Symbolic Pics of the Month (06/13)


In this edition of SPOTM: Sharon Needles, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Tara McDonald and many other examples of how artists must adopt Illuminati symbolism in order to stay in the spotlight.

This Flaunt magazine photoshoot features Sharon Needles who was crowned "America's Next Drag Superstar". The name of the photoshoot? "Hail Satan". Her's Sharon sporting Devil horns.

This Flaunt magazine photoshoot features Sharon Needles – an entertainer who was crowned “America’s Next Drag Superstar” on a reality TV show. The name of the photoshoot? “Hail Satan”. Going with that theme, here’s Sharon sporting devil horns.


The photoshoot is also about that one-eye thing, proving that this is part of Illuminati Agenda.

The photoshoot is also about that one-eye thing, proving that this is part of Illuminati Agenda.


Yes, the entertainment industry sure loves BDSM-one-eyed satanic stuff.

The entertainment industry sure loves one-eyed BDSM satanic stuff.


One-eye again.

One-eye again. In case you thought the others were coincidences.


This is what "fashion" has become.

Apparently, that’s fashion.


UK pop singer Tara McDonald is also doing her best to show us who's in charge of her career.

UK pop singer Tara McDonald is doing her best to show us who’s in charge of her career.


Doing it again.

Doing it again.


I am in awe with her originality and creativity. It's mind blowing.

I am in awe with her originality and creativity. It’s mind blowing.


Ke$ha's video "Crazy Kids" features her doing this with an eye on her hand a bunch of times. She appears to do that only when she says "Crazy Kids". Listening to the lyrics, the "Crazy Kids" are in fact mindless drones listening to insipid pop music.

Ke$ha’s video “Crazy Kids” features her doing this hand eye thing a bunch of times. She appears to do that only when she says “Crazy Kids”. Watching the video, seems like the “Crazy Kids” referred to in the song are more like clueless kids brainwashed by Illuminati-funded insipid pop music.


French reality TV star Nabilla also clearly showing that this Illuminati crap is worldwide.

French reality TV star Nabilla is clearly showing who’s pushing her in mass media,


Indian actress Sonam Kapoor also proves that this crap is in Bollywood too. She is hiding her eye with a "most stylish" award. Does one have to do that Illuminati one-eye thing to win awards?

Indian actress Sonam Kapoor proves that this crap is also reaching Bollywood. In this pic, she is hiding her eye with a “most stylish” award. Does one have to do that Illuminati one-eye thing to win awards?


Selena Gomez on the cover of Brazilian magazine Atrevida. Just letting Brazilians know who is putting her on magazine covers.

Selena Gomez on the cover of Brazilian magazine Atrevida. Just letting Brazilians know who is putting her on magazine covers.


Speaking of former Disney child stars, here's Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend who is wearing a t-shirt that features a Mickey Mouse head, an inverted cross, the sigil of the Church of Satan and some blood. Is he trying to communicate something through his t-shirt?

Speaking of former Disney child stars, here’s Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend. He is wearing a t-shirt that features a Mickey Mouse head, an inverted cross, the sigil of the Church of Satan and some blood. That the entertainment industry in a nutshell.


Speaking of Mickey, here's a shirt sold at the Disney store. "I love MK"? As in MK Ultra? (As you might know, Mickey Mouse ears are a symbol of mind control).

Speaking of Mickey, here’s a shirt sold at the Disney store. “I love MK”? As in MK Ultra? (As you might know, Mickey Mouse ears are a symbol of mind control).


The UK girlband was formed by reality TV show XFactor. In a promo event, one of the members sports a big giant inverted cross. Satanic imagery is soooo in right now.

The UK girlband Lil Mix in a creation of the TV show X-Factor. In a promo event, one of the members sports a big giant inverted cross. Strange how nobody noticed that. Satanic imagery is soooo in right now.


Chinese actress Fan Bingbing is sporting some sex-kitten symbolism with the kitten ears and Mickey Mouse (aka I love MK) shirt.

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing is sporting some sex-kitten symbolism – kitten ears and Mickey Mouse (aka I love MK) shirt.


Of course, gotta do the one-eye thing.

Of course, gotta do the one-eye thing.


Speaking of Sex Kitten, here's an image posted by on Rihanna's Instagram. So you got the animal print (used to identify Beta Programming) and a kitten head. Yup.

Speaking of Sex Kitten, here’s an image posted on Rihanna’s Instagram. So you got the animal print (used to identify Beta Programming) and a kitten head. Rihanna is also bringing back that Beta Programming imagery.


Rihanna spent $100,000 on this 5-feet Swarovsk portrait of Marilyn Monroe. As seen in my article on Marilyn Monroe, those who represent Beta Programming in today's entertainment industry are all  (programmed to be) "obsessed" with Monroe.

Rihanna spent $100,000 on this 5-feet Swarovsk portrait of Marilyn Monroe. As seen in my article on Marilyn Monroe, those who represent Beta Programming in today’s entertainment industry are all (programmed to be) “obsessed” with Monroe.


The saying "Symbols rule the world not words nor laws" means that you shouldn't listen to what "officials" or media says about power. Just look at the symbolism and imagery that's around you. Here's a momunent in Las Vegas that's basically a tribute to Illuminati rule.

The saying “Symbols rule the world not words nor laws” means that you shouldn’t listen to what “officials” or the media says about power and governance. Just look at the symbolism and imagery that’s around you – it silently tells the truth. Here’s a monument in Las Vegas that’s basically a tribute to Illuminati rule.



    • You could buy a small island with what she spends on weed. Since she promotors the drug I assume she partake a in it as well. Hence, she also then supports the drug cartel and is responsible for innocent people dying due to the demand of drugs, i.e. weed.

      • Haha lol leave weed alone u went too far with the cartel responsible for innocent ppl dying XD i mean weed xd

      • lol, not everyone who supports weed being legal partakes in smoking or dealing it or any of that stuff… me being one of them.. and no one has ever died from weed; cigarettes, yes, alcohol, yes, drugs, yes, weed, no… do some research before saying stuff like that.

      • mau5keteer123 on

        I get what you people are saying, but he said innocent people die due to the DEMAND of drugs, not that 'drug' itself. Which is true. And whatever human being(s) decided that they should have the power to regulate and control a natural plant that grows in the ground should be stoned to death.
        hhhehehe. 'Stoned'.

      • You don't need to assume that she smokes weed. Go on her Instagram and you'll see all these photo's of her weed.she's such a fuck up now, it's not even funny.

    • wasteofresources on

      She probably doesn't even live there. No one does. She just uses it as an overnight crash pad, like a glamorous hotel room and moves on to her next locale. What a waste!

    • The MK on that Disney t-shirt, I believe represents the name of the Magic Kingdom. Take from that what you will.

    • Why you so jealous? Rihanna is a pop star who likes Marilyn Monroe… Pop stars make mad money if you didn't know that…

  1. disgusting. i don't even wanna have children, i refuse to have my kids being exposed to this, no matter what you can't avoid these symbols. the world is coming to an end.

      • I think people should think about themselves not about their potential posterity. To have or not to have children is everyone's personal choice whether they want us or not. Cause you're not 'the population'. It's like you have your own soul and your own way of living

      • The population is made up of 'me's'… the population is made up of individuals, cause u can't have a crowd if u don't have the individuals who make it.

      • I meant when you're going to have and raise children you do it for yourself. cause it will make YOU happy, not the population or your country or whatever

      • Sky the Infinite on

        The world infiltrates everything though. Explain how you would have a child and not have it tied into the system.

      • The world isn't over populated. That's just something they want you to believe. The whole worlds population can fit in a small corner of Texas. If they can't make people believe the world is over populated than they can't get away with euthanizing elders and special needs children.

    • you can protect and teach your kids. we need good people raised up right. please, if you're a good person and in good circumstances, have kids!

    • Have kids! You can take away the TV in your house and stimulate your kids since they are young with many other things, we know people who's kids grew up without a TV and will occasionally only watch Discovery Channel at their grand parents house, believe me, they are the smartest stablest kids and they do not need a TV!

      • I don't know. Kids are constantly being attacked by the corrupt media. I thank my lucky stars I was growing up before the Iphone and all that social networking.

      • So did I, but I was still subjected to this stuff through public education and what was already on TV and the budding internet. Didn't start getting the sludge off of me til several years after I dropped out of college. Kids are SO MALEABLE and usually want to please people, and the powers that be take full advantage of that. Forget that you sign away your parental rights as soon as you get your kid a birth certificate and an SSN…

    • Dont let that sway you; children are the greatest blessing in this world. Raise them right and trust in God; all will work out.I Don't know what I'd do wothout my three little ones!

      • I'd still rather not have kids. I cam came out of high school not long ago. Ive seen a lot with kids and teens. The ones who look the really innocent and smart, sometimes get away with the most trouble. There are kids who don't have a TV at home and they are watched over their strict parents like a hawk… But they are still able to be influenced and can still end up going down the wrong tracks. Kids smoke in school. Ive seen them bring alcohol to school before getting busted. Ive seen kids sell drugs and no one knew for ages until they finally got caught and arrested. Sadly some people have the great families and great potential, but still go down the wrong road. They think its cool and young and "fresh"… Girls and guys these days both pose semi-nude on social networking sites (they're so vain most photoshop, airbrush or edit their own pictures and the girls wear so much makeup they are unrecognizable in reality). Its crazy. Ive seen too much crap to trust in 80% of kids and teens. So I'd rather not bring another soul into this corrupt world. You can teach them all you want and that may very well be helpful, but some will still go their own way and it may end up being the wrong way.

      • No way! This is a good thing! Love is the strongest force. This is their defeat. Good vibrations everybody…

      • I agree, All this stuff is material, they cant do anything to our eternal souls. They'll have to deal with the scars they place on their own souls (and the souls of their victims) permanently, and all just to have the "finer" things in life for their brief times here. Ill never get it.

    • I'm teaching my 8 years old son about these symbols and dirt, although not showing disgusting pictures…to avoid get him involved and he understands that…and can't wait till all this will come to an end

    • I agree with you! I find it selfish to add more humans on a overpopulated and polluted planet. Those kids will be exposed to the poisonous food, growing poverty, diseases, crime, etc just because people don't think ahead and all they think and believe of some fantasy happy life what mass media sells us!

      The fact is they WANT to that people have more kids! Because those kids are the new consumers that makes them richer by working for them and buying their crap, make more kids(future consumers and worker bees) till they eventually die(most likely from men made diseases). To them we are worker bees for reproduction and to make them richer! We are disposable for them!

      And it is not that hard to see(unless you are blind and ignorant)that the planet IS overpopulated! Cities are growing, resources are shrinking, pollution is raising, a higher rate of unemployment and diseases.
      I don't think it is fair to the planet and the kids(future citizens)to add more people, especially in this world and time!

      • I cant say for sure that we are overpopulated or that pollution is raising. The only sources I have to look to are mainstream media, and who can believe any of that?

      • I agree, there are SO MANY orphans in this world its sad. People should save the children that are already here… Look at orphans in your own country and do the best for at least one of them IF you can.

    • It is true that you cant avoid these things, but not having children is not the answer. TEACH your children what the world really looks like behind the curtains of fake dreams and illusions. Tell them what these symbols really stand for and show them the truth. The only way to change the world is to bring a generation of thinkers and survivors into it, instead of digging your head in the sand and silently admit that "THEY" won.

    • I will have to disagree with you on that, depopulation is not the answer. Raising your kids to understand the difference between good and evil is the key, as one child could have a big impact on society. I completely understand where you are coming from, I wouldn't want my child to grow up like this at all. I would want my child to grow up surrounded by good but also know how evil society is and how the masses are made sheep by these people, if not "beings", portraying themselves as role models and someone to follow. I am all in all very saddened of what society has become and cringe at the fact that these things exist, I hope to one day make a difference and so should all.

    • I call kids these days the Facebook/ iphone generation. Imagine when the 2-3 year old toddlers today are around their late teens and early twenties – imagine what the world will be like then????………………I just cant man

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        My sentiments exactly. My marriage taught me ten years of stuff that I am still undoing. It was extreme, bizarre and there was no way I would bring a child into this world where they would be subjected to all types of mean, cruel and unusual behavior. I may not be the smartest on this subject matter nor making a positive ciontribution of enlightment into awareness about this subject matter nor the most intuitive person on this subject. I do take it serious that my responsibiliy would be to raise a child to be kind not matter what.

        So I'm still sorting out what I was exposed to. I have let go of the individual I chose as a husband 30 years ago but my awareness is what I truly. I get that people are disposable commodities who have no useless value on this Earth. We even consume the precious resources that they want and they are entitled to collect that from us. The moment you take a breath you are indebted to them. That is what I learned from the creep that I married. After a 2 year grace periiod of learning me then he decided to say to me that I wasn't living up to his expecation and there was no way in H**** he would father a child with me. He had too much fun and he proceeded to tell me about a man code and how most men have at least 10 women and they categorize them for certain things. He also saiid that if I left him then I would have to deal with that man's habits and fight my way through all his women. So I dealt with the extreme; I just found out that he used to treat my nephews really bad and that was how I wanted to see how would he treat his children and all this time I thought they jsut didn't like living in the country. It took all I had because I want to hunt that mofo down now. I brought innocent children around some psychopath of a human to subject them to some backward a** crazy of a specimen of a man. Now men, I jst don't particularly care for the personality that I became aware from him. He was loud, obnoxious and was sarcastic as he mocked everything any person said. He call people stupid, crazy and morons so I am very sensitive when you call a person that. I JUST KNOW YOU MISSED AN OPPORTUNITY TO SHARE IN A POINT OF VIEW NO MATTER HOW SMALL OR INSIGNIFICANT THAT YOU THINK IT IS.

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        I apologize…the all caps and toggle are not working and I'm tired of paying a technician for service calls for this android. It is atrocious so I will stick to reading posts

    • You shouldn't wanna not start a family because of this stuff. If you do have kids, just teach them not to be exposed to this stuff.

    • The symbolism may be unavoidable but we can explain that it is of the devil and use it as proof that there is a heaven and hell.

  2. hoffmanlenses on

    What majority of these so called celebrities know what they’re promoting? How many of them are willing to do whatever it is they are told to, just to get on in the industry.

    • most rock stars readily admit they've sold their soul to the devil for stardom…checkout youtube there's a video about it.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      I believe we will never truly "know" what they really know. Most of them act or call alters to do the performing for them. So who knows what the truly original personality cares to know.

