Symbolic Pics of the Month (04/12)

This disturbing photoshoot from Interview magazine features a sadistic "nurse" torturing a bewildered patient. It is difficult not to see the handler/mind control victim relation depicted here.

This ain’t no April fools, all of the following pics are real. In this edition’s of Symbolic Pics of the Month: Justin Bieber, Taylor Momsen and a bunch of other Hollywood weirdness.

This disturbing photoshoot from Interview magazine features a sadistic “nurse” torturing a bewildered patient. There’s an obvious handler/mind control victim relationship depicted here.


Having victims tied and gagged up is the kind of crap MK handlers do to their slaves. Notice the emotionless look on the handler’s face – many handler’s are MK’ed themselves.


Another disturbing torture scene. I often ask this but…is this fashion? Really?


The victim appears to be prepped for sexual abuse. This is another “tool” used to program mind control slaves and I am not sure what “snuff”-looking shoot is doing in a fashion magazine.


I’d say she looks traumatized.


The cover Nicki Minaj’s new album puts an emphasis on the all-important one-eye symbol.


Justin Bieber hides one eye with a slab of meat. Interesting way to show who’s in charge of his career.


He also gets the crap beaten out of him by an unknown guy. While some might find this pic to be the most satisfying thing they ever saw, it still goes with this new trend of showing people being violently abused in photoshoots.


A poster for the upcoming Japanese movie “Helter Skelter”. It tells the story of a woman named ‘Ririko’ (Sawajiri)  who received cosmetic surgery on her entire body, thus allowing her to become a shining top star in the entertainment industry. The imagery of the poster makes it clear that it is about mind control in the entertainment industry. The following movie trailer also places an emphasis on butterflies, even showing a Monarch tattoo on Ririko.



Yup, Japan is all into this Illuminati symbolism. This pic of Gackt is all about the one-eye thing.



…but it’s all over the world. We see here the one-eye thing on the cover of German magazine Tush.


Amanda Seyfried also has to do it.


This ad for the Cirque du Soleil has an open eye on America…shut eye on Asia?


Visa is also letting you know what they’re about (debt is slavery).


This photoshoot from Vogue Italia depicts perfect what mind control is about.


…the model also has to give love a Baphomet-looking head.


Taylor Momsen in an orgy-like scene wearing a shirt with a Church of Satan symbol, complete with inverted crosses.


Kris Kylie and Kendall Jenner (from the Kardashians) as creepy twins in a photoshoot that was featured on America’s Next Top Model. Notice the mom pointing to an image dividing a female body as if it was butcher meat. The fashion world loves dehumanization. And, as an added bonus, a creepy clown.


This poster of the “Immortal” tour is full of Monarch butterflies. Is it hinting to what happened to MJ during his career (Monarch mind control)?


Megan Fox as a plastic mannequin. A favorite way to portray Monarch slaves.


A “candid” picture by celebrity photographer Terry Richardson featuring cute cookies…with a bunch of inverted crosses on them.

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384 Comments on "Symbolic Pics of the Month (04/12)"

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When i saw those 2 pics of justin beiber i almost cried.I would have never had thought that they would even control him like that!I feel bad for him 🙁

So many comments…but wanted to say if not said already, those images of the woman being tied up by the nurse and tortured… that is TOTALLY S&M/BONDAGE filth. THAT is what the degenerate generational satanists want for "culture" world-wide as it energetically feeds their "master." Both our revulsion to it, and other's participation in it. There is hardly anything that passes for entertainment today that is not saturated with ritual blood sacrifice. One reason I still prefer Westerns…

Thanks for the great work VC, and do keep it going!

The pictures also desensitize the masses who view it. How many on you wouldn't have cringed at the nurse Had VC not mention how horrifying it was? I didn't I was strolling my way down. Not realizing until moments later that those graphic pictures didn't mother me, think about it we've seen HUNDREDS of violent and sexual images in our lives… therefore were slowing loosing our humanity with the world. 🙁 pray for our souls and the world, that we can resist this lethal evil through Christ our Lord.

