Symbolic Pics of the Month (08/12)


In this edition of the Symbolic Pics of the Month: The Olympics, Azelia Banks, Selena Gomez, Beyonce and the fashion world gone Illuminati.

The Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics basically took place in a gigantic eye. The culmination of the ceremony was the lightening of the Olympic cauldron which was, incidentally, the pupil of the eye. Expect a full analysis of the ceremonies once the Games are over.


Speaking of one gigantic eye, here’s one of the mascots of the Olympics. Hundreds of them are scattered around London.


Speaking of eye, Rita Ora (who was featured in last month’s Pics of the Month) unveiled her new album cover. Yes, it is all about one eye symbolism, like countless other industry puppet’s album covers. Original, brilliant, profound, revolutionary – those are all words that we cannot apply to this album cover.


Dior’s new ad campaign features not-so-subtle one-eye action.


Another brand, same sign.


Fashion magazine, same sign.


Here’s Beyonce flashing the Roc aka “eye-inside pyramid” sign for her fans on Tumblr.


The handsign made by Beyonce is featured on this t-shirt made by yet another brand using a lot of Illuminati symbolism, WAXDfashion


More symbolism from same brand.


Yup, they really want kids walking around with these symbols.


Fashion brand Iron Fist wants you to party with them…while they’re flipping you off and flashing a single eye inside an inverted pentagram.



Azealia Banks is becoming one of these artists that is forcibly pushed down our collective throats. She hasn’t accomplished much  but she is already clear on who’s controlling her.


She’s constantly sporting Mickey Mouse-related stuff – a mind control symbol that is often slapped onto industry pawns. But maybe this shirt is just a coincidence…no pattern there…


Still can be a coincidence.


A big-ass Mickey Mouse head right between her legs on cover of Paper magazine.


MK symbolism right on her head. No coincidence.


Azealia seems to enjoy her Baphomet horns in the video Liquorice.


Her album cover pretty much sums it up: A beautiful siren under the control of the all-seeing eye.


Robert Downey Jr. giving the “one-eyed salute” in many different ways.


Keith Urban combines one-eye with the “hidden hand”, a Masonic symbol (see the article entitled The Hidden Hand that Shaped History).


The “original” Sugababes are back together as “Mutya Keisha Siobhan”. To celebrate their comeback, they released these pics announcing that they’re still pawns.


Selena Gomez thought it was a good idea to sport a shirt bearing 666 while visiting a children’s hospital.


Speaking of the number of the beast, a new TV series entitled 666 Park Avenue will soon be featured on ABC. According to the network, the series “follows a couple who learns that the Manhattan building complex that they just moved into, including its upscale tenants, might be possessed by a mysterious demonic force”. This story is very similar to Rosemary’s Baby, a movie that was analyzed on this site, where rich elitists living in NYC dabble with the occult forces and the Devil himself. This promotional pic clearly features a Masonic checkerboard pattern.


This image is heavily circulating around social networks. What’s your take on it?




  1. MrNichols-Coldcut on

    Brother keep up the good work.Never have your faith weakened.NEVER.I believe in this site and in you,and we will continue our search for understanding.Love you all folks:).I mean it.

    • electroparrot on

      It's all a big chess game, they want us to know, at this point they don't care anymore because they get away with it anyways and the sheep are following.

      Just take a look at an example, the banks, how many people in the street you see protesting about THEY screwing us up with our money? the same goes for when we start people talking about these things, they immediately tag you as a looney or paranoid, I've experienced that myself.

      We just want to watch TV, check our e-mail and be comfortable, we keep getting the reward at the end of the rat maze.


    • Sarah Connor on

      Simple Truth – while I understand and actually agree with some of what you are saying (ie.. I see people talking about movies they watch knowing ahead of time what garbage they are), rest assured there are many who are taking this information and are using it to minimize, boycott and limit the symbolism/influence and projecture of this sick cabal on themselves and their families. Kind of like the devil is in the details so if you recognize…..go the other way. Real action in my life after what I have learned in the last 5 years means testifying at a congressional hearing, NOT vaccinating my boys, NOT giving fluoride, NOT letting them watch CRAP TV. Avoiding (as much as possible) GMO's and taking supplements to boost their immune systems since the food/water/air supply seem to be rampid with them. Avoid Illuminati symbolism!!!! Delivering packets on Consitutional issues to my local sheriffs office. Calling my representatives regardless of how twisted and corrupt they may be, at least they know we are watching, who knows what can happen? Maybe it is all futile, but please don't doubt the "real action" of little vigi's….armed and aware.

      The 'focus' on it as you say I believe is a step in the waking up process. You are shocked, horrified and it's like a train wreck….you can't look away. I have been there so I speak from experience. It's a process and I give a lot of respect to all the ones out there awake, informed and doing the little bits and pieces in their day to days to help others, and help themselves. Taking a little time to examine the terrain and verify these monstorous accusations…..I see a lot of grace on that.

    • I'm still curio on

      What I have noticed though is that you can easily come across symbolism with or without the intent of looking for symbolism. It is all very mainstream and often times feels very unavoidable. There are certainly some easy steps to avoiding the majority of it: really stepping back from top 40 radio stations perhaps finding those smaller radio stations–if there are any (or at least researching to find those stations or having to rely on your IPod). As for movies again researching to see what is contained in these movies and maybe trying to find those that are not part of the machine. For other stuff if you still want to read them then read them at the library or at a bookstore that way you don't patronize these magazines.

      I agree that you always have to take what you see on a site like this and put it into action: actively avoid what you know is part of the machine and research anything or anyone before you patronize a book, band, film etc. There will always be people who look into all of this to accomplish the "I'm right, you're wrong" aspect of this all. However, do what you must for what feels right.

      I have cut my television out pretty much completely for some time now. I rarely now catch shows via IPod apps, or online. Since most television shows are so entrenched I figure that it is not worth my time to patronize the show by any means. However you generally have to watch a little (say for instance the trailer for Gravity Falls) to see how symbolism can come that way you can become good at spotting things–i.e. randomly watching new show previews on youtube.

      I rarely listen to the radio anymore and definitely research beforehand. Since learning a little bit about symbolism I want to support artists that are anti-TPTB and make sure to not patronize known members of TPTB and not even waste my time (which means I don't even bother with most top 40 stations). I have my Pandora set to Federico Aubele and he seems okay.

      Then there is the anime and manga. I have made the choice to cut out like 99% of the manga and animes out there. If there is suspected symbolism I want to make sure I know about it before I even bother or contemplate picking it up. At the same time I also have to be aware that there might be times where I have to preview it to see if there is anything questionable if there is nothing written about it. If there is I don't want to bother and really I feel as if I should take it upon myself to alert others of it as well.

      Basically you have to do what you must to stop patronizing (as much as one is able) those who known to be a part of the TPTB and their plan. However also recognize that there might come a time where you have to preview something or watch something for yourself –for instance there is not a lot of talk of older works and possible symbolism which is probably there and at that point it is your responsibility to research and post your findings.

      • I agree with so much you have to say. I have been trying to avoid as much of the stuff that the media and the controllers of this planet try to feed us.

        I stoped listening to top 40 radio stations since I started visting this site over a year. I feel so much better because of it.

        I have stopped watching almost all TV and movies because it is so boring and repetitive and because a lot of messages go into our minds subconciously. Also because much of what the media produces is contrary to my own values and beliefs so there is little I can stand to watch. Only documantaries, a little news and a few comedy panel shows.

        When I did watch movies I always got bored and found myself analysing and predicting the plot only to find out that there are much deeper meanings to these films than just entertainment or fiction. Such as Inception: there is a battle going on for control of our minds and people can enter out minds and control our thoughts without our concent.

        Like you I anime and manga. I tend to avoid those dealing with magic or fantasy in favour of drama/school based; there is just too much symbolism.

        I am going to university soon and I'm worried I wont make any friends. I don't drink, go to the cinema, listen to mainstream music or tv. I would much rather read, go to the theater and make my own music. I will try to tell others about the things I have learnt but I hope that I can find people yourself and those on this site to talk to.

      • I agree with Quietness…

        I finished my university studies and since I didn't like anything mainstream because of the symbolism and feeling that I was being brainwashed by the media, I didn't go out with friends to movies and I couldn't relate to people's fascination with everything mainstream. I did make some friends but even if they're few, they're just like me in that they analyze what the mainstream media is feeding us and try to avoid it as much as possible.

    • Sarah Connor on

      Right on still curious – I had no idea 5 years ago how hardcore I would have to be the gate keeper of my little guys hearts, minds and souls. If that means I have to 'preview' first at my own expense, so be it!!!

    • Commiesaur_1917 on

      yeah. your right.

      your thoughts enlightened me. that was also what i observed. without takibng actions. we are still under to them. yes. it is all about palin sight yet with other purpose. i think one of it is what you think..

      When will we take actions? when? how? where? thats what questions that i wanted to seek for now on…

      and for the final question is. When will we unite all and take actions???

    • vigilantPrincess on

      I have said this so many times, Whatever demon is controlling this media shit is a powerful demonic force, People just dont want to know anything diffrent, the demon has control over what most of us want HOLLYWOOD that glitz and glamour the money, to feel irrecistible, we want expensive cars and go traveling around the world, Just like what these stars are doing! This is what these motherf?ckers dont want us to have. Us ordinary joes cant just decide to go anywhere we like! We need passports social security cards extensive amounts of money! We cant come from Jamaica with Yard weed in an airport! Why? Because they say so! Its just a plant after alll! Its reaLy fucked up that you gotta wordhip satan that sadistic freak just to live the life you dreamed of! I rather be in heaven with the goody goodies! Instead burning to flames for eternity!

      • Great stuff on the pics VC. Thanks for sharing the 666 Park Ave new series on ABC to your site. I think I emailed you that one. 😉

        However folks…you must check out who shares his thoughts and other great information regarding the "Batman theater shooting" and also great other whistle-blown information.

        The fact that James Holmes father (Robert Holmes) worked for DARPA as a programmer:

        Here is why…

        FACT: Robert Holmes really did work for Darpa as a programmer and really is a senior programmer for Minneapolis based FICO, a company which specializes in credit reporting and has developed special computer algorithms (compliments of Robert Holmes, who wrote them). These computer algorithms were able to track the entire Libor scandal down to the names and addresses of the perpetrators, and deliver it to FICO in a neat little package that could hang powerful people.

        check out for more info.

        God bless.

    • TRUTHwontSETyouFREE- on

      Seriously, this world is messed up. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone, the matrix, or in the movie They Live. Why can't people open their minds and realize who really rules the world! The evidence is there is your face!! Connect the dots, {sigh}…people, connect them. :(

      I'm so tired of this.

    • Great pics. The eye opening ceremony was really creepy. The pics of the brands are… yawn… so boring. Can't they come up with anything new ?? Nope. As for James Holmes, c'mon: it's the same guy.

      • TRUTHwontSETyouFREE- on

        "Robert Holmes really did work for Darpa as a programmer and really is a senior programmer for Minneapolis based FICO, a company which specializes in credit reporting and has developed special computer algorithms (compliments of Robert Holmes, who wrote them). These computer algorithms were able to track the entire Libor scandal down to the names and addresses of the perpetrators, and deliver it to FICO in a neat little package that could hang powerful people."


      • Because you think its unlikely they could get away with that……….or because you think they look similar?

    • The James Holmes pic is shocking at first, but within the same "infographic" there are contradictions. Look at the uneven ears on the two non-spliced pictures. Uneven ears mean nothing. Clearly, they are trying to make you think that esoteric stuff is more than just symbolism and their actual craft: manipulation, deceit, and control of economies are just human, mundane nothings.

      Try this: the esoteric stuff is there to make you sound crazy and unable to tell the truth (the vast control of money and the Zionist plan) to the masses.

      • I just dont get your comment. Its not that I disagree I think that it basically just doesnt make sense to the reader

      • You dont think you can be an expert on false flags, and an expert in Celebrity Mind Control systems?

        You just got to know who you're talking to man. You cant run around worrying what person thinks youre crazy or not. You should know that

  2. Yes I was watching the opening ceremony or 'ritual' with an open mind and knew there was much more to it, looking forward to your analysis VC!

    • Even being aware of the symbolism, the ceremonies were still a hot mess. Must be our post modern culture. Looking forward to the Olympic ceremonies analysis too.

      • Sarah Connor on

        I JUST read this two part blog on all the links between the Colorado shooting and the Olympics and find myself momentarily speechless… cannot make this stuff up!!! Must go absorb….

      • HisNameIsYahuah on

        James Holmes FATHER, Robert Holmes, was set to provide crippling info. on LIBOR & OTHER BANKING SCANDALS. According to his LinkedIn profile, James Holmes’s father, Dr. Robert Holmes, who received a PhD in Statistics in 1981 from the University of California at Berkeley, worked for San Diego-based HNC Software, Inc. from 2000 to 2002. HNC, known as a “neural network” company, and DARPA, beginning in 1998, have worked on developing “cortronic neural networks,” which would allow machines to interpret aural and visual stimuli to THINK LIKE HUMANS.

        Robert Holmes brief bio at linked in states the following: “My educational background is in Mathematics and Statistics. My experience over the last 10 years at HNC and FICO has been in developing predictive models for financial services; credit & fraud risk models, first and third party application fraud models and internet/online banking fraud models.”

        Check out Robert Holmes (james holmes father) brief bio:

        Something is very fishy! I’m not sure how it all ties in but it is strange. READ THIS ARTICLE.

    • You may be wondering what all the symbolism was and why the opened the Olympic ceremony with a mystic poem known as "Jerusalem".

      At the bottom of this email I've posted a video which shows the symbolic ritual which was the opening ceremony – but have a read of what I've written below first –

      A few years ago a young man, by the name of Rik Clay, went on a conspiracy talk show called RED ICE CREATIONS and warned of the occult plans for the Olympic ceremony..

      this is the interview:

      ….a few weeks after the interview he "committed suicide" (was murdered)

      In the interview he said the 2012 logo for the Olympics is actually the word Zion –

      He also said that alot of the place names around the Olympic stadium are Biblical: Great Eastern Road, Carpenter's Road, Angel Lane, Temple Mills Lane, Church Road etc

      So what about the word Zion – what does it mean…

      THE WORD "ZION" is mentioned over 160 times in the Bible and actually means Jerusalem.

      Zion represents the rule and reign of God in the earth and is therefore synonymous with the Kingdom of God. The entire redemptive plan of God – including the coming of the Messiah Himself and our very salvation – is wrapped up in it.

      Obviously the word ZION has been perverted by agents of satan – but thats part of the plan.

      So whereas God wants to set up his Kingdom (Zion) for all those who follow Christ – satan ALSO wants to set up his Kingdom (NWO) and he ALSO calls it Zion or Jerusalem (so as to counterfeit Gods plans). The opening of the Olympics was a ceremony that was launching the birth of satans kingdom on earth.

      This is why the song/poem that opened the Olympic ceremony was called "Jerusalem" – which was written by the esotericist William Blake

      So theyre setting the stage to establish satans kingdom from London – the most satanic place on earth. A verse from the poem "Jerusalem" reads – (and dont forget they opened the olympics with this!):

      "And was Jerusalem builded here,

      Among these dark Satanic Mills?…

      I will not cease from Mental Fight,

      Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:

      Till we have built Jerusalem,

      In Englands green & pleasant Land"

      So watch this video and hopefully the above info will make it easier to follow:

      Remember this ceremony also finished at the END of the satanic holiday the Grand Climax – which is all about sacrifice. The beginning of that holiday was the eaxct time of the shooting at the movie "the dark knight rises"

      During the ceremony it also shows another dark knight rising – which is exactly what this is all about – satan rising upon the earth….