  3. VC, well done, but can you say something about the rising number of "UFO Appearance" around the world? It's on many mainstream news sources. It was stated that the number of appearance is rising by two-folds compared to last year. I was thinking..first the "big brother" issue, then the "invasion of aliens" (or people pretending to be aliens who ride high-tech planes in stealth modes (reminded me of the movie "Stealth"). What's next.. The coming of Anti Christ???

    • I believe that aliens are fallen angels. In Genesis 6:2 fallen angels procreated with women: "That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose." Their offspring was called nephilim and were "mighty men" and "men of renown" (Gen. 6:4). I believe that "Superman" is a subtle retelling of this story. Superman's an alien from the planet Krypton.

      • Please do remember who wrote the bibles! (yes, bibles, as in more than one and more then once.)
        And by the way, i can clearly imagine several wars being blessed by someone …holding a bible….
        Yes, there are pictures.

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        Can't wait for VC to do the analysis of The Man of Steel..somehow my brain is sayiing The Rise of the Anti-Christ. The red "S" … could it have some connection to the Red Shield/RothChild. An article I read was there was one that only consulted to Satan and everything else reported to him who is. Riight there just beyond the shadows watching and listening to everything. I get the facts twisted because the article breaks down symbolisms with dates but I did pick back up where it said that this one representative here on Earth only answers to Satan and eats humans, conducts human sacrifices and can shapeshift at will. Also this one who has direct communication with Satan has always had this vast organized military and is representatives gets reports from the Vatican whose head only gets diret asses to this one representative. So I'm not sure until I do further research.

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      Maybe it's the alignment of the Earth with the TRUE Cental Sun and the ending of a cycle and earth plus its inhabitants are going through a cleansing or an awareness period elevating our consciousness to another level

    • Aliens don't exist. It's literally not physically possible for them I be able to shoot through galaxies with no one noticing because it would cause such an explosion in the sky from matter having to move that fast. Anyway I'm not a scientist so I could be wrong i have however found some pretty crazy things on YouTube. There was a recorded phone call from someone who use to work at Area 51. He was freaking out and screaming he couldn't talk long or they would know where he is but he said they are no aliens that they are demons. Demons from another dimension layer and that the government is using technology to make it seem like its aliens. Think about it of you believe in Aliens you probably won't believe in god and that's what they and Satan want is a chord cut from God. Honestly it was really disturbing and freake me out that someone would be that scared, to me that's all the proof I need. I have never heard anyone talk like that. His voice so filled with worry and fright while he cried. Anyway that's what I think on this.

      • Your argument doesn't make sense. I'm 100% sure that extraterrestrial life exists. The universe is huge and just look at our galaxy! And don't compare someone else's technology and biology with ours. Their science and techniques can differ from ours and they can be be far ahead with their technology as well. Just look at us; our technology made a big leap since the last 100 years and just think about what we might will have in the next 100 years. And what if extraterrestrials are ahead of us let's say 1000years? Or a couple million years?

        But I think IF real extraterrestrials do show up soon, it would be too early(since they would put them self in danger, because mankind is still underdeveloped and corrupt)or they are most likely evil as well. So it is good to be careful!
        The thing is, you just can't randomly show up or even land on any planet, especially one with more or less intelligent life.

        As for you religious oriented people; didn't the bible at least once talked about worlds?
        Also the thing with the bible is, it often gets misinterpreted by christians and nonbelievers as well. And since it was written and translated by a whole bunch of humans(mostly males), it often got altered, corrupted and deliberately mistranslated as well over the time for power reasons. So it makes it hard to find the original and right parts. I'm not religious, but I don't think religion is all bad or stupid. The best thing is that everyone should learn from each other instead of being ignorant and hateful.

      • fallen angels are as ugly as sin,, with tails, horns, doggy faces. If the population had an idea what's behind this life on earth and what is walking around that can't be seen by them, they would get frightened to death. An old friend of mine had such an encounter in the 90s and she became so pale that her other 2 friends told me they never saw anything like that. A green cloud appeared in the room and a very ugly, tall, terrifying figure all in black with a fleshy finger came out. This story has been on for years and the description always remain the same. No kidding.

      • John, i agree with you man, where did this happen to your friend?, please tell me more……

      • I put a comment for you. It happened in 1994 in another friend's house on the beach late at night. They couldn't sleep as there was some strange suffocating smell, then a green cloud made an appearance and the rest is in my above post. The woman I refer to actually have some telepathic abilities, if she comes to your mind, she gets in contact with you. There is nothing else to say on the matter.

      • John, Thanks man, sorry if i keep asking you about it, it just sounds interesting to know about other peoples experiences, you said your friend, who this happened to has some telepathic abilities, so did she dabble with the occult to have that encounter with her 2 friends?? also which country/city did this happen in? and also thanks for reply btw.

      • Pest, let me ask you this, What is your definition of Aliens/UFO's? Because Dev, Summergirl and John basically are correct.

        Do you REALLY, I MEAN REEEEALY think that a silver space ship flies around in the sky with a green/yellow beam shining down, being occupied with big headed slit eyed creatures? Reaaaaly?

        We have several planes of existence, spiritual plane, physical plane, mental plane etc. There are things we cannot see and we cannot see them FOR A REASON. Our bodies are not spiritually opened to see certain types of things, but occultists, magicians etc practice different rituals to open up their third eye for example by using Yoga/Meditation.

        The Media and the government are manipulating the truth by using the term "Aliens", which are in fact spiritual beings, which can appear like a big headed slit eyed creature, which is also a modern day concept of grey aliens. Please look up the Lam entity, which Aleister Crowley try to invoke and he drew a sketch of it in 1918 and then tell me what does that look like?

      • @blueboy: The term "alien" is another word for "stranger" or "foreigner", but for life from a different planet I prefer "extraterrestrial". Many people use the word alien for things they can't explain. Same with "UFOs", which is a short version of "unidentified flying object", but it doesn't mean it comes from a different planet.

        I like your comment about things that are not visible or recognizable to us. Another topic I find very interesting. Even if you look in nature, there are animals that have a far better eyesight and are able to see things that we can't. Most animals have a far better way of hearing.

        And I agree also that it can be spiritual beings.
        As much as I would love to witness an arrival of extraterrestrial intelligent life, I think it is too early that something like this happens soon. We might be even watched, but(if they are good) it would be too dangerous to them to show up.

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        Google quintillion years and see what comes up. Hopefully they haven't taken it down yet. It's far fetched and I'm still doing research on things. Some of the stuff I dismissed because it is tooo far-fetched like octilliion and the trinity (melanin, female sexual energy and spiral energy). Whew.

      • You discount using other dimensions to travel or even to exist in. Who knows what exists in dimension 3.5?

      • Truthseeker2013 on

        The onl reason humans are traveling in space is because we don't apply universal laws. I figure you have to understand and respect those principles iin order to be allowed to explore something. In other words your frequency hhas to matche that frequency without disrupting it with hate, anger, criticism, judgement,

      • Im not too sure about that. There are plenty of travelers in the ether, call it the 4th dimension, that are anti-life. The beings we commonly call gods and demons, for example.

      • wendy11 is this you? I was thinking that the only thing you believe is materialistic world..

  4. So sick of it! Also the colours red-black-white are everywhere!! From the Vatican to the Royals to MTV , Vogue, H&M…etc.
    Did you notice H&M stores sprying strange perfume in the air that smells very weir? also their labels on the back of all items says: 'Divided', about divided personalities etc…

    They must be so desperate to be so in your face with their twisted game. So many people have no souls, soon they will evaporate!

    • Hi, I work at H&M and 'Divided' is a brand. Just like there's also 'L.o.g.g.', 'Classic', 'Everyday'.. Also.. strange perfume? Not really. Get your facts right.

      • Get your nose checked…H&M does spray very weird perfume that smells like stale jasmine in all the stores and Divided could defiantly have an underlying meaning. You're on this site you should have learnt one thing at least….vigilant just gives examples the symbols are everywhere on everything no matter how small or big all linked.

    • I actually took a picture of that for my step mum a few years back…..Had to laugh as MK are my dads Initials!
      He died of cancer two years ago, this photo brought back good memories….

      But VC has opened my eyes!!!!
      God bless! Peace.

  5. KilluminatiGirl on

    ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!!! YOU HAVE TO BE PROGRAMMED TO SPEND THAT KIND OF MONEY ON A PORTRAIT….. This is getting old and extremely blatant, I saw the little Mix pictures on my Facebook time line and I thought the same thing, "Upside down cross, satanic symbolism" Its getting too easy to identify, and its becoming fashionable to wear Mickey Mouse type clothing and t-shirts with satanic symbols. The upside down cross shirts are actually becoming popular, I've seen them in stores and online. Its becoming the norm without the masses even knowing what they are supporting. If you've visited this site numerous times before, then this article shouldn't surprise you. Vigilant is right don't listen to what you're told, just look around you. Therefore the best advice I can give is KNOW YOUR SYMBOLS, KNOW YOUR ENEMY, KNOW THEIR AGENDA.

    • I agree and don't understand why super rich people waste so much money on crap!
      Even if I was super rich, I have so many ideas what to do with the money. If they don't know what to do with all the cash, why not using it for something good? I guess wasting all the money on useless stuff is there to show off how rich they are. To me it rather looks pathetic and draws a picture of the typical rich poor person.
      I admit, there are the one or other things I would buy too(way less expensive than this!), but staying realistic; you can't take it with you when we die.

  6. Despite the fact that quite a lot of people are aware of the elite and who they represent they refuse to actually believe it . instead they've made it all into some sort of a joke . taking every possible opportunity to mock those who do believe it. I just don't understand how they refuse to believe when the symbolism has become so common and widespread. God help us all.

    • I think it's because they're absolutely frightened, so it's easier for them to pretend that all of this it's not real. The fake comfort of denial…

      • random mundane on

        Right, Jade…gotta repeat here an old Native American proverb: "you cannot awaken those who pretend to be asleep."

      • I agree! We can try to inform people about what's going on (VC it's doing and excellent job, by the way), but at the end of the day, the act of awakening is a personal choice.

      • I think they hide because being awaken will come with all kinds of persecution eventually. They are becoming the norm and many people are aimlessly following what they know nothing about on the grand scale of things. Others know because they were generationally raised in it and some of them don't even like it but that is the background and foundation of there family’s, many of them get molested, see siblings killed and tortured or get past around for rituals at an early age as well. It all comes down to choice this day what master you will serve you will not be able to straddle the fence on this. They believe the devils lies and are now in a great deception but while the devil seems to be able to give you a more exciting life here later your will be totally cut off from GOD later. Hell has no luxuries or common decency’s like air, oxygen or water it will be a totally desolated place. Air, water, color, relationship, love and connections are all gifts from GOD because that is what he covering represents so you must as yourself what does Satan covering represents?

    • It doesn't help to believe what you say when you mention god at every turn. Sorry but you lose your credibility.

  7. the drag queen is so vile. looks like he is sniff coke in one pic. and then the nude one cupping his junk makes my stomach turn. keep that to your nasty self.

    nooo not bollywood, please :(

  8. Sarah Sue 62 on

    Such a disgusting world we live in anymore… The agenda is so obviously out there anymore, it's surprising that so many of the sheeple still have their eyes wide shut….
    By the way, could that be a Baphomet on the Indian model's head? I'm just sickened by all this and have been for a long time. Thanks VC for yet another great posting!

  9. I just saw the hunger games to see what all the fuss was about. So seeing they way these pop and fashion "idols" dress so extravagant for these "high end" "artistic" photoshoots would make for a direct correlation between the elite in the film and the ones shown above yet, I don't think it's obvious to the youth that were so into the movies and books. All I would hear was about the main character- ok of course the protagonist should be well liked but when the "bad" people resemble their favorite stars you would think they would notice this.

    I guess I don't know too many young kids into this stuff to know authentic reactions to these things. But it's pretty obvious amongst most adults and young adults like me never clue into these types of things in movies and only see them as entertainment and somehow just accept it as plain truth with out having such a visceral response as I do when seeing this.

    One instance was when they dressed to two up in all black with flames. My boyfriend said they looked evil to which I responded and theyll like it I'm sure. Then of course the elite crowd went wild.

    • I heard someone in his 60s at my work saying how the twist at the end of "The Cabin in the Woods" was "neat'. I was like, you know that's how the world really works, right? He didn't get it.

    • You made a very good point Ruby! Our youth idolize celebrity idols, yet they root for the underdog Katniss. In reality, girls like Katniss (backwoods) are ridiculed for not wearing the newest fashions. I know that I was and I don't think they would be rooting for someone like myself who sees the truth.

    • You have to know the full context. The two that were black and in flames were not evil. In fact, they want to overthrow the establishment and stop the hunger games. The Hunger Games is not just one book, it's a trilogy. The connection you made was interesting, but you have to realize that, at the end of the day, it's all fiction.

      • It was written by a Collins so you know there is going to be subliminals in it. I mean you participated in the ritual sacrifices of those children just by watching it.

      • Well said @Christina…. its happening right now if ya can believe it. Read up on the Bohemian Grove, China Lake and other places all over the world. Collins is apart of those who are preparing us for the live versions. Wait a few years when the agenda has succeeded.
        If you have read any of Fritz Springmeier's articles, he writes (his own tormented past) about what really goes on (other child survivors) behind the scenes and that of what is under our noses. One states Bush and other elites helicopter out to Bohemian Grove often they go out shooting their prey, prey being children (mainly) for sport. Its been happening for years and years and they are just letting us know the live versions will be coming to our television soon.
        What I got as proof form the trilogy was that everything is premeditated all actors and actresses are subjected to creating more following sheep drawing you in. Brad and Jennifer = Fake relationship label "Golden Couple" Katniss and Peeta = Fake relationship label "Star Crossed Lovers" hmmm there looks like a method to the madness.
        One thing Kate and Prince William = 1/2 Brother and Sister (through Charles on youtube he refers to Kate being his daughter and his grandson his son). This is what happens when your an elite you get bred back into the family.

      • Magic Kingdom—well you're right but they always manage allegory in every situation possible for subliminal. They are certainly not dummies and have had a lot of practice with these subliminal messages. They know what MK stands for. They love us talking about it. Sells more shirts!

