Symbolic Pics of the Month (11/11)


The “Pics of the Week” series ended last month but that does not mean that pictures with Illuminati symbolism stopped being released. NOPE. The agenda is still being pushed, notably in the fashion and music industry, so here’s a new series keeping an eye on pop culture: Pics of the Month.

Fashion photoshoot by Jayne Lies featuring a symbol most of us know by now.

A slab of raw meat on an eye of Mischa Barton. Another disturbing shoot by Tyler Shields.



I don’t think her doctor would recommend doing that.

Alexander Skarsgard showing who’s the boss of him.

Yes, that was the guy that was in Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” video.

Speaking of which, here’s Gaga entering at Jonathan Ross with a one-eye thing-a-ma-jig (felt like using that word) and a ram.

Pic of Lady Gaga representing three alter personas…

…which is kind of reminiscent of Kim Noble’s painting “I’m Just Another Personality” (as seen in The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist With 13 Alter Personas)

Nicki Minaj on the cover of W. With a focus on one eye, of course.

Natalia Kills: Straight Illuminati.

A Noami Campbell photoshoot torturing some guy tattooed with Christian imagery and other symbols.

The lack of expression on her face is rather unsettling.

Singer Kerli has lots of mind control symbolism in her works. In this pictures, she is “wind up” and holds a one-eyed stuffed animal.

Katt Graham with Sex Kitten symbolism.

Rihanna’s performances are full of Illuminati agenda. Here she is chained up and felt up by some dudes, representing mind control.

Gotta make military police state imagery sexy too.

This UNIF shirt has it all


Memorial for the Battle of Britain in Brussels. I wonder who they fought for.

Turn your kids into scannable objects. For their safety, of course.

Share symbolic pics by uploading them somewhere and sending me the link here. More next month!




    • Yes, that photoshoot is VERY disturbing.

      Can anyone find out what the background says in Hebrew?

      And also something else, I know it has nothing to do with the topic.

      But Mischa's teeth are very gross!

      The Mickey Mouse t-shirt is sickening.

      When I was a child I adored Disney, I loved everything about them.

      And when I (with God's will) have children myself, I would not want them to watch these things.

      Maybe your child will feel left out, but better than growing up, thinking Rihanna is a ROLEMODEL.

      When will people start realizing that this is what they want for us?

      Only the people on VC (and other sites) notice??

      • ahmish futurist on

        Mia, I think the text is Cyrillic (Russian). Although the t-shirt is sickening I think it's actually making a clear point to people, of how they are all connected. So it could be seen as blatant in yer face sh*t or actually communicating the truth to the fashion die-hard numpties.

      • Why are you under the impression that is Hebrew while none of those letters even exist in the Hebrew alphabet…

        Do not try to understand what is beyond your comprehension.

      • JUST FOR MEN in Russian on the wall behind Naomi. Like that polish girls video – said Men Are Meat

      • The tatted guy is a Russian ex con. Those are prison tats, they all have meaning. The stars mean he bows to no one. He is a high ranking Russian gangster.

      • UNIF clothing is a pure manifestation of Satanic Illuminati agenda. A line of Unif clothing is called 'Dolls Kill'. We know this is directly related to Monarch mind control programming using Dolls to create a doll or mannequin sex-object persona.

        It's so chock full of Satanic symbolism it's sickening. Even their company logo is a triangle with N, I, F letters in the corners and the eye of Ra or illuminati eye in the middle. (yes letter I, cute, but the illuminati similarity is undeniable).

        There is also an organisation called The International Workshop on Unification, now what might that entail…….?

      • The UNIF line was create by Lil Wayne… That's what I just found it. Not a big surprise I guess.

      • Speaking of "meat", I was reminded of Editor's "Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool", which is an OBVIOUS Anti-Illuminati song/music video!

        It's uplifting that there still are artists out there exposing them! But of course, they will never be in the mainstream ever again :(

      • i quote you, totally agree. All this stuff is sick, and idsgusting for me, not normal, no arts, no talents. It is definetely about the fragmenst of some sick mind. Only sick people may be interested in such stuff and like them…

      • The scannable black and white "symbol" is simply a method of putting information in a scannable or machine-readable format. It was origonally developed for identifying automotive parts in industry. It has been adopted by much of the "Geek" community, you can (for example) write out a party invitation with details of where and when to meet, send it or stick it on a wall, then people with the "reader" on thier mobile phone can decipher the information. Thera are several applications available, I use "BeeTag". Check the internet for more examples. Its not sinister in itself, just the uses the technology is put to that is worrying.

    • I agree!!! I was just thinking, 'What the heck was she suppose to be selling?!' It doesn't make me want to buy the ugly jacket she's sporting, or anything else for that matter. Everything about the shoot looks demonic.

      Good 'eye', VC πŸ˜‰

      • In reading the Old Testament, one of the laws was not to eat meat with the blood in it, "…for the life is in the blood". It's repeated several times in the OT and any believers know how important the the blood of the Lamb is. Of course, the powers that be need to mock everything from the Bible. Blood is a huge thing in the Bible and on the other side too (vampires, zombies, etc). I expect to see more blood and meat in all media. Like there isn't enough already. Another thing to look forward to…sigh.

        Another good post VC.

    • Just thought I'd point out those are Russian mob tattoos, not religious tats. But its still sick if not even more so. That is sadomasochistic ( sex ) not torture, also.

      • Have any of you seen the movie Eastern Promises with Viggo Mortensen? This photoshoot with Naomi Campbell is inspired by a rather violent, naked fight scene in the movie that takes place in a steam room.

    • Well this is "High Art" when you look at it from the kabalist/satanist perspective. They are orchestrating high level rituals REPEATEDLY on the masses, over and over and over. Same imagery, change the "model/slave", I have been watching the evolution of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE! on FOX. (Which also produces AMERICAN IDOL) So it's interesting to see this last season, almost EVERY OTHER DANCE ROUTINE was a Satanic Black Mass Ritual.

      The UK version of the show is so BLATANT it's really sickening.

      It's very revealing when both American Idol and SYTYCD have LOWERED the age limit for contestants, as they are grooming the children younger and younger, as their system

      works so well, as most of these show parents are completely blind to the deception, and

      would sacrifice their children's innocence for temporary gains. We have to realize that this agenda is targeted at EVERYONE, but AGGRESSIVELY marketed directly at our youth, who have no defense against this imagery, that has become so commonplace.

      SURPRISE SURPRISE! Two of the choreographers on the show are convicted of child molestation, multiple rape charges! Exposing this deception is so important, thanks for

      more great revelations VC!

      Peace and Enlightenment my Friends!

    • UniversalTruth on

      dawn, i couldn't agree more.

      how in the world can people not recognize this as EVIL!?!?!? it's a frikkin mickey mouse with baphomet inside! even if you don't know who baphomet is (which most people won't), it's still clearly an inverted pentagram with a demon head in it!!!

      and it really is amazing that EVERY model does the 'one-eye' thing and nobody, i mean NOBODY notices but VC?! come onnnnnnn people… so blatant yet so misunderstood.

      • The White Snake on

        There's even a Victoria's Secret shop on Michigan Avenue with -every- model covering one eye. Even if I was not fully aware of the powers behind it, the sheer repetition would make one wonder. <- This was just one setup. Every window had something similar.

    • Adding to all of that, an upside-down cross? It's just like they're robbing in your face. Mark my words, all of these are going to backfire. They think by being blatant about all of these will eventually make them dominate. What they don't know is that websites similar to VC are opening new EYES everyday.

      They are just opening our EYES by robbing their one eye in our faces! I dare you…. rob it in my face!

    • Pretty frickin' creepy, right?!? Recently, a friend's daughter had her 2nd birthday, and when I asked what toys and stuff she liked, my friend said Mickey/Minnie Mouse….I DO NOT purchase these things for kids, and it's so heartening when the children are so sucked into it. (I bought her an educational gift instead!)

    • callum_1990_uk on

      why wont the sheople just open there eyes? every time i point shit like this out to my mates they just take the piss. oh well, at least i tried…

      • so true! i don't get it wenever i point out stuff like this to my friends they will be like ' is this really true? do you believe it?' some stuff is just so obvious and in your face how can't you get it? do they choose not to believe because they are scared of the truth or is this subject not in their interest? they don't even care to look futher in to this.