      • "Jerusalem" is a great working class hymn, it's about rising up against the industrial squalor and rebuilding a "green and pleasant land", the same struggle portrayed by Danny Boyle in his fantastic opening ceremony, including his moving defence of the British National Health service! But no doubt you people will find something evil in free health care!

      • @nikkimeen

        A really interesting post that got me researching more of Rik Clay's work (who I didn't know about). Of course I was totally enthused by the breadth and direction of his work but then immediately shocked and saddened by his untimely and somewhat suspicious account of his death at 25 in 2008.

        Anyway, I was reading what Rik was saying in 2008 regarding the London Olympic Games, which you reference. What i also found interesting was his conclusion that the 2012 Games were about the set the stage for some kind of 'Project Bluebeam/first contact' scenario, (rather than some kind of a major terrorist attack). Although we have just about a week of the Games to go, I did think that Rik's conclusions would be 'incorrect' because that scenario was gonna be pretty much impossible to pull off.

        HOWEVER, having seen the news this morning regarding the successful launch/landing of the probe on MARS, the movie-style NASA theatrics surrounding that and the subtext regarding whether life exists on other planets, I can now see that the news media have indeed set the stage for this 'first contact' scenario via todays legitimisation of this search for extra terrestrial life.

        Infact, all they would need to do now is say on a 'NEWSFLASH' is that the probe has found evidence of alien lifeforms…And there we will have the start of Project Bluebeam. There are no such things as 'coincidences' when it comes to the Elite's agenda people.

        All I can say is what this space folks or should I say 'watch the skys'.

        RIP Rik.

      • Mark McIvor –

        Perhaps you should study the works of William Blake more closely. He was an initiate of the Mystery Schools and a high level Freemason. In this painting, by Blake –… – you can see his depiction of the Grand Architect of the Universe. High level Freemasons use the term Grand Architect of the Universe because if they were to openly say it was lucifer or satan then the majority of new members would leave before being inititated. The GAOTU is used to DECEIVE brand new members into joining. Its only as they reach the higher levels are they made aware of the true object of their worship. But by then its too late as they are now under severe demonic influence.

        But we also know the true god of freemasonry is lucifer from their very own writings:

        On July 14, 1889 Albert Pike issued instructions to the twenty-three Supreme Councils:

        "To you Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees – The Masonic religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine….Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also God."

        So William Blake as an initiate used symbols and hidden meanings to speak to other initiates. All symbols have multiple meanings – as do artwork, poems etc. The outer meaning is for the "profane" or "uninitated". The occult or hidden meaning is for the "initiates".

        The poem by Jerusalem to the profane would indeed be used to convey the struggle against the Industrial Revolution, as would Danny Boyles opening Olympic ceremony.

        But by studying both we can identify the hidden meanings of both the poem and the ceremony – which is their TRUE meanings.

        In the poem "Jerusalem" we see William Blake is regurgitating the lie of the Mystery Schools – that Jesus Christ lived and walked in England.

        And did those feet in ancient time

        Walk upon England’s mountains green?

        And was the holy Lamb of God

        On England’s pleasant pastures seen?

        And did the Countenance Divine

        Shine forth upon our clouded hills?

        This lie that Jesus lived in England, with Mary Magdalene and seeded the Merovingian Bloodline will be used to bring about the reign of a great politic and religious leader which will come on the scene, together with a false prophet, a type of "propaganda minister".

        Many passages of the Bible tell about this, e.g. (2 Ts 2:3-4) "Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God."

        Dan Browns (another initiate of the Mystery Schools) "DaVinci Code" was also used to indoctrinate the masses with the lie of Jesus' bloodline.

        The Priory of S(Z)ion are the supposed protectors of this bloodline. This word Zion (which is the REAL Olympics logo) – has been purposely used (as I already stated) to counterfeit Gods plan for his reign on earth. The occult usage of the word S(Z)ion refers to the Greek meaning – which is "sun" – so the modern satanic meaning of Zionism – is the "Sun Cult" which of course refers to Lucifer – the "light bringer". This is why they pass the "torch" all around the country before the Olympics – the "lucifers torch of enlightenment".

        Zion is also a hill in Jerusalem – Glastonbury Tor is the English version of this hill – which is why it was used during the ceremony.

        So why do they use the Olympics to convey these occult messages of bringing about a satanic New World Order?

        Because the Olympics have always been a ritualistic demonstration of what is to be the ideal New World Order. It is an example of how the elite gather together to watch the finest athletes risk their lives, and push themselves to the limit for unknown government officials who offer rewards as a symbol of the militaristic socialist order. Every aspect of mysticism and occult symbolism is produced to mesmerize the observer and to desensitize them to the idea of Globalism.

        So if we look at the The Olympic ceremony again and compare it to William Blakes poem we see that Olympic Ceremony opened with an orchestra playing Nimrod by Enigma Variations. Nimrod was the world’s first dictator and tried to establish the first World Government.

        William Blakes poem ends:

        "I will not cease from mental fight,

        Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,

        Till we have built Jerusalem (Zion)

        In England’s green and pleasant land. "

        The occult meaning is to establish Zion (satanic world government) in England. The poem and the opening ceremony are both occult meesages announcing the plans for a satanic world government.

        It's likely that some event might happen (project bluebeam) that will bring about the false messiah who will claim the throne of world government on the back of being of the Merovingian bloodline. This may or may not happen during the Olympics but it WILL happen.

        Its Bible prophecy and the Bible is never wrong.

        Theres obviously tonnes of other symbolism involved but it all works to the same end.

    • Miss "Sarah Conner" I'm sorry but I stopped reading the link you posted because some of the things they were writing were a bit too far-fetched. My name is Emily, and I know my name means rival in Latin, and I attended the Dark Knight Rises. Why? Because I love Batman. So I'm sorry lololol but that article was drawing conclusions from things that are irrelevant. AS for VC, his articles are clearly explained with information backing up his claims.

      My 2 cents.

      • Sarah Connor on

        Emily – heavens girl, don't be sorry!!!! Though I must say, too bad you stopped short to see the 'whole' of the article. While I don't believe in some of the same things the author does, and I too thought a conjecture or two to be a stretch…..the information in it's 'entirety' seems a bit too coincidental. Conspiratorial evil always leaves it's fingerprint in the big picture……not limited viewpoint.

  3. Ok, what I don't get is the picture of the guy that shot up the movie theater in Colorado. I'm not sure at all what's going on with it. Can someone please explain?

    • Speculation that Orange Boy is NOT the real James Holmes…or vise versa. The bone structure in both faces is completly different, esp the eyes.

      • It's the same guy. In one photo he is smiling, in the other he is not. Your face will spread out a bit when smiling.

        With a straight face, hold your nose gently then smile. You'll notice the difference in your nose immediately.

      • Not that much. The lips are different too. Close, but different.

        One can't change that much, especially in jail. The real Holmes looks like nobody's home, the other appears possessed.

        Maybe poster boy for more gun control laws?
        Or maybe poster boy for easier commitment laws–to be used on Christians and Constitutionalists.

      • VC thanks for bring the facts into closer perspective. Before seeing these pictures I was wondering how does a man who is locked up in jail have the access to dye his hair orange when you are suspected of killing at least 12 people. Usually the government would not be that considerate to someone who has committed such a crime. In the profile picture the first man looks happy and no common sense of the wrong that he has done and now this orange man who looks insanity and as if we has never been on the same realm of reality as most of us. He looks like he has gone through shock therapy or that like a homeless man who has been giving up the illusion of the world's reality. Which also being me back to the message of the movie the Matrix.

        This reminds me of the Casey Anthony story because I was on another site like VC and they were showing close up of video footage on how the news makes up fake stories and pictures of people who are really just actor dressed up in heavy make up like they use in the movies. How much of the stuff that we watch is planted information that has no real relevance to it. I don't watch the news haven't really watched it for years I really didn't want to take in that misinformation is as my truth. The news reminds me of the movie They Live my Wes Carpenter.

      • I agree… it seems to me the same guy. The angle is slightly different: the first picture is taken exactly en face, from the front, ánd he is (still) smiling, the other is taken a little bit from below.

  4. I knew something was going on with James Holmes pic. I really didn't look the same when I had seen it from other media sources.

    • I noticed the nose was thinner on the orange haired guy but i thought maybe surgery… in his efforts to "transform" into the joker or something…hmmm

  5. How how how do these stupid sheep still deny what us "vigilant people" try to tell them? Now some of you may say "You shouldn't call them sheep because at one point you didnt have this knowledge either" That is true I wasn't always enlightened but at least I was open minded. At least I understood that SOMETHING was wrong. At least I took initiative to see why our people were getting fatter to see why our entertainment was getting dumber and more raunchy. I really don't feel bad for ppl anymore. anyone who thinks different gets verbally and emotionally spanked. So fine have your useless hope and change puppet, bad girls club, and lil wayne see you poor bastards at camp fema.

    • you are not enlightened…hate to say it. enlightened people dont hate like you and judge stupid useless sheep….

      • Where in my comment did I say I hate anyone? adding our own words now are we? The fact of the matter is people need to start waking up but when you try to show them they don't even hear you out before making a decision thats the frustration I was getting at. My mom doesn't believe anything but mainstream accounts of things that doesn't mean I hate my mom so next time you reply to one of my comments try reading the original comment first I dont hate anyone.

    • You (and I, sometimes) have to recognise the diff. btw. "needing to wake up," and "able to."

      Calling them "stupid sheep" is exactly what the enemy is doing & wanting us to do as well; belittle & dehumanize them.

      I think every bit of truth shared will continue to ripple outward, eventually disappearing from sight – but it will continue its flow.

      Truth is important, but so is integrity & love.


  6. what is going on with this world? im only 13 and i already feel like i have to be grown up and open my eyes to see what is really going on with this world

    please someone tell me if i should share my knowledge of the illuminati or not as i feel it is my duty to do so.

      • I really think using the term 'sheeple' is counter-productive. To achieve the positive changes we want to see in society, we need as many people as possible to wake up and smell the coffee. Insulting them isn't a good way to get them on board. Remember the time before you woke up, and have some empathy. A few well-placed questions go way further than putting people down.

      • I agree. the term 'sheeple' is dehumanizing. The nazi's used terms like that to convince the german people that it was OK to murder people who didn't want to party with the national socialists. Be careful folks. words can be dangerous.

    • I feel you. I'm turning 15 nd I'm scared of whats going to happen. Thinking about the end times scares me so much. But I have to be strong. This is A LOT to take in. But you gotta prepare yourself for the end. And when it comes. . . you better believe that it will be 100 times worse than now.

      • Do not fear young one. The end has always been coming since the invention of religion. It was something created to encourage people or "the flock" to continue to follow because fear is one of the most powerful weapons any leader can wield. The goal is to keep your mind open to everything, will preventing it from dulling from the constant consumption of information. Sites like these are half the story, it's up to you to find your own truth.

    • Share it but understand it comes with a lot more then you may be ready to handle but training is welcomed for any child of GOD because freedom comes with knowing. Also understand that you can not present a message to someone who is not willing to take in that message. The more that you begin to step out of the Matrix and the illusions of the world you will also feel more attacked unless you have the peace of God and you keep yourself surrounded by his world. All things work for the betterment of your good so just know that learning comes with persecution but awareness is better then darkness and being uninformed. Ask GOD for discernment in your prayers because a time will come when you won’t or shouldn’t have these kinds of conversations with everyone and anyone. Right now just surround yourself with GOD and he will begin to speak to your heart more and give you revelation and teach you how to step out in this new place of enlightenment.

      • you are saying these things about god but what if i or other people dont believe in god

      • I don't know what to say about that because to me enlightenment comes from believing in something other then yourself. God represents to me an image of truth, peace and comfort the world represents to me images of lies, illusion and deception so in this world anyone can be misinformed but I have felt God presence and love so many times in my life so I chose to believe. Believing is always about attaching to something greater or higher then oneself it is the action of faith. All things are possible to him that believe. You are still very young and life has so much more knowledge to share with you maybe one day you will come across a different or higher truth. Hope that these comments helps you and can bring you some kind of comfort.

    • Please mate, you're young, live your life, stop learning unnecessary information and focus on your studies. It's good to know these things but you need to know when its too much.


    • Yes share your insight. TO be only 13 and already have "eyes to see" and "ears to hear" as Jesus says, even with all of the mind control, propaganda and symbolism aimed so much at the younger generations through Disney, Cartoons, child idols ext. You should consider yourself blessed, this is not by mistake or luck but by design. I believe that you were given a gift and you have a calling in your life to awaken people and lead them to Jesus. God knows so many Are lost and oblivious to the dark events going on around us everyday. So many are under south mind control that they cannot break free. Only Jesus can do that for them, these are the people that will tell you it's all lies, conspiracy theorists, crazy people ext. They'll tell you to "worry about your studies and live your life" "don't be concerned with that stuff"- this is what the enemy (satan) wants you to believe. The enemy doesn't want people to know the truth. Find God and keep him close, ask for guidance, protection and knowledge. Continue to keep an open mind And share your knowledge with people before it's too late. There will come a time in the near future that if anyone speaks of these things or Jesus they could be jailed or put to death. Sites like these will no longer exist and the world will be under the control of the antichrist, as it is written in Revelations of the holy Bible. It is also written "my people perish for lack of knowledge" God bless

  7. shatha abdulrahaman on

    sickening >< and yet those lunatics still have fans,,its so blatant people GROW UP AND USE YOUR MINDS!

    • noe more than ever im starting to feel like its more of a bandwagon thing. "oh since every one else likes him/her/it, i gotta do the same"

      people really just want to be relevant… so they can fit in.

      so they are using there minds in the wrong way. lol a lot of these ppl have their 'side' favorite artists that no one really knows/ they try not to talk about them bc they aren't "popular".

      • Re 'people just want to fit in'

        True, but only to a certain extent.

        People want to be original and stand out from the crowd (eg, crazy hair-dye, strange piercings) and be an 'individual' (think Gaga), but still they want to fit in. In essence, they want it all. It just can't happen. Therefore, it all turns into a freak show, like we are seeing.

        Once you eat your cake, it's gone.

    • Sarah Connor on

      I was surprised…..and that doen't happen often these days.

      BTW….the model for the baphomet, pyramid and all seeing eye shirts…… his fly is down. Bet it was an oversight.

      • Maybe it wasn't an oversight, it may have been used for sexualization. Some perverted photographer was probably getting his rocks off on it. Sick. This kid looks barely legal.

      • i was also going to comment that the WAXD guy's fly is down. he also looks very sad and world weary.

      • I'm going to go with,it means nothing.Since,Keith is a grown man I doubt that Tom Cruise has anything to do with Keith's decision to join the illuminati.

  8. I look forward to the narritive on the olympics. I've seen so many things. Messy! Very messy! And from the start, I never thought the guy they caught looked anything like the "James Holmes" they were potraying…

    • I am not watching none of it because but when I look at the pictures it reminds me of the Tower of Babel when all the races came together to complete one goals to get to the heavens. I see a lot of gothic like pictures that does not represent healthy completion. At this point I would rather watch most of this from the sidelines until I meet a group of people who comes with understanding and then we can work as a team for the sake of Gods word because all of this stuff is going to happen reguardless.

