Symbolic Pics of the Month (06/13)


In this edition of SPOTM: Sharon Needles, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Tara McDonald and many other examples of how artists must adopt Illuminati symbolism in order to stay in the spotlight.

This Flaunt magazine photoshoot features Sharon Needles who was crowned "America's Next Drag Superstar". The name of the photoshoot? "Hail Satan". Her's Sharon sporting Devil horns.
This Flaunt magazine photoshoot features Sharon Needles – an entertainer who was crowned “America’s Next Drag Superstar” on a reality TV show. The name of the photoshoot? “Hail Satan”. Going with that theme, here’s Sharon sporting devil horns.


The photoshoot is also about that one-eye thing, proving that this is part of Illuminati Agenda.
The photoshoot is also about that one-eye thing, proving that this is part of Illuminati Agenda.


Yes, the entertainment industry sure loves BDSM-one-eyed satanic stuff.
The entertainment industry sure loves one-eyed BDSM satanic stuff.


One-eye again.
One-eye again. In case you thought the others were coincidences.


This is what "fashion" has become.
Apparently, that’s fashion.


UK pop singer Tara McDonald is also doing her best to show us who's in charge of her career.
UK pop singer Tara McDonald is doing her best to show us who’s in charge of her career.


Doing it again.
Doing it again.


I am in awe with her originality and creativity. It's mind blowing.
I am in awe with her originality and creativity. It’s mind blowing.


Ke$ha's video "Crazy Kids" features her doing this with an eye on her hand a bunch of times. She appears to do that only when she says "Crazy Kids". Listening to the lyrics, the "Crazy Kids" are in fact mindless drones listening to insipid pop music.
Ke$ha’s video “Crazy Kids” features her doing this hand eye thing a bunch of times. She appears to do that only when she says “Crazy Kids”. Watching the video, seems like the “Crazy Kids” referred to in the song are more like clueless kids brainwashed by Illuminati-funded insipid pop music.


French reality TV star Nabilla also clearly showing that this Illuminati crap is worldwide.
French reality TV star Nabilla is clearly showing who’s pushing her in mass media,


Indian actress Sonam Kapoor also proves that this crap is in Bollywood too. She is hiding her eye with a "most stylish" award. Does one have to do that Illuminati one-eye thing to win awards?
Indian actress Sonam Kapoor proves that this crap is also reaching Bollywood. In this pic, she is hiding her eye with a “most stylish” award. Does one have to do that Illuminati one-eye thing to win awards?


Selena Gomez on the cover of Brazilian magazine Atrevida. Just letting Brazilians know who is putting her on magazine covers.
Selena Gomez on the cover of Brazilian magazine Atrevida. Just letting Brazilians know who is putting her on magazine covers.


Speaking of former Disney child stars, here's Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend who is wearing a t-shirt that features a Mickey Mouse head, an inverted cross, the sigil of the Church of Satan and some blood. Is he trying to communicate something through his t-shirt?
Speaking of former Disney child stars, here’s Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend. He is wearing a t-shirt that features a Mickey Mouse head, an inverted cross, the sigil of the Church of Satan and some blood. That the entertainment industry in a nutshell.


Speaking of Mickey, here's a shirt sold at the Disney store. "I love MK"? As in MK Ultra? (As you might know, Mickey Mouse ears are a symbol of mind control).
Speaking of Mickey, here’s a shirt sold at the Disney store. “I love MK”? As in MK Ultra? (As you might know, Mickey Mouse ears are a symbol of mind control).


The UK girlband was formed by reality TV show XFactor. In a promo event, one of the members sports a big giant inverted cross. Satanic imagery is soooo in right now.
The UK girlband Lil Mix in a creation of the TV show X-Factor. In a promo event, one of the members sports a big giant inverted cross. Strange how nobody noticed that. Satanic imagery is soooo in right now.


Chinese actress Fan Bingbing is sporting some sex-kitten symbolism with the kitten ears and Mickey Mouse (aka I love MK) shirt.
Chinese actress Fan Bingbing is sporting some sex-kitten symbolism – kitten ears and Mickey Mouse (aka I love MK) shirt.


Of course, gotta do the one-eye thing.
Of course, gotta do the one-eye thing.


Speaking of Sex Kitten, here's an image posted by on Rihanna's Instagram. So you got the animal print (used to identify Beta Programming) and a kitten head. Yup.
Speaking of Sex Kitten, here’s an image posted on Rihanna’s Instagram. So you got the animal print (used to identify Beta Programming) and a kitten head. Rihanna is also bringing back that Beta Programming imagery.


