Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/14


In this edition of SPOTM: Taylor Momsen, Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Spacey, Miley Cyrus and a bunch of sarcastic remarks from yours truly.

One of Lady Gaga's favorite fashion designers, Iris van Herpen, launched her Fall 2014 fashion show in Paris. Called "Biopiracy", the show featured vacuumed packed models hanging next to the runway. While this display is said to "raise questions" about the patenting of genetics, what it mostly accomplishes is dehumanizing the models and comparing them to pieces of meat.

One of Lady Gaga’s favorite fashion designers, Iris van Herpen, launched her Fall 2014 fashion show in Paris. Called “Biopiracy”, the show featured vacuumed packed models hanging next to the runway. While this display is said to “raise questions” about the patenting of genetics, what it mostly accomplishes is dehumanizing the models and comparing them to pieces of meat.


A model walks by as air is slowly being sucked out of the bag next to her. Just another way of adding a disturbing, dehumanizing touch to the fashion world.

A model walks by as air is slowly being sucked out of the bag next to her. Just another way of adding a disturbing, dehumanizing touch to the fashion world.


The fashion world is also all about secret societies. He's a design by Mary Katratntzou featuring unmistakeably Masonic imagery.

The fashion world is also all about secret societies. Here’s a design by Mary Katratntzou featuring unmistakeably Masonic imagery.


Here's Taylor Momsen sucking on Baphomet's horn. Yup. That's basically what you need to do to get media from the music industry.

Here’s Taylor Momsen (formally from the show Gossip Girl) sucking on Baphomet’s horn. Yup. That’s basically what you need to do to get media attention from the music industry.


Here she is laying inside a "magic circle" dressed in white as if about to be offered in sacrifice or something. Yup. That's basically what you need to do to be in the music business.

Here she is lying inside a “magic circle”, dressed in white as if about to be offered in sacrifice or something. Yup. That’s basically what you need to do to be in the music business.


Her album cover features a cross pointing towards her buttocks, going along with the anti-religion agenda in mass media. Yup. That's what you need to do to be an Illuminati puppet.

Her album cover features a cross pointing towards her buttocks, going along with the anti-religion agenda in mass media. Yup. That’s what you need to do to be an Illuminati puppet.


Speaking of Illuminati puppets, here's Miley Cyrus posing for Vogue Germany. As stated in previous articles, ALL industry sex kittens must pose as Marilyn Monroe at one point or another of their career. It was apparently Miley's turn.

Speaking of Illuminati puppets, here’s Miley Cyrus posing for Vogue Germany. As stated in previous articles, ALL industry Beta kittens must pose as Marilyn Monroe at one point or another of their career. It was apparently Miley’s turn.


Posing as Marilyn is not "fun" or "original" anymore (ALL industry kitten did it). It is an obligatory rite in the MK industry's sick obsessions (for more info read the article The Hidden Life of Marilyn Monroe, the Original Hollywood Mind Control Slave).

Posing as Marilyn is not “fun” or “original” anymore. It is an obligatory rite of passage in the MK industry’s weird world (for more info read the article The Hidden Life of Marilyn Monroe, the Original Hollywood Mind Control Slave).


Posing as Marilyn with one eye hidden? That's 100% Beta Kitten stuff.

Posing as Marilyn with one eye hidden? That’s 100% Beta Kitten stuff.


Miley posted on Instagram her new tattoo: A crying kitty inside her lip. How fitting.

Miley posted on Instagram her new tattoo: A crying kitty inside her lip. How fitting.


Here's Kevin Spacey promoting the second season of House of Cards. Yes, he is hiding on eye. Well, maybe its just a coincidence. He's just indicating the number two with his fingers and one of them accidentally hid his eye. And then the photographers chose that pic to be displayed everywhere. Its just a coincidence.

Here’s Kevin Spacey promoting the second season of House of Cards. Yes, he is hiding on eye. Well, maybe its just a coincidence. He’s just indicating the number two with his fingers and one of them accidentally hid his eye. And then the photographers chose that pic to be displayed everywhere. It is just a coincidence.


Not a coincidence.

Not a coincidence.


Here's Glee's Alex Newell on the cover of Xex mag doing an One-Eye thing. Well, maybe it's coincidence.

Here’s Glee’s Alex Newell on the cover of Xex mag doing an One-Eye thing. Well, maybe it’s coincidence.


Not a coincidence. You've got the a clear one-eye sign + fake lips indicating that the industry has him silenced.

Not a coincidence. I mean, you’ve got the a clear one-eye sign + fake lips indicating that he is controlled by the industry.


Here's Ashton Kutcher wearing a Masonic hat. That is all.

Here’s Ashton Kutcher wearing a Masonic hat. That is all.


Despite the numerous harassment allegations against Terry Richardson, model Charlotte Free defended him stating: "There’s plenty of other girls waiting in line, so he’s not forcing you to do sh*t. When you make a choice you have to live with it — unless someone got you f*cked up against your will." She then stated: "I don’t even believe the accusations against terry…. And if they are true, I still stand by what I said." Even if the allegations are true? Huh?

Despite the numerous harassment allegations against Terry Richardson, model Charlotte Free defended him stating: “There’s plenty of other girls waiting in line, so he’s not forcing you to do sh*t. When you make a choice you have to live with it — unless someone got you f*cked up against your will.” She then stated: “I don’t even believe the accusations against terry…. And if they are true, I still stand by what I said.” Even if the allegations are true? Huh?


What she's saying is probably not surprinsing since she's all about the occult elite's symbolism. Here she is doing the One-Eye sign in Flare magazine.

What she’s saying is probably not surprising since she’s all about the occult elite’s symbolism. Here she is doing the One-Eye sign in Flare magazine.


One-Eye again.

One-Eye again.


Monarch programming extravaganza.

Monarch programming extravaganza.


Veronica Mars is a popular TV series (and now a movie) about a teenage private investigator. Her logo is a symbol you'll probably recognize. You can also get this awesomeness on a coffee mug!

Veronica Mars is a popular TV series (and now a movie) about a young female private investigator. Her logo is a symbol you’ll probably recognize. You can also get this awesomeness on a coffee mug!


This poster promoting the British Academy Film Awards is quite symbolic. The light comes from "above" (which can represent the elite), goes through one eye (representing the industry) and ends up on a tiny little person. Who does the tiny little person represent? You.

This poster promoting the British Academy Film Awards is quite symbolic. The light comes from “above” (which can represent the elite), goes through one eye (representing the industry) and ends up on a tiny little person. Who is this tiny person? You. Completely in awe towards this light…Unless you’re a vigilant citizen.



  1. Funny how people like Alex Newell pose for these 'One-eyed' pictures… they look absolutely ridiculous but they don't even care. This world is crazy.

    • I hate Hollywood. I hate the modeling business. I hate the music industry. They all take something that could be beautiful and turn it into shit. Men control this industry. Go figure. Fuck them all. This woman is a slave to no one-especially to the evil, one eyed patriarchy bullshit.

      • You do realize the fashion industry is dominated by homosexual men? Hetero men would not try to make women look like prepubescent boys.
        But it's not all men to blame, it's an organization of satanists and they don't only target women. They hate men, women and children equally.

      • @ Jennie

        Man-hating idiot. No real man would ever be attracted to crap like that. Like Ange just said, it's the sick queers who push this stuff.

    • Afraid I'm the only one who sees the creativity in this…
      It looks more like a baby in the womb to me. They also moved ballerina like in it.
      Of course, I wouldn't want to be the model inside the vacuum, it is something you shouldn't come up with because it still is dehumanizing, but I think the outcome is stunning and very creative.

      • How? I don't see that at all (and I've recently had a 4D scan of mine) and she was surrounded by plenty of fluid?

      • Yes, it is why I bothered to wake up really! (being asleep was fun too in some ways, or at least it was for me).

      • I'm actually an abstract artist and writer, I see creativity in most if not, everything. However this installment felt suffocating, frightening and thinking about the models discomfort I just don't like it.

    • They are not original. The street artist Desire Obtain Cherish (DOC) released a large sculpture piece with two shrink wrapped "model" dummies on designer labels in 2013. Again, people with no talent ripping off the talented who are actually trying to make an eye opening statement with their work.

  2. "Not a coincidence" Loved it! haha

    I noticed the Veronica Mars thing, which is not new, they have had that logo since the show first started, and also the name MARS is kind of a strange choice (they live in Neptune.. etc) but I really like it and I don't want that to be another piece of illuminati shit :(

    • Lots of focus on the planet Mars in their articles. I think Mars is hot right now as well. Jared Leto's band, Bruno etc etc. Who knows?

    • That's exactly what they want.
      1) You start liking the show
      2) You feel like you have to watch it (almost) everyday
      3) they start putting some illuminati stuff in it… which reason? Don't know exactly…
      But keep looking for an answer and getting ready for something bigger
      God Bless!

