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Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)



Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

In this edition of SPOTM: Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Ciara, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and…sigh…Smurfette. Also, more then ever, what the hell is wrong with the fashion world? Warning: the first five images are might disturb some readers.

Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

This Vice magazine fashion shoot called “Last Words” reenacts the suicide of famous female authors. While the images are hard to watch, the most disturbing aspect of the shoot is the fact that it is a FASHION shoot. The models are wearing designer clothing and everything is fully credited so readers can buy the clothing. This led many critics to state that the photoshoot does actually glamorizes suicide and makes it almost fashionable. One thing is for sure, it is definitely a continuation of the culture of death that is prevalent today in mass media.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

Reenacting a person’s last agonizing moments to sell an item of clothing is disturbingly wrong.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

Irish Chang died in 2004, which is less than ten years ago. I’m guessing that this is pretty much the very last thing people close to her want to see at this point and time.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

“This is terrible. But, wow, that’s a nice dress”. Is that what you want women to say, Vice magazine? Really?


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

What is somewhat infuriating about this photoshoot is that it utterly fails at raising any kind of awareness or discussion about the issue. It is a typical bland fashion shoot with lifeless models bearing no emotions at all because that is not “fashion”. In the end, it is another way of associating fashion with the culture of death. The photoshoot was removed from the Vice’s website but is still in the magazine’s print version.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

If you haven’t been “keeping up with the Kardashians” (why should you?), Kylie and Kendall Jenner are the family’s youngest girls. Apparently, they are being introduced to the whole Illuminati entertainment business world. This  “back to school” video ad for the brand Pacsun ends with the sisters doing the one-eye thing using diamonds (Beta Kitten symbolism).


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

Another photoshoot, same one-eye thing.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

Here’s Kendall holding a rubber ducky. Also, mostly, she is showing that the industry has an eye on her. Literally.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

The company that makes this shirt uses this image in its catalog. It’s all about surrounding youth with this imagery.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

Being hip apparently now means being drenched in Illuminati symbolism. Here’s an entire American Apparel collection solely dedicated to the all-seeing eye.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

Obey Clothing once appeared to be satire of Big-Brother style propaganda. With its latest collection however, it falls right into Illuminati’s propaganda. This shirt  features one big inverted cross, a favorite symbol of the occult elite. Well, it is rather a black magic symbol the elite wants the masses to embrace. If you read what’s inside the cross, “Obey Posse” turns into “Possessed”. Fashion.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

Smurfette doing it the one-eye thing. Never thought I’d be typing these words. But here we are.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

The Smurfs 2 was released with a music from Britney Spears. The music video features her children, maybe to moms and to emphasize that the video is about “good, wholesome, family fun”. Britney still does this during the video, in a somewhat awkward, contrived way, as if she was ordered to do that.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

Finnish singer Erin had the urge of doing this sign right on her album cover. Thought Finland was safe from this? Nope. In fact, she went platinum there.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

Ciara’s video “Super Turnt Up” is basically all about her being draped in a coat with matching boots and dancing around with it. On the coat and boots is written”Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” which is the name of a powerful secret society of the early 20th century in which was famously initiated Aleister Crowley. The Golden Dawn is one of the ancestors of the secret societies that are in power today…and Ciara is dancing around with that name written all over her. I guess we know who owns her.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

Ciara walking around with a big Baphomet head on her shirt. Yup.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

Tom Cruise’s son Connor Cruise released an electronic music album. The cover features a very familiar symbol.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

Here’s Tom Cruise’s daughter Isabella Cruise walking around with a tattoo with the same familiar symbol: the triangle and all seeing eye. A ladder leads to the top of it triangle. These Cruise children sure do love that symbol.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

Most people who watched Miley Cyrus’ video “We Can’t stop” did not react well to it. People felt dirty, dumber and genuinely concerned for the future of our civilization. In short, it is right in line with what the occult elite wants. As this screenshot from the video suggests, Miley is not the mastermind behind this video –  she is a puppet, probably mind controlled into pushing that agenda.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

Would you be surprised in seeing her repeatedly doing the one-eye thing in photoshoots? Don’t be, because its happening.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

Miley, I have one thing to tell you: Stop. Oh wait, you can’t stop. Because the name of your song is “We Can’t Stop”. But, seriously… just stop.


