Symbolic Pics of the Month (06/12)


In this edition of the Symbolic Pics of the Month: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Rihanna and a whole lot of fashion world craziness.


Twilight heartthrob Robert Patterson in a Premiere magazine photoshoot that is replete with mind control symbolism. He is here shown as if he just got a lobotomy. An eye is drawn where his brain was “extracted”. Illuminati mind control leaving its mark?


Robert is here walking in dark hallway with a blank stare, a little like a MKed zombie.


Here, Robert has a gaping hole in his stomach, a little like in the movie Videodrome, where videotapes were inserted to “program” the guy.


Two Roberts = Two alter personas. We also see videotapes.


Hiding one eye with one hand and oddly holding a razor with another.


Kristen Stewart in another Twilight star featured in a MK-themed photoshoot this month. This ELLE magazine shoot is all about alter personas – with masculine and feminine attributes. The union of opposites is always an important theme in the occult elite’s symbolism.


Um, right.


Kristen Stewart appears in the new movie “Snow White & the Huntsman. Promotinal material for the movie prominently features the one-eye sign.
Another ad for the movie.


In this pic, Rihanna is walking around with a t-shirt that has the words “Control Minds”. The words are placed in order to form an inverted cross. Looks like she thoroughly adopted the symbolism of her handlers.


Speaking of Ri-Ri,  her  latest video “Where Have You Been” she gives a big shout-out to her Illuminati handlers with the forming a blinking eye with her dancers.


Speaking of the one-eye sign, here’s another way of doing it with Jared Leto in a Terry Richardson photoshoot. Him getting his eye poked out by someone is basically what the Illuminati does to artists.


Nelly Furtado’s video “Big Hoops” features her hiding one eye about a dozen times.


Look its Carrie Underwood! And she’s hiding one eye! How original!


Cheryl Cole showing who’s the boss of her  on the cover of her latest album.
Ambush is yet another clothing brand replete with Illuminati symbolism.


Urban Outfitters is also making sure that young people walk around wearing symbols of the occult elite.
The symbols also appear on random stuff like skateboards. Here we see the All-Seeing Eye and the Masonic compass and square.
Lovin’ it!


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338 Comments on "Symbolic Pics of the Month (06/12)"

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they will always control main stream media ..but they know Alternative media is exposing their perverted AGENDA and there will be a tipping point , so that have to Escalate their propaganda dramatically . Beleive it , they are experts at propaganda and do their homework on trends , what people know , what they think , etc etc. The only True way to break this cabal wide open is to force this issue into Main Stream Media , so that grandmas in Iowa know this info or welder in Seattle , etc etc . I'd say only bout 10 – 20 % seriously have an understanding what this is all about and their bloody Agenda , so we must figure ways to inject this issue into Main Stream Media , where 80 , 90 % of people get their Information . THEY DO IT by making this occult crap… Read more »

I have just recently learned about all of this perversity … beyond the wildest imagination! My friend pointed it out ,and I at first did not believe such horrors could possibly be true .

The bible speaks of all of these times we are in now .

I praiseThe Most High …for a new chance ,,all this craziness will be washed away.

Shalom to all the youth that find this site .

they? communicate in a secret language(SYMBOLS),that most dismiss(most will call you nuts)its becoming more in your face . OBFUSCATION?some of these STARS know and some do not. MONARCH AND MK-ULTRA PROGRAMING? does it work? is there a hidden agenda? is there really a powerful elite BLOODLINE that rules the world?backing both sides of war?dictateing to the corporations?speaking to each other thru symbols?THEY DIDNT CALL IT PROGRAMING FOR NOTHING! DO THE RESEARCH! YOU SEE IT IS LIKE X-FILES(REMEMBER THAT ONE?) REPEAT-REPEAT -REPEAT-THATS ALL THEY CAN DO- IN MY HUMBLE OPINION-IN THE END THEY LOSE! WAKE UP PEOPLE–THEY ARE AFTER THE CHILDREN! BE CAREFUL WHAT THEY WATCH-PASS IT ON! MK=MARK ULTRA= FAR BEYOND THE NORM ?THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE

it hurts to see that your favorite celebrities are actually not how you had imagined them all along. it hurts because people who love this world needs worldly idols to love and attribute their praise to. This gives them Temporary satisfaction. But you will see that since it is temporary, those idols either fade away or turn out to be fake, just as well as the truth of this short life becomes evident when the death befalls. Thats why Islam tell us that tie your love to God alone. And no one is more respected but the one who is more pious and righteous among people. Also in Islam human imagery and music is not allowed which are the foundation of today's evil. In Islam people are the most important objects who are given respect depending on how knowledgeable they are in matters related to religion. In simple words piety… Read more »