    • i also really loved that show, but i did have noticed some symbolism going around there, not that often but also not that hidden as well. i specifically remember one scene where veronica was searching sth in the school computer lab/room, that the camera was zooming at a photo of the Egyptian pyramids which was been processed in a painting doc and someone had put an eye on top of that, making it look exactly like the Illuminati symbol. That was slowly showed for about 3-4 seconds. And i also recall the pyramid symbol flashing in about 4-5 scenes throughout this show. And the show had nothing to do with that actually, no subliminal meanings or anything, but maybe some facts -like the names or the symbols used- were deliberately put there and not coincidentally. But when people don't know or actually don't WANT to know, they don't pay attention to this obvious hints.

    • People around me still believe this is some sort of "all-in stuff" needed to be well-known in music industry… Just harmless symbols, like trends and fashion easily noticed by young people. I swear, I don't know how to help them open their minds. "Come on", they say, "pyramids and one-eye signs don't do anything, it doesn't dumb down society… It's just cool stuff !"

      Yeah, cool. Just give me one definition of this overused word, to make things clear. Nothing is cool by itself, unless you've been brainwashed to believe so.

      • Fewer and fewer will accept that something is amiss. It is the nature of the beast. What you have the right to proclaim as your viewpoint today will be grounds enough for state punishment in twenty years time. They have shifted the vocabulary and augmented it with agenda specific terminology. They control you at work and keep you fully distracted in their self-serving way in your leisure time. 1984.

    • I think people just don't notice because these symbols have no effect on their lives. At least thats what I believe…

  3. House of cards symbolism? Funny how I was talking to my girlfriend about how big netflix was getting and wondering when we'd start seeing stuff like that

  4. That last picture is sooooo deep… And the message in it is easy to miss, if not for the likes of you :) Thanks VC

  5. Wow just wow, this stuff just keeps going and getting more blatant each year. And you still have people calling it a conspiracy or saying that it doesn't exist at all when it's right here in their faces not hidden at all. SMH!

  6. I don't trust in the entertainment industry anymore. unless it's something less known, and whit not symbols at all.
    I found symbols even in the simplest online games.
    Is there in this world a safe place to put your foot?

      • but you can be saved, pray to Jesus Christ, ask him to come into your heart, or to show himself to you, he will.
        he loves you, and will save us from the worse things to come.

      • thank you very much, I will always pray for the end of the Illuminati madness and things like that . God protects us from these things.

      • If sites like this one continue to inform and educate, We in turn do our best to educate and inform the people that are willing to learn and listen and repeat. We can make the change. Don't expect instant results. As this plan by these people have been in place for hundreds of years. I do truly believe we can make a change.

      • you are so right bro ¡¡¡
        I invite everyone not to buy the products of the Illuminati, and not follow those horrendous celebrities.

      • At least drama, showbiz’s forerunner, can have the use of exposing truths that would be hard to swallow explicitly. Then again, drama is used to get us to swallow falsehoods, violence and immorality, all, supposedly, in the name of entertainment.

    • It's all the same – music, fashion, acting and in a supporting role capacity, PR, marketing, advertising. That is why you see so many crossovers. One agenda and a million different ways of imposing it upon the sheeple. If you look at business ownership too you see the same unlikely parent companies heading fashion plus food or film plus science.

  7. Yesss VC…….The vacuum packed models with the pipes is a reference to cloning, which can be seen in many films, music videos, photo shoots etc. I see its finding its way on the runway as a focal point for fashion designers. There is also a photo of Taylor Momsen wearing a t shirt with guess whos face on it?…..Aleister Crowley!…….The arrow cross pointing down to her, erm….Yeah….exactly. The Alex Newell images symbolise duality and androgyny/masculine and feminine principle and the rest of the pics…… yeah we know the drill (same ole same ole man)

    Thanx VC man. Peace out.

    • taste-the-galaxy on

      I cannot endorse this comment more strongly. Cloning exists, people. Just because they haven't announced it doesn't mean its not taking place.

  8. Did anyone else notice the tattoo of an eye on Miley's fore finger on her right hand? Coincidence? I think not!

    • YES! The EYE on Miley's Cyrus finger…..I noticed it as well! Not shocking how she is now the top earner for her age group….

  9. Curious Wanderer on

    If any of these people do any of these things that you guys claim they do, what are you people here going to do about ? What if these people publicly stated today that they do these things ? What would any of you do ?

    • by our self's we cant do much. but if people came together again like they used to then in numbers we can make a change! =)

      • Curious Wanderer on

        I wonder why you were the only person to respond ? Anyway, well, individually there is much you can do if you believe these people are doing these things. Of course you can find out where these people are and have a thorough "talk" with them, but many other options are available. Are you apart of group of like-minded individuals, and if not, then, why don't you form one ? There are obviously other people here that share your views ?

        And you did not answer my question about what you would do if these people publicly admitted to doing the things you guys claim they do.

      • There's really not much you can do, you can make them aware of why it's wrong, but if they know, or they think they're gaining something by doing wrong, how can you really make them stop? I don't doubt that there's other methods to making them stop, but it wouldn't be easy, since they control "everything". That is not to say that there aren't people trying to stop them and/or expose them, but people who try run the risk of inexplicably disappearing forever. The elite are very powerful and dangerous people to go up against. Plus it's been bibicaly foretold that all these things would happen.

      • Curious Wanderer on

        Are you apart of a group that believes similar things, and if not why don't you just make one if you believe these people are doing these things ?

      • This site is a group of people believing this… and there's nothing you can do about them. The most powerful thing you can possibly do is become enlightened in your own way, by living in love and knowing what symbols to look for and how to avoid them.

      • There are people that have stood up against these people, JFK, James Hatfield, Clifford Baxter, DC Madame just to name a few. And you know what all these people have in common? They're all DEAD! Please educate yourself on what people on this site already know. We like to come here and talk mostly about the media and how "they" yes "they" have progressively pushed their sick in-humane agenda on the public. But there is so much more to know other than the media and music videos, the spectrum is way bigger than you could imagine.There are so many more avenues to educate yourself other than youtube and this website. Try reading a book about American history that wasn't given to you by some masonic history teacher from your high school. And for the record, we ARE doing something about it by not supporting their business and telling others what we learn. It's a bunch OF civilians with rocks going against a tank. Yet we still must fight!!!!!

      • as candie says and furthermore, the scenario of civilians with rocks going against tanks is a very real one which has been happening in many countries on a daily basis for years. Those people have nothing but unshakeable faith in God which means they possess a fulfillment unavailable to most of us. The Anglo-US world is only important because of it's masonic status and successes. Spiritually, the theater has and will happen elsewhere .. in the Middle East, the Eurasian cradle and other countries. Take a plane out to some of these places and see for yourself why all of this content is significant. Before you ask, yes I did just that and it altered the course of my life, my faith, my direction forever.

        You talk about having the conversation with those people but there are posters on here who come from illuminati/freemasonary/satanism so those conversations will have already taken place.

    • (Narrated by Muslim, 49) The prophet Muhammad said:
      “Whoever among you sees an evil action, let him change it with his hand [by taking action]; if he cannot, then with his tongue [by speaking out]; and if he cannot, then with his heart [by hating it and feeling that it is wrong] – and that is the weakest of faith”

    • Jahprovidethebread on

      I most probably wouldn't do anything much… No angry letter will be penned nor scathing email sent. If anything, I'd just pray the more. And cry a little bit.

    • We can all participate through our consciousness. True faith will teach that it is the power of our intention (it's strength and purity) that can create synergy and power forward the minority against the majority. It is seen on every battlefront. Align your intentions with the good cause and share in the grief as well as the successes of the oppressed and forgotten who put their lives on the line in countries Fox wont even report from.

      • True faith in what?

        Intention without action has no power and despite that intention and lofty ideals, a minority will never overthrow the majority, not in this situation.

      • Faith in the God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed and the absolute certainty that He will overthrow the architects of evil but only when we reach the hour.

      • There are miracles happening regularly in the area where CNN and the BBc will rarely update us on as a matter of policy.
        The Daily Mail (aka Daily fail or Daily Hate) rarely gives more than half a page per week to these sorts of matters.
        During the 2006 Lebanon war, many independent sources saw missiles railing down from the skies pushing back the zionists out of Lebanon. The zionists had sword wounds which could only have been inflicted by weapons many centuries old. Yet, no such weapons had been brought to the front line. They were forced to concede defeat. The miracles are there if only one is prepared to open their eyes and their soul to take them in.

    • Maybe we should ask you the same question. Do you have any suggestions? We will vote you our new leader if you have viable solutions!

