Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance – The Occult Meaning


Lady Gaga’s videos and performances are extremely symbolic and filled with hidden messages. Her latest video, named “Bad Romance”, describes the dark and ritualistic inner-workings of the entertainment industry, by symbolically depicting Gaga as a sex slave. This article examines the occult symbols present in the video and its hidden meaning.


The video for the song Bad Romance is a mix of deep symbolism with sheer randomness, creative fashion with corporate product placements and modern-day decadence with religious imagery, all rolled up in a great big music industry celebration. Gaga uses her odd-ball theatrical presence to its full extent to shock, creep-out and fascinate the viewers. I’ve mentioned the presence of mind control elements, of the horned god Baphomet, of secret societies and so on. Far from steering away from those themes, Gaga’s latest offering incorporates all of them in this video, which is a great big metaphor for the music industry. Let’s look at the song.

Concept of the Song

Bad Romance is the first single out of Gaga’s Fame Monster album. If you look back at her past works, the main message of her music is that she is willing to do anything, even sacrifice herself, to obtain fame. The video continues in the same vein by depicting Gaga as a willing victim in the music industry’s shady inner-workings. She wants to live a Bad Romance with the abusive, cruel and satanic music industry. She’s aware of all of its flaws but she still desires to be part of it more than anything else. She is a Fame Monster…she feeds off of fame…she enjoys being famous…if she is not famous, she’ll die or something…you get the picture. At face value, the song lyrics seem to be about her wanting to get “banged” by a kind of psychopath, but the video reveals that the psychopath is, in fact, the music industry.

The song starts with a weird chant that goes

Want your bad romance

This is the type of senseless crap drunk people like to yell in those disco dance parties you crazy kids go to. Is there a deeper meaning to it?. Ra, as the name of the ancient Egyptian sun god, is still of great importance in today’s occultism (see the “Eye of Ra”, the All-Seeing Eye). Roma may be a reference to the roman catholic church, but I’m not sure. This could be interpreted in many ways so I won’t linger on it.

I want your ugly
I want your disease
I want your everything
As long as it’s free
I want your love
(Love-love-love I want your love)

I want your drama
The touch of your hand
I want your leather-studded kiss in the sand
I want your love
I want your love
(Love-love-love I want your love)

Right away, it is obvious that the love that Gaga is seeking is wrong and sick. She’s a sex slave and apparently, she likes it. She knows that the industry is ugly but she still wants in. There is an obvious sense of sadomasochism, as she seems to know that this love (of success in the music industry) will hurt her and treat her badly, but she’s up for it. As we will examine in the video, there is also a spiritual meaning to the lyrics where fame equals submitting to the dark, satanic side of the music industry. In other words, the song is also about submitting to evil and the imagery of the video corroborates this fact.

I want your horror
I want your design
‘Cause you’re a criminal
As long as your mine
I want your love
(Love-love-love I want your love-uuhh)

I want your psycho
Your vertigo stick
Want you in my rear window
Baby you’re sick
I want your love
I want your love
(Love-love-love I want your love)

Here again, there is a mix of the “horror” of evil with hardcore sex references, which convey the fact that she wants to be “penetrated” by this evil influence in order to gain its favors. There are references to Hitchcock movies (Psycho, Vertigo) that are cleverly turned into sexually explicit lyrics.

During the bridge, Gaga sings emotionally “I don’t wanna be friends“. She does not want to be an outsider of the music industry, she wants to be part of it. Later she says“I want your love and, All your lovers’ revenge”, which means that she wants all of the attention of the music industry to the point that she also wants the “hate” of the artists who are jealous of her.

Of course, the lyrics are open to interpretation but the visuals of the video really give a particular meaning to the words. Gaga is not singing to a person, but to a group, an entity, an organization. She is singing to the Illuminati, to the music industry, to Baphomet: to the ones that have the power to make her famous. She wants to be part of that sinister and corrupt system and write a Bad Romance with it.

Analysis of the Video

The video is dense with symbols and odd images. Some are significant while others seem to be random. It is obvious that the whole concept is a huge allegory for the reality of fame. She plays the role of a mind-controlled and drugged sex slave who is prepared to get auctioned to members of the Russian mafia. Here’s the video.

Main Story Line

The video starts with Gaga emerging from what looks like a high-tech coffin or maybe a sensory deprivation tank.

At the beginning of the video, she is deprived of her senses. Either her eyes, her ears or her nose are covered. Sensory deprivation is a torture technique used on prisoners or mind-controlled slaves in order to “break” them and to facilitate their re-education. She is a beginner, an amateur and she doesn’t really know what she’s doing.

Gaga can’t see or hear anything

In one scene, she is wearing thick sunglasses and talking to herself through a mirror.


This is reminiscent of The Who’s Tommy movie, where a deaf, dumb and blind boy only becomes responsive when staring at the mirror.

The Who’s Tommy is a movie about a boy who becomes deaf, dumb and blind after a traumatic event.

Gaga then bathes herself to “wash off her sins” as Gaga said in an interview about the video. She is “wide-eyed” and innocent but we’ll see that she’ll gradually turn into a “Fame Monster”.

Innocent Gaga taking an innocent bath with her big innocent eyes

She is then roughly handled by two women. She fights them but she finally accepts her fate and even raises her hands in praise.


Throughout the video, there is a back and forth between her being forced to go through with her duties as a slave and her willingness to go through with them. She is then forced to drink some vodka, which is, in fact, an MTV-friendly substitute for drugs. Mind-controlled sex slaves are heavily drugged to numb their thoughts and make them easy to manipulate.

Gaga is then undressed and forced to perform in front of a bunch of men. Those mafioso can represent the Illuminati, the dark force ruling the music industry. The masks represent their hidden nature. Each individual represents a record company, and they are bidding to see who will sign her.


Gaga seems to be well aware of what is happening and she chooses to charm a particular guy, who seems to have what she wants. The masked man seems to enjoy what is happening to him and bids to obtain her.

One second left to the auction for the services of Lady Gaga

Gaga is then required to fulfill her duties as a sex slave by…you’ve guessed it… having sex with the winning bidder. So she proceeds into a very symbolic room.

Her hands are strategically placed under the horned heads. Immediately after, a fire ignites the room.

On each side of the bed are gazelle heads, who symbolically refer to Baphomet, the horned idol of Western occultism.


If you’ve read my other articles on the music industry, you already know of the frequent use of the likeness of Baphomet in music videos and pictures. My past articles on Gaga have shown her posing in the same way as the image above. Strategically placed horned heads have appeared in her past videos and photo shoots. Having said that, the presence of those horned heads in that room is not merely decorative, it is very symbolic.

Gaga is “offering herself” at the altar of Baphomet in order to become initiated and accepted into the Order. She does not want “to be friends” with the music industry, she wants to be an insider (she’s not a “Fame Monster” for nothing). So this offering gets consumed by fire, and not sex because it is about Baphomet and not the Russian guy. He was just a means for her to obtain what she wanted..fame.


When the fire starts, another scene plays simultaneously showing Gaga and masked dancers dressed in red, the color of sacrifice and initiation. The virginal white garments she wore during most of the video are replaced by bloody red, a visual confirmation of the fact that she is now initiated and accepted as an insider. In my article on the 2009 VMA awards (article here), we see that Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift start out the show wearing white garments and, after a symbolic performance, they appear completely dressed in red. The codes of the music industry seem to be used over and over again, in videos, award shows, and photo shoots.


Gaga then makes her trademark “Eye in the triangle” hand gesture after her initiation to make it clear who owns her now…the Illuminati.

The final scene shows Gaga lying in bed with the burned skeleton of the Russian Mafiosi.


Notice how everything is burnt except the two gazelle heads. The real “intercourse” happened between Gaga and Baphomet. The guy was a tool, a middle-man who was sacrificed in the process of Gaga’s initiation.

So Gaga basically went through the steps a mega-pop star has to go through in order to “make it big” in the music industry.  She ultimately got what she wanted and apparently played the game on her own terms. Let’s see how that works out for her.

Other Symbols

Aside from the main storyline, the video is riddled with numerous symbols and images which are occult in nature. Here are some of them:

Sun Symbolism

There are many symbols referring to the sun in the video. As said above, Ra is an Egyptian sun god who is mentioned many times in the magic incantation-like “Rah-rah” chant.  Sun worship has always been at the center of occult mysteries as it is considered to be the ultimate representation of God.

Image of the sun in the razorblade shades. She is wearing a golden dress. Gold is representative of the sun in occultism
Golden sunlight bringing her back to life
Gaga at the center of planetary orbits

Anti-Christian Symbolism

Christianity has always been at odds with occult secret societies. Persecutions and accusations come from both sides and one often defines itself by the negating the other. This is also represented in the video.

The word “Monster” with a Christian cross underneath it creines a not-so-subliminal unconscious association

The cross associated with the word “Monster” is also seen on her promotional pictures:

Notice the position of her hands
A cross placed right on her “privates”. No matter what religion you are, you know this is not a sign of respect
gaagchrist2 copy
In this choreography, Gaga does what looks like the sign of the cross but her hand gesture describes a triangle instead. Enjoy my brilliantly drawn triangle to help you visualize it.

Reptilian Monster Symbolism

In some scenes, Gaga gradually starts to look like reptilian monster, with a focus on the spine.

Emphasis on the spine
Why is her spine glowing?
Bulging spine… I’m not sure of what she is doing with her fingers either.

There is a great resemblance with the devil in this painting by Michael Pacher. Notice the spine.


In Conclusion

Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance is by far the densest and most symbolic video I’ve ever analyzed. It is a metaphorical yet accurate description of the steps which must be taken in order to become part of the “mega-pop-star machine”. Submission, control, business negotiations, initiation, secrecy and the embrace of dark forces are all represented in the video. Once decoded, the song describes indeed the Bad Romance of the music industry. The machine uses artists, it pimps them, it cheats on them with new, hotter artists and it finally dumps them when the initial appeal is lost.

Gaga, the “Fame Monster” wants to be treated that way, knowing that there is not any other way to obtain world-wide fame. One might be extremely creative and talented, however fame can only be achieved through the exposure  provided by the media corporations. They are owned by a secretive elite, represented by the masks on the faces of the bidders in the video.  Bad Romance, more than simply serving the required dose of subversive symbolism to the MTV generation, offers a chilling description of a music industry ruled by the elite. And now comes the hardest part: getting this damn song out of my head.




  1. I went to see the video and ot something interesting that you may have not noticed: the Vodka bottle has "lex" (law in latin) written on the top. Since she is forced to drink the vodka, maybe lex is about the terms she has to accept.

    • That is an excellent observation. Also since she is initiated and I would think each iniiate chooses a path and most videos also show what is happening in plain site with their messages, could "law" also relate to the military-police state and the martial law dry runs?

  2. well written… I think conciousness helps us all think for ourselves…so we begin to question what our true beliefs are and who we choose to serve…God Gave us choice…we either Hot or Cold not Lukewarm on the sidelines…Peace

  3. She is wearing white lingerie at the begining and them she is wearing black lingerie on bed?? is that another clue??

  4. i know this is really old but i just wanted to let you know

    In 3rd century AD, Christians used the acronym ROMA as a veiled insult against the Empire. What was ROMA? Radix Omnium Malorum Avaritia, or: the Root of All Evil is Greed.

    Since there was no explanation given for roma- ro-ma ma

  5. Man if Gaga will go to hell …honestly i want to go there to !…. imagine the concerts and party !!

  6. She reminds me of a female Marilyn Manson, in looks and the style of her videos. Check out Manson's Long Hard Road Out of Hell and The Dope Show videos and the similarities are evident (to me, anyway). He did collaborate on a remix project with her and claimed that he she copied his style.

  7. People who are accusing the analyzer of being to religious must know that they are not seeing the big picture. Illuminaties always have a reason to introduce such singers to the world. They wish to destroy the typical things that make up a clean society. According to them, people should not have families because such things cause attachments. The more someone is free from the sense of belonging the more he is available for manipulation which includes becoming slave to their factories and sacrificial prey for rituals. Depopulation can also be achieved from the destruction of moral values. More Aids means more death after all.

  8. Lady Gaga is so very occult. I think she (or whoever is in charge of her) throws in lots of different occult references – this video made me think of alchemy – water, fire, gold, red, white, blackening, etc. etc… I also noticed she's wearing a snake on her head in one part of the video – where she's crying and is all soft focus. I also think her costumes often nod towards the surrealists who were also into the occult – e.g. lobster hat – and she has a crow on her head for one publicity photo for Bad Romance (an alchemical reference again). She makes me think of Max Ernst paintings – like The Robing of the Bride – apparently he was an alchemist and deeply into the occult too. Perhaps the bloke on the bed was like a phoenix and rose from the ashes? She gives me the creeps big style.

  9. It's the tireless belief in Love, the work of Love in the astral plane that Christ did, AND SUFFERED FOR, that these illumined spirits see, when they achieve enlightenment.

    Not all spirits do the work of love in the Astral plane, there are beings that torture people in the astral plane, so it is a very dangerous thing to mess with the astral plane, Christ has protected quite a few wanders and explorers who have discovered these things before they were ready. It is beyond deadly to mess with these things before you are ready.

  10. At the point of enlightenment, when one sees into the Astral plane, they can learn the history of the planet, and can see all the work that Christ does in the Astral plane, and the war he fought, and what he endured for the people of Earth, in the psychic realm, the song, "Iron Man' is a song about this.

    "Veterans of the psychic wars" by Blue Oyster Cult, another reference to this war in the Astral Plane against the would-be enslavers of mankind.

    Also, the video by Def Leppard, 'Women' shows alot of cartoon references to this REAL war, for which christ was tortured for ages.

    The video by Def Leppard's video "rock of ages' features an 'occult' or secret meaning referring to Christ, going insane from endless torture for the sake of mankind.

  11. the lyrics to radio gaga, by Queen.

    "You gave them all those old time stars

    Through wars of worlds – invaded by mars

    You made em laugh – you made em cry

    You made us feel like we could fly

    So don't become some background noise

    A backdrop for the girls and boys

    Who just don't know or just don't care

    And just complain when you're not there

    You had your time you had the power

    Youve yet to have your finest hour

    All we hear is radio ga ga

    Radio goo goo

    Radio ga ga

    All we hear is radio ga ga

    Radio blah blah

    Radio what's new?

    Radio someone still loves you

    There is an 'occult' meaning to these lyrics, the song is really being sung to Christ, it is mocking the phony songs, being sung to no one, this song IS being sung to a real, living person.

    The "War of Worlds" refers to a real battle for Planet Earth,

  12. the emphasis on her spine is because the spine has 33 bones in it, (thus, the 33 degrees of Masonry) and she draws her hand up her spine, symbolizing the kundalini or life force rising up to her brain, manifesting in the serpent symbol on her forehead, symbolizing knowledge, or super intelligent awareness.

  13. Once she achieves illumination, and the ice crystals are all around her, symbolizing time standing still, but there's a double meaning, they're like diamonds, too, symbolizing the worth of an illumined woman. An illumined female is worth a million diamonds, eternal love has no price.

  14. I can tell you that LadyGaga is a truly illumined female, the things she alludes to in this video are some of the most secret masonic ideas, which I really can't tell you about.

    An Illumined female is indeed, a fantastic thing, a goddess, what all men dream of.

  15. another clue, to the meaning, 'vertigo stick'. The movie, Vertigo, was an adaptation from the FRENCH novel. The LIving and the Dead. (the french lyrics, another clue)

    the lyric, " I want you in my rear (window) being a reference to the HItchcock movie, to make it obvious 'Vertigo' is a reference to the Hitchcock movie.

    the main character in the movie, Vertigo, is afraid of heights, you could infer a fear of fame as being a fear of 'heights'

  16. In the last scene, where she's sexily dressed in bed with the corpse, she confirms men's fear, that she'll screw them to death, she's sort of making a joking confirmation of men's fears about women's sexuality, how they view it as something horrible, dreadful, satanic.

    As she approaches the male Satanic Altar with the heads of dead animals, she is clothed in a dead polar bear skin, a murdered animal, killed for no reason, covering her nudity, her sexuality, she then discards it and sets their altar on fire.

    the polar bear symbolizes the freudian death instinct, to kill animals, skin them, for no real reason. We can acknowledge it's a sign of sickness when serial killers do it, but we can't when EVERYONE thinks it's ok. She's pointing out the cause, men are trying to cover up their sexual feelings.

  17. I could explain it ALL to you, so that it reads like an instruction manual, but that would ruin the mystery of it wouldn't it? Reverence for God requires a certain uncertainty, a little bit of fear, and when we lose that, life is over, because it's boring and stupid.

    Fear LadyGaga

  18. I will say, whoever wrote the original article about the occult symbolism realize that these are all put in there for people like you, for the sense of mystery to it. For people who wonder about such things, who notice them, the observant, the opposite of the IGNORE-ant.

    The reason you can't get this song out of your head is because you feel the love in this song, and it is real, it is something everyone wants to feel for someone else, and for others to feel for them, but such things come at a horrific price, the design of evolution, is the design of God.

  19. Ok , I'm on a slow connection and I've been waiting along time for this to load, WOW, almost a million COMMENTS on this video on youtube.

    I'd never really watched it before, but it touched me, she's pretending to a reptilian lizard coming out of the POD, and reminding Jesus that he's an alien too, and telling him he's being a monster, because fame is ruining his soul.

    In the beginning of the video, the ALL FEMALE dancers are being made sex slaves and treated as sexual objects, r**e victims,drugged, sold, USED for sex, but then LadaGaga becomes the center of their circle, the center of their religion, she achieves enlightenment and the ice crystals symbolize her freezing time, astrally projecting to send a message to Jesus, to try to help him .

  20. she infiltrated the ALL MALE 'music industry', the male collective, and then, she freezes time, and sets fire to their Satanic Altar of war and death, she conquers it with sex.

  21. I was searching for information on Lady Gaga's dancers in the "Bad Romance" video and I came across this site. I don't know whether to be amused or pissed off at this "analysis." It's pure bullshit. Has anyone ever heard of an artist expressing herself? Obviously not the person who wrote this s**t or the fools who so readily go along with it. I read multiple comments by people who said they loved this song/video until they read this. Goes to show how easily influenced narrow minded Christians are (I'm not saying all Christians are like that, just the fakes, or as I like to call them, Sunday Christians). I guess you can't expect much from a group of morons who live their lives based on a work of fiction. I am a huge Lady Gaga fan, and proud to admit it. I admire her and I think she is an amazingly talented artist. She makes good music and creative videos. She also makes sure to tell her fans what the meanings behind her videos and lyrics are. You people read way too much into this Illuminati conspiracy garbage. GET OVER YOURSELVES AND GET A F*****G LIFE!!!!

  22. You Know Gaga Right?

    She's A Pop/Rock Star isn't she?

    Lady Gaga Makes Good Songs and Music Video

    I don't think that Gaga do such thing as becoming a puppets

    I Live in Asia

    I know things such as ancient symbolic

    Lady Gaga Isn't part of "Illuminati" puppets

    she makes this kinda video because she likes to live in a real world

    i mean can you see?

    even when she visits her grandma she use studded dress

    and i think she go to church

    I Love Lady Gaga !

    I Almost Can Sing All Her Songs

    Don't believe easily on what peoples said

    i know that some people may hate Gaga

    but don't be so negative about her only beacuse you've read this webpage

    i'm looking forward to find out things i don't know about her !

  23. Lady Gaga is great !

    I mean,c'mon, no matter how offended you are, but you have to admit that she is a smart woman. Most singers do mindless videos, with no logic, but Gaga puts what she knows in her videos and with a great style !

    Her voice isn't bad either

    Now I'm just curious to find out what's her true religion

  24. When I first saw her mv I know that there is something fishy in it. We all know that these things are really not good especially in the eyes of the children. She shows things we all know are evil like "selling people". The music industry is becoming worst. The lyrics of the songs are not as good as before. Songs about love, friendship, hope, and kindness are all gone. Most of the songs nowadays are about evil acts like sex/fornication, fame/idolatry, and glamor and we can't deny that what I'm saying is true. I know you all know what evil things are and I don't need to mention them. I know that there will be a lot of people who will hate me for this but whatever your religion is, I know you all know that some of the acts in this mv are immoral.

  25. Honestly, I think Lady Gaga is talented and a little crazy. She wants and loves the fame, but she also represents her fans. Maybe her videos and lyrics arent about her personally, but about society and her fellow artists. Look at 50 Cent…and many others. You cant tell a person "so and so is a satanist so they could be famous" cuz they wont believe it. So what other way does she have but to make outrageous (sorry for my spelling) Videos and songs..compared to many artists…she seems the most normal to me. Her choice of outfits is her own and has nothing to do with anything. We need to stop looking at what other people are doing and start looking at ourselves and what WE are becoming…slaves to this society.

  26. Well good job at pointing things out. Who knows the truth? I don't, but seriously, don't get too paranoid there 😉

    • The word eve is the base of the words evening and evil, its the demonazation of the female. The word viel is an anygram for the word evil, just saw a video on yt and it caught my eye so to speak

  27. Hey guys yeah there is deep symbolism in the video. but if you look at a high school poem the teacher analysis the poem how she thinks it should be analyzed in this why but if you look at the poem you want to analyze it in another way. like "johhny went in to a deep sleep" taken from Petra Nel's Poem The Child! the teacher might say that johhny went in to a comma but you might think he went into a very deep sleep. people analyze things differently! even if there is signs it might be the directors fault. think about that!!!!

  28. I would like to say thank you.

    People like you are making her even more popular, and that's great, because I love her music and I'm happy I can hear it even more. As long as you talk about her, I think she'll be happy too.

    She is talented and fascinating, even if she stole everything (Madonna, David Bowie) she finally created something new. Lady Gaga shows how today is not about being all the same, there is a multitude of trends out there today. Not eveybody is listening to pop and hip-hop music. This is only your angle of view.

    The important place accorded to advertising means you make a lot of money out of this, and not only to pay your host.

    Also, this blog is pure contradiction, by telling a supposed hidden truth and on the other hand, being extremely popular.

  29. I think the theme in this video is Gaga didn't want to sell out but the riches and fame was too much for her to say no. Notice the tears and the white innocent Gaga, compared to the Red Gaga. Also, she tries to spit out what she is forced to drink. She will do anything for money.

  30. i personally read the video differently. I think that gaga is protesting against how romance has become almost a sin. How it has become like the relationship between a man and a prostitute – all about sex. I believe this is why she gives the man a metal beard to dehumanize him and make him seem robotic – driven by hormones.

    Prostitution is of course a sin and a believe that is why the video is set in a bathroom – paralleling with the baptism and the washing away of sin, this fits with the two women who seem to be dunking her in the water and washing her at the beginning of the video. It also explains gaga coming out of an isolation tub marked with a cross at the beginning of the video and also explains why when she comes out of the bath – she has huge eyes – making her look like a toddler – youth, innocence – free of sin!

    At points in the video it shows gaga rediculously thin with her spine showing – i beleive she is showing the monster women will become for the bad romance. Later in the video she burns the man , once again a typical religious symbol – this time of sacrifice – and after that point the "monster" is not shown again instead the clean gaga is often showed (i.e. the close up scene of her face with no make up on – well at least shes made to look as though she has no make up)

    Personally i beieve that my theory is much more relevant to the world as a whole thans yours. Although yours relates to the title of the record brilliantly.

  31. I think this is a good article but in my opinion it's far off key. Bad romance is not about her relationship with fame but also talking about being with the devil. the verses are like the devil talking to her, especialy the brige with the demonic voice then the chorus its about the revenge of lucifer.

    i mean she has sex with the devil at the end for god sake.

    not only that but the fame monster is full of dark meanings. monster is a big one so is dance in the dark where in the middle 8 of the song she is reffering to occult sacfrices, Diana, Jonbenet Ramsey and so on.

    her monster ball is even based on the well known illuminati film, the wizard of oz.

  32. i totally agree with the post.. everything shown on the video was well planned.. they don't just put things together and viola an "MTV"… let's be watchful..

  33. if this is true ( which i believe for the most part it is) and this s**t is streaming thew our main stream music were f****d.

    • We are not screwed, the sheeple are screwed, if you notice where she has the gyroscopic rings around her- that represents the human universe, each one of us controls our own universe, unless you give that power to them. I hope the Rapture is actually us breaking free of this reality. Peace ☺

    • How the hell can this song be about prostitution? 99% of are music videos are girls running around half naked! there are no limits to our society these days! I bet a good chunk of these people do not know anything about the free masonry and Illuminati . look at f****n 2 pac man! he was very intelligent and tried to warn us about all this s**t, why do think there are underground music? why are they not popular? some just might be because they suck but alot that i have heard speak the truth about this s**t right here! all these symbolize in our music subliminal messaging it goes on and on on , WAKE THE F**K UP PEOPLE IT EXISTS its REAL! No wonder the Illuminati Keeps things a secret were surrounded by f*****g idiots!

  34. Has anyone noticed that there are 13 men in a circle around her and they each have something covering a part on their faces or wearing different garments???? I wonder if each of those 13 different outfits represent something. like so they represent events to that have occured, are occurring , and will occur??? hmm…maybe im reading toooo much into it? but there are 13 men in that circle, i counted.

  35. Wow!! I never knew Lady Gaga was behind all of this. I always admired her as a artist and I really loved all her songs. Even my 2yr old daughter is in love with her. But now after reading everything, I think I'm going to take Gaga out of our lives. =(

  36. Very good article! I noticed the two Gazelle heads in the video earlier today and thought about your article, The Illumnati Puppet, and wondered if you'd done an article on Bad Romance. It's pretty scary seeing all these blatant symbols – why would they be a reoccuring factor in each video? She is surely not trying to wind people up. Maybe she is trying to stir things up, but hey, I'd rather believe the more interesting stories!

    Also did you notice how the mafia seem to be sitting in a circle, kind of reminds me of the knights table etc. I dunno, just a subtle possibility, but it certainly fits the theme. They're all men of power too. If it is symbolising this, then it's surely a sexualisation/modernisation of this historic feature.

  37. I give you props here because you think of things in ways probably know one else does. Though a lot of this makes sense, I think some was over analyzed. Anyways, I wanted to point out that in this article and some others you use color as part of the symbolism. In the beginning you say GaGa is dressed in white representing her innocence, then later we see WHITE rams heads in the bed room area. Just throwing it out there, if you have time to explain this further to me that'd be great.

  38. I'm so glad I found this site. I love the analysis. I watched this video and knew that it was way to dense for me to decode so thanks for sharing your observations. However, I still don't quite understand the motivations of the producers of this video or any others. What is the point of allegorically explaining the inner workings of the industry and subsequently the ruling elite? Wouldn't it be better to simply keep Lady Gaga more subliminal? Any thoughts guys?

    • Hi there 'still foggy'. I too am asking myself the same question. What is the point in showing the inner workings and how she's been taken in, or asking to be. Maybe she's out of it and trying to tell her story. If you watch/listen to Telephone, you'll realise the frustration. I can't help but think that this symbolises her ties with the Illumnati – at face value she's getting out of prison and commiting more crimes but I believe that Beyoncé is posing as a kind of saviour; Gaga thinks she's rebelling the Illumnati, when really Beyoncé is in on it too and controlling her. Gaga is frustrated with the control, hence 'stop callin stop callin'.

      Anyway, that analysis is more of Telephone and going off-topic.

      I honestly can't think of a reason as to why she's doing this. It could just be a topic she's interested in…maybe she's stirring up rumours for a more extended fame…or she could be warning us. I'm just as foggy as you are!

  39. Hey people,whats wrong with you,come down,its just an analyse based on some personel ideas,some scientific theories,art interpretation bases,lexicology,mythology,etc,do you remember hermeneutic?

    Thanks to Vigilant & thanks to Lady Gaga.

  40. You should also check out the Paparazzi video, I say is the continuation of this one.

    I think is not just watching or not Lady Gaga, it is impossible not to see her videos or here her music. Someone is making sure Lady Gaga is everywhere and as we see her videos we are thrown on our face all these symbols as a remainder that "WE ARE STILL HERE" I think it is as if they are mocking us! Because we keep watching, and Lady Gaga is still number One. They are still in control. People we can open our eyes, but how do we free ourselves? We still live under a government, a country.

    Please follow me on Twitter @MuyIngenua

  41. Lady GaGa, and all products of the entertainment industry, has focused the general population. It is up to civil society to prevent the mass media manipulate the minds of our children, who are in the process of moral education and ethics. Unfortunately, the industry co-opts the parents who leave their children exposed to the system. Blame the government and the church That Are in charge of the education of Our kids while we are working to feed the machine system, not the artist.

  42. Ha ha ha. I only looked into this because in a conversation with whats wrong with kids now a days somebody blamed Lady Ga Ga. What about the parents not bringing their kids up with Godly morals! Don't blame the musice, movies or Television blame the parents. As for Lady Ga Ga, well her lyrics are crude, wordly whatever else you want to add you are over doing it with Satanic symbolism. Im a Christian and I grew up believing that AC/DC ment anti christ devil child and what about KISS best yet that those scanners in the stores were the work of the Anti Christ, yeah I remember also that the end of the world was comming in the 80's because of symbolism then. My parents tried to keep us in a little bubble and away from everything they were told that had so called "hidden messages" in the music. Guess what when I had the chance I ran and listen to whatever I wanted and I made my own decision especially what was music and what was a "message". I never worshiped Satan or joined a cult. I still go to church and worship the Lord. By the way my siblings became drug addicts or married them (both in recovery now). I live in the real world and God tells us not to cut ourselves off from others. Why, because it makes you all look arrogant. Example is you look at movies like Alvin and the Chipmunks and make something so innocent so dirty. Are you kidding me, you are all just like my parents. Stop picking stuff apart and over anylizing things that you don't like. Don't listen to it, don't want you kids to, well tough because when you arn't around they are. If they tell you they arn't, well I hate to say this but you are not raising Baby Jesus. Kids lie, okay they might not be listing to it, but I bet you they have friends that have it on. I did all the time and I live in a strict home that still reads these websites!

    Yeah I ran from what I was taught when I never strayed to far, but I did not stray because of the music or movies. I strayed because I was living apart from the world not in it. It was a rude awaking when I had to try and cope with non-believers, different religiouns and different beliefs. What I ended up learning was that we are all sinners and only God can judge us. Im not perfect and I don't pretend to be. I don't pray as long as my parents, I can't go to church every weekend (work) and I hate taking notes in bible study, I like a beer on a hot afternoon or Ill have a drink with friends and I've said a cuss word here and there (I try not too), my husband had a kid out of wedlock and we lived together before we get married but I didn't say it was right as I wasnt walking with the Lord at the time but we learned from our mistakes and 15 years later we are still together because of God. Does this all mean that if you are a Christian you shouldn't talk to me. I also have a few tattoos and piercings and ride a motorcycle so I must not love the Lord, right! Better yet I have a patch of a Devil Girl on my cycle jacket. Better watch out and cover your kids eyes, Im bad! Ugh I love music and listen to it every day. I have my worship music, my house cleaning music and my girls night out music when we need to go get our wiggle and giggle out. Yeah thats right I listen to secular music!

    Don't close your ears off and don't listen to what other people say. I don't want my kids copying anything from this world, is corrupt and perveris but that is why I talk to them. I answer their question honestly. I tell them how God wants us to live. That being Sexy isn't cool and people only do it because they think it makes them cool = you dress half naked you get stared at! Sex should be shared between two married people. Booty calls are gross. Drinking in excess is not good, but a beer now and then is not an alcoholic. I will always love them but not like the decisions they make. Only God can judge them.

    Ugh things like this make me so made. When I talk to people about Christ they listen because I come down to their level. I don't turn my nose to them and push my kids out of they way when they walk by because of the way the look. God didn't do that to the prostitue when they wanted to stone her. Then again I am that person when I walk down the street but you don't see that because you are judging me.

  43. you are crazy man¡¡¡ i dont think shes satanic you guys come up with stupid things because you hate her and if its truth i would still like her because her music is AWESOMEEE¡¡¡¡¡¡

    • I don't hate her at all and I love her music…but I still think there's something deeper going on 🙂 Isn't that more interesting than every day life anyway?

  44. Well – this was an analysis of the video and it turned into a relgious bashing pit – what more should one expect though – when everyone believe that their religion is the truth. RELIGION IS A SNARE AND A RACKET. Sometimes there is no meaning in what you see, but it is made out so to prove whatever point you want proved. I could disect the Mona Lisa and turn it into something Satanic if I wanted too. Use wisedom whenever you put your relgious judging glasses on – for if you judge beware you are not judged worse.

