Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/12)


In this edition of Symbolic Pics of the Month: Police state fashion, pop stars with weird t-shirts and ads that make you go hmmm…(what you know about this C + C Music Factory reference??).

This photoshoot “named State of Emergency” by photographer Steven Meisel came out in 2006 (a few years before the creation of this site). It is featured here because it eerily foreshadowed police state tactics that appeared in the following years. And it makes it sexy. This pic apparently predicted the the sexually demeaning TSA searches and pat-downs that were instated around 2010.


Another airport scene showing a mode forcibly undressed and searched at an airport check up. Again, many cases of TSA agents requesting people to undress and get patted down have appeared 3-4 years following this photoshoot.


Allusions to police brutality at an airport, complete with batons and aggressive K9 unit…and look at that dress!


Agents with TSA badges violently apprehending a model. Is it foreshadowing the next step of “airport security”?


Other pics in the shoot take place in the streets, where fashion models are brutalized by police in riot gear. Its all about making police state sexy.


Model laying on the ground with police foot on her throat…Police brutality is not glamorous.


I know I ask this often but…Is this fashion? Really?


As usual, a lot of one-eye signs popped out in mass media in August. Here’s Katy Perry with a mask hiding one eye.


Han Hyo Joo in September’s edition of Vogue Korea


On this single cover, Ayah Marar is hiding one eye and the name of the song is “Mind Controller”…Can’t really add more to that.


A gigantic hat hides one of Gwen Stefani’s eyes on the cover of Bazaar magazine.


This ad for Lady Gaga’s Little Monster mobile app reminds us that Gaga still is an Illuminati puppet.


Model Coco Rocha doing the trifecta of Illuminati signs in the NY Times: Self-mutilation, devil horns and one eye. Name of the article? “Expanding Her Efforts to Be a Role Model”


Kreyshawn’s album cover features a bunch of eyeballs and one-eyed creatures observing her. A giant one-eyed thing is wrapped around her…is she under its control? Also, there are pyramids in the background, making this thing a big Illuminati tribute.


An interesting way of portraying Mitt Romney…


Ashley Benson is known for being an actress and for wearing shirts with inverted crosses on them.


In last month’s Symbolic Pics, we saw Rihanna wearing a shirt saying “Control Minds” in the shape of an inverted cross. This month, we have Rihanna walking around with a shirt saying “Sex Kittens” – which is, as we know, a type of Monarch programming. The shackled figures convey the concept of mind control.


Illuminate your cigarette with this Illuminati lighter.


This ad for OPI nail lacquer “celebrates the incredible life & legacy of Whitney Houston”. If that’s the case, why does this thing appear to be splashing blood everywhere? Is it subtly celebrating Houston’s sacrifice? Let’s look at other ads by this same makeup company.


I guess we know who they’re rolling with…


This graph made by MTV shows the world’s richest rock stars. Notice how a bolt of lightning emerges from pyramid of artists to another pyramid with an all-seeing eye at the bottom. Is the image hinting at who or what made these artists as rich as they are?
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Those TSA "fashion" ads are pretty upsetting. I traveled by plane in 2011 for the first time in a few years. I refused to go through the full body scanners so of course, I received a friendly pat down from the TSA. It's a little humiliating and awkward, so the next time I requested that it be done in private. I get a little angry and upset about this kind of thing and I was not watching myself as I began to mouth off about how the TSA was blatantly imposing on our freedoms under the guise of "safety". The woman who administered my pat down and the woman who was serving as a witness both were taken aback by my snips and when I apologized they both said things to the effect of "We understand, and we don't agree with it either." And that seems to be the consensus,… Read more »

eh, we know the entertainment industry is filled with subliminal messages. my thing what are you going to do about it? Steven Meisel's to me are actually great the state of emergency pictures. they are epic. Is it fashion absolutely fashion doesn't make anysense but the picture does… don't obey the illuminati or those in power and this is exactly what will happen to u if u dont listen. Stop supporting garbage television get the ratings down.

Get christians in the main stream and get back good god inspired programs n ads back in TV n Ads

they r unkewl

I just have one question vc if the TSA searches and pat-downs are not for security reasons then what are the true reasons?

Not my Gwen!!!!!!!!!!!!! I refuse to believe she is a part of it, I think that picture is one of the few instances of coincidence ( or perhaps the photographer/editor are working for the Elites and Gwen is just unwittingly participatingin the photoshoot) I've followed her entire career and she always seems to be an individual. I noticed that with her solo stuff there was some symbolism involved (and she is very connected to fashion) but she abruptly quit her pop career and went back to her band giving little to know explanation of why….my guess is she found out some stuff and didn't want to be a part of it.