    • There is not much you can do , the only thing that you can do is make people aware. Unfortunately, where there is good, there is always going to be evil. The devil is always going to find ways of opposing God, whether through music, media or through someone of powerful authority. So the more people that are informed the better it is that our generation, and future generations to come, aren't blindfolded to the evils of this world. However, this may seem ridiculous to you, but dont turn a blind eye on this; its important not to dwell on this stuff either but focus your eyes on God, for hell is real but heaven is REAL too. Greater is he that's in (you) than he that is of the world.

  10. And people still think that the Illuminati still doesn't exist or disbanded back in 1700's!!! this site should be enough evidence to know that Adam Weishaupts Order of Illuminati is still kicking today!!!!!! That's it i'm going to start making more awareness and posters to put up in my town! every year its getting worse and worse!!!! we need more people like who run this site to spread awareness!!

    • my dear bro, I wish to do that everydays in my town, have tried once and guess what? people are so silly they laugh at everything that they think that isn't true instead research it with deep knowledge.

      We have to keep on spread it and ask God's presence to solve this situation. I'm so sick and tired of this cold world that all my prayers goes to my family, friends and the rest of the wolrd, but it's as someone once said: " …the salvation is individual…"

    • Wow! Making posters is brilliant!!! Yeah some will look at them and laugh but it will always make people start to think!!! We could start something with that idea!

    • I think people give way more power to these 'elite' than they truly have. Yes I understand there could be secret societies but I find it impossible to believe such societies have that much power and control over the world. It doesn't make sense to me.

  11. wtutknabtwilis on

    Mick Jagger's long-term girlfriend L'Wren Scott found dead of suicide today. She was a Mormon and a member of fashion elite. She also designed clothing for Eyes Wide Shut and for other films and celebrities.

    • Apparent suicide, no suicide note, NO FOUL PLAY SUSPECTED. She had so much going for her (media's words). Again, just like all other "suicides" coming out of Hollywood (plus those bankers). Isn't March a major month for blood sacrifices? This is how "they" communicate.

      • I read they found her hanging from a door knob!! How does a person who's 6'3" hang herself on a three-foot door knob?

      • I thought she was 6 foot four. Yesterday it was claimed that she was spectacularly successful. Today, its being claimed that she was worried about huge debts which apparently, Mick never knew about. Given his status in the occult world, I would say that those debts were not monetary. She had become a liability needy and self-harming and Mick never hangs around a car crash, just waves it through and takes a jet plane to the other side of the world while it unfolds.

      • they said 6m in debt, but that's no reason to suicide, those wealthy all know money is an illusion anyway!

  12. The younger ones, Miley, Ashton, etc, I'm not surprised because they were manipulated early but the older ones like Kevin Spacey, I'm surprised because they should know what's going on. And unless their careers aren't going well or they feel they need to boost their careers, they should be ashamed to help push this crap on the world.

    Eventually what you do in the Dark, comes to the Light . . .

    • Yeah, I am surprised about Kevin Spacey too… I thought he was one of the good ones, he does House of Cards, which is very 'truth-telling' although I heard that that franchise wants millions more in tax credits to keep filming in New Jersey… saw the story once when I happened to be watching Fox News…. one of the rare times… it was just on so saw it… they are so hateful towards ones like him, talkin' 'bout 'them Hollywood liberals' but when it comes to their side, they will get as much tax breaks as they can… tax havens, etc.. look at Mitt Romney, one of 'their's' but besides all that, besides any liberal or conservative sides, I hope this doesn't mean Kevin Spacey is one of 'them.' The other 'them.'

      • There is absolutely nothing wrong with tax credits. What is WRONG, is that EVERYONE isn't exempt from paying for our own enslavement. I applaud tax credits, it means that less is going towards evil. I do not applaud that "the little guy" isn't also "exempt".

    • Kevin Spacey is always on the left of the political aisle and perhaps he's doing the hand signs to maintain his hipster appeal. Too bad.

      • But did you ever know what they were really like to begin with? You are sold a 'character' early on which evolves to a script unfolded by those lurking in the shadows and signing the cheques

    • What the public assume's is the personal life of the actor, might be under contract aswell. And the true personality of the actor seldomnly comes out in corporate interviews 😉

  13. How sad too that Miley Cyrus has a one eye tattoo on her finger…check it out on the first photo of this article.

    • I noticed the single eye tattoo on Miley's finger too… to quote VC. " how fitting" and how sad. I don't think that girl has any control of her life any more.

    • Good catch…not too obvious with the eyeball, huh?
      Wonder if that inner lip tattoo hurt much? Probably part of the initiation – pain, lots of pain.

  14. Another great article! Getting more and more blatant!

    Anyone else notice NOT ONE of the Miley Cyrus piccies does she look…happy? You can tell the traumatisation in her eyes, with a big fat fake smile.

    • I think Miley is going down so fast to the evil dark demonic path to hell, she will be dead soon from suicide. She's beyond help at this point.

    • Did you know that there is a visible physical deterioration in your physical characteristics the longer you stay under their contract beyond 3 years? Satan literally sucks the lifeblood out of you and breaking apart rituals it is very easy to see why.

      • Yes, I mean it's gotta be a form of stress, ultimately. Being so out of alignment with yourself — basic integrity, basic values of life. Denial of your more life-sustaining instincts, drives & emotions. There exists a blueprint for how to thrive in this world (close personal connections, praying, meditating, living simply & peacefully, etc) & these people are NOT living it.

        Stress is a killer, & a rapid deterioriator.

      • Very likely, yes. Although the scientologists argue that their philosophy enables followers to have-it-all in that sense and it seems true that their artists never quite go off the rails in such spectacular fashion. I am not advocating on their behalf by any means. Our paths have crossed a few times in my life and the last time this happened, they profiled me and were so freaked out by the results that they could not get me out fast enough. They said that on their database of thousands, they had never come across somebody with such a freak profile. Not once. They viewed me with a mixture of fear, disgust and fascination as though it was a real-one -off opportunity to have met me!

  15. So many artists convincing people to give up hope, to believe only in themselves and to spread the Crowley "Do What Thou Wilt" New Age philosophy. What is really disturbing is that many of these artists are ex-Catholic like Lady Gaga and Taylor Momsen. It isn't just an infatuation with religious symbols, it is self-expression, especially with Taylor Momsen who is just fine letting everyone know that she is Going to Hell. She has created the anthem(s) for people to follow who do not know that Christ is our soul cleanser and savior.

    These kind of artists, are far more scary than the more openly satanic, because these folks try to make rebellion and self-enlightenment feel natural and wholly acceptable over the "fairy tale" of the Bible.

    • I'm sure at some point all that illuminati crap will uncover, the great shame that these puppet artists will feel …
      people will not be so blind forever

    • Why is rebellion and self-enlightenment a bad thing? Why is submitting to an oppressive religion a good thing?

      • Religion is not oppressive. Nobody is forcing you to practice religion. Practicing religion and following its rules are a CHOICE you make.

        You are no better than the shadowy Illuminati elite constantly being exposed on this page. This whole "religion is oppressive" crap is precisely what they want you to think. Good job, you fell for their brainwashing BS!

      • It is only oppressive because you perceive it to be. God gives us free will. Change your perception and it will cease to be oppressive.

  16. the going to hell album cover points to her butt symbolizing sodomy, which they do to open the 'third eye chakra'. they are really big on sodomy, sort of like it awakens certain powers by hitting the third chakra.
    the pics with terry richardson and the having his models hair over him makes me think that they both shared each other, that they were a part of each other. he probably triggered their beta kitten programming and used them.

    • Not the 'chakra', but the Kundalini Awakening.. it goes all the way up the spine; an 'inner snake' if you will..

      • Pink has always had occult significance which ties in with the stage of sunrise at which the sky appears to be so (hence Pink (the singer), Pink Floyd, Nicki Minaj's hair etc etc.). It is also the color produced when two bodily fluids are combined in satanic ritual (you can guess which). More superficially, it is the color used to denote the triggering of an alter (have you seen the new pink haired barbie and at what stages trashy slebs dye their hair pink 'to make a statement)? I could go on and on.

      • Don't ever put Pink Floyd under the same lines as Pink and Nicki Minaj. Pink Floyd have been always a group denouncing the new world order.

        They used that name because of Pink Anderson and Floyd council.

      • Sorry I meant to say that whilst you are right to distinguish the quality of their musical output from those other two mentioned performers, they nevertheless promote the same agenda which would be extremely obvious from their album covers. They have always been appreciative of the musical science type occultism as promoted by the Fourth Way movement. I could not possibly elaborate on how I personally know but I have heard it extensively from a person who would have been told it by one of them directly.
        If I were to raise the bar a little, I could have mentioned artists such as Nick Drake (Pink Moon) and many others but they are not as well-known.