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

Previews from the new Hunger Games movie features this Monarch Butterfly headdress. Will there be a Monarch Programming-inspired plot twist?


Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

China recently unveiled the world’s largest building. The cleverly placed reflective pool makes the building look like one giant eye. The name of the building is also very NWO-ish: “New Century Global Centre”. Symbols of the occult elite pop up in prominent places, yet most don’t recognize them. Use your eyes to recognize the eyes.

Special thanks to everyone who sent in pics!

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Symbolic Pics of the Month (09/13)

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This is beyond disgusting thats why i have no interest in the fashion or entertainment world. I dont watch music videos, keep up with celebrities, or watch those stupid ritual award shows. I can only imagine what Lady Gaga will do at the music awards this sunday. Please analyze her new video Applause. A lot of imagery including their lovely Baphomet


Don't analyze it! Boycott it!


I see in here that many people are hating on these celebrities… I mean, I know it's sick and depraved, but they can't help it. They been programmed with torture-based mind control techniques since birth probably. They have who know how many alters who take over their body. We cannot possibly fathom the pain, abuse, neglect, and torture they have gone through and still do go through. It's sick. Being r*ped at age 2 and pimped out ti God knows how many people… electro-shocked… forced to participate in or forced to watch murders… it's mind blowing! And I can't begin to understand how many people in the world are blind to this… I truly can't… All I can do is pray for them. Pray that God give them some peace and comfort, even if a little, while they live and that somehow they see His light and break out of this bondage. I pray that the world sees… Until we reach Heaven there will never be peace. It will just get worse… And unfortunately these people are all chess pieces… But all I can do is pray and show love to my fellow man. That's all we really can do… Read more »


Don't blame Hollywood, blame the people who buy into the propaganda. The Hunger Games was a huge hit. And why was it? Because the masses went out to see it and made the lead actress a huge star! Blame yourselves for supporting it. YOU make these celebrities into celebrities by buying their music, and going to see their movies. YOU are holding up the pyramid, and keeping the elite on the top.


Finally someone with some sense – if you don't pay money then their pockets won't be filled that simple.


well its not that simplee…..
propaganda is manipulating the masses
and not every single human being is a Albert einstein -.-
and a large amout of the peoplee that buy the records and watch the movies
are kids our teenagers and i meann theere brains havent even stop growingg theres are diffrences in adult brains and tteenagers and kids andd all that science shitttt…..
so its not that simple -.-

# justin bieber iss done more exploting pleasee..
#sayy hello to austin mahoneee

#real music is dead
#fvuck hashtagss -.-


Yes it is that simple.

And your horrible writing is a prime example of why not every single human being is a Albert Einstein as you put it.

Where do kids and teenagers get their money from? Do kids and teenagers support themselves or do their parent support themselves. People need to start taking responsibility of their OWN actions! It is VERY simple! You are very misinformed or just ignorant or just a troll.


Every time I try to tell my friends or family about all this they just don't believe it! Ahhh I don't see how they can't see the blatant satanism in ALL media? It is everywhere now and I have a five year old daughter who rarely is subjected to any media. You all do you realize what society will be like and the generation of our children when they are adults?! There will be no talk of God at all! It is our jobs as parents to keep our children away from all media and instill out Godly values in them! They "industry" won't win if we don't let them!


This is the worst i have ever seen! I am from GHANA in West Africa and the youth here are so much into these illuminati stars from Britney Spears to Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga….even our local tv particularly a station called VIASAT1 seem to promote the illuminati agenda and its so bad. Many are ignorant of these demonic manipulations and its affecting most of the youth here….and many who hear about these things find it hard to believe…..My fellow brothers and sisters in Christ please help me pray for my country that the Lord should open the eyes of the youth to accept the truth


One of the kids in my high school got a similar tattoo like Isabella Cruise's, but bigger and more detailed. When I asked him why he got it, he said it's because it looked cool. I asked him if he knows what the symbol represents, and he said yes and doesn't care. I was shocked. No wonder the elite have some much control over the masses.


