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Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)



In this edition of SPOTM: Courtney Stodden, Tilda Swinton, Rita Ora and a bunch other pics proving that what is discussed on this site is all too real.

Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)

I’m not gonna lie. Tilda Swinton creeps the hell out of me. Her recent photoshoot for W Magazine fully exploits that creepiness and even takes it to another level as it is permeated with MK/Illuminati symbolism. Here, Tilda is oddly standing next to birdcage (symbol used to represent Monarch slaves). She apparently caught the bird herself. Why Tilda? Why?? Let the bird fly! While this pic alone might not be MK-related, the combination of this image with the others below reads as Illuminati Mind Control 101.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)

This image is all about the occult concept of duality, represented by the checkerboard pattern of Masonic ceremonial floors. The pattern is found on the floor of this picture and Tilda is literally draped in it. The setting also includes religious/spiritual items, giving the shot an ethereal feel.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)

Here, Tilda goes all one-eyed Illuminati with it. The images she is holding of an eye and a mouth appear to be a of a different person, hinting to the concept of programmed alter personality in Mind Control (you see what you are programmed to see and say what you are programmed to say).


Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)

Two Tildas, separated by a “fracture” of the image represent the fracturing of a MK slave’s psyche into alter personas.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)

This Vogue Italia photoshoot is also all about with Monarch Programming symbolism. Here, we see the concept of multiple personas.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)

Silenced by a butterfly (Monarch programming).


Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)

Blinded by a butterfly (Monarch programming).


Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)

Multiple personalities facing/mirroring each others.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)

The lipstick that is hiding one of the model’s eyes is a way of telling you “Hey, this is all about Illuminati MK”.

Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)

Model Daisy Lowe shows her support to “Earth Hour” with…what else…a one-eyed salute. Why? Because these “Earth” events are sponsored by the elite.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)

Daisy does the one-eyed thing again in High Life magazine.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)

Pia Mia used to work with Disney. Now she’s doing the one eye thing and pointing a fake gun to her head. Considering Disney’s relation with the MK-industry, this makes perfect sense.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)

Speaking of Disney, Mickey Mouse ears are “codes” in the entertainment industry representing MK Mind Control. Here’s Rita Ora on the cover of ELLE wearing gigantic ears.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)

This photoshoot in Vestal, appropriately named “Pop Queen”, is all about Mickey Mouse programming.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)

On the left, the “pop queen” wears a variety of occult symbols, including an inverted pentagram (symbol of Black Magick) and an inverted cross. On the right, Mickey Mouse ears. Yup, that’s the crap you need to do and wear to be a “pop queen”.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)

Damn, Nike, that’s some hardcore Illuminati symbolism for some golf balls.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)

Speaking of Nike, this shirt was on sale in the Boston area before the Boston bombings. In a news article about the shirt, a Nike Outlet employee was quoted saying “We’ve been taking them down…But somehow they keep ending up back on the rack”. While the shirt is supposed to refer to the rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox, this odd “premonition” is reminiscent to the Oscar Pistorius’ Nike ad entitled “I am the bullet in the chamber”, which appeared before the athlete got charged for the murder of his girlfriend.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)

Speaking of the bombings, the immediate result of the event was the imposition of Martial Law and a temporary police state – as seen in numerous disaster movies created to train people to accept this course of event. Whether you believe that it was all necessary or not… It happened.  And it set a precedent for future “crises”.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/13)

Under Martial Law, private property doesn’t exist anymore and troops have the right to storm into civilians’ homes.


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Have been following this site, and this particular section for ages. It never ceases to amaze me how right-in-your-face this stuff is, and those who aren't hep to it don't even notice it!

The main reason I'm commenting, however, is that second picture of Tilda (checkerboard) caught my eye. Not only are the blatant messages that were posted there, but the first thing I noticed, besides the blinding black and white check, is the stairs on the left side of the photo.. the 'shadow' from the lighting forms what would be, if continued and imagined out of frame, a giant triangle, and the very front of it looks like bricks and/or a ladder. Not sure if this is me just seeing something and making mountains out of mole hills, but I've learned well enough that nothing within these photos is coincidence.


It's so refreshing reading all of your comments. Gives me hope that not all humanity is lost. Love you guys and thankful for this site!


Have been following this site, and this particular section for ages. It never ceases to amaze me how right-in-your-face this stuff is, and those who aren't hep to it don't even notice it!