      • Agreed. I have shown allll the pictures of one eyed artists, models…etc etc and with all the symbolism to friends that are featured on this site and some of them are like….um…I dont understand what you are trying to tell me…and I say…dont you see??? Dont you see the connection? And these are all put together in collections of similar photos but they just think they are just the in thing now.

        I was hoping to open their eyes, but I dont think they realize they have their eyes shut in the first place. I hope ONE DAY they would. Of all of us.

    • Yeh, disturbing but I'm very happy with this coming, 'cos this just shows that Jesus is also coming for us.

      but the way, there's a commentator with a disturbing name, are you spaying us??? I'd say:

      "hail satan MY ASS!"

  1. The child's smile is not natural. The reason why she smiled is for the camera. How does she feel when she is turned into a bar-code for the government to scan? If I was bar-coded and forced to be a slave for the elite, then I would die and go to heaven right now and never reincarnate on the Earth again!

    • That little girls mother was probably like…

      "Smile real big for the camera honey and mommie will take you to McDonald's! And if your really good and smile pretty in all your other photo shoots I'll take you to Disney World! How's that sound honey?"

      "YAY MOMMIE!! I love Mickey!"

      what a gross cycle 8^{

  2. The Naomi thing of her torturing a Russian Mob guy is laughable despite its' being of course demonic. Fortunately, it is rather easy to avoid many of these images by not watching these artists' videos. I have given up most mainstream mags. I am so over disinformation: it's amazing. Of course, the more people wake up the better… .

  3. pic num16 is katt graham from vampire diaries isn't she?in my opinion all these series(vampire diaries true blood &..) are trying to make witchcraft and this zombies called vampires look good and reasonable,btw i missed u so much VC :xx and of course symbolic pics…

    • I went into a department store the other day and walked past the childrens book section. I was totally disgusted with the whole range of books for kids/preteens – vampires, witches, spells, magic, blood – and not just one or two books either, there was book after book after book of this CRAP! All the usual symbols were on the covers too – pyramids, one eye and all that rubbish. I couldnt find ONE book out of the 20 or so that were there that didnt have a symbol on the cover or wasnt about magic or vampires.

      The idea of falling in love with a vampire is oh-so 'romantic' for teenage girls..

      • it all started with harry potter….it's all been romanticized…it's really really scary to see the books that are targeted to teens and young adults these days. We neeeverr had these sort of books as the norm growing up…the closest my generation had was tales from the crypt, goosebumps..etc..this is on a whole other level and noone is paying attention to the agenda for our young people….

    • totally agreed with u helia! i folow all these rising stars of vampire diaries and i admite that theyr fotoshoots are iluminati altough they seem normal.but they got to be i mean the tv show they r on is creepy and there is too mutch of iluminati simbols thats why i stop watching that show

      • It didn't start with Harry Potter, it was even before that we have been stuffed with series and movies about witchcraft, vampires, mysteries and so on. Remember the series "Buffy the Vampire slayer" or "Charmed" ? I watched that crap as a teenager, long before the Harry Potter books came out. It definetely drew my deeper into "dark" things like witchcraft and black magic because , at that time I found it fascinating and cool. Probably nowadays many young people do. and get confuzed, that's why they cherish black celebration ritual performances in all these model/singing/dancing competitions on TV.

        Now as an adult I realize what kind of mind manipulation that was. I have abolished private TV since nearly ten years to clear my mind of all that crap. Thank you VC for illumating us!

      • John Todd talked about all this witch craft crap infiltrating into movies, books, etc. way back in the 1970's. It was part of plan made long ago.

  4. I have no more words for Gaga and Niki, but Naomi? Really? Then there's that freaky t-shirt! Really? Now we can scan children? REALLY? I'm lost for words…really, I am!

  5. Scaning children…..?? Who the bloody hell thought of that? A simPle bracelet stating their allergies would suffice. Has anyone ever looked at some of Lara Stone's fashion editorials? She does a lot of occult themed photoshoots or shes naked. terry richardson's work is just screaming with sexuality, women, degrading, or "im so happy with my eye covered" faces. Sometimes the fashion industry is mOre explicit and scary than the music industry. God bless them all

      • He really is nothing but scum…

        I have yet to understand why the influential names decided it was wiser to contribute to the growth of his work instead of voice their opinions on the several accusations of sexual harassment he received. Even 14 years old Tavi had no fear to do so, how come they can't be as bold as her?

    • "what’s the Latin (I think) inscription in the background in the first image of Naomi’s shoot?"

      Its russian, it says "only for men"

  6. I don't care what overall the Globalist 'big picture' agenda of WW2 was, but those British in the Battle of Britain were not fighting for the Illuminati. They were defending their families. This is the Illuminati declaring there ownership of fallen veterans.

    • Sorry but you should look deeper in the World Wars. No war is about "defending your family", that's all they want you to think. Honestly there is a lot history books don't tell us. Basically, nothing you've learned is as shallow as it seems.

      • Though I'm not saying the veterans didn't mean well, just that there was probably a lot they didn't know, and that there is more to it than the general public know.

      • This is really really sad bec only a few FEEEEW people see the truth….its all about manipulating,deceiving. Wars are not about defending your families but OBEYING THE SYSTEM…believe what you see, hear and learn and of course obey. Soldiers are just mere puppets, pawns and sheeples.

        Dwight Eisenhower coined the term "military industrial complex" and he warned the future generation( I bet he found out that it was according to plan). The speech he made can be seen in youtube…if you sheeples want to see the purest real truth, go search for it

  7. wow if you even go to all of their clothing is satanic to the max. and they blatantly show you what the peace sign really signifies… it's sad to see how it's in your face yet you keep trolling around like it's all good.

    • teeter_onthe_edge on

      OMGeezers! I checked out their website…

      and it was horrible; i felt all icky and devilish just looking at it!

    • UniversalTruth on

      wow that company isn't illuminati (sarcasm).

      i saw a sleeveless shirt with a cross on it. except the word UNIF was written upside down at the top, meaning the cross is intended to be inverted in order to read the brand. oh yea, it was $56 for the measly shirt… and oh yea, they are outta stock.

      • but of course. it's "just fashion" haha right… the one that really scared me was the peace sign with the upside down crucified corpse… that sure is peaceful – even the name of each product is satanic. lol

      • And did you see that sgirt that was entitled "Hail"? It was a skeleton hand with the hand Satan horns!

      • Damn, and I was so looking forward to purchasing that particular shirt :(. Maybe I can find another item to wear to show my allegiance to SATAN…NOT!!! Screw the NWO!

    • @get real:

      Having grown up during the "peace sign" era, I can assure you the peace sign is NOT a Satanic symbol. I'm assuming you got that propaganda from church. My daughter was told the same thing when she attended Catholic school and I had to set her straight. The peace sign was originally designed in 1958 by a British artist and graphic designer for a protest movement against nuclear weapons called the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. The symbol is a blending of the two Semaphore signs for "N" and "D" (nuclear disarmament). It was adopted in the mid-'60's by American youths protesting the Viet Nam war. It's an anti-war symbol not a "broken upside-down cross." The lie you were told was started in a 1970 publication by the extreme right-wing organization "The John Birch Society" that claimed the peace sign had communist, Nazi, and satanic origins (make up your mind, John). What would you expect from a right-wing rag when discussing a symbol adopted by the left? By the way, the John Birch Society was formed by Robert Welch, a 32nd degree Mason (not that there's anything wrong with that) with close ties to the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Ironically, the JBS was also created in 1958. Even more coincidental? So was I.

      • I think "getreal" was referring to a shirt on the UNIF site. There's actually a shirt with an upside corpse on the peace sign. He didn't make it up, it's on the site. Maybe the peace sign wasn't intended as a satanic symbol (as your story alleges), but it is clearly being used as one in this instance.

      • hmmmm….

        it **looks** like an upside broken cross to me. doesn't take much imagination either.

        just as it wouldn't take much for anyone to "say" it isn't an upside down cross.

        and if you look at it as just a symbol, it isn't even aesthetically pleasant, so why would one create and use that for a "peace" symbol?

        it doesn't make sense to me from that perspective alone. so, i will continue to believe what i believe, regardless of your "history" lesson.

