age, see Britney …

      Pls watch "Mind Control Programs: How Are Victims Selected and Recruited?" on….

      For more spiritual understanding watch the series "Know your enemy" on

      • If only you were right Rebecca….if only you were right!

        Sadly, the 'Illuminati' work very hard to spread misinformation about Monarch Sex Magick Mind Control – and most people such as yourself mistakenly believe it is not a threat to ordinary citizens. Almost all the information you read in popular sources such as online is either 50 years outdated or deliberate misinformation.

        This is not about celebrities or "other" people or some distant threat. This is about you or your grandmother being controlled like a sex marionette by a computer server on the other side of the world NOW. The 'Illuminated' WANT you to believe there is nothing to fear and you can safely continue consuming Monarch control programming, but you would be wise to watch for signs that your body is being used for degrading sexual rituals while you are unaware. Good luck to you!

    • Come on Doc. You can reply to a negative comment about your post but there are several of us asking for leads to help and/or more info and I don't see that reply. A thousand apologies if I missed it, but please don't spend time on rebuttals instead of solutions.

      • Please forgive me shell – I have only brief windows during which I can communicate securely and much to do. Please see my response to you above. Good luck!

      • If you review my posts over the past months you will find numerous citations of what scholarly literature on this subject is still accessible to the general public, and of course anyone with even the lowest grade of security clearance will find abundant information (albeit heavily redacted) on the Illuminet. But for casual students of these topics such as most VC readers – the proof is in the pictures. Read the analyses of the images presented and decide for yourself.

    • @ Dr S

      I think you are pushing it over the limit.

      Mind controlled is used everywhere , from selling women baby foods…

      To astronauts living alone in the International Space Station for months.

      Patriotism, Religion, Economy …..all man created and manipulated.

      Languages,Culture,Collective sensibilities……..all man created and manipulated.

      Every thing that constitutes our" reality tunnel" is a created an manipulated entity…

      We are ALL under mind control.

      Many conspiracy theorists on the net are all paid dis info, mis info agents….

      Either it be UFO"s , reptilians….devil worshippers and the likes…

      What you consider as normal…..

      Who told you it was normal in the first place…


      What is normal……

      Behind the language, is the urge and passion of the ego…

      Control it…and you control everything…..


      Here enjoy

      • The type of "mind control" you are discussing involves convincing people to make choices of their own free will. The type of mind control we are discussing involves seizing control of human beings and forcing them to do commit foul and criminal acts completely against their moral codes. Only uninformed people and disinformation agents could minimize the threat posed by genuine Monarch mind control in 2012. This has nothing to do with what music or brand of cereal you buy and everything to do with whether you are being used as a sex robot in sacrilegious rituals of extreme perversity.

    • Are you speaking from experience? Were you able to discover that you were partaking in sodomy within a pentagram by mind control/illiumnati magick?

      • I described the basis for my expertise at length previously, but adolescent snickering and insinuations will not change the fact that you, your sister, or even your pet dog may be being used as Monarch Sex Puppets without your knowledge every night. Here at VC evidence is presented for you to consider or dismiss. If you choose to dismiss what is shared with you so be it.

        Those with the resources hire firms to scour the online fetish archives to look for any hint that they have been used for purposes of sacrilegious p*********y. How will you protect yourself and your loved ones from the ritual Enema Mass if your time is wasted posting snide comments?

  73. A few thoughts on these images:

    1. Re: using fairytales for programming – it makes sense to me that that would work, both for accessing the most childlike and pliable sections of the brain or personality, and also for direct access to the unconscious archetypal layer of the mind (see The Uses of Enchantment by Bruno Bettelheim and the writings of Marie Louise Von Franz). Makes me leery about going to see any movies based on fairytales.

    2. The dead tree imagery is especially creepy – I’ve commented here before about the tree of death and the Qliphoth, the shadow side of the tree of life in kabbalah. I think it says everything about this philosophy to show dead bodies strung up in that tree like carrion, or trophies.

    3. Lady Gaga is so painfully stupid it’s hard for me to believe anyone actually takes her seriously, but I want to point out that she is wearing the exact same flower helmet as in the last photo of the fashion shoot.

    4. Re: the Marina Factory cover, her sweater has an 8-point star motif, symbol of Inanna/Ishtar and the gate of the underworld. And calling her a “control freak” – really? The rainbow kaleidoscope ball says it all.

