Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/12)


In this edition of Symbolic Pics of the Month: Police state fashion, pop stars with weird t-shirts and ads that make you go hmmm…(what you know about this C + C Music Factory reference??).

This photoshoot “named State of Emergency” by photographer Steven Meisel came out in 2006 (a few years before the creation of this site). It is featured here because it eerily foreshadowed police state tactics that appeared in the following years. And it makes it sexy. This pic apparently predicted the the sexually demeaning TSA searches and pat-downs that were instated around 2010.


Another airport scene showing a mode forcibly undressed and searched at an airport check up. Again, many cases of TSA agents requesting people to undress and get patted down have appeared 3-4 years following this photoshoot.


Allusions to police brutality at an airport, complete with batons and aggressive K9 unit…and look at that dress!


Agents with TSA badges violently apprehending a model. Is it foreshadowing the next step of “airport security”?


Other pics in the shoot take place in the streets, where fashion models are brutalized by police in riot gear. Its all about making police state sexy.


Model laying on the ground with police foot on her throat…Police brutality is not glamorous.


I know I ask this often but…Is this fashion? Really?


As usual, a lot of one-eye signs popped out in mass media in August. Here’s Katy Perry with a mask hiding one eye.


Han Hyo Joo in September’s edition of Vogue Korea


On this single cover, Ayah Marar is hiding one eye and the name of the song is “Mind Controller”…Can’t really add more to that.


A gigantic hat hides one of Gwen Stefani’s eyes on the cover of Bazaar magazine.


This ad for Lady Gaga’s Little Monster mobile app reminds us that Gaga still is an Illuminati puppet.


Model Coco Rocha doing the trifecta of Illuminati signs in the NY Times: Self-mutilation, devil horns and one eye. Name of the article? “Expanding Her Efforts to Be a Role Model”


Kreyshawn’s album cover features a bunch of eyeballs and one-eyed creatures observing her. A giant one-eyed thing is wrapped around her…is she under its control? Also, there are pyramids in the background, making this thing a big Illuminati tribute.


An interesting way of portraying Mitt Romney…


Ashley Benson is known for being an actress and for wearing shirts with inverted crosses on them.


In last month’s Symbolic Pics, we saw Rihanna wearing a shirt saying “Control Minds” in the shape of an inverted cross. This month, we have Rihanna walking around with a shirt saying “Sex Kittens” – which is, as we know, a type of Monarch programming. The shackled figures convey the concept of mind control.


Illuminate your cigarette with this Illuminati lighter.


This ad for OPI nail lacquer “celebrates the incredible life & legacy of Whitney Houston”. If that’s the case, why does this thing appear to be splashing blood everywhere? Is it subtly celebrating Houston’s sacrifice? Let’s look at other ads by this same makeup company.


I guess we know who they’re rolling with…


This graph made by MTV shows the world’s richest rock stars. Notice how a bolt of lightning emerges from pyramid of artists to another pyramid with an all-seeing eye at the bottom. Is the image hinting at who or what made these artists as rich as they are?



  1. It begs a consideration.

    Who is Jehovah !

    Jehovah, Iao the kyklops…

    The cyclopeans deity, ever watchful , but singularly focused in benovalence and absurdity.

    Why do we see these pyramids with eyes on them…..

    The lord of the tricone….the hill the mountain , the pyramid…

    The yoni…or feminine essence and he Lingum…the male essence.


    • Jehovah, is the phallic serpentine deity , that Moses lifted in the wild as thebrazen serpent.

      Or at least that's what the myth says.

      The lord of the high mountain that speaks as a fire or burning bush.

      The great seer , the ever observant owl…..molech,Minerva …

      The great owl of Bohemia….

      The deity that personifies Osiris, Horus and Seth in it…..

      As sephiroths or principles of it's essence.

      The deity that consumes its child as Saturn ….

      Or as YHWH who relishes in his sons torment.

      Or it is Jesus….or yehsuah…..


      The fertile son , the summer equinox sun

      The deity of resurrection, who dies and comes back.

      Or it is Allah, the female sheikina….

      The essence of fertility ….the lord of the ark……the ark or box …called kabah…

      Or it is the eye of shiva, the fertile phallic god of the Indian pantheon,

      Or the four headed brahma. From whom all existence sprang.

      The fasting Buddha……the one who remains in silence

      And fasts to destroy its ego…

      The deity that kills itself and comes back again.

      Various cultures have recognized this phallic , philosophical principle in their surroundings.Some have revered it in statues, some have jettisoned it into the supernatural, the collective unconscience,the preconception determinant of reality.

      The god of the veils.

      Hidden principle.

      As the deity remains hidden, so shall it's special adherents remain hidden from the public eye.

      And this is the fundamental basis of adoration of secrecy as a religious or rather a godly principle.

      Secrecy is a worship in its essence.

      But there is another side to this great benovalent deity.

      Something that comes with a package.

      It demands adoration and sacrifice ….

      All ancient faiths have sacrificed children and young people.

      These cultures have remained land locked or sea locked from other curiious cultures for millennia,yet they evolved the same religious principles.

      It is as if, religion is inherent and born into man…..

      A newly hatched reptilian, quickly assumes all functions of life, from it's first day, even hunting and spatial orientation.

      Man , the great hominid, creates gods.

      Either it be idols, companies, organizations , buildings, weapons…

      Everything that man creates has this god principle embedded in it.

      Man was created to create gods.

      Now where are we all headed towards.

      This grand reality we are approaching.

      Similar customs, same gadgets,similar celebrity worship, similar languages.

      The religion of electronics.

      We are all being collected to witness's this great singularity.

      The rebuilding of the temple…..

      Even in our very distant past, mankind created Atlantis and lemuria.

      But they all collapsed under the weight of a deluge,self created or natural?

      The ancient myth of nimrod and the tower of babel.

      What happened after the singularity, was the disruption and dispersion of mankind.

      From chaos ……order

      From order……..chaos.

      Man has been following these principles from millennia.

      Or rather man follows the same patterns over large time epochs.

      We create temples that are too big , they collapse….man runs away scared.

      Yet over time , men come together and then create another megalithic organization…

      That becomes to big and collapses…..

      The myth of the tower of nimrod.

      We are headed towards a collectivized global world order.

      But before this happens we will witness the breakdown of soverighntiy and national boundaries.

      This alchemy will only work through force.

      All accepted rules and mind sets will have to go.

      Once the interlinks are strong enough, the integration complete….

      Population reduction will be the most important thing.

      " there are just too many people and not enough love to go around" John Lennon.

      I sincerely hope and pray, we reach this higher level.

      The mystic brotherhood has been working for millennia for the better good for mankind.

      Although it appears evil, yet the higher mind will see the greater good.

      Had it not been for the French revolution ,

      The United States of America would have not survived its conception.

      Now we have a chane to create the United states of the world.

      The new world order.

      It will be made…..

      Sacrifices will be paid….

      But mankind will achieve it.

      Hail to the great brotherhood.

      The illuminati….

      Who ever these people are….the deserve our respect.

      The true instruments of intellect.

      • okay, but the Buddha only fasted before he was Enlightened to the Four Noble Truths, he was still a 'worlding' in those fasting images… for 49 day or more, then the Buddha-to-be realized that fasting and extremist practices were not the way to Liberation or the Path of Moderation, it was from this perspective of the Middle Path that pure Wisdom arose and the Buddha became Enlightened. Please do not confuse the Buddha enlightenment with those illuminati, it is not the same, it never has been and it will never be the same. There are many powerless perverts out there who would misrepresent the Buddha just like they have done to other wise and liberated personages. So to clear the record, it has been said that the Buddha having realized the Four Noble Truths and Nirvana the End of Suffering, then taught the Way to the End of Suffering (Buddha Dhamma) for the remainder of his Mortal Human Life, then he passed away into an unconditioned state known as Pari Nibbana or Final Nirvana with no sub-strata of Life remaining. The Buddha will not ever be reborn again. However, in the long, very long, distant future, another person, maybe a man or woman like you will Wake Up and decide to help Humanity and Life and Liberty, and begin the long journey through many lifetimes building up the 10 Perfections to the highest degree, giving up property, life and limb for the Truth and Freedom again and again and again, until no atom of selfish desire remains or moral weakness, then this person might be reborn in their final life and become the next Buddha. The Future Buddha is not scheduled to be born on Earth for at least 5000 years, closer to 7500 as we are only halfway though the present Buddha era (5000 years). Those Bamiyan Buddha's were purposely destroyed and allowed to be destroyed in order to speed up the end of the Buddha era and bring about the end of civilization as we are seeing. As much as the Truth Teachings of other religions are being attacked so is Buddhism. Please be patient with it, there are many deluded people out there….. Human Virtues can still prevail and we are all helping each other by sharing this kind of info so please forgive my comment if it offends you.

      • Although it appears evil? Because a cult of death loving perverts isn't evil? If they were so enlightened maybe they could come up with a better way of making the world a better place. Certainly they could at least try to conceal their vileness with a little more success. They've knowingly led us down this path. When you are part of their sacrifice maybe you won't feel as enlightened as you obviously think you are. You aren't part of their little group and they don't give a f*ck about you. I'm sure some of the most powerful people in the world worship a giant owl at the Bohemian Grove just for ancient kicks. It serves their twisted purpose. These dickheads have been trying to do this for a long time. The enlightened world they hope to create will be a soulless, dark, and perverted place. And even though they're trying to dumb us down and desensitize us to violence and perversion, things aren't exactly going so smoothly for them. In their arrogance they've seem to forgotten the power of the human spirit. Good and righteous people will always stand against them.

      • The Illuminati have no idea what true enlightenment means, They think they are enlightened because of the large amount of money and power they have when true enlightenment comes from the inner self. Yes the Illuminati may be clever and hold knowledge that we are not familiar with and secrets that are kept away from us for thousands of years but they are doing nothing but fooling themselves. The truth is in front of you, Go travel the world and do your own research rather than looking through textbooks filled with lies and useless information which the Illuminati want.I mean the Illuminati are not as powerful as you think they are, we can all destroy them by doing something as simple as switching off the television button but people like you think, ''what harm can tv do??'' and instead you Blindly choose to ignore the signs and they keep you in fear by using the Media. The Illuminati have successfully kept us divided so we stupidly fight each-other instead of noticing the real enemy .At the end of the day the Illuminati may be clever but they are certainly not wise.

      • @all

        Thank you Sir Micheal of simplesville..

        And someone for being ….simple minded.

        The study of history reveals that leaders and rulers have been most wicked and psychopathic over the years.Same goes for priests , pontiffs and prophets.

        The illusion of good…doing good…feeling good.

        Year after year, the same virtuous man, deluded with doing " good" in this world.

        Oh why are people so evil mommy…..

