Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/14


In this edition of SPOTM: Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Kourtney Kardashian, Jared Leto and, as usual, what the hell is wrong with the fashion world?

Miley Cyrus is the new face of Marc Jacobs. She is posing here next to what appears to be a dead girl.
In Marc Jacob’s Spring 2014 campaign, Miley Cyrus is sitting there, being stylish next to … a dead girl. So fashion forward.


In this pic, Miley looks really cool with shades on ... the dead girl looks cools as well. This ad campaign prompted a writer at The Guardian to publish an article entitled "How female corpses became a fashion trend", where the writer cited a few other examples of dead women in fashion shoots. This is simply an extension of the culture of death is prevailing in pop culture, where deshumanization is something that is being made cool and fashionable.
In this pic, Miley looks really cool with shades on … the dead girl looks cools as well. This ad campaign prompted a writer at The Guardian to publish an article entitled “How female corpses became a fashion trend“, where the writer cites a few other examples where dead women are featured in fashion shoots. This ad campaign is simply a continuation of the culture of death that is prevailing in pop culture. Dehumanization is trendy.


Speaking of the dehumanizing fashion here are Bobby Abley designs featured at London's Men Fashion Week. Yup, its a guy wearing a shirt saying "0 brains", with a Mikey Mouse hat (a symbol of mind control) and a device forcing his mouth open, like some kind of inflatable doll. In short, this model is turned into a brainless, mind controlled zombie. And people are watching this and clapping.
Speaking of the dehumanizing fashion, here are pics from a fashion show during London’s Men Fashion Week. Yup, its a guy wearing a shirt saying “Brains 0”, combined with a Mikey Mouse hat (a symbol of mind control) and a device forcing his mouth open. I do not think it is possible to make that guy look more idiotic and, even worse, more of a symbol for mind control in the fashion world.


Here's a guy with horns on his heads, the letters R.I.P. on his shirt and barb wires on his sleaves. In short, he is a celebration of Illuminati mind control and death culture. He can't say anything about it because his mouth is forced open.
Another model with horns on his heads, the letters R.I.P. on his shirt and barb wires on his sleeves. In short, he is a celebration of Illuminati mind control and death culture. He can’t say anything about it because his mouth is forced open.


Ummm...why are you trying to look like Kelly Rowland's twin brother? But seriously, why is the fashion world desperately trying to make women look masculine and men look feminine?
Dude…why are you trying to look like Kelly Rowland’s twin brother? But seriously, the fashion world is desperately trying to make women look masculine and men look feminine.


Beyoncé posted this pic on Instagram where she is posing sexily in front of a painting of the Last Supper. If you notice, she is hiding Jesus Christ on the pic, prompting commentators to dub this pics "Beyzus". While this may be dismissed as an innocent picture, it is perfectly in line with Jay-Z and Kanye West's recurrent themes of being gods themselves.
Beyoncé posted this pic on Instagram. She is posing sexily in front of a painting of the Last Supper and is hiding Jesus Christ on the pic. This prompting some people to dub her “Beyzus”. While this may be dismissed as an innocent picture, it is perfectly in line with Jay-Z and Kanye West’s recurrent themes of being/becoming Jesus, which is in line with the occult elite’s belief of seeking godhood.


Speaking of Almighty Yeezus, here's Kanye West in a photoshoot for Interview magazine. It was shot by Steven Klein who directed Lady Gaga and Britney Spears videos. Unsuprisingly, there is mind control in the photoshoot. Here, Kanye is sitting in what appears to be an electric chair with an uncomfortable mask on his head.
Speaking of Almighty Yeezus, here’s Kanye in a photoshoot for Interview magazine. It was shot by Steven Klein, who also worked with Lady Gaga and Britney Spears videos. Unsurprisingly, the photoshoot features MK imagery. In this pic, Kanye is sitting in what appears to be an electric chair with an uncomfortable mask on his head.


Here he appears to be suffocating, a common torture used on MK slaves. While this shoot may represent Kanye's "trials and tribulations" and whatnot, the imagery still reinforces the promotion of deshumanziation and torture in mainstream media.
In this pic, he appears to be suffocating, a common torture used on MK slaves. While this shoot may represent Kanye’s “trials and tribulations”, the imagery is still in line with the promotion of dehumanization and torture in mainstream media.


Kanye wearing the world's most elaborate mask which features one hole for one eye. More MK symbolism.
Kanye wearing the world’s most elaborate mask which features one hole for one eye. More MK symbolism.


Now let's look at Yeezus' sister-in-law Chloe Kardashian and her photoshoot for The Coveteur magazine. This seemingly innoncent article on her "Louboutin-filled" closet is actually more filled with MK imagery. Here she is posing weirdly with the now non-avoidable Mickey Mouse hat, the symbol of mind control in the entertainment industry.
Now let’s look at Yeezus’ sister-in-law, Kourtney Kardashian, and her photoshoot for The Coveteur magazine. This seemingly innocent article about her “Louboutin-filled” closet is actually more filled with MK imagery. For no obvious reason, Kourtney is wearing a Mickey Mouse hat (symbol of mind control).


