Symbolic Pics of the Month (02/12)

The fashion shoot entitled "Kim & Luisa" by photographer Pierre Dal Corso appears to be heavily influenced by mind control imagery. In this pic, model's face is painted white, the same color of the mask she is holding, a classic symbol representing the MK slave's alter persona. The mask also hides one eye, another important sign used in mind control.

The first month of 2012 is over and boy did we see Illuminati symbolism across popular culture. Here’s the January edition of Symbolic Pics of the Month featuring Demi Lovato, Nikki Minaj, Beth Ditto, Dakota Fanning and a bunch of fashion shoots. Even Warren Buffett is in there.

This fashion shoot entitled “Kim & Luisa” by photographer Pierre Dal Corso appears to be heavily influenced by mind control imagery. In this pic, the model’s face is painted white to match the mask she is holding. Masks are classic symbols of mind control that represent the MK slave’s alter persona (masks are also used in actual mind control programming).ย  The mask also hides one eye, another important symbol of mind control.


Another pic emphasizing on the concept of the mask as an alter persona.


The model’s expressionless face inside a big eye…as if she is owned by it.


Same photoshoot, again with the one eye.


Here’s another mind control-inspired photoshoot by photographer BlanQ. Aptly entitled “Identity” (MK slaves lose their own identity and are programmed new ones) the shoot features the robotic models manipulated by hidden handlers. In this pic, the handler places a doll (representing the powerless slave) on the model’s head, while other arms control the rest of her body.


In this one, the handlers get a bit more “grabby”, demented and abusiveย  which refers to the sexual abuse that is inflicted on MK slaves to cause dissociation.


This disturbing pic (is this still fashion) portrays the total control of handlers on the slaves. They even hide the slave’s distress behind a forced (programmed) smile.


This image, used to promote Beyonce’s last album, caused some controversy due to the fact that her skin color was obviously “paled”. Looking further into the image, the animal prints and the blonde hair refer to Beta Programming (also known as Sex Kitten programming).


Speaking of Sex Kitten, here’s another combo of blond hair and animal prints. In Nikki Minaj’s video “Stupid Hoe” (the most disliked video of 2012) the rapper is shown dancing inside a cage, one of the Illuminati’s favorite ways to depict female pop stars. Definitely a recurring theme.


Demi Lovato’s ritualistic performance at the People’s Choice Awards. Dressed in red, color of initiation, Demi performs surrounded by Masonic checkerboard patterns, the surface on which occult rituals are performed in secret societies.



Mickey Mouse ears are also a favorite way to refer to mind control in pop culture.ย  As seen in previous articles, Natalia Kills is all about mind control.


K-Pop singer Ahn Sohee also rocks Mickey Mouse ears for no apparent reason.


Photographer Richard Burbridge also felt the need to use Mickey Mouse ears in his photoshoot. Inverted star and Baphomet head on the model’s shirt.


Lady Gaga photoshoot in l’Umomo Vogue. She is depicted as a fem-bot (mind control, transhumanism, Maria from Metropolis). Funny how pop stars, idols of millions of people, are openly showed as dehumanized, robotic figures…the exact opposite of what artistic expression is about.


An apt image to portray modern pop stars.


She does not seem to be in control of what she says.


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu making the one-eye sign. Her videos PONPONPON and Tsukematsukeru (see articles here and here) are orgies of Illuminati symbolism.


Beth Ditto is the new face ofย  MAC. She is apparently celebrating her association with the makeup brand with a one-eyed tribute.


Actor Song Joon-ki in Vogue Korea. Vogue is a major “distributor” of Illuminati symbolism across the world.


Promotional picture for Dior


The cover of this issue of Cosmopolitan caused some controversy due to the fact that Dakota Fanning is a minor…and is surrounded with phrases such as “His best sex ever!”, “Too naughty to say here!” and “Um, Vagina are you okay down there?”


Fanning was also featured in this controversial ad for Marc Jacobs holding a phallic object. Working hard to normalize pedophilia.


Super-elite, multi-billionnaire Warren Buffett at a party organized by Jay-Z. As TMZ now likes to say, he’s “throwing up the Illuminati sign”.


See the Masonic symbolism on Buffett’s book cover



As always, special thanks to those who sent in pics!



  1. I must disagree with you on the interpretation of the photo captioned "In this the handlers get a bit more grabby" unless you are referring to those handlers as being demonic spirits? When I first laid eyes on that pic and another one I knew exactly what the photographer was trying to convey.


    Are the models/celebrities depicting these symbols because they are told to by the photographer/choreographer? Or are they actually influenced by MKUltra?

    I guess my question is… have all or most of these models/celebrities been programmed?? or are they wearing these symbols and/or depicting these symbols without knowing?

  3. ammm A)dakota fanning is 18, hardly p********a she's of legal age i'm pretty sure she can make up her own mind, B) natalia kills hasnt been successful commercially so i dont really get what people are saying if she's "sold her soul" shouldn't she be like uber successful by now(p.s her album is super awesome)…..this just seems like people reading too much into things but i suppose everybody needs something to believe and criticize!! i mean really i need like 100% proof before i believe any of this!! but this is a good site for a little giggle!!

  4. Can u do a piece on O.J Simpson being in this? Cus I cant believe the man got a way with murder and what not, and there were hard evidence he commit all of those crimes. Did ''they'' protect him or did he just had a darn good lawyer?

  5. I've known for years about all this kind of stuff. And it is so shocking and so clear, The longer it goes on the more obvious it becomes. I don't understand how people can't believe it Its soo in your face and obvious that maybe people think its too obvious to be true.

    I just think Good always beats bad, One way or another. I just hope the New world order doesn't happen in my life time.

  6. OMG when i see stuff like this .. i look past it but when i really read the meanings behind them i sometimes wanna cry because i feel so bad for these people… what is the world coming to? and why can't people be stars without all these strings attached!!! This is one of the reasons why im nervous about moving further into the "music industry".

  7. Has anyone thought about how the fashion industry is trying to warn us because they are caught up in the mess, I mean if the Illumanti wanted to Brainwas us then the fashion world would be a little more subtle and not out right blasting horrors. The dakota fanning pictures is weird and gross but that is her choice in my opinion, if you think about it all the sexting and nude pictures that girls send to boys is way more horrifying than this ad and if you think that this ad is brainwashing young girls to be sexier well look no further than yourselves. It is natural to discover sexual things when you are young, but the desicions you make may harm you. what i am trying to say is that it is not brainwashing, its responsability and love that we need to be writing about!

  8. The Dakota Fanning ad made me feel sick when I saw it first, it's such a blatant promotion of p********a.

    Has anyone looked up the lyrics to Nicki Minaj's "Stupid Hoe"? It mentions The Superbowl 2012, Michael Jackson's death, and has the line "Put me on the dollar 'cause I'm who they trusting". I couldn't watch the video, seems like something that is intentionally created to trigger photo-sensitive epilepsy. I'm not a sufferer and even I found it gave me a pain in my head for the few seconds I did watch.

  9. I would like to know how blue ivy was created I mean it seems all too weird I felt like beyonce was never pregnat she was in shape too fast ( I know that is possible and she might used tricks) but however it stills weird was all too much announced like in the vmas or whatever and too quickly she gave birth I dont know but it is kind of confusing well I bet (I mean I sure) theres something going there (im sorry if my english is too bad)

  10. @bravelion I find your site very informative to How the minds of many people are being munipulated to think,act,look,speak a certain way. I myself believe This has been happing for many years, many people have become unaware of this because we have been pre prepped for years and now its coming out full force and no one see it. I dont consider myself religous but I do have a personal relationship with Jesus christ. Its hard for me to understand how many people on here don't believe in God/Jesus christ but believe in The illuminati & New world order The bible speaks of this stuff through out Revelation you can find talks about it in rev. 13:11-18. The bible says many will be fooled let it not be us, Confess your Sins and accept Christ as your lord and savior He loves you more then you will ever know. I say this out of love cause all of you have a clear view of what this world is coming to and its real the Bible said it thousand's of years ago and now its coming full force . Lets be wise God doesnt ask you for anthing so what can you lose? Regardless someone will be wrong hope I wont be to late. Thanks

  11. -you guys SERIOUSLY need to go to youtube and search ("Girl goes to hell and lives to paint the tale") the lost caged souls look identically to the "handlers on the wall that are controlling the models..and its crazy how on the last pic with the girl on the red dress, the "handler" on the right has a a face of being tortured JUST LIKE THE PAINTINGS OF THE GIRL!..I made me realize how these people who are in this cult know really what it goes in the spiritual realm..and they use this as something the media can think of fashion and art? wow..i thank my Lord jesus for protecting with such evil that goes on in this world.

  12. The colorful photo of the model with the Mickey Mouse ears and the silk shirt. On her shirt is something that appears to be two Baphomet heads but if you look closer its actually a three headed panther. Multiple headed creatures usually symbolize the multiple personalities due to mind control.

  13. Can you give an opinion on this video?
    Wonder Woman ft. Ai, Namie Amuro, Anna tsuchiya

    I love it and Anna Tsuchiya is my favorite current artist. It seems to have quite a bit of indirect symbolism, especially in the colors and cameras, and Namie Amuro had some weird videos in the past.

  14. The Dakota Fanning magazine cover stood out to me when I saw it on the magazine racks. Full of sexual references superimposed on the picture of a young minor girl. Wow…

    And people get upset when M.I.A. flashes her middle finger during her Super Bowl half-time performance.

  15. I have to ask all of you: Everyone is objecting to Dakota being on the magazine because of her age. Doesn't anyone find that magazine inappropriate no matter what the age of the model? Of course it adds another realm of perverse when it is a young girl, but this magazine makes women into objects that are solely used for pleasure. Wrong for any age. Girls learn that their worth is derived from the sexual pleasure they bring others (or even to themselves for that matter) according to this magazine.

    • Relax, it's just a trashy magazine. Everybody knows it, so hardly many people over the age of 18/19 -I suppose- buy it. It's boring at the same time, once you buy it a few times, you'll find they repeat the same articles all over again.

    • Thank you for your comment. What you said is so true. There is so much 'evil fuel' that's feeding our sinful interests such as horrible magazines, movies, even weight loss commercials, which glorifies a woman's dependency on her body looking "sexy" or "desirable". The only sex or sexual nature that is not a sin is the one in a marriage between a man and a woman. So when there are magazines that have "sex this" and "sex that" all over it, we should be offended. But being that sin is upon us we may think nothing of public sexuality and sex being in our faces, it is considered "normal" or "not a big deal" to us because we are jaded and lost our innocence because of sin.

      So as Wow stated the magazine gives off terrible depictions of the character of women. Even look at how many women dress and the clothing fads of women, tights pants, skinny jeans, leggings, super high heels, skimpy short skirts and shorts,tight dresses, and showing cleavage. And then what does the man do?, lust. Sad part is that young girls and even little girls are walking around wearing leggings and skinny jeans imitating woman. I once saw a girl that looked like she had to be about 11 or 12 and she had on leggings and heels, that made me very upset, I am not judging, im just speaking up on something that is very much in all of our faces. I use to be blinded by this negative image of women and dressed like this and wore stilettos on few occasions when i went out with girlfriends. This is all being programmed into our head and it was programmed into mine. And It is extremely more disturbing to see a young girl on a magazine like that. That is more symbolism to them being p********s. Hollywood is evil and it is sad that children are being raised in it. Just to be idolized by us as "stars" along with the adult "stars". I use to have a problem with children being paraded around in hollywood, but now i see hollywood is the problem. Hollywood produces nothing but unfruitful works. Hollywood is one of satan's weapons on us and of course one of the tools the illuminati use to program, manipulate, and control us.

