Symbolic Pics of the Month (07/12)


In the July edition of the Symbolic Pics of the Month: Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Katharine McPhee. Also: What the hell is wrong with the fashion world?


This photoshoot from Bulgarian fashion mag 12 Magazine features models mutilated in all kinds of sick ways. While the photoshoot is supposed to showcase “makeup”, it is mostly another way of glamorizing violence and dehumanization in mass media, especially in the fashion world. This model has a black eye which is also a way to flash the one eye sign.


This one has a creepy smile carved in her face, as if she was tortured by a sadistic torture guy.


Her was face apparently burned by acid or something…these are the of kind of mutilations that purposely leave lifetime scars to send a message to someone.


She got her neck slit…And look at that fabulous eye shadow!


Star Photographer Terry Richardson has been featured a few times on this site due to his disturbing, degrading and symbolic photoshoots. A recent example is this photoshoot featuring the troubled actress Lindsay Lohan. In this pic, she is holding a loaded gun to her head. The most unsettling thing about this pic is Lohan’s expression – she appears genuinely not well.


I guess that’s another way to do it.



Beth Ditto flashing the one eye sign (again).


Speaking of one eye, it keeps appearing everywhere for no apparent reason, like in this Bape catalogue.


Same catalogue, same sign.


This Disney shirt is sold in Target stores everywhere. I guess that’s a good way have little girls where the one-eye sign everywhere they go.


The cover of Japanese magazine Koakuma Ageha combines the one eye sign with a mask (representing alter personas in Mind Control).


Speaking of mind control, Jason Gardiner, judge of the Australian show Dancing On Ice poses oddly in this widely publicized pic with a butterfly on his mouth. While Australian papers described the pic as “bizarre”, a little knowledge in symbolism is enough to realize that the butterfly silencing Gardiner represents Monarch mind control.


Israeli singer Marina Maximilian Blumin on the cover of a magazine with a Monarch butterfly under one eye. She was discovered in an American-idol type show, which is the music industry’s new preferred way to discover, to control and to introduce new artists to the masses.


British singer Rita Ora was also discovered in one of these shows and is now signed with Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation. In this pic, she is wearing an eye with a triangle as a pupil. Right under the necklace, her shirt says “Made Me”. Did the Illuminati industry make her? It certainly did.


Katharine McPhee, the star of the NBC show Smash was discovered on an American Idol-type show. In her case: American Idol. In this symbolic promotional poster, she is at the top of a pyramid made of people. The “A” from smash forms the capstone of the pyramid while Katharine’s eye is right in of it the middle, making this poster a subtle tribute to the Illuminati industry. The phrase “Stars aren’t born, they’re made” pretty much sums up how the industry functions.


The plot of Smash revolves around the production of a Broadway Musical on Marilyn Monroe – the prototype of the blond Monarch sex kitten, slave to the industry. Katharine is therefore yet another star who dresses like Marilyn at one point of her career.


Nicki Minaj is another Marilyn Monroe wannabe. I am pretty sure she is not naturally blonde.


Rihanna performing on SNL. Behind her: a huge eye inside a triangle. Yes, RiRi, we know who’s the boss of you.


At Hackney, Rihanna performs “Man Down” under a lighted pyramid topped by the Eye of Horus.






    • dark knight on

      I knew it! The poster of Smash is so creepy. The pyramid shape & Katharine placed at the top and she's on the letter A. Katharine symbolizes that she's the horus & I've also noticed that they're colors are only red and black symbolizes sacrifice and the colors of masons. Actually when I watched the Smash, Katharine wants to be like Marilyn Monroe (the original sex kitten). Poor Katharine. She's on under programming process. Let's pray for her.

      • Is that what she was doing? I thought she was speaking to God!

        Run along now dear, your smug idiocy is showing.

      • No, what O's saying is completely true(even if it was blunt). even if God is real and how anybody describes, he wont save anybody under any sort of control just because someone asked him to.

    • the pics with the girls glamorizing abuse is so sick and sad. there is no beauty or glamor when someone esp. a women is being beaten, cut, mutilated, tortured or thrown acid on any part of the body–no, for the person that is going through this abuse it is pain and torment. This type of abuse should not be glamorized.

    • That's disgusting. Whoever shot those Bulgarian models could benefit from waterboarding himself? Well, maybe not water boarding, how about three weeks in general population in Chino?

      Those young women are brain dead to have volunteered for that. There is so much of it out there– symbols– that I usually tune most of it out. That Hunger Games' symbol was a nice touch. Don't they get bored of being so obvious and sick? I guess not.

      • Hahahahaha. You do realise that the hunger game symbol is supposed to replicate the nazi symbol, don't you? That's the kind of feel that the novel and the movie are trying to bring about. For talking so much about brain dead, you guys might wanna look in the mirror….

    • LOL. Jason's picture. As I understood, butterfly represents semen when a girl was tortured and it should be released in her sex organ right? but never did I know that butterfly is for man too! okay.

    • HELP! When did they start doing the one eye covered photos? I'm trying to help my husband see what is really going on, and he's still skeptical. I do not remember seeing these types of poses, say, ten years ago. does anyone know?

  1. I have noticed several things about that Smash show: not only revolves around the musical about Marilyn Monroe, but it has several subtle ideas that sound a lot like Monarch Programming: Karen – Katherine McPhee's character – and Ivy – her rival who also auditions for Marilyn – are both pushed into using their sexuality, Ivy eventually ends up with a drug adiction, the director of the show, Derek, kinda acts like a handler…

    And then, there's this:

    I rest my case.

    • in the Smash poster, everyone is wearing red and black, occultic colors. i dont watch that show, but ive seen a few interviews and appearances by katherine mcphee. and i always thought she talked real soft and wasnt being herself. sorta like shes just going along with whatever, not assertive and not confidant in her opinions. now that i think about it, she has that baby voice that paris hilton uses, and britney spears used to have that similar look in her eyes, hard to describe, kinda innocent doe-like. maybe shes under mind control and thats how mind control victims sound like, the way beyonce, paris hilton, and britney spears sometimes sound like.

    • Wow- that is one H of a disturbing video :(
      I've never watched that show but the mainstreaming of this Illuminati mind control/abuse/sickness is astounding.

    • DeadMessenger on

      Holy schnikes, that is one of the most messed up examples of mind control symbolism I've ever seen! I don't watch TV and I don't have cable, and haven't for several years. So now when I'm, say, visiting someone and the TV is on, the crap on there and the blatant symbolism is breathtaking. While I'm sitting there, googly eyed and my mouth hanging open, my friend will say, "what?", and I'll say, " this…this…*stuff*." And they'll say, " what about it?", and I'll say, " look at it…the masks, the cage, the eye thing!" And they'll say, " what about it?" Then I'll say, " cripes, dude, look at it!, don't you find it disturbing?" And they'll say, "uh….no?". The conversation that ensues will end up with ME being called a freak and a weirdo, for pity's sake!

      Vigilant, what do you think this level of blatantcy means? Obviously, the PTB are bragging, but do you think that this foreshadows an event of some kind?

      • Brian Crossland on

        I had a break from T.V. for several years, often wondering when I did catch it inadvertentlly if indeed there was something wrong with me, the dumbing down, the lies, the propoganda, the obvious agenda behind every "programme" but thank god for finding like minded people who also see This.

        Add the dimension of Symbolism and another festering layer of mind control becomes obvious to those with eyes to see.

        I have a ten year old daughter hence exposure to T.V. I do not wish to empower the powers that be by banning her exposure to it (forbidden fruit) but try my best to educate and offer an alternative take on what she sees, it really is so blatant. Especially programmes aimed at her age/ fashion/judgement/consumerism.