Just wanted to let y'all know, this has spread to Asia now.
After went to Korea to train some Korean Kpop singers, a girl named CL who is a part of an influential Kpop girl band called 2NE1 which performed at times square last year, just released a solo album. On her main song, she has the eye, the kitten/animal prints, etc. the whole shebang. You guys can watch it here…
One World……


first pic…is BAPHOMET head above Tilda.

devil is in the details. literally.


i also see "sex at the altar" to the right of courtney stodden- and that is a satanic ritual in itself


For Isabel,
I think most celebrities are pawns. The Illuminati is layered, deeply, for ages and ages. They find desperate individuals who want to be famous and will do anything to gain that fame for pawns.


u have to be a pawn to let them set you up in those ridiculous poses and doing what they do. i though posing for playboy was bad but some of these are out of this there seriously girls and corpses?

there are a lot of youtube videos on the mind controlled couples in hollywood, how they are set up with specific people to be the handlers. i cant believe the brides and corpses mag and they got that girl on therel. it is pretty insane. i think of the olsen twin with that old man i been seeing in pictures and i am afraid for her too.


Fvck them as long as it's not your daughter, niece or any other person you know. We don't know those people, let them do their own thing. Personally, it doesn't bother me, however if it was my daughter they wouldn't know what it came to them. They would regret the day they were born. That's for sure.


douglas reese short film nature on vimeo is satanic as hell


I live on Newbury St which is one street over from Boylston St where the bombings happened. After the boy was taken into custody after the whole boat ordeal, and the city was "released" from lockdown, every one converged on the street to drink and "celebrate". I was already suspicious of the entire bombing so when I was going to bed that night, the eeriest thing I had to listen to was the drunken "masses" chanting USA USA USA…and all I could think of was "sheep" as harsh as that sounds. Not to be mean, but it was just astounding that they were so proud of this country (that is my country too) and the fact that a 19 year old boy was possibly going to be put to death, whether he committed a crime or not. And they were celebrating that. It reminded me of back then when people used to bring "picnic baskets" to public hangings. How warped is this world?


dont know where to post= anyone seen the article on Kanye's video "New Slaves" debuting on 66 buildings?? and who is he to be able to show videos on peoples' buildings unless he owns them


Nope, he is too ugly to watch. He gives me the creeps.


The pic with the lipstick mouth on the eye is just like that Azelia pic where she had mouths for eyes….


reminds me of Madonna's video= "Let's get unconsious honey. let's get unconsious"… the eyes on the mouth and vice-versa.. prob under some kind of mind controll unconsciousness theme in that video.. not knowing what is real or fake.. all mixed up
speaking of her, I love how maddona been there done that with everything, and no one picked it up. this is not new, it is being more blatant.
what about in "express yourself" where she is tied in chains in some parts…. sex slavery perhaps
what about "oops i didnt know I couldnt talk about that. it's human nature.. and im not sorry.." which the theme is – do as thou wilt – "and i have no regrets"= human nature to do as i want— and in that video there are some crazy pagan symbols going on with the ropes that hardly anyone has picked up on, as well as the triangle and making fun of someone crucified..
i think we need a Madonna video analysis- but that would be a book in itself
now they are having it in modeling/ with pictures so we can see it evey more clearly
pretty disgusting stuff


VC that thing in the first pic…I don't know if it is a lamp but it is on the wall, it kind of looks like Baphomet…but anyw ho you guys ever thought doing an article on the late Aaliyah…I mean the whole marrying R. kelly as a teenager is just weird to me, her alleged love with Jay Z…her Uncle was a music producer married to Glady's Knight so she has been in the industry for years…there are accusations that she was killed so Beyonce could blow up…and also I have my own theory about something I noticed…that show Star Search from back in the day…one thing I noticed is that majority of people who blew up from that show all lost the competition…aaliyah, Justin timberlake, britney spears, I think Christina Aguliera lost but I doubt that, beyonce lost (when DC3 was girls tyme)…all these people became famous but lost the show, we dont really hear about the winners…I maybe reaching but I think after losing a deal was struck between the handlers and parents of these children and the kids (who are all now superstars) began getting handled, abused, groomed, whatever for the industry all at a young age…Sasha… Read more »


Dont forget Aaliyah was also involved with Damon Dash……Her last album cover was all in Red, the last film she starred in was Queen of the Damned. I think VC should definitely do a detailed article on her


You are so right, great observations, I total forgot about Damon and her album cover. and that movie too!!!


