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Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)



Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

In the July edition of the Symbolic Pics of the Month: Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Katharine McPhee. Also: What the hell is wrong with the fashion world?


Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

This photoshoot from Bulgarian fashion mag 12 Magazine features models mutilated in all kinds of sick ways. While the photoshoot is supposed to showcase “makeup”, it is mostly another way of glamorizing violence and dehumanization in mass media, especially in the fashion world. This model has a black eye which is also a way to flash the one eye sign.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

This one has a creepy smile carved in her face, as if she was tortured by a sadistic torture guy.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

Her was face apparently burned by acid or something…these are the of kind of mutilations that purposely leave lifetime scars to send a message to someone.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

She got her neck slit…And look at that fabulous eye shadow!


Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

Star Photographer Terry Richardson has been featured a few times on this site due to his disturbing, degrading and symbolic photoshoots. A recent example is this photoshoot featuring the troubled actress Lindsay Lohan. In this pic, she is holding a loaded gun to her head. The most unsettling thing about this pic is Lohan’s expression – she appears genuinely not well.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

I guess that’s another way to do it.



Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

Beth Ditto flashing the one eye sign (again).


Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

Speaking of one eye, it keeps appearing everywhere for no apparent reason, like in this Bape catalogue.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

Same catalogue, same sign.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

This Disney shirt is sold in Target stores everywhere. I guess that’s a good way have little girls where the one-eye sign everywhere they go.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

The cover of Japanese magazine Koakuma Ageha combines the one eye sign with a mask (representing alter personas in Mind Control).


Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

Speaking of mind control, Jason Gardiner, judge of the Australian show Dancing On Ice poses oddly in this widely publicized pic with a butterfly on his mouth. While Australian papers described the pic as “bizarre”, a little knowledge in symbolism is enough to realize that the butterfly silencing Gardiner represents Monarch mind control.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

Israeli singer Marina Maximilian Blumin on the cover of a magazine with a Monarch butterfly under one eye. She was discovered in an American-idol type show, which is the music industry’s new preferred way to discover, to control and to introduce new artists to the masses.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

British singer Rita Ora was also discovered in one of these shows and is now signed with Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation. In this pic, she is wearing an eye with a triangle as a pupil. Right under the necklace, her shirt says “Made Me”. Did the Illuminati industry make her? It certainly did.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

Katharine McPhee, the star of the NBC show Smash was discovered on an American Idol-type show. In her case: American Idol. In this symbolic promotional poster, she is at the top of a pyramid made of people. The “A” from smash forms the capstone of the pyramid while Katharine’s eye is right in of it the middle, making this poster a subtle tribute to the Illuminati industry. The phrase “Stars aren’t born, they’re made” pretty much sums up how the industry functions.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

The plot of Smash revolves around the production of a Broadway Musical on Marilyn Monroe – the prototype of the blond Monarch sex kitten, slave to the industry. Katharine is therefore yet another star who dresses like Marilyn at one point of her career.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

Nicki Minaj is another Marilyn Monroe wannabe. I am pretty sure she is not naturally blonde.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

Rihanna performing on SNL. Behind her: a huge eye inside a triangle. Yes, RiRi, we know who’s the boss of you.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

At Hackney, Rihanna performs “Man Down” under a lighted pyramid topped by the Eye of Horus.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)



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Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)

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Yes, it is very obvious who is the boss of these ignorant, fame and fortune addicts…it is none else but the same Luciferian followers/groups that have been around for centuries…my only boss is Jesus and I thank Him everyday for taking away the desire to be apart of the modeling industry…Anther thing, I am very careful when I buy clothes for my kids because I have been noticing the one eye on children’s clothes at Target. My three year old son received some from a little boy his same age. On the front of the shirt was a monkey surfing making the devils horns with his hand….Yes parents, we need to be careful because they are after our children…God bless!!


Wow disgusting. I f-----g hate "fashion" shoots. There's a line between art and promoting human degradation and abuse. Those mutilated models beyond oversteps it.


So funny, the other day i was at target and saw that disney shirt for kids, it said it was the new "fashion"… i was like seriously??? so i had to take a pictue and send it to my sister. i guess you really are vigilant… Ive been on chat sites and what not, i talk to peopl from all over the world and alot of them have heard of the illuminati, and such. But what amazes me the most is how they tell me about their country and how we never hear about that in the news… They all know america did 9/11… i think you should try this, to talk to other people from around the world on the internet, like or icq chat… but yea you'll find out interesting things 🙂


I honestly feel really sorry for Lindsay Lohan
As for these television shows who "create" stars I think it is really obvious especially when they have a look designed for them and everything in order to stand out yet it is not that original and somehow seems as though I have seen it before.