  10. "I am in awe with her originality and creativity. It’s mind blowing."
    What happened to the good ol' days where symbolism was more difficult to decode, where you actually had to look into it to figure out the message. Nowadays they just let it out loose.

    Part of making it normal, I guess.

  11. Hey VC, I would really like a warning before you show pictures like that last one of the drag queen. I would rather have never had the image in my mind, EVER! Seriously, did you really need to surprise us with that one.

    That man as a woman, I feel sorry for him. He must have so much darkness and confusion in his life. Just sad really.

  12. To be fair, if that last picture of the drag queen was a female, itd still be nasty and something i wish i could unsee.

  13. The Chinese guy is hot!
    Do you remember that 80's song "Hey Mickey you're so fine you blow my mind Hey Mickey!"?
    Perhaps, because it's so repetitive and chant-like, it's a tribute to MK ultra.
    And that drag queen ain't foolin' nobody…he's so nasty. Yuck that pube picture!

  14. Lo, He Comes! on

    I hope none of you are taking your children to Disneyland or Disney World. I hope you are not allowing them to watch Disney programs or movies. Disney has always been satanic. You must shield your kids because they cannot protect themselves! Have family worship every day; spend an appointed time with God every day. He is coming.

    • A visit to Disney and your children have been indoctrinated to worship satan without the parents even realizing whats really going on.

      • We should all be so lucky to have Him go away – the many Hims that people worship, be it the psychopath Yahweh or the supposed Lord of the Underground Satan. If we could just be left alone…

      • Wendy there is no need to be blasphemous. We get it, you don't like Christ, however for your own sake mind a bit your language. And become humble if you can. At least keep trying.

      • I cant blaspheme, and who said anything about Christ? By all accounts, he was probably a pretty neat dude, but his story has been conflated with pagan occult tales and the like. So let me get this straight – there is an elite set of people that hold complete sway over this material plane, but they support the production of a few religious tomes that hold ALL THE ANSWERS to freedom and eternal life? Now, why hasn't this foiled their plans? Seems to me it has HELPED them, if anything. Its another example of controlled rebellion – you can rebel, but its into another system of control. Those controlled by religion await a savior, those that cling to atheism await the collapse of society – in the end, both these sets of people are waiting. Two different belief systems, the same end results.

        Who said the meek would inherit the earth? Uh, the kind of people that hold this realm in their own personal chokehold. You can keep buying the meek and humble stuff, but Im not.

  15. Ok, I don't care what you are. Boy, girl, in between. I do not need to see someone naked & spread eagle with their hand over their crotch.

    • I was ready to eat when I thought I'd check this site before I get off, once I saw that picture, I immediately lost my appetite. Now waiting for the nausea to subside.

      • Sorry for being so disgusting, but I didnt see any bbbballz in that pic… whatever was that I do not think it is natural.

    • No my friend, God does exist. This is the level that we human beings reach when we reject him and his laws.
      Romans 20:24

      For since the creation of the world, God's invisible qualities, his eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

      For although they knew God they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.

      Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshipped and served created things rather than the creator .

  16. VC I hope you see this comment. Please do an article on Justin Bieber, his recent behavior points to him pretty much heading in the way of celebrities you’ve written about. Thank you for the article, keep up the good work. God bless.

    • random mundane on

      "heading in the way?" He's been branded with a bohemian club owl tattoo, and has been photographed throwing the "OK" hand signal and devil horns (right here at VC, if memory serves…if not, just do an image search)…what more do you need to know…

    • Many of you fail to relaize that these celebrities are often chosen from birth. beiber was selected a long time ago when he was still little to become famous. He has a strange relationship with his father. I wouldn't be surprised his father sold him to the men in power a long time ago, perhaps a deal was made when his was still in utero. Also wasn't his mom a stripper or something?

      • lmaooooooooooooooooooooo no. his relationship with his dad isn't weird. both his parents were young when he was born but everything is good now. his mother was never a stripper lol. and both justin and his mother are devout christians. yes, he has and owl tattoo, and he also has praying hands, a portrait of jesus dying on the cross, another cross, and yeshua in hebrew.

    • What ordeal? He's "missing" in hong kong. If he doesn't get asylum in another country soon he'll never be heard from again.

      • Go to Jim Stone's site, he tells it like it is on many things, including Snowden

  17. Sometimes I have guilt for coming here because I would never see these things if it weren't for VC. I suppose symbolic pics is too much for me. Still love this site. I have seen enough symbolic images to know what to avoid.
    Hey VC what is your take on GMO food?

    • when you continue your research about the occult (reading books, learning the basic symbolism etc.), you'll be confident enough to be aware of them by yourself, you won't be dependent on sites like VC.

      • hi, what are some good books you recommend? i've been following VC for several years now and noticing the symbolism, but i'd love to read more about occult history.

      • random mundane on

        "The Rise of the Fourth Reich" by Jim Marrs. It is mind-boggling!

        Also, watch "Sacred Knowledge: In Plain Sight (Decoded)" on utube. It's long, but worth it.

  18. Truth Seeker on

    It makes me sick seeing all this symbolism that promote shit like Satanism…. really?! Where the hell has your conscience gone.. man these people seriously are in the dark. WAKE UP MUN.

  19. that ke-dollarsign-ha video really disturbes me. she looks like she's been altered into one of her other personas (the gangsta alter) as if she's been mk'd herself.

    • Is that what's going on with miley? She's being programmed to have a gansta persona too? I was wondering where on earth she got the idea she was so gangster and into hip hop when just a few years ago she said she didn't even like rap/hip hop and made some kinda comment about jay-z like she didn't listen to that kind of music (because she mentions him in a song)

      • Ive been wondering the same too, lately shes been annoyingly on hip-hop. In a bad way

  20. The symbolism has always been here, because satan has always been here, but the TV and internet hasn't. I am pretty sure this information was always available at your local library, you know, in a book. Now that information is available at your finger tips, and postings and links/blogs, stick our on your favorite web page, it makes it seem like all of this is new. The internet a blessing and a curse. Information is now picked-up, shared, liked and hated in a matter of seconds.

    • Satan, Yahweh, God, they have always been here, yes. Unfortunately, they all want to see humanity subjected to the current regimes – they all back them. Time to fire some gods, methinks.

  21. In the first picture of the Chinese actress, she is clasping her hands in a symbolic gesture and also has pentagrams on her necklace. The guy with her also has the back and white striped bow tie which could represent duality.
    Have any of you read the book on The New Jerusalem Chronicle blog, entitled Wolves in Sheep's Clothing.
    Chapters 1, 2 and 11 are absolutely brilliant and definitely connected to what is being posted by VC.
    Stay Vigilant people.

  22. Of everything Ashley Tisdales's boyfriend shirt I found to be most disturbing. I don't know why. Wasn't she on Disney?

    • Yes she was and so were many others. I remember reading a small piece about demi lavato ,few years ago , going to some rehabilitation center and thinking why in the world would she need to go to rehab when she hasn't done anything of the sort.But then again all that these rehabilitation centers do is programming. That's probably what they because the next time that I saw her was in a video where she got owned by this guy during auditions for some show and boy did she look n difference. It seemed to me that she'd lost her innocence. She looked pretty creepy compared to what she was when still with disney. It's not much but it's all really know about her.

      • It was not rehab as in drugs and alcohol but for body image and anorexia/bulimia. Or at least apparently

    • Issela Santina on

      She still is. I think "Phineas and Ferb" is still airing and a new season is on the works. (I think the show sucks, just saying. It actually brainwashed my little sister.)

  23. Was hoping VC was gonna put a pic of it up, but Glenn Beck's new book is called The Eye of Moloch. Beck describes the title as describing the govt's all seeing eye. Funny it's coming out amongst all of the "breaking"(decade old) news that all of our conversations and communications are being recorded and stored. HI FEDS!!!!>D

    • I suspect the Egyptians used the symbol of The Eye of Horus as a propaganda tool to let the masses/slaves know that they were being watched at all times. Note that when Moses in giving of the Law warns, even forbids, the Hebrews to worship the image. Instead they are told to listen to the word of God. Were are so overwhelmed by visual images in todays nearly worldwide culture. Dystopian, and perhaps, predictive programming novel "1984" presents us with the All Seeing Eye, and so does The Lord of the Rings trilogy

      • The power of the all seeing eye symbol has always fascinated me. Even as a kid I subconsciously knew that the symbol held a great power. I don't think that there is even a question that predictive programming is used. Where things get murky in the world of symbols is when it is predictive programming. As prevalent as the symbols are everywhere, they can't all be on purpose (95% of the pics VC posts obviously are) but they are everywhere. I think it has to do a lot with the collective unconscious. If you look at a lot of the stuff Phillip K. Dick wrote he was either tapping into some unseen (as much as I hate the word) zeitgeist or govt agencies were feeding him his storylines.

    • First of all Glenn Beck is a Mormon and has a close relationship with the Vatican in Rome. Mormonism is basically based on Masonic rituals and ideals and stems from the same source as molech. Babylon paganism. Beck is a dis-info agent.

  24. These pictures aren't disturbing. What's REALLY disturbing is the fact that it's 2013 and people still think you belong in a mental asylum for believing in the Illuminati.

  25. Sharon is all about the occult. That is her drag platform. She is an inspiration and an icon. The Baphomet is all about the mixture of the genders, which is what drag is and what Sharon is doing in her photoshoot.
    Great article, though

    • …an inspiration and and icon……….for whom? Surely Matt, you can't be so slow to comprehend that what you are saying as absolute BS. Oh and by the way, HE is a DUDE hence HIS TESTACLES even having it removed and plastering on some fake boobs would NEVER make HIM what God has NOT. Do not even come with that tolerance BS, it's because of this kind of thinking that the world has gone from really bad to really worse with millions of people as deluded in their thinking and reasoning as you. Sin remains sin, no matter how you dress IT up.

      • Amen to that Joy. It's a fucking HE. Get that straight folks. Well, maybe not straight.

  26. Brazilian "celebs" are doing the one-eye shit more often day by day. This is relatively new in the brazilian showbiz.

    • Odd that its new, seeing as how so many Nazis took refuge there post WW2. One would assume there was an NWO asylum there of sorts.

      • @wendy, I think you're making a little mistake – you're confusing Brazil with Argentina. Argentina is the south-america country that hid some nazis as Joseph Menguele. Not Brazil, ma'am!

      • One nazi drowned at an old age in Brazil if I am not wrong. They could easily mix with other german inmigrants, I guess.

  27. Can someone explain anything about the upside down cross? I really don't get it. Why is it used by satanists, heavy metal bands…ect. I've heard it's the symbol of St. Peter's cross, because he was cruxified upside down, and since the symbol is often found in some catholic churches, why is it used to mean something 'bad'. I've tried to do find more information about it, but all I can find is it's association with Peter. Is there evidence he really was crucified upside down, or is that story a kind of legend or folktale? And has the upside down cross been long used for something else I'm not aware of?

    • Truth & Light on

      It's anti Christ….if the cross represents Christ, the upside down cross is disrespectful for what it represent.

    • The inverted cross is sometimes used as the symbol of Antichrist. It is also seen as the Cross of St Peter. According to Gaskell's Dictionary of All Scriptures & Myths:

      * Cross = A symbol of the manifested life of the Logos — the higher and lower natures, and the Divine Ray passing through the quaternary.
      * Antichrist = A symbol of the adversary of the Higher Self, which is the lower principle or the desire-mental nature.

      So the game is spiritual in nature. The Illuminati entertainment industry plays on your ego (your lower nature) to prevent it from ascending to and merging with your higher nature (and by doing so blinding you from the Truth).

      • I think your answer helped me understand it a little better. And maybe it depends on the context one is using a symbol to mean. To some people an upside down cross represents humility…to others it can represent an antichrist/ rebellious nature. But your definition reminded me of how some interpret the pentagram…I've heard different interpretations of it, but generally that the top point of it represents man's spirit or higher nature, so when it is used upside down (like how satanists use it) it represents man's carnal nature. I guess that is what these people are using the upside down cross to represent. I was thinking it was either/or…but I suppose sometimes symbols can have more than one meaning depending on how you look at it.

        Still, I do find the upside down cross unsettleing because it is pointing below, even when I see it used by churches. It just looks and feels backwards to me.

    • the CROSS symbolizes the sacrifice of Jesus at the calvary to save us from all our sins.

      the Anti-Christ always uses the inverted cross to mock Jesus..and yes, Peter was crucified upside down because he believed that he is not worthy to be crucified the same as Jesus, the only GOD & SAVIOUR of the world from all our sins..please read the Holy Bible&pray everyday so u can get answer to your questions.

      JESUS is the only way, the truth and the by faith..and not by sight.

      • Honey, I repeat, the cross was known long before Xtianity appeared, long before the mortal virus of organized religions infested worlds and brains

      • Jesus was never crucified. He was married to a "virgin" (old definition of virgin was sex priestess that promised to use her sexuality for healing only, hence the whole virgin/whore mixup) and probably had kids. Mithras was crucified.

      • And you know all this for a fact, do you? You were there 2,000 years ago and witnessed all the intimate details of this so-called "marriage" and eventual children? My, oh my. A blanket statement such as this does not make it true. This requires credible historical documentation; none of which you supply. Just making a provocative statement does not make a fact.

      • i dont know where u get this info ur telling here..definitely u haven't read the Holy Bible yet..try to read so u will know the truth..dont be deceived by the devil..because he is the father of all lies.

        we, Christians will always stand against those who are mocking Christianity & Jesus our God&Savior.

      • Meh. Theyre all the same. God was softened up in the new testament to make him more palatable for mass consumption/sheeple control. There were A TON of tiny cults back in the day, Christianity and Judaism were merely two that hit the right waves (and the right tribes) and ended up becoming two big tools for control. The powers foisting the belief systems on the good hearted masses don't actually buy any of the crap itself, and laugh at you for doing so.

      • Since the "powers that be" you speak of were desperately trying to eradicate Christians up until 600AD, and the good hearted masses were drunk with blood at the Colosseum, just what was the secret of this powerful tool of control? Destroying the controlled masses doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

      • Spot on. Not to mention the Roman Catholic Church made owning of copy of the Scriptures a crime punishable BY DEATH for 1200 years. The Reformation and the formation of the Jesuits (do your research) just happened to occur around the same time (do the math).