      • Sarah Connor on

        Interesting you say that resurrected. Have you seen the massive structure outside the O2 arena?

        Kapoor says one of his references was the Tower of Babel. "There is a kind of medieval sense to it of of reaching up to the sky, building the impossible. It's a long winding spiral that aspires to go even above the clouds. It has something mythical to it."

        More interesting quirks about the buildings/structures/locations of things concerning the 2012 Olympics:

        The Zion Olympics, A bridge to Hell, Part 1 of 3

        These Olympics sure are something nifty for the powers that be! They spare no expense, and leave out no detail.

    • What so call illuminati is not ok God will not it to spread so wildly bcos evil things never last so longi believes that if is so bad as people say God will destory their source of power.on that let wait for more years if they will exist any more unless if it’s not God that creat all things ever their gods

      • Like I said at ny early comment if God didn't estblish illuminati it not grow at this lenght bcos he's the cerator of all things under heaven and inside heaven as well so on that note let allow the illuminati to be,I have doubt if it is not ok it will what be today that all want to be part of beside evil woks never last it's God things that last forever that why satan is exits so long like this bcos he creats him too and all his domonic spirit just know that God is the bringing and the end and homopresent.

  9. wow.. these signs and symbols seem to be evrrywhere . I am not into music of today thank God and I ain't listen to this useless shit anymore . Will always be a 90's fan .
    Errm I guess they do want us to know now don't they ?
    Waiting for your Olympics analysis . I hope nothing happens until then.

    • @xartasha – Are you gonna tell me you don't think Courtney Love is some kind of messed up industry puppet? Stripper, locked up in reform school, mother a weird psychologist, father a drugged up Grateful Dead hanger-on.

  10. I always look forward to the Pics of the Month articles. They are interesting and seriously scary. They have me flipping through magazines with a new perspective on how to look at the ads. I can honestly say that once one knows the symbolism and what to look for, you start to see it EVERYWHERE! literally. Even in subtle little ways, like the ad chopping off half the face to only show the make up on one eye for a covergirl ad.

    Lately I've been seeing the checkerboard all over the place. Watched through America's Got Talent from last week's episode, and the girl that sang (sharon or shelly Loyd) they flashed a crying eye on a record, the singer seemed to switch song personalities, and there was a checkerboard flashed on one side light screen. Her dress was black and white hypnotic looking. Nick Cannon's outfit looked like a checkerboard (previous week he wore a skull and crossbone pin on his lapel.)

  11. Okay so I really cannot wait for the analysis on the Olympic games opening ceremony, it looked too creepy to not be related to the Illuminati etc etc. There are also hints at another sacrifice during the ceremony, and as you are all aware, the media have been targetting Muslims since 9/11 but I urge you all to have an open mind and know that it will all be a set up. There are many citizens who are ignorant to events going on around them but there also those who are intelligent so no matter what the media feed you or make you question, keep an open mind. There is also no such thing as coincidence, tha apparent 'issues with security' right before the Olympic games will get you thinking that their security can be broken through. What a load of rubbish! Time will tell people, time most certainly will tell.


  13. I really tried my best to spot symbolism in the Olympics ceremony but I couldn't see anything besides the eye 😐 I'm really looking foward to your analysis.

    • Did you see the dancing Freemasons doing their weird, occultic and magical shuffle? Notice their hands on/in their jackets, their top hats and them praising their "Satanic mills" (ie. Chimney stacks).

    • What I observed as I was watching the Olympics Open Ceremony: I was disturbed when I saw how they implemented the Industrial Revolution. There were a few aristocrats (the elite with those old time hats) who watched pleased and surprised how the poor people, the masses had built the 'empire', how they were working, until the towers were built. I think that was a massive symbol for the world-wide consumerism.

      In rest, I really enjoyed the whole show :)

    • I came up with my own interpratation of the Shakespeare reading in the opening ceremony.

      "Be not afeard. The isle is full of noises,

      Sounds, and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.

      Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments

      Will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices"

      Because this was said in front of a large tree, I was thinking that was symbolic for the tree of good and evil from the Bible (Adam and Eve). They're tell us basically what Satan told Adam and Eve, eating from this is not a sin, it will, "give delight and hurt not." Then it talks about being mindcontrolled in the next part…("and sometime voices [will hum about mine ears]")

      "That, if I then had waked after long sleep

      Will make me sleep again; and then in dreaming

      The clouds methought would open and show riches

      Ready to drop upon me, that when I waked

      I cried to dream again."

      Like waking up from being mind controlled. When you're in the "dream," you get all the richest and fame, but only if you sell your soul like Adam and Eve did for this "knowledge." Like being enlightened…And when they wake up from being mindcontrolled, they "cry" because they wish it was real and not them being puppets. They don't want to live with what they had done so they wish to be sleeping again…

      I don't know if this is where they were getting at but it sounds like something they would do.

      Also, those triangles surrounding the arena are ridiculous.

  14. Candle of the Meteor on

    I was just at the gym on Monday, finishing up my leg routine, when a man came over and asked to work in. I just stood in front of him, my mouth mentally agape, as I saw that his hoodie had a giant, all-seeing eye plastered right in the centre. Before I gave him the rack, I quickly asked where he got the shirt from, and he told me that it was from Walmart. I light-heartedly told him that he was wearing Illuminati clothing, and he just replied, "I know! Pretty sick, ain't it?"

    We're fucked.

    • Yes, we are. I saw a "Patriotic" t-shirt someone bought at kohl's. It had the word America below a "tribal" design that looked like a bahemophet. Three stars adorned the picture, one on each end and one in the middle of the tribal that had a "helicopter" like shape in the center of it that looked more like an eye. WTF does that have to do with patriotism?!

      • The there are those "Obey Propaganda" shirts. I asked one of my guy friends what those meant, thinking it was like for illuminati awareness or something, and he just said they were a brand. I said I thought it had to do with the illuminati and he laughed and asked where I got that idea from. Come onnnn now…

  15. I have thought of many ways on how I was going to explain to my friends, what was wrong with the entertainment industry and alot of other things. Whenever I do so, they either see me as being too 'deep' or I'm seeing things that aren't there. The sad fact is, music has become a way 'some' people escape from their problems and even reality, movies and series keep 'some' people company, and celebrities have become 'some' people's gods. In summary, it's gonna be hard for these people to accept what is going on…they're stuck I guess.

    And that's very sad

  16. Ever since the Aurora shootings I have been looking at the pics of James Holmes "before" when he was an attractive young man and the "after" with the orange hair and crazy look and wondering all along how one person could look so VERY different yet be the same person. Now seeing the last pic I get it. Maybe he really is someone else! Maybe it all really is a set up, maybe we will NEVER know the true story, maybe, maybe,maybe, we are all screwed.

    • It's the antidepressants. SSRI's help. They help people go over the edge and kill other people. Or kill themselves. Or if the person survives the first two weeks (and the last when quitting), that person will self-fry and live to eat, sleep, watch tv, and leave anything challenging & fun, including sex, for tomorrow. No hormones, no reality, no life, no sense of anything. The new antidepressants pickle the mind.

  17. Hi,

    I noticed the same difference between the two pictures of James….and before I read your article.

    What I see after the arrestation of the man, I don't know if my eyes are better than other but I noticed that's not the same guy OR he's looking differently than what I seen in an other news….. Really weird…

    And his eyes don't seem to be the same color, when you have pale eye's they are pale even if the picture is in Black & white… Also the eyebrows don't look the same.

    • Am convinced they're 2 separate people. The orbital (eye) sockets are a dead giveaway.–completely different, one from the other. Question is, why? Why isn't this being picked upon in the mainscream media?



        "Are there discrepancies in the photos? Obviously. You’d almost think the pictures were taken at different times, under different circumstances, with different lighting and camera angles, and Holmes employing different facial expressions. Oh wait."

      • Jim Harcourt on

        Even if you have a breakdown or go crazy, you don't develop a different face. Your nose, eye sockets and ears don't change shape.

      • Why doesn't the Mainstream Media pick up on this? Because they are glove covering the hand known as MK ULTRA.

  18. Why do the "Illuminati" focus so much attention on the "occluded eye"?

    Because for the "illuminated" this symbolizes the "Third Eye" – the "inner vision" that they believe allows them to perceive aspects of our universe and human consciousness ordinarily hidden.

    But for the "illuminated" this psychic "third eye" is opened primarily through opening the physical "third eye" – or the anus. The "Illuminati" base their belief system and rituals on perverse group sex magick involving as much sacrilege, sodomy, and sado-masochism as they possibly can.

    Sodomic Mind Control Sex Magick techniques give them the power to take control of innocent human subjects remotely and use their bodies as Monarch Sex Puppets before wiping their memories of the debauched interlude. Many people reading this now are likely being used as remotely controlled Monarch Sex Puppets for "Illuminati" ritual and criminal purposes.

    Examine these images and understand that the "Illuminati" feel they derive power from taunting humanity with the very evidence of their power and depravity:

    The anal "third eye" is celebrated in the Olympic Ritual. Even a small examination of these "games" will reveal the dark backstory and long history of mind control with drugs, steroids, and brainwashing used to produce the athletes of many countries, so the open flaunting of "Illuminati" sodomy through this depiction of a sphincter should surprise no one.

    Nor should the "cyclops" mascots of the olympics and paralympics. If the "third eye/brown eye" references to sodomic mind control are not obvious enough – sex crimes investigators and prostitutes will recognize the obvious similarity in design to a popular but perverse type of sex toy.

    As is usually the the case – we see blatant reference to various forms of sex magick mind control such as semenancy in many of the images. From the grid lines over Azealia Banks' face in order to precisely measure semen patterns for divinatory purposes to the removable black semenancy canvas modeled by the notorious Mr. Downey – the "illuminated" make clear that they intend to debase humanity with perversion as part of their strategy AND as an end in itself.

    The album cover by the same artist is just as blatant. Notice how we are shown representations both of the spiritual "third eye" AND the anus side by side. Both are shown hovering over the chimeric sex demon alter-ego of the performer. The marriage of voluptuous woman and fish is not a classical 'mermaid' reference – but instead refers to "Scaly" fetishism – a deviant sexual subculture even more perverse than the "Furries" or the "Brony" fetishists – both also created and spread by the "Illuminati".

    Beware of those who would tell you this is a threat to someone else. YOUR soul – YOUR genitalia – YOUR reputation are at risk if you become a Monarch Sex Puppet. Educate yourself about the full range of "Illuminati" tactics today! Study the furries, scalies, water bondage, Brony, semenancy, Pony play, nukkake, 50 Shades of Grey and all the other filth that they are forcing on society in order to protect yourself. It is distasteful in the extreme but absolutely vital!

    Good luck to everyone!

    • i don't want to google those things because i'm afraid of what I'll see. can you give a brief non graphic description of what the heck those things are?

      • It is vital that all at risk understand exactly what is entailed in "Illuminati" sex magick mind control ritual – for only through seeing the evidence of having been used as a Monarch Sex Puppet will anyone be able to recognize that they have been used as such prior to their memory being wiped.

        For those who are unprepared to educate themselves on the details necessary to protect themselves and their family members from being used as remote controlled sex puppets – the only alternative is to disconnect from all Monarch programming signals entirely – which in 2012 means cutting off all internet, television, popular music, magazine, and other media. By shielding your senses from any further Monarch signals you will not be able to be activated as a puppet even if you have (like most people today) already been exposed to vast amounts of Monarch programing through a lifetime of the internet, movies, music, video games, etc that are secretly laden with mind control sex programming.

    • "But for the “illuminated” this psychic “third eye” is opened primarily through opening the physical “third eye” – or the anus. The “Illuminati” base their belief system and rituals on perverse group sex magick involving as much sacrilege, sodomy, and sado-masochism as they possibly can."

      WOW! This is fascinating! Could you please share your sources so I could further look into it myself? You know, the books and articles you have read and the experts you have interviewed where you derived this information from? You seem to be quite educated in what the Illuminati think, believe, and partake in, please do share where this knowledge has come from!!

      (BTW I think you meant bukkake, not nukkake)

      • Most of what I have discussed is addressed in a general way in the literature available to the general public – but much comes as a result of access to sources of information not available to ordinary citizens. I take great risk to share even this broad overview publicly – so it is up to the reader to decide whether I am insane or sharing valuable factual information. However anyone who follows up on the information I have provided will quickly see that what I write is true.

        As for "nukkake" – I meant what I wrote. "Bukkake" was an earlier "Illuminati" project.

      • I agree dr. S, I just went to the US Open in huntington Beach CA and was painfully disgusting to see how slutty the next generation is. There's like 15 year old girls with an arrow and "free grab" written on their butts. And also writing your phone number on your stomach is the norm.

    • I wouldn't recommend studying it. You'll know filth when you see it. If you have God's Spirit ask Him to tell you what's at the root and He'll let you know. Then, Pray!

      • You are missing the point.

        If you have spend a significant amount of time on the internet, watching television/movies, listening to popular music, or playing video games over the past 20 years, there is a high probability that you have already received extensive Monarch Sex Puppet Programming without realizing it. You may already be being turned into a perverse flesh and blood sex toy for use in "Illuminati" ritual group sex WITHOUT BEING AWARE OF IT. The only way to determine if this is happening to you already is to watch for the specific signs that you have been subjected to the particular perversions favored by the "Illuminated".

      • Dr. S

        I understand what you are saying I didn’t read all of your message in it entirety. This whole world is a form of programming and like that man looks up top the so called James Holmes what do you go when you unplug yourself from this Matrix and you know God is can be a scary place. Even when you unplug yourself you will still need a new reality to connect too. Look at that man picture I am not sure he is connected too much. I have watched documentary and came across information that explain a lot of sexual positions that we are accustom even now as satanic practices.

    • Its not about the third eye but the all seeing eye. Satan is trying to present himself like the All High seeing everything and knowing all things because he wants us too also see him as a powerful and all mighty GOD but he is a liar and there is no truth in him and all he knows how to do is to copy and pervert.

      • Yes the "Third Eye/Brown Eye" is seen as equivalent to the "All Seeing Eye" by the "Illuminated" because they believe that their rituals allow them to become "as God". If you study the history of heretical beliefs you will see this idea – and the hand of the "Illuminated" – come up again and again in many different eras and places. Always the same idea that Man may become as God through secret knowledge and secret practices. If you dig a little deeper you will see that the 'secret practices' consisted of exactly the sort of perverted group sex magick rituals that the "Illuminated" are so obviously spreading through society today – all while taunting us with their presence.

    • lol i looked up nukkake out of curiosity and apparently its a nuclear bomb that will have penish cloud instead of a mushroom cloud and will be filled with semen to impregnate all the women in its blast radius. sounds like BS to me. i came across a video about it but couldnt for the life of me watch it for there was so many things flashing about and the woman talking had like two heads due to camera distortion and i just was afraid i was being programmed by watching it.

      • Not all "Illuminati" concepts are meant to be taken literally. The "bomb" is more like a 'psychic bomb' that pollutes the mind and erodes the morals of all exposed to it – causing sexual arousal in powerful and inappropriate ways.