  45. I also noticed right away that the bed stand is an arch with the two lamp shades representing the pillars on either side of the bed stand.

  46. ….You know what? I guess YOur Right ….RA the egyptian sun god is a bad king or god in egypt? I guess….

    And I notice those part on the scene….and your right that using cross and writing monster above it is bad….

  47. Oh mah gosh.. this is so Stupid.. why would Lady Gaga let herself be possessed with illamatie or whatever..

    i mean she is a very blessed person and gifted person with talents that she was given by God not ra or sungod or whatever!! she should be grateful for it and by the way.. goD is the onLY one who will judge her.. not me! i do appreciate her talent but not her video performance for Bad Romance and other tracks.. this is s**T!!!

  48. Theres something i noticed after reading this. Lady gaga is not evil, the music industry is. Why? Well did lady gaga put that cross over her privates? No, the mafia dudes did. Did lady gaga put "mons+er" on that coffin, and did she put herself in that coffin? No, the music industry is. Lady gaga is trying to tell us, the civillians, that the music industry is evil, and she burned the evil person in the end. That seems pretty good to me.

  49. Though it's a nice display of what music videos should be today, entertaining and with a deep message (the true message that's shared by the artist). Just a twisted interpretation of the song. Nothing else… by this i mean the "occult symbols" are not obvious and the video is not that creepy you can see there's something evil in it. Who would have said the best music videos of all times are often related to evil things? Like Thriller and this one.

  50. All of you down there sound so ridiculous right now. Why are we fighting over religion? Just let everyone believe what they want and continue on with your regular lives. It's just a song.

  51. This is my first visit to this site and I am astounded at some comments which scream "proud to be stupid and profane" while others are so thoughtful without being blind in their agreement. What wonderful freedom we have to be able to share our feelings in this way. Unfortunately some choose to express their freedom in a way that makes me wish they didn't have the right. Yes, you have the power to say it and maybe communicating in a way that is more putrid than any I have ever had the misfortune of encountering is your idea of expressing an opinion but I see it as proof that evolution is false and that you're leading the charge.

    I have heard LG's album in a friend's car and bits on the radio which I have always switched off ASAP when one of her songs come on. I don't necessarily dislike her actual music per se and I can understand it may have appeal to some but it literally makes me feel sick, physically ill. If given the choice between listening to one of her songs and eating something from Bear Gryll's adventure menu, I'd take the latter.

    If anyone else has ever had the great pleasure of being lost in worship, they probably feel the same. I found this song in particular to be laden with spiritual filth from the first few bars. Apart from one particularly difficult drive with my friend who was just loving it, (driver dancing and all – I didn't have the heart to tell her, she was having so much fun) I have never heard the whole thing.

    I'm not going to label her as one thing or another, I just can't listen to her. I feel disguisting when I do, so I don't. Having never seen the video (might as well watch p**n as watch MTV) then reading this expose type article, it seems pretty obvious that the shots featured are filled with symbolism.

    I think a lot of people don't want to believe this stuff actually goes on in the world today. Fear and laziness combine to equal arrogant apathy. Unfortunately this doesn't make it go away. Those of us who have had freemasons in our family history and educated ourselves on what cult-like politics/businesses look like have to live with the icky knowledge that it's true. Sad, but true.

  52. Hey, I think the author WAY over-analyzed this with the Ra-rah, stuff, because "Ra-Rah" and "Roma" are her starting to say "Romance." And who would put "Ooh la la!" in there?? IDK if Gaga said that's what she meant, but if she didn't, that's NOT what she meant. The entire thing about the music industry is DEFINITELY true…

    I LOVE this article despite the flaws, because this guy knows a bit about "sex slaves," and I'm very interested in the subject sex trafficking and prostitution, so I know what he's saying is true about the drugs, torture, etc… Wonder how Lady Gaga knew, though? Must be a smart woman:)

    Anywho, thanks for this article. It helps me understand a VERY confusing video better:)

  53. This author did not have to say anything. When are right there in front of people, they will push it off to the side as a "coincidence". All I can say is just to pray about this. I had a gut feeling about songs these days. If there is a God, my Savior, don't you believe there is a Satan? Time is running out…things will become more obvious because Satan wants what he feel is his. Remember, Satan was the "bright and morning star"..He was the minister of music. He sang about God's glory. He could sing Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass….all at the same time. He knows music very well. If he could influence the angels or touch the angels with his music for God, what do you think he can do with music now here on Earth. Please look into these things for yourself. Remember, don't focus soo much on this Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye, etc. Satan can try to distract us when we find out more about this. Our focus should be on Christ and our relationship with him.. This is a spiritual war. This has been happening for a long time. Just be careful for what you watch, listen, speak. The Bible is a guideline for watch you should be listening to. I hope everyone is blessed. : )

  54. ok, so, I am a HUGE Lady Gaga fan. She's an amazing artist and singer, she's AMAZING live, unlike so many people these days. And all of these subliminal message stuff, well I find it interesting, I'm not going to say, she's not doing this or she is doing that (I think she's just a beautiful person trying to get people to liberate themselves and be who they want to be and whatnot)…

    but calling her "EVIL" or a "DEMON" or whatever…seriously?

    it's one thing to analyze her music and videos and suggests theories and whatnot. But to call someone evil that's just f*****g ignorant and stupid.

    <3 Lady Gaga <3

  55. i hate gaga!

    she never realize that only one God create her and give a talent, what she had right now but she abuse it.

    why shes like that Jesus die because of our sins.

    gaga so bad!

  56. you see what you want in these things. in my opinion, you are a conspiracy theorist. and you only want to ruin Lady Gaga. she is a very talented woman and all you see is satanic things. has it occurred to you that she might just be doing those weird things. just because there is a goats head in her videos doesn't mean shes a bephomet believer.

  57. Finally a decent analysis of something completely confusing. I always knew that Lady Gaga's music videos were more than they initially appeared to be but I couldn't understand how deeply the symbolism went. I have always had mixed feelings about Gaga, from her androgyny, to her blatant blasphemy. But there is something oddly charming and hypnotizing about this woman. She is so good at being ultimately freaky and who can deny that at times she is very beautiful. She deals with some very heavy issues and even a few taboos…things that everyone thinks about but doesn't really talk about. And honestly, I think he get-up is something created by her record companies…Gaga is an image. Even despite all her differences, that is what I love about her, SHE IS DIFFERENT! It's so refreshing to see someone who isn't afraid to take the world by the balls, excuse my language. Plus she has a wonderful voice. So all I can say is you either love her or you hate her. I vote for love her.

  58. Did u guys seriously delete my comment some pple of faith u r taking what pple think of this crap off your site if it present fit your message your all hypocrites

  59. The symbolic emphasis of the spine could be a reference to Kundalini, which is associated with tantric sex. The Kundalini spirit has infested the charismatic church in recent years as well as the "secular" world. Do a bit of research on this.

  60. Hey, everyone… so I read this article and some of the comments…can I just say that just because you SAY you believe in God, does NOT mean that you do… Saying it will not save you. You must truly believe in God in your heart. Its not about whether you WANT to be saved. Lets just be honest here: The world is going to hell…we all know this. And while this Lady Gaga crap seems to be legit… we have to be honest that she is NOT the only one who will try to sway peoples thinking. Just have faith that YOU know who the Lord truly is. I understand how you’re worried about your children… but …shielding them from this is going to be hard… its over exposed in the media. Just know that YOU believe in God…and have faith in your belief. I just think that you are responsible for your own beliefs… You do not have to justify them to ANYONE. So stop arguing and do something more productive with your life. I dont think preaching or spreading the word is going to help anyone who will NOT believe. Just worry about yourself…the rest will follow when they feel it is time. Do not fight over whether Christianity or Catholicism is correct because in all honesty the arguments will never end. So just be at peace with your own belief.

    Thank you,

    God bless all of you… Catholics, Jews, Christians, Muslims alike.

    (Please no rude comments… is it too much to ask that people get along once in a while….arguing just adds to the hate in the world… when there is already so much evil and hate surrounding us.)

  61. Interesting analysis. My only comment is this: The "bat" on her head which morphs into a visual skin and spine is actually a hairless cat, which is scene in the "Russian men lounging" scene. The "cat", always a short hair and usually depicted looking hairless, is the ancient Eygptian totem, Bastet, of protection, fertility and motherhood. In later religious evolution of Eygptian paganism, the cat becomes a major deity, still "representing fertility, motherhood, protection," and now symbolizing "the benevolent aspects of the sun" – along with lion-goddess Sekhmet, "was known as the Eye of Ra." These are very common facts about Eyptian mythology, so you can find support for this statement nearly anywhere academic, but I just went to "wikipedia" for quick quotes.

    Jumping from scholarly associated into "interpretation," GaGa's sensory-deprivation suit at the beginning is white and has "points" as a stylized version of cats' ears might. In Ancient Eygpt, cats were often mummified and buried with humans as well as in their own temple. White skin-tight suit = mummy bandages???

  62. The word Catholic means universal and non-denominational. The denominations (factions) were created out of human desires. (Not that Catholics are free of "human desires" or sin…….so not trying to compare holiness between individuals here).

  63. Look already how the devil is inspiring hatred amongst/between us Christians. Seems like the video did it's job for some of us who have viewed it. The devil loves the divisions that started occuring heavily in the Christian church throughout it's history—especially the last 25% of it, and they continue today (as we see). I do cherish the universal church, and exponentially find it completely biblical. This church cherishes all people, (despite the sinners within it) and celebrates with those who love Christ with their whole heart. This video is clearly evil and powerful. God please help us all. Hopefully we will pray for strength for one another, and not attack people who are seeking and loving God with their whole hearts each day.

  64. You people are the reason abortion is legal and necessary. Gaga should just have you in her videos, all of you are more freakish than her. Please do the world a favor: DON'T REPRODUCE.

  65. excuse me? Im not saying anything bad about your religion here, and you shouldnt say anything about mine, I am a non demoninational (idk if thats how u spell it) Christian, and non demoninational means i am not Lutherean, Catholic, etc,, and I go to youth group, were we pray and worship the Lord, and we speak in tongues and see angels. (not all of us, God gives us gifts he wants us to have) And Love God and worship him, and we all get touched by the Holy Spirit. Christ doesnt need to approve any church, or Christianity. I think the Lord/God/Holy Sprit/ and Jesus Just wants us to worship him, just as long we love him and believe in him, sometimes he tells us prophecys my pastor told me that God wants me to spread his word at schools, and work, jobs etc.

  66. We should really thank lady gaga for revealing this to us, if she hadnt come nobody would have known or suspected that something like this actually existed. The demons, symbolism, the illuminati, the devil are all out to get your soul. its just my humble opinion, but it feels like the end of the world is coming.

  67. You know what I have been wondering…the guy who wears the chin strap, I ve thought about this forever, and it looks to me like it is .. It looks just like the strap they used on that famous photo of that 7 year old mind control victim who had her mind erased. It reminds me of that alot. This could really be implying that her "Master" was also mind controlled and GaGa could have even been programmed to victimize/manipulate him. But other times I think maybe it's the tin man theory symbolizing a guy with no heart–

    Alot of people wonder why GaGa is crying in the video. On a more personal emotional relationship level, I believe this is about falling in love with your best friend, he knows it, takes advantage of the love she has for him, refuses to "buy the cow"(won't marry her), still thinks he owns her somehow-his w***e or something..possessive and mean.

    .. At any rate she is just being used for sex by a guy who used to love her before he got a taste of how good she was in bed and that is suddenly his focus and she always knew he was a jerk but loved him anyway.

    He has that horrible Madonna/W***e complex and stopped loving her once she fell in love with him ..till now. So anyway she decides she doesn't even want to friends with him! So she takes her formerly enslaved heart /body away from this guy who used to love her, and moves away leaving no forwarding address.

    THE GUY IS BURNED. He tells everyone "that b***h is crazy" and she says "I'm a free b***h baby!" and goes on like that and they stop talking But then three years later she breaks down and picks up the phone again and they become friends again and he actually grew up in that time…but still will always kinda be a jerk. But she will always love him anyway ..because everyone has a dark side…everyone..

    You have to go though it

  68. she started with a piano …… like other artist that sold their souls eminem dmx micheal jackson 2pac 50cent jay z neyo chris brown lil wayne beyonce rihanna …………….all of em serve the rain man …..eminem is trying to get out but like micheal they will try to kill him

  69. the analysis of the video and concept is pretty good, the conclusions are plain stupid but it's interesting to analyse this in case you missed smth, same as it is interesting to analyse any piece of art.

    yes, there is a huge amount of symbols in this video, some smartly used to express an idea, others just because they looked good. we should keep in mind however that the videos are done by directors, not by the artists themselves or by the illuminati controlling the world (LOL if the illuminati (a small group of merely rationalist people in the 1700s that only lasted for like 30 yrs) still existed and controlled the world, why would they try to blow their cover through pop music videos? :))

    throughout history there have been artists with provocative art, appreciated by the smart artsy people, condemned by the conservative and cursed by the stupid for being "works of the devil" lol.

    by the way, a similar idea to this video was in marilyn manson's "dope show" (a very suggestive video for how superficial and cheap the music industry is and works).

  70. i hope lady gaga realized that earlier before something bad happen. omg… i can't believe this… 0_0

  71. naturally, this site is beginning to freak me out. But i was actually wondering if you could find any occult meaning behind Airplanes by BOB and Hayley Williams of Paramore. Me and my friends aare just curious 🙂

  72. OMG! If you'll really think of this, you'll surely realize that there's something wrong with her song. But, I have2 questions: Who is the composer of the song? Who is the director/choreographer of the music video?

    I don't know Lady Gaga will be responsible of her video/song.

    May God Bless Us!

  73. It's interesting how more and more people are getting involved in the interpretation of pop music. Seems a sign of the times to say the least. Lenonhonorfilms created a series devoted to the interpretation of Rihanna's Umbrella video ( also Thomas Horn's Apollyon Rising 2012. To the skeptics first: I totally understand the skepticsm. It's a total drag to think that all this is illusion and that there's a much bigger, darker, all-emcompassing agenda that will happen whether you like it or not, especially when compared to the vistas of an open mind on a sunny day, family in tow, plans made, important matters at hand, zero evidence of hidden intensities. I prefer most of the time not to think about any of it. Yet it does not go away. I see subliminal worship of Satan, or Lucifer from corporations, commercials, etc.; symbology of illuminati, masonic, etc. Billions of religious people – is this indicative of our present "evolution"? Or does it suggest some Kantian built-in understanding. We are attracted to an answer of the mysteries of life. But I know intelligent people who are only zen about the thing. They didn't ask to be here, they don't ask where they'll go. As for those who got it all figured out, that's a dubious claim, and yet, you may. BUT ask yourself what you think SHOULD happen. That is, when you're drowning. When your world is turned upside down; when you're the victim of a hideous, unexpected, unrelenting injustice. Nothing. Really? That may be. After all, the emotions entangled with survival and adrenalin and DMT, etc. who knows what's happening in our minds when we desire a larger explanation in the face of disaster, than that of naive realism. Coupled with various clues, various teachings and intuitions, we can't help, especially in parenthood, to give way to the yearning and seek out, even for the first time, an answer. Is it Jesus? Is it the World and all you can get from it – the winner dying with the most toys. Is it power? Money? And what would you do with it. Would you set up your familly, live through their generations, the grand patriarch on the basement wall, fading and fading into obscurity a la Sarte's No Exit; until finally, nothing. Nothing for you – but the same, nothing for all. The sun transmogrifies into a red giant and swallows up the our solar system, Chandrasekhar's limit comes to mind, does it become a black hole, swallowing up neighboring systems – and whether or not, doesn't eventually the giant black hole in the middle of this galaxy come to swallow this and neighboring galaxies, etc. Would it matter to nothingness, even destined nothingness, as in the proper attitude to have in light of thes realities? All for nothing? But that doesn't jibe well with how the individual feels, calculates, behaves, relates, etc. with the world. It is antithetical to everything we are. So what, now I got to accept Jesus? Or maybe you start off on the path with a proper humility toward all you DON'T know. A bowed head in the face of God, in the face of a quadrillion quadrillion sun-like stars, in the face of Information and expertise, the depths of emotion, the human story of 4 million years; the story of life; the incalculable measurements of ALL and your inexplicable, undeniable connection to ALL of it. Yeah, and now I'm just going to say, "F**k it."? I don't think so. And when my child is sick and demands more of me than I ever thought I had? Again, "f**k it"? No. We seem to grow. And it's done through challenge. So, you are challenged with ideas unpleasant, unfamiliar, etc. You dismiss them readily according to things you've learned – experiences. Perhaps the skepticsm is righteous. It gets you by and moving toward realistic endeavors, etc. All questioning aside, perhaps you bank heavier on Wall Street. And then, it happens, your world crumbles at 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95 you old, dirty bastard – and you want something… Can't remember s**t. You just…

    But I don't believe we CAN "figure it out." And I resent that you are suggesting that by not trying, I'm simply Wall St. scum. I just don't waste my time with idiots like you.

    All right. That's fine. Who can refute that? Who cares to? I'm going to a concert. I'm going to do the things you do, etc. I'm not going to question each and every one of my subsequent actions. Will they be analyzed by a judging god later? Maybe? I don't know? What do I do?

    Faith. Faith in what? Faith in a Judgement Day? Man, I'd rather not – that scares the hell out of me. But that's okay. It's okay to be terrified. Is it? Or is that a demon? I don't know. I need to find these things out. Read the Bible. I do. all of it. No. Which Bible, what translation? Why? For an answer. I don't need an answer. Not now, anyway, right? maybe not ever. good for you. Maybe you get to do exactly what you want, and you even learn to be patient and work hard and accept bad times. Maybe you become someone somebody else looks to for an answer and you point somewhere, maybe not at a specific point; you pass the buck, and someone else points EXACTLY. But you still have to weigh in on it. What do you do? You say, "I don't know." No shame. Now what? I don't know. No shame. Now what? I don't know… I don't know… there remains the question, though, always, always the question. Why?

    • Fan of Terence McKenna?

      Your comment was lacking concise focus, presentation is more important than substance when communicating with this species. Maybe you know that, but your comment has me thinking you're from another planet (such as Gl 581c) and are unfamiliar with human customs.

  74. @Mr. Lincoln! F**k you and go to hell! Protestants are pagans not catholics! My have weak fallen again and again! Spooks started their own religion during a dope smoking session! Catholisim is only true christian religion! Now go f**k yourself faggot!

  75. I love how nearly all of the comments against or opposed to this theory use improper grammar and are badly worded. They all really HAVE been brainwashed into dummies by a powerful entity; that entity being, of course, the music industry.

    • Not religious, can't stand the psychobabble. However, I sincerely agree that the author is getting at something. I disagree that it involves spirits or demons with names, but I see a pattern in the music industry that reflects ancient Roman society before it fell. I reject Lady Gaga's (and many many others') music videos because they extol the same self-destructive themes over and over again. It never matters how authentic, beautiful, or sincere the underlying message is, the presentation actually shapes and molds it and sets the stage for what's next. Positive messages cannot be disguised by negative symbolism, it just doesn't work that way. The message simply becomes negative too.

      Lady Gaga strikes me as a deeply religious, tormented, and weakened individual. This girl (as with many others) can't seem to divorce religion, can only manage to oscillate between rebellion and submission. That leaves plenty of room for bias.

  76. Firstly, ilove lady GaGa, shes new and she sounds and dresses awesome 😀 but when i found out and NOTiCED the signs,symbols and hand gestures in her vids i really got scared Lol but i feel bad coz she was born into an American/Italian catholic family and now look what shes gotten into , i really hope she finda a way out, on Twitter she posted her "Re-occuring dreams" and apparently its the devil telling her to cut her self so her family will be safe im Seriously scared lol and idont know what to believe enymore, You never know whats Real or just a rumor now adays so what really matters is the music and if you like it or not ,And not based on their religions and beliefs,

    Before i had found out about the satanism i notcied the cross on her privates and just thought it was a mistake or something, im Maronite catholic and i found it offensive though but still who knwos whats going on in her head :P.__.

  77. wow you can really easy to hate someone when you pull random details from a amazingly creative and entertaining music video and force them into anti-christian symbols.

    i mean look at alll the stupid adds on your site, sounds like a crock to meee!!!

  78. hello all., i would like to say that i am a gaga fan, for a while now, i think her beats and rhythms are really cool, tho the words are sometimes difficult to understand.

    the thing is all this time i listened to her, i never for once thought of the devil or of occults nor plan to worship any devil of any kind. i am a Christian and that will remain a fact irregardless of lady Gaga's videos or not.

    i think that, tho the intention is good, the writer is merely looking in on it too much. You are looking on Videos, they are meant to shock, to entertain they are merely for fun and a way for her to express her weird self and artistry. by no way are these videos meant to make the watchers worship the devil or control the mind of people. in fact before i read this article i had no idea as to these symbolisms and that was fine. When you listen to her talk on interviews and all the causes she participates in, she is a good person, supporting people despite of their differences. Mr. blogger, i believe you focus too much on the negative, and do not even try to consider a simple interpretation of the song, for me the song just means of a twisted girl who is crazy in love with somebody despite of their relationship being wrong or her knowing that this is a wrong guy to be with, ergo "caught in a bad romance"., thats just me. taking it into face value, no deeper hidden meaning to something so obviously upfront.

    as of now i just enjoy her music, and just get mildly interested with her videos and take no desire to decrypt anything, there are a lot more things in this world that could influence you as a person, and if you think that a 5minute video would be able to make your faith quiver and change your way of thinking, then you have the problem. not lady gaga.

    thats just me tho.. 😀

    • i agree ruosnom!!! im a huge gaga fan or "little monster" and she is not a puppet of the media she is 100% devoted to her fans first NOT the record companies!!!

  79. So, first things first, thanks for the wonderful analysis. I was looking at these things too and wondered their connection with occult and religion in general.

    I must say, Lady Gaga may have been part of this music industry and probably done all of this stuff she describes on the video, but I also I think that she's exposing the over-rated and overpraised music industry. To get in there, it doesn't take just a weird sense of fashion and a brilliant voice, but also give yourself to the fullest. Either it's Occultism, satanism or plainly become a mere tool of corporations. That's something I only saw with Gaga and Madonna. They both exposed the inside of the industry, but only Gaga went too far. If some girl dreams about to be a pop star, show Lady Gaga's bad romance and then this analysis and she'll understand that it's not all flashy lights and dresses, but also the singers are somewhat slaves that they gave both soul and body in exchange of fame. So I wouldn't blame Gaga for whatever reason as she's managed to expose the industry with the same tools.

    And that takes some courage, work and dare.

    Don't mind me, I am not either her fan, or a occult/satanist. I am a Christian Orthodox. But I try to see things on a different perspective other than banishing everything but my own devils…

  80. I tried watching the video on this site and it doesnt work here is the link to the working youtube video, has a ad in the beginning so wait. And also I tried leaving a comment with a link to this site and it would not allow me but when I took the site out and added a different random site it let me post….. A little strange.

  81. hey guys dont be mad at lady gaga she is a nice person but she wants her songs to be unique thats why she is doing that .. she is indeed from a poor family.. be nice to her she isnt crazy or stupid.. she named it lady gaga becoz of her boss.. (which is gay) and called her LADY GAGA alright.. thumbs up

  82. As interesting as it is to read your posts on Lady Gaga's songs and the "occult meanings" behind them, personally I think its over analysed just a bit. Yes, she is completely outrageous, but somewhat demonic? mind-controlling? I think not 🙂

    Perhaps if she was asked what her music was about she would tell you. But disecting her videos and saying the imagery used (which is most likely used out of pure coincidence or perhaps because whilst filming, it simply looked better that way) indicates that she's sold her soul or something, seems a bit far fetched. Perhaps people shouldn't be so quick to judge others and what they do. But thats just me 🙂

    Love her or hate her, Lady Gaga is epic. She is one of the most talented and creative people out there, and is kicking ass in the music industry.

    Much love to all the Gaga and Monster fans!! 🙂 xxx

    (and Roki, loved your interpretation of her music video, it was much more acutarate:D)

  83. "And now comes the hardest part: getting this damn song out of my head."

    If you understand the mechanism of the mind, then it has accomplished its mission, to enslave your sub-concious mind. The repeatative chanting is doing, exactly what it was meant to do. Getting inside your head.

  84. Everyone has their own opinions about Lady GaGa. Many people have various opinions about a lot of artists. Interpreting Lady GaGa's songs as being somewhat demonic. Ask her what the songs are about. Do not jump to the conclusion that she has sold her soul. She is a good artists and many enjoy her music. Maybe everyone just needs to quit being so judgemental.

  85. good breakdown, but i think you missed one point. hey i would not have seen it if not for your post.

    what is that money symbol? i went here to find out:

    …but it does not pop up.

    i think when we get a one world currency, it will have the same symbol.

  86. look all of u have been blinbed already it is simple, you dont think straight so i will not blame all of u who love her. in 2corinthians 4:4 it is said the god of this age which is the devil has blinded the eyes of men so they can not see the good works of the lord. Good job my friend pls just pray for thier souls GOD will give u more strength to over come. i prophcy salvation for all those blinded that they will like to see the good Lord and be saved in JESUS name. Amen

    • Jesus Servant-

      you are soooo right on of what is happening today and music. I don't believe Satan sits back and waits to say "boo" to people, he's got a bigger plan. he was cast down from Heaven for trying to be God and now he has a plan to be praised by the world, again trying to have praise the way God has from people, but he is doing with deceit and LIES! I do hope all those that give themselves to him can be redeemed. His pride blinds him from who will win the final battle, but his just to proud to see the final outcome. JESUS WILL TRIUMPHANTLY RETURN.

      Rev. 20:9 …Satan shall come forth to deceive the nations…, vs. 10 …and the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimestone, where are also the beast and the false prophet; and they shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. JESUS IS LORD!!!

  87. I knew there was something behind it. I like her creativeness and how she attacks the market. It's just most of the people are shallow in terms of understanding. Good job on the blog.

    The symbols are great, but scary.

    Nice blog! =)

  88. Lady GaGa is beautifully, artistically and creatively amazing! She's doing what she loves and she's kicking ass at it. There might be some "symbollism" to her and her videos but she's a shock artist. What did you expect? Her dream is to be a rich and famous musician and she's doing everything she can to make that dream a reality. I guarantee that half of the people on this board would kill to have her kind of fame and money. There is nothing wrong with Lady GaGa and her videos. She's not "mind controlling" anyone, she is just doing what she can to sell her music and it's definitely working out for her.

    Shout out to all the Little Monsters out there!! She is amaaaazing!

    • sorry my dear you are alrready blinded. pls dont let the devil take contrrol over you. i prophcy salvation on to your soul and i relies you from this shakels in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST. Be free. Amen

      • Somehow I think her soul is okay.

        Personally, I wouldn't take advice from someone who can't spell "prophecy" or "shackles".

        Shannon: I love Lady Gaga, and agree with you 100%. Let's keep supporting Mama Monster! : )

  89. WOW……that was a GREAT vidEO ANALYSIS…….the blogger has an excellent way of showing it to the public online…….and you're right..I guessed many people don't know the occultism in the Bad Romance video…..and to think it was a great song…I'd never think it would be DOWNRIGHT SATANIC entwined in the moves and dances of the artists….She's a great dancer…everybody knows that…but I sure don't want her to go to hell……I wish God could forgive her for being a slave to fame….

  90. Gaga is talented and she's giving people what they want. To be shocked. I enjoyed the article but gosh you must know alot about Satanism to make these accusations. Makes one wonder. Thank goodness some of us still have brains of our own. I love the crosses on the modern day coffins with the words MONSTER. As for the cross on her 'privates', that was in the exorcist which is very old. Like all artist's she's pulling things from the past. That's enough on this nonsense but hey it's a great song. I can't get it out of my head…uh oh..mind control. Bring it on Gaga.

    Chills and Thrills

  91. All of this symbolism certainly will make one question her, but do you really think that she is a tool of the illuminati? Perhaps she is using symbolism derived from the occult in her videos and lyrics as an artist does to convey the horrors of the music industry. She may seem to have a robotic personality because she is so intelegent. She would have to be very intelegent to know of and use such symbolism. Highly intellegent people are often very withdrawn and composed.

    She may be conveying something much deeper than modern music, or just trying to cook up controversy. Maybe her label devised this whole thing for controversy.


    Ps:Here is the story of the video:

    She is in love in an insane institute with someone right, and it is like when she is in the tub it is like hydrotherapy. Then the doctors come in to give her "medicine". The big messed up drug eyes are because of the medicine they feed the crazy people (i.e. her). So, they give her too much and it kills her. They put her in that coffin thing at the beginning but the medicine messed with something and so it turns her into a ZOMBIE! She is now looking for her love but…she is not in the insane institute anymore, so she wanders around places and so she ends up finding the doctor who accidently (or on purpose) killed her and then takes revenge on him by burning him. I mean, who doesn't love fire. Back on topic, she loves animals (i.e. that is why she is a bunny in the photo ^.^) so she only burns EVERYTHING but the stuffed heads (and that fueled the hatred more is that he had stuffed heads of animals in his room.) And did you not see the dancing. Okay lets look at that now. So you seen her "dancing" going "rawr rawr (blah blah blah you know it)" she was a dinosaur in a past life and in her crazy medicine dreams at the institute. It is symbolic of her want to be a dinosaur again.


    Okay bye bye! *hops away like a bunny-t-rex* 😀

    ~Roki~ ^.^

  93. Music is art.

    There are three types: classical, pop, and folk.

    We each interpret them differently. Just as one would look at a painting ; one listens and feels the music

    Yet when usually when dealing with music such as lady gaga's (pop) it is mainstream and almost always tries to sell something. After all, the music industry is trying to sell a product. Lady Gaga is a music artist. Her videos and her clothes along with her music and cover albums are apart of her image. She is doing for the fame. So she can profit and so the music industry can profit. Just because she is different does not make her a form of evil.

    Yet we all do and can have our own opinions.

  94. nice article.. also the alejandro music video is so weird.. pls make an article also regarding on what lady gaga is doing on that video..

  95. have you ever considered that the thing gaga is doing with her hands in the picture where her spine is emphasized is suppose to represent the triangle with the eye in the center?

  96. you guys are jus gr88!! yeah! i alwayz knew der was sumfin wierd aba her singin!! even da way she looks n so on!1 haha!! shes a realllllllllll demon sent by da devil!! not only her,she n others!! keep up da gudddd work guys!! coz u guys r relle doin a wonderful job!! God bless the vigilant citizen crew :DDDD

  97. I agree 100% with all this.. but do you think she has any clue what is happening? or do ANY of these artists being used as puppets have any clue? and why the music industry? is any genre of music safe?

    • why music? easy!!! what was Lucifer in charge of in heaven?

      praise and worship.

      if you truly wish to go down the rabbit hole, read books by rebecca brown called "he came to set the captives free".

  98. such madness to behold…do u think the music industry & it's puppets ie. gaga may actually be the longing Anti-Christ that'll cast the earth to ruins someday after the Rapture?? great research by the way. i am truly shocked.

  99. thanks! this is an eye opener.. hope that people would be more careful in choosing their songs.

  100. Whether this is true or not. Lady Gaga’s songs and other songs on the radio as well are COMPLETELY messed-up. It’s amazing how their fans defend them all the time, ignoring the fact that they do not them THAT well at all! I mean seriously, do you all know everything about them? Heck no! What happens on stage, in front of cameras and fans are different to what she really does or what she really is like in real life. And since when sexual references in songs became positive??!! It’s poisoning people’s minds!

  101. lady gaga is obviously very intelligent, everything she does has a double meaning on purpose, her art it designed to make people think. her message is positive, based on love and acceptance of other peoples differences, the only negative thing surrounding her music is the hatred being generated on websites like this. i've been a big fan of her for ages and i'm not at all motivated to kill babies or get on my hands and knees praying to the sun god or the devil, if anything she has taught me to accept people for who they are even closed minded bastards like you all. <3

  102. Need you guys doubt everything…. you forget a lot of things that happen in the world that can't be explained, and doubt real things a lot… you're in abilities to open your eyes and see what is really in front of you makes me sick…am not asking you to believe all these…but seriously need you die to believe there's a God and there're devils and his followers are rising reaching out for the next best person to initiate…i just hope everyone that watched these music get a chance to see read truth about them …THE END SHALL TELL…..

