Symbolic Pics of the Month (06/12)


In this edition of the Symbolic Pics of the Month: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Rihanna and a whole lot of fashion world craziness.


Twilight heartthrob Robert Patterson in a Premiere magazine photoshoot that is replete with mind control symbolism. He is here shown as if he just got a lobotomy. An eye is drawn where his brain was “extracted”. Illuminati mind control leaving its mark?


Robert is here walking in dark hallway with a blank stare, a little like a MKed zombie.


Here, Robert has a gaping hole in his stomach, a little like in the movie Videodrome, where videotapes were inserted to “program” the guy.


Two Roberts = Two alter personas. We also see videotapes.


Hiding one eye with one hand and oddly holding a razor with another.


Kristen Stewart in another Twilight star featured in a MK-themed photoshoot this month. This ELLE magazine shoot is all about alter personas – with masculine and feminine attributes. The union of opposites is always an important theme in the occult elite’s symbolism.


Um, right.


Kristen Stewart appears in the new movie “Snow White & the Huntsman. Promotinal material for the movie prominently features the one-eye sign.

Another ad for the movie.


In this pic, Rihanna is walking around with a t-shirt that has the words “Control Minds”. The words are placed in order to form an inverted cross. Looks like she thoroughly adopted the symbolism of her handlers.


Speaking of Ri-Ri,  her  latest video “Where Have You Been” she gives a big shout-out to her Illuminati handlers with the forming a blinking eye with her dancers.


Speaking of the one-eye sign, here’s another way of doing it with Jared Leto in a Terry Richardson photoshoot. Him getting his eye poked out by someone is basically what the Illuminati does to artists.


Nelly Furtado’s video “Big Hoops” features her hiding one eye about a dozen times.


Look its Carrie Underwood! And she’s hiding one eye! How original!


Cheryl Cole showing who’s the boss of her  on the cover of her latest album.

Ambush is yet another clothing brand replete with Illuminati symbolism.


Urban Outfitters is also making sure that young people walk around wearing symbols of the occult elite.

The symbols also appear on random stuff like skateboards. Here we see the All-Seeing Eye and the Masonic compass and square.

Lovin’ it!




  1. Didn't think it would be so sad to see Robert and Kristen like this. :( They seemed so sweet and innocent. Damn.

      • Yeah you're right. But what about Robert? He was just a careless goofball. Hm. Definitely not anymore. I knew something was up this year with him. His new film is weird.

      • she also behaves very strangely when she has to be herself somewhere. on the today show sometime last week she showed up to talk about her movie. she hardly even looked at the interviewers in the face. she looked down the whole time, and her foot was continually shaking. any little jokes fell flat because she never smiled. it came off very weird. i don't think she is shy with the job she has, I don't know what the problem is, but it's weird.

      • There's nothing wrong with being mellow and introverted. Robert seems fake and phony. I would think hes less innocent which is why hes so hyper.

      • Kristen Stewart is FAR from sweet and innocent. She's always been a very weird girl and she rarely ever gets an "innocent" role. As far as Kristen as a person, she NEVER looks happy. From a few of my friends that have worked with her, they say she can be bitchy or easy to work with, depending on her mood. She will allegedly cry for no reason sometimes and she almost never wants to be around a lot of people, whether they're fans or not. Supposedly she will also speak in an austrailian accent.

      • @Rebecca Acting doesn't necessarily portray a person as they are because the actor/actress is usually playing a role. An introverted actor can appear as extroverted as they come, depending on how good their acting is. So maybe Kristin is an introvert in real life but a different person on set.

    • I felt so sick after I saw these pictures of Rob a while ago, felt like my whole world just came crashing down, like anything I ever believed in here was a vile lie. I’m a fan and seeing this doesn’t disappoint me, it hurts me. It hurts to see people you look up to or admire being sucked into this disgusting part of Hollywood. The photoshoot was to pay tribute to David Cronenberg’s films since he is the director of ‘Cosmopolis’ and it gave me hope that that was all this was, a tribute, but I don’t know. I talked to my cousin about it (who is also a fan) and we decided to pray for him and for Kristen as well. It might seem silly to some people, praying for a person’s wellbeing, someone you haven’t even met, but it’s important. Salvation is individual, but all we could do is get on our knees and ask God to help them look the other way and get out of there. I’m sure once you’re in, it might seem impossible to get out, but nothing is impossible for Him.

      @Danielle you’re right, Rob is a goofball, @Kiki and Kristen always looks melancholy but they’re genuine people. If anyone ever gave me faith that they were stronger than to let Hollywood suck them in, it was Rob and Kristen. These people are the real deal, but Hollywood paints a pretty picture some can’t look away from, that’s why I pray.

      Call me religious and all, tell me Twilight sucks, I don’t care. I know what is happening in Hollywood is real. I care about these people because I know they are better than this, they deserve better than this. No one should ever be put through this madness.

      So whoever is reading this, if you care, get down on your knees because it WILL make a difference.

      -Angie xx

      • You are soooo RIGHT, I agree with every single word you wrote, may God bless you!

      • U know I just did now. I was thinking not u too Rob :( He seems so uncaring about the big things and now…

      • it makes me sick how people worship celeberties. glad i never participated in watching or listening to anything these producers and there controlled celebs put out. resist this crap it aint any good. trendy vampire garbage .. and annoying mainstream music sucks anyways.

      • I'm sure Rob and kristen are a part of the Devils agenda and I feel so sad for every single person saying they're there idols and stuff, they're devil worshipers and this is the proof of it, how is it possible that government, musicians and artist are portraying the same satanic eye? Even NASA uses the all seeing eye symbol. c'mon people you got to wake up.

    • Just Asking... on

      Innocent? They both have agreed to star in movies that glorify a satanic ritual and make it palletable and attractive to naive young teens.

      Consider: Vampires stay alive by human blood. Satanist's power and rituals require human blood. Vampires choose a victim and proceed to drain blood from them. Satanic rituals require a chosen victim to which blood is drain from them. Vampires gain strength from the victim's blood. Satanists gain power and access into the supernatural demonic realm and are rewarded by Satan, through the shedding of the victims blood. The vampire's victim dies from the attack, the satanists victim dies from the ritual.

      Although as a movie it looks like a cool, sexy, whimsical world of fun loving…. yet "complicated," teen vampires….actually everytime on screen they take blood from a victim….the closest element that it represents in reality…is Satanism.

      A. this has nothing to do with Chrisianity

      B. Satanists are not Christians, they are Satanists.

      C. I didnt come up with their rituals, they are literally thousands of years old.

      D. Just letting you know what the vampire craze is all about and what it most closely resembles in reality, that is Satanism.

      E. you dont have to believe in Satanism, and may get mad because I "dissed" your vampire flicks…but facts are facts.

      F. I am aware one family of good blood suckers dont actually kill thier victims…That is Hollywood's way of making you like them more. "Their not really bad….."

      Theory: Even though it is fake on screen…does the actual ritual still happen? Ouija boards work whether you believe in it, or not, or could care less. In Rosemary's Baby when the Satanic family of witches gather around the child and chants Hail Satan, does Satan recieve that as praise? The history of Roman Polansky's life- sex with children…his pregnant wife Sharon Tate who was shortly after the release of Rosemary's Baby murdered with the baby cut out by Charles Manson's family (Satanists) . The building that Rosemary's Baby was filmed in has a history of wealthy Elite Satanists dwelling there before and after. John Lennon who claimed he sold his soul to Satan…was gunned down in front of the same building Rosemary's Baby was filmed in…he lived there!

      So is it the same with blood rituals through children vampire movies like Twilight…guess we'll find out…..

      • Vampires drinking blood… kind of like in mithraism, the believers eating the flesh and drinking the blood of their god. Reminds me of one other popular religion, quite common today.

      • Just Asking... on

        Rorir- of course you are alluding to Catholicism. Which literally does believe the Eucharist is real flesh and real blood. Which is why Catholicism is a Satanic death cult. They too perform a ritual with a false priest…. in order to gain life (everlasting) participants must partake in the sacrament of Communion which entails a sacrifice. Instead of fresh ritual victims in vampirism and Satanism, the Catholic church orders Christ back to the alter to be re-sacrificed each time, and it is a bloodless ritual. Typical Catholic doctrine confusing in that they claim the sacrament of communion turns the wafer into the actual flesh and blood and spirit of Christ every bit as much as Christ's original sacrifice on the cross….then official Rome doctrine states it is a bloodless sacrifice….so go figure. The Bible says without blood there is no remission of sin, the Catholics ignore this scripture. No other religion that I am aware of performs this ritual other than Catholicism, and Satanism….and a variety of pagan cults…shamanism, voodoo etc.

        If you were trying to tie true Biblical Christianity into your analogy your wrong. Christians celebrate bread and wine as a remembrance of the last supper….and true Biblical Christianity has nothing to do with Catholicism.

        If you want to argue Catholic doctrine meet me at Noise of

      • @Rorir – Mithraism, as in GOP presidential candidate Mithras Omni, the Roman war cry the troops chanted before going into battle. A blood sucking, nihilistic banker, Mithras Omni, Mitt Romney, a manufactured personage. Coincidence? I think not.

        The joke's on us.

      • Please quit falling into traps of infighting and finger pointing. Also, shock and awe are what the illuminati are about. 2012 is their revealing. PERIOD. Nothing to do with a Mayan prophecy. Anyway, I feel sorry for these people. Most are born into the illuminati and abused from very young ages and indoctrinated into this system. Most who struggle with it later in life and try to break away do not succeed and are put through total media hell. I look at them with sadness for they are empty vessels whose souls were probably sold before they even had a choice. Rihanna was poor but a perfect young little pick from the illuminati because she grew up in trauma hell and was easy to rope in. Rihanna will end up like Maryln Monroe. They are sex slaves who may live in posh surroundings but inside they are alone and empty.

      • Oh My Gosh! You are amazing. You have really opened my eyes. My sister always warned me not to watch it, and i didn't even though i really wanted to! I wish you were my friend You'd open m eyes a bit more. God Bless You! He Will! :)

      • i had a student a long time ago who played with the oui-ja board while a teen, he and his friends all had horrific problems, one dies, terrible accident, he gets cancer in his nose and later died of it…. he knew it was the board and that they had conjured up this horrible thing… it was no joke…. he lost half his face when I knew him, eaten from inside by the dis-ease….

    • truthytruth on

      What made you think they were so wonderful? Did you ever get to see anything their publicist didnt arrange for them?

      Im amazed some people come hear and still dont learn anything.

    • He asked for the photoshoot to be indedication to all the David Cronberg movies as his way of showing him (David) appreciation for the role in Cosmopolis.

    • Me from Colombia on

      I always wondered why Stewart is an actress. She can't act and she must have been dragged into the show bussiness as a victim of mind control from a young age. I feel terribly sorry for her and I can understand why she looks a bit dead inside.

    • "Le plus ca change, le plus c'est la meme chose". The more things change, the more they remain the same.