      • @gino dinero

        I'm sorry to tell you this but you're wrong. The "peace sign" was already around during the time of Nero and it was used by him to represent the destruction of Christianity. The "peace sign" is a broken cross representing the break/destruction of Christianity and with it, "peace" in the world. This of course has been carried over and used by Satanists and occultists in their seething hatred of Christians worldwide.

        Most people use this without being even aware of what this actually signifies. Better turn back, repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ into your hearts before it is too late. We live in a very evil and occultic world. And no wonder, the god of this world (Satan) still rules this Earth and would do everything he can to let people blaspheme the true God without them even knowing it. It's a brilliant tactic actually, but those who can discern know otherwise.

      • My research on the peace sign turned up the same. However, there is some evidence that Anton Lavey tried to co-opt the peace sign for the modern church of satan, but it obviously didn't take off.

        I've read about the Nero thing too. However, I wasn't able to turn up any visual evidence and the sources were a little sketchy. If anyone has any good information on the origins of the peace sign, please link it. Thanks!

  8. firsr caption "retarded" is right.. lol what the crap is with the meat ne ways.. i rember lady Blah Blah wearing a woven meat dress at some awards show.. freakin disgusting and ridiculous.

  9. loveconquersall on

    None of this is suprising anymore, its just SICK! why is Mischa Barton teeth so yellow in the first pic of her? what's up with the raw meat, what is it a symbol of?

    • Basically, back before Ice Packs were popular, you held a piece of frozen meat to your BLACK EYE to reduce the swelling.

      This is just a clever way to package abuse as sexy, but not coming out and saying she was beaten (or made up to look like she was, I don't care regardless, abuse is abuse) like the girl from Glee looked like.

    • In reality I believe satanist (or other such groups…whatever you call them) get off on drinking blood and eating people like it's an addiction.

      The more scared the victim is the better the blood is due to high content of adrenaline. The higher up the pyramidhigher positions in society, the worse it gets.

      It's kinda cute that they are selling this idea to people now.

      • I don't watch any horror/vampire movies at all because I hate them with a passion, but these themes are in seemingly unrelated movies too. I watched the movie Limitless and there's a scene where the guy goes to drink someone else's blood because it's "special" and I was so sickened I skipped the scene. I can't understand how my friends, even people like my pastor's wife can love filth like the Twilight series. Utterly disgusting

  10. Yeaa! Pix are Back!

    Ok with that said, here’s an OLD (1980’s) references.

    Watched 15 mins of the ARTS channel over the weekend. They were doing a mini-mentary on women/gender roles in modern film, and were showing clips of movies like “When Harry Met Sally,” “Pretty Woman,” etc. Then I saw a scene from “Desperately Seeking Susan, featuring Madonna walking around some city streets. Dressed in typical mid-80’s garb, the back of jacket featured a large pyramid with a (I believe) golden capstone on top.

    Now about that Tyler Shields shoot:

    On one cycle of America’s Next Top Model one of the photo shoots featured the models-in-training wearing various cuts of meat. Don’t know if Tyler was in charge, or some one else. Quite an interesting setup for those among them that were vegetarians, but it struck me as a waste of potentially good food, and very unsanitary way to propagate art and fashion.

  11. Hi,long-time reader,first-time commenting on this site.I love your work,VC,you're doing a great job in my opinion.By the way,could you do an article on the 2011 MTV EMAs next week?They're gonna air this weekend,and I'm pretty sure they'll be full of symbolism and whatnot.I'd really appreciate it!Thanks,man,keep up the great work!
    Sorry if my English is bad,I'm from Europe.

    P.S My email address is fake.

  12. Ministry of Truth on

    The problem with music artists is because this is how the average record deal of your I-wanna-be-famous sounds like :

    ''I wanna be famous,!''

    ''OK, we're just gonna change your image a little, and the production, and maybe add some extra and take away some and do this because ''this is in'' and then you'll be famous famous famous! The world is yours''

    ''Oh Ma Gawd thank you kind sir!''

    The End.

    Just remember all the senior level politicians that have spent their life in public office have to throw up the same Gang Sign, as popstarlets like Beyawnce. Damn. That must hurt. I'd refuse out of keeping my dignity in tact if not for anything else.

  13. THANKS SO MUCH FOR PUTTING THIS UP AGAIN! Sorry for the CAPS attack, I was just really excited to see these back on! I can't wait to send the pictures I found. THANKS AGAIN! πŸ˜€

  14. more and more kids are wearing shirts like these in school. lol at halloween all the girls dressed up as cats/kittens! wat is the world coming to?? lol jk i already kno tht :(

  15. That UNIF shirt has:

    Mickey Mouse head (Mind control symbol)

    Church of Satan logo

    Upside-down cross

    Devil horns on Mickey's hands

    Eye of Horus (on the shirt's tag)


    • That site is atrocious. The thing is; many people will not even understand what in the world it is that they are wearing. Please understand, I am not trying to imply that many DO know that they are wearing and promoting, it's just so many people don't. They just think it's edgy and trendy. That's not alright by any means, either, but they don't know what it is they're promoting, and it's sad. Those are the sorts that will laugh or make fun of you if you try to explain what is really happening and what it all means. God save them. And God bless and save us all.

    • Maybe it desensitizes us.

      I mean if we see these death/sex images in movies or clothes it must not be based on reality.

      "Oh, that's just on tv that's not real."

      "Oh, it's just a movie it can't be real"

      I read somewhere how the military, after doing studies a long time ago, made videos that contained graphic sex/violence going back and forth because it screws the person up just like in mind-control. Apparently it's easier for them to be trained soldiers after being exposed to this imagery.

      I've recently seen this done during tv commercials. Especially the vampire teen type shows. After a 5-9 second commercial for the show I feel ……..grrr. Forget trying to watch Ramon or King of Queens anymore as the commercials are just…………grrrr.

      We just have regular antennae and I still can't stop that mess from coming into our house thru the teevee

    • What I wonder is why Disney doesn't sue? They must've had permission to use their mascot in their satanic crap. Interesting huh!

      • Hi 3 – I keep trying to post some stuff for you but it won't go through. Google The Perverted Empire of Disney for a pretty cool blog. Also a pretty good read is "THE SKILL OF LYING, THE ART OF DECEIT The Disney Bloodline" @theforbiddenknowledge. If you scroll down there is a piece "ONE OF THE GREATEST DECEPTIONS OF ALL TIME: DISNEY"

        If you read these you will understand why Disney doesn't sue. It's like the GodFather of Hidden in Plain Sight……. and I will be taking my boys to Six Flags!!!

  16. Interviewer: Sooo…Gaga why were you walking a ram???O.o

    Lady Gaga: Oh, 'cause I couldnt find my goat πŸ˜‰

    Interviewer: ………

  17. In Naomi Campbell's second picture; her lack of expression is a little unsettling but I can name alotta other things in that picture that is unsettling O.O……

  18. Thanks for still doing the photo of the month thing VC!, i thought you where gonna stop when the pics of the week stopped, i think is important to keep sending the message even if it is with this horrible pictures, keep it up!

  19. I'm so glad that Symbolic Pics are back will this be on a monthly basis VC? The pics of Mischa Barton and Naomi Campbell are well and truly disturbing. Keep up the good work VC your articles are written beautifully.

  20. I'm totally freaked out about the Mickey Mouse with the Baphomet over it's face holding up the rocker symbols on both hands. I have a baby and I don't really want her to be exposed to the brainwashing for Disney. I don't know what she should watch on television or what toys to get her. was on Sesame Street this morning and put of the ok sign at the end of the video. I'm like Noooooo! not sesame street. What can I do for my baby? Please give me suggestions. I don't want to expose her to this disguised evil. Thanks..:)

    • As a woman wanting to start a family myself, all I can say is. Turn off the tv. It's that simple. Your adult programming can wait until the baby has gone to sleep. But really try to keep watching tv to a minimum. That way you can keep her safe just a little longer.

    • Children grow best with no t.v. at all! There is truly nothing suitable for them to watch.

      They will become so creative if you don't let their little minds get shortchanged by flashing images, and non-sensical dialogue. Let them get bored enough that they have to find something to do on their own… the simplest things in real life will amuse them (blocks, stacking tupperware, pinecones and legos, baby dolls, etc.) Even doctors say that children under age two should never watch t.v.

      My six young children are delightful, intelligent, and so creative… all without the "help" of t.v.

      You can do it!