Twlight was created for those who don't already embrace darkness they watered down a already known monster,listen to some of saying" they are not evil vampires" they are vampires just watered down for your embracement. The people I used to sell twilight most of them would say " I normally never read but these books are good" those books were trash completely unengaging , written for morons and the love lorn.

Twlight was created for those who don't already embrace darkness they watered down a already known monster,listen to some of saying" they are not evil vampires" they are vampires just watered down for your embracement. The people I used to sell twilight most of them would say " I normally never read but these books are good" those books were trash completely unengaging , written for morons and the love lorn. She tried to write other books but failed even worse throw them away!!!!

Did anyone notice in the "two roberts" photo that the girl is pregnant!?!?

(i'm sorry if my English is bad)

I saw on a cover of a magazine (i don't remember the name) that "It's Baby Time" for Rob & Kristin. Maybe that's why that women in the picture is pregnant.

I'm so curious and mortified when I think of the baby's future. Usually, children born in the industry, are used by the industry 100%-ex:MJ-.

I wonder if Rob.P. chose this life or it was forced into it? I would rather think of him as a victim than as a willing follower.

I know his parents made him model when he was young..who knows about his childhood.

I'm really sorry that many young people's life are begin destroyed.

Some of my former friends and relatives have been wearing shirts with the all seeing eye on them. Also hi everyone, back from a month long trip through the mental health system after running away, computer lagging as I type this as usual. Gonna see some fireworks tonight and cry for the America I thought I used to know. I think my mind is going to where these celebrities' minds are. Hopefully the bible will hold it off for a little while.

and that's my pessimistic view — optimism is to deny the obvious

No coincidence Rob Pattinson is a blood ancestor of Vlad the Impaler-the original "Dracula" written about in books. Blood lineage MK anyone?

He is supposedly also related to a president.

Hear today on the radio that Rhianna is partying hard and her friends (i.e., Jay-Z) are encouraging her to go to rehab. Take from that what you will…

new album …new pic for promoting… 😐

Hi All and God Bless In cheryly I see She Devil be it backwards. Now I can tell you I have "never" been religious but God and Jesus have come into my heart. This has overwhelmed me. My sense of love for my family and hatred of things like money and crap has changed my life. Guys, the only thing and I mean the only thing in life worth anything is "YOUR LOVE OF YOUR FAMILY" I have prayed to Jesus and God and he always answers to me, he never fails. So if you do not think I am saying the truth try this. If you have a loved one in trouble for example they are drinking themselves to death ask and pray to God to remove the demonic entity that has ruined there life. Look its not that stupid, you cant predict the lottery numbers BUT you can… Read more »

So Christian of you to end your post by damning everyone to hell.

Jesus wept, folks. Jesus wept.

wow.. there was a time where i didn't want to believe this, to stay asheep,(asleep)but now you just can't deny, this stuff is everywhere and now,iam glad to know the truth and keep learning the truth about things

Also… in response to my last comment.. (which was great and I can't find right now! What happened to it?!?! The page is acting weird.. hmmmm…).. anyway, in Hollywood's eyes, Satanic themed Vampires and other creatures of the night… are more acceptable (yet symbolic of many things) than the real truth, the real facts of how someone might be.. which is not always unacceptable, except in some people's eyes.. but it just depends on what is going on.. because if the Vampires and all that are secret symbols of what REALLY goes on, then that is a different story altogether.. yesss….

What i find interesting about k. stew. is that she was rich before fame. (elite) When she was a child she had a house replicated after Alice in Wonderland.

it's good to light people but you see they are so smart . maybe they want some people to uncover them. maybe it's different programing, too!

@cassandra maybe they're not illuminati, but they're the slaves. Just like Marilyn Monroe, i think..