  2. i happened to be flipping channels very early this morn and stopped on music videos. they showed 3 back to back w/ rita and kylie and some other group (not really familiar w/ names) and each video was full of 1 eye tributes, baphomet/goat horns, upside down crosses and stars. complete garbage

    • Political Prisoner on

      This morning on abc1 I saw,

      Venus – Banarama

      Stay – Shakespeare's Sister

      Tonight Tonight – The Smashing Pumkpins

      Good times were had.

      I feel your pain though.

  3. On Robert Pattinson, research his Details photoshoot and video. Very Eyes Wide Shot. Kristen's new Interview mag issue is very telling as is her 2009 shoot for the same mag.

    • Had to look up the film you were talking about I'm thinking you were talking about "Cosmopolis"

      well from the trailer I can tell that it should be giving a warning of what's to come with the part in it that said "Destroy the Past. . . . Make the Future" And I don't want to jump the gun but that's kinda happening already

      • Details is not a movie. A magazine article com.plete with photos of Rob and naked women…he said he was totally uncomfortable with it and was thanking God he was hung over…he didn't know what to say to them.

  4. Geez. Robert Pattinson's "photoshoot" is just.. weird. And I can't believe how blatant everything is becoming. -_-

    You should really do a review on Adam Lambert's Never Close Our Eyes. It's pretty symbolic.

    • A lot of this symbolism, I feel, is becoming so prevalent, because they know people like us will end up talking about it. So it actually becomes harder to tell who is just trying to ride the buzz and who really is being mind controlled. I think its deliberate to confuse the masses even more and to make them desensitized to it.

      On similar note though, I do think Kristen and Rob are def being controlled, they look vacant and/or miserable all the time now except in movies. And Kristin's new movie, when I saw a trailer for it a while back, I was like "If this isn't filled with occult and mind control symbolism, I'm crazy…" I refuse to go see it because of that, I see very few movies anymore anyway, and I certainly wont pay to see one filled with mind control and illuminati themes, whether its overtly or covertly.

      • Ye I saw. Apparently, the concept of the video was about Adam trying to go against the NWO, but in the end, he gave in, saying that it might not be so bad after all. It's all about "keeping your minds open".

      • at about 0:58 he calls for a "new world order" of the future. how blatant can it gets?

    • Yes, those Blake Lively pictures are a great find. No wonder, it is an Oliver Stone film too. That man is demon possessed.

    • Good find on the post….Ms. Lively is being painted and covered in those infamous butterflies…ugh. I'm SO glad I didn't get a tattoo of a butterfly back in the day when I was deciding what to get.

    • WOW!!! God knows.. they've all drank the cool-aid! There's no one in hollywood that is normal. wouldn't of believed Blake Lively.. but then again, that's not true.. I just didn't really want to believe it. Thanks for posting that link.

  5. One thing that really makes me believe that these pictures actually mean what you say they do is that the meaning of these pictures are no secret. We believe they are doing these shoots and putting signs in their photos for a reason. You HAVE to assume these stars have at least heard about these things, and what thousands, if not millions of people believe they are doing. If you had even heard the rumor and a photographer was like hey, hide one and wrap this microphone cord around your neck, then any sensible celebrity would be like "no I'm not going to do that. Have you not realized that millions of people think that by me doing this they believe I probably worship satan." They know exactly what the meaning of these shoots depict, and when they're willing to go along with it, then I feel like they're automatically guilty as charged.

    • Often the celebrities are mindcontrolled and are willing to do so because they're controlled to do so by their handlers.

      • What do you think would happen to a MK victim that stumbled onto this site then…….. do you think it would make them go crazy?

    • I have a friend who just made it big in the Christian music industry. I am keeping her name private because I know for sure that she has NO connection to anything evil. And yet, I was going through some of her new promotional photos a month ago, and she was trowing the tripple six symbol around her eye, touching her outstretched hands above her head to form a pyramid, and covering one eye. This series of pictures revealed to me that there are even occultists in the Christian circles. My dear friend has no idea what any of this means, she was just told to pose like this in her pictures. I have known her since she was a child. I still talk to her. There are people influencing even those who don't understand what they are doing, to showcase these symbols. It is sick. Not everyone who poses this way is an occultist. But those who have made it big eventually are confronted with a choice. It just depends on how big you want to get.

      • Boots…hate to break it to you, but the "Christian" music industry is NOT what you think it is. I'm not passing judgement on your friend, just saying that there IS no such thing as the "Christian music industry". I know this very well. It is targeted towards Christians to infiltrate them and get the devil in their homes without them knowing, right under their noses. They don't need the money, these music moghuls…they only want to tear apart those that follow Christ, and this is a HUGE way in which they do that. ie: Amy Grant, Point of Grace, the whole lot of them. Amy Grant is NOT what she seems….why does she constantly throw baphomet signs and her actions have nothing to do with what she claims to do? The ENTIRE, and I do mean, the ENTIRE music industry is satanic and there is NO exception!!!!!!!!

    • HELLO. She has a butterfly tatoo on her foot. One of her breakout roles was in the "Devil's Addvocate." She was born in it. Look her up.

  6. The Elle photo shoot is reminiscent of a shoot Gia Carangi did when she was at the top of her game. The masculine/feminine aspects…

  7. what should we do seems like the elite is putting signs on everything should we stop watching t.v stop listening to the music what is it? it doesn't matter because the elite's agenda won't last forever thats why their doing all this i thinks its going 2 be time where we have 2 pick whos side we'll be on……….

    • You nailed it. There is NO lukewarm allowed in heaven. No riding the fence. It's one side or the other, and if one isn't sure, then you can bet it's the evil side. All that takes for evil to flourish is the ABSENCE of God!

  8. I've noticed illuminati/occult symbolism is becoming a trend in the fashion world. A lot of them adopt it out of popularity without understanding the symbolism, but the illuminati agenda is being pushed, nevertheless.

  9. Well i knew it was only a matter of time that Robert Pattinson and the individuals from Twilight would be used to mass manipulate individuals even more [than the movie have already]. Although I'm not a fan of their acting and just about everything, it's saddening to see another greatly influencing pop-culture icon [<— unfortunately] fall down in an obvious way to the elite. I wonder how many blatant photoshoots people will have to see before they realize "oh hey, this doesn't look normal! Maybe this is a little too morbid and not artistic at all!" One can only wait, I guess.

  10. Be more open-minded on

    The rihanna photo, wow. You can just tell she knows exactly what she's doing. This shouldn't piss anyone off. They are definitely chosing to participate and not feeling bad about it. Well, hell if that's where she wants to go. BYE!

    • It's scary though. Just image what the situation could be.

      You innocently go into Hollywood then your forced to worship the devil and if you try to leave or expose them, they kill you and it looks like you went from a sweet person to a crazy drug addict.

      How do they escape? It's sick.

      • You aren't "forced to worship the Devil" in Hollywood any more than you're "forced" to do it anywhere else… ._.

      • I wonder how would it happen too. Anyway, we can pray for them.

        About the photo. It's so clearly on her t-shirt. The words "Minds control"… They don't want even to cover it anymore. So disgusting…

      • Just Asking... on

        "forced into worshipping Satan"

        well kinda sorta. Early on certain individuals are "given auditions and access" due to a childhood background that would make that person conducive to "slavery." Mind control. Programming and brainwashing. A tulmutious childhood is desired, early sex abuse, incest, physical and mental abuse make for the most malleable victims. The handlers often love bomb their victims first…which sucks them in…since they are usually craving love. Then more high level audtions and access to parties and famous folks and big names, some bling, and 5 star treatment….then the programming starts. Most young people from a hard past will buckle and cave quickly seeking the love that was shown earlier and return to the riches they've tasted. People like Rihanna and Beyounce and JayZ are completely sold out at this point which means they are used to recruit "new ones." I picture Satan sitting on a throne with Ri-ri sitting on one knee, and Beyounce on the other, while Jay Z stands next to Satan…in his tough guy pose with shades on scowling.

        IN Revelation when the they talk about the "mark of the beast" it doesnt say the Antichrist forces, or makes anyone take the mark…it says "He Causes them both rich and poor to recieve the mark."

        Causing can be the result of an orchestrated effort to bring into effect a reality that will make the mark appear attractive enough to take.

        Just like with these mind controlled Hollywood slaves.

    • Did you happen to notice that on Rhianna's t-shirt, the words form the shape of an inverted cross?

      VC has already mentioned that the words are "Minds Control" and are inverted. But what I noticed, in part because Rhianna is looking down, is that the words would probably be very readable to the person wearing it (as they look down).

      And the words are MINDS control. As in: the person wearing that shirt is participating n the control — of YOU. As in: "I am your sovereign; your homage may begin now…"

      Of course there are at least two other ways to read that as well, none of which are good. But with as many folks that claim a very vocal atheism/agnostism/"we-just-hate-god(s)-ism, I have to wonder why I don't hear more outcry from them over shirts like that.

      • eis the symbol of The Anti-Christ. Shame on you, Rihanna. Shame on ALL of you. I pity for them. All we can do is get down on our knees and interceed for them.

      • i thought the same thing! like those letters we used to write as a child to our friends,thinking we were doing something secret by writing them backwards and the only way you could read them were to place them in front of a mirror.Now that i think of it, its kinda creepy that we even did that….where did it come from…never seen parent or anyone do it….child of the 80's,geez. o_O

  11. These photos are so out there, but sadly some people don't think anything of it. And if you try and tell them anything, you just sound like a loon. Glad some of us know better.

  12. Rihanna is the most blatant of them all, I mean, come on! at least pretend you are not in to it! geez…

    • I think rihanna is too far gone,I doubt she knows what is real anymore,I think she will end up like how Britney spears did,I'm very let down by Beyonce too she was so sweet her recent concert was full of flashing lights symbols. All these celebs want is power and money.its time us people start openin our eyes more

  13. Bob Saccamano on

    Since I'm in the truth search, and visit often this site, I've become aware of how big the illuminati hand is, I live in Mendoza, Argentina and even in this small city in the end of the world I see tons of this illuminati bullshit signs, in magazines, ads, even in graffitis, I don't know what to think anymore. Keep the good work V.C. !

    • Me either… makes me so sad b/c I love her & her music! Her personality was always so sweet… guess they're getting to her now :(

      • Yes, they got to her allright. There's criteria for pursuing people:

        1.) Is he/she liked by a population of people we want to influence?

        2.) Does he/she have the potential to make money?

        3.) How malleable is this person? (Based on upbringing, psychological state, etc.)

        4.) How bad does he/she want fame, fortune, and admiration?

        5.) Can we find out everything about this person and the people in their circles? (Mystery and surprises are a no-no, ie. a threat to their agenda)

        There's plenty more but that's a start… Apparently Carrie has tasted too much fame, fortune, and admiration to turn back now, so she will follow the direction of her handlers… Very sad. And it goes to show you that unless you reject what this society tells us is "good" and "desirable", anyone can fall into the trap.

        Our world needs a revolution from the inside out!

      • @ahappyheart

        Those are very good points. They remind me of the movie (and the book) The Firm which I saw years ago. But one of the things that really stood out in that movie to me was when the Feds tell Mitch just what his company was involved, and the real reason why he was chosen as a new lawyer:

        They found a poor promising kid to whom a huge paycheck would mean something, show him "the world" and rope him in. Then several years later, after he has a couple kids in private school, and his wife is happily immersed in some charity work, they tell him the real story.