        At least many are now aware.

    • Okay, so she's doing her impression of Rihanna? And that "girl in a cage" thing is so arty and original. Yawn.

      It's hard to even feel bad for these girls anymore; it's just an endless parade of brainless tramps.

      I f***ing double-dog-DARE any one of these hoochies to get the heck out of their handlers' clutches and start telling the truth about what really goes on. When regular people do it, it gets ignored so easily. All it would take is a handful of celebrity victims to speak out and the whole house of cards would collapse.

      Yeah it might put them in physical danger, (like Whitney, Micheal, etc.) but aren't they already in fear for their lives as it stands? It's likely that they would be even safer from the perpetrators than they are now. And if any were killed for breaking the silence, they'd be giving up that life for the greater good of All Humanity. What better way could there be to reclaim/redeem one's own Soul?

    • self inflicted, of course, shes the one holding the gun. is it the Omega alter? the one that self-destructs.

    • Lindsey just turned 26 yesterday. Hmmm isnt there a 27 club were stars are killed, umm mean die at the age of 27. Looks like she has less than a year left I guess. So verrrrryyyy sad!

      • I doubt that LiLo will join the 27 club – that's saved for those with an effect on the industry. Hence Hendricks, Cobain and Winehouse.

        She'll die when she dies. If there's any timing I don't expect us to be aware of it…there will be timing, but we'll have to suss it out.

  2. I have more such photos. Why doesnt anyone start a website where everyone can upload these kind of photos and expose the Music & Fashion industry. What do you think ? ?

  3. Don't forget in that Beth Ditto photo she's also flashing the 666 sign the way she's holding the roses.

    • Yeah, I was in the mall, and she has a makeup line with MCA, and on the poster, she's covering one eye, and I was like "God, not another one… And someone who's supposed to be indie and cool. HA!"… I shouldn't be surprised, Gossip's (her band) new album cover screams mind control as well… What is sad, is she's from Portland, Oregon. :(

      • Ann Onymous on

        You don't know enough about Portland, Oregon if you find that sad. Portland is the NWO's wet dream.

      • But Portland is boring. How is it possible to be a nwo prototype? What's so special about it?

  4. These pictures of Lohan are startlingly similar to ones I've seen of Kurt Cobain. Ironically, the 2nd of July was her 26th birthday. You know what comes after that…

  5. shatha abdulrahaman on

    very sickening to watch >< though im not surprised to see Rihanna and Nicki minaj performing and flashing dozens of illuminati symbols ..i dont know how far they are willing to go with this sickening agenda!!I only pray that in the future my kids wont get influenced by what the call it "entertainment"though i dont see anything entertaining in it ..just heavy loaded movies and songs with bizarre and disgusting imageries.Thanks VC for the enlightenment,keep it up :)

  6. What is going on behind the scene at the photo shoot with Lindsay Lohan? I don't think that she is that great of an actor to summons up that kind of emotion on cue. Did someone threaten a family member? That seems like real fear and not acting to me.

  7. nice dirt on 'em! i hv so much given up on watchin new videos, it so f**king messed up. these rat bitches wont stop until they're so hot there will be not water around to cool them off (hmmm..hell…mmm). well they wont even mind it then. as rick ross and trey songs said "this is the life!" thanx again VC. God speak.

  8. It's so obvious the sheep are so damn dumb. How is it possible with a nation of 300 million ppl Nicki Minaj is the only female that can rap? it's not She is the only female that is being allowed to be heard. How is it possible that Lauren Hill can be loved by so many and hasnt put out any music lately? it's because she wouldn't conform. So they do what they always do say she went crazy. Right under our eyes they have completely erased Rock music for this fist pumping/ techno dance crap. Hell, they didnt even present grammy's to any rock artist on the telecast as if rock has disappeared. Fact…In New York city there is no rock station thats absurd. Yet you try to explain this to a sheep they don't get…. They say oh you hating Nicki is doing her thing your just mad, then they say Lauren hill went crazy she should just pay her taxes and make a hit. I even had a dumb ass tell me Rock has disappeared because no one likes it anymore. Yea I bet in a world where we once had the beatles and nirvana no one like rock music…….. idiots

    • Sage africa on

      The death of music sales with the birth and growth of the internet did not just reduce earnings but provided the shadowy puppet-masters of entertainment with the perfect opportunity to completely shun artists with a positive message or those who advocated an alternative view of life. Thats what happened to rock music.

      Today if you're not doing the 'in-thing' the label honchos quickly push you to the side and label you 'underground' or 'local'.

      see VC's article on the australian ad 'FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC' to get an idea …

      • Oh believe me I watched it and quite frankly if Kurt Cobain is in hell then I'm not sure I wanna go to heaven. But you are absolutely right about rock music and how the death of record sales allows the dark force to pick and choose who will be a star. Before the consumer had a little more control over it because we could use our ears and select what we like now the give us about 5 or 6 all showing the same symbolism then say take it or leave it. Born in the 80's and raise in the 90's I absolutely cannot listen to todays music. I just cant do it.

    • MADE IN USA on

      Who says she can rap? She's about as talented as Lil Kim without biggie…and just as raunchy. Hip Hop has been dead for a long time (as far as the mainstream music scene goes) and Nikki Minaj is one of the many 'Zombies' out there. Welcome to the apocolypse :)

    • The music industry is broke. They can't afford to make albums anymore with a real band, thats why they have auto tune because it's free. They use these same beats they make off the computer and thats why all the music sounds a like. It sounds bizarre but it's the truth.. if you look at the top ten on the billboard most of the songs are even made by the same people

      • it's not that people don't like rock anymore, it's that among the general public it's fallen out of favor for a more pop/dance oriented sound. rock was popular in the 90s and 00s but no genre stays relevant in the mainstream forever. music styles come and go in cycles. true hip hop and rap was very popular about five or ten years ago but it is also no longer "in". dance music was considered uncool like ten years ago, but things change and now it's popular. it was popular in the 80s to. rock will most likely come back into the mainstream in some years. it's one of those genres that can never completely die. i don't think this dance/techno phase of pop music will last that long, maybe another three or four years. btw, the decline of the popularity of rock is more due o hip hop than to dance music. hip hop had already overshadowed rock by the mid 2000s.

      • Incredible site–stumbled on it a yr ago & was blown away…the people mentioned in the Laurel Canyon series were our rock heros in the 60s-70s.

      • Yhea I was doing some research on mind control and all when I came upon this about l.cayon very weird creepy.

  9. also these Lindsay Lohan picks are especially telling considering the photoshoot of Kurt Cobain with the cigarette and gun to his head. Hopefully they dont kill her and blame it on drugs. Say what you want but we all love "The Parent trap" lol

  10. Nickelscence on

    As far as I know the Bulgarian photoshoot was meant to be a campaign AGAINST domestic violence- raising awareness and stuff…

    • I think there is different ways that could be demonstrated though. For victims of abuse, there is the possibility looking at those images could be tramatizing to them.

    • If that’s the case, then why are the models so beautifully made up with perfect hair, skin, nails, etc..
      So now, are the authorities trying to ‘glamourise’ domestic abuse?

    • Vaginal Spelunker on

      Exactly. When people look at these photos, they're obviously disgusted. And they know that's going to happen when they put the photos out there. The point is to encourage disdain for atrocious behavior by creating a (somewhat) traumatic effect on your mind, subliminally motivating the viewer to become more vocal in speaking out against such things. Durrr….

