Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/12)


Strange and significant events occurred during the month of February and many symbolic pics appeared in mass media. Here’s this month Symbolic Pics of the Month featuring Lana Del Rey, Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan and more.

“Pop’s new phenomenon” Lana Del Rey on the cover of Lovecat magazine. She’s hiding one eye and showing who she’s down with.


Kate Moss’ photoshoot in W magazine has is drenched in occult symbolism. The two alternate covers and the entire shoot refer to the concept of duality.


Dressed in white, Moss looks somewhat possessed and holds a cross in order for it to appear upside-down. The symbol of the inverted cross is used in Satanism.


Here, sporting a big fat pair of Baphomet horns.


Nun suit and sexy spandex always make for a “controversial” image. Even though it has been done hundreds of time, to the point that it is becoming a propaganda tool, some douchebag somewhere will always qualify it as “artistic”. Also, for some reason, there’s a head in jar in the background.


Lindsay Lohan in a Terry Richardson shoot. One of the countless female stars posing as Marilyn Monroe, the original MK-Ultra Sex Kitten.


Of course, in a MK-Ultra-themed shoot, the model has to flash the one-eye sign.


Here’s another Monroe wannabee in February’s Vogue Italia. Her stiff, lifeless posture is a tribute to mind control.


This photoshoot entitled “Origins of Monsters” features faceless models and others with butterfly wings, a symbol of Monarch programming.


This model apparently turned into a moth.


Bugs and insects are used to traumatize MK victims. This image appears to show how these insects appear in the highly altered mind state of mind control slaves.


Promotional poster for Britney Spears’ Till the World Ends tour. A reader of the site took the time to highlight the three 6’s in the tour name. Also, of course, one of Britney’s eyes is hidden.



February fashion show of brand Sibling in London. The combination of faceless models, Mickey Mouse ears and feline prints make this show an all-Mind-Control extravaganza.


This controversial photoshoot in Pop Magazine features a 16 year old model sexualized, brutalized and posing with naked women. Here, she is choked by an unseen man.


A continuation of the agenda to sexualize minors.


Posing with a topless pornstar. I censored the breasts but they’re all exposed in the actual shoot.


Actress and singer Taylor Monsen in a Zink magazine shoot that is full of mind control symbolism. This pics allude to multiple personalities. One of her eyes is “cut out” – this symbol was also used in the art of MK victim Kim Noble as it refers to the victim’s partial loss of “sight” of reality.



K-Pop singer Sohee in the March issue of Céci Magazine. Just showing who’s the boss of her. Wait, maybe it was just random.




The children’s series My Little Poney often contains Illuminati themes and symbolism. In this screenshot, we see the exact logo of the elite Bohemian Club on the cover of a book.


New York’s St. John the Divine Cathedral, (its strange symbolism and NWO agenda was already discussed in the article entitled Sinister Sites: St. John the Divine Cathedral) has a new bizarre display: A circle of horned animal skulls. Placed right inside the Cathedral, the exposition looks like the site of a black magic ritual.


Close-up of the skulls. Thanks to the reader who sent in the pics.


A mysterious Egyptian sarcophagus at Whitney Houston’s funeral. Was this an “input” of the occult group behind her sacrifice? We know that elite secret societies are well versed in Egyptian magic, especially the Book of the Dead.



    • Anyone else notice what looks like a bruise on Lindsay's cheek in the second pic of her and that Richardson guy? Also, in the "My Little Pony" still, the dragon is conveniently covering one of the eye's of a pony with his ear or whatever it is. That darn one eye thing rears it's ugly head AGAIN. I guess the dragon holding the Bohemian Grove book is appropriate as Satan/Lucifer is the head of that club.

      • Back to the "My Little Pony" still, notice the owl is on the rear end of the pony with the six pointed star, hmmmmmmm.


        according to
        The still above is from the TV series i remember watching as a child, called My Little Pony Friendship is MAGIC and the pony with the owl on it's back is called Twilight Sparkle; she is a UNICORN pony, and is also the main protagonist of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She first began her studying under Princess CELESTIA at the city of CANTERLOT, and continues her studies in Ponyville, where the series usually takes place. She's accompanied by……her young DRAGON assistant, Spike. She represents the ELEMENT OF MAGIC.

        worse still for a HALLOWEEN episode

        Twilight Sparkle dresses up as this pony in LUNA ECLIPSED, calling him "the father of the amniomorphic SPELL" and "the most important CONJURER of the pre-classical era".

        –Throwawaytv 09:42, December 18, 2011 (UTC)


        amnion – via New Latin from Greek: a little lamb, from amnos a lamb. Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, Merriam-Webster English Dictionary

        -morphic – having a specific shape or form. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

        -ic – relating to or characterized by. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

        In particular, -morphic does not mean "shaping", it meas "shaped like". "Shaping" would be -plastic or -genic. Similarly, "amnion" only means one specific bowl, a sacrificial blood bowl, not bowls in general.

        Taken all together, the amniomorphic spell would either be "lamb-shape spell" or "the spell of the lamb-shaped". That is, assuming Twilight actually says amniomorphic and not omniamporphic or some other word. "Omniamorphic" would make much more sense, as the "all-encompassing shapeless spell".

      • Yeah, & the dragon's eye is naturally a vertical slit–gotta be scary for the young 'uns. And what's with the owl symbol: there's an unside-down 'Y' on the L side of the body that looks somewhat serpentine, or if you squint & tilt your head slightly, like someone crawling (or supplicating?). W_T_H.

      • Does anyone know what the head in the jars signify/mean???

        Just seeing that reminded me of some 'futurama' episodes which is set in the year 3000, and there are always people that are just heads in jars.

        It must mean something, cant be coincidental becoz nothing in media/advertising/music/movies ect is a coincidence, all strategically planned….

      • I think the head in the jar symbolizes disconnect, head in the clouds, not being grounded, a severed mind-body connection, etc. The jar represents confinement, the mind is "boxed in" or sealed off in its own little world. There seems to be a lot of symbolism these days concerning bodies without heads and heads without bodies.

      • Like when the villain who wants to live for ever has his head attached to a machine to keep him alive? Maybe it is referring to Walt Disney, I've heard that he had his head cryogenicaly frozen.

      • The Knights Templars used to worship severed heads called Baphomets. These heads we're apparently used in ceremony's to invoke spirits/entities through which they communicated through. Perhaps this is what the head in the jar could be referring to.

      • the severed head in the jar is a reference to St. John.

        Notice how she is made up to be a false Mary/Madonna. (scarlet whore)

        this tells their story of babylon triumphant over the true church.

        they mock God and the bible.

      • Heads that were kept for magickal/divining purposes are called Baphomets… the head/skull of John the baptist is meant to be kept by high-ups. o O (i imagine pickling a head would make the skin fall off if only the skull is meant to be kept…gross)

        I'm pretty sure i recall that in magick a skull/baphomet is used as a focal point, to 'see' the face of whoever one is conjuring.

        Heads in jars is a pretty common theme, there was one in silence of the lambs that comes to mind now

      • They mock God? Nope they can mock fvck @ll. They can die trying to mock absolute power as much as they want. The only thing that terrifies me is to spend all eternity with all these mindless airheads in hell. That's one of a hell prospect. I like having a go at them and let some steam off especially when I'm stressed but I would never like to meet them.

    • What is Lindsay Lohan doing with this mind control stuff?!?, her life is already messed up enough……

      Very enlightening VC, great job as always!

      • ehh atleast "My little Ponies" isn't like "Yo gabba gabba"…that show isn't even funny like MLP(My Little Ponies) its just scary and sick and twisted.

      • I think the problem with LL is that she was chosen but became too difficult to control so she was cut loose. Maybe she had a bad reaction to what they were feeding her. Kind of like what happened to Whitney Houston. Combine that with the fact she just isn't very talented and what do you get? A drug addicted child who was taken advantage of by the entertainment industry. The saddest part is that they will get away with it not just in her case but in many more to come.

    • face in the crowd on

      Wtf is up with the Cathedral in NY?

      Yes, good job on who ever documented that and sent it in…why don't more visitors react I wonder? Just because it is a church does not mean it is holy. Ten times out of ten, because it is in a church means it is anything but holy…

      • face in the crowd on

        Kate Moss is a haggard beast representing another haggard beast.

        Avoid fashionable rubbish, DON'T GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR TIME OR MONEY.

      • Just to clarify: St. John the Divine is the EPISCOPAL Cathedral of New York. Not Catholic.

        The Catholic cathedral of New York City is St. Patrick's Cathedral.

      • @ im catholic, all churches r scarry, surrealk, n demonic at the same time to me.

        Mo worries, Kardashians are expert at playing the flute.

    • Truth@ It's a very good job! EXCELENT!

      Now can you imagine this New York's St. John the Divine Cathedral, as something Divine, that comes from the true God? I don't think so, this is too much blatant, I don't know how ppl from these kind of churches, with these kind of strange behaviours, can't see in what they're into, or maybe they know so much more then we all think, that's why they accept it at all, no matter what others will think about it.

      It's just a very disturbing photo.

      Once again, thank you VC, for keeping us always vigilant…


      • Thanks, it is truely an eye-opener every time! The St. John Cathedral thingy is freaky! They are so coming out into the open, tis oozing out of everything that surrounds us….yuck

    • "A mysterious Egyptian sarcophagus at Whitney Houston's funeral."

      Not really she had asked to be burred in one.

      • Not sure if I believe Whitney asked to be buried in an Egyptian Sarcophagus. If so, she must have been under heavy mind control. I'd have to see the video clip of her request.

  1. its really sad and frightening how the model shoots just keep getting more blantant about the mind control that is obviously occuring to all of them.

    • I wonder though, if the models are aware of the symbols they flash sometimes. As a photographer I do direct a little bit how people pose or look, could it possibly be the photographer/art director team that are advising models to look and pose certain ways? A lot of people are oblivious to symbolism, I worked with a model recently who flashed the whole one-eye symbol, I stopped her and told (politely) her that's a little over used and if she could do something a little more creative :)

      • Kate Moss isn't innocent. She knows what she's doing, after all she befriends Marianne Faithfull.

    • Good eye, VC:-) Yup, fashion is garbage. Even if you don't agree with the rest of what I say, you know there is little art going on here:-) Now, why would I read these magazines and look up to these people? A few of those models like the Italian one look deathly anorexic. How can I save myself? I can live my life. These idols are promoting this trash worldwide and they will do so as long we give them money. That's all they want: our continued subjugation and financial and mental slavery. Forget'em. God wins. They lose.

  2. Eek, these are just freaky looking. Fashion? From where, hell? Gives me the heebee jeebees!

    And yeah they make is so darn obvious! Anyway thx for posting

  3. I am really disturbed by the Kate Moss pictures, and the display of the animal skulls in the cathedral…I also have seen a lot of connections in regard to Illuminati, in a band that I like. Jared Leto, who is the front man of 30 Seconds to Mars, has been rumored to be an illuminati puppet. this is what got me interested in them to begin with. He is Terry Richardson's sidekick ( is Terry his handler?) He has been in a movie and reportedly slept with Lindsey Lohan, though he avoids her like the plague in public, he says Bono is one of his Idols, and has recently covered his song "Where the Streets Have No Name" in his MTV Unplugged Special. His lyrics have always seemed random and cryptic, until you learn about MK-Ultra, and then they suddenly make sense. Especially his 1st album. Many many mind control trigger words and phrases, and some even in his 3rd and most recent album " This Is War". He hob knobs with the Rothchild's, many fashion industry moguls and other randoms that you wonder why in the world is with these people, unless you realize they all share that one connection. Thanks for continuing to educate me and help me see the connections!

    • He also played Mark Chapman (who was also MK Ultra) in a movie about the murder of John Lennon.

      Sorry Jared fans, but I think Jared – who lets face it has no real discernable talents – must be some kind of sex slave. Why else would such a mediocre talent be moving in such 'high circles'?

