Symbolic Pics of the Month (10/12)


Sorry for the lack of updates in the past weeks (even VC’s need to take vacations!). Worry not, a lot of new content will be posted this month.

In this month’s SPOTM: Lady Gaga, Marina and the Diamonds and a whole lot of blatant MK imagery in fashion photoshoots.


This photoshoot entitled “Sweet Escape” is featured in the October issue of W magazine and was shot by Nick Knight – the director Lady Gaga’s video “Born This Way” (analyzed on this site). The photoshoot is replete with Mind Control imagery, complete with references to trauma and alter personas. The title “Sweet Escape” references the concept of dissociation. In this image, the otherwordly model appears to be lifting up while reading a fairytale (which are used to programmed MK slaves).


In this pic, the model is holding a cage with a bird trapped in it, a classic symbol representing mind control. To make things more obvious, one of the birds is hiding one of the model’s eyes while the other is shown bleeding.


In this pic, the model is “in the clouds” (dissociation) and there’s another emphasis on a single eye. She has red scars on her arms and legs, symbolizing the trauma and abuse of Mind Control.


The model’s alter persona lies dormant in a stroller while the active persona is awake. She wears rabbit ears, symbol of mind control (as in follow the white rabbit towards dissociation).


The reflection in the mirror is “independent” from the model, symbolizing the existence of a separate alter persona that is “behind the looking glass”. Scars on the chair still represent trauma.


Discarted/unused alter personas laying lifeless on a dead tree. They are “silenced” by butterflies on their mouth – representing Monarch programming. This entire photoshoot truly contains almost every symbol associated with mind control.


The final images of the photoshoot are a lot darker, as if representing the final product of the MK slave. In this image, a “black wedding” with the dark side…the model doesn’t seem to happy about it.


Final image of the shoot: An emotion-less model in a very dark setting with one eye hidden. Transformation complete?
Isabela Fontana in Allure magazine with a mega-emphasis on the one-eye symbol.


Another pic from Fontana’s photoshoot with a collar, symbolizing control and dehumanization.


Lady Gaga “tributing” Michael Jackson during a London fashion week. That’s great, but why is she wearing big-ass Mickey Mouse ears (a symbol of mind control)? Is she ridiculing the fact that MJ was a victim of the MK music industry?


During the same fashion show, Gaga wore another outfit. But let’s try to ignore that flowery thing she has on her face and let’s look at the guy next to her: hat designer Philip Treacy. His t-shirt is also referring to Michael Jackson in an odd way, with a one-eyed charicatural version of him. Why does it seem like people in the industry ridicule MJ’s death? How about stopping these questionable “tributes”  and let him rest in peace? In case you’re wondering about Philip Treacy’s connections with the Mind Control entertainment industry, let’s look at some of his most famous hat designs:


I don’t think there’s a more blatant way to describe Monarch Mind Control.


Yup, that’s how he does it.


Creepy-ass Terry Richardson with Lady Gaga, who is wearing a sex-kitten outfit. Wait, maybe this has nothing to do with sex-kitten programming and she only likes the pattern…


Nope, sex-kitten.


Popular Welsh singer Marina and the Diamonds is all about that Illuminati one-eyed symbolism. Here she is on the cover of Factory magazine.


Just, you know, like, casually hiding one eye and stuff.




Like all young female industry pawns, Marina poses as a blond Marylin Monroe, the prototype of industry-controlled sex-kittens.


So this hair color is “6.66 Babylon”? That’s a pretty hardcore hair color name…


Speaking of the number of the beast, here’s a new design from Lil Wayne’s favorite clothing line, UNIF. Three 6’s holding hands…how cute!
Macedonian ad for mobile phone company… And, for no apparent reason, a model hiding one eye.


Homepage of the official website of Stitches…For no apparent reason, a model hiding one eye.


Laundry Day Festival in Belgium…a bunch of young people dancing under a gigantic stage full of Illuminati symbolism disguised as a theme of pseudo-esoteric-enlightenement.


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286 Comments on "Symbolic Pics of the Month (10/12)"

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its about time people started opening their eyes to whats going on (when i say eyes yes i do mean both of them)

I just stopped buy Loreal Products! thank you VC

pls excuse the misspelled words. Im way too excited to get this off my chest.This is very disturbing. Sometimes I really get frustrated and saddened and also very confused. You see, I was raised in a very religous household. The JW's. I never felt it tho, even as a child. This religion has separated my family who to this day laugh or brush off anything I say about these things or any things I've discovered about the JW's. Whats more disturbing is finding out my father who was a leading minister in this religion was the polar opposite of who we thought he was. He left the JW's for a few years as did my whole family. In that time he joined the Masons and has never been the same. due to a lack of space or time….and a hell of a life story..ill get to the point. Looking back… Read more »

I wouldn't say "pseudo-esoteric-enlightenement" as much as being in bed together… I've come to understand that new age and the like came about for the exact same reason as this other agenda, to pull you away and confuse you. To me, no doubt it has its place, I've studied and dabbled in much of it, but its all been a bit of a stepping stone for me, I absorb and move toward ultimate knowledge coming from within… So its very interesting to see it all melded together, I try to pay attention when that happens…

Belgium stage the most creepy thing ever, it makes me want to run away!!

Probably a good thing that I feel so.