    • Thank for your suggestions goodpeace and JP. When I get home from work I usually keep the television off for a few hours and spend time with her. Unfortunately, her dad thinks watching tv is ok. She is only 4 months old and I can already see she can't keep her eyes off of it. She doesn't even understand what she's watching how could she be so intrigued? Maybe it's the flashing lights and colors, which her dad thinks is good for her development. I can understand decorating in bright colors and having bright colored toys but watching tv, I just can't get with it. I'll be continuing this debate with him. Hopefully I can open his eyes. Thanks again.

      • I want to start a family soon too.. and here are some idea I had:

        – No/limit TV… and all electronical things really. I'd prefer my kids to be sporty and get outside and live their lives rather than look at screens.

        – make my own books for the babies – like a craft project (use cardboard and plastic laminate and draw pictures etc) and teach them about values and nice stories

        – Do lots of craft things with them so they learn to create and think for themselves

        – Play with them!!! My husband and I are in the process of setting up our lives so that I wont have to work and we will have time to raise our kids (and not the TV) everyone seems to think you "need" a big house and two cars etc but we're decided to change our lifestyle so we can live simply and I can be there with the kids while they are young

        – Im going to get hubby to make them a cubby house and a sand pit

        – Get them involved in lots of sports activities so they make friends, be healthy and get outside

        – kids learn with 'play' so I agree with 'goodbean' and would give my babies lots of blocks and simple toys to play with

        Also have you seen some of the kids clothing?!? Skulls etc for the boys.. its disgusting. Looks like I'll be making some of my own clothes for them too! I cant wait to be a mum =)

      • aussiechick you rock! Kiddos have more fun with an egg carton carton and some pots and pans than they do with $50 trucks and blocks – straight up! You'd be so surprised. Less IS more… rule~

        An outside scavenger hunt beats tv any day & every day, rain or shine! Congrats & Good Luck my dear~

      • aussiechickie, I suggest some fantastic names for your children, such as Madison Scottie -if you're having a daughter- or Peter Northie if it's a boy.

        And don't forget to breastfeed the poor little mite. I believe Sarah Conner recommends other mums to breastfeed their precious offsprings. Sarah, as you're a knowledgeable mum, do you support the belief that breastfeeding has a wholesome effect on babies and mothers? Please give us some feedback on the matter, I sit here and contemplate. Thank you Sarah.

      • At four months your baby would often be happy in an appropriate chair/swing, just being with you while you make dinner, and you can just talk to her and tell her what you're doing, sing to her… your involved "mother-chatter" is the best stimulation for her.

        Also, wear her in a sling or a snuggli… babies love that close connection. They mostly crave looking into your eyes.

        Have you ever read "Amusing Ourselves to Death" or "Four Arguements for the Elimination of Television"? – good reads you could probably find at the library.

        All the best!

      • @Desi – Absolutely I believe breastfeeding is best. There is no shortage of information out there to back this up but and naturalnews are two of my favorites and have tons of articles. Really mind blowing actually. The long and short term health benefits are overwhelming, for baby & mama! Having said that, I do know that for one reason or another not every mother can. If that is the case I would highly recommend staying away from Soy formula!!! Soy is not the health food that the adverti$er$ would have us believe, and at least here in the States over 90% of it is GMO. I try to purchase products that do not have soy for our family and it is quite a challenge, near impossible. It is in everything these days! Weston A Price has fantastic information on the dangers of soy for the lil guys and us:
        I did have to supplement with formula after 6 months with my first and used Nature's One Organic Dairy formula.

        And of course with any new mama's to be (how exciting!) do all your vaccine research beforehand. In my opinion at least, it is one of THE most important parenting issues you will be faced with. Know where you stand on the issue before PhD (piled high deeps) tell you/influence/persuade you. Can't say enough on that!!!

        Last random thought, umbilical cords! I wish I would have had this information before I had my boys. Look into the benefits of holding off on cutting the cord until all the blood has transferred. It is such an immunity boost to their little systems. It is a shame that modern day medicine does not recognize or practice this. Mid-wives do.

        Mums = cute! I read it with a cool British or Australian accent, love it πŸ˜‰

      • Goodbean – totally agree with holding the baby close to the mothers body. I'll be getting one of those slings.

        Desi – nothing to say to you, you're an idiot.

        Sarah – Thanks for all your info! I'll definately breastfeed and good tip with the umbilical cord, I'll look into that. I have tried to look into if there are any concequences of not getting babies vaccinated but it seems hard to find the info. It might be different in different countries too.

        Such as can the g'ment take the baby away claiming we're not providing 'adequate health care' and neglecting our kids?

        Does it mean I wont be able to enrol the kid into school because it hasnt had all of the vaccinations so the school will not accept the enrolment as its not 'safe' to play with other kids?

        Does anyone know the answers to these Q?

      • Aussiechick – Vaccination is not compulsory in Australia. There are medical, religious or philosophical exemptions available, though you would need to familiarize yourself with the laws in your area, which I'm assuming is in Australia? The idea of the state taking away your baby, though I'm sure may have happened to someone, sounds more like fear mongering tactics and quite honestly they types of abuse that would be carried out on people who are uneducated about their rights. CPS is notorious for bullying low income and uneducated familes. In the US each state has at least one if not all of the exemptions I mentioned above. I found this site for Australia –

        I am not telling anyone what to do – but in full disclosure I have to admit I am completely anti-vaccine. I have friends and family who go for no vax, full schedule, limited schedule or limited after 2yo. It's all over the board but as long as someone researches the issue before coming to their decision, I have nothing but respect. It breaks my heart how many people have to learn about vaccine safety in hindsight. is an awesome resource and they have a link with 30 plus vaccine safety sites to research:
        A really good one to get a jump start is – It's all doctors and nurses who have come to their conclusions on vaccines after years in the field. I have enrolled my oldest in preschool a few times and instead of turning in an immunization status, I turn in my state's exemption form. It has never been an issue and I know it hasn't been for friends with older kids who never did. Doctor's offices will lie saying it is mandatory, whether intentionally or just ignorantly, heads up.

    • hey why dont you put on discovery channel or animal planet? perhaps davinci learning?

      they have great shows for kids and even i watch them.

      this is pretty much the only thing your kid should be watching on tv.

  21. Yay i'm happy VC brought back the symbolic pics! I see this stuff everywhere i go now. If you ever watch the movie "Season of the Witch" with Nicolas Cage it's very symbolic at the very end of the movie his one eye is all messed up because it got cut & he looks dead on into the camera! Creepy stuff! p.s not my type of movie my inlaws rented it.

  22. Matchbook lady on

    Their "dirty rotten rat bastard" is an attack on the Muslim Prophet Muhammad (Saws) as it says "muhammad nabi" (Muhammad, the Prophet) in Arabic..absolutely devilish..and that mickey mouse tshirt which VC has on here is called "Disneylamb"……..the sacrifice to the devil is all that disney does……….wow, who actually buys this stuff?@?@

  23. that UNIF sez it all. I just had to go on their website. the first thing that came up was a pair of pin head inspired shoes and the caption next to it read "hell raising shoes" with a fiery font hmm. no further explanation needed. so then i clicked on their About page and this is what i got. watch the "artistic and uber cool hipster" video with "zombie-like" models rocking the clothes. listen to the words underneath the music. the story and lyrcis are uber suspicious "creeping into the sky…i left the ground" illumination much?

  24. Syrus Magistus on

    I applaud your continuation of this series. And not just because I'm keeping a comprehensive file on all your illuminati-related imagery. They say evil never sleeps. We all must to sleep with one eye opened. As a matter of survival. You may make of that what you will. Everything has meaning in its own way.

  25. Christcompatible on

    Christ alive at the sex kitten imagery, it's all there.

    As for nataliakills, someone made a thread about her the other day asking whether or not she was mocking us, she indeed is.

    The battle of Britain tribute is so blatant that it hurts.

  26. wewaketheywake on

    you forgot rihanna esquire 2011 front page cover and just recently she tweeted a picture with her iv in her arm with her hand showing her commitment to the illuminated ones

  27. the pentagram, the upside down cross…it means nothing to most people…(especially young adults and teenagers like me) so they don't care, they will wear it as long as it's aesthetically pleasing with the perfect amount of edginess. I would even say that the makers of that shirt might have done it without thinking (brainwashing obv) but there's just too many symbols that only people who would know what to look for would notice.