      And with regards to what drewe said. Please we should NOT relax, that is what they want us to do. When we are "easy going" and "chill" we can be easily manipulated and mind controlled. Do not become desensitized that is clearly one of their goals for us, not to mention it is good for us to be sensitive. We will not see wrong in much when there is much wrong to see in this world we live in. We fail to recognize sin at times and we don't take it seriously at times. Satan has power over us in this world. Jesus is our Lord and Savior, he is God. Jesus is our life support because he took our place in death for our sins and rose for our life. Jesus is our only way to God in heaven. Jesus won and satan lost. Jesus is our way of breaking free from the influence of satan. Like someone stated on a past article, "Jesus is the cure".

  16. Last night's Super Bowl Half Time show should be addressed quickly! It woke me up out of a deep sleep, and when I awoke it took me about thirty seconds to realize where I Was and what I was watching. Creepy.

  17. VC, did you "lock" the comments on the Amy Winehouse post? Yosan spoilt it with his comments IMO. Still looking forward to a post on sports, the Super Bowl inclusive and may Amar'e Stoudemire's older brother, Hazell, RIP.

  18. This freakky and did you see Madonnas crown for the Super Bowl??? It has illuminati written all over it..

    Also check out this video: (its freaky and i watched all but if you want to fast forward watch from 22:49 even in Islam they mention about the illuminaties, not promoting Islam or anything but here we have two crazy things happening, Islam that thinks they are getting closer to the second coming and that the illuminaties are working for Satan..) Jeezy they both are the same to me..!

    • That crown managed to look both like Baphomet AND Moloch, the owl god supposedly worshipped by the elite at the Bohemian Grove. I think maybe Madonna was supposed to represent Asthoreth, the consort of Moloch. Moloch is the Ammorite version of Sammael and Asthoreth is Babylon. She was also called Milcom, which might explain another reason for all of those "M's" on the costumes. The headdress was made by Philip Treacy, milliner to the royal family who made the Baphomet horn hat that Princess Beatrice wore to the royal wedding. And did anyone catch the pentagrams on Madonna's gloves? And the giant eye on the field, and the black robes at the end. The world peace thing, too – I don't usually quote scripture, but both Daniel and Thessalonians warn against a false peace before a terrible attack.

  19. Dakota Fanning isn't a minor. She is 18. It's the only section of these photos i disagree with, simply because you say she is a minor, but she's not.

  20. I am SO FED UP of looking at masonic checkered floors, robots or trans-humans, leopard skins, masks, masonic hand gestures, monarch butterflies, pyramids, the illuminating eye, and the entire Illuminati-inspired theme in our advertisements, music videos and artwork.

    The naysayers will say it is 'just art' but this is a recurring theme worldwide. What happened to creativity and 'real art' …?

    Like someone mentioned in the comments above, I'd love to see ads with beautiful scenery, maybe horses running wild & free … good enough concept to sell coffee, insurance or whatever the ads wanna sell ….

    … but nope … the Elites want us to watch a half-naked woman heavily made-up with wires & circuitry covering her face tout coffee or whatever … welcome to 2012 folks!

  21. I feel like crying for Demi, seriously, I always found her so talented and simply adorable. I knew something was wrong when she had to leave the *so random* tv show because of some sudden depression (then said it was related to some eating issues she had since she was a kid) but I'm pretty sure they sent her to one of their illuminati centers where she was probably mentally and physically broken to be turned into a slave. My heart sank for her, what they are doing to these little girls is simply unforgivable, well at least we know where these guys will end for eternity, may God & Jesus Christ protect us all from evil and the corrupted souls that serves it.

  22. If the police find a burglar in action in the street they arrest him, and if it's a crazy lady how the police have to act? The second photo of the lady caca, if seen by a psychiatrist, doesn't need her presence to realize that she is mentally disturbed and is not in her normal faculties. So why no one stand up against it? Is not because of her, 'cause she was the one who put herself into this situation, but for the good of our society? Find it normal? My God!

    ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  23. I can't wait to hear your take on the Madonna half time show of the SuperBowl. It was full of so many undertones I sat there and thought- am I the only one who sees this?? Even the songs she chose to sing were methodical! Honestly, it wasn't until tonight when I saw and listened to the words, "Like a Prayer" that I truly understood that everything in the song itself is representative of what Satan does. Everything he does is "like" God, but not "of" God. I was also reminded of why people made such a HUGE deal out of the video when it came out in the 80's. At the time, I didn't understand the implications (because I was so young)- but I don't even think the Catholics got it.

    • Aside from the symbolism…It made me laugh seeing a near 60 year old doing cartwheels, cheerleading, and bumping and grinding singing songs that were made popular a decade ago. Just completely awkward.

      • She looks like she's being kept youthful with the blood of sacrificed 16 year old virgins. When she did some of those twirls, I expected the string holding it all together to snap and for her to collapse in an untidy heap of doll parts.

  24. ok i just saw pictures from madonna's half time superbowl show? i knew it would be filled with symbolism and i don't think it's coincidence that madonna is headlining the 2012 superbowl show but anyway HOLY CRAP…there's so much symbolism!! It was like a black mass! I hope noone sat through it because you witnessed something that should not be praised but is getting so many accolades! Wow…I can't imagine what they will roll out during the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics!

  25. Anybody notice how much Beth Ditto looks like Jessie J? What with the straight jet-black bob and dark outlined eyes, red lipstick and white face? Apart from the fact Jessie J isn't as big as an elephant of course.

  26. I always wondered how these people used mind control on new artists that they discovered but then I thought about the fact that all these young singers take a beating in the beginning of their careers?? I'm beginning to think it is at the hand of their handlers whoever that may be. Madonna took a beaten from Sean Penn, Rhianna from Chris Brown, I read an article about Christina Applegate saying she was in a highly abusive relationship where she was getting physically abused. Katie Holmes recently shown with a large bruise on her back and just looking like a zombie. All the celebrity children are always bruised and romping around in the wee hours of the morning, where are they coming from Satanic Rituals? So disturbing. I think the average persons children are the lucky ones, they are not living in this weird Satanic lifestyle. Has anyone read about Sharon Tate being a High Priestess and wanting out, that is supposedly why there was a hit put on her by them. Read The Ultimate Evil.

    • I am not sure if Tate was a priestess, the events of her life seemed to be planned beforehand. She was a sacrifice for Polanski.

  27. Wow this is sickening….Dakota has no business in that magazine :(.

    How can someone approve of this p********a? It's so gross….but it doesn't impress me how the world is becoming more and more sickening everyday…

    Isaiah 5:20

    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

    If I hear someone saying that this is creative and stylish I will punch them in the face….seriously.

    God bless you VC for exposing this trash.

  28. As a victim/survivor of much ritualistic abuse, i am very glad to find so many true human beings catching on to the way these sick folk are pushing their agenda on us. Unfortunately, they're pushing their agenda on us.

    I don't know how many that visit this site know of the work of the Celtic Rebel, (, but he does a very good job at explaining much of the sodomizers tricks and explains much of their thinking. It's amazing…the amount of propaganda these freaks get to feed us.

    They have to hide, or they'd be destroyed. They need our willing ignorance to keep going. We…all of us with any humanity left, must not only learn what they're doing and how to protect each other from them, but STOP GIVING THEM OUR MONEY!!!

    Like all of us, they need the green to keep up the game. If we don't go watch all of their stupid movies, concert tickets, CD's,drugs, bling, magazines, etc, well…any dollar they lose is one less they can use to hook another poor "artist" into their sodomy.

    I pray that before i exit this realm, i can help stop the sodomites. They really are evil, sick, twisted, damaged folk who have gotten together to gain control of all of us, and they start from before you're even born.

    Good people must unite and stop them.

    Just sayin'…

  29. The Low Point — a View from the Valley — Column 11

    The Land of "Nothing for free"

    On the map, Laguna Niguel looks like a beautiful Pacific coastal area south of Los Angeles, a little like one of my favorite spots Monterey, south of San Francisco. But I forgot; this is Los Angeles, where the brown haze of the air lies like a thick blanket over the insane sprawl of "Generica". It's an endless landscape of McDonalds, strip-malls and gas stations familiar to anyone who has seen the movie "Ghost World". Nothing is free here. You pay for parking (nothing but valet available), driving on toll roads, access to much of the beach (private). If they could figure out how to charge for the air I'm sure there'd be meters every block or so. It's a fitting home for the entertainment industry.

    I was down there to give a talk on "Open Source Business Models" for a conference. Also represented were entertainment industry lawyers, "Big Telecom" management, and a smattering of software people. Microsoft was there of course. You can't hold a church fete with "Open Source" on the banner these days without Microsoft turning up and requesting representation. At least we also had Bruce Perens on our side to help make up the balance. The venue was an unbelievably expensive hotel. Even though I was on expenses I balked at asking the company to pay for a room there and found something cheaper (not by much) a few miles down the road.

    Along with the collection of apologists for the "ultimate evils" ™ of Hollywood and Telephone companies there were some very interesting presentations. A Japanese telecoms researcher made all the software people jealous by describing the idyllic state of broadband in Japan, where providers vie to sell gigabit fiber-optic pipes to the home. Yes, you read that right, Gigabit. The obvious question was asked; "what do people use all that bandwidth for" and the less than obvious answer was that they use it for all the same things people in less bandwidth-friendly countries do, they just do more of it. I could see a collective shudder pass through the entertainment industry people. They knew what that meant.

    A keynote by Lawrence Lessig made the point even further. He showed a series of "mash-ups" of copyrighted material which were incredibly creative and funny. All completely illegal and currently being hunted off the Internet by entertainment industry lawyers. One of the most amusing asides was from a Walt Disney legal reply to a parent requesting "fair use" rights to use some clips from a Disney movie to put in his home video. He pleadingly promised them it was meant only for family viewing. "We currently deny all requests to use our material….". Even if you are impudent enough to ask, the answer is always no. At least one of the other studios replied that the current commercial rate was $700 to use a 30 second clip. I can see that being popular amongst parents making home movies. He also covered the current patent quagmire. A very interesting fact from his talk was that the total unit cost for a Chinese manufacturer to build a DVD player was around $26. However the total royalty fees they have to pay to western companies for the patent rights to build a player is $21 per unit, thus completely eliminating any profit they might make. No wonder the Chinese are currently creating their own digital video standard, completely incompatible with Western ones. It's the only thing that makes economic sense for them. This is almost certainly behind the Chinese refusal to use the new WiFi standards for wireless devices also.