  11. THIS MONTH, JULY. THIS YEAR. During the opening ceremony of the Olympics 2012, the Illuminati will explode the stadium with bombs. We have been given clues in many movies and shows, it's the same as what happened before the 9/11 disaster. VC, please make an article about that! We can not let the Illuminati rule the world and kill whoever they want! I believe in God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit, they are my real saviours, and by them, I am 'illuminated' out of sins and darkness! Amen!

  12. Although I am aware and following what is going on, I can't help feeling disgusted and sick of these symbolism and the mentality behind it. Moreover the dehumanization, degrading the humane behaviour and upholding the torture, alter personae, dissociation from the reality, manipulating people to incredible dirty ways (namely pedophilia) are the points that I am extremely angry and sorry. In addition, nobody around me seems to care about these developments in our humble lifestyle.

    • We all hope all the God lovers are as vehement about these things as the Religious organizations such as the Roman Catholic Churches ongoing pediphilia that has been going on for centuries…

      Also the looting, murdering and brutal conversions of the "non-believers"……

    • Ora allegedly dates the Kardashian boy. Who wants to be a part of this strange lot? Wait a minute, if she dates the K boy whose sister dates K West, then again West is a friend of Jay. All the w@*kers are connected somehow.

    • That cr@ppy song of Ora "rip" or whatever is constantly on. I can't bear it anymore. The music industry doesn't deliver any goods.

  13. I've been meaning to ask,does anyone know if Lindsay Lohan had plastic surgery done on her face?Or maybe had some kind of injection put into her face?To me,her face looks different.

    • She just put on a little weight, perhaps for the Liz Taylor role she's doing? Her face does look fuller.

    • I think Lindsay's facial fullness is a telltale sign of alcohol abuse. Puffy face, followed by bloated stomach. Poor thing…what a waste of an incredible talent!

  14. Regarding the latest pics, dont forget all the latest zombie stuff going down, this is portraying total zombie mind kontrol, the first one has scarlet woman theme going on too. its just sick though and the Lohan ones are rediculous, I really want to know who is behind all this symbolism shit, who is in charge of making sure that all this egyptial, masonic, luciferian shit gets put in videos, stage sets, and other forms of media ?

    • yee, it's coming to mind madonna song "4 minutes to save the word", full of dark symbols, but whats up with the zombi like half faces scenes.. coincidence ?

  15. Born to Die on

    I'm so long into this stuff… But this new pics make me feel sad… Its so obvious and no one gives a shit.

  16. sister soul on

    Only satan himself could inspired this kind of sickness. These people have only evil on their minds.

    • And they're trying to instill this evil into us ordinary every-day people, to turn us into the horrible people that they are.

  17. I knew there was something odd about the Hunger Games logo, and just couldn't put my finger on what it was (although I thought the movie was rather disturbing and full of NWO-agenda ideals aside from the logo). Thanks for pointing that out VC!

  18. In the near future, horrific facial scars, deformities, open wounds and gashes to the face, black eyes etc etc will be what society will be painting on their faces as the new trend. It'll be glamorized and sexualized in a sick sadistic and lustful fetish perversion. People will begin to lust after this perversion, the more realistic and the more real the the contusion or scar the better. Before, someone would try to cover up or hide a hideous facial deformity or scar, but now it'll be highlighted as sexy and beautiful. Commercials and movie stars will advertise this and twist this going under the guise of raising awareness for people born with real deformities and how to make their "blemishes" beautiful and to not be ashamed. It'll be sold with good intentions to the masses, when it's core and origination is pure evil and demonic. Just like how clothes come back into style, this hellish scene will re emerge from the Pitt literally giving you the essence of hell on earth "as in the days of Noah."

    Imagine people looking like monsters, reading books about monsters, and watching shows about monsters all tied in and mixed with everything else that's corrupt, immoral, and sinful.

    GENESIS 6:5 "5 And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually."

    • This is the first time I've ever felt the need to post something on this site, but I just had to say something about your comment. I've been seeing all this stuff on facebook about a little girl who has a rare condition, her name is Adila or something like that. I was wondering why all the sudden this little girl is everywhere on the net, twitter, tumblr, facebook, etc. I knew there had to be something to it… There is also a guy in a wheelchair who I assume as brain damage and some other things wrong with him too thats been going around. It all makes sense now. I honestly don't see how people can so easily fall for this. It's sad but then again this is all happening for a reason. It takes a certain kind of person to recognize when something is wrong, and want to know the truth and actually search for it, and not just go with the flow just because it's popular. I see the latter so much from people my age, it's horrible. I'll happily be called "weird" because I do not follow these satanic trends or allow myself to become brainwashed.

    • hi what you are saying it has already happen,have you check the fashion models and the way their face are painted? it is mostly painted with a monster kind of look together with a strange hair style that has nothing to do with the cloths ,some of them even wear horns on there heads to showcase the style of the clothing line, also even a vampire look, now tell me what does that have to do with cloths?

      • I noticed Chris Brown performed the other night on BET with half his chest painted like a skelton or something weird like that.

    • @Brad

      oh my goodness! saying things like that, if that's what the world will turn into makes me want to die, i'd rather be dead than be alive when and if that actually happens! yikes!

  19. So the 'artistic' mind's of the designer(s) actually sat a thought up most of this? Even more so the company let this go into their magazine? (Ran out of ideas maybe?) Regardless, i'm sure most of the public won't even take a notice to it anyway..

    As for Rihanna and Nikki, i'm not suprised of their relation to the Illuminati as they're in almost every Illuminati-related post, funny that they're popular with the public aswell.

  20. I've been reading this site for awhile, but rarely ever comment. I am getting very tired of the redundancy of the symbolism that is consistently used. It's the same thing over and over again, but just a little more severe. I noticed in the earlier music videos the imagery and symbolism was a little more subtle, but now it is "hidden" in plain sight. It is because we have all become so desensitized to it all, that it no longer makes a difference the more blatant and disturbing it really is. Has our perception of art become so convoluted that we fail to see that there is a fine line between art and redundancy?

    My realization is that everything is so contrived and controlled that even as a society we have allowed ourselves subconsciously to accept a false perception of reality. Freedom is an illusion, we have willingly allowed ourselves to become enslaved, both mentally and physically.

    I have come to the conclusion that nothing happens by chance or coincidence, everything is synchronized to happen for a reason and serve a purpose. Whatever 2012 may bring, well, it was written in the cards a long time ago, so forget the fashion, entertainment, political machine and focus on what's important, family, friends and your own well being. As a society we have forgotten about what's important and it's not any of this.

  21. Wondering if it's a coincidence that Nicki Minaj's microphone looks like an erect penis… Symbolic of the music industry?

  22. patson Stans on

    They truely are serious about the NWO and they are moving hard and fast.

    Has anyone noticed how things have changed at a very fast rate within a decade during the 21st century?!

    Fashion, politics, technology etc………have all changed rapidly.

  23. It is an awesome realisation that all those movies seen since childhood depicted 'special effects' which were most likely real special effects of torturous psychopathic abuse …. we are seeing snuff interposed with fashion, 'news', documentary disaster footage and the sickness of 'childrens' programming, grooming wonderful fresh minds into the abyss of perversion. No longer 'staged' or 'make up'; simply Make BeLieVe that it's all perfectly normal and 'just a bit of fun'. When I did the 'new age' fantasy trip, I thought 'waking up' would be a wonderful thing. I was already awake and once I'd dumped the trip, the real awakening just gets worse, and worse and worse. It seems just about everyone is infected.