    Also, I noticed the way mickey's fingers are arranged…i think it's the hail satan(?) salute…

    Has anyone noticed how crosses (usually solid black) are popular accesories now. Walk into forever 21, or similar stores and there are crosses on necklaces, shirts…etc…it's being cheapened and it's focused on the younger generation (young adults/teenagers/tweens) and is obviously calculated. Madonna used to wear crosses all the time and we know good and well she had no regard for Christ and Gaga is now doing the same thing and making it cool….

    • Times have quickly changed.

      Think about it, remember back when Marilyn Manson was new and big and there was maybe that 'one weird kid' that was a fan.

      Marilyn Manson was even considered 'weird' and generally not accepted

      MM and Lady Gaga say the same things during interviews. (check out old MM interviews and he sounds just like Gaga now.)

      Gaga now is getting smothered in awards and praise in the main stream media unlike M.Manson. People weren't ready for MM but now they embrace Gaga(or at least the mainstream media does)

      Their basic message(and style it seems, crosses/dark images) is the same.'don't be a bully and judge people' 'who one sleeps with is their own business' 'be yourself'

      That sounds good and all but that can also be interpreted as 'no morals or values needed'.

      And, when they (M.Manson anyway) are saying christians are crazy and bad, what he is talking about are those fake media 'christians' or people with no love in their heart, not the truth.

  28. All the NWO promotes is illusion – liars use saturation as its main method, because those who aren't free-thinking and secure within themselves tend to believe affirmation outside of themselves if its repeated, so to them it must be true if you see it all the time, right? Insecure types, especially teenagers, are the perfect spiritual fodder because of their appetite for acceptance, being that they do not love and accept who they are in the first place; also, their youth aids the agenda due to their personal convictions and beliefs are a blank slate.

    Prayer works, and all hunches from your gut never lie. NO WORLD ORDER!!!

  29. That shirt is most certainly one of the most blatant garment I have ever seen in regard to this whole mess of an agenda. It's incredibly how 'they' are pushing this stuff.

  30. Crazy stuff. Nikki Minaj has successfully become the Lady Gaga of hip hop. for the young folk who were just into rap she has brought the same mind control, sex kitten, satanic symbolism to that community. It's unreal how these artists have made all of this occult/satanic symbology so mainstream.

    But do not be deceived! Don't think that just listening to the music knowing "the truth" is enough to be immune from its demonic influence.

    And isn't it funny that with 11/11/11 coming up we have the movie Immortals that just happens to be about the angels, Nephilim and Antichrist? Just another way of spreading the same message but in the box office.

  31. All the pics are creepy. I don't know which one is worse? They seem to be endless pics of strange and odd images. I want to know why most of the photos of hollywood stars,models,entertainers and others in the limelight and advertising companines are shooting these kinds of images. It all seems just so odd. For example why was {M.Barton} having here photo shot with a peice of raw meat for what puropse or magazine was this for anyway?

  32. the girl with the barcode made my jaw drop. they're really getting on with it, huh? seems like 2012 will mean something other than the end of the world…

  33. This picture needs to be on the list more and any. DRAKE covers the source for November, and i don't think much more needs to be said.

    Also… I've been interested in this "October's Very Own" movement because he uses an egyptian owl as his representation. Lots of OvO everywhere. Check it!!!!

    BUMP please.

  34. On the Cover of Out magazine, I also noticed a faint sex-subliminal brushed in.

    If you look carefully at the right corner, you can see that the word SEX is embedded in dark in Alexander Skarsgards' shirt.

  35. Your articles are interesting enough, iv always liked your posts. I also like fashon & that creepy mickey shirt is sick.

  36. everyone start stealing from big rich comapnies! even if its small, hurt them in their wallets :)

    demand a new GOLD currency. FOR THE PEOPLE, MADE BY PEOPLE (NEW JOBS)

    NO more wars. time to take back earth for God.

    until lambs become lions

  37. Love these series, love this site, love your work. You have all my support! Hope you don't mind me contributing with some pics from time to time.

  38. Killuminati---- Sier on

    Thanks, VC. awesome job! And we have to alert people now or they will find the symbolism something "normal"!

  39. What could I say?

    I like the amount of information in this site, so… We need to keep this amount big. πŸ˜€

    I wonder if I could help with some pictures or something, but… There is no need to worry, it is all about luck and destiny. πŸ˜€

    Also, I can not do nothing right now because I am using a temporary computer, waiting for my Linux Ubuntu to come. πŸ˜€


    Have a nice day.

  40. I wouldn't doubt that the UNIF shirt is worn by the blind or perhaps not so blind to reinforce the programming of the unfortunate. There are a lot of shirt out there that would reinforce programming. Anyone else recognize this?

  41. hey guys on a side note, has anyone see that comedy central series called "ugly americans"? OMG that is for sure the worst tv show that could ever air during our time. basically it's life in america with demons and all evil creatures living along with humans. it's so weird…

  42. Thank you Vigilant Citizen once again for keeping us informed with this information

    because honestly it is really mind boggling as to why people take photos so.

    all you have to say is "no im not doing that"

    but in their case, no is not the "right" answer πŸ˜›

    like who agrees to something that is intentionally not right>

    to them its like a game but for me its not. agreeing with all this illuminati stuff for me

    would be exactly like putting my hands in boiling hot water saying, "oh well" like who does that.

    Honestly, if you cant walk on water just swim. Jesus Saves :)

  43. Im not shocked…the world is a evil place." Zombie boy " is skeleton tattooed guy in lady gaga's born this way video he has that baphomet tattooed in the middle of his chest , no wonder she chose him to be in her video… Idc how much money or fame i was promised id never represent evil

  44. i am not impressed on

    The entertainment industry has NO artists of any kind. Just puppets.

    These puppets are told to use all of this COPIED & PASTED IMAGERY, 24/7.

    One eyes, triangles, Mickey Mouses, Goats, Checkered Floors. So redundant. So copy/pasted.

    All the time. The same horse poop. Over and over. The creativity is non-existent in the extremely boring and derivative entertainment industry.

    Right click, save to desktop, copy, paste. That's the industry. They keep copy/pasting that same symbolism. Copy/paste x 1 million.

    A huge mess.

  45. That UNIF shirt is revolting. Naomi has been conditioned by the illuminati, just take a look at the house that her Russian boyfriend bought her. As for Lady Gag and Rihanna , it's the same symbolism over and over again. Can't the people see it?? BTW Gaga, get rid of that stupid Jo Calderone alter ego.

  46. That is a disturbing shirt to say the least especially when the red pentagram type symbol is used. I can't imagine Disney would let this company do that unless Disney was getting a royalty from UNIF to use the likeness of deal ole' Mickey.

    Wouldn't be surprised to find someone at Disney whose job is to negotiate that type of stuff with the various companies who want to use the image. And considering how we see it being used everywhere it's gotta be a money maker for Disney.

    Imagine the conversations that go with that job.

    So you want to put a pentagram over Mickey…ok..but it's gonna cost ya 10 they laugh all the way to the bank.

  47. The photoshoot by Tyler Shields is just degrading and pitiful. Like seriously, why would I want to wear a shirt that has a Mickey Mouse head, with and inverted pentagram with Baphomet heads (ChurchOfSatan logo) inside, with the hands showing the Baphomet signs.

    Thirdly, the idea of tatting my kid is just beyond me, that is just plan gross.

  48. You know, you figure at least groups like Iron Maiden had the balls to come out and say 'THIS IS THE DEVIL'S SYMBOLISM TO WHICH WE ARE BOUND', it didn't take a lot of scratching compared to this, even though this practice takes barely work at all. Have you ever been to a college campus and just looked at the clothing on everyone? I'll give you a hint, one of the most popular brands is called 'Obey' — their logo is a smiling pentagram along side the big proclamation: "OBEY".

  49. This evil imagery is right in front of our faces, and many of us still choose to ignore it. What has the world become?!

  50. Paula Abdul was on Jimmy Kimmel wearing leopard print, talking about how Michael Bolton was her babysitter when she was little. Bizarre.

    Obama was on Leno, complete with Masonic handshake before the commercial break.