    I ended up making myself unpopular by publicly attacking the Washington-based economist who'd advised the Clinton Administration on "Intellectual Property" issues. It's a very personal issue for me as it affects my everyday life and work, so when he made the statement that "strengthening the patent system leads to more innovation for everyone" I saw red. He doesn't write software of course. I tried to explain later in private that it would be like people being able to patent economic theories in his line of work. That began to hit home, but he explained that the problem in Washington is that patents are heavily pushed to the politicians by the Pharmaceutical Industry. "These guys say they're going to cure cancer, what are you going to do for us ?" is the request that anti-software patent lobbyists have to learn to counter.

    My panel was rather uncontroversial, Microsoft, Bruce Perens and myself being on our best behavior. The only sparks that flew where when Microsoft made it abundantly clear that they would use their patent portfolio to prevent the spread of GPL software. Section seven of the GPL (the implicit patent grant of the license) now looks like the most prescient writing Richard Stallman has ever done. If you're not familiar with it I'd suggest you read it and understand why using the GPL to protect your Free Software is so important.

    Fireworks only exploded in the session on business models in the Internet age for entertainment industry products (music CD's mainly). This was even before the horrendous vandalism perpetrated by Sony on Windows users by propagating a rootkit as part of a digital rights management product on Sony CD's. Let's be clear, these people hate the Internet. If they had a single-use time machine they'd rather use it to go back in time and kill everyone responsible for creating TCP/IP than prevent the Second World War. The movie industry sees what has happened with CD's, looks at the gigabit bandwidth available in Japan and they know they're next. They will do anything to prevent it, pass any law, remove any civil right or fair use provision that gets in their way. I began to understood this when I had a discussion with a lawyer who was arguing that "we just need stiffer penalties, we need to make an example of people swapping files on the Internet". To which I responded, "why don't we just execute people who break the speed limit ?". Does anyone remember the slogan that used to be printed on vinyl records, "Home taping is illegal and is killing music" ?

    When enough people decide that an activity is legal, in a democracy such a thing eventually becomes legal. Look at the way the drug laws have changed in Europe. It's a sign of how damaged American democracy has become that the same thing hasn't happened here. The Internet is a massive threat to some people, and if we don't fight to keep it, we deserve to lose it. I'll end with a "fair use" quote from one of my favorite 70's bands, Hawkwind which seems appropriate somehow, and append one line of my own :

    Welcome to the oceans in a labeled can,

    Welcome to the dehydrated lands,

    Welcome to the self police parade,

    Welcome to the neo-golden age,

    Welcome to the days you've made

    Welcome to the land of "Nothing for free".

    Jeremy Allison,

    Samba Team.

    San Jose, California.

    20th November 2005.

  30. Some people think it's cool to throw up these symbols, and mimic things which clearly acknowledge 'the occult', sexually exploit themselves or other people, but at the end of the day: 'It's all fun and games 'til someone gets hurt'.

  31. I really cant believe are world i am 12 and my eyes are wide open i learend about this accidentaly and it all makes sence and they are even messing with actual kidddos like my 5 year old sister she went to a christian pre school and i was so relieaved bcy=uz i thought she may become a normal kid but no she maid a kid cry because she told them that since they were a hindu they would go to hell and then she accidently watched sex and the city and is all hopped up about having a boy friend and they were even messing with me bcuz i becam a athiest fpr 2 days bcuz i saw something on tv but now i now that god loves me

  32. I take a long commute to work everyday and I'm starting to notice more vehicles with the square and compass magnets on them, they're not even fancy cars just regular cars with regular people….Do these know what it means? I live in San Diego and I know there is a masonic scottish rite here in san diego….Are those people with the magnets masons?…Illiminati? Just curious as to why they would place these magnets on their cars…????

  33. If you are hating this (them), then you do exactly their bidding. Evil is a challange to mankinds spiritual existence. Neiter hate nor suspicion are answers to it.

    It is up to you, the individual, to find one's spiritual I-am. This is their worst fear and the thing they want to prevent by all means. It is the same fear they want to instill into every soul.

    Thus they do not use, but abuse symbols such as the butterfly and the eye etc. It is realy them that live under the illusion and they need you and others to make this illusion real. They want to live of others souls, having very little themselves.

    To be aware of their existence and workings is of uttermost importance, yet to understand and and have love within oneself is much more powerful and also worth living for.

    "Today you are you, that is truer than true.

    There is no one alive who is youer than you."

    –Dr. Seuss

  34. Nothing surprising really. the supposed end of the world is coming and the plans to unite the world under a single order is nearly approaching. The sad thing about what's happening is that all the things we struggled to achieve (respect, human rights, self-expression, and, for God's sake, to "know the truth!") are being slowly degraded and the ironic part is that most of us enjoy and agree with it blindly.

    do you agree with molesting a child? then why make photoshoots like the one Dakota did? are you ashamed of being black? then why attempt to portray yourself as a white person like beyonce did? or maybe you like to be caged like an animal,like nikki minaj, or be a dependent, mindless shell, like the one gaga depicts?

    c'mon everybody. you only live once. why look up to people who are trying to rob you of that one chance at enjoying your life.

    Soon enough, giving yourself to be dehumanized will seem honorable. I'll cut my head off if I'm wrong.


  35. Hi to all!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Uhm, this is kinda off topic but..

    Who among of you have read The Host by Stephenie Meyer and have watched Avatar (you know the blue-skin-aliens) ?

    Those things refer to mind control.

    The Host by Stephenie meyer indicates a soul (a worm) that controls the host (us) by the mind and the Avatar that refers to a person in mind link that can control the alien (or it may be another person)

    And nah, I just want to share the things that I have seen with my open eyes ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh, And btw! The pictures are so blatant I wonder why people just disregard these things?

    You know, when I was blind (I refer to not knowing mind control). I watch music videos, hear music and see pictures then I have this wierd feeling in my gut that there is something that those things is bringing on to me, like a message.

    Everytime I see, hear, watch or even read I have this wierd feeling in my gut that there is something wrong and I am just 13 years old. How about those older than me? Can they not realize that?

    That's it. Thank you and God bless!! <3

    • You are completely right Isha, I was blind too but I never realized anything until an Illuminati video was in my suggestions list after watching a how to draw video ๐Ÿ˜› I just watched the host, and I was in shock, they are showing you the process of how they use mind control. its in the first 5 to ten minutes, its really crazy!!
      Thanks for pointing out the Avatar, I havnt noticed it before because I was so in love with the movie.. I guess its everywhere…

  36. This is the first time I've felt the need to comment, just want to point another thing out in the whole "sexualizing minors((Dakota Fanning)) and "normalizing P********a" thing.

    The ad is almost ridiculous "Oh, Lola!" Really?

    Lola is one of the nick names in Vladimir Nabokov's book, "Lolita" for the character Dolores, a 12 year old whom is the the… shall we say "love interest" of the much older man in the book.

    Lolita has become the popular term in the anime/manga world to describe underage characters that will usually be thrown in sexual situations.

    It's just not even subtle in the least that they'd call a fragrance "Oh, Lola!" And have friecken Dakota Fanning up there rubbing her big ol perfume-bottle-penis. Sheesh!

  37. What I don't understand is how so many of the commentators are so aware of these "stars." I recognize most of the big names, but I've never watched any of their videos, and if I've heard any of their music, it was by accident. It makes sense to understand the symbolism and know what to watch for, especially if you have children or others in your life who may be influenced by this "entertainment." However, once understood, why post links to these videos and encourage others to watch them? Doesn't it make more sense to stop the spread of this garbage by ignoring it?

  38. These pictures are sickening. I'm so glad I found this site years ago. Its opened my eye so much that I pity those who are eager to buy Britney or Beyonce etc tickets. Especially those die hard fans who faint in the sight of a "popstar" ¬_¬

    It just shows how demoralized our world is.

    You lot should watch Madonna's latest video. She dresses in black and white with M.I.A and Nicki, we all know what that represents so there is no need for me to elaborate. But out of all, Nicki's videos are the creepiest, her duet with David Guetta. They show she gets created, then she's dressed in black followed by so many dolls.

    Eurgh the falseness in the world is so blatant these days, and its even more sickening when people don't know what their doing. There delusional. If only they had an insight.

    I'm actually surprised this site hasn't been taken down. It will be soon one day, when SOPA and PIPA control the internet, which they will do very soon.

    Also watch my Palestinian video. The more views the better!
    I'm give a voice to the voiceless, and I won't stop. ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. You could just tell Demi lovato was in that. She completely change when she left disney… She was a good person when no one really knew her. But now she is wears creepy things like those pointy demon like nails. I feel really bad for. Wanting fame has its price. $$

  40. Does anybody recognize how disturbingly similar photographer Richard Burbridge's photo is to Jay-Z & Kanye West's artwork for their album "Watch the Throne"?

  41. more and more sickening propoganda…the bible warns us though to guard our hearts, which means to guard your "mind"… well from looking at these crazy photos and observing how the fashion industry has changed dramatically with increased symbolism being flaunted in not just clothing, but also tattoos, various advertisements, songs, movies etc. now we see why

    Thank you Lord for you wisdom!

  42. Dear VC,

    Can you please write an article on David Guetta's "Turn Me On?" I think that the music video is inundated with Illuminati symbolism and imagery, as well as the lyrics themselves.

    If there's anyone who can take down these bastards, it's you, VC.



  43. Hey im a really devouted fan of this website jjaajjajaj, and ben checking it out tons of times, its helped me so much (yestarday i watched the movie of Full Metal Jacket jajaja i cant believe i had never see it, if u havent watched it i tottaly recomend u, its so similar to de dehumanization that goes on with pop stars ), but i wanted to seee if u can check out the video of Florence & the Machine lungs, before the album oc communions, its the Rabit heart song, its cause i couldnt understand the meaning thil my sister told me it was talking about Jesus and the Gift of Salvation, i would like you to check it out if u cant and reply, the thing is that i remember reading here that one of the actions that the Elit'es like ( to not say Satan) is making a saint reject God , and if the video would mean that then it would make perfect sense ๐Ÿ˜€

  44. @Fleurdamour, This is weird and maybed unrelated but while reading your comment about blockin base chakra energy, I was also watching South Park and Cartman was talking about a rainbow going up his a$$… seriously

    • Lol! Sounds like all his chakras got activated at once. Seriously, though – The base chakra connects us to the element of earth, grounding us. If you mess with that you can keep someone off balance.

  45. wasent selena gomez also in cosmo looking weird and surrounded by sex articles…..just saying.

    this world is truly messed up


  46. Gush!!! This gross i thought i was the only noticing it but alas! Am not because my country is not left out because a producer cum singer named DAVIDO used the eye of horus sign in his video DAMI DURO and the act is nw gulping big time celebs and personnels. The world is comin to an end.

  47. On a subconscious level and even if you're not trying to read the cosmo cover, the messages your brain get is "Sex. Again. Naughty" and "Into. Her Vagina. Fast!".

    And it happens while a mk ultra underaged sex slave is looking at you, with sanpaku eyes that speaks volumes about the kind of hell she's going through in Hell-ywood…

    That's f*cking disgusting, I'm telling you ๐Ÿ™

  48. Thank you for the posts. For years as a young woman I wondered why the fashion magazines has such weird photo shoots. They seemed to get more bizarre and uglier as time went on. It amazes me that anyone still buys fashion magazines. I stopped buying them due to an instinct that told me there was something sinister about the images getting weirder and uglier. Years later, through websites like this one, I now know what these kinds of photos are all about. Please continue to put up and explain these pictures, as there are probably new people doing a little research who will stumble upon them, just as I once did.

