Symbolic Pics of the Month (12/13)


This edition of SPOTM is all about the One Eye sign. As the year 2013 comes to an end, it appears that the sign of the Eye of Horus is more ubiquitous than ever. It is in our faces, all around the world and in all types of media. Here are some examples.

Rihanna is the new face of Balmain fashion house. Unsurprisingly, the two promotional prics that were released feature Rihanna with one eye subtly but wholly hidden.
Rihanna is the new face of Balmain fashion house. Unsurprisingly, the two promotional pics that were released focus on Rihanna hiding one eye.


Someone defintely took some time to place Rihanna's hair in order to hide one eye. That's the kind of pop culutre we're dealing with now.
Someone definitely took some time to place Rihanna’s hair in order to hide one eye. Ads do not simply sell products anymore, they communicate something deeper about the system.


The poster of season 4B  was critised by actress Ashley Benson, claiming: “Our faces in this were from 4 years ago . . . and we all look ridiculous. Way too much Photoshop. We all have flaws. No one looks like this. It’s not attractive.”  What she might not realize is that everything was 'shopped to hide one eye of each star, making this poster a salute to the Illuminati entertainment industry.
The poster promoting season 4B of the TV series “Pretty Little Liars” was criticized by actress Ashley Benson who said: “Our faces in this were from 4 years ago . . . and we all look ridiculous. Way too much Photoshop. We all have flaws. No one looks like this. It’s not attractive.” More importantly, all four girls have one eye hidden, making this poster a salute to the Illuminati entertainment industry.


For some reason, someone thought of creating a TV show called "Lady Gaga & The Muppets Holiday Spectacular". Who wanted to see Lady Gaga doing the one eye sign around a bunch of puppets on Thanksgiving? Apparently 3.6 million viewers (including a whole bunch of children) did.
For some reason, someone thought that a TV show called “Lady Gaga & The Muppets Holiday Spectacular” would be a great idea. Unsurprisingly, it featured Lady Gaga doing the one eye sign around a bunch of puppets. 3.6 million viewers (including a whole bunch of children) watched this on Thanksgiving. They’re pushing it.


Here's Ke$ha wearing a One-Eye outfit with a One-Eye bandana and One-Eye right on her hand. In short, she is litterally draped in the symbolism of her rulers.
Here’s Ke$ha wearing a One-Eyed outfit with a One-Eyed bandana and a One-Eyed tattoo on her hand. Eye sore.


Candice Swanepoel for iD-Magazine is wearing Mickey Mouse ears (symbolic of Disney MK Programming) and has on eye hidden.
Candice Swanepoel for iD-Magazine is wearing Mickey Mouse ears (symbolic of Disney MK Programming) and has on eye hidden.


Another pic of the photoshoot, proving that the One-Eye thing was not an accident.
Another pic from the photoshoot, proving that the One-Eye thing was not an accident.


A poster of the upcoming TV series "Intelligence". It features a guy hiding one eye with a microchip. Do I need to say more about it? No, but I'll still share with you the plot of the show: "In Intelligence, Josh Holloway stars as Gabriel Vaughn, a high-tech intelligence operative enhanced with a super-computer microchip in his brain. With this implant, Gabriel is the first human ever to be connected directly into the global information grid." Wow. Promotion of microchipping, transhumanism and all that crap all wrapped in one brainwashing TV show.
This is a poster promoting the TV series “Intelligence”. It features a guy hiding one eye with a microchip. Do I need to say more about what this represents? No, but I’ll nevertheless share with you the plot of the show: “In Intelligence, Josh Holloway stars as Gabriel Vaughn, a high-tech intelligence operative enhanced with a super-computer microchip in his brain. With this implant, Gabriel is the first human ever to be connected directly into the global information grid.” In  short, it is all about the promotion of micro-chipping, trans-humanism and all of that crap, all wrapped in one brainwashing TV show.


