Symbolic Pics of the Month (08/12)


In this edition of the Symbolic Pics of the Month: The Olympics, Azelia Banks, Selena Gomez, Beyonce and the fashion world gone Illuminati.

The Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics basically took place in a gigantic eye. The culmination of the ceremony was the lightening of the Olympic cauldron which was, incidentally, the pupil of the eye. Expect a full analysis of the ceremonies once the Games are over.


Speaking of one gigantic eye, here’s one of the mascots of the Olympics. Hundreds of them are scattered around London.


Speaking of eye, Rita Ora (who was featured in last month’s Pics of the Month) unveiled her new album cover. Yes, it is all about one eye symbolism, like countless other industry puppet’s album covers. Original, brilliant, profound, revolutionary – those are all words that we cannot apply to this album cover.


Dior’s new ad campaign features not-so-subtle one-eye action.


Another brand, same sign.


Fashion magazine, same sign.


Here’s Beyonce flashing the Roc aka “eye-inside pyramid” sign for her fans on Tumblr.


The handsign made by Beyonce is featured on this t-shirt made by yet another brand using a lot of Illuminati symbolism, WAXDfashion


More symbolism from same brand.


Yup, they really want kids walking around with these symbols.


Fashion brand Iron Fist wants you to party with them…while they’re flipping you off and flashing a single eye inside an inverted pentagram.



Azealia Banks is becoming one of these artists that is forcibly pushed down our collective throats. She hasn’t accomplished much  but she is already clear on who’s controlling her.


She’s constantly sporting Mickey Mouse-related stuff – a mind control symbol that is often slapped onto industry pawns. But maybe this shirt is just a coincidence…no pattern there…


Still can be a coincidence.


A big-ass Mickey Mouse head right between her legs on cover of Paper magazine.


MK symbolism right on her head. No coincidence.


Azealia seems to enjoy her Baphomet horns in the video Liquorice.


Her album cover pretty much sums it up: A beautiful siren under the control of the all-seeing eye.


Robert Downey Jr. giving the “one-eyed salute” in many different ways.


Keith Urban combines one-eye with the “hidden hand”, a Masonic symbol (see the article entitled The Hidden Hand that Shaped History).


The “original” Sugababes are back together as “Mutya Keisha Siobhan”. To celebrate their comeback, they released these pics announcing that they’re still pawns.


Selena Gomez thought it was a good idea to sport a shirt bearing 666 while visiting a children’s hospital.


Speaking of the number of the beast, a new TV series entitled 666 Park Avenue will soon be featured on ABC. According to the network, the series “follows a couple who learns that the Manhattan building complex that they just moved into, including its upscale tenants, might be possessed by a mysterious demonic force”. This story is very similar to Rosemary’s Baby, a movie that was analyzed on this site, where rich elitists living in NYC dabble with the occult forces and the Devil himself. This promotional pic clearly features a Masonic checkerboard pattern.


This image is heavily circulating around social networks. What’s your take on it?


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378 Comments on "Symbolic Pics of the Month (08/12)"

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Rebuilding the pyramids is not going to benefit Americans interested in prosperity and justice, or Constitutional rights. Like the real pyramids, it is done for rulers only, and spending one's life building that pyramid is futile for the slaves that built it. Although the new pyramids are financial in nature through corporate capitalism, the outcme is the same. Dumbing down America or making education financially prohibitive works to make new slaves, and prevent them from uprising. Having a tax, therefore, for usury and fraud used to build those financial pyramids makes sense if companies are not going to be held liable to the individual lives they steal to make them, or jailed like common thieves they are too often exposed to be. By separating manufacture from selling having them made overseas, they smply disguise the defects and toxicity to use overseas slaves instead. Like a pyramid fountain, the money goes… Read more »

This world is an illusion and as the genius Bill Hick's said,'It's just a ride".

You know, this is all very startling. I've been interested in this for some time but the more I look at some of my resources, I'm starting to get a little confused. I just have a couple of questions.

Why are they being so blatant?
What is going to happen to us and when?
Why is The Holmes man obviously a fake? Is it so they could have more support for removing guns?

To the vigilant citizen and readers!
Could somebody please explain that last picture of James Holmes please? It looks weird but I can't figure out the illuminati symbolism behind it…?

Could not help but notice that the first thing my eye was drawn to in the Iron Fist photo was the eye on her shirt which her hair conveniently frames like a triangle. Which at another glance turns out to be the nose of a skull wearing sunglasses. I just thought that it was a little bit ironic.

The Sugababes now– Mutya Keisha Siobhan, as in MK'S. Lol

Yea, WAXDfashion… child's fly is down… and his belt buckle is Jack Daniels… wowsers.

Matthew 6:22: "The lamp of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light."

Only one eye is mentioned here in spite of the fact that we have two eyes. The eye lets in the light, which is typical of understanding.

By what means do we discern and understand? One mean is by reasoning, which is the only one that the unbeliever uses. But the positive right eye symbolizes the principle of FAITH, by which the believer understands what the unbeliever misses entirely. Compare Hebrews 11:3 and I Corinthians 2:14-15.