    • There are many feminists and abuse victims' advocates who criticize the media's harmful, dehumanizing portrayal of people, usually women, just like VC does. Jean Kilbourne made a great documentary series that does just that, called Killing Us Softly. She even goes into the whole leopard-print, bunny ears, degrading women to the status of animals thing. She just doesn't know, or believe, or perhaps chooses not to talk about for the sake of credibility, that all this dehumanizing imagery is also symbolic of the traumatic mind-control done to certain models, actors and actresses, and singers.

      There's also Sociological Images, a blog that often has feminist guest writers who collect shameful advertisements and images from magazines like the ones above and explain why they're bad for our society. Ethical people have always been outraged at this crap and have written articles, made documentaries, written letters to advertisers, fashion companies, etc., but it's been an uphill climb. Sadists like Terry Richardson and the CEOs of media conglomerates aren't going to voluntarily change what they're doing because they don't care about people, and many people aren't bothered because they've been desensitized and they believe lame excuses like, "Artists need the freedom to be edgy and transgressive," and, "It's ironic— they make models look like they're beat up because they're actually anti-abuse." VC, feminists, anyone with a standard of morality and taste: we need to continue our steady work of fomenting the revolution by making people notice what's right in front of their eyes.

    • They're only listened to by those in college…while the listeners are in college.

      There was one feminist woman who was listened to by those out of college. Her name is Barbara Ehrenreich, and she has since widened her targets to society at large.

  24. As a Marilyn Monroe fan, VC, would you mind posting some evidence to back up your claims that Marilyn was the first "monarch sex kitten"? I'm not saying I don't believe you, but there is a lot of information about her troubled childhood and life and evidence to back that up. I believe they've taken her dumb blonde (fake) image that they've convinced everyone was the real Marilyn and use it to symbolize sex kittens, like some of Marilyn's characters were. The real Marilyn Monroe was not a dumb whore. Maybe that's why they killed her.

    • Marilyn was passed around by people in the industry as well as politicians including JFK and RFK, it's a known fact, even the lamestream media have done articles confirming this. How can you not think she was a sex slave

    • Marilyn Monroe was a beautiful soul. You are right, Makayla, she was no idiot. She was a very clever, discerning person. They crushed her spirit, no doubt using mind altering drugs, drink, Monarch psychology, etc. They clearly saw that she needed love and filled her head that sex is a happily-ever-after fairytale and the poor lady fell for it. May she rest in peace.

      • @Ann Onymous

        Umm, do you have a reliable source for that Marilyn Monroe quote? Because I couldn't find one. Please don't put words in people's mouths, especially when they're as rude as that.

  25. I think Japan is riddled with illuminati symbolism everywhere and it's integrated into "super kawaii" stuff.

  26. Thanx VC for sharing the pics. My feeling is that society is not as lost as some of us might think they are. Seems like everyone keeps saying that people are so dumb or the sheeple have no clue. I think they do. Just as many perverts are out there creating this crap there are good people too that spread the truth about this stuff. People generally don't like being lied to and so will listen to the truth. At some point we were all in the dark about this stuff and we came out. We just have to keep telling the truth about the evils in this world and if one person comes out of the darkness then our job was done. That's what they want us to do, stop talking about this stuff and call those in the dark dummies. In time ALL will wake up and have to picks sides. If we call them dummies / Sheeple will they really think that our side knows the REAL TRUTH?

  27. I never thought I would say this…but after looking at those pictures, I feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan.

    And that photo of the model with the carvings around her mouth…reminds me of Elizabeth Short.

    • These made me sympathetic towards her, too. It seems that once she was a sweet, talented actress, but then she seemed to get completely out of control, meaning, beyond her OWN control. That photo with the gun really did show the symbolism of "at any time, we can make you pull the trigger".

  28. Its so sad to see where all this symbolism has reached, and to know it will only get worse!

    What's sadder is that some people, not all but some know the meaning behind all this symbols and yet they choose to accept them just because 'we can't do nothing about it anyways.'

    I choose not to conform in this world that's full of a satanic agenda. I choose to turn off my television, I choose to not be the same and have my own ( old fashion for some) style, I choose to spend time with my family instead of reading pointless magazines or books. And most importantly I choose to only be illuminated by the word of God.

    I might not change the whole world, but I am changing mine and my family's world. :)

    Thanks VC for all the information you have shared with us!

  29. Terry Richardson is obviously a programming handler. These people change after a session with this creep and are often photographed in bizarre often satanic poses.. Apparently he has even slept with Lindsay.. such is his influence, and he is no looker either!! Guess the latest shoot means Lindsay won't be around for much longer.. another member for the infamous 27 club.. Does she even realize ? Sickening really… As we can all see it already…

    These expendable, possessed and Monarched fallen stars earn so much for the industry, deliver so much energy to the cabal, one would think they would be handled with a bit more care. But of course they are mocked and humiliated and there are always rising stars to replace them, like Jennifer Hudson, who has stepped right into Whitney's shoes, even before she was murdered..

    Things are going to get alot darker in the near future too..

    • I believe Terry Richardson is programmed himself. He was abused as a child (Notice most of the top people come from dysfunctional homes) and tried to kill himself at the start of his career and was a drug addict for many years (and probably still is). I believe he has handlers around him as I was reading a interview of a model who worked with him and she said he had "assistants" around him at all times, and a lot of models have described him as very sick and disturbed

      • skeptimistic4 on

        wow…just did a quick google image search of Terry Richardson..most of the people do look mind controlled. You guys should check it out…'s like five years worth of VC articles right there…clearly something strange happens at these photo sessions..a lot of homoerotic pictures, tortured looking women…..etc etc..just go look

      • His eye shadow is interesting…a kind of androgenous look?

        What man in his right mind would pose in such a manner…emphasis on the word "man".

  30. Vital Facts:

    1) The "Illuminati" base their belief system, their rituals, and the technology they use to control humanity primarily on extremely perverse deviant sex.

    2) The "Illuminati" have been actively promoting deviant sexual behavior of all types for centuries, but have accelerated their manipulation of society rapidly in recent years. In 2012 sexual perversion of all kinds is ubiquitous in every society because of the diligent work of the "Illuminated". The "Extreme Perversion Normalization Initiative" (EPNI) has thousands of employees dedicated to nothing but creating and spreading perverse sexual ideas and images through society – images such as we see above.

    3) Through hidden signals in popular media such as music, television, movies, video games, and pornography – EPNI has "pre-programmed" tens of millions of unsuspecting people with Monarch programming. With this pre-programming, traditional Monarch sex puppet training that would have required years of childhood trauma in decades ago can now be accomplished remotely – simply by having the subject view enough media encoded with hidden Monarch signals over a long enough period of time.

    4) Once a subject has had sufficient exposure to pre-programming signals – the "Illuminati" are able to remotely activate this programming and seize total control of the subject's body at any time. Once activated, these unfortunate subjects become remote controlled Monarch Sex Puppets who are then used for every sort of deviant sexual and criminal purpose imaginable.

    5) Many people reading this are likely already completely infected with EPNI Monarch Programming and are already being used as Monarch Sex Puppets without their knowledge. The "Illuminati" wipe all memory of Puppet Time at the end of each session and often the only signs that a person has been being used as a amnesiac sex slave puppet are the evidence of lost time, unexplained bruises or ligature marks, unexplained bodily fluids, and a general sense of exhaustion.

    6) "Illuminati" disinformation agents promote the idea that only a handful of people are actual Monarch Sex Slaves and that such programming requires extensive intervention beginning with childhood trauma. However high technology decades in advance of what humanity believes is current permit the Illuminati to program tens of millions of people reading this as Monarch Sex Slaves over the Internet.