Rihanna spent $100,000 on this 5-feet Swarovsk portrait of Marilyn Monroe. As seen in my article on Marilyn Monroe, those who represent Beta Programming in today's entertainment industry are all  (programmed to be) "obsessed" with Monroe.
Rihanna spent $100,000 on this 5-feet Swarovsk portrait of Marilyn Monroe. As seen in my article on Marilyn Monroe, those who represent Beta Programming in today’s entertainment industry are all (programmed to be) “obsessed” with Monroe.


The saying "Symbols rule the world not words nor laws" means that you shouldn't listen to what "officials" or media says about power. Just look at the symbolism and imagery that's around you. Here's a momunent in Las Vegas that's basically a tribute to Illuminati rule.
The saying “Symbols rule the world not words nor laws” means that you shouldn’t listen to what “officials” or the media says about power and governance. Just look at the symbolism and imagery that’s around you – it silently tells the truth. Here’s a monument in Las Vegas that’s basically a tribute to Illuminati rule.

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The "foot soldiers of the et god", the abductees, are being called up.

"Game is on and time is up."

Get right with Jesus now!

It's getting ever less subtle. It's scary how common it has become to see people wearing inverted crosses.
It's disgusting.

what a world!

Hey, anyone out there wonder about the big to-do about that "Dispiciable Me" movie…you know, the one where the main character is a big eye ball? When I see ONE EYE, I get suspicious, and when it's Disney doing it, even more so.

Eyeball? And in this link you can find a hat that has that big eyeball on it. Creepy.

An interesting tidbit for your reading pleasure in regards to the Marilyn Monroe portrait made out of 65,000 crystals worth $160,000 . Source : The artist Claire Milner a former graphic designer and freelance illustrator based in York, England who did the portrait of Marilyn Monroe made out of Swarovski crystals worth the value of $160,000 for Rihanna has a particular signature to her work. According to one source "She currently works in celebrity portraiture and sometimes sneaks text into the artwork as a sort of subliminal messaging bonus. She's also a member of BAMM the British Association for Modern Mosaic and, apparently, has clients that include private collectors, corporations". So even the art in Rihanna's house is there to serve the function as consistent reminder of who she serves and how she got all her fame and riches. Every day MK programming. Sad. Sad. Sad. They have it all.… Read more »

I feel sorry for the new Kanye West/Kim Kardashian baby – North West. The sad point is that is that this innocent baby girl will 100% be raised MK as the poor baby has already been forced into a traumatizing induced 'premature' birth – one of the early hallmarks of programming to make it easier to programme the child into the future. Smells like beta-kitten to me.

I am from China and I have to say that Fan has been one of the superstars for years. Many of us honestly don't think she deserves all the success because although she's beautiful indeed, her acting talent is very limited. She stars in many trash TV series and films.

it really is the elites last ditch effort, they're lost and not coming back, but I have to say, there are quite a few that go along with it simply because they can't weren't allowed or didn't learn to think for themselves. I always thought psychedelics were the answer, but not for everyone, for me yes, but others don't really respond all that well. Too late? What else can they do. I suggest getting good at something, anything from a guitar to building with your hands, AS LONG AS IT ISN'T JUST FOR YOUR JOB, you actually have to GO HOME AND DO IT TOO, DON'T JUST WANTCH T.V., but can I say this to anyone I know and have them believe me or have any effect on them… my girlfriend, my brother? The choice is theirs, I just keep them in view, watch over them, be there when the… Read more »

okay, yep, if this isn't nauseating to you it might be too late. You can kill your parents, or uncle pervert. If it is, that's not a lot better, because it's real, insidious and not an option of opting out. Retreat, recluse and relax. Don't ignore, get furious, rage until the dying of the light, burn out if you have to, just don't stop being unique, individual and hating pop music, no, matter, what.

In an earlier post I said, in reference to Miley Cyrus "Another victim of MK Mouse!" which I thought was completely original. I was going to send it to Fritz Springmeier. Looks like Disney beat me to the punch!

its amazing not so long ago these kinds of people had to be and dark corners or streets in the middle of the night to do these things…. and today they are allowed to do it in brought daylight!!!

