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Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)



leadspotm1212a 1 Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

In this edition of SPOTM: Jared Leto, Rihanna, Big Sean and a whole lot of other symbolic weirdness.

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The photoshoot entitled “Surrealismo De Los Pies A La Cabesa” (Surrealism from Head to Toe) appeared in the November issue of Bazaar Espana and is chock-full of mind control symbolism. Here’s model Eugenia Volodina is a picture evoking duality and confusing reflections, two important techniques in MK programming. The doll versions of the model can allude to an alter persona.


63 e1354557158685 Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Here we have two opposing personas blinding each other


15 Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Eyes hidden, mask representing an alter persona.


73 e1354557336107 Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Gotta do the one-eye thing in this Illuminati mind control photoshoot.


101 e1354557401508 Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Gotta do it again to make sure the message is understood.


121 e1354557467673 Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

…and again for those that are really slow to understand.


111 e1354560202826 Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Do the gloves on the model’s head represent the HANDlers messing with her mind?


IMG 2423 e1354557509697 Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Standing on a Masonic checkerboard pattern floor, the model is wearing red (symbol of sacrifice). The model appears in pain and the image is torn at the level of her face, representing the fracturing of her personality…Yes, all of the above imagery was found in a single photoshoot.


leadspotm12121 Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Speaking of checkerboard pattern floors, here’s Rihanna performing at SNL. The backdrop was very Masonic, complete with a checkerboard pattern floor at twin pillars.


189639 388036347943987 79568769 n Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

The cover of the  single “Marble Floors” by rapper French Montana features the exact same imagery. Why be different when you can be a pawn?


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Jared Leto posing with creepy-ass Terry Richardson. You know about that hand sign.


tumblr me5nwtaWkv1qa42jro1 500 Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

You know about that hand sign too.


tumblr me5p91qXCI1qa42jro1 500 e1354558202104 Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Very original Jared, keep it up, I’m proud of you.


HXXL 12 DEC 0C1B NYM.300a e1354558407376 Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

The December issue of XXL magazine features rapper Big Sean hidding one eye and  showing you why he’s “living the good life”.


azeliaatlantis e1354558695826 Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Azelia Banks in her video “Atlantis” is eager to throw up Illuminati symbolism whenever she can.


3208 Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Glee’s Lea Michelle in Flare magazine. This pic contains several symbols referring to mind control: Masonic floor, bird cage, animal prints (referring to Sex Kitten programming).


dani2 e1354558875589 Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Anna-Nicole Smith’s daughter is apparently entering the fashion industry at a very early age.


anna0 e1354558960484 Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Her deceased mother Anna-Nicole Smith was the face of Guess for several years. Smith’s multiple breakdowns, her strange death and the symbolism in her work (she is here portrayed as Marilyn Monroe) have all of the marking of a MK slave. I hope her daughter does not follow in her footsteps.


chloemoretz Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

BBC’s foundation “Children in Need” (yes, BBC is the company that protected pedophile Jimmy Savile) created “high fashion” versions of the foundation’s logo: A one-eye bear. These bears were promoted celebrities. Here’s child-star Chloe Moretz posing with a bear in leopard-print (which represents Beta programming in mind control). That is all so twisted.


kristenmcmenemymcqueen Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

A creepy looking Kristen McMenemy posing with a bear created by Alexander McQueen, a designer whose work is permeated with MK symbolism. Who better to create stuff to supposedly help children?


article 2233938 160F9F22000005DC Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Jessie J promoting her bear while doing the one-eye thing. It is as if these pics are saying “Give your money to BBC so it can continue abusing children”.


0c139cab62382a1f200f6a706700a40b e1354559927143 Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

On the night of the American elections, the entire world saw the results displayed in real time on the Rockefeller building which is owned by the…Rockefellers. Between the bars representing the Democratic and the Republican party is an artwork depicting a Demiurge “shaping” the world with a Masonic compass – an important gnostic symbol in Secret Societies. The symbolism of this scene is quite telling and flagrant:  No matter who wins, it is the Masonic compass that will ultimately shape the world…And that’s pretty much all you need to know about politics.



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