Natalia Kills’ “Zombie” and “Wonderland”: Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control


In the last few years, the pop music scene has incorporated gradually increasing doses of Illuminati mind control symbolism in its music videos. Newcomer pop singer Natalia Kills is definitely another step in this direction. While other pop stars blend subversive symbolism with other themes and subjects matters, Natalia’s videos appear to solely focus on mind control imagery. We’ll look at Natalia Kills’ career videos “Zombie” and “Wonderland”.

Natalia Kills is an English singer-song writer who signed with and Interscope Records. Not unlike other female pop stars, Natalia began working in the entertainment industry at a young age (7). In 2005, Natalia Kills was a rapper known as Verbalicious and released a single entitled Don’t Play Nice, a playful party-rap song with Natalia sporting a radically different style and image.

After being taken under the wing of Cherrytree Records, an Interscope imprint, her name changed to Natalia Kills, her musical style switched to electro-pop and her overall image became a lot darker, fashion-conscious and twisted. In other words, she morphed into an Illuminati pop star.

Although not at the same level of worldwide popularity, Natalia Kills is often compared to Lady Gaga. Though her fans probably don’t appreciate the comparison, there are indeed several similarities between the singers: They both began singing at a young age; they both signed with Interscope’s Cherry Tree Records; they both underwent an extreme metamorphosis after being signed becoming edgy and hyper-sexualized; both changed their artist names after signing with Cherry Tree; both worked with the same producers (count the shout outs to Cherry Cherry Boom Boom in their songs); and most significantly, both incorporate heavy occult and mind control imagery in their videos.

There is a slight difference in Natalia Kills’ world, however: believe it or not, the mind control imagery and symbolism is even more blatant. Her songs and videos can actually be read as a diary of a Monarch programming victim (for a detailed explanation of this term, please read the article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control).

Natalia’s world is dominated by the concepts of torture, oppression, sadistic handlers, violence, sexual abuse and drugs. In all three of her videos, Natalia is degraded and abused, always combining sex and violence (our two most primal instincts).

Natalia’s first single, Mirrors, flaunts all of the seemingly obligatory references to mind control through symbolism (fractured mirrors, caged heart, etc.) and BDSM (Bondage/Domination/Sadism/Masochism). However, it is her two subsequent singles, Zombie and Wonderland, that clearly associate Natalia with Monarch mind control (to those who understand Monarch symbolism, the names of the songs alone say it all). Let’s look at the symbolism of these two videos.


Without the video, Zombie appears to be a song about being in love with a cold-hearted guy who does not return phone calls.  Aw. The setting of the video, however, definitely does not match this interpretation: Natalia is strapped to a table in what looks like a cold laboratory (mind-control facility?), and is controlled by an unseen person who is sadistically torturing her … and with whom Natalia is in love.

In the context of the video, it becomes clear that the lyrics are actually about the sick, twisted, forcibly generated infatuation felt by a slave towards her handler. The beginning of the song describe the relationship:

I’m in love with a zombie
Can’t keep his hands off me
I think he’s looking at me
But he’s looking right through me

You think you’re so cool boy
Blood rushing through my veins now
Do you want me for my body
Do you want me for my brain, brain, brain, brain

Can’t keep his hands off me is one of the references to the abusive nature of the sexual “relationship” between Natalia and her handler. The last two lines of this verse are actually the most chilling: Do you want me for my body/ Do you want me for my brain, brain, brain, brain. The handler, aka the zombie, actually wants her brain, meaning the ultimate goal is mind control. He is abusing her to cause trauma and dissociation, which psychologically creates alter personas, the ultimate goal of Monarch programming. The video makes it clear: We are definitely not talking about a pretty-boy player who does not return calls, but a sadistic, Josef Mengele-type figure. So the Zombie is a mind control handler and the song’s chorus is “I’m in love with a Zombie” … disturbingly wrong yet most listeners will never get the song’s true meaning (zombies are so cool, right?).

After witnessing this cold, robotic single, I had the feeling that Natalia’s subsequent videos would be nothing less than symbolism-fests, since new singers always push the blatantness a step further … guess I was right.



To those who know are familiar with mind control symbolism, the name of this single, Wonderland, is a dead giveaway that there will be more here than just music. Alice in Wonderland is the primary movie associated with Monarch programming, as it is an actual programming tool. Using associations in the movie, slaves are indeed encouraged to “Walk through the looking glass” – meaning they dissociate from reality. In the fairy tale, Alice enters a fantasy world where everything is magical, inverted and unstable, a world similar to the slave’s internal world, where everything can be modified by the handler.