  103. To the author of these articles, I just want to thank you big time. I think these revelations about the music industry is something that is very significant since I am a musician myself. The youth especially nowadays are much influenced by the music they listen to, so to all the readers who are wondering what's the point of making such interpretations of those videos. Well I can say it can affect a lot. It is up to you if you want your future children or siblings or any young relative of yours to listen to such music filled with lewd & non-sense messages. Anyway, a person can somehow be defined by the music they listen to so just think about it. And as what many people say, music if life. But how these certain artists monopolize the industry with such inhumane videos, I don't think it creates good influence to life anymore. Open your eyes and ears. You choose what's best for you. Most importantly, have a STRONG FAITH. The truth will always prevail. And the GOOD will always outshine the evil… (filipina musician)

  104. I absolutely love this song, I've been obsessed with it for months so seeing you analyse it like this is amazing. Fantastic stuff!!

  105. jesse rogers.. you are a genius.

    people: open your eyes and realize what is happening around you, in fact- what HAS been happening in the world for decades.

    nothing scares me more than lady gaga and her grip on the entertainment industry, media, and public. a woman who calls her fans 'her little monsters' and calls her concerts 'exorcisms' scares me. anyone who jumps around with an upside down cross on her crotch offends me. i used to be so intrigued by her image and her music until i realized how senseless it was to love her like everyone else… seriously, just look at how much she's revolutionized our society in ONE year. too much too fast is never too good. she was voted the most influential person of the year by people magazine… and look what she's subliminally exposing us to… that's BAD NEGATIVE DEGRADATIVE influence.

    yeah lady gaga. i can read your POKERFACE you're not fooling me. ladies and gentleman, meet the anti-christ

  106. Yeah, I absolutely agree with all of this. And, for you out there who want to accuse me of just eating up whatever propaganda I read online, just shut it. I had these beliefs way before I read this article.

    I mean, look around you. The world is becoming a very dark place. Haven't you ever thought, "Why is everyone around me so freaking stupid?" Because the media is making it so, subtly.

    Lady GaGa's videos are definitely the most satanic out of all of them, but Rihanna's are much more reminiscent of government conspiracy.

    In her live shows, she has giant TV's (obviously to portray the media) showing images of mannequins with heads aflame (symbols of the average citizens losing their identity to mindlessness and media brainwashing).

    People are crazy-ignorant these days. They refuse to believe anything that scares them or makes them think, which makes it so easy for our world leaders to form a one-world government (ever heard of the New World Order? I've actually heard Akon reference it in a T-Pain song called "Change").

    Gosh, people, they're not even trying to hide it. It's all there for you. Quit being afraid to see your world for what it is. I'm not telling you that you have to be Christian or that you're going to Hell. This isn't a matter of beliefs. Your government and your society is NOT what you think it is. All you can do is be ready for it.

  107. you know 6 is what?is Ghost Name Ah!!!Cannot Listen Lady Gaga Music!Lady Gaga Song is About Devill!

  108. As a long-standing member of the Illuminati, I can say with certainty that we do not own Lady Gaga. We do however own the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

    We used to own the Eagles and Crosby Stills and Nash but liver transplants and phonecalls in the middle of the night from hotels that were unhappy that furniture was nailed to the ceiling were bloody cost prohibitive.

    We would like to own Lady Gaga, but she will not take our calls. We even took off the private calling feature so that her display actually reads: "Illuminati".

    If you know her- please let her know that we would love to buy her rights. Also is this website for sale? We would like to purchase it as well.

  109. How do you know all about this illuminati thing? I was really scared knowing the pop star I idolize is worshiping satan. Can you be more scientific or put more proofs? I'm really interested about this gaga satan thing. In a way, you persuaded me that gaga is really an illuminati. But I want more evidences because I love her music so much.

  110. I was watching her new video "Alejandro" and began to contemplate if whether Lady GaGa was satanic, because the video was weird. I have noticed that a lot of her videos don't match her songs either.

  111. WOW!! I seriously had NO idea of the amount of depth or symbolism in her videos. One thing I know is they don't make a huge amount of sense first time watched. But to think there's probably a whole team of hugely creative religious ancient knowledgable whatever people behind it all is just weird XD

    I'm still just, speechless, no pun intended XD a lot of work has been put into her videos, this is obvious. But the amount of hidden messages is insane! It's almost like she WANTS to take over the world. And trust me, the rate she's going, she will…

    I, myself, LOVED the video, I love ALL her songs so far. I love her for the music, the tunes, perhaps the lyrics, quirkiness and pure amazing uniqueness of her!! I just, everytime I think of how just AMAZING it all is, how amazing SHE is. She simply facinates me, like she's trying to bring us all into her world and captivates us. It's just incredible… and it works. The stuff she does, the records she produces, the pure imagination, symbolism, style, voice, is just undescribable! Face it, there's NEVER ever been anyone like her!! She almost transends everything. I baffle and adore and just confuse over everything she does. She simply amazes me! There's no way to explain the effect she's made on the world. She's almost topped Michael Jackson… in certain, unbelievable ways. I simply cannot comprehend her. Facinating… everything about her is just facinating.

    I appauld her daring, out-there attitude. She should be LOVED. She's making music about the evil that is nasty, fake music industry, that just tops EVERYTHING! It's so clever and ingenious even!!! It's almost as if they've made the video without even realising the meaning of it XD she's basically written this, done it, it's catchy, it'll sell, so they've agreed. She's, ugh, she's just totally just being hypocritical, isn't she? She hates the way the music industry is, but she's in it, making millions!! She shear incredibility of her astounds me.

    She's working IN and AGAINST the thing she's getting rich off, I mean, pfft, I'm just confused and totally amazed at the same time!!

    I deeply respect her, she's undescribable. She will one day have the whole world gone gaga, and she bloody deserves it with the amount of pure facinated controversy she's unleashed upon the universe.

    Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, you are a god send. Sent to this world to amaze and captivate us all. If one of her many goals or intentions was to brain wash the entire world. She's got me gaga hooked for life!! XD

  112. Anyone notice how her eyes change color in the video? Theyre brown when she takes off the sunglasses and green in the rest of the video. Ive watched the video many times and didnt notice it till just now. No meaning but just something i noticed today. 🙂

  113. love your work, but i have a new one for you, myley cyrus i can't be tamed video, it was waaay to freaky and disturbing to say the least!

  114. Vigilant Citizen

    I think your analysis of this video was wrong!

    she's not asking the Illuminati to be in the Music industry, she is claiming for the Devil's romance/revenge, and that guy who buys her at the auction (the one with the golden jaw) is in fact a representation of the Devil in a human form

    that's why in the final scene we see Lady GaGa possessed by the Devil, next to the dead body of his last victim

    and also that's the reason why, at the beginning of the video she is sitting in a throne with her entourage of demons/vampires, because Satan has taken over her body now

    and the dance sequence where GaGa and her dancers are dressed up all in red garments represents the intercourse between GaGa and the devil himself

    anyway your analysis opened my eyes to make my own analysis

    thank you very much, now I'm doing this with every music video i watch

  115. In addition to your comments about her becoming a monster and the horn references, you forgot to include her McQueen outfit. The whole thing is green and scaly, and also has hooves AND horns!

  116. Hi, i´m spanish speaker but I´ll try to leave this comment in english. I started watching Gaga´s videos just a few days ago and I liked her excellent voice. I think her music has a very good rythim. Despite this, I couldn´t avoid to notice one fact that surprised me a lot. On the three videos I watched: Bad Romance, Love Game, Poker Face, appears for a few seconds, the number 6, three times. Bad Romace shows this number in red, througout the laptops. The first one you can see, it´s clearly in a rounded white sticker. The second one, althought just a part, it´s enough to realise that it´s a 6 too, and the last one, smaller, it´s in the headphones at the end of the row. Love Game, shows clearly the red number in the small headphones she has, twice, but on a sutil way, the third one appears: you can see it throughout a special picture, hidden… the shape of the right external ear of a dancer that looks as a number 6, above Gaga´s left hand. There´s a visual effect for sure, because the external ear and Gaga´s hand are very brilliant in contrast with their dark siluet in the picture. Poker Face shows the red 6 with headphones as well. Two different guys appears next to her, the first one 6 with the first guy, then the other guy at the right with the others headphones with a 6, and finally a table with lady Gaga on scene. You can observe almost outside the picture, on the top at the left border, a pack of playing cards and close to it, the third pair of headphones on the table and the third number 6. But on youtube i could watch a video too, about many things about her. One of them, about she has 4 tatoos. If you observe the picture with this comment, the tatoo on her left back is wich you can see: 3 flowers with her petals and sterns. If you change the 3 flowers for simple circles and rewrite on them and on the sterns too, you have three numbers 6 forming a circle…..this is the basic design for this tatoo, no doubt. I was rised like catholic but no practising my religion, I´m not religious for sure, every now and then i pride. But I just wanted to comment this. I´m not judging her, I haven´t anything against her. Even I still thinking she has a beautiful voice, she´s a good dancer, pianist, but this things i watched are there….that´s it.

  117. Im not religious, but it's a disgress! I've no idea how this is allowed! I wonder how dark and down her fans must feel! There's no way you can't be affected by what's most disturbing! It's sick!

  118. No evil is above God . . . people should know this. All evil will come to end. At the end of the day the goodness of God will champion, and all creation must surrender to the creator, GOD, through His son Jesus.

  119. Look what happened with someone who mocked God:

    John Lennon (1940-1980) did say in 1966, "Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue about that. I'm right and I will be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now. I don't know which will go first – rock n' roll or Christianity." Fourteen years later, Lennon was shot dead by Mark David Chapman in New York City on December 8, 1980.

  120. The inculcated thoughts and deeds, after a certain time, become fine then they appear and bear results. These results condition and mold the man. If a man continuously hears bad words, thinks bad thoughts, does bad actions, the mind of the man will be full of bad impressions. These influence thoughts and works without the man being conscious of the reality. In the end, the effect on the man is a strong drive to do bad actions without fail.

    Read more at Suite101: Character-Building Foundation of Man: Creating Man Capacity to Manage Self and Circumstances

  121. The author of this wonderful article wasn't sure what the chant "ROMA" meant. I just read a passage in Springmeier's *The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetecable Total Mind Controlled Slave" that may give a clue:

    "One group of people known for their travelling entertainment, the gypsies, have some interesting parallels with the Illuminati bloodlines. A gypsy proverb is, “If you want to stay survive, you must be a devil.” Both groups have kept their bloodlines and their identity. Both are secretive. Both groups live double lives. Gypsy children will be given a secret magical name, and a name to use for outsiders. Gypsy children are often baptized in a magical circle. Both groups are into the occult, such as cannibalism, black magic, the evil eye, and white slavery. The gypsies believe in Charani, a big bird consumed by fire who rises from the ashes. The Illuminati call this the Phoenix. Both groups have a secret code that allows them to do anything to outsiders (who are called “Gadja” by gypsies meaning “enemy”). The gypsies originated in India and

    migrated west to Iran and Turkey and then to Greece and then into western Europe in the 1400s just prior to an occult revival in Europe. The largest gypsy tribe in India is Ghor. They follow Durga (Kali). Other tribes

    also worship Kali under different names such as the Black Virgin for which they make an effigy called “Bibiaca” which simply means “lady”. Gypsies made up early groups of travelling entertainers. Sir

    Francis Bacon, who wrote under the pen name of Shakespeare, was the founder/leader of the Rosicrucians of his time. (The proof of who Shakespeare was is in several books, for instance, see Alfred Dodd’s research in his excellent book Francis Bacon ‘s Personal Life Story.)"

  122. And yes, without the makeup in the video she's crying and looks miserable, a counter to the mindless dressed up mannequin sitting there staring dead and lifeless into the void she becomes in the video.

  123. I'm glad to see that you've broken down the symbolism in the video for us. Satanism and the occult are nothing new in the music industry. The same way that the older generation was told that Rock music was demonic (Listen to Black Sabbath's Iron Man and The Mob Rules, or The Beatles I Am the Walrus), it's the same way that an entire generation of prosperous suburban white youth were wooed into idiotic devil worship at Woodstock, their senses stripped away by psychedelic drugs and hypnotic music until they were all having an orgy in feces and mud. All you need is a ride on an NYC subway train to hear some dumbed down youth reciting the latest filthy and violent yet hypnotic gangsta lyrics instead of some great uplifting harmony from before the Woodstock Generation.

  124. I understand the phrase is 'Vertical Stick' (phallic, referring to the erect male member), rather than 'Vertigo Stick'.

    • I want your PSYCHO

      your VERTIGO stick

      while you're in my REAR WINDOW

      baby you're sick

      all three caps are hitchcock films. it ain't vertical stick. too obvious.

  125. what happened to good art and video clips that you can actually enjoy.why is everything so satanic ,creepy violent and very disturbing.until when will we let this Satanic industry set the trends and take away everything that is beautiful and good

  126. i wanted to say that , a boy from my school , heard me singing "alejandro " , and he started to present me the bad parts . At that time is started to smile and don't belive anything but now , i see the real ….. i DK what to do ,the lyrics are in my head … :@

  127. This song has a lot of dirty sexual attraction in it. It attracted me once i saw the music video on FUSETV. I love that girl a lot though. I wouldn't mind being in her bad romance. (At all)

  128. I noticed that until she (lady gaga) took off the polar bear rug near the end (basically before the 'ritual' started) all the dancers in red were on the floor with the lights dimmed. I was just wondering if that had any significance.

  129. @ kat,you are so EWE! claim to be a catholic,is that the kind of language your priests and reverends use in your church? your case is a pathetic really need help.using fowl language as if it is your mother are far gone.If you like use such languages to insult me,coz I know that's the next thing you would want to do.That would be your terror,coz I don't care.I'm a christian and you nor anyone else would find me using such a like many others who behave like you are lost and need JESUS!.He came to this filthy world and died for you.You really need Him so He can cleanse your filthy tongue.ONCE AGAIN,KART,YOU NEED HELP.CRY OUT TO JESUS TODAY,IN SHORT NOW AFTER READING MY COMMENT.HE'D LISTEN BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU.

    @ angie,jill awsmgrl and all others who don't believe VC has made a great point by analyzing all these,I'll leave y'al with this:Believing this or not does not change the fact that it is true.How would a sane human being so the kind of things they do? parts of the body meant to be covered are being exposed.Does your natural instincts tell you it is right? It certainly isn't. I for one know that satan blinds the hearts of men by merely watching or even listening to the chants of such songs and videos.Which of you knows that underneath the beats of the songs are demonic chants? as in demons chanting? you probably don't even know or believe demons exist.This is how bad satan has gotten hold of the minds of those of this world.It is really, really sad!



  130. EWE!

    Everything in this video is disgusting.Gosh.! I wonder how some people can be so thirsty for fame despite the fact that the cost of the fame is so horrible and glaringly horrible.

    My prayer for those who listen to such music is;"Dear God,please have mercy on them for they are no longer themselves.such people would not be able to accept the gospel when it's being preached to them because their minds have been bounded.It's really sad how evil thrives in our present day.How can any sane human being see a video as this and still go ahead and watch it? It shows how deep satan has gotten hold of the affairs of this world.SAD!

  131. I know some of you are affected of this article, but face it,, its the real thing.. who da hell would do a music video that has a lot of sexual act? we dont have that before ryt? its starting to pollute your mind trying to pull you to be like gaga.. to sell your soul.. if gaga is my sister.. i woulnt let her do this kinda stuff.. its demonic and DISRESPECTFUL!!… seriously.. if this is your sister, is that ok with you? making evil videos? showing almost her whole body? wow.. if the we have this, this generation..what about the next generation? what will happen to our kids in the future? whats gonna be the music videos in the future? showing their bones?gosh..

  132. when lady gaga first walked in the music industry , she was cool ,sexy and talented, etc. but as the years goes by, she is starting to pollute teenagers mind.. by making hot videos, songs that has deeper meaning etc. some people disagree with what you have posted or translatted onher videos, because they cant accept the thing that lady gaga is Satanic .. isnt that obvious? before, artist makes good and conservative music video.. no one exposes their bodies, no one gets wild on their videos .. but now you see that who ever shows a lot of skin WINS.. what about on the next 5 years? are they still just gonna show skins? or are they gonna do naked music videos ? what im trying to say that every year, people change. its either good or bad, but whatever that is its gonna be to the maximum level… ofcourse artist would not last forever.. like if you started today an artist you wont be famous till next 5years because ofcourse there would be a lot of artist that will step on you.. so you have no choice but to do something that will bring you back to thetop… its either making a hot vid, or do something crazy.. butif it wont work,you will just sell your soul to the devil!!!…. for the sake of fame.. ryt? but that is the most freakin wrong decision ever.. cause selling your soul will just give you temporary bliss and when the time comes thatyour contract have to pay.. not in cash but in soul.. so if you have bliss by selling your soul, suffering will catch you aftr that… so what would you chose?

  133. Hai, i'm from Indonesia, i think your article is very great, i little bit understand what your article contains about.

  134. I always thought there was something about her that was a little off, and having her horrible and irritating songs shoved down my throat every day did nothing to warm me to her.

    Having read this and other articles on her including the ones suggesting she's an Illuminati Puppet has served to reinforce what I have long thought of her – that she's like The Pied Piper of Hamlin, encouraging decadence and depravity and celebrating promiscuity and nymphomania and narcissism. I'm not entirely convinced that she's an Illuminati puppet though, no, she's more a combination of the Pied Piper, Faust and the W***e of Babylon mentioned in Revelation.

    I have lived a life of sin, one of my big sins involving lust, and yet I never found anything sexy about Gaga, instead finding her creepy and repellant and disgusting. It seems that, paradoxically, she is turning me off sin. The Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways.

  135. Don't pay attention to those Jiselle's nonesense words since she is not as smart as you are. I know her, and I know that she is doing this just to tease you. You're great. I like literature, and you are just analizing lyrics incredibly. I am waiting for Alejandro lyrics meaning. Keep on doing it!!! You rule!

  136. I used to like Lady gaga but now after reading all your articles about her i totally lost all respect i had for her. but now since alejandro came out, can you please explain the symbolism in it and write an article about it

    because after alejandro, she totally lost it. and shes anti christian thats good at making a mokery of God and Jesus.

  137. @MOM

    "Seriously there are other things that could use more time and this much attention."

    Because the young, who are the best, brightest and most energetic group in society, are mesmerized by the likes of Lady Gaga, they are uninterested by the more important things that rule their lives ie – economics, law and politics. Therefore I would say that VC has a life and one of great purpose.

  138. well i can't dispute everything here but have you thought that the scene with the diamond cross over her crotch could be representative of a chastity belt considering in the video she is being sold into prostitution

  139. I'd also like to add that if you were smart, you'd know that that wasn't her real spine. I don't know what she was trying to accomplish with that, but it wasnt real and it certainly was NOT glowing. That is just the way the light was hitting the spine. Optical illusion there. I think the hand over the eye thing is also blown of proportion. She did something similiar in 'Poker Face', are you going to tell me that that has smething to do with worshipping Satan? In the beginning when she is so called "chanting" she's just rythmically scatting. Are you going to tell me Bessie Smith worships the Devil too? The triangle headphones – FOR PETE'S SAKE! She's advertising her own headphones! So what if they are in the shape of a triangle?! Many things are in the shape of a triangle. If the trianlge is such a satanic shape, the should stop teaching to our children. >.> I am Christian myself. I personally did not find any of these meaning in the video. Just give it a rest. Quit over analyzing everything. You'll get wrinkles. >.<

  140. So when people chant "Rah Rah Ree kick 'em in the knee!." or "Ra Ra sis boom bah" they are praising the egyptian God Ra? Oh my that's horrible!! It's just a good hook, not a hidden meaning.

  141. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I must say she has great talent but what she is doing to obtain that talent is becoming a slave of the industry. In the end it's the human ego….

  142. She is SO MUCH PROVOCATIVE .In the future we will have to run away from those who sold theirselves to satan…They wont be only provocative…They will chase us in the end…

  143. THIS IS FOR ISA!,first of all if a child is born blind deaf "DUMB"?

    he can be saved God works in many ways God could heal him GOd can make that child feel his presence and still have him worship him,Its ignorant people like you that think that you have to see God to believe in him or be able to touch him to believe in him.

    MAYBE you should read the BIble and and ask God for forgivness for that immature Question/Comment that you made. and your friends Grandpa or your friend a devouted christian they should have tought you that,i meen thats what a Child of God is right,spreading his filling words around to the ones that believe.

  144. i've never liked this song… i hated that 'Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-roma-mamaa! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la!' thing, it sounded kinda evil.

  145. The "Roma" chant at the beginning of the song is not necessarily random wordplay. In Italian – Rome, The Eternal City – is called "Roma" and is ground zero for the struggle between the pagan and Christian interplay of symbolism (obelisk in St. Peter's square and other "Dan Brown" ideas). So the chant "Roma, Roma ma-mah" is "Mother Rome" – Just a theory . . . 🙂

  146. I heard this from a friend and at first i did'nt believe it cause i kinda like lady gaga and then i search and i found this ..thank you so much

  147. Let's just take for granted that Miss Gaga is in fact a mind-programmed Monarch slave. From what I have read it seems that the programming of such mind control victims approaches the sophistication of computer programming. When you buy a computer it tells you what it is programmed with via a symbol – perhaps an apple or a window. So when these mean bad Russians buy their Lady Gaga hardware they want to know what it is programmed with. Just a guess but maybe that cross on Gaga's "coffin" is an indication of what kind of "software" or "operating system" she is running. Maybe they also have Muslim, Jewish and Secular Humanist Monarch Slaves – each suited to a particular task or market.

    Here's a quote from "The Trance-Formation of America", in a scene where Mark wants to know how to break Monarch mind-control victim Cathy free from her handler and the CIA guy tells him –

    "Tell her you're God, give her a Biblical passage. They're all Christian based programmed around here."

    As for the word "monster" this link
    possibly sheds some light on it. If we look at legalese as the language of artful hidden masters "monster" – someone born a human but in characteristics more like an animal – may refer to someone whose critical faculties have been compromised to the point of barely functioning. According to the literature some monarch slaves are programmed to develop stunning intellectual faculties, used for the development of highly advanced technology or perhaps in delicate black ops. But in the case of Gaga they have created a singing, dancing dress-up doll. So what kind of work is the Gaga model meant for? Is it possible that the terminal confusion of Gaga fans witnessed in the comments section of this very blog, is in fact the desired out come of the Lady Gaga system? As consumer-level computing gets dumber (netbooks -> ipad -> ?) Lady Gaga's star rises. Coincidence or concurrency?

    So the cross and the monster indicate a Christian operating system, pre-loaded with software optimised for use at the "monster" level.

    Just some ideas to consider.

    VC, you do great work. I really appreciate it.

    • "From what I have read it seems that the programming of such mind control victims approaches the sophistication of computer programming."

      Your source – vigilant citizen. That's insufficient, you'd usually grab information from different sources. To base an affirmation on a definition from the same author is blunt.

  148. I am not a Lady Gaga fan, but come on; Seriously? This is all fine and dandy, but symbols can mean several different things. As an earlier comment stated, all these "symbols" have several different meanings. Like the bat most often is a good symbol. Usually of creativity and things of that nature. Furthermore, I would like some actual evidence, and factual links and annotations of this person's sources. Give me cold hard facts and convincing evidence, and i will be a firm believer that the entire music industry is a consipiracy for satanists and their message. By the way, anyone on this page, and sees the video, i dare you not to have this song stuck in your head for the next couple days. You can say it's demonic, or whatever you want, but i think it is just a true artist creating true art. It is doing exactly what is supposed to do as art whether you like it or not. 🙂

  149. I agree with a lot of the things that are presented in this article; however, this is also very one sided. Like someone else mentioned, she explains a lot of the meanings, she created intentionally, and symbols in her videos. I believe some of this is over-analyzed, and some of it under-analyzed, as well as analyzed with a certain degree of bias.

    After doing a little research on the subject of free masonry, I noticed that it could be misinterpreted as being a Satanic form of religion, but it also mentions that a requirement is simply that you believe in a higher being; be it Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Satan, ect.

    When you say, “She fights them but she finally accepts her fate and even raises her hands in praise.” Why would they have her look up? Lady GaGa’s looking up and raising her hands in praise is also a common gesture practiced among Christians during a praise and worship session. Also you mention, “She is then forced to drink some vodka, which is in fact an MTV-friendly substitute for drugs,” but you also fail to mention that she spits it out. As for, “Gaga then bathes herself to “wash off her sins”” I ask; Why not? Water is also a symbol for rebirth and purity.

    Furthermore, you mention the change in colors from the beginning of the video to the end. How ever you forget to mention that white is often recognized as the color of purity. Throughout the video, with the exception of the very end, her costumes are white.

    As for the gazelles on the wall, which are also white, several articles explaining its symbolism state:

    "The gazelle has the ability to zigzag swiftly from side to side, often outwitting the cheetah and putting themselves out of the cheetah's straight line run of attack. They are most likely to be caught when stopping to see if the cheetah is still following them.”

    "Similarly, those who try and escape depression, fear, negative emotions and habits of the past by resorting to food, alcohol, or other forms of addictive behavior, often find themselves stopped in their track"

    The gazelles in the video could be her own over-coming of some of her own addictions, which is why they are the only things remaining after the fire; I believe is a main premise in the video. Like someone else stated, this video is about being in love with your best friend, and the destructive tendencies we all can find within ourselves. And if they wanted blatant symbols of Satanism, why not go for the full on black goat.

    The cross in front of the "area" could be seen as offensive, but it also could be seen as another attempt at portraying purity; one, it is transparent which often symbolizes vulnerability; two, the position at which it is placed could symbolize her loss of innocence throughout the process of the whole auction thing.

    The sun as a symbol, usually symbolizes creative energy, thinking, enlightenment, and wisdom. So I agree that this music video is highly symbolic. However, I believe that a lot of the analyses offered in this article are shallow and insufficient. To so blatantly state that someone is a Masonic puppet, or that they follow Satan, on these grounds alone is both wrong and distasteful.

  150. Where can I buy or find instructions to make the infamous gold metal beard/chin strap the guy is wearing in lady gaga’s bad romance video.?

    Love it. I want to wear it at her upcoming concert in Boston.

  151. Your articles are great…but it is a limited view.

    Of course you are right in all you are saying…there is not one thing you are wrong about.

    But it is not just the music industry that they are being enslaved to.

    They are being enslaved to Satan himself.

    In all religions of the world it is advised to avoid fame and the desire for it, because it will lead people away from God.

    So to constantly say that they have sold their soul to get fame, and now they are slave to the music industry, it is more like they have sold their souls and are now going to be eternally submissive to Lucifer and his principalities, unless they repent and come to Jesus.

    I say that you are limited in the fact it is not just STARS who famous people this can happen to…THIS CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE.

    So people should not just look at these articles and say.."wow..too bad for them. How could that have happened to them?" they should BEWARE..because if you are in a human body, you are prey for the devil and you must tread very carefully in your thoughts and actions.

  152. Wow!

    This is not the first time artistes are being labelled "occult" due to their distinctive, black (emo much) dressing, often alongside thick eyeliners and perhaps, a signature sign or two of them which is said that it is to portray the devil, and praise him.

    Lady Gaga, for we could all see, have a little mix of "Adam Lambert" and"Criss Angel"

    Though more to the latter.

    And we can also all see that the distinctive, inevitably unavoidable trademarks of these 3 are — Really dark and black dressings, thick and black eyeliners. And a sign or two from them (except Lambert) that sort of signifies the devil.

    I've heard more than a thousand of rumors whereby people are labeling Lady Gaga as an "occult", in fact, even more than Criss Angel back then.

    Some even mentioned: The dog who doesn't bark kills with its bite.

    Which is also translated into: Criss Angel shows that he has supernatural powers thus that eerie of him. Lady Gaga is purely a singer for God's sake but she seems like Criss Angel's clone in a female form. Nobody knows if she is using a singer persona to change the world and actually beneath that, she is possessing supernatural powers far more than Criss Angel.

    Well, we do not know.

    From young, parents taught us: Don't judge a book by its cover.

    But as we grow up, minority of the times does the above sentence occur in reality.

    And as to whether Lady Gaga worships the capital 'D', it's all up to you to conclude.

    Afterall it's her choice who to worship, be it worshipping herself or not worshipping anything.

    She isn't a reverential person to start with, she is a singer.

    It's whether her song being influential or not is all that matters.

    From what we all know at least — She has already taken the world by storm with her hit singles "Pokerface" and "Bad Romance" and that's all that matters coz get this into your skull — SHE IS A SINGER, NOT A REVEREND.


  153. @Smith…… good call on the mirror flashing. can't believe this was not cut out. she is whack and the imagery in the video is unbelievable.

  154. Sorry bt just saying the song is about being in love with ur best freind and how its really hard, i know i am in love with my best friend and this songs really speaks to me, just saying

  155. Woah! I agree maybe there is a lot of symbolism, bt to say Lady Gaga is anit-christian is really harsh. She givesthe reason for all this herself in interviews and etc. Its to open up your n=mind not to just this opnion bt anything and everything i mean seeing this as an almost demonic and antichristian song is kinda wierd bt ya i uess all i can say is ya tis song REALLY opened up your mind bt then again from wat i can tell u see every song About Baphomet ,( Womanizer, really?)

  156. PD.

    In the scene when she is in front of the mirror, you comment about Tommy, at the end of this scene, she shows her vagina, take the scene in slow motion. Really dark video.


    They serve some vodka, the glass if full of ice, and there is "the eye" hidden in the ice.

    The last picture, represents the sexual relation between the god male goat -baphomet- and the mother goddes. Part of the cult of Wica. The god male goat dies and return to the infra world and lady gaga shows the fire ol the goddes.

    Of course, there are a lot of hidden symbols hard to see.

  158. not really like that video. But i admit that song really different if we compare with others song. no wonder many people like this song.

  159. You people are truly genius to decipher what her videos really mean. All I can say is "that is insanely scary," and I'm steering clear of her music (I had a gut feeling to anyways). Pop music is contrived, scary & robotic.

  160. hmmmm i never related the "show biz" with this song, but it does make sense now that i think abt it.

    i always thought this song was about relationships, that it was lady gaga's way of saying she wanted everything from a particular person: the good, bad, and the ugly.

    as a matter of fact, there's an interview on ellen and lady gaga describes what she meant by "vertigo stick" and how that's different from "disco stick", a term she uses in the song love game.

  161. If all this is true…I think i love the song more than before if possible

    Its beautiful and like art can be viewed several ways….

    Its the love an passion behind the song that makes it art.


  162. Its so interesting how some people can't grasp it or think its a bunch of nonsense. They think it is just someone calling Lady Gaga a satanist. It really has nothing to do with satanism. The occult symbolism has been around in movies and other places forever. Everyones subconscious mind is used to it so they think nothing of it. All of this stuff with the Illuminati goes back to pretty much the beginning of human history on Earth. Just go back and look at some movies from the 70's like "The Holy Mountain" or "El Topo." "The Man who would be King" is another good one thats rich with occult/freemason symbolism. "The Wizard of Oz" is another big one thats even older. The occult has been around forever. They put this symbolism in place for everyone to see. Only those in the know can recognize it though. I'd say about 80% of the population has no clue. The other 20% are those in the know and the actual people involved in the occult. Its actually pretty obvious, I don't get why people don't understand or can't see it.

  163. Thought your other two Gaga articles were almost entirely crap, but this one was pretty much spoton.

    I also personally think Gaga's a satire of hidden symbols and the Illumaniti due to how unsubtle most of her imagery is.

  164. Awesome job! I suggest you do an article on Paramore's ''My Only Exception''. My mother once told me that Paramore's really an anti-Christ band, and gee, she was right. :||

  165. Vigilant i'd like to point something out you missed.In her video telephone AND this one she is wearing crosses over her breasts.Definetely disrespectful.I cannot wait for the industry to rear its ugliest head to this dumb w***e.

  166. wow! I mean i knew that lady gaga was crazy but wow! I WAS A huge fan of lady gaga! i loved her! i just thought her style was cool but now i realize. i used to watch the video over and over again and i never got tired of it. i have dance class in school and we did the choreography for that dance and danced the song and i never got tired of it. i listened to it so much and i never got tired of it. i watched the video so many times and sure i thought it was wierd but i never realized that almost everything in the video represents something having to do with the illuminati!! wow!

