The Esoteric Interpretation of The Black Eyed Peas’ “Meet Me Halfway”


The Black Eyed Peas’ “Meet Me Halfway” is a catchy song with deceptively simple lyrics. A viewing of the video, however, reveals the song’s true meaning: a quest for spiritual enlightenment, based on esoteric teachings. This article looks at the occult symbolism of the song and the video and explains its spiritual meaning.

The path to illumination

I’ve known of The Black Eyed Peas since they were an underground rap group struggling for recognition. Apparently tired of anonymity, the group recruited Fergie, a sultry R&B singer, and set their focus on the pop market. Their desire to appeal to the lowest common denominator produced pop gems such as the ode to idiocy Let’s Get Retarded (which later had to be changed to Let’s Get it Started due to complaints) and eventually launched them to super-stardom. My lack of tolerance for corniness caused me avoid the group for years, but some readers sent me the group’s latest video, “Meet Me Halfway”. I was stunned by the incredible depth of the video. Its symbolism reaches deep into Mystery religions of antiquity and reveals tenets of esoteric schools such as the Kaballah. Pretty unexpected from the group also known for singing “My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely lady lumps“. Here’s the video:

After viewing the video, it is fairly obvious that the director did not want to convey a simple love song.  It is about the union of the physical and the astral planes, of the male and female principles and between humanity and divinity. It is about the yearning of a being of the mundane world to seek a higher truth. The video is drenched with occult symbolism used in esoteric schools such as the Kaballah, Freemasonry, Theosophy, Gnostic Christianity and more.

Fergie, the Human Soul


The video starts with Fergie lying down in a lush, green jungle. She is on the physical plane, on planet earth which is abundant with terrestrial life and life-giving humidity. She is the archetypal Eve in the Garden of Eden. Despite all the beauty surrounding her, Fergie is looking to the sky and yearning for “something more”, which is currently unattainable to her. She feels that there is something missing.

I can’t go any further than this
I want you so badly, it’s my biggest wish

Fergie is singing to her divine nature, to her higher self which seems infinitely far from her, yet it can still hear her. She went as far as humanly possible in her spiritual quest and she is asking her spiritual self to make a move towards her. She is heard., the Divine Soul


Rapper (yes, that’s his name) plays the role of Fergie’s higher consciousness, the missing piece needed to obtain spiritual enlightenment. He is dressed in garments reminiscent of eastern sages or mystics and is meditating. The fact that he is levitating, surrounded by an aura, rotating and multiplying himself further conveys this sense of ethereal, non-human presence. He is not a physical human, but Fergie’s spiritual counterpart.’s lyrics communicate that as much as Fergie wants to connect with her higher-self, the higher-self longs to reunite with Fergie as well. They were forming a single unit before she “fell” into material existence and they want to “become one” again.

I spent my time just thinkin thinkin thinkin bout you
Every single day yes, I’m really missin missin you
And all those things we use to use to use to do
Hey girl, what’s up, it used to used to be just me and you
I spent my time just thinkin thinkin thinkin bout you
Every single day, yes I’m really missin missin you
And all those things we use to use to use to do
Hey girl what’s up, yo what’s up, what’s up, what’s up’s character completes Fergie in every way. She is physical, he is spiritual; she is lives in terrestrial life, he is lives in nothingness; she is female, he is male. In alchemical terms, she is the Mercury and he is the Sulfur. This concept of “two souls” is all-important Kabbalistic teachings.

meetme3 uses a Torah Pointer to consult his map. In this esoteric context it is used for Kabbalistic studies. Does the Kabbalah provide the road map to enlightenment?
Torah Pointer

Here’s an explanation of Kabbalistic philosophy using the Zohar’s (the most important work of Kabbalah) interpretation of the Genesis:

“The Zohar holds the concept of two Adams: the first a divine being who, stepping forth from the highest original darkness, created the second, or earthly, Adam in His own image.The higher, or celestial, man was the Causal sphere With its divine potencies and potentialities considered as a gigantic personality; its members, according to the Gnostics, being the basic elements of existence. This Adam may have been symbolized as facing both ways to signify that with one face it looked upon the proximate Cause of itself and with the other face looked upon the vast sea of Cosmos into which it was to be immersed. Philosophically, Adam may be regarded as representative of the full spiritual nature of man – androgynous and nor subject to decay. Of this fuller nature the mortal man has little comprehension. Just as spirit contains matter within itself and is both the source and ultimate of the state denominated matter, so Eve represents the lower, or mortal, portion that is taken out of, or has temporal existence in the greater and fuller spiritual creation.”
-Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings Of All Ages

Will.I.Am, the Vehicle


Exploring the universe on the back of his elephant, Will.I.Am is the liaison between the spiritual and the terrestrial world. He could be called a “cosmic travel agent”. He is seeking the gateway that would allow Fergie and to unite again. This sense of travel is well reflected in his lyrics:

Girl, I travel round the world and even sail the seven seas
Across the universe I go to other galaxies
Just tell me where you want, just tell me where you wanna to meet
I navigate myself myself to take me where you be
Cause girl I want, I, I, I want you right now
I travel uptown (town) I travel downtown
I wanna to have you around (round) like every single day
I love you alway .. way

Notice on the elephant the symbol of a double-headed eagle, which is very similar to the symbol of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.
Is Freemasonry the “gateway” to Kabbalistic enlightenment?

The Pine Cone Staff gets up and starts his search for Fergie, his lost counterpart. He is the active principle searching, while Fergie is the passive principle, laying down on earth and waiting. Together they will become complete. In his walk through the cosmic desert, we can see that he is holding a very symbolic staff:

Pine cone staff

Pine cones have always been occultly associated with spiritual enlightenment. Whether we look at ancient Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks or Christians, the pine cone has represented the mysterious link between the physical and the spiritual worlds, which can be found in the human brain. The pineal gland, also known as the third eye, is represented by the pine cone in occult symbolism. It is taught by Mystery schools to open the doors to spiritual perception once the seven Chakras are properly activated.


Pine Cone Staff of Osiris surrounded by the two serpents of the Kundalini. The staff represents the spine and the pine cone represents the pineal gland.
Giant pine cone at the Vatican

Manly P. Hall explains the importance of the pine cone in Freemasonry and ancient civilizations:

“Sufficient similarity exists between the Masonic CHiram and the Kundalini of Hindu mysticism to warrant the assumption that CHiram may be considered a symbol also of the Spirit Fire moving through the sixth ventricle of the spinal column. The exact science of human regeneration is the Lost Key of Masonry, for when the Spirit Fire is lifted up through the thirty-three degrees, or segments of the spinal column, and enters into the domed chamber of the human skull, it finally passes into the pituitary body (Isis), where it invokes Ra (the pineal gland) and demands the Sacred Name. Operative Masonry, in the fullest meaning of that term, signifies the process by which the Eye of Horus is opened. E. A. Wallis Budge has noted that in some of the papyri illustrating the entrance of the souls of the dead into the judgment hall of Osiris the deceased person has a pine cone attached to the crown of his head. The Greek mystics also carried a symbolic staff, the upper end being in the form of a pine cone, which was called the thyrsus of Bacchus. In the human brain there is a tiny gland called the pineal body, which is the sacred eye of the ancients, and corresponds to the third eye of the Cyclops. Little is known concerning the function of the pineal body, which Descartes suggested (more wisely than he knew) might be the abode of the spirit of man. As its name signifies, the pineal gland is the sacred pine cone in man – the eye single, which cannot be opened until CHiram (the Spirit Fire) is raised through the sacred seals which are called the Seven Churches in Asia.”
-Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages


The Enlightenment

Taboo literally “sees the light”

Taboo stares in awe at the sun, the metaphorical representation of divinity. The process of enlightenment has started. He is the bridge “to the other side”.

Let’s walk the bridge, to the other side
Just you and I (just you and I)
I will fly, I’ll fly the skies, for you and I (for you and I)
I will try, until I die, for you and I, for you and I, for for you and I,
For for you and I, for for you and I, for you and I

The Opening of the Gateways

After searching, Will.I.Am opens the portal which will allow Fergie and, the two souls, to finally unite. All that is left to do is simply to walk through.

The higher-self enters a pyramid-shaped gateway, representing the spiritual world and the triune nature of divinity
The lower-self enters a cube-shaped gateway, representing the material plane and planet Earth

Shooting stars soar across the sky, representing the completion of the alchemical wedding.


In Conclusion

The video to the Black Eyed Peas’ Meet Me Halfway features many symbolic elements of esoteric spirituality. Many schools of thought have been mentioned here, such as the Kaballah, Buddhism, Alchemy and Freemasonry. This might be confusing for readers who are not acquainted with those concepts but you only need to keep one thing in mind: all of these schools teach different paths leading the same goal, which is spiritual enlightenment. It is the “Inner-Christ” of the Gnostic Christians, the “Great Work” of Alchemy and the “Lost Key” of Freemasonry.

In the context of this website, where many videos analyzed present sinister messages, many people will want to ask me: Is this video good or bad? My answer is: It is what you want it to be … and what you want it to be will probably be a result of your religious background and your personal beliefs. The message of this video is pure occultism, as in “the representation of spiritual truths through symbolism”, and it represents the beliefs of the true “Illuminatus”, those who genuinely seek spiritual enlightenment. The satanic, mind-control symbols seen in previous articles are corrupted, negatively charged, occult byproducts. The same way male and female principles, positive and negative energies and light and darkness exist, so exists “good” and “evil” occultism, often typified by white and black magic. The good will inspire people to reach to the sky and ask a higher truth to “meet them halfway”, while the evil will leave them confused and tormented, obsessed by materiality and screaming to nobody in particular “Let’s get retarded”.




  1. yayy congrats on being first ..I,m obviously second…but i will comment in depth a bit later. nice interpretation though VC

  2. VC- This is my only thing. I beleive this information is being put out there by the same people making these creppy videos. For some reason I think they want the world to know. Last night Beyonce said a prayer in the name of Jesus. I thought they were to denounce God at all times or take a pay cut or was it to throw shade on the people…..another story. However most music out right now is garbage so I feel like sites like yours are more entertaining than most of the music. What I learned from all this is not to trust anyone but GOD . I appreciate your site. I got to get my money worth some where, I'm just playing I stopped buying. I wanted to say it's bad when the u-tube and VC stories behind your music and videos are more entertaining than the music it self SMH

    • Hi mate,

      Sorry i don't mean to question your belief or anything, it's just a simple question i feel i always have to ask when it's brought up, but i read your comment and the bit where you said thx, now i've learnd that the only person i should trust is god.

      This never makes sence to me, i know people have faith, but that sentance just dosn't.

      My reason for this is, and i'll repeat i do not mean to in any way doubt your religon, i don't know so this is only an inisint question.

      Your dis trusting in anyone (thing) else is understandable and i myself am the same to be honest, but with god, do you have anything more than a book you may read and the words of someone else speaking to you telling you about god? so to a degree saying you'll trust no-one but god is going against your own word anyway since it was someone who was telling you about god in the first place or you were reading from a book talking about him written by another person. Or you experienced something so related it to a book or something someone said cuz it was the thing closest to you that made sence?

      My point is, and this is just the way i think, wouldn't it of been a better thing to say that you've learnd to trust no-one but yourself? There are about 6 billion people + on this planet and most of our whole population worship something and give their life to it instead of following their own instinct and worshiping their own mind :/ if we could only learn to think for our selves i really do think that the things that don't make sence to us now will, as we'd be thinking for our selves and it has always been a human thirst to know more.

      And if everyone thought for themselves then it would be alot easier to find out that there isn't necciserally 1 true religon but every religon that has formed may all point to the same direction and actually form the 1 true or what ever. Just for the record, i beileve that something had to start everything, but then lies the question what started that, and it goes on, which is why, i also beileve that we should concentraite less on that as if ever there comes a time where we need to know, then we will find out at that time.

  3. Vigilant, these are the kinds of analyses of yours I like the best. You know so much about the occult and esoteric teachings and have such insight, I am curious about your background.

    I liked this video a lot. On first viewing I tried to "see" what it might be about esoterically. OK Fergie (if that's her) reminded me of Eve, but actually I was thinking more of a nymph. Someone was trying to connect with her, they got connected in the end, blazing stars — and that was it.

    After reading your review I am quite amazed at all that was actually in the video:

    "It is about the union of the physical and the astral planes, of the male and female principles and between humanity and divinity. It is about the yearning of a being of the mundane world to seek a higher truth."

    How obvious, yet I would not have understood it.

    All things considered, for me, is if there is an ancient, occult, and esoteric knowledge that's come down through the ages, and is kept alive by secret societies (even the Freemasons), I don't see anything wrong about it. Quite to the contrary — this knowledge lifts humanity out of the institutionalized, religious miasma of ignorance, violence, and hate. On this level, the only thing I've got against the Freemasons is their exclusive male use of this knowledge, passing it on from one male to another. Oh I know about the Order of the Star — or whatever it's called — but I am sure, or doubt very much, that they teach their members all of this occult and esoteric teachings. My bet is the female branches of Freemasonry provide the coffee, cakes, and cookies to the male branches for their meetings.

    I can't make up my mind, though, about symbols such as the Baphomet, and horned goats, things like that. On one level, I doubt they are "Satanic" at all. I've really got to read Dan Brown's newest book about the Freemasons, and see what he's got to say. I would think, though, that corrupt people out to make a buck (like in the music industry) freely use these symbols in a satanic way, however. But this doesn't say to me that these symbols are satanic at their core, though.

    I liked very much the insight into the pineal gland and the pine cone. I think now I would like to find some pine cones and have them around my apartment, now that I know the meaning of them.

    Fascinating about the Pope's staff, isn't it? Something interesting that it should be there (the cone on the staff), and the granite cone at the Vatican. I was born a catholic, but would never have known one way or the other about the granite cone. I would have thought it was mere artistic expression. Amazing, isn't it?

    I hope you do more of these little teachings. I get a lot of understanding from you, Vigilant.

  4. To me this video (and the lyrics) are drug themed. Fergie is in a world that looks like a big marijuana bud. I think is in a heroin world – not sure about that. Fergie says she can't go any further than this – meaning that she can only get so high on pot. At the end of the video she transits over into the world of this other more powerful drug.

    That's what I got on a first viewing. Maybe I can come up with more if I look at it again. Any thoughts?

    • Any song can be interpreted however you wish to see it. Bearing an open mind means looking at things with multiple perspectives. You accept what feels right to you, or do you accept what sounds right to you?
      Just trying to help. :)

  5. i’m fourth!yay!!!!
    i saw this song only once & due to ur interpretation i dont think this song has alot of evil in it…
    however the sign on the elephant representing freemansory doesnt make the song totally “clean”

  6. interesting. i agree that it is up to the individual to intrepret this messages wehter they are good or bad. Iof topic but britney spears is always searching for spiritual enlightenment. I do believe she fell victim to the music industries satanic agenda. She tried to break free and down came the world crashing on her. I would also imagine that these artist soon relize that they were simply puppets and that they were used to influence people, that is a heavy burden to carry.

  7. VC fyi- Camilla, wanna be princess Diana made a statement today- She stated she saw Beyonce video phone video and she got the impression Beyonce was “trying to trigger something negetive in young people”. It’s sounds like the pot calling the kettle black ( thats the reaction she got on the bloggs) anyway I thought the article was intresting she said a few more things about beyonce but if intrested google

  8. And it goes back to the Pine Cone of Osiris, too. Really fascinating, see the “strand”, the connections, from ancient to present times.

  9. I really like the conclusion. “The good will inspire people to reach to the sky and ask a higher truth to “meet them halfway” while the evil will leave them confused and tormented, obsessed by materiality and screaming to nobody in particular “Let’s get retarded”.” Awesome way to sum up everything. Its really great that you have this website,Thanks :)

  10. I don’t feel like the path to enlightment is bad, as long as you not willing to hurt/kill other people in the process. @klassic If you now anything about Monarch Slavery you know that the handlers create different alter/personalities in the slave and someone can present themselves as a God fearing Chrisitian and later sacrifice an innocent child to Satan. Not saying that the case with Beyonce but just to give you some information. Go to: for more information.

  11. ing175- That crossed my mind. I’m thinking well mabey thats Beyonce praying, what about Sasha LOL. It crossed my mind. Just asking thanks for your response. I know a little back ground on the topic. Usually they try to come across as hard denouncing God like their power is so strong and now you have Beyonce feeling the need to show she prays it’s like are they having to give in a little (do I sense a frenzy) vs we run the show i’m just saying.

  12. There is an Alien Grey or a skeleton face in the sky at :16-:18. It comes out of the Vesica Pisces and comes down to earth. This may also be part of the Alien Agenda Indoctrination. This video isn’t as bad as the other ones. I think it’s just about enlightenment from maybe a cosmic or eastern philosophy.

  13. 28.baba November 27th, 2009 10:16 pm

    You do whatever you want with the concept of the video. This site is about showing you the occult symbols and tell you what they mean that’s all

  14. @shiv – mind altering drugs and the occult and mind control all go hand in hand. just ask Dr. Timothy Leary deary.

    more drug insights. There are 4 characters – each representing a different drug trip. each finds a portal that brings the 4 of them together.

    – I would say that the space suit guy staring at the sun is tripping on LSD. he is staring at the sun which is the sort of thing I think someone that is tripping would do. and he talks about flying which is a famous thing that trippers think they can do. His portal is the sun.

    – I think the desert represents heroin because it is the color of raw heroin – not sure about that. For some reason heroin junkies sometimes like to dress up as arabs. his portal is a 4 sided pyramid.

    – Fergie is in a marijuana world as I said before and there is obviously snow which would be cocaine – think Wizard of Oz. Her portal is a cube with 4 sides.

    – I’m still not sure about the character as far as what drug that represents. He says that he travels around the world and across the sea. He is looking to possess her and get her addicted. His portal is a light that he opens up.

    They all enter the portals at the same time and come together. then they fall to earth as 4 shooting stars. not sure what that represents.

    there is a person driving a car down a road in the beginning and at the end. in the beginning he stares up at the stars. at the end he sees the 4 shooting stars. significance? not sure. any thoughts?

  15. That video is very beautifully done. They always distract with beauty, it takes some concentration to get beyond that and see the real meaning of things. I think you are absolutely right with your analysis! Great job! I saw those pine cones before in ancient Sumerian carvings (like the one you showed). Interesting that you tied all that in, even with the Pope. The Jesuits are at the very high levels of the Illuminati.

    @whorge: I agree completely! I think Britney somehow broke free of her mind control and that’s why she went nuts. This video from Freeman discusses that: I would like to see VC do some analysis on Britney! There is enough material to show how she is a mind-controlled slave. I’ve seen clips of her on youtube speaking in a creepy, childlike, British accent. I think that is a segment of her personality (proof of trauma based mind control) manifesting itself. Look up the vids.

    I agree that there is a good way to reach enlightenment. But I don’t want it if it comes from dark forces like the Illuminati and their minions. I see people starting to think this video conveys a good message. How can you trust a video from Black Eyes Peas but be worried about Rihanna and Beyonce’s videos. They all come from the same occult source. None of them can be trusted! If they are at the top, it’s because they have a purpose and the Illuminati placed them there. Come on people! Don’t start to become diluted! Let’s reach for spiritual things, a higher place. But don’t start forgetting what you have learned!

    • Thanks JK, u r rily rily following.

      No matter how innocent lookin any worldly musician or song is, stay away 4rm them.

      They all av their specific assignments, dont categorize, dont dilute, they r all evil.

      What even thrilled me d most was 2 find out dat most of these popular cartoons nd movies pple watch r occult filled such as The wizard of Oz, Star wars, Buffy d vampire slayer, Beauty and d beast, power rangers, Ninja turtles, pocahontas,Aladdin, Little mermaid, Disney's Hercules and even d popular Lion King and many, many others( we all know about Harry Potter and Avatar, in fact if u r not aware, Avatar is a level one attains in d occult). When i saw dis, i wondered, then wot is there 2 watch on TV if all these r evil, i was shocked.

      Well, d bottom line is; be sober, be vigilant

  16. You are giving these artist way to much credit. Do you really thing Fergalicious and her merry band of hip hop pals are capable of such deep spiritual beliefs? Look how they live their day to day lives. Just because the external of a symbol is present does not mean the true nature of it was intended.

  17. FML, I actually like The Black Eyed Peas.

    I blame Fergie. Honestly, the group only seems to be known due to Fergie’s attention whoreness. She’s their…”face”. is known throughout the Filipino community (usually if guest appears at Filipino events, and it’s pretty packed from my knowledge once he appears). is the actual lead member. He’s done some works with other singers and such if I remember. Same with Taboo.

    So who knows? It might be all of them, but I guess I’m just disappointed about their decisions. And yeah, I see some masonry thrown here and there, but more drug messages as a whole.