        Oh why can't people love and hit one another…

        Oh why can't we stop Wars and explore space mommy…

        The world is so evil….Boho….

        Ok simpletons!

        It Jehovah allows the illuminati to rule over you folks…

        Which it has done for the last thousands and thousand and thousands of years…

        Maybe there is a message ….

        Jehovah likes "evil" people…..

        People willing to sacrifice children

        People willing to wife swap, take part in orgies…

        People willing to worship naked in strange occult ceremonies…

        People willing to bath in blood and do the crazy stuff….

        Jehovah likes such people….

        He likes psychopaths….as he himself is a psychopath…

        He loves mean people , amoral , coward and sick people….

        Who still sacrifice children to him….

        He always likes child sacrifice…

        There is no denying to this…

        If Jehovah gives the illuminati the wealth, privilege and power …..

        They are the blessed ones…

        You guys are just too simple……

        Go take a breather…..let it settle in…..

        And take a reality check….

        Sir Micheal of simplesville…

        I would advise you to get out of your Mickey mouse toys …

        And take a good hard look at this world, the evil in this world…

        And how difficult it is to make two humans agree on one point…..

        The illuminati are heavy and hard task masters…it's not easy to be an illuminatus…..

        It's a very difficult position to be in…..

        Just go on the road and beg people for some food..

        See how many of your good Christian friends help you….

        Get a grip…

        Snort some reality for a change …

      • God allows the Illuminati to do what they will to achieve His own ends. In this way, the Faith of the righteous are tested and found to be true, and the Illuminati condemn themselves through their own works.

        The Illuminati really has it all backwards. It is Holy Purity (like the Holy Family) which is good; not the bizarre sex garbage the Illuminati always seem to be obsessed with.

        The Illuminati are allowed by God to continue so that the good will be given a choice; they're just tools to be discarded afterwards, since they've already condemned themselves.

      • @ Fidelio

        The studies of history-You mean the history you’re fed by the victors and elite who control the press and the media.

        -According to you, history proves that men who obtain power become corrupt. So the Illuminati are apparently above corruption according to your view.

        -If there were no good in the world their plan would have come to fruition years ago.

        -We are free men. We choose to live as we do. Your Jehovah likes comment is moronic. You seem to be the simpleton.

        I have witnessed the evil in this world. It just seems that you in your arrogance have given up. Poor baby. You lack courage but you seem to want to lick illuminati boots. Do you have a family that you love? This is the world you wish them to move into?

        This world is a test to prove whether you’ve got the medal to be a good man in wicked times. You sir, are a failure. But apparently you’re a well-read failure. Now go back to your S&M dungeon with your illuminati buddies. It’s obvious you’re a troll. But I suppose you’re too arrogant for that. To bad you weren’t elite you would fit right in. Your simple intellect would allow you to take part in all the twisted games the elite perverts like to play. You need to invest your intellect into something positive like a soul. Like I said before if these men were so illuminated they could find a better way to make this world a better place. Instead of the depravity and chaos they revel in. But according to you they suffer for their beliefs? Wow your a genius that knows so much. If you’re not a Luciferian I hear they’re hiring. Do yourself a favor and go sign up. It might make you happy and keep you from spitting out your sympathetic illuminati rhetoric. If every person in the world was like you it would be a much sadder place. I feel sorry for you.

      • My Dear Sir!

        I sometimes go to the other side of the picture,the rosicrucians, freemasons and the wicca crowd.

        I argue with them and manage to subdue them as easily as the Christians and Monotheists crowds.

        There are enough freemasons… dumb as Christians…believe you me.

        Even the illuminati need some clarification sometimes…..

        As always…..I remain clear of both of these absurd groups.

        My calling is higher.

        You would be surprised just how lame and dumb some freemasons really are…..believe me.

        Yes they have their sharp ones as well, Just like organized religions has their crook pontiffs…

        But its just a sham….

        Religion….religious thinking is the best backdrop to dumb down people and trick them to weakness.

        I have traveled the world.Meet with all manners of priests and pontificates.

        Seen a lot of strange worships and belief systems.

        I can honestly tackle any high priest worth his salt.Just give them a chance….

        I do this….because I read a lot

        From the 16th century Bernard de Montfaucon… the greatest works in phallicism and philology..

        The illuminati are just humans , normal people like you and me…

        I am not saying they are all good…..some of them are very charming…

        But they strive for something …that only the very intelligent can understand…

        The whole world is split into this crazy jehovah vs lucifer fight….

        the illuminati play this to their they created both…

        In any case you highness Sir Micheal of simplesville…

        I would advise you to start reading….

        Next save some money and visit Syria, Jordan, Israel, India, Greece

        Start reading about astrotheology, Phallic faiths, Carl jung…

        and start from

        Godfrey Higgins great work


        get it from internet archive.

        Just download the files on PDF.

        open Adobe reader and press CTRL+L for full screen view….

        make a nice cup of tea

        start taking notes for anything you dont understand…

        After reading one chapter….check the new words, gods, areas on youtube/wikipedia

        Make a diary and start recording your observations.

        One more thing….

        this book Anacalypsis by Godfrey Higgins is one of the favourite books of the masons…


        watch " the man who would be king"

        you will see the deity worshipped as kyklops…or cyclops…

        from which you get the one eyed cyclops of the xmen…

        this was worshipped by the cyclopians …also called indiscythians…

        the phallic, single eyed diety….

        the god of worship for which they gave blood sacrifices….


        I am not illuminati….

        I am far more intelligent than them…..

        I am not christian….or any of the monotheistic nonsense…

        I am me….


        Free to do , read and understand what i want….

        If i need a religion….Ill create it for myself….

        I am a human being……

        who is a searcher of the truth….

        the real, odd, absurd truth that doesn't make sense….

        because it is the truth….

      • @Fidelio

        You sir, are an enigma. You’re obviously a well read and intelligent individual.

        Here is the funny thing about our debate. You are the one using religion in every one of your arguments. You assume me to be religious yet not once have I used religion as a means to argue you. I use observations of the world to make my stand. You fall back again and again on Jehovah this and Jehovah that. For all you know I could be an atheist. But that doesn’t change the fact that what these so called “Illuminated” ones are doing is morally irreprehensible. You’re so willing to bash Christians for their beliefs but what you should be worried about is what do the Illuminati believe? You don’t think they follow a religion or mantra? You really think they’re faking it? Why don’t you use your intellect to study what they believe in? But you know it all so I guess you already have. Going to the extreme means the elite are going to is one thing if they were truly good people. But observe what they do and who they really are. For arguments sake lets say their plan comes to fruition. Do you think they’re just going to put aside all the twisted things they do and become good and honorable? Do you think the world will really be a better place once their lust for power is achieved? Once you succumb to murder, sacrifice, and hedonism you are no longer “illuminated.” While I respect your willingness to stand behind your beliefs how can you really be sure of them? Just as you say that the Bible is used to manipulate people, how can you be sure the books you read and recommend aren’t serving the same purpose? Truth is subjective. Sir Fidelio of arrogantsville since you know so much maybe you should start your own website. That way you can teach the masses that they’re doomed. Sounds like fun.

      • BrotherhoodEvilhood on

        This is for you Fidelio.

        A brotherhood who is working for the betterment of mankind?????



        genetically altering our food source which weakens the nutrient content,

        taking away educational television shows and replacing them by mind numbing ones,

        monopolizing on media networks that have been proven to lie to the masses,

        fluoridating our water supply and lying to us by saying it is healthy

        inflating our money supply causing extreme stains on our global economy

        promoting a drone war, destroying innocent families

        manipulating our weather system through HAARP technologies

        You have been fooled my friend,

        You think that there is no one true creator? Master of the universe?

        If you look within yourself you WILL find your creator.

        But it is not what you have been taught.

        Look within yourself like this:

        Look at yourselves…

        Look at the biology of yourself.

        Trillions of chemical reactions going on simultaneously, your neurons making synapses, your cellular metabolism transforming food to energy, your lungs breath the air to deliver oxygen to your blood supply so nutrients can be delivered to every cell in your body through your intricate network of roads and pathways…

        You see the outside world and bring it in for synthesis, analysis, reason and judgement. You smell the outside world, you eat it, hear it, FEEL it!

        Life is created in a second. Through love.

        You are thinking, cognitive, HUMAN beings TOO PERFECT to become in existence from NOTHING


        This UNIVERSE is CREATED.


      • It is obvious to me that either you are on a heavy dosage of hallucinogenic drugs or completely insane.

      • The Sentinal Speaks on

        Colossians 2:8

        "See to it that no man takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit, according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ."

      • The ineffable name….




        Most excellent video..

        Made my day

      • For the high priests of stupidity!

        In the bible, excluding the deluge and the destruction of sodom and Gomorrah,Jehovah has killed in excess of 2.5 million human beings.

        Just add them up.

        As per the devil/ lucifer…..only 10 in the Book of Job.

        These were the children of Job , that the adversary killed…

        And why…

        Only because Jehovah told him…..


        Ok so here is the tally

        2.5 million ( excluding the hundreds of thousands killed in sodom and gemorah and the potentially millions s and millions of people….EVEN BILLIONS DELUGD TO DEATH!)

        10 ( that too on command)

        All I can say is

        ———-JESUS H CHRIST!!!!!—————-

        What kind of monster do we worship.

        Well the illuminati worship this monster in the way he likes..

        they plan wars, suffering , child sacrifice, mutilations, burned offerings….

        They worship Jehovah in the way …..that was originally told…

        The real deal buddies

        The Real Jehovahites….

        Get a grip Christians…..

        It seems all of you are dissociating and seeing your perverted handler Jehovah, as a good man….

        If any one is suffering from mind control and dissociation with project monach…

        It's the deluded monotheistic monkeys Jews, Muslims , Christians…..

        Who dissociate and see god as good and caring….

        Not his other side…

        What a world of idiots….

        Look on the bright side, drink optimism juice….and dream for a better future…

        Of green fields , pastures….happiness and other shit

        Who's in mind control……..biatches?

      • I only giggled a lit on

        Life is a large scale Darwinian experiment

        That is true for philosophies and ideas, too

        For example,

        You use such aburd method of preaching

        Arguments that can be easily counteracted, due to its duallity, and insensitviity

        In the end, you will only attract people that are desperate enough to believe you

        And what good can desperate do to your cause?

        Not saying you are wrong, or I am right,

        Just saying your school of thought's future is not looking very bright, for the logical assumption above.

        Yours truly

        Someone who is very interested to see where You are going to

        And will probably study your case very intensely, in a psychological sense.

        PS: Writing poems makes me intellectually revigorated too, yeah.

        And feel smart, too. I know.