New here and just have to ask and no disrespect intended but if so many signs and such are so in your face don't by common sense says they loose their power

Nope. Because 99% of the people have no clue.

These artists look so unbelievably stupid covering one eye up.. actually

Great post as always, but MK stands for Magic Kingdom, one of the Walt Disney World parks. Still, funny coincidence.

or is it?

I looove Ms. Sharon Needles!!! I live for drag hunny!

Little Mix, not Lil Mix. But since they're related to One Direction anyways (Perrie Edwards—the light-haired girl in the group—is currently Zayn Malik's girlfriend), they're affected as well. I was afraid this might happen, but I'm thanking VC for showing this.

Off Topic a little, but has anybody noticed Brett Michaels with his new RV makeover show and him flashing his devil horns hand sign?

Also, what about this new movie, World War Z? Could this possibly be about getting consent from the unsuspecting Sheeple audience before the Global Elitists actually unleash WW3?

I look forward to this every month, VC. Great article like always. 🙂

The part about Sonam Kapoor shocked me. With a little research I got to know that there is a production company called Illuminati Films in India, founded and owned by Saif Ali Khan. He's one of the leading actors in Bollywood. And here I was thinking that Bollywood is free of this stuff. Wow.

The people who use this imagery/symbolism are pathetic. It's just a "look at me" cry. Yawn to these fools

I looked for the MK Disney shirt at the Disney Store and didn't find it…I wonder if they mysteriously pulled it off the shelves?

Could someone explain the mickey mouse connection? I realize we see the image over and over, but exactly how is it a "symbol of mind control?" Why?

You NEED to do an article on Miley Cyrus's "We Can't Stop" video, which was released today. Trippy, hollywood and illuminati, in a nutshell..smh

What I don't get about all this – what's the point?

I am not blind to all these symbols, something is going on, but I don't get the purpose. These Illuminati/satanists/whatever seem to control the whole entertainment industry, commerce and finance, and the most powerful governments. They have also all the mind-control facilities in place all and they seem to be well versed with the occult and may be even in contact with real-life demons.

They rule the world already! What more do they want? If I would secretly control the world, I would try my best to be shut about it, and not flaunt it everywhere with symbolisms.

All their "work" strikes me as redundant, given that they rule already and achieved their goals ten times over. What's their point with all this bragging-off?

Asker….Because the illuminati have to reveal themselves before the final harvest

Ahh, but the are only revealing themselves because access to knowledge has become so prevalent on the internet. Prior to the internet, you would only know what this symbolism meant if you were in a secret society or you had access to rare books or something. Plus why not brag off. They control the whole world now, so why not big up themselves lol!

The point is that they are trying to open up a portal so that Satan can enter and rule this specific dimension. When he got kicked out of Heaven, he got kicked out of physical existence, and is forcing his way back in, by conquering each plane of existence in its turn, working his way up the "grand staircase" of vibrational densities, up to and including what we think of as Heaven, from whence he fell. He and his minions have made many attempts to truly take over our little slice of reality, and have failed every time. They build up negative energies, with violence and spells and corrupt behaviors, and install a priesthood to build the "spiritual infrastructure" they use to pull entities into our world from other neighboring dimensions, making the Doorways bigger and bigger until they have one he'll fit through (for ex. the WTC/9/11 site.) The… Read more »

Bunch of nobody's except for Rihanna.. Even if they did have anything to do with the illuminati, they're only puppets

'If thy eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light'—so Jesus runs the Illuminati (*illuminated* ones)

You know what I don't like? The fact that this article has 440+ comments on it while the PRISM and Bilderberg articles have less than that combined. We spend so much time staring at these celebraties, hunting for mickey mouse ears and one-eyed signs, talking about them, we seem for forget that those in power are on the move with these agendas. The entertainment industry is used not only to teach these agendas, but to distract and numb the people to what is actually going on. Let us be aware of this and not fall into the trap too. It is easy to "be awake" and instead of being pro-active, just watch youtube videos of Rhianna.

Someone should make a bronze statue of a man with a hammer & chisel to place right next to that all seeing eye pyramid/statue. Then weld it to the ground with the words "EVERYMAN" across the statues torso and the words "PROGRESS" on the hammer and "JUSTICE" on the chisel.

AWESOME idea and visual !!!!!!!

Why the mason-like symbolics …again?