LiLo is not being coerced, she can actually act.
She won't check herself out in a year.
What worries me is, young ppl, who are often in a vulnerable space, relating to those suicidal images.


And if you scroll back up to that Beth Ditto picture… she is also making the "666" sign with her left hand, the hand she is holding the roses by their stems by!! lot of people don't know that the "OKAY" hand sign is actually the sign for "666".


Hey Vigilant. Nice to see you put rihanna in her fully symbolic show on here….what about the part when her and Jay-z had the whole crowd doing the classic triangle with their hands…ohhhhh there's more, what were they singing??? 'we run this town'….WHAT A COINCIDENCE


Thanks once again Vigilant! Because of you I have been aware the last couple of years. Everytime I see a fimclip with occult symbols I rush to your site for a review. The amount of reality tv shows featuring th singing& dancing is disturbing. They are searching for the next idol to brainwash & control who will seduce the masses ! Terry Richardson is a sick sick man! Didn't he do a photoshoot with underage topless models? I can't wait to read about Katie Perrys I'm wide awake review much love to all aware citizens


That hunger games pic!! I always found something weird about that movie! Also them models how very sad. It'd very completely different if their were posing for a domestic violence campaign but for "fashion" it's very disturbing!


I feel that your posts are very enlightening. Television, magazine and media in general is so obsessed with victimizing women. It began years ago with networks like Lifetime which aired repeated movies all day about woman being victims in every form. I am not knowledgeable about this symbolism nor the various occult organizations that control artists and the media, but I am aware of their negative means of using these diabolical images and blatant photos to pervert our future generation. Continue to bring attention and understanding about these wicked devises. Keep striving for truth.

Gods child

ugh those modling ads creep me out. Tyra banks would consider this art. She a joke. I was huge fan of hers. Im sick of riahhna and nicki manja. The elite gruby hands are everywhere,all over the world. I always look forward to these pics thanks vc.


These photos remind me of the first Batman movie, the difference being that these don't come in the form of a campy action movie. They're portrayed as realistic for the eyes of young women. Only psychopaths consider this avante garde "art"! In the first Batman, the Joker is a psychopathic "artist" who loves death and ugliness. He wants everything around him to be as ugly inside & out, as he is. This is a mirror of the sick people in this fashion/music/movie industry. When the Joker's in the museum destroying beautiful artwork, he leaves the painting "The Scream" untouched because he "kinda likes it". He makes his way to the waiting Vicki, telling her she's beautiful in an "old fashioned" way…that he's sure they can make her more "today" – meaning disfigured. Then he flips through her portfolio calling everything crap until he gets to the photos of Corto Maltese where he says "The skulls. The bodies. You give it all such a glow. I don't know if it's art, but I like it." He rants on, "You know how concerned most people are about appearances. This is pretty, that is not. Well, that's all over for me…Now I DO… Read more »


It's so weird…in 13 Going On Thirty (or Suddenly 30 to some), the movie, being brutalized in fashion and being a fashion 'victim' was a laughable concept. Yet it's actually the norm. We've come a long way in 10 years.


how do we stops this s--t

Duy Truong

Just saying, I've never seen that Disney shirt anywhere I go.

Trust me as a Disney fan, only stupid people will buy a shirt that doesn't even look Disney.


do all ‘slaves/puppets’ get tortured, or do most simply obey instructions that are given to them for money/success/fame (without the torture?). im not a huge fan of many of these celebrities but its very sad to think that they might be getting tortured eg justin beiber's photo in a different post- he's barely an adult 🙁


I was thinking the hunger games logo looks like the Navy SEAL's. But thats just me

Linda S

In the Beth Ditto photo, not only she has the all seeing eye, but she also is making the 666 sign with her hand holding the roses…

Derek Bramwell

Great article as usual VC. For those who would like to understand WHY the illuminati does this and where it comes from this might be helpful


Have you guys seen the Makeup ads from MAC and Makeup Forever? They're everywhere and are full of these symbols! I remember seeing a Sony ad of a girl with a creepy white bunny mask, covering one eye and with butterflies flying around her. This industry is sick.



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