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Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)



Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

In this edition of SPOTM: Jared Leto, Rihanna, Big Sean and a whole lot of other symbolic weirdness.

Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

The photoshoot entitled “Surrealismo De Los Pies A La Cabesa” (Surrealism from Head to Toe) appeared in the November issue of Bazaar Espana and is chock-full of mind control symbolism. Here’s model Eugenia Volodina is a picture evoking duality and confusing reflections, two important techniques in MK programming. The doll versions of the model can allude to an alter persona.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Here we have two opposing personas blinding each other


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Eyes hidden, mask representing an alter persona.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Gotta do the one-eye thing in this Illuminati mind control photoshoot.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Gotta do it again to make sure the message is understood.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

…and again for those that are really slow to understand.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Do the gloves on the model’s head represent the HANDlers messing with her mind?


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Standing on a Masonic checkerboard pattern floor, the model is wearing red (symbol of sacrifice). The model appears in pain and the image is torn at the level of her face, representing the fracturing of her personality…Yes, all of the above imagery was found in a single photoshoot.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Speaking of checkerboard pattern floors, here’s Rihanna performing at SNL. The backdrop was very Masonic, complete with a checkerboard pattern floor at twin pillars.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

The cover of the  single “Marble Floors” by rapper French Montana features the exact same imagery. Why be different when you can be a pawn?


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Jared Leto posing with creepy-a-s Terry Richardson. You know about that hand sign.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

You know about that hand sign too.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Very original Jared, keep it up, I’m proud of you.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

The December issue of XXL magazine features rapper Big Sean hidding one eye and  showing you why he’s “living the good life”.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Azelia Banks in her video “Atlantis” is eager to throw up Illuminati symbolism whenever she can.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Glee’s Lea Michelle in Flare magazine. This pic contains several symbols referring to mind control: Masonic floor, bird cage, animal prints (referring to Sex Kitten programming).


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Anna-Nicole Smith’s daughter is apparently entering the fashion industry at a very early age.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Her deceased mother Anna-Nicole Smith was the face of Guess for several years. Smith’s multiple breakdowns, her strange death and the symbolism in her work (she is here portrayed as Marilyn Monroe) have all of the marking of a MK slave. I hope her daughter does not follow in her footsteps.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

BBC’s foundation “Children in Need” (yes, BBC is the company that protected pedophile Jimmy Savile) created “high fashion” versions of the foundation’s logo: A one-eye bear. These bears were promoted celebrities. Here’s child-star Chloe Moretz posing with a bear in leopard-print (which represents Beta programming in mind control). That is all so twisted.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

A creepy looking Kristen McMenemy posing with a bear created by Alexander McQueen, a designer whose work is permeated with MK symbolism. Who better to create stuff to supposedly help children?


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

Jessie J promoting her bear while doing the one-eye thing. It is as if these pics are saying “Give your money to BBC so it can continue abusing children”.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

On the night of the American elections, the entire world saw the results displayed in real time on the Rockefeller building which is owned by the…Rockefellers. Between the bars representing the Democratic and the Republican party is an artwork depicting a Demiurge “shaping” the world with a Masonic compass – an important gnostic symbol in Secret Societies. The symbolism of this scene is quite telling and flagrant:  No matter who wins, it is the Masonic compass that will ultimately shape the world…And that’s pretty much all you need to know about politics.


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Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/12)

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Not Funny

By the way, talking about one eyed pedobears… I am from Lithuania. I'm sure you never heard about pedophile scandal in Lithuania, a democratic EU country. Media doesn't talk about that. I gonna paste some stuff about this story. I'm sure it could be interesting for some people. What a "wonderful" world… So, here's the story: The girl was born in 2004. Her father is Drąsius Kedys, and mother – Laima Stankūnaitė. The parents lived together for several years but later got divorced. According to the decision of the court, the custody of the girl was granted to the mother; however, she did not take proper care of her child. Having learned about this, the father decided to bring the child back. The court approved the decision, the mother refused the custody of the girl and the custody was granted to the father. The girl returned to live in the house of her father and saw her mother only rarely. However, she started telling that while living at her mother’s she had been raped by some men, and that her mother Laima Stankūnaitė used to take her to some rented flat, where she had to satisfy sexual needs of three… Read more »


Probably the little one has been either murdered by the mother or sacrificed to Satan by the police officers/other officials that made this happen. Maybe they even sacrificed mother as well.
It is obvious that the named peoples had to be gotten rid of, as they knew too many secrets. Same thing with the father of the little girl.
The EU is nothing but a Cult to Satan. It should be eliminated.