Pink dressed as Marilyn Monroe (the symbol of Kitten programming) with one eye hidden and mouth "shushed" by her hand. Sigh.
Pink dressed as Marilyn Monroe (figurehead of Kitten programming) with one eye  hidden. Is there a female star in the industry who DID NOT dress up as Monroe? Not really, as it appears to be an “initiatic” obligation.


Speaking of Kitten programming, here's a rare photo of Britney Spears from 2000. She is literally bathing in diamonds which is coincidentally the symbol used to indentify "presidential models", the highest level of Kitten Programming. Of course, she is hidding one eye to make sure we understand what's going on there.
Speaking of Kitten programming, here’s a rare photo of Britney Spears from 2000. She is bathing in diamonds and hiding one eye with a diamond. She also has a diamond butterfly (representing Monarch programming) on her right arm. In MK symbolism, diamonds are the symbol used to identify “presidential models”, the highest level of Kitten Programming.


This is the cover of "The Ultimate Guide to Talent Agencies and Casting Directors". The One-Eyed picture however tells you what is TRULY needed to make it in the entertainment industry.
This is the cover of the book entitled “The Ultimate Guide to Talent Agencies and Casting Directors”. The One-Eyed picture tells you what is TRULY needed to make it in the entertainment industry.


Speaking of book covers, here's the cover of "Fashion Now", a guide of the most influential designers. In case you didn't notice: THERE'S A ONE-EYE THING GOING ON ON THE COVER!
Speaking of book covers, here’s the cover of “Fashion Now”, a guide to the most influential fashion designers. Here’s a surprising fact that you might not have noticed: THERE’S A ONE-EYE SIGN THE COVER!


Another edition of "Fashion Now".
Another edition of “Fashion Now”. I don’t get fashion.


UK "reality star" (the saddest star category there is) poses in underwear and hiding one eye. Just doing what he can to cling to some celebrity.
UK “reality star” (the saddest category of stars there is) poses in underwear and is hiding one eye. Just doing what he has to do to say somewhat famous.
"Urban model" Stephanie Santiago showing off her tattoo. Someone gotta pay for dem shoes, AMIrITe!?! No.
“Urban model” Stephanie Santiago showing off her tattoo. “Someone gotta pay for dem shoes, AMIrITe!?! LOL!”.
Stephanie and her friends really want to be part of that biz.
Stephanie again, with her friends, trying to look as Illuminati pawns as possible.
The City of Sydney's New Years Eye celebrations' theme is "Shine". It's symbol: A WHOLE BUNCH OF CREEPY EYE EVERYWHERE. According to Sydney residents, there are eyes everywhere in the city.
The City of Sydney’s New Years Eye celebrations party is called “Shine”. The theme? A WHOLE BUNCH OF CREEPY EYES EVERYWHERE. Posters of the event are currently all around the city.


Here's a poster promoting "Shine". Eyes everywhere around the city of Sydney. How nice and comforting.
Here’s a poster promoting “Shine”. Eyes everywhere around the city of Sydney. How nice and comforting.


There's even All-Seeing eyes on space satellites and rockeyships. In order words, people in Sydney will celebrate the New Year under the theme of them being watched all the time.
There are even All-Seeing eyes on space satellites and rocket-ships. This does not make me want to celebrate the New Year. It makes me want to go hide in forest, away from all of these eyes.


Here's the logo of Race 4 Chase - a Sandy hook victim. My stomach is queezing.
Here’s the logo of Race 4 Chase – a charity for a Sandy hook victim. I feel sick to my stomach.


It was placed inside a park in Newtown.
It was placed inside a park in Newtown. Speaking of which, one year later, is there any new information about the alleged shooter? No, nothing at all.


Here is what left of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Questioning the "official version" of the story with crime scene evidence is now quite difficult, isn't it?
In case someone wanted to go investigate the Sandy Hook crime scene and verify the official version of the story, here is what left of Sandy Hook Elementary School. That is how you destroy evidence.