        Furthermore had the Catholic Church (who were "tptb" through most of the first and at least half of the second millennia AD) written the scriptures to control people, why wouldn't they have written it to confirm their practices and dogma, rather than condemning them? Why would they have hidden it from the masses they supposedly wrote it to control?

    • I know that the cross represents Christ, and that people try to use the upside down cross as an antichrist thing. But my point was more that for the last…hundreds or however many years…it was used as the cross of saint peter. It seems like the upside down cross as an antichrist symbol is relatively new…that i'm aware of. I don't know who first started using it in that way, maybe it was anotn lavey? And it seemed like it was popularized by heavy metal bands.

    • Issela Santina on

      I saw that story adapted into comics—Peter was the first pope; he was to be executed for leading Christians, and the execution was that he should be crucified. But Peter didn't want to die like Jesus did, so the upside-down position was his one last wish. And it came true.
      But before the Romans became Christians themselves, they used to mock the people who respected Christ, which might explain the use of the cross as an anti-Christian symbol. (I think the circular peace sign often used by hipster stereotypes has it; just try to see.)
      The story is from the Bible, but it's unclear whether there are other surviving records explaining their versions of this point in history.

  28. Bible Verese on

    Revelations 11
    And those who dwell on the earth will rejoice over them, make merry, and send gifts to one another,because these two prophets tormented those who dwell in the earth.

  29. Jesus is coming. REPENT of your sins, surrender and obey. Be baptized with the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of the which sanctifies and seals you that you may be redeemed. Pursue righteousness and holiness, refuse to corrupted by the satanic agenda that pervades this world, that seeks to lead you astray from the truth into the depths of hell. The end has come, the wicked shall be punished. Jesus is deliverance from such evil, the satanic elite, this matrix we live in – your sin which destroys you.

    Feed on the word of the living God, the Gospel of Christ and be blessed by the only light of the world. Jesus is the only hope, He is salvation from the wrath and judgment to come upon this crooked generation.

    Believe in Him. Have faith. Be saved. Receive the greatest blessing that is He, obtain eternal life. Do not be a slave to the devil any longer. Get right with God, into a sacred, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ today. Accept God’s mercy before it is too late. We are living in the Last days my friends…

      • Baby, why don't you take your snarky and self-righteous comments someplace else where they will be better appreciated.

      • Truth speaks on

        She got 43 likes and you have 3 I think it's clear who is the better appreciated one. Honestly your comment is hypocritical because you are also being self righteous to your beliefs. Just saying.

      • Why so angry sounding and all the hate. She took the time to try and do something good for you or anybody else reading. You could have easily skipped over to read next comment. No fights here.

      • This is the place to preach. Any place is a good place to spread the Good News! I am not stirring up an argument–I wish ALL people who do not believe in Jesus—spend a few hours looking at some prophecy that is coming true in the great detail that it was told in. I feel sorry for those whose hearts are already hardened. God said the signs would be so evident but most will look away. I can't figure out why. I'm so much more at peace now than when I was living "in the world". I'm not judging anybody, just hope you will seek God.

      • I thought you knew there is no right or wrong. Just whatever seems right in our own eyes. Sara has a relationship with God, and you, apparently, have a relationship with yourself. Hope you find that fulfilling.

      • Relationships with any god don't go anywhere, but psychic vampires LOVE being given energy! There are TONS of gods to give energy to! They've even left the same legends lying about in varied cultures throughout time. Coincidence? I vote no. When "relationships with God" are part of the bigger problem, I have every right to voice my opinion. Noted that you find shunning an intimate relationship with a supposed deity akin to being self absorbed and narcissistic. Fabulous!

      • Since you seem to be firmly in the temporal world camp, here's a little scientific fact: you cannot prove the nonexistence of anything. Supposed deity or true deity, you can't prove it one way or another, so why not live and let live.

    • Ah yes, the "aliens". Do not be fooled. The government has been developing UFOs for decades! It started in Nazi Germany when the Vril Society "channeled" info on how to build an anti-gravity flying spacecraft. The VRIL SOCIETY along with the THULE GESELLSCHAFT SOCIETY and the BLACK SUN SOCIETY built the spacecraft called the Hauneburg device. Testing of these devices were conducted at the Thule Air Base in the antarctic. After WWII the US took control of this base and it is used as a control center for NORAD. Many of the Nazi scientists were brought over here under Operation Paperclip and they continued their research in secret!

  30. I saw a picture of that kendal jenner wearing a tank top with a picture of a hand with the eye in it like that picture of kesha…not that its shocking or anything….but these symbols seem to be all over clothes lately.

  31. the Animal head which is gaining popularity is used to trigger those who have been involved in Satanic Ritual abuse, they use these heads during the ceremony to invoke animal alters and energies into the manifestation process. this is a practice which they want to be overt soon, and people willingly participate in group sex to manifest evil for the cabal.
    The 2nd pic is a reference to snorting cocaine.
    the Tshirt Ashley Tsdales bf is wearing is pure satanism, and the 'I love MK'? Seriously how much piss can they take?
    People who have been taken and used against their knowledge or will should be at least rewarded for their creative input – many get fame as a reward, but most live lives of pain and continual torment, they are handled controlled and traumatised for life.
    These Monarchs are vilified & humiliated further such is the sick nature of these snakes.
    it is more common than people think.
    There are 1000's of people who have no idea why their lives are such a mess and that they have been through these hideous traumatic abuses in childhood. Until deprogramming is undergone and therapy sought they will continue to live in suffering.
    and most therapists can't deal with this level of abuse, many deprogrammers are actually handlers and programmers so be careful of them too.

    • First part of your comment reminded me of the movie Lords of Salem. Women being possessed by satanic music, witches, baphomet goat, blood ceremony, devil worship. All there. Oh, it was a very creepy movie.

    • Arcania, have you seen the photos from the 1972 "Dinner of Surrealists" Party, held by Baron guy de Rothschild and Marie Helene de Rothschild? It was held in one of their castles (château de ferrières) and a few of them are wearing animal heads and very weird masks. Salvador Dali was at the party (His art is based on surrealism, so it would make sense to have him there). Audrey Hepburn was also there and she had her face in a bird cage. Another interesting thing was that the invitation was written in reverse, on a Magritte Sky background and you would have to hold it up against a mirror to decode it. Please check it out because there are some very interesting photos…………VC actually done a little article on the party.

    • It's true, I watched a documentary about a girl with Multiple Personality Disorder and when she finally got therapy, it was revealed she was a victim of satanic ritual abuse. Her "therapist" told a huge load of horse shit lie that those repressed memories were "fake" memories. Then he tried to deprogram them out of her. It was fucking disturbing as shit. The documentary's on youtube somewhere.

  32. I know women tend to be herd creatures, but this is beyond a joke. Absolutely NO individual thought here, just a submission to a higher power with the trade off being the illusion of creative empowerment.

    • Women tend to be herd creatures? If the only representation you're taking into account is women in
      the mainstream media, you're wrong. And you'll also need to acknowledge the male entertainment figures who are just as much a part of it.

      • Yes, women do tend to be herd creatures, but I wasn't saying men aren't. It's just most of these pictures here once again depict women so that's what I was focusing on. Some men can be herd creatures too, but I would guess they're mostly feminised or emasculated men such as Jared Leto. But I feel all women are to varying degrees herd creatures because they are more dependent than men.

        So why am I linking femininity to conformity? Biologically, femininity is related to dependency, and dependent people tend to conform (herd creatures). That's why today's school system is often described as quite feminised, because it targets the female way of learning – conformity and memorising.

      • Woman are used because men are easily manipulated by women. That's why advertizers use half naked women all the time…because it obviously works., no matter how crappy the product is. And these 'Breasteraunt's' are becoming a booming business, men show up in droves…like herd creatures themselves, even if the food is crap. A man will pretty much buy into anything as long as there's some attractive scantily clad woman around.

      • ahh that's a valid point,,, let's not forget that women are the biggest consumers, so once they wrap a man around their finger they can certainly persuade him to buy whatever they fancy for themselves, the house etc. And even if the woman is discarded because she doesn't do it for a man any longer, there will be another woman in the queue to carry on with the same tactic…

      • ……………….The Lady in red/ Scarlet Woman/ The Whore of Babylon…………………She is Satan's secret weapon

      • ………..The Lady in Red – The Scarlet Woman – The Whore of Babylon…..She is Satan's secret weapon.

      • Women are dependent on men? Pffttt lol… Most women these days are not. I have female friends from all cultures and they are all quite fine being independent. Ive never heard that masculinity or femininity is related to being a "herd" creature.

        Anyway daylight is right, women are used a lot in advertisements/photos because men are much more easily manipulated by images (particularly sexualised one) and they dont even realise it hald the time. Of course there are plenty of ads, photos and films with half-naked men too. I saw an ad before where the guys were almost naked and kept asking "do you want to see my d**k?" So men can be just as sexualised and of course some women can be manipulated by a young handsome men. But generally, women are more picky and have better self control when it comes to sexual images lol.

      • Women like to say they're independent thanks to the feminist handbook they all read from, but the reality is they need a man to do the work for them in a lot of areas still, whether it's fixing a tire or guttering the roof. They all read off the same playbook when it comes to the "fixer attitude" in relationships (trying to change men), or rambling on about horrible ex boyfriends (lie or not).

        The above images are targeting women as evidenced by the fact that they're in FASHION MAGAZINES, even the creepy sexualised ones. These images aren't targeting men – even indirectly. The b&w duality trend (masonic symbolism) in fashion is all over fashion magazines at the moment, and that's how they want women to dress. Women will ADOPT these fashion trends regardless of the need to impress men, and will defend their right to do so. They want to turn women into illuminati goddesses.

        OK so FHM and Maxim turn some men into herd creatures too, but where's the illuminati symbolism there?

      • StanStanSatan on

        chris you ARE a piece a shit how do you have any female friends at all like i would not even look at you i bet you look like scum

      • You make it seem like what I said was a hate crime. But it's OK bro, you're just afraid of the truth. If you can, explain why I'm wrong instead of resorting to insults indicative of a fluoridated brain.

        It's funny how whenever someone criticises the manipulation of women, the feminists and manginas come out of the woodwork in anger and denial. It's as predictable as clockwork, but sadly that's the culturally inbred society we live in today. Women are simply unable to take accountability for ANY of their failings. The moment you do, you're called out as bitter loser.

        What's wrong with calling out women for being more inclined to be collectivists? Listen to any REAL woman, and they will admit it too. Looks like someone is in denial.

    • Keep your christian sexism to yourself please. It's even more disgusting than the stuff Freemasons put on culture.

      Also Baphomet is a symbol of the material & imperfect world. It's not about the devil. The Devil only exists on christians minds.

      Christianity is no longer good for humanity. Oppressing women and killing gays don't make a better world.

      • "women tend to be herd creatures" is an incredibly ignorant and definitely sexist statement. I would say people in general are herd creatures. This is probably where our agreements will cease.
        In making the assumption that he is a Christian (which he never made clear). You are showing yourself to be as judgmental and ignorant as the very people you claim to despise.
        Oppressing women and killing gays is not something limited to Christianity. It is also not something universal to all Christians. It is abundantly obvious that there are people that worship baphomet for what appear (I can't be sure so I am not making ignorant assumptions) to be evil and nefarious reasons. As a Wiccan (or whatever religion/religious framework you operate under) seeing someone pervert beliefs you cherish has brought you on here to defend what baphomet means and represents to you. Much like Christians have to defend themselves of accusations of gay bashing and women oppressing.
        I have the advantage of not being bound by what someone tells me the universe is defined as. I am comfortable in not knowing and having no stock in either side of the argument really (it's a lot like theoretical physics to me) it really irks me that you are on here bashing Christians using the same ass backwards logic that you are accusing them of. Just calling him an ignorant sexist would suffice but you fired back with more bigotry and zeal then he did. In other words you two would probably hate eachother in real life, because you are exactly the same as him.

      • Yes, in the western world where Christianity has held sway, women have been mightily oppressed. We have held positions of power in government, we've had a chance to vote on national affairs, we've had our say on moral developments, we've been given a chance to own property and inherit. This is certainly grievous to women of all kinds. And if I remember correctly, Jesus condemned the hypocrisy of the men who wished to stone a woman for adultery by confronting them with their own sins. If you have some prejudice with Christianity it certainly isn't sexism. Show me a non christian country that allows women more freedom than we enjoy. What about the evils of female genital mutilation, foot binding, suttee, the continual condoned slavery of BOTH men and women in the middle east. Maybe you'd better take a long, hard look at world history before you throw your uninformed new-age stones.

      • In exchange for all these "rights", we have allowed the state and media to raise our children instead of ourselves, demanded that taxpayers pay for our birth control (birth control is incredibly carcinogenic, what a coincidence), enslaved ourselves into the corporate machine that turns us all into little tax revenue generating cogs, the list goes on….Suggesting that if we don't appreciate all that, that we should move to Iraq? The feminine is repressed EVERYWHERE, just in different ways. There is nowhere to run. You've got a birth certificate? Not part of the in club? You are a slave, pure and simple. I should not be born into any system into which I need to be GIVEN rights. That's some slave ish, right there. So we have the right to choose our own cell phone provider? Is that true freedom? Not even close.

      • Nice deflection, but I'm not so easily distracted. You did not reply to any of my points, you simply fired back with specified grievances against our corporatocracy. By the way; there are degrees of slavery, and you might be surprised to find out that in most cases I agree with your analysis. As a woman, I appreciate the relative freedom I have here compared to a life in Iraq. However, I don't recall mentioning that anyone should move to Iraq. You assumed facts not in evidence. You might also find that people will respond in a more favorable way to your remarks if they include a less abrasive tone.

      • Excellent points Tiffany. Are the women in VC's "photo's of the month" HAPPIER for being tools for an obviously dark agenda? Do they all enjoy covering up one eye and sporting Baphomet heads and butterflies and mickey mouse in every single photo? I don't see a lot of "freedom" going on here frankly.

      • You do realize that the Freemasons secretly worship the god Osiris and the goddess Isis, right? They are really pagans, not true christians.

      • ''God is just allowing the evil to rule the world nowadays..''
        Can you understand i think there is enormous arrogancy that seeps through your words?
        Are you his secretary?

        And no, i am not against believing – just do not believe what i am told easily about gods devils and a full set of rules on how to live one's life, written and controlled by just people and just priests.

    • Feminity has been repressed for thousands of years. How do you claim to understand the real nature of women?