      Incidently, back to John Lennon, Yoko Ono was said to have links to the 'business end' of MK Ultra, using mind control techniques on John Lennon under the guise of 'stop smoking sessions' which left him 'zombie-like, throwing up and barely able to speak'. May Pang (John's girlfriend) alludes to it in her autobiography.

      Why?? I'm not the first and won't be the last to point out John's influence and power regarding the Peace/Anti war movement.

      How far does this rabbit hole go…?

      • I personally think that John Lennon got into LSD a bit too much, and while he was able to hold up a facade of stability was much weaker than people thought. That might explain why Yoko Ono was able to take control of him so deeply – she knew what to look for, and he exhibited it. She just had to set off a few triggers, and he was hers.

      • I read the Beatles were a Tavistock Institute created band, anyway. So wasn't the "peace movement" an experiment set up to be discredited by the drugs pushed into it, or something like that?

        The rabbit hole goes very deep. Just when we think we know something, it goes even deeper.

    • Sarah Connor on


      Stay away from Jared – he is Luciferian. HIS Words!

      30 Seconds to Hell:

      No good can come putting that music/message/energy into your soul! Use to have a crush on him back from My So Called Life, sucks to hear, but he is a freak! Devilishly so!

      • @sarah Connor Ahhhh. I looooved 'My So Called Life'.

        Illuminati sucks…! I thn I'll be rocking that as a t-shirt!!!

      • Can't stand the guy. Had to interview him once for work and he turned out to be a real asshole. More interested in trying to score with the star struck sweet young girls. What a total sleaze.

        But on another note the regular cross is also used in Satanic rituals ala Crowley. basically a bastardization of all things good i guess.

    • DecodedImposter on

      Excuse me if this may come off a little rude…..

      I too am a Christian and find it hard to beilve that another Christian thinks the devil has no power. Do you know that we are turly living in the last days? For a Christian to say that a few rock bands are using symbols correctly and are doing no harm to man is beyond belief! Lucifer being beautiful & the minister of musin in heaven before being cast out shows you that these artists are being used by him to collect our mind,bodies & souls.

    • Surely Christianity is mixed with paganism, weren't we all pagans BC? There are still some elements left since then. At least paganism isn't as wicked as satanism. Honestly I pay a visit to a church occasionally, mainly because there is a cafe attached to it and I get to reconnect with people I know but they live far from me. I even know the local priest who comes from somewhere in Turkey but he's Christian. It's more a social activity than anything else. I also used to frequent a gospel church established by Africans because I enjoyed the music and singing, so I was introduced to that specific church from a Malawi person but I moved out of that town which is quite far from where I live at the moment. If you want to find God/Christ/Holy Spirit, you can do anywhere really. Even people who frequent churches can be hypocrites. All church-goers aren't necessarily sugar and spice & all things nice you know. Nobody is perfect, so if you have high expectations you'll be left disappointed.

    • Symbols of the illuminati have NOTHING to do with Christianity. True Christianity is a choice made in the heart for a relationship with Jesus Christ.

    • I have to contradict you even I’m not a fan. Jared Leto is not into illuminati thing. He had an interview last year in a French magazine where he was asked about Obama and politics and he said something like America is a whimsical/lunatic place so if things go wrong probably he would move to France because he likes it; he’s not a part of their agenda. I was in Paris at that time but I don’t remember which magazine exactly, sorry. One of my friends from Paris who’s a 30stm fan, told me Jared really likes Paris and it was not a gossip.

  4. Its all about blatantly stuffing it down the peoples throat!Maybe when they all get used to seeing it every day they wont think anything about it and take it when the time comes! Sorry devils,,, I have my eyes open to it all and I have put a stop to it in my families lives! I can now pick out Illuminati symbolism a mile away!! Thank you VC!

  5. All of us here will say this is blatant and obvious. But to the sheeple of the world they don't notice anything wrong that's how we get conditioned to think its normal and there is that person that will say its "art" or "a marketing tool" or "the next best trend" and the masses just fall behind like sheep.

    • that is it in a nut shell …and further how agressive do you think this world system( the beast) will be once its gotten into full swing Huh???…..I dont want to be here to find out

  6. The My Little Pony pic is…. just… mind=blown

    How does one explain that one away?

    I would love to hear them explain that.

  7. appears they focus on demonic possession this month… i still try to figure out what they have done with Kate Moss face on the pictures, especially the one with the cross upside down, something is totally spooky, like its real o_O

    And the first picture in the photoshoot entitled "Origins of Monsters" -am i seeing it wrong or is that a silver cord floating around her ( as reference to out of body experiences =>…. ), or some kind of ectoplasm, can't see it well, seems to come from her mouth or her navel.

  8. Don't worry, more and more people are taking notice to this dark sinister behavior….GOD will reveal. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear; those who have eyes to see, let them see. Not everyone will hear and see be happy you can!

    *good* correcting my typo on my post:

  9. It's sickening how blatant the symbolism is to me in these pictures & it drives me crazy how these mind control- themed photo shoots are seen as "artistic" … The pictures with the guy choking the little girl is Beyond disturbing & SICK… Thank you for posting these eye opening pictures, VC!

  10. re: the Kate Moss pix with her holding the cross in front of her crotch:

    It looks like she's wearing a crown of thorns.

    There seem to be vague images around her head. Above and to the left, I see a skeleton.

    • BeEncouraged on

      Yes I noticed the placement of the inverted cross as well. That is definitely by design. Gotta go back to look at the crown thing, but all of her pictures gave me the willies. Jesus cover us!

  11. Mala Gee Gee on

    I find the Egyptian sarcophagus outside of Whitney Houston's funeral to be quite eerie. Especially, when you understand the significance of the Egyptian empire.

  12. If you look at the Egyptian sarcophagus, there are actually two. And this was at the entrance for family and celebrities I think I heard…the combination of the egyptian + the two pillars around it + the elite walking through it makes it so blatant.

  13. Why does anyone even still want to take Lindsay Lohans picture? She's so irrelevant!!

    Really disgusted & saddened by the oversexualization and overexposure of women in everything. So unnecessary & damaging. It's not fair. A naked pornstar holding a young girls hand… What a$shole considers this artistic?


    • BeEncouraged on

      Not so fast! The past two days Ms. Lindsay has been all over the Today Show and she's hosting SNL this week as her new "coming out party". Looks like she's finished her stint in "rehab" and doesn't need to be given the bathtub/overdose treatment. 😉

    • I might be overreaching. But I wonder if the young girl in the picture is a virgin. The holding of hands could possibly symbolize the merging of good and bad. pure and unpure, saint and sinner etc.. definitely dualty at its finest. The way the girl is posed is similar to that of the porstar. We can see who is influencing who. Just a thought. As always, great post VC!

  14. I'd love to see these pictures on the actual sites so I could blow them up to look in detail. The Kate Moss pictures. As well as learn more about why the sarcophagus was at Whitney's funeral ( I firmly believe she was a sacrifice) and I'd like to learn more about the model shoot subjectifying the 16 year old model…ANYONE HAVE LINKS? plz send to…thx

  15. Wow, this month's picture are especially disturbing. Thanks for the heads up on My Little Pony. That was a popular toy when I was a kid. My daughter has not started watching cartoons yet, but I like to know what's good and what's not before she gets to that point. That was surprising.

  16. The sarcophagus at Whitney Houston's funeral had some kind of soul sucking monster inside who was devouring the energies of all the people there.

    I'm not going to think about what could have happened to the model who was being *faked* choked when the cameras were turned off

  17. lana del rey is irritating me because she literally came out of nowhere and is now embracing the occult! The kate moss ones freaked me out!

  18. Wow.

    Uh, anyone lese think Moss is about to use the cross as a dildo?

    And there's no way in Hell St. John's church is used by Satantists late at night for black mass. / sarcasm

      • Are you surprised with K Moss? How else a bowed-legged woman less than 170 cms and a wrinkly complexion like hers is considered top catwalk model for so long? It doesn't take a genius to figure out how she achieves what she achieves? Top model my a**!

  19. I've noticed that about 90% of the images, whether fashion or pop music are of women…. is this a reflection on the purported agenda being put forward by… whomever…. or the curators savvy use of images to draw in male audience and exploit female viewership in exact same way as women's magazine.

    • Actually, the Illuminati hate women. It is a male-dominated cabal that only use women as vessels for keeping the bloodline intact and other blood rituals. The Satanic force targets women specifically because it is women through whom life comes into this world and women represent sensitivity, nurturing and the first teachers of children. Remember, the Illuminati/Satanism is a culture of death.

      • I don't agree.

        The top echelon revert from priapic worship to goddess worship.

        The high priests are worshippers of the female.

        Only women, children and emasculated males.

    • Men and woman have very little interest in victimized men. Woman who are subjugated can also be seen as swept away by passion or the cleaned up Silhouette Tweener idea love.

      Men are just losers with a hand choking them and who is going to buy a magazine or product to see that?

      Pick up a copy of Men's Health or any other mainstream men's magazine. See a lot of men wearing butterflies? Sitting legs akimbo looking like they've just been sexually dominated?

      What's a curator? You mean as in museum?

  20. I saw something disturbing on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse this morning. My 2 year old granddaughter adores the show and I've yet to talk to her Mom (my daughter) about what I'm learning here. Anyway, Goofy got his pants caught by the blade of a windmill and you could see his pineapple print boxers, but what was creepy was there was just one eye among the several pineapples. It was brief (literally) but I know I saw it.

    • When pineapples were first introduced to Europe, they were so rare they were enjoyed only by royalty, and they remained a mainstay of elite dining until people figured out how to cultivate them in a colder climate.

      • Mickey mouse…
        Or the ichkythous mouse from ichkythous .
        Iaachus , Bacchus, Dionysus and Apollo.
        Apollo was consecrated by the mouse .

        “and as Smintheus (/ˈsmɪnθjuːs/ smin-thews; Σμινθεύς, Smintheus, “Sminthian”—that is, “of the town of Sminthos or Sminthe”)[18] near the Troad town of Hamaxitus. The epithet “Smintheus” has historically been confused with σμίνθος, “mouse”, in association with Apollo’s role as a god of disease. “. Apollo Wikipedia.

        He was also represented as the flute god or the piper who brought or removed mice from town….or the pied piper story of folklore.

        In shivite temples, the rat or mouse is consecrated.
        The mouse or rat represent the yogi initiate, neophyte gym sophist who has to go through tunnels of darkness to see the light.
        Mouse is the subterranean dweller of darkness attracted to light.

        The mouse is also related with thunder and lightening considering its lightening fast reflexes.
        The god Apollo and Zeus and lords of thunder, just like the Japanese lord Raiden .

        The iachus mouse or Mickey mouse is this a reference to the mystery school.

        In the Ganesha or elephant god mysteries, who is the son of shiva, Ganesha sits a giant mouse called Mushika ,and the mouse is the carriage or vahana of this god of intelligence Ganesha.
        Ganesha uses this giant mouse Mushika to trample the rats of evil.

        Vermin, we’re also the symbols of Saturn just like the crow.
        The agents of death.

        So in the mouse we have the same dualistic connotation of an animal which is both a bane and boon.A good and evil animal. A representation of the Apollonic sun and the Saturnian death.
        Dualistic animal, which represents the initiate and the god and is an emblem of both the sun and the darkness.

  21. Kate Moss has always looked to me like she has had her brain removed. I've never seen anyone so blank and vacant.

  22. Warrior Africana on

    Clearly,this year there's some major events that are bound to happen cos the blatant exposure of occult and Mystery Religions' doctrines and smymbols to the masses is happening at an accelerated pace which according to the Holy Bible and the Mystery Religions themselves is a prelude to the Anti-Christ revealing himself.

      • Yeah good point. Time flies so fast, especially in the last 10-12 years, whereas it wasn't like that back in the 80s or even 90s. Something doesn't look or feel right.

  23. I'm so disturbed by all these pics but the one with the 16 year old model is disgusting! I hate how they're trying to make violence sexy. That is so wrong

  24. Yuk! This stuff is getting worse and worse. The pic of kate moss is major disturbing and those cathederal ones are even worse and the one with the baphomet horns?? People all I can say is that Gods word is true.