        Sound familiar?

  14. In fourth last photo's lower left part looks like the opening scene from movie 'The Holy Mountain" which is very wierd mindf&%ck movie

  15. I think you should start the "Symbolic Pictures of the Week" again. There wasn't enough here to fill my tank and I know there's plenty of stuff that keeps coming out that could fill an album at least once a week.

  16. Gosh, but I love Jared Leto… sometimes I find myself in denial because he has so many pictures of him covering an eye. Gah.

  17. Please VC you need to make an article about "Cosmopolis". As much as I tried to understand, it is still hard to figure it out.

    PS: it is Charlize Theron in the crow picture.

  18. Nice but can someone tell me what the point of the Mcdonalds picture was – other than that very good VC

    • The point of that picture was that this little girl is still one of those who have their natural instincts working, and she realizes that the creepy Ronald FagDonald represents evil corporationalism that is destroying our planet.

      Of course, at her age she doesn't even know about those kind of issues, but the symbolism in that picture is priceless!

      • Thankx that makes perfect sense – that clown doesn't even look kid- friendly at all – looks like that clown from Stephan King's It.

  19. Sweet and innocent? Are you DAFT? You do realize that vampires are UNDEAD BLOOD EATERS. I dont know if youre religious person…. But how UNHOLY can you be? They are prime figures in satanic propaganda…. They are part of the culture of death that pervades entertainment today.

    Sweet and innocent? Duh…

    • I don't think Twilight vampires are anything bad. They eat animals and live forever. Oh God how demonic!

    • I do believe that what Danielle meant was that the symbolism that Robert and Kristen used before wasn't as blatant and plentiful as others, such as Rihanna. Now it seems like they've stepped it up a notch, and Danielle feels bad for them.

    • "She3" you do realize that they're just portraying vampires in a film and getting paid A LOT to do it , right? The role(s) they portray has nothing to do with the actual actors.

    • Don't be deceived by Twilight. The author took something that symbolically was a metaphor for death and rejection of God, and made it an "angel of light". It's very, very wordly and Satanic.

      • And just look at the covers of every book of the saga. There's a lot of symbolism there, down to the colors used.

    • Regardless…they are not vampires. Edward cullen is a 200 year old guy who sparkles and apparently wants to nail a college girl…he's just called a vamp because there isn't another title for that.

    • Danielle are you slow? Almost everyone who participate in the industry are a bunch of followers of the satanic agenda. Innocent and sweet? Wake up.

  20. I checked the Urban Outfitters page, but noticed that the site really seems to cater to many different designs, mostly geek related lulz stuff like Dinosaur Jesus and such. Apparently, Urban Outfitters is not a major site (their page doesn't look near as polished as say, American Eagle) and I haven't seen their clothes in many retail stores. Anyone could have put a design in there, and from looking at the men's clothes alone – I see no real reason for alarm. It's the same old crap they put on t-shirts for years. One idiot got his occult design in there, but other people got their Darth Vader geek design or video game design or whatever in there. If the whole damned page had been full of occult designs and was a major clothing label (we don't get anything from them here at Sears, but Wal-Mart might get their clothes. (saw a very vivid Ilumminati design with the pyramid, the eye and the claws on it, last one at the store btw and this is in a religious Bible based southern town) But like I said, if it starts to waterfall into the clothing that we get here at Sears or in Wal-Mart, I'll definitely be posting it.

    • Urban Outfitters doesn't have a polished website? There website is incredibly poslished; artistic, hipster-esque, and has WAY more products than AE.

      Urban Outfitters are everywhere, they just built one at the mall in Tampa and ask ANY teenager in a major city if they have been to an Urban.

      Urban Outfitters/Anthropology/Free People

    • Urban outfitters is everywhere. They are fairly expensive, cater to young adults and the hipster bunch and are only sold at urban outfitters stores.

      They carry decorations, gag stuff, books and all the clothes. I'm a shopper and a world traveller, so that's why I know. Everywhere from London, to Canada and the US.

      Another brand rife with symbolism, marc ecko. I was there last week to pick up some costume t shirts and was hard pressed to find one without an eye or a pyramid or masonry symbol.

  21. Wonder if Nelly Furtado's Like A Bird is about mind-control – I don't know where my home is, I don't know where my soul. I HATE that song, it was overplayed so much I was ready to claw my eyes out if I had to hear it again.

  22. Truth B. Told on

    Thanks VC, but I wish you would go back to posting symbolic pics every week again. I love coming to your sight and reading your articles and comments.

  23. Truth B. Told on

    I knew somthing was up w/ Charlize Therron. I've been seeing her alot lately. And I've come to the conclusion, when we start seeing some of the entertainers, actors, models, ect.. alot in the media, something is usually up with them. I just keep my eyes and ears open at all times!

  24. Harlequin Nameless on

    Say, guys, is it me, or does the woman in between the two alter Roberts look suspiciously like fellow MKULTRA victim Amy Winehouse?

  25. Leto's nothing new.. you should check his facebook profile, he's so open with this in his photos. but what if he has access to knowledge we've never seen and that is why his songs are meaningful to the mass? all freemasons have this secret knowledge access. he rarely sings about love, yet he knows how to put soul into the lyrics.

    God bless y'all and be careful.

  26. I saw Carrie Underwood new music video last week. It looked dark for a country artist and I was thinking I hope they didn't get ahold of her. I really like her. The I saw that she and her husband are doing an interview with Oprah soon and I started to see the connection. How sad.

  27. God! Disgusting pictures! So sick. I cannot understand how someone could think of these pictures as artistic and original?! Original my ***, they are everywhere, something is definitely going on!

  28. For the sake of searching for the truth, Robert Pattinson's Premiere magazine photoshoot was supposedly centered around David Cronenberg's movies (specifically Videodrome, Dead Ringers, Scanners, and Cosmopolis). As VC said, the one with the VHS tapes is taken from Videodrome. The one with the 2 Robs and the pregnant woman is from Dead Ringers, where twin gynecologists end up having a relationship with the same woman. Scanners is about a man with extreme psychic powers (the third eye photo). Cosmopolis is about a strange, detached billionaire on his way to get a haircut (the man punching himself and cutting his hair).

    All that being said, I don't doubt that there are "intentions" among the industry. I wonder sometimes if we don't get too caught up with the artist or celebrity being displayed as if they are the ones planning the shoot. Oftentimes I think they go along with the ideas put before them for shoots without any real input themselves. For example, if that is the only photo we can ever find of Carrie Underwood covering one eye, do you think she is involved in the occult or occult symbolism? Or is it more likely that the photographer, their boss, or the magazine in general is involved? I think there are artists that are obviously sucked in (Rihanna, for example). But there are so many models and people portrayed in so many magazines and shoots that I think it's possible that some of them are simply clueless.

  29. I laugh when people say religion is brainwashing. Stuff like this proves that brainwashing occurs way more on the secular side.

  30. PLEASE, PLEASE do a series of ONLY 'one eye covered' photos. This would be great to pass on to the 'blind'. I think this would really send the message to those who don't quite see (no pun intended) what is going on. Say from a date range of Jan 2011-Jan 2012 or something like that….

    • SickNtiredOfKlingons on

      Why don't you do your own series? You have the internet, you can copy n paste pictures! It's lame…. The folks here at vigilant citizen offer up truth so as to educate the masses, but there are always a few like you that can not seem to stand on their own. Why continue to suck at the teat? You can do for yourself.

  31. Basically agree with most of what J.Bird stated..

    While the beyonce, rihanna and lady gaga symbolism is very obvious and convincing..

    Some of the pictures you've posted here are not.

    I admit the robert pattinson photos are interesting..but if the photographer is inspired by movies related to mind doesn't mean he/she and robert pattinson or kristen stewart are a part of the say that is going over board.

    I am not denying that there is a lot of symbolism in media to deny that is to be ignorant.

    But you cant go around saying every photo in a magazine where a person is covering up one of their eyes is illuminati symbolism

    • Clowns are well known to be used in mind programming children, which is usually why kids are so scared of them. Handlers put on the clown masks and whatnot. The Kardashians recently did a photoshoot where there was a big scary clown in the nursery and momma Jenner was there with the 2 girls…it was uber creepy.

      Also someone else eluded to the McDonald's "corporatism" and whatnot, but I personally think it's more about mind control with the clown.

  32. The picture of Robert with the two video tapes

    Reminds me of how they are recorded doing the

    Most disgusting things for blackmail in the future, should they ever want to get out, as programming tools for new victims, as well as catalogs for the sick minds of the elite.

    Its a sad life.

    Very few things are worse then being mkd in this world.

    & that gaping hole in the stomach?

    Words fail me…

  33. In the skateboard/snowboard pic did anyone else notice that, if turned upside down, the three numbers (2 roman numeral 9s flanking a billiard-ball 9) = 666? Good grief, when will enough be enough?!

  34. The Illusionary Beas on

    I'm pissed. Back when I was fifteen, I thought this stuff was cool. Now it's saturated in the mass media and therefore automatically uncool. I remember when it was still totally unknown to carry around The Confessions of Aleister Crowley and keep books on "High Magick" and now it's suddenly a part of pop culture. Or it's trying to be, at any rate. You will NEVER be cool by wearing or showing off this stuff unless you UNDERSTAND what it is that you're representing. In much the same way, old school Goths dislike the emo-vampire crowd that's sprung up in the last decade. The amusing part is that this trend is such blatant astroturf on the part of real "high-level" initiates, I kind of have to wonder what they hope to gain by flaunting their cryptic symbols and bullshit in such a high-profile capacity.

    As an initiate of Grey magic, I read about this sort of stuff (mind control) in the context Black magic, insofar as the two both involved manipulating external forces to serve the user, but that Black rituals carry an obligatory recoil effect wherein you are automatically subject to a portion of the damage you willfully inflicted on others. It was directly related to the cycles of hatred and revenge. If one was not careful, so the books said, you could accidentally do harm to others through the manipulation of forces of nature to your benefit (to gain a large sum of money, for instance).

    While I no longer really consider myself a ritual magician (because I'm too cool for mystery school), I do have a certain respect and appreciation for the esoteric and hermetic traditions and to see this kind of extreme perversion attached to it makes my 'Inner-Crowley' bawl like an insignificant little schoolgirl. Having moved on to much higher disciplines, I feel obligated to scoff at the sort of trash who've gotten so obscenely comfortable with their lifestyles that they think other people support them in the open and give greater energy for them to leech off of while they go on raping and pillaging the human condition like it's some cheap harlot.

    The esoteric cosmic powers which are hidden with these unnecessarily convoluted symbolic systems was at its core meant to express to us the love our divine creator has for every living thing which it gave birth to, and belied an underlying bias in favor of our well-being and happiness. It seems neither social-spiritual extreme can grasp this concept in our culture at large. It's either about submission to the higher powers and the acceptance of a lower station in life, or a total disregard for that power and a psychopathic pursuit of every comfort imaginable to the detriment (to varying degrees) of people everywhere.