      • ok @ I laughed

        lets write a poem

        Through this dark nightmare man has awakened

        Centuries of stupidities and oddities he has beaten

        He finally sees the cosmic meaninglessness and indifference

        A minuscule dot on the sands of incoherence

        Though the monolithic phallic gods exude absurd silence

        The egotistic brute channelizes them to propagate violence

        Man remains entrenched in fear , a heart held hostile

        Yet the clever ones create contraptions to provide hope to the futile

        Centuries and centuries of subservience and subjugation

        High priests pontificating the religion of self abnegation

        The tragedy of man , he will see a god in a golden calf

        and will be deterred in his quest for knowledge by Neanderthals like "i laugh"

        thank you

        Now grow up and read some proper books

        Start with Alexander Hislops

        "the two Babylons"


        Same goes for his Highness Sir Micheal of Simplesville

        Get a grip people!

      • how can anyone find truth from within, when they're CONFUSED to begin with??? you want truth? you want answers? Go to the one true living God. the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac. the Father of Jesus Christ. this is why Jesus came, to take your blinders off, so that you may see the Truth, and the Truth will set you free. free from your prison of confusion.

        God Bless, the day is coming, and you all will see, EVERYONE is going to bow to Jesus Christ, mark my words.

    • Good finds. The Elite are engaged in tragic comedy. They just ramp up the madness and shell it out to kids. It's okay, because while we sleep God is awake. God, being the Most High, is not the serpent. Nice try. The paganism infiltrated into society a long time ago. The evil I worry about a little bit is personified by the elite. I am not afraid of a little red man, but there would be no need to constantly indoctrinate people if the Elite had real power. We give them power by exalting through our purchases and our ways of behaving. We can tune out and drop out off the matrix at any time through prayer. If you don't like prayer, read poetry. Later.

    • Fidelio…

      I will refrain from calling you a pompous, poisonous little puffer fish because it's not allowed…but your diatribe does little to uplift or encourage. And if you do become a god, you very well might be your only fan.

      Did you not see the "BEFORE COMMENTING" at the beginning of comments?

      Here it is again…


      In order to keep the comments section interesting to all readers, comments are moderated and the following will be deleted:

      -Personal attacks and insults


      -Hate Speech

      -Off Topic


      -Abusive Net-Speak ("i thk dis iz crazi")

      -Trolling or derailing the conversation


      -Proselytizing for or against a religion

      -Using the reply feature without actually replying to a comment

      Your comment might take several minutes before appearing on the page.

      Please keep the comments section civil and relevant to the article.


      • And what mercy can be expected from this personality?

        Not a lot.

        But then why should there also be any personal sacrifice under color of duty either?

        The Noble emotions and feelings usually involve some type of sacrifice towards another…

        With overpopulation as a backstopping excuse why help anyone whose very existence is a mistake?

        Just acquire what you need and want and step on everything in your way – and that is the mindset of a criminal.

        But that's what is said about the NWO isn't it? They are what people in groups since humanity arose would call criminals.

        So a criminal has his moment of self justification.

      • Don't worry – I wouldn't take someone who ends their argument with "biatches" too seriously…lol.

    • @ his highness Sir micheal , I laughed , freelancer!

      Yes I am arrogant, pompous and elitist .

      Yet I can't even mange to find rent to pay for my one bedroom apartment.

      Yes I am puffer fish….Quack quack!

      All I have in this apartment are my books, my old Cd player, my smoking pipe and my old mattress.

      I am just a very curious man.I love to read history and ancient religions.

      I love to wrap my blanket around my head( as I can't afford air conditioning and can't bear any noise) , put on Bach on my old cd player, fill my pipe with some run of the mill tobacco and then indulge myself in the ecstasy of ancient faiths , antiquities and the grim history of mankind.

      Sometimes I go for long walks and talk to myself.

      Sometimes I take on old Freemasons and give them intellectual dissonance.

      A man in search of deity….god…..god concept.

      I appreciate your love and support.

      I am who I am.

      I am man of the great serpent.

      The great benefactor of man, who gives man the power of intellect.

      The oldest god of mankind.

      The true god.

      The saviour.

      Now if you don't mind , I have to go to the bathroom.

      • We could do this forever but I’ll step away after one more response. What has arrogance, pomp, and elitism have to do with your wealth? You feed us this sad story about how you live alone and can barely afford an apartment yet revel in trying to destroy good peoples belief systems. You refuse in your all-knowing glory to attempt to answer any of my (simple) questions. Instead you just say read so and so’s book. And you tell me to read Jung but don’t specifically mention Individuation, his belief in spirituality, and his views on the state which all seem a contradiction of your pro illuminati rhetoric. The difference between you and I sir is that I humbly believe that we know very little about the reality of this world. You on the other hand seem to have it all figured out. If you think it’s wrong to believe in the power of good, I would rather be wrong, than believe in your truth.

      • you do you, ima do m on

        I like meeting and talking to interesting people as you seem to be. I just wonder if you have ever read the bible. Have you ever read in the gospel according to Mathew? You will see that Jesus is the ultimate rebel. He tested and infuriated all the priest and scholars much like you. He turned over tables and wicked works in the temple. Jesus is not about organized religion. He is about love, loving the poor, the hurting, hungry, widows, and sick. Your experience with Christianity is a far cry from the true essence of its roots. Christianity began with the resurrection of Jesus Christ when the disciples went into the entire world spreading a message that wasn’t popular with “religious” people. This gospel was that Jesus died so that we could live. He took the sins of the world and now the battle was won. We had to be born again of water and of spirit; we had to go out and tell the good news and help the poor and needy. All the while “religious people” persecuted them and manipulated their character and the message they were sending for spreading this blasphemy as they saw it. I know you will tear me down for this because you detest Jesus Christ and all of us Christians. We know this happens we are persecuted just as the disciples were but that’s ok and there is nothing you can tell me or use to convince me against my faith because it is just that FAITH, (the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.) Call me dumb, call me crazy, call me stupid, I have heard it all before, but I am just a person in this crazy world that is trying to make a way and trying to make sense of a life that I really don’t understand sometimes. Be who you are and be proud of it no matter what you believe in, study and show yourself approved.

      • Uncle Arbuckle on

        You have grossly misinterpreted virtually every historical and religious account that you have sited. I have noticed you have spent the majority of your writing targeting Christianity. Make no mistake the version most prominent in our culture is apostate, so making statements blasting this, and then equating it to the gospel is misleading. The church today is utterly corrupt and by the grace of God people sometimes find Christ in it anyway. As far as the statement about Moses' snake being an ode to a phallic God and all that my friend you are spewing vomit straight out of the theosophical hand books. You would make Aleistar pedophile Crowley proud! Good for you! The reason God used the snake to show his dominance over the idols in Egypt is because they worshipped snakes. There are many artifacts clearly showing them bringing offering to serpents. There is ZERO evidence linking the Hebrews to snake worship (although them running off and worshipping idols doesn't take away the truth of god it only makes them rebellious). The biblical account is echoed almost exactly in the Egyptian annals. You are being mislead my friend, those whom you are reading and believing are drug addicted pedophiles and aren't afraid to boast on that fact, and this is appealing? I will pray for you.

        As far as your assessment of the biblical God being jealous and vengeful – yes, this is correct. And the Job story you sited displays his absolute dominance. So here's the skinny, would you rather worship the true god who reigns? Or would you prefer to worship this weird occultism hierarchy over anger about God exerting HIS lordship over HIS creation? You may have picked the wrong side my friend. And this vengeful yes but loving God will once again refine his creation through punishment for our rebellious apostate version of worship, if he didn't love he wouldn't do anything – he would be indifferent and thereby allow your rulers to their goal. The difference between you and me however is that despite my mistakes I thankfully have one who will represent me on that day to cover that iniquity. Your "wise" teachers and their followers will not.

    • these deluded non-humans have been at it for a while….. these folks force us to follow a phoney invalid calendar (the bankster calendar), block the movements of sun, moon and stars via weather modification, and yet they do evil rituals on those full moon nights including human sacrifice…. and they dare to call themselves illuminated, enlightened….

      they don't even know the meaning of illuminated or enlightened… it just makes me sick to see the name of Buddha involved in these born again and again losers' false teachings…..

      'Avoid Evil, Do Good, Purify the Mind, This is the Teaching of All the Buddhas….'

      I can give you more quotes if you want….

      • Well, this have been a very interesting debate Mr. Fidelio here are having with 'Saint Micheal of Simplevilles' and others, even though I have been sleeping and going to school for most of the ordeal. What we have here is two sides having a debate, and by throwing out personal attack and un-thoughtful/juvenile arguments, I am sure one side will be very successful in convincing the indecent masses. As for the other side, their arguments might be flawed, but it would have done a good job striving the debate forward had them been arguing with someone more content of thinking thoroughly.

        PS: Mrs. CrytoGod, meet Mr. Fidelio.

        Bye bye.

    • @ brotherhoodevilhood!

      Take a breather…..breathe in….and out!

      Get a grip.

      Why gmos?

      Why it's 7.5 billion who have to be fed.

      Either it's gmo food …or no food.

      People like you should choose the starvation option.

      Dumbing people down by tv….yes sure.

      Actually that's what the people want.

      I have been giving references to the best books on ancient religions , yet no one has ever noticed them want to say read them.

      Try having documentary channels 24 7 for masses.

      They will destroy the tv station.

      The masses are dumb as hell.

      They want big trucks, big voluptuous women shaking their behinds….

      Try teaching people…..just try ….go out and teach some one something

      Before they kick your teeth in…

      The bulk of mankind have always been idiots…

      And they will always remain idiots…

      Ok fed reserve and weather modification.

      Yes….we need weather modification.

      For food crops and agriculture…

      And they are used ……

      Abu dhabi uses weather manipulation for tourism even….

      Agriculture need cross pollination, wind flow and precipitation…

      If that can't be controlled…

      Get skiny and die from starvation…

      Coz Jehovah don't give a rats ass…

      As to who lives or dies…

      Fed reserve….

      Yes we need it.

      Buddy business is far more complicated than 2+2

      You have currency fluctuation, inflation, value indexing….

      You need to be able to regulate, upscale or down scale investment cycles..

      That's what the Feds do….

      Drone Wars…I think they are the least lethal way of implementing foreign policy….

      Try saber charges ……water fluoridation……

      Yes the cancer industry…

      People have to die…so that there is space for new people…

      We don't want to become a nation of old farts..

      As science has nearly wiped out all infectious diseases and too few people die in accidents and wars….

      There has to be a way to equalize the equation….

      Plus it keeps e health industry running

      The health industry provides jobs to 1.8 million people in USA.

      Those 1.8 million people then feed and pay for their families which amounts to another 10 million people.

      Buddy…..wake up…..

      You are not in lulu land….