I'm sorry but I think christ is praying you use the gift God gave us. A brain to live the only life we've got. In other words. We are too dependent on: their TV shows, their movies, their Iphones. Galaxies, too interested in their "starts". Stars shine when darkness comes therefore these are not true stars. You can change. You can: Go hiking, go bowling, travel, play games with friends. Watch movies that are not from this era and are healthier. Read, do sports, turn your phone off. Don't be a slave of your phone. You can knock on the lord's door and it shall be open, but it is up to you to walk through. There are a million things we can do to decrease their power. Don't loos that light in your heart.

You guy's should put an eye on the new Samsung ES800 and E7000 series TV's.

Those thing's are so high-tech they are fitted with a camera and a microphone right there in your living room and yes, you are willing to pay for it.

So the only thing missing on the brain-washing idiot box has finally been implemented and every government out there (ok, just make that the elite.) just had an orgasm.

I so long for the day that the elite and illuminate cant hold up their bullshit any longer.

Hi! Can the camera and mic be disconnected without interfering with the set's picture and sound? If not, I'd throw a blanket over the TV when it's not in use.

As with all "new" and "improved" things, it's integrated.

A blanket wont stop sound 😡

*That* is exactly what happens in the apocalyptic futuristic predictive 'New World Order' novel '1984' by George Orwell.. (which everybody should read as a predictor of what the NWO could be like if it ever really comes to pass..).. there are TV's that NEVER turn off and they can watch and listen to you… no way out… hmmmm, very interesting, how that is starting to happen now.. an d has been probably for a while in a way, maybe lo tech before, now higher tech than ever.. I think that's what all this 'Digital converter boxes' were about.. to be able to 'watch' and 'listen' to us.. there was some video somewhere on youtube where a guy supposedly broke into one of those and found a small camera inside.. that red eye if it's on just staring back at you.. it's like the red eye in Terminator movies.. remember?? I… Read more »

As for sound… I used to have intense conversations on the phone in my room, but I really don't anymore, so there's nothing they would hear if they're listening except music and movies or TV shows playing on the computer… or my typing away…

Oh dear. First few pics were very disturbing. Like with the video Love Me by Lil Wayne, how is this pretty at all? It's NOT. Period.

My ones only has one eye. He said he lost the other from a bb gun when he was a kid, but all this makes me wonder if he's really some kind of illuminati secret agent sent here to spy on Me. He also has a picture of a butterfly in a freaking frame!!! WTF should I do? First I need to destroy that picture – that's for DAMN sure!

Don't have a cow, Justin. Just lay an egg…

I think the platinum blonde model in the initial photo shoot(the nurse) is Karolina Kurkova, ex Victoria's Secret Model and alleged MK Ultra Monarch doll, so this makes sense.

So I'm dying to know more about this , please help me understand : 1. Who are the people in charge of getting those exact photos with specific symbols on top of the covers ? is it the celeb it self who orders in the contract that there must be a photo with 1 eye folded ? is it the photographer ? the manager ? the editor of the magazine ? who is in charge that this will happen ? or is this a coincidence since there are not so many possible poses and symbols in our hands? if you answer this, do you know of any evidence for someone actually giving an order to do so ? 2. How exactly do those specific symbols effect our minds? do they have hypnotic powers? are they only for showing off ? if so- do you have any kind of backing for… Read more »

Interesting cookies…I had heard that the heart shape is also an evil symbol and has nothing to do with why we think we celebrate Valentines Day. I teach preK and do not even need to teach them the heart shape. They all know it because they see it everywhere. Just another thing to add to the list of ~Do I want my child to know this?

if you look closely in in the 4th picture you will see one eye flashing near the girls feet

i belive in god hes the only one who can save you not satian dont belive me if yaw want but ill see you burning in hell

I knew Justine Beiber, Nikki Minaj and Taylor Momsen are Illuminaties..