    5. The Babylon haircolor is “Intense Red.” Supposedly the priestesses of Ishtar were called Scarlet Women whose lunar blood was an elixir of life and gave magical powers to those who drank it – it was called “Starfire” and this is called “High Shine Elixir” and has an alchemical gold drop.

      • @Chrissy333 – Yes, and the packaging has gold, white, black and red coloring, all the colors associated with the process of making the Philosopher's Stone, which produces the elixir. Babalon is associated with blood, which, holding the DNA codes of an organism, is certainly an elixir of life.

    • @Fleurdamour,

      I saw your question to Chrissy333 and I want to ask you, have you had the chance to read David Livingstone's Terrorism and the Illuminati: A Three Thousand Year History?

      Maybe you'll be able to get some answers to your question regarding the ancient religion thingy. I learned a lot from that book, especially about the whos, they whys and the hows of perverting religions eg. Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

      • @GrowingUp31 – Thank you, I'll look that up. The best theory I've come across is that the Illuminati are some remnant of the lost tribe of Dan, who were apostate Jews who never gave up the worship of darker, older gods like Baal and Set/Typhon. That explains the warped Jewish iconography and the weird Babylonian and Egyptian elements. And it also explains the Zion/Sion thing, too – it doesn't refer to Zion in Jerusalem, but to Mount Sion, also Mount Hermon, which is deep in Canaanite territory and was supposedly where the Nephilim came down to earth. Thus their use of Zion, New Jerusalem, etc, is code for that rather than referring to Judaism or Christianity. Then there is always the possibility that they are relatively modern but have co-opted ancient symbols in a sort of pseudo-esoterica, to cloak themselves in some kind of legitimacy.

  74. These people are so ugly and pathetic. It just makes me sick. And when you try to tell people about it, their eyes just glaze over and they laugh. But month after month, more and more proof. so obvious. We're in a lot of trouble.

  75. Yeah the hands of 666 are Mickey Mouse hands and the font of the word "Control" is Coca-Cola's font O.O (in the pic of Marina and the Diamonds)

      • it wasnt that hard to see! and the comma is something that might mean something as well..? over the eye. the phrase, 'they say im a control freak' is ironic because the symbolisms make it seem like she is NOT in control..

        we think these models singers etc have glamorous lives but they are just sex kittens for terry richardson. he likes to put their hair on himself like these women are a part of him.

        i am so sick of this nonsense! and the esoterica is just to confuse and melt symbols together.

    • Actually the Marina and The Diamonds "theysay I'ma control freak" isn't official media rfom her, but instead an image somebody else made, neither is the "Teen Idle" single cover, it was fanmade.

  76. as for the festival… i often wonder where you can draw the line btwn esoteric symbolism and illuminati symbolism? so much of it looks the same… i just want to know what is wrong and what is right, because for sure i love esoteric art.

      • Did you see how fat she is lately? I think she gained weight because she's been eating to relieve stress because her conscious is bothering her – when you make a deal with the devil, first you play, then you pay!

      • no proof that she's involved in satanism and she's not even fat. the media sensationalizes everything. she looks fine. why do you assume she's satanic? the stupidest comment i every read was the one that said she's been eating because she feels guilty. are you effing serious? it seems like whatever she does, you'll find a way to connect it to satanism. when in reality there is nothing satanic about her (do you even know what satanism is)? she's probably eating because she works her butt off! God, of all people to make up stuff about why her? at least she's helping people and inspiring them.

      • Let me put it this way, she doesn't get her inspiration from the Holy Spirit. It's not my business anyway, I'm not into her or music since she came out.

      • James btw many of the peeps in neurological clinics are certainly inhabited by demonic forces. Not all of them are simply patients with neurological problems. All of us are possessed by evil spirits as we receive attacks constantly, esp. during our sleep, however if you are not spiritually armed, you are probably an easy target. This life seems to be a constant spiritual war.

    • Esoteric art? from a biblical point is something wrong, witchcraft and anything connected to it is strongly condemned by the Bible.

      • Which one, of the more than 500 versions of the bible you're refering to? St. Georges? Yeah, it's the bible used by the elite to rule the people. And i'll not even mention the Nicaea Council.