      This world works on dualism…for every change man makes, mother nature creates a different change…

      Try feeding a world of 7.8 billion.

      If we don't use GMOS …what is left….

      What options do men have when there is no food.

      Why of course….canabalism..

      Go watch this cannibal in Pakistan, who ate young corpses..

      Not because he was evil….he was hungry..

      So mr simple Simon…..

      When you don't have food In your stomach….you don't have Jehovah or Jesus on your heart.

      Only a fed man can think of god…

      Before that….his hunger is god….

      You people are so simple….so innocent grown up children…

      You believe in these magical realms , heavens and other oddities.

      You believe in doing good…

      What is good?

      Good is just a good way of doing things which invoke the pro survival and pro care parts of your brain.

      • I think Michael pretty much put you in your proverbial place, friend. I especially liked his comments about things pretty much going according to plan, at least where St.John's Vision of the Apocalypse is concerned and you know, that's good enough for me.

        Pseudo intellectualism that seeks to preach may work at the bowling alley, but you'll have to forgive me for saying that your comments are nothing new.

        Maybe you can talk football instead.

      • Well I'm glad you realize your faults, however on the matter of Jehovah, sorry dude not the name of THE MOST HIGH! Satan was given power in this world THE MOST HIGH has stated this. This is why they prosper! But within evil lie the seeds of its own destruction. Eat 10g of mushrooms I'm sure someone with as much pompous arrogance as yourself will find out very quickly that Tartarus

        , the dark abode of woe is very much a real place, just as someone with love will find that THE MOST HIGH is REAL! And if any one of you say that by exploring your so called inner self you have found your God within, you too have been sadly led astray. All praise be to THE MOST HIGH, KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS, THE CONQUERING LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH, may mercy be upon you mislead fools.

      • TRUTHwontSETyouFREE- on


        "Why gmos?

        Why it’s 7.5 billion who have to be fed.

        Either it’s gmo food …or no food.

        People like you should choose the starvation option."

        The reason why we have starving people in the first place is simply because the one percent wants them to. All the money used for wars, drones, ships, planes, ammunition, can easily be used to build schools, to educate the third world, to bring them out of the third world, to teach a man to fish, to become self sufficient. You are not fluent in socioeconomics, that is for sure.

        "Dumbing people down by tv….yes sure.

        Actually that’s what the people want.

        I have been giving references to the best books on ancient religions , yet no one has ever noticed them want to say read them.

        Try having documentary channels 24 7 for masses.

        They will destroy the tv station.

        The masses are dumb as hell.

        They want big trucks, big voluptuous women shaking their behinds….

        Try teaching people…..just try ….go out and teach some one something

        Before they kick your teeth in…

        The bulk of mankind have always been idiots…

        And they will always remain idiots…"

        Again, the reason why we have the low grade quality television is simply because of the monopoly of the airwaves. The reason why Adele is played over and over again, the reason why the Kardashians are played on TV over and over again, the reason why Family Guy is craved by the masses over and over again. "Out of Sight, Out of Mind." If shows like this did not exist—people cannot crave what they do not know. As a child, I was very content with Mr. Rodgers.

        "Ok fed reserve and weather modification.

        Yes….we need weather modification.

        For food crops and agriculture…

        And they are used ……

        Abu dhabi uses weather manipulation for tourism even….

        Agriculture need cross pollination, wind flow and precipitation…

        If that can’t be controlled…

        Get skiny and die from starvation…

        Coz Jehovah don’t give a rats ass…

        As to who lives or dies…"

        I won't touch much on this one. You obviously do not understand the ramifications a billion microwaves being beamed up into the ionosphere. You've been taught that the reason for weather modification is to feed the population, but that is not the reason.

        "Fed reserve….

        Yes we need it.

        Buddy business is far more complicated than 2+2

        You have currency fluctuation, inflation, value indexing….

        You need to be able to regulate, upscale or down scale investment cycles..

        That’s what the Feds do…."

        Why must you think so one dimensionally?

        People are in huge amounts of debt. They are in debt to society. We purchase cars we cannot afford, buy homes we cannot afford, we drench ourselves in recreation. When this is all we know, all we see on TV, online, on billboards, in movies etc about how to live…when we are bombarded by "on sale now" or "get it today before it is gone" one must give in to prevent themselves from being ostracized. The elites have planned this from day one from "thousands and thousands of years" (your own words). They want us to be in debt, a modern day servitude.

        You say you know "out of order…chaos, out of chaos…order."

        But do you know "Cause and Effect?"

        "Drone Wars…I think they are the least lethal way of implementing foreign policy….

        Try saber charges ……water fluoridation……

        Yes the cancer industry…

        People have to die…so that there is space for new people…

        We don’t want to become a nation of old farts..

        As science has nearly wiped out all infectious diseases and too few people die in accidents and wars….

        There has to be a way to equalize the equation….

        Plus it keeps e health industry running"

        Your argument is population control. My argument is again, "Why are you thinking so one dimensionally?" You are no social engineer. This world can hold 100X the amount of people living on it today. The problem is we are dependent on fossil fuel technologies instead of renewable energies. Why is the KeyStone pipeline being built? Why can't we build a solar plant? The oil tycoons need the population under control, to know that fossil fuel is the only way. When it is not. We are inefficient. Too deluded and stupid by monopolized television to know this. They made us this way.

        "The health industry provides jobs to 1.8 million people in USA.

        Those 1.8 million people then feed and pay for their families which amounts to another 10 million people."

        Those same 1.8 million people could be agriculturist, botanists, herbalist, and gardeners. They could be teaching people to live more efficiently and healthy. For example, instead of having a plain old grass front yard those people could be planting vegetables, fruits, nuts, and beans…making a more self sufficient home. The health tycoons know that true health lies in whole, raw, fresh foods.

        You are not the enlightened one. You are the simple minded.

      • openyoureyesnclose y on

        Your list of must reads.. I have read. The Two Babylons being a very informative piece of nonfiction! Religion is indeed an exercise in controlling the masses. No argument there.

        The serpent is surely the oldest deity worshiped from South America to Japan. Most all ancient cultures worshiped the serpent, the dragon, the two-headed serpent, the serpent consuming himself, and the serpent consuming man. I too have read and studied these traditions of men and have see one repeated figure.. the serpent who enlightened man after the flood. This very same serpent is still worshiped, his name has only been change over the millenniums. I think the most duped are the Christians, and that's no disrespect to that religion, the Bible is just simply the most manipulated and manufactured "scripture" from its inception all which was very intentional. That has always sadden me, that good heart-ed people are being spiritually prostituted. I do believe all will be rectified. You cannot worship creation and hate it's creations. That is double-minded insanity. Yes I agree with Fido..blind souls choosing to only see one side of the pie certainly makes for a pleasant fairy tale existence. Good bit of Mind Control. The truly free man, the perfect man indeed knows Creation created both good and evil and knows his human potential to create both. The righteous man knows good & evil, and his potential to create both yet chooses to navigate through the wickedness of this world without allowing his evil nature to manifest to thoughts, actions, or "works" in the natural world. He simply chooses to not participate in the evil, leaving him a wealth of wisdom & spiritual strength.

      • I don't think you should dignify that f***l @ fidelio with a response. He is an attention seeking Old man. He is a 'lost dog that cannot hear the hunter's whistle'. I only feel sorry for his kid(s) that's if he's got any by the way. I once had my comments deleted on this forum because of his unrelenting attacks on christians which I find provoking and had to respond. He is just a lowlife.

      • @ openyoureyes and close your mouth!

        Sir !

        I thank you from the depth of my heart.It is a very comforting feeling that there are learned men in this world , who see the truth as it is.

        I remain focused in my scholarship on serpent religions, ophilatria and ophoid belief systems.

        It is my belief that the serpent truly is the hidden God behind all pillars, stones and cones.

        The Deity .

        Thank you for being a wise man.

        @ lonko

        I don't consider you worth dealing with.



        Was called nahash…from nehustan.

        The serpent.

        Jehovah is the serpent

        The brazen serpent.

      • openyoureyesnclose y on

        @Ace.. my friend.. he is that. He is the God of the old testament, the brazen serpent on the wooden rod that Moses was instructed to mount on mountain. He is the Hebrews God, and that God has always been the serpent.. not the creator of the serpent. The ineffable name…of CREATION not the created.. I do not believe men know.

        Here's a pic of the pope visiting the Brazen Serpent Monument in Israel :

        What business does the Catholic Pope have visiting and blessing a Jewish monument? They blur the devotional lines in plain sight! Muslim imams, Christian pastors/presidents, Buddhist Monks.. they all kneel at the feet of the pope and kiss his ring. And For what? If you are Muslim, the Pope is of no huge importance to your faith. Because the brotherhood they belong to worships the same deity.. who happens to also be the Serpent.. go figure! LOL !

        @Fidelio I am a woman, not a man, and I always welcome a evolved opinion. Though we have studied from the same books of knowledge, we do no subscribe to the same path in life. And that is ok :) We are brothers and sisters of creation!

      • @ deluded monthiests!

        It is the serpent that is worshipped in all temples of man.

        I have been trying to get this thing to people….

        And being crucified on the altars of stupidity by the Christians.

        YHWH is the brazen serpent.

        The androgynous hermaphroditic deity….

        The Christos the Allah and the yehovah…

        The illuminati worship it, in it's true form.

        The form that requires humans active and the likes…

        You all worship the serpent in a very diluted form…

        Learn from the illuminati how this worship is done..

        Here …here is how they do it

        The true worship…..

  2. Concerned Tax Payer on

    I don't usually comment but I just had to after seeing this OMG those "fashion" ads are SICK!

  3. Worse and worse every month and I just found a load more on my Tumblr dashboard. I wish I could make my friends and family understand these things. A part of the reason why I broke up with my fiance is because he wouldn't accept the truth. Living purely within the truth at all times is the only way for me and I plan to lead by example.

    • Welcome to the club! Just did the same thing with my supposed bride……it is hard when the people around you just don't want to realize or to scared to realize the whole thing….

    • Its crazy they just don't want to see it. Smart loving and educated people refuse to open their eyes. Then when you speak up your ridiculed to the point where you either have to fall in line or shut up. My ex thought I was obsessing over the elites and the nwo and it eventually caused our break up. I sadly admit I wish i never learned about this stuff. It has ruined my social life and I still love my friends but when you can clearly see something your loved ones can't it ruins the relationships. Sad, but once you put the sunglasses on you can't behave as if you never did. My friends spend at least a half hour a day worshipping Jay-z and lebron I literally sit there and bite my toungue off because if I dear mention the baphomet I will never hear the end of the "nut job" jokes. So now when my friends go out I stay home in my room as the nut job. Oh the pain my heart feels……..