    Until people choose to utilize their powers to create lasting peace and harmonize, we have no choice but to watch the slow decay.

      • The Illusionary Beas on

        That above word should read "betrayed", not "belied". The notion I intended to portray is that we are unconditionally loved and supported by our "Creator" to the extreme, whether we know it or not. By the way, you should all read this:

        To summarize, at least 4% of the population are genuinely certifiable psychopaths. That’s 1 in 25 people (at LEAST) for the numerically challenged; more people than who claim an affliction with anorexia (a so-called “epidemic”).

        Psychopaths have the innate power to blend into society and even rise to positions of power over others. They are devoid of all morals from birth and possess a predatory presence which some who experienced it have compared to being “eaten alive”. There is a complete state of denial as to the existence of this facet of humanity, but that hasn’t stopped them from basically running the show since history began.

        There are actual two kinds of psychopaths: the Social and the Antisocial kind. Criminal Psychopaths are merely UNSUCCESSFUL psychopaths. The percentage of genuine Illuminati members by comparison is somewhere between 1% and 0.1% (even 0.01% in some figures). The percentage of “Monarch” mind control victims is somewhere in the area of 1-2%, or so I’ve read.

        Sleep well!

  35. Hey, this has really nothing to do with the posts, but haven't you guys noticed how in just 2-3 days, there have been 3 cases of cannibalism?

      • I thought that too, but there have been reports all over the world, just not as publicized as the one in Miami.

    • Awake and Alive on

      Good point, but I thought It was because the "zombies" were on some sort of LSD Bath Salts or something similar to that or atleast that's what I read.

  36. Guys, you're being a little goofy about the Pattinson pics.

    Pattinson is appearing in a highly anticipated new film by acclaimed auteur director David Cronenberg (COSMOPOLIS) and each one of those poses features him taking part in an earlier Cronenberg film, ie Scanners, Dead Ringers, Videodrome specifically. This is hardly "obscure" or occult. It's the opposite, in fact. Unless you think EVERY scary or intellectual film is some kind of mind control propaganda.

    Personally, I think Cronenberg is one of the good guys. Which means Robert might just be, too.

    • The opposite of obscure or occult? Did we watch the same movie?
      In fact, as I read the comments here and recalled the movie watching the trailer I realize how Videodrome is VigilantCitizen. In a sense that many of us end up fixated with the occult once you can 'see it'(and you do see it everywhere). It is like a drug, you can't get enough,even though you're disgusted you keep coming back for more. You might feel like your on a mission, but at some point an attraction steps in. Which I think reflects the Yin Yang on us.

      The film has a prophetic tone when looked at today's internet conspiracy craze wave.

      Cronenberg is one of my favorite directors. Is he one of the good guys? Who knows, he sure is weird, many seem to like that. Videodrome to me walks along with They Live. Eye popping, and often corny, nevertheless very meaningful.

  37. sooo so sick. How do people see these things repeatedly and not notice it. I don't get it but I've learned not to give my pearls to the pigs.

  38. Bo's Narlerd on

    one-eyed pyramids and stuff are far less random on skateboards than average dood think. asstronomically far less random than average dood think.

    • Standing in the liquor aisle at Whole Foods, I was amazed to see how many indie beers, wines and ales use Satan, pyramids, black magic, the underworld and pagan themes on their labels.

  39. read revelations on

    You ppl jst dnt get it, if you read the book of revelations that's whn you'll understand exactly wht is going on. It was said that there'll be ppl who will go against the word of god. So this illuminati group is a group which doesn't go with wht the bible is saying nd they trying to control the world coz they are sinners nd they like sinning unlike doing wht is good, so the bible has revealed that all symbols will be everywhere nd that at the end of the time ppl will be forced to receive the mark of the beast. So u still cnt see it guyz? After this you'll be forced to wear those symbolic clothes it shows with this one eye stuff that this ppl are preparing for the antichrist since they've stated that he only has one eye. So ppl be ready for the anti christ and for the mark of the beast its started sooner than we expected. Hah!!!

    • Sometimes I wonder if in fact they are using the Bible as their guide book. It's prophesies are pretty well known, so how can we know they are not just self-fulfilling? As far as I know, there are no extant pre-Constantine manuscripts of the book of Revelations, so I wouldn't trust it completely.

  40. Kristen and Robert, just mannequins waiting to be molded, reconstructed. It's so obvious how the industry sees them. I feel sorry for them both, truly. Robert wants to not be it, but he is lured by the same things all men are and he is not coping well. Kristen is now buying into it after rebelling a bit.

  41. A lot of these celebrities are under contract to do certain things, then again, it is not possible for them not to know what some of these symbols mean. In today's world, it is fashionable to be dark and occult. Twilight is not so far removed from all of these symbolic pics. People who say that they are just posing for shoots, or just playing roles in movies are not very bright. Consider the source of the inspiration.

  42. there's also the madonna "truth or dare" fragrance advertisement where she's seen in front of a mirror but her reflection is with open eyes, symbolises mk ultra alter personality.

    speaking of madonna, in her mdna tour in israel she has shown lots of illuminati symbols. two really blatant ones are in her song "i don't give a" in the beginning where you see the red church-like decoration with the all-seeing eye.

    another one is in the "nobody knows me" video (f)art. notice at some point she shows the all-seeing eye right before a creepy picture of the pope.

    look it up on youtube.

  43. sister soul on

    The guy thats upside on the sofa with that hideous gash on his belly is made to look like a baphomet. Where exactly are we going with all this evil imagery people, this is blatantly negative energy that they are spreading. Ive noticed that to the average person this kind of stuff is not at all shocking, just goes to show that people are too busy burying their heads in their pointless lives and dont really care whats happening around them. As long as they can have their big tv, lastest "smart" phone and all the other junk that they are consuming then everything is okay. Most people have lost the ability to think and that is so sad.

  44. The Snow White and the Huntsman photos (Kristen Stewart, promo photos etc) are weird. I saw the movie last night and there was a lot of symbolism in there. I didn't know what it all meant though, but it was just weird. I'd appreciate if you could do a film analysis on it =) Great blog, by the way.

  45. Very scary pics, especially the Kristen Stewart ones.

    BTW, VC, how about a write-up on the series "Dollhouse".

    I was pretty well creeped out when I saw the previews. Not something I'll be watching. On seeing these previews I thank God for VC for opening our eyes to this Illuminati BS. The mind control, alters, personas and puppetry were all shown in the preview. Makes us all think!!

  46. Rihanna did seem to latch on pretty fast ?…she's a totally transformed individual, or let's jus say they have taught her how to let the worse in her shine out!….god girl went bad!…Jay Z wasn't kidding was he??? Damn!

  47. The skateboard pic shows a roman numeral 9(IX), a 9 in the center and another roman numeral 9. So flip the 999 around and you have 666. But why hide something when everything else on there is so blatant?

    • It's weird, I didn't even catch that! I saw the numbers as saying "9-11." If you read them mirrored, it's two ways of saying/reading 11 (as far as numerology). Interesting indeed, 3 for 1!

  48. Patterson's pictures look soooooooo real!! to me it's like it was shot during some experiment they were doing to him!!

  49. ThebiggestVCfanever on

    These pictures make my stomach crawl.

    VC, please can you do an article on the Illuminati cards (I don't know their exact name). Anyway, these cards basically predict what is going to happen and these events have all come true so far (e.g 9/11 bombings).

    The one card that is particularly scaring me is the one of the Big Ben in London burning down. There are 5 people running away from the Big Ben and they all have coloured t-shirts on – red, green. black, yellow, blue. Surely this is referring to the 2012 Olympics?

    I would love to hear people's thoughts.

    • Yeah… I would love to know what you mean… cards. And that is certainly a good theory with the Olympics.

  50. I see everything else. The Rihanna picture is a true testament to her career. However, am I the only one who doesn't get the Ronald McDonald one? Or is it just creepy because he's a clown and the girl is crying? Lol. But, seriously what exactly is wrong with it. Please explain.

  51. Not a lobotomy – trepanation. A hole bored in the skull to allow the brainbloodvolume to pulse on the heartbeat like a newborn with his fontanelle. Trepanation is believed by the "illuminated" to literally open the "third eye". This is one of the primary meaning of the "occluded eye" gesture – it is meant to taunt the "un-illuminated" public by reminding us that we are mostly blind without the "enlightenment" provided by having the third eye opened.

    The other elements above should be obvious to everyone here by now. As usual – the "Illuminati" place tremendous emphasis on BDSM sex magick rites, and we see here their "yoni puja" (worship of the vagina) in full perverse display in two pictures. First the "gash" on Pattinson's abdomen is meant to evoke a female vagina cut violently into the male directly above his third chakra. This sex magick invocation of the unity of male and female is also commonly done in "Illuminati" practice through sodomy – or penile penetration of the anus (or "third eye"). This literal penetration of the "third eye" is believed by the "illuminated" to open the metaphoric "third eye" ideally made literal through trepanation.

    Only the most high ranking "Illuminati" satraps and viziers are permitted to be physically trepanned, but "illuminati" ritual regularly uses semenancy rites to draw seminal veves on the foreheads of supplicants, thereby symbolically trepaning them.

    Sex is at the core of everything the "Illuminati" are about – the most deviant sex imaginable.

    Most casual students of these subjects are unable to accept how central deviant sex is to both "illuminati" ritual and to their mind control technologies. But anyone looking at the above sets of pictures has irrefutable proof – the emphasis on bisexuality, sado-masochism, group sex, semenancy, and trepanation are all straight from the standard "illuminated" playbook. The "illuminated" worship anal intercourse or "The Real Way" as they call such sodomy. But we cannot forget that ultimately their twisted faith is based on goddess worship, and they venerate the female vagina every bit as much as the anus and also frequently equate it to the "third eye". If you study the image of Rihanna you will see that the dancers form not just an "eye" but an engorged and aroused vagina complete with swollen clitoris and labia. The expression on Rihanna's face says it all…..

    • This is so true. Thanks so much for your insight. There is a movie, a pretty old movie, I believe it's called Lord of Illusions. Anyway, it's about this satanic priest who has a hole in the middle of his head and when he goes through this demonic transformation. His pineal gland begins to pulsate in and out of the hole. So you are saying that this is actually done by the highest initiates? That's crazy, but I believe it!

    • Thank you for that.

      Just goes to show you those subliminals really DO work.

      When I first saw that belly-gash, it disturbed me. Sure it's a nasty looking wound, but it was jangling at some thing in my brain I couldn't put my finger on.

      Now I know we're all supposed to be sophisticated adults who can be blase about everything, no matter how horrid (unlike that little girl in that last picture: WEIRD! RUN!). And I also know that reference only works if you actually have some knowledge about the subject (have seen it, done it, etc). But if sex is suppose be a private issue between consenting adults in which "outsiders" are forbidden to intrude, then WHY IN WORLD are you putting in my FACE!?? You have now made it my business, and I don't want to see those perversions of something that is good inside of marriage!

      Folk, we need to be like that little girl, and regain our "ICK" instinct! "Art" does NOT equal good.