  17. Kutcher is like: “Gotta wear this stupid hat in public now…” I think these celebs are even bored with the occult control in Hollywood. Really, these symbols are so-o-o-o tired. They don't have any new light at all. They are about as illuminated as a back alley latrine, kind of like Disney World– so puerile.

    • They take instruction indefinitely, bored or otherwise. The choice is out of their hands because they never reach the point of repentance required to regain it.

  18. You. Completely in awe towards this light…Unless you’re a vigilant citizen.
    Says it all!! Thanks! Thank you all!!

  19. We on this site are ALL – Vigilant Citizens…. we have our own Light, we don't need theirs! The Light of True Knowledge and Truth is on our side…

    • that's true, thank God we are free, now we can have a more natural life without screens in the face all the time.

  20. The pictures of Miley Cyrus, especially the first one, is almost a total copy of one of Madonna many years ago…. in fact, ofc, many have compared her to Madonna.. she seems to be trying to go the same route… but it will be many years of 'teaching' before she can become like her…

  21. More-to-Learn on

    An Interesting headline on msn today "Un-be-bieber-able!" – from
    Looks like Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling, and Avril Lavigne are distantly related (11th/12th cousins) with a bloodline from Mathurin Roy who was a mason in Quebec in the late 1600s. The symbolism is seen in all three of their careers today.

    • Market Research on

      There were only about 8000 original French settlers that ever went to Quebec so the level of relatedness is quite high.

    • you might like the mp3 recording called "total geneological emmersion" (sic) by clint richardson.. you'll find it on the web, it should make this all very clear

  22. More More More More Let's make this list of Naughty and Nice happen!!!! Too many evil people now they are everywhere Santa(Satan) needs to claim them all! Quarantine them into a lower dimension and leave us be!!!!

  23. I think Charlotte Free means that, even if the allegations against Terry are true, there is still the fact that females nowadays will accuse men of harassment and whatnot when there WASN'T any harassment or rape, etc. They might accuse somebody of those things for attention, or because they don't realize that there's a difference between doing something willingly and being forced into it. She might not mean that she would still support Terry, just that it's still true that women and teenagers will make false accusations against their male counterparts (*cough* feminists *cough*).

    • Yeah, if someone wants to keep working with someone, be it a photographer or whoever, they can that's their right, we can't legislate someone else's morality…. I think perhaps you are right in what she may have meant… I think VC was referring to something else… such as if the allegations against Terry whoever are right, why would someone want to continue working/associating with him? I don't know what the 'allegations' are however… what are they?

      • we can't legislate someone else's morality

        Well, why not? I think the women I know among my friends would be happier if this were true (whether or not they would agree). They hook up with men on the Internet who basically push them beyond their own (fairly loose) moral boundries in record time before disappearing without a trace leaving them feeling violated and humiliated. Then a few weeks later, they tell me that it happened/almost happened again. The problem is one of degree, not of consent .. who could be bothered to investigate that? I doubt they themselves would be willing to pay for such an investigation either. I am talking about smart, educated women from secure families. Those Taylor Momsen images are disgusting because it blurs many moral boundries for the impressionable. The fact is that a man who loves you would never sodomize you and women should NOT be having sexual relationships with men on a YOLO basis as most I know do. It should be about union in front of God, love and procreation. I doubt many young people even realise that nowadays.

      • The problem IS consent, only it should be truly informed consent, which isn't, people are driven into think that sexuality is different than it really is. I also know women who have sex after three days acquaintance and then cry because they wanted to be engaged and the man had disappeared. If they cry and want to be engaged it means they don't know what they are really doing. They copy sex and the City, that's their sexual education, I am very concerned. It is true, you can't say they are "bad", they are not truly informed.

      • But consent cannot be codified on a case-by-case basis where relationships are so casual and fleeting. I am thinking of friends who were prepared to sleep with people only once but felt violated when the other person instigated it again an hour later. It completely undermines the credibility of their consent from my point of view. Or another friend who consented to the act should I say but the other person was a lot more experimental than they had bargained for. I agree that this is the SATC generation and most of them DO want to settle down long term but then I fail to understand why they would begin a relationship with for example, someone who is emigrating in one month's time genuinely believing that the other person may value them enough to bother to pay to travel back and forth to see them (true story and of course he never bothered).
        You will never get judges in a court of law picking apart the murky details of consent unless it led to a horrendous crime. Best to uphold a moral standard which makes sense to everyone and is free of such ambiguities. Women need to reconcile this in their own minds.

    • Yes but its important to take all allegations seriously and to do proper investigations in case it is true. Victims go through enough pain as it is, so it would be wrong to cause them more pain by not believing them. Of course if these allegations against Terry are true we might not even find out because they will try to cover it up. I find it disgusting and irresponsible when models or celebrities completely dismiss victims' allegations just because the accused is their friend/boss/co-worker. Just because you know someone, it doesn't mean you know everything about them and what they are capable of. Sometimes people surprise you.

    • It's not about false allegations. If they are true–in that Terry Richardson has actually harassed, raped, or otherwise abused women–Charlotte obviously doesn't care, she would still work with him. These people definitely live on the dark side.

    • Terry Richardson is probably as protected the Brit Sir Jimmy Saville. IMHO, Richardson serves the purpose to the elite to glamorize pimping, to desensitize the sheeple to misogyny, and to mind-rape pre-teen and teens via the media. Has any of his victims brought charges against him? He needs to be shut down. Another will pop up, but still. . .

  24. Charlotte "Free?"


    Free argues, "… he’s not forcing you to do sh*t… unless someone got you f*cked up against your will.”

    Well, let's see. Has someone got her "f*cked up against her will?"

    Free goes on to argue, "“I don’t even believe the accusations against terry…. And if they are true, I still stand by what I said.”

    Charlotte "Free" my ass.

  25. Thanks V.C. Thanks for the comment on the Marilyn Monroe initiation photos, never really thought about it until I came across this site. Now I can't help notice the supermarket magazines cycling MM photos on the covers every few months, always with excuse it's her birthday, death, JFK, etc. MM's generation are geriactric, so why do we have to have her image shoved into our entertainment frames? Venus worship. She's gone from actual human, to hollyweird goddess, to icon in 50 years. The elites do not allow a new image. Only a younger generation posing the same image, performing the same song and dance. Thanks V.C. and community, maybe there is hope as others wake up.

    • I see that damn eye everywhere now, but before investigating in places like vigilantcitizen and youtube I did not see it.

  26. I'm so sick of seeing celebrities nude/half nude. I feel like Ive seen these women's flesh more than I have seen my own. Put it away! We get it, you have butts and whatever… So do millions of other people and some of them look better but don't feel thr desperate need to show it off to everyone. I don't think Miley Cyrus would know class if it slapped her in the face.

    • I am also tired of that, I have sought to watch other things in this world without the vulgarity. and have found in Asia tv, except kpop, especially Koreans dramas and variety realities shows.

      • me too! Korean drama and other Asian TV is so refreshing. Hope they don't start to get infected with American vulgarity…

      • I'm so glad you like them too ¡¡¡
        I will enjoy Asian tv while it lasts, for the near future there are prospects of Chinese film's, it seems they will be of high quality.
        I admire people of Asia because they are very friendly and very decent ¡¡¡¡

  27. Nice article.
    Funny. Ashton Kutcher did that famous inspirational speech at MTV awards about "insiders secrets", "hard work" and being smart and authentic. So what if he's a freemason? We all know there is a freemasonry inside the freemasonry. I believe he's could be a blue/red freemason – a philanthrope on the street level. I really don't think he's a "bloodline" freemason [inspite of being jew]. You know, not because the guy is a freemason that he's a "puppet", a "sell out" or a evil doer or nothing like that. Nothing further from the truth.

    • What exactly are you trying to say?…That even though Ashton belongs to a group of men who keep secrets from each other and require eachother to perform strange rituals without knowing why, he's actually smart and on the right side of things!!?

    • I'm sure that Ashton has specifically said in interviews that he was major-league promiscuous for years and actually startled at himself looking back on it ; this would be during his career ascent obviously and he earned his stripes with Demi along the way

  28. I get the whole Marilyn Monroe thing but the whole cat emoji on her lip is reaching a bit VC. Miley loves cat emoji''s. Big deal. It's already fading anyway.

    • If you know anything about Beta and Kitten programming, then you would know the cat "emoji" is not just a thing. We all know she like cat emoji's. The question is why? Who goes around porading Cat "emojis"? Do anyone of your friends do. No, This is done to popularize the effect or symbol, and two, to tag beta kittens.