  49. I don't remember Cosmopolitan having that many sexual references on one cover before. That's the thing… It is a sudden hostility about any what use to be standard reserve about Children, Sex, "deviant" sex….

    I know the airport security touching has nothing to do with security but everything to do with hostility towards anyone "holding out" about blatant public stranger sexual touching. It is to toilet train the masses.

    Easy to believe these people don't care about the masses feelings. No problem depopulating people turned to objects.

  50. And you still fail to notice the mouse ears of IU , Ku Hara and Jung Nicole(both of Kara).

    Ahn Sohee (Wonder Girls) is now a has-been in Korea.

    And it's Song Joong-ki, not Joon-ki.

  51. Why is Beyonce trying to look white? She has really lost herself. It's a shame that black women still look up to her and idolize her. I wish we would all Idolize Jesus Christ the same way we idolize these human beings.

  52. Remember, as it were, as it is, and as it will be…

    That you brain, that which is analogous to the mind, is a metaphor, as we speak.

    If you understand such things, you'll notice the trend(s) and figure the assimilation of seemingly assorted affairs equally.

    You, that sees this as one who sees the same thing, will learn to decipher the symbols like Enochian speech.

    These symbols or gestures are simulated to stimulate the neuron-i-c pathways within your configuring to code such things. Anything that is whispered by the singular perspective of the Vigilant will ignite the same formulations and concoctions when you see the image while you walk around 'cognizant'.

    This is the nature of the mind to do so. You sincerely must understand this, because after all, do you not recognize faces and act accordingly?

    So, if you see Jay A to Jay Z doing such things, how do you feel emotionally? Why does a magazine cover evoking the Eye makes you look twice, homie?

    Remember, that "population control" is quite enigmatic if you want to further understand it. Unless you want to chart it as simple problematic schematics.


    Pavlov's Dog

      • It is good to see you again as well Fleurdamour, my friend.

        Hope you are well.

        Shall we continue on like old times then?

        I'll keep myself a bit more succinct this time around, because I have already elaborated much for those that want to search. So, I'll focus on the fact that should be observed in multiple formats, even if in the simple understanding that more than "One", pluralized perception(s), agree with the 'opin-ion-ated' fact…

        It's for the Masses this programming, ain't that sum-thing!?

        Again, it's understandable if you can see the responses of the individuals as their inbox fills with the pixel messages of showcased images sequenced in a particular pattern.

        Or rather, why the horror factor in movies that scream out "Watch!"? The laughter that codes the primordial existence that floats within the matter. The tears cried as you shudder at the atrocities of man upon another.

        Do you not steer away from pain the same way? And head towards the 'Light' if you see it in the delight of a "Modern Family" or a "Dexter"'s laboratory? Oh Dee-Dee, you "Blondie!"

        Ooo, Double D, strip for me baby, you are such a comic to me, teeheehee!

        So it goes…

        It's science, my friends. The information is there for you to perceive.

        One more thing, anyone notice the studies where they started isolating the neurons towards a specific 'stimulation'? One of the beginning studies isolated it specifically for Jennifer Aniston in a particular subject.


        Sup Collective, My Name is Borg.

  53. Be at peace people!

    Read psalm 27, keep trusting, keep praying, keep believing. Keep your mind on the goodness of God and not this garbage that's creating strongholds.

    Deliverance is coming – "no weapon formed against us shall be able to prosper."

    Peace and abundant blessings.

  54. There is a new Prada ad. The perfume bottle covering one eye. I just "s-eye-d" (sighed) when I saw it in the department store. That should be the new VC catch phrase "s-eye". Do I need to copyright that? ; ))

  55. seeing this pics made me bash at my keyboard,it made me f*****g pissed!what the f**k has humanity devolved into?i fail to understand how someone can flaunt something at the whole world that is so f*****g sinister and evil and garbage and aaaarhg!and yet when asked what the hell they were thinking when making this filth they answer "it's art"????!!! what!this is art?pure satanic bullshit everywhere,in the papers,the tvs,videogames,everywhere!it's funny how in countires like u.s.a God is practically shunned away.i mean from the base (schooling system) people are taught that they evolved from f*****g monkeys,that they are nothing but a collection of chemicals walking around in a world where there is no purpose of existence,that taking such a view is scientific and modern and civilised and that to an extent,failing to accept it is primitive,ignorant and backward.that the existence of a God cannot be proven and hence an agnostic stance to such a concept should be taken.i mean if we're all just a bunch of neurons,pathetic creatures that exist soley to fullfill whatever desires are instinctive of us then there really shouldn't be any outrage at such filth.if there is no God,there is really no basis for morality,or values,afterall,there is no supreme power to decide what is right or wrong,we are chaoticaly moving about in a biological cess pool of randomness and the end of it all is death,where our bodies fester and turn into fuel over billions of years. and then on the other end of the spectrum,we have the jackasses that came up with the system,evil humans that flaunt their pseudogod everywhere (or at least what he stands for),materialism in it's most extereme of forms,but even that's not enough for them.they really have to toss in their bullshit doctrine into the mix,whether it's via images,buildings,statues,literature you name it,they've infiltrated everything in order to slowly mould the masses into something that their pseudogod can approve of when he comes to earth.killing one value set in order to establish another one.ordo ab chaos.gosh,sometimes i wish i was born during another time,when everything was less blatant and people were not completely susceptible to raw manipulation.

    • i'm agnostic that doesn't mean i'm immoral…there's a difference between immoral and non religious. and in the US christianity is still defended constantly at least in the conservative media which millions listen to. soo..

      • sam,i never meant that agnostic people are immoral.the point i was trying to make was that belief in God gives more reason to believe in a moral code,because God would be the origin of that code,for example,as compared to being atheist or agnostic,it's more dificult to establish a foundation for moral values if one doesn't really believe in a God,i mean think about it,who would be the adjudicator concerning right or wrong?an evolved monkey,or an autonomous supreme being that designed the universe for a specific purpose?i wasn't talking about a specific religion either,but on what effect a belief system has on human behaviour,we all try to live according to what we believe, and if those beliefs,for example are dehumanizing in nature in that they reduce man to nothing but an accident of evolutionary processes,then consequently there is no ground for a moral code and behaviour would be inclined towards a more "animalistic stance",i mean you can do anything without regrets(richard dawkins himself,strong advocate for evolution said something like that).science doesn't really give you a reason to believe in anything that's abstract,it only explains to you the phenomena found in the universe,phenomena that is material in nature and that has solid evidence as far as the five senses are concerned,and that's as far as it goes,an explanation as to how things work not as to why they were put there,why you can perceive them or what they mean on a grand sam,sorry if i offended you in any way,i was just trying to say that there is more ground for morality if one inclines towards the belief of Deity than if one doesn't believe in Deity.

      • "Agnostic" simply means that you are open to the possibility of God, but you just haven't decided yet what that actually means, or found the meaning of true faith as it applies to your own soul. That is really ok, because God is more patient, loving and kind than any of us can even begin to comprehend with our little brains.

        I firmly believe that God would much rather we truly find Him and our true faith through our own actions – good, bad and otherwise – than to simply be led by other flawed humans who merely tell us that "this is the way you should be, think, feel and act". In fact, we are warned specifically against this, because of the fact that there are many who will go around "deceiving and being deceived", even doing so "in God's name" – falsely, of course. So, it is certainly wise to be very cautious and always think and feel for yourself.

        We were all created as individuals, as unique as our fingerprints and DNA, so it is only logical (not that logic is always the answer, mind you!) that we each have our own individual paths to finding and developing our own personal relationships with our Creator. Yours will not be the same as mine, or anyone else's – and that IS the beauty and power of an omniscient God – He knows each of us – all of our joys, sorrows and questions – ALL of everything, simultaneously.

        Why would anyone put their faith in any other so-called "god"? God is either all-knowing and all-powerful, or there is simply no purpose in believing in God, as I see it. Personally, I DO believe, very strongly, and it is because I have seen and experienced so much in this life that I cannot ever deny His Love, Grace, Forgiveness and Beauty in my own life – regardless of my many sins and the countless mistakes I have made…and the many more I will surely make before my time is finished here on earth.

        Humility is the key, and although this world can make it very difficult (nearly impossible at times) to be humble, it should always be our primary goal. Every second, every minute of every day. And, ironically, I have seen true and genuine humility demonstrated many times by people who were self-proclaimed "agnostics", without any pretense of being "religious" in any way – they were simply kind, good and humble – and did the right things for the right reasons.

        And, believe me, the God that you may not believe exists notices all of these things. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Keep searching, Sam, and you will find what you are seeking. Something this important cannot happen simply by someone telling you that "God is real" – it must be lived and discovered deeply within your soul. Just prepare yourself, and be open to the miracle of faith when it comes, because I can assure you that it will. If it were such an easy question to answer, or a simple path to follow, it probably wouldn't justify eternity in paradise and peace, would it?

        You are not alone, and you are no different – better or worse – than the billions of other souls who are yet uncertain about the meaning of life and death, who or what created all of us and everything we know – and, ultimately, what it ALL really means – as in, THE big picture, for reals.


    • LVB,

      those were some beautiful words of truth right there. I have to admit, I feel silly but your kind words made me cry. The truth will do that to you I suppose.

  56. Great post. I actually saw the Cosmopolitan with Dakota Fanning on the cover a couple days ago and was also disturbed to see all the references to sex on there. I also remember the "Oh Lola!" fragrance ad, I saw that a few months ago and was disgusted. I mean, she's holding this huge perfume bottle with a giant flower, on top of her, erm…flower (pardon my crudeness, just trying to connect the symbolism).

    She's not even 18 yet, even if she was I think this kind of marketing is in bad taste. Oh Lola? Seems a lot like a reference to Lolita. The sick thing is that it was obviously made on purpose.

    Anybody remember the controversy surrounding her in the 2007 movie Hound Dog? She was only 12 years of age, and there was a scene in the film of her being sexually assaulted. I think doing something like that as adult actor has to be traumatic on some level (yes it's acting, but we are still talking about acting out a r**e) , but as a I child? Just doesn't seem right.

    • I never heard of that movie, but you bring up a great point. When all of these performers/puppets are filmed or photographed doing questionable things (such as being handled, groped, strangled, assaulted…), it's like a "double ritual" or even a "mass ritual." For, not only is it LITERALLY happening to them (which is tragic in itself)… as we look at the pictures, it is metaphorically happening to us.

      Look… learn… then look AWAY.

    • I was wondering if there was a Lolita connection with her! Good observation!

      I feel very sad for all the child actors in Hollywood…

  57. I can't believe Demi Lovato ended up on this site for that performance. Hopefully she doesn't turn to the dark forces. Because she's talented and has so much potential. It's unsettling that the industry is turning like this.

    Skyscraper has some heavenly symbols representing rising above anything and quotes "closer to the clouds right here"

    I really hope she doesn't become one of the overrated Illuminati puppets.

    • Demi is a Disney child star just like Britney and many others. She is probably a mk victim. I think somebody mentioned she went to rehab or something and was diagnosed as bipolar but it could be just a cover. I am not her fan, but I do feel sorry for her. The child actresses who plays Danielle's eldest daughter in Desperate Housewives is her cousin or something. I guess the whole family was dragged into the network.