Knowing this, the otherwise seemingly random and incomprehensible story of the video Wonderland starts making sense. If you have read other articles on this site, you can probably recognize and identify the meaning of these symbols, since they are found in countless other music videos. The constant use of the same set of symbols across popular culture is not a coincidence: A story is being told in veiled terms for those who have “eyes to see”.

The song itself speaks of disillusionment towards the magical world of fairy tales. This feeling is particularly true for mind-control victims, who are programmed using fairy tales by their handlers. The enchanting world of these stories is of course in sharp contrast to the horrid day-to-day reality of these victims, but they are programmed to recognize parallels between the stories and their disassociated inner-psyche. This is reflected in the first verse of Wonderland:

I’m not Snow White, but I’m lost inside this forest
I’m not Red Riding Hood, but I think the wolves have got me
Don’t want those stilettos, I’m not, not Cinderella
I don’t need a knight, so baby, take off all your armor

This verse describes the mental confusion (lost inside this forest), the control by handlers (I think the wolves have got me) and even the sexual abuse (Don’t want those stilettos) inflicted on MK victims by the very same people who tell them the fairy tales. Despite these references, one could argue that the song itself can be interpreted as wanting “true love” and not “make believe”. Well,  as always we can turn to the video for clarification… and in this video is is pretty clear, there is no love involved.

Filled with semi-subliminal flashes of powerful words and gruesome images, the video makes no allusions to a love interest, but plenty of references to mind control. Some of the phrases flashed on screen are actual mantras hammered into the heads of mind-control victims to confuse and traumatize them.

The video begins with a kind of ritualistic procession, where Natalia – dressed in red, the occult color of sacrifice – is forcibly lead somewhere by men in riot gear. The scene is peppered with short flashes showing the police beating people during a riot – placing the video in the context of an oppressive police state.

Natalia is followed by women dressed in black and holding a red flag, alluding to the ritualistic nature of this procession. She is taken to a  secured building where she is forced to attend a highly symbolic dinner.

The dinner table itself is replete with symbols alluding to mind control. Some examples:

In another scene, Natalia is shown being blinded by the hands of several unseen people. This symbolic image is also used in other mind-controlled themed videos to represent the handlers blinding and controlling the slave.

The dinner is held under the supervision of police in riot gear. As seen in previous articles, there is a conscious effort to “normalize” the presence of these symbols of a police state in popular culture, hence their presence in numerous music videos and musical performances (see the article The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music).

After “popping her pills”, Natalia becomes a little rowdy, prompting the cops to raid the place and savagely beat her up. She is then taken outside, where her sacrifice will take place.

In the beginning of the video, Natalia was shown dressed in red (the color of sacrifice) and followed by women dressed in black (death and morning). Her ritual sacrifice was planned from the start. In mind -ontrol terms, the process caused Natalia to dissociate, go to Wonderland and “lose her head”. The transformation, which occurred on the checkerboard patterned floor, caused Natalia to lose control of her mind and of her actions. Through the trauma of oppression, drugs and physical abuse, Natalia has dissociated and gone to Wonderland, the only refuge to her trauma.

As the axe goes down, the screen rips and the word “Wonderland” appears in red, associating the head chopping with the true meaning of the word “Wonderland” in this song. The video ends with an inspiring image, meant to uplift a generation of young minds:

In Conclusion

As pop star veterans lose their edge and their “magic”, newcomers sweep onto the scene to enchant pop fans all over again. Record labels and the Illuminati record industry as a whole are aware of the nature of the business, which is fueled by young people constantly seeking the next cheap thrill and the hottest trend.  In a matter of months, fans can go from “OMG she’s the best I’ll luv her forevz” to “Yawn, lame”.  So, in case people ever get tired of Lady Gaga, her record label is already grooming the next generation to serve up the Illuminati symbolism.

As the public becomes increasingly desensitized to the Agenda, videos keep marching towards more graphic and uncensored portrayals of mind control, which is arguably the most sadistic and evil practice in the world. Natalia’s videos can be read as a diary of a Monarch victim, where she describes a world dominated by oppression, torture, violence, sexual abuse and drugs. The horrific world of Monarch slaves is exposed as Natalia is abused and degraded by unseen forces, but the whole thing is presented as cool and fashionable.

Natalia does not currently enjoy the level of exposure of Rihanna or Lady Gaga. She however has everything it takes to become an industry favorite – a perfect candidate to lead a nation of Zombies to Wonderland.