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The reason these deviants are so Blatant is because THEY CONTROL the Reporting , Discussions on TV . It's simple as that ….. With all the blather about religion on CNN infotainment for the masses , they will NEVER bring up the Devil's Horns or One Eye as an issue , same reason you won't see a Documentary About P********a in Hollywood , same reason you won't see " To Catch a Predatory " Show in Hollywood or New York . Same reason why Beyonce is never criticized for sleazy behavior or why Rhianna makes video about S&M is never Discussed or even brought up . The Main Stream doesn't know the extent of Occultism for the simple Fact , FOX , CNN , NBC , ABC are all mouth pieces for Hollywood , knowing what to cover or more importantly NOT to cover and there is no variance of… Read more »

So just what was John Carpenter saying when he directed They Live back in the 90's? More and more, it is apparent that there is a secret society here that only a relative few can see. And those that can see are ridiculed by those who are all too happy to go with the flow.
Anyone that thinks the continued pictures and stories that show up on VC are just coincidence or indicative of those who enjoy conspiracy theories are complete idiots.
I mean, dear God. What will it take until people see what is happening?

Flip that "Race For Chase" Sandyhook poster upside down and you will get 666 out of the word "Remember"

I can't stand it when my wife watches PLL.

Ke$ha's outfit is not really "one-eye." It's like, TWO HUNDRED eyes.

Now the one-eye thing has happened on "Super Fun Night". The "Cookie Prom" episode features Kimmy with her right eye bandaged. The left lens of her fake eyeglasses was broken, but Kimmy's right eye was bandaged. Continuity gap, or secret meaning?

A complete eyesore that definitely got my own eyes bloodshot red from seeing all those annoying eyes, and that poster promoting Josh Holloway's TV series 'Intelligence' gave me a direct link to the events that will happen according to the biblical book of revelations.

And hats off to Lady Gaga for promoting illuminati praise with the classic "eye for detail" on that Muppets Special giving the kids the wrong idea that its cool. Although I've not seen the program on TV, I can still get the idea within it since Gaga is one of the "elite" members involved in this evil deed anyways.

This is how you destroy evidence that was never really evidence. AKA – FAKE sandy hook shooting. didn't happen. All those money generating charity funds were to funnel money to the Greenberg family. Shameful!!

very informative as always!!! The sandy hook playground was a very sick and twisted one by those so called ruling elite trash!!

Sandy Hook was modeled after the three pyramids in Mexico.One represents the sun the other the moon and the last is called the pyramid of the feathered serpent but known as the pyramid of sacrifice for slaves and ritual child sacrifice.The complex in mexico was made in sandy hook but just on a smaller scale.The place in Mexico is called tiotewacan,sorry 4 the spelling.

The celebrities are nothing but selfish traitors!#

erm if we were in their place, we'd be the same or even worse. Why do you think we don't want everything the have, because we won't be able to control ourselves. They don't have it nice as we might think. They get more aggravation than us. The less you have, the less you have to lose, the more you have the more you want and the more you might lose. If I make any sense.

…as nice as we…

I don't envy them at all. I love my anonymous and humble existence. I would imagine there is nothing satisfying about selling your soul to a dark force. My conscious would never allow me to sleep at night! I think too much money and power corrupts the minds of most. Most of the actors and singers are too busy living up to the *image* or being everyone else except themselves and then when their hung out to dry they end up soulless and lost with no identity. Is it any wonder…their so insecure, confused and diva-like. Their rich with possessions but poor without substance, values and good faith. Their just selfish mindless pimps going along with the agenda.

Hey VC,

You ought to spell-check this post.. many spelling errors.

The Sandy Hook "evidence" was destroyed just like WTC on 911 — Govt officials cordon it off, ban investigators and ship it out as rubble.

The Josh Holloway vehicle "Intelligence" is just a serious version of Chuck — looks awful.

Wow how creepy that Sandy Hook looks like that now smh

Is Britney's arm bruised in the diamond-bathing pic or is it my monitor?

Probably a fake tan issue?

Saving Mr. Banks movie poster with Tom Hanks as Disney himself covering one of Mickey's eyes with his arm. Coincidental? I think not.