    • I don't think she's pathetic… actually i feel sorry and sad for her, she was basically sold when she was a lil girl, and all the abuses she's been going through are the reason why she's so messed up right now

      • I also feel sorry for Lohan. She only had a bad start in life and she still pays the price for it.

  25. I think the diamond of many facets in the Lovecat cover represents the fragmented personality created by mind-control, as well as representing the Diamond model of slave. And Terry Richardson's thumbs up looks like a phallic conquest gesture to me, like he's signalling he 'conquested' Lindsay.

  26. Some more info about 'The Council of Pronghorn':

    "The piece, created by writer/activist Terry Tempest Williams and Wyoming artists Felicia Resor and Ben Roth, consists of 23 pronghorn skulls (for the 23 affected Wyoming counties) mounted on lodgepole pine fence posts and arrayed in a circle. Tempest Williams said, “When we had it completed, and it was outside Ben's studio, we weren't sure if it worked or not, if people would get it. Then we looked outside and saw a bunch of kids dancing in the circle, and shouting, 'If only there was a fire!'”"


  27. Fed Up With K-Pop on

    Why do K-Pop singers always insist on imitating the Caucasian look?

    We used to have dark haired Caucasian beauties, but now they're pressured to lighten their hair, so they're not confused with skin bleaching, plastic surgery happy Koreans.

    I just look the other way now, so I don't get stressed out by them.

  28. I am sure that there must be a reader of this site that must have contact with people in the media or even higher up with members of the elite, I invite you to give us your insight on what's really going on, I have always wondered are this models/singers aware of what they are doing or are they just puppets and have no idea of the message they are giving to the world?

    • Models do what they are payed to do:
      Show up on time,
      Be pleasant,
      follow directions.
      A model is just that, a model. They usually don't organize the shoots themselves, and if they don't follow the photographer's directions, they are a lousy model. Seriously, imagine if you will that a photographer is a painter, the model and set are his/her paint, the camera his/her brush.

  29. i watched the funeral on tv and i was shocked as heck to see that Egyptian thing!!

    wat does it mean exactlly?

    and i read somewhere that clive davis was the one that ordered or told the police to leave her body upstairs!

    when her body was taken from the hotel the exact time the persons were leaving the party, they even saw the van while it was leaving

    • Voice of Reason on

      You're right. The Egyptian symbolism was absolutely out of place; especially since Whitney, despite all her problems, always professed that she was a Christian.

      • Voice of Reason on

        As for its presence at her funeral, it was probably the elite's arrogant way of declaring that 'the dark side has-yet again-prevailed over good.

    • Sarah Connor on

      @Sherri – I posted this on the other Whitney thread but it is pretty interesting regarding the tombs. Me thinks it's an 'inside' thing.

      Interesting video on some additional numerology related to Whitney’s death as well as the Egyptian tombs outside her funeral and the recently discovered tombs in Egypt. Guys voice auto-tuned is annoying, but the information is pretty chilling!

      Nehmes Bastet, Ancient *Female Singer’s* Tomb Found In Egypt’s Valley Of The Kings: – 33 days before her funeral. Hmm!?

    • Someone on YouTube said that's just what that particular funeral home does. I think someone should confirm that so we can eliminate it as a possible explanation.

      • Ojos lol seriously how can we confirm how the funeral services operate? We have to be working for them to know for sure. You are a funny one.

  30. Also, the Kate Moss photograph in which she is holding the cross so it looks upside down also suggest sexual connection. Her pose is strikingly similar to Baphomet's, and her halo may be seen as horns. Definite duality.

    • the photo is about mocking christ (that halo is a crown of thorns)

      the inverted crucifix is strategically placed, anyone who's watched the original exorcist movie knows what happens next.

  31. Well, remember 13 years ago when Whitney and Mariah sang "the prince of egypt" together at the oscars? That was from one of VC's articles. Sick coincidence.

  32. Sarah Connor on

    "A continuation of the agenda sexualizing minors."

    Straight up VC – that is the truth!!!

    Hooking Kids on Sex: Planned parenthood TARGETS kids!!!! – this is deliberate, by design!

    Don't forget our de-populazion Czar, Bill Gates’ father, William H. Gates Sr., has long been involved with the eugenics group Planned Parenthood, a rebranded organization birthed out of the American Eugenics Society. Gates Sr. now keeps his eugenics feet wet by serving as co-chair on the Gates Foundation, focusing on vaccines and GMO's.

    • Hey Sarah…

      Antichrist Yosan here..

      I was reading " the mysteries of Mithra" by Franz Cumont some time back and I came across this paragraph

      "the barbarous custom of allowing the blood of a victim slaughtered on a latticed platform fall down upon the mystic lying in a pit below was probably practiced in Asia from time immemorial"

      It reminded me of a grotesque scene from the movie "hostel 2" in which a lady is trapped by cunning, stripped naked, hanged upside down by a rope in a dark chamber filled with candles.Don't  get me started on candles….if you only knew the history of candles……

      And then a middle aged woman comes up,naked , lays down Ina pit underneath her and with the help of a scythe (Saturnian weapon) cuts that woman to pieces and bathes in her blood.This graphic scene is very much in line with the mithraic mysteries.

      Everyone must watch the following movies

      Hostel 2 ( death cults, mithraic rituals,osirian phallus mutilation)

      Running scared (pedophilia and child sacrifice)

      Borderland (2007 movie based on a true account of a death cult in Mexico)

      Suspiria ( account of witchcraft and magic)

      The serpent and the rainbow ( based on true story about voodoism)

      8mm( snuff films , occult killing )

      Spellbinder (witchcraft, ritual sacrifice)

      George carlin used to say

      "when you come into this world, you get a ticket for a freak show."

      Dear all….this world is a very sick place….

      Make that…..very very very sick place!

      In India ,Bangladesh , the high priests of mystic temples kidnap children, mutilate and rape them, cut their limbs or blind them and then crowd them around these shrines as beggars to appeal to the sympathy of the public.

      In the mystic city of multan , they actually steal newly born children from hospitals /houses, and then put a steel cup around the babies head, which prevents the skull from growing…eventually the child grows up, severely mentally retarded and with an abnormally small head.

      Then they make this monkey like child dance, while the people laugh and throw money at it….all for the sake of benovalence,compassion, pity…ah!

      They call him

      Doole chah sahiiib kee choiiii 

      Or the little mouse of the dole.

      Mice are exceptionally occult animals…..just ask the yogi Shivites or the  weird smiling  children at Walt Disney…..

      Imagine…the child traffic industry across the arabian sea….the camel jockeys.

      Imagine the thousands of little boys who never came back….

      Those ever smiling Arab sheikhs….

      Or the exuberant catholic priest, dripping in sweat while he prays to God!


      Or the exuberant catholic priest , dripping in sweat ….While he preys on a young scared naked child….

      Charles Taylor of Liberia….used to eat human hearts….I am not lying

      Man , man, man…….

      It was written on one Syrian temple

                                          " Baal. …..teach man through pain"

      Live and learn people

      Live and learn….

      "It is better to have been never born at all" 


      • Sarah Connor on

        Yikes Yosan! I know enough to know what you just posted regarding the ritual's and abuse is true, and then some! Upon learning some of this stuff I'm literally physically ill for days. I don't agree with the better to have never been born part, but we can just agree to disagree there.

        I'll have to pass on the horror flicks (Mothman kept me up for days) but will certainly take your word for it, they are exposes in the form of entertainment, if it can even be called that? I suppose a thank you is in order however, for shining a light on the dark. I'm always a fan of that. Just ease up on believers a bit……unless your goal is to isolate and aggravate. If you've got stuff to bring to the discussion, bring it, but have respect. That's all : – )

      • @yosan was just wondering whether you thought that ALL ancient mystery religions were as 'evil' and 'barbaric' as the ones you highlight? Were there any exceptions? Were any of them 'good'? And what, in your view, are the acceptable, alternative forms of religion/worship to practice (today)? Thanks

      • @Yosan,

        I know about what they do to the kids there too! Tying their heads and enforcing retardation. Sadly, it's not just in Multan! It's one of the sick ways people make money, off their own children! You have entire communities of "beggars" whose business it is to "beg", they get visas and make "business trips around the world on their "beggary" business. Even if it means mutilating people so that passers by can have pity and donate a few pennies. It's so berserk – for most people, earning money is about providing for their families, these people sacrifice their families for their pennies!


        Pakistan just won an Oscar, many people in Pakistan are raving about how this is "Pakistan's first Oscar" and they're oh so proud of it! While I have nothing against the film-maker who won this, it's interesting to note the themes she promotes in her works – she hypes on about the war on terror and how islamic extremists need to be eliminated (as if they exist, she's a complete mouthpiece for mass media's fear-mongering campaigns), and on top of that she "exposed" the pro-life Catholic Church in the Philippines. True, not everything the Church does is in our best interests, but I wonder if she'd won an Oscar if her films didn't attack pro-life institutions and instead supported the Church's efforts against the spread of usury and barbaric freemason economic policies. Here's the latest on abortion, it's moving beyond murdering babies in the wombs, but even after they're born:

        And who wants an Oscar anyway??? Who even wants a Nobel Peace Prize any more? What good do they even symbolize now?

      • @ Agony

        Ever watch Children of Men? These abortion talks is just making me think. I mean the NWO is all about population control. So why not find a way to reduce people having children, and creating new diseases to kill us all.

        Cancer is rampant these past few years.

        It's all sickening. I've been slowly introducing a lot of people to what has been occuring. And even just been asking them to pay attention to what's been happening around them. All the imagery they see on their TV. A lot of people are noticing, but are unable to understand what is happening because they are not familiar. This "illuminati" stuff seems so over the top when you REALLY think about it…but I tell people to do their homework. Rather than sit down and watch TV and get brainwashed, do the little research while you can now before they prohibit us all to what we can do online.

        And i hope most of you changed your settings on your gmail accounts before March 1st, as google will now be using and possibly sharing your personal info (as if ya'll vigilant individuals ain't know). After reading that article about Target on here, google is now doing the same thing and it's blatent in your face with the ad's.

        Jesus take the wheel.

    • anamericanmom on

      Regarding Sarah's comment on the "oversexualization" of the youth. They are promoting reproduction not for population but for the big business of abortion. It is a multibillion dollar industry for labs, tissue, experiments, vaccines, medicine and cosmetics. I met someone who worked for pp and took apart the tissue. It is beyond our comprehension. Evil and greed. In a weird way, abortion could be huge sacrificial phenomenon for the occult. So, so sad.

      • Sarah Connor on

        I agree amercianmom, and although the video I linked does not go into the commercial materials that use aborted fetal tissue cells, it does expose the cycle of sex business they are promoting with their services, abortions included!

        The Silent Scream:

        This documentary was made by a former abortionist who upon watching the procedure via ultrasound, could no longer stay in the profession. Watch that 1st trimester baby fight and scream for it's life!!!

        180 The Movie: – pretty good little vid that gets people to see it in a whole other way!! Even the angry mohawk dude's heart was softened. Love it!

      • Sarah Connor on

        I just wanted to add that I agree with you mom, that it's got a sacrifical component. Killing and then consuming and injecting via vaccines the victims back into our bodies, just demonic in my mind.

      • Sarah Connor on

        So YOU are the assman – lol you stinker!

        Silly Yosan – I'm a cup half full, cloud's have silver lining kinda gal. But thanks for caring : – )

      • @ Sarah Connor

        When you posted that nightly tea coming out of your nose…I laughed so hard…..I thought I might have a stroke.

        I had to take a cold shower in this cold winter….just to stop my laughing.