I believe Fidelio's got a problem. It is obvious that the ten Commandaments are better than their reverse. Are you sure you want to be killed, sacrificed, your family destroyed, your goods stolen and so on? Is it so difficult to admit, after a Ton of books read, it is simply better.


Do me a favour, practise some sport

Fidelio.. is this you?!?!

You sound just like this guy. Interesting…

The world needs this website more than ever.

I didn't read all of the comments but the people on Rhianna's shirt are Sid Vicious (of the Sex Pistols) and Nancy Spungeon (punk rock's equivalent of Courtney Love) with kitten heads superimposed.

I know what you're trying to do in keeping well-informed but I think sometimes you reach a little too far in your analyses.

GOD be with us!!!!!!!!!!!

idk it seems a little too obvious to me. Almost like they are just messing with us for the fun of it. Its scary though i wont lie. i listen to jay z and alot of rap and i hear them say things about the devil but i just blow it off b/c they are ignorant and dont respect the opinions and beleifs of others. So i feel like music cannot brainwash me b/c i see it as just the word of man and not the word of God. i dont want to beleive in this iluminati mind control stuff but it just gets more and more blatant.

"…b/c they are ignorant and do not respect the opinions and beliefs of others." i dont want to call you a hypocrite but if they want to believe in…well…a giant eye. then they have every right to do so. You dont respect their beliefs, why would they respect yours? Just my opinion though. People wear crosses and have church and the little caps jewish folks wear and the hoods those arab chicks wear people are blatant with religion. Theirs just looks cooler. Not saying its right just saying they have THE right. think about it.

…man those models look terrible. They're emaciated

The model with the hands like horns is not necessary an allusion to Baphomet, but in the first place, this is a reconnaissance of Isis, as a "sacred cow". The Freemasons of a certain degree still worship Isis as a Goddess today.

Horns doesn't mean evil in a lot of case, but just the material world connected to the spirit/spiritual world.

So… Bono's at the top… I knew it!

I swear, this world annoys the hell out of me. Just what do the so-called elites aim for? I don't understand why they think they should control the mass because they feel like it. Free will is part of someone else's life and they should never mess with it.

Lol. On the website:

Pretty Little Liars' Summer Finale

Posted 8/28/12 6:00 pm EST by Amy Wilkinson in The Twitter Nation, TV News

Is Garrett "The Lady Killer"? Here's hoping all will be illuminated during tonight's "Pretty Little Liar's" Summer finale as the officer goes on trial for Maya's murder………

To put it bluntly… That's f****d.

To see it for yourself, here is the link.. (warning to my American friends, the link may not work)

The number of people here bashing God's name and suggesting He is some other type of false god is insane. Moving on, I believe the 'blue' creatures are similar, if not part of some of the false spirits of Hinduism. People have had dreams about these creatures which were less than friendly, female blue creatures being implanted into humans, lying down before implantation on some sort of individual beds, salivating like crazy towards the dreamer. Be careful, there's only one way out, and it's through Jesus Christ to Yahweh, with the blessing of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. Read The Bible and don't believe what the many false prophets and mini-antichrists say about God and His Book. Test every spirit, to make sure they are from God. Do not let yourself be caught up in ghost hunter shows, movies, paranormal activities, these evil spiritual beings WANT your attention and… Read more »
But be honest : not two people, even in the same faith/religion, have the same view of who and what God is. Clearly, God want to teach us something about ourselves and eternity. Good or Bad, we will see at the time of our last hour. I hope we will be at peace with this things, maybe with a good laugh at the End of the Times, in this magnificent place where the dreams come true. Through violent elements, God teaches us to create beautiful things, it's obvious. Jesus Christ give us the right to love who we want to, in a new cosmic way. And today, we will rise up again soon, not because of the religion, not because of the illuminati, but because the song in the universe never remains the same. In the Future, Science will prove the existence of God, or a God, and Religion will… Read more »

Thank you. The one beacon of reason in a sea of lunacy who have played right into the hands of evil. No surprise there, but it is somewhat shocking that they are not involved with the screening of Tom Cruise's next wife. Priorities, you know.