  167. Thank you so much! I have been wondering so long about this song and video and now I know what to do…

  168. I felt uncomfortable after watching the video… Thank you for putting a analysis on my supposedly irrational discomfort.

  169. pretty impressive article….but this is lady gaga, a 21st century pop super star…..i dont think she knows much about religion and religious symbols, let alone the extreme symbolism you explain….though its very clever how you noticed all these symbols, its just not practical for her or her choreographers or writers to go this deep for a music video, because 99.999999% of watchers/listeners dont care they just like the song and think all the weird costumes and scenery are cool….but again its pretty cool how you've connected all this together

  170. you got it wrong

    yes she is submitting, but not to the music industry

    she is submitting to Satan,,,,, to Ra the famous sun god who overseas everything with one eye. To submit to Satan means to disown you religion in her case its Christianity as she was a Catholic before. She wants his love his bad romance, and she'll do everything to get there

    Its ironic how you noticed the symbols of her video but got the conclusion wrong.

  171. waoo me encanto el articulo es muy interesante, yo estaba sospechando sobre este video desde que lo escuche pero que puedo hacer me encanta la musica y el video se ve algo diferente me gusta aunque ahora se que tiene esos mensajes me da un poco de miedo, no quiero meterme con estas cosas pero no puedo dejar de escuchar las canciones de lady gaga

  172. Oh, and to anyone else who would read this:

    If you believe this bullshit, go on Youtube and search Justin Beiber. See how all the same Illuminati s**t comes up and tell me you believe this bullshit.

  173. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Lady Gaga has CLEARLY explained what all of her songs mean. SHE IS NOT A SATANIST. that's so ludicrous it blows my mind. I'm sure that if you tried you could make the same analysis on me or anyone else who commented this. She would never do drugs. Her song 'Dance In The Dark' is about her irrational fear of drugs, being drugged, and being raped, and because she's BODY CONSCIOUS, she MAKES LOVE in the dark. She would be famous regardless of any 'illuminati' bullshit. She has the strongest fanbase of anyone, ever. How about you do your research before you start making any more false accusations, a*****e.

  174. um…..,,,i am now speechless after reading your article……………………………………….and I am confused if i will believe in your article,….just my answer,….but i respect ur article…I am confused because i don't know if this was all GaGa's ideas or the director of this video,….i hope GaGa's not worshiping Satan,,.,.,.but for me…i don't want to judge her,…because I don't even know her better…..

  175. Everytime i heard this song in the radio, sometimes also sing its chants, im not familiar with its lyrics only the chants because anywhere everywhere i go i often heard it,,,but now i understand and will not sing it anymore…ill share this to my friends..thanks for the article..God bless you more

  176. I think my favorite comment you made was that there is so much Illuminati symbolism that it almost appears as if its all a sick joke. I totally agree! Whenever I hear this f*****g song I always picture a bunch of mindless people walking down the street dancing like robots chanting "Ga Ga Ro Ma Mah!" The song even sounds like some type of futuristic war chant! We must free our minds of these Illuminati made mind prisons, before they get to us. Great articles brotha! (OMG! What does all this crazy stuff have to do with Lady Gaga? I luv her!) Hahahaha, I love that! I know way too many people like that…feeding into their low vibrations, buying their bullshit. It's all a facade, living in the f*****g matrix. Keep up the good words dude!

  177. All I can say is, wow! That was some analysis! Of course all art have a meaning behind it and usually reflects the artist's state of mind or soul. Wonder what the video say about Lady Gaga? The question is was all this Lady Gaga's idea. If it is it is quite brilliant then. Anyway, just want to say thank you for that great analysis!

    PS. – In the part where you noticed that her spine looks reptilian perhaps she is saying you have to be cold blooded in this business?

  178. i just don't understand WHY artists like lady gaga want to have symbolism in their videos and photo shoots?

    or why the music industry makes them have all this symbolism??

    do u have an answer? or a suggestion?

  179. what about the miley cyrus video can't be tamed, it seems a bit sketchy. she has wings and stuff like that. its not like miley at all. it's all dark too. just curious.

  180. Personally I think you have found way too much time on your hands to be looking into Lady Gaga's lyrics so deeply for one the Roma chant you are talking about is simply the word romance being made longer for poetic license, Secondly, Gaga was raised Catholic and I being a practicing Catholic myself would not think she would disrespect the faith of her youth considering she still makes it clear she very much still believes in God. Go read the Bible and start worrying about what that means, don't spend your time interperting someone else's personal form of creativity and expression by bashing them when you have never even come in contact with them at all to deeply discuss the subject. When Gaga says this is what her song means then okay but until then I am taking your interpertations with a grain of salt and a roll of the eyes.

  181. hi! i'm very much new to this aftri startd realizing the truth in music.i started somin to this website and i was amazd at how many artist do this routine. im very much pruod of it. i try to help people understand and your website does just their anything on the messed up goverment?

  182. Very informative and accurate, there are no words for my appreciation. I also noticed Baphomet's torch-like middle horn bears a resemblance to GaGa's hats. Both white and black one.

  183. Obviously, I accept the fact that people have different opinions and interpretations.

    I've been watching Lady GaGa since I branded her as an untalented, whorish, party addict who would do anything for attention.

    Looking and listening at her videos, especially live performances and piano acts changed my view of her.

    Anyway, when I heard of this song, over and over again, I noticed the style of the beats and the synth pop. When I felt like parts of it sounded more like a soundtrack from an RPG vampire/werewolf/(insert evil creature here) dungeon game from the late 80s-90s, I knew that this song is more than just about a sex slave for prostitution.

    Then when I watched the video, and then read this article, it felt like to me it made sense: some of her songs can be a part of a bigger, unknown theme. It could be mind control, as this article suggests, however, it could all just be a very, very unlikely coincidence, or even point to a completely different theme.

    Whether true or false, your articles gave me an an obsession to analyse and symbolise everything, and look into mind control even more, especially listen to music at a different angle.

    Anyway, I think I should start wearing tin foil hats whilst covering one of my eyes and pose for the camera (juxtaposition for the win?)

  184. Thanks for the interpretation but I think you completely missed the mark on this. Some of your analysis has been very inconsistent and you haven't seen the true meaning which every artist understands: Art is the reflection of life. Your thoughts and analysis is very left brained and you are putting very negative incriminating details to make controversy out of nothing. It seems that you are trying to put people on a witch hunt and eventually have artists blacklisted like the gov't tried when WWII occur. One thing in particular is your analysis of the the eye. I get it, it is in a triangular form. But then in the telephone video it was a circular. That can always mean a number of things. Also don't forget Gaga does have a lazy eye so it's good for her to try and focus with just one eye. Also I don't think she was trying to be a slave to the music industry voluntarily because she wouldn't have had the resistance in parts of the video. Furthermore if she really wanted to be controlled she wouldn't have killed one of the members. Also i understand people are trying to link a lot of pop artists to the baphomet right now but like you said in those editorials the white gazelles in the room; let them just be gazelles and nothing else. If you wanted to go further you could say they were salvaged bc they were white and everything that was right in the video stayed in tack. I understand the music industry is crazy and will do anything for a dollar, but people like Gaga tried to resist it until they could find a way to redefine it. You're giving a bad name to performance artists. and that's all she is.

  185. This is just plain ridiculous – Gaga is just a disturbed, untallented, unattractive person looking for attention in any shocking way possible.

    Do you think TV is trying to manipulate you??? Stop watching it!!! Go read a book, take a walk – you'll be instantly cured!

  186. #17-I just want to point that number 13 was referencing what Gaga herself has actually said and that is a heck of a lot more concrete than a google search! Any person with their head screwed on right can tell you going straight to the source is best. Google? Really? This symbolism stuff is neat and all but I think someone was having a little too much fun with it.

  187. The people who do not believe in the Illuminati are so dumb.

    Why would the videos be so symbolic now days? That's no normal video. Fire, devil horn gestures with the hand, the cross being disrespected, etc. That is no normal video. Come on!

    So many artists in the music industry had risked their lives to warn us about the NWO.

    LL Cool J "Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body."

    Prodigy "Illuminati want my mind sould, and my body."

    Tupac "Killuminati. Some expect Illuminati take my body to sleep."

    just to name a few,

  188. i think something people of all religion agree is that lady Gaga is actually degrading women,as you all know lady Gaga is a Transexual,and so she is willing to show how submissive and tortured women should be because she is once a torturous men who got tired of having sex with women and so he became a transexual.Now lady Gaga is amputating her leg for so called “fashion sense” but in actual fact she is showing how women are tools and should be helpless and unable to escape from men and trying to trick her female fans to doing it.

    Some of you may say lady gaga is not transexual but hermaphrodite but it is about the same,there is a celebrity in taiwan who claims to be hermaphrodite but the doctor exposed her to be a transexual.It is funny that no one realised that the decision of lady gaga amputating her legs are the same as the chinese in the past crushing the leg bone of women and tying it for it to look small,but what lady gaga is doing is worst.

    America can you please scram out of Singapore,i hate america for influencing my classmates and i love my sister and mother so i dont want the future to be like america!

  189. Fascinating. questions. . . questions. . . questions. . . questions. . . questions. . .questions. . .questions. . .

    Who to believe? ! . + .( . # . & . % . $ . * . ^ . ( . ~ . | . > questions. . . questions. . . questions. .

    Perhaps the iterpretuer, . . . questions. . . questions. . . questions. . .perhaps the followers ——— Are ——- we ——- too ——- late? ———< $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ TEMPTATION questions. . . questions. . . questions. . . questions. . . questions. . . questions. . .questions. . .questions. . . questions. . . ……. questions. . .questions. . .questions. . . questions. . . …….

  190. omg you know the ra-ma chant it's a Theosophy thing that stands for RA/MA. (Ritual Abuse/Mind Alteration). OMG s**t scary!

  191. How about this:

    The video is a flashback.

    It starts with GaGa ALREADY on her throne dressed in gold like the sun. Her memories start on the day she is born from a white POD that symbolically reads "Anti-Christ". She is raised by by two nannies who may be demons. Notice her hand positions at the end of the sequence. It's the same hand positions used in the bedroom sequence when she placed her hands under the antilope heads. You're right about the guys bidding on her. They are bidding on her POWER. They want GAGA to bless and profit THEM. But that's the "B" plot.

    Who does she want the "Bad Romance" with?

    It appears in the bedroom as a burning bed. To Moses, it appeared as a burning bush. Images of pestilence and death appear in the lyrics of the song and RA is a Egyptian diety. It was Egypt that was given the plagues and the blood and the darkness.

    She wants the "Bad Romance" with GOD.

    "I want your love and I want your revenge." Yep, it fits.

  192. may Jesus bless her devil-possessed soul and turn her back to a human again. why the hell do music industries despise Christianity? are they retarded or what? and those retarded people who even enjoy these videos are the shittiest people who dont even analyse this vid! may God bless them.

  193. Hmmmmm I've seen the Christina Aguilera video and yeah, it has some similarities but in the scene where she puts her hand to her eye she makes a "C" with her hand instead of a complete "a-ok" sign. Kind of as if she's mocking Lady Gargoyle with all her eye of horus symbols. I think the video is to just tell Lady Gargoyle that the big guns are back in town, and Chris is just mocking her.

    Move over Gaga, Christina has been doing it for over a decade and has done all the crazy big har crazy outfit s**t…and does it better. Gargoyle is such a f*****g flash in the pan.

  194. Oh, my god. This is some weird conclusions you all got from the video/song. Lady Gaga does have messages on her videos and songs, but they're positive ones talking about feminism and pointing out interesting stuff about life and people.

    To each their own, I guess. I'll just be my way. I'll keep looking for the decent (and more accurate) analysis of 'bad romance' I was searching for. There's a great one for 'Telephone' at a blog called "Only Words to Play With", take a look…it's really, very very interesting.

  195. the clip where the computer is auctioning has numbers

    97, 6 and then 144

    if you add them up individually they add up to 666. now that is no coincidence

  196. To Bryan, Noah, Anne and Liz:

    You really need to go to the "educate yourself" section of this website. It will help you understand VC's points and why her videos are the way they are. It will actually help you understand a lot of things about this website a lot more. I researched David Icke's work for about the last 5 years, before finally stumbling upon this website and his research will help you understand what VC is talking about. The sources are unlimited. There is no coincidence with this music video and illuminati symbolism. It's all done on purpose. I suggest reading every word on this website.

  197. Yeah Noah, you hit the nail on the head. Sometimes it just is what it is. In this case, a MUSIC VIDEO.

  198. on the ROma part…I think it's the female diety who personified the Roman state and the city of ROme…Rome was a pagan state and was famous for its persecution of Christians till he time of COnstantine the Great where it ended….just suggesting

  199. Vigilant! Talk about 'The Fame' – You've got an amazing following it seems. Keep on keeping on.

    I honestly have no idea whether GaGa is a satanist by the way. I also don't necessarily think that the music industry is full of 'Illumanati'… from Bavaria??? Right– aren't they- more or less extinct, or at best unorganized.

    Maybe the directory was just into all this occult stuff and GaGa thought it was cool fashion.

    I do think the case is strong for the song being an allegory for GaGa's relationship with the industry powers whom she lobbied for her success.

    I personally believe that success in the arts requires both substantial (not amazing) talent, and business acumen… but I don't think it requires human sacrifice or a deal with the devil.

  200. VC-

    That very last pic you showed of the side shot when GaGa has the bat one her head and you said, "not sure what she's doing with her hand." Like a milisecond before that she had her hand in the shape of the "a-OK"/ 666 symbol. Go back and watch the video or skip up to that part. It looks like you just barely missed it with that screen shot.

  201. my ancestors are Roma gypsies, so i'll tell you about them.

    Roma gypsies are NOT romanian. they live in Romania, but they are not from there. Roma gypsies are descendant of the Middle Eastern, particularly EGYPT. they left there and went to Romanian to find work. they spend most of their time begging, dancing in the streets…that kind of stuff. they are not very well liked.

    their bloodline traces back to ancient Egypt.

  202. Roma is the official name given in english to the largest minority in Europe – the gypsies.

    I wonder…….

  203. @1094

    " GaGa says she does her work for Jesus, and that nobody is perfect."


    Are you kidding?

    Any valid points that were made in Gaga's defense just got destroyed with this comment lol.

    Unless of course she was referring to some Mexican drug-dealing Jesus I highly doubt it.

  204. Vigilant, you miss much. Ra? The cathedrals and churches are built to catch the first sun on Resurrection Sunday around the world. Mesh to the fingertips? Enmeshed. She wears mesh, a symbol of how she sees the enmeshing of this world's 'systems'. Religion is religion. Faith dwells separate from religion in individual hearts and is not manufacturable by any systems. Her sign is Aries, the Ram (March 28), and our fiery Aries is gobbling up her opponents. Rama…mama…(Yawn). Need I mention her guns? Miss fashion lady is very observant, and knows the concealed weapons are on board. This savvy 24 year old is a genius at exposing the horror of all systems on earth. Money, power, fame and the Monster, the systems…the game goes on to worship created rather than Creator. Only know, the heart is seen by Love. Love is and there is no greater thing than Love. God is Love. I predict this little girl will embrace incredible truth and true love in her life. PS-The spine is important. The number 33…we have 33 vertebrae as humans. Christ was about 33 when he faced the horror, and Masons have 33 levels. It is considered a sacred number by many. So much more we could observe together, but it is my bedtime. Lonnie PSS-Who defined occult? The church men who secretly kept many of the practices of their 'occult' foes by building churches facing the same way as the temples of RA (or whoever) they'd just destroyed? Hum. The mesh is lovely, by the way.

  205. I love how fascinated you are with me…and that CLEARLY is NOT an assumption.

    I feed off of it, thanks.

    Keep it coming….I F*****G LOVE IT

    Oh how filthy I am with my obnoxious dirty foul stank language….you love it…I know you do. No one else gives a f**k about what I do, why should they, what's the point? But you….ohhhh you can't get enough. So….why stop now?

    Let's see a real good one you schizo freak. Oh oops I'm assuming again…Or am I? Your little tricks at trying to embarrass me and change my tune have failed….let's see you try and save face.

    I hope you can understand what I have typed since my grammar, punctuation, and sentence forming skills are just so HORRID! Last time I checked this is a f*****g comment board, get the f**k over it…petty a*****e. OOPS I'M ASSUMING

    Wait, did I spell that right? >:D

    Anyways it is what it is, and yeah I went off on morons…and I will keep doing just that. If you don't like it….Go f**k your self with a capital F and pull the stick out of your a*****e you righteous attitude having b***h, and f**k yourself with it as well. Oh damn how dare me, that sentence is a run-on sentence!

    EAT ME

    Last but certainly not least….oh certainly not least at all…Lady Gaga is a f*****g ugly pale big nose having skank who needs to eat a sandwhich and learn what good music really is.

  206. Right you are, Kalah, and not only that, but the "Ra" in ancient Egypt was pronounced "RAY," not "Rah." Sun god, and all that.

  207. First off, I admit that you are right to part of it, but gaga, borm Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, but lets just keep it at gaga for now, was raised in a wonderful household, and went to an all girls Roman Catholic School. Next, the Rah Rah chant isn't even spelled the same way as the egyptian god. Next, the hidden eye sign. That is not used as the hidden eye. It is to symbolize her song poker face about having a half-hidden bisexuality. GaGa says she does her work for Jesus, and that nobody is perfect.


  209. My comment is about the picture with the bat coming out of her head. I notice she's doing something with her fingers and it almost looks like her fingers form 666. I also see this when she does the a okay sign with her hands.

  210. interesting

    yes I do agree with you it is by far the most symbolic music video of lady gaga..and I find of other artist too. I get the impression there has not been so many masonic symbols in any other videos form Hollywood since the wizard of oz (but then again it is my own perception)

    It is also interesting how you mentionned when she dances and does her cross and then there is a phallus symbol.She also seems right after she does ther cross to do a gesture with her hand pointing outside, like she is throwing out her faith to God or christainity, sort of renouncing her past religion (if she was christain that is) to be famous….

    Also I noticed with the bath house , she is awake in a baoth tub when she is a child….(big innocent eyes, with big curly doll like her) cz in the first scene she awakens as a little cell and then it seesm that she grows to a innocent child and in the bath tub it looks (cz the cross and everything) maybe she has been baptized in past early life….I do not know , but I know in Orthodox christain religion , a child in a certain age (1-3 yrs old) when thry are innocent they get baptized and bathed the whole body so that is what it seemed to me and then it seems like this society (sort of a sorority) is taking her out of her innocence with experience she gets with life and people and they are initiating her to drugs(like peer pressure in high school) and to men ( like sororiotes recruit pledges to fraternities) she becomes their sex slave as she reaches to the top(highest degree of masonry) to the illuminatti throughout her life time in order to be with God (since we are created in God's,we seek to become more like him ) image to seek passion,happyness and yes fame

    Tell me what you think…I do find there ismockery of christanity,in this case with the bath haus of gaga it seems this time they are not mocking only Catholism (like most artist do) but orthodoxi as well..

  211. Yes Kat, you do fascinate me with your idiotic, abusive, nonsensical ramblings; your horrible spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure; your bigotry and intolerance of others; and of course, your filthy, foul language. How do you know I'm male, and whether "Mark" is really the person who been posting all along? Ah, making assumptions again, about things you could not possibly know anything about – let's see – where do I possibly begin? "I respect all beliefs, you should show a little too," "You’re probably one of those Catholics that believe that innocent aborted babies go straight to hell. You disgust me" Hmmm, respect? How about, "There’s 6 billion people on this planet, I’m sure at least 96% cuss. Get the f**k over it cunt." Hate to break it to you, Kat, but there are a few more than 6 billion people on this planet, and even if 96% of them do cuss (I think that estimate is a bit high, don't you?), it's extremely unlikely that every single one of them uses such foul, foul language that you demonstrate.

    But I digress. Let me go on: "And if you’re such a clever witty intelligent b***h like you say you are, and you in fact do masterbate and get off to Lady Gaga’s music which is only for brainless, spineless morons who follow her and believe she’s so cool and “Non-Conforming to society”-give me a f*****g break- Then you yourself need a f*****g lobotomy because her music f*****g sucks. And you ought to be ashamed for even admitting to looking for the lyrics so your tone deaf self can sing along to them. Anyways, you’re a f*****g moron is my point… " There's so much wrong with this paragraph that I couldn't even fit it on the page; the assumptions you make as well as the grammatical errors and abusive, disgusting language again.

    To continue: "Oh you’re a right wing christian fanatic…who gives a f**k???? That’s like myself stopping onto a democratic page and even letting myself read the garbage that is leftist…You dick suck, get a f*****g life." Who's schizo, Kat – are you left or right?

    "LMAO wait Mark, I think the real story here leave comments as women???? HAHAH Let’s see here Cami (the first idiot I had to go off on . . . " Why did you "have" to go off on Cami, Kat? She's as entitled to her opinion as anyone else who posted. What about: "Don’t choke on that popcorn Mark, ya faggot . . ." "you post random s**t saying you’re a catholic one minute as Cami and then as Jill say you can’t stand religious people? Are you a schizo?" I think I've already discussed the "schizo" thing; here I'm also pointing out the bigotry and intolerance coming from someone with so much "respect" toward others.

    I don't recall saying I was either a Catholic or a "right wing christian fanatic," nor did I ever mention how clever, witty, and intelligent I am; nor did I say anything about Lady Gaga being so "cool" and a "Non Conformist" – all your words, Kat. You talk about liars and faggots, morons and b*****s, but perhaps you should take a good look deep down inside yourself before judging anyone else – including Lady Gaga.

    In any event, I only responded to your comments after I'd noticed how you had abused two people before me, neither of whom had even mentioned you. When I realized I had a real "live one" on the hook, it became amusing to bait you and see what you'd come up with next, and as "Mark" said, you never failed to take the bait. But now I've become tired of this little game. I no longer choose to follow someone as narrow-minded and obviously confused as you've shown yourself to be, nor subject myself and everyone else on this board to any more of your incoherent, vicious ramblings. So I'm off to check out another Lady Gaga video. Cheers!

  212. Hello people! There are two forces in this world GOOD and EVIL, GOD and SATAN. God gaves us choice, we choose one or the other, but society has been brain-washed into believing anything goes and no matter what you do it's ok with your creator. Some people do not believe this but in your heart you know taking something that is not yours is wrong, so we all have some sort of moral belief. Lady Gaga is a tool, so are we all, she either serves God or Satan. If you believe in GOD and ALL of the BIBLE(KJV) you will understand this. The music industry gives praise to the DEVIL it does not help you to be a believer in JESUS and thus it is by large negative and NOTHING NEGATIVE COMES FROM GOD BECAUSE GOD IS LOVE. So you can be in denial until GOD COMES but you'll have to give account for your choices. God gave us the commandments to keep us from the snares of satan and if you READ YOUR BIBLE AND PRAY TO GOD YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DISCERN GOOD FROM EVIL. So many find excuses for their evil desires and practice but when you die you don't go to heaven but you wait for the coming of the JESUS when you will be rewarded as your work has been. So i pray you people will open your blinded eyes and stop letting the DEVIL ROB YOU OF YOUR SALVATION READ YOUR BIBLE FOR YOUR SELF BECAUSE NO MAN CAN FORGIVE YOUR SINS ONLY JESUS CHRIST.

  213. RE: Mark
    OHHHHH had to throw this in since I noticed IT, ya nutcase….you post random s**t saying you’re a catholic one minute as Cami and then as Jill say you can’t stand religious people? Are you a schizo? I’m glad I caught that you’re an off-his-rocker-he-she who makes no f*****g sense and blatantly lied.

    But it’s okay…you’re just so fascinated by me that you can’t find any other way to get my attention, cute cute

    • Umm…let me see whether I have this right… You are cussing people out and accusing them of being ignorant to the point of down right dim-witted. You claim to be Catholic, so I saw, but you swear continuously. One comment that is slightly contrary to what you want to monopolize this blog and say and you flip out. To put it nicely you need to get off your throne, quit your complaining and accusatory remarks towards the people who are seeking the truth, and the ones who have not yet come to realize it. Believe it or not, I didn't have to cuss once or even put any label or you as an insult and I got the point across, I know weird. God Bless Your Soul, Have a Great Day 🙂 Jake

  214. Also, I agree with Shanice open up your eyes…..nothing ever matches up in her videos. She says the song means one thing and the video means another? Riiiiiiiight riiiiight, but of course people are still dumb enough to keep ignoring the signs. The end is oh so near…put the puzzle together and take a good look at the picture.

  215. LMAO wait Mark, I think the real story here leave comments as women???? HAHAH Let's see here Cami (the first idiot I had to go off on or [you] as so you've came out of the closet to say)….is a woman. So you're telling me you left a comment that at the time was not exploited by me in any way, as a woman? Don't choke on that popcorn Mark, ya faggot. But then again every comment that "you" have left has been about sticking up for Lady Gaga, only a man with very feminine tendencies would admit to saying things like…"I even searched for the lyrics to sing along to it."

    Nice try at trying to make me go red, you failed…..yet again.

    You admitted to loving watching me go off on you, let's hope you get a hard on from this one.

  216. 1.well this is all rong

    I can prove it , I was an occultist ,I know all the symbols and they are



    Triangle of the art ( The triangle of Salamon)

    the magic Circle

    the seal of Salamon

    yes there is a way to Control someones mind but u need his picture and 27 black candles on an ulture

    I am Christian now

    but I still know the Knowlege


    first of all occult chants are in old english and latin not "RA – RA a a a ra ra ra ma ma ma ga ga u la la want ur bad romance….." thats not a chant cant use niether ( Black magic , White magic , Witchcraft or voodoo or hight magic ……" to enchant a song

    5.back to the chant in the GOTHIC accent

    a . GOTHIC is not Satanic or anything from the occult

    b.if it was lady Ga Ga doesnt were in black or were black eye liner or white face paint

    every one I know listens to lady ga ga she is a good singer

  217. it's funny how the religious love to prod at the flighty famous. don't worry, she won't last long. you have to admit the song is catchy tho. ther'll be another one soon for your witch hunt. keep reading that book. they told me it had all the answers till i started asking for some. i wish all of you the best lives. be blessed.

  218. I think the whole thing is very sad, even if she is a willing slave

    also, "don't want your friendship" might also mean she wants power, not love

  219. I think the Ra Ra part could be a simultaneous homage to Ra (Masson/Egyptian)

    When I first heard it I thought she was mocking Eastern Chants (Ram is a Hindu Holy name, I believe)

  220. WOW I can't believe she… Oh my Gosh! UGGG I can't explain it at all but it's just so sad because I used to like Lady Gaga but NOT ANYMORE!!!!

  221. Obviously you have never seen the interview with lady gaga where she explains what the fame monster is about. In that interview she also explains what bad romance is about. Its about being so in love with someone that you want all of them every piece of them. you want the good and the bad. You are looking way to into things. These days poeple cannot make a music video or even a song with people having to disect every second of it. Its entertainment plain and simple.

  222. the best way satan is cheating people is by getting them to believe he doesn't exist.. there is a big spider's web around Illuminati agenda – they control media, these gaga-puppets, banking systems, governments and soon they will control all the individuals by placing these microchips in to you.. 1984(Orwell book) is taking place but people just want to be ENTERTAINED and live on with they small and sad lives till they are totally brainwashed by those in power

  223. I'm sorry. But nobody else notices just how the song does not match up to the video? all those Lady Gaga fans? Even if the song was about real love for someone it still doesn't match up to the video. Why do people fail to realize this?

    I've also had a theory. I know a lot of people say that Michael Jackson made music videos an art form. Well what if Michael was one of the first artist to really start putting symbols in his videos?(i.e. Thriller) I know Michael started speaking out against the Illuminati in the 90s and they put out the rumors that he molested little kids to destroy his career. If you notice in his "They Don't Care About Us" music video. He says something like "Will me, Thrill me, You can never kill me" and he's standing in front of the all seeing eye. Also when asked why he wasn't number one anymore. He said that he was a conspiracy and he wouldn't speak anything else on it. I think artist use the excuse of "artistic expression" when there videos don't match up with there songs.

    Just a thought.

  224. Please please please, i beg of you to write an article, in details, explaining how listening to this pop music will affect us i.e if it will.

  225. Wow. I never understood what her music videos, or even songs mean! Haha

    It is very interesting Thanks for sharing

  226. In the photo where her fingers look strange I could kind of see the a-ok symbol that she always does… I dont know but its just an observation

  227. That's so interesting. There is some stuff where I think the author is looking a lot deeper than the creator, but lady gaga is quite a clever cookie.

  228. Kat, you do realize that Jill, Wendy, myself, and yes, even Cami are all one and the same, don't you? It's been so much fun watching you rant and rave and respond with your insane, potty-mouth, and childish little insults to every single comment that you think has anything to do with you, whether it does or not. We're really looking forward to your next rant in response to this – you can't help yourself – because it's hysterical to see you taking the bait every time. Newsflash, little girl – the world does not revolve around you. {Sitting back with our popcorn and soda} – Don't disappoint us now, we're waiting with baited breath . . . Have a great evening!

  229. OK, this song is obviously about sex. No doubt about it. But, just because it's about sex doesn't mean it has anything to do with the Illuminati, or that she's a mind controlled slave. The CIA has mind controlled people, yes. But this Illuminati, the NWO, they are supposed to be secret organizations. In these videos which you have analyzed, the symbols are blatantly obvious. If it's secret, why would they make it so obvious?

  230. I prefer to have an old christian relgion than the stupid new religions that we have today. I hate sects like mormons and jehovah witness. Human logic, "RELIGIONS" from 1800's are nothing but sects.

  231. all I can say is OMG………….

    OMG……. but this is not an OMG of those "interpretations"…

    hows possible that theres people that "thinks" like that in this world yet?!…am not a Gaga fan, and never going to be 'cuz dont like her "music"…it's just…hows possible you want to check if a cat has 10 legs when this are only 4?….

    Satanic??…. I've heard musicians much more obvious than her(wanna know?, look for Beherit, yes yes, In demonology, Berith is a Great Duke of Hell blah blah blah… this band is way much what you need here for making interpretations), she's just "copy pastting" her image from a lot of old bands/solo artist such as Marilyn Manson: her iconography like Mickey Mouse isn't alike Manson's mask on his video "This Is the New S**t"??; or that white outfit were she's blindfolded recalls Björk's Earth Intruders dancing dudes??……… say, whats with that of trying to see more in a few details?, it's not logic, is like saying: this looks like "X", then should and has to be "Y"….

    It has been the same with lot of artist: Black Sabath to Marylin Manson and others, people please…

    this is just image, just an industry as you said, it's all about money………and letting religion in this, THAT'S the problem 'cuz you cant mix religion with nothing….sorry if I make you feel bad with my comment about this, but it's an absolut truth, if you put it for judging… nothing, absolutely nothing is going to be "good" in the eyes of religious people…..

  232. I read a lot of comment's. I don't believe she is envolved or believes in the occult. It's like paparazzi. She is not going to kill her boyfriend for fame. She goes to the extreme situation because she wants to make a statement. Like Madonna with ( I forgot the song) with Jesus on the cross. Everyone except her true fans got it

    Dianne Rochenski

  233. I love Lady Ga Ga. Her video's are addicting. I usually start watching the other dancers but my eyes keep straying back to her. She is brilliant. This was a great review. It makes sense what you say. Paparazzi was about her love for the paparazzi.

    Dianne Rochenski

  234. In response to the Christian bible-thumpers who believe Lady Gaga is a witch and out to seduce the world to eat her 'poisonous fruits':

    You guys are such f*****g gullible and naive fiends it's not even funny. Wanna know why Lady Gaga's director was wearing a VENOM (a satanic black metal) T-shirt? Because the guy used to play in a f*****g black metal band in Sweden called Bathory. Search them up … is this guy a part of some grand-scale international satanic conspiracy out to ruin the world as well? No. He's simply just a satanist because of his involvement with music. Therefore no wonder why he's brilliant in coming up with anti-Christian video concepts. I entertain in the possibility of Illuminati and reptilian overlord theories as much as the next guy, but I love how you religious zealots like to put a spin on s**t that's there for no purpose other than its marketability.

    Sometimes just because she's exploring a religious theme, may not necessarily mean she's a manifestation of the shape of world we live in. I find her deviant and subversive as much as the next sheltered idiot, but maybe she's invoking demonic themes because perhaps she's not very religious herself. Again, think of it from an industry's perspective: if it provokes and bleeds, it leads.