When I was little, my dad always told me Dajjal is one eyed. Dajjal will come one day and when he'll come he will have so much, so loud music going on that people will forget there prayers and run after him the whole time" I didn't quiet understand how it was possible. But these days everywhere I see I see " one eye" and with that I can say "I will tell you what no prophet before me has told his nation before, that he (Lucifer, Shaitan, Dismal) is one eyed, and He (God) is not one eyed. Holy Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)." – Sahih al Bukhari. Also watch "The Arrivals" on the

I knew marina and the diamonds was Illuminati but i just didn't want to believe it 🙁 "Tv taught me how to feel, now real life has no appeal" She also says that her new ablum "Electra Hearts" is only a Character named Electra and once she is done with her Electra Hearts tour she will going back to being Marina.

Check this out, guys:

The depiction of "God" in Slient Hill's cult mythos is eerily similar to the above images.

Is it just me, or did the photo of the models hanging in the tree remind anyone of the lovely song from one of the 'Hunger Games' books?… In case nobody remembers, this is it: Are you, are you Coming to the tree Where they strung up a man they say murdered three. Strange things did happen here No stranger would it be If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree. Are you, are you Coming to the tree Where the dead man called out for his love to flee. Strange things did happen here No stranger would it be If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree. Are you, are you Coming to the tree Where I told you to run so we’d both be free. Strange things did happen here No stranger would it be If we met up at midnight in the hanging… Read more »

i read your article on that cabin movie(never saw it, looks terrible, you spoiled it… jk) and it had an interesting point about karma and how we have to choose these things with our own free will even after they have blatantly warned us about the bad nature. this constant symbolism is the warning. if we choose that phone company we are choosing an evil, freely, and they warned us beforehand with the symbolism.

Maybe that applies to us here who understand about the sinister nature of the Illuminati. People who don’t know about this, however, can NOT be considered to have been properly warned. Even people who know about this may have to buy Illuminati merchandise since EVERYTHING is Illuminati these days.

The Illuminists seem to have a very sketchy idea about how to work around karma. Guess what, you Illuminist psychopaths: All the bad karma’s on you, there is no escape!

Ummm i used that red hair dye and after i was done i went to throw the packet out and then i realised it had 666 i freaked out since then the colour has washed out pretty fast kind of scared me from red hair dye eeppp i will be more aware of hair dye numbers now i should read before hand

I wonder if people are being replaced by cold eyed alien look alikes.

For reference, see for:

1. Starman

2. The Last Starfighter

there are a lot of others.

"Creepy ass Terry Richardson", lol. made me laugh

The last picture-The one from the festival?? Has anyone else noticed that the fingers on the hands look like penis'???

Nope. Not all peeps have dirty minds like you. You seem to see p*nises everywhere.

Very astute awareness on your part. Our sub-concious often picks up on these symbols, even if our concious mind does not. The cabal often place penis’s in illustrations, even children’s cartoons!

Here's a thought regarding the hair color. If they are going to be so obvious with printing 666 and Babylon on the box….what exactly are people putting on their heads for 20 mins when they are using this product??? Does this product have some sort of "mind-numbing" chemical in it that would allow even more absorbing of this mind control system??? Just a thought, but one would have to wonder….no??? Of course….I may be WAAAAY off base with this comment or thought, but it sure makes you wonder just HOW they are using these products to their advantage. Are these altering our brain function that we are less resistant to these tactics???? How many millions of people every year color their hair with these hair products? Are the hair coloring companies upping the ante and "concentrating" the amounts they are using (Notice you can color your hair in less time… Read more »

the number 666 refers to CARBON

CARBON atomic number 6,
electrons: 6
protons: 6
neutrons: 6

I like Mickey Mouse 🙁

Why is even the most innocent thing mean something so bad? I don't get it…

dont use that hairdye! it probably has all kinds of chemicals and sh*t that f*ck with your mind…

Kiera Knightley in Vogue –

Is it me, or does it llok like an upside down cross(where a nose is supposed to be) on the t-shirt of the guy sitting with GaGA in that ridiculous flower head dress?

Should I be concerned with the fact that the picture of the ladies in the tree is a close to exact replica of a dream I had almost 15 years ago? Like, lighting, colors and all.

That's my real name

very dark when they cover the eye

Does anyone else feel alone?

Before I used to be so happy seeing people working to do things like find the cure for cancer or fight for equality or whatever. I was happy with the Queen and Obama, etc.

But NOW, now that I know nearly everything's a lie, and that nothing's going to get better, I honestly feel so alone.

At least in movies the characters can eliminate the baddies. But the illuminati, and all those other satanic idiots, they're in control of everything and there's nothing we can do but just…live with it. We can't do anything or they will swipe us.


I felt the same 2 months back. I started praying to God to open the eyes of my loved ones so they know too what's going on … That way I will have someone to talk to:-)

YES! I know exactly how u feel. I try not to get too anxious about it but like u say when a person who thinks they are lucid enough to make good decisions finds out they've been fooled so well it makes u doubt everything. Not a good feeling to have.

Wonder if part of stars mocking Michael Jackson in death is because he didn't live and die in the right way? Instead, much of his life speaks of self-parody until his untimely predictable sad dealth. Jim Morrison lived a rock star life, for example, but perhaps Jackson might comes off as kind of pathetic in the eyes of other famous players when compared to the basic heroic rock myth or notions of darker forces.