  52. I feel sad for Robert and Kristen. I'm sure they are wonderful people, but it seems they cannot escape from the satanic industry. It's curious to see how deceived they are when they allow themselves to do this kind of propaganda.

    • @Isra85 in the words of "If one guy has three buddies and he wants to rob a bank, then they all gotta rob the bank together because now no one will say anything because they are all guilty. Its the same in Hollywood. You cant be an observer of the occult and be successful in Hollywood. Everyone has to do it and that way no one will say anything because now everyone is involved in the crime. Everyone belongs to Lucifer in Hollywood. They are pushing an agenda and waging a silent war for your soul."

  53. LOL! I am so amused. Looking at Robert Pattison upside down on the overturned couch made me think right off: "Why does this man have a vagina in his belly? That must have been some damn good sex; whatever man he was with left him AND the couch flipped over!"

    Oh, shut up! At first glance, you guys thought it was a vagina, too. (Oops, are we allowed to type "vagina" on VigilantCitizen?) LOL.

    Anyway … as a little girl once, myself, I remember being terribly afraid of the Ronald McDonald clown, too. Still am, but for different reasons now. So, I completely understand the toddler running away in fright. All this "one-eyed" silliness going on with these celebrities and etc. only lets me know that they are heralding the eventual arrival of their master – the antiChrist. They shouldn't worry; he'll be here soon enough to collect their souls. I heard it's gonna be hot as hell in Hell …

  54. I felt so sick after I saw these pictures of Rob a while ago, felt like my whole world just came crashing down, like anything I ever believed in here was a vile lie. I'm a fan and seeing this doesn't disappoint me, it hurts me. It hurts to see people you look up to or admire being sucked into this disgusting part of Hollywood. The photoshoot was to pay tribute to David Cronenberg's films since he is the director of 'Cosmopolis' and it gave me hope that that was all this was, a tribute, but I don't know. I talked to my cousin about it (who is also a fan) and we decided to pray for him and for Kristen as well. It might seem silly to some people, praying for a person's wellbeing, someone you haven't even met, but it's important. Salvation is individual, but all we could do is get on our knees and ask God to help them look the other way and get out of there. I'm sure once you're in, it might seem impossible to get out, but nothing is impossible for Him.

    @Danielle you're right, Rob is a goofball, @Kiki and Kristen always looks melancholy but they're genuine people. If anyone ever gave me faith that they were stronger than to let Hollywood suck them in, it was Rob and Kristen. These people are the real deal, but Hollywood paints a pretty picture some can't look away from, that's why I pray.

    Call me religious and all, tell me Twilight sucks, I don't care. I know what is happening in Hollywood is real. I care about these people because I know they are better than this, they deserve better than this. No one should ever be put through this madness.

    So whoever is reading this, if you care, get down on your knees because it WILL make a difference.

    -Angie xx

    • Twilight does suck indeed by the way. Not quite understand why the fanatics of these people or twilight movie, they haven't done top acting or the best movie ever. Just because they play vampires and ….stare at each other? Anyways they are puppets like most in the entertainment business and this is proof.

      • LOL, it does suck. Which is why you can tell that there is something weird about the fact that everybody and their mother jumped on the craze .. because THEY wanted them to.

    • I agree with you. even though twilight sucks, the least we can do is pray for them, they might not even know that they're doing this for the elite…

  55. Beautiful One on

    Whatever idea or concept they were aiming for (other than something sexual) in the photo of the dude with the hole in his abdomen, they totally MISSED the mark. Otherwise, if they were aiming for something sexual in nature, they were right on the money.

    Really laughable.

  56. wtf is this on

    ? ? ? ? . . . . . . . . . . . .

    This is still going on. . . . ?

    When are all these millions of celebrities going to stop covering their eyeballs. . . . . ? ?

    In the year 2014? In 2030? This is old now, too redundant.

  57. hey I already posted you some Adam Lambert's pics showing the one-eye.

    And his new music video "Never Close Our Eyes" is about the Illuminati. He said it!!

    I think you should make an article about him and the deep meaning of that video!!!

    please do.


  58. Sorry if my question is stupid but when those handlers have these artists (especially singers) mind controlled ? I strongly believe they are because when you see their weird melt down, dark albums at some point their life. But my question is when ? Rihanna was not that a child when she came in the music industry, tho.

  59. whats with the number 74? i see it a lot and noticed it was in to of the pics above.

    i know it breaks down to 11… and 11 can have positive or negative meaning. it depends what crowd you roll with.

    thanks again VC, always appreciative of your work.

  60. Really not surprised at all!! Here in the UK this stuff is also being shown more and more, my daughters even noticing it too!!

    Did anybody see americas next top model!! Weirdly the girl who won was named "illuminata" lol she was from the UK and ANTM also plugging this shit like nobodys business!!

    Also on the TV in the UK!! Anybody seen this!?? Its for a popular teen soap called hollyoaks, now if this isnt trying to plug it to the masses I dunno what is!! Note all the baphomet tribute horns!!

    • Holy frick! .. I watched that video clip .. I couldn't even tell what the show was about, it just looked like a pagan type festival. I was disturbed by it, and that eerily sounding tune they played in the background. Nothing seemed right about that.

    • Ah it's only because you like the films. Some of us couldn't care about the films, they're quite childish, or the actors. Teens are probably into them.

    • Wow tore your heart into pieces really? why? what is so special about these crappy movies or the actors anyway? They are doing this for fame and fortune but this shows how they pay the price. Enough of this feeling bad for them already who cares about childish boring vampires stories anyway.

  61. Sick of this world on

    Twilight is satanic, vampires are souless blood addicted beings, Bella is seducted by Edward, and in the end of it all, she loses her soul and becomes a vampire too, with all those "qualities".

    This movie is a metaphor to people that are blinded by the evil forces and lose their soul (go to hell). it's so obvious.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    • Issela Santina on

      A few things:

      1. Seduced. Not "seducted".

      2. Aro said this in the Breaking Dawn Part II trailer: "Keeping our secret has never been more imperative."

      3. Even Jacob's part of the agenda… if you saw the three new posters of half their faces.

      4. I was a big Twilight fan until I first saw these pictures. Right now, I think I like The Ring, Ju-on, and other similar stuff.

      5. Edward Cullen scolded Stephenie in a nightmare for "getting the story wrong." I think she said that on Oprah.

      6. Bella is nothing but a whore dressed up in earthy colors and pretending to be innocent.

      7. Kristen was never innocent. Her characters in certain movies:

      Lisa fell for her own brother in Zathura.

      Mallory from Welcome to the Rileys is a prostitute.

      In Adventureland, Em wasn't a virgin when she met James.

      She's a two-timer in Catch That Kid.

      Jodie Foster locked her up for being supposedly possessed by a demon before they shot Panic Room.

      8. Robert's a whore. Evidence:

      His character Salvador Dali gave in to Federico Garcia Lorca's sexual affinity to him in Little Ashes.

      Cosmopolis featured him as Eric Packer, a Wall Street mogul and all-around playboy even if he's got a wife already.

      Toby Jugg, his role in The Haunted Airman, mated with his own aunt in a dream and started growing, like, devil horns.

      Bel Ami also showed him as a playboy-ish character, "dazzling" the aristocrat ladies so he could survive in Paris.

      9. Being a Linguistics major, I might say that apart from being really intriguing minivans, I found each sentence of the Twilight books horribly laughable.

      10. It's said that between every line in Twilight, there's this stigma that hits the audience that makes them go crazy for it. I forgot where I read this, but it's the least I know.

      Apart from all this boring text, I hope everybody can wake up and smell the truth now. I know you do.

  62. i saw the kristin stewart ones in the internet the other day and i wanted to send them in but i dont know how. :( im glad VC found them too but i still want to send in one that very disturbing does anyone know how? like is there a email or something?

  63. ForeignThings on

    I Come Back Every Month Hoping That Maybe He Won't Find Anything New..Maybe The Illuminati Or Whatever Has Died Down..But He Does And They Won't..FML

  64. Rihanna's nails are shaped in that pointed vampirish way. Very telling. That pointed nail look is to symbolize the ease with which one can tear human flesh with them.

      • Of course they were made in a factory. What is your point? It still doesn't take away from the point I made about the pointed nails symbolizing the vampire trend.

  65. In the abrahamic religions blood is where the nefesh, the soul, resides. On one hand we have Hollywood pushing blood (soul) drinking vampires to our consciousness and on the other, the flesh eating zombies. Consumption of blood and flesh = satanism. And then people think vamps are cool, yeah right. I don't know about the drinking of blood, but seems like the eating of flesh, cannibalism, is starting to rise on the surface, regarding the news lately. (Naked man in a Miami causeway eating another man's face, a japanese 'artist' cutting off his penis, cooking it and serving to five paying customers, iranian professor in Sweden who cut off and ate his wife's lips…)

    • Let's not forget the Canadian porn star who is on the loose. Come on those are demon possessed people. We're all demonized as demons harass us 24/7 but actually some people have them more under control. The cases you refer to are completely under demons' control. As to the Persian professor, many of the peeps over there seem to be quite crude and rough. They are brought up thinking that women are their possessions and they can do whatever pleases them. Education or high intelligence is not an indicative of superiority in any shape or form. Emotional intelligence is the key to real success. Christ is the epitome of emotional intelligence.

      • I have heard that demons can only gain possession over a person if a doorway is opened. Those people are just evil, pure and simple. Saying that they did what they did because they were possessed (I am not saying that is what you meant, but some might) in my eye just lets them off the hook.

      • Yes but you don't commit such hideous crimes unless you have wickedness inside you. I don't know, the wickedness seem to be more intensified and acute than ever. Watch that space.

  66. VC, You need to do an article about k-pop group Big Bang's mvs "Fantastic baby" and "Monster"!

    They are really disturbing!!!

    • Yes, I picked up on that too. The Holy Mountain is a mind-f**k of a movie. I have never seen it, seeing the previews was enough for me. This movie is Satanism at its finest. Purely psychedelic and whacked out in every way! VC should do an article on this movie. Basically it's about turning feces into gold a la alchemy. I have read that they actually show a man taking a real live crap in the movie. I cannot stomach seeing such filth which is why I have chosen not to view it–even for educational/truth-seeking purposes.

  67. Well, this things are just tooooooo much! When will they finally show themselves up? We have had enough of them already! And well done VC! I think these people are fooling themselves not us or the world!

  68. Has everyone seen these creepy new Bratzillaz dolls??????? They're witches apparently and the symbolism is so blatant, like one of them is split right down the middle with two completely different looks on each side of her body (think 2face) – alters anyone??? And another one has a freaking mask that covers one eye with a picture of an All Seeing Eye!! I bet there's more that I'm not picking up on, please take a look!!

    • Wow, that's just sad and scary that they're pushing this shit on children?! Honestly, it makes me so angry. VC, if you see this link PLEASE do a report as soon as possible. It looks like they come out next month so maybe you could spread the word before then so people know not to buy!