      • I agree that feminity has been repressed for thousands of years, even femininity. But I also notice the collectivist attitude among the vast majority of women, especially under the influence of feminism. The majority of westernised women are distracted with the need to fit in. Even the responses here seem to be from women representing "team women", not themselves, and when I hear them say not all women are like that, they never seem to nominate themselves as that woman.

      • Feminism was a movement created for two reasons: one, to separate the child from the mother and make him a ward of the state as early as possible, and two, to generate tax revenue from the other 50% of the population. Its a fake movement, manipulated at every turn. So….it makes sense that its turned everything crappier, non?

  33. I was living in Hangzhou, China for six months last year. I was amazed at how little Illuminati symbolism was there in their popular culture considering how they live under tyranny like the rest of us. But it looks like that is changing now. One of the reasons why occult/Illuminati symbolism is so rare in China, is simply that their ministry of culture forbids occult imagery and magic. So a video game that features skeletons needs to be edited to be a monster. Same goes for ghosts and other things. The exception? Ancient Chinese folk tales, stories, novels and legends. For all of the modern Chinese love of science and atheism, their traditional culture is full of the exact opposite. One of the still most popular traditions is Pu Songling's Tales from a Studio. This is an old collection of strange supernatural stories and eroticism. One of the most popular stories is Hua Pi "Painted Skin". It is a short story about a monster who painted its skin to look like a beautiful woman and kills a woman's husband. There was a movie series made about this short story recently that clearly takes enormous liberties with the story. I never saw the movie to make a judgement about it, but I see in the trailers that one of the women is wearing a mask to do the one-eye thing. I would not be surprised if the Illuminati industry is taking the traditional Chinese culture loophole to spread their disgusting messages and destroy another beautiful culture.

    • What about Asia on

      I have often wondered how Asia fits into this. Surely the Illuminati have influenced or communicated with high level Asian leaders before now…They must have struck a deal or something..Anyone know?

    • If it seems like illuminati symbolism has not been featuring in China its because the illuminati is not that worried what with the high appraisal of dragons and what not over there. I'm from South Africa and symbolism is slowly creeping in with artists pulling the a-ok sign and such a lot but these are youngsters that have been swept into this westernised consumeristic lifestyle, most of the country (blacks in particular) are still ancestral worshippers whom if they say they're Christian, mix it up which doesn't work. Same thing goes for China, symbolism must feature there as well if they're going to leave "dragon worship" alone.

    • I'm chinese and I only watch news now because all the TV shows are trash. I'm quite worried about other youngesters.

    • However these ugly symbolisms are severely controlled. At least I hardly see any of them in my daily life

  34. shibuya109lmc on

    I love what you do VC. At first I didn't believe in the Illuminati, then I kept seeing things like this OVER AND OVER AGAIN, and BAM it hit me. It's all too real, and too scary. I can't watch a movie, music video, tv show, look at a magazine, and listen to artists without something jumping out at me. It's only been a few months and I can't believe how BLIND I was to this stuff. Thank you for opening my eyes 😀

  35. Thank you VC!!

    Look long and hard at the depraved minions of Tammy Faye!

    Transgender Satanism? Check….
    Sacrilegious Semenancy?? Check……
    Obvious Monarch Sex Puppet Breathplay Ritual Ligature Marks??? Check………
    Intranasal Administration of Dessicated Powdered Semen Combined with Cocaine???? Check…….

    VC Friends – Examine yourselves for signs of perianal tattooing! You may ALREADY be a Monarch Sex Puppet and not know it! Google for the means to protect yourselves. Good Luck!

    • Dr. S, I love your input. I know it has been mentioned before, but you seriously need your own website. I want more of your observations/information!!

      • Dr S appears to be obsessed with things like that. If they 'truly' behave like that, they are more twisted they I initially thought. And after all this, you wonder why people want to make amends with God. If what they offer is all this and even worse, we'll have to beg and kiss God's feet to accept us back. Their twisted minds and attitude might be actually of our assistance in the future. You have to see the bad to know how lovely is to be on the good side. Lessons to learn methinks.

    • "Examine yourselves for signs of perianal tattooing!"

      *Bent over mirror* …Um…just what are we looking for here…?

      • No one does that – as far as I am aware. Dessicated semen is ALWAYS mixed with some other psychoactive substance (semen is itself powerfully psychoactive when ingested in sufficient quantity) such as cocaine, ketamine, or mdpv prior to being insufflated. This is a common element in many "illuminated" sex magick mind control rituals.

    • Yayyy Dr. S!!! I wonder where you got to……….Where is your usual well detailed analysis of the pics? You kept it rather short and sweet this time i see………….Would love your detailed comment if you have the time please and this is because i understand what you talk about, i swear you must be an insider or something but what the hell, at least your letting people know.

      • My apologies. "Illuminati" control of the Clearnet is becoming so entrenched it is difficult for me to communicate safely at any length. "Dr. S." is not important though – what is important is for everyone to understand how total "illuminated" control over their minds and bodies is already. Those who would resist being used as toys in rituals of depraved sexual deviance need to educate themselves about the details of what the "Illuminati" rituals are about. You know the truth even if many here will try and deny the obvious. Teach each other to recognize the signs of sex puppetry and you will survive unpenetrated. You know the truth of all of this BluBoy – educate the people and good luck!

      • Dr. S. You are right my friend – I wanted to say i never got your Tammy Faye comment, didnt she used to be a christian singer or something and also the dessicated semen. Do they really use that in illuminated sex rituals? that is truly disgusting. I wanted to ask you what do you think of all the bondage type of porn videos that are out there and also water bondage and how they have all these different types of equipment and tools that is specifically catered for that purpose. I mean it really blows my mind, i cant believe that they do but the worst thing is that the women and men that participate and film it – Like there are people that would do that shit on film and get paid for it. But of course the type of people that run and control the porn industr are so sick, they are just going to include more extreme acts and make it appear cool and acceptable.

      • Hey BB you can see a Tammy Faye tattoo on "her" arm! About the semen – there was a big story here about a local cult sniffing that dried semen mixed with cocaine. I read this started with Crowley but someone else told me it goes back much farther – I dunno….

      • Orrrrrrrrrrrrr Yeeeeesssss,i was wondering who the tattoo was of? lol my bad, thanks anyway.

    • Semenancy is your own invention, Doctor Stories- there is no evidence for swmnancy outside of 2 blogs which appear to be authored by the same mentally ill person…who happens to sound a lot like you.
      You should consider trolling some other website, you've never contributed anything of value or truth to what VC has written, but I suspect you like all the fish here. Btw, your reason for the long delay in posting is hilarious. Did you get the inspiration for your yarn from bill Paxton's character in True Lies?

      • Are you a disinformation agent or just someone too lazy to do some real research? Dr. S. has provided numerous citations over the past year and he is legendary among the resistance. You are reading comments on a public web site over the heavily censored clear internet and calling experts trolls?? Maybe you are the troll?? In any case – we are grateful to Dr. S. and suggest you listen quietly or leave serious researchers alone.

      • I know for a fact that they mix semen with blood and sip it through a golden straw! You're not going to find out much about that on the internet as they don't like to give away all their secrets. Just some to entice the masses into believing they are all about love and light and nature and fertility. It is part of their fertility rituals. I got sucked into this cult when I was younger and know things first hand.

      • Christina, wasnt your ex husband a satanist? i believe they do that and more but what else do they do for their fertility rituals, do they believe that they can get more power?

      • Oh hi BluBoy, well they are about "free love" and swinging and swapping in general. My ex used to try to get me involved but I wasn't interested. As far as rituals, the priestess would play Isis and engage in sex rites (consummation) with the "king" or the high priest. The group that my husband was in wasn't into anything real heavy (no kiddie stuff or anything like that). I didn't usually go to ritual, but I knew what was going on. I never really fully engaged, but my ex would pressure me. He would guilt trip me and use his pseudo-intellectual BS to manipulate me and tell me that I was a prude! Anyway, the chalice represents the womb and the sword represents the phallus. The vajina was "the boat". Some groups only perform the symbolic act with the chalice and sword. The groups that we were around never sacrificed anyone (that I know of). I did know couples who drank each other's blood though. There were many other rituals but that was the main one dealing with fertility.

      • Just a hunch, but you're talking about the Hash House Harriers or H3, right? Twisted individual groups of people they are. Circles within circles. They trick people into joining them by advertising it as a running and drinking club, but then, once you're accepted, the sexual humiliation begins. Really sick stuff.

      • I've actually never heard of them. Is that a real thing? Or are you just playing?

      • No joke. It's a world wide cult, er, I mean athletic group that was started in 1938. If you search deep enough, you can find write ups about their camp outs from members who attended and are all too proud to report about the things that go on there. There's most likely a group in a city near you. Just google it. I wish VC would do an article about them because they use some of the symbolism he speaks about such as red dresses, rituals/hazings, new members are called virgins, and mind control in relation to breakdown/build up techniques and punishment/reward tactics. The word needs to get out that these groups are no good. They want people to think it's all about running and having fun with a drink or two, but that is far from the truth. There are some really sick people who attend these get-togethers and with some of them, bestiality is acceptable. Simply disgusting. VC must realize though that if he does do an article about H3, he's going to get a lot of backlash and they'll come here in droves to tell us how they don't do stuff like that and it's all lies. Yet, on their websites, they instruct their members to deny everything and say it's all lies. The really disturbing part is that a few of the groups are telling people to start bringing younger girls, or as they say "virgins".

      • Thanks for your reply Christina but i also wanted to ask you where did the rituals take place? were they outdoors, in lodges/halls? stately homes etc.

      • Most of the time at the High Priestess' home. She had several acres of land and a separate building for rituals. Most rituals are performed privately in people's homes. They usually have a small room dedicated to the altars and idols.

      • Christina, wasnt your ex-husband a satanist? i believe you and they think they are gaining more power by practising these fertility rituals. I want to ask you christina what else do they do as part of their fertility rites? just for knowledge and to educate myself and others.

  36. Alex Botimer on

    Anyone following Austin Manhoe? Fan of him but hate to see him go down like so many celebs. :/ so sad

      • Truth speaks on

        Don't say that unless you know for sure. Not EVERYONE in the industry is. And it's wrong to speak such severe sacrifice over a boy who has shown no symbolism. All I can say is look for the symbols. If he has crossed over then they will start to show. They have to show them to identify that they are in the gang. Stay educated and educate as many people as you can. They are starting to shut these sites down. Vigilant deals with that a lot. Save all the content you see.

  37. Who really buys those magazines and stuff. My boys don't. They are in their teens and they don't go all ape shit because of a pyramid. Quit calling people the Illuminati and the Elite. They are people, shitty people, but when you mystify them you make curious minds more curious. They are just douchey so let it go and ignore it.

    • random mundane on

      "Quit calling people the Illuminati and the Elite." They call *themselves* the illuminati. Do some research. We mundanes didn't fabricate it.
      It's great that your children don't pay it any mind. Sadly, millions of others do. Just look at the hits they garner on utube. And the symbolism in cartoons never ends. I know your kids are past that age, but I babysit, and am blown away at the non-stop push. Disney channel and Nick being the worst offenders.

      Deny it all you want to justify doing absolutely nothing. It doesn't take away from the facts.

      • Have you seen My Little Pony or Adventure Time. I could spend days explaining those!

      • Considerin the amount of morons/mp, its not that bad seriously. Think about illegal immigrants only….

      • Well, i am thinking of illegal immigrants, oh, but now i am thinking, who decides what is illegal?
        Are you capable fot that, Christinne, or are you just repeating some words you heard when standing in line at a gasstation buying a combination of sugar fat alcohol and sigarettes? I don't know you, but, hey, sometimes when i start thinking i get on a roll..

    • No, I don't think I'll take your advice. These "people" are poisoning us and killing our children, and our souls. I don't think ignoring it is the answer. That's what got us into this mess in the first place!

  38. If anyone on here is a school student, you should bring this stuff up with your teachers. Have a discussion going. Ask them what the driving philosophy behind all this is. De-demonize it.

      • I know… I was hoping some of you were lucky enough to have access to teachers who are cool and knowledgeable enough to talk to about this stuff. If you haven't, try and get your hands on (a used) Gaskell's Dictionary of All Scriptures & Myths.

  39. Courtneysaysso on

    Satanic crosses and regular crosses are soooo in right now. I see them all over clothes in the junior department it really seems like blasphemy. Crosses use to mean something & be taken serious now its just a " fashion statement". I wonder if ppl actually know what theyre wearing when they put on a inverted cross.

    • The cross existed long before organized religion/s, long before Xtianity in any of its forms. Do ur homework, honey.

      • You keep putting an X in the place of Christ, but yet it's right there in your name.

    • Most of these sheep have no idea what they are wearing. What about all the clothes with the Merovingian emblem of the dragon and lion. You see it all the time and yet the people wearing it have no idea what it means!

  40. Guys, help me understand.

    I'm still not clear on why this so-called Illuminati symbolism is negative, if its even what you make it out to be. I don't understand how the symbolism applies itself. Are you implying that all the photographers, stylists, art directors, directors, designers, etc. responsible for producing the final result are ALL in on the cult? Is there a single creative agency that ensures all so-called Illuminati-controlled artists fit the Illuminati 'brand'? Do the celebrities have any artistic input in the way they're marketed? What's a day like in the life of an Illuminati champion? Do they attend weekly meetings to get up to speed on the latest Illuminati news? Do they brainstorm different ways on how to incorporate triangles, eyes and horns into their clients' image? Is it possible that you're misinterpreting everything and that you're simply wrong?

    • It's negative because it makes an appeal to your lower nature (your ego). It prevents your ego from ascending and merging with your higher nature (aka crucifying your ego).

    • Do you have a few hours? Seriously though, for one thing they don't have to have everyone "in on it" for two reasons. One, mind control, brainwash a few key people who make the decisions (hiring and otherwise) and you don't need to have everyone in on it. That's why the Illuminati uses Mind Kontrol! Get it?!

      The second reason they don't have to have everyone in on it is because they rule by force. Don't want to take orders? Great. You're fired. Or worse, blacklisted in your chosen industry so you'll never work again. Its not exactly a mystery how things work in a heirarchical society…

      Start a snowball effect: Get some publicists to champion it, and before you know it "one eyed" symbolism is the new "in" thing. Then the masses follow to be "cool". Its not really that hard to comprehend…

      • Do you suppose you could answer without the gross oversimplification?