I have to say that having completely removed myself from the MSM (TV, newspapers, magazines and the music, film and fashion industries) seeing a glimpse of what’s happening is like waking up into a nightmare. Everything is fake while people discuss how wonderful the emperor’s new clothes are as their governments enforce dem(on)ocracy upon them while bombing the hell out of the middle east……

Seeing VC’s excellent critiques of ‘the latest’ films, music and fashion w----s further reinforces my reasons for turning myself into a MSM pariah. The only way I can describe it, seeing what passes as reality today, is having gone without any salt in your diet for a while, only to bite into a chocolate bar and feel as though you’ve emptied a sachet of salt in your mouth. This world is a different place to what I grew up in sadly.

The Same Ninja

Jared Leto looks TERRIBLE


I'm in graduate art school, and my professors showed us Rihanna's "Diamonds" performance on SNL and Azelia Banks' "Atlantis" music video to demonstrate how the New Aesthetic art movement has found its way to the big screen. While everyone was cracking up at how ridiculous the graphics were, my mouth fell open as I noticed how both videos were full of occult symbolism. And I shook my head at the realization that I was the only one in the class that knew, and if I pointed it out to the others I would have been mocked for having such knowledge. It's pathetic how people know little of what they're looking at.


Speak up, be mocked it will be worth it in the end. who cares what people say you will not answer for them.


Agree with Mina – speak up.

As the saying goes, "Stand up for what is right, even if it means standing alone"


Most people would rather be blinded by their ignornance then convicted by the truth.. sad but true


I feel the same exact way.


i read that terry richardson is justin theroux’s best friend (jennifer aniston’s fiance). if they are really bestfriends, then it makes me wonder what kind of person justin is, and what kind of person jennifer aniston is. terry is such a scumbag!


If I am in a photo shoot and the photographer tells me to cover one eye someone remind me to give him/her/it a black eye to match their black soul. Thanks.


Yes, someone talking sense…………….


It seems that for some people there is no way out. I'm deeply sorry for Anna Nicole Smith's daughter but probably she is surounded by the same people, her mother was
We must understand that they see these little girls just as way of gaining profit and nothing else and maybe fulfilling their sick pleasures.
KEEP your eyes open it is everywhere-media, fashion because these are the mass communication tools and they need us to adopt their ideas
Last week i was in shop and i saw some t-shirts with the piramid and a dead deer and the slogan DARK SIDE
so it's everywhere death is their offer for us

Hopeful Sunflower

It is so sickening to see children over sexualized in the media! Why is the Guess label strategicly placed between Anna Nicole's daughter's legs. It is sad to honestly realize how currupt certain aspects of this world is… I shudder to think what's to come in the future..


Chole moretz is 14 yrs old. Why the hell is she wearing high heels and a tight dress?


Re: the photo shoot, Kenneth Grant, the occultist protege of Aleister Crowley, said in his book Nightside of Eden that surrealism perfectly captured the sense disorientation of the Abyss, the gateway in the kabbalistic tree of life that leads to the Qliphoth/dark side, which is why you see surrealistic motifs in so many of these Illuminati magazine spreads. The shoot title is actually literally Surrealism from Toes to Head, which reflects the same upside down and backwards derangement of the senses necessary for accessing the Abyss. The blurring of male/female, the mirroring/doubling and black and white patterns in the shoot all are very Qliphotic. The mask in pic 3 reflects a similar dayside/nightside duality.