  77. The fashion industry is quite the machine, no? I just watched the movie, "The Cabin in the Woods" and was quite flabbergasted by some of the messages in that movie. It essentially combines all the themes of mind control, elite organizations controlling everything, the totalitarian ideology of one small sacrifice for the greater good, and of course, blood rituals. I don't want to go into great detail about the movie since it is a new release and there is a "twist" to it, but the movie has a lot of political and social commentary that is quite disturbing. It just seems like more and more that the entertainment industry is becoming completely transparent that things are no longer "hidden in plain sight," which is the definition of the occult.

    • I could not believe "The Cabin in the Woods" film. It is so in your face, it's unbelievable that they put this stuff out. I guess the truth is best when it's out in the open, for people will laugh when the truth is blatant.

      • I believe. And nothing phases me anymore.

        I just watched the CIARA "sorry" video and was shocked as all hell when I seen the Baphomet head right on her night table in the bedroom scene.

        I immediately hit up my girlfriend to check it out and she was like, " I see nothing" -____-

        Im like, "Go watch that clip again." and I applauded them for hiding it in plain sight, and she saw nothing after I Told her it was there…


        In any event, I was thinking, " this is a broken hearted video, there couldn't possibly be any ocult symbolism in here." UM. yah…

    • You are the only other person I've seen/heard make a mention of the political parallels of Cabin in the Woods. The second I got out of the theater I had to call my mom and tell her all about some of the underlying themes (as we are heavily into symbology and interpreting pop culture's manifestation of esoteric insights).

      I wonder, are things like that subliminal to get people used to the idea of being controlled by a secret elite organization, or are the people behind movies such as this one, trying to bring light to the fact?

      • i watched cabin in the woods and i noticed a few things. they used cliches on purpose, and he even mentioned, these cliches were amplified because of something they put in the air. (they want to turn us into these cliches via subliminal programming ie 'stoner shaggy type, redheaded daphne type (virgin in the movie), jock, promiscuous girl, etc…) this movie was intended to be corny, i think. it was a game to the [puppeteers], watching them. the monsters in it ,(joss whedon made this movie he also did buffy etc), the monsters in the compartmentalized demonized cubes at the end of the movie remind us of horror movies we all seen, (hellraiser, IT, the others, ghostbusters etc,)…then they discover they were to be a part of a ritual to the norse gods below, (im assuming)…made me think, all of these hollywood ppl are satanists who perform rituals, snuff films etc. the controllers/puppeteers in the movie made me think of sitcoms, so basically, all these hollywood types engage in some sort of satanic rituals, and then to top it off and once again take us out of this stupid dumb, telling movie, sigourney weaver is in it as the director. anyways, just thought i would share. this movie was full of cliches but that was the point! (friday the 13th, cabin in the woods, the truman show etc)

    • I watched that movie w/ my mouth WIDE OPEN.

      Reason being…

      I wasn't sure what was happening.

      I am glad I scrolled these comments.

      I was wondering if these people were blasting a CRY FOR HELP, rather than "something else". I actually came here to see if VG wrote about it…

      • sorry for the typos, Course I meant VC, I have been here several times before, but I am not a "local". In other words, I come here first when I see something that TRIPS ME THE F* OUT.

        I seriously came here the minute I finished watching it. I Red Box. I NEVER pay "theater price" for potential brainwashing. lol

    • Talking about the photos shoot with the mind control images, the one with the tree has a huge sexual connotation. One of the woman is on one of the branches, making a kind of arch with her body, for surrealists, especially Dalí, it's a classic symbol for sexual intercourse. If you look deeply, it's quite violent, it's a reference to penetration. It's clear Mind control victims are always subject of sexual abuse.

  78. I am from Macedonia and that ad is EVERYWHERE. On billboards and taxis, in all the newspapers, magazines, literally everywhere. The singer on it has always made the most MK-themed shoots and TV commercials for the same company(duality and one-eye symbol, anyone?). She has been in the industry since she was very little and now the nice, innocent girl is gone and turned into an anorexic, brain-washed slave that has dated people with dirty histories. Currently dating a mob boss and no matter what is said about him, she's with him for years(handler, anyone?). She's from my city and I have seen her a couple of times. Not the person she was.

    And about GaGa.. no comment. Could she be more revealing than this?