    "Illuminati" sex is always perverse – it always promotess BDSM, group sex, bisexuality, and other types of deviance. In the photos above we see the usual gamut of "Illuminated" sex magick rituals referenced:

    Bloodplay and the sort of accident fetishism popularized by "Illuminated" writers such as J.G. Ballard.

    Gunplay by highly promiscuous "Illuminated" priestess Lohan.

    The promotion of the Bonobo lifestyle of hedonistic group sex is evidenced by the Monkey pendant.

    The vital role of semen divination and mind control through sementic technologies is again made obvious by the removable semenancy canvas held by the model on the Japanese cover.

    Illuminati Group sex is always performed on many sex drugs and the photo of the "Ice Dancer" emphasizes the importance of pure methamphetamine (or "Ice") to the "Illuminated" homosexual orgies (the "dance') .

    There are two keys to understanding any of this that most researchers overlook or misunderstand. Firstly, deviant sex magick is at the heart of "Illuminati" ritual and is also one of the key means by which they control unsuspecting minds and take control of unsuspecting bodies for sex puppetry. Secondly, the "Illuminati" are taunting humanity constantly (or "scene-ing" humanity to use their BDSM terminology) through obvious references to these very secret and perverse ritual practices they so adore. This taunting serves three ends: it is part of their great mind sex magick ritual in and of itself, it is one of the primary ways they agitate and destabilize human consciousness to make people more susceptible to mind control, and it is one of the ways through which they spread hidden Monarch Sex Puppet Control Codes themselves.

    Check yourselves – Have you lost time? Are you tired? Any unexplained bruises or fluids? You may be being used as a Monarch Sex Puppet to commit acts of perversion on your friends and family. Educate yourselves before it is too late!

    • Thank you, Dr. S. for more of an in depth explanation of what is going on. As a child of the 60's and a teen in the 70's, I can remember all the media imagery and slogans degenerating from "free-love" to "just-do-it/Satanic/androgynous". From the 80's on less love, more exploitation with S&M, porno, and now this horrifying slide into, well, hell. Only since discovering VC's website did I begin to realize that it is all organized and intended. All a continuous media manipulation. "By their fruits, you shall know them".

      • Very True! Very True!

        It is essential though – that everyone reading this understand we are talking about much much more than manipulation of the media. The Monarch programming is actually contained in the media and actually is used to take control of unsuspecting people and turn them into perverted sex puppets! This is not a threat merely to a few celebrities who have sold their souls for fame – this is an immediate threat to you and your family and your neighbors.

        How many people reading this could cope to discover that their bodies had been hijacked and used to commit terrible acts of sacrilegious sodomy on their innocent neighbors? Well that is EXACTLY what is happening to millions of unsuspecting people around the planet when their bodies are seized by the "Illuminati" and forced to join unholy sex magick orgies on the altars of churchs purported to be legitimate but actually operating as fronts for "Illuminated" sex magick purposes.

        The key to protecting oneself and one's family is education and vigilance. People must overcome their distaste and familiarize themselves thoroughly with the sort of perversion practiced by the Illuminated. Only by understanding the signs that someone has been sodomized repeatedly while being subjected to water bondage semenancy rituals for example, might one recognize the telltale signs on oneself. Remember – they wipe the memory so the only clue that you are being used as a Monarch puppet for perverse sex magick rituals may be small signs of the aftermath. Study these depraved practices if you want to have any chance at all of preventing you or your family from becoming carnal zombie slaves of the "Illuminati" without even knowing it.

    • Ann Onymous on

      I think you're blowing smoke and actually attempting to do with your writing what you claim others are actually doing. Let's see some actual facts, not just your thoughts on the subject. Until then, I say you're part of the problem, not the solution.

      • If the facts right before your eyes are not sufficient, may I suggest you study the Achtenleufer Commission Report if you can find an unredacted copy. It provides a comprehensive timeline of EPNI activities in promoting depravity on a global scale. Alternatively, you should consider reading some of the literature on the history of human mind control, the Monarch program, and the key "Illuminati" sex perversion promotion projects as the the "Brony" movement or Ecumenical Semenancy Acceptance. That is of course supposing your question is sincere and you are not in fact an "Illuminated" disinformation agent eagerly posting to discredit the truth.

  31. Adventist25 on

    The Hunger Games logo could very likely be a variation or hinting of the winged sun disk, that is another very prevalent occult symbol that the Illuminati bombards us with. Through my own research it seems very likely that they associate Lucifer, the former "light-bearer", with the sun. I'm not sure what team the author plays for, but hopefully her focus on a future totalitarian world state will inspire people of the world to reflect more on this urgently important topic and spawn more healthy skepticism of their present government's true and hidden intentions.

    • The "Hunger Games" books and movies were created to IMPLANT ACCEPTANCE of a future totalitarian state in our society. As if that's not bad enough, the main plot device is a Child Sacrifice Mega-Ritual. (I'm starting to wonder if people aren't taking part in the ritual just by watching it in the movie–the way they do with award shows and the like…)

      It's a modernized rip-off of the Theseus/Minotaur myth from ancient Greece, with an extra dose of premeditated murder (kids killing other kids as part of the "contest.")

      They seem to be appealing to tween girls with themes of empowerment and self-reliance, but if you really believe that a main character named "Katniss" (dehumanized and sexy) could possibly be victorious in "overcoming" the whole foul system by "winning" the contest, then there's some land I'd like to sell you in a hot, not-so-sunny location.

    • Author of Hunger Games is Collins. Per Fritz Springmeier, Bloodlines of the Illuminati, Collins has an "interesting" connection to the 13 bloodlines.

  32. Idols was 'invented'/ made up by Reinoud Oerlemans, a Dutch celebrity. Typically his company is named eyeworks and he's befriended with the largest Dutch media agency called Endemol, which has an eye as a logo.

    This eye thingy, which I call 'the wink', is becoming more and more fashionable, because industries seem to embrace it as being 'trendy' or 'modern'.

    A huge museum was launched in Amsterdam this year called 'eye'. It's standard exposition is filled with references to 'symbol veterans'. Most definitely worth a look.

    I am shocked by the Bulgarian photos. I would not want to see my five year old cousin having a peak at that magazine. It exposes children to fantasies children shouldn't be having at that age.

  33. I thought for sure you would include Lady Gag's pic showing the huge shiner she received after being hit by a pipe while on stage. She posted the pic on twitter showing herself with one hugely bruised eye and it looks just like the first pic of the model that you've posted here.

    I hope you will write an article about her performance of song, "Princess Die". This song, the eye injury and Elton John saying publicly that he was very concerned about her makes me think that she's starting to resist her programming and the response she's getting is less than favorable. She's someone to watch.

  34. I noticed the ones of Rihanna during SNL. The first pictures are grotesque and extremely offensive. I don't even understand how that is considered art, let alone fashion. The ones of Lindsay Lohan are just as disturbing. She's crying in the images, and they look like real tears.

    Sometimes, it's hard to swallow as this stuff is fed to the masses. I try to tell anyone that will listen what is really going on behind the entertainment industry and what's going on in our world, from the air we breathe to the food we eat. A lot of people don't believe we live in a Matrix, they'll wake up when it's too late I suppose.

  35. Hi! Excellent work you do.. thank you for correlating all those pics. I've been researching the "Illuminati" (inappropriate name as they don't seem to be.. I just call them ill for short-much more appropriate) for about 5 years. Found this to be very educational .. a lady who escapes the family. Recently I found a guy called Donald Marshall who claims to be a slave of the ill. He writes all about it in his group… quite fascinating.. hard to believe.. I am still trying to discern weather it is true or not.. if it is the info will help us greatly.. if not.. can't really hurt to explore. Anyone is welcome to join. Facebook: Donald Marshal-CloneCenter Victim Viva le Revolution.