  58. i showed my friend (who is a self proclaimed "little monster") these articles and he said that at one of her concerts gaga actually mentioned the stuff in this article but she did it in a very casual way. apparently she was talking about "rejecting people who dont understand you or accept you for who you are", and she mentioned different "misconceptions" people have about her and according to him she said, "and some people think i'm some kind of a mind controlled illuminati slave". i keep looking through all her concert videos but i can't find it but he says she said it and i think that is weird as hell. its like shes treating it like a joke to get people to not pay attention to it. i dunno…maybe its just me but i thought it was weird that she even mentioned it…

    • Interesting indeed. I don't really see how she could have time to be searching the internet herself, the way she's got to be always rehearsing, getting photographed, making videos and promotional appearances, getting fitted for skimpy costumes, stealing women's boyfriends when she wants to get laid, etc. I wonder if one of her handlers just told her in vague language, "people think you're mind-controlled and belong to the illuminati". Would her Gaga alter(s) even be aware of that if she is? Somehow, I don't think so.

      • in an interview she said that she often looks herself up on the internet. lol must have nothing better to do when shes at home.

  59. Has anyone else heard of the deaths in hollywood? First a head found near or under the hollywood sign and on another occasion a skull was found.

  60. That pic of nicki minaj is from her video "stupid hoe" which all through the video depicts her as a doll and sex kitten. Id advise people to check it out. ***Caution:The song is annoying as hell***

  61. Everyone be on the look out for Selena Gomez's new cover in Cosmopolitan. A magazine about SEX which she and Bieber don't have since they have both said in different occasions that they were waiting til marriage… Even though he also had a "crazy girl" claim that she was pregnant with his baby yet he never came right out and said he was waiting when that happened… Back to Gomez. She is close the Dakota's age and still seen as a young adult yet she is on a magazine cover that exploits sex?? Which she still doesn't have right?? Makes sense.

    • She'll be twenty in July, Kimmy…She's not a child. And I saw the Cover photo. I admit the pose is sexy, but her dress is pretty decent.


      • I have to say, all the comments regarding whether Dakota is old enough or not. No matter what age she is, it's degrading to any woman to be looked upon as a sex object. It portrays that a woman's worth comes through how much sex appeal she has. Look at the words on the cover. They coach women on how to be a great sex toy, pleasuring themselves and others as well. So much for creating a healthy self-esteem.

      • @Wow I don't think most of them care if it's degrading or not. Do they really have the guts to do something that it's not degrading? It's women's fault all the same in some way. Why not trying to do something for themselves instead of focusing on improving their looks and investing energy solely in their physical appearance? You hear every trollop under the sun chasing a doctor for instance, why don't they study medicine themselves to be financially independent instead of relying on the earnings of a male doctor? If women weren't so shrewd, insecure and antagonistic, the world would be a better place.

  62. Great stuff! Watching The Arrivals was a turning point that changed my perception about the world and helped me to distinguish between right and wrong, and I am glad to see that VC took it to another level.

  63. I don't know why they bother to take a picture of Beyonce if they're just going to photoshop it until she's unrecognizable.

  64. I miss the advertisements that we running in magazines when I was a teenager. They used beautiful photos. There would be a woman wearing a sundress running through a field of flowers with her kids who were carrying cute animals. There were so many beautiful ads and I wanted to buy those products. This stuff scares me. Do they really expect me to buy things using scary-looking crap like this? I would love to see beautiful ads again.

    • I'd like the same but it won't happen now. Too little, too late. Welcome to the age of depravity, no wonder why we're talking nostalgically of the good old days.

  65. Isn't Dakota in college at NyU? She would be considered adult by society standards especially if she's 18. Though I still don't like that Marc Jacobs ad.

    • This is an old advertisement. She is in college now, but unless I am mistaken, I believe she was about 15/16 when this ad was created.

      • No, this was very recent like maybe two months ago. I really don't think its as bad as people making it out to be. Dakota is an adult and the cover was tasteful. People still see her as a child, but she is growing and the public needs to understand that. Now if it was her younger sister Elle, that would be a different story.

      • I admit the cover and the advert are a little creepy but this is hardly "paedophilia", Dakota Fanning is 17 years old and is practically a grown woman.

  66. Just awful !! Did anyone notice in the lady gaga pics the one looks like she is hanging herself with her own hair. Thats weird. Should I say her wig or hair peice. All the pics just keep promoting the one world order/illuminati and mind control in many different forms. Notice in the natalia kills the lettering script of kills is the same way disney logo is scripted.They have the same style of lettering. I hope you keep this up because I try to spread the word on the way things are going in the world to my family and freinds and tell them all about the site. Some seem interested still few are not and are to blind and dumb to even care nor try to understand what all this is. All we can do is pray or stop buying magazines and books and records if one chooses to. I would find it hard to do though the idea is a great one. There are so many entertainers out there that are mind controlled and brainwashed. In the debbie levoto video {skyscraper} I thought it was odd that she walks on glass or looks like glass with her bare feet and the fact that she supposedly had a problem with cutting. I may be looking into some things to deep but just thought it was odd. Keep the images coming, I'm sure they ae never gonna end. Even think about the title of the song- {sky-scrape-her??}

  67. I think Korean or Japanese thing isn't directly influenced by Illuminati.

    I don't think the Illuminati people went to Korea,Japan and adviced them to do certain photoshoot.

    Korean and Japanese people think that it is COOL to mimic Western culture. Yes they are imitating and mimicking what American,European magazines do.

    European,American magazine photoshoots are done directly by Illuminati influence.

    But Asian magazines? no.. they SEE American,European magazines and they think "wow, western people do these kind of pose, it must be cool thing to do so we should mimic, imitate this."

    I don't think Illuminaties give a hoot about what korean,japanese do.

    • I don't think so. As you know, the elite message is international. People all over Asia listen to J-pop and K-pop. They want one religion and one government. In order to do that, they have one message.

    • Actually the Illuminati do give a hoot about what the Koreans, Japanese, and practically all countries are doing. There is no way you can make a global government if you don't try to influence other cultures.

    • Is it really western culture, or Roman culture. When in Rome do as the Romans do. And, I am not talking about the Italians. Illuminati have regressed to become like roman pagans.

  68. so Warren Buffett, the rich guy that says it's ok to raises taxes on the rich is actually part of the Illuminati?

    mmmhmmmm, riiiiiiiight

    tell me, why do you hate rich people so damn much?

    I'm BEGGING you here, please let us have a just a little debate about this, why is it ok to demonize every rich person?

    • Which Warren Buffet? Do you mean the one who advises the current president on economical policy? Do you mean the one who hangs out with Jay? Lmao. You surely jest. Lmao

      • I jest about what? that I don't instantly assume every wealthy person is evil and part of some evil conspiracy?

    • Okay, no worries. I am awake and you are free to believe what you believe. I might suggest you do your own research and ask yourself why the need for all this hideous imagery. Or not?

      • The site is not about "demonizing rich people" but about symbolism in pop culture. I never came close of saying that "every rich person is evil" so please do not put words in my mouth. In fact, I am all for free enterprise but that's another issue. Thanks.

    • Pffttt yeah they can raise taxes on the rich all they want but as long as the rich have their loop-holes they'll never pay that much taxes.

      Who do you think the Illuminati are? The very men who own ALL central banks in EVERY country.

      You have eyes but you cannot see…

    • He isnt rich, he is wealthy & he wants to tax the rich because taxes dont affect wealthy people.

      Except maybe making them slightly more wealthy.

  69. The same BS over and over again!! Do the illuminati think that we came down in the last rainstorm?

    Thanx to VC for enlightening us.

    Those poor young stars, they don't know what they're in for. That's if they survive.

  70. Cosmo has always been soft p**n for desperate housewives and budding teens, and even tweens who read Mommy's mag. That mag along with others helps to foster the whole goal of a sex-obssessed, material driven culture.

    • Cosmo targets budding teens. I used to buy it whilst a teen. Silly me I know. The desperate housewives buy gossipy rags (OK, Hello, Star etc), glamour and vogue. I personally buy no magazines because I never read them. Apart from that, they're full of advertizements.

  71. you know what i noticed lady gaga is starting to become less and less popular all of a sudden…her song marry the night didnt do well ast all. has anyone else noticed that?

    • I noticed a while back ! I also like to note it was right after she started talking about her illuminati dreams & also after she successfully pushed the " born this way" agenda. I don't know if it's because she has served her purpose, or is it because she began to talk too much, or both. Whatever the reason i'm glad she's no longer being shoved down our throats !

      • maybe. i thought that people had gotten tired of her or maybe she's become too weird and illuminati even for the masses to be able to like. i noticed people have really been saying negative things about her for the past half year about.

    • And have you noticed that all of a sudden, news of "great success" the most selling out of all Pop dome is, this character called "Lana del Rey". I am starting to see her everywhere.

  72. Thanks for mentioning Beth Ditto. Apparently they breeed them obese to give a false impression that the elite cares about body image. Either bone skinny or fat as f**k, but still a sex slave.

  73. Welcome to 2012 everyone! Where we will soon have everything electronically done for us and camera's watching our every move! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think this year will be even more filled with their bullshiz!

  74. Hi vigilant citizen, i normally see your topics and it always surprise me how accurate you are, and i know a video that just released (David guetta ft Nicki Minaj – Turn me on ) and i think that you should do a review about it since its full of mind control like robots or mannequins and its obviously illuminati thanks and bye ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I just watched this video….and yes, this video says it all. It tells how the music industry molds these artist into what they want. I saw a few "one eye" shots. And even though there are quite a few robot like dolls in this video, they are all nude. That's just ridiculous. And it looks like a deep and dark dungeon like place where he is molding Nicki the robot doll. At first when I heard this song, I thought she was talking about a man turning her on sexually…and that's what it sounds like on the outside. But seeing the video, as VC has said in the past, reveals a deeper meaning. I wouldn't mind seeing VC do an article about this one. I wonder if there is something I missed. And the horse at the end is brown…hmmm I wonder if there is some kind of symbolism behind the horse? In my opinion, as I suspected all along…Nicki is fake and a puppet and is doing what "they" programmed and made her into. I wonder what Nicki the human was really like before all this hoopla! And nooo…not what MTV's version of what she was like and what her "story" on TV says…

      • I Love The Song ๐Ÿ˜€

        But I agree, freaky video. Made me think of Pinocchio for a second. In the beginning, I mean.

        But then it gets weird when the other dolls get jealous of her looks and try to kill her.. ๐Ÿ™

        Freeeaaakyy !!

    • Very creepy video. Guetta's look in the eye has changed, since "Little bad girl". Is he posessed or what? Manequins in this video and Madonna's too.

    • Probably because you don't really want to. These symbols are undeniably everywhere, all the time. Seeing them and knowing them for what they really are is a personal choice.