Hey VC, have only recently started following your blog. I've been researching this stuff since the past yr and a half. I'm from India and I thought that the Illuminati had not yet infiltrated Bollywood but I was surprised to find out that Illuminati symbolism has been present in Bollywood films since the 70's. Also, a very famous superstar from Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan, has a production house called Illuminati films and the logo is a roaring lion. Many Bollywood stars have also died mysteriously, the most famous case being that of upcoming starlet Divya Bharti who was murdered in the 90's but it was ruled as suicide. Very recent is the mysterious death of actress Jiah Khan who reportedly committed suicide because of abusive treatment from her boyfriend. What is really weird is that her boyfriend, Suraj Pancholi son of actor Aditya Pancholi was to make his debut in… Read more »

I really hope you do an article on the film "Now You See Me" that came out not too long ago. That movie is ridden with symbolic imagery!

Do Morgan Freeman's freckles form a butterfly?

Are you mocking me? Can't deny this had me chuckling. The props they decided to use such as the tarot 'business cards,' the all-seeing eye that they were working for. The 'higher power' chose the magicians, and they blindly agreed to work for this higher power for fame (with no prior knowledge to who the higher power actually was).

I saw the movie and thought it was a decent thriller/caper. I think all the Egyptian stuff is just a MacGuffin and that the story's theme is about karma.

one hand covers eye, other hand covers crotch…. getting weirder and weirder…..

OMG the drag queen pic got me by surprise, I wasnt expecting that! Shocking!0_0

If you look closely at the picture of Sonam Kapoor (Bollywood actress) you can see she is wearing a headband that strangely looks like a mix between a monarch butterfly and Baphomet. This Illuminati symbolism has been around for quite a while in Bollywood. All the actors and actresses are pawns of the elite. The casting couch is also dominant in the industry. Sickening and scary.

I noticed the head band too.

I no longer trust anyone in this satan's world……I don't even trust this guy that shows us this "truth" on this website.
I don't like his nonchalant religious beliefs, and I know that this site is obviously heavily monitored.
How does this guy find so much so easily?
I only trust Yeshuah.
Do you all see what I'm seeing?

If you want truth about the reason for our existence, then I suggest the free book from the Philadelphia Church of God. Mystery of The Ages.
They have turned Laodocian, but the original teachings were not.
Those of us that are Hot in Yahwehs mouth, just like those of us that research this, are of the church of Philadelphia as written in Revalations.
Those that disregard it are cold.
Those that are semi~interested are like spit in Gods mouth.
Wow Please look this up!
Read all of the 7 churches , and figure out which church you belong to!

Figure out which category I fit into? No thanks.

Divide and conquer to me.

Sharon Needles = Sharing Needles… GET IT!


NOT Soonam Kapor. Fanbingbing tooooo???/!!?!????!

Wait wait wait….Soonams headpiece…..

This has nothing to do with the pics but there is a new movie coming out called Elysium. Its all about the Elite, and transhumanism and people standing up to the Elite. You should cover that movie when it comes out.

Predictive programming and mind control garbage, like everything else a major movie studio releases. There is no depiction of rebellion allowed that is not already carefully controlled.

I saw the trailer at the theater, it made me sick. I just wanted to get up and leave… i was like im done, bastards!

and kim kardashian has her baby on 6-15-2013 = 666 – coincidence – hmmmmm

Speaking of MK the main character of new animation Epic is called 'MK'

I posted something about that movie earlier in this blog. The Queen is "sacrificed" and gives her soul to a younger queen. General Ronin's helmet is the symbol for Baal/ Apollo! I forgot about the MK thing. The girl's name is Mary Katherine but is called MK for short.

Look at the Baphomet Head on Sonam Kapoor. If you look close at the "head jewelry" that goes from across top of her head, right above her forehead is the Baphomet symbol. I apprciate VC for their determination to expose. I would love to hear stories of people "Awakened" by VC I don't know why I spend time looking at this garbage–Thanks again VC–I suggest a new section that has positive stuff.

Good work as usual VC. Interested to read your impressions on Kanye West's new album as well. The different reviews and stuff on it have been interesting enough!

Also vigilant Mariah Carey has an entire room in her house dedicated to Monroe. She's done interviews and nick cannon has spoken about it. Creepy. I've worked with him before. He's honestly nothing like who he is on tv. He's really quiet and weird. He just feels so dark and evil. When you meet him you just know. He wanted his show to play the gaga Alejandro video for the teens to dance too. They had all that symbolism of her eating the rosary on the big screen. People in this industry are so selfish. They're only concern is to die rich and in power regardless of who they have to kill and desensitize to get there.