  18. most of the artists dont write their songs or come up with their own video themes. do you think its the industry using them as a tool and them following along willingly or unknowingly? and the stuff about beyonce being a mind-controlled possessed puppet…she seems so normal in her every day life. how do you think this all works?

  19. Great analysis.

    I am really not surprised that the elite want to kill off most of the population, judging from the idiotic and shallow responses on here, such as who is first, and saying “yay,” and asking if they are satanic because they idolize this stupid group. You can always tell that they are retarded teenagers educated by our useless schools when they can’t even spell and punctuate properly. “Ur.” Please…. go back to school.

    To top it off, after this intelligent, logical critique using an educated background and study of the occult, kabbalah and freemasonry… which they obviously know nothing about… they challenge the analysis.

    Where do these people come from? What a bunch of wasted space.

    sophie November 27th, 2009 8:07 pm :

    i’m fourth!yay!!!!
    i saw this song only once & due to ur interpretation i dont think this song has alot of evil in it…
    however the sign on the elephant representing freemansory doesnt make the song totally “clean”

    • @Kessbot Good find. The fact that her upper hand is “in the stars” and he lower hand points towards earth leaves no doubt to its occult meaning: “As above so below”

  20. @Truly: The idea that you can understand or sympathize at all with depopulation is not one to be proud of. Ignorance should not be reprimanded, it should be educated. Get off your high horse and give thanks that these “retarded teenagers” even have interest in a site like this one.

  21. it's an article clothed in deception like the group/video it analysed. Like all the satanic symbolism that have enveloped us today, they wouldnt have been able to get away with it if they presented the symbolism and origins in its clear form. e.g. attractive corporate logos, beautified disney witchcraft in appealing fluffy animation. The reality remains the same just with different faces, different guises.

    The whole point is to attract people to their filth, its the same theme over and over again in media entertainment, like how the witch "displaying" her best wishes offered snow white the beautified most polished apple of the bunch when in reality it was poisoned with magic. Appearance and reality are opposites especially in satanic based systems. Dont be fooled.

    ps, vc grow a backbone

  22. VC … another masterful review! Truly fascinating … I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your posts. Interestingly the daily mail have an article online today about Lady Gaga stabbing herself as part of her act.

  23. @26 mcphat

    Nice spot with the alien face, i really think phony alien contact will be a reality soon, like project blue beam or such as Roger Morneau talked about, it would be the perfect tool to crush religious beliefs, Just like in the article you did on the denver airport in sinister sites the final painting has alien like beings coming down and making contact. It will be one of the final stages of their plan.

  24. Please please please watch the fifth video of G Craig Lewis. This video is, in fact, far more symbolic than what you are explaining and understand it to be. Yes, it as what you have described it, but so much more. The lights, the mirror image of Fergie, the multiple Apls, Jaime’s verse (sorry I don’t know his stage name). This group saddens me the most because I know them–well, not the ex-drug addict girl, who I personally believe is the slave masters she-devil. There is a cd cover of Jaime throwing up the hand sign of three 6s. Kind of a signal that that have sold out. The first cd–“Behind the Front” is their best cd. It would actually be more appropriate title of any cd coming out in the future. I guess the END is also a fitting title (whats up with the green being on the front?) since its the end of them as we know it and the beginning of a new alter-Peas who have sold their souls for profit and fame. I wonder how one decides the price of ones own soul?

  25. i thought this song had a deeper meaning but i couldn't figure it out, NICE ONE. god bless you and keep exposing these evil goons.

  26. First off, I’m heartbroken yet again. VC you keep messing it up with my fave artists: jay-z, beyonce, now the BEP??? Nevertheless, I’m glad to know the truth and honestly I may be addicted to this site.

    Secondly, I find it funny that Apl is dressed like a Hindu sage and Will is riding an elephant. The elephant is very important in Hinduism (ie. Ganesha). That was just something else I noticed in the video. But DAG…..i really love the Peas. :-(

  27. I can’t stand the b.e.p…..never liked them always considered them talentless. Fergie used to be a meth addict and that taboo looks so creepy and i remember seeing something about him being a alcoholic. No matter what they are trying to convey with this video they still SUCK! If anything they are just trying to act “deep” in the video but, you can see from the lyrics they are not really saying anything important, they really bother me…..i really don’t like people who act as if they are on some deeper level of thinking but, really are not….ugh!

  28. WOW! I love this site you seriously need to analyse more videos, but one thing I’m unclear about is… do we stop listening to this music now that we know what it is about or do we just have to be more aware and not let it brainwash us? In all fairness that is a good question VC and something I am unclear about? Anoybody else who knows the answer to this please add it as a comment becuase I will read it, THANKOO

  29. TheTokyOverdose on

    This site has opened my eyes no end – i see symbolism in so many movies and musiv videos now.
    Before I never 2nd guessed anything but now im just gobsmacked at how obvious it all is! I watched this video and immediately knew something was awry.

    you should watch Cheryl Coles 3 words that video has will.i/am in it too and it looks like it takes place in some pagan temple….have a look see

  30. I think I have said this before but while Taylor Swift was performing on top of the Taxi cab during the MTV awards she threw up the devil horns about 3 times in a sneaky way. I caught it all three times. Not to mention her face looks so different, no more sweet Taylor. She has a vampire face now. It looks so weird.

  31. Jst Another citizen on

    Does this mean Black Eyed Peas are part of the illuminatees aswell?
    What is Kaballa?
    Why doesn’t an intervewe ask one of these so called illuminati celebrity members if they are? Whether they are will be judged on their reaction.

  32. #15.

    If you are speaking of the Beyonce “I am Yours” concert special that aired Thanksgiving night on ABC, Beyonce never said the name Jesus in her prayer. She said in His Name, which could mean anyone. I noticed this immediately, as did my family. I’ve been talking about this website to my family and friends, and when Beyonce started to pray it was kind of their moment to say,”Well look she is praying”, but everyone noticed that she never brought up God or Jesus in the prayer.

  33. I love your site Vigilant, man you post some good stuff on here… Stuff I tell my friends, family, and Church about. I use this stuff to try to educate the Body of Christ about how Satan used everything he can get his hands on to distract us from coming to Christ… Especially in entertainment. I hate to see the Pope on this post because any Christian who knows the Bible will tell you that Roman Catholicism isn’t not True Christianity. Much of the stuff practiced in Roman Catholicism is EXTREMELY unbiblical. The works of the Romans “Christianizing” pagan/ occult traditions. Haven’t you ever noticed when ever something w/ the Church is on the News it’s always the Roman Catholics? Ever wondered why?

    Going back to the post, this stuff is kinda creepy but not as creepy as the other stuff you post… Like the Bible says:

    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. (1 Pet 5:8)

    Stay Vigilant (Pun Intended)

  34. Bystander- I am not taking up for Beyonce, all she had to do is wear the Bopohmet (how ever you spell it)devil costume and that was enough for me. I had to go back and listen because I thought I heard it right- At around the 12-13 minute mark she starts the prayer with LORD and she continues with saying GOD about 3 times and in his name. I stick to the facts and thats what she said. So you heard it wrong. Take another listen around the 12-15 minute mark.

  35. Bystander- these were her exact words at the 12 minute 40 second mark-” Lord I ask you to give us all confidence & take away anthing that is not of you God & just give us peace& just let us have fun. We love you and we thank you God, thank you so much, thank you,thank you, thank you in your name we pray” It is what it is

  36. HAHA…omg!…The title of the song says it all. “Meet me half way” – as in “I (Illuminati) can’t make this happen without your (the masses who are under the spell) help, so please come meet me half way.” Kinda obvious seeing that it takes “two to tango.” Ugh…I’m so disgusted and just soooo angry in soooo many ways..and then sadness follows….=(

    Just like how I usually tell my friends who can’t stomach the movie SAW and it’s sequels due to it’s gorey contents, try to look past the theatrics and grapse the underlying meaning of what the creators are trying to convey. In other words, “STOP BEING SO SHALLOW!” LOL.

    The comment about Taylor Swift and her recent appearance rings true as I have gotten the same reaction when I saw her on stage at the VMA’s, her performance, and then on The View, speaking about the whole Kanye incident. She DOES look like there are Vampiric features about her it’s shocking!!! I *was* wondering about why she looked the way she looked. It makes sense….(again, followed by feelings of sadness to know of all this). =(

    To the person who asked about what to do now that we’ve deciphered the codes and messages that are in the music/movies, I think it’s best to continue to go on about your daily life with this new found knowledge and be more observative of the world around you. Look at the world now through a different perspective than the one that you were taught or used to. Question the things around you. If you’re digging through sites like VC’s, read the other reader’s comments and what they have to say. Makes mental notes of things that you see. Keep being or start to be more positive in spirit. The reason I say this is because as I found more and more connections and “coincidences”, the more depressed I felt about the world around me. I felt as if “what’s the point of going on” if any of this is true? It drove me nutz the first couple of days having found VC’s site, as well as several others, but VC’s is the best as his obvservations and connections makes the most logical sense!

    And last but not least…..always keep this quote in mind, “Things happen for a reason.”

    I hope my comment (along with other readers) will help bring light to those who can’t see…and I hope this message finds those in good faith and good spirit. May God be with us all.

  37. I love the way that Vigilant breaks these videos down. I’ve never been a Black Eyed Peas fan really, but this video, to me, isn’t even comparable to the “Russian Roulette”, “Sweet Dreams” and “Run This Town” videos. Great breakdown of the video though……Music is the greatest tool for these evil people who are trying to ruin people’s minds to get their message across. I hate the direction today’s music (let alone our world) is headed.

  38. The video is what it is, not what an interpreter wants it to be. Another way of putting it is: “I am that I am,” and not whatever whomever wants me to be. For incorrect interpretations or assumptions are indeed just that, incorrect.

  39. Fantastic article VC. The video is rich in symbolism and glad to have someone as knowledgable as you to provide an interpretation.

    The comments on this one are top notch. Keep it up people!


    What jenn says is good. I have stopped believing in coincidences. I believe most things that go on around us, media, major events/tragedies are all completely by design. Yes, depressing at first, but ultimately you have to decide. Listen to the music but see it for what it is. A distraction. In some cases, a beautiful distraction.

    My tip: follow the narrow path.

  40. @truly:i meant “YOUR” smarty!!”ur” is usually used as a shorter form of it bt im srry U (oh im srry),”YOU” cant get these simple things as yet;)

  41. I don't get it, what's wrong with Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism? Isn't this supposed to be about the Illuminati? Aren't they supposed to be against organized religion? And aren't they those things organized religions? Shouldn't we be praising the other religions, instead of bashing it because it isn't Christianity?

  42. fergie is hot!!!!! this site is the best…the best info. i wonder if VC could read up on Jesus Christ for me ? all these symbolizms of enlightnment have got me thinkin about how all religions are seaching for GOD so why not Christ? oh and fergie is sooo hot!!!

  43. When I first saw this video my jaw literally dropped. I had jus finished watching an amazing video series called “The Antichrist Dajjal will be a reptilian shapshifter”. Now BEFORE I get some cretin like remarks about the wording of that title, I’ll be the first to say that “reptilian” and “shapeshifter” themes have become far too comical by those who do not understand the concept. Hashem links the importance of reptilian gods and leaders from civilisations past, with the access to a higher plane of understanding or alternate dimensions of existence (as architecturally symbolised by pyramids – which have been used in cultures in all continents) and the use of other dimension beings (which hollywood has depicted and discredited in our minds by referring to them as imaginary little green men i.e. aliens) which are in fact beings known as jinn or genies as you may have commonly heard them being called.

    The series goes on to decipher the sigil of a world which we live in, and places into context the existence of freemasons and the illuminati, without which context we are all branded looney conspiracists. That context is one of evil and good -God versus his sworn enemy Satan or the Antichrist, who will appear in human form and for whom this world is being set up by those control the media entertainment and all other forms of brainwashing. The Antichrist will stand and proclaim himself God and the weak and those have fallen prey to this system – by the way not just music but this world where capitalism and the value of paper money assigns some sort of status on an individual – will be obediant to his claims. Those who believe in the real 1 God will be tortured and will be humiliated and it will seem much easier to be part of the system than to be against it – just like the world today.

    I digress, the Hashem film shows the importance of pyramids and cube and pointed out quite an obvious link – where are the most famous pyramids? Egypt. Where does occultist/illuminati symbolism mainly originate from? Egyptian culture. Which race was particularly abhorred God in Abrahamaic faith texts? The Pharoahs. Why? The Pharoahs had mastered the art of accessing higher planes of understanding, against God’s will and using beings (aliens/jinns) and considered themselves “enlightened” or “iluminated”. Furthermore can you tell me where the most famour cube is?…..Just as the VMA’s and other mindless festivals such as sports and music events are held to gather energy there is a famour cube which gathers energy for the opposite effect – the mass circling of which occurs once a year every yr and circling of which occurs everyday….and if it was ever to stop – as the Antichrist and his government have tried to make happen – there would be no barrier to Satans work. Let me know if you found the answer. Cubes and pyramids – in the BEP video, accessing different planes and its right here – in front of our eyes – on this planet and our eyes are blind to the truth!

  44. Thanks for your insights sir! You certainly opened my eyes to a seemingly ‘creative’ video.
    These people truly are circus freaks.. encoding their secret beliefs into mainstream media.
    I’m glad there’s a forum where the real world can be educated and aware in rapidly changing times.
    Keep up the good work! and NEVER TAKE YOUR INTELLIGENCE FOR GRANTED :)

  45. LadyCab November 28th, 2009 11:42 pm :

    "I don’t get it, what’s wrong with Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism? Isn’t this supposed to be about the Illuminati? Aren’t they supposed to be against organized religion? And aren’t they those things organized religions? Shouldn’t we be praising the other religions, instead of bashing it because it isn’t Christianity?"

    No, if you are a Christian, you shouldn't praise other religions. I'm assuming that you aren't a Christian, and that you do not know much about these other religions?

    If you study history and what the common factors are in the downfall of civilizations, and then you actually learn what Jesus advised by reading the Bible (not what churches say, as most have been subverted by Illuminati agents), then you can see that what Jesus stood for is the opposite of what happens when civilizations crash and burn.

    210 Reasons for the decline of the Roman Empire

    It might help if you take a look at Theosophy, which borrows heavily on all religious beliefs, and is connected with the Illuminati.

    Theosophy: history of a pseudo-religion

    By René Guénon, Alvin Moore, Jr.

    Look under the chapter 3 and 10. There is a chapter on freemasonry, but you can't see it on Google books.

    I used to be ignorant of Judaism and actually admired this religion, until I l recently learned what was in the Talmud.

  46. The cube in Mecca, called the Ka’bah. Interesting point. I wouldn’t have thought of that.

    But Egypt wasn’t the only place that had pyramids. Today everyone has become aware that ancient and sacred pyramids existed in many cultures around the world. I don’t have the dates of each of these world pyramids, but some at least go back just as far as the ancient Egyptian pyramids, like the Caral Pyramids of the Lima region of Peru that date 2600BC to 2000BC. The idea that all these ancient world civilizations just happened to have similar pyramid structures never sat right with me. It always seemed more improbable to me than that it’s just “coincidence”.

    I’m glad to see that alternative researchers, like Graham Hancock, Zecharia Sitchen, and others, are coming up with interesting theories about this. Perhaps their ideas are the big “secrets” the Elites with their power don’t want the sheeple to know about. That’s what I always figured. Mainstream archaeological explanations of things is that everything was a ‘fertility cult’ or a burying place, like (according to them) the Great Pyramid. In other words, once one gets out of the mind control of what the Establishment says a thing is — the secret and hidden histories open up, and one’s Consciousness can expand.

    The Ka’bah reminds me of the Treasury of the Arc of the Covenant Axum, Ethiopia — another cube-shaped structure — a church in fact. I’m reading a novel about this idea. I’m not sure I believe in it though, even though Graham Hancock believes in it. (The novel is not by Hancock.) But it IS curious why in the Old Testament so much was made of this Arc of the Covenant, then when the first temple was destroyed — absolutely no mention whatsoever of the Arc is given. Nothing. So…what happened to it already?

  47. The road at the beginning looks to be moving toward the belt of the Milky Way.

    Its shown a couple of times to highlight the universe (05,1:59,2:28,3:27). It is "present" while the video covers the 4 ages of man thus far where man finds himself alone and alien to the surroundings of life.

    I take it as a song about the search for a way out of the loneliness of the mind and heart.

    Nature – Fergie – Natural Passion & Emotion (4:00 the tear) guides & points the heart to the door

    Meditation – APL is covered in shards of mirror. The learned human conscience is self-reflective – the ego discerns the path by a map to the door.

    Physcial Sciences – Will.I.AM rides old school science (elephant) – he uses a shovel and a seeking device & physical means buried on Europa (Saturn is in the Background) – to a door

    Technology – For Taboo it is space age science, it is the sub-atomic level (as in Large Hadron Collider) leads to a door

    I tend toward the Drug Induced trans-human bend mentioned before. The stuttering/Slowed/Fast speech of the lyrics plays into auditory and visual hallucinations from drugs.

    What is striking is the level of abstraction of visual from the lyrics. It is about personal relationship but yet the protagonists never "meet" the other person. For a "Girl loses Boy" song it is effective not to have it resolved into a particular person as each can think it iss Fergie/APL/Wil.I.AM/Taboo is singing to them

    I, you, we, myself, me are the pronouns used throughout the song. There is not even a specification about what the two did, where, and when. Its really a quite vacuous song lyrically.

  48. The Ka’bah Is a Pagan rock.
    Look up BLACK ROCK and you will find how much Jews (+Christians) and Muslims are one and the same.
    Religion is different points of view on the same subject , then why do we fight one another? time to stop.

  49. I really liked this analysis. Good job. I don’t believe that any esoteric, or mystery school teachings are to be seen as ‘evil’ I think that in reaching contact with ones higher self is not impossible. However, in hinduism, the feminine is seen as active and the male is receptive. The only thing I disagree with, is how you see feminity as passive. Say rather receptive. Other than that, thanks!!

  50. The kaabah (as believed by the muslims)was first built by Abraham.after it was violated by the other arabians & idols were placed inside of it…yrs after the Prophet Muhammad came & rebuilt it…the thing tht they touch is not the cube bt there is a blackstone at a particular point of it tht was once white…due to the sin of man it became black…the Prophet placed it at tht specific point & it is believed to be a rock frm heaven…i dont believe tht these 3 religions r the same bt i do believe in peace…:)…even though there is ALOT of similarities,they r different

  51. @ The Larry Wilson You are right about the Roman Catholic pagan church–it STAYS in the news, whether it’s good or bad, everyday. I wonder how much influence it will have over the EU…

  52. Kessbot November 28th, 2009 12:59 am :

    @Truly: The idea that you can understand or sympathize at all with depopulation is not one to be proud of. Ignorance should not be reprimanded, it should be educated. Get off your high horse and give thanks that these “retarded teenagers” even have interest in a site like this one.

    You’re right. I was just in a bad mood. No matter who you are, if God created you, then you have right to be here.

    It irritates me though that the general population is going right along with the plan… no individuality, everyone’s a clone, everyone copies everyone else, everyone watches the same movies and TV and listens to the same popular music, dress the same, hair the same, talk the same, walk the same… and on and on it goes. You know what? The predictive programming is working.

    And yes, I know that “UR” stands for “your” or “you’re”. I’m not stupid. I use the abbreviated forms myself when texting, as it takes forever to write out on a tiny little keypad and time is important. But I am not lazy when I have a QWERTY keyboard and can take the time to use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation for aesthetic value and the benefit of anyone who happens to read my post. Not bothering to write it out is dumbing down the written language, and I for one don’t appreciate it, and I have seen others complain as well. How are these young people going to get jobs or be taken seriously when they cannot even communicate effectively when writing?

    For a humorous parody, see James @ War You Tube video, “Bad Grammar – The Way I Are Parody ft. HotforWords.”

    And James @ War new video “Twilight New Moon parody of Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas” is EXACTLY what I’m talking about!

    Even though it’s a parody, James brings up some good points in his video. He mentions transforming, which is predictive programming for trans-humanism (look it up on Wikipedia).

    Here is an interesting analysis on a movie that has the trans-humanist theme, and videos about the brain microchip.

    By the way, I hate the whole vampire/witch movement and all the hype. It’s so pathetic to see all these teenagers and even adults swoon over make-believe movies, actors, and music. It’s disgusting. Can’t they see that they are being herded like cattle to the whims of the NWO/Illuminati elite bankers, multi-national corporations and industries by putting money in their pockets every time they go see these brain-dead movies and buy all the memorabilia that goes along with it?

  53. @ 73 and74

    You do know that those black cubes exists several places in the world right ?
    Its a universal symbol of Saturn as VC has also very intellegently covered on this site as well…
    You should check it out… !