  51. SICK

    and i think its ironic that all of these photoshoots involving torture, blood, violence, and whatever other degrading and disgusting acts they are doing is considered/called "high fashion" when in fact they are the lowest of the low…totally effed up

    • Lo siento por esa niña, es muy probable que abusaran de ella. Últimamente siento lástima por muchos y muchas famosas…

      By the way this page SURELY ROCKS!

      Keeeeeeeeep ooon it Vigilant! πŸ˜€

  52. VC…I dedicate Ezekiel 33 to you…you have heeded the call… I have too…It is time to expose Satan and his mechanizations….it will not be easy… now they may leave you in peace…. but in time they will begin the hounding. Be vigilant VC, we may not know who you are, but they do.

    But as I have come to learn thus far, as long as you are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and submit to his will, then have no fear (Psalms 91).

    This is just the beginning. I am writing from an African country where the use of Jinns is now becoming rampant. My relatives are using these spirits to astral project inter alia. If you look at some of the TV series that your country has been releasing of late such as Heroes and The Alphas, these are meant to desensitize us in regards to evil spirits. What is going to happen in the near future, is that people shall be using these evil powers in public and people will just rationalize that its just a special power….The above mentioned TV series are just priming us unconsciously for this type of scenario.

    Believers, fast and pray…things are about to get Ugly…this is just a tip of the iceberg…

  53. Wow some creepy pictures especially the Mickey Mouse shirt! But I actually love the Naomi photoshoot, loved it since it came out, and I don't see it as being illuminati or anything like that. Actually one of the pictures out of that photoshoot is my desktop picture. It's one where the tough Russian guy is all beaten up and bloody, Naomi leaning over him, perfect nails, perfect hair and makeup, cigarette in her hand. Come on it's hilarious!

  54. Seriously, everything about these pics are sickening. But I'm most disturbed about the kid with a barcode on her arm. =(

  55. Am I the only one notising how the last foto chip is puted on every publicity. Like on "vevo". ITS SOOOOOO ANNOYNG!!!! WHAT THEY WHANT TO TELL US? THAT WE GONNA BE CHIPED SOON? God save us al…

  56. the mickey mouse t shirt has been designed in such a smart way….the inverted cross made to look like mickeys body disguised with the m/ gloves…crazy

  57. Dominicbanbury on

    kinda already sent this to VC via email but sharing it here as well.

    check out kanye's shirt.

    nd if u watch MTV's new show, Good Vibes, check out the old pot smoker dude nd look at his stomach nd ull see the pyramid nd all seeing eye as his belly button nd pubic hair. just realised it last nigt ; hella scary.

    nd btw, that UNIF line is ALL illuminati clothing. has the symbol on the majority of its clothing.

    later all.

  58. The generally accepted form of military salute would seem to be a modified form of the eye of Horus, leaving both eyes operational.

  59. maru. the free ant on

    Idiotic comment –> "Oh, please! It's just Art"

    Come on people! It's pure crap, every model look alike! Ridiculous

  60. The image of the nubian model cradling the apparently lifeless corpse of the tattooed man is a representation of a "pieta" – or image of Mother Mary cradling the body of Lord Jesus. This type of deliberate sacrilege – images of necrophiliac semenancy – is used by the Illuminated to mock and enrage and sexually excite us all simultaneously. This is a key part of how they program us and degrade society. Do not fall prey to their wicked blandishments!! Consider chemical means of libido control if traditional methods do not suffice….the alternative is just too terrible to contemplate.

  61. guys!!!! go to the unif site and see wat they said about us "conspiracy theorists" when talking about LIL WAYNE wearing one of their shirts in his music video "JOHN" with rick ross. im gonna copy paste the whole thing now. ill link you guys the exact place too :) here's the link:

    here is wat they said: Oh Dear. As some of you may know, a certain video was featured on a certain site wherein Lil Wayne was depicted as a…uhh Devil worshiper?….because of us apparently. Almost at 300,000 views in two days, the fanatics are gathering for their witch hunt (us). I didn't know that people actually worshiped the Devil. Does this go down? Where is this? Is that what people are doing in the bathrooms at clubs? Is that why the Girls line is soo long? Do you think this is why you stay on hold foooorrrrreveeeerrrr when you call the DMV? I thought I saw a Devil worshiper once, ended up just being a dude on his way to a parent teacher conference. I wonder if people Devil worship in my area? Can I watch. I mean, I don't want to join in but if this is really going down, I don't mind checking it out. I've been to Church plenty, seen that, NBD, I'd go back, if they didn't hate me so much now. Maybe if we all just stopped judging each other things could be better. I know that won't happen, apparently the Devil wont allow it (us). You know, Wayne is a very successful and hard working individual, I would assume. Seems like an okay guy. Maybe we should realize that this vid, with it's pentagrams, and bleeding monsters, could in itself be considered a brainwashing tool. Don't be fooled. By anyone other than us that is.

    srsly…..they think they can fool people with that?…..unfortunately, they can.

    • see the comments below the "weezy| blog post that i linked above. people trashed the site LOL killuminati! (Tupac Shakur, 1995)

      • I ALMOST made a facebook to chime into this, the designers response is just INFURIATING. SERIOUSLY how ignorant can someone be? The signs are obviously satanic, cmon now 666, upside down crosses, pentagrams with baphomeths head in it. are you F***ING KIDDING ME! What is WRONG WITH PEOPLE, I sure hope young people can see these symbols for what they are and that it doesn't start trending.

  62. the last pic is very disturbing and alarming, that means the microchip for humans is existing now, i'm so scared when it happens, nice job Vigilant Citizen, more pics to come!!!!!

  63. UNIF clothing: Because we all know looking like a vapid junkie is so very sexy, yes? WTF. Their little video on their website is wayyyy creepy. It's so easy to discount this stuff as schizoid paranoia, until you see something like that, and then you really start thinking about it… I find that the more extreme ads, like the UNIF one, really make it much harder to ignore the "softer" ads and videos.

  64. I always knew that satanic symbols are every where. However, to mix Micky and satanic symbols together just goes to show that the world we live in isn't filled with light as much as we would like to think. Darkness has become the true light in this twisted world.

  65. Yay…symbolic pics are back! I've been trying to wrap my brain around all of this imagery. My take away is that it really hasn't changed over the thousands of years man has existed. Like someone mentioned in a comment higher it's all copy/pasted and repackaged for the next generation. I couldn't agree more! I have a few observations:

    1. I've been reading about Babylon and Baal worship. I came across an artistic representation of the god Baal (from the Dictionairre Infernal 1818, via Wikipedia) and it looks quite similar to Gaga's 3 heads. Does anyone know the significance of 3 heads?? False Trinity perhaps?

    2. While watching GMA on Halloween morning. All of the co-anchors were dressed as every artist named on this site. Curious? Not so much. ABC…Disney

    3. Foster the People has a new video 'Call it What You Want'. Very symbolic. If it's noted on VC it's in this video. I don't know enough about them to make a judgement, so if anyone out there does, 'enlighten' me :)

    Since I'm a stay-at-home mom, I watch the morning shows…and they are all drivel, drivel, drivel. 80% celebrity news, 10% human interest, 9% witty banter, 1% hard news. How do I find out what's going on in the world in one convenient location?!!! Besides, VC of course :)

  66. there's a british magazine called i-D, when you look at it from the side, it looks like a winking smily face i've seen quite a few covers of the magazine and on all the ones i've seen,the cover model only shows one eye.the other is closed or hidden. i think that might be freemason.

  67. HollywoodVigilantCit on

    I was watching CBS morning news Sunday and for some reason they have a sun logo in the corner and then flashed a large picture of a sun for several seconds and then went to commercial very very weird Sol being so clearly displayed on a Sunday morning nonetheless

  68. *sigh* I dont even seem to like TV anymore.. they've corrupted everything, even fun cartoons.

    I weep when I walk on the street and I see what 11 year old kids look like, some even wear things that me at the age of 23 would not feel morally comfortable wearing. And now sex is no longer a private thing again, everything is out in the open, makes me wonder the difference between dogs and some humans at times.

    Lord, save us.

  69. i cant stand those scanner codes they are every where i was just telling my husband that they will try to start putting those on humans to track us and check in. Im starting to watch all these movies and just get sick. just a day ago i watched conspiracy therory with julia roberts and of course mel gibson and started to cry!!! now that im older im starting to watch the ultra creepy matrix movies.