This "One Eye" crap is getting ridiculous now, do they not get tired of promoting the same old s**t!

What frightens me, no one ever brings up the fact that there were two shooters not one. And if you think about it, it would be two shooters that killed some many kids and teachers at on time. One person can not be in two places at a time. The other shooter gets away and now they have to place the blame on someone. This entire Sandy Hook Shooting was a set up from the beginning. Two many holes in this story.

"As illuminati pawns as possible"- HAHAHAHAHAHA!

I just thought the other day whether the eye symbolism couldn’t represent The Eye of Horus as the one nation, Egypt, that thought they were gods?

Egyptians were claiming to be gods themselves. Unlike other nations who had deities such as the Greek gods and goddesses or other nations with their pagan gods. Leciferianism also claims that you are a god and you can do, achieve, heal and change everything with just a thought process (if this was so, why aren’t we flying or levitating already?) Nevertheless, Luciferianism is a notion that is spreading super fast! Be your own god and “do what thou wilt”. Be like Egyptians, you are a god! And a symbol for “I am a god” is the eye.
Just a thought…

Yes, there are alot of people waking up out of poverty and dark ages beliefs…who then jump to I'm a god…lights and power etc…maybe its an inevitable stage for many to pass thru.
Problem is, that creating from ego /mind simply creates the opposite of whats desired simultaneously….which then must be suffered by the person concerned,,or shoved onto others.

Once I became bored with that nonsense, I'm attracted to stay centred, to honour peace of heart over control trips.

Global dark ego coming to surface now as predicted, so its best to re-integrate and digest ones own darkness as a whole individual (half dark, half light). No preference.
Otherwise all that happens is most people fragment their darkside,,and it just appears as scary stuff and abusers in front of them/// their own dark empowerment simply gets used by less scrupulous types to work their agendas.

oops, I posted twice by mistake..

I thought Pink was a man in drag.

On christmas eve ,I walked into a mall to visit The Bodyshop and saw 2 of their ad posters in which the models have one eye closed. I am located in a city in southern India by the way. I wonder what kind of message The Bodyshop was trying to convey by having their ad models covering 1 eye.

Yeah I purchased a pair of boots online without seeing the brand who makes them. I brought them through the seller…. When I got the box. It had masonic NWO symbolism all over the shoe box. I couldn't help but role my eyes!# Then I looked at the name of the boots and they were called….wait for it….DR DOOM in capital letters..LOL!# I felt compelled to write to the brand and say to them : Hey this kind of symbolism is getting old and tacky. Yawn Not going to buy your stuff in the future. There is a park not far from where I live and it has a eye on a pole that you can turn around in the playground area. Must say it looks so out of place and creepy. I'm also noticing this symbolism on electricity boxes at sets of lights. Their truly ramping this s**t up.… Read more »

As soon as I saw the Sandy Hooks pic, I started crying. I couldn't even look at the last two. That's so awful.

Bot worth crying about – in all likelihood, not a single person was harmed @ Sandy Hoax. I know for a fact nobody died @ Orlando.

Don't despair…these bastards will pay when they die. They have truly created very bad karma for themselves. Justice will come. Chin up. Your heart is in the right place! 🙂

Who's that UK "reality star"?

Dan Osborne from The Only Way is Essex or TOWIE
Kinda like a UK Jersey Shore

Crazy sick bastards!!! This world is so wrong. I always feel that everything is not what it seems. Where is the truth? Will we ever learn the TRUTH or die like brainless puppets?

Have a blessed Christmas VC!

They destroyed sandy hook elementary!? If that doesnt scream "We need to get rid of ALL the evidence!" Then s**t people need to wake up and observe whats going on! They are obviously hiding thubgs from us!

Its all just too out of control for words…

I get so sad for this world,,..

Lady gaga has been throwing the a okay sign over her eye since her very first video and every single one after, it's not illuminati symbolism, it's just the cool gaga symbol. Me and my friends do it all the time in when we pose for pictures. It's the cool thing to do, so get with the times .