Mikey Mouse hat + cat = Beta Kitten Programming.
Mikey Mouse hat + cat = Beta Kitten Programming.


Animal prints are used to identify Beta slaves aka Sex Kittens.
Animal prints are used to identify Beta slaves aka Sex Kittens.


No MK-themed shoot would be complete without a one-eye sign. Here it is.
No MK-themed shoot would be complete without a one-eye sign. Here it is.


Here are Khloe's sisters (notice how people in the above pics are all related?) 2013 Christmas card. The word "Naughty" is used to hide one of her eyes. Yes, being an Illuminati pawn forces you into become "naughty". But that word is probably not strong enough.
Here are Khloe’s half-sisters Kendall and Kylie (notice how people in the above pics are all related) 2013 Christmas card. The word “Naughty” is used to hide one of her eyes. Yes, being an Illuminati pawn forces you into become “naughty”. But that word is probably not strong enough.


Speaking of Kendall Jenner, here's a picture she posted on Instagram. Guess she's under Baphomet's spell now.
Here’s a picture posted by Kendall on Instagram. Guess she’s under Baphomet’s spell now.


Here's Jared Leto (a regular at SPOTM) doing a triangle with his hands and conveniently hiding one eye with it.
Here’s Jared Leto (a regular at SPOTM) forming a triangle with his hands and conveniently hiding one eye with them.


Jared on the cover of Hollywood magazine. He wears an All-Seeing Eye ring so you fully understand why he is always hiding one eye.
Jared on the cover of Hollywood magazine. He wears an All-Seeing Eye ring so you fully understand why he is always hiding one eye.


Here's Jared trying hard to look like Jesus. Can someone maybe send a memo to Jared, Beyoncé and Kanye to let them know that they are NOT Jesus? They seem confused about that. But seriously, this simply goes with the Agenda of de-holifying and humanizing Christianity in mass media.
Here’s Jared trying hard to look like Jesus. Can someone maybe send a memo to Jared, Beyoncé and Kanye to let them know that they are NOT Jesus? They seem confused about this fact.


Here's what people in Sydney saw on New Years Eve: A giant All-Seeing Eye watching the city. Creeptacular.
Here’s what people in Sydney saw on New Years Eve: A giant All-Seeing Eye watching the city. Creeptacular.


This coin was issued by the Royal Australian Mint to commemorate the 2014 New Year's Eve. Once again, its all about that Eye.
This coin was issued by the Royal Australian Mint to commemorate the 2014 New Year’s Eve. Once again, its all about that Eye.


This is a page from a children's book called 'Olivia Goes to Vennice'. Why is Olivia "very pleased" about being searched by these two pigs? Looks like an attempt at normalizing TSA searches to young children.
This is a page from a children’s book called ‘Olivia Goes to Venice’. Why is Olivia “very pleased” about being searched by these two pigs? Looks like an attempt at normalizing TSA searches to young children.


This is a screenshot taken from the official website of the movie Devil's Due. It asks people to convert their Facebook religion to satanism to receive an "offering". Just another way of making pushing satanism to the masses.
This is a screenshot taken from the official website of the movie Devil’s Due. It asks people to convert their Facebook religion to satanism to receive an “offering”. Just another way of pushing satanism to the masses.


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That last one getting people to change their religion to Satanism for a movie promotion is really messed up and the worst part is people are stupid enough these days to go along with it.

I didn't know where exactly to post this, so I'll post it here. I used to be the BIGGEST Rihanna fan. I was pretty much obsessed with the girl and I never knew how stupid I looked until now. I remember the first time I visited this site. I already believed Rihanna was demonic but I always turned the other cheek. I remember coming across someone who used to be the way I was with Rihanna to. They told me that after they I guess got rid of her they felt a whole lot better. I didn't believe that was possible because I was so obsessed with Rihanna at the time. I remember thinking that I had no purpose in life if I didn't listen to Rihanna, see Rihanna, or hear anything about Rihanna. Some people told me I was worshipping the her but I never really looked into it.… Read more »

I'm glad you woke up. You broke out of the propaganda jail and will be able to help others do the same. Stay vigilant!

Thank you! You too! I've struggled with helping others. They don't want to hear it period and sometimes I get discouraged because it's usually a group of people who attack me, but I try to remain strong and positive. I remember watching the rockstar 101 video a couple of months ago and I got totally creeped out. I've never seen the disturbia video and I don't plan on it. I'm not sure if I should be scared or not, because ever since I woke up I get scared. Rihanna herself scares me. Everything about most artists scare me. I remember someone saying these people strive off of fear. Is that true?