    For those who have been reading these articles for a while now and might need something to back it up against or add on to their coming knowledge, you might want to take a look at these sites: – Go to the bottom for topics

    It is something of fascination and aspiration and then I also added a good chronological overview of a lot of main topics that VC is taking basis in…

    Always think for yourselves of what you read and remember to be aware when the author shifts into own “theories” of mostly popular ideas – often someone trying to come off as being wise while his egotistical ways of thought blocks the wisdom in itself.

    Enjoy your sundays…
    And try something new – Like it or not – you will have grown just as much… 😉

    All the best,

  54. Not sure if this has already been pointed out, but the cover invokes a sort of Close Encounters of the Third Kind image, with the road and night sky/stars etc. It's reasonable to assume that was their intention with that image (linking into the alien element)?

  55. Serious learner on

    Wow a new article about black eyed peas i must read but first i comment i been reading all off your articles and it is very intresting but i comment for the first time

  56. this is so true..first time i saw this vid i knew instantly that there was more to it!!..keep it up VC..we love you!!…pls analyise video phone by beyonce nd lady gaga

  57. What about the movie Twilight? Its a huge hit? Has anyone noticed the new obsession with moon, wolves, vampires (depicted differently than we used to)? What is Twilight promoting?

  58. Google “Lucifer Project”

    This video is a prelude to a new religion that will be presented to the world soon. This new religion will be kabalah based. ..sounds crazy…the depictions of Jupiter/Saturn in this video and the formation of a new star are not coincidental.

  59. Check this out. I have been observing and I have noticed the following in the music industry. It seems that demons are deceiving many people as to their true nature.

    Here is a quote from electronic duo MGMT.
    “The apocalypse is in the zeitgeist… but it doesn’t have to be about death and destruction; it could be the shattering of a mass hallucination…where the human race realizes its true potential!” – Andrew Vanwyngarden in [5]

    Lyrics from 4th Dimensional Transition:( is it me or does it sound like he’s talking to something that is not human?)
    I feel your racing heart
    My liquid silver arms extended
    These waves aren’t far apart
    Black gold in clawfoot tubs unchanging
    I am fire, where’s my form?
    Whisper crimson I intrude
    There’s light beneath your eyes
    New overtones in view
    Endless form, endless time

    If what they say is true
    You are a shadow in the fourth dimension
    To float away with you
    We see the corners where nothing happens
    While we drifted we were one
    Ceilings lifted walls were gone
    You speak the language of the breeze
    All your leaves were meant for me
    The love that every person wants to be

    Stuck together, I don’t like revealing secrets
    I’ll live inside your lips if you won’t laugh
    My heaving hands on rotten fruit at last
    Fallow fingers, there’s a surface I can count on
    She’d fit inside my heart and take it over
    Till her cape got blown into my red lungs
    Either there’s a purpose
    Or I’m heading out at breakfast
    Take a drink, take a drag
    One more coffee, ugly hat
    No more mirrors, woolen bag
    And I am gone

    MGMT -The Handshake ( is this referring to a masonic grip?)
    I just shook the handshake
    I just sealed the deal
    I’ll try not to let them
    Take everything they can steal
    People always told me
    Don’t forget your roots
    I know I can feel them underneath my leather boots

    You toss all the mornings lost to the clouds and you watch it go
    Your fairweather friends on a parachute binge get lost when the wind blows
    The handshake’s stuck on the tip of my tongue
    It tastes like death but it looks like fun

    I was a loner
    I was just waiting by myself
    When you, warped temptress
    Rose to bring me happiness and wealth
    Black tears, black smile, black credit cards and shoes
    You can call all the people you want
    But it’s you who’s being used

    Under your black eyes, honey
    Right beneath your nose
    A curse on all creation
    Every single thing you know
    White smoke, white light, white marble on the floor
    It would only take a few seconds of darkness to figure out what’s in store
    Little girl

    You convince yourself that you want it, but you don’t know
    You keep trying to wash the blood from your hands, but it won’t go
    We’re gonna keep you on the run

    We got the handshake under our tongue
    We got the handshake under our tongue
    We got the handshake under our tongue
    We got the handshake under our tongue
    We got the handshake x15

    Kid Cudi
    Here are some interesting facts on Cudi
    On February 25, 2009, Cudi self-leaked a “teaser trailer” [14] for the upcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen film using his song “Sky Might Fall” in the background, later he posted that he made the trailer himself and now was in talks to possibly make it official.

    Kid Cudi also made a cameo appearance next to Solange in the video for the song “T.O.N.Y.” in February 2009, and later in the Black Eyed Peas’ video for “I Gotta Feeling”, with David Guetta.

    Cudi’s debut album Man on the Moon: The End of Day was released on Universal Motown Records on September 15, 2009[10] and sold 104,419 copies in the first week and charted at #4.[11] The album’s first single was Day ‘N’ Nite, and is Kid Cudi’s greatest commercial success thus far, the song charting well both in the USA and in Europe. The next single was “Make Her Say” (originally titled “I Poke Her Face”), which features a sample from Lady Gaga’s song “Poker Face” and performances by Kanye West and Common.

    I therefore find it interesting that Cudi’s ”Sky Might Fall” is followed up by “Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part I)” on the discography.

    Here’s an excerpt of the songs lyrics. (interesting is mention of taking drugs in order to open his mind, this is found in certain magickal circles.

    Ok. you say you’ve never done this before and that’s cool and all but I want
    You to try this with me. it’s cool, don’t worry.”
    Get ready
    Pop it,
    Lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    Enter galactic you and me
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    VERSE 1
    I once use
    To dream of peace
    Until I found you
    Once upon a time baby
    I once
    Use to dream so sweet until I had a taste of you
    Once upon a time baby
    Reaching out to outer space dancing to awesome sounds
    This all new to
    I’m reaching out to hold you close so I don’t slip away
    Explore a
    New approach
    A whole new free I’d say
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets
    Enter galactic you and me
    Enter galactic you and me
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    Enter galactic you and me
    Get ready
    It, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    VERSE 2
    I know it’s easy to imagine
    But it’s easier to just “do”
    If you can’t “do” what you imagine
    Is imagination to you?
    Just a waste of space in your brain
    To take
    The place of hate
    Or things all the same
    Tell me your secrets
    The things
    That make you tick
    I like when you talk
    Because your voice is angelesque

    I want to kiss you on your space below your navel-ette
    Place that you keep neat
    So moist like
    A towelette
    This will mark the
    Our minds and souls will connect
    Lets not forget the sex
    My heart
    You can collect
    Now my heart you can collect
    Now my heart you can collect
    Now have just one more cap
    Have just one more stem babe
    Pop it
    Let it
    Take take take takeover
    Get ready
    Pop it
    Lets go
    Get ready
    Let let it take you over
    Get ready
    Pop it
    Lets gooooo
    Just let it
    Take take you over
    Get ready
    Lets go
    Lets go
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    Galactic you and me
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me
    Enter galactic
    You and me
    Get ready
    Pop it, lets go
    Enter galactic you and me

    Then this song is followed by: “Alive (Nightmare)” (featuring Ratatat) if the last song was about what I think is demonic intercourse then the follow up must be about possession.

    Send “Alive (Nightmare) (Feat. Ratatat)” as a Ringtone to Your Cell
    Everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah
    and everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah

    VERSE 1:

    I’m feeling strange in the night
    I’m in myself I feel I’m thrown into a fight
    Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide nothin’s right
    my skin is burning when my rock begins to speak

    There’s something going wrong with me
    I am changing rapidly
    I’m feeling stronger, more alert, I’m on the move
    I smell her scent and I know I will find her soon (soon, soon)
    the one to come and free me from this fate
    I’ll find her, it’s not too late, hey, hey


    Everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah

    and everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah

    VERSE 2:

    I’m a beast in the night
    I’m on the prowl and I’m hoping to find some light
    you call it heaven, I can do it for the same
    Ain’t nothing wrong I bin feasting on something brave
    a sexy lady who’s pure, she has the cure, uh
    I hope she can find a man within the beast, and

    I hope she saves me from the curse I have to beat, hey
    I hope she figures out a way to save my soul
    yeah, to save my heart, hey


    Everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah
    and everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah

    Nananananananana, whoooa

    Nananananananana, whoooa

    VERSE 3:

    I watch the sun collapse
    and took up in the clizzoud
    I am the lone wolf
    go where I wanna

    Let the moon shine be the guide to the lizzight
    even when I stray away the light never left me, uh
    I learn to follow my instinct
    Talk about the light,
    rather that than the evil
    Fill another place in a room full of people
    Try and be the same bitch you know you’re not a sequel

    You’re fate will be whatever it shall be (be, be, be, be)

    We’ll fight no more,
    I let these things just be (be, be, be)


    Everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah
    and everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah

    Nananananananana, whoooa

    Nananananananana, whoooa

    This last bit I find interesting because it connects the dots.
    Salange, Kid Cudi, Wale are all rising stars.
    WALE was the house band during the satanic MTV awards which this site does a spot on interpretation. WALE is from DC. I found a photo of him online with Solange at a park. Solange is of course Beyonce’s lil sis. Beyonce is married to JAY-Z. It seems that whatever force is turning these people into stars is in DC. WALE worked with a DC producer named “Judah” which means ”to praise”. Next thing he’s all over TV. I found that Judah has an artist named RA – THE -MC. Ra means Sun God. I wonder if she’s poised to blow up next? I watched her music video that was shot by THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERS. If you drop the (s) and add hood you get THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD. Also when the video comes on it displays a logo that is the masonic G and two inverted pyramids. I might have forgot to mention that this JUDAH calls his label Strange Music. After the two logos fade off we get RA – THE -MC saying the following:

    Wayne made it cool for dudes to call girls bitches
    Ra made it cool for you to call me princess
    Quenn, your heinous, either or minus the charm
    Check the scroll I be writing it on.

  60. i cant wait til u do an article liike this for a rock video or maybe a tv show. there’s something fishy about that show on fox, “Fringe”.

  61. @ 96.Miks

    Now, I dont want to come off to simplistic – but dude… You can find that shit in all commercial music.. Its nothing new.. AT ALL !!!

    Take all songs from 2009 and back to 1970… I’ll promise you that there are more songs like that lyrically, than there is without !

    – Its not a diss.. But its a bit much to post 3 set of lyrics from completely irrelevant (yet popoular) artists… – Go against the norm

    – post some (links preferably) songs that has messages that enlighten instead of flooding us with more of that crap… – Again.. Nothing against you… But its hard enough to avoid listening to it and looking at it in the first place…

    Hope you dont take this comment personally… :)

  62. 3:10-3:16 if u listen it sounds like he is saying for u and I………. then it sounds like for Illuminati….did anyone else notice that?

  63. I honestly think this is a video about good spiritual enlightenment.

    My theories about this masonic, illuminati etc stuff is that it is the record labels and the people involved behind the scenes involved in it not the artists because we have to remeber the control the artists.

  64. Just an idea here. Of course, most people watching this video are unaware of its occult symbolism. Most people watching this will see a love story of some sort, without wondering to much about the elephant and the hovering dude. So it makes me wonder if making a video like this one isn’t just a way to make the average listener project outside of himself what are actually inner achetypes of the soul wich should be dealt with from the inside. Like looking for a soulmate to fill the void, instead of working on the reconciliation of our own fragmented psyche.

  65. Dude u are truley amazing…i ove the way you break it down……i thought i was getting good at interpreting, but i thought i couldn’t find anything except pyramids and triangular shapes, but there is so much more…good jub ma brutha, and keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. @Truly: So I shouldn’t praised these religions even though that would be helping the NWO in what they want? Doesn’t that go against everything? Hoping for just Christianity is just like the NWO abolishing all of the religions. That’s not right, and is VERY un-christian to want or to do that.

  67. I wrote these lyrics for Fergie, the inital lyric that kick started the whole song. The title is my title. I wrote the lyric and melody for ‘Meet Me Half Way’ the night before my birthday a year and a half ago due to a fateful meeting with one of the producers the same day. As with all of my lyrics there is a dualistic nature of higher and lower understanding. I am glad to see that the song has blossomed into a track that not only made it to the album but became a global hit reaching #1 in several countries. The video took me by surprise in it’s grand interpretation and i was thankful for that. This will afford me to move forward with my musical intentions. I am also glad that in this post it is recognized as not of something evil. illumination thru rational education.

  68. Chunky Chopper November 27th, 2009 8:14 pm :
    Interesting article, makes me wonder if there are ‘good’ bands/artists and ‘bad/negative’ artists trying to promote there agenda’s.


    Maybe there’s bands/artists that are both at different times and their agendas depend on who they are trying to reach. Who is the negative message for? a particular person only? a real or imagined enemy? Annoying fans? The fucking bitch flight attendant who refused to upgrade their ticket to first class? LOL. It’s possible. And the ‘positive’ message is it for another particular person? a friend? a family member? each other?

    It must be exhausting for them, poor things lol.

    p.s. About Beyowulf (that’s what we call beyonce lol) saying a prayer to baby jesus, remember that is the “real” Beyonce, god worshipping, family oriented, christian woman of virtue /sarcasm. The other one, the bad one who dances like a stripper and dresses like a ho on the stroll is ‘Sasha Fierce’ *eyeroll*

    On topic: i despise BEP but i do like this song, and i bet my right hand they had nothing to do with the lyrics and the video concept. Although they’d lie and say yes it’s all us. heh.

  69. I absolutely cannot believe that Vigilant did not mention the glaringly obvious transition of Taboo’s lyric “just you and I” into “Illuminati, Illumini.” I am the first to point this out? Wow.

    I remember seeing the Peas perform live way back in the day in a small club before Fergie, before they sold their souls. This song is very catchy, but it is all about contacting demons, and I’m just not down with that.

    Vigilant, I respect your work immensely, perhaps you are intentionally leaving this open to debate as to not offend someone out there, so I will go ahead and offend them for you. You understand plenty enough to know that the “spirit guides” and “ascended masters” of the occult are in fact demons, not angels. You do us a disservice by allowing for a positive view of this Illuminati garbage. Here is the Truth for those with ears to hear. The Gnostic Christians were pagans in disguise, pagans who wish to be gods themselves. The Roman Catholic Church, AKA the Whore of Babylon, is controlled by pagans, infiltrated and now owned and operated by Freemasons and their Illuminati masters. True Christianity goes by what Jesus said, which is that humans cannot save themselves, they are only saved by the grace of God through Jesus, not by contacting demons through pagan occult magic, not by worshipping the Babylonian Queen of Heaven renamed Mary by the pagan Catholics, not by confessing your sins to some child molesting priest when no such confession to any man is required by the Bible, only confession to God directly. The heart of paganism is the wish to save yourself, make your own rules, “Do What Thou Wilt”, be your own god, just as the shining one convinced Eve to disobey, by telling her she would become like God.

    Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare by Michael A Hoffman comes highly recommended.

  70. i was waitng for you to do another analysis and you did not disappoint me!

    i watched the video, read the analysis, and also went through people's comments before i decided to start this comment because i wanted to get a sense of this whole analysis and people's reaction to it before i left mine.

    first thing that i want to say is, whatever you believe, whatever religion you are, just know that satan's greatest trick was convincing this world that he doesn't exist. he has hidden himself behind symbols, doctrines, ceremonies, words, phrases, and images for a VERY long time.

    there is a reason that certain images and symbols keep popping up among the same group of people, in the same kind of music and videos. there is a reason why only certain celebrities are at the status that they are. there are a reason that celebrities (or "stars") are specfically used. politians, actors, authors, singers, songwriters, tv stars… all of these people have a specific role in a plan much larger than most people realize.

    i will not go into "religious" debate here, because i wish for those who choose to read my post to please keep an open mind. i just want people to know that there is a lot more going on than meets your eye…or what it is you take at face-value. chances are, if you've reached this site, you are already aware of what's going on.

    one of the things that makes me happy is when i read people's comments on videos like these and they are interested in KNOWING about what is happening around them. if you have knowledge, you can protect yourself. satan is very trickey. he will use any means to shadow his intentions, and even his presence.

    this video is very pretty. it's very artistic. it seems very innocent. but you have to realize that, whether the video itself is negative, it contains those very same symbols and concepts that are in so many other things. just because its pretty doesn't mean it's used in a good way. for example:

    the pyramid is the symbol for the infrastructure of the Illuminati, however you look at it. where ever it is. that's what is is. the meaning doesn't chage depending on what its contained in. if you're thinking that, then you are letting them WIN over you.

    it's their purpose to pile these things onto the masses until it becomes the "norm," until people are used to seeing it. they are blazing it into not only our minds, who have trouble understanding this and putting it together, but also into the minds of the youger generations, the children, the pre-teens, teens in the midst of rebellion (as all teens sometimes do!).

    they are doing it to them because they don't have the knowledge. they're growing up with mtv and these movies and these videos and this music and these IDEALS. they don't know any better. imagine the damage that is being done to people who DON'T know?

    i'm going to cut this short because i must apologize. this is NOT my site and i shouldn't be talking like it is. but, it's a site that is a great tool for me in helping my friends and family know what's happening…what's been happening.

    in short, i'm just glad that people are listening and learning.

    thank you Viligant. you are intelligent and helpful always.

    p.s. i apologize for the LONG comment and i hope you aren't upset! :oP

  71. Fantastic interpretation!

    Of course we need spirituality in our lifes.

    I find no sinister messages in this video.

    I have never reflected before how important symbols and abstraction is.


  73. by the way, MTV are loyal followers of the Illuminati.. Just check the Mariah Carey's presentation of We belong together on 2005.. All black in white, the masonic floor and Mariah dressed on a red dress.. She was initiate..?. No… Mtv just prepare the scenario and Mariah didn't get involved on the making of… Just about the rehearsal…. MTV and Jay-Z are the bad guys..

  74. You know.. I’m a religious person…

    But I don’t believe in this…

    You people are making analysis to everything.. Giving them deep meanings…

    I’m not smart like you guys…

    But as long as I can…

    I will try to make you understand more of this…

    1st of all I just wanna say that this is my chance to explain things and I just want you to know that this is my freedom..

    Why do you people keep on making such things??..

    I know some them are based on the Bible..

    “BUT” ……

    Many of these are light years away from the Bible..

    These artists are not Satan’s minions
    They are just expressing what they have observed in their surroundings
    And these music videos are just for entertainment

    Producers and talents are just being artistic..

    If they absolutely know that all of this are evil
    Why do they keep on making such things?


    We people are not away from God.

    It’s the heart that counts not the visuals.

    The only problem with you people is that you react immediately in what you see and what you hear.
    You don’t confirm, nor talk, nor ask those celebs if that’s really the message of the song.. “Based on the video”

    Why don’t you try to understand the whole song?..
    Read the lyrics carefully and you’ll know if what’s the message of it..

    I’m not a voice of many people
    I speak for myself and for those “victims” of these kinds of things

    These entire artists that this page is talking about making them a huge topic

    Are sooooooooooo innocent…

    They’re innocent because they don’t know that you are making them a demonic minion..

    The only thing that could save the world from total destruction is “CHANGE”

    We change things


    By starting to ourselves

    What if you write something about cooperation?

    “WE”… cooperate to fix the world..
    Coz “WE” are also those who ruined its beauty..

    Imagine the world without…….




  75. hey vigilant gr8 findings verii interesting but may i ask that you pls tell us more bou 2012 der has been a movie based on it. are u cristian nd do u believe any of the crap of the world ending in 2012. first it was 2000 nd guess wat 9 years later we still living our lives to the fullest!!! so i was wondering if you cud jus step out ur comfort zone jus 4 a while nd do this 2012 thing it would really mean a lot nd i would jus like you to put in ur christianic views on it as you do on all the analysis you do??

  76. Hey, i seen ALOT posting about Taylor Swift, IM FROM THE UK and on Children In Need (Charity on BBC) she performed, and after spoketo terry wogan and said she would donate 13 thousand pound, because 13 is her lucky number, as far as i know, 13 is a symbolic number for illuminati etc.

    thanks, great articles, the whole world is corrupt to an extent, and these artists are corrputing it more, whether they know they are controlled, thats another matter? they might be under brainwash without knowing what they are doing/joining…?


  77. @i-love-GOD

    2012 just want the people to be aware of what they’re doing..

    2012 just wants to let us know that if WE PEOPLE keep on polluting the world then it will lead to massive destruction… just read my post…

  78. Mr. Snyder

    eastern religions who are seeking the light, love, awareness, equality and equanimity are called devil worshippers in the Bible?

  79. I respect the amount of effort you put into this website. I also admire your knowledge of symbols and religions. However, I would highly recommend that you implore a much greater vigilance in critical thinking and avoiding logical fallacies. Your fervor and knowledge, mixed with correct argument skills could benefit people. But without them, you could mislead.