  69. The Franchy Mate on

    Hi VC and everyone ! I'd like to chare with you a french article on madonna's subliminals that includes a French extreme-right politician, Marine Le Pen. I must precise that I do not share the identitarian point of view of this website "fdesouche" wich is ery polemical in France.

    Good work VC, I follow your work since years ! If you want to talk with a french conspirationnist researcher, you got my mail.

    Here's the link :

  70. Hello ppl first time posting here but the pic of rihanna with that minds control shirt is just crazy. That shirt is made by UNIF!!!!!!! Unif makes vry satanic inspired clothes. A lot of celebs wear them tho smh.

  71. hey VG can you PLEASE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THIS WHOLE CANNIBALISM thats happening in Florida and texas and other states in the United States please please ! i hope you read this

    here a link of someone reading an article about it and this zombie like virus. i hope you write an article because has Illuminati writtten all over or atleast the government 😉 PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!!!

  72. LovelyYetInterested on

    hey VG can you PLEASE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THIS WHOLE CANNIBALISM thats happening in Florida and texas and other states in the United States please please ! i hope you read this

    here a link of someone reading an article about it and this zombie like virus. i hope you write an article because has Illuminati writtten all over or atleast the government 😉 PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!!!

  73. This is so disturbing… Especially the Rob ones… Have you seen the Makeup Forever ads? The symbols were so obvious… It's hard to believe that we live in this world. This entertainment industry. wow. It's like anything that has a potential to be successful ends up like this.

  74. I think Rihanna's shirt is meant to be seen from her perspective as a command to "control minds" not "minds control".

  75. Theses pictures aren't surprising. It is Hollywood we are talking about. Land of the Lost and Lonely.

  76. these photos never cease to surprise me… and yet, I am sure you guys have encountered this you try to tell people the truth about it and they think your crazy.. HELLO! Rihanna is wearing the inverted cross with the words mind control on it…come on… the blatancy in everything these day is a slap in the face. Rihanna is disgusting and so are her songs especially birthday cake. I have benn listening to more and more K-Love song latley but I'm sure the christian industry is occult too

  77. Never thought a bunch of stupid symbols, could make me feel sick to my stomach… know the meanings behind the symbols, disgusts me…

    they definitely need to find new symbols… Cause these are getting VERY OLD! and very over used… its like they dont care anymore, it isnt hidden for your sub concious too pick up anymore… its right in your face!

  78. everything in America's Next Top model is a celebration of the illuminati. the latest winner turned our to be the girl from Britain whom Tyra gave superpowers called "Illuminada"

  79. by the way did you ever watch American Idol? it's full of symbolisms too. Like the one-eye like stage backdrop during one of the performances. And oh, did you know who will manage Jessica Sanchez now? Tommy Mottola!

    • Don't be disgusted.. she's a beautiful woman but you're not related, you'll never meet her, let her make her own decisions. Let's sort out ourselves instead of worrying about other people's choices.

  80. Almost every month there is always an even darker symbol than the last one and I was definitely hoping to see two music videos that had occultic influences in rihanna and nelly furtado.

    I just got my wish and they both finally here and as for the other celebs, even some of the sweet innocent looking stars do have dark reasons behind their appearances.

    This world is oh so dark.

    • If you think this world is dark, wait to see what the hell is like. I'm numb with fear. Fear of God's wrath.

      • I won't be seeing the wrath of hell, therefore it scares not a bit. My name is written in blood in the book of the Lamb and I will dwell with the Lord forever in perfect happiness.

        Don't fear hell, just make sure you don't go there!

  81. Slave Of The One Tru on

    The first picture of Robert Patterson with the drawing of an eye on a piece of paper taped to his forehead is taken right from the movie Scanners. A movie about people (Scanners) with the ability to control peoples minds.

  82. Peace&Green on

    Im not at all surprised. The twilight series is about the end of times & coming of the Antichrist all bundled up into some teenie bopper friendly, cute, vampire chick flick with a meaning most won't even comprehend but is targeted at that audience specifically for that reason. God bless them. -peace & green

  83. No surprise here. Well maybe the carrie underwood shot.We should start a trend and see if it catches on by covering both eyes like all the mind controlled sheeple in the entertainment industry who go around blindly doing whatever they are told to do. This one eyed thing maybe getting old to us but to them its just another day at work promoting the illumanti.

  84. My son is a skateboarder and everything is covered in occult symbolism. I'm thinking about writing to some of these companies. where is the gear without the symbolism, It is disgusting. Extreme sports in the past used to be about thumbing your nose to authority, not anymore, it's about being a puppet for them. Seriously disturbing.

    • Do you tell your son about what is going on in the world? I bet he won't believe you at first but then you planted the seed. I told my little sibling about the banks, the corporate greed, mind control, how a corporation works, lobbying, the chemicals in our food, symbolism in pop culture, the CFR, secret societies, NWO, EVERYTHING>

      She thought I was CRAZY…

      Until I caught her watching a NWO related informative youtube video, on her own!

      You might change his life. Open his eyes. My little sis is incredibly smart, we'll watch a commercial on tv and she'll catch the symbolism–literal symbols and not so obvious overall themes!

  85. So, I have done tons of research, read books, and do believe in the Illuminati / a greater agenda of the NWO. It is very easy to see, I mean it is so crystal clear…you can literally connect the dots through history if you take out the time. I was also amazed to see that in the UN building in NYC (main conference room) there is satanic symbolism as well as 666 on the wall….when ppl do not even believe this world that has been created to one day bring us down…I just don't get it….I just feel great that I am informed. Whether or not I can do anything about it is a different story, well, now that I rambled…ha ha What I really wanted to say is I get the idea of the famous people we see basically "selling their souls for fame and fortune", but, can anyone answer how this happens…..I mean what do these big wigs do, when they find new talent they ask them to join / be down? What I am trying to say / ask is if they have to do that to be famous, but, they say no….they just go back into the real world ? …..when they say yes for example like Rihanna with her mind control shirt…does she really have "handlers" the whole ideas is truly scary. I mean her song Disturbia freaks me out – those lyrics…..if that what she lives like all the time…it is so SAD!

  86. Hi VC,

    I have an idea. I think your website has been seen all over the world. And there are lots of people who are not in north america really believe what you have told us, and they might see lots of illuminati signs and different satanists things happened in their country. How about you invite people send pics, articles, etc to one email address, and you pick it up the most important or disturbing ones. Lets do it by region to region. So people would see that illuminati is really controlling the world. Not just holloywood, music industry, USA.

  87. half old soul on

    There are no more mysteries and the truth is revealed for all to see. The eye we know is Satan and the triangle is representation of the stargate, meaning the doorway from which the spirit of antichrist comes. It could either go down as a spirit entering through a gateway (norway spiral) into a man or it could be interdimensional gates opening for the world to see as a man comes through. CERN is what is opens these stargates present day. Either way it doesn't matter. The pillars Jachin and Boaz are the polarities to open these gates. Everything they do is a perverted counterfeit to the one true Father God, from the numbers, rituals and words of God. You will find the triangle and pillars on most world government buildings, american currency, with various obelisks (nephilim bloodlines) the multi-level masonic witches of the nephilim families are the ONES establishing the kingdom of antichrist to open the stargate. The Tower of Babel repeating itself. The one world order under antichrist. The tower of Babel WOULD have been a stargate. Nimrod wanted to open a gate into heaven. God could have incinerated all the humans and hybrids with a thought, but instead he confused their languages. God is a forgiving God and the worst of men can be forgiven, but make no mistake, you better repent and be doing right. You cannot fool God. Everything you have done and do is recorded and we each will see our lives and what we did. We are spirits. Not humans and we do not come from earth. This is a lower dimension and we can see that it's not so great down here. Earth is a bathroom at a bus station compared to what exists, but only the righteous shall ever see it.

    And for the masons, they are deceived individuals that clearly don't read the scripture. The text clearly says no idols, no graven images. Things done in secret are not of God. God has no need of man. God does not think as man thinks. God does not give as the world gives. God is going to destroy this wicked earth. So what kingdom are they building? The masonic rituals and degrees let demonic spirits into them. They are the ones that own all of the industries worldwide, whoring perverted messages and furthering waste and destruction, living and spreading idol worship, living as kings at the expense of the earth and it's blind populace. Using the monarch slaves to further their agenda. Everything is scripted. All their carreers are non existant, it was all orchestrated. They are test tubed victims and perpetrators. This earth shall pass away and the lake of fire lies in wait for all these wicked heathen practicing the false god mysteries and spreading their satanic filth. You act it out, you think it out. You've as good as done it for real. Your thoughts are living images and energies that are manifested.

    Fear none of these symbols or men and expose the works of darkness. Jesus holds the keys to death and hell. Do you understand that? There is none higher. Jesus was and still is God in human form. That's why Jesus HOLDS THE KEYS TO DEATH AND HELL. Hell is real place and that's the endline for a soul. Refusing your source, of course you'll be cut off. God sends noone to hell. You dictate your soul going their by the polarity and energy you manifest. Earth is low level experience. The satanists will go to a lower dimension than earth. A dimension where the entities that cut themselves off from their Father reside. The prison for wicked spirits and once you're there, it's for good unless Jesus takes the soul out, and that is going to happen at judgment. Jesus told all of hell he'll be back. No deity in human history has the keys to hell and death but YAHWEH our CHRIST and He holds the keys ALONE. There is none greater.

    The letters of YAHWEH translate to “The hand that destroys the establishment of the eye” so there it is plain as day. Jesus is LORD and he will destroy the illuminati satanists and their eye. They have no power. Their power is an illusion and when you die, you will see that. Repent of your sins and you know that you have many! We are not alone in this world and God only allows these forces to do what they do so you might seek him. Think of it as push. He will use the new world order to bring his children home. You'll only listen to him if he takes all of your dead idols and freedoms away. You are not of earth so come out of it. Come out of Babylon and renounce wickedness. All the money in the world couldn't touch a nano piece of .0000000000000001 percent of what awaits in heaven for the good souls. Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven. Your life will be over before you know it. You have no idea what God has prepared for his children that love him. You will not stop living in heaven. You will be you and the good things you love will still be there, on a level that you cannot possibly fathom. If it wasn't so I wouldn't have told you either. You believe in the illuminati pyramid and eye and now you know what it means EXACTLY.

    Learn about God instead of satanic pop culture now. I understand the shock of it all, but it does get better and that’s when it gets amazing. It’s a living comic book. A living movie. Believe these words I tell you! They are no more mysteries. Time is short! The door is almost shut! You’ve been given the signs and you’ve given the truth. You wouldn’t be on this site if you were not finding that which I set out to find too! Praise God! He loves us so much.

    Remember. They have NO POWER! Death is the road to awe!

    If you want to learn more about the stargate and the eye go here.

    Mythology and the Coming Great Deception

    • Interesting ideas, but I am left wondering. You do know that the jews invented the tetragrammaton to hide the true name of the Creator from the pagans? So how does it translate to “The hand that destroys the establishment of the eye”?

      • THANK YOU! this has plagued the hell outta me for the last two years! No one in the Mainstream christian faith knows the true name of God, and yet, everyone is okay with this! Weren't the jews cast out as being God's chosen people? So did they just take the secret with them to the "grave"? I really think more effort should be put into deciphering this secret. Or else, how do you know who you're praying too??