      I'm from Namibia (South Western Africa, right on top of South Africa on the left side), a country you've probably never even heard of. Out perfume shopping the other day with my mother, I was stunned anew by how blatant the symbolism in the posters advertising some of the designer fragrances were. Where I live, the Illuminati is still considered a "Western Conspiracy" (yes, big C) for some and while they're wrong, they still have the excuse of being ignorant. Elsewhere, where the Illuminati influences are stronger and more evident, there are only one of two options available: either you're in the know or you're just another in the horde of sheeple.

      • Actually, I do see this type of symbolism quite a bit in other types of media. For some reason, I never catch it in fashion magazines, that's all. And yes, I have heard of Namibia, thank you.

  75. did anyone else noticed that inthe last picture of the model wearing mouse ears, her eyes arenot human> they look like diamonds but if eyes are the window to the soul does this mean they have no soul anymore? plus she also has what to me looks like tears… so if you look at the picture again she actually looks distressed or sad or like she just cried…not very conforting at all…

  76. I know I shouldn't be saying this but these people really deserve to be in Hell. F**K YOU BEYONCE, JAY Z, RIHANNA… I could go on forever! YOUR LIFE IS A BIG FAT LIE. I feel sorry for Blue Ivy (or whatever her name is). The child doesn't have a chance. At the end, you all WILL BE DESTROYED.

  77. The disconnect between glamorous clothing and beautiful models VS the images of violence and coercion being portrayed is a real mindf***, isn't it? Female s*xuality can only be portrayed if it's dominated and enslaved. Thanks for nothing, Media.

  78. Anyone notice the slightly faded apple at the shoe of the innocent alter persona of the model (where she's wearing white so I guess this is before her transformation into the perverted S&M personality where she's wearing black&nipple tassels & has a tie around her waist to hint at their control)? Didn't snow white bite into a poison apple so she could sleep? I think there's a reference to mind control there if I'm not mistaken. Someone mentioned once that Snow White was one of the Disney movies used for MK programming. Just a thought. I'm sure that's what they want to do to everyone. Have everyone bite into their propaganda so they can poison our minds while we are in a sleep-like stupidity so they can do their evil bidding=(

    • Very perceptive. Don't forget also that the "poison apple" represents drugs. The only thing the "Illuminati" like more than deviant group sex is deviant group sex on drugs. Take another look at the "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" movie sometime – you might be surprised what you see once your eyes have been opened.

    • I noticed the bitten apple too. Doesn't this also echo of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, when Satan deceived them into biting the fruit of the tree? It's like taking a bite of Satan's false promises, which only turn out to be slavery to false perceptions, slavery to unreal dissociated alter egos that are disconnected from Divine Truth and beautiful reality.

      …And you, O Adam, and your spouse, live in the Garden and eat your fill wheresoever you like, but do not approach this tree, or you will become iniquitous." But Satan suggested (evil) to them, in order to reveal their hidden parts of which they were not aware (till then), and said: "Your Lord has forbidden you (to go near) this tree that you may not become angels or immortal." Then he said to them on oath: "I am your sincere friend;" And led them (to the tree) by deceit. When they tasted (the fruit) of the tree their disgrace became exposed to them; and they patched the leaves of the Garden to hide it. And the Lord said to them: "Did I not forbid you this tree? And I told you that Satan was your open enemy" (Quran:7:21)

      The difference is that Adam and Eve repented and turned *back* to their Lord as His believing slaves, while here, the victims remain in the slavery of Satan.

      • @anony.. isnt it sad how eatin the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden was the very reason man fell in the first place, and now satan is using the same trick, just in a slightly different manner to cause man to fall again, but this time lost eternally, after being given a 2nd chance…i mean seriously!

  79. I saw that pic of Buffet on tmz and thought it was strange that tmz mentioned the illuminati by name…and then of course the comments to it were people blasting the "conspiracy theorists."

    I see these images everywhere now too. My husband is a tattoo artist, so I'm very familiar with tattoo art, tattoo magazines, etc, for the past 15 years. Just within the past few years, Illuminati tattoos and art are Everywhere!! Pick up any tattoo magazine or look at any artist's portfolio on facebook, chances are there will be multiple one-eye tattoos, or the Illuminati triangle will be the main focus of the tattoo or painting. There are so many, I see them almost every day. And I've never seen one comment under them mention the Illuminati in any way. Everyone just says how amazing it is, how beautiful, etc. No one even knows what they're looking at!! They are absolutely clueless. I'm still unsure if these artists are as clueless…I know that there are some well-known tattoo artists who are freemasons. I even know of 2 tattoo artists (not freemasons) who actually got the triangle and one-eye symbol tattooed on that on 11/11/11 because they thought it was cool. They have NO CLUE as to what it means, I know that. I think these images and symbols are being trickled down into people's subconscious and they are unaware as to why they are attracted to the symbols so much. It's really disturbing.

    • And it's very disturbing for people to 'brand' themselves with symbols they don't understand. Symbols carry a lot of power, and they are letting energy into themselves.

    • Symbols are only as powerful as we believe them to be. Any symbol by itself, is just a symbol, an image. If a person is clueless as to the original meaning of said symbol (or tattoo) then it won't affect them beyond what it means to them personally. We are what we believe ourselves to be, and by that, I mean that we are powerful beings. If you get a butterfly tattoo and your intention is that is symbolizes freedom and beauty, than that's the power it holds. It need not be a symbol of negativity or monarch programming, etc, unless that's your intention. Don't give any more meaning or power to symbols than need be, it's all in our minds and hearts.

    • Hello anon..

      I know exactly what you mean, with the images being stored in our heads… when i was in high school during class whenever i was bored in class I would draw eyes all over my paper, I never knew why I would draw them, I just enjoyed doing it, I guess it got stored in my subconscious and that was why so thank you for helping me figure that one out ๐Ÿ™‚

      btw i dont draw them anymore ๐Ÿ˜›

  80. Time to wake up.

    The final photo of the "Identity" shoot series is an explicit provocation intended to simultaneously arouse/disturb the viewer, arouse strong feelings of shame, and flaunt Illuminated ritual sexual practices before the public. Sex magick mind control is central to "Illuminati" belief and practice and a key means by which they are altering our society as a whole and controlling individuals as permanent, long-term, or short-term "sex slaves".

    The picture portrays a woman being ritually sodomized in the "Illuminati" tradition. The hand clamped over her mouth invokes the "breathplay" or "erotic asphyxiation" so central to "Illuminati" sex. The hair extended as if in a halo is simultaneously representative of BDSM "electro-play" in which electrical shocks are used for sadistic sexual effect as well as being a symbolic halo – indicating the importance of ritual sacrilege to Illuminated sex magick. The multiplicity of arms binding and restraining the woman refer both to the centrality of bondage in Their sex rituals as well as the fact that these rituals typically involve large, group sex orgy situations.

    Why do they make it so obvious? Why do they flaunt this in our faces? Because they know that these terrible and deviant sexual ideas frequently arouse hidden desires in even normal members of the public. The "Illuminati" specialize in magnifying deviant sexual energy throughout our society. They feed off the alternating arousal and shame that they generate with their concentrated campaign of aggressive advertising for deviant sex. Google "sex magick" or "chaos magick" or "thelema" or "semenancy" or "monarch" or "bdsm" and you will begin to see how rapidly these deviant practices have been spread through our society. NOT spread by chance – spread by design! Educate yourselves before it is too late!

      • That is the end result of sexual 'liberation' (really enslavement to sin). When the sexual act is not confined properly to marriage, with procreation as its end, then, as we can see, we end up with every freaky and bizarre thing which comes up out of hell.

    • Dr S – good post and I agree! Though completely disturbed, all I feel right now is nauseous. They are really kicking it up!!! I've seen you post a few times about sodomy as the "Illuminati' tradition and know it is used heavily in monarch programming. There is a Christian therapist who works with these victims and I found this interview to be extremely revealing, and consistent with what others who work with these victims are saying, ie Russ Dizdar.

      We've got an epidemic of debauchery here…..

      Interviewing Deprogrammers: In the House of the Strong Man Sodomy is the Key

      this is a triggering article….FYI

      • Many people believe that sodomic mind control must be initiated at an early age, but the Illuminated have become far more advanced over the years and can now take control of the personality and actions of people remotely – including through internet web pages, online p*********y, and so forth. Many people assume they are not vulnerable to this type of temporary sex puppetry due to strong upbringings, faith, and not having been subjected to trauma programming at an early age. But what many fail to realize is that modern "Illuminati" techniques are capable of hijacking the minds of even very determined opponents through the tremendous volume of Monarch signals encoded in popular media and p*********y. The individual so well "pre-programmed" over years of exposure to a steady stream of Monarch imagery and hidden control codes is far more vulnerable to full sex slavery than people from earlier generations. The truth of what I am saying is obvious to anyone who examines the rapid sexualization of global popular culture over just a 40 year time span. The vital importance of sodomy is obvious to even the casual observer of popular culture aimed at young adults.

        If you need any further proof that "The Real Way" – Sodomy – is at the heart of "Illuminati" belief and practice – please consider that the object Dakota Fanning holds above is not truly a "phallic object". Any student of deviant sexual practices will realize it is actually shaped exactly like a very large "b*ttplug" or sex 'toy' intended for self-sodomy.

        Yes it is difficult to accept – yes it is disgusting – but sadly this is 2012 and this is reality.

      • Wow I think you are probably right on this Dr S. We always find out the nuts and bolts of things as they are exposed, but only years later. As they evolve and progress, well I can see that the level of play at this point is like one wicked mind control via black magik, and jokes on us! Cause we are buying it….evidentally…..and literally$$

      • Dr. S, thank you. People have commented here and on other sites that all of the imagery in the media seems to be programming codes aimed at those who have already been Monarched/MK'ed, activation sequences for reasons of maintaining control through ongoing programming reinforcement. But no one that I have seen has made the connection that it's actually aimed at MK'ing ALL OF US remotely. Yomael, who was a commenter here, once said to me in a discussion about Babalon and the Qliphoth, the dark archetypes in kabbalah and Thelema, that they are not objectively 'real' but refer to processes messing around with the deepest levels of the unconscious and subconscious, like in "Inception." Ever since I have heard about it, this MK stuff has freaked me out, because it was suposedly developed by Dr. Mengele and imported here when the Nazi scientists were brought to Area 51 (which is documented, no less a personage than Albert Einstein spoke out against it in public). Symbols are the language of the unconscious, which is non-verbal.

        And speaking of kabbalah, I have not seen anyone mention Demi Moore's drug-induced 9-11 call. That was sad and disturbing.

      • Sorry, I lost a sentence in the first paragraph above –

        Showing symbolic images to people, especially energetically supercharged ones like these, implants them directly in the unconscious, bypassing the higher brain.

      • And I just thought of something – forcible sodomy is never about s*x, it's about control, like any kind of r**e. Like some people were saying on another page here, you can jam up someone's chakra energy from the base chakra, the an*l one. It's like plugging their energy flow at the source.

    • Yes! And I think it's also just as much about de-emphasizing true intimacy, true eroticism and true pleasure (none of which are bad or deserve to be prefixed by 'guilty') and steering society away from experiencing these natural things …… this means everyone feels 'starved' of these things ……. and then people look at the replacement twisted illuminati crap in adverts and music videos they figure that must be what it is they were craving.