  29. I know that some people say that the symbols are pure coincidence and that a person only notices them because they are looking for them but, even if there were no symbols at all, look at the story lines of the movies, look at the imagery used in music videos, look at the lyrics of songs, look at the way celebrities behave and dress- it's all about money, sex, drugs, selling your dignity, being used by men, abusing women, breaking the law and having the latest technology and clothes at any cost.

      • As a "graduate" from a "highly esteemed" university with several "degrees", one in marketing and PR, I want to ask you an honest question – why do you suppose this "market" exists????

      • It is the same with the proliferation of all these Groupon experiences – all about indulgent dining, thrill seeking and short, frequent vacations to places which would never get you questioning the agenda. And apparently discounted enough to make you feel really good with workout offers to work off the bad bits of course. Have you noticed that everyone seems to work out nowadays but most people don't really look healthy? Between them and static entertainment they capture that entire demographic,

    • Intermittent chicken-and-egg style lack of logic in some of the comments appearing on here. Implying that the existence of illuminati created institutions is above being questioned. Marketing, emoji and so on. Worryingly indicative of spiritual dis-awakening.

      • Yes, exactly aspara, that is what I was hinting at- the ol' Chicken and Egg theory. The elite have absolutely mastered this.- I see that the response didn't get past the forum rules, so it tells me that the poster is pretty typical of the industry today- as either a victim or a tool. At least I was smart enough to realize that i would never use my degrees in the "real world" so I opted to go for degrees that I could graduate w/ honors w/o having to actually study, LOL. Most employers look for a degree and good grades anyway. I actually had FUN in college for that very reason. Edward Bernays, the "founder" of PR was an evil man, but nonetheless, a brilliant man. Every single one of my jobs as been given to me by what PR people call the "golden rule"- it isn't WHAT you know, but WHO you know. PR and marketing majors understand networking. That is what I chose to take away from that useless degree, and it has benefited me my entire life. Every single person you encounter is an opportunity. One can chose to use that for GOOD rather than evil if that is their choice. It was certainly mine.

    • I've done a little research on satanic symbols and I am so horrified by the incredible amount of these in all mass media.
      I understand that they do in order to sell more with the help of the devil. strange to people you would think they don't believe in God.

  30. Miley Virus
    Kevin Spaced Out
    Ashton Kusher or Acting Butcher what have you
    Model "Charlotte NotFree"
    Glee's "Alex NewHell"
    Masonic designs by Mary Katratntzou or MK for short
    One of Lady GagMe’s favorite fashion designers, Iris van Herpen, or Singular Iris van Harpie
    Taylor Momsen or Taylor Mom's Sin or Taylor Gang or Die

  31. I'm Kenyan, and my day isn't made until I visit your website. I have learned a lot. A lot of that symbolism around here in Kenya, too.

    • vigilant kenyan on

      Kenyan too and i must read vigilant citizen to open my eyes further..good to know am not alone :)
      And yea to much symbolism around here too…these things are everywhere!

    • Hujambo! Growing up in Kenya I was aware of a secret freemasonic lodge in the city. A lot of the politicians and influential people are freemasons. They're in just about every institution, country, if you know where to look. They are aiding the western interests and glodal agenda. But of course, the population is kept in the dark.

      • What other symbolism are you referring to? The only symbolism I've seen here is the logo of Club Ichonic. That one is pretty blatant. I've never been there since.

    • and I'm from Angola! And I never met someone so down to earth like he is, it's a sign that no everyone is lost, and is a relief to know that! Is pretty good!!!

      • God forgives sins on

        im kenyan too, omg i checked it. im really sick of this world. i have been finding that the slowly i read the bible and start to analyse with what is happening in the world. I notice some of the things people are doing that are against the bible is really happening, especially those that i really couldn't see when i was a lukewarm christian. It really makes sense when you move far away from God you begin to loose the direction God will give you, and that what the devil did AND is still doing to date by making Christianity seem like an outdated thing and as if its the burden stopping people enjoying their lives, e.g christianity out of schools, etc.

  32. Their pawns are at it again as all these symbols translate to many of the things that any vigilant citizen like myself can ever think of that even I get as traumatized as these MK ultra victims such as Miley and those models.

    Its a shame many wouldn't buy into the truths behind this if anyone told them about the realities of the dark sided music and film industry where those "bosses" control you in order to push the agenda.

    It may take awhile before those "higher-ups" behind the elite propaganda reveal their true form along with baphomet symbols and an eye pyramid above their heads and on their wrists.

  33. The only reason they're making Illuminati symbolism so blatant is because there are so many people are still in the dark about what the Illuminati are doing to this world and there's no point hiding the symbolism when people can easily spot them out.

    • when I tell people these things, there are some who even get angry and look at me as I was crazy or fool, and despise the effort one has made to know these truths.
      they prefer to be aggressive because their entertainment is on the line.
      defend their ignorance.

      • i feel you, its the same when i tell my friends to know that Beyonce is not the one actually singing, and she has a demonic spirit when performing on stage and its the same with the other mainstream artists. Some rebuke me thinking i am reading too many conspiracies or that i am judging them. I try to tell them read the lyrics, and look at their music videos, they all have similar symbology. Is that NATURAL talent? or industry made up talent? I guess the best we can do is to pray for them cause I was also once like them when a lukewarm christian

  34. The illuminati think they are confusing us by showing all this symbolism, making it out to be 'cool', thinking we have no idea what it all means. But, we're all starting to wake up!!
    All I can say is, thanks VC. Excellent work again with the SPOTM.

  35. Am I really the only one here who believes this article is rubbish – or do you only publish comments from "believers"? Why would anyone see anything deep and meaningful in a random series of pictures of people with one eye covered? You must be joking.

    • U still doubting?? on

      IMO it is not coincidence anymore. You can not take this obsession to cover their eyes on pics as just accidentally. There is a meaning behind this and they're communicating with each other through body language for example. It's called OCCULT KNOWLEDGE!! Once you decode their symbolism you can see they are almost everywhere hidden in plain sight.
      In architecture, movies, video games, tv-series and so on.
      For example on the way to Frankfurt/Germany mainstation there is a building called "Messeturm" which was once the highest building in Europe until 1991 I guess. It looks like a huge obelisk the top shaped like a triangle of course and at night you see the top enlightened in red. IMO a sign to show allegiance to the other global players who is in charge of the city of frankfurt. The Rot-schilds i.e. Rothchild (americanised)!!

    • Vigilant Citizen's site has been around for a few years with consistent reporting of this type of symbolism. If this was the only article ever posted, I could understand your skepticism. But when you see the same symbolism over and over and over again in different settings with different celebrities you begin to see a pattern and realize it's not coincidence, it's a message.

    • Umm because we can see better with two eyes open so why would anyone over ten years old go around with one eye closed unless we deliberately wanted to fall over and get hurt?

  36. Thank you for the monthely wake up call….too clear to just pass by, i still cant find a logical reason why people chose to deny all this….or maybe its too hard to see when its too clear and close , like trying to read a book from 1cm distance.

  37. Using magifying glasses like that near the temple allows for double symbolism because it covers the one eye as well as displaying the mark of a master mason.

  38. Someones probably already said it but I swear they're just feeding it out there to get the reaction they are expecting and want knowing that 'conspiracy' people get all in a frenzy about it.
    That's not the problem though, it's the young, uninitiated, uninformed and unaware that don't understand what effect it may be having on them subliminally over time.
    It seems to have no point other than to drag people down.

    • Thanks R@ndom, I agree. The entertrainment industry, is by its nature, sensational. So is any commentary on that sensationalism, sensational. Yet, in a free society it is good to do as it makes the unaware start to question and look at their entetrainment choices a little more critically. "You can't be 20 on Sugar Mountain".
      Living under the influence of games, movies, novels, fantasies, myths, stories, etc. keeps the masses in a childlike state, consequently very easily manipulated.

  39. the fact that they use symbols everywhere, is like a signature, in those things (videos music etc) there are things that are not so obvious and people are used to see, attempts of attacking the people in different ways, either brainwashing, subliminal messages or impose ideas, like negative values ​​in the young. (disobedience to parents, immorality etc)
    awake the curiosity of the young about the occult and satanism. like harry potter and all that. fairy tales,and the constant appearance of witchcraft in movies. (fairies are part of the new age believes)
    for example Disney admitted having put subliminal messages in their movies. you can search for that in internet.

  40. This world is getting weirder and weirder that it makes me more afraid to admit to myself saying "that I should get used to this sick world and not be shock anymore" omg !! I hate this feeling ):

  41. Sad truth is you could post HUNDREDS of pictures each month. I see this type of symbolism EVERYWHERE. Each month you show excellent examples but there is so much more in this twisted mass media machine. If you're looking for contributors …

  42. Interesting collection of pics as usual. Hell is spacey doing like..? That bbc one is such a clear example. ps expecting something about mh370…!