        You are quite right to be frightened of the particular video you mention – as you can see how sickening their other work is. However in general the majority of Monarch Sex Puppet control programming is contained in very mainstream popular media – music videos, movies, video games, etc. Pornography and manga and things like that are obviously loaded even more densely with Monarch codes, but even many "Christian" television shows and musical recordings are actually frauds used to program your brain to allow you to be used as a sex slave against your will before wiping your memory. If you have seen as much popular entertainment as the average younger person has in 2012 it is already too late – you are certainly totally infested with Monarch Sex Puppet Programming. Given that fact – your only hope is to either stop consuming ALL popular media OR to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the details of "Illuminati" sex magick perversion so that you can recognize the signs that you or your loved ones are being used as sex puppets against their will and without their knowledge. Good luck to you.

      • Dr S, when you say this "You may already be being turned into a perverse flesh and blood sex toy for use in “Illuminati” ritual group sex WITHOUT BEING AWARE OF IT. The only way to determine if this is happening to you already is to watch for the specific signs that you have been subjected to the particular perversions favored by the “Illuminated”.

        what do you mean? please explain thank you

      • Dr S.

        I have been studying symbols for years and I look for all kinds of signs I see a lot of them in the building that I work in. So when I see hand gestures, here comments see pictures organizations that embody these concepts even on a Christian shows and networks I take notice. I have seen old U Tube clips of today preachers lighting, acting or making comments like demons so I understand the concept of wolf in sleep clothing’s. I think that I am becoming a well verse symbologist I hate not being aware so I am always learning something new I feel that God has been preparing me to open my eyes and too see the deeper truth for like 7-8 years now it is amazing of what you can learn when you don't reject everything but saying I still do reject a lot because too much info boarders on the lines of insanity you still have to protect your mind and heart with all diligence of the issues or deceptions of life will get into your thinking and perception. I have read a lot of Jesus is fake text but that is not my truth and thank God I have tangible moments and experiences that always cancel’s out that deceptive truth and that keeps me align with God truth.

    • I've looked for evidence to support your claim that the third eye is the anus or "brown eye' as you call it… but i have found nothing whatsoever. This is the only forum where i've read this. Mind giving some links or 3rd party corroboration to back this up?

      And as for ' semenancy', well i've researched this a bit on the internet and i've found nothing substantial except a certain blog called This blog appears to be written by a crazy person. He claims michael jackson was addicted to semenancy and that bestial semenancy is linked to swine flu.

      I put forth that semenancy is not real and is actually a type of joke or disinformation linking certain aspects of pornography to the occult… for what purpose i don't really know.

      Claiming Azealia's veil is really grid lines to measure semen patterns is, honestly, real stupid. But you said it, so it's true, right?

      You know what i think, Doctor Stories? I think you are a TROLL, and a very good one. I think you love deceiving the forum readers, you love debate, and I also think you do this on other forums. I don't think you have any intention of providing any insight into what VC is doing. In fact I believe you are deliberately trying to mislead and confuse the readership with your hairbrained and obvious loony stories. You KNOW that most people will not research that they read. You state your supposed knowledge so confidently and arrogantly, and attack anyone who questions you. You know that confidence like that gets immediate followers. You use a 'Dr. in your alias which manipulates perception about what you present – "he's smart, he might be a doctor".

      I think you know how to ride the line between comical stories and believability. I think you enjoy seeing how far you can push this line. In fact I find how you do it fascinating and sometimes amusing. I am positive this is something that amuses you. Calling the anus the 'third eye' is a perfect example. You like to take random sex related fetishes like 'pony play' and link them to the occult in some way…with nothing to back it up except your word of course.

      It is also possible that you are spreading disinformation for some purpose. No one could be that lazy with research. This is either a real fun joke for you to spread idiocy or you have a motive for doing it. It is amusing that you accuse me right away of being an illuminati agent – typical of a troll: you are very good at using sophisticated debate/troll techniques to garner sympathy for yourself and appeal to the VC reader forum. And when i do call you out…well, you just disappear for a bit.

      These sorts of forums are also easy for trolls like you to take control of because you know that most of the readers are somewhat naive and believe that anyone who contributes is 'just sharing his knowledge' and is a sort of truthseeker. In fact, the opposite is true and these sorts of forums are easily populated by professional trolls and real disinfo agents…but realistically, mostly trolls like you. I suspect that there are other trolls here that back you up when needed because I know that is a common technique. Yes folks, there is actually a huge community of trolls that do this seriously and go to huge lengths to control forums. Forums like this are choice targets, as bizarre as that might seem….

      I think the forum readers deserve to know what you are up to. If you aren't a troll, or worse, some pathetic disinfo agent wasting everyones time with your stupid stories, then you are mentally ill. I hope that people read this and realize what's going on. I suspect that what i said is just the tip of the iceberg.

      • You obviously have read nothing about sex magick if you are not aware of the MANY traditions that emphasize sodomy as a cornerstone of their rituals. If all you have access to is the Clearnet you can start by reading about the Bogomils and read straight through to the OTO. Dr. S. is highly respected among serious researchers Simon. Read up a bit lad….

    • Wish you'd explain more. Come back and break down each paragraph where more could be explained for those of us not knowing what we need to know.

  19. Nothing new under the sun, is there….for "artists" these folks are pretty damn uncreative. However, the James Holmes doppelgänger I just dont buy. It's pretty clearly the same guy with photos taken at different angles with different expressions. Don't get me wrong, I'm leaning strongly towards MKU/ritual sacrifice – but dude is one and the same…

  20. Even with the two pictures compared, I still believe it to be hte same person. It's obviously just different facial expressions at a different angle in different lighting.

  21. LOL! I seriously cannot believe Selena Gomez wore a "666" shirt to visit a children's hospital. What a contradiction!

    • That confuses me seriously… devil worshipping celebrities go to children's hospitals? Why? To indoctrinate them, too?

    • They are raised to that truth and see it as normal. Many people see worshipping Satan as a modern day religion. From what I hear they see the devil as God and Jesus as the devil. I have heard story of rituals that goes something like this a child is getting beating on the alter by an image as what he see's as Jesus Christ only to have the image of Satan to come in as a light of safely taking him away from the pain and evil Jesus. Now this sounds like the devil and all of his forms of perversion. So if you are not deeply rooted in something which most of these people are, granted it’s a deception you will most likely believe anything. That is why God said for those who make my little ones stumble perverting a child's mental and emotional nature there will be punishment for special people like this. That why I don't just follow any man or rules of religion because I understand how that nature can become sinful how that kind of power can be corrupted if not directed and covered in a Godly concept. That’s why I focus on having more of a personal relationship with God by reading his world and accepting his son as my Lord and Savior everything else plays out in a more personal setting and eternal nature. It is very easy to be deceive in this world and that is why images plays such a big part in the creation of tevision because they are telling you and selling you there own perverted images to change you mind and beliefs. It's not called the Great Deception for nothing.

    • Look at the pig she has for a boyfriend. What did he do for her? Nothing good. He's done few things decent other than keeping lawyers off unemployment.

      So glad I don't have much in the way of musical talent. My voice contributes to songs of worship at church. Good for me. Praising the Lord looks good and feels better.

  22. Btw, for the James Holmes pic… on the photo on the right, he is turning his head so yeah his right ear seems bigger… as for as the nose, the pic on the right was taken with a lens with a shorter focal length which tends to make the nose look longer and appear less wide… The other pic the image is more flat… He is also tilting is head back and is not smiling on the new pic… Look at older pics of Holmes, he has a thin nose also… And reality is they don't need an imposter to do the crime… anyone would do.. and the parents would notice it right away…

    Great job on the other pics btw.. how obvious is Disney star Selena Gomez!?

  23. rose in massachusett on

    Of course reading about this stuff and seeing these images makes me worry, but as my father used to say, "Oh well. There's nothing we can do about it." A favorite saying of his, there's nothing we can do. I don't think ordinary people can challenge the elite people who control everything. They have too much power at this time in history.

    The best thing to do, perhaps the only thing we can do, right now, collectively, is to be aware of what is going on, and don't trust what you see on TV or read in fashion magazines. Just try your best to live a good, decent and wholesome life and take care of yourself and others around you.

    Stay out of debt, as economics is one way they maintain control, stay out of trouble with the law, and if you know people around you who are out of work and struggling to feed their families, help them out. Help them buy groceries, help them fix their car, etc., give to food pantries and shelters. Reach out to others who are having a tough time.

    All these economic problems people are having, the jobs going elsewhere, the wars, the rising crime, etc. "they" encourage people to blame each other, blame minorities, blame single mothers, blame the poor — I believe it's all being directed by "the powers that be." Perhaps we can all just fight it in small ways, by ourselves staying honest and having compassion for each other and caring for each other. If that's the only way we can fight them, then that's what we have to do.

  24. I just noticed Mickey sounds A LOT like MK.

    Did they name the project after Walt's most celeb character?

    And is it why it is the symbol of mind control?

    • Just like most of the stars who have so called alter ego so does most of the messages in Hollywood and the images that they represent. Everything has it's duel reality just like the black and white floors representing the light vs the darkness. The devil will only give you a small part of the truth just like he did to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Good and Evil. Disney World is another deception and it plays with your minds because you want to believe that someone that is so fun can not be based off of evil intentions. This all goes back to what you know and how far you can where you can start to actively connect the dots before the information was changed or altered.

    • If that was a true concept do you think that people would leave the conforms of there imaginations or of a beautiful deceptive world to a lesser reality of complete truth and freedom but of a desolated world none the less? Most of the time believing God is walking away from the fantasies that are really lies just like in the movie Inception. I will admit that I find it hard and I am trying to really let God prep me to the Moses of today times being able to walk away develop in my own 40 years of seperation from these mirrors of illusions. Leanring how to be complete strong in GOD knowing that he will never leave me or forsaken me.

  25. I"m sorry to change the subject but check out

    Ne-Yo's new music video, Let me love you

    at exactly 2:22-2:23 the illuminati pyramid and the eye of horus at the top shows at the bottom right corner for like 1-2 seconds…

    coincidence?? i think not!

    Im so glad that I got to know this website..I feel like a detective whenever i watch music videos and I spotted something this time hehe

  26. i cannot say I check this website often but I have great respect for your thorough analysis and in-depth perspective. What I don't understand is why we have forsaken and given up a universal symbol like the all-seeing eye (which corresponds to a specific chakra all human beings have) to use it as label for massonic and elite orders that carry forward negative plans. The all-seeing eye sees beyond deceit, deception, falsity, etc….and we all have the capacity of activating it and using it to the fullest (maybe someday we will actually do it), so why do we assign ownership of a symbol that has always existed and belongs to everyone to a limited group of people (regardless of their intentions)? The all-seeing eye is reminder of what we can do not what we must fear or avoid or be wary off.

    • I understand why "they" chose such powerful symbol, just as the nazis used the svastika, I don't understand why we don't take it back! sgrunt!

    • Marco, you're absolutely right. Its a shame that they have taken the All Seeing Eye as an evil symbol. Just as how they took the Swastika, inverted it, and in the blink of an eye it changed from being a wholy symbol, to being a symbol that represents fascism and nazism.

      People, the All Seeing aint evil. Remember a knife can be used to cut and share food. As it can be used to kill people.

      • Reading comments with common sense warms my heart. You two, keep on being awesome!

      • @marco @matteo @notsocommon. Amen! Way too many people fail to understand the deep spiritual origins of so many of these symbols – the ancient origins from our foremothers and fathers in antiquity that pre-date the usage by these 'sick children' who call themselves the Illuminati. So suddenly the all seeing eye = evil & Satan worship instead of spiritual enlightenment through the pineal gland. Don't get it twisted, these illuminati creeps are well aware of the power of these ancient symbols and the magic they generate and use them to operate this global control grid instead of as a tool for higher learning, which was the original intention. They don't want to share this knowledge not even with their own kind which is why it is only partially accessible through initiation into the secret societies (but not for the low level initiates who remain minions of their masters)

        I just wish people would themselves become illuminated and really study the source of things instead of getting whipped up not a mindless and helpless frenzy which is almost just as bad as being plain ignorant and being completely unaware.

      • Hey this is one of the best posts I've read today Matteo Along with Dr. S's posts. That's so true! So many people think the All seeing Eye is evil because they have turned it around and used it as such. Not true. learn your history and where these symbols derive from first.


  27. Some of this just makes me laugh now. Its like they are panicking and are doing every last thing they can to push their symbolism into overdrive – bad timing when the world is beginning to realise what is going on on a mass scale.

    The Olympic ceremony was a three hour Luciferian ritual

    • Overdrive is an understatement. All of this blatant illuminati symbolism and ritual has exploded! I am totally sick of this nonsense. I truly hope that the world is indeed realizing what is going on. Will there ever be an end? Ugh.

    • Ok really? All studio places are round. Don’t go finding something in everything. -_- They need a round arena for running because you can’t do that in a rectangular arena. Just stop -_-

  28. Won't it be too late by the end of the Olympics to do an article on the opening ceremony? The closing ceremony is when the false flag will be and that will be an entirely new story & history of the world altogether

  29. Selena is absolutely been mind controlled, if you watch any interview of her she has all the symptoms. I believe her and Bieber are forced to pretend to be an a relationship as she always looks unhappy and disassociated in all the photos with him

    • Yes about that! Even Bieber's ex-girlfriend said once in her Tumblr that his manager set that up. They're faking that relationship to have attention as the next illuminati puppets.


    Vigilant, I would like you to explain what means ZION and what it has to do with the illuminati.

    • Of course, we'll all have to try to do that on our own as well!

      It's probably not good to swallow ANY pill on an empty stomach.

  31. Down to Earth on

    Well said 'rose in massachusetts'!

    And as for the Olympic symbolism – well if you come from an English perspective you simply see it as a celebration of English eccentricity and their successes. I admit I'm a Harry Potter fan, just remember he defeats the evil Dark Lord at the end.

    • @down to earth

      Erm, I'm English and i was still able to see through the symbolic representations in the olympic opening ceremony. Please give us some credit!! We English weren't all singing God Save The Queen like patriotic minions with tears in our eyes!

      • That is reassuring. I hope all Englishmen/women denounce their allegiance to that pompous and evil tyrant known as Queen Elizabeth. It is so patronising to accept her as ruler/head of state, are we still in feudal times?. I feel this way because I am an Australian republican who must endure her as my head of state. God will never save that greedy, vain and pompous witch. She is part of the problem.

    • Sarah Connor on

      Letters from an ex witch on Harry Potter

      She is teaching real witchcraft and using real demons names. When you repeat them, you call them.

  32. saw a subliminal flash during the opeing vid where the camera flies over the lands of england.

    it said "Stamford"inside the 'underground' symbol. stamford brook underground ???

  33. Sarah Connor on

    A short but good blog on the Park Ave show by one of my favs…..just more conditioning.

  34. I noticed the giant eye and the pyramids surrounding it. I turned when it seemed they were performing a ritual around it.

  35. Shame how they are perverting the true meaning of the all seeing eye. :/

    By the way, I'm getting tired of all this fashion bullshit perpetruating itself to the works of shadows. When will people understand that fashion is exclusion? Exclusion is division, and to divide is the work of Satan. If you think about it, these fashion brands are being actually quite honest about who their owner is. Its time to change the paradigm, and destroy these crooks!

  36. I actually looked up to selena, it hurts to see the person who made me want to be an actress do this. I wish she wasn't involved with this but all i can do this pray

  37. Does every eye cover mean "Illuminati"? I'm open minded about this stuff because I believe there are doctrines of demons, some being mainstream religions. That said, every butterfly, eye cover and robot in the media isn't programming. These things have to be done a certain way. If something is off it doesn't "count".