      • Sarah Connor on

        Well it actually cracks me up to hear this even now! A good laugh is never a bad thing, and that is how I felt the *first* time you posted it….in my naivete of course. I was like, who is this interesting, quirky character? Not so quick on the uptake some days. Now I just see you're a rebellious lil thing. Fair enough! What I really wanna know, is it true? You'll never break my heart? LOL Dork! Ease up and be nice Yosan. Pretty sure you could have some fun around here, provide info, somewhat on topic and at least of interest to many who frequent here, and the bonus… your comments might stop getting deleted~ HA

    • The eugenics agenda is in fuller force than ever, not with vaccines and GMO's, but something far far worse: radiation. Fukushima's triple meltdown will ensure many people die. Infant mortality already went up significantly shortly after Fukushima on both U.S. coasts, as happened after Chernobyl. Only this is many times worse than Chernobyl.

      Best part of all for the eugenicists – even some of the most enlightened, educated ones among us have had no idea this whole time that Fukushima is affecting people around the globe through food, air, water, etc.. We get cancer, death, weaker future generations from DNA damage, sterilization. The coverup is that genius and many birds were killed with one stone.

      • Ojospelados, you're spot on about Chernobyl. When the accident took place I was still in school and not particularly close to Ukraine. Despite the fact that they only announced that a nuclear accident took place a few days later, I still remember how polluted the atmosphere was. Everybody was complaining about having health problems, migraines etc. The worst part is almost everyone I know seems to die from different forms of cancer or suffers from it.

      • DNA damage. I recollect a young couple from Ukraine I knew who had a child in their mid 20s. Even though both of them were healthy, non-smokers etc the child was born deformed. It might have been caused by their exposure to radiation whilst they were kids.

  33. Whats interesting about the word "W" is that it can represent to v's together "VV". In the hebrew alphabet "v" is equivelent to 6.

    1. Aleph ' (not the vowel "a") —-1

    2. Beyth B —-2

    3. Giymel G —-3

    4. Daleth D —-4

    5. He H —-5

    6. Vav W or V —-6

    66 is supposed to in some way represent the the qlippoth.
    I guess that it has something to do with the fallen angels or evil spirits of some kind. Who knows. there's some weird stuff happening here on this planet

  34. hey guys i hv subscribed a long time ago but here i am now. thx to VC first of all for these heart stopping updates. it may stop my heart but its the TRUTH! i've read every article on everyone tat is any1 big in the Industry today n boy-oh-boy! Ooch! they hit me to the core. it pained alot top know that the ppl that i had it in for is so f**king messed up. i've recomended VC to some frenz hope they realize before they become paralysed in this S**t. Anyways! the my little pony shit. damn! the moss girl- shit she looks so dead; the skull in the jar- old dead mind control slave. about lindsay- it is a come back that she is trying to make. i mean the jail and the drugs, less modeling n movies?! how abt tat?! the girl and the porn star> wow! even by themselves> damn!

    i cant rmbr where but somewhere in the bible states the we shld fear for those that medle in wickness but keep working in the lord's will. correct me if i'm wrong though! …….slimj out.

  35. St. Johns needs a NEW expose. How 'bout it VC? Seriously, Satanic symbolism in a cathedral, and, yet the masses still remain willfully ignorant. Would love it if a group conducted stake outs, got video of who comes and goes at odd hours, what's being delivered; any children that enter but don't exit? The Sheeple that view this exhibit, never once questioning as to why it's in a church are beyond stupid. An image of the devil, horns and all would make them shit yet they can't see the obvious. Make the connection people!

  36. I just saw Baphomet and the One-eyed written all over these symbolic pictures.

    Illuminati Rules the World: This is definitely the overall verdict I can come up with.

    It just doesn't get any better (or darker) than this.

    But that ritualistic area in that cathedral definitely caught my eye as to who is truly serving the Ruler of this World

    So dark and very sinister, almost everybody is enslaved to serve the dark one and fulfill his dark purpose.

  37. My goodness does it get any worse than this? I wonder what other sick and twisted agenda is going to be hurled into our homes, our lives and our children lives by these monsters!!

  38. propaganda indeed on

    This is the worst "symbolic pics of the month"…. these symbols are here to stay forever and ever, aren't they? I mean… even if the whole illluminati thing turned out to actually be a complete farce…. why do these poses and images keep coming back over and over and over and over again, aaaalllll the tiiiiiime…..??????

    When Vigilant typed : "Even though it has been done hundreds of time, to the point that it is becoming a propaganda tool, some douchebag somewhere will always qualify as "artistic"."

    ^ This comment is sooo truuueee.

    D a m n, WTF, how many more one-eyes and horns????!!!!!!! I can't even count the number of celebrities worldwide who have participated in this type of imagery activity thing going on, how many of them covered they eye now?? Maybe 796587435874658743584658734658 of them?? Something like that, all of them…. they are all 100% puppets, Illluminati or no Illluminati.

  39. Please! The church AND the masons….. Anyone part of or following any group/religion whose root can be traced back to Babylon and egypt are one and the same. You who worship baphomet are just as decieved as one who prays in a church.

    Worship the creator through service to humanity and right action, commonsense and humble compassion. Not empty words and traditions, rituals and doctrine – the creator abhors these things. Action is what matters, action is whats needed……….

    Its like the world is a deck of cards. You have the politicians, leaders and miliatary symbolised by the suit of spades (originally spades was actually swords), bankers oil tycoons and other "money men" symbolised by diamonds, celebrities religous leaders the education system and fashion icons are symbolised by hearts, last but not least monsanto, doctors, psychiatrists, scientists, the media and CEO's are symbolised by clubs. The dealer controls the pack and decides how the suits are distributed and what the rules are, freemasons and bankers alike seem to have a hand in every pie so the dealer(s?) obviously take a shine to them so it makes sense that it is whomever freemasons and bankers serve is the dealer of the current game. Question is, who is it?

  40. The lady is right.

    Baphomet is a cipher, which decrypted means Sophia.

    The goddess of wisdom.

    The pictogram of the goat of Mendes is a representation of the phallic, creative Diety pan, Attis, Adonis, Bacchus,Dionysus,Osiris…the solar Diety cut down in its prime.

    The sacrifice of the goat is actually a sympathetic magic in lieu of the sacrifice of these male phallic deities.

    Satan….or satanael….Samael…

    Demon…or daemon…

    Hard to believe , but all these devil names are actually name of the androgynous, demiurge….or simply…the god.

    • Hello, Yosan, I wanted to comment on this. Those are names of the divine nature, in the old religion, but in its dark aspect, the dying winter sun, contrasted with the light aspects of the deity in the guise of the waxing summer sun. These "Illuminati" folks show duality imagery, but I don't notice that they EVER seem to worship the light aspect. It's always about the darkness. If you polarize like that you create great imbalance in yourself and your environment. Did you ever read The Aeneid? It gives some excellent advice regarding the pull of curiosity towards the darkness: for every step you willingly walk down into the Underworld, when you decide to return to the light, you will have to crawl each step back up on your hands and knees, fighting gravity and entropy all the way. I think that's a good description of the effort it takes to right a psyche imbalanced by attraction to the darker side of life. Dante, one of my Fideli de Amore friends, built on Virgil's foundation with his description of Satan as the center of what is essentially a black hole. If you are going to willingly swing into the orbit of that, you'd better have a good reason for it, and you'd better have something in reserve.

      • face in the crowd on

        If people realized nature is the answer, the dualism and the androgynism could not be options to explain…anything.

        "the god" does not exist, nor does the "all seeing eye", nor do demons….the only thing that exists is nature in the form of reality…and your brain is capable of distorting truth…why?

        ponder this

      • i know u probably want to believe that demons dont exist and its all "mind over matter" and stuff….no. demons do exist and i have experience w/ them because i was actually possessed with one for years now…its horrible. i felt when it came inside me, and i dont wish that on my worst enemy! its a long story as to why it all happened and i dont have the time to explain it all….trust me its not something u can control, they control u and only in the name of Jesus will they leave! u can have one and not be able to ever get rid of it w/ out Jesus and being faithful to Him which is the hardest part i admit. remember the devil and demons want u to think they dont exist and that its no big deal…dont believe it! God bless

      • @Sarah – LOL! Yes, if you want to visit the Underworld, the round-trip ticket is expensive.

  41. wow just when you think it cant be any more disturbing they turn it way up a few more notches!!!

    not good at all, feek quite sick after looking at those!

  42. Thank you for your website, at first I was in denial, but as I understood more and more, I saw the truth. It sent me into a deep depression for about a week, knowing that all my idols were liars, and just some part of an evil agenda, but now I've accepted it, and moved on with life.

  43. For some reason this reminds me of the video game "Silent Hill". I used to play it all the time in my pre-teen/teenage years, and I'm only now beginning to realize the twisted, disturbing symbolism in it. After all, Silent Hill 3, the game that I was most addicted to, focused on a young, teenage girl trapped in a demonic world with gruesome monsters and cults. The thing that disturbs me the most is the sexual meaning behind these monsters, which I've just discovered by reading a few articles on the game recently.

    Anyway, I would love to see an article on symbolism in the video game industry.

    • Speaking of games, the Nancy Drew PC games are ++++completely++++ laced with occult symbolism. My 9 year old daughter has pointed them out. I have had to make her stop playing one of them as she would have had to practice mind reading. They are covering every facet. My Little Pony, Curious George kids clothing… on and on.

    • On the game NBA2k11 when u pause the game it rotates different players on a sub menu. What was interesting was when it showed a picture of Steve Nash calling a play he was throwing up YOU GOT IT …baphomet horns. My bro said man u obsessed with that Illuminati sh!t . Still trying to convert him lol.

  44. This is just so disturbing…the more I try to deny this might just be coincidence,the more the facts become more blatant.. There's no denying..we can't sit on the fence anymore..this people are dead serious..its high time we get dead serious with God too..! The Author and finisher of our Fate!

  45. Don't forget the Phallic symbolism! Kate Moss with the inverted cross as a phallic symbol and the left "origins of monsters" photo with the candle (even the face shows sexuality). Also, the bee looks like it's almost gonna rape the model, thus another overly sexualized face. All the sexualizing agenda makes me sick.

    • Sarah Connor on

      Oh my word anony! That is so heartbreaking I almost don't have the words! We have become so debauched, so normalized, so desensitized that the babies today just don't have much farther to fall…..How do people think this is normal? Cool? Funny?……….'by design'. Over-sexualized!!!

      7yo's perform 'All the Single Ladies':

      Mental Health Group Looks to Remove Stigma From Pedophilia


      "A group of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals say it's time to change the way society views individuals who have physical attractions to children.

      The organization, which calls itself B4U-Act, is lobbying for changes to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, the guideline of standards on mental health that's put together by the American Psychiatric Association.

      The group says its mission is to help pedophiles before they create a crisis, and to do so by offering a less critical view of the disorder."


      • Please tell my how those videos AREN'T kiddie porn????

        Right, they still have clothes on, oh wait…

      • My dear Sarah Conor your comments that I've read are absolutely true and I believe that Mind control is all planned by the Illuminati and the so-called elite but I don't doubt that the Media has alot to do with this and you should also check out (the dogg it is similar to the Vigilante citizen

      • Sarah Connor on

        Talitha thanks so much for that recommendation. I'd never heard of that site before but looks like it has lots of cool stuff!

    • Have their parents even listened to the lyrics of that song?? But i bet they dont care, anything to get their kids ( or should i say themselves) fame & money

  46. First off I love this sight. I stumbled across it a while back and now I'm addicted.

    Ok guys obviously we see how awful this world is. Satan is the prince of this world but I'm telling you Jesus Christ, the son of God is coming back to save us from it. He is going to do everything he said he would do. He is the ONLY hope we have. He is our super man coming to save the day. Cry out to him now. We need him more than ever. He's coming back for us to save us from hell and all of its evil. Look at the world we live in. It has nothing to offer us. All the riches and power of the elite are nothing compared to the glory of the one true King. Don't be fooled by the news, the media, and our government. Its all lies. Study the scripture, it's our only truth. Open your eyes!

  47. Oh boy, I can't believe how much they made me hate butterflies! I'm so sick of seeing butterflies. Whenever I see a butterfly all I can think of is : MIND CONTROL.