    • I do believe this illuminati nonsense is dangerous to all the casual consumers. I get freaked out when my niece and nephew both run around singing Lady Gaga. Its like pop culture is the new religion. These photo's and products are just a way to control our emotions. Show a pair of boobies and dudes are like, yay. Show an ugly baby and chicks are like, awwww. Just another, albiet sophisticated, method of control. We are all in a gilded cage and these stars are the priests and priestesses.

      I feel that all religion is bad in that it was all just a means for control. I mean, when our ancestors were out hunting wooly mammoths and gathering herbs, who the hell was the jackass to say, "hey, ugh, pray to this rock and you'll get an afterlife!" It's all so very disturbing.

      Praying to Jesus is nice….. but having a loaded and suppressed pistol never hurt either… 😀

      • Lady Gaga says at her concerts that pop culture is the new religion. Look it up, I'm sure you could find it anywhere.

      • > "I feel that all religion is bad in that it was all just a means for control"

        But if you read some books closely you will see that control by clergy has no place in it.

        "Beware of the teachers of the law" says the gospelf which states that the Church is not a place, nor a bunch of priests, but the Assembly of the believers. Other religions might say the same.

        In fact if you think about a creator, he doesn't need to control anyone as he is always in control of everything.

        Control is sought by those that want to compete with the god.

        Leaving satan alone (which is a mistake because arguing that satan does not exist is like arguing that you don't exist as a man because you are a colony of cells, true but irrelevant for practical purposes), you will find that:

        those who are not happy as they are want to get rich. Then they want wealth instead of money. they want power instead of wealth. then they want to always apply those power, so they want control. Then they want to be adored when they control. This is the ladder that puts you under satan, even if you don't believe and consider satan an abstraction, this is what happens.

        Associating control with religion is simply the way to hide the real responsibles.

    • Actually the name issue is not yet resolved. The term "Macedonian" refers to Greek persons or things. Since the majority of the citizens of FYROM (which is the FORMAL name of the country) are either Slavs(mostly from Bulgarian ancestry) or Albanians, you can't name them "Macedonians".

      After all the largest geographical part of the ancient Greek Kingdom of Macedonia is still part of Greece.

      Therefore VC I suggest you to be more carefull when naming things "Macedonian" because you may offend certain ethnic groups like for example Greeks.

      PS: Makedonian (adj. makednos) in Greek means "tall".

      • Really? So with all thats happening in the world you are going complain about a name and symbol that really means nothing to the common person? Don't you get it? All these countries, all these heritages, its all bullshit. You think country lines are solid indications of lineage? Well then what about the Kurds who are split up between Iran, Iraq and Turkey? What about the Pashtuns who make up half of southern Afghanistan and Pakistan? The elite want people like you to be emotionally invested in the framework they established. Think about all the American idiots waving flags and calling for war after the false flag of 911. Think about all the Chinese and Japanese idiots rioting for insignificant uninhabited islands. Think about it.

        The Macedonians are proud people who lost the beautiful country of Yugoslavia. Be happy at least they have a somewhat stable home now. Quit bitching about a name. If you wanna b***h about something than b***h about how your Greek government sucked the whole Eurozone into financial calamity.

      • Mercer

        As I have said my comment was for Issa and I have no idea why it was not posted under hers.

        Also I forgot to mention that 2000 ago FYROM as well as Greece were both part of the Roman Empire.

        The truth is the truth. And just because some things are more important than others it doesn't mean that it is ok to spread lies.

        That name and symbol may not mean anything to you but it means everything to me as a real Macedonian. It means everything dear Mercer because it is part of my identity, it is part of who I am and for that symbols and names my grandparents killed, raped and lived genocide because they were Greek Macedonians and Christians. But it is not my intention to teach you Modern Greek history. Believe me it is bloody…

        Of course former Yugoslavs are proud and respected. Who said the opposite anyway?

        Well do you know why Greece still belongs to Greeks? Because our ancestors fought for it! However wants his or her country fights for it! They don’t surrender their country to globalists!

        Obviously I am not bitching about a name. You said “The elite want people like you to be emotionally invested in the framework they established.” Of course they do. They don’t want us to “b***h” about our identity because they want to promote globalization!