  36. Wow, they are so blatantly obvious nowadays. They are becoming increasingly more arrogant-which is good for us, for their arrogance shall be their downfall and our victory-victory of the people over these illuminati elites.

    • That's a moth (likely a Cercropia) on his face, not a Monarch butterfly. On the singer, Marina Maximilian Blumin's face is a male Queen Butterfly. While it is a relative of the Monarch, it is not considered a Monarch proper.

  37. smash/smaSH/

    Verb:Violently break (something).

    I would say that is a not so subtle yet excellent description of that show.

  38. Rihanna’s Hackney Weekend performance was full of symbolism; Egyptian theme, the all seeing eye, feline print clothing, king Solomon’s throne… The symbolism is getting more and more blatant every day. Personally I think the elite are gearing up for something big, and the Olympics (a world stage) seems like the most likely place for it to go down.

  39. Those fashion mag pictures are so sick… Who the f*ck would buy make up advertised by models who look like their men beat the crap out them?

    • The same people who think that domestic abuse will 'never happen' to them.

      Fancy walking into the workplace with a make-up fake shiner? I don't think so. BTW, where would you wear this sick make-up?

  40. In Jesus name on

    Wow! that hunger games logo is spot on! so sad so many many people eat this stuff up! "They" make money off of us,mocking us."They" laugh because the things we find entertaining is a warning to what is in their agenda! "You can't say they didn't warn us" What's not on their agenda is when Christ comes back and puts them ALL IN THEIR PLACE! In Jesus name Amen.

    • Illumination on

      Lol you do realize Amen is an ancient Egyptian god put into Christianity for the exact same reason you just said to laugh at you for being brainwashed.

  41. McPhee's mother is professionally associated with American Idol. I.e., KMcP was the ringer who was supposed to win, not Taylor Hicks.

  42. i do not understand on

    Where are the "graphic content" warnings? Hopefully, that magazine had a warning of some kind.

    I did not want too see those very realistic-looking bruises and face/neck slits, what an absolute abomination of a mess. Who's the crazy troll who thought this would be a funny or good idea in any way?

    I am not seeing the humor or the art or the fashion or the makeup in this extreme nastiness. I gag and cringe.

    Gore used to only appear in some horror movies and a few rare "rated M" video games. Now it's all over the place. Posters, TV shows, music videos, random photoshoots, magazines, everywhere.

    I do not want to see this everywhere!!!!

    The trolls and clowns are constantly wanting to outdo their freak shows! This MESS!!

  43. I just watched a documentary called Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings. It put forth mSir Francis Bacon as a major architect of America and supported the theory that he and a team of Rosicrucians wrote 'Shakespeare's' plays as code it advance their ideas. The title 'spear shaker' apparently belonged to both Athena and Apollo, who supposedly inspired Bacon to this project and there is a page decoration in Shakespeare's folio with a double A in honor of them. The 'A' gloves on the model reminded me of that. Not sure I believe that theory but I wanted to mention the parallel since I don't think any symbolism in media is accidental.

  44. The Illuminated on

    One thing no one hasn't mentioned is that The Smash poster also reveals the Masonic logo. Look closely at how the artists are grouped up and you'll see it staring at you!

  45. VC,

    As an ardent radical feminist, I would love for you to at some point connect these themes to the patriarchal values of our society – have you noticed that it is always WOMEN being dehumanized, visually portrayed as tortured and violated? Most often, women of color as well.

    Just a thought.

    • Well VC doesn't present his articles through the feminist lens, but that's not his job. Just like it's not his job to write with a Christian fundamentalist angle or an aliens/reptilians angle or whatever else people ask him to write about. That said, I totally agree with you, and the patriarchy, the megatheocorporatocracy, and the Illuminati are all synonyms in my mind.

    • An article on 50 shades of grey would be good, I'm surprised no-ones mentioned it yet. I remember reading an article in Faboulous which is a Sunday insert magazine and which those pictures of Alicia Keys doing Every symbol comes from and it was a four page article on the book, and the author was quoted saying that she used to have an erotic blog that only a few women and close friends read and one day she was 'approached' and asked to do literature and write a book. None of her other literature is about S&M until she got her publishing deal. Also as the author is female, it's almost as though the book can't be anti-feminine or at least people won't think it is. It's about a powerful uber rich man that trains a poor girl to be his sex slave and somehow that's positive eroticism why isn't the girl the rich one if it really is about dominance and submission. They advertise the book as taking back your feminity and truly being a feminist lol. Also the book was being advertised as a best seller before it even sold copies same with hunger games. Honestly I don't know anyone who actually owns or read the book and I wouldn't be surprised if the publishers are actually buying copies themselves like they do with records.

      • I know a few minors who bought the books -all 3 only for ten quid-, however they are quite dysfunctional girls. They hate their absent fathers who have 5-6 kids with different women even though they are in their late 30s, the girls themselves had kids whilst still in school and so on. The fathers of their kids have vanished out of thin air etc. I was in a supermarket yesterday when an underaged pregnant girl was also buying the trilogy "50…". I might get the books from the library at some point too.

  46. What's worse than these celebrities with their one eye is the amount of people with their Facebook pictures doing it and everytime I ask why they're like because you look better, if that's the case why don't they just gauge out their other eyes…please.

    Also thanks for mentioning hackney weekend lots of symbolism from all performers. Also it would be great if VC would do an article on Hackney. There is a freemason lodge in plain view, and there's also a childrens club called The Guild whose logo is 666 forming a triangle. Also the Petchney Academy has the shield logo which has the snake/dragon eating a person on it and I know hackney was one of the first cities in London, and has a lot of history.

  47. wow, the Hunger Games logo really does resemble the Nazi badge.
    And how in Hades' underworld is that fashion? hurting people in now fashion?

  48. Vigilantreader on

    Hey vigilant, this morning I just watch glastonbury festival 2011: Coldplay. Its stage was a pyramid with light on the top. Can you examine this?

  49. Truth B. Told on

    Nothing in fashion, music, entertainment, or politics surprise me anymore. Oh and let's not forget the media. I've come to expect to see or hear something "out of the ordinary" every day.

  50. The thing that really bothered me is the hungergames pin. I really enjoyed the film and I feel it portrays a message of rebellion against higher forces.
    The use of the pin is definitely not coincidence, I did some research on this. The nazi pin, was a pin that flight radio control opperators wore. Funny enough the hunger games pin has a similar meaning and use. The bird in the pin, is called a Jabberjay. It's a genetic modified bird that the "Capitol" made, to report wrong doings in the districts, unfortunately Jabberjay was a failure, and in the movie this becomes a symbol of reWW2 Luftwaffe Radio Operatorbellion. My question is, might this be a positive sign, as more and more teenagers are buying and wearing the Jabberjay pin. Could the same thing have happened in WW2, where some of the radio opperators could've rebelled against the nazi's? Just wondering….

  51. What the hell? The Hunger Games logo surely cannot be a coincidence – but it has the opposite meaning that you think it does. The Hunger Games was a SATIRE of fascism and totalitarianism, that was the whole point! So yeah, obviously they're going to use something that's reminiscent of a Nazi symbol for its logo – surely anyone can see that?

  52. "do it, i would definately visit it cos you dont know how long i was waiting for this symbolic pics of the month to come out!"

    Ali I assume a month????