        You mention "they" a lot — who exactly are "they"?

        What's involved in the brainwash process? If I am a new employee at an agency run by the Illuminati, do I have to undergo weekly mind control seminars? How do I learn about Illuminati symbolism? Or am I only hired on the basis that my current portfolio already includes Illuminati symbolism?

        Why would "they" get fired? Is it because they denied the producer's request to include more shots of inverted crucifixes in the opening scenes?

        Who deems which publicists are worthy enough to champion a certain trend?

        Do the general masses even understand, let alone acknowledge, the symbolism at all?

      • Well let's think about it: Who stands at the top of most coporations-monied people and their minions. Those monied people are usually there because of their connections. Sometimes through powerful fraternities going back to their grandfathers, and sometimes through actual secret societies or blood connections. If you are in that "brotherhood", you follow the orders of your brothers otherwise you wouldn't be accepted. Lets say the brotherhood has a discussion about the industry their corporations are involved in. Their corporations happen to be the most powerful and lucrative of this entire industry. It is suggested by senior brothers certain steps are taken to steer the direction of these companies in a certain way. Those CEOs who don't go along are punished in various ways. Think along the scale of the Mafia. Have you ever seen the Godfather, or the Sopranos. Well, the people in charge are sort of run the same way except its a lot uglier, and it has a belief system attached to it that once you get high enough in their brotherhood, you are essentially a god. Control can be through fear, threat, money, sex, or outright lies.

      • Then those CEOs hire people who are either connected to them already through blood, like cousins or the children of other brotherhood people, friends etc. And they just happen to fit into the Company perspective because they're all cut from the same cloth. They look for people who already fit their mold smart, ambitious and money hungry and ruthless. These people will do what they are told because one-who's going to go against their boss when your at that level in an industry, two they are not averse to the message, three they are rewarded handsomely for obeying.They are invited to the same parties, they're mentored by the same people. Many of them sleep together, and they've been doing all this for YEARS. At what point does it become hard for you to understand why it would be hard to streamline a Luciferian message across society and industry this way? I'm asking seriously not being catty.

      • You didn't answer any of my questions.

        Instead, you responded with a bunch of rhetoric, non-specific babble that is found elsewhere on the net.

        Just like with any organisiation, there is usually a massive gap between upper management and the low-level labourers who carry out the day-to-day. Everything I've ever read about the Illuminati seems to focus exclusively on the people in the upper management.

        You continue to refer to "they" as a mysterious, shadowy group.

        I'm getting bored reading how Ke$ha's videos containing 'Satanic' symbolism, therefore Ke$ha must be a Satanist. Does this make the 100s of people involved in actually making her video Satanists as well?

        Who's involved?

        – Make Up Artists
        – Hairdressers
        – Costumer Designers
        – Production Designers
        – Director
        – Producer
        – Special Effects Team

        and I'm sure many, many others.

        Who's responsibility is it ensuring that the video is up to Illuminati/Satanic standards?

      • Satan is their master. The people at the top are elite, wealthy people who have sold their soul for a number of different things which include fame, wealth, and power. They are fully aware of what they are doing. Just like the pyramid, Satan is at the top, and the power trickles down through several different levels. On every level, there are also several different types of groups. The Illuminati itself though, is a group of 13 elite bloodlines. Most groups are not "Illuminati", but work for the Illuminati, and are aware that they too choose to worship and serve Satan. Each has it's own purpose in establishing a New World Order. There are different levels of power within each group; just like a company. The ones of higher rank know more than the lower level people/groups. The symbolism in movies, videos, magazines, etc., are ways of showing who they serve. It's like a salute to the general. It shows their loyality to Satan, and their submission to his authority over them. They each have different roles in carrying out his plans. People you listed such as make up artists, hairdressers, costume designers, and so on, may or may not be aware of what they are taking a part in… I would say most of them are simply following instructions; it's a job and they just want a pay check in the end. Though I believe it was Lady Ga Ga's hairdresser that quit because he said she was a Satan worshipper?….Anyhow, some may know, some may not. But if they have any conscience at all, they should know somethin' ain't right! Are all people involved members of the Illuminati? Like I said, no, but they're still serving a role in it, whether they wish to acknowledge it or not. Most of them are probably people like you…they either don't get it, don't see a problem with it, or don't care. There's enough information given that you should be able to decide for yourself whether you believe there's a sinister agenda behind the symbolism or not. It's your opinion, but if you don't get it by now, then bless your heart.

    • Please explain what you think we are wrong about! VC and his bloggers have covered many aspects. What are you confused about? The child pornography and pedophilia, the mind control, depopulation, control of the masses through hypnotic symbolism, psychoactive drugs, prostitution, occultism, sexual deviancy. Please explain how you think any of those things are positive.

  41. Just for one day, I would love to work in a Disney shop so I could ask all the little children and their parents what they thought the MK stands for on the Mickey shirt, cause it obviously don't stand for Mickey Mouse..or Minnie Mouse.. or Donald Duck.

    Imagine, people thinking about something before they buy. The world would be transformed forever.

      • Boycott all retail and entertainment, ugh and maybe even the happiest place on Earth?? All of this info has made me so sad just to think of how many innocent children have horrible and life- altering memories from D land/world(international, don't forget) I can never step foot again I don't think.

  42. I got invited to a kesha concert a couple days ago and at one point in the show she says "I love balls! I love big balls and small balls. But my favorite kind of ball….. IS AN EYEBALL!!" for the next ten minutes hundreds of eyeballs flashed around on the big screen and all of her dancers where wearing eyeball masks and suspenders-like straps in the shape of an inverted pentagram on their chests. The whole show kesha told her "animals" to get naked, live for tonight, drink and smoke. All while security combed through the crowd arresting anyone caught smoking weed and drinking under age.

  43. In my opinion it's not the symbols that are evil since from what I understand they come from various pagan mythologies and I have nothing against other belief systems nor am I a conservative Christian. What I do see as evil is their agenda since I've read they want to reduce the population through violence. I think a police state is an evil agenda too. Also, I don't get why they'd reduce the population since they do need us to work for them since I'm sure they wouldn't want to do all the hard labor required to keep things going. I've read many interesting articles on Vigilant Citizen though and have noticed on other sites there are people that believe in a race called Reptilians. I do believe there really could be this Illumanati but think believing in Reptilians is really silly. Has anyone come up with a good proposal to rid the world of them before they rid the world of us masses though? I'm kind of tired of reading about these people and think we ought to come up with a solution instead. Also, did anyone notice that transexual model using what appeared to be cocaine paraphernalia as if she implied she was snorting "coke"?

    • With all the modern technology they don't need so many people (anymore?). You could see us as an experiment gone out of hand. They could see us as pests?

      And about reptilians, i have only found found a lot of videos with interference in motion, colour
      or ''original photographs'' which all looked liked they were messed with in minuscule detail when i enlarge them several times.

      And i think you don't need to worry about finding a solution. Being true to yourself, physical , emotional, intellectual is a great first step in my opinion, because that way you are already improving life in general. And that leads to solutions by default.

      I hope anyway, ha!

    • The population reduction thing goes back to the Rosicrucians. Nostradamus was a member of this society and "predicted" the extermination of 2/3 of the world's population. It's all about "weeding out the chaff" as they say it. Only the pure (of blood) shall survive. This means those of the "dragon blood". All the mundanes (i.e. christians, atheists, muslims, "darkies", and mixed bloods) will be eradicated and the enlightened ones can finally live peacefully on the earth without interruption or worrying about hiding their occult practices and will obtain immortality.

      • gingercastro on

        Thanks for all these replies everyone. I need to read up more on the Rosicrucians. I've heard them mentioned before but didn't know that was something Nostradamus was a part of.

  44. I've noticed for a few years all this occult crap turning up all over the place. espic' in the media, films, music, fashion, television, print media etc…i do my best to avoid it and the living dead who live and work all around us every day, that are influenced by it. It's not easy, but your mind and heart feel clear and light when you remove yourself from it. I can tell straight away when I'm being assaulted by it. I feel uneasy, trapped, my energy levels dropping low and my body heavy. I left a very good, well paid job I loved in 2010, because there was an employee that gave me the absolute creeps every time I was around her. She was very friendly and i didn't dislike her, but I felt the soul sucked out me every time she was around. Only this year i found out she was deeply involved in devil worship, drank blood and allowed herself to be "passed around" by groups of men for fun ???. I knew nothing about this before. I use to move away from her if i saw her coming and i got other people to take paperwork and ask questions on behalf of me. i didnt want to go near her. i couldnt work out why i felt so uneasy dealing with her. This explains a lot. I could sense something. i recently wanted to return back and visit my past work mates, but I will only visit if she's not there. If I call and hear her voice, I hang up. I can feel that this person is a bad soul sticking entity that is heavily involved with something that tries to attach itself to me.

    • Thank you for sharing. I know exactly what you mean by feeling assaulted by that type of negative energy. It's hard to describe. It's especially strong with movies, so I stopped going to the theater and watching new movies over a year ago. I gave up TV long ago, and the sense I get when exposed to it now is utter disbelief and severe discomfort – but that's another story.

      I too have had experiences with other personalities that almost repelled me, drained me, severely put me off. Prayer fixes it for the most part. I am new to this spiritual awakening and look forward to learning more about it.

      • I also have a hard time watching certain movies and tv shows that other people seem to love. Case in point the film The Hangover. My boyfriend loves the franchise and everyone else around me, but I just can't stand it. I don't find it funny at all and I think it promotes all sorts of sick and evil concepts…I just can't explain why I dislike it so much and the people who like it equally cannot understand why I don't like it. Its so frustrating to being the only one able to see beyond the veil of illusion

      • Wow. Funny you mention that particular movie. My sister gifted it to me for Christmas about 3-4 years ago. It's on my shelf, still wrapped and sealed.

        Never seen it, never will! You're not alone in your frustration.

    • Which bible do you mean? Should i read an old one, or a recent translation? Or maybe study pictures of stone tablets? Please, i have so many bad experience with preachers that i tend to get sarcastic. Nothing personal.
      And why is he coming soon instead of not already here? And where will he return? Sorry, sarcasm again.

      • You can read the old testament and the new testament, New International Version (NIV). it is a completely original translation of the Bible developed by more than one hundred scholars working from the best available Hebrew, Aramaic, &Greek texts.
        And so in the original NIV charter, provision was made not just to issue periodic updates to the text but also to create a mechanism for constant monitoring of changes in biblical scholarship and English usage. The CBT was charged to meet every year to review, maintain,&strengthen the NIV’s ability to accurately and faithfully render God’s unchanging Word in modern English.

        That's why we really need to read&study the Holy Bible so we will know whether the preacher's telling us is based on the Bible which is the Word of God. Because there are lots of false prophets coming nowadays. And you can find that also in the Bible.

        Praying that the Lord will open your heart&mind to His words of truth&not be deceived by the father of all lies, Satan.

        God is an omnipotent, omniscient&omni-present God. No one knows when the He is coming back here, He's in heaven right now. But for sure He is coming soon to take His children who accepted Him as God&Savior.

      • Whichever one you buy was written and published by someone with elite blood. Good luck in trusting their truths.

      • I think thats why she said to pray and ask God to open your heart to HIS words and not the devils. He helps you understand what your suppose to understand. How else could a person trying to live righteously in this world (ran by these "pure blood, elite…blah blah") possibly survive? Hes a helper, a teacher, our guide. :)

      • Elite blood distorts the bible.See site Apostasy Watch. True believers are very few and infiltrators are many.

      • Great advice, but I was not really looking for the perfect bible or it's interpretation….
        Please read back and try again 😀

    • I felt exactly this way around my ex-husband. He is a Satanist and calls himself a reverend. I told him that he was a soul-sucking vampire! The best thing I ever did was to get away from him. He likes to manipulate young girls and thinks he's a god! He's a real narcissistic sociopath!

      • Yup. The elite tends to be sociopaths or psychopaths. Have you noticed that society seems to suit those afflicted with those kind of personality disorders?

  45. The 'I Mickey Mouse MK' is way too scary, as is the T'shirt of Ashley Tisdale's friend. Way too much Illuminati symbolism.
    One question though. What is a Sharon Needles?

  46. The indian dude on

    oh, you think that the Illuminati JUST entered bollywood? Look up Satyajit Ray and his work, and there is a production company called ILLUMINATI films/ Can't be more blatant.

    • exactly – think gurus for rockstars, demon gods, sun worshipping yoga and the third eye – surely that is where it all started. Ask yourself why it is possibe to practise yoga almost anywhere now and increasingly cheaply.

  47. This is just too darn evil, now satanism is thrown into the mix again and again. Just gives me plenty of reasons to expect what the world will eventually turn into as it becomes enslaved by symbols and those who are for it.

    I already have a clear picture of what the world will become, prompting me to continue staying vigilant as possible and hope for the best of good things to come.

    Well done on the Marilyn influence by the way VC, just don't wanna get caught up in this authoritarian world

  48. i've just noticed actually in the second image you can actually see lucifers' face in the tiles to the right of her

  49. the first picture his horns are actually holding up pandoras box which is disguised as a ceiling fitting..the same box you see Nicki Minaj dancing on top of in her starships video

  50. Great article, VC, I find it hard now to believe, but I found this brilliant site after reading the Davinci Code (Dan Browns book?), it tweeked something in my mind especially the ILLUMANITI, I know no one cares but I just wanted to share, so there.

    • He looks like ladygaga. Maybe he snorts coca to get over the fact that he'll never become a real woman, only a pretentious one.

  51. Are you honestly surprised on Sharon Needles's photoshoot? She's known for ripping bibles on stage. Maybe whoever wrote this should first educate themselves on who they're writing about & inspect who they really are first. This isn't Sharon's first time doing something "shocking". This isn't even close to the majority of the stuff she does.

    • Also, when you're looking at Sharon Needles you have to understand drag culture in general, and the way that being gay / dressing in 'drag' has never been accepted / always been demonized. Drag is a liminal / carnival culture. We don't need more hatred towards people not presenting within 'gendered' stereotypes.

      • We're not bothered by the fact that he's a drag queen. We're bothered by the hedonistic satanic imagery he portrays. There's a difference. Although I don't have a problem with being different, I do have a problem with being deranged!

  52. It's incredible to see how scared and weak most of the people on this website are. "Could you warn me before you show that picture?!?!?" There are things that you will see in these times that are far worse, there won't be any prior warnings.