  43. wow what that Charlotte Free chick said made my stomach turned.. You will do anything for fame, & VC article about that terry guy was very straight forward. He's a sick molester/pedophile pervert & herself along with other female aspiring models will do anything to work with him is sick….

  44. I've been noticing subtle Ashton Kutcher stuff since No Strings Attatched, and at key symbolic moments he has dogs alongside him. (In No Strings he gets a dog superimposed on him and Kevin Klein says something to the effect of "I might have to kill this dog.") I think it was in that silly Valentine movie that there was something symbolic that quickly had a dog alongside him. Anyway, I'm going on memory here, so it's a bit fuzzy.

  45. Wow, Miley Cyrus…signed, sealed, delivered.
    She's theirs.

    What in the world is going on in her parent's minds…especially her father's?

    • fiddle-de-fee on

      They groomed her to be a part of it from the time she was born. They were already in on her development into the poptart from day one. Look into GENERATIONAL SATANISM.

    • It's so sad to see a young life destroyed before your eyes. I don't see how her family can take this unless they are also under mind control. I don't think she will be around very much longer. She has spiraled so rapidly down the path to hell. Sad. This is what love of money and fame gets you.

    • visit-searchoftruth on

      talking about this topic,
      I wonder why Will Smith has given his daughter the name of Willow, it was the name of a famous witch.
      there will be a possibility that all artists of Hollywood are sorcerers or what?

  46. I just have a few things to add to the conversation. I have noticed in TV, movies and music, the language "There's A Storm Coming" and "The Phoenix Rises From The Ashes" being used a lot lately. Another thing, especially with celebrities, in creative photography they have monarch butterfly(flies), cats or moloch owls displayed somewhere in the picture or video. Why is this relevant, because the images they put out are very carefully selected and placed. It is called a "creative process." So they are telling us something when they do this. But I am also convinced that some of these celebrities are unaware of the purpose (ie, they are programmed but don't know that they are, which means they are doing only what their handlers are telling them to do). I could delve into what programming means but there helpful articles on this site to better explain it. Know what to look for, and you will find it. Peace.

    • O_O yeah once I noticed those phrases I couldn't stop thinking about them. I do not know but I truly believe that they are telling us that It is about to go down. The frequency of their occult pre-programming/symbolism over the last years are undeniable. So they try to desentisise us subtly programm us to whorship what we don't know. Harry Potter for kids etc. Can U imagine how many people praise Lucifer without even knowing it…MAKES ME SICK!!! Their god will soon be cast out and he knows that he has a short time so they try to bring so many souls into their sinking ship as they can. man oh man..get ready..just get ready!!!!

      • Remember the Olympic ceremony. It is as though the masses no longer have any right to a visceral emotional reaction that they have arrived at themselves for fear that it would eventually lead to them developing a bond with God. Everything has to be triggered, heightened/fabled via redirection through them.

  47. I've seen this Miley Cyrus spread and it said she was channelling Madonna. But I guess it's all the same in the end.

  48. I really really really wish this world didn't suck so bad. If Terry can rape girls endlessly, and show biz is a world where you let people rape you to make it, then it is clear that the entire structure of society is a LIE.

  49. Charlotte Free clearly revealing the truth in her own statement: “.. When you make a choice you have to live with it — unless someone got you f*cked up against your will.” – maybe they illuminait “fucked her up against her will” THEN offered her nothing but roles as a media wh0re to which she had no choice if she wanted to earn a living?
    Notice how the media always use the phrase “no one put a gun to your head” in exactly the same way the mafia in the 90s would say “we’re pillars of the community” to cover up their crimes against humanity.

  50. just saw an article in dailymail about miley cyrus poledancing in new orleans. as usual i scrolled down searching for obvious pics like shown here (rather big collection by now) and found a pic where she stands in a doorway doing the pyramid sign. and had a big laugh when i read the pic description below it:

    "Strike a pose: The singer made the Illumati sign as she posed at the entrance to a pyramid-shaped tomb"

    too bad, i cant link to it because admin doesnt seem to like links shown here (hmm why is that?).
    anyway, it seems there are already "journalists" visiting this site haha.

    "the illumati sign"… 😀

    • Daily Fail trying to normalise this stuff as per usual. Reminds me of the story of English weather where they showed photos that included blatent chemtrails criss crossing the sky, and mentioned in the captions was everything but the obvious. it was the elephant in the room, but they were completely oblivious to it. They just called it "typical English weather" lol.

      • you're right, it's such a dreadful site however I have become addicted to it the last 30 months. I'm wondering what it was like in the past.

  51. And on her clothes , we appear to see a one eyed winking smiley guy letting us know who's in charge.

    (Taylor M)

  52. I don't know what to do this makes me sad and angry , I can't stand that Taylor momsen bitch, so stupid and I guess they all are like that but her and Kesha ughhh the worst ! Sorry but that's how I feel :( , I try to talk to people about this but everyone thinks I'm a nut , tin foil hat lol , I don't care I can see the darkness in the music, movies tv all around us and I expose it all the time , whenever I can ! Thanks to your website I know there's people awakening

  53. Those models in vacuum pack reminded me of the baby in wombs , and thos tube seem similar to the ones shown in Matrix movie when keanu releases himself from the womb like machine , also in the movie 'The Island' starring scarlette johansson and mcgregor , clones are reared and the cloned are born from vacuumed plastic similar to the one shown here.

  54. Charlotte Free used to run an anti illuminati blog that I was a member of, she has awakened numerous peeple including myself regarding these issues and has educated hundreds if not thousands of young people about the illuminati, she has never been afraid of speaking out even if it puts her career in jeopardy. Her stupid comments aside, she has mentioned before how she hates doing one eye symbolism in her photos, of course all of this is deleted now. But, go to her tumblr and ask her about the illuminati she will give you an honest answer.

  55. Disposable hero on

    They continue to be relentless in their approach, and "do what thou wilt" remains the message they convey. Satanic symbol? No probs because "YOLO!". It's always the same. I'm sick of these promiscuous twits called "celebrities" being paraded around as if they're somebody. They don't represent society. Where's coal miner Joe? Why isn't he famous? He helps give us electricity daily. So many disposable heroes.

  56. I personally think Justin Bieber is not a member of d illuminati (yet) . After a tast of the good life, he was then asked to commit, or lose everything.. The boy decided to 'retire' and give it all up, and then the real hounding began. Arrests, plane search, police video surveillance leaked, deportation threats, drugs accusations e.t.c
    The lists goes on and on
    Pls everyone, pray for him. He's under massive attack.

    • all celebrities who refuse this is what happens.
      being a celebrity is a very bad profession in United states, and in other occidental countries.
      they have to sell their soul wanting or not.

      • maybe he didnt know better then, or he was forced to do it, or he was just too scared to say no.. there could be many reasons. i personally like the idea that they (the puppets) wake up – hope dies last :)

  57. j. d. randomfactor on

    "One of Lady GagMe’s favorite fashion designers, Iris van Herpen, or Singular Iris van Harpie."

    could also be Iris van Herpen = Virus van Herpes or Iris = Flower = Vagina van Herpes….

    What we are seeing is The Archon's Matrix now in open competition with Nature for Humanity, which it needs to achieve its ends. The programming, the coding of ancient myth into the symbols which enslaves consciousness entities, programming that was once hidden, is revealed. We live within a Archontic Holographic Simulation. To achieve globalization, what was once hidden must be externalized. Some will accept this programming and merge with The Matrix and The Archons/Demiurge. "Resistance is futile", so say the BORG, but they do lie. Some will reject manipulation, enslavement, and in consequence will be rejected by the Matrix. These people will consciously or unconsciously, side with Nature (Out there) or Nature within their bodies (In There) or the more balanced and equilibriated, both. Please explore that which is being revealed in books, movies, magazines and all media as Predictive Programming. Transhumanism, Cloning (see the movie Oblivion with Tom Cruise), The H (uman) + movement, Nanotech (and the possible connections with Chemtrails) , The Singularity (there is a new movie with Johnny Depp coming out in 2014 called Transcendence) or Ray Kurzweil's "religious" books, who may be "Illuminated" with knowledge about the impending Singularity by his spirit father, Satan, he being what Jesus would call a Jew, so called, but in fact a seed of Satan, The Hollywood Jewish production of Noah, which will probably blame the Flood on humanity instead of placing the blame on the Angels/Aliens who left their First Estate, heavenly, or Airy, and sexually bred with human women (those of the Earth) to corrupt all human flesh, giving birth to Giants (Gigantes – Earthborn Demigods and Heroes) and filling the earth with the violence that issues from inter-species miscegenation and the violation of the limits imposed by Nature, Genetics and the Creator and Ruler of Nature, whoever they may be…….