  53. Okn first of all GO AWAY RIHANNA!! As VC says we know who runs you. We dont need you to advertise it anymore!!!

    Second, how the hell can you possible think as a designer that showing girls mutilated like that would help sale your make up!!!!!!!! Are you serious?!?!

  54. In Love with Jesus on

    I tell you,…that For the Love of Money song by the O'Jays is soo true…it didn't make sense until I got a little older though…

    For the love of money

    A woman will sell her precious body

    For a small piece of paper it carries a lot of weight

    I know money is the root of all evil

    Do funny things to some people

    Give me a nickel, brother can you spare a dime

    Money can drive some people out of their minds

    These "artists" aka puppets are selling themselves for money…and you can't take it with you when you go..never seen a Uhaul attached to a Hurst….it's just so sad what they're living for. This is so sick. They are sooo rich but yet sooo poor. So demonic. SMH!

  55. "Nicki Minaj is another Marilyn Monroe wannabe. I am pretty sure she is not naturally blonde."

    …or good looking

    …or talented

    If you read Marilyn Monroe's diaries (even the ones they published) she was terrified, she was clearly someone with two personalities. Her writings would go from being beautiful to chicken scratch…. She was terrified of something.

  56. These photos remind me of the first Batman movie, the difference being that these don't come in the form of a campy action movie. They're portrayed as realistic for the eyes of young women. Only psychopaths consider this avante garde "art"! In the first Batman, the Joker is a psychopathic "artist" who loves death and ugliness. He wants everything around him to be as ugly inside & out, as he is. This is a mirror of the sick people in this fashion/music/movie industry.

    When the Joker's in the museum destroying beautiful artwork, he leaves the painting "The Scream" untouched because he "kinda likes it". He makes his way to the waiting Vicki, telling her she's beautiful in an "old fashioned" way…that he's sure they can make her more "today" – meaning disfigured.

    Then he flips through her portfolio calling everything crap until he gets to the photos of Corto Maltese where he says "The skulls. The bodies. You give it all such a glow. I don't know if it's art, but I like it." He rants on, "You know how concerned most people are about appearances. This is pretty, that is not.

    Well, that's all over for me…Now I DO what others only DREAM of. I do art, 'til somebody DIES.

    See??? I'm the world's first fully functioning homicidal artist!!!"

    Then we get to see his "artwork" which also looks like these photos. He says "Look, we mustn't mistake ourselves for regular people. We're ARTISTS. For instance, let me challenge you with a little piece I did. Bob, Alicia. (in comes Alicia with a half burned face) You'll make a pictorial record of

    my work. You'll be with me in the avant garde…You see, Miss Vale, Alicia's been made over in line with my new philosophy. Now, like me, she's a living work of art." (Quotes taken from the Batman Script online scroll down about halfway to find it)

    We're now seeing the pictorial work of psychopaths, plain & simple. Why are we participating?? I'm asking myself this same question! I think it's great to expose an industry but isn't it already exposed? Isn't enough info already out there for those who are interested in truth?

    What is the goal of the industry in getting us to view this imagery? To demoralize and influence people to become like them? So honestly, how is it helping us to continuously look at this? Aren't we doing exactly what the illuminati want? For us to become sick monsters like they are by constantly looking at this garbage??

    "They’re only as good as the world allows them to be. You’ll see, when the chips are down these civilized people will eat each other. Ya see I’m not a monster, I was just ahead of the curve.”” ~the Joker, as portrayed by the now deceased Heath Ledger

  57. So funny, the other day i was at target and saw that disney shirt for kids, it said it was the new "fashion"… i was like seriously??? so i had to take a pictue and send it to my sister. i guess you really are vigilant… Ive been on chat sites and what not, i talk to peopl from all over the world and alot of them have heard of the illuminati, and such. But what amazes me the most is how they tell me about their country and how we never hear about that in the news… They all know america did 9/11… i think you should try this, to talk to other people from around the world on the internet, like or icq chat… but yea you'll find out interesting things :)

  58. I thought smash was up to something when k.m. was to play m.m. she had to do it. all the other pics were disturbing to say the least. the hunger game pin surprised the heck out of me. I wonder if this terry richardson photographer is planting l.l. to kill herself through photo imagery. I don't get it they should stop with the negative photo shots with l.l. she's already troubled in the head from drugs drinking partying hard and mind control. The photo of the ice dance judge is creepy,way to creepy.

    It never ends. Its in your face big time. The illumanti are everywhere.They make stars and can break stars.

  59. Rita= the Vedic concept of cosmic and social order

    Ora = 1.An opening or entrance to a passage, esp. one at either end of the cervix of the uterus …..

    The birth/entrance of a cosmic or social order?


    • Exactly. There are little "entrances" (symbol= vesica) all over the place, where the minor dark entities come into and go out of our dimension from the one(s) adjacent. The whole point of all of this collective nastiness is to modify the overall state and vibration of This Dimension enough to open up a huge enough entrance for ole one eye to come in and take over. The blood sacrifice and other rituals of 9/11 apparently weren't enough, so now they've gone into high gear, racing against the cosmic clock before this opportunity passes by.

      Otherwise, they may have to wait another 2,000 years.

  60. Fantastic to see so many young people awake..share, share, share everywhere….waking them up one at a time.

  61. Staying with symbolism… Who have seen MIB3?

    I wanted to see it because of the 60's scenes and rock n roll… But anyway, how many of you noticed an eye in K's bowl in one of the scenes? … Pretty freaky. First thought was of course Illuminati symbolism. Would love to read VC's article on this.

    As a metalhead/rocker, I've realised over some years in my 23 years of existance that heavy metal and rock 'n roll music are kept off the mainstream scene for UNobvious reasons – probably coz most of the artists in those genres aren't puppets and get into trouble for daring to speak truth…. Which brings me to another scene in MIB3, where this long-haired blonde guy (the one who helped J go back in time by "jumping") is listening to what suggests heavy metal… if you heard that noise, the cr@ppy vocals and lyrics of what the guy was listening to – believe me, the real deal doesn't sound like THAT. They are trying to keep people away from listening to heavy metal. So those who have not listened to it in-depthly before will not want to after watching that (shall I say, stereotypical/misleading) scene. And they are pissing people in the worldwide metal society off too. 2 birds, 1 stone.

    Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath vocalist, basically started the "Metal"- music genre. What did I say in the previous paragraph about "most of the artists in these genres aren't puppets and get into trouble for daring to speak truth"? So, listen to the Black Sabbath song "War Pigs" and focus on the lyrics. This is just the 1st part, read/listen up the rest…

    "Generals gathered in their masses

    Just like witches at black masses

    Evil minds that plot destruction

    Sorcerers of death's construction

    In the fields the bodies burning

    As the war machine keeps turning

    Death and hatred to mankind

    Poisoning their brainwashed minds

    Oh lord yeah!"

    Do yourself a favour – dig, find and study the broad variety of heavy metal bands out there. There are many of them, but if you listen to the lyrics of some of these bands, you'll notice that they are either warning you/explaining to you (Lamb of God, Black Sabbath, etc) about the evils. Or attacking the evils in a serious yet humourous way (System of a Down). If you stumble upon any self proclaimed "Satanic" metal bands, you'll figure out that they are trying to be super badass, that's all. I just… usually skip that garbage.

    Why do you think heavy metal is always pushed down? Why do you think the pop music industry is going on and on, going bigger and bigger? Evil isn't necessarily there where the mass believes it to be, but it is usually there where the mass think it absurd to be.

    • Metalyptica on

      Forgot to mention… if you feel like treasure-hunting for metal bands that speak of truth and/or warning, don't forget to put Disturbed on your list. My personal favorite wake-up call song from this band would be "Another way to Die" from the album "Asylum".