  38. Hi

    Just to inform you that some one from pakistan regulalry visit ad admire your work. Keep up the good work brother, very good observation in identifying the symbolism in the first pic.

    All religions be it islam, Christianity, jews all are victims of these masonic/Illuminati cult. May we get united to eliminate this evil.


    • Rose from Massachuse on

      I agree. We are all brothers and sisters, and we all must take care of one another in this world.

    • Peace be with you too Ajeeb, I like your comment. Its true we should all unite as brothers and sisters in humanity instead of keeping on fussing and fighting over trivial, which is what they would have us doing.

      • Thank you for your comments sistersoul and rose from Massachusetts

        Yes this is the time to unite and share what we know, amazing i was reading the other day in one of your religious texts it is written that the war against anti chirst will be won with the support of people of non zionist jews and christians.

        Step one is not to be believe in what ever junk the media says, they are dutibound to create war among us. *HINT* the weapons of mass destruction in IRAQ.

        Peace be with you all.

        Take Care

  39. Anyone take a look at the big Glenn Beck rally in Dallas? He was prominently displaying the all seeing eye on his shirt.

      • Sarah Connor on

        The logo for his Beck University was riddled with Masonic symbology. If you google GB and skull and bones then check the images, he sports them often, even with a tux! He is 'in the club'.

  40. The Olympic Games ceremony opening was one of the creepiest things I have seen in awhile…I got that uneasy feeling. Kids sleeping in their beds and taken to a disturbing nightmarish rampage of black hooded gremlins. How is that comforting? I think it was meant to tell us we are entering into a new age: Aquarius, the age of the subconscious being just as active as the concious mind. By showing the villians from various movies, the message was clear: YOU ARE NOT SAFE EVEN IN YOUR SLEEP. They are getting inside our heads and most of us don't even know it, refuse to be aware of it, and simply don't care. WAKE ALLLLLLL THE WAY UP. They are trying to control your mind- conscious or not.

    Love and Light my people

  41. I just want to barf looking at this months bunch of photos. Mickey Mouse in the crotch area, wow at that and eewww! The Dior model also wears feline print. Very blatant.

  42. Wow, as we move along to the end, they get worse and worse cause the devil knows his time is short now. And Ps:

    I KNEW that wasn't James Holmes!!

    Thanks a mill for proving me right, VC: 😀

  43. Not surprising about Selena, she's been changing a lot lately. Just makes me worry about Demi following Selena down this same road. I mean with Demi now linked to X-Factor, she is probably in the fray already!

  44. James Holmes..

    1. his left ear is much sideways on both pictures.. his right ear is on both pictures bigger..

    2. when you smile a bit.. your nose IS shorter.. and IS way more brought than while relaxing the face or looking surprised..

    Don't need any research to that.. just look in the mirror while turning your head.


    and than look surprised and then smile.


  45. I watched the entire ceremony whilst texting one of my best friends, we were both really afraid that something was going to happen… the bit with the children at night time really creeped me out. With regards to the music industry, nothing seems safe anymore, it's scary! What I don't get is why nobody is telling us what to do against these symbols, it's all very well pointing out the symbolism but what can we do to stop the elite from putting symbols in everything??

  46. Jo Esbarzera on

    I'm brazilian and I'm really concerned and what'll happen in Woorld Cup and the Olympic Games in here. Our government are wasting a lot of money in these events and the people are still in need of health, education and protection. It feels like the rich brazilian people are giving them all to be part of the NWO. There's no safe haven now, just God.

    • You are Brazilian? do you watch the show "avenida Brasil"??? It is extremely illuminati, there are a lot of symbols on that show

  47. Yes, there are people flashing about their rebellion shockingly!

    but then that means there is something to seek. they just went for candy with poison (easy targets)

    So lets never get zoned on their actions peeps, keep your eyes onG.d & on His things, dont waste YOUR precious time on others as this leads to gossip, which for me is witchcraft & also a trap!

    Lets choose what we meditate on, not rubbish, but on REAL food – the word of G.d amen?


    The Bossy Babe

  48. I saw a lot of symbolic images in the London ceremony. I'm looking forward to see if we saw the same thing. Is it a coincidence that Jay-z all of a sudden have a beer commercial during these games? Have you listened to the words? Also this agenda is setting the stage for the upcoming elections. Thoughts?

  49. People, they feed off of FEAR.

    Go about your day and ignore the influence. Your mind is your own best weapon. Each and every single person here has the power to create the reality they so desire to live in. THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEM/"US" – THEY KNOW THE POWER OF THE MIND! THEY KNOW THE POWER OF THE 3 F's (food, fornication, and FEAR)! And as long as THEY know and YOU don't, you're under their control. No matter how "aware" and "awake" you people think you are, so long as you FEAR them in ANY SHAPE, WAY, THOUGHT, FORM, OR ACTION, they have you in their claws.

    Release the fear, release yourself.

    ***There is a reason why the bible preaches to FEAR (it's) God! Through fear, ALL sheep shall be controlled. Be it the sheep of the material, or the sheep of the Demiurge and his spiritual control.


    • So true that why I no longer watch the news haven't really watched in like 7 years now for a while back I didn't watch TV for like 3 years only did Netflix taking in images that I wanted to be attached too. I am trying to start that journey again trying to wean myself off of TV all together lord knows there is nothing really good or consistent to watch on there anyway. Now TV seems to be even more cynical in nature lately there is no normalcy what so ever there. You can never watch any show in its complete it always leave you in a state of confusion or being clueless and only distorts the images within your mind. It is the best brainwashing device known to man other then the internet. What is normal these days can do anyone define what is normal in a way where many of us stand can with you in agreement on one common truth other then through the WORD of God because I know that I can't.

  50. First of All,

    The next generations are all going to wear apparel, brand and shoes with these symbols and they will do it because of fascination not candidly, and fascination is entertained thorougly by the media and also by these kiind of website..

    Mystery excites Unfortunately

    They will just thinks is "COOL"

    I Like to visit this website for his detailed and rich content, However " the motto , credo" Symbols Rules the Word, Nor Law ,not Word'" always fell short to me

    At the end of the day the "Agenda" is paved with Rituals and Symbols but the purpose of these symbols are to "Serve " the Agenda"

    What im trying to pinpoint is the fact that it is important to see the "Bigger picture " and to understand that symbols are just Vehicules of the Plan

    Yes the Devil is in the details and we are seeing Devils everywhere here, but its important to contextualise, to explore history and events in order to save the future generation, as in the past lays the future.

    In that Sense the post of "simple truth" does make a lot of Sense

    The Motto of this Website should be .. Rules , Laws are Understood trough Symbols

  51. wow… the picture of "james holmes" definitely took the cake for me.. of course this whole situation is more of a lie than it seems, but that is just so obvious, right there in your face. two completely different people..

    selena gomez.. well thats lovely a cute 666 shirt for a childrens event? imagine how many of these oblivious vulnerable kids will say aww i love selenas smiley face shirt!! harvey ball would be rolling in his grave…

    people just care way too much about these talentless celebrities, especially the younger generation… to the point that they are completely blind and/or completely do not care about the agenda thats being shoved in our faces… such a pity.. all i can hope is that more outspoken people have a platform to step up and address this without being shut down or labeled looney

    • I tried to have a conversation with some of my coworkers about the droughts in the Midwest making it harder to pollinate the corn. They fixated on the 'higher food commodity prices next year' line from the mainstream news readers, and looked very deer in the headlights when I said, No, I'm more worried about widespread famine and mass death ten years down the road, since our entire industrial food chain is based on corn. The subject quickly got changed, no one could handle that. And re: the Keystone XL pipeline, it's about to come to Hillary Clinton's office for review as to WHETHER the environmental impact should be considered when deciding if the US lets it go forward. WHETHER. Not 'how much.' We are in so much trouble, and we are being led by selfish fools and constantly lied to.

  52. Selena Gomez shirt is so obvious. The first thing I thought was that the monster smiley with 3 6´s (an not the 3rd eye) is not made of creativity. I think its even from her own clothing line.

  53. Hello! could do an article on Prometheus? Interestingly, the ancient aliens, blue beam, false invasion … Crop circles have been appearing in the Olympics dates to give the date as August 4 and channeling the Galactic Confederation say that will appear in the Olympics, who have been waiting for that event to show and that the day will be Aug. 4. .. All this smells like blue beam. And remember the words of Rik Clay.


    Hola! podrías hacer un artículo sobre Prometheus? Es muy interesante, los alienigenas ancestrales, blue beam, falsa invasión… Han estado surgiendo crop circles en las fechas de las Olimpiadas que dan como fecha el 4 de Agosto y canalizadores de la Confederación Galactica dicen que apareceran en los JJOO, que han estado esperando ese evento para mostrarse y que el dia sera el 4 de Agosto… Todo esto huele a blue beam. Y recordemos las palabras de Rik Clay.

  54. First, I am not american, I am Mexican. Sorry, but my english is not as good as yours, so I hope cant not be wrong.

    Im completely shocked, this webpage is one of my favorites. I wish I could understand every comment and post here. With alll the respect, I need to say that the stereotypes of the americans is wrong, you guys are very conscient ,hope God bless you people, really, the days to come will be very difficult and your country will look in controversy obviously not going to be the only. I am waiting for a post about the Olympics and the possible terrorist attack.

  55. @Simple Truth

    While I agree with most of your statement, let me share my personal experience.

    Websites like this have opened my eyes and given me a different prospective. How exactly that helps, you may ask. Well:

    1. I stopped watching the News.

    2. I stopped reading any paper, including NY Times that was my how my morning used to begin with a cup of coffee.

    3. I stopped listening to radio.

    4. I barely watch TV, and if I do that's me watching a funny light-hearted subject.

    5. I barely go to the theaters

    6. I used to charge a decent weekly amount on my Amex, just shopping designer brands. Now it's limited to essentials.

    7. I've boycotted many major corporations, brands and companies.

    What are the major results in my life, you may ask:

    – I get to spend more time with those who matter the most; my family and loved ones.

    – I can concentrate on what's important in life, and not get distracted by what's being fed to people through TV and Media

    – I find myself to be more productive and successful both personally and professionally.

    – I get to spend more time praying and getting closer to the Supreme Being (Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah or God the Father)

    – I'm more socially and environmentally aware of my surroundings.

    – I can pass on the info to those who are thirsty for the info.

    – I'd like to think it made me a better person.

    Change doesn't happen over night. Everything is gradual and over the time. That alone allows me to not perhaps fully change — but have a good influence over my family, loved ones and friends. Do the math… that's a generation by itself.

    +1 for everyone who are silently changing generations for better.

    God is Great (GIG)

    • Thank you for this very hopeful, positive and constructive comment. The smallest routines in our daily life can bring the biggest changes to it. I, myself, have cut down on media (news, TV, radio etc.) and I feel relieved. Reducing this flow really showed me what negativity and discomfort it once brought into my life.

      I wish you all the best.

    • just FYI…

      Yehovah, Yahweh, Father God are NOT the same as "allah".

      the name "allah" is not in the Bible at all.

      you cannot follow "allah" AND Jehovah; they are diametrically different.

      you cannot follow "allah" AND Jesus;"allah" denies that Jesus is the Son of God.

      as sound as the rest of your advice is, and i practice the same things, you are still deceiving yourself if you believe that "allah" is in any way, shape or form part of the Holy, Infinte, Divine, Most High God. Blessed be His Holy Name.


      • @hmmmm

        You seem to have been influenced by radicalism, my friend. Let me ask you this:

        Are you suggesting that you deny anything that hasn't been in specific mentioned in the Bible? There are many terms, including 'electricity' that was never mentioned in any of the holly books. So just because something is not mentioned in the Bible, we can't cross it off all together.

        The term 'Allah' is 'Arabic' for God, Yahweh or Jehovah; it doesn't necessarily mean 'Allah' is the ACTUAL name.

        Now let's try this from a different prospective: The term "water" (H2O) is said, used and pronounced differently in all the other cultures around the world. So if one day someone walks about to you and asks you for some "Ab", are you just going to think he's a lunatic and delusional just because he didn't use the term "water"?

        Islam is the only religion that embraces all the other religions. As a Muslim, we believe in all the other holly books, prophets and Jesus Christ. In Islam, we have to believe, accept and respect all the other human beings regardless of race, color or religion.

        I'm an open-minded Mulsim, who once was a Christian. I've studied all the religions and there's no such a thing as the "Right Religion". It's only what religion is "Right for You."

        God is Great (GIG)

      • @hmmm,

        I'm Muslim and I find your comment deeply offensive. Islam is a peaceful religion, just because we believe in Allah does not mean that we don't have to believe in "Yahweh" or "God" or "Jehovah" as well.. As a Muslim I believe that we can unite with Christians and Jews because at the end of the day we are all People of the Book and we can unite against a common enemy, ie the Devil. (Other religions are welcome too!)

        @GIG, I agree with your comment! Nice name btw :)

  56. Thanks V.C!!! About time you mentioned the olympics again! Another thing to be noticed is the floodlight design on the stadium, triangles complete with an illuminated apex… Can't wait for your next article!!

  57. Syrus Magistus on

    Holmes in the picture at the bottom has his head turned slightly and in the other his nostrils are flared. People's faces CAN look different, even radically, from picture to picture. However! I think there IS something to be said for this phenomenon of fake patsies making media appearance (I'm looking at YOU, Osama Bin Laden(s)!). That guy in court probably IS Holmes. Don't let the Illuminati's mind games fuck with you.

    Down with the Goddamn New World Order!

    Fuck the New World Order!

    May the Illuminati crumble into ashes, laid bare and then swept away for all to see!

    With both eyes!

    • Mind you….I recognise that expression….my brother and I used to look like that in the morning when we walked out of a club, before I got saved. Drugs make you look awful and different…it could be the same person.

  58. Wow that last James Holmes pic really got me, from the moment I saw his court picture on tv I knew something wasn't right. I told myself "didnt he look diffrent a few days ago?". Turns out once again you proved me right. This website is about the only place I go to hear the real truth and I agree with what Mr. Nicholas said I beleive in you as well my eyes have been opened to the bullshit and cannot be closed I am fully aware of the lies and deciet in the media and in our world. Keep it up VC!

  59. olympic mascot – wenlock (we n lock) = we unlock

    paralympic mascot – mandeville = man devil


    hold on get ready for the attempted birth of the anti christ.

  60. NOW I know why that guy wore that "grid line" facial-worn thing in P.M. Dawn's "Looking Through Patient Eyes" video (I'm pretty sure it was that vid). (Thanks "Dr. S.")

    Note also: the Black Sun in the ‘mermaid’ pic (& the perfectly-formed, {with straight-lines}, 'V' on the mermaid tail – {the 'V's are everywhere!});

    and the big chains around Ora's neck; Ora's whole album cover could be "ringed" by a black square ["earth" symbol?];

    the saddened, red-eyed androgynous-looking kid with the 'broken' zipper & eye belt-buckle;

    the death-symbolism(?) on the Iron Fist shirt;

    Azealia's 'CC' {'33'} necklace,

    Oh the real James Holmes… it's the guy on the far left!

  61. 1st off I love this site and the contribution it makes to awakening the conscious/subconscious.