  80. this is great. I mean, the video is cool, yeah we are actually symbols and why can’t we use them into our real life? ok… well.. this video and the song when i listen to it I just feel good, i think positive, I want to find love and I don’t feel sad or depressed just like when I listen to Russian roulette umbrella and stuff like that…. This song is really about LOVE… not just the lovers one… Love in all the extension of the word.

  81. well maybe we shouldn’t leave all the work to VC, we should do our own research?

    and take this website just as an “inspiration” and READ for ourselves?

    man, we’ve become so LAZY!

  82. Truly November 29th, 2009 1:51 am writes:

    No, if you are a Christian, you shouldn’t praise other religions. I’m assuming that you aren’t a Christian, and that you do not know much about these other religions?



  84. Such statements, such bold maneuvers, BRAVO SIR! To present even qutations from Manly P. Hall, I am quite amazed. To what occasion do I have to thank for such lovely spiritual article? What would be the honour of such outbirsts of philantropic gleams of the SUN to readers, I quite permit to emphasize, if do not understand a thing in what you are saying, are our “fellows” homies or our ghouls? Do I see a “wannabe” there? Oh, yeah! Hello John! :wave:
    Let’s throw a little pyrite here, an electric eel there and let see how they stumble in the dark, shall we?
    Quite clean this site, I see. 😀 Good for you.
    You have a lot of work to do, you realise that?

  85. god is awareness, sir.

    god is trying to be better each day.

    god is the whole universe, the nature, the goodness in all people. and god is also realizing the evil.. we have evil within ourselves.. god is all about awareness.

    the endless power in each human. the never ending energy. the never ending youth.

    god is to be working full time for awareness.

  86. this website is amazing and i’m glad people are taking the time to reveal the devil and his role in the entertainment industry and exposing these artists for who they really are and what they are doing. millions of people listen to their music and have no clue. God Bless all involved in this website and may the people of this nation wake up and turn to Jesus Christ, the ONLY one who can save them.

  87. Miks November 29th, 2009 1:12 pm writes:

    Check this out. I have been observing and I have noticed the following in the music industry. It seems that demons are deceiving many people as to their true nature.

    Here is a quote from electronic duo MGMT.
    “The apocalypse is in the zeitgeist… but it doesn’t have to be about death and destruction; it could be the shattering of a mass hallucination…where the human race realizes its true potential!” – Andrew Vanwyngarden in

    Apocalypse (Greek: Ἀποκάλυψις Apokálypsis; “lifting of the veil” or “revelation”) is a term applied to the disclosure to certain privileged persons of something hidden from the majority of humankind. Today the term is often used to refer to Armageddon, also referred to as the end of the world, which may be a shortening of the phrase apokalupsis eschaton which literally means “revelation at the end of the æon, or age”. In the Christian tradition, ‘The Apocalypse’ refers in particular to the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible. (source: Wikipedia)

    Interesting that the first book of the Bible is called Genesis (Greek: Γένεσις, “birth”, “origin” or Bereshith (Hebrew: בְּרֵאשִׁית, “in the beginning”) while the last book is called Revelation…

  88. The EnlightenedOne on

    The Bible is a book written, taking apart, and rewritten many more times over by other mere mortals.

    Open your mind and EYES Mr Synder and realize God is too amazing to be summed up in One book for Only certain folks. Clearly you are more enlightened to think God can only be summarized by a few human beings in a few pages?

    Anyway, great analysis as always VC. I would love to see you do Video Phone by Beyonce and Lady GaGa..weird azz video for sure!


  90. God isn’t in the Bible, Mr. Snyder. You’ve been duped. The Illuminati wrote the Bible to deceive gullible weaklings such as yourself.

  91. This is not about VC it’s about where do you stand. The whole world is so wrapped up in music and so much other BS. You don’t even feel the need to take the time to think about it. At the rate this world is going a wake up call is/was needed, especially if you beleive in the Bible and I do. So I appreciate the wake up, it gives me the thought to reflect on my life. This world is busy and it’s not with people or up coming kids talking about God. The world, once you think about it is trying to make you forget all about him. So it’s about knowing and allowing youself to focus on whatever you beleive, not what they or someone else wants you to beleive. Lets just imagine the Bible was true, if so this world is as lost as it could be and I wonder why? Now I am getting a clue. So get what you can get out of something. If you could really see the light you would know it’s time to start working your way towards God and thats the bottom line. You can keep reading article after article but evidently your missing the whole point. Think for yourself. Anyway thanks VC and people like VC for the wake up call. Weather he is buddist, Jamacian, on the same team with GaGa, Jay-Z people don’t even take the time to think so provoking thought is always good weather you agree or not!

  92. It is your duty to have faith in the Bible. I am guessing we know what the word “Faith” means. Of course some stuff was took out or added in, I think we call it edit ing LOL. The Bible was wrote through God, and it’s a very firm verse in the last few verses of Revelations that state “if anyone takes away from the words of this prophecy……… “So therefore the Bible is pretty much the way he wanted it. If not it’s not our fault and who ever did it will be punished.

  93. That’s funny Anonymous… The Bible is completely opposed to secret societies! There are verses in the Bible that teach this! The illuminati didn’e even exist when the WORD OF GOD was bein written! So there goes that theory!! The book of Revelation talks about the antichrist ( the beast ) does this sound familiar?? The Illuminati is paving the way for this antichrist by setting up the one world government….

  94. daniel November 30th, 2009 6:54 pm writes:

    It is your duty to have faith in the Bible. I am guessing we know what the word “Faith” means. Of course some stuff was took out or added in, I think we call it edit ing LOL. The Bible was wrote through God, and it’s a very firm verse in the last few verses of Revelations that state “if anyone takes away from the words of this prophecy……… “So therefore the Bible is pretty much the way he wanted it. If not it’s not our fault and who ever did it will be punished.

    “Misquoting Jesus” a textual criticism of Biblical manuscript tampering (Heyns Lecture Series at Cubberley Auditorium, Stanford University Campus.) contains some food for thought…

    Faith is the confident belief or trust in the truth or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing. The word “faith” can refer to a religion itself or to religion in general. As with “trust”, faith involves a concept of future events or outcomes, and is used conversely for a belief “not resting on logical proof or material evidence.” Informal usage of the word “faith” can be quite broad, and may be used in place of “trust” or “belief.”

    In Roman mythology, Fides (“trust”) was the goddess of trust. Her temple on the Capitol was where the Roman Senate kept state treaties with foreign countries, where Fides protected them. She was also worshiped under the name Fides Publica Populi Romani (“trust towards the Roman state”). She is represented by a young woman crowned with an olive branch, with a cup or turtle, or a military ensign in hand. She wears a white veil or stola; her priests wear white.

    Her Greek equivalent was Pistis.

  95. Going back to what the post is about, it’s myopic some think this is aimed to children, this is aimed at WOMAN, most music is. Proof: BEP blew up when Fergie was added because women started identifying and buying their music. Before that they were just dusty, crunchy hiphoppers who no one cared about, (when they actually were good) The kids is an easy target for them because they listen to what mommy listens to, and children spend most of their time with mommy.

  96. People, People People… Mr Snyder is right… Jesus is the only way to the father…. & i’m not talking about the “white jesus” aka Ceasar borgia or I’m talking about Jesus who’s an Israelite out of of the tribe of Judah (black)… Everything is happening for a reason & the closer we get to the the great tribulation period the more things will be revealed to us in these last days… what’s going on in these videos are just a sign to come…. I just hope people understand there will be no rapture but there will be a safe haven (wilderness) during the great tribulation period which will last for 3 1/2 years….

  97. “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer. German philosopher (1788 – 1860)

    That was posted somewhere else by a reader and I felt the need to repost it here again just so it can serve as a reminder.

    Okay…consider this for a sec: Let’s pretend that all of those “crazy” Christian prophecies and annoying conspiracy theories are indeed “false.” You still cannot deny the fact that the the government is navigating us towards a New World Order, namely Fascism. It’s on the back of the 1 dollar bill. As much as we hate to admit it, our current government is no longer that of a democratic one…. Currently, we are under an Oligarchy government, which is one step before fascism takes place. No, the world is NOT going to end physically in 2012 (at least I hope it really doesn’t), but what will happen is that a new administration will come into play whether we like it or not.

    So when you lay out the words of the Bible with today’s current affairs (the ones u hear and the ones they don’t want you to hear), it will eventually makes sense. Do you honestly believe that there are THAT MANY coincidences happening that all connects to one and the other? Like how EA games released “Dante’s Inferno” this pass May. LOL.

    Let the bashing begin…although I’ve already expected it. haha….=)

  98. Good point jenn…. or that game with Jack black, where he’s throwing up the devil horns through out the game…
    Also, the world isn’t going to end in 2012, the world will be in trouble once we see the abomantion of desolation standing where he shouldn’t be,, which will be in Holy place located in Jerusalem.. there ,he will have a temple built for him & he will rule the entire earth during the great tribulation period w/the help of the Eu & their armies & who ever rejects the mark of the beast will be killed. (don’t accept the mark, whoever accepts the mark will be blotted out the book of life) Read Revelations people…. that’s if you believe….

  99.!!!…”co-sign” = “meet me half way…” hahaha…

    And no, we are not bashing the artists/writers/artists/producers/whoever is behind the making of the videos. It’s not their fault. As a matter of fact, they’re probably not even aware of it’s significance. Even if they were, I’m sure they were offered a large monetary reward for compensation considering who owns the industry. It makes sense….seeing how highly our “Celebrities” are praised throughout history. We “worship” these “stars.” We “idolize” them……….Scary isn’t it? I never gave much thought to these “SIMPLE” things in life seeing as how “commonplace” they are……..

    They didn’t teach us “HOW” to think, they taught us “WHAT” to think…………..

    VC should make a forum section on here. haha….
    And as always VC, thanks so much for your research and contribution.

  100. Jenn November 30th, 2009 9:26 pm writes:

    You still cannot deny the fact that the the government is navigating us towards a New World Order, namely Fascism. It’s on the back of the 1 dollar bill. As much as we hate to admit it, our current government is no longer that of a democratic one…. Currently, we are under an Oligarchy government, which is one step before fascism takes place.

    I am tempted to call it a plutocracy (from ploutos wealth; akin to Greek plein to sail, float) defined as:

    1 : government by the wealthy
    2 : a controlling class of the wealthy

  101. Hi,
    this is my first time commenting..
    but since stumbling through your website a few months ago i decided to do my own research first before fully downloading this information into the depths of my mind. I have recently read a book called The History of The World and i encourage everyone to read it..I am so grateful you put this video out and analysed it. I saw it and linked it with all that is good, especially after reading the book i noted above. You are absoloutely right, they as much as there is evil there is good too..And i received a positive message from this song, a human yearning for a higher spiritual being to walk on this earth with, to reach a higher spiritual place of existence to help cope with the down spiralling world. and i would love everyone reading on this site to acknowledge that not all pop stars are ‘EVIL’ and also not all freemasons or individuals belonging to secret societies are evil..just like vigilant said as much as there is evil or black magic in operation as a result of illuminated beings mis using the gifts or truths on spirituality, good or white magic exists. read and understand the history of the world and which people are working the good fight. empower yourself as i really feel a time is coming for when we will have a spiritual battle of good and they predicted..Satan and not Lucifer is going to incarnate soon..and i believe in the form of the anti-christ and i have bets Lady Gaga is paving the way..with a name like that anything is possible..cos what high expectations do people hold against someone GAGA as opposed to a noble high priest???we are being made via gaga to allow for erratic and un clean behaviour and we have to know these things and begin to create work that encourages good truth and practice..evil is at hard work right now..focus on creating good and start calling out for divine intervention because no man can ever wage a war against the spirits and win..the Beyonces and Rihanna’s are just vehichles to get the message across..they are not in on the full picture i dont think..puppets like vigilant suggested..agents..and not all agents will get to the gold at the end of the rainbow..the can be discarded once the job is he said explain how other great acts disappeear..they would have finished their job and maybe wised up to the real truth…

  102. sorry the book is called : The Secret History of the World by Jonathan Black…

    i am really grateful for this site..and well to everyone reading..lets keep on seeking truth and true honest illumination and lets seek divine intervention to assist in our quest…and ultimate purpose here on earth

  103. Guess what God sent him(Jesus) to get us out of our fallen state! Everything is connected. The evil Elite has been working for centuries to change and downgrade the message of Jesus and the Bible. People are losing spiritual knowledge as they are becoming more and more materialistic. You cannot serve two masters! The New Age religion is a lie and based on good old paganism(against the one true God). There aren't many ways to God but ONE! (when I was lost and ignorant I bought into it, I admit)

    Wake up people, and start really studying because you will be deceived at some point in the future if you don't.

    Accept Christ and realize that we are indeed in end times.

  104. It’s sad to see we are still living in the “dark ages” so to speak, still believing in superstitions,demons, and fairies. What happened to Reason, Logic, and plain common Sense? It’s websites like this one and people like you that are holding civilization back. What a waste of time. I feel sorry for you ignorant, superstitious fools.

  105. If you are a true Christian you are set free from having to climb up on this ladder. God knows we fall short and basically none of us can make it. Accept Jesus as your savior, and you will be accepted in the highest spiritual plain(aka heaven). Wake up people, and start understanding the Bible and who Jesus really is!

  106. @ mory

    I think you picked the wrong site to reveal your comments!!

    You talk amount common sense? Have you ever completed a puzzle or are you one of those ppl that quit after a few tries?

    Ppl I like US who take pride in feeding our brains with knowledge appreciate when other ppl like VC take time to plants fruits of knowledge-that you call ‘superstitions’

    Wouldnt it be logical to understand the possibilities that the world is being controlled by entities far greater than we can comprehend?. While you (we) enjoy your materialised life and entertain yourself on crap, we work hard and enslave ourselves in jobs we hate to buy things we dont need and brag about how fake we really are on Facebook. WHERE IS THE LOGIC IN THAT?

    And dont even get me started on the reason.. Just watch mainstream news for an hour and you tell me what you difine as ‘within reason’

    This is not an attack, more an excahnge of ideas, I thought about what you said, now you think about what I just said


  107. Just a few resourses for the ones that are in doubt:
    consider reading, “The age of manipulation, the con in confidence and the sin in sincere”-Wilson Bryan Key
    “The kindom of the occult” and it’s predecessor ”The kingdom of the cults”-Walter Martin
    “Truth at last” -John Larry Ray brother of James Earl Ray
    ”Shadow government”-Grant R. Jeffrey
    “Circle of Intrigue”-Texe Marrs

    Some useful websites:
    for the project illuminati series

    2Cor. 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

    2Tim. 3:2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

    Hope this is useful, God bless!

  108. This:

    “Even if they were, I’m sure they were offered a large monetary reward for compensation considering who owns the industry.” Cancels this: “It’s not their fault. As a matter of fact, they’re probably not even aware of it’s significance.”

    If they don’t know and are putting the messages out, they are guilty of ignorance which is like blindly giving your hard earned $ to an investor without checking him/her out first, stupid right? If they are aware, they have to be aware of all that it encompasses, or are presently studying it. No one gets into this stuff and isn’t fascinated to want to learn more, trust me. It pretty much takes over. It is mystifying and interesting. At this point in the entertainment industry artists this big have a lot of saying and call most of the shots in what they want their image and their message to be. None of this is by accident.

  109. @Antauge: Yeah…Plutocracy is correct as well. Whatever it’s called…I know for SURE that it’s no longer “by the vote of the people.” Yes, others can attack us and say we’re the crazies, but hey it’s always safer staying inside your comfort zone. It’s really sad to know of all this for me seeing how my mother struggled to take me away from a communist country 20 years ago, only to find out that we are inevitably heading in the same direction, if not worse.

    @COTF: “If they don’t know and are putting the messages out, they are guilty of ignorance which is like blindly giving your hard earned $ to an investor without checking him/her out first, stupid right?”

    –Yeah! I totally agree!, which is why I never liked nor trusted the idea of “Finance”, “Investment”, and don’t even get me started on insurance companies (basically a bet to see how long you can live. How immoral is that!?) Not to mention the fact that I was never really good in math to begin with, despite whatever stereotypes you’ve ever heard such as “Asians are always the best in math.” LOL What a load of crock. hahahah…Yeah, it sux coming from the parents throughout the years saying, “How can you NOT get an ‘A’ in MATH?!” And to that I tell them, “It’s cuz I choose NOT to fit into the stereotype…” lol

    I also agree that there just happens to be too many “coincidences” in the world for anything to happen “by accident” these days. I just think and feel that those artists, Beyonce, Gaga, BEP in particular, are deep down good by nature. But with mortgages and employees to pay for, it’s hard not to do as your boss tells you despite having a say in the projects they are given. And since the elites are the ones with the power in decision making, wouldn’t it be easier to work with someone who’d be eager and willing (and we know there are plenty in hollywood) rather than one who opposes? Not saying these artists are totally innocent, you’re right. But I just feel that they’ve already been trapped in a never ending cycle for too long to get out that easily. It’s like how a few months ago, NYS issued a mandate for vaccination for all healthcare employees and whoever doesn’t get vaccinated by the end of Nov, they are not allowed to go back to work. A lot of people opposed taking it but ended up taking the shot anyways for what? because they had to put food on the table for their family. I am happy to say that since I don’t have a family to take care of as of now, I was willing to let go of a very comfortable, stress free, well-paid job so that I wouldn’t have to be their human guinea pig.

    So, no…I still don’t think that they’re malicious by nature. Jay-Z and Rihanna on the other hand though……..LOL

    I think it’s time to really put our differences aside (no matter what faith you are) and start to see the GOOD in the world if we really want to change the world. Otherwise, I believe we will always stand divided and Satan will have already won. And let’s be honest, we can’t have the word “GOOD” without having the word “GOD” in it. =)

  110. @COTF: “If they don’t know and are putting the messages out, they are guilty of ignorance which is like blindly giving your hard earned $ to an investor without checking him/her out first, stupid right?”

    –Yeah! I totally agree!, which is why I never liked nor trusted the idea of “Finance”, “Investment”, and don’t even get me started on insurance companies (basically a bet to see how long you can live. How immoral is that!?) Not to mention the fact that I was never really good in math to begin with, despite whatever stereotypes you’ve ever heard such as “Asians are always the best in math.” LOL What a load of crock. hahahah…Yeah, it sux coming from the parents throughout the years saying, “How can you NOT get an ‘A’ in MATH?!” And to that I tell them, “It’s cuz I choose NOT to fit into the stereotype…” lol

    -EXACTLY, probably most people aren’t aware or maybe they never thought of it this way but the ‘BLACK EYED PEAS” “BEP” and other artists, bands, ect are INVESTMENTS, they are a BUSINESS. There’s many people investing $ into these artists, if anyone thinks it’s only the record companies, big wigs, illuminati types investing/recouping (like the old days) and telling these other artists what to do, and they do it, they’re mistaken. In fact, artists invest and put $ into other artists and new bands. It’s treated like buying and selling stock.

    “But I just feel that they’ve already been trapped in a never ending cycle for too long to get out that easily. ”

    -it’s not really like that anymore, when you talk about people like Beyonce, BEP, Gaga, etc. they’re not little prisoners of the industry, they ARE the industry. It’s collaboration, but most people don’t know that. A lot of them change their names when collaborating with their ‘peers’ (other artists) because of contractual obligations or because they don’t want it ‘on the record’ and to be known they are involved with BEP or Paramour or Panic At The Disco! or whatver band/artist.

  111. @COTF…yeah, it’s such a shame that things are so muddled these days. But as long as there are ppl like us who are aware of it, change can still be made….

    @TruthSeeker…are u the same person who warned against Alex Jones? One eyed….black eye peas have only 1 eye. LOL. I have gave that some thought too. However, the man could have a bionic eye and the public would never know cuz of advanced technologies in the medical field.

  112. “I read once that Alexander the Great would’ve not been great, that great, if he would’ve not traveled with the historians who documented his multiple battles and his victories. So documenting your work is important, making sure that the work, if it’s well done, if you put many hours and effort and energy into that, that it does its job, that it’s presented the right way. And that’s when you make sure that you’re surrounded by intelligent people who can also contribute to your career in great ways… You can’t win a battle if you don’t have the right army behind you.” — Shakira.


    Who is she at battle with? I thought music and art was about uplifting people? Isn’t her music is for ‘the people’? Contradictions, contradictions. Weird hearing an entertainer talking about battles and armies in regards to their work which is ‘for us’. That the work “does it’s job”? and what job is her latest record supposed to be doing? It’s not uplifting anyone i know, that’s for sure. The veil slowly lifts, no? The war is with herself but she doesn’t know it yet. 😉

  113. The best reason to be clean inside and out. Remember that the word Satan was just a common word for sickness.

    Cleanse your body. Let God have a great temple. The temple for the two pure spirits, Light and Sound, you "soul".