  62. its just not about fashion, its not just about a simple sign .. its the illuminati . but i'm not against the illuminati .. instead i gathered more information.. to know well the truth ..

  63. Metalyptica,

    Im 45 now and I have being trying for years to get people to listen to 'War Pigs' and I mean really listen get the lyrics, your comment btw was excelent.

    • Metalyptica on

      Dear Eire OG,

      Thank you. I'm glad I'm not the only one (okay, my fiance and friends too) who've dug deeper into War Pigs and other songs with a, shall I say, helping message.

      The best would be to keep on getting people to listen to it, of course without forcing them. Even if only 1 more person gets to see our point of view, it's a change we've made.

      Have a great weekend.

  64. PeaceBEStill on


    Why is this Lohan girl still famous again? What is her claim to fame now? being debase?

    Are people really that hungry to be entertained, that they will eat up anything that "flashes"itself.

    Let us pray for her, please…….

  65. ugh those modling ads creep me out. Tyra banks would consider this art. She a joke. I was huge fan of hers. Im sick of riahhna and nicki manja. The elite gruby hands are everywhere,all over the world. I always look forward to these pics thanks vc.

  66. DestinysTruth on

    I feel that your posts are very enlightening. Television, magazine and media in general is so obsessed with victimizing women. It began years ago with networks like Lifetime which aired repeated movies all day about woman being victims in every form. I am not knowledgeable about this symbolism nor the various occult organizations that control artists and the media, but I am aware of their negative means of using these diabolical images and blatant photos to pervert our future generation. Continue to bring attention and understanding about these wicked devises. Keep striving for truth.

  67. What's with letter A?! It appears on the poster and on the model's glove covering her eyes! Is it bcuz of the pyramid shape?!

  68. Wow disgusting. I fucking hate "fashion" shoots. There's a line between art and promoting human degradation and abuse. Those mutilated models beyond oversteps it.

  69. That hunger games pic!! I always found something weird about that movie! Also them models how very sad. It'd very completely different if their were posing for a domestic violence campaign but for "fashion" it's very disturbing!

  70. I'm beginning to think that these celebrities are using symbolism intentionally. It's used so repetitiously in the media and thus obvious that they are pretty aware that we are talking about them. I'd say that this whole illuminati notion is completely blown up out of proportion and what these celebrities and their "handlers" are doing is laughing right back at us!

  71. ResearchInfo on

    The "A" >> Antichrist.

    As for "heavy metal" — horrors. When their lyric says, "Oh lord yeah!” at the end, who do you think they are talking to? To their "lord" Satan, saying "Bring it on, yeah!"

    • Hmmmm… Pity pity pity… ResearchInfo have you really done your "research" regarding this?

      Your last point there is called an "opinion" and not "fact"

      You see, people are so blinded to see the truth, they just rather follow the stream and believe what's been drilled into their heads. In this instance, you, believing that Heavy Metal music lyrically refer to Satan when saying "Oh lord yeah". Please.

      This is why Heavy Metal music stays undermined and pushed down in so many ways – it's been stereotyped and criminalized against from the start. Why? Because many of these bands are trying to tell us something (not Illuminati/satanic messages as Pop music does), something that says "This is what's gonna happen if we don't stick together" and "We're on the same side here, fighting the evils" in the same friggin' sentence.

      I hope you get what I'm saying here…

      The last paragraph of Black Sabbath, War Pigs, sums it up. But clear your thoughts and really listen to the song before making any conclusions…

      Now in darkness world stops turning

      Ashes where the bodies burning

      No more war pigs have the power

      Hand of God has struck the hour

      Day of judgement, God is calling

      On their knees the war pig's crawling

      Begging mercy for their sins

      Satan laughing spreads his wings

      Oh lord yeah!

  72. The victim of beauty pictures sort of remind me of ads demonstrating the horrors of testing that animals go through for certain cosmetic companies. Does anyone know what the victim of beauty pictures were made for? Could it be for animal testing, or does it have nothing to do with it?

  73. Thanks once again Vigilant! Because of you I have been aware the last couple of years. Everytime I see a fimclip with occult symbols I rush to your site for a review. The amount of reality tv shows featuring th singing& dancing is disturbing. They are searching for the next idol to brainwash & control who will seduce the masses ! Terry Richardson is a sick sick man! Didn't he do a photoshoot with underage topless models? I can't wait to read about Katie Perrys I'm wide awake review much love to all aware citizens

  74. CoincidenceTheorist on

    Hey Vigilant. Nice to see you put rihanna in her fully symbolic show on here….what about the part when her and Jay-z had the whole crowd doing the classic triangle with their hands…ohhhhh there's more, what were they singing??? 'we run this town'….WHAT A COINCIDENCE

  75. Has anybody noticed that at one scene of MADAGASCAR 3, there was a one eye sign with legs dancing at the back when the whole screen turns to the circus training with Katy Perry's song at the background. It is like a period of mind control. And I was disgusted to see that little eye dancing away in happiness. I looked at the crowd, they were all mesmerized by the fabulous circus show and song…none moved. They all looked the same. Scary.

  76. I don't no why they're just running away from reality…
    I wish they find out reality when its not late to repent…

  77. Does any one remember when the Kentucky Basketball team winning the NCAA tournament their main Player was doing the eye thing everytime he made a point and the other players started doing the same thing. Just google it and u will see what i mean and i see alot of the other players are picking up this same dumb image not knowing the true history or relevance of it….

  78. Have you guys seen the Makeup ads from MAC and Makeup Forever? They're everywhere and are full of these symbols! I remember seeing a Sony ad of a girl with a creepy white bunny mask, covering one eye and with butterflies flying around her. This industry is sick.

  79. In the Beth Ditto photo, not only she has the all seeing eye, but she also is making the 666 sign with her hand holding the roses…

  80. do all ‘slaves/puppets’ get tortured, or do most simply obey instructions that are given to them for money/success/fame (without the torture?). im not a huge fan of many of these celebrities but its very sad to think that they might be getting tortured eg justin beiber's photo in a different post- he's barely an adult :(

  81. Just saying, I've never seen that Disney shirt anywhere I go.

    Trust me as a Disney fan, only stupid people will buy a shirt that doesn't even look Disney.

  82. And if you scroll back up to that Beth Ditto picture… she is also making the "666" sign with her left hand, the hand she is holding the roses by their stems by!! lot of people don't know that the "OKAY" hand sign is actually the sign for "666".

  83. The Hunger Games picture doesn't necessarily count, because anyone who has ever read the books and actually done research on it knows that the author wrote them as a critique on war and what America is doing to it's people. "Collins has said that the inspiration for The Hunger Games came from channel surfing on television. On one channel she observed people competing on a reality show and on another she saw footage of the invasion of Iraq. The two "began to blur in this very unsettling way" and the idea for the book was formed."
    It was NEVER meant to be a children's book, but we all know how the media likes taking the works of people who try to expose them and sell them as something completely different. To kids no less.

  84. It's so weird…in 13 Going On Thirty (or Suddenly 30 to some), the movie, being brutalized in fashion and being a fashion 'victim' was a laughable concept. Yet it's actually the norm. We've come a long way in 10 years.

  85. LiLo is not being coerced, she can actually act.
    She won't check herself out in a year.
    What worries me is, young ppl, who are often in a vulnerable space, relating to those suicidal images.

  86. Terrible.
    I honestly feel really sorry for Lindsay Lohan
    As for these television shows who "create" stars I think it is really obvious especially when they have a look designed for them and everything in order to stand out yet it is not that original and somehow seems as though I have seen it before.

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