      An analogy might be movies. First you dumb down movies and remove the genuine acting, deep plots, sophisticated dialogue, the all the subtly and layers of meaning etc … people feel starved of cinematic enjoyment ………. then you throw in bigger and better explosions and the CGI and monsters and violence and people assume that is what they were craving.

      None of these models exude true 'sex', true intimacy, true eroticism and true pleasure (femininity, allure, romance, passion, womanliness….. not even a beating heart!!! etc) not in the eyes or facial expression or even body language ….. looking at them we feel starved of these things ….. but instead they are covered in illuminati death-kink symbolism …… and so most people probably think that's what it is they are craving.

      Very clever.

      (but not clever enough of course!)

    • Very good point, also look up Crowley's rituals, he said sex magick is powerful, the whole point of it is that demons feed on the energies that come out of sex. Not only that but sex itself is a powerful thing and can really affect a person, r**e is known to destroy a person easily and leave them broken, hense why the handlers use that method. Not only that but by promoting the sexual agenda it not only sexualises the population but also causes people to become more rebelious and out of contro.

      The annoying thing about this is that the elite want to de-populate the world but by sexualising the people its gonna do the exact opposite. This itself shows their ignorance, and that is their weakness people! We are entering the days of Noah.

      Now I know everyone is sick of the crazy christians but seriously look at revelations and then look at the world. I mean the whole point of the new testament was for the millenia. Also I wanted to add, the illuminati card game, anyone notice these two cards, one being of the big ben being blown up and another more creepy.. the invasion of demons card. Not only that but anyone in the UK notice that for the first on New Years, there were fireworks coming out of big ben and in New York Gaga was dressed as an alien..?

      • We live in the casual sex culture. Everyone jst wants to have sex with whoever; orgies are the "in" thing. Many young women base their self worth on how many men they have sex with. Women have been brainwashed into thinking children are "parasites" and that real freedom equals sex.

        So to continue in the casual sex culture women must be willing to kill their own offspring; nurturing a child is veiwed as bondage yet being treated like a w***e is considered "freedom."

        Sexual liberation was not about women gaining freedom; it was about bondage and de-population. Think about it…

    • The deaths of Michael Hutchence and David Carradine were due to asfixiation in the middle of some weird sexual practice, very suspicious. Possibly sacrifice.

  81. Two things I noticed – re: the 'white Beyonce' photo, the round pillow behind her seems placed to suggest the pregnancy that would follow shortly, which suggests it was planned. And re: the Natalia Kills one, they should have been sued for using the 'Disney' font to spell 'Kills.' Very weird.

    • omg sooo true, good catch! i think all that "beyonce pregnant" crap was fake there is something going on and its crazy how more and more people are finding out about what goes on. But what we all need to do is take a stand and spread this we might not stop it but we can save souls.

      God is with us, he never lets us down.

    • They have Pamyu Pamyu standing right under that big foot painted on the wall so it looks like the foot is stepping on her head, as in, "We will squash you all like bugs." :-/

  82. How do people not see this? It's so blatantly obvious… the other day when I was at the mall, front and center there was a stand with children's clothes (like 5-9 year olds), and one shirt had a pyramid with the one eye (like on the dollar sign) and a bunch of other symbols on other shirts all by the same designer, these poor kids wearing these things don't even know what's going on. ๐Ÿ™

  83. helo everyone, i am a new comer here. just knew about the illuminati. very horible. i wish i were dreaming. i like all articles here. what if i translate this article into my language, indonesian on my blog? i think indonesian readership who cant speak english will know about this secret society and their wicked conspiracy and plan for the world . all people all over the world must wake up. we must spread this news. the illuminati is real. greetings from indonesia. btw i know this blog from my greek friend on facebook. i thanked her very much.

    • @ Raxon

      That's a great idea and I hope VC will say ok to that!

      Considering that Indonesia is in one of the plans for these evil people to kill most of the citizens due to huge population, our countrymen should be educated about this.

      God bless!

      P.S.: Better still, the articles in this website are translated into many other languages!

  84. Since everyone has at least heard of the conspiracies now guys like TMZ can come out and it use it as a joke. So while everyone is laughing at it not existing, it does before their very eyes because the media will continue to call it a joke.



    Keep 'em laughing.

  85. In the 2nd BlanQ piece there is an apple on the ground with a bite taken out of it. At least I think that's the case. Could be a possible allusion to innocence being subverted?

    • Or the Fall of Man. In Kabbalah, the tree with the serpent is associated with Da'ath, the 'broken' sephirot in the Tree of Life that is used for black magic.

  86. This year's gonna be very, very symbolism-filled if they can release nearly all of this in one month.

    It's getting worse. ๐Ÿ™

    • Well, Corey Feldman did say pedophila was hollywood's biggest dirty secret. When I saw that on the shelf in Target, I was shocked!

  87. I'm in South Africa and I have to say that I see these things everyday. I've stopped watching T.V and buying their stupid tabloid magazines. If you don't want to be part of this agenda then don't buy their crap, DON'T because they think money is power! I bet our president, Zuma is also part of it.. The way he's been saying negative thing about Christianity…

    God bless, Jesus is Lord!

    • Same thing here in Sweden. Everytime I travel by the bus, I see two or three "one eye" symbols. But two years earlier, there were no such things.

    • I'm also from South Africa. You know funny that you mentioned our President. If you listen carefully to his speeches, the State of the Nation Address, he always makes reference to a New World Order. When I had it I was lke f*#k, am I the only one hearing this.

    • oh yes annointed; zuma is one of them….walmart, starbukcs in RSA… i hate that fool, south african celebs are mindless idiots…makes me wonder about the parlotones lead singer, the freaky eye make-up!

  88. I saw that on of Beth Ditto on a magazine, it freaked me out so much…

    Those models really need to snap back to reality, oh wait they can't ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hehe… Probably the same magazine. I sent that one in from a magazine website.. I can't remember exactly which one (I go on practically all of them) but I think it might have been the Daily Mail (does that sound right?)

  89. Wow this stuff is all over now, seems everywhere you look these days there is illuminati symbolism. we really are living in interesting times.

  90. The model in the formal red dress is the most disturbing. Terms like appropriate and normal are being redefined at an increasing pace. In my 56 years, the culture has degenerated at a disturbing speed. It was much tougher bringing up children than it was for my Mother. Now it is even worse for the grandchildren.

    • You know, it's funny, but you can use Madonna's career and what she inspired in entertainers who followed as a yardstick for the increasing debauchery in pop media. I am Gen X, and she came out when I was in high school. I thought she was great, a breath of fresh air regarding female s*xuality. She started as kind of innocent in a weird way, more like a child with unconscious natural sensuality. I still liked her until the Erotic album came out, when she made a turn into something much less innocent and more deviant, and put out the S*x book. And now as an adult, I look back and see things about Express Yourself and other stuff from around that era that I was too young to understand then, but now think is just really sick and narcissistic, increasingly so over time. The transition to deviance was more gradual than I had realized. She opened the floodgates, and at this point she seems like a jaded prostitute who has seen it all. And the younger girls who have followed her have gotten progressively worse, until we have Rihanna singing 'whips and chains excite me' for middle schoolers to sing along with. And they don't know it's sick, it's the water they have learned to swim in. It's like the old adage, if you put a frog in boiling water it will jump out, but if you put it in cool water and gradually turn up the heat, it will sit and boil to death. Our culture has had the heat turned up for decades and we are finally starting to boil over. I don't know if it is even possible to reverse the damage at this point. Madonna is not the only factor, but I do think she was the prime mover and her career is the blueprint for the loss of innocence.

      • not that i'm being on the side of them but madonna also contributed to the increased sexual and general freedom of women in society. i do think her erotica period was disgusting and horrible but i do have to admit she often took a firm stance against censorship. btw one of her videos from like 1983 is called burning up and it seems like its full of symbolism..and it was so long ago.

      • And pick me up off the floor….looks like she will be rockin Super Bowl

        Though I do watch in moderation………..

        Idol Worship:

      • "…loss of innocence."

        funny, this reminded me of a song of hers, entitled "Goodbye To Innocence".

    • To "Downhere": hmmm, so far I'm seeing lots of red, black and white, creepy masks, umbrellas, puddles of gold piss(?), beta leopard-print brassiere, Marilyn programming,

      and a backdrop that looks like the old stand-up comedy thing "Evening At The Improv"…

      • good good, i noticed all those things too. I also noticed her climbing the pyramid of football players and going through the window into where she gets carried away into the Marilyn monroe programming. I also don't understand why all the football players in the vid have the number "36". three – 6's?

  91. Wow! As each month passes the symbolism is becoming more and more obvious, I pity the innocent people they are using as nothing but chess pieces in forwarding their agenda. Particularly people like Demi Lovato from whom I get the impression that she doesn't want to be a part of this sick business anymore. We MUST stay aware of the sick imagery and what it represents rather than passing it off as 'art'.

    • Guys, I know this is kinda off topic but in the simpsons movie when they were on the train running away Bart puts on a black bra on his head like Mickey mouse ears and says "I'm the mascot of an evil corporation", don't know why simpsons would say that because I thought they were part of the illuminati.

      • Disinfo – redirects attention from the truth by creating a diversion – "look at that evil company, not this one." Like how Hollywood used the Roswell incident in a humorous way in Men In Black. Happens all the time.

      • The simpsons movie has the recurring theme of big brother throughout the whole movie, but thats not where it started with them – remember the 9/11 on the mag that bart and lisa are talking about; most obvious exapmle..

    • I agree. Whatever happened to ladies (and men) dressing stylishly and well? I thought that the whole point of fashion (for those who choose to participate) was to put together attractive, flattering items, in a creative way, which expresses Your Own Individuality and Personality; not to look like (be) a soul-less, abused, and manipulated robot/zombie.

      • Apparently looking like a trashy whoremonger is in; while looking modest and beautiful/handsome is considered "old-fashioned." Femeales think they need to leave nothing to the imagination just so they can get a guy.

    • Is BET now taking a stand? The press release just states they will not be showing it. I remember when Madonna's "Erotica" was banned and the press release gave 3 reasons why it was banned.

      Will MTV (whichever channel shows music lol) will follow suit? I doubt it. But if this is the trend BET is going, I will turn them on for a half hour a day to show some support.

      By the way, anyone see Rihanna's tweet from last night? "FU Satan" I will wonder if the JZ empire was trying to put pressure on her new management?

      Oh and RIP Don Cornelius!!

      • Hmmm.."Erotica" where Madonna sings, "I'd like to put you in a trance"?

        BTW, have y'all seen the pic of her handler, Liz Rosenberg, in a "Monarch" headband? Too freaking obvious; she's not merely letting herself be photographed – she's posing. If she's not a handler, why would Attention Freak allow her to steal the show like that?

    • @ kiki ,

      I soooooo agree I am fed up with nicki minaj although most of the time shes "roman"

      which is so crazy and sad and disgusting that she lets this demon posses her and in reply to your comment we are actually going to see more of "roman" like she said this year when she drops that album its going to be full of demonic sh!!!T straight up , and I am going to be very annoyed , I think she gave up so easily , sad.

      • I would like to comment on "Observer" regarding Madonna's "Erotica"….. just before the end of the track, she uses a Christian Hymn which keeps repeating several times in the background saying….Today Jesus is hung on the cross. It's originally for a Lebanese famous female artist named "Feirouz". But what i meant to say is why in the world does Madonna have to insert religious or even mention the name of Christ in her trash meaningless impolite-titled song?