I hate to see pictures of Britney doing anything Illuminati. Not you Brit Brit… please… not you !! 🙁

And Miley Cyrus is… ugh.. who told her she was sexy? No, thanks.

Those suicidal images are just disgusting. Aside from any Illuminati or elite thing, how can a magazine publish such crap? How many troubled youngsters can get inspiration to end up their lives by hanging, shooting or jumping from a tall building? Such publicity is dark, and evil.

D D d

Check the chief editor and its past, just for laughs….


The concept of the shoot was famous female authors who committed suicide. Vice had the shoot set up as re-enactments.


completely agree. unfortunately britney is now in knee deep herself. although its not exactly her fault, its the programming, so its not even in her control whats happening to her :'( i wish the best for her tho… 🙁


My dad used to tell us to be like Buggs Bunny and NOT like the Smurfs. Buggs Bunny always found a way out of his predicaments by using his brain and outsmarting his adversary. The Smurfs always ran away and had to ask poppa-smurf or grampa smurf what to do; they couldn't think for themselves. It doesn't surprise me at all to see that little w---e Smurfette doing the one-eye thing (hahahahaha).


I saw that demonic upside cross sweater advertised in an airport near London and I thought about a verse from Revelation "and all his followers shall wear the mark of the beast". It made me sick to my stomach. Thanks VC for getting the OBEY clothing brand the attention it really needs!

A Christian

Not sure if anyone else already mentioned this, but…

In addition to what VC wrote, the words on the "Obey shirt" are also a spell; like "Abracadabra" in black and white (duality).

Connor Cruise's ad includes not just the All-Seeing-Eye, but inverted triangles as well, signifying "As Above, So Below"/Baphomet/sex magick, etc.

Sister Friday

Not surprised that the Kardashians would resort to exploiting their children (aka child sacrifice). The youngest daughter, Kylie (?), just had a 16th birthday party with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Smh…what profits a man (or woman) to gain the whole world and lose their soul. Sad!


What is sad is that their children have no choice!


What's wrong with an Alice in wonderland theme it's a good theme for a birthday party the cake was pretty cool and anyway I would love to have the opportunities they are having. And again a lot of girls Kylie and Kendals age dress older than their age it's just because they are in the public eye they think they are being over sexualised. They aren't being slutty or anything. I even met Kylie once she's really nice. It doesn't look like she's being controlled what what I saw.

Sigmund Freud's Ego

Just a thought but couldn't the all seeing eye be an adaptation of the pineal gland (the third eye)? I was on nicki minaj's instagram and she had on a Marilyn Monroe shirt and for her caption she said, "Marilyn on da D&G tank top. What could b beta? #NiggaWeBeenOn". Here's the link: The reason why I commented on that is because she used the word beta instead of just saying betta or better. Instead she said b beta/which "b" is for beta and we all know that Marilyn was a Beta sex kitten. There is also an agenda being pushed into this industry it's crazy. You got rappers wearing skirts/dresses, leggings, blouses. Its crazy. The whole Michael Hastings thing is bazarre too.


There is more to it than the all-seeing eye being the third eye. It is a reference to Horus who had his eye gouged by Set. Horus is the one-eyed god.


*sigh* now you Smurfette? I noticed Effie Trinket's Monarch Butterfly outfit before I even read this.

lala land

smart people know that illuminati and its associated cults are fake religions set up by false 'prophets' who are sex-deprived, depraved, paedophiliac etc. They believe alien culture is the origins of the human race etc and that's why you have all these stupid movies with superheroes (hybrid aliens) etc and a ritual sacrifice culture… But what is so ironic is that they use the Bible as a source material (ha ha ha!!!!) so in a way, they are more orthodox than traditional Christians as they take the Devil (source of light/knowledge giver) etc literally and all those accounts of the w---e of Babylon, the Reveletions etc.. (fatalism) and they believe Aliens built the pyramids (again, knowledge-givers etc). They've built up all this secrecy around it, but you know many cultures and religions around the world, it's embedded in their culture and it's an open secret (whether you believe in it or not). .. e.g. Sumerian, Egyptian, Mayan, Indian, Native American, even Greek/Norse mythologies, Chinese animalism (dragon) etc etc. It's totally ludicrous that illuminati cults believe they have esoteric, specialist knowledge. It's rubbish and they're illiterate and backward people. Because, Abraham didn't 'sacrifice' his son and if the illuminati believe that… Read more »


I was watching Ciara's video, "Sorry" and saw the baphomet image on the right night stand in the bedroom scene. Time: 4:28.