The 3rd picture of the Sydney NYE posters says "Evolve" in the tree limbs.

So apparently we are supposed to evolve genetically engineered monkey and panda humans, and platypus – kngeroos that hold footballs, and butterflies..!

First there was this Sandy Hook FAKE crap and then there was the Boston Bombing with Sandy Hook participants and that whole bullshit set up!How dumb do they think we are….us " little people" ?Man,do they have a surprise waiting for them!!!

Why are they doing this? Thats a good question.

I'd say one of the reasons is to keep us fearful as a fearful population is easier to control. Unfortunately a fearful population can cry out for *new laws*. The only thing is most of us who are taking the blue pill are yet to work out that it is all engineered for the next agenda. I think one of the strategies is to make it look like *the people* want the changes. The sad thing is the American people don't realise that their constitution is dissolving the more laws they put in place. Americans need to fight to keep their constitution otherwise it will never remain the land of the free and brave. It will be the land of the captive and fearful. Just my thoughts:)

Guys listen, The founding member of Three 6 Mafia, Rapper Lord Infamous was found dead from a heart attack on Friday 20.12.2013 – add all the dates up you get 11 (An Occult number). Do y'all think he could have been the Sacrifice for the Winter Solstice 2013???…..

Wait! Is that the one who turned his life around for Christ? Not sure ..but one of them got out of the group and became a preacher. Whoa!

this is sick

The one for sandy hook was just sick…I myself didn't know they bulldozer the whole school…anything to destroy all the evidences…& the so called charity for the victims made my stomach turned…what does a little kid showing that damn all seeing eye have to do with those innocent kids who's lives where TOOKEN by the government have to do with a charity??? Lord have mercy this is truly one sick world we live in that's ran by the devil smh…once again well done post VC…

And what's the connection between the one eye sign, space travels and aliens? There are many Illuminati adds and movies making reference to spaceships, aliens, planets and stars, like the very famous Sirius. What do they know that makes them worship things from out of our planet? I don't know, but sometimes I think that they have contact with people from other planets, commonly called ''Ancient Astronauts''…

Sandy Hook may be the most shocking but the brain chip is the closest threat. I was told by the Oxford university philosopher, Jeremy Naydler that the Ministry of Defence intends on making brain implants compulsory in newborns starting from 2035. However, 'Compulsory' in the modern world means that you've been brainwashed into believing something is necessary, and that you put yourself in a situation where it can happen, e.g. if you believe in letting men in white coats control the birth of your child and refuse to look at healthy alternatives. Being physically forced to do anything is still very much a secondary matter. The blasphemers can only apply that pressure if you choose to expose yourselves to their brainwashing. (I refer to blasphemy as it's the forgotten sin in secular culture. Desecration of the human is considered as being acceptable and fun, and by engaging in it, we're… Read more »

I always feel sad when I read about Sandy Hook. Yes I understand Obama wants to take away all the guns from civilians but to promote his ideas by killing innocent working American people and children. Just little children. In the most horrific way. Whoever planned this attack, especially on a school to promote some law is just cruel.

ah beyond cruel dear. Rather evil and psycho would be more fitting…

Hi am new to all this but very very interested! Please forgive my naiivity – What about Tom and Jerry imagery whats it teaching our kids? What about the Japanese ANIME cartoons – many I know are glued to them on the IPAD. Please help a newcomer….

Post 9/11 the eye "thing" has become so ubiquitous, that what lacks in originality is compensated by a symbolic statement of fact. They've all turned a blind eye to the most glaringly obvious lie of recent history.

I don't know if it's just me but does the First "Shine" poster say DEAth with the trees?

the first tree and the bottom branch form a D

the second tree is Obviously a E

the third and fourth trees sort of bend into each other to form an A

the fifth tree is a lower case T

and the sixth one is a lower case H if you ignore the smaller branch at the bottom

Also there are 6 Creepy eyes
(3 on the trees, 1 in the sky, and 2 on the Koala looking animals on the right of the 1st and 5th tree)

There are also 6 trees and 6 animals (666?)