    • I don't trust BET, I think their goal was to create controversy and get people to look it up online to see what the fuss is about. I listened to one of her songs when she first came out, and it felt like my soul was being shat on, and this was before I learned the truth about music industry.

  92. Geez, how annoying. Even if they're not really Illuminati puppets or whatever, the fact that they're exploiting potential conspiracy theories to sell crap is just lame. Somebody get a REAL marketing degree with some REAL talent and sell stuff already!

    That said, how crazy if it's all very real, and very true…

    • I would also like to think they're just mind bucking us all but the "conspiracy theory" is real. There are just too many symbols and patterns throughout the decades for it to be a joke. If the pyramid, eye symbols checkered floor etc were a recent phenomenon I would say yeah they're making fun of a conspiracy theory but these symbols have been pretty much a staple in the music and movie industry for literally decades. I've never read the book but I would say the Illuminatus Trilogy in 1976 is the earliest ref to the Illuminati conspiracy theory that I have come across. But many of Pink Floyd album covers has the pyramid along with many other 60s pop stars. Cher also had the egyptian thing going. I was watching Ghostbusters the other day and was shocked to see a pyramid in a scene about ghosts demons and a gateway to another dimension. Even Madonna has a jacket with the All Seeing Eye in one of her videos but was also in a movie where that jacket is a major focal point of the movie. Both movies and the video were done in the 80s. The Liberty Mutual logo is the All Seeing Eye. So we may never know what it all really means but its on the dollar bill for a reason.

      • they're going along with it. it used to never make sense to me why these parents let their underage star children become so sexualized. whether they're modeling it, singing it, acting it, etc. now i know. but i guess it's safe to say…said parents are in on it. so sad.

    • I feel very sorry for these children, too.

      That photo with Dakota holding the big phallic perfume bottle between her legs gives a whole new meaning to 'deflowered.'

      • There were some really messed up pictures in here but I am happy to see that many saw the MJ one as the most disturbing.

        That was a really good batch of pictures VC. I wonder what warren and Jay-Z do at the After-After party? That was pretty good evidence for me that Jay-Z really is mingling amongst some bigger players.

        Lady Gaga was doing her job as usual.

        The hands coming out of the wall with the models?

        I wonder what some of the older people who still read magazines like Vogue think of all this? Or am I just naive and want to think Vogue hasn't always been this blatantly gross.

        It is like every new young star in the media world has a competition to push the boundary that much further in how they can submit to TPTB. Prove they know, and want in, or are friendly to what they do. Not just entertainers, but anyone who sets the pictures/movies.

        I once read a post on here of someone saying, "If media is supposed to be creative (stressing on the fashion world) then how come every photographer has their pictures being of only one eye showing?"

      • The " deflower " thing is what jumped out at me,too. Also the name of the purfume, Oh Lola!. Lola/Lolita. The fashion industry is beyond disgusting. The only thing worse is peoples' obliviousness despite the fact that they aren't even trying to hide anything anymore.

    • I don't feel at all… if I go to university I already know that if I apply myself correctly at the end of the course I'll be formed. If I go into illuminat's stuff I know what I'm doing and what to achieve. So, don't worry about it, they don't care about your feelings, they just want to be rich and famous…

  93. Thanks, VC. The more things change, the more things remain the same. It is so pervasive. What can I do? How can I escape? Oh, yeah, don't buy any magazines! I can create and consume less. I can enjoy what I do have and reject the programming on a daily basis. Above all, I can pray and remember there is a God. I am not completely powerless. God wins, they lose:-)

    • Thanks, buddy. Yeah, it's old school stuff. I didn't invent it– my father used to say it all the time. Create and study. Read and learn. The tech world makes it harder in some ways. In some ways, it is not… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Just wish we could do more, but yeah, this is a start.

      Keeping your values is also very important. At the end of the day, this is what they hate and want destroyed : human values.

      If you end up losing all your values (not talking about God in here), the elite wins.

      Those sick bastards won't get their way as I am crying in front of my computer…human spirit is too strong.

    • to everyone their own… but this "Thrive" looks to me like the second phase of the Hegelian dialectic (thesis, antithesis, synthesis), especially with its emphasis on UFOs. in other words, NOT in our best interests. they need to expose the horrible dark side so that those who oppose it can stand up and identify themselves, so that a) the self-identified opposition can be eliminated and/or b) they can be fooled into accepting the synthesis solution provided by the elite themselves, ie. the NWO.

    • @ Simone

      I do not recall EVER REFERRING to ANY Bible texts (or INTERPRETING them)

      I did make a reference to FORREST GUMP.

      (If you see him as a spiritual teacher like I do, then I applaud you)

      (I remember vividly my mother telling me A TRUE CHRISTIAN WILL NEVER


      I was raised in Christian schools in both Europe and The USA, and have

      gotten to see my faith through many different perspectives.

      (The Bible has been, interpreted, misinterpreted and outright ABUSED.)

      I had a wonderful childhood, until I moved to the U.S.A at 10 year old

      and got to experience "American Religious Fanaticism" for myself.

      I went to a christian school in Southern California, (where they taught us

      about Drugs, (D.A.R.E) GANGS, THE FEAR OF GOD, (anyone who hasn't accepted

      Jesus Christ as their personal lord & savior is damned to hell etc.) I had to memorize

      Bible verses, I remember coming home in tears, asking friends why they weren't saved. Giving bibles to my mormon neighbors, which resulted in me, a 10 year old boy being

      EMOTIONALLY & SPIRITUALLY TRAUMATIZED for the first time in my life.

      I realized later that I had been BRAINWASHED at that school, (in under 6 months)

      and decided that a 10 year old has very few spiritual answers in this world, and

      here I am still learning, listening & processing our reality.

      As I said before everyone is on a unique journey, a "MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY"

      approach to religious salvation (and life) sounds like closed & narrow-minded thinking.

      Religion is a powerful tool, there are those that use it for good, and for evil, just like

      everything else. After I saw how it was used for guilt & fear, I decided that I would

      never walk down that same road. But to each his own.

      I hope my statement clears up the confusion, because I don't come on here

      to have RELIGIOUS WARS with total strangers. Life is too short for that.

      Peace, Love, & Enlightenment

    • As much as I love and enjoy reading this website, the most aggravating thing is that when i see user's comments 90% of them are preaching god and the bible. Vigilant Citizen is not about a religion. I'm an atheist and find much interests in all these articles. Quit making this a church choir dinner speech.

      • @Lee, Ur going to Hell, Jesus wont accept you if u dont accept him….. lol just playing dude

        @Everyone in the world, Its that exact mentality that got in this mess here in the first place. Churches do not want us to think outside the bun or for ourselves, but while u guys are praying and hoping at home talking to urselves, these rich suits are taking over and were are unawarringly helping. Cause thats what they taught you to do is pray when things go wrong. "Lets border their minds with this amazing brainwash tool called the bible" they said. Thats the best way to police people without physically enforcing laws. U kill you go to hell is wat they say, but quite frankly, bills, cops, work, guns, drugs, war, gas….this poverty I live in is already hell.

        Listen im not saying dont have faith, just saying if u want something done, do it yourself. I am a martyr but for a different purpose, I will bring this thing down and Expose it. This Plot to control, this global dominance, this evil thats going on behind the curtains. I just wanna uprise my people, I want TRUE freedom Cause what we have now isnt freedom, just the apperance of it. We all want peace which is impossible to achieve, and il tell u why:

        people as a whole=strong but stupid, gullable, and full of panic.

        One man alone is weak, but able to think without others direct influences.

        But if You give people 100% freedom and there will be riots, fights, shootings, ect. Because most people are still primitave for some reason (Media) and Its human nature to war with eachother.

        Theres no inbetween I feel like. I dont mind some laws, police come in handy at times, but making us slaves for a bulljive made up currensy is just wrong. We should all drive mercedes and own houses and be Billionairs, theres plenty to go around for the well being of man. But then what happens to labeled society, lower class and middle class citizens are the slaves. This is what its all about.. this is why we are on Vigilant Citizen. Cause we know somethings not right in our world.

        So religion ….made to control and police our minds. Think about it, whos team are u really on?? Wasnt illuminati made because the vatican refused to believe the sun was the center of the universe and simular topics of the sort??? Freethinking was not an option back then, what sort of mentallity is that, if I think different from your religion u kill me?? So supposibly secret society groups were formed to admire their unique/unheard-of beliefs.

        Im not hyping anyone in this argument, illuminati is scum for all I know, but in all reality its word of mouth that they even exist. noone knows and I would be supprised if they still function without greed and corruption taking its toll on their own power hungry already corrupted members. For all we know the church made illuminati groups the scapegoats and the common enemy of the public because they dont like people making up their own minds. Symbolism never died its always been… Everyone knows illuminati was all about secret meanings and messages, The question is, who are they hiding from if they supposibly "own the world" ??

        What im really asking is, whos the real enemy?? Whos forcing me live in poverty?? Whos turning all our young boys into gangbanger/skaters??? Whos turning our little girls into slutty club w****s??? Whos making us fight wars blindly?? Who is responsible, cause Thats the true Enemy!

        I see whats really going on with my own two eyes, I dont need shining delta, nor do I belong to them.

        See I am just a musician from the Bronx, NY trying to spread truth and awareness to our people so we can live better lives as a whole, but go figure people rather listen to the mind numming gucci mane drone music that is programing us daily.

        Please gimme a listen, Underground is the only pure music left, and thats changing more and more everyday with the new genaration's "rolemodels". Help me change this negative/Criminal/Drone influence in music. I need people to think for themselves. I will die trying to change this world, I have made it my fate.

        Take 3 min out of your life and listen to any song from my archive. Many different genres so noone is left out,.all produced and written and made by me for you.

        "If you cant beat em… train until you can."

      • @itdosentmatter

        Hi ๐Ÿ™‚

        Just wanted to point out a couple of things. For one thing, I don't understand how God could have a son. Why would someone with no human needs have a son? Also, the Bible is definitely one of the Revealed Books but people have infiltrated it, and their is probably no original copy anywhere. People pick and choose. The Quran is the authentic thing. It comes with the guarantee that not one word will be added, removed and changed. Please do look into it ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thank you, I really thought I was the only atheist here. These symbols are disturbing and it's true they are everywhere. If you think about it the church is just like the Illuminati, controlling people through brainwashing, of course it's on different levels but brainwashing is brainwashing.

      • Absolutely, it does seem bizarre that 90% of people on here seem to think that the position to fight back is on their knees! That's why christianity was invented, to keep us on our knees.

      • My friend you are never truly atheist if u were u wouldn't celebrate All MOST ANY HOLIDAY cause they have relgious symbolism. I think they should change what that word means to–Not believing in What god or gods are but symbolism is okay– even Things that are bad are thought as gods like death and even satan.Instead use the word agnostic unless u have denied ur self from the world.

    • It's really a nice thing to know some facts as for us to avoid these people and products.

      We all know that Jesus is coming so soon that the enemy is busy deceiving souls. Let us continue having faith with our only Savior.

      Thanks VC!!!


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