We are all, globally being conditioned into excepting the inevitable. Television is being used as the vehicle to deliver the 'message'(s), for lack of any better term, to the masses so we will not become uncontrolable or refuse accepting the truth that we've been lied to since day one.

There is a God – it's just not what we were told it was.


That's why kris Humphrey 72 day marriage with Kim k ended he properly saw the dark side to the family when the camera stopped rolling and didn't want anything to do with them. Or he just simply wanted her money lol


Actually Kim dumped hm – publicly before she even told him lol. But yes, im sure he's glad he got away from that crazy family, they're all attention seeking nut jobs.


This is absolutely shocking.
Well, not really. It was bound to happen, but the way it's just accepted by the masses is just..shocking.
Although not many people believe in the Iluminati's existence, they have probably been exposed to some info about it and brushed it off as bullshit. This is at least what I've noticed with people I come into contact with.

When I first saw something about the Illuminati, it was back in 2008. 5 years ago. Of course the symbolism was still present and all, but you didn't see all that much. At least not to the point of being on clothes.
To me it's just kind of weird to see this everywhere now. Again, just part of making it normal. But I wonder….
Do the people who brushed it off as bullshit see this and rethink their stance on this?

Also, the photoshoot was just tasteless and disgusting. I mean, holy s--t. Glamorizing suicide? That far?
F--k it. What more can we expect from the fashion industry that is run by the elite. Just like everything else.


Maybe they glamourize suicide to influence young people to commit suicide. People who commit suicide apparently go to hell even the young ones who don't have as many sins. They collect souls, they want to go down and take everyone else with them.


It's the throwaway concept … throw away your health, then your family, your soul and finally your life but that trash can is not marked for any old dump.


Hence the Kesha "Die Young" song.


Im a 16 year old currently studying fashion and clothing in college because I love being Creative and designing and making my own clothes which makes me, one day open my own clothing store. But seeing all this stuff going on in the fashion industry makes me worried and lost because it seems you have to promote at least a certain aspect of it for your clothing line to be big and I want it to be big but I'm to concerned because i love god and I will never promote this sick culture. I really need advice thanks. Btw I'm really sad for the Jenner girls I really like them I'm afraid of what goes on behind closed doors.


Deedee, you answered your own question in your comment. You said you loved God and want your clothing line to be "big" and you will never promote this "sick culture." GOOD. Then promote your own GOD-LOVING CLOTHING LINE and stand up for your beliefs! There is a HUGE market of God-loving people who will WANT your clothes and are craving something positive for themselves and their children! It will be challenging because you will be around a lot of people in college who will try to sway you and turn you to the dark side, so get with some good people and stay strong, girl!

D D d

So you want to be big in business. Big in fashion. Never dream small, i guess. But work hard for it, create chances. Promote the helll out of it, so people can pay big money for it, so you can buy big things. And live in a big house. And do good with it. I hope.

Apres Ski

Glad you put that warning up VC about those photos being extremely disturbing! I was stunned when I saw them glamorize death. HOW COULD THEY? Where is the outrage of the public? I can't believe people aren't being outrage by this. Why are mothers protesting these photos? Why hasn't the news picked this up & blasted it all over the news?

Thanks VC because I will look at these companies very differently.

As for young Jenner- Kardashians, I'm sure Kris is just thrilled with her percentage as their manager. Did you know she started a church on her property and has it all setup to collect donations? I'm sure that's where Kris meets the devil & has her long conversations with him. WOW!!!

This stuff just makes me pray harder and more than once in the morning and once before I go to bed . . .



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