Courtney Stodden is married to Doug Hutchison who is an actor and producer. He owns the production company Dark Waters Inc. He was also on the LOST TV series as Horace (Horus?) the leader of the Dharma Initiative. There are tons of esoteric symbolism in that show including duality, serpent energy, ankhs, etc. Many of the episode names allude to the occult or MK Ultra: White Rabbit, Numbers, Do No Harm, The 23rd Psalm, Fire and Water, The Man Behind the Curtain, Through the Looking Glass, There's No Place Like Home, The Little Prince, The Greater Good, Exodus, Revelation, Enter 77, LaFleur, Ab Aeterno, Happily Ever After, etc. There is also another actor on the show named Terry O'Quinn who plays the pivotal character John Locke. He is also the star role in the new series "666 Park Avenue". I would love to see VC do an article on these connections.


Go on Christina, ya smashed it there didnt ya lol


the other day i was on the train and i saw a massive billboard displaying a magazine cover for cleo, and the girl was half naked as always with micky mouse ears and closing one eye!!!
what has this worl come too!!


Not to mention on the first picture of Tilda, the chandelier is made to the shape of Baphomet's head.


ha that's what I thought too. ta


So I watch Iron man 3 and ummmmm yea….they are just throwing everything in our faces now. Those who watched that film with open eyes know what I mean. SMH


I've been a vogue Italian reader for over 26 years and have many back issues. These pictures had me make a trek out to our back shed to look at past issues from years gone by. Wow, this sort of symbolism has made an appearance in many issues from way, way back. I never really took notice of it, I wrote it off as the stylists being artistic and creative. Hidden a gender, indeed.


The symbolism on that box of Nike golf balls was too obvious. That picture of Rita Ora looks sad. As if she knows what's going on but can't tell a soul.


Great analogy VC!!! I’m not sure this will post in the right place. VC are you going to do an analogy on the new Iron Man 3 movie?

I just saw it and first off it is fiull of mind control (trauma), drone technology and transhumanism. I also thought about Nikolas Tesla too. I also think they refer to 911 and show how the towers were brought down.

I also believe it shows Delta programming and may hint to the Soveriegn Military of Malta a lot because of how freely they move through airspaces globally without breaking any treaties or laws. Just what I observed.


Like the Knights of Malta?


Now, I want to preface this by saying that I'm a skeptic (though open minded), but I wanted to bring somethings up.

If you look at messages of behaviour for people today, what do you see? Be reckless. Be dumb. Be impulsive. Be self centred. You know, like a child. And what else is a "must" for "any self respecting person" these days? Complete body hair removal. It makes you look child like. Being super thin. Again it makes me think of a child before puberty. Of course, there's the "must have big boobs" thing but plastic surgery means anyone can have them.

So why are they trying to make us children? Is it because children are easily controlled? Now like I said, I'm a skeptic. I personally think it's because businesses can sell you youth, but ageing is free. But it's still food for thought.


yep they're trying to twist the way we view ourselves, trying to make us into an image of their desires, in order to be good and desirable we have to fit that, then we need to be compliant, thus the weak victimized malnourished anemic child image… captured, controlled, enslaved, like out of the holocast movie, it is like they are reliving the holocast imagery themselves…. they can't get enough? they want to relive it…. but wait, isn't that what the serial murderer does, he revisits the sceen of the crime, he holds the fetish souvenir and relives the evil deed he committed….? are they confessing by their infatuation their own evil deeds?
I'm not a skeptic, I do like to ask questions…..


It's strange that you should mention that. My ex-husband who is a satanist loves stick thin young girls. I am curvy but he was always attracted to girls with prepubescent figures. I would catch him watching porn involving "teens" and I found out that he had sex with a 15 year old girl while we were still married. My therapist said he was a narcissistic sociopath! My guess is that most of them are.


Hi Bob. Absolutely agree with you re the looking like a child, thing. (I just posted almost exactly the same thing on the 'Monster High' comments section …) Too thin women, no curves, no body hair – almost childlike. Blurs the boundaries between adult woman and child. An attempt to blur the distinction between adult and child, in order to try and 'normalise' paedophilia? Also blurs the difference between male and female. Women are meant to be slightly fatter than men – the male/female dynamic. Hardness/softness. Also for female fertility. Maybe also pushing the death-is-good thing – women as walking skeletons? Aquarius rules the unisex; so now we have metrosexual males, and very thin women, no waist, no hips, false breasts. ' … businesses can sell you youth, but ageing is free' – hah! Like your comments about pushing childishness, as being easily controlled. By the 'paternal/paternal' State …

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