    • archoninterface on

      ^^^THIS. A thousand times, this! This is a interdimensional battle the symbols are only tokens of other levels of reality that we cannot percieve. Wow! Mind if I copy this?

  58. There is one thing I just don't get. Can't get it, but if we all who are outside the music industry know already so much about the tragic end of these pop-slaves: Marilyn Monroe dead at 36, Brittany Murphy dead, Angelina Jolie breastless, Britney Spears gone, all the others tragically "finished", shouldn't they know better? What do they do, still there, posing like Marilyn and waiting their turn to be sacrificed.
    Or do they think the Illuminati want to offer them the "cake" of fame without wanting to sacrifice them in change, just like the rest? They get power from the sacrifice, or at least they believe so, and they want the sacrifice to be public, possibly of a famous person because they believe that, like this, it is more powerful again.
    Does Miley Cyrus suppose to be cleverer, smarter, anyway better than Britney, Brittany, Amanda, the real Marilyn and so on…
    I mean, I'm not tempted by this music industry, I wouldn't like to enter it, maybe thanks to Vigilant and other courageous websites, but I think it is apparent they all can access this and other pieces of information; maybe they are already fame-addict. Or they believe, like Rihanna, "It won't happen to me".


    • They have no choice. Either they play the game, or they die, go crazy, go broke etc. Most are not brave enough to turn their backs on the Illuminati's contract.

  59. a question for my christian friends.
    I was looking for movies about our Lord, and I found this,(the Bible series, of history channel, of Roma Downey ) I think it is a very strange movie, the Angel Gabriel is dressed in a scarlet red tunic and has a too dark evil appearance. has a ring-shaped Egyptian wings I think it's Illuminati, what do you think ?

    • I have watched carefully the movie and I realized that it is indeed illuminati, for those who have the curiosity.

  60. The ring on Kevin Spacey's hand may signify that he's a programmer. Turning the ring is a cue that he is a master. Not sure that he is, but just an educated guess.

  61. …I absolutely KNEW that Taylor Momsen was gonna end up on this website at some point. She is the lead singer of a band called The Pretty Reckless, and nearly EVERY SINGLE SONG has some sort of demonic, satanic lyrics or imagery, or at the very least promote sex, drugs, etc. Several of their songs also openly challenge and mock God and Christianity in general.
    Many of their music videos on YouTube are also highly suggestive of Illuminati symbolism. They have two new videos, and the first one is called Heaven Knows. The whole song can be summed up with one of the lines in it "Oh lord, heaven knows we belong way down below". The whole video revolves around Taylor Momsen singing that everyone is going to hell, to a group of young impressionable children, while they watch strange images on a bunch of television sets. At a few points she actually opens the robe she's wearing, and she's naked underneath with just that cross painted on her, with the arrow pointing down towards her crotch. Flashing a bunch of kids. Then at the end they are all crowded around her with their arms raised while she has her hands together in a "prayer" pose.
    The second one was just as disturbing. It's called "Going to Hell". And that's exactly what the song is about. She is proudly announcing the many reasons why she is going to hell. She even states that she's "getting heavy with the Devil, you can hear the wedding bells". The video revolves around her writhing around seductively, in several settings. In one setting she is surrounded by naked bodies, implying an orgy, in another she is sitting with a bunch of half naked people at a table drinking, smoking, and touching each other, in another she is nearly naked herself, with a snake winding itself around her. Throughout the video her eyes keep flashing a weird white color, implying possession? Anyways, my point is…I've been expecting Taylor Momsen on here for a while, thanks for posting! You can check out nearly any of her videos and see what I'm talking about.

  62. i really wouldnt think that taylor momsen is in it. she probably just doesnt believe in god. i heard that her parents put her in a roman catholic church and made her start acting as a young girl, so she's probably rebelling. i heard some rumors about this new album, 'going to hell' that she's trying to speak up about all those pop artists that are in it and she's mocking them or something like that but im really not sure about this one.

  63. Check how these people mix Christian symbols with satanic symbols…Madonna always wear a rosary or a Crux on her videos or tours.
    And that poor girl Taylor follow her steps.

  64. All of this symbolism is most likely being presented by the freemasons, probably the most wealthy at the 33 degree level. Some of them must be into the occult from the mystery religions, possibly even Satanism? I feel that they use MKULTRA slaves and symbolism in fashion, media, and all entertainment industry. It seems more visible now than ever before, but perhaps it was always there.

    • Little known Fact: President 0bama is a 33rd degree mason and related to British royalty, down to the Bushes. Imagine that.

      • There has probably never been a US president who wasn't a 33 degree mason. I don't think you can go from church worship to the cremation of care within the space of a week/month/year.

      • Obama is related to the Bushes but him being a 33 rd degree mason is speculative. I was at the Scottish rite headquarters in Washington, D.C. And asked the tour guide about this. She said that the last freemasonic US president was Gerald Ford. This doesn't mean that he definitely isn't a mason, of course, but if he is it is a secret.

    • the series I talked about before, "the Bible series of history channel, of Roma Downey" the devil looks exactly like Obama.

  65. I reckon that Terry R is very much attempting to mirror the career of Warhol in the way in which he plays handler to these young desperate women. Warhol's only unfulfilled dream was that he never became a Hollywood heavyweight. I am sure that Terry is after the same prize and just like Warhol, he will let them drown without offering a safety net once they start to become a liability. His studio is the modern day Studio 54 and even retains many similarities on many levels.

  66. Everyone's Brother on

    Riddled with criticism but im still a vigilant citizen
    Givin cynics a bit by bit vision of what the system isn't
    They say I'm trippin I say VC and tell em to pay a visit
    Its satan's grip on celebrity brains not crazy fiction
    Rich n famous victim.. I forgot the name of this one
    They all the same did some lady have a whole gang of children?
    Since babies playin the game of who can obey the villains
    And stay the stillest the winner will get to bank a million
    Break em in young, and make em a whole nation dumb
    Eggs and bacon for the takin son, long as you wakin up.

  67. If you notice, that British Academy awards poster face resembles that one eyed Apollo statue they recently foumd in the sea…hmmmm?

  68. I can't believe Kevin Spacey!! My husband and I love House of Cards. This going to make me rethink the show.

    On a sidenote, I got a $3 movie set from Wallyworld about vampires. My dad and I watched one of the films called Prime Evil yesterday. It's LOADED with Satanic symbolism and it came out in the eighties for goodness sake!! This is nothing new nowadays, just more blatant.

  69. Why do artists feel the need to include any religious symbols in their photo shoots? Taylor Momson is creepy anyway. And do any of these girls these days know anything about Marilyn Monroe? Probably not. Nothing Miley does is surprising.

    • And she continues to stick out her white fuzzy tongue, indicating a yeast infection, perhaps too many doses of antibiotics.

  70. We are – truly – living in the 'last days' spoken of in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

    2 Timothy: Chapter 3

    Evil in the Last Days

    1This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3Without natural affection, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 4Traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 6For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, 7Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 8Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith. 9But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest to all men, as their's also was.

    All Scripture is God-Breathed

    10But you have fully known my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, long-suffering, charity, patience, 11Persecutions, afflictions, which came to me at Antioch, at Iconium, at Lystra; what persecutions I endured: but out of them all the Lord delivered me. 12Yes, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. 13But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 14But continue you in the things which you have learned and have been assured of, knowing of whom you have learned them; 15And that from a child you have known the holy scriptures, which are able to make you wise to salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. 16All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished to all good works.

  71. Hello VC,

    I am an avid reader of conspiracy theories and conspiracy culture. I find your site very entertaining along with other popular counter culture (?) pages. I have been a mason for the past four years at the Cleethorpes (England) lodge and am currently make my living as an artist so your articles on such things are amusing to me. Anyway, great site and I wish you well.

  72. Did anyone notice mileys finger in the pic where she is holding her breast? There is a little illuminati eye on the pointer finger.

  73. Coincidence!
    Not a coincidence! LOL!

    Like the new pink hair fad so at least the Illuminati is good for something.

  74. I don't know if anyone noticed, but the picture with the woman in the magic circle has an image of an alien on top of her. Her bra makes the eyes and the necklace forms the nose. That's interesting an alien is coming out the circle as we know aliens are really demons

  75. I have never seen her mentioned on this site but does anyone know if the singer Gabrielle is Illuminati? She wears an eye patch so we only ever see one eye and she is in the music industry? She sang a song called dreams too which is a bit suspicious. Does anyone know?

    • She is actually blind in one eye, apparently. Her music does contain esoteric elements for sure. It is a difficult one. I read an interview in which she claims she let her star fall as a means of preserving her artistic integrity which is why she never became a superstar despite her obvious talent though one could counter-argue that she was never had their 'whole required package' in any case. Perhaps they could only take her so far or perhaps it is true that she never quite sold out?