      • You kids have to get a grip. You're not bowing down and worshipping Satan just because you "can see" and everyone else is "blind." if you poor folks are willing to ruin your lives and romantic relationships over this stuff, you've got an entirely different set of problems to deal with. Even Jesus knew his family and friends couldn't see things (entirely) as he did, yet they loved him and he loved them back and that's ultimately what would save them all. This is so not worth break ups and removing friends from your life.

  4. The MTV poster also makes me wonder if that pyramid of celebrities depicts some sort of real-life hierarchy? Could Bono be the biggest player in this or the most important puppet? I'm a young adult and simply thinking about how many people were raving about him a few years ago with the Make Poverty History Campaign makes me wonder how much insight into this business he actually has. Not surprising to see Madonna or Sir Paul there either! I was a little surprised at where P. Diddy placed on the pyramid and Sting as well!

    The first thing I thought when I saw that poster was that it was some kind ranking system.

    What do other people think?

  5. Dr. Octogonapus on

    Am I the only one who thinks that they look extremely retarded with the whole "covering one eye" deal? Either way, something must be done…

    • yeah, it's funny that any one buys the one eye hiding thing as fashion and beauty. the eyes are supposed to be the most beautiful part of the face, windows to the soul, etc. yet they are always hiding one.

  6. I am so tired of seeing stuff like this, I am ready to see iluminati establishments/players dismantled.

  7. There has to be more to that Whitney Houston ad – a pattern in the liquid…

    something is there, I'm just not picking it up…

    Though it does look like an eye in the sheen part with that bubble on

    the lower left side. And I see triangles. But there's something else

    in there.

    • On the right side, it's a female figure leaning back (her arm is at an angle). I think the shape to the left of the bottle is part of the one glass, and maybe there's a standing human shape to the right side.

    • of course, duh, what I thought was a wine glass (still important for symbolic reasons) is actually the edge of the bathtub where Whitney "drowned". How tasteless! Especially with all of the nail polish drops flowing upward, like they were pushed into water.

  8. wow. those models already look dead.

    also, their obviousness is so ridiculous. i don't know why more people don't catch on.

    to quote mr. twain, "It's easier to fool a man than to convince him he's been fooled."

  9. You missed out The Veronicas. One of the twins, Jess, had the hand-covering-one-eye gesture. I know it's just one picture but still…Something's not right. So is their new MV, Lolita. Very disappointing.

  10. Nothing happens by accident in a photo shoot. Everything is scripted; everything is chosen. In the fourth pic, the magazine cover on the airplane seat appears to say: "Brit's New Man." Is that what others see?

  11. And even through all of this, God still loves them, each and every one. He doesn't like what they're doing at all (I can assure you), but it's absolutely amazing that He still cherishes them, waiting with open arms. See John 3.16.

    I've come across people who think that since God is so holy, there's NO WAY for them to be with Him; like they've done some really rotten stuff. The truth is that that doesn't matter; just look at how in the Bible, none of the people who God used were totally exemplary people (I exclude Jesus in this list, since He IS God). No matter what you or anyone else has done, God made you, loves you, and is waiting for you this very second, thinking of the ways He will bless you, turning you into someone whom you might not conceive that you could be. See 2nd Corinthians 5.17

  12. do all celebrity ‘slaves/puppets’ get tortured, or do most simply obey instructions that are given to them for money/success/fame (without the torture?). im not a huge fan of many of these celebrities but its very sad to think that they might be getting tortured :(

  13. also dont forget that many of these celebrities get free clothes…maybe they are just wearing what's given to them, like in the case of ashley bensen. no doubt about rihanna thought…she's creepy!

  14. In regards to the "Richest Rock Stars", everyone on that list is SUPER talented. Every single one of them has a talent that has made them as loved as they are. The Illuminati didn't put that talent in them. God gave them their gifts to use in whatever way they wanted, for good or bad. They were born with it. That's why it's called a gift. I'm not saying that there isn't a conspiracy in the music industry but please give credit where credit is due. The Illuminati may have ALLOWED these people to become what they are but they have NO part in the gift of the person. I think a lot of times people who haven't been 'successful' in their own lives looks at 'successful' people and think they must have done something supernatural to have gotten where they are as if talent and hard work had nothing to do with it.

    • I'm going to have to disagree with you. There are tons of people that are way more talented then say, Madonna, who aren't famous. When I went to Disney World (I know, I know) with my family last year they have this American Idol singing competition… anyway, three random visitors to the park went on stage and sang… and all three of them blew me away. They could sing a million times better than say, Katy Perry… and these people have very little time to rehearse and I'm sure they aren't used to singing for such a huge audience. Anyway, Madonna (among others from that list) are over rated. She's not that good of a singer. She can't dance. She can't act. Her perfume stinks. Her clothes are ugly. She is over rated and not nearly as talented as she thinks. Though I think she is way more deserving (and she does work hard) than say p. diddy, jay z, or mariah carey haha.

      • I just read that back to myself and thought it made me sound very mean. :) I'm just convinced there has to be a conspiracy. Although it's just my opinion, I don't see much God given talent from the people on that list.

      • What about Paul Mccartney or Elton John or Sting? Are they untalented? In my opinion, (well actually not only in mine) Mccartney is an incredible songwriter. There's one thing I don't understand. Why are Mariah Carey, Mdnna and Jayz called "rock stars"? How do they deal with the rock?

    • there is talent. but there are a lot of unknowns who are talented too. who decides who gets to be famous and who will stay an unknown? the people who will play the game and participate in this crap will become famous. the rest will stay unknown, and frankly they are probably better off.

    • They are hardly the most talented people in the world are they? Madonna has definetly never been any talent at all. Truth be known I think she probably slept her way to the top. As for those old dogs, can't they just give it a rest already. I can think of so many other artists that have far more talent than the likes of them but they didn't sell they souls for a few bob like these fools. I personally have never bought a single record of any of the puppets above.

      • Oh sorry except maybe Maraiah Carey who is the most talented on the list as far as I am concerned.

  15. Fashion is like movies, there's a theme or story in it. There's no triangle or one big eye in those fashion photos so tell me why it's considered as illuminati. And don't tell me to find another sources if u can't explain.

    • so you can check out almost anything on this website to answer your question. they want to make a police state look cool, so when they illegally force us to do things via police force (think TSA in airports, for example), we will already be conditioned to it and we will just submit. they have to bring these things on gradually and get people used to them, so when they roll it out for real, we won't put up much of a fight. that's their plan, anyway.

  16. The lightening is possibly (okay, obviously) a reference to Satan. Makes sense as that is also the all-seeing "eye of lucifer". A blasphemous symbol.

    Jesus said;

    He replied, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven

  17. Even if Jesus meant it as a simile it still holds its meaning. Of course in Monarch programming, it could allude to electro-shock but that wasn't the intent here.

  18. After maybe a year of knowing about this stuff, I almost am becoming in a state of "is this just a joke". Like, its the same symbols, same signs, same cognitive dissonance, etc… I don't understand why they are doing this to human civilization. Honestly, even being in very remotes parts of India over the summer, I noticed something. Evil pop-culture is slowly coming through into those people's lives, but for what reason. I almost was about to give pop-culture another go. But then later today, this and animal planet reminded me of the torture they are doing to us.

    Its degraded our morals, our mind, our families..etc, to enslave us….. honestly if you are a huge newbie at this whole theory… go read some of VC's older articles with the history lessons tied in. I still don't know much about the underground, behind closed doors evil they do, but that is not important. I know for one thing, technology and pop culture are being used as tools, and I have to choose wisely as to what I let into my life. There are lots we can do to "unprogram" ourselves, but opening your neighbor's mind is just as important. I think you should spread the word in a way that is non-threatening or imposing. Seeking betterment for ourselves and others is the best way to stop pop culture raise us and our children. I don't know if your the type that is super religious or not at all, but it is very useful. There is a happy medium and no "one size fits all" to spiritual beliefs. I don't know where the knowledge of this will take me, but I know it is for better.

    They exploit all of our weaknesses. Because of the Illuminati, I gave up on TV, music, pop-culture, privacy, and even my innocence. But I won't ever give up on my humanity. They can never take away the love and forgiveness that resides in humans. They don't understand that indeed, are all special, and we all can make a change.

  19. wish it was longer. i'm pretty sure there are a lot more out there but still a good analysis VC Thanks!

  20. I wish these people to understand their culture is UGLY. Definitely ugly:They may be rich, these Illuminati, but they've got no taste, the images are not beautiful, they've got a lot of money but whatever they produce is inevitably ugly and cheap in the substance, I agree with Whoopydoo, their artists are overrated, Lady GaGa is very ugly too, and she sounds like a stupid girl who pretends not to know what she's doing, and their movies are boring, and their intellectual actors (see Natalie Portman) are not so good and not even so beautiful as they are sold for, like a poor material sold at the price of gold. Did you see Natalie Portman? Is she really so beautiful? Is she really such a good actress? Or am I blind? I see her always the same in all movies no matter what she plays. Nicole Kidman is beautiful, Robert DeNiro is a good actor the rest is cheap and you can see it.

    We've got not one eye blind;

    We've got two.

  21. blahhh! more blatant and disgusting with each passing month. though not totally connected to this show of pure evil, it still is connected when looking at things from a broader perspective. to those of you who have visited the sister site "knowledge files" i think you may have come across a book called "perspectives on initiation" by rene guenon. it completely dispels all the speculation and conjecture there is on initiatic organizations. by initiatic organizations, i don't mean occult schools or secret societies. i think that everyone who is serious about finding out the truth on the nature of "enlightened persons" should check it out. it also dispels the common notion that to be truly initiated and to achieve true enlightenment, you have to be born into a "bloodline" and that that would make you an elite. this is completely false, this and a large variety of other misconceptions. the book may seem "intimidating" due to its long sequence of premises before arriving to a conclusion, especially on our modern age where most have been mind-numbed to the point of near-total degradation in terms of concentration power, but i'm a teenager and i think that if i could read and understand it, then it follows that everyone can, at least everyone that wants to.(that or i'm dumber than i think, maybe it's an easy read!). anyways, in that book, he talks about the "counter-initiation" which is a group of satanic "black-magicians" that seek to move further and further away from the Supreme Principle and more towards the very base "astral light". sites like this one analyse their practices and beliefs, showing their nature. i feel that most people confuse True initiation and mystery schools with the counter-initiation, the demonic cabal that has acquired psychic powers , albeit from its lower and very dangerous side. they use these powers fro their own affairs and may use the man of ordinary consciousness to serve their own ends, hence the array of satanic symbols and debasement of the human to a level of "animal" propagated by mass media, occult logos in companies and the like. they are the "evil illuminati". i would like to say that in my opinion, True Initiation is the best experience a human, constituting the "elite" can have, for it leads him/her to the very heart of God. Vigilant, i ask if you could talk about this more and differentiate between:

    (a). "the profane" i.e. those incapable of true spiritual experience due to their own choice, and worse still those who refuse the existence of anything outside the material realm.