Beyonce is the one who scares me more than anyone else.

Why does she scare you might I ask? I do get this creepy vibe from her but I'm curious to why she scares you more than anyone else.

She doesn't really. Was only saying some nonsense.

Oh okay.

I used to love Mariah C….. Untill I woke up and noticed that her music was making me only look back instead of looking forward…. Get stronger, pray and don't be scared, your prayers will protect you from the evil…. It is good that you see how scary they are, it means your eyes are opened! Pray and have faith;-) good luck in your journey, lots of blessings from Holland

Thank you, good luck in yours! I pray everyday every chance I get to. I recently almost got into Lorde's music. Pretty much every one of her songs gave me this creepy, satanic vibe. Especially Glory And Glore. I had to think for myself and realize that that music isn't helping me go anywhere. It set me back and kind of put me in somewhat of a trance. Every time I listened to it I felt like I was letting something bad into my home. I figured that if I can let go of Rihanna's music then I can let go of anyone else's. With that said I pray and afterwards I deleted Lorde and her music off of my phone and my iPod. A lot of people think I'm weird or just crazy because I'm only 15 and am realizing all this stuff. I brush off what people say… Read more »

What a wise 15 year old you are. I was addicted to music at your age, it was my life, my idol, my God. The Lord opened my eyes and when I was 21 I destroyed my massive music collection, (back when music was made on vinyl records). I instantly felt liberated, lighter in my spirit. I've had a few relapses over the years (I'm 43 now), but I don't crave worldly music like I used too. It does nothing for me, adds nothing to me. I only listen to worship music now, it brings life to me, where my old music brought destruction.

Such strength and wisdom!

Good call, Kiddo! Glad that you used your discernment before any permanent harm befell you….addiction, disease, unintended pregnancy, etc.

You've escaped snares, and should be proud for it!

Don't worry about anyone thinking that you're "strange" or "weird", Hon. You're all at a very strange age right now, but if you keep using your brain as well as you seem to have so far, 20 yrs. from now all of those antagonists will be, for the most part, nothing but memories, and many will be living lives you wouldn't want anything to do with.

You have given me a bit of faith in the youth in these times. You're NOT all dopes! 🙂 Good to know, and thank you for posting!

Take Care, and best wishes!

I really enjoy reading all of this, and learning everything, because I like to be aware, even if it is pretty sickening, but my real question is: what can we do to stop it? I don't want to just read about these things, I want to actually try to stop the horrible stuff going on in the industry. Sure, it's a long shot, but anything is possible. I just don't know how to.

Has anyone else noticed that the font on the "0 Brains" sweater looks like the Disney font?!

The Kanye West pictures were disturbing..why would anyone want to be portrayed that way? Who even comes up with these ideas..must be a sick mind! It's scary because they aren't going to stop pushing the envelope so who knows how far it will go..and sadly many people don't care..they are so desensitized they think its normal or cool

Symbolic Pics of the Month. SPOTM (Spot 'Em) I like that.

which is why i will opt to homeschool my children in future.

I've been there and it is the most ideologically attractive when they are young. I believe that homeschooling throughout their educational years can be a misguided practice. They need to know and understand the basis of your objections first hand. They are people in their own right and their years with you are a very small part of their entire life experience.

You've made a good point, apsara. They are people in their own right. To continue that thought- they are also half-formed, non-discerning, gormless wee beasties that need to be sheltered while they learn consequences, are refined into civilized behavior, and be guarded while their brains finish developing so that they can go out and have a productive rest of their life, free from the tyranny of what all these wolves photographed up above want to exploit and wring out of them. They have a right, as their own self-contained being, to survive the small part of their life where they're unfinished, and arrive at adulthood without being ravaged. Amongst homeschooling folk, the sort of family that shelters their kiddies in the way implied in your post (you'll note I said 'implied'. I'm running in a generality on a theme and not accusing you of stating such a thing) is a… Read more »

To clarify- human brains are their most stupid and vulnerable to the kind of exploitation described all over VC at about high school. So I don't mean to imply that 'while they are young' is the best homeschooling era. Teens are the most gormless wee beasties that walk the planet, left to their own devices. Guided, they're stunning and wondrous creatures, and creatures grow into forces. Why do you think all the commercial entities work so hard from so early on to capture them, and overtime to convince the world parents are simply meddlers? Teens are incapable of 'first-hand understanding'. They have no life experience to mitigate the effects.