  48. I'm going to explain my point of view with the stupid illumnati crap aside because it's just simply annoying now. When looking at Kate Moss's pictures aside from noticing the meaning I couldn't help but laugh a little because she just looked stupid. I don't get the high fashion part of it at all. I know someone from out of high fashion industry would say, "Oh you wouldn't get because this is top fashion…" but they're suppossed to be advertising or desireable so I thought. This high fashion stuff lately has been neither. It just looks stupid. (Except for the first picture of her…that was just creepy. I guess that thing around her head is symbolic for Gods halo that's usually displayed around his head.)

    Anyway…those next set of picture with models in the "Origin of Monsters" photoshoot annoyed me. They remind of the "high fashion" pictures that have absolutely nothing to do with fashion. Where is the fashion? Someone please explain to me what the model sitting in the chair looking possessed calling out demonic spirits is suppossed to be selling. The lady being attacked by the yellow jack or big bee…what is she selling? I wonder if anyone who visited the cathedral ever payed attention to the family of baphomets welcoming them in.

  49. Your kind of correct, think about "Isn't all religion kind of cultish"? By the way , it has been said that religion is the opium of the masses!!!!!

    • that's a fallacious generalization to make if you haven't actually studied all other religions. to me religion is merely a mercy from God, a worldview that answers all important questions of life and provides guidance for how to solve problems in the most beautiful of ways.

      and the opium statement was made by karl marx, who most certainly wasn't talking in our best interests.

  50. "Check out Jennifer Lopez’s er, package, on the cover of V magazine where she appears dressed in boxing gear, complete with a men’s groin protector which she chose herself… "?see most of the photos in "digital spy " celebrity news website

  51. Some of this stuff is just sick… how do people think those are fashionable or attractive…. the monster ones just scared me, and people still don't believe this is Illuminati propaganda :/

  52. Vigilant.

    Could you please do a series of ONLY 'one eye covered' photos, say from the last year or so? I am trying to get this stuff out there, and some people aren't getting it. But I think if I post this, people would start to see the pattern more- especially if they are photos for all different countries, and publications. PLEASE. Thanks

    • Sarah Connor on

      Dearest Yosan,

      Since you continue to single me out for some strange reason, I just have one/two questions for you.

      1. If you are right….what does it matter? (like really, big picture what will happen? consequence?)

      2. If I am right….what does it matter? (like really, big picture what will happen? consequence?)

      Your thoughtful and intelligent (as always) input appreciated.

      Much Love,

      Sarah Connor~

      • Sarah Connor on

        Yosan – I understand your opinion, you have posted it many times.

        You still did not answer my question.

        "Men who know very little of science and men who know very little of religion do indeed to to quarreling, an the onlookers imagine that there is a conflict between science & religion, whereas the conflict is only between two different species of ignorance."

        Famous Scientists Who Believed in God:

      • Sarah Connor on

        Strangely enough, I like you Yosan! And will be adding you to my prayer list. That God Almighty HIMself will expose HIMself to you in a supernatural way so you will no longer be able to deny. He's crazy like that, promise! Open your heart a little! Thank you for your input and have a fantastic weekend!

      • Sarah Connor on

        Yosan~ I too have had some experience with the demonic realm, but in a much different context than your encounter. In any case, I would be more than happy to carry on a conversation/debate or just discussion on this matter or any other, off the boards with you if you see fit. The time and energy and ''space" taken on VC's board is not appropriate, nor respectful to VC. Pretty sure we could go on indefinitely!

        If you want to debate/discuss etc… If not, NO offense!!! Carry on my dear! You are now on my prayer list and I hope it rocks your world soon! Take care~And BE GOOD~

  53. @Sarah Connor,

    THANK YOU for "Silent scream" — that and then this little story on one of the side links – brought me to so many tears! I know some "pro-choice" people who could dearly do with this information! God bless!

  54. Dazed&Amazed on

    wow, this is just too creepy already, what is up with the possession theme popping up everywhere now?

  55. I could barely get through this one. Please continue to open my mind, Vigilent, but sometimes its rough. I hope we an shut down these freaks sometime soon. this is disgusting

  56. "some douchebag somewhere will always qualify as "artistic". Also, for some reason, there's a head in jar in the background." "I censored the breasts but they're all exposed in the actual shoot."

    VC, you are just pure genius, you know that?

    Did anyone notice Kate Moss has a crown of thorns in the picture with the inverted cross? (Which also looks weirdly phallic…)

    The things that get called "fashion" or "art" nowadays are just sick. SICK SICK SICK. It's NOT art, it's blatant desensitizing symbolism. (And FREAKY symbolism at that. Dead faced, blank eyed models?? No.) Ah well, if they can't see now, perhaps they will never see. Sometimes it's less frightening to be in the dark.

  57. Having a Wildlife Biology background I recognized those skulls as Pronghorn Antelope. Below is an excerpt for the display….

    "The exhibition, on view from September 22, 2011 through March 25, 2012, will be installed in every part of the Cathedral, from the Crossing to the Nave, the Chapels, Bays and other intimate areas. One of the first pieces encountered, on entering the Cathedral, is The Council of Pronghorn, by Terry Tempest Williams, Ben Roth and Felicia Resor: a circle of Pronghorn Antelope skulls mounted on fence posts: the skulls bear witness to environmental degradation."

    Better then goat skulls, still, bad idea to display any skull esp. with horns……

  58. WakeUpSheeple on

    The mickey mouse heads and stupid clothes on the runway…how is it even fashion?

    How do they summon designers to make this crap? Do they only hire satanists to make cartoons?

    How is everyone in the media seemingly involved in this? VC, maybe you can do an article about this? Not about the actual symbolism, but does HOllywood only employ satanic people or something? How can SO MANY PEOPLE be involved, yet it is still a secret to most people?

    Unbelievable. I'd love to get more info on that..

  59. You should do an article on the Legend of Zelda. Love the games, but so much symbolism.

    And BTW, there's a smiley face at the bottom of this page.

  60. ok i know this is kind of random, but i was on netflix and there was the britney spears tour dvd so i was like "this is gonna be interesting to catch some illuminati stuff" and sure enough she performed a song but egypt themed (of coarse) and in the graphics in the background there was pyramids rising and everything was red and britney herself didn't look ok she looked programed and just tired and you can just tell she was not right…

    god is with you he loves you, don't let him go

  61. I just wanted to say that the blogger of VC should take a look at 90's children's horror show called Goosebumps that still airs on The Hub. It has some occult themes in most of the eps and it should be mentioned here (just a suggestion) :) And so does the Haunting Hour series which is from the same author who wrote all the Goosebumps books (R.L Stine). Also there is a video on Youtube that shows some Illuminati symbolism in a old 90's episode of Goosebumps and there are some mind control themes in the episode A Shocker on Shock Street and others. :/ I'll post the link here.

  62. ^ Of the Goosebumps episode. The girl has a masonic sun symbol on her shirt. And I noticed the spiral staircase and the light coming in.And then a triangle and an all seeing-eye above them.

  63. Just take a look at a few Goosebumps episodes and y'all will see what I'm talking about. Let's see how many people are aware :0

  64. GOOD. I know it's NOT just me now: that has to be the WORST bunch of pictures to date!

    Like one or more persons here have already said, WHAT IN THE WORLD are they trying to advertise with this garbage? What's with the BUGS!!!??? It reminds me of the movie "The Fly." And somehow, I don't think this photo shoot would normally appeal to these women: bugs tend not to be high on most female's "favorite things" lists. Except for maybe butterflies or non-parasitic moths, but mutating into one doesn't count!

    There IS one other movie this tangentially reminds me of: Angels and Insects. Before I saw the movie, I seriously expected to see some type of artistic scenery like the models and insect pictures portrayed here because of the title. But it wasn't a horror movie. If you've seen the movie, you know the only physical connection to insects in the movie is that the main male character in the movie is a naturalist who studies insects. HOWEVER, after seeing the movie, the actual plot of the movie justified my first impression. It was equally appealing as this batch of bug women pictures.

    "Artistes" create to provoke a reaction. Well, they succeeded: BiLAAAAAH!

    • Those paintings had something off putting? Are you kidding me, those paintings were extremely disturbing and couldn't help but read the comments below them…… Gorgeous work??? Absolutely beautiful? Amazing?? How bout makes me want to vomit and are you a victim of Mk-Ultra? How bout what is with the sadistic occult vibe in all your work??? Who are these people who love this work? This is what is even more disturbing is either, the world is predominantly Satanists or the brainwashing is far more successful than we believe.

  65. Strange weird dark evil……….. these images are very dark and disturbing. The K. ones with mommy dearest/handler are a bit creepy, with the adams family images in dress for the dasughters?? The kate moss images dark evil!! The edun images I saw and have in one, in one of my magazines it shows the two models hugging each other with a lot of butterflies around their shoulders/arms & back and heads. I don't like the model photo shoot in the feb. vogue issue seems she is like a mannequin and under a whole lot of mind control. she is not there. Her mind is somewhere else but where……. down the rabbit hole or somewhere over the rainbow in the land of oz. The taylor mosen image is very odd too. I just don't get the images with the models and what they are trying to show us. The bee images with the anorexia model is just creepy. Does it mean worker bee??? What does it all suppose to mean?

    Why do so many photo / pics show one eye or butterflies. I do think its on purpose and for mind control purposes. Mickey mouse ears??? I'ts all just to strange…… The sophia and grace girls are on ellen it seems almost every other week. At first I thought it was cute but now I think like the other person reply the moms are pushing their little girls to be famous tv pop stars. Anything for exposure and money???? Satans honey the drink of all evil. The girls were on ellen and for interviewing the music stars on the grammys she gave them a trip to disney world and mickey mouse ear tiaras. The she wrapped it up by saying they were going to get special vip treatment??? What does that mean???? Or should I say what does it possibly really mean???? The songs she sings are way to mature in lyrical content for her to be singing. Mom wake-up she not even 10 years old not even a pre-teen. Where the self respect and innocents gone…….."My daughter was on ellen, my daughter might be the next keshia or k. perry etc. etc. etc. who gives a flying F.. save your daughter before the industry gets a hold of her. Moneys not everything and stardom can come crashing down and burn you real quick. Disney is created by a mason and has some very dark sides to it. All the images are just so disturbing filled with mind controlled images. I recently bought a scrapbook paper stack with butterflies on the paper and some even had bird cages on the paper with the butterlflies and all I kept thinking of firstly was mind control. It seems there are some dark evil controllers and handlers out there…..

  66. As I’m from Germany it recently happened to me, that I came to read an article about the possible camouflaging nature of the name of that so called ‘mk-ultra’.

    Of course, I’m convinced that Mind-Control ist a defined goal of that program, but:

    in German language no one would read ‘Mind Kontrolle’, because ‘Mind’ in no means is a typical german word, but it is known, that Mengele has been the founder of this method, in cooperation with Freud. So it would better read, if at all: Gedanken (thought)-Kontrolle.

    So, if you look at all that egyptian stuff which is used with that programming techniques, it seems to me, that –if one drops that hyphen- it could better be read as:

    MKULTRA in a sense of M KULT RA (M… cult RA), which to my opinion matches much better with all that symbols as well as the ‘magic bell [invocation of wandering souls]’ used by that occult and theosophic thule-society.

    Where M, imho stands for 'Mithras' (the Power-Aspect) and/or 'Moloch' (the Soul-Eating Egyptian Demon)


    • That's very interesting, and I may have something to add. I've been reading and discovered that in at least the Aleister Crowley mystery tradition the letter M refers to the flooding of the Nile because of its wave shape. The annual inundation was heralded by the movement of the star Sirius which was called the true Sun in some egyptian mysteries. Both Sirius and the Nile inundation were associated with the god Set ska Satan. Illuminati references to solar gods are actually apparently disguised references to Set.