  1. Very informative, as usual. The general public just has NO CLUE, or doesn't want to know. Many thanks!

      • Vigilant Citizen is the MAN!!!

        Yes lovely article and i would also like to request an article on judas pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!!!

      • I was actually waiting for an article for Katy Perrys ET, but then heard JUDAS and would much rather want a report on JUDAS.

        Thank you Vigilz (I call you Vigilz because youre my home dog for shizzle)

      • Great work! Thank you V.

        Please do an article on Judas although it is very obvious, and Britney Spears' last video as well. Two blatant videos have been missing and I have been checking for them like crazy every single day.

      • Cool one.

        Let the next one be E.T. by Katy Perry not Gaga's Judas. I don't think Judas has that much to cover up.

      • why do we need a judas one? it was semi-deep, but you can go to the message boards and find all the info you need.

      • A random thought on

        After all the reading you guys have done on symbols and what they mean just on this site let alone others and you still need V.C. to spell it out for you. your meant to be learning, becoming educated on the subject the very purpose of the site your looking at yet its seems not to be working. Watch Judas yourselves and use what you have learnt to understand it.

        or i guess you could just wait for V.C. to do all the work for you lol

    • Guys, here is a transcript of the first track from Natalia's album "Perfectionist". The "piece" is called Perfection.

      It's all spoken, and some words are repeated in a demon-like, very low voice.

      *Rattling of trays/paper*, Man begins to speak:

      "The subject seems obsessively concerned with power.

      Having control. Suffering from neurotic impulses.

      Experiencing feelings of extreme satisfaction and disappointment within moments.

      Possible fantasist, extremely volatile. Opinionated.

      Self-sentimental. Suffering from Daddy issues. Denial.

      Suffering from over-discipline and a lack of remorse.

      But not to worry.

      Just take two of these with perfection, and everything will be fine in the morning."

      That's an awful lot of "suffering" before someone even gets to the first musical track on her album. Is it me or is this getting far more in-your-face, far more obvious, very, very quickly? Anyone know why? Is there a deadline for all this stuff?

      Judas is self-explanatory – I'd be far more interested in "Nobody's Perfect" by Jessie J – and in particular, why the album version has the line "But no, I went and told the whole world how I feel" and in the single version it's changed to "'But JESSIE went and told the whole world how she's feeling". Dissociation, Alice in Wonderland programming, a huge "public apology" – I'd love to hear your take on it, VC.

      I feel bad for constantly requesting things – you're doing a fantastic job of keeping this stuff out there and reminding us not to fall for any BS. Whatever your next article is on, I'll look forward to reading it. x

    • Angie Berman on

      I am so blessed that I found this website. My friend used to sing gospel and signed a contract a year ago with a major industry producer. Anyway he diapered it seemed and now he's singing music that is so dark and he isn't the same.

      We don't talk allot anymore because he's busy. all of his music start talking about mind control and being hypnotized. I came here searching for answers. Parts of me want to think I'm over thinking it but I cant help but notice simulates from this site.

      Please pray for him and see if you see things as well


      • Angie Berman on

        I forgot to ad they changed his name to Sterling8 and he said the old him is gone and he is now reborn.

    • hey i never even heard i don't want even hear about her anymore the parents council shall hear about this but what do they care for the only what they are worrying about is to take of skins us version bullshit oh yeah she ant hot nor is Rhianna like how can you people like metallic women you should be ashamed of yourselves if you like them and another be honest did anyone ever know she had an perfume coming out cause i never heard about this but all I'm saying is that let your soul be Jesus p.s in psalms 3:14 or you can look through mattew this is a fact the bible says that only 500,000 people are going to hell don't believe me but that's a fact only because so many people have created so many sins ":<" the hobos you see on the side of the street holding up the signs saying that " the world is coming to the end but don't know when " thy is rite. thy means they in bible

  2. whiterabbit on


    Pretty disturbing. Things just keep getting worse in the world, and they just keep taking it further when they really shouldn't. Since when is the world supposed to watch a music video condoning WAR/MURDER/DEATH/SELF-HATE & think nothing of it. They are numbing us to everything, and preparing us for something big in hopes we are conditioned enough to handle it & accept it. The world is changing. Fast. Before our eyes. Not even when my dad fought in the war was it ever taken so lightly. Transhumanisation, Murder, & Now apparently Rhianna is the next form of natzi commander putting us in order in her "go hard" video, sitting on a tank canon with mickey mouse ears on. Smiling…?!!!