I respect your point of view and I fully understand it having thoroughly researched homeschooling myself and even implemented it for a short while overseas. I like to think that the children I raise are not gormless being with half-baked brains. I believe that they come into the worlds with a purity and clarity of vision that is superior to that of adults and not marred by the same devastation, complexes and fears (child is father of the man) . I appreciate the flaws of the curriculum. Their school is particularly Luciferian (this term the eldest is learning about witchcraft for the entire half term so every math problem, every book, every homework is centered around spells and magic). Would I teach that during home-ed? Of course not. But the fact that it is being taught allows them to bring it home as a topic of discussion which forces me… Read more »

Yes apsara but you need to be mentally mature to have kids too instead of having them too young and then dump them with the granny as it's the case more than often. If the grannies are good enough to bring up their grandkids as the very young mothers are busy with clubbing, men, manicures and so on why not have kids older esp when you have them without medical intervention. Also you need to find someone who is willing to have kids with you instead of trapping a poor sod with an unwanted pregnancy. Let's not forget that both parents need to be youngish to have children. What's the point to have kids at 25 if the only men you can get are over 40? There are so many angles to consider that the time is never ideal.

Good points stp, I was thinking more along the lines of a young graduate rather than a teen mom scenario! Generally, older men have almost always wanted to breed with younger women if they want to breed at all, never women of the same age (and many don't realise they want children until the children reach a particular age and stage which may well be too late for their participation). I would never have considered a younger father for mine, infact, I always imagined marrying a much older man than the (significantly older) one I did marry.

An interesting answer. Thank you for the time you took. Your description of a mature parent being jaded, cynical, and a stifling burden is rather cynical, jaded, and bigoted. I pray when you hit those years (whichever decade you think that sets in), you have not taught your children in a way that causes them to view you in that light.

I never meant to cause offence Tiger – perhaps I could have phrased that more sensitively. I was the child of a mother who had me when she was around 40. I never remember her being able to run after me in the park or pick me up and swing me over her shoulders. I constantly sensed a latent, well-disguised regret at loss of a good career/loss of status/loss of earnings as a result of having had more than two children. Despite the fact that she is a great mother in her own right, she never saw us as marvellous, wonderful, other wordly being the way in which my siblings and I view our children. She saw us as needing protection from the wolves out there in the big, bad world and needing to maximise our education in order to achieve self-worth through career success which she had lain upon… Read more »

Its fantastic you've changed the paradigm you were under, but years aren't the cause of your mother's attitude. She was herself, and you're you. It doesn't follow that you'd become her from the simple fact of attaining the same age. You've already changed the trajectory, so no worries there.

oh dear everything is relevant apsara. However, you should do whatever pleases you. Remember though that plans don't always work. Just leave for the momemt and don't get disappointed if things don't turn the way you expect them to.

Nothing new, it's getting more blatant though. The one thing that did throw me off was the guys with their mouths held open with metal. While it could symbolize something deeper, I actually think it's a sex slave type of thing. Like a bondage, you cant close your mouth while disgusting men put their you-know-whats down your face-and I would have to agree you would have to have zero brains to allow yourself to be portrayed that way. So if they ever pose a child that way, then you will know they are pushing p********a. Good work as always-the jared leto thing was sickening as well-it's bad enough the black entertainers pretend to be gods, but jared and his handlers know full well the likeness to Jesus they were portraying. They all make me sick. You are doing a good job exposing them-I believe a majority of americans would boycott… Read more »

The male fashion seems to be all about Disney. The horns look like Maleficent horns, i bet the movie will be full of satanism and illuminati. And it features Angelina Jolie, so what to say more….But hey it's a kids movie!

The male fashion seems to me to be all about a waste of good fabric, and a lot of whack jobs in the lead. No man in his right mind would wear those get ups. Then again, there are many not in their right minds nowadays…. (heavy sigh)

the pic with miley and the 2 dead girls;

what I see;

"Hannah is in the background kinda over New Miley's shoulder kinda haunting her and Old Miley the one we all love is lying on the floor dead "

I'm a children's book editor and the very fact that a page from one of the children's book is featured in SPOTM disturbs me greatly.

It's a Simon & Schuster publication. They are a big well established publishing company. I'm wondering how involved they are with the elites.

You're not REALLY "wondering", are you?

The Miley photo shows her old self as dead or sleeping.

The pigs ears in that book are way longer than any depiction of pig ears I've seen in my entire life, and real pigs ears are rather small-whats up with that? No kid enjoys, or is happy/glad about being group by adult strangers-none. Whatever happened to good touch – bad touch training in school-going to have a hard time explaining to jr why they are to be glad to have every crevice groped, including their private parts.

The models with the bizarre mouth-gear. "Never look a gift horse in the mouth". But, if you're buying one- you check its teeth. They're livestock, on display. Which of course is all the catwalk has ever been, of course. Its just ramped up.

They also put me in mind of one of the characters in Hellraiser.

Also, if you notice, in Miley's pics the dead girl is wearing outfits identical to Miley….