  70. Could someone help me out here? I know about the third eye being opened for "enlightenment" and oneness with the universe achieved through different methods. But why is it one eye that is covered up to represent the third eye? (The eye of Horus/ Satan). Is it because the antichrist will have a damaged eye as in:

    Zec 11:17 Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.

    Why is one eye represented rather than something else? I know apparently it also represents the place where feces exits the body. Lovely isn't it?

    I just don't get why it has to be one eye?

    • one eye in a nutshell (as believed by a muslim)

      a being will arrive with one eye that is not damaged. he will claim to be the messiah/god and lead people down a wrong path. how will he do this? by music.

      thats just a sketchy outline. I don't wish to offend anyone or other peoples religions as i am taught to respect everyone. especially people of the book (christians and jews)

  71. Naomi campbell…i saw her on oprah and i thought she was a nice person. Maybe she is but….anyone who would involve themselves in a photoshoot like that can't be totally ignorant.

    She and gaga and rest will reap what they sow. God will NOT be mocked. God has a lot to say about what is going to happen to evil people such as them and the end does not look good for them.

  72. Do not sleep on this 11/11/11 date. This is a major time for the illuminati, new age and occultists to try and invoke all sorts of spiritual energies and contact. The pyramid, all seeing eye and other occult symbols in VC's pics always lead back to the same idea: reuniting with the fallen spirit world in order to gain power or "godhood."

    Here's an article on the whole 11/11/11 phenomenon, including the two movies called "11/11/11"-

    I just hope and pray that more people will wake up to the great delusion that is being put on society right now. VC keep up the excellent work.

  73. The tatoo at the left in the chest of the man in the naomi campbell photoshoot is the "Santa Muerte" or Saint Death, a iconic image very used in Mexico (Am Mexican) and Colombia (and well, all latin america) that represents having a good death. It would be very useful if you investigate something about it more strongly. Thank You.

    PD: Lady GaGa was always hidding an eye yesterday at the EMA´s. It doesn´t surprise me, its gaga. I strongly recomend you to investigate about the rhianna´s video "All of the lights", it was bad medically for people with epilepsy, and all of the LIGHTS seems like an Illuminati song. Thank You

  74. I can agree that these are mostly "Illuminati" symbols. I think calling it Satanism is a very narrow way of looking at it, since the "Illuminati" wants control of more than just Christian people and the Illuminati isn't a Christian group, nor a religious group. So that part is just silly. But these are definitely "Illuminati" symbols. The one reason why I wanted to comment is to say that the girl eating meat and the picture of Naomi dressed as a weird mannequin are designed to make people like you guys feel uncomfortable. In reality, things like that are not scary or creative or new or different – they are trite, lame, cliche, and not scary. It's just that regular Joe Shmoes get scared by things they see that they think look different or Satanic, and that's what the Illuminati and their artists want – they want you to freak out and think they are oh so edgy. This stuff is far from edgy and far from weird. It's a bunch of straight laced normal people / puppets like Lady Gaga just doing as they are told and thinking it's cool because it has "shock value". It isn't even remotely shocking. In fact, it's very normal and boring. You guys have to stop allowing yourselves to be so taken by this stuff. Yeah, I know that there is an elite group controlling ALL media and I refer to them as the Illuminati and yes I believe they use occult symbolism ALL OVER their work, but that doesn't make it shocking or scary. It's not at all.

  75. YAY its back I thought symbolic pic of the week was done with. with out this the website always felt empty to me I always had looked forward to this. But gosh this was horrible pics what the heck raw meat on eyes yikes! naomi cambell is just an epic fail to me she just disgust me with the things she do.

  76. The one of the tattoing a kid reminds me of the book "Bar Code Tatto"…which is basically about a new world order like agency taking over, and a girl who refuses to give in. It is a really good book, so any readers should check it out.

  77. Actually, Naomi is torturing some Russian guy who'd be known as a "thief in law" among Russian criminals– his tattoos (two stars on both shoulders are indicative of this). Besides the inscription on the left is in Russian and reads " for men only" which points to the fact it is a male area. I guess the whole photoshoot is a reference to the film Eastern Promises with Viggo Mortensen as the leading character. However, even taking all that into account, it does not make the session less disturbing.

  78. That imagery with the raw meat is just plain gross, she definitely would have to be out of her mind to let someone do that to her.


  80. All I can think of looking at that last picture is that any pedophile with a smart phone can scan a child and end up with their name, address, parents names, phone number, etc.!!! WTF? There is no way I would ever let anyone put a barcode on my children. This is by far one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen.

  81. i love this site, as i study semantics and is a big opponent to these types of industry-agendas… i also want to add that i live in sweden, so this sit has reached me here! :)

    wanted to add some of my own findings; this is a photo of swedish musician/rapper Adam Tensta, this is his most recent album cover, just google 'adam tensta scared of the dark' you will all like it. also on his website his logo is a familiar pyramidical shape…

    also almost EVERY SINGLE ONE of the posters and promo pics for the swedish writer Stieg Larsson trilogy, 'the girl with the dragon tattoo', 'the girl who kicked the hornets nest', have one-eyed pictures of swedish actress Noomi Rapace… Hollywood is soon releasing the hollywood-version and Noomi Rapace is becoming a huge star in hollywood. SURPRISE. i don't think so.

    • See, I never really understood how Nicki Minaj got famous, because of all the brabbling she does (I hardly call that singing, nor rapping); but of course: if she's sold her soul to the devil… She even won (i think it was MTV music awards) best hip-hop…

      • If we had more than 2 c ells each of us, Minaj would have gone down the drain.

        I can't stand her; it's just excruciating to see or listen to her.

      • The reason behind how she got famous was pretty brief. She used to be an underground rapper in Queens and her videos were on YouTube. She was signed to a "label" and then was found by Lil Wayne. After some surgery(?) and a change of clothes, she became what she is today. I'll be honest, I liked her at first when she wasn't "famous" and in 2009 and the beginning of 2010. Afterwards, her Barbie scheme just got out of hand.

        She had pink hair, blue contacts and some tight outfits, that wasn't too bad. But as the year went by, she got more crazy with her clothes and then I just considered her a sell out from then on.

    • It's so funny you mention this because my friend LOVES that song. Yes, this has a lot of symbolism. This artist has a newer song that makes it even more obvious. She sits on a throne with Greek columns on the side. On another note, my friend told me that this artist loves eyelashes.

  82. Idk if this has already been said but i wanted to say more bout the shirt. Went to the website and Wow.

    1. Nice that they're trying to bring back the 90s but the way they're doing it makes me sick.

    2. Who in this economy, or hopefully EVER would buy a 60 dollar ripped craaappy lookin shirt like the ones they're selling.

    Idk if i should be more disturbed by that or by the stuff that's shown on those shirts. Like this one..
    They're just terrible!

    Looking at them for more than a minute at a time gives me a headache; i hope they're business is doing absolutely TERRIBLE.

  83. It's a shame to see how ignorant people have gotten. Proof is right in front of society's face but they choose to ignore it or find some way to make a "conspiracy" a lie. The illuminati really isn't a hard thing to believe. The fact that 13 bloodlines with all the money in the world would want to control everyone and have world domination I don't see how that isn't believable. With ALL the money in the world it leads to greed and wanting more and the only thing more that you could possibly want is THE WORLD. I see so much crap on this website with people saying ,oh thats just a "conspiracy theory" I honestly feel like that term is for the most part, bull crap. There is TOO MUCH proof for ANY of this to just be "mere" coincidence. A real man or woman would be able to face the truth instead of choosing to live in a lie. Especially religious people (more leaning to Christians and Muslims) who don't believe in this you have to be a TRULY IGNORANT individual not to believe the stuff that is said here, and if you don't you might as well denounce your own religion because this is how it all ends. Me, personally i'm not religious but I am EXTREMELY far from ignorant. AMERICA NEEDS TO WAKE THE HELLL UPPP !! Actually I retract that statement . THE WORLD NEEDS TO WAKE THE HELLL UPPPPP !!!!!!!!!

    • I feel like most people don't see it because they don't care or aren't open enough to particular beliefs. She indirectly trashes my religious beliefs sometimes and when I told her about how Kanye West is an Illuminati puppet she blatantly said to my face, "this is all bullshit. religion is all bullshit. These conspiracies are bullshit. It's so f***ing stupid."