    And your soul are your thoughts, so please, for "your own" sake, think clean as well and all will be swell.

  114. @ Yeshua – no 176

    You could also say that it is a case of; The Ego vs. The All

    – and consider the bible a tale of the human consciousness as it starts, grows and ends….

    In regards to you Satan was just a common word for sickness – I honestly think that is interpreted incorrectly as the Hebrew translation is; "Satan" means "Hinderer." (also remember someone commented its meaning previously, but cant find it :( )

    – Besides.. I dont even know how to cleanse my body, and once I have supposedly done it, how long does last.. ?

    – Im not trying to be a joker here, I just think that alot of 'Christians' forgets to ask the questions needed and tend things quite literally. I respect your faith, I consider myself one to have the same – I just open up for interpretations as it seems pretty obvious that since the beginning of time men have written in metaphors, allegories, riddles etc. etc.

    – I dont want to ridicule you, quite the contrary !! I urge you to seek the truth.

    Look at Hermes Trismegestus as a start, and maybe even the 7 principles of Kybala

    Tell me what you think… :)

    All The Best,


  115. @ Truly…I share your hatred and suspicion of this Moon Vampire garbage. It is crazy to see legions of crazy fans so easily led. Do people have NOTHING to live for anymore? And, to digress, I could also do without those who say first. I said “do without.” I am not a eugenicist. I’m sick of all the witchcraft, black magic, etc I see on the idiot box. Yet another reason not to watch

    @ Truther….I liked your idea about the Kaba and what it represents vs the Pyramids. I’ve heard Jordan Maxwell allude to the Saturn cube and could never quite figure out what it meant. I still don’t quite know what it means. Also, I agree with the interpretation of the one-eyed Anti-Christ being this system represented by the All-Seeing Eye.

    Larry Wilson…I’m there with you on the Roman Catholic Church. I do not have anything against Catholics, They do not know what they are part of (“Come out of her…”) It seems blatantly obvious the Church is MYSTERY BABYLON. What really convinced me was the whole Ecumenical thing with Pope John Paul and the Upside crosses. That was especially creepy. I also have one of those funeral prayer cards which simply fell into my hands…I don’t know where it came from..and its was praising the Queen of Heaven. That was the final straw.

    @t….you spoke about the 3 1/2 year period. I believe that arnd 2012/2013 the capstone will be put on the pyramid and the babylon system will have that short while before inevitably falling

  116. Javster420 December 2nd, 2009 2:42 pm :

    Very well said… I get it, I get.. 😀

    Feel the same way man…

    All the best,


  117. Challenge this, I dare you:

    Our Earth is Sound.
    The fastest sound.
    A frequenzy that takes a year.
    A huge electron. Our mother-electron.

    The Sun is Light.
    The brightest light.
    Another frequenzy, the fastest of them all.
    A huge atom. Our father-atom!

    Sound waves takes time.
    Earth and electrons are Time.

    Light waves has the fastest speed.
    Stars and atoms are the Now.

    Lucifer’s “physics” is therefore a matter
    of the connection/dependence between
    these two pure SPIRITS.
    What’s this connection in it’s most pure sense
    (before Hollywood came and tainted it and made
    it about embarassments and sex – physics)?


    Yes, that’s how we ARE love.
    That’s how God lives through everybody and “can see everything” we do.. It’s with OUR eyes!

    This is what the Illuminati doesn’t want anybody to realize/remember ever again.

    Awareness of that simplest truth, how we physiologically are love,
    is key to seeing the great value in all forms of life and consciousness.

    So when you pray to God, you’re asking the Love between the Light and Sound waves that you ARE to strenghten. You’re asking your “parents” for protection. How simple and adorable and innocent isn’t THAT??
    Peace be with you=)

  118. Challenge this, I dare you:

    Our Earth is Sound.
    The fastest sound.
    A frequenzy that takes a year.
    A huge electron. Our mother-electron.

    The Sun is Light.
    The brightest light.
    Another frequenzy, the fastest of them all.
    A huge atom. Our father-atom!

    Sound waves takes time.
    Earth and electrons are Time.

    Light waves has the fastest speed.
    Stars and atoms are the Now.

    “Physical matter” is therefore the connection/dependence between
    these two pure SPIRITS, Time and Now.
    What’s this connection in it’s most pure sense then (before
    Hollywood came and tainted it and made it only about
    humiliation/embarassment and sex/physics)?


    Yes, that’s how we ARE love.
    That’s how God lives through everybody and “can see everything” we do.. It’s with OUR eyes!

    This is what the Illuminati doesn’t want anybody to realize/remember ever again.
    So the “Great Architect”/Lucifer/Odin/Osiris is denying that we are the frequenzy of two spirits,
    and is trying to convince us we are only dead meat.. Just a physical body.. That Life is worth nothing.

    Awareness of that simplest truth, how we are love, physiologically, is the key to seeing
    the great value in all forms of life and consciousness.

    So when you pray to God,
    you’re asking the unconditional Love between
    the Light and Sound waves that makes up your body and soul
    to strenghten and heal.
    You’re basically asking your oldest “parents” for protection.
    Now how simple and adorable and innocent isn’t THAT??
    Peace be with you=)

  119. So the only difference between US and THEM is that if we let God live through us… God is us!
    While they are the opposite, the think they themselves are God.
    And that’s the definition of Satanism.

    Why the hell do you think executioners used to wear a hood that covers the face??
    So that the one getting murdered doesn’t registrate his face and take it with him to God and through Karma..
    Don’t think you are God. God created you so that God could see, touch, smell, hear and taste things, and grip things with the hands and run with the feet.
    The mistake is to believe that You are God though.. See the difference? It’s the complete opposite! Simply hence the inverted pentagram.


  121. Yep, Satan is real.. Lucifer is light and sound, also created by God.
    Though Satan is physical parasites, intestinal ones. Those without much hearing, smelling or touching senses.. Mostly tasting I’d suspect.
    Lucifer is the demon (dead spirit) which the celebrities etc. worship/trade their souls with.

  122. Vigilant…you should check out the new Omarion video, “I get it in” and Lil’ Romeo video, “Get low wit it”, not that you should do an analysis, but just take a look, both have quite a bit of symbolism in them. Romeo sitting on a throne and looks to have devil horns behind his head, and the spinning vortex that Omarion is dancing in stand out the most outside of Romeo wearing a necklace with a pentagram on it but there is so much more, just pointing out the most obvious.

  123. Physical parasites… Hinderer of letting the good God through. Creators of feeling physical!
    Light and Sound and their connection and dependence, Love, is NOT evil occultism. wtf?? =p

  124. And no, I’m not religious in any way more than that God has created me because if God is the Love between Light and Sound (waves) then that’s what I am. Atoms and electrons (pure light and sound waves) is everything! Meaning that everything isn’t that much!.. Don’t get lost. It’s only those two “spirits”, what we physiologically ARE after all.
    Even my biology class teacher agrees with this. Remember those two masonic pillars with Light (the stars/heaven) and Sound (the huge mother-electron Earth) on top? And the chessboard between? Yes, they are playing “chess” with God.
    How could you call me a christian when Jesus himself opens the Essene Gospel of Peace Book One by basically saying “fuck religions and fuck governments, they are gonna kill me.” ?? Check it out if you don’t BELIEVE me. Oh, and he also says that christ means not only the attointed/oiled one, but that it could also mean Clean;-)

  125. Does no one read ‘About Vigilant?’ He clearly states that he listens to all of the artists he analyzes. He also states that he likes their music, but keeps in mind the symbols and what not in their music and videos.

  126. You only have to be good to others as they also registrate your face and your actions. Karma baby.
    Turn the other cheek.. for your own sake, again=)

  127. Wow. Just read through the article and EVERY POST! (yeah I’m unemployed can you tell?…lol)

    Debated for a while on leaving a comment myself. Knowing how these things get picked apart and dis cyphered by cyber space’s best minds and intellectual thinkers, religious fanatics and common place a–holes.

    But here goes.

    The symbols relate to occult traditions and not so secret societies and some religious beliefs. The purpose of all these “hidden” messages? I dunno. To dumb us down? Whisper to our subconscious? Separate us from our godly nature in order to enslave our soul? (that’s deep) Be it what it may, I follow the analysis and read up on the subject matter independently as a form of – what I like to call “info-tainment” (get it? get it?) Better to be in the know about all lies than in the dark and miss the truth.

    However, as far as what this means to me and all of you who wonder “where do we go from here” I say this. “Become the change that you wish to see.” This is all the power we have over this world. The power of what you bring to it. The power to change…yourself.

    Darkness will always exists, as will light. It is one of the simplest laws of nature. The Ying and Yang if you will. So with all that said. Let LOVE be your guide. When in doubt about whether your actions are good or evil just think and operate from a place of LOVE, the rhythm of life and the Universe (Mathematically speaking).

    Live, Learn, Love…

    My too sense.

  128. Hi Vigilant =)… so is the Catholic Church one of the biggest Lies?
    I’ve been reserching but could not believe myself so i gave in.. Please i’d like a reliable source or more info
    Thank You So Much.


  130. Who are you Snyder? Snif, snif, I think you infiltrate here to stir some waters, isn’t it mister “S-NyD-eR”? Maybe to create an unnecesary tornado, perhaps? Or is it necessary? What say you? It looks like your dogmas and convictions are FAKES!!! What even means “sword of truth”? Huh? Could you translate in plain ol’ english, no b.s. please?

  131. EMPRESS November 27th, 2009 8:15 pm :hmmmmm i idolize these people am i a devil worshiper too?

    I know this sounds harsh but it is the truth. This is not an exact quote but the Word of God says that we shouldn't worship any idols or gods before Him because He is a jealous God. In other words anytime you place anything else higher/before God our Creator, Father, Provider, Savior, then you are worshiping that and not Him then you are essentially worshiping the devil, the enemy, prince of lies.

  132. my issue is with the literal interpretation of the video. the literal interpretation teaches that a female needs a male to complete herself. that a male can rescue a female by doing “half” the work for her (meeting her half way). this message promotes destructive codependency. It puts high demands on males to take care of females … and it teaches women to let others take care of them.

    This same message is in the TWILIGHT series. why do artists promote codependency? i could see that being part of a global agenda. if we are codependent, then we don’t think for ourselves. and if we are so busy taking care of others that can’t think of themselves… how can we be whole? It makes it easier for us to be sheep and manageable if we don’t think and depend on others to take care of us.

  133. @yeshua December 2nd, 2009 10:29 am

    In my hallucination
    I saw my beloved’s flower garden
    In my vertigo, in my dizziness
    In my drunken haze
    Whirling and dancing like a spinning wheel

    I saw myself as the source of existence
    I was there in the beginning
    And I was the spirit of love
    Now I am sober
    There is only the hangover
    And the memory of love
    And only the sorrow

    I yearn for happiness
    I ask for help
    I want mercy
    And my love says:

    Look at me and hear me
    Because I am here
    Just for that

    I am your moon and your moonlight too
    I am your flower garden and your water too
    I have come all this way, eager for you
    Without shoes or shawl

    I want you to laugh
    To kill all your worries
    To love you
    To nourish you

    Oh sweet bitterness
    I will soothe you and heal you
    I will bring you roses
    I, too, have been covered with thorns


  134. Maybe what “snyder” is hoping to see is the second coming?.. Well, that isn’t necessarily me.. as I believe ALL of us good-hearted people are potential “clean ones” (God’s sights most clear;-)
    So, HAHA!, did you see that one coming, Nidhogg? Did you expect this twist in your calculations with eternal electron sucking at the bottom of the Tree?
    Oh, and by the way: another surprise everyone: Towards 2012 now, our “junk” DNA might be making it’s own third strand, connecting with the other two strands of DNA.. soon making us super-humans, thank God. More in God’s image, giving us greater healths (adios WHO), lifespans (farewell FED) and telepathic communications. Goodie goodie!
    In the meantime: stay away from the flu shots!!! check it:

  135. I tried to talk to my atheist friend about this whole thing. hahahah….it was hard as ever to tell her all these things because she claims that there’s no ‘tangible proof’ to it all. It was disheartening…but it was to be expected and I hope that whatever was said during our long FB convo, she will keep it in the back of her mind…u know for “future references.” LOL

    I think in order for people to really give us a chance and listen before criticizing us as fools or loonies is to ease it in on them. Just like how “they” slowly indoctrinated us during the years gone by. But…is it really worth a fighting chance???

    Stephjoyous, I love what you have pointed out! It makes sense…at least to me.

    “my issue is with the literal interpretation of the video. the literal interpretation teaches that a female needs a male to complete herself. that a male can rescue a female by doing “half” the work for her (meeting her half way). this message promotes destructive codependency. It puts high demands on males to take care of females … and it teaches women to let others take care of them.”

    Here’s what I know from experience and what I feel are possible connections based on what I’ve read about esoteric teachings/symbols/freemasons….

    – “Destructive codependency ” is just simply Bad. (the word “Bad” coincidentally is found in the word “Abaddon”)

    – The “High demands on males” relates to how the Chinese culture favors MALES over females as offsprings. (This is a personal first hand experience) Not to mention the whole obelisk worship with the Freemasons. This also relates to how China controls its population by only allowing every married couple to have only 1 CHILD!!!

    – “Teaches women to let others take care of them” = teaches women to be inferior to men which I have a strong feeling that this part of the bible that said women should be inferior was put in there to suit the environment of its times.

  136. @Special Ed

    “EMPRESS November 27th, 2009 8:15 pm :hmmmmm i idolize these people am i a devil worshiper too?
    I know this sounds harsh but it is the truth. This is not an exact quote but the Word of God says that we shouldn’t worship any idols or gods before Him because He is a jealous God. In other words anytime you place anything else higher/before God our Creator, Father, Provider, Savior, then you are worshiping that and not Him then you are essentially worshiping the devil, the enemy, prince of lies.”

    Right….and coming from a Buddhist/Taoist family, simply by me accepting the word of GOD and Jesus Christ forces me to basically see my entire family’s beliefs as “evil.” Should I start to explain to them about the teachings of Christ and what buddhism/taoism really is would be like me trying to curse them and our ancestors to hell!!!! (which in this case, would be considered a double negative?? and thus will be a good thing instead!!!

    But, this was already written in the bible that even your family will turn their backs on you………

  137. Imagine the pain one must feel to know that their family will turn their backs on them…….and all for what? The simple belief that Christ’s words are true. Well, that’s how Satan would’ve wanted it, right? To make you forget who Christ and who God really is?

    Consider the following…….and this is just a generalized idea of mine. Consider what we know about God and Lucifer’s plan to create his own kingdom….

    IF Acceptance of Conspiracy theories = Acceptance of the words of GOD and Jesus,

    THEN Non-acceptance of Conspiracy theories = SATAN WINS…game over.

  138. @Javster420

    Yeah I agree with what you say “operate from a place of LOVE.”………..

    BUT….there is NO PROFIT from Love because Love heals. And when someone is healed, there is no need to take anymore meds or see a doc. If you put that into terms with our big pharma companies, they’d lose all their money and money = evil.. perhaps i’m not so bad in math after all….YAY.

  139. @ Jenn

    Its getting a bit confusing – You touch base with 3 or 4 areas, though, let me try and give my respective perspective to your comments;

    – Reg. you having your family turning their back on you for being Christian. I do not see how you can apply that to your reasoning, insinuating a persecution on baseless grounds from your family, when in fact your family would be able to say the same about you and also the fact that the bible would be able to say you turned your back on your family (if that is indeed what it states) and your family would probably agree thus far..

    Im not saying that it is right, I am just stating a fact of possibilty/duality which resides within all…
    I think you follow what you believe the best, if you try to live after the following:
    Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    the courage to change the things I can, and
    the wisdom to know the difference.”

    – Not saying that you nor them are wrong, it just is…
    I personally believe that all religions are to be put together as one, each emphasizing on different aspects/priorities/virtues etc. that might reside with ‘us’ as people and with all it brings the possibility of a greater truth – I often see bits and pieces folded together from various religions to get facts/meaning/purpose in the right order… I see it as the chronicles of man, written in the times of different ages (astrologically aswell – E.g. we are entering Age of Aquarius), I might be wrong, but I cannot rule out the fact of possibility, so I have to keep it in my consideration at all times

    – And I believe that any religious or otherwise believing/seeking person should agree, if they on the other hand do not. I can not consider them believers in their religion because I see a contradicition and dividence in saying; I believe in god the almighty the creator of all, but I do not believe in Buddhism even though that is also part of ‘the all’ and therefor created by god…

    Ultimately you cannot believe in god if you do not believe in everything, because god made everything for the purpose and intent of its existence, whether it being good or bad… Explain to me how one can deny that, and if denied, how you can still believe in god.. I do not see those two things as reconcilable, but I am always up for a debate or theoretical exploration of same.. :)

    And in regards to love – Well.. For a long time I was all into that, but love also creates dependency and I found this really really interesting piece on youtube, watch it and let me know what you think – and pls. just take into consideration that duality is always a factor (I find it interesting to take those things we have been brought up with and open them to what they are – a possible duality, instead of fact !!)

    Here goes: It dissappered from youtube.. I urge all to find the artist who created a video called:
    Make War On Love… It was a profound deeply artistic and all together a beautiful piece of video.. and now when I need it, its gone… If anyone here knows it or are able to find it..
    Pls. link it… Would be greatly appreciated…

  140. Jenn December 3rd, 2009 3:04 am writes:


    Yeah I agree with what you say “operate from a place of LOVE.”………..

    BUT….there is NO PROFIT from Love because Love heals. And when someone is healed, there is no need to take anymore meds or see a doc. If you put that into terms with our big pharma companies, they’d lose all their money and money = evil.. perhaps i’m not so bad in math after all….YAY.

    Not money per se, but the love of money is is a root of all kinds of evil.

    And having food and clothing, with these we shall be content. But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and harmful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows (1 Tim. 6: 8-10).

    Capitalism is a working-hypothesis in order to achieve efficiency, just like aristocracy was a model to impose order. Rulers ignored that they were told: “Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant. And whoever desires to be first among you, let him be your slave— just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” (Mat. 20:26-28) which finally resulted in the French Revolution. Today’s financial ‘elite’ act just like the aristocrats who found their head at the bottom of a guillotine.

    Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone.

    Since capitalism (the love for money) capitalizes on bad traits like greed, wiliness, trickery and the idea that anything goes since ‘might makes right’, the wrong kind of people have placed themselves in positions of authority, subverting a.o. democracy. They regard themselves as the new aristocracy (elite).

    Robert D. Hare, who developed the Psychopathy Checklist (PCL) and Psychopathy Checklist Revised (PCL-R) used to diagnose cases of psychopathy and also useful in predicting the likelihood of violent behavior, demonstrated in his book ‘Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work’ that psychopaths thrive in a business-environment and represent an above average proportion at the top. They’re glib, charming, manipulative, deceitful, ruthless — and very, very destructive. Corporations are fundamentally psychopathic organizations that often attract similarly disposed people. Just look around at the recent evidence (Enron, Wall-street, Bernard Madoff) .

    One could argue, like the gun-lobby does in relation to firearms, that it is not the gun that kills, but the person who holds it. But this argument fails when you give the gun to a toddler. Mankind is still very young and capitalism is like a gun in its hand.

    Just like the knowledge and effectiveness of medicine changed throughout history with the increase of knowledge, so should capitalism grow towards a model that benefits everyone, not just a select few

    • It is not the love of money that is the root of all evil. Selfishness is the root of all evil. Jesus was our example of a perfect man and what did he do? He sacrificed himself in act of utter selfLESSness. Then we have the one we call Lucifer. He is the example of selfishness because he built a throne above God's and wanted glory and praise for himself. Lucifer is selfish, Lucifer is evil. Jesus is selfless, Jesus is good.


  142. Mr. Snyder December 3rd, 2009 11:51 am writes:


    I stand in awe at your skillful and witty riposte sir. What is even better is that they are in all-caps. How imposing. But let me ponder for a moment who might be right, a renowned poet, jurist, theologian, and mystic, or someone going by the name of Mr. Snyder who obviously fears every thought that migth scratch his dearly held dogma or change the status quo. Do you know that dogma comes from Greek dokein ‘to seem’ and that one of it’s meanings is “a point of view or tenet put forth as authoritative without adequate grounds“.


  144. Confusion is part of the devil’s plan so that people will continue debating, debating debating debating debating to which one is right or wrong. Soon people will realize the knowledge which they have was all lies and corruptive. People will be stuck debating and oblivious to other things that are happening.