The lobster claw represents a race of Qliphotic beings that are supposed to manifest on Earth as crustacean-like entities – see more here:


Comment too long, had to split into two parts –

There are more pics in that shoot, see first link below – Baphometic hair horns, Christmas lights (illumination), a woman lying on a blue surface that looks like falling backwards into the Abyss, and a suit with a zigzag pattern that is often used to denote the extrauniversal space of the Qliphoth (see the second link below for its use in Twin Peaks).


Interesting………….Love your knowledge fluerdamour and that Aleister crowley is a dirty effin b******

Do you have knowledge of Therugy and evoking spirits?


** Theurgy**


‘Creepy a-s Terry…’ heck – look at Jared. That’s even creepier. Haha. The whole power of the world is creepy .

Estamos Juntos

Jared Leto looks like he’s been worn out (by his handlers).

ANS’s daughter – another pedobear victim? 🙁

BBC’s pedobear – are things getting too obvious? Will one day the “fight pedophilia” symbol be a smiley phallus? :((

junior mint

last night family guy aired an episode with the teddy bear which was missing an eye.


My goodness, too creepy for me. Terry Richardson is the most disgusting person I've ever met. I found him too sleazy and touchy for my liking. His 'trigger' words seemed to have no effect on me, so he walked away in a huff. I wonder why???

Anna Nicole's little baby. Well! I fear for her safety and health. I hope she doesn't go the way of her mother and brother. Let the child be a child. She's got plenty of time to be an adult.


Fantastic job as usual, VC.

Jared Leto made several videoclips with his band [30 seconds from Mars] that shows a lot of occult symbolism. Kids are falling deep into this s--t by the worst way: subconsciously.

The BBC bear campaign is one of the most disturbing and ugly stuff i've seen lately. An one-eyed [pedo]bear?? Gimme a break! Things are getting very strange nowadays.


I think that what the elites and their occult ways are up to is making an appeal to man's ego/lower nature. Their motive and their ultimate goal would be dominion, power, and lots of it. Perhaps they're using the upcoming Age of the Aquarius as a momentum.

What you and I can do about this is making an appeal to our higher nature through spirituality, by seeking the Truth.


they are there to symbolise and to trigger others, everyone on earth is programmed to various degrees, and often the more successful you are, the more programmed.


DBS7777- No one is suggesting that the models and celebs on this site are initiated into anything, do a little research on MK programming, these people are being used by the secret elite not initiated into it. In fact I'll bet my last dollar that even the people who believe they are initiates or are somehow "elite" (for example that guy JayZ and possibly even masons) are being hoodwinked something wicked and will one day end up just like the rest of us; broke and blinded, while the real society shapers skip happily away into the horizen laughing at humanities stupidity….


I need a smoke


I'm sick of these images of people covering one eye and showing the other. Seriously, this is getting me sick to hell. It's like the Illuminati or whoever the f--k they are want to impose a weird custom or fashion of appearing in pictures with one covered eye. That stupid trend is not working in me I tell you. And I bet no one in here has been influenced for such stupidity. If all these bastards want to worship the devil, Baphomet, money, sex, the all-seeing eye or whatever, well I don't care. If they want to go to hell and rot for eternity, fine. Sometimes I feel pity for these people, but days like today, I just don't give a s--t. I'm sick of this bombardment of pictures and videos with the same cliche s--t of gays dancing to music, covering one eye and adoring horns and bulls heads. I don't know who can enjoy this crap anyway. If they were at least good musicians, and had astonishing voices and technique, gosh, I'd resist the most I could to at least listen to good music. But they all suck a-s, big time. Thanks VC, your contributions remove the veils… Read more »

Ryan G

I wonder how many people actually follow high fashion. These clowns probably think they are way more relavent than they actually are. Let them keep playing dress-up, the rest of us actually have meaningful lives to live.


True. The problem is though that symbols have power. Who can look at a N--i swastika without feeling anger? Thus generating the negativity these Satanists feed off of.



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