    (b). "the counter-initiates". i.e. those who do have access to things outside the ordinary realm of consciousness but misuse their status and move away from Principle, distorting themselves further and ruining everything for everyone, the embodiment of the "devil".

    (c). the True Initiates, who have the Potential to surpass the ordinary level of consciousness and, based on their capacity, either accomplish the fulfillment of the "lesser mysteries" or go further and fulfill the "greater mysteries".

    the Initiatic Organizations such as Masonry and The True Brothers of the Rose Cross are some of the Western Initiatic organizations that have undergone degeneration either by admitting profane people into their order or by moving away from principle and forming "the counter-initiation", the perversion of Light. the French Compagnonnage is another western initiatic organization that has undergone degeneration. of all the Western Organizations, only Masonry and the Compagnonnage are still legitimate Initiatic organizations, although nearly all have undergone degeneration by assimilating unfit people who do not constitute the "elite" into their orders. i have tried to touch some issues i think are worth noting, though i kindly ask all frequent visitors to this site to read it. Vigilant, it would be cool if you wrote something on this, differentiating the True Initiation, i.e. the good guys, from the counter-initiation, the bad guys who produce such filth. also, please add more of rene guenon's books to knowledge files if you can, i appreciate all the hard work you do to help us, may you be richly Blessed.

  22. Can it not get any darker than this? Police arresting rioting fashion models and taking over the fashion industry itself?

    And yet some blind dumbsh!ts just dont know what they getting themselves into by respecting them when they have no idea what evil is being hidden behind these so-called "awesome" themes.

    May they be brainwashed and forever condemned to bondage by doing the deeds of the elite and then later on realized what the f*ck they just got themselves into.

    Well done VC keep up the mind-opening research that you do which clearly shows the truth to which many people are obviously blind to and yet refute and mock the truth thats is being illustrated here saying things like "believers being a bunch of faggots" when they themselves ARE the facts that just don't want to believe anything thats truthful about these sinister activites.

    And again I say…keep up the good work.

    • Sorry meant to say those unbelievers were faggots that just don't want to believe these sinister activities going on.

  23. Also notice how Rihanna wears a necklace and black trousers in exactly the same way as the kitten slaves on her tshirt.

  24. The poster of the rock stars is certainly ranking them financially but also ranking their influence in mainstream media.

    The illuminati are sure making a sign and mockery of how they control the public through their favourite 'stars'. I mean Bono is famous for his philanthropic works but like someone asked, how involved really is he in these campaigns, or is his name just a rubber stamp to access public sympathy and therefore their money. Remember the RED campaign a few years back that was even endorsed by Oprah. Hmm he sure got a pretty penny for his ‘efforts’ by trading in facebook shares. Who in their right mind buys a 1% share by spending 90mil for a ‘free’ social networking site. You are right i'm no economist but thats just a crazy way to spend your money if you ask me. You could improve plenty of African countries GDP’s with that kind of cash…hmm I catch a whiff of a conspiracy there…lol.

    What I get from the poster, toe the line and pledge your loyalty to our cause and you will be rewarded handsomely for your ‘efforts’.

  25. The models in those ad campaigns have no fashion sense whatsover. What with being molested by the police…..DISTASTEFUL!!!

  26. I wouldn't call that modeling whatsoever. It's another photographer pushing the envelope. I doubt the models understand what the pictures actually mean. It's not that they are stupid; but they are probably ignorant to symbols and the way the world is heading.

    Lady Gaga is a joke. She was on the cover of Vogue. Her behind the scenes photo shoot pics were printed. Of course the photo for the cover of the mag was extremely different and photoshopped! I can't stand her.

    All Rihanna sings about is sex, sex, and more sex. I like some of her songs. But I am old enough to know the difference and not be a follower of hers and want to be like her.

  27. Not to hate or anything, but I think Kreayshawn is only doing all that stuff, because she wants attention. She's – as nice as it can be said – a "fame-whore".

  28. VC does the world a great service by collecting and publicizing these examples of "Illuminati" images. When collected together in one place – even the most skeptical fair minded observer is forced to realize that "Illuminated" mind control is not only real but completely pervasive in modern society.

    What most people who study this topic casually do NOT realize however – is that the images above are merely "taunts" or "boasts" from the "Illuminati" – symbols blatantly intended to tell us that They are here, They are in control, and They don't care if we know it. The actual Mind Control is no longer accomplished through mere cultural symbolism and ritual – but through the use of extremely advanced technology that allows them to program humans and remotely seize control of them at the brainstem level. This Monarch technology encodes HIDDEN signals in web pages, television, music, video games, and so on – including in all sorts of "wholesome" media that appears on the surface to be opposed to "Illuminated" influence. These hidden signals gradually program the viewer until it is possible for total Monarch control to be initiated remotely. From that point on – the victim never knows what music or video or web page or even printed image might contain the activation code that turns him or her into a Monarch Sex Puppet. The victim leaves their computer or video game as if in a trance – seemingly normal to observers but unaware of their actions – and proceeds to whatever location ordered by the controllers where they are used for sex rituals, to commit crimes, and so forth. After the session is complete, memory wipe ensures that the victim is unaware that they have had their bodies hijacked as Monarch Sex Puppets. Generally speaking the only way most victims become suspicious is when they notice they have missed time, are particularly tired, have a feeling of being sexually drained, etc.

    Monarch Sex Puppet Mind Control is not something being done only to a few celebrities and politicians anymore. It is not something done only to people who do not have good values and strong faith. It is being done to millions of ordinary people just because they consume a sufficient amount of infected media. It may be happening to YOU.

    The photos above touch on the usual array of "Illuminati" themes – as always primarily revolving around deviant group sex magick rituals that are central to the ancient "Illuminati" cult:

    Thanks to decades of "Illuminati" manipulation of our culture, 2012 has been the year in which deviant BDSM sex has gone "mainstream" with 50 Shades of Grey and broad public acceptance of activities that are still illegal in many countries. The first series of photos emphasizes the "Illuminati" love of rough and degrading sex. This sort of "cosplay" involves "gunplay", "zoophilia", and other fetishes. It represents the great pleasure the "Illuminati" take in degrading and sexually abusing humanity as well as being a literal depiction of elements in their sex magick ritual orgies.

    As has been previously explained – the "Illuminati" love anal sex above all other types of penetration and associated the anus with the "Third Eye" constantly being referenced in the occluded eye gesture. They have been promoting sodomy vigorously for centuries – particularly through the promotion of the classic "technical virgin"/"Catholic girl" encouragement of anal sex. Many of the current crop of pop stars have embraced their "technical virgin" backgrounds and/or their complete love of anal sex – and among the most notorious of these is ministry raised Katy Perry.

    The model making the three "Illuminati" mudras is evoking erotic asphyxiation or "breathplay" in the first of these. This is another staple of "Illuminati" sex magick and is also the key in a certain type of "Illuminated" sacrifice in which the victim is strangled to death while being sodomized on the high altar. A study of celebrity deaths associated with this practice will provide some recent examples of "accidents" that weren't….

    The Kreayshawn cover is notable for its references to ANOTHER important meaning of the "single eye" for the "Illuminati". Here we see the artist surrounded by "one eyed snakes" or sentient penises. This represents the group defilement and multiple simultaneous penetrations normally inflicted on participants in their sex magick rituals. The image also emphasizes their love of bondage and tentacle sex.

    After all we know about "Illuminati" control of politics – it should surprise no one that Romney is proudly depicted holding a removable semenancy canvas of the the sort used in semen divination rituals.

    There is no avoiding the truth: The "Illuminated" have achieved near complete control over government and media of all types across the globe. They now have the power to use sex magick mind control technology on millions of people simultaneously. Many people reading this are likely already being used as Monarch Sex Puppets for unimaginable perversions. If one is not prepared to disconnect COMPLETELY from popular media of all sorts the only way to protect oneself and one's family is to carefully study the details of the sex perversions favored by the "Illuminati" so that one may recognize the signs that one has been used as a Sex Puppet. Good luck to all of you!

    • Great work Dr S!

      You are right about the Sodomy part.

      Women in Pakistan and India average 6 children per mother.

      I was a Doctor myself , but left the profession as its all a sham!

      Do you have any idea how traumatic child birth is.

      How many hundreds of millions of women have died during child birth…

      the natural order….

      Man wants sex

      women want children…

      2+2= over population, stupidity, unequal distribution of resources…..the root of all social problems..

      beyond the religiously infused ideas of good clean sex..

      what is sex

      an emission of body fluids…and a mental relief when things get too tough…

      a natural mechanism..

      the great jehovah has put the greatest pleasure with the greatest turmoil…

      the phallus with the testicles….the uterus with the ovaries…

      so that man keep on coming back again into this pans labyrinth called earth to be tortured and utilized.

      this is the fundamental schism that gnostics have with jehovah…

      they will not play his mean game…

      they will tell this phallic lord….

      we will not be subjugated to gravity,human instinct, hunger, fear again.

      please take some time to visit Rwanda….and see the people with their arms hacked off by machettes provided by the people republic of china…

      This world is hell Dr S.

      and we all pay our price….

      Like the great Voltaire said

      "its better to have been never born at all"

      I for once sympathize with the illuminati….

      they have great responsibility on their shoulders…

      a lot depends on them to deliver the great work….

      i have seen your christian and moslem pundits….high priests..

      if people only knew…..

      yes illuminati do evil things…

      yes they are odd people…

      yes their institutional thinking and moralities are upside down…

      but have a bigger picture…..

      the greatest good comes from the greatest evil…….

      but you need a very high vantage point to see this view….

      you have to rise above your own mortal self and see the great game….

      Man is man…..

      there is nothing like him…

      A dualistic puppet..

      both good and evil….

      "all things are at their level of perfection" Francesco Guiciardini

      The true gnostics…..the hidden doctrine….

      there is a greater good in it….

      provided you can see through the layers of deceit..

      • @Fidelio. In all seriousness, can I ask you something? IF the Illuminati were to get their way in the long-term, let's say such a thing as what's happening in the images above came to fruition- A police state- and you or any of your loved ones were subject to such brutality and removal of basic rights, would you still "sympathise" with the elite responsible for such a world? I don't know if you have any children, like I do, but if you saw a cop with his boot on your child's throat and you KNEW it was the ruling class of this world who had caused such a thing to happen, would you honestly be as apathetic as you are now? I'm really curious after reading all of your posts.

      • @JG!

        Why did you create your kids in the first place.