Nick Cannon seems like a handler to me.

A sick world: full of puppets, circus…

but the sick psychopaths – they are All Politicians – The Dirt on all the earth!

Don't really understand why these artists 'sell out' to satan. I mean, with some logic and thought-in a way aren't the ruthless families that govern the world powerful enough without the help of the devil to make these people 'famous' to promote their agenda? Or do they need that evil energy to protect them from the true God's wrath?

Used to love watching disney but now i cant help but look out for symbols during shows. Thanks VC for the heads up

I was looking at the mm/inverted pentagram/antichrist cross shirt and thinking to myself…ok….that is very revealing of the agenda of the thing and what it all stands for, together…..should I even hope that there are others that may look at such a shirt and think…waitaminute…what is that shirt trying to tell me about the subjects represented? Are they all connected somehow? _"OMG!!! MICKEY MOUSE IS EVIL!!! THAT MEANS…THAT MEANS…DISNEY…..IS……OMG!!!!!"__maybe that's too much to ask for from people that support everything Disney and feel that they're being really good parents. Are we all doing the best we can to resist this evil so that God will feel that we can do no more and send it all over the edge along with these dark idiots….while we remain here and restart the world in light and love and have REAL LIFE…and no longer be comatose in this matrix dream? Keep fighting. Be… Read more »

Amazing what passes for "fashion". This section always intrigues me, but the pubic hair picture didn't need to be included…

I thought that fashion meant that you were actually wearing something! I mean aren't you trying to sell clothes or something like that?! WTF?!!! When would I want to see a cross-dressing man showing his pubic hair. It's soooo gross!

[serious mode off]

You totally overlooked the fabulous shoes… Strangely enough no matching bag , oh wait

He needs a bag for his junk.

I am afraid that Rihanna will be falling from the scene soon. She lacks innate talents that make her valuable compared to others. She is just a carbon copy of the other females. Britney Spears is way more valuable and intelligent. This is all to sad.

I don't understand your sayings about miss BS being more valuable then miss R. Are you talking money, ceative talent?

How old is miss R ..?

lol…that IS sad…that B.S. could be considered more valuable and intelligent than anyone else in the industry………but..yes…sadly…..whatsherface….Rihanna….has paid for a full. first class ticket to the dark lap dance of uncreation…………….at least, it seems, that BS knows something is wrong…R just doesn't seem to care………hopefully, she can work her way up to continued existence in the void…..the whole industry is just…..beyond disappointing…….I refuse to believe that this is the best we can do. we're better than this!

"Now that you have learned about God, it is time to learn how to act like God."
save and ascend your own soul. Maybe you will inspire another to do the same……no one said it would be easy, just that it would be worth it in the end.

sorry, britney is not intelligent – i doubt she even finished school. both these women cannot sing. they have no true gift of song….rihanna has more fame and followers than britney – and i think she has been very outspoken about what god she serves. i think she's more dark than brit, i see her as a top witch too. that's y they do what they do – they feel like they have enough power behind them.

The media has reported on her drug use and crazy lifestyle enough to make a sudden death at any time….expected, shall we say? Like a Lohan or a Britney. But she has not nearly worn out her welcome or usefulness like Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston. Especially if you add in the possibility of being a Presidential Model – Rihanna, even with her unhealthy lifestyle, is still of great beauty.

Her tattoos seem to be very threatening, as well. The huge Isis underneath her ribcage, the gun shaped eagle (I think) on her foot…indicates to me at least that she feels empowered by her situation. Britney has been electroshocked and traumatized back into submission after her well publicized breakdown – how can you tell how intelligent she is? I cant say Ive ever seen her core personality.

These people appear simple minded as if their heads are empty of thoughts, ideas and words. Many artists of today appear unintelligent and not able to make simple decisions. Marilyn Monroe and Britney Spears appear innocent of agreeing willingly to this wicked method. The rest seem as if they would eat their children to have the opportunity to be stricken of their minds and dignity for fame. Was this industry ever free of such practices?

Nope. Read about old Hollywood, we're talking the early days– 1910's & 1920's– they were just as raunchy and occult/secret society controlled back then. Famous actors were still snorting coke and having perverse orgies in the 1920's. Consider Charlie Chaplin's documented love of underage girls-just the tip of the iceberg.