Memorable quotes for Looker (1981) "John Reston: Television can control public opinion more effectively than armies of secret police, because television is entirely voluntary. The American government forces our children to attend school, but nobody forces them to watch T.V. Americans of all ages *submit* to television. Television is the American ideal. Persuasion without coercion. Nobody makes us watch. Who could have predicted that a *free* people would voluntarily spend one fifth of their lives sitting in front of a *box* with pictures? Fifteen years sitting in prison is punishment. But 15 years sitting in front of a television set is entertainment. And the average American now spends more than one and a half years of his life just watching television commercials. Fifty minutes, every day of his life, watching commercials. Now, that's power." ## "The United States has it's own propaganda, but it's very effective because people don't… Read more »

Isn't there a good Gore Vidal, Ray Bradbury or Chris Rock quote you could have thrown in for good measure?

I am heading up to the 11th floor right after I write this to stand on the ledge and contemplate jumping, all because George Carlin told me we're f****d.

Gee, thanks for that.

Greetings! It truly is a microcosmic aspect mirrored within your indecision and infighting… as the old axiom states, as above, so below. But enough of the conveniently "borrowed" wisdom of adepts,I believe a bit of clarity is in order, for the ones in this thread that are in opposition, I applaud both your efforts and passions, but to further clarify, Jehovah, otherwise known as Enlil, the instigator of the great deluge, and E.a, or Enki's brother, have been warring with each other for aeons on end, the latter one the father of mankind, well, in all actuality, a highly advanced geneticist that spawned what you are at present, Homo Sapiens Sapiens, or better yet, a version of Golem to them, or hominid, homunculus, whatever, due to the de-activation of you other dNA strands, leaving only two measly ones left( recall the cadeceus?) In essence, you were crafted to mine for… Read more »

"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." I wish I could say that all these foolish whisperings were humorous. They are not. "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind." Have fun: let your vanity reign over your mouth, and the weakness of your mind trouble others who are weak in both spirit and flesh. It will not go unpunished. All the days are numbered, and the number of days spent are a great many. How many days are left for repentance? Few. Very few. I see not the beast yet the advent of his image into this world. The days are few. Christ is calling His people. Come to Him and stand fast. Leave the fools to their fodder.

This is the most un-intellectual comment ever,

but I laughed forever at the "Illuminate your cigarette with this illuminati lighter"

Very sad! the TSA/police photoshoot is so sick! So many blind people out there. Clean your eyes this is real.Wake up from the coma be alive want to change the world? start with yourself. Look up, God loves you Jesus paid the price for everyone, not just some, Everyone.Don't let anyone lie to you that Christ isn't the King. Jesus is the Lord of Lords King of Kings. Peace be with you all.

VC, is there a consensus on anti-Illuminati symbols out there? Let's try and get these out in the open.

Anti-Illuminati symbology IS Illuminati symbology…it is the content behind the symbol which dictates it's meaning. Thanks to the "law of the polarity of meanings of elementary graphs", symbols are used within the context of both good and evil. For example the pentagram was drawn on doors during the Middle Ages for protection AGAINST evil due to the fact that it was known as the Seal of Solomon. It is also representative simply of the human being in Pythagorean mysticism and also denotes date of birth on early tombstones. Now when you see it you automatically equate devil worship to it. The cross originally symbolized death, guilt, sin, and burial but was adopted by Christianity and thus the law of polarity went into effect and was then representative of resurrection, rebirth, salvation, and eternal life. The swastika was first dated to the Summerians and early drawings indicate the it meant "sun".… Read more »

i been noticing alot tv shows and videos be having black and white checkered floors, any kind of coincidence, on Disney Nickelodeon hip hop videos, new Nikki mange video, i just keep noticing it.

Glad to see the OPI makeup company mentioned–one of the most popular brands of polish in almost all of those nail salons you can find in almost any town. I've been to dozens across the country in past years to know this! Speaking of makeup companies, an online image search for "Sephora" (one of the largest cosmetic chains in the world) blatantly reveals the Illuminati black-white-red theme. And notice their thick black and white striped pillar-like store entrances. They carry the brand URBAN DECAY that has an eyeliner called Black Magic. What the hell was I really walking into every time I went into that store! They also have a few natural brands, though I wonder if this is just a way to lure consumer funds away from legitimately natural cosmetic companies with comparable prices (Dr. Hauschka comes to mind), sort of like the big food industry companies having organic… Read more »

1. I wonder if it means anything that Katy Perry came out with bright orange hair immediately following the Joker killings in Aurora?

2. Bono is richer than Paul McCartney and Madonna? Interesting. I remember how his Forbes magazine investment failed. Must have had some other better ones.

I also wonder why K. Perry is suddenly so gothed out when she has always been so bubblegum and garish. The switch to black and somber seems weird.