  76. These pics just keep getting sicker and sicker every month… Thanks so much for the effort VC! They make me wanna puke but it's good to know that at least a few people are not so ignorant when it comes to these things.

  77. bi·o·pi·ra·cy (bī′ō-pī′rə-sē)
    The commercial development of naturally occurring biological materials, such as plant substances or genetic cell lines, by a technologically advanced country or organization without fair compensation to the peoples or nations in whose territory the materials were originally discovered.


  78. I wish I had never heard of the pretty reckless. I listened to one of their songs and I ended up liking it. I downloaded it on my phone
    I think I may have a problem. The song is so catchy yet so scary. I was hooked the first 15 seconds.

    • The best thing to do is shut this music off completely. You know what that music represents so its better to stop yourself from listening to it. You are exposing yourself to darkness which will affect your spirit. I will pray for you that you have the strength to not be enticed by this music.

  79. The Grey Man on



    Y'know, I'm usually a devil's advocate when it comes to conspiracy theories (or truths), laughing at "Truth-seekers" who chase at tires without thinking through what will happen once they catch and stop the Illuminati car, but man, the Hollywood elite is really not trying to hide it anymore, are they?

  80. NO LIE. . .I would rock the hell out of that masonic imagery gown! But being a model myself, I draw the line at vacuum packed models on a runway. I'm sure those models were paid a ton of money to subject themselves to such abuse. However, I would have a panic attack and maybe some ptsd if someone strung me up like that in front of all the industry fashion vultures.. And as far as Taylor Momsen goes. . . I think her hardcore satanic image is just an act. . She's what, 19 years old? She probably still has ALOT of teenage angst and has no idea who she is. And since she fronts a pretty hardcore rock band, she needs a hardcore image to match. I mean the girl played Cindy Lou in 'The Grinch' , is an IMG model, and played Jenny Humpry on Gossip Girl. . . I highly doubt she's doing any animal blood sacrifices during her free time.

    • “Why do models always smile during lightening storms?” Answer: “They think they’re getting their picture taken!” Idle people freaking out over cool, busy people, right? .. when will it end Evie Rose?

      • When "cool, busy" people stop telling the rest us how to live our lives and what we should value. That's when.

    • udontknowjacques on

      Yeah because we can see what her life is really like by looking at what shows she acts in…The sad truth is that none of us really know who any of these people are when the camera's are off and they're in the privacy of their own homes…

    • There's a big difference between being normal teenage rebellious and being completely immersed into satanic imagery. Taylor Momsen knows exactly what she's doing. No normal teenager would get that deep into the dark side. Normal teen rebellion is drinking, experimenting w/ drugs or hardcore partying, NOT getting involved w/ an occult/satanic lifestyle. I'm sure she was influenced by Hollywood insiders in a big way, but everyone has a choice. You can choose to go towards light or darkness. There are no excuses for choosing that lifestyle. Even at 19 I knew what I was doing, and even young people know what evil is.

  81. People – yes, the tattoo on the inside of Miley's lip is ridiculous, but I am pretty sure it's a BEAR. You know, like those ridiculous gigantic stuffed animal bears in her performances….idk but that's what it looks like to me.

  82. Citizen Kane on

    Kevin Spacey remains me of L.A.Confidential. Read the book folks. It's about Walt Disney (it's the Dieterling character) and his pervert interests in children. This aspect was totally overseen in the movie. At the end the of the book commits suicide together with a deranged rape victim character and an industrialists friend of him.

    • Jqwon Akibola on

      There is no evidence that Walt Disney had any perverted interest in children. In fact, there is plenty to the contrary.

    • But they don't learn any deep secrets. Only superficial bits and pieces regarding the occult that are widespread.

  83. Do these people ever think that if this evil that they sign on for exists then God must. I know some thing Lucifer is a misunderstood entity but, some day, anyday, they have to pay the devil? That must be why they are so messed up, I would be if I was so stupid to sell my soul for fame l alot of star struck people that idolizes them are wierdos. Oh to be loved by the wierd sick public. That was interesting, but it doesn't get through to so many when these stars do this symbolism.

    • Do these people ever think that if this evil that they sign on for exists then God must. I know some thing Lucifer is a misunderstood entity but, some day, anyday, they have to pay the devil? That must be why they are so messed up, I would be if I was so stupid to sell my soul for fame l alot of star struck people that idolizes them are wierdos. Oh to be loved by the wierd sick public. That was interesting, but it doesn't get through to so many when these stars do this symbolism.

  84. ChainlinkFence on

    Can I just ask when are the Illuminati going to reveal themselves? If they have been getting us ready for the past few decades then is it going to be some time soon? I'm just really worried that it is going to happen soon and their depopulation plan is going to be put in place.

    • They will show themselves by the end of this year. By then we shall be on out knees with satanic bombardment. This has been prophosised by VC and will happen. Mark my words.

  85. AnonymousMusician on

    Turn it around for a minute and maybe just maybe some of the people that are blatantly doing the symbols are doing so to raise awareness. I'm sorry I can't help but play devil's advocate.

  86. Kevin spacey made me think of robin Williams. He has a new show that he promoted with a lightbulb over his head like being illuminated. Even at this age they have to keep going with it..

  87. Everyone should sing the petition against Terry Richardson!!! Look it up on It's simple quick and easy (one push button) to sign a petition or Start one of your own. Love you VC you guys keep me from being tricked by the enemy! Love SPOTM :)

  88. BOTHeyesopen on

    Anyone else notice the "one eye" symbol tattoed on Miley's finger on her left hand, in the Marilyn Monroe photo?

  89. I hope I can get a reply on this.

    What is the point of putting the symbolism out in public? The ones doing the controlling of course will stay behind the scenes, is it so they can get the credit they deserve while maintaining anonymity?

    Of course it all goes unnoticed for the most part by the general public, and it doesn't really serve much purpose for consumers of the entertainment, is it just for their own egos? To show who is running the show?

    And I'm confused on the Free Masons, good or bad? I've been inside their local temple for a graduation and was able to look into the main hall. I've heard that some of their traditions might be passed down from as far back as the temple in Bible times. Back then though it was clearly to worship God. That could be pure speculation, of course.

    I'm sure I can find more on all this here on the site, but I mostly have read here about the symbols being pointed out, but less about why.


      • Yes. And the stairs. But I just kind of peeked in, I didn't go inside that room. But I thought anyone who is genuinely interested could become a Mason, also, I'm not certain, but I think they give tours. I'm not trying to discredit anything said here on this site, because I clearly don't know what I'm talking about, but it seems to me that the Masons is a positive thing, and the illuminati similarities is a perversion of it.

  90. Adam, If you said there was no checkered floor, I would've said ok, positive maybe but because you said there was I don't think it is. The higher degree masons keep secrets from the lower degree masons/ blue masons and that is why you will probably think it is positive. Expect a lot of after hour activities, most likely carried out on the checkered floor. You should read books written by 33rd degree masons (Albert pike, Manly Palmer Hall etc) or just read some of the excerpts written by them and when you connect the dots, you will realise yourself. Like Albert Pike said himself, Freemasonry is almost entirely based on the kabbalah…..Hmmmmm

  91. VigilantMonkey on

    Ok I am just going to say this , these are just human beings who feel like they controlled by a higher power (be it God or the devil) , the reallity is they are just pathetic human beings like everyone else.

    Its sad that people like this are brainwashed and most probably mentally ill , they get so caught up in "fame" which is really just a bunch of weirdo's with cameras taking pictures of them (potraying them to look famous) and fans who actually just want to be in the the spotlight.

  92. Ugh I have a friend that likes the pretty reckless of course I didnt know who it was until we went to her concert; to make things worse it was my first concert ever and it had to be this bitch's face I had to see. I told her I didnt like Taylor for shit but I would go to it with her; so she wont be alone. Of course I knew that bitch was bad news(I even told my friend but she didnt seem to care) I remember her dancing like she was in a stripper joint not thruout the whole concert but she dance in an unnecessary way and provocatively(mostly as u were dancing for ur woman/man in a private way) And whats worse there were like a handful of 13 yrs and teens in there -_- A lot sort of dressed the way Momsen would; skanky in dark. And she was wearing a oversized t-shirt with the baphomet in cicrle and no jeans at all -_-

  93. Being a VC is not an easy job. And seriously….that one eye thing is really getting old. Really.
    Find something new and original and NOT covering the eye and stop! Oh wait…you can't.

  94. In fairness House of Cards is about the ruling elite so it is apt that Kevin Spacey use the illuminati one eyed thing. I doubt he would say it was an accident.

  95. The good news is that all this satanic messaging is easily making me turn off the TV for good. Yeah, no more cable bill! Thank you VC.

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