        Had it not occurred to you that you are bringing your children to this miserbale planet ,that is over filled with 7 billion monkeys , each of them wanting to excel in life and each willing to destroy all others for their own gain.

        Had it not occurred to you, in your moments of pleasure that tomorrow your son will have to go through years and years of mind control through you and your wife, rubbish schools and high schools,most probably by state propganda, fight wars for the rich, maybe get to kill a lot of innocent people for a small piece of metal called a medal, go through stupidities all his life, till he gets stifled by diseases and then falls dead.

        Next insects will eat his body till it becomes a skeleton.

        Far worse for your daughter, who have to go through child rearing, child birth, abusive men and then quietly take chemotherapy some 35 years from now , while she wears a head band to hide her bald head.

        She will end up with the insects too….

        This is what you have condemned your children too..

        Not death……but life….the great unknown..

        Prisoners of fate…

        Why ………….we're these children brought to this suffering..?

        Coz daddy dearest needed some action.

        Daddy dearest could have easily off loaded his sperms on a tissue paper and gone to sleep knowing he spared a human being a chance of miserable existence.

        Nononono…..daddy dearest likes good clean fun.

        This world is a meat packing factory sir….

        A prison…

        And the ruler of this reality is truly a butcher, who wears a nice guys mask.

        So have it your way.

        I am lucky….I never created any children.

        I would never wish such a miserable fate on people who come from my existence..

        I am not a sadist….

        I have the highest empathy of the poor , miserable people of this world.

        Now zip it and use a rubber.

        And dont condemn another human being to this suffering

      • @JG

        I have worked as a doctor all my life, in the poorest countries of the world.Unlike other doctors, I treated patients for free.

        The same miserable stories over and over again.

        Sex is mans greatest weakness.

        It is the greatest pleasure but also the greatest misery for man.

        The same dualism, made by the dualistic demiurge of this cosmos.

        I have seen hundreds of young women dying in child birth.

        Women being abused and black mailed through sex.

        Young men barely able to question anything ,made into mind controlled soldiers , doing the rich people's dirty work.

        All these catholic and Christian ministries want these poor people to produce more children, so that they remain subjugated,poor and always under the hook of the high priests.

        Churches use these poor people and there naievity to control them all their lives.

        Enough of this nonsense.

        May these Gnostics succeed.

  29. I sent in the pic of the Whitney Houston O.P.I tribute. I knew something didnt feel right when I saw it. O.P.I had to be exposed.

  30. 1. I wonder if it means anything that Katy Perry came out with bright orange hair immediately following the Joker killings in Aurora?

    2. Bono is richer than Paul McCartney and Madonna? Interesting. I remember how his Forbes magazine investment failed. Must have had some other better ones.

    • I also wonder why K. Perry is suddenly so gothed out when she has always been so bubblegum and garish. The switch to black and somber seems weird.

  31. Glad to see the OPI makeup company mentioned–one of the most popular brands of polish in almost all of those nail salons you can find in almost any town. I've been to dozens across the country in past years to know this!

    Speaking of makeup companies, an online image search for "Sephora" (one of the largest cosmetic chains in the world) blatantly reveals the Illuminati black-white-red theme. And notice their thick black and white striped pillar-like store entrances. They carry the brand URBAN DECAY that has an eyeliner called Black Magic. What the hell was I really walking into every time I went into that store!

    They also have a few natural brands, though I wonder if this is just a way to lure consumer funds away from legitimately natural cosmetic companies with comparable prices (Dr. Hauschka comes to mind), sort of like the big food industry companies having organic lines to include a wider audience that wants to make healthier choices, but then many of these companies contribute huge amounts of money (like Monsanto contributing $4.2 million recently) to defeat legislation like Proposition 37 that would require companies to label genetically modified ingredients.

    Enough before I go too far off topic.

  32. i been noticing alot tv shows and videos be having black and white checkered floors, any kind of coincidence, on Disney Nickelodeon hip hop videos, new Nikki mange video, i just keep noticing it.

  33. VC, is there a consensus on anti-Illuminati symbols out there? Let's try and get these out in the open.

    • Anti-Illuminati symbology IS Illuminati symbology…it is the content behind the symbol which dictates it's meaning.

      Thanks to the "law of the polarity of meanings of elementary graphs", symbols are used within the context of both good and evil.

      For example the pentagram was drawn on doors during the Middle Ages for protection AGAINST evil due to the fact that it was known as the Seal of Solomon. It is also representative simply of the human being in Pythagorean mysticism and also denotes date of birth on early tombstones. Now when you see it you automatically equate devil worship to it.

      The cross originally symbolized death, guilt, sin, and burial but was adopted by Christianity and thus the law of polarity went into effect and was then representative of resurrection, rebirth, salvation, and eternal life.

      The swastika was first dated to the Summerians and early drawings indicate the it meant "sun". It's also associated with Buddhism and in Japan indicates the "magnificent" number 10,000. It also symbolizes "Brigit's Cross", a Celtic goddess celebrated by Wiccans. And we all are well aware of what Hitler did with it.

      The All Seeing Eye is derived from the Egyptian symbol for the Eye of Horus which indicated a higher level of spiritual awareness. Of course in freemasonry it denotes the Grand Architect and we all know that the Illuminati like to make sure we view it now as they have their "eye" on us.

      And of course by being on top of a pyramid (which can be broken down to the "triangle" symbol) they have turned it around to indicate that they are above the holy trinity of father, son, and holy spirit. A triangle symbol was adopted by Christianity for that purpose.

      Of course now in modern ideography, a pyramid symbol has been adopted by homosexual individuals to denote their sexuality (instead of the male/female symbol).

      I can go on and on but the fact remains that if you want "anti-Illuminati" symbology, simply take back what they stole and use the symbols in the context of decency, purity, honesty, and incorruptibility.

      Good luck! But the power behind the current crop of constant ideography probably won't be too concerned about it. If it's being used by every facet of media, culture, and corporate affairs it's safe to assume you have neither the financial resources nor the distribution capability to "sow the seeds" so to speak. Obviously they do, and perpetually at that.

      But I like where you're head's at!! I've often thought myself about the symbols they've deemed worth of stealing. But all you have to consider as you are bombarded hourly by ancient symbols representing greed and consumerism is this: The Law of Polarity of Meanings of Elementary Graphs. Educate yourself to the meanings of every symbol you come across because the only real power is knowledge. It's your mind they are waging a war for — don't let them take it without a fight.

      When Katy Perry or Nicki Manaj or your favorite actor starts throwing around their symbols, always remember it has an equally powerful opposite meaning that isn't associated with their ideologies, but rather for less sinister and more meaningfull purposes.

      Hang in there and don't let the feelings of helplessness or confusion overcome you when you see eyes, pyramids, the a-ok hand signal, butterflies, lightning, pentagrams, or any other ridiculous symbol derived from cave scribblings. That's what they want you to feel…don't give 'em the satisfaction!

  34. In the name of Jesus on

    Very sad! the TSA/police photoshoot is so sick! So many blind people out there. Clean your eyes this is real.Wake up from the coma be alive want to change the world? start with yourself. Look up, God loves you Jesus paid the price for everyone, not just some, Everyone.Don't let anyone lie to you that Christ isn't the King. Jesus is the Lord of Lords King of Kings. Peace be with you all.

  35. This is the most un-intellectual comment ever,

    but I laughed forever at the "Illuminate your cigarette with this illuminati lighter"

  36. Divineinfinitesubrou on

    It truly is a microcosmic aspect mirrored within your indecision and infighting… as the old axiom states, as above, so below. But enough of the conveniently "borrowed" wisdom of adepts,I believe a bit of clarity is in order, for the ones in this thread that are in opposition, I applaud both your efforts and passions, but to further clarify, Jehovah, otherwise known as Enlil, the instigator of the great deluge, and E.a, or Enki's brother, have been warring with each other for aeons on end, the latter one the father of mankind, well, in all actuality, a highly advanced geneticist that spawned what you are at present, Homo Sapiens Sapiens, or better yet, a version of Golem to them, or hominid, homunculus, whatever, due to the de-activation of you other dNA strands, leaving only two measly ones left( recall the cadeceus?) In essence, you were crafted to mine for gold, as far as we know, among other things, which is where we get the tales of Sheol, or Hades,Hell from… It is in these dark cavernous mines, often digging away for gold until collapse and death did these exhaust ridden slaves suffer delusions that pre-empted the visions and traditions of hades… and their master was E.a or Enki the light bearer, the serpent, the reptilian, Lucifer,etc. The part that gets everyone lost and off track is this, Enlil did away with this creature called Adamu, Adam, mankind via a great deluge, as told in numerous scripture spread about. now was this because of his opposition to his brother, who was appointed the superior to him, or was this because he saw that to bind the ascended soul matrices of these Annunaki with hominids, or what have you, was essentially an abomonation, and thusly decided to do away with them in accord with the one we shall deem " The Infinite Creator" and his universal laws? At this point is where the disinfo along with a major schism manifests… it states in these cuneiform Sumerian tablets that Enki began to develop an affinity for these Adam, and taught them the arts, language, agriculture,etc…. Was Enlil jealous? or was he sympathetic knowing this was all a clever ruse to keep us confined within the lower density perpective and thus chose to release us back in reunification with our oversoul? So this raises a few key questions we all come to conclude, which one is which? who is really the good guy? And not to mention their father, King Anu, who is waiting offworld on Nibiru for some input. Why would anyone worship these two quarreling buffoons when their father is pulling the strings? And where did he come from, he is confined to another sphere which obviously conforms to a Lower density than The Most High. Literally the term Annunaki means,"those from heaven came to earth" so it is quite apparent they are no Gods, just infighting advanced bipedal parasites that spread disinformation via doctrines rooted in our archetypical subconscious mind with a heavy dose of fear. They are a galactic scourge,of primitive mind yet advanced, and all the cowardly Brotherhood orginazations that are poking their heads out don't realize that for a few seconds of relative time and base gain they betrayed their light brothers and sisters and got their ticket up the ascension ladder downgraded, if not taken away for a considerable time out. A simple truth, nothing positive ever comes to fruition under the veil of secrecy, such as these so- called "elitists" cabals and societies parameters fall within. Have you ever paid to join up for a "pyramid" scheme? Of course not! Unless you are lazy and desperate… and we can see how that ends up… remember the Ponzi scheme? Look, I am just providing a frame of reference as to how transparent these weak, primitive power structures are when the doctrination of fear is removed…FEAR! from that stems all sorts of sytemic troubles…ego, hostility,jealosy, obsession,etc. Our primitive reptilian center of the brain is where these aspect are being processed, and it is now obvious to see why they have not evolved themselves AT ALL for unfathomable measures… because without compassion, love, cooperation…these things are in essence the food of the soul,psyche,spirit…the true philosopher's stone… not some get enlightened-illumed-quick ponzi-pyramid scheme where one is at the top and all others get progressively trampled on in succession…that is called a house of cards my friend, and we all know how that ends up! The only way to truly serve yourself is to serve others, because they are all part of one divine essence. Signing out… a Sub-routine that is of this Divine essence.