    Sooner or later events will shock mankind.
    corruption must end now PLS god

  145. Too many religious nutters or simply nutters here and they’re ruining everything. Cant u fuckin’ stay away forever? U really need to spill ur shit all over the place?


  147. “Meet me halfway” could mean that if you ask to the other beings in other planets to come, they’ll meet you halfway in the light.

    I remember I read that somewhere… But yea….

  148. I think you are just a frustrated employee somewhere, Sneaker, ow…pardonez moi, Snider, nothing more, nothing less, an electronic signature, a tiny voice in the dark, a shadow in the moonlight.
    Your capitalized letters look so much little than the meanings you try to force into viewers minds.
    I begin to be bored by this charade. Yeah, keep it pouring.

    Snif, snif, this time my nose is just affected by the cold.
    P.s. Nope, these guys can’t and won’t, if somebody will succeed to convince him to kill himself would just be peachy and the only method, neverthless somebody else will take his place. Le roi est mort, vive le roi!
    :wave: again

  149. keep researching on

    In the “Educate Yourself” part of your site you link to Alex Jones… I thought it was pretty known that Jones is a disinformation agent from the other side. Of course there’s a lot of truth in what he says, but his overall goal is to mislead, frustrate, propagate negative energy, etc.

    Why just link to over-the-top videos… what about “Proofs of a Conspiracy”, John Todd, Ted Gunderson?

    For those just getting into this stuff… its a spiritual battle. Half the crap on the internet, Zeitgeist, Esoteric Agenda, etc. are put out by the Illuminati to confuse and discredit Christ.

    I’m not trying to convert anyone, but on one side there are Luciferians and they believe in demons/spirit guides/fallen angels that help them. There’s only one name in existence that makes them cringe and howl, thats Jesus Christ. I didn’t make up the rules, thems just the rules.

  150. TS, Thank you for your insightful and elaborate thought!! haha..yeah i thought it was a bit confusing myself. LOL

    Yes, so the bible speaks about family betrayal just like how Judah betrayed Jesus. By no means am I trying to label my family or ancestors “evil.” LOL (I dunno why I find that amusing because they’re the most harmless people) Nor am I putting that label on anyone else for that matter. It’s just hard for me not to perceive it as such because Buddhism and Taoism are both
    1.polytheistic in nature,
    2.worship statues and idols,
    3. have teachings about doing good deeds so that one may accumulate good karma for the NEXT life (reincarnation),

    and last but not least

    4. the idea of enough karma has been accumulated you can become one of the gods.

    So in comparison to the words of Christ, these are just a few of the examples that seems to go against his teachings. Feng Shui comes from the Taoist teaching I believe, as well as performing palm readings. These would be considered “magic” I think and as stated, these too goes against the words of Christ.

    Just wanna thank you for pointing out the duality perspective for me because it forced me to do my homework. LOL As it turns out, the Chinese established an official faith/belief system as far back as 1766 BC during the Shang Dynasty. To my surprise, based on the writings of Confucius they believed in “Heaven”, an “omnipotent one” and that “IT” cannot be deceived, knows all, has a personal relationship with people, and tests people from time to time according to Confucius. So it looks very similar to the God of Jesus’s time and his time came much later. There were lesser gods found being worshiped along with “Heaven” and it varies depending on locations and it seems that they were considered as extensions of “Heaven,” much like the angels where they carry out the wills of God.

    So it seems that as time went by, people deviated (“d-e-v-il” LOL) from the original source for faith/belief

    So regarding the issue of who’s betraying who, in the presence of duality, it definitely goes both ways. Yes, It’s a double-edged sword, the Yin and Yang, and the “As above, So below” that Lucifer wanted to create. =D

    This goes to show that simplicity is better than complexity….and we all know how complex our world is today!
    So in a way, ignorance REALLY is BLISS!!

  151. annonymousity99 on

    Does anyone else notice how beyonce and rihanna songs are no longer as nice as they used to be and always pointing towards death, poison etc. as anyone else also heard of the latest announcement of the new world currency? The end is near indeed. He who has ears let him hear.

  152. right im soory but ya’ll are fucking crazy!
    its a music video dude! get a grip!!
    i mean come on its a simple fucking rnb video
    granted its shite but its just a video…
    what the hell is going on through your minds,
    i will never no

    peace out!

  153. i like gaga but on

    Lady gaga song So Happy I Could Die. I believe that it a conversation between her and the devil possibly.. Heres the thing i love the song.. All of music and her.. So please look into it.( every since i found this site i love rhianna and gaga more. I actually felt turned on wtih the pics of baph.) I think i have a problem? is it to late for me?

  154. Christianity is nothing but a tool of the elite and it is was constucted by a group of elitist dogmatic people who killed the true Christian because they decided that their beliefs were inferior for all you uber Christian defenders…And they also ripped off the Jews so anyone who believes that Jews are evil in nature or that their religion is sinister in any aspect but practices Christianity is not only a hypocrite but an idiot…All religions comes from the spirituals precepts of the first people which we know are black and that is why people go through such lengths to demonize the Egyptians…it’s pure racism, jealousy, and hate-mongering…I have more to say but I like to keep it short and sweet so there…Eat that

  155. @ilikeladygaga, As long as you are breathing and walking this earth it is NOT too late. I used to listen to a bunch of crap. I had a very large music collection before the days of the interweb and illegal filesharing or itunes. Spent an obscene amount of cash on it. I listened to everything from Ice Cube, Dr Dre, NWA to Suicidal Tendencies, Slayer, Deicide, Butthole Surfers, Nirvana, Soundgarden to Depeche Mode, EMF, B-52’s, REM, Sublime. I hope you get the picture. One day I realized that I idolized these people and their lifestyles. I wanted to be just like them. I fell into a lifestyle of drug abuse, alcoholism, sexual addiction, grand theft auto, assault with a deadly weapon, you name it I did it. I realized of living this life for the most of my young life from 16-28, I needed to change. I was on my way to prison or the grave. I asked the Lord Jesus to enter my life and clean me up. I have thrown most of my secular (worldly) music in the trash. Very difficult for me to do. You can change! The Word of God says that Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord will receive eternal life.

  156. I don’t have Twitter but VC asked for music video links with people who do the “ok” hand sign, this one was so blatant I loled: (Jay Sean’s Down video featuring Lil Wayne, watch at 3.17mins and 3.35mins.) Oh and the checkered dance floor is just ridiculous. This track and music video seem to have made Jay Sean FAMOUS for sure now, lol. Is he even aware of what they’re doing…


  158. Nobody put a bullet through your skull yet, Snyder? 😀 Give me your address and I will sacrifice myself in the name of all here. 😀 You are a long waYYY to the subject here.


  160. (ironic) Oh My! Mafia! I begin to tremble. Look I am shaking. Oh my g.i.o.d.i. Plese do’t be offensed mister, I…III … just joking. please, 😥 buhhuuu.
    Seriously, what are doing here then? Do you not supose to shot, or kill or traffic, something like that?, you are not busy with underground crap and let “normal” people to believe in conspiracies and s..t like that?

    Nope, nobody is angry with you on the motive that you quote from the bible (they are not even accurate quotations). Is perhaps because you MISQUOTE it? Huh?

    How about a little latin, heh?
    “e pluribus unum” or “lux e tenebris”? They are from the bible.
    Did you know them? 😀

  161. Afiq Razin Ong on

    spiritual enlightenment, same as the ‘self-actualization’ concept of Abraham Maslow. He’s a humanistic psychologist.

  162. Ow, by the way Mr. Snyder, almost forgot, your comment 210 agreed with “brilliant december”, it’s your factual quotation: “I AGREE WITH BRILLIANT DECEMBER”. Well you misunderstood his nick-name, it is just “Brilliant”, december was actually part of the current date when the comment was posted.
    I consider to throw it in, just to let you know, no fuzz about this, keep it between us. :shhh: :shh:


  164. kicker does write a bit silly, and does seem angry. God can help you with your anger, and anyone who makes violent suggestions has no place here… I feel

  165. Ok, write something in greek with latin characters like we use now, dooh. You have 4 minutes from this post is viewed. It’s 7:47 pm START! If you dont answer ’till 7:51 you actually prove you are a “hater” and s..t. eater. And you have extra 3 minute until you read this message and write and blah, blah …

    By the way Sarah girl, with small “s” (aka paisano), as I said before, you understand s..t! It was a metaphor you … you … silly girl. 😀

    P.S. The rest of the world is ahead of you, americans, we just have to wait for you to keep up with us. 😀


  167. Ouch, again your capitals hurts my eyes, can somebody change the grammatical rules and put the axiom of NOT abuse capital letters, please? Damn, it’s like needles in my eyes. You have a loud mouth and I couldn’t see the others messages because of your darn letters.
    You are an “eater” and something tells me that you are friend with someone around here that you still spread venom in all directions.
    No wonder the bullets missed you, blowing and whistling around your ears, you have nothing up there, between them, probably they bounced from the metal covering your head. As I can see from your speeches you are not able to handle a gun … ever … in this life. 😀
    😀 😀

  168. ay!!!! why do u guys like to hate on truth!!!!!! through the history of time jews have always been hated on the most!!! have u ever asked yourselves why!! could it be…that the enemy(satan) has worked through people for ages to bring hatred toward the judeo-christian people!!!!!! i agree with snyder….. a little hot tempered but i have to side with what he has said! i looked, and no their was no misquotes from the bible! everything that is happening in the world today is in the Holy Bible. the sickness, poverty, israel coming into their homeland, israel persecuted on all sides, the governments pushing for one world government and one world currency!!! its all in the scriptures!!! now that is just plain ol truth………… the bible also says in the last days people will have itching ears, going from one doctrine to the next, just to suite their lifestyle………which is so plainly displayed here on this forum!!!!! i pray that the Lord send His laborers to share the true gospel of truth to u guys, that the blind fold that the enemy has placed on your eyes be removed!!!!!! i pray this in Jesus Holy Name!!!!


  170. Aaaaaand GOOD RIDDANCE!!! :wave:
    NLP pays all the effort , isn’t it? 😀
    Mhhh, don’t be too sure about that, mate, I HEAR everything! 😀
    What? You are the only one entitled for “lil ol’ fun”?
    I guess I am a “def nerd” after all. 😀

    Snif, snif, I missed him already. 😥
    I had a lot to tell him, for instance I wanted to ask a few things:
    1.You have A Point? Which One?
    2.Do you know what means “acronyms”? Perhaps not, its beyond your vocabulary.
    3.Your quote: “grounds are rooted in the holy bible”? Wow, no wonder the earth is always running beyond your feet.
    bYYYe!!! We will miss you and g.a.o.t.u. speed where you may roam. :wave: … far away from here.

  171. To ROSA CAVEIRA. Believe it or not, religion is a tool, u can say “gift” from an alien civilization “given” to us to make us slaves. It is not made by an elite, but it was also given to a certain elite – the chosen ones – on the same purpose. And it bloody worked. Religion/religious miracles/visions = paranoia, hysteria, (mass) hypnosis, schizophrenia, holograms. In exchange, ur soul/whole being is asked. Long live the SUN CULT whose slaves are countless…

  172. Hi i just want to encourage you, on the work that you are doing in this area, i would just like to say maybe it would be an idea to put some bible scriptures and links to anyone looking at your website just to say there is a way out of all this. Which is through Jesus Christ and the power of what he did on the cross for mankind, He is the light of the world and the doorway the bridge to God, Just make people more aware of GOD THE FATHER GOD THE SON AND GOD THE HOLY GHOST; That he created all things and through JESUS, And that he has reconciled mankind back to himself. wide is the gate, BUT NARROW is the path and few choose to journey down, A few scriptures wouldn’t go a miss surly….. peace keni…… Please converse……

  173. keep researching on

    ‘Brilliant’… you’re a beginner at this I can tell. You scream, “conspiracy novice”. Keep reading, or shall I say, turn off youtube and start reading.

    Its a spiritual battle and you are obviously unarmed…. well, you seem unarmed in a duel of wits too.

    Go watch Zeitgeist again you twit.

  174. To keep researching: Whats ur problem? Im not a novice, did u judge me by what I said to keni the brainwashed? Its normal, enuff with such bullshit. I saw zeitgeist. And? Go take a break, dude and stop making idiot remarks.

  175. keep researching on

    Brilliant, what’s your problem? The minute someone mentions God or spirituality you label them a moron. I didn’t judge you by your comment, your comments judge themselves by their foolishness.

    A lot of us had your attitude when we were 17, then we grew up and actually had some meaningful life experiences. Sorry you haven’t experienced a spiritual force in this world, but i can assure you it exists. Not everyone is “duped” by religion or spirituality. You just can’t fathom that some people in this world have experienced things that you haven’t.

    Your smugness is laughable.

  176. keep_researching on

    Brilliant, what’s your problem? The minute someone mentions God or spirituality you label them a moron. I didn’t judge you by your comment, your comments judge themselves by their foolishness.

    A lot of us had your attitude when we were 17, then we grew up and actually had some meaningful life experiences. Sorry you haven’t experienced a spiritual force in this world, but i can assure you it exists. Not everyone is “duped” by religion or spirituality. You just can’t fathom that some people in this world have experienced things that you haven’t.

    Your smugness is laughable.

  177. To keep researching again:

    1. U didnt have to post 2wice the same thing.

    2. U equate god/religion/organized religion with spirituality? Wrong way, dude. I broke up with organized religion quite a long time ago anyway. Are u talkin to me about experiencing spiritual things? Then we should meet. And yes, this forum is brimming with religious nutters. If u dont see them or refuse to, ur problem.

    3. (Again) U judge ppl in the wrong way.

    Case closed.

  178. your last comments are interesting , where you say Good and Evil so you mean Illuminati can be good or evil? All forms of teaching that seek to put one above the one true God (Jesus) are evil , I get that you are trying not to offend some people. yet you need to let people know that freemasonry , illuminati etc is ALL EVIL.

  179. “Electric Feel” by MGMT, again…please disect this video for me.
    I can’t get the song out of my head.

    And I was also wondering if you could do a piece on “the new Aaliyah”, er…I mean Ciara? 😛

  180. hello everyone!!!
    i just want to say WOW!!!!! i can’t really tell u guys how i feel about this video’s substance and it’s whole spiritual meaning. now… i’d really like to share my own interpretation. going a bit further … i think it’s about this strong movement/activation most of us are going through. to re-connect with our true essence, to remember who we really are and what are we here for.
    and i just want to ADD this:

    Pleyadian, Egyptian, Mayan and Us at This Very Moment.

    Fergie – earth. female energy. venus. fertility. calls upon the stars yearning for that someone to come back. 4th dimension (spiritual). pleyadian being.

    Taboo – male energy. gold/light. ability to be multidimensional. listens to her calling and begins to trace his way to go “back”. 3th dimension (physical).

    Will.I.Am – time. a similarity to a Mayan pyramid in his “gps.” he’s walking on the moon. excavates and finds a round stone wich he turns around (Mayan Calendar based on the moon). he activates it. (he activates “time”). if u notice, Jupiter is behind him. in astrology this planets represents expansion of the conscience, spiritual enlighment, happiness and luck. – human race nowadays. getting closer to the light, love, knowledge. crossing the bridge. “activates” time (Mayan Lunar Calendar) and the cube (4thD) and pyramid(3D) appear infront of fergie and taboo so they “cross the bridge” and join.

    they move, they walk, they join. it’s about doing things here and right now. WE gotta get moving.

    elevating our conscience of who we really are, how we’re all connected and knowing that what really matters is LOVE, the true essence of love, is what will bring us TOGETHER to the next level. to recognize our own essnce as well as that of others and to live in Happiness enjoying Life itself.

    my best wishes to all of you =)

  181. Its always a pleasure to read your reviews, they give me insite into what is going on around me.The part to my enlightenment is ‘Jesus is the way the truth and the light;. So unless you are using that part to enlightenment you are loss. I care nothing for religion or the part to self enlightenment. All these vidios are based on these people describing the road they are walking and from there public life they do not look enlightened to me.
    How long will you continue to let others control your mind and your way of thinking.
    My mind is renewed daily through the living word. The bible. Do not get distracted be these people. What renew your mind with daily becomes a part of you. Be not deceived God is not macked for whatever a man soweth that shall he also reach.
    Eg: Everbody now has a Mp these days listening to music. What music do you listen too? Think on thse things in the future.

  182. keep researching on

    And what's up with people typing the way they text or instant message… are you not using a full keyboard?

  183. keep researching on


    1. I obviously wasn’t seeing my post after I submitted so I reposted.

    2. I don’t “equate god/religion/organized religion with spirituality?” but I also don’t think that anybody who mentions Christ is a “religious nutter”. Of course spirituality does not have to take place within the confines any organized religion. That being said, being part of an organized religion does not negate a spirituality either.

    3. “U judge ppl in the wrong way.” You called someone a “moron” for mentioning Christ. That’s why I think you’re a novice at this whole thing, because if you’ve been researching this stuff for awhile and talked to a lot of people, you would know that its not so cut and dry as you’re trying to make it. By judging everyone that speaks of Christ or that is even part of an “organized religion” you cut yourself off from potentially billions of perspectives and experiences. People are more complex then even their own labels for themselves.

    Like I said, the way you judge people screams of you being a novice. Keep researching and learn some humility towards other people’s viewpoints and experiences.

  184. To keep researching – Humility is for the weak. This society forces u to be and stay humble. All whats happening in the world happens coz we dont take (enuff) attitude. We stay humble. Arent u sick of that? Spread ur pseudo-wisdom elsewhere. Case closed.

  185. @ Brilliant

    Dude, however much I phuckin’ agree with your need of attitude and agression to form your point, because it brings so much more fuel to the fire (I do it when I get excited arguing in real life), makes you capture the energy and the essense of what your saying..

    THAT being said, you, in general doesnt seem to be the most spiritual guy or whatever “spread ur pseudo-wisdom elsewhere”

    But just because you dont believe half of the battle/babble (?!) does not make it out to be sh*t.. And I for one am also done with the political correct bullsh*t ! Still, instead of rejecting it all (not even sure you do that), try accepting it all… Not dis/approving, it just is… And take it from there…

    As the other part of your semi-intruiging-love-fued with above goes, I can only say:
    It may be cut and dry
    cause you cant choose to believe one side and never consider the other (then you dont know which is right/better/happier/whatever… (and yeah.. go inform the Raaaad’ Muslims, Christians and all the other freaks who believe religion was created to divide people)

    All I can say is.. See both sides, otherwise, how do you know which is right ! – Goes for all in life stoopid.. ;)… Duality… !! And it might not be to be saved and all that.. Maybe you could use it to see who’s trying to phuck you over and you can rebel against them and use your fuel, to the fire and cut their heart out with attitude… (Careful though, attitude and energy is great.. but you put yourself in a vulnerable position – if you havent tried it yet, I am sure you will – I did… )

    Ps. I never cared about the details of my belief og my belongings to a group… I care about truth and have faith that it will take me the way I need to go, from there I may be able to see other things clearer, but right now, in this world, in this complete and utter mess.. No way im trusting anything other than truth.. And im finding it gradually… But always questioning… Nothing more, nothing less… What else can we do man ???

    Live & Let Die Muthaphuckers… 😉

    “My hands are tied
    The billions shift from side to side
    And the wars go on with brainwashed pride
    For the love of God and our human rights
    And all these things are swept aside
    By bloody hands time can’t deny
    And are washed away by your genocide
    And history hides the lies of our civil wars

    My hands are tied
    For all I’ve seen has changed my mind
    But still the wars go on as the years go by
    With no love of God or human rights
    ‘Cause all these dreams are swept aside
    By bloody hands of the hypnotized
    Who carry the cross of homicide
    And history bears the scars of our civil wars”

    All the best,
    (This may not be the most sophisticated comment, but I am sure its understood for all purposes intent)

  186. keep researching on

    “coz we don’t take (enuff) attitude.”

    Ok, you’re either a 14 year old or your semi-illiterate.

    “Humility is for the weak.” Now THAT’S pseudo-wisdom champ. I’m sure your a gangsta sage in your own mind.

    Keep it real champ. Good luck with your texting skilllzzzzz. On a basic level, society doesn’t force you to be humble if you can express yourself coherently. Just saying, your credibility is kind of out the door when you express yourself like my 15 year old niece.

  187. I said what I had to say in a few simple words. U said too much bullshit in 2 km posts. Does anyone care? No. Too bad for Vigilant Citizen, he should make a selection for all the 2 cents conspiracy idiots keep posting here, each strongly convinced that theyre rite. Illiterate? It means its u who dont know English/American English, not me. Keep studying, its never too late. Besides, Id rather be illiterate than cretin -as u are. U proved it undoubtedly.

    To TS – Give god my best wishes. Keep dreaming. Religion has done its worl. Sleep lite.