    Keep up the good work V.C. :) I was recently told of August 4th, 2012 being the date when a) 50 million people will pass over, b) our extraterrestrial brethren make themselves visibly known on a mass scale, and c) during August 4th, 2012 between hours of 12pm-1pm we should meditate(curious on that one??) to avoid being taken??? Any one have any info or thoughts on this one please let me know. Peace Family

  62. I remember seeing two pictures of the James Holmes guy and thinking "Umm… that doesn't look like the same guy…." and then I thought "Is that what happens to your face when you go crazy?" And then I see that comparison, and it kind of makes sense. I won't just outright say that they are different people because they DO look really similar, and it's obvious he's been through some stress, which can really make you look rough, but it does make you go hmmmmmm….

  63. You sure Holmes was trying to pretend to be the Joker (who has GREEN hair)? That looks a bit like Two-Face, another Batman villain.

  64. I really believe there is something going on. The whole thing is shocking if you're old enough.

    The culture of the 1970's middle class would not believe this.

  65. openyoureyes on

    Great job as always VC. Azelia banks has been hanging out with terry richcardson too.. so you know she's "paying her dues" all over hollywood. I saw those mickey photos a while back. Her flow is not that serious, Nickin Minaj without the weird voices. Never forget mediocre talent and endless press = PUPPET!

    The olympic article will give us all more confirmation. It was a creepy 4 hours. From the way the royals looked I was expecting The Queen to shed her skin and eat Kate Middleton!

    Voldermont, cruella deville ( who is french not english), green faced boogie men, dead baby/or new born baby effigy, forging of the rings that looked like fiery sperm and a ovum. The lighting of the cauldron which is the perfect word.. the music turned into horror movie music then they lit them and we watched fire for a full two mins I'm sure. The lord of the rings fiery eye was all I could thing about.

    And I cannot forget that 7/7 tribute that I went to watch online. dancing in sunlight, dressed in red, a man dancing & charming a li boy form which he "steals" something ( reminded me of the stealing of a soul or innocence) then hugs the boys..fucking strange way to say " SORRY YOU ALL HAD TO DIE IN THIS TERROR ATTACK!" It was more like, THANK YOU FOR SOULS' SACRIFICE AS A TRIBUTE FOR OUR MASTER.

    As you see I patiently await your analysis :) stay woke good pppl a& GOD speed!

    • You don't become wealthy and famous in this industry if you pay no dues. Even in the small countries is the same. If you don't follow a certain "lifestyle" you don't make it and it's irrelevant to looks/talent/charisma. The lot of them promote filth as thy live in filth. They might be some exceptions to the rule but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. A very dangerous era in every aspect of life.

  66. I thought James Holms looked a lot different too when I first saw it on the news. Wasnt his smiling pic his mug shot? If so how the hell did he grow & dye his hair in jail??

  67. Viligilant One on

    GREAT pics VC! I am SO excited to read your analysis on the Olympic games! You've taught me so much that I was able to point out so many occult / symbolic things while watching the opening show!

  68. So her name is Azealia Banks, not Huxtable but Banks.

    Let me guess her bio,

    In west Phillidelphia, born and rasied

    On the playground is where I spent most of my days…..

  69. I don't know about the face by face comparison. In one he's smiling and in the other he obviously isn't. Get a before picture of him not smiling and get back to us.

    • Willy is doing the triple 6 with his left hand. What a surprise? He reminds me of dmaina from the "omen". He likes his black dogs, who knows what he's up to with them. yikes

  70. I'll tell you what. Our personal data is given to the beast and when it's the right time we'll go first. What can you do? Are you going to fret about it? Let it be this way.

  71. Any event opened and closed by the Queen cannot be good. She is the apex of all "human" symbolism. Also as a Brit i find the anthem redundant. The Head of Government cannot even sing the national anthem because it's directed at her? *kisses teeth*

  72. We can't change the prophecies. Everything has to happen in order for Jesus to come back. We haven't even experienced the great tribulation yet. Now everything makes sense, now I know where Anti-Christ is coming from… it's sad, because I've always loved media, tv, music and they're all infected. Let's be vigilant and try to protect our loved ones, the lying and deception era is just getting started.

    • agreed, theres no point trying to change the inevetible, if we stay strong and live a life pleasing to god it will be ll good, at the end of it all we will be glad of the sufferings on our short years of this earth if it helps us on our way to gods kingdom.

    • Hello LH;

      I'm a believer as well, and one thing we should all try and do and that is not get addicted to is the media, worldly music, and the tv. The television to some is a satanic box, and we should limit what we watch on it. if you look at the world system it's all very dark. The lord has been opening my eyes to alot of things even before i discovered this website. We are in very strange and perilious times.

  73. catfishswamp on

    Has anybody noticed that the logo of the Republican Party features 3 upside-down pentagrams? According to an Russia Today clip on YouTube, this has been the case since the Bush Jr. era. Coincidence?

  74. Here is my take on it all after looking at these photos: Climate change can not come any sooner to burn the human virus off Earth and if that does not wipe its a** clean the deep ice freeze that follows will take care of the remnants .

    Another simpler take is: god dam these photos prove humans in general are some serious a**holes.


  75. I just want to say keep up the good work V.C. I want to know if anyone has heard about the August 4th, 2012 "conspiracy"? A)Extraterrestrials will make themselves known to the world on a mass scale, B)50 million people will "pass over", and C) We should all meditate from 12pm-1pm (not too sure on this one)….Any one have any comments on this?? BTW I tried to post this same comment yesterday and it never showed up…Hopefully this will post

  76. I can't wait for the London Olympic's opening ceremony breakdown! On another note, I can't believer Selena Gomez is wearing that shirt. Do you think she actually knows what it stands for?

  77. I wanted to point out that @ the opening of the Olympics breakfast with Michelle Obama, I saw people dancing in suits with Masonic checkerboard pattern.

  78. You know, something tells me THEY are messing with us…or rather distracting us with the obvious illuminati symbols, etc.

    Not suggesting something isn't going on behind the scenes but doesn't it seem odd that it is all so blatant? Those of us who point out the obvious are relegated into the "conspiracy nut" category and what is being revealed, along with us nuts, are dismissed. Hence, when the final card is played the majority will not question it because questioning it makes one a nut.


  79. Jim Harcourt on

    With the James Holmes picture- the eyebrows, the ears, the nose and the lips are all different on the two images.

    I can buy that when you smile, your lips thin out.

    But come on! The nose and the ears don't change that dramatically when you smile and when you don't!

    So either he plucked his eyebrows and had a nose/ear plastic surgery job or it's a different guy- simple as that.

  80. i bet they have him in custody elsewhere, and thats not really him, i knew that was fishy

    that is insane about working for FICO and what he had accomplished!!! makes even more sense now why they did that to him!

    also re the olympics- did u notice all the pyramids around the stage

  81. everything comes full circle, the #1 US lie is that we left britain- they actually started this country for reasons.. and the #2 biggest lie in the book- seperation of church and state..

  82. i still cant beleive they got away with saying ZION on the mascots in front of the WHOLE WORLD

    and no one really picked up on it or asked WHAT THE F DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ENGLAND?


    • Red, white and blue are the colours of the Union Jack… the national flag of Great's not just England taking part in the games, Great Britain is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland..

      Btw, all those people who are saying something's going to happen on August 4th, it's August 4th now and nothing's happened so far.. I'm still waiting..

      One of my friends keeps asking me if I like Azaliea Banks (I can't remember how her first name is spelled exactly) and I just ignore him because I've given up listening to that kind of music. He's an atheist and I had a very very short conversation with him about the illuminati because according to him, the devil doesn't exist which means nothing is going to happen.. How do I get him to believe that something is around the corner? It saddens me when people rubbish this kind of stuff so easily when it's right in front of their eyes and they cant see the wood for the trees.. :/

  83. It will be August 12th, probably during the closing ceremony when the whole world is supposed to be watching

    August = 8th month

    1+2 = 3

    8 +3 = 11

    We know from 9/11 they like to do it this way

  84. All the references to Jersualem throughout the ceremony was really creepy

    The Zionist New World is about to take place

  85. You won't be able to join. They like classical & music with depth. Azelia Banks is made to dumb down its demographic whilst subliminally brainwashing them and shaping their 'morals.'

  86. There's this band called Austra — they're supposed to be this underground Indie band from Canada. i heard this song i liked by them and then google image-searched them…EVERY SINGLE PICTURE of the lead singer — IN EVERY. SINGLE. PROMO. PICTURE OF THIS WOMAN — one eye is obscured by her hair. All this one eye symbolism is making me paranoid so when I first encountered a photo of her like that, I thought, ok, maybe that's just a way to wear your hair, no big deal. It might not necessarily be Flashing the symbol. I don't believe EVERY BAND is involved with this. but then in all the other photos: ONE EYE COVERED BY HER HAIR! there's even one where its her eye and her mouth being gagged by her hair and the shape of it forms a pyramid.

    I just wanted to rant about that right here, because it's been bothering me, and this is the one place that would/ know..listen.

  87. looks like the same guy to me. i could easily find 2 pictures of myself in which my facial expression and other various factors such as lighting, camera quality, etc, make me look like 2 completely different people. i definitely believe there is something bigger behind what happened in aurora, but let's take it easy on measuring ears in pictures.

  88. The so called James picture is new to me, very interesting. One thing that stands out to me are the different eye colors, one is blue, one is brown. Blotched false flag attempt.

  89. Somehow I stumbled upon this website over a year ago, and since then I have learned so much about the Illuminati and their grip on this earth! What I hate so much is I can't share this information except with a close few people that will listen and accept there are screwed up things in this world. A few times I've tried posting various links on facebook, and it only attracted negativity or no response at all. Before long I'll be known as a loon. When did common sense become not so common, and people that think through conspiracy theories become nut-cases? High schools have cliques that control the rest of the class population, and small towns have frightening secrets to how political races are won. So of coarse this happens on a world-wide level! Thank you, Vigilant, for your hard work and fearless ability to post what you do!

  90. Kevin Cooper on

    Reading the comments i found that there were many responses to the one individual comparing those who won't see or refuse to see to "sheep." Another individual commented that there's a difference in "waking up" and "being ABLE to wake up." I would agree w/this latter statement in part- i say this in light of the parable that Jesus told of the "ten virgins." i don't wanna bore those of you who are not familiar w/the story/parable by typing it all out. If you trully want to know you'll look it up. Anyway those of you who do know the story know that all ten had lamps, oil in their lamps, and-this is where im going: ALL had fallen ASLEEP/SLUMBERED. The difference between the five wise ones and the five foolish is that the wise brought extra oil. Here's my point: ALL have fallen asleep and ALL will eventually awaken. However it will mean NOTHING to be awoken to the truth and not have that "extra oil" in your flask…we are not sheep necessarily as we are more so "lemmings" – lemmings who blindly go w/the grane(?) and only snap out of their slumber when they are falling headlong over the cliff….this is just my opinion in hopes that it may grant a bit more of an insight to what we have and currently are experiencing in today's society.

  91. Can someone explain to me the point of them doing all this? What exactly does it accomplish when they include the all seeing eye and all those other symbols in things like this?

    • I'm with you, it's exactly what I want to know. I see the symbols, I don't deny the existence of the so called hidden agenda but I don't understand what 'they' accomplish with bombarding us with these symbols. I'd be thankful if someone could explain.

      • The reason for the bombardment of these symbols is;

        1. These represent symbols of their occult (eye of horus, triangular pyramids, chequered floor relates to the freemasons etc,etc.

        2. To let you know that they are basically in charge, and

        3. to get people used to these images of the occult, so that they will be easy to control when the time comes.

  92. As annoying as "the eye" can be while being portrayed over and over again, many people still can't see or even recognize the sinister meaning of it.

    These people who are so blind just don't understand the fact that morals and values are being diminished here with ultimate rebellion and mayhem about to happen later on courtesy of brainwashing and mind control.

    As for those nobodies that became somebodies, what do they really care about? The fame or their own lives? They just don't realize that they're enjoying these many pleasures at the expense of their own souls…when its all over.

    Looking forward to that full analysis of the Olympics Vigilante, can't wait to read that article coming up.

    Fuck illuminati and their world domination plans written all over the olympics regardless of it being the opening or closing ceremony.

    May God help us all.

  93. thetruthiscoming on

    I just recently started reading the "the protocols of the elders of Zion" not sure if this book has been covered by VC but the stuff on there really shocked and a lot of it is happening now in our society…..does anybody know what's the deal with this book…fact or fiction?

    • Sarah Connor on

      Some people claim the original was a work of satire. Though regardless & evidentally, someone, somewhere decided to start carrying it out.

      Please note that political zionism is not about being Jewish. Joe Biden, "you don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist".

      It's just one of the many NWO tentacles of the adversary.

      • thetruthiscoming on

        I don't know if they are Jewish or not but there is definitely a group out there carrying out this agenda…I started by highlighting in the book everything that is happening in America in present day and well the book is pretty highlighted and I'm only half way through the book!

  94. I'm not surprised at any of the photos.

    The shooter photos look like 2 different people!!

    At first I was with the keith urban photo only for a few seconds then I thought why not, he's married to N. Kidman Both I believe are mind controlled like the rest. Like his music but they are controlled I believe. Country music is not immuned to the illumanti. Read {Transformation of America.} by cathy o' brien. Creepy stuff.

  95. Ok so. . . I just have to say I laughed when one of the Muslim countries came up during opening ceremonies and the person said "people are keeping a weary eye on them." I was laughing. But these things are nasty. I'm 14 nd I looked up to Selena. I look more up to Demi Lovato but I bet she's in all this nonsense too. . .

  96. Obviously someone wants to communicate to the public; but the question is: can the public understand the language and decode the message? Highly doubtful…..

  97. I really like this site, you are simply amazing!… BUT…

    C'mon, that thing about James Holmes… IS THE SAME GUY, no way to disguise.

    Put your faces in front of a mirror and start to make some expressions (smiley, angry…) … your nose and your ears will change a little their shapes…

    That's all. BUT, this thing don't make any difference… the story behind this guy (and his father) is really strange!!

  98. @whiscious Funny that you said that because Jeremy Scott actually works with a number of trendy pop stars/musical artist, such as; Lana Del Rey, Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks, Lady Gaga, ASAP Rocky, and Sky Ferreira( a model and singer). All or most of the ppl i have mentioned have been featured or soon will be.

  99. Thanks for this one! Also, the MTV VMA's are coming up and I'm looking forward to your review as well as the Olympics.. thanks for spreading truth :]

  100. By the way, a lot of independent fashion lines are incorporating illuminati symbols to create an interest (buzz) for their fashion line… I already know 2 fashion designers who aren't affiliated with the illuminati, and they fully understand these symbols. And to be fair, it is working because most customers like it and think it makes them look more unique. So in essence a lot of these fashion designers are joining the bandwagon for self gain and have no ties with illuminati in any shape or form. Its just an easier way to move up, especially since many teenagers are aware of the illuminati yet they seem to think its cool/different etc. A prime example is the TI$A brand! Check their logo out on Google images

  101. @ GIG

    You seem like a wonderful person. I really loved the way you answered mmmh.. As a Muslim by birth I really got annoyed by the comment of mmmh..and also sad by his/her ignorance. As a muslim I do respect all other Religions including JUDAISM. As written in th Coran.. We have to respect all the ahli of the book (people of the book) therefore we acknowledge Jesus as a Profeth but not as son of GOD/ALLAH/YAHWEH.. Cuz GOD has no children nor parents. He is our creator. Mohamed (pbuh) was also a prophet.. The last one.. Who brought the last revelation of GOD to the people. He was a normal ,mortal human being just like all the prophets proceeding him including Isa/Jesus. As you can see mmmh.. Real muslims do embrace all the proceeded religions and are therefore very tolerant unlike you who is narrow minded and obviously brainwashed by the hoax war on terror. Deriving from your shalom at the end I assume you re jewish.. Well note that I live in a country that offers a save haven to jews even if they are in minority. I have a great respect for judaims but I despise Zionism.. That uses judaist beliefs to gain power. Zionism is about imperialisme, oppression (cfr. Palestina) and basically deceiving the people into enslavement.