    • "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." I wish I could say that all these foolish whisperings were humorous. They are not. "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind." Have fun: let your vanity reign over your mouth, and the weakness of your mind trouble others who are weak in both spirit and flesh. It will not go unpunished. All the days are numbered, and the number of days spent are a great many. How many days are left for repentance? Few. Very few. I see not the beast yet the advent of his image into this world. The days are few. Christ is calling His people. Come to Him and stand fast. Leave the fools to their fodder.

  37. would you drink the on

    Memorable quotes for

    Looker (1981)

    "John Reston: Television can control public opinion more effectively than armies of secret police, because television is entirely voluntary. The American government forces our children to attend school, but nobody forces them to watch T.V. Americans of all ages *submit* to television. Television is the American ideal. Persuasion without coercion. Nobody makes us watch. Who could have predicted that a *free* people would voluntarily spend one fifth of their lives sitting in front of a *box* with pictures? Fifteen years sitting in prison is punishment. But 15 years sitting in front of a television set is entertainment. And the average American now spends more than one and a half years of his life just watching television commercials. Fifty minutes, every day of his life, watching commercials. Now, that's power."


    "The United States has it's own propaganda, but it's very effective because people don't realize that it's propaganda. And it's subtle, but it's actually a much stronger propaganda machine than the Nazis had but it's funded in a different way. With the Nazis it was funded by the government, but in the United States, it's funded by corporations and corporations they only want things to happen that will make people want to buy stuff. So whatever that is, then that is considered okay and good, but that doesn't necessarily mean it really serves people's thinking – it can stupify and make not very good things happen."

    – Crispin Glover:


    "It's only logical to assume that conspiracies are everywhere, because that's what people do. They conspire. If you can't get the message, get the man." – Mel Gibson (from an interview)


    "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." – William Casey, CIA Director


    "The real reason for the official secrecy, in most instances, is not to keep the opposition (the CIA's euphemistic term for the enemy) from knowing what is going on; the enemy usually does know. The basic reason for governmental secrecy is to keep you, the American public, from knowing – for you, too, are considered the opposition, or enemy – so that you cannot interfere. When the public does not know what the government or the CIA is doing, it cannot voice its approval or disapproval of their actions. In fact, they can even lie to your about what they are doing or have done, and you will not know it. As for the second advantage, despite frequent suggestion that the CIA is a rogue elephant, the truth is that the agency functions at the direction of and in response to the office of the president. All of its major clandestine operations are carried out with the direct approval of or on direct orders from the White House. The CIA is a secret tool of the president – every president. And every president since Truman has lied to the American people in order to protect the agency. When lies have failed, it has been the duty of the CIA to take the blame for the president, thus protecting him. This is known in the business as "plausible denial." The CIA, functioning as a secret instrument of the U.S. government and the presidency, has long misused and abused history and continues to do so."

    – Victor Marchetti, Propaganda and Disinformation: How the CIA Manufactures History


    George Carlin:

    "The real owners are the big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions. Forget the politicians, they're an irrelevancy. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don't. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land. They own and control the corporations. They've long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the statehouses, the city halls. They've got the judges in their back pockets. And they own all the big media companies, so that they control just about all of the news and information you hear. They've got you by the balls. They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want; they want more for themselves and less for everybody else.

    But I'll tell you what they don't want. They don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don't want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking. They're not interested in that. That doesn't help them. That's against their interests. They don't want people who are smart enough to sit around the kitchen table and figure out how badly they're getting fucked by a system that threw them overboard 30 fucking years ago.

    You know what they want? Obedient workers people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork but just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shittier jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, reduced benefits, the end of overtime and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it. And, now, they're coming for your Social Security. They want your fucking retirement money. They want it back, so they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street. And you know something? They'll get it. They'll get it all, sooner or later, because they own this fucking place. It's a big club, and you ain't in it. You and I are not in the big club.

    This country is finished."


    We now return you Americans to your media: Corporate, Government sponsored and controlled (rigged) elections..

    Most of you are all so asleep it's time you woke up!

    • Isn't there a good Gore Vidal, Ray Bradbury or Chris Rock quote you could have thrown in for good measure?

      I am heading up to the 11th floor right after I write this to stand on the ledge and contemplate jumping, all because George Carlin told me we're fucked.

      Gee, thanks for that.

  38. say no to blue spiri on

    The number of people here bashing God's name and suggesting He is some other type of false god is insane.

    Moving on, I believe the 'blue' creatures are similar, if not part of some of the false spirits of Hinduism. People have had dreams about these creatures which were less than friendly, female blue creatures being implanted into humans, lying down before implantation on some sort of individual beds, salivating like crazy towards the dreamer.

    Be careful, there's only one way out, and it's through Jesus Christ to Yahweh, with the blessing of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. Read The Bible and don't believe what the many false prophets and mini-antichrists say about God and His Book. Test every spirit, to make sure they are from God. Do not let yourself be caught up in ghost hunter shows, movies, paranormal activities, these evil spiritual beings WANT your attention and LUST for their unholy MERGING into your body and they will lie and lie and lie to get close to you.

    • Thank you. The one beacon of reason in a sea of lunacy who have played right into the hands of evil. No surprise there, but it is somewhat shocking that they are not involved with the screening of Tom Cruise's next wife. Priorities, you know.

    • But be honest : not two people, even in the same faith/religion, have the same view of who and what God is.

      Clearly, God want to teach us something about ourselves and eternity. Good or Bad, we will see at the time of our last hour. I hope we will be at peace with this things, maybe with a good laugh at the End of the Times, in this magnificent place where the dreams come true. Through violent elements, God teaches us to create beautiful things, it's obvious.

      Jesus Christ give us the right to love who we want to, in a new cosmic way. And today, we will rise up again soon, not because of the religion, not because of the illuminati, but because the song in the universe never remains the same.

      In the Future, Science will prove the existence of God, or a God, and Religion will be born again as completely new, without his dark parts. All this just to make humans having more fun eating jam in this beautiful cosmic travel.

  39. Lol. On the website:

    Pretty Little Liars' Summer Finale

    Posted 8/28/12 6:00 pm EST by Amy Wilkinson in The Twitter Nation, TV News

    Is Garrett "The Lady Killer"? Here's hoping all will be illuminated during tonight's "Pretty Little Liar's" Summer finale as the officer goes on trial for Maya's murder………

    To put it bluntly… That's fucked.

    To see it for yourself, here is the link.. (warning to my American friends, the link may not work)

  40. I swear, this world annoys the hell out of me. Just what do the so-called elites aim for? I don't understand why they think they should control the mass because they feel like it. Free will is part of someone else's life and they should never mess with it.

  41. The model with the hands like horns is not necessary an allusion to Baphomet, but in the first place, this is a reconnaissance of Isis, as a "sacred cow". The Freemasons of a certain degree still worship Isis as a Goddess today.

    Horns doesn't mean evil in a lot of case, but just the material world connected to the spirit/spiritual world.

  42. idk it seems a little too obvious to me. Almost like they are just messing with us for the fun of it. Its scary though i wont lie. i listen to jay z and alot of rap and i hear them say things about the devil but i just blow it off b/c they are ignorant and dont respect the opinions and beleifs of others. So i feel like music cannot brainwash me b/c i see it as just the word of man and not the word of God. i dont want to beleive in this iluminati mind control stuff but it just gets more and more blatant.

    • the other half on

      "…b/c they are ignorant and do not respect the opinions and beliefs of others." i dont want to call you a hypocrite but if they want to believe in…well…a giant eye. then they have every right to do so. You dont respect their beliefs, why would they respect yours? Just my opinion though. People wear crosses and have church and the little caps jewish folks wear and the hoods those arab chicks wear people are blatant with religion. Theirs just looks cooler. Not saying its right just saying they have THE right. think about it.

  43. I didn't read all of the comments but the people on Rhianna's shirt are Sid Vicious (of the Sex Pistols) and Nancy Spungeon (punk rock's equivalent of Courtney Love) with kitten heads superimposed.

    I know what you're trying to do in keeping well-informed but I think sometimes you reach a little too far in your analyses.

  44. I believe Fidelio's got a problem. It is obvious that the ten Commandaments are better than their reverse. Are you sure you want to be killed, sacrificed, your family destroyed, your goods stolen and so on? Is it so difficult to admit, after a Ton of books read, it is simply better.


    Do me a favour, practise some sport

  45. Those TSA "fashion" ads are pretty upsetting. I traveled by plane in 2011 for the first time in a few years. I refused to go through the full body scanners so of course, I received a friendly pat down from the TSA. It's a little humiliating and awkward, so the next time I requested that it be done in private. I get a little angry and upset about this kind of thing and I was not watching myself as I began to mouth off about how the TSA was blatantly imposing on our freedoms under the guise of "safety". The woman who administered my pat down and the woman who was serving as a witness both were taken aback by my snips and when I apologized they both said things to the effect of "We understand, and we don't agree with it either." And that seems to be the consensus, among the MAJORITY of TSA agents I have spoken with. How sick is that? These people need jobs so badly that they are willing to commit acts of oppression against their fellow humans and countrymen that go against their own beliefs? Sad, sad, sad.

  46. Not my Gwen!!!!!!!!!!!!! I refuse to believe she is a part of it, I think that picture is one of the few instances of coincidence ( or perhaps the photographer/editor are working for the Elites and Gwen is just unwittingly participatingin the photoshoot) I've followed her entire career and she always seems to be an individual. I noticed that with her solo stuff there was some symbolism involved (and she is very connected to fashion) but she abruptly quit her pop career and went back to her band giving little to know explanation of why….my guess is she found out some stuff and didn't want to be a part of it.

  47. i think its taking this too far… most of these are just a fashion statements or art license. i do THE SAME SHOOTS AND LAYOUTS as a design and layout designer/photographer. i assure you that i have nothing to do with illuminati… its just artistic

  48. I just have one question vc if the TSA searches and pat-downs are not for security reasons then what are the true reasons?

  49. eh, we know the entertainment industry is filled with subliminal messages. my thing what are you going to do about it? Steven Meisel's to me are actually great the state of emergency pictures. they are epic. Is it fashion absolutely fashion doesn't make anysense but the picture does… don't obey the illuminati or those in power and this is exactly what will happen to u if u dont listen. Stop supporting garbage television get the ratings down.

    Get christians in the main stream and get back good god inspired programs n ads back in TV n Ads