      • …since i've tried it without any effort, and my message has been 'ignored' or 'errouniously interantlantidic deleted',

        let me try it again:

        'The Bell' has been a 'Device' to contact 'Sirius' and/or 'Aldebaran' – Souls. Cmp. 'J. Lorber – 'Natural Sun', 'Earth and Moon', (it's an 'direct german-language evangelium', from 1840-1871, which never has been 'counterprooved', which made descriptions, which are testified as late as 'oct 11' (when NASA prooved that 'Pluto' actually has 3 Moons, instead of 1.

        So please-

        Cmp. 'Ouspensky-Society', etc. (and: Lorber!)


  67. I'm so hurry to be around september to see what the pics of the month will look like as the symbols are more and more blatant. Those of march are so so so weird and scary I wonder if it could be worse.

    What about those skulls in the church? I wouldn't like to be there at night. It is obvious that this is illuminati disguised in art but I'm sure they must make rituals or something with it… Creepy

    • It's not just you–I've been lurking here for a few years, yet audibly gasped at some of this months pix. They still shock & amaze.

  68. if i tell u i dont find dis NWO agenda all terrifying,then i must be lying to u all. For Christ sake we so fucked up by this evil people. Even little kids are not spared out? Wow! I feel personaly dat lindsay lohan's rehab was a show of her transistion. Now she has finaly crossed the bridge. She is gona start making more money, appearing in more videos,magazines,movies, u just name it. God save ur people.

  69. westcoastbeaut on

    i love vigilant. this stuff is so prominent in todays world. when i scroll through these pictures i'm thinking "woah", "what the fuuuuck?", "what are these people thinking", and "holy shit". thank you for informing me on this. vigilant is amazing.

  70. symbols everywhere a on

    Sailor Moon herself always did the rock-and-roll-devil-horns hand sign.

    There should be one "Symbolic Pics of all Centuries" article, including cartoon or video game things.

  71. Any one else notice the bucket and chains in the background of the Kate Moss pictures?

    Just heard about another perspective on the severed head symbolic meaning…the transference of power, from Tsarion's feminine illuminati interview.

    Appreciate your efforts in breaking down and compiling all this symbolism, ever and always Vigilant Citizen!

    • Decapitation has a long tradition in ancient myths, everything from Orpheus to the Green Knight, who is the Green Man god. It's a signifier of the vegetal god who has to be decapitated (harvested) every year.

      • Madam!

        Absolutely correct.

        In the ancient mysteries , people used to cut of the head of the sacrificial man, and float it on the river Nile .a lamp or candle was placed inside the head of the sacrificed man .

        Whole streams of these illuminated heads used to reach the coasts of towns located around phonecia, lybia,Carthage .

        Orpheus and Osiris' head were cut off and put on poles for display.

        Its is the same good lord, agatha daemon, spirit of the corn which is sacrifice every years and comes back.

        The god of resurrection.

        Even in order to Remeber this Sacrfice, many cultural nuances were created to point words the same Diety.

        The headless horseman.

        William Wallace of Scotland, whose body was cut down into many pieces and sent to different parts of England, with the head kept in the tower of London.

        Hussain , son of Ali met the same fate under the hands of yazid, his body was cut into many pieces and head and placed ona spear and paraded across Koufa.

        It is the same mystery repackaged by the universal school for the cultural memory of mankind.

  72. They are right, some douchebag will say it's art and just art in it's purest form. A nun with spandex and her legs spread open, we don't even need to touch the whole baphomet horns and the upside down cross photos. Always something isn't it

    • I believe that i true and what does the Roman Catholic church as to do with all of this. I don't get it but I believe that many even people like Models and the communities of the world are all going into mind control. If we don't start standing up and fighting than Illuminati will start taking over but I believe there's not much that we can do since the Illuminati has alot of sworn secrecy that we can't seem to see they are a very advanced as well as secretive organisation and 90% percent of the world's media is run by them the illuminati. However it's not just well known actors and famous people but it can also be the masses at large and no one in there right mind would like to go through the process of being mind controlled. people can easily see that these treatments or atleast some of them are very inhumane and cruel which leaves me to one conclusion is there anyone that can stop this?

  73. Hope is never lost. There will always be the few like VC that will open our eyes to the truth and reveal the Illuminati for who and what they are, and how they are deceiving the world.

    It is incredibly scary just how arrogant they have become, and how organised and calculated they "run the world". They are not subtle and gentle anymore, but rather aggressive in their approach and I'm getting the feeling that they are in a hurry and getting anxious for…. whatever reason? Its almost as if they have become careless with their so-called secrecy, but in doing so, more and more people are becoming aware of their tactics and end-goal, and so many people's eyes are opening to the truth. Why would they become more arrogant if that also means that more people will become aware of them and resist?

    Oh and also, can someone tell me if the ones at the top of the pyramid, the "top dogs" or 33 degree masons and whoever is at the top of the Illuminati, do they know what awaits their fate? Do they know what will eventually happen to them?

    Thanks VC, your calling is God-sent.

  74. poisoned taoist on

    the only "shield "to protect us nowadays is studying,reading…accurate information(no. one).my second advice to get physically stronger and to succed in life is ,to practice energetic exercise…CHI third advice for my friends might be some romanian bestseller books to understand the world even better(to see the big picture),to understand that THEY are going to be "tricked " too at the very end…("terra program",decyphered mysteries" and studies about ZOHAR").real masterpieces ! details?…later.

  75. Mychole Lucina on

    I believe some of these pictures are just too much sometimes but many of them are just artistic. Everyone knows about the Illuminati and the industries know that people will continue to flock to conspiracy theories. So in turn they put it in Ads, movies, music videos and so on. They are playing off people's emotiones, that's how advertisement works. Models,actors,singers are told what to do most of the time, they really don't have a say so. And they are doing a good job at it to since I hear so many people speak about the Illuminati and freemasons. You know nothing about the Masons of today, my family has been involved with them for generation, and nothing like what is explained has ever occured. Yes they did some raunchy stuff back in the day but civil minds came about in the end. Now mind control and DID are two different things. When you are under mind control you have a part of your brain that has been programmed to perform certain actions, you seem lifeless of course and not in control of anything, but that's different from another personality.

    I speak for all people with DID, that this isn't a disorder you can easily get. It takes years of continuous abuse. If you're an adult 16-26 you are less likely to get DID because you already have mental capabilites to handle stress and trauma. PTSD would most likely occur, but that's not controllable and you can get treatment.

    These personalities aren't demons, even though sometimes they say they are, but in actuality it might be an alter who says that to scare away the predators that are after them or from knowledge already taken. A demon is stronger than a human, therefore a better identity to be when handling abuse. Alters are there to assist you, in some cases they can do damage but in most cases they help you cope, survive. So if the Illuminati is truly making people split and create personalities, they are just making defense mechanisms for these people. If you are being tortured, you dissociate, become someone else that can handle it better than you ever could.

    Do I believe in the Illuminati? Not exactly, elements of them are within all aspects of the government but I don't believe they are using music/videos, celebrities and shit for their experiments. That just sounds idiotic. Everyone knows a true cult keeps their secrets hidden, they don't overtly display them.

    Also with talk about dissociation, it's natural, millions do it. There are minor cases and extreme cases. So the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland crap needs to stop. Yes there are signs of dissociation but everyone makes it sound like it's bad, when in most cases it's good. You feel better, safer and totally away from the world.

  76. Riddle in a Rhyme on

    This is the weirdest set yet!! Gettin' really heavy now… always darkest before the Dawn… when the forces are threatened, they tighten their grip..

    • There is a belief that blue-eyed people born on Saturday can cause jinx and bring bad luck to others. A lot of committed fatalism goes on.

      • it became a trend hundreds if not thousands of years after it was already a cultural belief of mine-

        kardashian i can understand bec she is armenian- mostly eastern european countries and some middle eastern believe in "the eye" or the "blue eye"- need I correct you- in America or in English they call it the "evil eye" but in eastern countries it came from- it is not evil at all- in fact, it is used to ward off evil. Basically people who are jealous of you or think something bad or even good about you but in an envious way, may be able to have the "bad eye" in them which allows them to jinx you. A jinx can be anything from you tripping on your face to a seriously bad migrane, where you would need someone to say a special prayer for you in order for it to go away, and the person who can undo the jinx or negativity will know automatically if it in fact was another other person or "their eye" who did this. which having experienced this in realy life, and the migranes having stopped for 10 years after wearing the blue eye, i do believe in this as do most in my culture. Now the thing about these artists and fashion… they can be using it as a symbol of the whole one eye thing we have been talking about.. the one eyed monster or whatever the hell they are saluting to… so it goes back to same things being used for dif meanings…perhaps because it is an eye, they use it to symbolize the illuminated third eye or what have you.. but can't necessarily jump to that conclusion either… i have also seen the hindu hand ( i think its hindu?) in jewlery and in department stores the hand next to the eye- when they come from dif cultures and mean totally dif things- and little buddhas as well- which i think can also be part of mixing us up regarding religion so to speak.. i did find it odd to see buddha advertizing a pair of jeans a couple years ago that are actually of an expensive designer (i forget the name- "true religion" i think?) and what do denim jeans have to do with religion? nothing, its all about making religion really nothing.. just a common every day word… i dont know what else to make of that in fashion

      • The special prayer who mentioned is smashing. I know 4 people who can perform it with precision and it always works. It's been tried and tasted too many times to ignore its results. Sometimes it requires many attempts but it works even if the person who performs the small ritual lives thousands of miles faraway. It needs to be passed to 3 people but once you reveal the special prayer, you lose your ability to perform it yourself. This stuff is for real but some peeps are still very sceptical. Kardashian's mother isn't Armenian, is she?, so I wouldn't think she's capable of remotely consider spiritual things like that.

  77. Side note: i just saw the Cartier commercial with the leopard and the first thing that came to mind was Illuminati

  78. I wanted to comment on some of the fashion magazine symbolism above. Moths are one symbol of the triple goddess, and that imagery is present repeatedly in the 'bug' spread. And the bee photo is interesting – the god Melisseus was a Titan in Greek mythology, and the god of bees, honey and beekeeping. Also, we think of Dionysos as the god of wine, but long before that he was associated with mead, the honey liquor, according to the classicist Carl Kerenyi, because that was the first alcoholic beverage that man learned how to make. Thus there is some connection between the older level of Melisseus and the later Dionysos. In the later Greek religion, the Titans are in fact the earlier level of gods who were defeated in a cosmic battle, rather like the Sumerian epics of the defeat of Tyhpon, the snake-mother of Set. Kerenyi also thinks Dionysos is an import of the Osiris/Set complex from Egypt. Dionysos and Apollo had the exact same kind of dualistic relationship that Osiris and Set do.

    I also just read about one aspect of the Set god complex that involved a bug man god playing a flute, like Kokopelli. Those may be from the same ancient god concept, originated before the ancestors of the Native Americans crossed the land bridge and left Eurasia. And I also read somewhere that the bee was a symbol of the Egyptian pharoah. And look at this Sumerian bee goddess:

    And, the sound of bees is supposedly the sound of the djinn, the demons of the desert wastes in the Middle and Near East, or the noise of the vehicles of extraterrestrial beings who visited those deserts long ago and gave rise to the djinn/Annunaki legends. So there is a lot going on in those 'fashion' photos.

    • Excellent post madam!

      you are the only person on this website that truly inspires me.

      Venus myelita, kabar of Arabia was always symbolized by a beehive.

      The Iachus ,dionysus bee correlation is absolutely correct.

      Dionysius the demiurge was always related to honey bees.

      I guess we all know where the "on" in honorary, honey, honor come from.

      Dionysus is on.

      On is osir,auosar,Adar,achar,osri,Osiris of the Egyptians.

      Dionysus and Osiris are the same.

      Dionysus and the Indian yogi god shiva are the same.

      The Philistine Diety baalzebub "lord of the flies" and baalzebul "the great lord" are the same demiurgic Diety….correlated with adoni,sbat,Iao,iachus,Bacchus,Dionysus,YHWH,yaho,hu.