      Of course, that's easy to say to someone who doesn't believe in the devil, nor minds seeing all these disturbing things. And of course, she is a fan of Lady Gaga so again, it's easy for her to blindly trash things.

  84. Isn't Naomi Campbell going out with a Russian Billionaire (Vladimir Doronin)? Would that have anything to do with the photo shoot? Isn't he the same guy who got her an eye of horus house, as VC pointed out.

  85. Animal prints doesn't nessessarily=Sex kitten. i love fashion, i love prints, specially animal prints, like leopard, zebra..ETC….. some of those people just happen to love fashion like i do. So, if i were famous, since i own lots of leopard prints things, i bet i'd end up in the "symbolic pics" photos. I'm not saying i don't believe in all those stuff, i'm a huge fan of VC myself.

  86. Hahah!!!! I remember as a kid when my parents wouldn't let me watch too much TV. I played outside all the time with my friends and wrapped up the week with church all in my 80's childhood. Growing up I would see shows and/or commercials on TV and think "I don't like it" or "how cool am I actually to be wearing the same thing as everyone else?"

    Goofy as this may sound, the trendy stuff just wasn't ever my thing. My parents would always tell me that I always strive to be my own person and not wear a jersey of some sports player of whom I would probably ever see/know because doing so, I would most likely lose myself. I used to laugh at that junk they said, but anymore I'm very thankful that I had those words beaten into my brain ;). Anyway, these days the gear just looks flat out stupid imho. This just makes me glad I was never into this crap and also that I don't really intend to make myself anymore silly than I sometimes am looking at this garbage.

    It sucked at first not being able to have the privilege of watching TV for hours on in and eat junk food all night, followed by Call of Duty till 3am as a child that had to go to his 5th grade class in the morning, but all in all it pays off in the end!

    Thanks VC!! =D

  87. This is all very disturbing…………but people do not fear, do not anger, because these negative emotions create negative energies and this is what they feed off of……………it strengthens them(evil spirits and those channeling energies)…………..pray to God and try to remain at a sound, peaceful state……Jesus will come for us very soon……..

    "…The world will not end. It will be transformed."

    Carlos Barrios goes on to say that the transformation will be both spiritual and physical. The transition started in 1987. He says that we are in a spiritual transition from the rule of materialism, greed, and enmity to a new period of cooperation and peace – but not without difficulty. The current oligarchy is happy with what they have and don't want to give it up, and they are powerful. The Mayans claim that 2012 marks the end of the period of the fourth sun and the beginning of the fifth sun.

    Carlos points out that adversarial revolution against the ruling class will not work. It is up to those who want this shift to connect with others of like mind and begin actively creating networks of real cooperation. The old will crumble. The new period will dawn with its growing pains, the severity of which depends on our ability to accept what is happening and go with the flow. This, he says, requires evolving to unconditional love, with an open and simple heart, forgiveness, and cooperation with less ego competition…"

    Learn more:

      • IU, the one singer who did all she could do undermine K-Pop, seems to be in a criss of her own, as seen in the above videowhen she attemps to uncover the eye which was covered. Her new videos will be out tomorrow and it will probably show her completely in the domination of the machine; I give her at most 4 years.

        Asian singers don't have to adhere by the 27 year "Jimi Hendrix" rule since they mature a bit faster.

  88. The fact that people actually think that those rihanna stage designs are COOL???

    thousands of people die each day because of the military weaponry and they try and dress it up, sugar coating it with pink and shit……. it aint right.

  89. Wow. I really don't know what to say apart from what you see isn't the truth. Keep your faith in our Father strong and Satan's schemes will have absolutely no effect on you regardless if your kids watch the inappropriate things on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon etc.

  90. i believe the victoria secret is on the illumanti thing. because victoria secret is the most biggest fashion show,many peole watch it. and its disgusting……. there actually commercials of models who are half naked on tv having our childrens see this (im 16). but it gets worst, the models are know as ANGELS…… and they have lingeria on with wings on them, saying that its sexy. aren't god angels poses to be beatiful and pure. and im watching (vs ), i think of devil angel, becuase they lingerie on with wings. there ain't nothing right about that. and i bet there some symbols in there somewhere, espiecally becuase its aired on cbs. and there performers were illumanti hoes.= JAY-z, KANYE WEST, AND NICKI MINAJ. and plus the models were saying its every child dream to be a vs angel/model. that when kids grow up they want to be models… just imagine a 5 year old girl, saying mommy/daddy when i grow up i want to walk around my underwear and bra and have the world see my body, with lots of make up and glitter and be paid lots of money. i believe the vs models are posed to positute, striped down wearing nothing with bra and panties and have the world see it and get paid for it and thats post to be art and beauty. plus i think the creator of vs secret, did he killed himself. theres something about victoria secret that isn't right. and people make it seem it's great please can you write something about victoria secret….. something isn't right , it's wicked. and the fuck up part is i was once wanted to be a victoria secret angel,because they make it so glamourise and shit.. ps(im actually a girl, and im 5'11 and fit a size 4, )

  91. In my previous post i asked if anyone knew the location of the battle of Britain memorial (pyramid). After more research i can confirm that it is real, it can be seen on google maps too. I'm surprised it has not been shown on the internet more……or am i. Nice site btw, i shall visit again as i study this sort of thing.

  92. Indiana Farmer on

    I knew for years about Monarch programming, etc. but I'm new to VC. I must say, after careful consideration it seems as though literally every aspect of our daily existence is saturated with illuminati symbolism. Like the protagonist in the movie "They Live", I am switched on, awake, and aware. Like him, also, I'm ready to kick ass & chew bubblegum…. and I'm all out of gum. Seriously, these illuminists / satanists are winning because good people are doing NOTHING for fear of getting their hands dirty. America needs a shooting revolution and these evil bastards need to be put down for the hell hounds they are!

  93. I've long been of the mind that the Twilight Mania has a hell of a lot more to do with the further glamourizing of domestic abuse than with vampires. Girls in love with violent men who kill and have to control their urge to kill the woman they love. There's also another angle at play here, and the argument that it's about cannibalism is missing the point. These are metaphorical vampires more than than the horror monsters of old. Example of what I mean….these guys " sparkle ", that is to say they are " illuminated ". The powerful and often aristocratic vampires pass their power to their chosen ones via "bloodlines". They are held in permanent bondage to the one thing more powerful than they are….the sun. I could go on and on here…..

    Also, that Mickey Mouse shirt is about the creepiest damn thing I've seen. The very creepiest? Baby QR tags.

  94. The man being tortured by Naomi Campbell has Russian prison tattoos,that symbolize something completely different than what you are interpreting.

  95. I find Rihanna's military state photo quite interesting. I was reading some magazine at a doctor's office a while back (either people or some magazine that keeps up with celebraties), and it had something about rihanna and the military. After seeing this pic I decided to look it up.

    Rihanna, while in high school, was a cadet in a program that trained with the military of Barbados. I guess its like ROTC in our high schools except we don't actually train along side the military. Her drill sergent (or should we say handler) Shontelle, by the way, is a singer/song writer who has done opening acts for Beyonce's I Am tour (hummmm). Anyway, Rodgers and his wife, who is from Barbados, were vactioning there when a mutual "friend" of Rodgers' wife and Rihanna (I say friend I can never verify it was Shontelle or not which is who I believe the friend is) told Rodgers about Rihanna. He met with her, listened to her sing, produced a demo and the demo was heard by Jay-Z and L.A. Reid and the rest is history.

    I just wonder if Rihanna was already under mind control training way before she was ever signed to any record deal. What do you think VC?

  96. Its weird when I look at this images in the magazines, it's quite unusual but not distinctly disturbing, instead I find it cool. But seeing this images group with others, I begun asking why that eye-hand gesture?, I mean majority almost in any country celebrity are doing that hand pose.

    During my teeny days I, ignorantly tattooed temporarily an Egyptian eye without knowing its symbolism. It's good that this kind of articles can awaken and give awareness to people like me.

  97. As I K-POP lover, it hurts me to see all the symbolism. Super Junior's Donghae wore that shirt before. I know he's innocent, but it's clear he's a puppet and the rest of k-pop is.

  98. I honestly think I'd wear that UNIF shirt hahaha. Not because I agree with the agenda but as an ironic sort of thing. that shirt is unbelievably funny.

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