  188. @Brilliant December 8th, 2009 4:03 pm

    You are obviously an illiterate buffoon and a self righteous, narcissistic moron with delusions of grandeur too if I analyze this stupid post. Or you are just an infantile punk who falsely believes he knows it all. I wonder if you will still stand by this nonsense in 30 years time when you hopefully have grown up.

    Pride comes before the fall. I can assure you that God was not amused.

  189. Riddle in a Rhyme on

    Well I wanted to leave a comment on this article when I first read it, but didn’t have a chance until now. Judging from some of the comments I’ve scanned, it got some interesting responses. Anyway, with this article, I think you’ve outdone yourself, emphasizing the positive slant of ‘knowledge’ or ‘illumination’ was nice for a change. I know not everyone will understand it, but knowledge is neither ‘good’ nor ‘evil’ it just is, but of course it can be used for good or ill really. Depends on how it’s used. But with this article, you’ve once again expertly and thoroughly made your points, and I am really inspired by this song/video now and I see it is truly spiritual and ‘illuminated.’ It’s nice to know that knowledge can be had for all, not just for the ‘elite’ who like to think they are the only ones deserving of it. Nice job as usual. Looking forward to reading your next article..

  190. type illuminati backwards in your URL (, hit enter & then see to whose site it takes you. These people are getting tired of hiding…….LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  191. the article was very interesting. i notice a lot of subliminal undertones to pop music that seem to undermine its audience. you guys should stop attacking each other so much and just let people say whatever without condemning them because you see things differently. we all see differently. argue not be a little fucking agro child. sure there are about a million retardo comments on this page but demeaning the intillectually and spiritually malnurished isn’t going to help. keep looking closer. something is starting to come into focus.

  192. Jswiss December 9th, 2009 12:35 pm writes:

    illuminati = itanimulli (backwards) = The NSA Offical Website…

    The plot thickens!

    Probably someone having fun with domain forwarding. In the same way that a Google bomb can be used for satire and political criticism, a domain name that conveys one meaning can be redirected to any other web page.

  193. VC I'm spreading your knowledge to my friends and relatives so that they should not fall in to the prey of ignorance about what is really happening in this world. Even though I cannot comprehend on some subject you keep posting on the video analysis I am trying to do my own research too to educate myself further more. Thank you so much for raising awareness and your efforts for giving us a useful information to those people including me who is searching for answers and for us to see the world differently. sorry my English is bad.

    @jimitra I agree with you.!

  194. i just wanted to say tha…if you listen to bit when they say (just you and i) sounds like illumanti….as they change the voice soundings.

  195. beautiful voise and musik.Dont look video just listen and will not found conspirasy. love is most poverful energy in the universe

  196. Very interesting video indeed. You know the first impression I got when I watched it was something that was related in the Bible book of Genesis chapter 6. And this is why. The woman is on earth, and the man, is outside of earth – the man is not of earth, but he wants to unite with the woman from earth. Now in Genesis 6, we are told that angels, or sons of God, left their proper positions, or dwelling places in heaven to come down and have sex relations with the daughters of man.

    There is a famous book that explains it all, Paradise Lost by John Milton. It appears throughout the video that this woman is enthralled with this being from outside the earth, and the being is trying to find a way to get to her. In Paradise Lost we are told that the angels who plotted in heaven to come to earth gathered together to plot to all take responsibility for the sin, and then came down. It's all to long for me to want to go into it here. Anyway, he said he wanted to be with her until they both die, so he understood that, as a fallen angel the penalty would be death for sinning and forsaking his place in heaven to come to earth to have sex relations with women.

    Now, at the beginning he says he misses her. That is she is already gone. He's still in the spirit realm, after she died, perhaps because of age, perhaps because of the flood, where all life on earth ended, including the Nephilim, the hybrid, human-demon offspring, that were created by the unholy uniting of the angels and women. The demons who left their places in heaven to come to earth are still alive to this day. I knew of an experience of a certain group of young children who went to a cemetery to do a seance, to call up a dead person. One of the group happened to be a young witness child, who knew the truth.

    Anyway he went along with his classmates like a stupid fellow would do, and after they did their little calling of the dead persons ritual, whatever it was they did, a spirit started to talk with them. The youth who had the truth said, "I know exactly who you are, you don't fool me," and the spirit responded, "And I know who you are. Your God killed our children and wives in the flood, and now we are going to kill his children," and the spirit went on to threaten the child and say he was going to kill him by such-and-such a time.

    So during the flood the angels who left their position in heaven had to leave their materialized bodies and again return to the spirit world, where they have been chained in bonds, obviously not being allowed to materialize human bodies anymore. They are still alive, and it appears they may still remember the families they had before the flood, and perhaps miss their hybrid children offspring in some form, and even the twisted form of companionship (probably mostly the sexual aspect of it) they derived from the daughters of man. They obviously understood the character and nature of women too. For many of them probably feel in love with the "gods" from the skies, who were no doubt strikingly handsome in appearance (hey they could form whatever appearance or body they wanted to, if you had the power, wouldn't you tweak with something here and there to make yourself better looking?) They also knew exactly what women wanted and needed, they understood how women thought. So we have this woman who has been seduced into only wanting this "god" that has appeared, even though he leaves her whenever he wants to to go whoever it is he goes, no doubt, to have relations with other women too. But now this demon's escapades have been put to an end because of the flood and the sentence of judgement placed upon them, and the restrictions put upon them.

    I could go on but you get the point and I don't have the time anyway. But there is one thing I'd like to point out that I mentioned to my brother years ago. I've noticed that in various songs, the demons seem to sing about their past lives they had on earth before the flood, and even sing to the individuals they lost before the flood. A case in point is a song from a Spanish group called Mana. Check out the song in their album "Suenos Liqidos." The one "Com Te Extrano Corazon" (How I miss you darling). I always considered to be a seranade to one of the fallen angels war dead during the flood. Anyway, cheers.

  197. There is no question that the ritual use of semen in black magick practices is rampant among young people today. If semenancers are allowed to record grammy winning records without prosecution how long can our society really have left???

  198. You said……"I’ve known of The Black Eyed Peas since they were an underground rap group struggling for recognition. Apparently tired of anonymity, the group recruited Fergie, a sultry R&B singer, and set its focus on the pop market."…….And I agree..I didn't know what to think of the group when I first learned that she had joined the group (or however it came about). But it became clear in no time what direction they were headed in…

  199. @Truly your clearly not as smart as you like to think you are the Talmud is only one thing that makes up Judaism. i don't disagree with you that there is a lot of evil in it and it was designed by the rabbis to in force there power onto the ppl but it was written several thousands years after the creation of the Torah which any Jew can tell you is the real holy book of Judaism and that if anything should be followed it is that not the Talmud. I have had many arguments with several rabbis I know and they can quot the Talmud all they want but when i bring in something from the Torah they are forced to concede the point b/c it is always understood that the Talmud was written by man the the Torah was given by God.

  200. and on a side note it does not help your argument if the only way you can read it is in the English translation b/c believe me the English translations of nearly all holy books of any faith have been Christianize and do not reflect the meaning of the words in their original language i.e. Hebrew, Sanskrit ect.

  201. and on a side note it does not help your argument if the only way you can read it is in the English translation b/c believe me the English translations of nearly all holy books of any faith have been Christianize and do not reflect the meaning of the words in their original language i.e. Hebrew, Sanskrit, Arabic ect.

  202. on a side note it does not help your argument if the only way you can read it is in the English translation b/c believe me the English translations of nearly all holy books of any faith have been Christianize and do not reflect the meaning of the words in their original language i.e. Hebrew, Sanskrit, Arabic ect.

  203. In the begining of the video, I noticed that has broken glass attached to his clothing but the triangle shaped one on his neck flashed at 0:37… also the fact that he is being levitated…

    The computerized or autotune version of "for u and I" sounds more like for Illuminati…

  204. but black eyed peas are not satanic, thats not really a bad thing

    i'm a buddhist myself, so i think that video is a great message actually

    the way to spiritual enlightement

  205. Another interesting fact to mention that many people would not have picked up is the two phrases used in this piece which were, borderline and halfway. The location where she is meeting is the Great Pyramid of Giza – It lies on the borderline of Upper and Lower Egypt and is the almost exact halfway point of the world between the North and South, then East and West. Of course this ties into the stargate concept mentioned earlier – which the theatrical version of the film stargate begins with the unearthing of the Stargate in Giza in 1928. Further research on the Great Pyramid as most people would already know has astronomical, mathematical and scientific concepts embedded in its design.

  206. It seems occult symbolism is in everything. The great deceiver has stepped up his attempts to mislead man in these last days. He has convinced people to search within themselves for the answers to the meaning of life rather than looking to God for these answers.

    Wake up people, all these false religions are leading people to accepting the Anti Christ when he is revealed.

    Get to know Christ, Read The Gospel.

  207. hmm i don't see the Taylor "vampiric" appearance now. but I do see the symbolism in the VMAs. I'm not sure if I think the Kanye bit was staged, although I definitely could see that. I dont know why he'd agree to it, especially since it seemed to have negative repercussions on his career. But anyway, what do I know. I just think this stuff is really fascinating.

  208. I'm sorry if someone mentioned this already, but i'm not going through nearly 300 comments to ferret this out.

    i think that your original assessment of the black eyed peas is right (though i admit they may be putting up a tremendous front): they are just another stupid band. I see no other articles on thus site pointing their occult involvement, and the lyrics that you posted for this song only vaguely have anything to do with the video.

    this does not, however mean that i think there isn't anything here, just that i think you are looking in the wrong place. Bands don't always have a lot of say about their videos, they might have some ideas for what they want the video to be like, but just as often, they let other people take care of it. i think the person you should be discussing here is the person who MADE the video, it's writer or director or both.

    If this is what you mean, then great, but i think you should make it more apparent.

  209. Did anyone else notice that right before the video is over, she is pointing at the sky and the other three band members form a triangular shape in the sky? Then they all fall to earth… oddly though four stars fall. So was she on earth then or in the sky? Or was there another entity that they have brought back with them.

  210. Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. (1 Pet 5:8)

    The more I read the more I see that this is not coincidence. It has also made me upset that this is what I (we) are surrounded with. I question everything I see and watch and it has become more of a burden to me than a help but I do not regret knowing the truth and I am so glad the wool is pulled over my eyes. Although I know that I cannot change whats going on ts good to know that this website and many others are trying to get people aware. I get laughed at but i dont blame people for not understanding because this is a tough thing to soak in. I hope you all the best and I pray that more eyes and hearts and minds will be free from this disgusting filth that is being exposed to us everyday.

  211. Yo you forgot to point out the fact that he sais he travels the 7 seas. I think he is talking about the 7 layers of energy of the earth which is where the kabba is located, the strongest point of energy on earth.

  212. I really loved this video and the analysis. I also think there are a few people who have added some really great comments here. I think this video and song is fairly positive. Compared to say Lady Gaga and her song "Bad Romance" this is "light". The more you can understand the symbology of say the double headed eagle, you will know that there is black/white, darkness/light, bad/good and it is your choice my friends. There are polarities and the vertical one is usually the spiritual plane. That is why Fergie is shown lying down in most of the video. She then gets up, points to the sky to meet that spiritual plane as opposed to the one she was on.

  213. I forgot to say sorry I do disagree about Apl being dresses as a Hindu mystic. He is dressed as an Arab mystic, many of the mystical schools and Tidjani brotherhoods of Sufism exist in Africa as well. One of the largest centers for learning outside of Alexandria was Timbuktu in Mali. The library and mosque are still there. The Tuareg people wear medallions that are considered a type of cross but has the triangular symbol facing point down (the feminine sex). This was used as protection and women use these symbols and diamond shaped (the eye) to protect against jealousy/bad luck in their hair ornaments of stone and henna designs on the hands and feet.

    BTW the cross, takes both the spiritual plane and the earthly one in a symbolic alchemical marriage. Jesus was a gnostic and was a threat to the Pharisees who wanted to keep control over the Jews as they had made agreements with the Romans against their own people. Both Saturday (Saturn's Day) and Sunday (Sun's Day) are pagan in origin, so those people who want to say their religion is not pagan, well you are wrong. Islam is lunar. We won't go there.

  214. OK thats the one of the scaryest songs in my life.. coze i fell smf like daja vu vhen i listining this song and i fell this song .. i fink it important song form me.. and i agree thats stupid .. i'm 16 and i fink thats cind a stupid to fell the song deep in your heart or mind.. but.. idk.. i respect this song coze…. yeah.. idk why.. i just fink i'we head this song before its made and i'm cinda know all the words of it.. like deja vu 😀 jeah.. i'm stupid 😀 (sorry for bad english.. not from english contry)

  215.,, and jesuits and not trust wikipedia or links on wikicompany articles.Good luck.

  216. Yeahi originally thought this was a "good" spiritually uplifting vid. But the image of the grey makes me question. Also, ive seen heaps of pics on the net lately of performances where fergue holds the "peace" sign over her left eye – the eye in the pyramid sign. Its like she's advertising their trademark.

    Also, one of the guys in the vid, the one on the moon – looks like he's wearing a uniform that reminds me of a nazi officer.

    I agree with Comment 61. they need us to meet them half way for their agenda. My theory is it's about an approaching "men landing on mars" scenario. That would explain the moon / mars /earth sets used in the vid.

    They faked the moon landings, and now they're asking us to meet them halfway on the approaching fake of a mars landing in the years to come.

    Just some ideas. Who knows ?

  217. well thank again VC..buti will say that i wasnt surprised bcos when i first watched the music video, i was surprised by all the imagery that i found there…but am deeply disappointed by the group bcos i actually thought they were pure but now i think they are now "purer"…..any keep it V.C…..gotta run

  218. Take a closer look at around 15-17 seconds into the music videoa nd let me know waht you see. I cant believe everyone missed it.

    Hmm for those who cant see it…An Alien face appeared in blue…Looks very sinister at that

    hmm howcome everytime i click on this webpage it says broken server..or it cannot be found..even when i post.

  219. To Sophie at #7, given that it has such a symbol, saying it is not totally clean put a sense of relativity on the video. The video is either good or bad (ABSOLUTE). With that being said, the video is not clean at all. Once a bit of truth is mixed with a lie, it is a total lie. Pure things are unadulterated, this video is adulterated, so therefore it is a bad video. There is intent on sending messages that the normal human would not get/understand unless pointed to. Pure things do not have hidden messages.

  220. The first time i saw this video i thought it might have something beyond it, some knowledge in the symbols it presented and in the lyrics, but i could not see them. Then i searched and founded this website, i was amazed about the knowledge that is presented here. It all make sense to me but i dont trust the musical media so i doubted of the intentions of the video. Well after seeing the video several times i realized that i was feeling incapacite to reach the knowledge. So maybe this video is all about it, maybe it is designed to show a little part of the true knowledge but distorcionated by the music or the pictures. So when a person that can somehow see other meanings in the videos falls to the trap of this videos. Corrupting us in someway and making a distraction in our search for knowledge. I think i will stop seeing this video for good becuse maybe i am becoming addicted to it in the same way i was addicted to Lady Gaga videos

  221. Nooooooo! Don't tell me the BEP are in the illuminati too. They may not be the best but I love them. Why does mucic have to be influenced by the devil? That isn't rite!

  222. It's funny how we're thinking in terms of how its not THAT bad. Could it be that we're already getting a lil used to this idea? I don't think this stuff should be in songs at all, not even a little bit.

  223. Oh also if u watch the video and u see turban and scarf you'll see a triangle mirror that shines. AND i think the fact that his voice changes the second time he says "I spend my time just thinkin thinkin thinkin bout you…etc" signifies that he is something supernatural.

  224. these celebrities do not make their videos. other people do.

    with intent that we see them. and fall into their trap.

    they're getting paid for this, they've sold their soul to the corporate "devil", to the people of the industry, the government, who are even higher up than them…

    i hope you people realize this.

  225. I love this video, and your interpretation makes it even more beautiful. I much prefer your analysis over what the Peas themselves have to say about it in the short "Making of.." video.

  226. you should talk about the black eyes peas song boom boom pow…the logo looks like a nuclear blast and they are saying boom boom pow…gotta get with this…like war is the answer get with it they are 3008 and we are 2000 and late …so basically they know something we dont an whatever it is we are late no matter what…

  227. i think the vigilante is quite on point and he/she is able to establish music video symbolism with occult undertones…….the Bible tells us that the ruler of this world is the devil……….so its not anything unexpected………..

  228. Thanks for posting, I always look forward to these articles..Definitely find myself looking for the occult/esoteric in pop culture and questioning the true intent of the media.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  229. lol, when i first saw the video, the "gate" was very weird…

    one gate was a three-sided pyramide, and the other was a box.

    that equals a real pyramide right?


  230. @ LiIy Blake, Are you serious? Dan Brown whose books are a work of fiction is your source to decipher whether or not symbols can come from satanic occults?

  231. it is not a surprise to me, devil worship has been there since time immemorial,but i know that they are powerless,the power of the blood of Jesus proves them utterly useless. they will be cast into the lake of FIRE AND ALL THAT DO NOT BELEAVE THE SON OF GOD;JESUS

  232. first, it's believe n second , I don't think anything that V.C said even got me close to believin except d sign on d elep. nywayz, I love u fergie

  233. DUDE! YOU MAKE ME LOVE THE BLACK EYED PEASE EVEN MORE!! Noooo not because they're satanic, but because they know a thing or two about art!


    If you want the ENTIRE background of the occult symbolism I suggest you people (especially you vigilant)

    look up 'RIK CLAY 2012' on youtube……………………

    some of the best and most obvious stuff they put right in front of us

  235. I have 3 points to bring up.

    1st is how blank Fergies eyes seem, they remind of Madonnas eyes in her video where she looks like a witch and changes into a black dog and black crows. It is like she is a spirit, not a women in love.

    2nd While Apl walks in to a pyramid, Fergie walks into a cube, I dont remember what cult uses the cube on their forehead, but it is worth noting

    3rd There seams to be a type of high, i dont know, similar to an ecstasy high towards the end when Fergie gets to go into the cube, its hard to explain, but it is there. I say an ecstasy high, but its a subtle elevation in spirit.

    At first glance, this song appears to be a love song, after watching the video, its obvious that this song, all art and special effects aside, is utterly new age.

  236. Nice analysis… Just wish the people would be more aware of their ignorance into looking with their eyes because it causes all of us downfall …. and also keep up the good work, hope more will read all of these… ^^

  237. It facinates me how you know so much. Alot of the information is eye-openers for me. Have all these artists really surrendered and opened themselves up to all this torment just for the love of money, fame and fortune? What do their parents have to say about the video's they'r kids are making?

    Then that familiar phrase hits me…"Money is the root of ALL evil" ..

    I havent heard that song on the radio before nor do i have that track on cd. I am a fan of Josh Groben and Il Divo. But when i read the lirics above, the repetitive nature of it all, eventhough i dont know the tune, the repetitiveness is so entrancing. And Beyonce and Rihanna's music is just so catchy.

    I worry so much about the kids out there, they just sing these lirics without knowing the meaning of the words they are saying. Speaking these things into existance and over their lives. The tongue is a powerful tool, the Bible mentions that we should be careful of the things we say or speak over our live.

    These producers know so much and go into every little detail in the making of these videos. The backgrounds and sublimminal messages and all the symbols..I believe that their "inspiration does come from somewhere, a very negative place..Alot of people are no longer interested in the good, pure, simple things in life – and so, out of curiosity and sheer stupidity they get themselves tied up in occults and stuff. Its disturbing… The devil, lucifer, know's his destiny, its right there in Revelations (Bible) and all his trying to do is to take as many of us down with him, thats it, Period. He isnt interested in Beyonce's hawt body or her beatiful voice or all the money in the world-instead he probably chose her and the other talented artists that we read about because of their voices and talents. Imagine Beyonce singing for God? Powerful Stuff!! – The devil preyed on that talent and wins these artists over. He thinks he can torment God and His people. In a sense that he is saying "Look at your precious people, look how easily it is for me to corrupt them and whats more is that i'l make them corrupt others with the gifts that You gave them."

    But you see..God is a gentleman. He wont force, we have a Will, a choice. So ultimately all these artists will pay the ULTIMATE price for leading the youth astray.

    And, people give power to these dark forces. The devil is a CREATED being – just like YOU and ME. he just has a way of influencing really well. he cant be in two places at once -like God can be EVERYWHERE. He cant read your mind -he waites until you speak to catch those words and use them against you (he is the "prince of the air" and he is not all Powerful -fear fuels him (God did not give us a Spirit of fear) and he uses that same fear against u. Let these artists and producers go on……Judgement Day is coming soon – for all of us.No one will escape – Not the rich nor the famous.