If you look at Justin you can see his semi hiden eye it's sorta of opened & in his interviews he like Katy Perry seems to act as like they don't believe being a celebrity is all fun n games which it isn't n they even seem to look all scared n terrifed when people cheer nwhen there performing with the symbolism there is hope for them if you look at their eyes you can tell maybe someone can help with breaking chains by which their enslaved. By the way does anybody feel creeped out n viliated when they see the eye Ina pyramid or Is it just me oh n is the Arab world also illmnati please answer thank you

Okay this is my first time commenting on this site but I have to point out something disturbing here. I know that a lot of these models pose in strange ways for photographs. Is the person in the first few photos displayed (the torture scenes) voluntarily posing or is this someone who this is really happening to and the woman with the keys is really doing this (for real)? Look at the girls feet they are dirty as if she's been there for a long time. Look at her face she looks like she's in pain and so out of it! This girl truly looks as if this is for real. She looks so tramatized. I can't believe that they would even put this s**t in a magazine. That is not fashion at all its torture scenes.

dont u think the first few pictures mean BDSM relationship?

k i just realized what i said. Im guessing bdsm is a more mainstream way to make ppl love being controlled and introduced to mku. i cant figure it out anymore. eithe® way bdsm is fun. lol

As for the first few pics, I see this all the time in BDSM. I guess the difference is that with BDSM its mutual on both parties. One agrees to be trained as a slave a one agrees to be the master. Its hard for me to tell if its honoring bdsm or mku. either wåy its inappropriate. But I like bdsm

What the f**k is that model covered with red what-looks-like intestines?

Just google image search 'Interview magazine' and look at the horror that unfolds as your scroll down. Occult imagery, blood, hands over faces (mind control)

google search 'complex magazine justin bieber' has a lot more pics of justin bieber getting pummelled

inverted crosses on biscuits? please. turn the biscuit around.

Baphomet? etymology of the word taken from its original roots means wisdom.

Just because these people use these symbols doesn't mean these symbols carry are negative. There is no black magic, there is only magic. The tools of manipulation are simply tools.

While its good to be aware of these things, they are necessary for the conscious growth of our species. One of the principle beliefs of the people behind these things is focus of energy. This is why in a church or a concert everyone looks at one person on the stage. Ask a stage performer if they can feel this energy. Therefore, continued focus on these negatives only lends them power.

Stop the focus, stop the power.

I regard myself as being very aware of the " agenda" in all its aspects and have been for many years.. but I was honestly shocked to see the pics from the magazine…Unbelievable..Things are really coming to a head and the time has come for everyone to choose which side of the line in the sand they walk. This crap is way on the other side from me and so many I (fortunately) know.

Just awful

nicki minaj eye looks creepy like if its painted…

Eye eye… Those satanic cupcakes look bloody yummy 😉

*Silent horror*

it's all so in your face and everywhere because all this use of symbolism gives these devil worshiping crazies power because they are mocking God.

well one thing is for sure is that at the end of time – the devil looses and so do all his little followers…

at the end of the Bible JESUS wins – good always triumphs over evil…

What magazine are the first 4 pictures from? I want to write to complain. Those pictures are absurd. How can they call tying someone up to a wall fashion? That is so disgusting.

Totally agreed, Marie. I am beyond appalled that that Interview Magazine "fashion shoot"(???!!!) Those are some of the most disturbing images I've ever seen. This is utterly sick and disgusting.

I think you should include something about American Dad. Yesterday i saw a new one and a witch version of Francine (caused by Stan's intoxication) crashed into a building the way 9/11 did, soon followed by the words: It's time you knew the truth. (And for some reason, says it was witches). If you want to see it just go on youtube and write American dad bewitched. :/

Here are some creepy photos from an amateur photographer from Norway along the same lines..

Images of masks, butterflies, burning houses, etc. etc. and the big one! An image of a model with what else?! Mickey Mouse ears and no arms! Check out the photo entitled 'MUT.' The photographer states that she "likes to spice up the normality, and loves to take pictures of reality. There is a dark and hidden side in everything, and I love to discover and play with it. The truth is already twisted!! I seek madness, but fight evilness…" So, she has a desire to portray 'reality' and exposes the dark side to everything and realizes that is part of the truth. But it is st ill interesting to see the symbolic images she comes up with.. very interesting..