  53. Oh VC how I love you so… kinda off topic..but when I was in high school I would bury my head in the tv all the time (as any young teenager). And when I would be in class (not paying attention :) ) I would doodle a lot. I noticed I would always use to draw a Eye in a circle, and rays beaming from it. WHY???? I have no f***** CLUE!!! But ever since in 2009 my manager at 7-11 CLAIMED he was part of the Free Masons and told me EVERYTHIIIIIIIING that was going to happen in the next 4 years which scared the S*** outta me LOL… But it's been almost 2 years now and im TV free…awake and aware now with everything.. Scary stuff..

      • He first told me how debt was created… told me about the economic collapse.. how Israel is going to go to war with Iran… and how slowly all our rights are going to be taken away… but then he tried to brainwash me into thinking there is no God that Aliens created us and tried to lure me onto his side but my faith is strong so I would always argue back with him about that and how I don't believe that what so ever.

      • Did you ask him why the nephilim half-breed bastards want to take away our rights?

    • Omg this is gonna sound so bimbotic but in secondary school I rmbed i always doodled eyes and triangles and boxes in particular. I wonder…

  54. These photos are great, but most of them are doing this kind of obvious symbolism to get attention. Fashion today like Ashley's boyfriend and the Lil Mix group is now, sadly, very popular among teenagers these days.

    Thanks VC.

  55. I'm French girl and i'm really surprised to see this Nabila Photoshoot. I never, never could imagine that she could move on illuminati for fame. This is really scary.
    Now , i do know that nobody in entertainment system accessing to success is not due to chance.
    May God help us.

    • we all know she must be naked to get some attention. All the tv reality star are people who would sell their soul for fame and money.

    • That's nothing. They are only twisted humans, they'll perish. What we'll do about the wicked spirits,, that's the real problem. In hell you have to see their faces for eternity… surreal.

      • So true John. I read your "fallen angel" comment on the 1st page (Reply to Indo-gal) and i want to know more about the experience your friend had. Have you seen anything like that yourself also?

  56. Wow! just fuckin wow!…………Thank U VC

    I just wanted to mention on the 2nd pic, the model who is very Lady Gaga-esque is snorting cocaine from her finger nail, how very appropriate eh?! Once again "Fashion" glamorising and promoting drug/cocaine use – What about Sonam Kapoor's head dress, the emblem resembles baphomet or a goat type figure. Also regarding the Marilyn Monroe portrait, i cant believe i forgot all about that and it just reminded me when i saw the photo on here. Rihanna actually bought that portrait last year in January(2012). It was made by the company Gemstone Creative and the artist used 13 stones to create that photo of Marilyn…………..

  57. In the first picture, Sharon Needle seems to have a floating geometric solid on top of the horns, I seem to remember from my geometry class that one has a meaning related to God, does anybody know more about it?

    • Saturn Returns on

      I think the cube represents Saturn. It has to do with Saturn being the symbol for time, death, and limitation represented by an object contained by four sides the materials world or something. Saturn may have something to do with Satan being the lord of the underworld in Roman Mythology. Apparently these people worship Saturn.

    • It is also known as Metatron's Cube or the Atu Waa. It also represents a microcosm within a macrocosm. The Atu Waa was known as the time restarting device and was supposedly hidden on earth. The cube was said to hold cosmic power.

  58. Disney will now begin to glorify Darth Vader for it's next Star wars movie.
    "Damn (bleep)" -Walt Disney's final words.

    The people in control of the communications industries can no longer hide their hatred of God fearing people.

  59. LoveTheTruth on

    Just saw Now You See Me- even my 12 year old was pointing out all the crazy symbolism. They are exposing themselves so blatantly in this film- it's very disturbing. I hope VC writes about it. We really do need to wake up to the truth – cling to the truth and stand up for it. The Word of God is truth and may God's Word be our light in these very dark days.

  60. Ok Sharon Needles…total occult platform. I saw her(him) in San Antonio in a theater production of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now, I don't care about your opinions on drag queens, but as far as symbolism is concerned… she is fullll of it.

    For starters, she signed her poster with an inverted cross ringed in three sixes.
    && strangely enough she sold masks of her own face o.O

    **now nutters:: when he dons makeup, a wig, and heels he becomes a character. That character is a she. Regardless of gender. Just like MRS. doubtfire.

  61. WHOA. Take a closer look at the top of Needles' dress in the first photo. Look at it for a moment. What do you see?

  62. I don't understand why people say the world we live in is awful, when in reality it's those who are in it who make it this way. Those who destroy the beauty of our planet and pretend they're making it better actually do little to nothing. On top of that we are being manipulated and controlled to believe that nothing is wrong.

    Anyway, the picture with the naked person covering their bits is really nasty. Is this really showed publicly? It's hard to believe since anyone in their right mind would dislike that. But thanks VC for more pics of the month. I love them(well maybe not the strange pictures lol) and it's interesting.

  63. Has anyone been to see the movie EPIC? Talk about a brainwashing experience! I should have known since Beyonce was doing the voice for the Queen of the Leaf People (i.e. fairies). Anyway the commander of the Leaf Men General Ronin wears a freakin' symbol of Baal (Apollo) on his helmet. There's sexual tension between him and the queen (inuendo in a children's movie- imagine that!). And the queen dies and gives her soul or essence to a younger queen. For some reason this made me think of the Grand Dames of the Illuminati (Collins women) and the Mothers of Darkness. Then I started to think "Are they going to sacrifice Beyonce?!" Then I thought "That's just a crazy thought. Where did that come from?!" I felt extremely uneasy after watching that movie. I was wondering if anyone else saw it and felt the same way.

    • she's top witch – i doubt it she'll be sacrificed – she makes the sacrifices – i saw a video where she says her parents went inside the pyramids when pregnant with her – wouldn't put it past them to have dedicated her to those gods and that's why she's so evil and dark.

      • Yeah, but even the top witches get "sacrificed" when they reach a certain age. This is mentioned by Springmeier and is hinted at in the Disney movie "Snow White". The evil queen is a mother of darkness and a queen of Isis (notice peacock, moon, and crow symbolism) and is eventually "sacrificed" to ensure that Snow White becomes the new queen. The coffin represents the ritual of re-birth that she must go through.

      • To note: The main God and Goddess are known by different names in different cultures. They are brother and sister, husband and wife. They are Baal/ Ashtoreth, Apollo/ Artemis, Osiris/ Isis. Therefore followers of Isis were similar to followers of Artemis. The symbolism of this movie is Apollo/ Artemis or Osiris/ Isis.

  64. I dont listen, watch, and/or care for any of these celebs. Havent even heard of more than half of them.

  65. Why would you worship Satan knowing there is a more powerful God that has already defeated him? Knowing Gods son can defeat him and Gods soldiers can defeat him? Why would you worship the entity thats destined to lose when its all said and done? Because its easy? I just dont get the logic.

  66. It bothers me so much when people say: "Disney World/Land is such an amazing place!" and then when I try to explain the truth they are all like "Huh? Disney is awesome!"

    I can't believe that. Everyone should know the truth.

  67. I sent in the last picture at the bottom. It's actually in the middle of an outdoor mall, and its crazy that so many people walk past it and dont even realize what it is. blind to the fact i guess.

  68. Is not at all possible that all of this illuminati symbolism is put into these photos/videos simply because sites such as yours will report on them?

  69. These people appear simple minded as if their heads are empty of thoughts, ideas and words. Many artists of today appear unintelligent and not able to make simple decisions. Marilyn Monroe and Britney Spears appear innocent of agreeing willingly to this wicked method. The rest seem as if they would eat their children to have the opportunity to be stricken of their minds and dignity for fame. Was this industry ever free of such practices?

    • rootytoottoot on

      Nope. Read about old Hollywood, we're talking the early days– 1910's & 1920's– they were just as raunchy and occult/secret society controlled back then. Famous actors were still snorting coke and having perverse orgies in the 1920's. Consider Charlie Chaplin's documented love of underage girls-just the tip of the iceberg.

  70. I am afraid that Rihanna will be falling from the scene soon. She lacks innate talents that make her valuable compared to others. She is just a carbon copy of the other females. Britney Spears is way more valuable and intelligent. This is all to sad.

    • I don't understand your sayings about miss BS being more valuable then miss R. Are you talking money, ceative talent?

      How old is miss R ..?

    • lol…that IS sad…that B.S. could be considered more valuable and intelligent than anyone else in the industry………but..yes…sadly…..whatsherface….Rihanna….has paid for a full. first class ticket to the dark lap dance of uncreation…………….at least, it seems, that BS knows something is wrong…R just doesn't seem to care………hopefully, she can work her way up to continued existence in the void…..the whole industry is just…..beyond disappointing…….I refuse to believe that this is the best we can do. we're better than this!

      "Now that you have learned about God, it is time to learn how to act like God."
      save and ascend your own soul. Maybe you will inspire another to do the same……no one said it would be easy, just that it would be worth it in the end.

    • sorry, britney is not intelligent – i doubt she even finished school. both these women cannot sing. they have no true gift of song….rihanna has more fame and followers than britney – and i think she has been very outspoken about what god she serves. i think she's more dark than brit, i see her as a top witch too. that's y they do what they do – they feel like they have enough power behind them.

    • The media has reported on her drug use and crazy lifestyle enough to make a sudden death at any time….expected, shall we say? Like a Lohan or a Britney. But she has not nearly worn out her welcome or usefulness like Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston. Especially if you add in the possibility of being a Presidential Model – Rihanna, even with her unhealthy lifestyle, is still of great beauty.

      Her tattoos seem to be very threatening, as well. The huge Isis underneath her ribcage, the gun shaped eagle (I think) on her foot…indicates to me at least that she feels empowered by her situation. Britney has been electroshocked and traumatized back into submission after her well publicized breakdown – how can you tell how intelligent she is? I cant say Ive ever seen her core personality.

  71. Amazing what passes for "fashion". This section always intrigues me, but the pubic hair picture didn't need to be included…

    • I thought that fashion meant that you were actually wearing something! I mean aren't you trying to sell clothes or something like that?! WTF?!!! When would I want to see a cross-dressing man showing his pubic hair. It's soooo gross!

  72. I was looking at the mm/inverted pentagram/antichrist cross shirt and thinking to myself…ok….that is very revealing of the agenda of the thing and what it all stands for, together…..should I even hope that there are others that may look at such a shirt and think…waitaminute…what is that shirt trying to tell me about the subjects represented? Are they all connected somehow? _"OMG!!! MICKEY MOUSE IS EVIL!!! THAT MEANS…THAT MEANS…DISNEY…..IS……OMG!!!!!"__maybe that's too much to ask for from people that support everything Disney and feel that they're being really good parents. Are we all doing the best we can to resist this evil so that God will feel that we can do no more and send it all over the edge along with these dark idiots….while we remain here and restart the world in light and love and have REAL LIFE…and no longer be comatose in this matrix dream? Keep fighting. Be the light that destroys the darkness around you……please. What about the rest that don't want to know? Keep fighting until it's over….mind/heart being the weapon of choice……God wins….be the God within you and let God win through you. Thanks again for all you do…it is invaluable__I am_kibodabi

  73. Used to love watching disney but now i cant help but look out for symbols during shows. Thanks VC for the heads up

  74. Don't really understand why these artists 'sell out' to satan. I mean, with some logic and thought-in a way aren't the ruthless families that govern the world powerful enough without the help of the devil to make these people 'famous' to promote their agenda? Or do they need that evil energy to protect them from the true God's wrath?

  75. Truth speaks on

    Also vigilant Mariah Carey has an entire room in her house dedicated to Monroe. She's done interviews and nick cannon has spoken about it. Creepy. I've worked with him before. He's honestly nothing like who he is on tv. He's really quiet and weird. He just feels so dark and evil. When you meet him you just know. He wanted his show to play the gaga Alejandro video for the teens to dance too. They had all that symbolism of her eating the rosary on the big screen. People in this industry are so selfish. They're only concern is to die rich and in power regardless of who they have to kill and desensitize to get there.

  76. Good work as usual VC. Interested to read your impressions on Kanye West's new album as well. The different reviews and stuff on it have been interesting enough!

  77. Look at the Baphomet Head on Sonam Kapoor. If you look close at the "head jewelry" that goes from across top of her head, right above her forehead is the Baphomet symbol. I apprciate VC for their determination to expose. I would love to hear stories of people "Awakened" by VC I don't know why I spend time looking at this garbage–Thanks again VC–I suggest a new section that has positive stuff.

    • I posted something about that movie earlier in this blog. The Queen is "sacrificed" and gives her soul to a younger queen. General Ronin's helmet is the symbol for Baal/ Apollo! I forgot about the MK thing. The girl's name is Mary Katherine but is called MK for short.

  78. This has nothing to do with the pics but there is a new movie coming out called Elysium. Its all about the Elite, and transhumanism and people standing up to the Elite. You should cover that movie when it comes out.

    • Predictive programming and mind control garbage, like everything else a major movie studio releases. There is no depiction of rebellion allowed that is not already carefully controlled.

    • I saw the trailer at the theater, it made me sick. I just wanted to get up and leave… i was like im done, bastards!

  79. System of a Down "Violent Pornography"

    It's a violent pornography!
    Choking chicks and SODOMY!
    The kinda shit that's on your TV!

    It's on the TV.
    It's on your TV.
    Turn off your TV.

    Can you say brainwashing?
    It's a non-stop disco.

    • System of a Down "Hypnotize"

      Why don't you ask the kids at Tiananmen square?
      Was Fashion the reason why they were there?

      They disguise it, Hypnotize it
      Television made you buy it

      I'm just sitting in my car and waiting for my…

      She's scared that I will take her away from there
      Her dreams that her country left with no one there

      Mezmerize the simple minded
      Propaganda leaves us blinded

    • System of a Down: "ADD"

      We fought your wars with all our hearts,
      You sent us back in body parts,
      You took our wills with the truth you stole,
      We offer prayers for your long lost soul.

      The remainder is,
      An unjustifiable, egotistical, power struggle,
      At the expense of the American Dream,
      Of the American dream, of the American, of the American.

      We don't give a damn about your world,
      With all your global profits and all your jeweled pearls,
      We don't give a damn about your world,
      Right now, right now.