BUT has anyone even been paying attention to DADDY YANKEE?! PYRAMIDS and TRIANGLES EVERYWHERE. It's OBVIOUS

well carrie underwood sings alot of songs about God and how she loves him but I guess lately she hasn't. Maybe they just pose as there told, not all of them are on the same boat. I believe it has to do with the ppl running hollywood.

The Ambush shoot was based on The Holy Mountain, not the Illuminati. Of course, very little research would prove such if anyone commenting here was interested in such effort.

I believe in this stuff but it seems a lot of people who do believe this stuff are very religious and into it… Im not religious at all but i still believe whats happening and im "vigilant" about it. Nothing against religious people of course, its awesome that someone can take the time to do it. None of it makes sense to me, science stuff makes more sense. I know some people who still believe the world is still only '2012' years old… there are fossils that they tested for age that are like millions of years old lol. But my question is why is this system of 'controlling masses' and 'desensitation' and the elite all believed in by people who are religious? or the majority. idk. people on here argue about it all the time. from what ive seen its more people who believe in god than not. someone… Read more »

i knew a guy who would always squint like pop-eye when he talked and joked it was really creepy, that one-eyed thing…. what is the meaning of those Ambush bear-claw fingernails…. I had a really weird dream about bulls dressed up in costumes w/horns which turned into a costumed bear with long claws… I don't usually dream that kind of thing… dream dic says beware of enemies, ie bears and bulls, but nothing about horns and claws……

Has anybody seen the new Breaking Dawn Part II posters? [talking about the three that had to be solved with a matching game] I think it's not just RobSten. Even Taylor L [yeah, because I already knew of Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and everybody else in the controversy] had half his face in one! =(

The new Rihanna video is mentioned here, and I've also noticed that in the same video, as well as the new Coldplay video in which Rihanna is featured, she's is depicted as having multiple arms. Indian Gods are often multi-armed creatures, which symbolize many things-death, love, power, change, depending on which "God" is in question. For instance, the Goddess Kali is known to represent death & change. "The name Kali comes from kāla, which means black, time, death, lord of death, Shiva. Kali means "the black one". Since Shiva is called Kāla—the eternal time—Kālī, his consort, also means "Time" or "Death" (as in "the time has come"). Hence, Kāli is considered the goddess of time and change. Although sometimes presented as dark and violent, her earliest incarnation as a figure of annihilation still has some influence. Various Shakta Hindu cosmologies, as well as Shākta Tantric beliefs, worship her as the… Read more »

I think designers, etc find this material on the interwebs and then use it because its edgy and topical. Art imitating life, a lot of the time I think!!


That robert patison with his belly slit open reminds me of the consequences of breaking the masonic secrecy oath in one of the first few degrees, it comes across as a warning too from the perspective of those trapped on the other side.

Its interesting that the lady in the picture Rob squared is pregrant.

Okay, so one of Horus' eyes was gouged out by Set and later magically replaced by Thoth in the Egyptian myth. This "eye of Horus" had spiritual sight. If that's what people are alluding to when they cover one their right eye.. How is it bad or evil?

Urban Outfitters….. Do the always put "Finis Coronat Opus" (the end crowns the work) on their stuff? I'm not familiar with clothing brand things.

FIONA APPLE's new video. Freeze the image at 2:07 and 2:08…

Um, Sector 9 is a longboard company, not skateboard. Also, Charlize Theron is in the Snow White and The Huntsman ads posted on here, not Kristen Stewart.

True that!

"Kristen Stewart appears in the new movie "Snow White & the Huntsman. Promotional material for the movie prominently features the one-eye sign."

VC said she was in the movie, not that the picture was Kristen Stewart. Just noting the fact that a movie she is starring in has an ad with one eye symbolism on it.

Historian attacks again – First of all, I'm sure everyone knows that there is nothing "satanic" about an inverted cross, at it is a Christian symbol, visible in many orthodox icons, for an example. It's called St Peter's cross and if you are a teenage black metal fan or fame-whoring songstress using that to look "rebellious" you just reveal your lack of knowledge. Its funny how hipsters have stolen even occultism now, listening to obscure metal bands and wearing "ironically" a mishmash of religious/occult/historical symbols without caring about their actual meaning. Urban Outfitters is a fine example, but I've seen "occult" jewelry even in Claire's. They are of course not worshiping Satan or practicing any sort of magic, they just move from one trend to another in a desperate attempt to appear cool. Yoyo has it about right… Last time occultism was fashionable during 60'-70's period. Trend are circular, when… Read more »

I'm ready for a new Illuminati trend. This one eye crap is just SO done.