This symbolic pictures, though disgusting, truly shows me the methods in which celebrities "have lost their minds" are being used and manipulated by their "ultimate owner" to do their dark bidding to the rest of the lost souls who have no clue about the ultimate plan that they will initiate to show them who is boss. Disgusting pictures yet reasonable meaning about domination and dehumanization.

These people are definitely losing their self-conscience and becoming ever-inferior to the master portraying symbols with dark meanings in an "eye-deal" way.

VC never fails to keep me updated on the evil machinations that could happen since the entertainment industry is being owned by none other than the "illuminati" themselves.

Job well done.

Justin B was found online , YouTube , I don't think he's Illuminati because he always like we did this , i'm so thankful for the fans (beliebers) and to God , because in some careers , your forced out of your own will , to stay in the industry..

There u got another one…..

I was searching om Pinterest and the things you can find…Hope you are able to see and give your opinion

Whats with the open eye on America/Europe and shut eye on Asia thing? :O

Whats with the Eye Open On America & Eye Closed On Asia Thing? :O

Wow… The Inverted Cross on the cookies and the woman wearing the Church of Satan shirt was enough for me.

Symbolic pics, check out this entire shoot, it's old for fashion, circa 2010 but it does have some weird symbolism going on.

It really upset me to see the young Justin Bieber in such a bad state 🙁

When is this site going to do a story about ABC's new show GCB or "Good Christian B*****s"?

(Sees the "Immortal" photo)

(Cues up the "Psycho" shrieking strings)…

I am not embarassed to admit that I have hopes that Justin Bieber wouldn't be a part of this too. I'm still hoping he isn't actually, considering that he has been public about his belief that Jesus is his Lord and Saviour… =/ Though my hopes are probably going to keep going down and down. When I saw the promotional poster for his "Someday" perfume in one of the shopping centres here in Sydney I knew something was up with him. Like how, according to the poster, the elites are getting to him slowly & slowly (Beiber's head hiding one of the woman's eyes behind him & the seductive expression on her face, looking as if she's about to lick Justin's right ear). Justin, keep standing up for what it truly is that you believe in & don't just carelessly do as you're told. Most of all, remember that LOVE… Read more »
Once again I urge you all – do not ignore the obvious! Do not get lost in the past! The sort of perverse BDSM sexual imagery displayed above does not merely depict sexual trauma programming carried out on a relatively small number of life long Monarch sex slaves – it reflects “Illuminati” sex magick mind control techniques currently being employed on tens of millions of people in North America, Europe and Japan alone. Most discussion on the internet and in popular exposes of Monarch programming are based on techniques long since superseded by more advanced “Illuminated” technology. In 1950 they still needed to inflict direct, physical sexual trauma programming on select Monarch victims – usually from childhood – in order to produce complete mind control. However in 2012 they have a population that has been PRE-programmed for most of their lives by Monarch control signals hidden in popular media (music,… Read more »

Oh poor guy, beiber is in…

Shame to him for it will be hard to come out!

These demented pics aint got nothing on whats really going on in the war zones across the world today.spare a thought for the countless victims of the elite.peace

Vigilant Citizen's expose is saving many lives. You don't have to live in a war zone, to be a victim of the elite.

While watchin Bieber gettin the crap beaten out…..

"While some might find this pic to be the most satisfying thing they ever saw….."

IMAOOOOOO I'm sorry That quote just that just made my day L 😛

That's not a clown, that's Bruce Jenner.

I think we've gone beyond the point again that most of these artists are not "IN" the Illuminati, at least they don't start off this way. Once you have a certain amount of notoriety you become a puppet. Most of them probably would not know where to begin with what the Illuminati actually is. Justin represents one side and Nicki Minaj represents another. This is a woman who is obviously willing to sacrifice her soul for fame and fortune. Justin I believe is more like a Disney Kid type, too young to really know what the Hell he was getting himself into and unknowingly doing the same thing as Minaj. Not that I can stand either at the moment. Just saying.

Anyone else notice the date on the photo of the cookies by Terry Richardson? Valentine's Day? So what does that say about love?