      The same horned, double aspect, androgyne pytho, solar ,phallic Diety…

      Who the illuminated ones called the artificer, architect and the great artist or demiurge.

      Thank you for the that amazing post.

      Atleast the is someone in this world who I can relate to.

      Great work

      • One more thing fleur da amor

        Dionysis is also called the god of masks.

        His worship was consecrated by priests wearing scarlet robes and golden masks.

        Doesn't that remind of you something we discussed sometime back.

        Dionysus is also shiva

        Read "Gods of love and ecstasy, the traditions of shiva and dionysis" by alain danielou…the famous French indovedic researcher.

      • Thank you, I'll read that. It's funny, I've studied iconography, the meaning of symbols, so I've always noticed layers of meaning in pop culture – it's the folk art of our era, so it's tapped into a lot of currents. However, I thought it was the collective unconscious expressing itself, because I've never gotten even the slightest inkling that most people had any awareness of it, even the ones making the imagery, and it makes a lot of people nervous if you talk about it. It seems to freak them out that there is this VAST area that their ego is not in control of and mostly blind to. A lot of people seem not just asleep but comatose, which is disturbing in and of itself. I still think that there is an unmistakable element of the collective unconscious in some of this pop culture stuff, but I've also recognized the fact that there is more awareness than I realized, coming from somewhere.

  79. Did anyone notice how the pic of Kate with the upside down cross, had it pointed at her crotch? Seen this in Gaga videos where she is in the rubber suit acting as if she is Fornicating with a cross. Deeply disturbing. It is blasphemous to God/Christ/HolySpirit.

  80. As an Illuminati skeptic, I might just be wasting my time commenting here, but let me give it a go just the same.

    The confluence of images is certainly striking in many of these pictures. The exhibit in the New York cathedral is weird, to be sure. However…

    1) isn't it more likely that all of the "one-eye" photos are just examples of models trying to strike a "cool" pose? If it were a planned effort to flaunt their status as members of a diabolical secret society, what purpose would this serve? How does it further their supposed ends to announce to the world that this is who they are? You may answer that they are "hiding in plain sight," but WHY do this? I've yet to hear an answer to this question that is even remotely compelling, and that doesn't sound like overheated conspiracy-talk.

    The fact is, people are pack animals all too often. They follow trends. Celebrties may have a higher profile than the rest of us, but this doesn't make them any less susceptible to trends and fads. Since Lady Gaga's shtick is so front and center these days, it makes sense that all of these up-and-coming models would want to throw in a Gaga-esque pose during a photo shoot.


    • 2) Regarding all of the creepy aspects of the photos, displayed above (the devil horns, the head in the jar, the upside-down crucifx, the moth-transformations, the giant bees, and so forth), there is no doubt that all of these images are appalling. But it seems to me that they're MEANT to be appalling; they're going for shock value. A lot of it is quite ho-hum and derivative, but again, if this were the result of a secret society trying to hypnotize us into becoming its mind-slaves, wouldn't they try to make it look NICE, or APPEALING, or WHOLESOME? Most oridnary people would be revolted by these images. There is nothing seductive about them at all. The photographers WANT to freak us out, because they think it's "cool" to be "transgressive." In other words, they are herd creatures who lack imagination. What else is new?

      3) Regarding the sexualization of very young girls in these photos– there is no doubt that this is a plainly visible aspect, and I do find it loathsome. However, I'd say that this is more a reflection of a sexually permissive era– where "boundaries" can seemingly never be pushed far enough– than a result of widespread, lurid mind-control experimentation on children.

      • i think its more about getting the people, especially the young people, used to things

        so when certain things are more forced on us in the future, it won't be such a big deal

        it will be like oh i remember always seeing that eye imagery.. or that skull and bones…or inverted cross..or owl.. or chandelier- which off topic but not, a lot of fashionistas have this obsession with chandeliers lately also on clothes and stuff, having no clue it symbolizes illumination— it will become common every day imagery,, they will show it to us over and over and over again to the point where the one eye and the death symbols are not evil at all… that is where they want to get at…. to reverse bad and good

    • I too am an Illuminati skeptic, and I am also an agnostic who is not conventionally religious; however, these symbols so consistently appear in every conceivable outlet in the mass media it cries out for explanation and serious analysis. Such titanic omnipresence has be the result of somebody's deliberate agenda. Whether a cadre of deadly global elites called the Illuminati literally exists in the same way the 535 members of the US Congress exis is less important to me than recognizing that there has to be an agenda at work here.

      I'm sure profit is one part of the agenda, but I don't think the profit motive provides a complete explanation for the ubiquity of the symbolism because these same symbols also show up contexts entirely outside of the mainstream media. They can also often be found in political contexts and settings.

      For example, consider the pyramids and the ubiquitous "all seeing eye." Both symbols often appear on government structures in addition to showing up throughout the mass media.

      I agree with you that it is plausible that people throughout the media might be aping and copying Lady Gaga because she has been so successful. At the same time, don't you think it's a pretty strange coincidence that the same "all seeing eye" also shows up the legal tender notes created by the US Federal Reserve?

      After all, if Lady Gaga simply wanted to attach a signature "hand and face gesture" to her public image and persona, Gaga could have chosen any gesture as her signature gesture, perhaps a hand under the chin or on her forehead, or whatever. In point of fact, however, even though she could have chosen otherwise, Gaga (or her more likely her handlers) selected the "all seeing eye" as her signature, the same "all seeing eye" that just happens to be on the back of the one dollar bill. It is the same eye symbol that is bound up with the historic symbolism of Freemasonry and that has a history in Western iconography that goes all the way back to the ancient Egyptians.

  81. thanks VC, it angers me that they are so blatant with it, AND how even lil kids are falling for it.

    my younger half sister takes pics with her friends using the one eye logo or whatever, how is this even remotely cool in their eyes?

    what do they see that i can't see?

  82. children of god on

    more more more more we want some more keep it up vigilant citizen i think you should step up and do the weekly pic of the week again theres so much bewitched garbage to show us so we can clue are selfs up is that so much to ask i no you must be busy if u want u can even ask us to submit some photos to help every one can do there bit to expose these flee bitten rat bag satanic loving lost gods children we need to help them n us bring back symbolic pics of the week god willing

  83. I noticed that on Lindsay's picture with the dude while wearing a bra, there is a small tattoo that look like a bunch of words and a star. Is that important?

  84. The Kate Moss pics really gave me pause. She looks truly demonic, truly satanic in those pics. They ooze pure evil, it's obvious for anyone with eyes to see.

    In the 90s, we saw witchcraft pushed on the youth as a cool, hip thing to explore. It looks like today, the media is pushing satanism on youth by making it look sexy, uber-cool, "hot".

    I pray that the young people of today do not allow themselves to be lied to and fooled by this evil. Remember, it's not called "temptation" for nothing.

    True power and peace is in Christ.

    • With her average looks, extremely ugly legs, average height, pasty complexion and she's a catwalk model for so long? Come on give us a break, she participates in satanic BS. She certainly hasn't achieved what she achieved for her good looks or persona. There's much more to it. She's a satanic poppet, nothing else nothing more.

  85. I was intrigued by this show and wondered if t was anything like adventure time s I googled YO Gabba Gabba is and the results were:Creepy,Evil,Weird I chose creepy but nothing interesting came up so I went back and chose evil and… I fund this site where parents can Meet other parents and share parenting stories as your children grow.. it had a rather interesting blog…

    LOL!! Yo Gabba Gabba evil? I think not..

    ~nAtAshA~ · Pass a Note!

    Posted 05/17/2010

    This is copy and pasted from a post on my local Momslikeme site. I love Yo Gabba Gabba, am an Agnostic and just think this lady has too much time on her hands. But what do YOU think of this?

    Ok Ladies i recieved this e-mail in a forward, and I was just curious what your thoughts on it might be. I am not going to say I agree with it…but its interesting. I don't know who the people in the e-mail are…like I said it was a forward. Let me know your thoughts.

    Ok, Micah has been having night terrors almost every night for months. Troy and I have prayed and fasted about this issue. Some nights he's ok, sometimes it happens for a little while, and sometimes it lasts until the wee hours of the morning.

    So, Troy and I decided to see if he's watching anything that he shouldn’t be watching. Ok, let's see he watches: Dora, Diego, Little Bear, Little Bill, Miss Spider's Sunny Patch, The Upside Down Show, and Yo’ Gabba Gabba.

    We’ve watched all of these shows with him, and we didn’t notice anything wrong with them. However, recently the Lord has impressed on our hearts that it’s Yo’ Gabba Gabba.

    So today, I decided to get conformation. In the show there is nothing sadistic or evil going on, but it's the name that contains the hidden message. I don't know if any of you have seen this show, but it starts off with the host DJ Lance Rock, singing Yo’ Gabba Gabba. This seems to be his magic word to give life to his toys. Here's what I found….

    "Gabba Gabba Hey" is a catchphrase associated with the punk rock band the Ramones. The phrase is included in the song "Pinhead", which contained the lyrics: "Gabba gabba we accept you, we accept you, one of us". The song ends with: "Gabba gabba hey, gabba gabba hey!..".

    Sounds creepy huh? But there’s more…..

    The slogan comes from a scene in the 1932 motion picture Freaks in which the title characters chant the line "Gooble, gobble, we accept her, we accept her, one of us, one of us!" The Human Marvels wrote an article about the movie Freaks two years ago. Apparently, there are several versions of the film and its survival has a lot owing to the efforts of Anton LaVey, as in the Church of Satan. What????????????????????????????????????????????

    And the kids' show is called what? Yo’gabba gabba.

    If I am not mistaken, yo and hey mean the same thing. How clever was it to get us to unknowingly sing this chant. As soon as I received this revelation my spirit felt a strong uneasiness. What deception!!

    Ephesians 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

    And the responses?:


    Posted 05/17/2010
    I cannot watch ^^this…. and not laugh…

    hug 0 Report this


    Posted 05/17/2010

    LOL right??!! Looks like a cyclops penis with 2 other wieners hanging off it..but that's just my gutter mind interpretation.

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    Last edited 05/17/2010

    So not evil….. But, my kids do not watch this show…

    MY Liza LOVES IT though…… she will laugh at this.

    **edited to clarify "MY" Liza

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    Last edited 05/17/2010

    Wow. This has nutball written all over it.

    I don't know where the church of satan link comes into play, I've never heard that about the movie Freaks. It's quite an exceptional story, that movie, about a circus full of "freaks" where the seemingly normal people are the real monsters.

    Food for thought.

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    Posted 05/17/2010

    My lil man LOVES that show too! I think that lady is crazy! LOL

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    Posted 05/17/2010


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    Posted 05/17/2010

    LOL Thanks for the laugh, OP!

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    Posted 05/17/2010

    Well, I'm Christian and I see no problems with Yo Gabba Gabba. Shae does not have nightmares and she loves the show (and I don't mind watching it with her if it makes her happy).

    However, you can probably connect any show to Satan if you really want to. Six degrees of seperation?

    The lady wanted an explanation for her child's nightmares (understandable), and Yo Gabba Gabba is a strange show. The show is an easy target. Whateva floats her boat.

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    Posted 05/17/2010

    We love and TIVO this show. I can recite the entire "friends" episode with Jack Black. hmm… now that I think of it, I need to add that to my resume.


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    Posted 05/17/2010

    haha that's funny!!

    • This Yo Gabba Gabba post is freaking me out. The first time I saw that show, I got a bad vibe. I said, what is with the big pentagram on this guys hat and the "one eyed" creep. I didn't like it. my kid however did like it, and also began having nightmares, not that there's anything unusual about that but the last two were about toys that had come alive. One being a snake. He won a stuffed snake at a carnival and he had a dream that she went into his toy box and this thing turned alive. So that post kind of gave me the creeps. I watched several videos about the occult symbolism in the program. A lot of instances of 666 and many many other symbols. So once I saw that, the plug was pulled on that show. It's coming down to getting rid of the television.