  235. The thing about symbolism is that people tend to see what they want to see. I’m not going to go crazy on you and tell you that you just target the music industry for your insane claims (even though you do). Who cares if Lady GaGa is controlling my mind? She’s still an amazing musician. This is a bunch of crap.

  236. Ok, hidden symbolism or not, the woman doesn't NEED to have a plan to "take over" the music industry and legions of fans – the point is, we already like this type of twisted s**t on all sorts of levels without even realizing it.

    I'm a relatively typical college girl and watching this video obviously surprised me at first, but what surprised me more is how much her freaky and random imagination made sense and even appealed to me. I was also surprised that vanilla-loving American fans who grew up with Britney's airhead headed, oversexed symbolism and nothing much more, could like someone as weird and out-there as Gaga markets herself to be.

    This just leads me to conclude that she's one of those people who doesn't try to pretend to be "normal" to fit in and instead just lets all the crazy out. And we love her for it because we don't have the balls to do the same.

  237. this is nonsense people would believe anything they tell em lady gaga is nothing more than a pop star singer i don't know why you people say stuff without have the right type of evidence you people are being ignorant you don't know anything about her so stop trying to make people believing in this crap.

  238. I agree that certain organisations and governments do hide things from the general population but I believe that is because the majority of the population is pants-on-head retarded. Lady Gaga is a puppet to make people spend money. Haven't you ever heard of marketing? This is just that. Did you ever stop to think that all this symbolism is just BS for the MTV kids to lap up?

    Teenagers rebel against their parents. This is just some 'edgy' and 'deep' visuals for them to lap up and make them think they're smarter and more on the ball then their parents. Notice how the lyrics don't make any sense to what is going on in the film clip. It's supposed to have this deeper meaning and it doesn't. It's suppose to make people think it does. Also some of your symbols are pretty stupid. The triangle? You drew a triangle…it doesn't sync up to anything. Here's a triangle for you, three points: shoulder, forehead, shoulder. *GASP* Everyone's got the triangle symbol!

    I could find Lady Gaga images that have spaghetti symbolism. It doesn't mean anything.

  239. I was wondering why I was so addicted to this song and her. Thank God I see the light. Now if I can just get rid of her album.

  240. Hahah ahhh…well maybe like LADY GAGA, I just know how to get people shocked and awed :O Only difference is I don't create garbage music and have the nerve to profit off of it. I just tell it like it is, love it or hate it I don't care either way. Like I said the real topic here is the subliminal and often blatant messages being put into today's music. Not my amazing comments. Vigilant is very smart and has a keen eye for this stuff, I greatly appreciate his work.

    Keep it up!

  241. Wow . . . I was reading this article and some of the freaky comments, and thinking of how mental some of these people are . . . then I saw this one from "Kat" – and I decided the rest of these people are geniuses! This woman is off her rocker, and I don't even know who she's referring to! It goes from one topic to another, rambling and raving, not making any sense at all, and you can tell she's really seriously PISSED! (What about, I don't know . . . ) And the way she is spewing this stuff so violently – I can almost SEE the spittle foaming out of her rabid mouth! This person she's talking to better watch her back in a dark alley is all I can say. I forgot what I was going to say about the video – sheesh!

  242. Keep up the fantastic work! – Your rewards are far beyond what this world could offer!

    This article was clear and will open the ezes of some people

  243. I, too, am disgusted by this song. Mind you, it has nothing to do with morality or anything like that. It's because I can't stand how awful it sounds. This is the sort of music that makes me want to rip out my car radio and toss it out the window as I drive onward. Can't stand her other songs, either (although a version of "Poker Face" without the vocals is incredible IMHO). Gaga seriously needs to retire- by now, she should have made enough money to never work again and still get by.

  244. Oh JILL…No…sadly your opinion doesn't matter. I'm still going to use my f*****g f bombs and be a f*****g classless ignorant snob I guess. Oh well, and if your comment did matter…he wouldn't of deleted it, it was just a waste of space 😉 I don't recall asking for your opinion of me either…cause I don't flat out give a f**k. There's 6 billion people on this planet, I'm sure at least 96% cuss. Get the f**k over it cunt. The real topic here is Lady Gaga, not crying over a deleted comment and the fact that someone said f**k :O :O :O :O Go tell it to people who care. And if you're such a clever witty intelligent b***h like you say you are, and you in fact do masterbate and get off to Lady Gaga's music which is only for brainless, spineless morons who follow her and believe she's so cool and "Non-Conforming to society"-give me a f*****g break- Then you yourself need a f*****g lobotomy because her music f*****g sucks. And you ought to be ashamed for even admitting to looking for the lyrics so your tone deaf self can sing along to them. Anyways, you're a f*****g moron is my point…if you don't like the f*****g site then don't f*****g waste your time.

    Oh you're a right wing christian fanatic…who gives a f**k???? That's like myself stopping onto a democratic page and even letting myself read the garbage that is leftist….If I don't like something why the f**k would I put myself through the torture of being around it???? You dick suck, get a f*****g life.

  245. Whoever may think this over exaggerated, then your being very irrational.

    This makes more sense then you think, its just another working of freemasonry.

    One of the scariest things around us more then you think, and still yet hidden.

  246. So, is the reviewer saying that the music industry is anti-Christian, or Lady Gaga? Little confused. Also, that miserable hairless cat in the video looks a lot like Jean Luc Picard, Captain of the Enterprise.

    I really liked the video. On YouTube, some jerk said: Another stupid American song…..

    I say, typical envious Eurocrap we see so much of these days, now that Obama has given everyone the desire to sh*t on America….

  247. oh no my 1 year old baby loves this music, from now on i will not going to play this music. i don't know why she loves it. thanks for the info.

  248. Well said Elias. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe your all just reading into this wayyyy to much? Maybe she just wants to create buzz and be a singer. And the Roma Ma part is more linked to Italian singing (which Lady Gaga born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is) than to Ra The Sun God. She even explains what she meant in the video. And if she is sooo trying to manipulate the masses and your are soo informed, then why would it bother you, if your immune to her "Illuminati" ways. She may just want to entertain. As for my analysis of her first 2 albums, the first one "The Fame", describes the high life of fame and the fun, glitz, and glamor in entails (her song "Just Dance" for example). The second "The Fame Monster" could simply mean that fame is not all its cracked up to be and that the "Monster" could be eating away at her personal life and her sense of self. If you did your research on her like I have, you will know that she has been through alot due to her newly acquired fame, from the hermaphrodite rumors to her estranged relationship with her father due to her performance. On the aspect of the colors, maybe red and white simply go together, hmm? I mean, the video would be kind of dull if she did the whole thing in white, right? As for as the lyrics, they could also be talking about a relationship with SOMEONE NOT an ENTITY, as she stated. However, anyway you look at it, the metaphor could be construed as a metaphor for the Illuminati and the Satanic cult you say she is a part of, so I really dont think I can win that battle. At first you statements could offer some thoughts and insights that a person could look into, until you got into the "Reptilian" argument. First in another one of your articles, you claim that the music industry is trying to make us into robots, but now you say that Lady Gaga is alluding to being part reptilian? Can you make up your mind, and present a solid unified statement please? Also, you stated that the position of her hands in one of the pictures is interesting. Not really, for anyone with a brain stem can notice that her hands are way more similar to bunny ears than to goat horns. Are you starting a crusade against rabbit worshiping cults too? Maybe I should hide my carrots and Easter bunnies before you think that Im in league with the Devil! (By the way, Im C.O.G.I.C., which stands for Church of God in Christ, and off shoot of the Pentecostal denomination.) Now as for somethings she may say in her other songs, I may have my concerns but the arguments you have presented are totally false to me. And if they happen to be true, why not just ignore they so called "Occult References" and just listen to the music?

  249. It says that when Lucifer was cast down from heaven the heavens wept, which means you love your brother even though he was driven from your sight, we're all brothers and sisters being of the same father, noone can say that their not spiritual decendents of Lucifer. Ruler

  250. its mostly what you make of it, i bet a chemist could find elemental metaphors there, or a librarian could point to 100 different metaphors to books people have checked out, and from what the guy who wrote it said it looks like a bunch of catholic references, why not put references from other Christian religions I'm sure the Illuminati knows there are other Christians out there to me out of everything i got from what he said only one thing is true, He's no expert. bottom line, never heard of him and i don't believe i ever will again. Sincerely, The Ruler

  251. I just have to say first, this video is one of the best she's ever did, second the only triangle i saw was the one you drew. I think personally if your that worried you should be happy its metaphoric. she's already hot why make a video about wanting to be hot? from what i read about her she had her foot in the door of music before she even started making any. you have to work hard to do anything whether good or bad, I was plagued for many years with the idea, I was the Anti-Christ, so i know from experience. the song is called bad romance it sounds logical to me that she would put anything she thought to be bad in her video, have you ever listened to it with out video because thats its purpose. I Love Lady GaGa good or bad i wont stop watching her videos i will support her career and i'm pretty sure she can careless what nobodies think, there are musicians that say their the Anti-Christ all the time, write something about them, write something about me, put us both in the history books and then look with a hateful face from a distance, the name shown just popped in my head one day i know it didnt come from God maybe it was subconsciencely of my own design maybe it was given to me by an evil entity, I don't know, but whatever meaning of the video its Genious and all you can do is cowar in fear with a look of amazement. Sincerely, The Ruler

  252. I remember once my sister was over at my house with her kids. She was watching this video while my one-year-old nephew was on the floor playing with his toys. I remember that he had his eyes glued to that screen and he was behaving very strangely, almost like in a trance. I tried to distract him, but he wouldn't budge. I don't want that b***h programming my sister's kids!

  253. this made me think of "celebrity skin" by hole. the whole album is the story of how courtney love used herself and her physical appearence and all its changes to prove what it takes to get credit in the straight world/the major music industry. lady gaga is doing the same, only on a grander scale and in a sneakier way. she is saying " look what you have to do to get this fame, it makes you a monster". i'm sure she is in the know about everything you've written, hence she is using the imagery. she's very smart. she's a performance artist first and foremost.

  254. I have heard so much about this and other performers. And as much as we can read into anything, should we. The only thing I personally think we should really read is the book that is as old a father time. It seems as though humans we are being feed by our own curiousity, and you know what killed the cat…instead of getting on with our own lives. To me I see this as the d/evil stealing your time. The devil is not real, the fact that people loose their souls to this type of media coverage and fame is due to the proper ganda we are being feed. That being rich and infamous gets you all the material things in this world, which is all fine and well and then…. then what… it still don't make you jack s**t…. ! God our Father and creator is all that we really need the rest will follow. We will always have enough and our souls will be at piece with the rest of the world if we give up or self opinionated control, can we not see this has got us nowhere except right here… I guese it just depends who you are or who you think you are or what it is that we really want out of this life. Lets not dwell on this negativity which at the end of the day is making someone else rich or famous when you should be focusing on the best you can be. Athlete, dancer, racer, golfer, bookkeeper, mother, father, teacher, The Countries Auditor- not theif..Lets stop reading into the whole devil/ occult thing. We are giving it life just by even talking about it. It only exists if you let it. It is a conscious choice we make to either be good or bad. Good always over wins bad. Shouldn't we be worrying about our own acts,greed and selfishness. We are not God. We do not have the right to judge others good or bad. Judge not least ye be judged i recall it states in the Bible. Live your life with your creator/our/your father as your guide and you will see how easy it gets in this life. You are either a heavenly angel or a fallen angel. You can choice in the end. Gold, silver, red, black, blue, white are colours our God gave us to enjoy. We need to look at ourselves and see where we can do to improve the lives of all our brothers and sisters. Just a smile could turn the whole world around back to the way it was before before it got do totally crazy. For Godness sakes, what do you think that these same strange misunderstood human being would feel if there daughter of 3 or 5 or 12 of mother of 60 got raped and killed, and cut up for bodyparts for some crazy ritual…For the GOOD of our planet and very mankind. We need to slow down, stop and smell the roses.Take the time to see that we are chasing nothing that can come to any good. God is your friend and he loves each and everyone of us.He is just waiting for you to come around and live with him as your guide, with more love and gifts of favor than you could have ever dreamed of. I know, I have. Set yourself free of the demons of the past ,that hold you back, put down your baggage(anit it get heavy to drag around?) let him carry it for you. Set yourself free from the thought that you are not good enough, that you can not be forgiven, becos he is the judge of that not you. And if he says your forgiven, then you are forgiven. Lets rather stand together to save this beautiful planet and all God's Children. A book for anyone looking for the answers- The shack, give it a read, you will either believe in happy ending/fairytales again, what all little boys and girls started off believing in, or not. Another site to also have a look at "The Secret" it helped save a wretch like me.

  255. Did someone notice that, at the end she's dress in black? first white (purity) then red (the meaning of the blood in the process of being famous) and then black with a i dont care im in it position ( the black meaning au contraire of the white at the begginng.)

    Your whole analysis is great, i think u missed a lot of points, but even so its great, one of the most important ones for me is the strident BACH music at the begging, letting u know that Bach was sooo crazy and a lot of serial killers used to listen Bach music before they're crimes.

    Thanks haha for all this even when i dont believe in god or anything i think its good that the people knows about this and have their own criteria 🙂

  256. She's copying Michael Jackson and Madonna….er sorry I made a mistake it should be Madonna not Lady Gaga….

  257. it seems that she is only imitating Michael Jackson and Madonna…… sorry….i made a mistake….it should be Madonna not Lady Gaga in the 4th paragraph.

  258. Thank you so much for explaining the meanings of hers song….

    My classmates totally likes all of her songs,,,,

    when I saw this video of hers…..I felt irritated…..and I felt that she really is imitating MICHAEL JACKSON's music videos….and moves….when I watched the LOVE GAME and BAD ROMANCE……I then remembered MICHAEL JACKSON's THE THRILLER AND BAD……when she tries going out of the coffin and when she had started dancing…..(when the song love love love and you know that I want you…..) BOOM!!! SHE's copying Michael Jackson's moves

    well I'm a fan of Michael Jackson….the only thing is…LADY GAGA doesn't have any originality at all…..It seems that she is only immitating Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga….

    Lady Gaga….is a bad influence to each and every person……and even to the teenagers all over the world just like me……no wonder I admire MICHAEL JACKSON for he loves children and he doesn't write songs which has no meanings at all….he doesn't put any bad words in his songs……while Lady GAGA always put many bad words to her songs…….she always wants everyone's attention……so she keeps on showing all of her body to grab all the attention of everyone……

    • Michael has curse words in his songs. Such as "Scream," in which he says "Stop f****n' with me!" and Earth Song, in which he says, "Do we give a damn!?"

      Research, retard.


  259. Just thought you should know. Rear Window is also a Hitchcock film- deals with voyeurism. All films deal with psychological problems- what do you make of that?

  260. Sure, KAT, I'll call you by your name, and here's my opinion of you – you are a dirty mouthed, ignorant, immature little brat. You find it so easy to insult others, yet you take such umbrage at someone mentioning your filthy, disgusting language in a delicate manner – frankly, that very language just illustrates your ignorance. Intelligent individuals with class do not use that sort of language, particularly on a public site such as this. My, what a good Catholic you must be! Oh, and since my opinion "doesn't matter," I'm sure you won't be upset by this post and use yet another f-bomb. :o)

  261. Thank u so much for posting this. I got to watch this vidio one time and to be honest with u, i puked !!! it was more than i could stand. i just can't belive that people actually watch this NONE SENSE !! as i'm a good chrstian, it was really easy for me to recognize the things u mentioned . and to tell you the truth. every thing about this vidio is evil and it is produced by the DEVIL HIM SELF. since people have turned their backs on God, they will not recognize the evil that is seen in this vidio ! but my question is why ?????


  262. Jill, it's because your opinion doesn't matter, and if you're gonna refer to me and my f**k bombs….just use my name. Thanks

  263. Could you explain why she's crying in the video? That part made no sense to me- so I was wondering if it had any sort of meaning. Thanks ^^

  264. Love it!!!!

    how can i make some money?

    i already work a 9-5 job and i pretty much my money goes to the Elite.

    i dont want fame i dont want to be a millionaire just enough to pay the bills with no stress and have plenty left to travel=(plane tickets, hotel one star will do ..i only be sleeping for few hours anyway, meals, and a souvenir ..a t-shirt from wherever i'm at) once a month.

  265. Wow, you are REALLY stretching with this. Your website gives us Christians a bad name. By the way, the whole "all seeing eye" thing "enclosed by a triangle" was once used by Christians. The 3 sides of the triangle meant the "trinity". And God's all seeing eye..
    That hand stuff is just typical pop music fluff, you obviously don't remember Madonna's Vogue or back in the 80s when artists tried the "back of the hand wiping your face" look (i.e. Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now")

    And that one freeze frame of the cross on her crotch, was when she was standing most of the time that cross is away from her crotch and still around her neck.

    The spine, come on….sheesh! She's so thin what do you expect.

    And by the way, I read in an interview that she respects Christianity:­gaga-does-the-

    And was even considering getting a Virgin Mary tattoo:­gaga-wants-vir

    I'm not saying she's a devout Christian, but she's not demonic…

    Hopefully, you'll have the decency to post this, and not cover this comment up in order to add to your borderline paranoid mentality. The "supposed" Lady Gaga, Beyonce, or Rihanna's sinister connections is as vaild as those cheap B-list horrors movies about the faculty are aliens/monsters to take over the school.

    At least with Jay-Z & Nas there's validity there because they expressed it.

  266. Really interesting, but I'm still not convinced. Why should Gaga's "main line" in the Fame Monster be "I'm a free b***h", when you say that all her videos proves she is not? And one other thing: are you an illuminati puppet? Because you know a lot about it. I think your answer is no, and have you ever thought that maybe she is doing all this on purpose? When you are wearing a strap-on at a concert just to make people wonder if you are a male or not, you are definitely capable of pretending that you are an illuminati puppet. Her videos are awesome, and with those symbols she is taking ordinary pop music and turns it into something dark and unknown.

    You are both smart persons. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  267. I personally is not a big big fan of Lady Gagga,but i do listen to her music some times,and from my point of view is that if you are religious and don't even bother to think of satin and all his crap signs and s**t why will every one go's on about here.For f**k sake you people must get a live,go to church and sort yourself out and stop interfering with other peoples lifes.I will take a quests and say that 80% from all this comments is made from people form US.

  268. She says "I'm a FREE b***h" not "FREAK b***h"

    Lmfao @ 93; that's not a six thats a B. those are the beats by dre HP laptops —&gt ;

    @104, 112, 128, & 164 i couldn't have said it any better; i agree why would such a secret society such as the illuminati want to expose themselves and if they are truly exposing themselves how is this video benefitting them; what are we gaining from this exposure… knowledge about them? the only thing i see is that lady gaga clearly likes promting this i.e., hearbeats headphones, nemiroff vodka, beats by dre HP laptop, sunglasses, parrot stack sound system (at the beginning)…

    as for #125; the writing in her arm says "In the deepest hour of the night, confess to yourself that you would die if you were forbidden to write. And look deep into your heart where it spreads its roots, the answer, and ask yourself, must I write?" poet Rainer Maria Rilke.


    So @ VC if the beginning is indeed a chant, what you're telling me is that if lets say I write a song right and it gets famous or whatever and the lyrics are something like this:

    "I'm living in a wonderful world

    Full of treacherous sin

    No peace and no love

    Fits just like a glove

    I want you to love me

    Wrap me up in your bad glee

    I don't care if they smite me

    Cause I love the way you love me

    Bah bah bah

    Da da da daaaa

    Sweetness filling got me like

    Bah bah bah

    Ooh Ia la sweee luh-uh


    Love the sweetness in your love"

    You're saying or suggesting that I'm saying some sort of satanic chant -__-

    No, didnt think so. Like #134 said, the song can be interpreted in many ways; as for the beginning I believe that that's just putting words together, breaking them apart and rearranging them, clearly ROMA comes from ROMAnce.

    *Sometimes reading too much into something gives you the wrong conclusions and many over-analyzations.

    I'll give you this VC, you bring up many interesting points…. but there quite a few I disagree with.

  269. Fantastic interpretation of the video indeed! I would concur that most of your observations and inferences are indeed well thought of. And those who insult and put down your work are obviously cretins without a scintilla of your talent

  270. Re: Cami

    HAHAHAH WOW! Where the f**k on this site does it say that it is a "New wave Christian following"? I'm a Roman Catholic myself and yeah, given maybe somethings are going a bit too far like with the butterflies or something…but if I don't fully agree then I don't agree. Why the f**k make a big deal over it? In a nutshell he's just pointing s**t out….not accusing. Facts are facts, if someone is trying to be genuine enough to show people the truth…I think as a Catholic you'd be grateful enough to at least say thank you. Yeah so what there's other branches of Christianity…so?? You make us sound like ignorant f***s!!! I respect all beliefs, you should show a little too.

    Does the God that you pray to tell you to hate everyone who isn't Catholic? Not mine! You're a moron, and should be ashamed of calling another CHRISTian, a satanist! You're blasphemous for calling a follower of Christ a follower of satan. You dick suck, OH AND….since you're so dumb….he's saying that the Roma part is MAYBE Lady Gaga mocking the Catholic religion. How does that make him the bad guy here? You're probably one of those Catholics that believe that innocent aborted babies go straight to hell. You disgust me

  271. This site is all in ignorance i am sorry..U talk about brain washing but ur simply foolinhg ppl to believe what u believe in which is ridiculous..lady gaga as well as many other musicians have different ways of shedding light on their talent and creativity..and another thing is this video is not directed by gaga and if u watched her on fuse she describes what this video is about..its about her being in love with a man no matter what and her wanting every part of him the good,bad, and the ugly b/c thats apart of her too due to the fact nobody is perfect..before u judge u need to learn more about ppl..what a loser is this what u do 4 a living?lol ur job sucks

    • I like that you challenge the ignorance in this article, but I don't like how you deride the author. It makes you look desperate and arouses suspicion. He is not fooling anyone because he expects his readers already have strong minds who can decide for themselves whether there's any merit to what he's saying or not.

      I think there is merit to what he's saying, but not for religious reasons, for much more complicated and naturalistic reasons. Hanlon's Razor: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity" and life experience teaches just how mind bogglingly complex human stupidity can be.

  272. i noticed u tried to bring the roman catholic church into ur interpration of the song in the roma part. this was not appreciated u new christian groups make me sick. i am a devout roman catholic hence a member of the true church that christ established on church. i am not apart of the bogus blasmpheous and laughable new christian religions if u can even call them that. u are just as evil as the satanist bc u r promting this new christianity that was never approved by christ. u new christians are the bearers of evil and i feel that as a real christian( my church was founded by st.peter) along with my orthodox brethen ( theres was founded by andrew) we must do our best to seperate ourselves from u new waved christians who seek to destroy and descredit our true churches. the muslims and the jews are also our brothers of the cloth. they are more safe than u new waved christians. u belong with the satanic worshippers.

    • I Rebuke you in Jesus Name. You talking about new christians and all those nonsense. You need to really get to know God for yourself my dear. how dare u say that. anyone who know's and loves Jesus will see that this video or this lady gaga is a complete mess and she can only find help in God if she turns from what she is doing. what we as Christians should be praying together and not bashing each other. some People say they are saved but was never convicted. God Bless you all.

    • well Cami you must be so proud to belong to the only "real church"… the Roman Catholic church. The very same church which has overseen the molestation of millions of children and vulnerable all over the world and has by it's own admission been found to cover up thousands of cases of the church attempting to silence those who speak up. The Roman Catholic church is a disgrace… how about spending their millions of dollars on helping those they've wronged and helped to destroy over the years instead of spending that money on huge buildings and legal defense of their appalling behavior? You must be so proud… positively beaming with pride to be part of such a fine, upstanding organization. By the way learn the difference between "new" and "knew"… your spelling is appalling…no doubt a fine Catholic eduction on show there…

    • i am a 13 year old Jamaican christian who used to be a roman catholic and it is not by anyone's choice but of my own (that i have become a christian) (in fact all of the rest of my family are roman catholic). i find that you are not in any respect a person true Godly nature, in that you are very quick to judge and disrespect other people and their beliefs/religion. do you truely believe that you are correct in doing so? if someone were to rebuke your religion in such way, would you not be offended? and in fact i find it most repulsive that you offend the christian community when infact , we believe in merely what you believe in, God. and we read our bibles and live by the commandments. everything you do except for a few exceptions here and there. and no matter how great the exceptions may be , the fact still remains that we both worship and praise God. that should be enough at least for you to "get along" with people of christianity despite the VERY FEW differences we share. and i know that i may be very young in your eyes but believe me, i may be young but i have high intellectuality. so believe me when i say i know what i am talking about. and i sure as hell know what i am talking about, YOU (or any other individual) HAVE NOOOO RIGHT IN ANY WAY TO REBUKE/DISRESPECT ANY RELIGION WHETHER CHRISTIANITY OR SATANISM (which yes, i definitely believe is wrong).but as long as you,as one of Christ's followers know that you are worshiping the right almighty God and the only almighty God, there is no necessity to even take such actions like you did. i understand that you might have felt offended by certain things you might have thought were offensive to you or your religion in this article, but i was COMPLETELY offended but what you posted about christians and christianity. you should have known better than to judge and to rather pray for that person or those persons to gain understanding and enlightenment to what you may think is their ignorance than to bring other religions into the situation. and to conclude, as God said, "Do Onto Others As You Would Have Done Onto You."

      think about that more .it really should be one of if not the only "motto" by which your life.

      MAY GOD BLESS YOU! and thank you for you time spent reading this and i can only hope that this has brought you to some sort of enlightenment.



    • Roman Catholic Church is not christian, it is a pagan church that worships Mary as the queen of heaven. The Catholic church believes Mary is co redeemer with Christ. Excuse me, but haven't you read the bible? Jesus Christ died on the cross, not Mary. Any professing catholic ought to look at the teachings of your church before you barf all over someone else's blog.

      The analysis of this video Bad Romance is absolutely spot on. The serpent is more subtle than we imagine.

      • Catholics are pagans. Wasn't it written in the bible that any image made in man's hands should not be worship? And yet look at what Catholics are praising? Idols that are made by human hands. Wasn't that written in the 10 commandments? Did all devoted roman catholic forget that rule? Plus, they have an OBELISK right there in Vatican city. Why is that? Obelisk are a symbol for SUN WORSHIPPERS. Such as the EGYPTIANS who adores their SUN GOD = RA. Isn't it odd that the Holy City has an Obelisk right there? And Catholics are sun woshippers, they give praise and worship on SUNDAYS. The Catholics' God is just referred to as GOD or LORD, isn't HIS name SUPPOSEDLY above the other GOD's, and yet he is referred in a general manner.

        It all started in Jerusalem and yet the Catholics are more powerful than the Jews. Rome owns the Roman Catholic religion, that is why is it referred to as ROMAN CATHOLIC. We should have been Jews if we were truly following the rightful path. I was raised as a catholic, but for some odd reasons, I always questioned the things I see in church and the things I have read in the bible.

      • My Dear Katniss







      • @ Katniss: I totally agree with you. I actually used to live in Rome for many years and had the chance to notice a LOT of pagan symbols in Vatican Square, not only an obelisk…

        I just feel I need to correct you under one regard. You say that Catholics worship the god of sun, in fact their day is sunday (sunday = sun day = day of sun). Well, in English sunday may well mean 'day of the sun'. Yet remember that in Italian, sunday is translated with domenica. (In French, sunday is dimanche). The Italian word 'domenica' (and the French word 'dimanche') comes from the Latin 'dominum', which means 'lord'. So, basically, in neo-Latin languages, the correspondent words for sunday translate with 'day of the Lord'.

        People tend to see everything from their own perspective, included their own language, yet meanings might slightly change when looked from other conceptual frame.

    • Christianity comes from the Jewish people, And if you know so much then you would know the bible sais … Do not JUDGE OTHERS for what they eat. Religion does not matter any way. The only way to heaven is believing Jesus forgives your sin and there is nothing you can do to gain your way to heaven or lose your way. It is God's gift. Being how you are catholic…. praying to marry is useless and they were not Saints they were sinners just like us. And prayer should only be with Jesus God or the Holy Spirit. Yes the trinity is real. that comment you left home girl about lady gaga… you should read it. For such a religeous person you seem very angry. So what she said ROMA. And she also said she was not sure.

      • Some of us who claim to be Christians need to read our bibles. Belief is not all you need, and yes you can earn or lose your way to heaven. It says it in the word of God. Your Bible is the Word of God, that has power. John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

        You must read his Word to get understanding of who He is, and what He expects from us.

        Belief is only the first step. Its mentioned because nothing else can take place without first believing on Him.

        If it was the only requirement, then the devils would also be going to heaven. James 2:19 "Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble."

        John 7:38 He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

        John 7:39 (But this spake he of the Spirit, which they that believe on him should receive: for the Holy Ghost was not yet given; because that Jesus was not yet glorified.)

        Belief (as the scripture said) makes way for the Spirit of God, which is the Holy Ghost.

        Acts 10:43 To him give all the prophets witness, that through his name whosoever believeth in him shall receive remission of sins.

        Acts 10:44 While Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on all them which heard the word.

        Acts 10:45 And they of the circumcision which believed were astonished, as many as came with Peter, because that on the Gentiles also was poured out the gift of the Holy Ghost.

        Acts 10:46 For they heard them speak with tongues, and magnify God.

        There is much more that God commands in His word. Believe, Repent, Be Baptized, You shall receive the Holy Ghost, which gives you the ability to live a Holy life, yielding yourself to Righteousness.

        Read Act 2, and Romans 6!

        For sake of space, I will end here.

        God Bless

    • rather not true what you are saying, very hippocritical . you label yourself "devout roman catholic" and say your part of the true christian church . you are very wrong !

      • Martin Luther was a Rosicrucian, no Protestant can claim not to follow a pagan faith because all of Christianity was derived from paganism. It’s a roman mystery cult.

    • no wonder i never liked lady gaga. i am a seventh day adventist and when i first heard about lady gaga something inside of me told me she wasn’t right. This goes to Cami , honestly nobody is trying to downgrade your religion or any other. We as Christians need to pray together because what’s coming is something that will change the course of eternity forever. All these things and groups that are out there are being lead by an entity bigger than us as human beings but if we have God in our life then theres nothing we should be afraid of. Just remember ALL CATHOLICS ARE CHRISTIAN BUT NOT ALL CHRISTIANS ARE CATHOLICS :]

    • I'm speaking to cami and everyone who replied to cami.

      It never ceases to amaze me how so very many of you religious people cling to intangible and idealistic things that have virtually zero pragmatic value and how violently touchy you folks seem to be, as if there's always some divine lightning bolt looming over your heads. You lash-out presumptuously at anyone or anything over pointless and trivial ideas that don't serve anyone or anything, you perpetuate and cultivate in-group / out-group mentalities, you have a hate-on for accumulating knowledge, you cannot tolerate any differences in perspective and consistently deride each other, and you have a love-affair with anything that panders to your belief system.

      I don't think I can express just how ugly and revolting I find this to be. I can't even begin to imagine living like that.

  273. WOW!!! This is so scary. What a pity thought as I really enjoyed her music and actually found her very entertaining and "fresh".

    I have mixed feelings on the issue and also believe that we often over analyze things. However, with that being said, I have read many books as a teenager about satanism and the effect and power of it and realise that it is easy to be drawn into it when you are uninformed and/or ignorant.

    I know for a fact that watching the video and enjoying the music would not influence me as an individual, but what about our kids and teenagers and the less informed? One can only hope that their faith in whatever "God" they believe in is strong enough to prevent them from getting involved in cults and more so satanism.

    I shall not be buying any of her cd's in the future out of principle. I do not want to contribute to the financial benefit it would give to the platform and support to satanism.

  274. People always over-analyze things like these. We're constantly bombarded by subliminal messages throughout are daily lives and they influence the weak, not the strong.

    The christian symbols placed in such inappropriate messages and places are clear as day and truthfully, rather insulting. The Illuminati symbols(ie; the eye etc) are also pretty clear, but you're clearly the one interpreting whatever else you possibly can to make this appear as negative as possible. Everything is open to interpretation and although I don't particularly like Lady Gaga, there are a few songs that I do enjoy when they play over the radio. Rather than nitpicking I just apply songs in general to the current emotions I feel and the day to day happenings in my life. I barely even hear the correct lyrics anyway and usually subconsciously replace them with some other random words that make more sense.