I haven't read all comments, so it may have already been pointed out that the Iris in the Sydney ASE is an eight spoke wheel, which, in witchcraft/pagan jargon, is known as the Wheel of the Year. It represents the 8 sabbats of the year: Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, etc. The tattoo on Jared Leto's right clavicle translates to "promote the deep" according to Google Translate, which is very telling, IMO. The original Latin, which is very hard to see in the photos here, reads as follows: "Provehito In Altum". His other tattoos are no better. I never understood how anyone could enjoy their riches/fame/etc., when gotten by selling your soul. Even if one simply caved in to the demands of the elite to gain these things, knowing the lengths to which they (elite) go to influence media and the masses should scream "There's something amiss here! Perhaps I should reconsider… Read more »

You can understand it although it's important for them to have fame, riches, everyone on standby. Probably they can't understand why we write about them. We are all insane.


"It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society." –J. Krishnamurthi

And Beyoncé and her husband were at Michelle Obama is clear or not?

She sings for brutal fascist dictators overseas, so why not stateside?

I wish the whole Kardashian clam would just disappear of the face of the planet…. I seriously, cannot stand any of them. I guess, if they are controlled by handlers, there wont be much chance of getting rid of them anytime soon in the future.

I used to work in a lingerie boutique. The manager asked me to put up a poster of the Kardashian pigs in our window display.

Oops, I accidentally tore it in half when I was up on the ladder.

I cannot STAND those pigs.

Nice work! Ever lil' action adds up! Cheers! (accidents happen! teeheehee…)

While they're all sick, it's of course not surprising (But again, no less sick). The picture from the kids book is what's particularly sickening to me. The whole concept is disturbing, but just the fact that the word "weapons" is in a sentence just gets under my skin.

I can't believe that children's book part is real….just can't. Anyone – even kids would easily smell a rat reading this!

I thought the same thing but It appears to be real. Go check out the Amazon reviews.

You would hope the kids would jack up but remember this book is for young children. It's just to condition young children to get use to this treatment in the future. They are simply trying to normalize this *procedure*. Speaking of children… If you have look at "common core" education reforms….something very weird going on there. It will certainly give you an idea how they are now intending to brain wash the children of the future through so called education as well as collect very personal data on the parents/student through these reforms while shutting parent input out. I watched some clips on you tube about parents going off about the weird reforms that are now put in place at public schools in some states of America. The motive is to produce dumb and obedient citizens. Worth a read and certainly worth rejecting.

Very good of you to bring up the "common core" issue/threat to humanity and it's future, wakenlight! All should take some time to educate themselves on this, and be aware of events in their towns/cities.

Some time on UN AGENDA 21 is something i would suggest, as well.

Take care!

There are more alarming examples (albeit non contemporary) within children's literature. I possess a beautiful hardback copy of the Hunchback of Notre Dame (abridged) where the symbolism comes thick and fast including a pet goat called Djaali. Could be a Disney book!
The Little Einstein series (definitely Disney) explain metamorphosis in a lovely way more's the pity (butterflies abound!)

What an utterly perverse agenda being pushed upon us by these "entertainment" and "fashion" industries. One of the fundamentals of satanic influence is perverting that which is upright and calling the perversion the correction. It is very clear that there is an agenda to feminize men and masculinize women. It is a complete assault on the natural formation of the creation and I don't care what these fools that consume this trash say. There is nothing "entertaining" about death and self mutilation and certainly nothing "fashionable" about dehumanization.

Good call, Silentwarrior. Further down, J.R. mentions cognitive dissonance. Yeah, it is a huge social and psychological destroyer. Propaganda. IMHO, the gender-blender revolution has an economic purpose, which is to increase tax revenue via the two income family. The gender-blender's other purpose is to establish women in all roles and on all levels of society so as to minimize the negative impact of the loss of men in a WW3.

the industry is sick…ugh…
they promote death not in a way that death is beneficial to think about…but in a very dark satanic way, as if the only death is the one in hell. as if one cant escape the darkness they're in. no thanks.
whats even more annoying is when people just swallow this as 'cool' and don't think about the meaning.
why can't people just boycottt all this and not watch, not give any money, just totally ignore and kill the stupid useless industry?????? it's completely useless!

They promote death so people would be willing to commit suicide and never get saved. By committing suicide you insult the Holy Spirit and this is unforgivable. They want to take all souls down with them, that's why they glamourize sex and death. Not satisfied to sose their souls, they have to destroy everyone else. Epitome of wickedness.

Has anyone else noted the triangle symbol which flashes up in the advert for the Devils Due? Creeps me out every time because it flashes up so quickly that if you don't know what you're looking for you don't see it. Is it some kind of covert programming? It seems that every where you look is just there in your face. The end game isn't far away me thinks. Great article as ever VC and very interesting reading others comments.