        You said “If you wanna b***h about something than b***h about how your Greek government sucked the whole Eurozone into financial calamity.”

        Really? Hahaha. So according to you the elites run everything and everybody except the Greek government? Really?

        Do you really believe that Greek governmet is responsible for the destruction of EU as it is today? Do you even know who created EU?Do you know that they want to transorm EU to United States of Europe as it is the case in US? Gobal village my friend, that’s the plan. And they are trying really hard to make people to accept it.

  79. Very hardcore hair color. I had a good laugh on that one. The store I work at has that product on the shelf, but it's not selling well. I wonder why.

    • Yeah, L´oreal, because you´re definetly NOT worth it! And Lady Gaga, please go to hell already and take that creep Terry Richardson and his "art" with you.

      • Why say: Lady gaga go to hell ? She could be a slave. And also she could repend and become christian some day

    • Revelation 17:4 (to name one) reference clearly. SCARLET hair. Really L'Oreal? Idk, what context that would fit in, in terms of a joke.

  80. The three 6's holding hands, look like Mickey Mouse hands, IMO. As always, great job, hope your break did ya some good. Now back to work! 😉 Is it a one eye thing, if I am winking? I am so confused.

      • Also, the black/white duality represents men in their lowest basic condition, ignorant and primitive. That is why some policemen use the pattern on their caps.

      • King Solomon was not evil – He was a noble king, his image was tarnished later by magicians and people who modified God's pure Scriptures with their own dirty hands.

        "Is it not so that every time they made a promise [unto God], some of them cast it aside? Nay, indeed: most of them do not believe. (100) And [even now,] when there has come unto them an apostle from God, confirming the truth already in their possession, some of those who were granted Revelation aforetime cast the divine writ behind their backs as though unaware [of what it says], (101) and follow [instead] that which the evil ones used to practice during Solomon's reign – for it was not Solomon who denied the truth, but those evil ones denied it by teaching people sorcery -; and [they follow] that which has come down through the two angels in Babylon, Hurut and Marut-although these two never taught it to anyone without first declaring, "We are but a temptation to evil: do not, then, deny [God's] truth!" (Quran: 2: 101-102)

      • The question is always, "Who's behind it all?" L above, whom I'm responding to, refers readers to the secretarcana site where there's a link to the sexually depraved satanist Aleister Crowley. Craig Heimbichner's "Blood on the Altar," which although not well edited, does a good job showing the interconnectedness of these perverts.

        My point, however, is "Follow the money!" since the degenerates you see, like Philip Treacy, merely reflect the degeneracy of those with the money who own the fashion, music, and entertainment industries, as well as the mainstream media which relentlessly attempts to normalize perversion as a means of subverting civil society–not to mention the psychopathological thrill they get from destroying your lives.

        Is there a "reference class" that encompasses the owners of these industries? I think most of you can name it without giving it a second's thought. You might enjoy "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare," which although somewhat dated, will give you the vocabulary and conceptual tools to understand who and what's behind it.

      • God had given the ability to prophet Solomon, to use demons at his service.

        (27:17) Hosts of jinn and humans and birds were marshalled for Solomon and were kept under full control.

        (27:38) Solomon said: "My nobles, which of you can bring me her throne before they come to me in submission?"

        (27:39) A stalwart of the jinn said: "I will bring it to you before you rise from your council. Surely I have the power to do so and I am trustworthy."

        (27:40) And he who had some knowledge of the Book said: "I will bring it before the twinkling of your eye." When Solomon saw the throne placed firmly beside him, he cried out: "This is by the grace of my Lord so that He may test me whether I give thanks for (His Bounty) or act with ingratitude. Whoever is grateful is so to his own good; and whoever is ungrateful, let him know that my Lord is Immensely Resourceful, Most Bountiful."

        (21:81) And We subdued the strongly raging wind to Solomon which blew at his bidding towards the land We blessed. We know everything.

        (21:82) And We subdued many devils who dived (into the sea) for him and carried out other jobs besides that. We kept watch over all of them.

        Please refer to the Quran and read about prophet Solomon in Quran.

        Prophets are sinless, they are rightly guided and leaders chosen by Allah.


    • This is horrible :/ why does the industry have to be evil. I LOVE marina and the diamonds, and i have noticed pictures of her doing symbolism
      Before. Its really dissapointing :c


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