    If you wanna pick on something, why don't you check out the Credits song for "Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard" (Lady Gaga's Poker Face, sung by what sounds like children. And there aren't even any changes to the actual lyrics!). In fact, I would rather enjoy seeing an in depth analysis of that movie, rather than some random music videos. The subliminal messages in there are much more pronounced and cover quite a wider variety of topics.

    • On the contrary, people who are IGNORANT and think of every legit criticism is over-analyzing are opening themselves up for danger. You've gotta be BLIND to not see that Lady Gaga is evil. How can anyone with a sense of decency support all this craziness. The HINTS of demonic activities and symbols are so explicit that all she hasn't done is to verbally announce in public that she is a satanist. I am sure that even then there'll be still people that say "it's just make believe" and there's nothing wrong with it…

      What has this world come to? Frankly, I won't think of going to her concerts even if I get paid!!

      People wake up!!

      Do not condemn the kid that points out the emperor is naked… But rather, those who think they're wise because they "dig" the new cloth ought to be ashamed!!!!!!!!

  275. Good article LVB, just wondering if anyone heard the Legion of the Christ investigation going on….it's definitely a sign of the times..but all you can do is keep strong in your faith and not allow satan, and his minions to program bullshit into your mind. He's pissed cause he knows he will never be the true God, it eats him up inside. Lady Gaga thinks she's on top now…but satan couldn't give two s***s about her or anyone else, she's being used and will be left like a pile of unwanted rotten meat in the end. Let her have her 15 mins of "fame". It's all she's got anyways haha.

  276. I cant wait for you to review that new Telephone song that came out by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. I cant believe that television is actually willing to air so much sexual themes for children to see. Truthfully, I'm a little scared to see how our future will turn out to be. I really hope that all of this nonsense in music videos ends..but I know it wont.

  277. Sal,


    God's most beautiful gift to us is freewill. To rise above simply being animals. To choose good or evil.

    Just because God knows everything and what will happen when, doesn't me we can. And, just because God created everything and can control everything (like the wind, earthquakes or whatever) that doesn't mean that He doesn't let the forces of nature (incuding us) do our thing. It is part of us having freewill, I suppose.

    Satan is really expert at creating confusion and deception about which is which, in considering good and evil. The nature of evil is death and enslavement wrapped in a shiny, beautiful and tempting package to deceive us. It's not that difficult to appeal to the senses and desires of the flesh – hedonism, the worship of pleasure in all forms, an irresistible temptation for the flesh if the spirit or soul is not in command, with a true sense of right and wrong. I mean, in the strictly human flesh sense, why would anyone want to do anything else but have pleasure all the time, no matter who gets hurt, etc.? But the time we have here is limited, and the price for living only for this temporary pleasure, wealth and power has a price. An eternal price.

    That is our challenge – to discover and think for ourselves, and choose between the two. Many times, evil and deception can lead people directly to God, eventually, because He works in mysterious ways and shows everyone truth in different ways and at different times. So every one of us has to find Him in our own time and our own way. Evil is very persuasive and deceptive, thrown at us by a being with far greater intelligence than our own, but God's truth and love shines through all darkness in the end. There's comfort and peace in that.

    We must choose wisely, because I'm pretty sure it is for keeps. 🙂

  278. Firstly – You cannot compare humans with animals – VERY DIFFERENT!

    Secondly – I find it amusing how so many people blame God for all the bad things that occur on the planet or in our lives… What is Satan doing then? Sipping on a cocktail in the Bahamas????

  279. Eh, you can disregard my post. Believe what you want to believe, it doesn't bother me. I'm not really into making people see things my way. Sorry.

    Eh, you can disregard my post. Believe what you want to believe, it doesn't bother me. I'm not really into making people see things my way. Sorry.

  280. Eh, you can disregard my post. Believe what you want to believe, it doesn't bother me. I'm not really into making people see things my way. Sorry.

  281. Eh, you can disregard my post. Believe what you want to believe it doesn't bother me, I'm not really into making people see things my way. Sorry.

  282. I'm not sure why people think that Lady Gaga would need to have subliminal messages in her videos when many rock artist have included "satanic" images in their songs, videos with pride for decades. Why would she need to hide anything? What are Chrsitians going to do about it? For the record Satanists do no believe in nor worship the devil because the devil does not exist to them. For them he is a SYMBOL for believing in yourself before any "god" since that's what he did. They are for all intents and purposes atheists. If you believe in evolution you cannot believe in the "devil" because evolution states that evolved from animals and it is our natural animal nature that causes us to do things that we perceive as evil. The bible teaches that lust comes from the devil, so all animals that choose to mate were made that way by the devil? If killing someone is something that you can burn in hell for all eternity for then what was the cut off period for when this punishment went into effect considering the the primates that we evolved from killed each other all the time for various reasons. Are they in hell too? Religion teaches people to be ashamed to be human and promotes a sad disdain human nature.

    You want to know evil? Someone was talking to me about god the other day and referenced the earthquake in Haiti, I asked why would god do such a thing to people who are so poor and have been suffering their entire lives? Rather than saying that "god" was wrong or considering that whatever description of god that she worships doesn't exist she said that they probably deserved it. Those poor people of all the people on earth who do bad things, they deserved it, how heartless is that? This is what religion does to people.

  283. I have analyzed the "Telephone" video and here are the biggest things i think everyone should notice :

    1) the Real lady gaga is present in the jail cell, if u didnt notice 3 lady gaga's r present in the scene. If u have seen her dualistic album covers u would see that on the front is the New lady gaga with short white hair and u will see the "real" lady gaga who is sad and had bloody tears running down her face. This is important, because it symbolizes the death of the real lady gaga…someone gets beaten up at the jail, and i am pretty sure its one of the three lady gaga's. she also gets left in the jail while the "new" lady gaga gets bailed out.

    Why is this important? Well when Beyonce feeds lady gaga its kinda symbolizing a passing of the torch, if u have ever seen the Crazy in love video u know that it is the birth of Sasha fierce (Beyonce's 2nd identity) This happens in a key scene where beyonce is blown up in a car by Jay z and the new sasha fierce emerges out of no where. I believe this is the same thing..

    2) the weirdest thing i notice was the scene where all the pple r murder. if u loook closely around 7:41 of the vid u see something odd written in the asian women's eye. I am pretty sure it says Allah (God in Arabic).

    What do u guys think? either way this video is creepy and i think if u seriously deny all these symbols and call it "artistic" u have noooooo idea what we r in for.


  284. 🙂 nice job! u really worked for a detail ! watta keen eye! it must be an eye opener for those who love the music of lady gaga! 🙂

  285. Wow….major laptop glitches happening here…sorry.

    Anyway, satan's infiltration of all levels of religious instituions, governments and business – especially the mass media, is definitely moving at a faster pace all the time.

    That's why it is critical to put our faith in God alone, not men (humans).

    Take care.

  286. Oh wow…I loved Lady Gaga's music until you pointed this out to me. I thought she was just a great, original artist. I never thought that she could possibly mean anything like this! I thought she was a Christian, because she always brings up God in her interviews and stuff. I'm VERY familiar with symbolism from my AP English 11 class, but I never thought that there were hidden meanings in complex music videos such as this one. This makes me love her a little bit less, because now I feel like I'm one of her little followers or something by listening to this crap. Wow. You're absolutely amazing. Keep up the good work! =]

  287. I wasn't LVB, if you're name is Jenna then yeah, I was referring to your comment. If not then no..I'm talking to someone else. And it's like Vigilant is trying to say, coincidence? Not likely. The problem with the world today is that they're too naive and and too quick to give someone the "benefit of the doubt" I'm a Roman Catholic myself, and I know as well as you should, that the devil is in his last hour. He's running rampid as much he can. What better way to get as many unsuspecting souls as you can…then to spread the word in the music industry to a generation of mindless, young, maleable morons who are so quick to praise and idolize someone, because they seem "cool" and aren't a "conformist". Use your brain for a few seconds and stop trying to come up with explanations for every damn thing out there. The Catholic church even teaches to stray away from anything that even seems suspiciously evil. Why chance it? Lady Gaga isn't your typical pop brainless blonde broad.

    She's smart as f***. With the birth name she was given one can even assume she was raised Catholic herself in an Italian family. She and Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye, Nas, all of them sold their souls to the devil for an attempt to become well-known and to make the big bucks. They're satans wet dreams. Even if it is all a coincidence, maybe they are stupid f***s who came across some free-mason occultistic symbols and thought it would look nice in their video. That alone would be enough for me to become sick to my stomach when one of their catchy bee-bop songs hits the radio station I happen to be listening to.

    Just thought I'd try to enlighten and do a reality check myself 😉

  288. Satanism, for all its cloven hoof and horned symbolism, is as valid as any other belief system in the human psyche. What's to stop it promoting its dogma through the media the way main stream religion does?

  289. re Telephone:

    There's also a ton of "BEE" symbolism used in the video; the "honey" used to poison and murder all the people, the bee images on the jars and other places, and of course Beyonce goes by the nickname "B" or at the end GaGa calls her "honeybee".

    There are numerous occult references to bees and their symbolic meaning, here are only a few, going back to the Egyptian realm of history:


    "It is also of interest that the root word for bee in Egyptian was also used to describe persons of fine character or good quality. Those that are familiar with the curricula of the modern schools of initiation will know that the development of fine character and good qualities is one of the primary aims of the beginning student's work in the Lesser Mysteries."


    So, the bee references "persons of fine character or good quality". However, one should consider that this definition of "good" pertains to the person whose work is in the mystery schools of the occult and its methods; it defines "fine character and good qualities" as being achieved by involvment in the occult – i.e., darkness and evil, in reality. Evil is good, and vice versa.

    And this:

    "To summarize, we have associated the bee with service, diligence, the right use of creative imagination and desire, and the collection of wisdom from the experiences of life. From the association with the Egyptian goddess Neith, we have linked the bee to the discernment, and consequent use and administration, of the veiled laws and patterns of Nature, as well as the process of coming to know our own inner divinity as a spiritual fact. Finally, we have seen the bee as a symbol of spiritual royalty and the development of fine character."


    Again, "veiled laws", remaining hidden in plain sight. And, most importantly, "the process of coming to know our OWN inner dvinity as a spiritual fact", which is overt rebellion against God. This is prevalent in not only Freemasonry, but in Skull & Bones and other secret societies. I hope no one has to ask what the original source of rebellion against God is. Secret societies and many false religions have as their core the beliefs

    and principles that "we do not need God, we are gods ourselves". Just think about that level of vanity. And all is vanity, to those with true understanding.

    Also, I saw a "behind the scenes" segment of the making of the Telephone video, and there were clips talking with the infamous director, Jonas Ackerlund. At one point he is describing the storyline and says, "so they accidentally poisoned (and murdered) everyone in the restaurant and then they leave in th truck being pursued by the police", etc. I don't know about anyone else, but I saw no indication whatsoever that the poisoning was accidental. In fact, what the video portrays is that it is very deliberate, and not only that, but in the premeditation segment of putting the poison in all the honey jars and sandwiches, it is made to look fun and happy. And, if it were being depicted as accidental, this collateral damage of only trying to murder the mean abusive boyfriend character, then wouldn't a reasonable person expect to see some kind of reaction after the mass murders of shock, sadness or remorse? There is nothing of the kind shown here at all, only happiness.

    Disturbing and violent, at best. And, as I said previously, the overuse of the cinematic scenes and BS to force feed this story to the viewer, mostly just ruins the continuity and flow of the song itself. But I guess their objective of getting these symbols, images and thematic ideas across to the viewer is more important and takes priority over the song, instead of being there to enhance the experience of the music, which is what I thought was the purpose of music videos.

    Clearly, I was wrong about that – they are obviously being presented by the record industry as more important and dominant over the presentation of the music itself. I guess you can only hide so much in audio – the visual is a much better tool to show you these occult symbols, where even when they are hidden in plain sight, they serve to desensitize you, just as violent movies and computer games do.

    Oh look, they are poisoning and mass murdering a whole restaurant full of people…….yawn…snore.

  290. you forgot mars crossing the path of sun at the beginning- war

    also meeting Queen Elizabeth – black queen, red queen -chess

  291. So sad… poor Gaga, and her hopes and dreams to become famous. I swear, some people will do anything and everything for "The Fame"

    It makes me want to puke, especially as an aspiring artist, but even I cant go to such lengths. Isn't strange that its all these pop stars and rappers and hip hoppers who are occult! Rock aint bad guys! Actually, they are against all this ish!

  292. Hey smartass with the rear window comment, he has it right.

    Learn to google your lyrics correctly, okay? Because your making yourself look like a moron.

    It is rear window, not bedroom. Take it from someone who brought the cd.

    Plus she herself said that specific lyric on the mtv interview.

    By the way, thanks for murdering my love for Gaga, Vigilant.

    I'm never going to be able to dance to that song the same.

  293. wowowowow….i had seen some of the symbols here but i had not cought the one with the goats in the background…and i also didnt see the biblical alussions (if thats is what they can be referred as)..wowo after i read your article i went straight to youtube and watched the video to try and see all the refferences…:)…you are so freakin awesome..this is amazing..

  294. re: Jazmine and Charlie

    The fact that you took the time to insult Vigilant and his work shows that you, too, may have too much time on your hands, i.e., "no life"…whatever that means. And, to take a mean spirited sniper shot at Vigilant as you did only reveals a severe lack of intelligence and confidence.

    For some people, the search for truth and meaning in life IS the meaning and purpose of life. Attacking others for seeking truth is just negative and ignorant, period.

  295. re Kat:

    If you were referring to my comments, I understand your point and I am leary of that, believe me.

    But just to clarify, I'm only trying to take everything into consideration, not "sticking up for her", necessarily, and definitely not for the things these symbols represent. Just the fact that she is doing these things so blatantly makes me think it could be "mocking the monster", like a ridiculous parody of the elite, evil scum that they most definitely are.

    But, it could also just be exactly what it appears to be at face value – allegiance with evil, and a sign that "they" are so brazen and arrogant about it now at this point in history that they have no hesitation in

    flaunting it more and more openly for all to see.

    I guess I see a level of intelligence in GaGa that is at least capable of possibly doing these things as an artistic tool, cautionary tale or warning, in some sense. I don't see that in any other "pop stars", to be honest…I am certain that most are controlled puppets, and I do have real life experience in the music business and have seen enough to know pretty well what I am talking about. So does Vigilant, which is why, like you, I love this site and his work.

    And as I've said more than once…I do HOPE it is the case that her intentions are not evil, but I don't claim to know that and I wouldn't really put any money on it, to be honest with you. Hate the sin, not the sinner.

    Thank you for your comments, though, because it is always worthwhile to consider someone else's point of view and do a reality check. 🙂

  296. Let me take 2 seconds and analyze you, you got no life. How many sleepless nights do you have. Analyzing Lady Gaga's video.

  297. "Want you in my rear window"

    You definitely have that WRONG.

    It's "want you in my (bed)room when your baby is sick."

    According to the CD lyric booklet.

    Might want to change that.

  298. If you look in the picture of her dancing in the Russian mafiosi's lap…the guy on the right of him clearly has a satanic symbol on his right arm. It looks like the devils tritant with the three pointed tips. Just thought I'd point that out 😀

    Love the site, please keep digging up the truth and investigating!!

  299. Re: The new "Telephone" video

    I have to agree with Vigilant's twitter comment above. This new video is about anything and everything but the lyrics and concept of the song itself – being annoyed by getting so many phone calls at a dance club, or in general. It's a great SONG, but I don't feel the same way about this video at all. Having a cinematic intro segment is fine, but the many additional segments that interrupt the song are very annoying and destroy the continuity and flow of the music – the song itself.

    Even with just a quick look at the video, I see plenty of symbolism there. Just for starters, lots of inverted pentagrams (using intentional camera angles to achieve this), lots of bondage themes; razor wire, large blatant chains on her outfit, lots of Skull and Bones symbolism (the poison, the logo ‘Poison TV’), lots of the MK related sex kitten imagery (the leopard outfit – and be sure to notice that, although it's hidden pretty well by the leopard spot pattern, her spine is bulging outward, just like in the Bad Romance vid where Vigilant shows this in comparison with the picture of the devil/demon being with bulging spinal column), more of the one eye thing, tons of triangles – even her stance in front of the truck (with flames behind her) is such that her spread legs form a perfect triangle, etc. These postures and camera angles are not accidental.

    Also, the androgyny (Baphomet) themes are heavily used throughout this video.

    And then, of course, there's the small detail of the poisoning / mass murder and such!! LOL

    The whole thing left me feeling a little disturbed and very disappointed. I'm curious if others

    felt that, too? The overarching theme of this video seems to be "getting away with murder", more or

    less. I mean, sure, it strongly implies that Beyonce's "boyfriend" in the video is not a very nice guy at all, and thus suggests revenge for his abuse of her. But, to go beyond that and murder everyone in the restaurant?? Is this to get rid of witnesses, or just for fun? It certainly appears that this was no accident, since they prepare all of the food with the poison, and not just what was needed to kill the abusive boyfriend. And the GaGa and Beyonce characters show zero remorse for murdering the whole room full of innocent people along with the abusive, mean guy. Not a good message at all.

    I kinda like the smoking cigarette glasses, very clever. To me, this suggests a blindness to the poison that is right there in front of your eyes. All around us – hidden in plain sight. I’m sure there is much more, I haven’t studied it all that closely yet, but I plan to soon. Can't wait to see what Vigilant has to say about it.


  300. She just came out with her new video for "Telephone." It was tasteless to say the least. I did notice a few things that poppeed out, but I'd love to hear what everyone else sees.

  301. First off, I would like to say… that was a damn good article. Very in depth and informative.

    I was raised Pentecostal and trust me, I've heard it all before. I believe when I was in 6th grade, a local church held a friday night sermon as to why little girls shouldn't listen to New Kids On The Block… for reasons such as this. They also talked about other acts like The Eagles and ACDC and you best believe they burned records and cassettes at the close of the service.

    That was the night I began to question my religion. This questioning lead me on years and years of religious research. Which eventually turned me away from the church completely. Now, do get me wrong… I do not worship satan… but I also do not worship Jesus Christ. I have formed my own religious beliefs based on my personal faith. Most would probably call me a witch… but more of a "white witch" i suppose.

    Your symbolism is somewhat correct. But let us keep in mind that GaGa is in fact a "shock artist". She does stuff such as this to get people like the 900 of us who have posted comments on this blog (the most comments i've ever seen on a blog before, just FYI) to talk about her. Which in turn makes her a house hold name. Love her or hate her, you are talking about her and spreading the word of her art… which is exactly what she wants. So, once again, Gaga wins. Genius marketing if you ask me.

    And just like someone commented… if she is into the occult, so what. Isn't this America?? Aren't we a free to believe what we want to believe?? When she starts doing live sacrifices on stage… then lets worry.

    'til then

  302. Good grief but some of you people are just nuts.

    Have any of you heard of Glenn Danzig, former frontman for the punk rock outfit The Misfits? He has always used 'satanic' or occult symbolism in his work. When asked if he was a satanist he laughed. In order to believe all the BS of satanism he'd first have to accept all of the BS of christianity. He's an athiest, and just uses the occult imagery because it aesthetically pleases him to do so and (probably even more so) gets the dimwit brigades all riled up.

    Sort of like the whole southern baptists thing. Want to sell a million albums? Get the southern baptists to 'ban' it. Works every time.

    If you want to see real evil (as compared to Danzig's stage antics), well it's right out there in plain sight. People like Pat Robertson, with his two-faced deceits, talking about how Haiti is a 'damned' or 'cursed' place while he himself owns diamond mines with slave labor. All in the name of Jesus, don't you know. The corruption in mainstream religion is far scarier than any stupid pop music video.

  303. I feel like she's gone and read these Illuminati articles on her and decided 'Let's mess with them a little more!'

  304. lol at some people that instantly believe what they read.

    "lady gaga is an illuminati"


    Her being part of this little thing isn't affecting me, really. When the time comes to choose between good and evil, i'm pretty sure i'll pick good. I don't care if one of my favorite pop singers is on the evil side.

  305. Some of you people are pretty…crazy.

    I remember when somebody actually hacked Britney Spears' twitter, and put NWO all over the place, saying that "she" couldn't wait for it to come. I mean are you serious? You're trying that hard to get your point across?

    After that, I just can't take this s**t seriously anymore.

    I just read it because it's actually interesting.

  306. "Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance is by far the densest and most symbolic video I’ve ever analyzed."


  307. As soon as I saw her do the thing with her eye again I was all

    "The tin foil hats gon have a field day with this one. DIS GUN B GUD."

  308. Lmfao, I actually find this stuff kind of interesting, even if it is ridiculous.

    I actually can't wait to see what he'll say for the Telephone video xD

  309. You should definitely analyze Telephone, but it's going to be hard, because so many things happen at once.

  310. Please do one for Telephone! I have an Idea…It looks as if they are killing us with their music…The video scares me some what…=(

    Btw good points you made

  311. yeah your exactly right..lady gaga is a SLAVE in the ILLUMINATI music industry. Her videos seem to predict and implement that she, she is really that bad. Thaks for this artcile. My friends here in Philippines is starting to hate her because you let us understand whats really happening.



    Lady Gaga's weird outfit causes blood clot

    11 Mar, 2010

    Pop diva Lady Gaga, known for her weird dressing style, has vowed never to be

    seen in whacky clothes after a disastrous experience on a recent flight. The

    singer had to be undressed by cabin staff on a flight from Britain to the US

    after her legs began to swell due to her odd outfit.

    Gaga had boarded a long-haul flight at Heathrow wearing black and yellow tape

    and giant blue shoes designed by the late Alexander Mcqueen. Her garb was so

    uncomfortable that it brought on the early stages of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

    The flight crew told Gaga to get her outfit off quickly or risk long-term damage.

    "Gaga was a high-risk DVT case so she was advised to change out of her clothes.

    But the outfit was so cumbersome she needed help changing out of it. She was

    particularly miffed about ditching her heels. She was wearing them in memory

    of her friend Alexander," said a source.



    I'm guessing she might change her mind a little now about that whole "dying for your art" thing lol

    Seriously, though, I wish her all the best of health – physically, mentally and spiritually.

  313. Wow, I've always thought lady gaga was a freak. she cant even sing either, what you say really makes sense especially with the horned goats head and her saying RA.

  314. Oh another thing: when she does the "sign of the cross"

    I see what your saying, how she does it like a triangle, but in all honestly, that is how I have done it too since I was little

    Some people just don't like to do it the exact "right" way because then it looks like an upside down cross

  315. Wow all of this makes ALOT of sense

    There are only 2 things I want to mention:

    Have you ever watched old horror, monster, movies? When there is a monster in a grave there is usually a cross on the coffin (like you stated with Gaga's video) and the cross is usually put there so the monster can't get out due to it being protected by God (or that's what I have come to understand). So I think the cross was there for that reason alone, I may be wrong however.

    And the cross on her "privates" I actually noticed this upon watching the video for the first time, but what I thought it was symbolizing was virginity. As if she was still pure (after all they DID show this before the "sex scene"). Do you get what I am saying?

    But other than those two, I agree with what you pointed out

    Its crazy how much I have notice Masonic symbols in a lot of the music industry, (in videos, in the bands logo's, etc)..most of which are subtle

    But some are blatantly obvious, yet people don't want to believe it.

    But sometimes I think things happen unintentionally, I don't think SHE meant to have the WHOLE video symbolizing all of that, I guess it just depends on how you interpret things:

    If people want it to mean something bad, it usually will

    If they don't, it doesn't

    The power of the human brain

    However awesome work on pointing out a whole occult storyline though~

  316. Also, for the people here who mentioned that the 3 laptops shown as part of the the Russian mafia slave auction part of this video, I found that the symbol on them is a lower-case letter "b", which is the logo

    for GaGa's "Heartbeats" headphones, and the "Beats" headphones by Dr. Dre. Another very clever product placement here, brilliant marketing.

    However, I wouldn't rule out the "666" notion altogether, because the b on that logo is rounded and looks identical to a 6 at a slightly tilted angle. Probably what is important is the fact that there are 3 laptops with this symbol shown – not 2 or 4 or 5 of them….exactly 3, with the 6 symbol shown. It's not a flying leap to conclude that this is not accidental – these images are very deliberatey placed in these videos, that cost roughly a million bucks a pop these days.

    This technique also appears in the Paparazzi video, at the beginning when she is in bed, the camera pans across the room and does a closeup on a table where her rings are in a jewelry box, three rings side by side in a row with the letter "g". Obviously, the g is for GaGa, but the way it is presented is, again, exactly three of these symbols side by side in a row, not 2 or 4 or 5 of them; exactly 3. And for those who don't already know this, your eyes actually see things upside down first and then your brain inverts and fips those images right-side up…so the ggg image you've seen in the video does register in your brain first as the flipside, 666.

    I wouldn't be too paranoid about seeing a 6, or the letter g, or a logo with a b looking like a 6 for GaGa's stylish headphones, but when you see these things being presented repeatedly in this manner, 3 in a row, side by side, you should realize that every visual detail in these very expensive videos is carefully crafted, and it definitely means something.

    You can all decide for yourselves what that meaning may or may not be. 🙂

  317. Man, I used to love this song.. But after seeing the music video, though people say that it's the most watched video on YouTube, it gave me goosebumps for some reasons and I personally think it's creepy..

    Thank you for your analysis! It's very deep and thoroughly.. I really am going to have a hard time getting off that song from my head 🙁

  318. Did you ever think " Roma" could be short for romance? It seems like you take things out of their real meaning.

  319. Cyndie, you crack me up!! I agree with you in the important ways, and you have a great, passionate way of speaking your mind. As the saying goes, "Now tell us what you really think, and don't hold back!!" LOL

  320. I so hate Lady gaga and her fellow illuminatis….They are so f****d up!!!!Wat the hell z wrong with them!!No wonder av neva loved any of those illuminati creeps..May God send the holy fire from heaven ad burn them as they are performing..that is so sick!how does she place the cross on her private part????!!!Psycho,messed up species from another planet!s**t!

  321. i haven't even seen the snake and the cross while watching the video. .

    You made it great., the symbolisms., you do interpreted them in the most understandable way.

    Big thanks.^_^

  322. Hey Vigilant,

    Once again, this is a great analysis you've done. I'll add a few things here to expand on it a little bit, please give me your thoughts on this.

    You start your analysis as "The video starts with Gaga emerging from what looks like a high-tech coffin or maybe a sensory deprivation tank."

    But, the video actually starts with a still image (frozen in time) of GaGa, who is seated in a big white room on a large throne type chair, surrounded by several oddly dressed characters, most of whom are wearing the classic "Eyes Wide Shut" type masks, and they are all wearing black or white, and there is the large Great Dane dog to her left, black and white of course. She is the only one wearing a different color, gold. There is very bright, white light in the room, illumination angles are only from below and behind.

    You mentioned the RAZOR BLADE glasses, but only in the context of the sun symbolism of the lenses, which is legit. I think that the razor blades also represent cutting – self-mutilation is something that is well known among victims of abuse, sexual and otherwise. This has been documented in large numbers of MPD/DID Monarch, MK-Ultra victims, as well as those who have just been abused and traumatized by regular, non-Illuminati scumbags.

    In case anyone thinks I'm reaching on that part, check out this interview with GaGa herself, wherein she talks about how people she knew and friends used to carry around razor blades on the inside of their mouths. She talks about this as being a tribute to being "tough women", but please give me a break!!

    Since when does intentionally hurting or mutilating one's self make them "tough"? It doesn't. It is mental illness, basically.

    And, it is very significant that during this intro scene there is a piece of Baroque classical music playing – a Bach FUGUE, to be exact. I think We both know the meaning of FUGUE, other than the musical one. From wiki:

    "A fugue state, formally Dissociative Fugue (previously called Psychogenic Fugue) (DSM-IV Dissociative Disorders 300.13[1]), is a rare psychiatric disorder characterized by reversible amnesia for personal identity, including the memories, personality and other identifying characteristics of individuality."

    GaGa is educated in music, as I am, and there is no doubt that she chose this particular type of musical piece to serve this double meaning. And, just to put the icing on this cake, as the camera zooms in on her she has a blank facial expression, with her mouth slightly open, and she appears to be quivering or

    twitching a little bit. Trance state. Amazingly blatant.

    So, then she presses a button and the FUGUE stops, and then she and the other characters are stunned by a blinding white light, illumination from the front this time. Then her actual song starts, where you began your analysis. Oh yes, and by the way, notice in the close-up shot on her hand, when she hits the button

    to stop the FUGUE piece playing, it shows that there are little wire mesh looking things on each of her fingernails. They could also be spider webs, I suppose, or a net. Either way, I think that symbolizes various forms of being bound or trapped, whether in a cage (wire mesh), a net (rope) or a spider's web – which I'm sure also has some additional meanings related to MK.

    Oh, and before we get to the coffins/pods/whatever they are, there's a momentary transition which shows 3 bottles of "Nemiroff Lex" vodka, which aside from being clever product placement, also fits in thematically, as these bottles look sort of like a dagger in the top of a tombstone shape. No idea whether there's any

    meaning there beyond advertising the vodka and an interesting looking bottle.

    Here's part of an article that has a person who is said to be a "dream analyst", who makes some interesting points about the video. However, hers is a very generic and mainstream analysis, that doesn't come close to Vigilant's in depth analysis of confronting the very real, dark and blatant symbolism that is all over this video.

    The full article is here, for reference:


    The floating diamonds: They may represent "the gem of clarity of thinking;

    beauty of the soul, pure ideas," Wills suggests. "Frozen in space would mean

    those ideas are frozen, the beauty is frozen, the ideas are frozen, unable

    to produce."


    Now, I found this to be on point and very interesting, although as I have said, it only touches

    the very surface. We both know that the "Diamond" is a significant symbol in the MK/Monarch scheme

    of things. And, the fact that these diamonds are "frozen in space and time", strongly suggests

    the splitting and alter personalities, which themselves become frozen in time when the various

    horrific traumatic events occur to create the splits, alters.

    By the way, if you haven't heard already, GaGa's second album just went went "Diamond" – a term rarely used, which means 10 million copies sold. I don't recall anyone in recent times doing this, especially not a new artist. It's a very big deal if a new artist goes Platinum (1 million sold) or maybe double or triple Platinum. But to go "Diamond" is UNREAL…especially at a time when you have to guess probably 40% of people (at least) are just downoading music for free.

    The "dream analyst" continues:


    Gaga with anime eyes sitting in a bathtub: "Extra good vision or seeing too

    much of any one thing," Wills suggests. "In the bathtub—that would indicate

    the need to be cleansed or to be forgiven, and the person with the large eyes

    fully well knows that."

    The bidder in the gladiator chin-strap getup: "The gladiator is a romanticized

    version of a soldier," Wills notes, "as in 'Am I being a good soldier about some

    issue, or do I need to be more disciplined?' " Or, dare I say, whipped?

    The hairless, hissing cat: Cats generally represent the feminine side of oneself,

    Wills says, but it "can also mean cattiness—hissing would indicate aggression, and

    hairless would indicate baring it all."


    The last one is an interesting thought that I hadn't even considered. I honestly just saw it as using a weird looking cat for pure visual effect. However, this person's take on it is worth considering. In a filthier context, I also think it is obvious that GaGa truly enjoys making allusions to body parts in a joking way – a hairless p***y? Ok, GaGa, yeah, we get it…you are very clever and funny, I admit it!

    So, all this considered, I think if nothing else it certainly proves that an enormous amount of thought and planning go into these videos, and every single momentary image that is in them. Considering the bigger artists are doing about $1 million a pop for these videos, it's easy to see why they are so meticulously crafted – nothing in them is accidental. But there's more to it than just money – it is very important to SOMEONE involved that a majority of the videos of major artists depict large amounts of specific

    occult symbology. Not just one or two times…no, they are constantly using certain, specific occult symbols and ideas over and over again. Maybe just ask yourself why that is.

    One more thought, probably more in the "reaching" category, but who knows anymore with these things. Occult symbology, as you know, frequently uses existing symbols and shapes either inverted or reversed in some form. So, taking this to its simplest level, Gaga – although we're told is about the Queen song – is also this in reverse:

    "Agag (pronounced /ˈeɪɡæɡ/) (Hebrew: אגג‎ ʼĂḡāḡ) was the king of the Amalekites, mentioned by Balaam in Numbers xxiv.7 in a way that gives probability to the conjecture that the name was a standing title of the kings of Amalek. The name or title may mean "flame" in ancient West Semitic.