    • System of a Down: "Boom"

      I've been walking through your streets,
      Where all you money's earning,
      Where all your building's crying,
      And clueless neckties working,
      Revolving fake lawn houses,
      Housing all your fears,
      Desensitized by TV,
      overbearing advertising,
      God of consumerism,
      And all your crooked pictures,
      Looking good, mirrorism,
      Filtering information,
      For the public eye,
      Designed for profiteering,
      Your neighboor, what a guy.

      Every time you drop the bomb,
      You kill the god your child has born.

  80. I no longer trust anyone in this satan's world……I don't even trust this guy that shows us this "truth" on this website.
    I don't like his nonchalant religious beliefs, and I know that this site is obviously heavily monitored.
    How does this guy find so much so easily?
    I only trust Yeshuah.
    Do you all see what I'm seeing?

    • If you want truth about the reason for our existence, then I suggest the free book from the Philadelphia Church of God. Mystery of The Ages.
      They have turned Laodocian, but the original teachings were not.
      Those of us that are Hot in Yahwehs mouth, just like those of us that research this, are of the church of Philadelphia as written in Revalations.
      Those that disregard it are cold.
      Those that are semi~interested are like spit in Gods mouth.
      Wow Please look this up!
      Read all of the 7 churches , and figure out which church you belong to!

  81. If you look closely at the picture of Sonam Kapoor (Bollywood actress) you can see she is wearing a headband that strangely looks like a mix between a monarch butterfly and Baphomet. This Illuminati symbolism has been around for quite a while in Bollywood. All the actors and actresses are pawns of the elite. The casting couch is also dominant in the industry. Sickening and scary.

  82. I really hope you do an article on the film "Now You See Me" that came out not too long ago. That movie is ridden with symbolic imagery!

      • Are you mocking me? Can't deny this had me chuckling. The props they decided to use such as the tarot 'business cards,' the all-seeing eye that they were working for. The 'higher power' chose the magicians, and they blindly agreed to work for this higher power for fame (with no prior knowledge to who the higher power actually was).

    • I saw the movie and thought it was a decent thriller/caper. I think all the Egyptian stuff is just a MacGuffin and that the story's theme is about karma.

  83. Taraana Khetpal on

    Hey VC, have only recently started following your blog. I've been researching this stuff since the past yr and a half. I'm from India and I thought that the Illuminati had not yet infiltrated Bollywood but I was surprised to find out that Illuminati symbolism has been present in Bollywood films since the 70's.

    Also, a very famous superstar from Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan, has a production house called Illuminati films and the logo is a roaring lion. Many Bollywood stars have also died mysteriously, the most famous case being that of upcoming starlet Divya Bharti who was murdered in the 90's but it was ruled as suicide.

    Very recent is the mysterious death of actress Jiah Khan who reportedly committed suicide because of abusive treatment from her boyfriend. What is really weird is that her boyfriend, Suraj Pancholi son of actor Aditya Pancholi was to make his debut in Bollywood very soon. I believe that Jiah Khan was a blood sacrifice for Suraj Pancholi. It gets more weird. She died at 25! A few days after her death, a 6 page suicide note was recovered by her mother which she then made public.

    You can find the note here… In the suicide note Jiah Khan shows all the traits of a mind control victim. She was raped, abused and underwent an abortion. The text in the letter often seems inconsistent and disjointed which also proves that she was either on drugs or very disoriented.

    Please do have a look and let me know what you think. Thanks.
    Keep up the good work.

  84. Someone should make a bronze statue of a man with a hammer & chisel to place right next to that all seeing eye pyramid/statue. Then weld it to the ground with the words "EVERYMAN" across the statues torso and the words "PROGRESS" on the hammer and "JUSTICE" on the chisel.

  85. DaughteroftheNorth on

    You know what I don't like? The fact that this article has 440+ comments on it while the PRISM and Bilderberg articles have less than that combined. We spend so much time staring at these celebraties, hunting for mickey mouse ears and one-eyed signs, talking about them, we seem for forget that those in power are on the move with these agendas. The entertainment industry is used not only to teach these agendas, but to distract and numb the people to what is actually going on. Let us be aware of this and not fall into the trap too. It is easy to "be awake" and instead of being pro-active, just watch youtube videos of Rhianna.

  86. 'If thy eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light'—so Jesus runs the Illuminati (*illuminated* ones)

  87. Bunch of nobody's except for Rihanna.. Even if they did have anything to do with the illuminati, they're only puppets

  88. What I don't get about all this – what's the point?

    I am not blind to all these symbols, something is going on, but I don't get the purpose. These Illuminati/satanists/whatever seem to control the whole entertainment industry, commerce and finance, and the most powerful governments. They have also all the mind-control facilities in place all and they seem to be well versed with the occult and may be even in contact with real-life demons.

    They rule the world already! What more do they want? If I would secretly control the world, I would try my best to be shut about it, and not flaunt it everywhere with symbolisms.

    All their "work" strikes me as redundant, given that they rule already and achieved their goals ten times over. What's their point with all this bragging-off?

    • Ahh, but the are only revealing themselves because access to knowledge has become so prevalent on the internet. Prior to the internet, you would only know what this symbolism meant if you were in a secret society or you had access to rare books or something. Plus why not brag off. They control the whole world now, so why not big up themselves lol!

    • think4yrself on

      The point is that they are trying to open up a portal so that Satan can enter and rule this specific dimension. When he got kicked out of Heaven, he got kicked out of physical existence, and is forcing his way back in, by conquering each plane of existence in its turn, working his way up the "grand staircase" of vibrational densities, up to and including what we think of as Heaven, from whence he fell.

      He and his minions have made many attempts to truly take over our little slice of reality, and have failed every time. They build up negative energies, with violence and spells and corrupt behaviors, and install a priesthood to build the "spiritual infrastructure" they use to pull entities into our world from other neighboring dimensions, making the Doorways bigger and bigger until they have one he'll fit through (for ex. the WTC/9/11 site.) The plan is that once he is able to fully manifest himself in this dimension, the whole army uses it as a base of operations for infiltrating and taking over the next one higher up.

      Unfortunately for him, every once in a while, someone shows up and reminds all the human fodder that he (or any of his demons) is not the one we're supposed to worship, that we are beautiful and wondrous creations of the divine, etc., etc., and whoops–there goes the power base. The Great Leaders of our past, Zarathustra, Buddha, and yes, Jesus (Yeshua) have each done their part to undermine and destroy Satan's progress in taking over the Earth, and even though they don't technically exist on this plane any more, they DO exert powerful influences on what happens here from the plane(s) above ours.

      So DO NOT believe anyone who tells you "oh it's the end of the world," or "Satan's already in charge, so why bother?" or some such nonsense. They can use technology to make that seem so, but it just isn't the case. It may feel like "all Hell's breaking loose" sometimes, but trust me, if that really were to happen, things would be waaaaaay worse than they are now. And even then, we'd still be able to defeat these pukes. Just like we are doing right now.

  89. You NEED to do an article on Miley Cyrus's "We Can't Stop" video, which was released today. Trippy, hollywood and illuminati, in a nutshell..smh

  90. Could someone explain the mickey mouse connection? I realize we see the image over and over, but exactly how is it a "symbol of mind control?" Why?

  91. It's getting ever less subtle. It's scary how common it has become to see people wearing inverted crosses.
    It's disgusting.

  92. I looked for the MK Disney shirt at the Disney Store and didn't find it…I wonder if they mysteriously pulled it off the shelves?

  93. I look forward to this every month, VC. Great article like always. :)

    The part about Sonam Kapoor shocked me. With a little research I got to know that there is a production company called Illuminati Films in India, founded and owned by Saif Ali Khan. He's one of the leading actors in Bollywood. And here I was thinking that Bollywood is free of this stuff. Wow.

  94. Off Topic a little, but has anybody noticed Brett Michaels with his new RV makeover show and him flashing his devil horns hand sign?

    Also, what about this new movie, World War Z? Could this possibly be about getting consent from the unsuspecting Sheeple audience before the Global Elitists actually unleash WW3?

  95. I feel sorry for the new Kanye West/Kim Kardashian baby – North West. The sad point is that is that this innocent baby girl will 100% be raised MK as the poor baby has already been forced into a traumatizing induced 'premature' birth – one of the early hallmarks of programming to make it easier to programme the child into the future. Smells like beta-kitten to me.

  96. Mistress Lin Kui on

    An interesting tidbit for your reading pleasure in regards to the Marilyn Monroe portrait made out of 65,000 crystals worth $160,000 . Source :

    The artist Claire Milner a former graphic designer and freelance illustrator based in York, England who did the portrait of Marilyn Monroe made out of Swarovski crystals worth the value of $160,000 for Rihanna has a particular signature to her work. According to one source "She currently works in celebrity portraiture and sometimes sneaks text into the artwork as a sort of subliminal messaging bonus. She's also a member of BAMM the British Association for Modern Mosaic and, apparently, has clients that include private collectors, corporations". So even the art in Rihanna's house is there to serve the function as consistent reminder of who she serves and how she got all her fame and riches. Every day MK programming. Sad. Sad. Sad. They have it all. Except their Soul.

  97. Issela Santina on

    Little Mix, not Lil Mix. But since they're related to One Direction anyways (Perrie Edwards—the light-haired girl in the group—is currently Zayn Malik's girlfriend), they're affected as well. I was afraid this might happen, but I'm thanking VC for showing this.

  98. admiral awesome on

    yawn…. ho hum. if all of this one-eye/pyramid/etc stuff is truly pledging allegiance to satan, is it too far fetched to assume that maybe, just maybe the catholic/christian church was usurped/changed long ago and perhaps they're (quietly?) the predominant world power, with all kinds of influence over the media that dates back as far as contemporary human history goes (which would explain why the pope, supposedly the man closest to god out of everyone in the world, needs a bulletproof glass popemobile? couldn't god like, arrange reality in such a way that he'd never get assassinated? if he dies doesnt he go to heaven/eternal-bliss? why the bulletproof glass? don't you roll harder than the material/world?)

    ahem. so let's say that christianity/Catholicism is subverted (i.e. their logo is their own messiah dead on a cross…. what are you trying to tell me? that you killed your god?) and they're secretly/quietly THE world power who's doing all of these satanic things in the media…. but they're using information as a controlled opposition where everyone blames the evil "nwo"/end-of-the-world stuff on groups ranging from the illuminati (nebulous) to the jews (too obvious) to the jesuits (black president? sure. black pope? not literally! lol) or zionists or reptilians from the sirius galaxy or even the galactic lord xenu and his thetans…. all the while the one group who isn't accused of world conquest is the group that prolly has control of the world in teh first place, and thus the nwo stuff is used to distract attention from the owo (old world order) merely upgrading their control paradigm and blaming it on everyone else so anyone with a bug up their arse who wants to look for conspiracies can go and pick any one of like 10 conspiracies and run with it all the way to whatever watch list you end up on cuz like, seriously, disco stu don't advertise. HEYYYYAAAA!!!

  99. Isabele Padilla on

    The inverted cross is not satanic. It is the cross of saint peter. He requested that form of crucifixion as he felt unworthy to be crucified in the same manner as Jesus Christ.

  100. Great post as always, but MK stands for Magic Kingdom, one of the Walt Disney World parks. Still, funny coincidence.

  101. end of the age on

    The "foot soldiers of the et god", the abductees, are being called up.

    "Game is on and time is up."

    Get right with Jesus now!

  102. New here and just have to ask and no disrespect intended but if so many signs and such are so in your face don't by common sense says they loose their power

  103. Hey, anyone out there wonder about the big to-do about that "Dispiciable Me" movie…you know, the one where the main character is a big eye ball? When I see ONE EYE, I get suspicious, and when it's Disney doing it, even more so.

    Eyeball? And in this link you can find a hat that has that big eyeball on it. Creepy.

  104. Hey, so as much as I do believe that the illuminati and other groups and corporations control the world and include worship/interaction with evil spirits/demons, alot of the pics could simply be people posing or doing what they want to do. Like the chinese actress? You know people wink sometimes! Selena Gomez? She's got both eyes open and a peace sign next to one of them. I agree, we need to keep wary of evil influences but also take care to not believe everything you read from this website too! Do your own research and listen to what your heart tells you!
    Final thought, instead of trying to figure out which recording artists and celebs are satanists and just talking online about it a giving more negative energy to this whole conspiracy, focus on the positive things in life! Go help people! Live life to the fullest and spread the message of joy and hope and Love! That is the only way to fight evil and hate, with Love!
    Peace be with you all! Stay vigilant, but love always!

  105. its amazing not so long ago these kinds of people had to be and dark corners or streets in the middle of the night to do these things…. and today they are allowed to do it in brought daylight!!!

  106. In an earlier post I said, in reference to Miley Cyrus "Another victim of MK Mouse!" which I thought was completely original. I was going to send it to Fritz Springmeier. Looks like Disney beat me to the punch!

  107. okay, yep, if this isn't nauseating to you it might be too late. You can kill your parents, or uncle pervert. If it is, that's not a lot better, because it's real, insidious and not an option of opting out. Retreat, recluse and relax. Don't ignore, get furious, rage until the dying of the light, burn out if you have to, just don't stop being unique, individual and hating pop music, no, matter, what.

  108. it really is the elites last ditch effort, they're lost and not coming back, but I have to say, there are quite a few that go along with it simply because they can't weren't allowed or didn't learn to think for themselves. I always thought psychedelics were the answer, but not for everyone, for me yes, but others don't really respond all that well. Too late? What else can they do. I suggest getting good at something, anything from a guitar to building with your hands, AS LONG AS IT ISN'T JUST FOR YOUR JOB, you actually have to GO HOME AND DO IT TOO, DON'T JUST WANTCH T.V., but can I say this to anyone I know and have them believe me or have any effect on them… my girlfriend, my brother? The choice is theirs, I just keep them in view, watch over them, be there when the bough breaks. It's better to help those who need help than those who already know what's going on, if they know what's going on then good. They'll do fine, its the ones who don't know that need the help.

    oh and.. last point cuz I have jobs to do. That OBEY apparel is obvious, blatant MK, satanist shit. OBEY. Who the fuck with a mind would want to wear that, OBEY, yeah right… pretty mad right now, settle down boy, have a drink.

  109. I am from China and I have to say that Fan has been one of the superstars for years. Many of us honestly don't think she deserves all the success because although she's beautiful indeed, her acting talent is very limited. She stars in many trash TV series and films.

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