    I suggest you review your views on Islam and don t come across as a dumbo.

    So shalom.. Or better salaam to you too!

  102. Its funny that I came across this. When I saw "James Holmes" in court I was thinking to myself " but wait a minute, that doesn't look like the guy in the photos???" Who knows. All I know is that our world is manipulated by rich people who do pretty gruesome things to children and each other in their "spare time". This is the very reason we do not own a television, a movie, or anyone's CDs, DVDs, etc. What is put into our subconscious minds can have a huge effect on how we behave, especially if we are not aware of it. I would more people would stumble upon information like this because if enough people could see what was being done to them subtly through media, news, music, etc they could take action. And the most simple action is to pull support, stop putting money in their pockets to continue this. But that's just how my family and I have chosen to live, we've thrown away all of our CDs and movies and television and have chosen to live a life w/o all of that, and all of our neighbors here in the countryside are like-minded. And what a difference I see it's made in the life of many in our community, including our own family. My husband and I have a daughter who would rather learn and research than walk down the street like a "Barbie", and its encouraging to see that more people are waking up to the reality and the agenda being played out here….

  103. They look like the same guy in the batman killer pic. Except the brown haired version is smiling. If you understand anatomy then you should be able to see.

  104. Sometimes I feel like they are toying with US; the ones who know. The people who are oblivious are just fine… They don't know and aren't hurt by it. But for the ones who do know what's going on, what good does knowing do? It seems like they made us aware for a reason, but what is that reason? Why this big show for us? It is, after all, just for US, the conscious ones, right? Do they wake us up so we can begin to fight back only to lose the battle as in some of the videos posted on here?… You know, the videos that show the people rebelling only to whip us right back into a state of control? I guess my question is, are we still being controlled by them showing us who they are through all this symbolism and these ceremonies?

    • Hi megan,

      I'm a christian, and the bible states that my people perish through lack of knowledge. I didn't know much about the illuminati until recent but i have known about the freemasons since the 80's. They are a world wide and powerful organisation, and i know people that have been involved. i didn't know much about ritual blood sacrifices until i heard people confessing to. It's not only the USA that have knowledge of this, believe you me many across the world do as well. This worlds system is satanic, and these ceremonies that you witness on a daily basis are in preparation for the ruling of the antichrist. Everything that i read about these ruling elites makes me aware that the antichrist is getting ready to take over. There is going to be a period of Great Tribulation after the rapture of the church which will last a number of years. Here the mark of the beast will be enforced by those that will be in rule, and for those that refuse it they will have to pay with their lives. Like i said earlier it's a wide subject, but if i compare what's in the scriptures with what is going on around me it all makes sense. If you have a bible read the book of Daniel, and Revelation. For the antichrist to rule the world there has to be a world system in place. This system is what you can see all around you gradually gaining momentum. Another thing you need to know is this when someone sells their soul to satan (which is what these occultic organisations have done) and obtains things from him it comes with a price usually a blood sacrifice. And it's usually someone close to you that you're asked to put forward. My question is this with all that is being done who's blood is being shed or will be? Have a look at the testimony of Emmanuel Eni (delivered from the powers of Darkness) in

      Thank you

  105. what does the telephone symbolize again? it says to call her, (maybe shes a prostitute for the elite)…they can see her programming, blatant…and the arrows pointing down..also, robert downey jr. ((they say he is 'himmm' on that one site, crazy days and nights…)) he is a mason for sure. just watched the newest sherlock HOLMES, he invokes the same imagery as BATMAN/joker heath ledger, note the joker…(he was dressed as drag but it subliminally reminds us of heath ledgers joker, even the crow)…also, during that movie, they actually show that they change the face of the killer to LOOK LIKE SOMEONE ELSE!! hints perhaps, clues?? clues, sherlock???

  106. I wonder if the artists who pose for those one eyed pictures are asked to do that or they do that on their own. I wonder if the photographer says hey your face would look better if half of it is covered up or ur eye looks better covered up at this angle. I also wonder how many artists are truly aware of this ? Since there are so many handlers and programmers controlling them, do they even realize they are being controlled. Some like Beyonce I know she damn know what shes doing shes married to Jay Z for gods sake!

    • @ rOSE

      I have known a few models, and yes they are told which way to face, what to do…how to hold their hands and even the placement of thier feet down to that blank stare they all have. See, they are desperate to break into the “industry” that they will do what ever they are told. If they dont, then they are fired and the “Photographers” have a plethora of willing young girls to select from.

  107. this is the weirdest thing guys, true story: on the morning of the opening ceremony, i was still in bed trying to catch a few minutes sleep when God showed me a vision regarding the Olympics- in it, i saw a massive queue of people trying to pay and get into the stadium (both young and old) and the workers checking their bags and letting them in. after one of the workers helped an old lady in, a MASSIVE and very smart (almost had a human intellect) snake – soo big and long, i couldnt see where the head started – pushed in front of some ppl in the queue to get into the stadium- in fact, i remember hearing it think "let me just squeeze in so they cant pull me out". it coiled half of its body into the hands of the workers and the helped it into the stadium without questioning why a snake was trying to enter!!! i wasnt able to process the meaning behind it because i was so shocked and scared that something might happen (appart from the entire ritual!), my guess is that many of the workers (more specifically, the ones in charge of the olympic planning) are aware of something underlying. my second vision of the olympics was a few days ago. basically in this one, the focus was on the main stadium and i heard a sound as if there was a war going on (GB fighting with God). then i heard a loud roaring voice like thunder which i believe was God's and He was angry at GB (Great Britain); I remember there was a loud bomb blast that sent the lion that represents team GB (basically this was a representation of Britain as a whole and the dark satanic powers that rule the land) flying across the stadium and shattering the ground like a meteorite, but just before the crash happened, the voice of God shouted "….and I will expose Britain for what it really is!" this is truly frightening. the fact is, Britain has truly gone away from God that's why there is so much corruption, God is patient but when He decides to show how terrible His anger is, the world will feel it on a colossal scale. i urge yall to pray for us here in britain, especially london and stay vigilant and continue telling others about the dark world we live in. remember God. remember what He did for us thru Christ Jesus. stay blessed

  108. selena at the childrens hospital makes me think of the olympics ceremony where the kids from the childrens hospital are on beds…birth of the anti christ? the GOSH with the teardrop represents a death perhaps?? also a front for pedophile group, advertising right in front of everyones eyes..

  109. There is something odd about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

    The amount of adoration Bieber gets from his female fans , is truly of an epic religious dimension.

    In many ways Justin Bieber reminds me of the God archetype Adonis,Bacchus ,Dionysus and Cupid.

    Young, melodious and sweet .Adonis the God was the consort of the moon goddess Artemis also called Selene.

    These two characters are on every type of print media possible.The cult /religion of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.The heavenly couple.The great god and goddess of modern folk lore.

    He nowadays does his songs in a huge heart shaped contraption, that floats over the screaming crowds singing love songs….it's truly reminiscent of Adonis worship.

    Now for the disturbing part

    Adonis actually meets a horrible end , and is killed.His soul descends to the underworld during the winter and the goddess laments on his death.Next year he comes back in the spring season.He dies on mid summer.

    This archetype of a hero god/Shepard / young handsome man , killed in his prime and coming back has been repeated ad nauseam in the mythologies, religions and rituals of the ancients.

    Justin Bieber has been shown to be a goof, always tripping , falling , breaking his leg, a complete butter fingers .Similarly we see him in a lot of flashy sports cars, speeding on the highways,doing stunts on his bikes and the likes.

    It seems to me…..and might I add ..just seems to me, the symbolism of Bieber, his adoration, his links with a female goddess archetype with a particularly holy name like " Selena" …….that Justin Bieber is the modern day equivalent of Adonis.

    I seriously hope and pray, he isn't made into a Marilyn Monroe, James dean, Kurt cobain, John f Kennedy , lady diana type celebrity , killed in his /her prime for mankind to remember and mourn over, as a sympathetic magic masquerading the sacrifice of ancient gods/goddesses.

    The similarities are uncanny and disturbing.

    Knowing how easy it is to create artificial accidents , like what tragically happened to Brazilian legend Aryten Senna and the rally champ Collin Mc Rae, whose helicopter " fell from the sky", both sacrifices on occult days, in the most suspicious of circumstances, my advice to Bieber is….stay away from sports cars, motorbikes, x games, gliding, surfing, rock climbing …..

    With his voice breaking up , mood swings and the unearthing of a mediocre talent over glamorized via media, his future prospects in the music industry don't look those sunny , in the coming years,as his female fans will soon grow up from Barbie doll fantasies and mature up to different entertainment options.

    You can get emotional , cute singing guys ……a dime a dozen in the industry right now.

    Look at all the Bsbs, west life wannabe boy bands and pretty boys….a dime a dozen!

    Maybe be , mankind will have a Cupid/Adonis archetype in its collective history , after the Killing of the king, the goddess mother, the wailing drunk Dionysus, the beauty goddess, the maverick god!

    Justin Bieber is now in Godly territory and that's not a nice neighborhood to be around!

  110. LoveeCauncey on

    These celebrities posing with these same ole poses is so blah!. Their so caught up with the brainless people that's stuck up there a**es, that they don't notice all of us "the vigilant people" who are seeing through the BS. I was just on yahoo news reading about the Sikh Temple shooting an I noticed that the people posting in those comments can only see the immediate things in the story; people hurt, race/racism, religion, etc.. They don't see what we see, we see beyond the veil the underlying facts of the story. It's the aware & the unaware. And we certainly know who is who. I love coming on this site reading the comments getting insight from like minded individuals. & VC is amazing, he is genius at what he do. Keep it up I know you will!

  111. @measle

    The comment software will not allow me to reply directly to your comment above. But in answer to your question:

    The "Illuminati" use extremely advanced technology combined with sophisticated mind control techniques to 'program' unaware humans through years of exposure to Monarch signals hidden in popular media (like that exposed by VC). Once a subject has been exposed to enough programming, the "Illuminati" are able to remotely take control of that person's mind and body and use them as Monarch Sex Puppets. The victim will typically leave their computer or television, make innocent excuses as they leave the house, and proceed directly to the location ordered by the "Illuminated" where they will participate in disgusting group sex magick rituals. Sometimes these rituals are held on the altars of the many false "churches" set up by the "Illuminati" to infiltrate society – sometimes they are held in ordinary looking middle class suburban homes while innocent families are violated sexually and spiritually by chanting "Illuminati" officials and their zombie like Monarch Sex Puppet assistants.

    After the Monarch Sex Puppet has been sexually abused in every possible way (and made to do the same to others), he or she returns home and has all memory of the experience completely wiped. This means that the typical victim does not even notice that they have left their computer or television or video game and participated in depraved and unholy violent sex orgies. The only way victims notice what has been happening to them is if they notice they have 'lost time' and see other signs of Monarch Sex Puppetry.

    If you are tired, don't know where the last hours went, and have any signs of having been tied up, drained of vital bodily fluids, spanked, or deeply and inappropriately penetrated – the odds are good that you are being used as a Monarch Sex Puppet without being aware of it. Read my previous posts in this symbolic picture series and study the details of the "Illuminated" perversions in order to detect their use and protect yourself. Good luck to you!

  112. Rose from Massachuse on

    Ironically, right after looking at this website the other day, I got my newspaper and found the "jewelry sale" flyer from Macy's. If any of you who are reading this get a chance to see the most recent jewelry sale flyer from Macy's, please look at page 4, lower left corner of the page. There is a diamond pendant shaped like an eye. I thought that to be quite odd. We are seeing this symbolism even in high end jewelry now, not just t-shirts and rock videos.

    … and on the very same day, Sunday, another shooting, this time at a temple, rather than a cinema. Two mass shootings without weeks of each other. The world has indeed gone mad, my friends. If you go to the movie theater, to church, to McDonalds, to schools, better practice at dodging bullets.

  113. Rose from Massachuse on

    The other day, right after looking at this website, I went to get my morning paper. There was the Macy's jewelry sale flyer. I couldn't help but notice…

    People who are reading this, if you get a copy of the Macy's jewelry sale flyer, please look at page 4, lower left corner of the page. There you will see a diamond pendant in the shape of an eye. I found it rather odd. We are not just seeing this symbolism on T-shirts and in rock videos anymore. Now it's found in high end jewelry. I felt slightly creeped out looking at it, actually. I shut off my computer, and got my newspaper, and right there in front of me was an "eye" pendant, in diamonds, for sale at Macy's. It wasn't even pretty. Definitely not something I'd wear.

  114. *I made that same assertation As SOON as I saw the pic of the guy without his "hair" I was like !KLFOWFGA That is not the same guy!!!!!!! Also, if you have seen the cover for "Fantasea" Azaelia Banks, you think that eye looks wierd/off. I invite you to look up the logo to "Vigilant stare-Situational awareness for action and security" Tell me they dont look EXACTLY the same!

  115. And in work they tried to pitch me the whole "Well a haircut makes you look totally different" crap. Im like yea LOOKS wise….it cant give you a nose job or a facial make over!!! It will only create an illusion of something, like wearing verticle lines to make you look taller, or coloring or arranging a room to make it look bigger.

  116. Notice Rita Ora has some type of chain necklace on in the pic posted. It's probably costume jewelry but how suiting.

    Azelia Banks: never heard of her. I don't understand artists spreading their legs while squatting. Nicki Minaj (can't stand her) posed the same way. But no MM covering her cuka.

  117. Re the pic of James 'Jimmy' Holmes and the Court Jester.

    The actor in court is a look-alike for actor James Spader.

    Think 'Stargate' = ubergeek genius recruited by military for top-secret 'work,' 'Eye of Ra.'

    Think 'The Secretary' = moderate S&M freak

    There now, you have your James Eagan Holmes persona, which was contrived by the Evil Force.

    Please link this in your mind to the Olympiad cell phone symbol (a combo of a Motorola Razor with a Blackberry's rollerball), and then link this to the previous 'Dark Knight' film where M. Freeman's character stands in front of an entire spy wall comprised of private cell phone footage, and then link it to what is going on now.

    Government Mind Control: Using Forced Psychiatry (that includes drugs) as a form of Gun Control.

    It's all in place and playing out: Obamacare, a cell phone in every hand, Americans clutching guns even harder than before, 'danger to self or others' and 'suicide watch' laws which usurp all rights, Homeland Security and Patriot Acts which usurp all rights, ad nauseum.


    • Very astute observation!

      But you left out some of "Spader's" most influential and perverse work. If you want an example of a exactly how central extreme sexual perversion is to the "illuminated" – just study the film "Crash" starring "Spader". NOT the later film of the same name about race relations in America but the film based on "Illuminati" author J.G. Ballard's novel "Crash". This book is about sexual fetishism surround automobile accidents and automobile accident related injuries and like all "illuminated" sex puts a high premium on BDSM and sodomy.