    • wow. what a load of crap.

      way to spread lies & fear.

      PS YHVH does not mean that. It couldn't! It doesn't even have enough letters to!

      Keep on helping yr dark lord….

  88. Hi

    Shit def is not RIGHT!

    Am very distured by the pregnat woman in bed with the Twilight dude !(not a fan, havent bothered to master his name) Is she about to give birth to the seed of his corrupted, mind controled handlers? Gross

    We thank you Vigilant for this insight

  89. vigilantsis on

    Actually Rihanna's mind control is blatant and explicitly clear enough now. Her video Where have you been seems to me that she is thankful for 'giving in' to the system. Also she recently retweeted a tweet saying 'If Satan can defeat you in your thoughts then he can defeat you anywhere else as well.' this creeped me out when I saw it on my feed and I thought maybe part of her wants to escape or she's trying to warn her followers to not go down the same route as her?

    I don't know, it's just my view of it.

  90. It's too late. Van Helsing should go to Denmark immediately. It seems Twilight is already forming a religion in Denmark:

    “I think a lot of things are hard to understand nowadays since the Bible was written a long time ago,” she said. “We want to make up our own opinions about things instead of listening to a priest who tells us what to do and what not to do. We’re more independent nowadays.”

    …"Petersen points out that some young Danes hold an idolisation of films such as ‘Twilight’ that is so intense that it is actually starting to resemble a new form of religious worship. “I have observed the ‘Twilight’ fans at premieres and noted how they, through a number of rituals, show or perform their affiliation with the series. They cry, shriek, and sing,” she said…. "

  91. Here is another article of interest:

    An excerpt – some surprising and not so surprising names:

    There are other actors whose participation in Illuminati film production is clearly conscious and explicit. Nearly every film these actors show up in is a heavily-invested Illuminati production.

    These include Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie, Nicholas Cage, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey, Jr., Matt Damon, Russell Crowe, Liam Neeson, Denzel Washington, Geoffrey Rush, Shia LeBeouf, Tom Cruise, Dennis Quaid, Will Smith, Chris Evans, Keanu Reeves, Megan Fox, and more recently, Jeremy Renner.

  92. @Angel nd Just Asking, God bless u guys. Seeing Carrie Underwood's pix just makes me sad. I started getn suspicious wen she was nominated for 1 of their awards; SOME THINGS DON'T JUST MIX! PLEASE, fellow christians, let's PRAY for her.

  93. Ambush is a Japanese design collective owned and operated by husband-and-wife duo VERBAL and Yoon. VERBAL is also one-half of well-known music group m-flo. I'm very surprised to see this on here, especially considering VERBAL, by his own admission, is a Christian. (He majored in theology in college, and even intended on going into urban ministry once he'd finished his music career.)

    I'm still not totally sold on this whole Illuminati thing, but stuff like this makes me wonder…

  94. The way the earlier commenters describe Kristen Stewart makes her sound like an MK-Ultra type mind control victim. It would explain why she got this role.

  95. I think we place too much importance in the behaviour of celebrities.

    I'm sure that once anyone gets a taste of fame and fortune, its increasingly difficult to turn down new roles, magazine features and advertising campaigns. Much of what celebrities do is just publicity, good or bad.

  96. I never liked the twilight series anyways,so no hard feelings.I've had so many opportunities to watch it but I never did cos it seems so shallow and uninteresting.and that kirsten stewart is always looking dead and blank

  97. I'm fairly sure the Robert Patterson photoshoots are more to do with his new film with David Cronenberg, director of the film 'Videodrome' referenced very prominently in one of the pictures, than any sort of mass Illuminati conspiracy. The tops sold by Urban Outfitters and worn by Rhianna are also not based on the Illuminati, they're picking up on the youth trends and designs found on the micro-blogging site Tumblr. It is about trends and matching the youth, not indoctrinating them.

    • ahappyheart on

      And who tells people to think that stuff is cool? I can guarantee kids don't search for images on their own like that and decide that those particular symbols are the next trend. Oh no no no… there is much more calculated efforts than that.

  98. Honestly I seen a majority of symbolism in Video Games ever since the late 90's.

    And in movies since the late 70's, this is nothing new a bunch of old symbolism.

    It's kind of how each generation changes, so does the style and music genres.

    You have to understand alot of these changes occur throughout all societies.

    Even certain cultures do change and mature off the branches unto other crazy adventures.

    It's not easy to say today but alot of Kids are highly advanced in the use of portable technologies. And what happen to playing with sticks or hide n seek or tag?

    Today's kids and kids of the 90s had "Laser Tag".

    Now I can say today that is genius.

    Let's face it, as we grow old kids will have more powerful and useful technology.

    It's all mentally stimulating devices and tools to our disposable and what are we doing with it? Looking at PoRn ? Looking at a bunch of cat pictures with captions on it?

    Or just plainly sitting their playing WoW?

    I gotta say today's kids are most privileged.

    • Psychic Paradox on

      They also would have blocked it somehow eventually too, probably.. youtube has been sweeping a lot of esoteric themed videos lately and 'blocking' them, account have been mysteriously closed…

      • Yes, they've done it to me once already, to a slew of my youtube acquaintances and subscriptions during the past couple of years since i joined youtube. If I have something to say I don't think youtube will accept, I post it on daily motion instead.

  99. Psychic Paradox on

    Also… in response to my last comment.. (which was great and I can't find right now! What happened to it?!?! The page is acting weird.. hmmmm…).. anyway, in Hollywood's eyes, Satanic themed Vampires and other creatures of the night… are more acceptable (yet symbolic of many things) than the real truth, the real facts of how someone might be.. which is not always unacceptable, except in some people's eyes.. but it just depends on what is going on.. because if the Vampires and all that are secret symbols of what REALLY goes on, then that is a different story altogether.. yesss….

  100. To be honest I really don't see any Illuminati, satanic blah blah. What I do see is a very unimaginative industry run by men stuck in the 80's who believe big bucks lie in tired cliches. The so called stars (in their own minds) just drool for success and money as defined by these bored old farts. You can see a board meeting where a guy in his late forties (trying to look in his twenties) asks "what do the kids want?" then without waiting for any response comes up with the idea "that's it, black,moody. possibly satanic….yes give it a dark feel". The people around the table applaud with "that's amazing!!" and "he's a genius!!" This scene has repeated year after tired year. If there is a conspiracy (rather a redundant term given writing this to you can be termed a conspiracy) it is a conspiracy of corruption, apathy and nepotism. The status quo requires us to foment comment, hence we are culpable accomplices in a very old show. Overall I think your site does a good job, so please don't take this as a criticism of your reporting.

  101. wow.. there was a time where i didn't want to believe this, to stay asheep,(asleep)but now you just can't deny, this stuff is everywhere and now,iam glad to know the truth and keep learning the truth about things

  102. Finally Jared Leto appears in this site for a second time, he's sucha a illuminati wannabe (at least that's what I think) I bet he will be very happy 😀

    p.s.: I like Jared very much so this isn't me bitching him.

    and btw very great site you run here 😀

  103. I've been reading articles and forum posts on VC for around half a year now, and there are a few things I still don't understand:

    What is the point of spreading so-called Illuminati symbols? What does it accomplish for them?

    • Just read and try not to analyze the point of all this. You need to have psychopathic traits to be able to understand the point of everything.

  104. I'm ready for a new Illuminati trend. This one eye crap is just SO done.

    I'm also ready for Kristen Stewart to get a new expression…

    I also think it's kind of odd that the woman in the "RobXRob threesome with video tapes" is pregnant. That's just seems like an odd detail for photo shoot of that nature…

  105. Historian attacks again – First of all, I'm sure everyone knows that there is nothing "satanic" about an inverted cross, at it is a Christian symbol, visible in many orthodox icons, for an example. It's called St Peter's cross and if you are a teenage black metal fan or fame-whoring songstress using that to look "rebellious" you just reveal your lack of knowledge.

    Its funny how hipsters have stolen even occultism now, listening to obscure metal bands and wearing "ironically" a mishmash of religious/occult/historical symbols without caring about their actual meaning. Urban Outfitters is a fine example, but I've seen "occult" jewelry even in Claire's. They are of course not worshiping Satan or practicing any sort of magic, they just move from one trend to another in a desperate attempt to appear cool.

    Yoyo has it about right…

    Last time occultism was fashionable during 60'-70's period. Trend are circular, when a culture starts running out of original ideas

  106. cosmiclyinclined on

    I used to work with the Hollywood "elites" (chuckle), and there is definitely a "conspiracy" going on. I have been initiated into a number of lodges, and have been to many events with prominent people who have a lot of influence over what you see on T.V. The music industry is overrun (I didn't say run, but that is largely the case) by occultists from various backgrounds. This doesn't mean that Christians don't have their own networks, they do. These are heavily controlled.

    Most of my associates desire to free themselves from the restrictions society has imposed on them when they were too young to know any better (this is called "socialization") The monkey mind is split between wanting power (which it usually denies) and staying safe within Judeo-Christian belief systems of right/wrong (black/white mentality) guilt complexes, repression of the body/mind – in other words, the brain creates a binary universe through linguistic constructs that only seem real to the monkey mind (a Christian hypnosis, so to speak) Hence, most of mankind is stuck and deceiving themselves. If you have any sense of history, you would know that Christianity is THE most destructive death-worshipping religion in the world (Islam is second). The desire for them is to keep man in ignorance with little power over themselves and the world. Now, you see why occult organizations are such a threat to their power…and now you see how people in occult organizations have power as well, however, their intention is different. The liberation of mankind from sleep/hypnosis. WAKE THE FUCK UP! LOL, I only met Rihanna once at the Ivy in LA. She knows what's up, and most in the industry do (not everyone…remember, it's LA. There's a wide range of people).

    Anti-Christian (anti-death). I would liek to emphasize this. We are pro personal liberation and following your TRUE will (and when I say this, it doesn't mean doing whatever the fuck you want. It means attaining the knowledge within; achieving spiritual enlightenment.) The Church and the State attempt to cover this up from the sleeping masses for good reason, and the best we can do is hint at it through symbolism, and bring this hidden knowledge to the surface again. Mankind is ready, and there isn't a moment to lose. We have a great medium (T.V.) to translate this into homes, and we have money (power) to do so. Internet is the greatest thing that has happened for personal freedom. In the past, we would be burned at the stake :)

  107. Um, Sector 9 is a longboard company, not skateboard. Also, Charlize Theron is in the Snow White and The Huntsman ads posted on here, not Kristen Stewart.

    • "Kristen Stewart appears in the new movie "Snow White & the Huntsman. Promotional material for the movie prominently features the one-eye sign."

      VC said she was in the movie, not that the picture was Kristen Stewart. Just noting the fact that a movie she is starring in has an ad with one eye symbolism on it.

  108. Urban Outfitters….. Do the always put "Finis Coronat Opus" (the end crowns the work) on their stuff? I'm not familiar with clothing brand things.