Quite possible–good catch. I was squinting & cocking my head to one side & all of a sudden the word just jumped out at me. Very subtle, very disgusting.

Yeah, i see death written in the 1st poster trees.
Now i rekon…1st poster is impending death….big water wave building in background yet to hit…
2nd poster wave has hit and different animals are alive….
1st pic has indigenous austrailianamnimals….2nd has a leopard thing, a humanoid panda and a humanoid banana eating monkey,,,both with glowing boots…
does it really contain a detailed message or was someone just tripping when they designed it?
for sure the huge out of place water waves seem very deliberate.

1st pic,,saturn, a comet, the moon? a levitating winged eye and some other planet in sky,,,sky half night time and half daylight…
2nd, planets have gone, its daylight,just a mechanical rocket powered eye and a flash gordon type rocket, the city has disappeared under water.
anyone else care to deconstruct these masterpeices…my brains aching now..!

This is sick, is obvious the eye of horus is every where, here in Canada, on CTV channel they have a campaign for collecting toys for those kids who need " building a toy mountain", the logo for me its look like a pyramid with a big eye on it.

Hey!! Ya I saw that too and NO it's not just a Christmas tree they have no other reason to position the letter 'O' like that. It's a pyramid and an eye!!

I think you're reading into it too much. It's just the words of the campaign in the shape of a Christmas tree…

There's a lot of evil symbolism in the world but how do we symbolize good?

one eye symbol everywhere- from international top stars to local celebs even here in little austria.
im pretty sure the "stars" themselves often have no idea what they are posing for- it all comes from the photographers, directors etc.

the question is: how is it possible that all those (often not even rich or famous) photographers and directors all share and spread the same stuff? i mean, do they have something like bilderbergmeetings where they all get their instructions?

i highly doubt all those people get their instructions from a demons voice inside their head if u know what i mean.

so again: what exactly makes the photographer in japan and the photographer in austria BOTH tell their models to cover one eye? in what way are they connected? how do they share their knowledge?

who gives all those servants their marching orders and how?

The only thing I'm being programmed to do is roll my eyes at anyone who makes a one-eyed gesture. Hard pass.

In the second shine poster there is a hidden message written in the imagery that ends in "alive?" Question mark included…I can't make out the beginning though, any help?

You mean in the shape of the dead trees? I see it slightly. and whats with the panda with boots on, and one eyes monkey, both with glowing bits on their boots? and comet ison that was supposed to shine, but seems to have disappeared from view.

Eww, Ke$ha is a walking piece of trash! I rather see Marilyn Manson than this dumb tramp, at least he's intelligent. LOL

It was taking a while to Gisele Bundchen pop up with this one-eye s**t. But she's too dumb to know what's about, so she must have had some kind of "helping hand" 😉

Stephanie who? Never seen this chick before.

The “Shine” ads are very funny: an eye with five five-pointed stars as eyelashes, i noticed the iris and pupil are kinda robotic. Saturn could not stay out! So as two towers and even f*****g drones flying around! LOL

The winner is: the creepy Sandy Hook thing. Get the f**k out of here with this horrid logo, man! The kid doesn't have fingers, and the sign is supposed to be a heart? Looks more like a vagina… with one eye inside, of course! LMAO

Ironically reading an old book on folklore and mythology. Regarding the cyber dude with his microchip , the fact they name him Gabriel cannot be a coincidence as it is that Angel that sounds the horn for the end of the world.

..I do apologize but that UK reality model is pretty cute. It's unfortunate that he's just another PAWN.

… all seing eye… yeah right…

obviously you see everything with ONE EYE..cause you only got ONE EYE…seeing ALL with ONE EYE is not really an advantage is it?? one clear shot an its gone…. but…… they are great at making up illusions and pushing there own Bullshit…..

Suck my EYES Iluminati !!!!