To accept Satanic doctrine one must virtually have his right eye torn out.

In relation to the mickey mouse pictures…. Has no one stopped to think maybe she just likes mickey mouse? It's hardly out of the ordinary for one to like mickey mouse….

That Rita Ora album cover is so annoying. They're so unoriginal, it pees me right off.


do all ‘slaves/puppets’ get tortured, or do most simply obey instructions that are given to them for money/success/fame (without the torture?). im not a huge fan of many of these celebrities but its very sad to think that they might be getting tortured eg justin beiber’s photo in a different post- he’s barely an adult 🙁

Question. Ive been reading your articles for a long time now. and what i dont understand is what can we do about everythings thats going on in this world? i can protest and all but what good is that when the govern ment is very powerful. if i try and stand up to them how do i know my family or myself wont be put in danger? What can people do to protect themselves because obviously we cannot do anything about it.

You're already doing the first step in protecting yourself and your family. Staying in the know. So long as you can at least recognize that what our looking at is wrong and evil, even if you don't know exactly who is wrong and evil, you are already closer to protecting yourself against their rouses than a good 89% of the population. For now, that's pretty much all you can do until more people wake up. If they wake up. Unfortunately for anything to change there would first have to be a sort of new Enlightenment which would most likely be followed by a world revolution. Both of which would take a miracle since so many people are absorbed into the system. Just be confident in the fact that for the time being you are doing the best thing you possibly could be doing.

Thank you for all this content! It has truly opened up my eyes concerning symbolism.

Heres nice and reserved Celine DIon…

when i 1st seen azealia's video liquorice, i saw the horns, but i didnt wanna make too much noice on it. after seeing these pics of her, its clear that shes being controlled by her controller. she doesnt show any interest in holding the horns in the video (liquorice) but the other pics with mickey mouse, shows me what it really is.

Ok so nothing happened at Olympics, a double bluff maybe? to make us look silly…I don't know, i do know we have a paralympics soon though and it won't get half the attention the Olympics did…so keep vigilant fellow citizens. The closing ceremony i thought was quite funny. Jessie Jay rockin out with potentially her grandad and making her entry singing 'its not about the money money' on a brand spanking Rolls Royce…The Tempest struck again with the same lines as the opening. And where was The Queen? nowhere to be seen, Balmoral Castle? All the drumming seemed ritualistic to me, and certainly doesn't represent our country in the slightest….The Spice Girls we're rushed in then wheeled off after their dreadfull 're-union' was finally over, which included standing on glamourised taxi's, and not making eye contact with each other. Also various other artists came to milk their half hearted/poor performances,… Read more »
i want to talk about the cover of azealia Banks wich represents a siren.This is not a good sign when someone uses as symbole a siren. it is sign of possession by a godhead named in Africa from where i come from " Siren of water". It is a demon, The demon of the seduction and lust. it can possess men and women indifferently but the mostly women. women who are possessed by by this godhead are very seductress, its their part to seduce men and everybody enough weak and lead them to destruction. You can recognize them by an seducive and suggestive attitude, wearing long hairs, attractive make up in fact, all in hers is done to seduce.This kind of women like luxury more than all. my friends and i suspect Beyonce Knowles to be inhabited by this demon, she has all the characteristics and for example when she… Read more »

Is the picture of the white sweater just overlain with an illuminati symbol? because the corner or the pyramid overlaps the sweater's arm, which leads me to assume it was just a juxtaposed picture…

Nikkimeen.. word….. Totally agree..

Hi VC and everyone on this blog. I watched the closing ceremony, and where most of it was like watching paint dry there were quite a number of obvious signs. since then i have spoken to 3 friends about the ceremony and they all agreed that from the bits that they saw it was quite occultic. There was alot going on in the closing ceremony but before vc does the analysis here's something that really stood out for me. have a look at the last few minutes of the event 10mins or so. There was a big statue of a bird (with bits of it on fire) hovering above the open cauldron. Next you had dancers from the School of Royal Ballet dressed in a type of bird outfit but with pictures of the fire. The so called dance routine looked very ritualistic and bizarre. But what got me most… Read more »

When the Illuminati meet, do they listen to rappers and decide on who is going to be put on. If that is the case, where should a new rapper send their demo tape? I don't rap, but I'm sure that some artists are tired of MCing in dives and hustling on street corners and would love to be put on. Appreciate it!

To those who keep saying that its the same guy….you people should really learn the key to observation…we do not see the face as a whole…compare the noses, whether the eyes are inline with the ears or are below or above…the earlobe…whether its hanging or not…the chin and cheekbone….just one look and i could tell that its not the same guy.

Thanks VC.

Nice pics.Well just thought about this.Was Mr Holmes just picked up on or he really did it on their orders?

Don't know if anyone noticed this already, but in the Selena photo she is also wearing a big mickey necklace. She wears another one here with a pyramid on top attatched