    According to the Bible, Samuel put Agag to death at Gilgal saying that "[a]s your sword has made women childless, so will your mother be childless among women." And so Samuel proceeded to personally cut Agag to pieces."

    There's more here:

    Keep it up with the great articles. And, if you ever want a contributor/editor or just someone to exchange ideas with, please email me, I'd be glad to help you out any way that I can. Thanks again, VC.

  323. Hello and Ámen,

    Since I first read "The Illuminati Formula to Create Mind Slaves" document/manifesto over the internet underground, I'm not really surprised anymore. That was 6 years ago. One has to be astonished at the 'dareness' of the Illuminati. After all, to be a Illuminatus means kissing Belial's ass. The Rosicrucians (AMORC) tried to recruit me when I was a teenager. That's one of the Illuminati's fronts for recruitment. I know them well. You have done a superb analysis of the video.

    The – "Bulging spine… I’m not sure of what she is doing with her fingers either." – video scene, she is actually doing the "crossed fingers" witchcraft sign, possibly meaning that she rests her fortune and fate on Baphomet's power. When I was a child, I used to do that all of the time, without knowing its real meaning because I saw old people doing it on the countryside doing it. This finger-crossing is quite common in some Mediterranean countries as a sign to cast bad fortune/fate away. Basically means she want's to be lucky. Through Belial/Baphomet, of course.

    "Veritas est liberitas"

  324. i love lady gaga but after reading this i feel so dumb not keeping my eyes/ears open to her songs.i think the only innocent song she has is Just Dance.

  325. Wow, that is amazing. I loved that song but now I might not play it anymore. lol Thanks Alex for showing me it, and this will (I hope) wake up a few people.

    Good Job!

  326. i know what shes talking about
    its my opinion:

    that info may be truth, but its not quite about her, i think shes giving a mensage of whats happening, of people doing that stuff, that satanic stuff to have bad romance with somedy or with something

  327. her music sucks ass. so i would not be drawn in even if she is as evil as you say. lol. she makes awful music. i feel bad for girls who envy her *deep sigh*

  328. if you were gaga, how would you represent a monster? a fame monster?

    in the same way right? i would and im not satanic, besides i hate that devil stuff, and im not catholic either, im agonostic xD

  329. in a interview she saids: i've travelled in all over the world, and i saw SO MANY MONSTERS!

    shes not talking about her, shes talking about the others, and i think that the other songs talking about the dark things that people do that made them a monsters, the fame monsters, see i shut you :b

  330. does anyone else see a parallel between the video and William Faulkner's short story "A Rose For Emily"?

  331. You know what I think?

    I think Lady GaGa did the symbolism intentionally just to f**k with you.

    There is no real meaning behind the nonsense. There is no method to the madness.

    There is only life. And death. Returning to the abyss. And nothing more.

    You would fall to your knees, weeping, should you ever behold the true meaning of life. For there is none, but to die.

  332. I'm confused… I read your article and was convinced about all the symbolisms you describe. They sound logical. But then read some of the comments people have made and now I'm not so sure anymore. I'd like to believe that it's a highly symbolic video with her chasing fame no matter what the cost is but deep inside she cries for having to sacrifice her soul to obtain that (around 04:21). But then again how can I explain the cross in front of her "privates"??? :s

  333. Another one.. I also thought that it is impossible that she sung and made a video intentionally representing things that an unaware mind can think of because one of the highest priorities in the public industry is the audience and the extent of their knowledge, so I think its a way to invite and keep the audience and whatever entity she's trying to attract in her grasp.. btw, I just suddenly thought of this..hehe.. keep up the good work vigilante! 😀

  334. This came up with my mind, I just heard one of my schoolmates talking about Lady Gaga's Bad Romance' hidden meanings.. So basically I'm an acoustic dude and part rocker, but when I first heard of her song Just Dance and up to this Bad Romance, it stuck in my head like its rhyming itself inside my brain, maybe I'm over thinking things but I think its worth it I mean I never really knew an artist named "Lady Gaga" in the first place but when I continually heard that she's a "Fame Monster" and that all, I thought that it's quite weird and something is bothering me..BUT I think mind controlling is a bit much too far, you know we can't keep on thinking that we are mind controlled but still conscious and aware of what is happening..well I think you're right that Lady Gaga's purpose is to be a part of the music industry and feed on fame..and I liked your article!

    BTW- I also want to point out that Lady Gaga's a B***H. I felt like she doesn't deserved that fame she's standing in right now, it came up like an epiphany for me. :))

  335. Very interesting article. I've always known she'd be great from her first single. As with most artists these days, there will always be hidden meanings behind the songs. You wouldn't be an "artist" if there weren't.

    But some of the comments from the other people, really makes me laugh and also worried about their mental health and intelligence. How are we being brain-washed to believe in Satan just because there's gazelles head in the backround? How stupid can you get? She sings "I'm a free b***h" you idiots. Does that sound like someone being forced and brain-washed into something? Anything!?

    And the occult is not evil. Please update your knowledge of world theology people. The Illuminati ruling the music industry to get their message across? You're saying it for laughs right? But having said that, I REALLY hope they do, if it gets Miley Cyrus out of the industry.

    To think there's STILL people being sucked into this nonsense. Unless you've heard God's voice personally, you have NO right to be commenting who's "evil" or nonbelievers. Instead of "praying" to God to save your soul from listening to these songs with submlinal Satanic messages, you should pray for Him to grant you some common intelligence instead.

  336. i cant beleive these people do this, its horrible they make me feel so sick this is the first time i went on the this site i have seen and read a lot its disturbing!!!!!!

    thank you keep it up

  337. Personally I find the lady temple dancer not that attractive and her video even less so. However, having written that, on a number of occasions I have found myself searching for her Bad Romance on the SKY music channels and coming away slightly disappointed when it could not be found. Why this should be I have absolutely no idea, other than, it contains some subtle mind game imbedded within its ‘Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah’ rhythms to make even my single brain cell dance along to some satanic tune.

  338. Vigilant you leave us with more questions than answers, if your knowledge on the subject is so abundant, why not get to the point and give us a solution to the problem? You give is insight and then shun us out, it's almost as if you only want us to know certain things. Call it a bad romance?

  339. @blancawhite I am a gypsy we do not worship a god name kali. kali is a color it means black in my language. may at one point my culture used to worship idols and things but now most of gypsy's (Roma) are catholic or christians. This site is stupid and your just trying to get attention your a looking to much into it you cant say that every artist in the music industry is evil or santanic record companys are business not the devils son

  340. Well, what I learn in a film school, we don't wanna waste our time shoot something that doesn't have meaning. Every shot, every angle, every colour, every composition has it owns meaning. This could be true or maybe she has other meaning that we have not discovered yet. Maybe she did it because she wants some controversy..maybe.. well, that is my opinion..(sorry, if my grammar is bad, English is not my mother tongue)

  341. The "pods" opening in the beginning of the video resemble the Sigourney Weaver horror classic "Aliens." The headdress they wear looks very similar to the creature.

  342. i am a christian and would like commend your research because it is very helpful in enlightening youth and the church at large to what they 'secretly' listening to.. thumbs up

  343. One of the comments suggested that roma were gypsies and I did a search. I found information about the Roma's beliefs and practices at The Roma Goddess named Kali is viewed as a trinity and her symbol is a triangle. They also worship a male Horned God! Wow! I'm so disappointed, but thanks for all the info.

  344. i think…idk wut 2 think… i dont really believe this cuz its so dumm!!! But the info dos stick wit me… I myself love the all seeing eye and am always drawing eyes everywere…and am not statanic… to me the all seeing eye is sorta yer soul because yer soul is the only one that can see rite thru u. It defines who u truly are. Yet everyday while am about 2 eat and sleep i pray 2 god and am most certintaly sure its not satan. I also love the mysterie behind witchcraft and the supernatural yet i wuld never do it becuz it defies god. Am curious about it but i wont do it. I actually thought ra ra ra ah ah ment as raaa as an a raoring sound of a monster, cuz shes the fame monster, roma ment romance cuz hello its the name of the song,, and gaga is juss her name… Gaga means crazy in other words crazy lady cuz she is a bit coocoo! But either way all the rihanna nonsense and beyonce jayz and gaga thing…juss quit! If they are in its their religion u are no one 2 judge them cuz am sure u wuldent lyk ppl judging u. Also its called bein an entrentainer… do u think snoop dogg is really a gangster…No but thats the way he acts because thats his job like wise with all of them

  345. I personally think she's highly intelligent and does this for a reaction or uses it in accordance to fame itself, something she hates yet is completely obsessed with.

  346. Lady Gaga is so good, she disturbs me. this article simply puts words to my unsung discomfort about her amazingly crazy creativity. thank you for being vigilant! God bless you!

  347. You know, actually, you're right. Lady Gaga does interpret a satanic symbol, and by the fact that she's wanting to be slave for fame in the music industry. I've heard from countless of people about this, and my doubts are settled. It's saddening to know about the whole Illuminati organization that she seems to be involved in. I used to love her, and her crazy wacky style. But right now, I realize that perhaps her "wacky" movements aren't wacky at all, they mean something, and well, let's see how she takes it.

  348. I am so totally confunkulated now…wtf!!! How did a simple song become such a curse??? I heard the song waaaaaaaay before the music video came out ….Now what????…I would hate to know what Lincoln Park…Green Day's analysis are gonna say…but i have a feeling someday you are going tell me….THIS IS LIKE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT AYOBAAAAAAAA…. because every time I hear the song or watch the music video we all know what I'll be thinking and looking for….KILLJOY!!!!!


  349. WTF. i didnt notice any of this, but surely it makes perfect sense. Although…. i think u can interpret bad or evil in everything in our daily lifes especially music. Meatloaf, Nirvana, Metalica ect.. But this is realy something with all of the symbols & lyrics…..(also satan was the angel of music) Thanks for sharing this info!

  350. I Bought Myself Heart Beat Headphones Like The One's She Wears In The Video! ^_^

    Im Also Proud To Be A Little Monster!!!! 😛

  351. And I Bought Myself Heart Beat Headphones Like The One's She Wears In The Video! ^_^

    I'm Also Proud To Be A Little Monster!!! 😛

  352. @ Katt- You are correct in that Satan is a Christian creation…But….Perhaps you should learn the origins of symbols before commenting on them. I am a Wiccan myself, and the 5 pointed star was not stolen form "Us," it has been used around the world since the dawn of man, for MANY different reasons, both positive and negative. Wiccan's themselves use an inverted pentagram as a symbol if negative energy and cycles (hence the "spirit" point facing down) to draw negative energy into the ground, and away from the spirit. The same is said for crosses, 6 pointed stars, the swastika, tree of life…..ect….ect….

    Symbols are what they mean to an individual person, not a group of people.

  353. I don't think she is a witch or a satanist or a demon. I think she is just naive, putting little symbols on her trying to be cool. Freaky stuff draws attention and sell.

    And by the way, is Satan now a goat or a springbok? Go Bulle

  354. I also notice too, that not only is the crystal cross centered along her privates, but crosses of tape are on the nipples of both her and those who are forcing vodka upon her. Maybe poking fun at the christian idea that those parts of the body are considering unholy and unclean, even though they are central for creating new life?

  355. omg every video has symbolism but THINK guys, Baphomet is a fame god/devil or what? if she sleeps with him now she´s gonna be famous….LOL and now music industry is controlled by the illuminati thats ridiculous, now the only thing u were missing was that the director was a gnome and jar jar binks is her personal trainer. LOL i found this post stupid and too imaginative.

  356. Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! —>six sillables

    Ro-ma-ro-ma-ma-ah! —>six sillables

    Ga-ga-ooh-la-la-ah! —->six sillables

    = 666

  357. Hey Vigilant, about her fingers on that spine-scenes, I think it's similar to 'okay' finger sign. Maybe some kind of she's accepting being demonized or something.

    Great job, anyway. Keep it up!

  358. OMG!! i never knew any of those things….i can't believe bad romance was actually my fave song..thank you so much for sharing.

  359. by the way ive noticed all this crazyness with lady gaga in the end scene where the guy that won the bid over her is drinking something and on his middle finger it shows it for just like 2 seconds he has a 6 on his middle finger.. look it up.

  360. so, are you saying that she IS supporting the devil in this video? aside from just showing that the music industry is evil? because, i didnt really think her other videos were as "dark" as this one. also, in her MTV interview, she said that the meaning of the lyrics for example, "i want your ugly, i want your disease. I want your everything as long as its free, I want your love". She said that meant she would take everything that is bad about you and love you for it. all symbolism and meaning aside. i thought the video was pretty good. and she comes out with some catchy songs.

  361. Can i just ask why the bits with Gaga wearing practically no makeup and crying haven't been analysed? And also there are bits of the song when she sings "Oh, CAUGHT in a bad romance" which haven't been analysed either. This doesn't really appear to be her WANTING to be used by the music industry, does it? More like shes trapped. She could just be giving the message to young people that it is easy to get caught up with wanting fame and fortune but you could end up getting hurt all too easily. Just an idea.

    Also, if Gaga WAS being "controlled" by the Illuminati, or if she REALLY wanted their "bad romance", i.e., she didn't want to fall out of their favour, then why would she even be portraying all their secrets in a video, and then portraying her bringing about their destruction? (I am thinking about the bit when she sets the bed on fire here). I'm not trying to infer anything about the messages of this song/ video here, I just didn't think it added up. I'd be glad to hear other people's views on that one.

    And to the other commenters, if you don't agree with what I'm saying please don't dismiss me as ignorant. It's fine when people don't agree with others, I mean it's par for the course really, but when you start discrediting people by calling them thick it doesn't really reflect well on YOUR maturity either.

  362. I loved your posts. It made me realise how blind we are to some unsaid messages that have been allowed to sink into our minds, without us questioning the reason for these messages' at all.

    I went to look at the Bad Romance video again and I was wondering if the veil that was removed after she finished the 'bidding' part with the Mafia..

    All these occultism.. It's so blatantly obvious. It's really the language of the powerful and those who choose not to believe in it while the evidence is pointing it out so clearly are blind.. Yet blind.

  363. Okay seriously, to all of you who believe that Gaga is just a performance artist and her videos are nothing more than just pure love of expression, you in fact are the one's being fooled. This woman, yes, very talented, I have studied her interviews in massive quantities. I too, very much so, have an awe for her. She is passionate, in control, super edgy and she is very skilled in an array of arts. However, one must study the occult, the Illuminati, study MK ultra, study study study in order to understand and be fully prepared to make an educated opinion on this matter. If you don't know history, the truth, the history that is not told, but for now is very available to us, please be aware that your comments stem from nothing more than diluted thoughts. Honestly, in my opinion, a perspective on reality without all the angles, is better left unsaid.

  364. I have read all your Gaga interpreted posts and I just have to say, "THANK YOU!". It is so vital that this information gets out to the public awareness as we are all by the thousands, being subconsciously indoctrinated into this satanic occultism. II am also a fan of a guy by the name Freeman and his show the Freeman Perspective who seems to have a genuine concern for people, a down to earth energy and expertise in the occult. I recommend to all of you, (youtube) The Freeman Perspective and get ready to learn. Again thank you and keep at it, your analysis proves the depth of your research. I thoroughly enjoy your breakdowns, keep them coming, please!

  365. Chinga has got it pretty much right. Lady Gaga is a Performance Artist – that's what she does. All you knuckle heads need to read up on what Performance Art is – a little education goes a long way. She obviously is very good at it. She's got of all of you going..LOL!

  366. it seems everyone can get a meaning they want from a song and a video. love gaga by the way and have noticed all the symbols but it probably just to play with you. you can make any song demonic if you try hard enough, so i wont believe everything on this site

  367. Please note: I applaud your courage for writing this article. You Might be on to something. I'm not sure, but i think this is an interesting article. God Bless, Sheila

  368. Very courageous post Vigilant Citizen. I too have been feeling that Lady Gaga is in a word 'disgusting'. I have not voiced this feeling before coming across your post but felt compelled to comment. Every time I hear her lyrics, it brings up feelings of anger and disappointment that people of the world idolise someone with such a pathetic and demeaning message. I acknowledge her creativity and expression but what is her message? What is she doing to uplift people and their visions for a better world? I am not a Christian and I don't feel this has anything to do with religion but about people in the public arena taking responsibility for the world in which we live. What path is she and others like her leading her fans down? What value is she giving to the panorama of life, except more deluded ideas about what is apparently 'cool'. It amazes me that no one seems to ask 'is this ok?' 'is this something that truly resonates with me or am i just follow the latest trend?' I have been an artist in the past writing pop albums and was signed to a major label for sometime. I remember the exact moment when I realised the person I would need to 'become' if I wanted the fame and success of someone like Lady Gaga. I was not willing to sell my soul for that so called prize. The music industry seem to just get uglier and Lady Gaga is heading up the ugly army. At a time when the world is splitting in two different mindsets, I know which one I am heading in and grateful I saw the light.

  369. Bad romance is about loving someone so much you want to love their ugly side as well. It's about getting over the fact that there is no perfect relationship. live and learn, enjoy the many things you must face, life is short.

  370. Onto the Song Meaning..

    Bad Romance is a song about appreciating the other person even if it isn't meant to be. It's about loving someone so much that you even love them when they treat you wrong. It's about loving the ugly side about that person as well as the good. When she says that she wants to make a bad romance, she is finding herself attracted to the very things of that person that she used to despise. Why would she say that ? Because she now realizes that there is no perfect romance, and thus must appreciate and fall for the very essence of what makes up that person that she would normally despise and run from.

    When Lady says Rah rah ah ah, she's using different words from the typical "la la". It's that simple.

    The song is also about making the best of what you have now, laughing at your "right now" your current situation and trying to not take to heart the bad experiences you must go through to experience life and love.

    Of course the song has sexual undertones in it, what relationship doesn't ? Well I don't want my children listening to that. Great, don't let them listen, but your letting them experience this song in full detail whenever they watch television, or read books. I think the lyrics are a little tacky to be honest, but they're not nearly as revealing as Like a virgin or even many pop ballads of the 70's.

  371. Very interesting interpretations, but there is a possibility that here in the year 2010, Lady gaga being smart, not necessarily wise, wanted to create controversy in a sly way that would get rumors being spread. Not that such is a good thing, but the whole obvious in your face controversy has been done before.

    I'm guessing that there is a bigger picture to her symbolism after reading your articles, but I'm also guessing that she is in fact messing with people by putting things together that mean absolutely nothing. It's for the mystery effect. So we have the young people buying the albums for the catchy bizarre effect, and the older, more conservative crowd trying to decode the hidden messages. Perfect way to sell albums in the year 2010. Not that it is right, but it works. These looks and sounds she is doing have been done for over 30 years in the underground by other artists, and these ideas are nothing new, they are just shocking to those play it safe family oriented groups at which they are secretly targeting for controversy.

    It's like how the elders reacted to Elvis when he came on the scene. The elders said that Elvis was a girly man and he was rather eccentric, and his music was called the devils music, til the 60's came around and here came the Beatles. Lady gaga is messing with "Focus on the Family" for a reason, she's tired of people being singled out as unworthy for a relationship with God. This is why she is throwing masonic hints in her artwork and a lot of her videos. That may not be the right way to do it, but she's getting the religious right angry while walking away with a smile on her face. This whole reptilian garbage is nothing but a lure and a curveball that the new world order is using on radical conservatives and outspoken anti-illuminati agendaists. They want to make the REAL conspiracy theorists appear crazy to the nieve cattle or flock if you will. Every single day we turn on the television, radio, internet, we are faced with opinions and global organized propaganda. It is important to expose such things, and if Lady gaga is really part of this plan I wouldn't be surprised, but I think she is using "old fashion punk humor" to stir up the pot. I don't think she is a monarch butterfly or a slave to the cia. Is there somebody else running her show, well ofcourse there is somebody helping, but I think she knows what buttons to push to get a reaction and that's what she's doing.

    I guess you never know. Her music and videos are not shocking to me by any means. She makes me think of someone that was influenced by underground Post-punk music and she's using the attitude and look, while calling it pop and making radio friendly music, so that she can get to the top of the charts. There are a lot of artists in the underground that would be labeled "satanic" by mainstream Christians that do not care for her. They think she is ripping off the underground and selling it cheap. I don't share their opinion because lady gaga states who her musical inspirations are, and she does give credit to who inspired her.

    I make music myself, and never fit in the public mold my whole life. I was rejected by Christians who didn't understand my image or my view on life. If i made it in music they would have me in the controversy bin too, because since I'm different, my look or sound must be new age, or have some hidden sinister meaning.

    I was so angry with religious people that I probably would have thrown in hidden or obvious symbols to mess with people. That may be immature, but that is what gaga is doing. Trust me, If the Illuminati wanted to use somebody for public deception, they're gonna use an artist that blends in and get's the conservatives vote as well. Using someone bizarre would expose their sinister plan. Lady gaga in my opinion is toying with those in the acceptable mainstream.

  372. I enjoyed with your interpretation of this song. It was very amusing, but I completely, and respectfully, disagree. I understand that posting this took work, time, and courage, but I cannot agree with your opinion on this song.

    Kevin, five posts up, is a good argument against your work. It would be interesting to see your counterargument.

  373. The song makes a lot more sense now! I really enjoy watching Lady Gaga's videos, despite all of the occult references. I'm not into the occult and definitely hate it but if the song has a good beat, I'll listen to it. It doesn't mean I'm going to start worshipping satan. Besides, our entire culture/world is filled with occult symbols. There's no escaping it.

    What I think is that Lady Gaga is exposing the industry's filth with Bad Romance, and yes, showing how one must submit to all of that if you want fame. The video makes this so obvious. I agree to what Kevin says (4 posts above mine).

  374. Im a big big fan of Lady Gaga and from the start I knew there's something weird about her songs.. Especially this one coz honestly i dont really get what it means until now. Im so glad someone who knows a lot about these stuff shows up and explains everything. Thank you.

    From the video itself, the moment i saw the gazelle heads i knew it was occult. You're just ignorant if you dont notice that. I'm not saying that gaga is evil or what but lets just be honest.. There really is something wrong with her and to the stuffs that she does on stage and i agree that it really is getting worse. The only solution here is to ask Lady Gaga who her GOD is coz it can be someone else or worse.. something..

    Maybe Lets all not be so ignorant about things like these. You all know in your hearts that there is something wrong. Just dont deny it. True that "ignorance is a bliss" but not everyone is ignorant. There are souls who seek answers.. wisdom and I bet we all know where these people go to after this lifetime.

    But then its still your choice. Your call. May GOD "Jesus" Bless us all. ^__^

  375. Even before I have read this article, I know that lady gaga is not really normal.. It is very obvious on the MTVs that there were something creepy behind those songs.

  376. So, I'm kind of feeling ignored here. My comment was @319. I asked about the singer Enya and whether she has been co-opted. Yet nothing. I would like to know if anyone has any knowledge of this. Can someone at least have a comment about ENYA????? Is that so difficult? If nobody knows, at least say so.

    Here it is 2010, and all the comments are about gaga. Well, Enya is a musician also and much better than gaga.

  377. so all of this occult symbolism is incredibly interesting. one question though – if lady gaga were a satanic illuminati puppet, why would she (or, more appropriately, why would her masters allow her to) reveal her affiliations through the blatantly esoteric symbolism present in, for example, the bad romance video? isn’t it more likely that through her performances, her dress, her mannerisms, her symbols, etc. etc. she is condemning the corruption of the music industry? what do the illuminati stand to gain by exposing their connections to mainstream media?

    i read the bad romance video less as an exultation of corruption, and more as a warning. assuming that the romance lady gaga wants to have is with the music industry, and with fame, is her description of it at all positive? she uses words such as “ugly,” “disease,” “psycho,” and the visuals (as noted on this page) imply exploitation, prostitution, control, etc. to me, this seems like derision, not praise of the industry’s methods of grooming young stars. in addition, the bad romance video ends with her burning her male suitor (a symbolic representative of the music industry) to a crisp. this seems to imply that she’s using the industry as leverage. by assimilating into it, she can subvert it, thus gaining a much higher level of artistic independence.

    i think that unlike so many vacuous pop stars who are unwittingly pawned by the music industry, lady gaga is a sly subverter of its intentions. she consistently makes unique, compelling visual work that subtly calls attention to the inner workings of a monolithic social structure. in order to change such a structure, people have to organize and act from both within and from without. it seems to me that lady gaga is not a puppet of the music industry, but rather an incredible performer and artist who is attempting to subvert it from within.

  378. i really love lady gaga and her songs are really leaving me breathless…. but when i discovered that lady gaga is like this…. i dont know what to say 😀

  379. Thank You!!! I have been waiting for someone like you to come along!!! So glad i am not crazy and this stuff is all real. I cant wait till everyone sees it for what it really is. Keep up the good work!

  380. Well, there sure are many opinions. I seldom listen to opinions nad form my own. WHen she came out with this song and went on stage I watched everythign I could find about her and studied her body language, interaction and so forth. I sincerely believe she knows exactly what she is doing and is tremendously more intelligent than being given credit for. As for all the Devil worshipping association and analyzing her every move, one can come up with many different theories. As I have went over these psot, I ahve seen peopel say, oh thank you so much for helping me understand! In a sense you also are manipilating the people and selling yourself for ratings just as she is also. However, she has control as it is her music and her design. Whereas you would not have anything if she did not make the video. You need her more than she needs you. You will delete posts you do not agree with, she has taken her lumps and does not have the luxory of deleting the negative knocks she is taking.. She is a young talented 23 year old female who is having the time of her life. Let her enjoy it, she is not hurting anyone. If anything she seems to be inspiriting in a creative sense to the masses.

    But keep knocking these people down, I guess we all need a web site site and thank God we have the right…at this time to say what we feel.

    I will check back and see if my post is still on your site. BTW..there is good information on this site and I did learn a lot but I do not agree with the deep conspiracy theories and never have.

  381. I’m a GaGa fan, I actually love her. But this stuff you write really sticks in my head. Everything she does has this power to stick in your head and when I listen to her music I literally can’t stop moving, well dancing. Idk, this is all so iffy. Really interesting though. I commend you for being so sourceful and respectful in your research.

    Btw, not to help or harm, but the demo of “Bad Romance” and the “Rah Rah Rah”s were original to happy sounding so they got changed to what we here now. Idk if that has anything to do with your symbolism or whatever, I just found it interesting.


  382. To get more info on why Pagan symbols are used so much, and why these people have the agendas they do…look at some of Chris PIntos work on youtube. One good one is "The New Atlantis" it has eight parts to it, ten minutes each. But it practically sums this all up for the beginner. Things will click after you watch it. Then watch "Riddles in Stone" after that. It talks a great deal about the architecture of D.C. and how our government since it's inception, has been worshiping the pagan gods and stars, to gain global power.

  383. these comments are hilarious. i couldn't contain my laughter after post 10.

    p.s. lady gaga is awesome and hot and i'm pretty sure the author is misinterpreting the meaning, but i admire that determination.

  384. ok..this is all good and ineteresting, but i wonder if you should really look this deep into it. i mean why would she want to enclose so much hidden symbolism in her videos if she is doing it actually for her fans who wouldn't understand all those meanings behind. wouldn't she want to bring her listeners a readable message not something they cannot understand. that sounds just stupid. though i can't say that there are no hidden meanings. i wouldn't know.

    about illuminati..geez..does lady gaga even know about them? i mean..they rule the music world? again..i wouldn't know, but shouldn't you have proof before saying that? it sounds as a crazy theory right now. and i have noticed that lady gaga really likes to do really akward hand movements. i seriously doubt that there's anything to so with illuminati(them being real or not doesn't matter)

    btw. did anyone notice that she was crying in her video?

  385. This is my first time on this site and it is very interesting! Now that I know these things they are very hard to ignore.

  386. this is absolutely sick. like in rihanna's umbrella music video, where she is raped by the devil, i havent been able to watch or listen to that song since.

  387. If any or all of this is correct (sorry, septic by nature) then the girl is in deep trouble according to Dion Fortune who said 'Never, never mix disciplines.' Thought provoking though.

  388. luxzho, watch the video again. Gaga's "purchaser" presses a button that registers his bid on her!

    VC, I watched the video and stopped some of the frames with Gaga in her "cage"; these images only appear after she has been "drugged" with the vodka. I think the demon Gaga symbolizes her inner demons that are released when she resigns herself to performing for her audience of bidders. She also holds up 3 fingers and her hand looks very claw-like, in another "demon" scene she's holding up her hand and forming a 6 with her fingers.

    I enjoy Gaga's music–it signals a return to really good club music and our entire family appreciates her talent and her artistic nature. However, the images that she and her handlers choose for her videos are so blatantly sexual and messed up—very disturbing for young people to be viewing those sort of images that they wouldn't/shouldn't be exposed to otherwise. It's a shame, too much, too soon. She has enough talent to last a lifetime, but is in such a rush to achieve world-wide fame. How will her audience grow with her? I will be happy to continue to listen to her music, but I am expecting her next video to be even more graphic and explicit. Don't know if she'll ever be told "enough" by the individuals who stand to make money hand over fist from their exploitation of her williness to be the freakiest b#t&h in the music industry!

  389. I enjoyed reading your other posts on Lady Gaga but I must agree with post 861 and say that I feel some points in this video has been over analyzed. E.g. The placement of a triangle arm and head placement…

    Besides that after re-watching the video I believe that the fingers and eye placement was deliberately done so to make it obvious because of the slight pause, as opposed to the fast paced dancing seen throughout the video.

    I don't know if this has any significance but did you notice the symbol on the middle finger of the 'mafia' man when they show him on the bed drinking? (also post 855)

  390. I think Lady Gaga is very different from many other artist, but I have to say she has an excellent voice and puts on a great performance. Thank you for the information and the pictures you have provided.

  391. This is totally not going to help things but shorty before her new cd came out, and this video, it was revelaed the Marilyn Manson and her had formed something of a bond and that he was influencing her articticly. Knowing Brian Wilson's love of fake occult imagery and media mind control this may very well be a perfect storm of image styling on Gaga's part. A nice call out to those that follow this sort of thing (ie: you). Much like an artist name checking Alex Jones or Art Bell, this may just be an example on one of "us" getting famous. It's happened before (X Files, Lone Gunmen, Big Bang Theory) and it will continue to happen again and again. "We" (meaning you) tend to forget that a lot of smart people follow the paranormal trends that are out there, then get famous for being smart and creative. Lady Gaga strikes me as one, along with Manson's twisted sense of humor. Have you ever felt you were just getting played, like the "Alien Autopsy Tape"? "We" (meaning you), are no longer the minority….the weird is out there, just waiting to make money off you.


  392. Hey:)

    tottaly inlove with your website. theres a dvd out, about the anti-christ' i cant remember what its called again but i know they speak about madonna and rihanna and her umbrella poses and how they symbolise the anti-christ. so more and more i think that that era is dawning on us, where there'll be many people and prophets who'll claim they are the son of Christ, and only by faith will we know whether it is true or not, yet nobody can tell when Our heavenly father will be coming, all im saying is be aware of Satan and all those evil dark forces.

  393. I just want to point out, satin is a christian creation and you all can keep him and satonism has nothing to do with pagonism or wiccans. The five pointed star was stollen from us and turned into something evil and now whenever ppl see it they think we'r evil. I still like this song, I can't find fault in Gaga using it since she's merely doing what everyone else is, but I do see how it stands for occult.

  394. Notice the Cross IN the Picture with the bat on her head and her weird hand gesture you can see a cross in the middle of her…between her mouth and her hand!

  395. This article is very interesting and offers a point of view that is agreable to certain people. Everything we see on TV and in movies is there by design. EVERYTHING. However, the motivations can be less than clear and not obvious. People do things for tons of reasons, shock value, to be perceived weird or artistic, etc. Not everyone in the entertainment industry is a card carrying member of a satanic cult.

    When I was a kid in SoCal, the local TV evangelist (Paul and Jan Crouch) had their son on there who was excitedly pointing out how evil the rock and metal bands of the day were. They were pointing out things on album covers (yeah, albums) and playing them backwards listening for secret messages to/from Satan. Very sensational and totally believed by my parents. It was extremely annoying for a young teen as I was. lol But much like everything in life, it's all marketing, gimicks and crap that made you buy more.