  238. i loved this video. immediately i questioned: are they promoting good or evil? and yes, i have to agree with your interpretation – it is what we make it.

    the visuals are very beautiful, which can be viewed as seductive. the transcendental, spiritual, metaphorical and literal visuals can be read as man's ultimate quest for spiritual enlightenmnet. if there is a dark message here – it is disguised, much like the 'poison apple' of Eve and Snow White, in beauty and temptation. this is very different from the blatant demonic transformation of Rihanna's Disturbia, and Beyonce's thoroughly 'obvious' Crazy in Love.

    i too was a fan of the peas in their underground days, and i too 'dumped them' when they appeared to 'sell out' for fame and popularity, hiring Fergie and singig about sex. i was disappointed, actually mildly disgusted by them. thier latest album and music is the first time ive taken notice of them in many years. my hsband bought me the album – i love 'boom boom' just to get on down to, and i was reminded of Will.I.Am's raw, progressive talent with beats. but this video floored me. the song is haunting, the video stunning.

    thankyou for your interesting anlysis.

  239. Dont u find it interesting that the BEP member in the astronaut suit is looking at the sun…while the camera zooms in on his EYE..the symbol of the eye…and while its zoomed in….hes singing..Just you and I …I ….I pronounced the same as EYE

    and that Aple's necklace is a pyramid….so is the entry to fergie's other dimension…and it has an eye in it

    Also the circle that the BEP member on the elephant draws alludes to the Kaballah..Google it :)

  240. I think this video is beautiful. In watching it, I see a reenactment of the ancient mystery that's been hidden from mankind by the organized Abrahamic religions and the powers that be for centuries. The long slide towards darkness seems to have begun with the murder of Hypatia, as far as I can tell, at least based on what I know currently. I see the divine Sophia in Fergie's role in the vid. I see the Prince seeking the Pearl in the gnostic hymn, and longing to recall his true nature. I've thought about this a lot, and I think the powers don't want us to recognize our higher spiritual selves, to remember who we are or where we come from. They want to lull us to sleep with consumerism, wars, pharmaceuticals, fake food, hating each other because of religious differences, etc. Enlightened conscious beings will most definitely pose a problem for their agenda. But they can present this mystery play to the world at large on MTV, right there in plain sight, because most of the population of the planet is snoring away soundly, dumbed down on Abrahamic religion, pop culture, big pharma, the joke of a public school system and a 50% illiteracy rate in the US, GMO food, etc.

    Great job, VC. I bought Manly P. Hall's "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" because of this post. 😉 Now that's quite a read.

    Thank you for the excellent work you do here.

  241. VC Writes “In the context of this website, where many videos analyzed present sinister messages, many people will want to ask me: Is this video good or bad? My answer is: It is what you want it to be … and what you want it to be will probably be a result of your religious background and your personal beliefs”
    For me? Definitely positive…

  242. dude if this is true the all album is a f-cking message cause if you look at the tracks titles n dey order… damn… dis is some scary stuff… n its kinda in our faces cause it looks like they all doin it… jay, beyonce, rih, kanye, BEP(or at least WLL.I.AM… i doubt Fergie understands what goin on… but hey… who knows)… and the list goes on…

  243. Ok,let's pretend that there's nothing satanic about

    the words or the video of meet me halfway.

    (A song that i totally love by the way but one

    that i still decided to stop listening to because of

    the doubts of it's goodness.)

    Here's what's strange to me

    and what people on this forum

    seem to forget or not notice.

    When you take out the cd,you

    can clearly see the lightning

    satanic S sign below the group's


    This sign has been used in

    music for at least 40 years.

    It's almost impossible for

    people in the music industry

    not to know about it's meaning.

    So it doesn't really matter

    if meet me halfway is good

    or bad because the group

    is making clear with the lightning

    S sign where their priorities lies.

  244. ayren x star on

    Dear VigilantCitizen,

    While you are entitled to blog your opinion about other people's art and music, I find it rather disturbing that you must apply an esoteric view on it all the time. I am not trying to be rude or sound immature by any stretch, I just feel that art is art and shouldn't be scrutinized and criticized so tightly applying meanings from other peoples views of secularism, polytheism, and monotheism is not a healthy way to lead a healthy life. Maybe you should just realize that some individuals are just trying to express their depression and emotions through song, dance, and a healthy conventional medium as opposed to resorting to waging a war with Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan over oil and crude resources as well as trying to control entire continents. These people are just expressing how they feel, and if that comes across as…a higher being of some psuedo biocentric intellect mind hacking/abducting them than I believe thats not the intent its just pure human emotion. Now to some extent I think there is mind control going on in the music industry, do one on little wayne! keep the posts coming though, this is better than reading Plato at the moment.

  245. I find all you tell about the video and the song amazin although I feel another intepretation.

    It seems to me as she departed (died) and he is looking for her through spiritual development. Think about it, is another explanation.

    From the lyrics it seems like they know each other and they want to meet again. He misses her, he reminds all things they do…it looks like he is who was left here alone. (Icould be the opposite but sounds better that way).

    In the video she isn't living in planet Earth, it looks like that place called summerland or the park…that kind of place described in many books about the other side. He is the one who looks like seeking soul development.

    She goes through a cube…the simbol of material world because she isn't there, and the opposite for him.

    Think about it, it could be another meaning for the song.

  246. I'm a huge Black-eyed peas fan. I'm kind of glad that you did not mention devil worshiping instead spiritual enlightenment. Though I can not explain that free masonry sign on the elephant. I still think that the black eyed peas is Ok. Because all there other songs seem to not contain a message and is easy to understand.

    I just hope the whole music industry is not corrupted. But if I compare the black eyed peas music to music like Lady gaga I think their is a stark difference. I don;t have to interpret their songs like I do with lady gaga or rhianna

  247. okay i dont know much about this but this is a satanic song as there are pyramids go through history of pyramids! thanks

    Lots of love from


  248. Ok so the video's got a lot of "symbolism" .But really if one surely looks into any and I mean ANYTHING one wont fail to come up with connections. It wouldn't be very hard for someone to arrive at a Buddhist or even Islamic version of enlightenment. Mind you, that is basically what all these religions,sects and cults are devoutly seeking from their respective deities. So many inferences can be drawn from this video

  249. VC thanks a million for this site. i think the freemasons have or are about to start working on the Nigeria movie industry(aka:Nollywood)

  250. Till now, the illuminati, the freemasons, were the bad guys.. what makes you change your mind??? Now, they are actually on a spiritual path, the Kabbalistic spiritual enlightment??? What about the red demon ritual, the Bafhomet, the replacement of the top of the pyramid with a false one etc etc etc which are clearly satanic symbols? Pls don't get influenced by the illuminati snake-like ways……….

    The symbolistic of meet me half way is according with the ancient knowledge of Tantra Yoga, the female has a better activation of the 3 lower chakras, the male has a better activation of the superior 3 chakras and they meet at the middle, at the level of Anahata Chakra, the level of the soul, the pherfect balance. By this they can become whole again, the Glorious Androgin, like the Creator… the domain is imensely vaste…

  251. Please check out my new article about the BEP video, "Imma Be / Rock that Body".

    "Imma Bee the Future – Selling Transhumanism to the Masses using Psychological Warfare".

    It is published on a new blog started by fans of Vigilant Citizen, which deals with similar themes to what VC explores here. It’s called Public Vigil, which is a tribute to VC and all its loyal readers.

    There are many other articles about Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and more.


  252. Well,i see nothing bad in this video..and those of beyonce jayz and lady gaga..those are just expression of the old age..what has really happened then needs to be triggered as in for entertainment..and not for any other purpose..because i dont see a way where what they do promote them to suck it in people's watching mind..its clue less and i see no reason to hold again it…but its good that you analyze only makes the video and song more interesting when we kinda know the depth meaning in spirit…thanks vigilant

  253. hi i'm a new fan of yours :) love your thorough & elaborate jobs explaining about the hidden symbols & meanings…

    but, may i suggest you look at another video clip by Goldfrapp, the song's title is Rocket? i don't know but i thought i saw a lot of symbols [i saw it on Channel V while reading your blog, as you may have guessed!]

    thanks a lot :)

  254. yerson aldana on

    nagaura hola Black eyed peas me encant todas tus canciones son los maximo ..!! habla y demuestra tu estilo de vida ..!!y me gusta mucho como haces lo videos y la cordiografia daria lo q fuera para conocerte y compartir contigo unos de tus videos ..!! cuidate te deseo lo mejor y mucho exitos y q sigas brillando como la estrella q eres ..!!

  255. wow thats exactly wat i thought it said "for illuminati" instead of for you and i its too clear it doesnt even sound like for you and i

  256. Hi,

    I don't see what is bad too in this clip.

    It's the most beautiful "commercial" clip and music i've ever heard

    for me it represent the love story between Isis and Osiris

    Fergy spread an intensive energy trough my body ! :)

  257. I used to Love B.E.P…their first song 'where is the love?' made me think…but now it's like…wow…what happened to them…

  258. The first time I saw this I thought to myself that Michael Jackson MUST have had a hand in this. Turns out that he and collaberated a few years back, and that this song is part of an effort to transform consciousness through music….in a POSITIVE way, of course.

  259. You know what else is strange? At the end of the music video, they show orbs going down to a road, which is very similar to the one in "Imma Be". Maybe "Imma Be" is a continuation, after Fergie and the others have achieved "Illumination"…. ???

  260. Ok, I must be the biggest idiot to walk this earth because my first interpretation of this video was life as it is through all stages. For me it was history meets the present meets the future. I didn't see anything sinister about the video at all. So I Googled it, fearing I might be missing something, and as I read through all these comments, it saddens to me see how far we will reach for "evil". We think we are a step closer, or a cut above, or more knowledgeable of the esoterica and we actually come across as more ignorant (and self-righteous) than the masses we think we are so different from. We sound like mere educated fools. After reading the majority of these comments and breakdown from VC, coupled with MY OWN interpretation/first impression, I can reduce that this video is open to many interpretations and I thank GOD in the name of Jesus that my mind and soul is filled with enough WISDOM, LOVE, AND JOY to interpret this video as a beautifully and brilliantly crafted expression of intellectual and spiritual enlightenment and inspiration.

    Furthermore, let me just say, just because something is linked to Freemasonry or Masons doesn't automatically reduce it as evil. If you brush up on history and use deductive reasoning, you might conclude that Illuminati (in origin) was/is not that sinister either. A group of scientist renouncing the church (that was killing them off for opposing their doctrine) (remember at the time they (the scientist) were the ones on the straight and narrow less traveled path) and fled into hiding and obscurity for self-preservation. And for many of you that read the Bible you ALREADY KNOW that organized religion is a hoax…HELLO!!! Jesus didn't even conform to it when He walked the earth…The Bible spells that out plain as day. So those arguments are really moot at this point…

    • Lisa,

      Please read the following:

      Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Letters of Paul, General Epistles, and Book of Revelation

      Thank you

  261. There is definately Good and bad artists out there…Could you write up about any good artists leaving good messages behind their music…i think the Band called MUSE is a perfect example of GOOD….especially the track called UPRISING…..Great lyrics

  262. Something I notice at the opening of the video is that the camera moves to the dog star before going down to earth…. keep up the good work.

  263. I don't know whether to thank you, or laugh at you for this one. The more I watch this video, the more I fall in love with it. As someone else commented, just because there are occult images in the video, doesn't nessessarily make it sinister or bad. The video to me is very beautiful and leaves me with a positive feeling. The fact that there is such a strong spiritual aspect to this makes it even better for me. I have believed for years that there is more than one Illuminati, and one brach is out for human enslavement, and the other is out for enlightenment and to wake up humans to the truth. The probem is that it is hard to tell the differece between the two because they use the same symbolism. Read Robert Anton Wilson's Illumantius Trilogy, he has a very interesting take on all this, even thought it's fiction.

  264. Vigilant Citizen, research the deeper meaning of thyrsus of Bacchus. This reference is a very interesting one having more to do with entheogenic rituals than a name that was given to that particular gland in the 17th century, the reference to the pine is very deep in meaning and will reveal an aspect of christianity that most people well feel compelled to reject, do not forget that these concepts date back to the very beginnings of civilization.

    I hope you read this.

  265. The good will inspire people to reach to the sky and ask a higher truth to “meet them halfway”, while the evil will leave them confused and tormented, obsessed by materiality and screaming to nobody in particular “Let’s get retarded”.

    Who will join them in gettiong retarded? these guys(black eyed peas) are the least talented in the industry. You can corroborate that from thier lyrics, very plain and least poetic, basically, no ingenuity. May be they sacrificed that for thier retarded state. VC keep doing this great job. Its unimaginable how a fool, i've been. LORD HAVE MERCY…

  266. i praise the Lord for there such a website like this that are exposing these kind of occult stuff..

    I dont know anythin about occult but i am happy that its giving me some ideas, now i am more careful & i am so blessed..

    I pray that these may reach millions of people, so they will be aware that it is now indeed the last days..

    Lets all join our hands in prayer that these artists will know that what they are doing is not right, i think they do not know trhat they are doing these things..

    They have a director & its the director that is making them do these things..

    God bless us & keep us always, IN JESUS NAME..


  267. Wow…so..The Lord works in mysterious (no pun intended) ways. I had just watched this video and read this article today and then I just got back from seeing the movie Charlie St. Clare. By the way…it wasn't because Zac Effron was in it. I despise him. Anyway…WOW! The message in that movie is the exact SAME as in this video. Thank you vigilant. Had it not been for this article I would have been just as blind as everyone else to the true meaning of the movie. I sincerly urge everyone to see it just so that you can see what's being force fed to us everyday.

  268. WatEenZooitje on

    When I first heard this song, I thought: " Wow, very nice and catchy song". But when I saw the video, my first impression was the similarity with the movie "Contact" starring Jodie Foster. I also got a bit depressed. Fortunately I found comfort in The Word of God and His promises. And for that I don't need that so called journey from the BEP or other higher-conscience seekers.

  269. I just wonder who the heck is supposed to coordinate all this in the music and video industry.

    It is just weird to think about the implementation:

    Just imagine how it would look like if you would have a certain executive at, say, Time Warner or Sony who urges all video producers to include some estoreric symbolisms in videos.

    Don't you think that these videos are mainly driven by commercial considerations?

    Don't you think that the producers and directors care mostly about

    a) the money and selling a product

    b) their personal art ?

    How would that work without anybody talking about it – noticing it as strange ?

    Also, regarding "The Freemasons" and "their quest" to control the world or whatever I know several freemasons personally and I can tell you that many of them know less about their own symbolism than what you can read on this website which for most things is quite well-informed, congratulations.

    Most of them join the fraternity for many other reasons than illumination or esoteric beliefs.

    Many are participating because it gives them an association with other men who share similar charity or spiritual ideals, or, in some lodges, also just a pint of beer.


  270. I am a big fan of the BEP and was actually taken aback when I saw this video. They have not really made one like this before and right off the bat I could see eastern symbolisms and such. I believe, however, that the actual music and lyrics didn't really match the video but somehow it was used as an excuse to do it. It's just blatantly obvious and don't be FOOLED by free masonry!!! Once you get to the highest levels you begin to realize it's no joke, and that you are in fact worshiping Lucifer. I am not shocked however how the music and movie industry has become more and more obvious yet still the world is blinded to what it is seeing. It's just the simple truth and as much as I hate to say, it's not going to get better It's only going to get worse. I'm not one of those people who believe the end is coming within a few years but we are always closer to the end than we were yesterday! (Duh!) The only thing that Christians can do is keep praying, keep trusting and doing their part as the salt of the earth, as the preservers. The Lord will take care of the rest. This is just a wake up call to those who understand and an URGENT message to pray for these people. Yes, pray for Britney Spears! The Lord is searching the earth for those who understand, those who seek His heart. Hopefully believers will come to their senses and be brokenhearted for those who are lost no matter who they are. We need to be praying and encouraging them, not bashing them. It's not only a matter of life and death, but a matter of souls!! Hebrews 9:27 says "And it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgement:"……….

  271. I also would like to leave another perspective on this video. It is far from the occult symbols and possible elitist nature of artists and people at the "top" who control the world's economy. To me this video represents on one level the different types of beings being called to remember that they are all connected through out the cosmos. Fergie, very well could represent a being of the higher angelic realm, the others could also symbolize their own dimensions and realities as different beings. The interesting thing is at the very end they all turn into falling stars and come down to earth. Could this be a way to get the message across that earth is a convergence point of many older souls and younger souls reuniting as ONE? There are many people discovering that as infinite energy, they have experienced life incarnated from somewhere else in the cosmos now here on earth during this special time of ascension. I am one of the thousands awaking to their infinite nature.

  272. Kinostófeles on

    Are you really sure we have nothing to worry about the message or truth that this production delivered? I'm sincerely asking, since 'Rock That Body' reached to the public in a very sinister manner afterwards. Remember the best way to give something shape is by contrast.

  273. wow!!! extroardinary and interesting! I just came here from watching the video. I googled "black eyed peas meet me halfway music video explained" because I could just sort of sense that there was something more behind it. very cool article!

  274. Many Years ago(about 30 years back) I remember being bored at school and going into a in depth analyis of the Wizard of Oz, while an equally bored friend listened. I went on and on and I really don't remember all of it but part of it was I was saying that the Wicked Witch of the West was a symbol of seekers of fame and fortune and she was after the Ruby Slippers (which symbolized fortune) and the Wizard symbolized the illusionary Entertainment Industry and Toto was a lower status type creature(a failed artist perhaps) who knew the truth about the Industry –but couldn't tell anyone with words, the burden of proof was on poor Toto who finally got the opportunity to pull back the curtain…."ding dong" was a double meaning for "Idiot" Blah Blah Blah….I went on for hours about all I knew about Wizard of Oz, oh and how the Glenda was really evil because if someone killed YOUR sister and robbed you of your rightful inherence–you'd be PO too!

    ETC….Well anyway my friend wasn't buying it and wanted to know how I knew all this stuff. I admitted I just made it all up. I was 14 years old and had no clue what the original author intended meaning was…..but I defended myself by saying I had every right to make up my own symbolism and my own meaning to my own symbolism and read into anything any way I choose to, because the orignal author was dead…so I can do what ever I want with his work.

    …in my own brain.

    Ok I beleive the symbolism in some of this stuff DOES intend to communicate stuff to it's members…these persons have their own belief systems and their own focus and their own

    personal shit going on in their minds and their dramas and you have NO idea how hard it is to maintain relationships when you are a MPD etc..and viglant might be right about what some of this stuff means to THEM. However what this stuff means to THEM isn't what it's going to mean to the persons who might have THEIR own dramas and their own way of seeing things.

    Half the time I feel like this is just a witch hunt. Ive got family members who are pagan and they are the worlds most loving persons. Ive been date raped by "Believers in Jesus Christ"

    We are not the ones pushing our adjenda on YOU!!! YOU ARE PUSHING YOUR BELIEFS ON US.



  275. Viglant…regarding my last comment, i do like your site and I love what you are doing and I am a great fan of yours and I want you to keep it up but I need you to consider our motives are often very very personal TO US….I am not absolutely sure about everyone but it is not the goal and intent for those of us who believe that there may be more then one path to convert ANYONE because we respect different belief systems as valid. The belief system that seeks to convert and brainwash IS those who believe only ONE way is the true way. That isn't us.

    We don't care about you. We care about our little dramas. And we have them. We are sick persons trying to heal. We are victims of persons who have abused their power for nothing but their own selfish personal lusts and greeds. we were we are artists…and we are pissed. It's not always about you. It's about the crap in our brains and how we feel inside..garbage in garbage out…maybe. yes. our garbage …our crap….and if it comes out in our art ..well it will do that. It's our creativity…it's our hearts our brains and our souls.

    Look in the mirror Christians if you want to point your finger at someone who is trying to sell your beliefs and push your adjenda onto to everyone else…the world perhaps….but don't point your finger at us and say that is what we are doing.

    I like Jesus personally, Im not

    going out preaching against him and he's wrong and don't worship him..blah blah blah…Im

    not doing that!!! But because I keep my attitude loving…you guys just go on and on about the goddess and she's evil….what right have any of you?

    You are bashing what we believe and because we are just sitting there and taking it and not fighting back just go on and on and on….because we ignore you. Because we are better then you and stronger then you…well at least most of us are…Im apparently a person with too much time on my hands and I dignify your attacks with a response which I need to not do because I need to be above it and I usually am…but right now Im not so forever me everyone and Im out of here..

    PS I really do like your site though Viglant…I just needed to say something. Ive been reading here a long time and not saying anything and …I just did. But I want to shut up now.

  276. Anyone else notice ap is the flipped reverse of de? ap is de upside down!… is a pyramid. The points on each p is the bottom on both sides, , the point on the d is the top.

  277. this hurts my head.. lol i am confused by many of this. but im learning. this sounds so messed up and the symbols are so obvious..

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