      "Spader" has done much to promote the "illuminated" agenda…..But Ballard holds many of the keys.

  118. There are 3 pics which need to be studied:

    1 – dark-haired Jimmy

    2 – redheaded court jester

    3 – redheaded sex freak from online sex site

    Clearly, none of these 3 are the same person.

    Evil is stupid and boring.

    Stay God-centered.

  119. I so forgot to mention that Karl Lagerfeld, all too well-known eons-long head of the house of Chanel, considered thee world's top fashion brand from which all brands flow, German Nazi Dracula that he is, took the helm from Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel, who was in love with and lived with a German Nazi soldier and used the anti-semitic laws re Jews not owning property to try to regain her complete shares in Chanel No. 5, thee world's top perfume.

    Black was her favorite color.

    She smoked cigarettes.

    By his own admission, he drinks ONLY Coca Cola.

    And that includes water, people. He does not drink it.

    Stay God-centered.

  120. C.Wright.Thru. on


    Mike says:

    (August 2, 2012 at 7:30 pm)

    "olympic mascot – wenlock (we n lock) = we unlock

    paralympic mascot – mandeville = man devil


    hold on get ready for the attempted birth of the anti christ."

    Here is a question: 'Could the "unlocking of man devil" be the shooter of the Sikh temple in Wisconsin?

    As "the unlocking" as any ritual may be possible to be performed in any variety of ways.

    Consider three things about the above statement:

    1) Do a little research into Sikhism way of life.

    2) Whatever rituals/ceremonies are being performed can be performed remotely and on different dimensions of space and time, as well.

  121. monarch sex puppet? Really? Provide evidence not based on speculation please… I gotta see this. People if you are a sceptic, you gotta be a sceptic everywhere.

    • If you do not have access to a copy of the Suzuki Commission's final report you can begin to educate yourself about Monarch Sex Puppetry online very easily. Just google "pygmalion", "fetish", and "mind control" and begin studying. Or you can simply turn on any morning talk show on television and observe the Monarch Puppets openly promoting books celebrating "Illuminati" Monarch Puppet BDSM sex such as bondage, flagellation, sodomy, ritual humiliation, and so forth.

  122. by the way VC, I can't wait on your analysis of the Olympics. I did notice obvious symbols during the opening ceremony, including the mascot and those pyramid-looking things at the top edges of the main stadium, not to mention the Harry Potter tribute and the music.

    Even though I enjoy watching the athletes perform, I can't help but think that they're all rich kids competing against other rich kids. You need a lot of money to afford good trainers. The NBC coverage is the worst since they only focus on the American athletes and not any other athletes from, say, 2nd or 3rd world nations.

  123. Estamos juntos on

    I know it has nothing to do with the topic, but does anyone here work with photoshop or understand anything about it? I know I shouldn't waste your precious time with that vampire couple, but has anyone realized that those pictures of the so called cheating are highly probably a forgery?

    In the beggining, in accord to fans of this couple, even the cheater's wife said it was her in the pictures and laughed at the images…

    Then, everyone acts like some cheating really happened… And people just know about what's happening by others, not directly by the couple or the others involved.

    I'm just talking about that because of … mind control. These people can't even be together *in case* they really like each other… They are obligated to take part on lies created by some… (handlers ?) people who decide who they are going to be with or not. This cheating thing seems just like one more kind of programming these two young people are going through, making them believe a lie, like the dream is reality and reality is a dream…

    IMHO the same happened to Rihanna and Chris Brown (sorry to waste your time with another useless example for the future of humanity, but…), they suddenly found themselves involved in that beating thing, and in the beggining it was not even said straight that CB did something… some people who study mind control have even mentioned that, like Esoteric Kitten in youtube.

    Just weird how those pictures of the vampire couple really look fake and how they are having to act (in "real life") like things really happened. Just a weird puzzle.

  124. Chief Bromden on

    The James Holmes one is silly. smiling pushes the flanks of the nose up. Make the two faces in the mirror, you'll see how your face changes. also, in one he has much longer and styled hair, which can push ears outward. That's the same guy.

  125. wow we're really getting down to the wire eh? everythings Really falling into place.

    God please end this misery we're in. this world is a mad joke

  126. The guy in the picture is clearly James Holmes. A better question to ask would be why he seemed so drugged during his initial appearance in court.


    Lagerfeld slams Pippa Middleton. Now homosexual-appearing Bieber is blatantly drug-pushing by slamming 'Prince' William's thinning hair.

    Why would such a heavy-haired chump even *know* about a drug, and by its name no less, which would thicken a man's hair?

    Please understand that DRUGS in all their forms are the instruments of The Evil One.

    Stay God-centered.

  128. CoincidenceTheorist on

    I'm pretty sure the opening ceremony didn't represent sport atall……On the opening day bells (Baal?) rang all over Britain at 8:12am…Noting the strange time and there love with numerology and such, I wouldn't be suprised if 12th of August is an important date for them…Bells are used in rituals to channel energy, and you know it's not good energy when you see a child being sacrificed to a hooded figure in the NHS scene. I do wonder what ignorant people could possibly take from this apart from the sheer creepiness….Remember the hill with the big tree on top? the tree of knowledge, The Garden Of Eden…..Not to mention that dude quoting Shakespeares The Tempest…Caliban's lines who is infact half man, half beast…hmmm fishy to say the least……….Ohh and let me take a a quick peak at the floodlights…SUPRISE SUPRISE they look authley like pyramids. Oh and the light is at the top of the pyramid. There are 13 of them. So while the ceremony was going on, the ruling bloodlines were symbolically standing over watching…showing who has been in control of our development….And check the chequered masonic outfits some of the people wear….Even on a little advertisement i noticed the Obelisk (Nimrods penis) leads directly to the top of the pyramid…Also this Mars mission. Abit suspect if you ask me. With all the theories about faking an invasion it wouldn't suprise me if they 'find life on there'…Also i have a strange feeling about that rollercoaster/weird building near the Olympic stadium. I know it has a role to play symbolically or energetically wise but i can't quite put my finger on it. And don't get me wrong i have love for all the athletes in the competition, doing their best to make their country proud. However, the people who make the Olympics happen care not for the sport, nor countrys. Only the advancement of their merciless agenda, and forcefeeding subliminal garbage to near-robots who cannot think for themselves…INTUITION OVER MIND PEOPLE. THE TIME TO WAKE IS UPON US. I feel like Gandalf the White now, bearer of the light

  129. I think there's so much ignorance that goes on in this world it's ridiculous. You constantly show people the evidence of the lies and the deceit that help push the agenda and everyone thinks you're crazy. I hope that the majority of people will finally wake up and see what's going on before it's too late. I'm very grateful for VC and all he does, with keeping the ones in the know informed. Peace to all of you and stay righteous and vigilant!

  130. Did you noticed that the olympics logo fits perfectly inside a pyramid? Try it on Paintbrush. It has been seen in the opening movie of the game Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 2012.

    More symbolism!

  131. Young & Courteou on

    Nice pics.Well just thought about this.Was Mr Holmes just picked up on or he really did it on their orders?

  132. To those who keep saying that its the same guy….you people should really learn the key to observation…we do not see the face as a whole…compare the noses, whether the eyes are inline with the ears or are below or above…the earlobe…whether its hanging or not…the chin and cheekbone….just one look and i could tell that its not the same guy.

    Thanks VC.

  133. When the Illuminati meet, do they listen to rappers and decide on who is going to be put on. If that is the case, where should a new rapper send their demo tape? I don't rap, but I'm sure that some artists are tired of MCing in dives and hustling on street corners and would love to be put on. Appreciate it!

  134. Hi VC and everyone on this blog. I watched the closing ceremony, and where most of it was like watching paint dry there were quite a number of obvious signs. since then i have spoken to 3 friends about the ceremony and they all agreed that from the bits that they saw it was quite occultic. There was alot going on in the closing ceremony but before vc does the analysis here's something that really stood out for me. have a look at the last few minutes of the event 10mins or so. There was a big statue of a bird (with bits of it on fire) hovering above the open cauldron. Next you had dancers from the School of Royal Ballet dressed in a type of bird outfit but with pictures of the fire. The so called dance routine looked very ritualistic and bizarre. But what got me most was that as i was looking at the bird with fire the holy spirit said to me that the bird is a phoenix, b/c i remember seeing the phoenix in a children's programme Slept on it and then googled the phoenix the next day, and lo and behold there the bird was. It's called the fire bird and is a mythical creature, which appears every 500yrs and appears in many cultures. From what i have read, the opened cauldron in the ceremony represented a large egg with the bird hovering above it. And at one point when the fires of the cauldron were being extinguished the bird sat right in the middle of the triangular lights. All this can be seen in the ceremony. So far all i know is that it all has something to do with death and rebirth. let me know your thoughts

  135. Is the picture of the white sweater just overlain with an illuminati symbol? because the corner or the pyramid overlaps the sweater's arm, which leads me to assume it was just a juxtaposed picture…

  136. i want to talk about the cover of azealia Banks wich represents a siren.This is not a good sign when someone uses as symbole a siren. it is sign of possession by a godhead named in Africa from where i come from " Siren of water". It is a demon, The demon of the seduction and lust.

    it can possess men and women indifferently but the mostly women. women who are possessed by by this godhead are very seductress, its their part to seduce men and everybody enough weak and lead them to destruction. You can recognize them by an seducive and suggestive attitude, wearing long hairs, attractive make up in fact, all in hers is done to seduce.This kind of women like luxury more than all.

    my friends and i suspect Beyonce Knowles to be inhabited by this demon, she has all the characteristics and for example when she goes out, she is always wearing long dresses whose always reminds a siren and her postures too.

  137. CoincienceTheorist on

    Ok so nothing happened at Olympics, a double bluff maybe? to make us look silly…I don't know, i do know we have a paralympics soon though and it won't get half the attention the Olympics did…so keep vigilant fellow citizens. The closing ceremony i thought was quite funny. Jessie Jay rockin out with potentially her grandad and making her entry singing 'its not about the money money' on a brand spanking Rolls Royce…The Tempest struck again with the same lines as the opening. And where was The Queen? nowhere to be seen, Balmoral Castle? All the drumming seemed ritualistic to me, and certainly doesn't represent our country in the slightest….The Spice Girls we're rushed in then wheeled off after their dreadfull 're-union' was finally over, which included standing on glamourised taxi's, and not making eye contact with each other. Also various other artists came to milk their half hearted/poor performances, including Emeli Sande who was like a broken record stuck on loop…and someone i'm unaware of trying to force the crowd to sing sha la la (If nobody knows your song they wont join in)..He must of got the idea from the Freddie Mercury – Under Pressure part…..Liam Gallagher or 'The Beady Eyes' ripped off, and quite franky ruined his brothers song, probably paying him a lump sum by doing so…And was anyone else embarressed for George Michael?…The best part of the ceremony was the 30second-1minute period where 'Bohemian Rhapsody' was played with some tweaking…then turned off against the crowds will (ahhhhh jus play the dam song was my thoughts)…Then John Lennon was paid a tribute, hmmm fishy, last time i heard the Illuminati got him killed….The closing ceremony highlighted 'FREEDOM,COMING TOGETHER'…When watching it i had this feeling that it was like 'This is where our World Government begins, The New Era'…The Pheonix rising could represent that aswell (born again)……

  138. when i 1st seen azealia's video liquorice, i saw the horns, but i didnt wanna make too much noice on it. after seeing these pics of her, its clear that shes being controlled by her controller. she doesnt show any interest in holding the horns in the video (liquorice) but the other pics with mickey mouse, shows me what it really is.

  139. Question. Ive been reading your articles for a long time now. and what i dont understand is what can we do about everythings thats going on in this world? i can protest and all but what good is that when the govern ment is very powerful. if i try and stand up to them how do i know my family or myself wont be put in danger? What can people do to protect themselves because obviously we cannot do anything about it.

    • You're already doing the first step in protecting yourself and your family. Staying in the know. So long as you can at least recognize that what our looking at is wrong and evil, even if you don't know exactly who is wrong and evil, you are already closer to protecting yourself against their rouses than a good 89% of the population. For now, that's pretty much all you can do until more people wake up. If they wake up. Unfortunately for anything to change there would first have to be a sort of new Enlightenment which would most likely be followed by a world revolution. Both of which would take a miracle since so many people are absorbed into the system. Just be confident in the fact that for the time being you are doing the best thing you possibly could be doing.

  140. do all ‘slaves/puppets’ get tortured, or do most simply obey instructions that are given to them for money/success/fame (without the torture?). im not a huge fan of many of these celebrities but its very sad to think that they might be getting tortured eg justin beiber’s photo in a different post- he’s barely an adult :(

  141. In relation to the mickey mouse pictures…. Has no one stopped to think maybe she just likes mickey mouse? It's hardly out of the ordinary for one to like mickey mouse….

  142. Regarding the James Holmes photo, taken in court, with the sort of lunatic smirk and orange hair not matching that of a prior photo. Could be that the real person was abducted by alien technology and replaced by an alien technological apparition. Far fetched? Nope! Happens far too often. The very massacre itself, in the name of The Joker, suggests alien influence, which, rather than an "illuminati" element (in my view only), is the real intelligence behind performer puppetry and entertainment imagery. Events of this type are scripted by the controlling intelligence and observed for amusement by alien observers. A situation far more disconcerting than the illuminati hypothesis.

  143. Matthew 6:22: "The lamp of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light."

    Only one eye is mentioned here in spite of the fact that we have two eyes. The eye lets in the light, which is typical of understanding.

    By what means do we discern and understand? One mean is by reasoning, which is the only one that the unbeliever uses. But the positive right eye symbolizes the principle of FAITH, by which the believer understands what the unbeliever misses entirely. Compare Hebrews 11:3 and I Corinthians 2:14-15.

    To accept Satanic doctrine one must virtually have his right eye torn out.

  144. Could not help but notice that the first thing my eye was drawn to in the Iron Fist photo was the eye on her shirt which her hair conveniently frames like a triangle. Which at another glance turns out to be the nose of a skull wearing sunglasses. I just thought that it was a little bit ironic.

  145. Rebuilding the pyramids is not going to benefit Americans interested in prosperity and justice, or Constitutional rights. Like the real pyramids, it is done for rulers only, and spending one's life building that pyramid is futile for the slaves that built it.

    Although the new pyramids are financial in nature through corporate capitalism, the outcme is the same.

    Dumbing down America or making education financially prohibitive works to make new slaves, and prevent them from uprising. Having a tax, therefore, for usury and fraud used to build those financial pyramids makes sense if companies are not going to be held liable to the individual lives they steal to make them, or jailed like common thieves they are too often exposed to be.

    By separating manufacture from selling having them made overseas, they smply disguise the defects and toxicity to use overseas slaves instead. Like a pyramid fountain, the money goes in the bottom and comes out the top to be scooped up by the creators of that scheme.

  146. To the vigilant citizen and readers!
    Could somebody please explain that last picture of James Holmes please? It looks weird but I can't figure out the illuminati symbolism behind it…?

  147. You know, this is all very startling. I've been interested in this for some time but the more I look at some of my resources, I'm starting to get a little confused. I just have a couple of questions.

    Why are they being so blatant?
    What is going to happen to us and when?
    Why is The Holmes man obviously a fake? Is it so they could have more support for removing guns?

  148. Eww, I didn't mean for that eBay link to get hyperlinked. Sorry. The http:// part showed up even though I didn't write it.

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