  86. Dont forget about cartoons other than amercan cartoon! I was watching inuyasha(a japanese cartoon) and I noticed toooons of symbolism! I used to love it but now its to unsettling and creepy to watch. Also I noticed while watching Icarly (a nicelodeon kids show) one of the episodes has a cryogenically sp? Frozen head. Also a linsay lohan movie, I know who killed me ii think it is, has alot of symbolism too. Like blatently obvious undeniable symbolism. Very disturbing. :/

  87. Aubrey Graham on


    You may know me as singer/rapper/actor Drake. I've been using this site for a few days and it has very good information on here. The industry is very evil and twisted. I would love to explain but sadly, I can't. It's part of the rules, but thank you for spreading the word!


    • Aubrey Graham on


      I forgot to mention, those Katy Moss pictures are seriously creepy. She looks lifeless in those pictures, and it's a shame that she is holding the cross like that. 2012 is going to be a very interesting year, my friends.

      ~Drizzy Drake

  88. hello VC! i've always read your posts from all time to time, and now can you investigate about 'the movement againsr joseph kony' too? i didn't know why they put a flipped triangle under the kony name. thank you! :)

  89. Lol i always wanted to buy my little pony when i was little but my mom never allowed me to. Well i see why now :) Thanks mom!

    Great post again!

  90. These picture more disturbing then ones Ive seen before especially Kate moss photo shoot great job as always!!

  91. Should I be buying my daughter Owls? she is crazy about them, and I notice everywhere I shop like Target they have them.. like Linen, wall stickers, pillows?? ugh! I don't want to have no part of any of these crazy cults??? pls help. should I get rid of them?

    • Owls may have an occult meaning but they are also interesting and helpful creatures that keep the vermin population down. If your little girl likes them I would let her have some. I have a very sweet owl necklace from the 70's and I love it.

      • The department of education in some countries have this very well-established doctrine of owls being wise.

  92. Can I just say something about the My little Pony Image? I don't know if you are familiar with this, but the show My Little Pony: Friendship is magic, has gained a huge following of adult males. We call ourselves "Bronies." (This is actually true, look it up.) Not only do the writers of the show know about us, but they talk to us all in chats, at conventions, on Deviant Art, ect. None of them are "Illuminatti", but they do like to make the show very accurate with the symbols for the unicorn-esque things they have. But that show is NOT badly intentioned.

  93. Although they're all abhorrent, the moth, insect and bee photos are especially repulsive to me.

    It takes a very sick mind to conceive of such images.

    I mean, really, just try to imagine the editor, photographer, graphic artist and choreographer's thought process prior to the photo shoot.

    At some point, there must have been a brainstorming session to generate ideas for the pictures.

    Illuminati choreographer: "Hey, I've got it. Let's show a model being tortured, terrorized and consumed by giant insects!"

    Illuminati photographer: "Great idea! That's the ticket!"


    • I agree. I thought immediately that the Kony thing was a set up. I'd like to know where was this guy when the Franklin Coverup was going on with all the abuse of the children of Boys Town and other children awarded to the state?? Read that book if you have a chance not for the faint of heart. Why didn't he start a whole movement about that? You won't see that exposed any time soon. Have the celebrities out blowing the horn on that one. Right, this is why I think it's a scam or some sort of a setup. As far as The Franklin Coverup, people are totally oblivious to it and it happens to be one of the most disturbing stories of our time. The media basically squashed it.

  94. This is all well and good, but until people realize that the christian side of things also secretly encodes worship of these "satanic" (or alien, whatever…) entities as well , humanity will never get anywhere.

    Same goes for muslim religion, and all the rest. Its all dualistic mind control, the fake paradigm of Good VS. Evil.

    A free being doesnt need these lessons, and doesnt need to suffer to figure out what happiness is.

  95. Has anyone read the novel "The Prague cemetery" by Umberto Eco? I'm reading it now and there are a lot of symbolic drawings, even one of Baphomet because they talk about masons

  96. From a pdf from The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, explaining the skulls (I found this by googling "St. John the Divine Animal Skulls):

    August 18, 2011 – The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is pleased to announce “The Value of Water:

    Sustaining A Green Planet,” opening in September, an art exhibition about the element on which all

    life depends, creator and destroyer of cities, and the most powerful metaphor in art. The exhibition is

    part of a larger conversation at the Cathedral about the global water crisis, and seeks to highlight the

    need for clean water as a requirement for civilization and peace.

    The exhibition features the work of 41 visual artists including Mark Rothko—the only participant no

    longer alive—whose work presages the metaphysical inquiry of much contemporary art. Jenny Holzer,

    Wiliam Kentridge, Kiki Smith, Bill Viola, Pat Steir, Gregory Amenoff and others display work

    focused on depicting, reflecting and engaging with water. See attached list for full catalogue of artists.

    In conjunction with the exhibition, a Digital Documentation Installation showcases the work of artists

    specifically exploring water.

    The exhibition, on view from September 22, 2011 through March 25, 2012, will be installed in every

    part of the Cathedral, from the Crossing to the Nave, the Chapels, Bays and other intimate areas. One of

    the first pieces encountered, on entering the Cathedral, is The Council of Pronghorn, by Terry Tempest

    Williams, Ben Roth and Felicia Resor: a circle of Pronghorn Antelope skulls mounted on fence posts:

    the skulls bear witness to environmental degradation.

  97. Thank you so much for posting on My Little Pony. The show has so many illuminati/Luciferian symbols in it. I think that a lot of programming directed at children are overflowing with these symbols. You should make a separate site, just for children's media!!! You could call it Vigilant Young Citizen.

    Because seriously, Phineas and Ferb's new season is overflowing with it (and it didn't used to be). The Disney shows have so many (of course).

    Yo Gabba Gabba is a very creepy show. Aside from the general weirdness of it, it has bothered me for some time that they try to condition children into celebrity worship. Each week another grown up celebrity is featured. Like Jack Black, and Andy Sandburg. They are not appropriate role models for children, let alone even people that most kids would know. Why do they want my kids to be excited over Andy Sandburg? It is more like the show is for the parents, and the kids just go along with it. "Hey kids! It's dancy dance time!" Yo Gabba Gabba live is more like a PG rave, than a show for children. Muno looks like a one eyed sex toy. The show gives me the creeps, but there is nothing that I could point to definitively and tell parents, "don't let your kids watch this."

    They are so slick, conditioning us from an early age to accept media brainwashing, and creepiness, and symbols, and agenda.

  98. What are frogs a sign of?? I was told to get rid of anything that has occult meaning, frogs included. I have family history that needs to be wiped clean.

  99. I knew that W magazine was evil from the day I first picked it up!! I cannot see or hear demonic influence like some people but I can definitely sense it! The first time I looked at W, I felt a deep darkness and disgust just looking at these pictures. For some reason also, I have this weird thing about 60's 70's nostalgia. I just don't like it AT ALL. And they use those eras a lot in the magazine.

  100. My, my this sight rilly attracts some self-righteous punks! I mean I don't even know y I even bother reading the comments. Most of these comments are so off course its ridiculous. First off, y is everyone so keen on putting down the Catholic church and making it look like its some kind of cult? Its plain old fashioned stereotyping. Jst cos a few of these men of the cloth lost their way u hav to brand the entire institution as demonic?! I mean, where's the sense in that? I have never seen so much hipocrisy in one place! Its typical American mentallity. A guy blows up a plane and suddenly everyone of Arab descent is a terrorist. All you so-called christians shud try fixing ur own iffy denominations before crucifying others.

  101. I wonder how disturbing it was for church goers to see baphomets all around the entrance. Weird that this wasn't on the news here in NYC. They're really sly at hiding this from the people.

  102. first time posting on

    hey have any of you guys seen the new Hulu commercials? is it just me, or are they just creepy and blatant as hell??

  103. Dazed&Amazed on

    Kate Moss is still doing it! LOL talk about someone who has come up again and again and beat so many bad raps, and you notice she still looks the same? Portrait of Dorian Gray much?

    • What are you talking about? She might suffer from the Dorian Gray syndrome but certainly she looks very rough unless she's photoshopped.

  104. Google: PROJECT PAPE on

    "For some reason also, I have this weird thing about 60s 70s nostalgia. I just don’t like it AT ALL. And they use those eras a lot in the magazine."

    Of course you/many others do. It was the time when mind control drugs were being tested on the population, covertly, part of MK Ultra. Along with it came many signs, symbols, music which were really 99% occult in meaning but thought of as beautiful rebellion against "the man".

    When the mind control drugs weren't providing the results "THEY" desired, they were banned or if already banned, enforced even harder.

  105. I think that many people would not be able to handle reality after living for so long believing in one thing. I think these symbols are made to keep the fantasy going. I believe there are some positives in showing these symbols, but they are not entirely negative, just destructive to the "masses" desire to think for themselves. We'll be fine, and there is hope, as long as there are a few freedom fighters among the 7 billion people….

  106. Mackee Turner on


    Well as usual the entire collection of pictures are enlightening (my little pony?!)-thank you Vigilent citizen. In addition, I am totally 'weirded out' by that sarcophagus at Whitney's funeral.


  107. kate Moss is holding the crucifix upside down and in the direction of her crotch, I have seen lady gaga in the same pose too

  108. angry birds have got alota illuminati symbols specially one eyed bird or giving a very special place to a bird wearing crown n having a third eye…..plz come up with an article aout it!!!

  109. Pretty sure the one eyed pictures of Sohee was just random. They think it's cute to scrunch up your face while winking/ just putting a peace sign right next to your eyes in Korea.

  110. nice try at polite disinfo, & i expect this comment to be scrubbed, but Disney has a ton of pederastic references, including pineapples, a reference to the pineal gland, that dark pathers try to corrupt via anal sex. That's why it was his underwear with the print.

    For you to try to corrupt the truth with your disinfo BS is vile and insulting.

    Don't care if this gets scrubbed. i'm glad i'm still standing up to your sick ilk.

    • I think you're looking too far into this. What do Pineapples have to do with anal sex?
      Maybe the artist thought polka dots and hearts on underpants were overdone, I know I do?
      What would have been a better design for Goofy's underpants? Nautical Stripes? or is that a reference to gay sailors out at sea? Pawprints? Bestiality.
      Maybe there's a point where people look too far into things, just because they like finding patterns.
      As an artist, I know that every stroke of the brush is important to the finished painting, but sometimes you just do things because you think they look good. Sometimes you don't know where to draw from inspiration, so you draw from your nightmares or your past experiences, and you hope that others can relate, so that maybe you're not alone in your fears. You use a symbol you see even without knowing what it means, because things have so many different meanings to different people.
      Are you inadvertently spreading the meaning behind that symbol? yeah. Is it possible to know what something might symbolize to everyone who sees your art? Absolutely not.

  111. (Writing this here because comments are closed on all the other articles involving Marilyn)

    People on here seem to be a bit hard on Marilyn, calling her a slut etc. Don't you know she grew up in orphanages and was an extremely troubled child? And then she became a mind control victim? She was never a slut, she was a very intelligent person. She obviously found out what was going on because she was murdered!

  112. Am I the only one who is actually afraid of scrolling down to look at the images because of what might pop up? These pictures scare me more for each time they are published. I scared Im gonna be infected by evil when looking at them, seriously.

  113. Yeah, in the Britney Spears poster, those aren't sixes. A six looks like this: 6. At least unless it's being drawn by a three year old or someone who's mentally handicapped. While I do believe that Britney Spears may be mentally handicapped, I don't think they let her design her own posters. I'm pretty sure there would be crayons involved…

  114. I'm a brony (yes a boy) and I'm really dissapointed in My Little Pony owl sign! But maybe it was random… if there weren't more pictures like that. The animators shouldn't know about that sign. Come on, 90% of the world doesn't know about these (or they were ordered to use it by Hasbro). And this show is really instructive, teaches good lessons to children and adults, shows love and unite people, it's hardly against "Illuminati's" plans.

    I disagree with that part of the article.

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