Yes! I noticed the triangle flashing the first time the commercial came on! I changed the channel right away! No one else in my family notice it but me. These are sad, sickening times.

I look at those illuminati pictures everywhere and laugh. We should keep an open mind and not fall under their trap. Thanks VC! X

The one eye doesn't symbolize MK programming. Its a symbol for "the dajjal" which literally translates to the deciever. "In the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is king"? Guess you could google those things. A muslim can tell you alot about the dajjal, but odds are the msm has turned you totally against Islam. I don't have to go far to run into an islamaphobe, but honestly your not gonna find a better source for info on all of this 1 eyed symbolism if you really wanted insight into why its everywhere these days.

Also satanists are kinda like the kiddies at the table, the luciferians are the ones who are pulling the strings.

Oh yeah? So can a christian. Dajjal = Antichrist

Respect to you Alex. Only true believers will be able to tell that the dajjal (antichrist) is the beast but the rest will follow.

Off topic, your comment about 'satanists.. at the table' reminded me of a recent Ikea advert where there are kids and adults in costume eating around a table and it has a rather sinister tagline at the end about adults and kids enjoy spending time together. Their evil has gone 'viral'.

That Devil's Due is crazy. I went on tumblr and saw their tumblr on "spotlight"(before I knew it was a movie) and their bio was really weird so I was like "alright, I'll check what this is" and it led to a tumblr with a cute, married couple etc. but suddenly went to blood and screaming and then to the official website. Such a weird campaign for the movie, man

The Divine's original plan for marriage is very much under attack anymore, which could explain the cute married couple being corrupted by that evil. The wedding is to represent Christ, the husband, and how he is to return for his bride, us, the church.

I do not believe in/ identify with any religion and even this gives me bad vibes. Sad to see all these people selling out for fame, money, materialism, & millions of twitter and instagram followers. I just don't get it. However, I do think one day things will eventually improve. 'It's always darkest before the dawn. . . .'

WOW at the last one. WOWW. smh

Kourtney's pose in the picture along with the blocks, stuffed animal, finger painted drawings and children's books on the shelves are also sick and disturbing.

I think the picture of Kanye in the electric chair could be much further analyzed. If you notice on the bottom right corner there is Kanye's severed head and the "mask" represents his new "head" aka alter persona. It's as if Kanye was tortured with electroshocked until he dissociated from his true self and became the black mask we see in the picture. So incredibly terrifying all of these pics….

Hey VC – Check out HBO's new show, "True Detective", with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McWhatever.
I tuned in hoping to find an interesting, intelligent procedural, something gore-free and original, with great characters. Instead I was met with ANOTHER occult murder plot line, with underage sex slaves, devil-worshipping ritual murderers (female corpses with antlers), corrupt churches, and so on and so on.
I am not writing this due to moral outrage or fear, I am actually BORED with this subject matter. I was disappointed. It is officially unoriginal, just one more brick in the wall. It is all fairly rote and obvious, but possibly worth an analysis. It's nothing special, however.

Well, what do you want. An anaysis of something unoriginal, boring an not desserving attention really, or a surprising choice of VC ?-)

Marc Jacobs is totally sinister too and the whole Angel Barta thing and how he basically controls all of the fashion industry.
Also one of the jenners is dating Harry styles from one direction, another beard prostitute ?

Rita Ora also springs to mind as a possible beard prostitue. She dated the kardashian guy, plus She is everywhere yet she hasn't had any or many hits. She has a reputation in North London for being a s**t who sleeps around, she is referred to as rita w***e-ah …she is also mentored by jay-z so I have my suspicions.

Will you write an article about Lana Del Rey's short film – Tropico? I just saw it today and I understood some of it but I would love to see your take on it! It seems it was made in a way to make people start seeing celebrities as Gods, where John Wayne is presented as God in her video.
Though I know there's alot of simbolism in her videos and some of the lyrics I can't stop listening to her music. It's magick!

WOW! Mind boggling. I just looked at Tropico and all I can say… "blasphemy"
The opening words are from the first chapter of the book of John.
Yes VC please take a look at your earliest convenience.

Lana Del Rey is another Illuminati puppet, she's also the voice for one of the songs on the disney maleficent movie. I heard the song and her voice and the song itself really creeped me out. I also youtubed tropico and it gave me such a weird feeling I could not watch the whole thing. She has a weird, creepy aura.