I'm also ready for Kristen Stewart to get a new expression…

I also think it's kind of odd that the woman in the "RobXRob threesome with video tapes" is pregnant. That's just seems like an odd detail for photo shoot of that nature…

I've been reading articles and forum posts on VC for around half a year now, and there are a few things I still don't understand:

What is the point of spreading so-called Illuminati symbols? What does it accomplish for them?

Just read and try not to analyze the point of all this. You need to have psychopathic traits to be able to understand the point of everything.

Finally Jared Leto appears in this site for a second time, he's sucha a illuminati wannabe (at least that's what I think) I bet he will be very happy 😀

p.s.: I like Jared very much so this isn't me bitching him.

and btw very great site you run here 😀

To be honest I really don't see any Illuminati, satanic blah blah. What I do see is a very unimaginative industry run by men stuck in the 80's who believe big bucks lie in tired cliches. The so called stars (in their own minds) just drool for success and money as defined by these bored old farts. You can see a board meeting where a guy in his late forties (trying to look in his twenties) asks "what do the kids want?" then without waiting for any response comes up with the idea "that's it, black,moody. possibly satanic….yes give it a dark feel". The people around the table applaud with "that's amazing!!" and "he's a genius!!" This scene has repeated year after tired year. If there is a conspiracy (rather a redundant term given writing this to you can be termed a conspiracy) it is a conspiracy of corruption, apathy… Read more »

so is it what Cheryl Cole is bringing on board with her much publicise album launch……illuminati?

the MacDonald clown has been a pedo from the beginning.

I guess even the most decent persons get controlled. Pity.

Here is a link to a video I made on daily motion (dot) com about Rihanna. I did not post this on youtube because it would have taken way longer than I could wait.

They also would have blocked it somehow eventually too, probably.. youtube has been sweeping a lot of esoteric themed videos lately and 'blocking' them, account have been mysteriously closed…

Yes, they've done it to me once already, to a slew of my youtube acquaintances and subscriptions during the past couple of years since i joined youtube. If I have something to say I don't think youtube will accept, I post it on daily motion instead.

Honestly I seen a majority of symbolism in Video Games ever since the late 90's. And in movies since the late 70's, this is nothing new a bunch of old symbolism. It's kind of how each generation changes, so does the style and music genres. You have to understand alot of these changes occur throughout all societies. Even certain cultures do change and mature off the branches unto other crazy adventures. It's not easy to say today but alot of Kids are highly advanced in the use of portable technologies. And what happen to playing with sticks or hide n seek or tag? Today's kids and kids of the 90s had "Laser Tag". Now I can say today that is genius. Let's face it, as we grow old kids will have more powerful and useful technology. It's all mentally stimulating devices and tools to our disposable and what are we… Read more »

I never liked the twilight series anyways,so no hard feelings.I've had so many opportunities to watch it but I never did cos it seems so shallow and uninteresting.and that kirsten stewart is always looking dead and blank

The way the earlier commenters describe Kristen Stewart makes her sound like an MK-Ultra type mind control victim. It would explain why she got this role.

The truth.

The way of power is not the way of truth.

Ambush is a Japanese design collective owned and operated by husband-and-wife duo VERBAL and Yoon. VERBAL is also one-half of well-known music group m-flo. I'm very surprised to see this on here, especially considering VERBAL, by his own admission, is a Christian. (He majored in theology in college, and even intended on going into urban ministry once he'd finished his music career.)

I'm still not totally sold on this whole Illuminati thing, but stuff like this makes me wonder…

Forgot to mention that the collection pictured above is named "Holy Mountain."

@Angel nd Just Asking, God bless u guys. Seeing Carrie Underwood's pix just makes me sad. I started getn suspicious wen she was nominated for 1 of their awards; SOME THINGS DON'T JUST MIX! PLEASE, fellow christians, let's PRAY for her.

In the picture Robert is shaving his head just as Britney did.