  396. I posted two comments on 4 Feb… funny how they disappeared? Guess the idea of free speech works only one way… tsk tsk, so childish and typical christian.

    Have fun in your sandpit, oops… litterbox!

  397. roma was the original name for gypsies in the 1800's who practiced sorcery, fortune telling and witchcraft. You can find information by googling roma and the sacred text of ancient Egypt.

  398. I have recently listened to Gaga's music, and instead of analyzing it, I did what others do. Just enjoyed it. Is it really that hard to do?

  399. I want your psycho

    Your vertigo stick

    Want you in my rear window

    Baby you’re sick

    Rear window is also a Hitchcock film!!

  400. Oh my dear. I've been reading your articles for a while now and there is no way this is just all a coincidence. I cannot believe the entertainment industry uses such blatant signals and yet no one seems so pick up in them. It can't be a coincidence that so many artists want these signs and symbols in their videos, I mean there are so many normal ones. This is unbelievable.

    Thank you by the way.

  401. omg!this was really analyzed shocked!!!!!!!i love ur website hope to c more analyzations!!!!!!!!!thnks for clearin up what i thought of at first-lady gaga's personal style of fashion n video presentations! now i know and understand wht its all abt!

  402. I found this analysis quite insightful, thank you. Something I picked up when watching the video was the symbol of the sensory deprivation tank and its link with her views of the christian church. The wording on the front, as mentioned in the article shows this negative view, but perhaps the tank itself symbolises being "in" the church and portrays her view that it restricts you're ability to feel, due to various rules. However this may just be a personal interpretation and not a deliberate message.

  403. Thank you for the extremely insightful and excellently articulated analysis! It seems like there is also something to say for the numerous cages and enclosures that trap Gaga throughout the video, especially her costumes that imply a kind of bodily entrapment: such as the ectoskeleton costume, the Alexander McQueen heels that are reminiscent of foot binding, and the strappy red number that covers and crosses all her most private parts while evoking a tied-up aesthetic, to name a few. By this point, it's probably redundant to point out that Gaga is also interested in the bodily cages that the fame dictates, or perhaps that the female gender dictates.

    Once again, I really enjoyed your analysis. I've recently written a piece about Gaga as a modern trickster figure:
    I would love your comments and criticisms if you have the desire and time.

  404. I have always been obsessed with this song. It's been out for ages now but I still regularly blast it out of my stereo! When I first saw the video, I was absolutely dumb-struck. I just couldn't get over how much was going on and the intensity in each scene, whilst also maintaining a coherent plot. Your analysis just makes me admire her more and provokes a lot of different reactions!

    I've saved your site in my Favourites and will be coming back for more!

    Thanks Mate – McT'!

  405. Asmodeus/Baphomet- Demon of Lust/Love, and Revenge in that order. Hence the chorus song lyric,

    "I want your love, and I want your revenge"

  406. WOOWWWWW! the bible says that satan is the ruler of the world and this shows that his influence permeates every part of it and that Christendom is really closely connected to him at the hip! THANK U!

  407. I AGREE WITH 53…


    • "Who the hell fell from the sky and made men god?"

      That comment had me laughing my ass off.

      Satan was cast out of heaven and tricks men into thinking they are gods.

      REAL Christians don't "look down or judge others". The bible tell us to love one other as we love ourselves. Also to love even our enemies.

      People must not care much about themselves so they treat everyone like s**t they come in contact with.

      There are alot of fake "christians" also that don't practice what they preach. (Gay megachurch pastors in churches that scam for money. Gay catholic preist/church members that are raping boys. Actions speak louder then bullshit words.

      At least christians don't go around killing and cutting of the heads off anybody that speaks out agaisnt their faith or religion or about Jesus Christ. Thats what muslims of the Islamic faith/religion do.

      The bible is about learning the truth and about love.

  408. Facts are facts!! This masonic stuff is being shoved in our face in clear site. Eyes Wide Shut!!! says it all. The devil's greatest trick was convincing the world he didn't exist. Well, the Illuminati's greatest trick is convincing some of the world that these symbols and symbolic rituals don't exit.

  409. When I first heard this song I knew it represented something more than the strange lyrics. Although it was catchy and I hummed the tune a bunch, the words didn't feel right. I watched the full video today and was stunned by her use of props and scenes, I knew she was trying to tell some kind of story… I googled for an explanation and here your analysis came. Super job! and I thank you for being bold enough to post it.

    Music is not just sounds and lyrics, it provokes emotions, feelings, and thoughts you may or may not be aware of. Ever try to watch a scary movie on mute? Sound is everything. This isn't just a harmless song. She's got a message and is makign it known. Thanks for the interpretation

  410. 1) What is the symbolism behind the bra that shoots sparks out of it? Is it because she feels that she can use her breasts as a weapon against the illuminati?

    2) @neil,

    I see the wind in the trees

    gently they roll with the breeze

    how is the child undermined

    feelings that are so unkind

    truth escapes the sentiments of life

    purposefully embedding all its strife

    the whale dances as the waves roll by

    endlessly reflecting the midnight sky

    where are my crackers and where is my dip

    watch your back as you take your trip

    suffice my desires as my heart yearns to know

    i all can say is…

    are you single?

  411. Lady Gaga is a pop icon/pop culture reference machine. It is what she does and what she is set to do in all her videos. I think there should be more focus on our country and nations issue and less on the "symbols" behind her music. Its entertainment, its music, its suppose to be different and artistic if it wasn't then it wouldn't be pop culture. I don't know was Elton John, Andy Warhol or Madonna cultist– I guess you'd say yes….

    its pop culture-take a class on the art of pop culture—JEEBUZZZZ!

  412. I see the Satanic Quad (Beyonce, Jay Z, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift) flaked out on the "We Are the World" recording…HOW PREDICTABLE!!!

    • Disgusted,

      Did you ever think that maybe they weren't asked to do it? Get over yourself and your ridiculous conspiracy theories. Bunch of narrow minded Bible Thumpers

  413. My gods. Its as if people dont know what to make of symbolism.

    The analysis holds up, so long as you read "illuminati" as simply whoever the powerful executives, record label, or what not has the purse strings at the moment.

    Small side note, especially given her extreme sexualized symbolism : Going from white outfits, to a bed, to red outfits is a -loss of virginity- allegory. From pure to blooded, yes?

    As far as I can figure, she deliberately crunched down, and put conscious effort into weaving as many coherent allegories together in the video, representing her general "character" arc, and now everyones convinced its evidence of some ancient conspiracy?

    Guys, its called a little artistic effort… Really. Its something cool, fascinating, and definatly the sort of thing you can sit down and pick apart, but this isnt some programming or hypnotic thing…

    Those allegories, symbols, and substitutions? They're exactly that, just ways to hold one coherent set of images, all while alluding to a secondary layer of meaning. Which you'd have to REALLY research and analyze to get. So no ones going to be subconsciously affected by something they wouldn't -get-.

    Beyond that, the characterization of the "in power" group in the video or the song is that said group is ridiculously horrible, and she's going out of her way to give herself up to them. (I'm a free b***h, to which I gather she's free to 'them'."

  414. Hey Jordan,

    Don't you know these are all the same people? Genocide, Corporate takeover (or is it corporate takeover of government, and government takeover?) Either way wake up man, these ARE ALL THE SAME PEOPLE. There's more than one way to skin a cat.

  415. Hey Nicole thanks for telling everyone to take mind altering chemicals, so they can ignore what's going on today. You just discredited your whole argument with that sentence.

  416. Did anyone else notice the hissing Sphynx cat? This could be a symbol of the Egyptian Sphinx. Although the sphynx breed of cat did not actually come from Egypt.

  417. Omb that i so fuc@ true dam i never thought of it that way…omb u r so crazy in bringin out ur points..dam the devil gets in us 1 way or another..Fuc@ thank u 4 this great info man u saved my soul,thank u 😉

  418. There is indeed a connection between Rihanna and Lady Gaga in the way that both include similar symbols in their works… ln both Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette” and Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” there’s a black box with controls on the top at the beginning… They push it and it all begins, like they come to life or something because of the control… Is this their controller giving them life?

  419. Vomit,

    That's all I want to do when i see some of these so called "artists". It's so sad the establishment chooses robots over real artists in this industry. All that matters is if you can be manipulated to the Powers That Be, for their agenda to destroy the morals of the public. VC you do an excellent job at exposing these liars, and I pray that more people wake up and support real artists, that aren't paid to be puppets.

  420. Gaga is a talented, gifted, singer, songwriter and performance artist. The gift of her art is to deliver melody, rhythm, sensual delight to whatever senses you choose to bring and on top of that she is clever enough to engage people's minds in a stimulating and thought provoking way. I trust she is or would be grateful to you for taking her bait and imagining what you can due to her inspiration. If only you could train your insight into the real manifestations of evil in this world and let the lady just dance and sing.

  421. well, first i want to say thanks for the info. and second i want to introduce. im a teenager who lives in mississippi and i love lady gaga. but i guess that thought has changed in the last couple of minutes.well any way im a christian like u and to days preaching at church was about how some music has hidden messages much like u reveal here and so i decided that i would look up some of my fav it led me to ur web site and while me and my mother looked thought the site we were shocked. and i want to ask u a question, well do u have to get baptisited to go to hevean and on the lil wayne thing its says that the snake made eve eat the apple but no where in the bible does it say it is a apple it said it was a forbiden wont that be confusing to the people whom are new in christ? not that im tring to offen. cause i really need answers to those questions.

  422. it can be truth or not

    but something no one can deny:


    Theres something very evil in LG

  423. Nicely said, thank you for these information.

    Do you have an article on the one world order?

    The group Illuminati is also pushing the one world order, hope you can have an article on that as well.

  424. Look at the video "Bad Romance" at 0:13 you see a music thing, im not sure what is is but there is something interesting about it. Now look at the video "Russian Roulette" at 0:20 you see the same music thing. I believe that Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Jay-z, and Beyonce are all connected together. they are part of an Illuminati.

    • Katy Perry also seems to be a reptilian shape-shifter. Beside other videos I found

      a new report on (German) where she symbolized the devil horns with her hands in the public (London),

      and later one can see in a part out of a video clip that she has these eye slits that never can be light reflections

      on normal pupils, I tried to copy these 'light effects' – to me it's impossible.

      Half a year before I thought such things could never be real (the same with UFOs), but now I believe in these things with rather certainty.

      And that's no fun or sports to me. It's scaring because I don't know really how to cope with that.

      But on the other side I heard it's better to win over one's fear because then these creatures will lose.

    • Nice catch, those are expensive wireless speakers called Zikmu Parrott by Stark. That is the top view of the speakers that you are seeing in both of the videos.

  425. I understand how all these symbols come together, but I find it neccessary to add that Gaga shares most of her meanings with the public very openly. If you actually listen to and research Lady Gaga, her whole album of fame and fortune represents other people's obbsession and willingness to fame-not her own. I think this video was made more to shed light on fame and the famous rather than tell how much she wants it. She grew up in a nice, catholic, italian family, and I doubt that she sold her soul.

    • I totally agree with you, Carmen. I mean, all this information about her being catholic can easily be looked up online, even Oprah has told the public of this. I think that maybe they were looking WAY too deep into the meanings of this music video. And quite frankly, I hate all this religious bullshit that the "Super Christians" (as I like to call them) bring up. I'm not stereotyping Christians- or any other religion- but I feel that it is completely ridiculous to make such large assumptions about something as simple as a music video.

      Lady Gaga is odd. Obviously she likes to express it in her music videos and out in public. It's really not as big of a deal as most others are making it out to be.

      I appreciate that you have actually done your homework on Gaga before making a final decision on what to post online. It makes you seem very open minded and quite clever. 🙂

  426. … Some interesting comments – but good heavens…. your religious zealots are highly amusing – always on the lookout in order to make your judgements….. I am by no means knowledgable about your book of rules that you live your lives by – the word of God – the bible – with soooo many different versions and interpretations…. I too believe in God – as He is in all of us – What I DO know about your book of rules is that it CLEARLY states in there that YOU CANNOT JUDGE OTHERS – only God has that ablility and that right – and He does that when our spirits leave this physical realm – BUT – you fanatics freely give your judgments…. Sad that you believe you are within your rights to do so!

    • A wonderful observation and a widely quoted verse. You will also find in our "Book of Rules", as you so charmingly named it, says in Ephesians 5:11: "And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them." And it tells us to "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.” (Luke 21:36) and also "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour." (1 Peter 5:8).

      I am very glad that Vigilant Citizen decided to post these articles and expose the darkness so that we don't have to see everything as they want us to see it. VC saw something off and did their research and is now warning those they can.

      16 These are the things you shall do:

      Speak each man the truth to his neighbor;

      Give judgment in your gates for truth, justice, and peace;

      Zechariah 8:16

      • it was not judging there is only one righteous JUDGE…it was critiquing…peeling away of layers…exposing by still shots so the masses(herd) might come out of darkness into light…so much masonic imagery/symbolism would have been missed otherwise…quite apparent you dont know what road you're traveling down-your dues aren't paid in full-& you dont know where the next meetings at…we recognise a fake at a distance…neither are you active—-yours truly—-clandestine cat dadi

  427. @jp- What is on the floor behind her at the VMA performance is the mask she was wearing the the beginning of the performance. Her lace cloak is on the other side of the stage. lol

  428. Something strange is going on hey VC check out this new artist name JET PHYNX!!!

    his new video DARK LIGHT on youtube…I think he’s next

  429. People are easily manipulated by the media and what is considered famous today. I am worried that people, especially youths, will see someone getting famous off of not only exploiting herself and by shocking her audience, but by endorsing the “sale” of young, attractive women. People will not see the deeper meaning of Gaga being “sold” to the music industry, they will only see her being SOLD, and subsequently that is it somehow acceptable because it’s on TV.

    It’s becoming shockingly clear that not only does the sexual slavery buisiness exist (and thrive), but it is not being rectified or even considered the horrific crime that it is. If people are allowed to see the concepts of sexual slavery in a light hearted way, then they will not see how horrifying, tragic and damaging that it is to the lives of its victims. This video appears to have Lady Gaga almost glorifying the sex slave industry, which sickens me. I am concerned that people will become immune to the horrors and cruelty of sexual slavery, and the evil that still exists in our world today.

  430. wua tenia yo muchas dudas y me las has aclarado
    te admiro de verdad!!!

    ahora quiero que me digan como puedo sacar esta melodia de mi cabeza!!!
    lo habran hecho a proposito para que sea escuchada???

    puede ser jeje

    sigue como vas

    eres genial!!

  431. @Apache – I know what you mean, it looked more like a piece of static/lint (I don't know what that is) you'd see on one of those old films, I might look into that.

    Ok, Vigilant, I concede, it does look like a triangle, but I still can't see the one you diagrammed. At 3:27 however you can see her and her dancers pointing at their elbow or with their fist at their elbow, I think that's the triangle. BTW please explain the triangle's meaning in occultism more if you can. It can't just be a phallic symbol, I'm reminded of a pyramid if it's anything.

  432. After the Dec 1 article about Lady Gaga's chronic sadness (google 'Sadness' and 'Gaga'), where she says 'I've been trained to love my darkness", as well as her collapse (where she 'cried for hours') and sudden recovery in Jan, I believe she almost certainly is bipolar. In fact, she openly admits that she's 'psychotic' in interviews.

    The antagonist in this song is not the music industry, but the depressive side of her disorder, which she embraces in order to keep being creative. ie she stays off medication on purpose since it would take away her 'edge'. If so, she's got Satan by the balls, and knows it. She could easily end up doing the 'Paparazzi' thing for real. We need to let her know that we'd much rather see a live Gaga than a dead one, even if it hurts her creativity!

  433. note that at about 4:57 whenshe spins a lightning nbolt appears on our right. nobody has covered this….. Lets speak on it

  434. Thanks for the breakdown! Very interesting stuff. I also like to read the intelligent comments, hate to go through the religious nutty ones. Learn how to walk and chew gum at the same time.

  435. Im a Christian. So occult thing is really happening everywhere. This world is ruled by Satan. Sad but true. She has sold her soul for fame and fortune. She will do this video to mock God and most people are not aware of what they are watching. I have listened to the song and heard it on the radio and it does not leave you it sticks in your head. I heard alot of people on here and everywhere say it sticks in your head. That is a brainwashing process. The imagery is intoxicating and so is the song. The video has lots of meaning going on at the same time. The devil is clever . Vertigo stick = vertical stick as she does the gesture for masturbating. Many more two meaning imagery and more. The devils work. She is seen as human with a protruding spine and web hands occult. Had to do with the Serpent of the sea . Which is the Devil breeding with humans. Its in occult literature. To go from her song just dance to this is way beyond it almost if not supernatural. Alot of this sounds crazy but it true and its happening.

  436. Thank you so much for exposing the true intentions of Hollywood. You have certainly opened my eyes and now I have and opportunity to speak to young ladies about what they are subliminally putting in their heads. Thanks again.

  437. you are brilliant, you should watch " the arrivals series" it's on youtube, well done and well said brother.

  438. Hi,

    Want to add some comment on the seqvence with the snake and focus on Lady Gaga´s spine.

    The snake is a representation of a "energy snake" all human beigns have in them.

    It is usually asleep and dorment at the genital region. When awakened it travels up the

    spine. Most of us have seen the egyptian faraos with the snake on their forehead.

    The snake on the forehead symbolises that the person in question is enlighted.

    The spine has 33 parts which is why the masons have 33 degrees. Today, the masons degree has nothing to do

    with the initiates grade of spiritual development.

    This I also have to say, their is no chance that the serpent rises in persons who obviosly are degenerates.

    What does happen to people who are sexual degenerates, is that their snake becomes very dark and dirty, and it travels the opposite direction, it goes down the spine, and develops eventually to what is called "satans tail".

    Sadly many people have this tail unawerely, some have it and they purposely grow it.

    This is an age of degeneration, and people who want to degenerate the masses even further know that this is

    done through the sexuality.


  439. OMG……and i thout i liked this song a lot……………….ok thanx for lettin us know this is some fine work.

  440. He ate my brain. And in its place he left a machine. I was scared at first, I thought; Pop ate my heart. But then he swallowed my brain. But then I thought, The Fame.

    I need more…to feed my pop heart. Give me more. I want the future. Gaga. Fashion. Technology. Dance. New York. Music. Pop culture. I want the fame. I can hear you. Can you hear me? Revolution is coming. And I want…what we want. You deserve…the future.

  441. As someone who has studied comparative world religions as well as the occult for almost twenty years, I find your theories intriguing and in many cases agree with your analyses. Many of the readers of your site seemingly self identify as Christian and I understand, as someone who was raised in a fundamental household, their point of view. However, correct me if I am wrong, I have not seen one reference to your personal beliefs, Mr. Vigilant.

    I personally no longer identify with any particular religion, but find truth in them all. A lot of religion is unfortunately fear based and I do get a sense of this from some of your statements. Yet, you give a neutral if not slightly positive hypothesis of the Black Eyed Peas and Pinocchio. It makes me wonder if you are actually more than one person.

    Very interesting. As a psychotherapist you fascinate me.

    • @Mystic As stated in the "Ask Vigilant" section, I consider myself a Mystic Christian. I am one person, but different works deserve different analyzes, depending on the message communicated by the creators. My views are not based on religion but on the intent of the authors in their use of occult symbols. If the goal of White Magic is to heal, the goal of Black Magic is to manipulate and deceive.

  442. I have a gift for you.

    This would be in reference to your peice on Lady Gaga's, "Bad Romance" video lyrics. I decided to research the etymology becuase I am convinced that entire song is an incantation.

    The term, ROMA is a latin acronym. Possibly in the context of this song, it may mean:

    Radix Omnium Malorum Avaritia (Latin: Root of all Evil is Greed)

    Hence, the INTENTION of the song's incantation could be to summon the 'spirit' of avarice in the mind of it's listeners. Everything is mind. Everything is intention. He controls the mind of others, also controls the actions of others.

  443. …now, you will never see anyone putting david' s star on their privates… That would be the end of their carrer…zionist only like to mess with other peoples religious symbols and desecrate them…how long will people keep putting up with this garbage and insults…after all it is us that alow this s**t to happen…it is us who purchase this garbage…Zionist dont watch this…they know its garbage…their kids are saved from this s**t…f****n cunts…yet they keep cryiing how everyone hates them for no reason…they killed so many talented people, they sucked their talents dry, made them make garbage art and then they would dispose of them…when will we say f**k you b*****s!! it's enough…

  444. Thanks for the great insight, and it all makes sense in a frightening way. Keep repeating to yourselves, readers, it's a nasty assed world out there and keep your wits about you. We may not know why these videos are so compelling and dangerous, but we are mere pawns in a world gone haywire. I recently read a book by Patti Boyd Harrison, who mentioned that Brian Epstein, the agent for the Beatles allotted the fab four a meagre allowance, and they didn't get to keep the millions and millions that they made. It sounds like they were being fleeced by someone at least in the beginning, and then Brian Epstein died mysteriously. The album cover of Sgt Pepper has a photo of a satanist (Aleister Crowley who resembles Dubya's mom, Barbara Bush if he was in drag). For some reason the album by Paul McCartney, called Ram, makes me a little nervous and disillusioned. John Lennon was shot by a satanist and so on and so on… this has been going on for quite some time. Man, I know way too much and must be on a hit list of some kind… oopps I have just been zapped by an illuminati owned satellite laser that has been aimed at my house thanks to the folks at google satellite maps and the roof is burning. Just kidding, but sometimes it feels that way (sigh)

  445. BTW if you look hard at the light after she is hanging you can see the demon take form… watch closely and you will see the multiple eyes form…. and the mouth full of sharp teeth.

  446. F**K THAT! if you look at the screen after she is on the ground and the whole stage goes red you can see BAPHEMOT BETWEEN THE PILLARS! THERE IS A SACRIFICE BEING PERFORMED at the 2009 VMA'S!

    HE IS THERE PLAIN AS FKING DAY>,…. you can see his eyes face horns everything!

  447. If you watch when Gaga starts to bleed during the vma's all of a sudden there is a human skull and maybe a bottle/candle? or maybe just a bottle on the floor behind her? most of the time when a mock sacrifice is performed for show… there is a real sacrifice being done very close by.

  448. You forgot where in the video she is walking in all gold and she has on hoof-like stillettos. This draws symbolism to a demon's or devil's hooves.

  449. My boyfriend's dad IS a mason.. and they are christians. I've known them for quite a while now and they DONT perform occult acts. All the symbols there are random. And if you've noticed, the items given emphasis there are the products lady gaga is advertising like the vodka

  450. You guys gotta be joking. Since when Baphomet has something to do with the Illuminati and when did the Horned One became the Devil? A horned God is one of the Old Religion's gods. Please. I was raised in a catholic family and I don't think religion/symbolism has anything to do with music. We see what we want to see. If you guys are so afraid of this Devil or whatever, then that's the only thing you are going to see!

  451. This one actually bothers me….

    It seems like she's trying to send a message. She knows who we are…

    And she's coming for us…

    I guess this explains why she won't return my calls =(

    Most likely the reptiles got to her first. Totally different group btw.

    We stick to money and media control, old school stuff

    *sigh* Poor Gaga.

    -Secret Master

  452. I think the contents are right,,.. i really do believe on what the statements says.. Lady Gaga was trully an evil, doing sexual intercourse into the devil is not wright… Cross is sacred,.,., we should respect..

  453. I agree that there is a lot of symbolism and negative/ evil force interacting in pop culture. But, i don't believe that sided with the devil and evil occulist is the only way in this world to become famous as Evil works its way into society so does Good and Righteousness thus i'm sure God( or whatever name you want to reference the holy one with) has promoted some individuals who choose to follow the path of righteousness to world-wide fame.

  454. the hand symbol you said you didnt know what it was,looks a little like 3 fingers and the symbol of 6 wit her pointer an thumb

  455. 1 note–she's not willing. Seeing her fight the two women who pull her from the bath, her less-made up face's desperate crying, her ultimate murder of her "owner" and *then* her lying in bed with him, these all show that she isn't willing. She joins in the dances, and climbs onto her lap, but just as a sex-slave engaging in sex isn't a willing participant, this on-screen persona is in no ways willing to be sexualized and essentially raped. Her gesture in the scene where the women pull her from the bath and rip off the cloth covering her breasts, is *not* one of praise but rather sacrifice (she's giving in, like a sacrificial lamb), pleading, and vulnerability. I'm not sure if you're a man or a woman, but as a woman I have felt the helplessness, subjugation, and horrified sexualization she is showing here (though not as dramatically, of course) and in aligning this character with sex-slaves, you can be sure she isn't saying she's a willing participant.

  456. Sorry if it has been said before, but the horned heads on the wall are actually one gazelle and a goat. The gazelle on the left of GAGA and the goat on the right. look closely!

  457. Great analysis and great video by Lady Gaga. Understanding the symbolism behind her work raises it from just good to brilliant. Thanks for your good work.

  458. Oh- and another thing, Lady gaga angers me in that she tries to make it seem like we should almost pity her for her hardships in becoming a pop-singer, when really he is the selfish stupid one who, in a nutshell, traded her soul for fame and fortune. Thats ALL she wants, all she has EVER wanted. She is so obviously-downright obessed with fame it disgusts me.

  459. “Point Break” is the "Official Headquarters of the Lady GaGa concert appearances in New York City." “Point Break” will be having promos, giveaways, drink specials, free merchandise and all the Lady Gaga you can handle. And also register for New York's first and only Lady GaGa lookalike contest on Feb 5th. Go to Point Break NYC website or Facebook page for details.

  460. Very well interpretated!

    but i have a few questions for you.

    What's your religion?

    Reading your articles, it seem as if your not a fan of music especially in the hiphop & r'nb, pop and rock.

    Is there a reason behind that?

    let me ask, singers such as Corrine bailey rae, alicia keys, usher, T.I., Adele and so forth because they are in the music industry do they have some satanic drive to them??

    Not going to pry but dont you think your over thinking it? I mean your right, these symbols may symbolise demonic characteristics but arent you being little too judgemental on themusic industry? Is there something you have against them?

    with this video and lyrics i think your right! i mean it makes alot of sense…how ever i fee as if she saying that she will take everthing that the music industry has to offer, al the good and the bad but whenshe ha taken all she can, the fame and what not she's gonna leave a mark…that it wont be the same again . i really dnt know how to explain what i want to say or how i want to interprete; but im asking if it could be that she jus doest want to be in it and dwell in it, but change it and shed some light…leaving the music industy different from what it is today?

  461. ok…not a bad analysis i'll give you that, but you forgot one thing that you never considered gaga doesn't need any media coverage, when bad romance hit on youtube, before any sort of radio play, or any sort of media promotion for that song, in one week it had hit 17,000,000 views on youtube, why is that, because of her fan base. she's got great fans, not to mention having a gay fan base always helps an entertainer. what can i say, we've got great taste. she calls her fans her little monsters, why?, because we are the freaks, the geeks, the people that dance in the dark and the normal people as well. without any sort of fan base, no entertainer can be successful, no matter how much the media machine pushes. not to mention, if the world is run by the free masons and the illuminati, who really cares, doesn't really affect my day to day life. something tells me they if they really do exist and control everything, have a bit more to worry about than what i do in my day to day life.

  462. Just one point, the image with the cross on her "privates" looks like giant Rosary beads draped over her. No, not respectful at all.

  463. WoW… tHis is LiKE amaZiiiNg……i ReALLY DID nOt knOw THis, But i'M GlAD i DO nOw…..I used to love her music. i ALWAys KnEW THER was A LiL SUMTHING TO IT bUt WaSn't SuRe… ThAnXXX!


  465. In response to 8 and 44, yes I feel gaga defintley uses a lot of MJ refrences. the lovegame video is ververy obviously reffering to MJ's 'bad' video, this is no accident. She even is at one point on a bus (see the full-version of bad), goes from one outfit to a black leather one, is in the same setting and even uses some of the setting in similiar ways (jumping over the bars you walk through). At the end of the video she/the dance group also does a very obvious MJ-esque 'crotch grab'.

  466. I would be laughing hysterically right now, except for the fact that you really seem to be serious about this… Lady Gaga is no more a tool of the Illuminatus than I am, and you have a perverse way of twisting everything into your deluded, paranoid, conspiracy addled explanations… a peace sign tattoo as a broken Christian cross? Baphomet? I cannot even begin to think of what kind of deprogramming you need.

  467. This is a response to all the narrow minded people:

    First of.. MANY artist.. use symbolism and visuals to protray a meaning.. just to relate to the song


    Ok.. she's an act.. SO are you going to tell me that someone who ACTS like a devil in a Movie is really a devil worshipper? someone who acts like a killer or villan in a movie is a villan? Give me a break.


    But why do people think the moment someone does SOMETHING remotely different. it's BAD?? It's Wrong? It's EVIL?

    come one plp.. don't be so narrow minded.

  468. thanks for this post! you really are a vigilant citizen. i’ll try to spread the word about your website so that more can learn from you.^^

    eniweis, this song’s also stucked in my head. that’s how i learned about your website.

  469. Wow Vigilant!

    This was such a thorough review. When I first saw the video I knew there was more to it than just the catchy tune. So I was googling for interpretations. And yours totally answered all my questions and gave me a new insight to Lady Gaga's videos. I somehow see her in a different light now. A very brilliant artist who stands alone and fights!

    I saw her on Oprah and she looks really different from her videos. Very mature and human, not weird like everyone calls her.

  470. oh my. i watched, just now, after reading your article, the real music video of BR. it send chills up to my bones! it's so creepy! >.<

    just a question, isn't it true that there are other people, the staff perhaps, who decides with LG about the video? how it'll go, the concept, and everything–many people, not just LG, brain storms about it, right? [or not?]

  471. I think you are amazing and may God all mighty continue to use you to sow light to his people who have been blinded by things of the world and one day their eyes will be opened to the evil around them…

    God bless you


  472. ANYTHING can be up for interpretations of all different kinds. If you are as vigilant as your title claims, you would be well aware of this and get a more productive hobby.

    This was ridiculously in depth. So much so that I could not help but laugh my way through the second half of it all. Anyone can pick any random item in the video and correlate it to some sort of evil cult! This article reminds me of numerous articles written in the 90's that proclaimed The Spice Girls to be the antichrist. LoL! They were full of fun "facts" and video symbolism. Perhaps you wrote an article then as well?!

    Oh one more thing, does the ice in the glass cup of the "Russian guy" have some sort of cult meaning too? Probably not, but I'm sure you'd be able to write an in depth article on how it just might have hidden meaning. I simply think most people like cold drinks. But hey… that's just my interpretation.

  473. I knew something was up the minute i saw this video. Keep writing these, it opens up ppls minds wo what they're really singing and listening to.

  474. Totally agreed, about her last picture on this post… she is performing the three fingers sign, another iluminatti hand sign. Thanks for posting this.

  475. You are absolutely brilliant!! I read everything on ur page from top to bottom and can i just say wow!!!! can i subscribe to u somehow???

  476. Actually, Lady GaGa is not making a triangle sign when she is singing. She is making the sign of the Cross because she is doing the rosary. Ha, Lady GaGa is a performer.

  477. another great job on exposing the devil! i never heard of this LGG before until a few days (months ago late last year) and i was wondering….."where did you come from?" seems like her rise to fame was instant. now we all know why. i have never been into here music…IT'S HORRIBLE! however, to see all of these demonic symbols and references that she and other music personalities are using in their videos is quite eye-opening.

    "You Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Free" – John 8:32

  478. Hmmm how about britneys LALALALALAAAA In if you seek amy ?? Or is it all a a a ahhhh thing that could be the devils meaning hes getting closer ??

  479. @ liver- interesting—

    revenge maybe for being cast out of heaven… bad romance is def referring to making pact with the devil.. and of course with her intelligence she adds different levels of themes and meanings to what they meant for her to portray in her videos- def something going on with russian maffia and dual meaning of "Ra"- though besides human traficking I dont get what it is about the russians- can you give some more info on that song–

  480. I enjoyed the article and, of course, Gaga’s work. I just wanted to add a few things here and there. First of all, her video is brilliant. Su is correct in saying that her video is a kind of “timeline.” After all, Gaga herself said so in one of her numerous interviews conveniently uploaded to YouTube. She said that her video was a representation of evolution, (and, consequently, her own evolution as an artist) that the “coffins” the dancers were emerging from at the beginning of the song were a kind of “egg/cellR