Celebrities are the new 'gods', they are idolised and worshipped and all of them possessed by a plethora of demons, anyone who worships these false idols becomes attached to their demons too and linked in to demonic forces. Demons make these people very alluring and give them their power and talents. That feels good to those who tap into these energies and they get addicted to these energies. This is the time of the great harvest, and what they are also doing through the new 'messiahs' of the truth movement. its all a gathering of 'souls for satan'. Most of the population is now 'gone', along with their false prophets/profit$. The pic of the mickey mouse, (which forms a pentagram across the face) model states all their plans, the death of the true Divine human, being 'upgraded' by satanic forces, mind control and technology, with which they will try to… Read more »

im afraid im tending into that direction too the more i read and see.

there are people all over the (western) world, working for ONE FORCE. and the organisation who directs all those efforts are the illuminati.
as they write on their site (not sure if to post the link, but yes, they have an "official" website lol) these days they are in full offensive mode. they started the "movement" symbolised by a big M very similar to mileys…

they say they want to overthrow the old elite and establish meritocracy.
but they also say "sin for salvation" and that the official version of 911 is true. i guess because they did it…

its all about destroying order. and then sit on the throne of chaos. with humans dumbed down to animals.

The dead girl in the photo shoot is actually Miley. Looks like they killed off the sweet innocent Hannah Montana for the twerking, weed smoking young woman we have now. The picture shows her with long hair. Actually Hannah Montana is also an alter ego because her name is Destiny.

I think what you mean is Miley Cyrus herself has always been an alter ego because she was born Destiny Hope Cyrus(What a fitting name, right?). Then Hannah Montana and this whole "new miley"…. Four persona's in one lifetime right in front of the public's eyes. how sad….

Yuck. Ick. How sad and creepy the fashion & enter-trainment industry is. When I first started visiting this site and became aware of the illuminati symbolism, I thought it was just a trend, but now I know this is propaganda at an increasingly pervasive level.

I tried looking for the link and couldn't find it. If anyone knows where it is let us know. But a couple of days ago I saw a list of businesses that are pro-Planned Parenthood supporters. This included Conde-Nast who owns GQ Magazine. It doesn't surprise me in the least to see this coming from those people. Death culture and promoting of death. Shame on you for leading people down the wrong path.

Good post. Conde-Nast-y publishing is vehemently pro-abortion. All their fashion/entertainment magazines will find a way to openly and subtly promote abortion and the overall culture of death. I boycott all their publications and sites.

I don't want to enter a debate on abortion. My point is another:
what we can concretely do, once we spot we-know-who's presence in the media, is simply avoid buying a magazine or subscribing to a TV channel ie avoid giving them our money, as consumers.
From "Not in my name" to "Not with my money" !!!

Yes, their name sucks.

Wow,wow wow.The mens fashions are horrible.What real man would wear that??Does others not see this growing trend?That's the reason most of these teenagers and children are so adamant about being non believers…they grow weaker and wiser…In constant prayer for the people in the world.Is it ok to post links here??I want some of the readers to see this video of the new bracelet that can be worn and used to make purchases.

Of course! What is the link?

Can somebody please explain to me why these people agree to the abuse? Miley Cyrus is obviously being abused. And why would Kanye agree to those awful pictures depicting him in such a humiliating way? I just don't understand it.

I think it is for money and power. By helping the elite push their agenda, these celebrities and their accomplices receive riches, fame, and power (although limited).

I also believe that some, like Miley, were forced into this. Those in her situation are basically prostitutes who rake in the money and power for their pimps (MK masters/programmers). Those like her are not completely aware of what is going on, but I think those like Kanye, and Leto know what is going on and accept it.

i doubt they know anything, they're all just puppets. The elite isn't going to discuss their agenda's with some brainless popstar.

Sometimes it may have to do with the contracts they sign. If a star refuses to do something on moral grounds the company could eat them alive for breaking their contract. In the end the star could be penniless or worse.

Walk a mile in Miley's (or Kanye's) shoes. Imagine if you were surrounded by multitudes of people, everyone from your nearest and dearest family members to the anonymous adoring public and they were all telling you 24 hours a day how wonderful you are and how talented and how special, etc. How your farts smell like roses and every word you utter is profound and you are being paid literal mountains of money for "just being you". Then imagine what it would be like after years of this unlimited adoration to be instructed by the very people who claim to have your best interests at heart, your manager, your agent, etc., that you need to do this "edgy" imagery to maintain this exalted position and lifestyle and ask yourself if you would be able to discern the abuse and exploitation or would you be so accustomed to being exploited that… Read more »

They don't agree, they are simply vulnerable. It is what human trafficking is all about. It is operant conditioning at its worst. It's the cycle of intimate abuse done with ritual trappings before the public. The shock value is worth billions. Shock is used to instill cultural change. Top down, bottom up, inside out.

These "stars" are made to participate in various rituals that are horrendous in scope. Their are films of their participation. They know that humanity would tear them limb to limb…literally…if these images are ever shown. That buys a LOT of silence, and cooperation, right there. It's the same way with politicians, and many in higher levels of business.

It's not that they "cooperate" willingly….they will either be destroyed for non compliance, or begin to lose their loved ones, one by one.

We are NOT speaking of "normal" people, in any sense of the word. These animals play for keeps, go by no rules, and are really determined to win power over all the world.