  109. Okay, so one of Horus' eyes was gouged out by Set and later magically replaced by Thoth in the Egyptian myth. This "eye of Horus" had spiritual sight. If that's what people are alluding to when they cover one their right eye.. How is it bad or evil?

  110. That robert patison with his belly slit open reminds me of the consequences of breaking the masonic secrecy oath in one of the first few degrees, it comes across as a warning too from the perspective of those trapped on the other side.


  112. Hi All and God Bless

    In cheryly I see She Devil be it backwards. Now I can tell you I have "never" been religious but God and Jesus have come into my heart. This has overwhelmed me. My sense of love for my family and hatred of things like money and crap has changed my life.

    Guys, the only thing and I mean the only thing in life worth anything is "YOUR LOVE OF YOUR FAMILY"

    I have prayed to Jesus and God and he always answers to me, he never fails. So if you do not think I am saying the truth try this. If you have a loved one in trouble for example they are drinking themselves to death ask and pray to God to remove the demonic entity that has ruined there life.

    Look its not that stupid, you cant predict the lottery numbers BUT you can get rid of demons, demons live on lies hatred and war, cast them out and love is in your heart. All these nastly blood and gore films are to lower your love levels and let F&*king Lucifer in. Say No.

    Here a true story I was driving my car in 1985 and gave accross a mortaliy wounded white cat in the middle of the road. I stopped parked on the verge and gently picked up the cat and placed her on the grass verge and stroked and comforted whilst she died, the look she gave was amazing, I left my coat on her and had to go. I cried and was suppose to be a tough Guy cos I worked on North Sea Oil rigs.

    Now Years later we accidentally have to home a cat exactly like her, the thing is she is so absolutfully beatiful and looks just like the cat I found dying I believe god sent that cat to us as an act of love.

    God and Jesus are pure love, we are the spiritial offspring and the Demomic Lucifarian Dark entities are running scared. Like vampires hate the light Demons hate the truth and love.

    God Is here now, he knows we are in trouble and he WILL love and protect you, and as for the bad guys.

    YOU CAN GO TO HELL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  113. I think designers, etc find this material on the interwebs and then use it because its edgy and topical. Art imitating life, a lot of the time I think!!

  114. Hear today on the radio that Rhianna is partying hard and her friends (i.e., Jay-Z) are encouraging her to go to rehab. Take from that what you will…

  115. The new Rihanna video is mentioned here, and I've also noticed that in the same video, as well as the new Coldplay video in which Rihanna is featured, she's is depicted as having multiple arms.

    Indian Gods are often multi-armed creatures, which symbolize many things-death, love, power, change, depending on which "God" is in question.

    For instance, the Goddess Kali is known to represent death & change.

    "The name Kali comes from kāla, which means black, time, death, lord of death, Shiva.

    Kali means "the black one". Since Shiva is called Kāla—the eternal time—Kālī, his consort, also means "Time" or "Death" (as in "the time has come").

    Hence, Kāli is considered the goddess of time and change. Although sometimes presented as dark and violent, her earliest incarnation as a figure of annihilation still has some influence. Various Shakta Hindu cosmologies, as well as Shākta Tantric beliefs, worship her as the ultimate reality or Brahman. She is also revered as Bhavatārini (literally "redeemer of the universe"). Comparatively recent devotional movements largely conceive Kāli as a benevolent mother goddess."

  116. No coincidence Rob Pattinson is a blood ancestor of Vlad the Impaler-the original "Dracula" written about in books. Blood lineage MK anyone?

    He is supposedly also related to a president.

  117. Issela Santina on

    Has anybody seen the new Breaking Dawn Part II posters? [talking about the three that had to be solved with a matching game] I think it's not just RobSten. Even Taylor L [yeah, because I already knew of Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and everybody else in the controversy] had half his face in one! =(

  118. i knew a guy who would always squint like pop-eye when he talked and joked it was really creepy, that one-eyed thing…. what is the meaning of those Ambush bear-claw fingernails…. I had a really weird dream about bulls dressed up in costumes w/horns which turned into a costumed bear with long claws… I don't usually dream that kind of thing… dream dic says beware of enemies, ie bears and bulls, but nothing about horns and claws……

  119. Some of my former friends and relatives have been wearing shirts with the all seeing eye on them. Also hi everyone, back from a month long trip through the mental health system after running away, computer lagging as I type this as usual. Gonna see some fireworks tonight and cry for the America I thought I used to know. I think my mind is going to where these celebrities' minds are. Hopefully the bible will hold it off for a little while.

  120. I believe in this stuff but it seems a lot of people who do believe this stuff are very religious and into it… Im not religious at all but i still believe whats happening and im "vigilant" about it. Nothing against religious people of course, its awesome that someone can take the time to do it. None of it makes sense to me, science stuff makes more sense. I know some people who still believe the world is still only '2012' years old… there are fossils that they tested for age that are like millions of years old lol. But my question is why is this system of 'controlling masses' and 'desensitation' and the elite all believed in by people who are religious? or the majority. idk. people on here argue about it all the time. from what ive seen its more people who believe in god than not.

    someone get back to me without erm hate comments such as "You need to repent before the rapture blablabla" because no matter how many times u say it to me a theory about a man (or woman =) ) in the sky in charge of everything will never make sense to me…thank you!

  121. (i'm sorry if my English is bad)

    I saw on a cover of a magazine (i don't remember the name) that "It's Baby Time" for Rob & Kristin. Maybe that's why that women in the picture is pregnant.

    I'm so curious and mortified when I think of the baby's future. Usually, children born in the industry, are used by the industry 100%-ex:MJ-.

    I wonder if Rob.P. chose this life or it was forced into it? I would rather think of him as a victim than as a willing follower.

    I know his parents made him model when he was young..who knows about his childhood.

    I'm really sorry that many young people's life are begin destroyed.

  122. Twlight was created for those who don't already embrace darkness they watered down a already known monster,listen to some of saying" they are not evil vampires" they are vampires just watered down for your embracement. The people I used to sell twilight most of them would say " I normally never read but these books are good" those books were trash completely unengaging , written for morons and the love lorn. She tried to write other books but failed even worse throw them away!!!!

  123. Twlight was created for those who don't already embrace darkness they watered down a already known monster,listen to some of saying" they are not evil vampires" they are vampires just watered down for your embracement. The people I used to sell twilight most of them would say " I normally never read but these books are good" those books were trash completely unengaging , written for morons and the love lorn.

  124. Henry Townsmyth on

    it hurts to see that your favorite celebrities are actually not how you had imagined them all along. it hurts because people who love this world needs worldly idols to love and attribute their praise to. This gives them Temporary satisfaction. But you will see that since it is temporary, those idols either fade away or turn out to be fake, just as well as the truth of this short life becomes evident when the death befalls.

    Thats why Islam tell us that tie your love to God alone. And no one is more respected but the one who is more pious and righteous among people. Also in Islam human imagery and music is not allowed which are the foundation of today's evil. In Islam people are the most important objects who are given respect depending on how knowledgeable they are in matters related to religion. In simple words piety prevails and people are told that they are the best nation because (IF) they encourage good deeds and stop from bad deeds.

    Do have a look at Islam, read Quran youself, it claims to be a book for all humans. DONT Look at MUSLIMS! They do not (in most cases) represent the best of Islam right now. Dont trust anyone but yourself. So read Quran yourself.

    The solution to the problems of this world is ISLAM.

  125. The Ambush shoot was based on The Holy Mountain, not the Illuminati. Of course, very little research would prove such if anyone commenting here was interested in such effort.

  126. well carrie underwood sings alot of songs about God and how she loves him but I guess lately she hasn't. Maybe they just pose as there told, not all of them are on the same boat. I believe it has to do with the ppl running hollywood.

  127. they will always control main stream media ..but they know Alternative media is exposing their perverted AGENDA and there will be a tipping point , so that have to Escalate their propaganda dramatically . Beleive it , they are experts at propaganda and do their homework on trends , what people know , what they think , etc etc.

    The only True way to break this cabal wide open is to force this issue into Main Stream Media , so that grandmas in Iowa know this info or welder in Seattle , etc etc .

    I'd say only bout 10 – 20 % seriously have an understanding what this is all about and their bloody Agenda , so we must figure ways to inject this issue into Main Stream Media , where 80 , 90 % of people get their Information . THEY DO IT by making this occult crap main stream in shows , music , clothing etc etc .

  128. BUT has anyone even been paying attention to DADDY YANKEE?! PYRAMIDS and TRIANGLES EVERYWHERE. It's OBVIOUS

  129. it's good to light people but you see they are so smart . maybe they want some people to uncover them. maybe it's different programing, too!

  130. Xtianellyfan on

    Its ashame about Nelly Furtado because she is so talented and not like other artists in the fact that she is alot more modest in what she wears in video shoots and seems to have a good spirit, she is just deceived and needs Christ.

  131. they? communicate in a secret language(SYMBOLS),that most dismiss(most will call you nuts)its becoming more in your face . OBFUSCATION?some of these STARS know and some do not. MONARCH AND MK-ULTRA PROGRAMING? does it work? is there a hidden agenda? is there really a powerful elite BLOODLINE that rules the world?backing both sides of war?dictateing to the corporations?speaking to each other thru symbols?THEY DIDNT CALL IT PROGRAMING FOR NOTHING! DO THE RESEARCH! YOU SEE IT IS LIKE X-FILES(REMEMBER THAT ONE?) REPEAT-REPEAT -REPEAT-THATS ALL THEY CAN DO- IN MY HUMBLE OPINION-IN THE END THEY LOSE! WAKE UP PEOPLE–THEY ARE AFTER THE CHILDREN! BE CAREFUL WHAT THEY WATCH-PASS IT ON! MK=MARK ULTRA= FAR BEYOND THE NORM ?THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE

  132. Cannot believe how out of touch you guys are. Occult symbolism is a just a fashion trend, it's transient and will pass. That's all there is to it. It's a hipster thing, photographers are all hipsters and theyre gonna get their subjects to pose a certain way to make that shot as eye catching (no pun intended) as possible, obviously if the subject wants to increase their exposure then theyre gonna go along with it.

    There is nothing sinister about it!

  133. Au_Hassan Al_Hashimi on

    Dear friend
    All these symbols are manifestation of the universal atomic reaction inside every one of us
    some are illustrated by our knowledge (some of us((the people who Know the secret))) and many is being manifested without it
    Anyhow don't be cynical
    We are all just characters in a very deep and artful novel
    So we all are just concentrations of the AUTHOR's conscious

  134. What i find interesting about k. stew. is that she was rich before fame. (elite) When she was a child she had a house replicated after Alice in Wonderland.

  135. I have just recently learned about all of this perversity … beyond the wildest imagination! My friend pointed it out ,and I at first did not believe such horrors could possibly be true .

    The bible speaks of all of these times we are in now .

    I praiseThe Most High …for a new chance ,,all this craziness will be washed away.

    Shalom to all the youth that find this site .

  136. If you mean proof of the eye of Horus and how it came to be, it's well known. You can just Google it or look on Wikipedia. I mean, he was the good guy in the story so I just don't see why all the fuss.

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