Stay strong!

I feel like Kendall and Kylie are used as symbols of duality in the picture above. One of them is naughty and the other is nice. And if it isn't more if a coincidence, a lot of times, people mistake them as twins. In Kourtney's photoshoot, it looks like she's in a child's room due to the Legos, toy car, and what seems to be a stuffed tiger in the corner. This could suggest that she has been a BETA slave since childhood. I wouldn't be surprised because I remember on one of their episodes, she talked about being sexually active early on in life. In Miley's photo, maybe the dead girl is her core-self that has been "killed off" in her psyche. Miley is wearing dark sunglasses to possibly signify that this is a new Miley, one that is not what she seems. The man in the background could… Read more »

Great points. I agree about the dead girl, especially. If you look at Miley's face, she's pretty upset…like she's being forced to abandon her morals and values. The dead girl is wearing a different outfit then the other two, which can also represent transition.

I'd say the sunglasses over her eyes are not unlike the buttons on Coraline's eye's, in the last article that VC wrote. Remember the eyes are the windows to ones soul, only her eyes don't show anymore.

Stuffed tigers and tiger images are in numerous scenes in "Eyes Wide Shut". Yep, beta from the beginning.

Good point.

Kourtney may want to watch her back.

I remember Jordan Maxwell talking about the many photos that have surfaced of "Well Known" people and "random" murders that become sensational, that contain the Deaths Head colours (red,black,white) in the image and/or Mickey Mouse (also red, black, white). The media often show these photos when a "Star" has been or about to be sacrificed.

Was it Kourtney that had the glove above her head in the Kardash xmas card?

I have just noticed the "Miss u" picture behind her and the car to the her right. In the Xmas card it had an image of one of the Kardasians on a car seat looking dazed – like she had been in a crash.

I dont follow these people so maybe I have listed stuff that is entirely wrong and is related to something else.

We must all pray for the world….it's sickening. "Celebrities" encourage idolism which is banned in christianity so i dont listen to it…this century is encouraging people to think of music as something soooo great but its truly run by the wicked

Jared leto has won an2014 Oscar for role as transgender.

I meant following you..

Eventually people will start "doing what they wilt" completely, no thanks to those elite pawns that most people are obsessively worshipping having no idea what awaits them behind all that fame and glam no matter how much they wish they were like these MK'd celebrities. All I see here is death and people being used to push the illuminati propaganda convincing many that they can become gods, due to the pictures of veterans beyonce and kanye west trying to play Jesus. The fashion industry itself is just clearly promoting "death culture" to women making it "fun" and all with them classic sinister themes such as sexual promiscuity. Those leading illuminati slaves of Beyoncé and company will never replace Christ and I for one will continue to stay awake and enlightened by the hidden evil that surrounds me everyday because I know I will never bow down and worship these godlike… Read more »

Vigilant Citizen does it again with more vital info. The tattoo on the finger of the young satanist in training is pathetic..! The eye over Australia was just a reminder of who's controlling this world at the present moment….The Jared Leto pic's were very sad in that i was a fan of his acting and some songs of his music. But again this goes to show that at that level these people that are pushed in front of us to see have very little choices over what they do, just like the rest of us 🙁 Thank you again VC and God bless!!


Oops…NOT the Super Bowl….in my last comment. Sorry, just with a Seahawk playa.

Wow this the truth americas we deal with we have to pass on with friends and family members to be aware what is going on we have to still open our eyes both eyes to uncover this …is a lie from the pit .we have to pray for America !

The queen wouldn't want a commoner to be the future wife of a prince, so I wonder how she allowed waity Kate.
Some astrologers have predicted that Prince William will be the last king and the monarchy will end with him(source-internet) and well if the monarchy ends, it is good news for the people- their tax money can be saved and Kate's chart ain't that good as well. Prince William's chart shows that he is a womaniser (only time will tell).

News also says that other women from elite families didn't accept Prince Williams proposals so he had no other option and ended up with waity Kate. Don't know which news is true at the end but how William ended up with average looking waity Kate is a mystery to many.
The Royals who are part of the illuminati must be having a reason for every action.

Her mother is a Goldsmith (they are third cousins of the Rothschilds). She appears to be a properly common commoner but given that James Goldsmith is assumed to be the biological father of Princess Diana, it keeps it in the family so to speak. I think Kate and William are twelfth cousins. I know girls who were at university with them and despite her obsession with losing weight and the candy, she was actually quite grounded and reliable so she does have 'hidden' redeeming qualities.

You are correct, apsara…'Waity Katy" is a distant cousin to her "sire", & is of the proper "tribe" for breeding purposes.

Well 'average looking waity Kate' is still better looking than William lol. And maybe they actually do care for each other? We don't know what their relationship is like.