    Thank You VC! You through your hard work, dedication, & brilliantly explained articles have began to open my eyes and mouth- and many others too! GREAT JOB! (:

    • These things are true… they show these thing and our kids subconscious mind picks them up and they become immune to them….i believe something big is coming and the bible tells us it is coming soon…… the day is coming when people will have no regard for each other……Lord Jesus!!! I know he will protect his people…..

  3. wow! very disturbing and shocking! thanks for the great post, you really do open our eyes even when we think they are already open!

    • i was just thinking there is a lot of "bad" artists out there and you do a very good job uncovering them, i was wondering if you (vc) ever going to do an article about the "good ones" if there are any, i would very much like to know who are the good artists in the industry…. if such a breed does exists!

      • Yeah to me i believe there is the "good" ones who actually have a passion for singing and going on tour and love making music and having fans isnt that what it is actually about? and then you have the "bad" ones who have nothing better to do and think its cool what there doing like theyre trying to be original hahah BULLSHIT! and the one that comes to mind that to me personally i think is a "good" person is Enrique Iglesias , ive never ever seen him do any of this occult bullshit ever and if you look at him you never ever see him with these pop stars cause to me i know he knows what theyre doing so he just stays away from them. like to me thats what i would do , i wouldnt want anything to do with them . theyre pathetic.

        and i rememember an interview he did where they asked him about a music video he did with david la chappelle and i was like "oh no" but then he said he "didnt like it" "it didnt fit into what he liked , that it didnt make sense" so he never made it a real music video

        so im like i guess he figured out what this guy was trying to do and was like "FUCK THAT"

        and that was the end of it

        and i have never seen him with any of these artists the "bad ones" like no gaga. beyonce . jay z. kanye. katy . etc.

        and plus the britney enrique tour was supposed to happen but he dropped out and they said it was too much to carry both of them together and im like it was probably because

        he knows what they did to britney and hes stayingfar away from those people

        you get what im saying?

        so basically just look and see all the ones he works with you get a feel whos the good guys in the music industry and trust me you can SO TELL !! the bad ones are so FUCKING OBVIOUS ! its UNBELIEVABLE !

    • To be honest, I'm not shocked at all. The music industry has become so predictable. Whenever a new music video comes out (be it Lady Gaga, Rihanna or these new artists like Willow Smith and Natalia), I expect to see all-seeing eyes and mind control themes and I'm never disappointed.

      For me, it's a good thing they use these themes because it helps me know which artists to stay away from.

  4. this is just sad. like, i don't even understand. how do people NOT see the wrong in this?! people borderline WORSHIP these pop singers, calling them their 'mother.' and you'd better not try to tell them how awful it is, they'll turn on you and begin to bash you for attempting to show them the true colors of their favorite pop stars. i'm just glad i can see what's in plain sight.

    thanks for this article, VC.

    • yeah what I dont understand is WHY do people worship entertainers? It is the strangest thing really. why do they feel that someone who acts a part out in a movie or sings a stupid song that is completely autotuned is better than them and they should strive to be like them or do as they say? I just cant understand it

    • Look at the bigger picture: These people are probably growing isolated from a significant parent figure, raised by the media/TV as mom and dad (most likely each on their own) are way too busy working to make ends meet while trying to take care of their own broken lives. The scenario of both parents away from the nest (whether intentionally provoked or not is another matter) is ideal for these predatorts to take on the defenseless chicks.

      My sister recently went to a Lady Gaga concert and called me all freaked out the minute she got back from it, saying it was one of the creepiest things of her life, with Gaga giving them "all of her love" and "always being for them, abandoned lonely ones" while performing what my sister could only describe as satanic rituals, and said the show generally felt like a massive indoctrinatory session as Gaga endlessly spoke and shouted and cried between songs.

      These young people don't really worship God; they don't have much reverence for their parents either. So what happens when they are stirred by someone who claims to understand them and love them and in a diabolical Jesus/Hitler mix claims to give her life for them while closing with something to the effect of "I don't want your money, I WANT YOUR SOOOUUULS!!!!"

    • Essential Truth on

      What happened to Music!!?…how is this evil crap accepted by society!??…seems like all the years they spent Mass Programming and Desensitizing us is finally paying off huh

      Those behind the Music Industry are fully exposing who they really are and what their really about (just like the IMF's Chief this past weekend*)

      I mean the Money must be nice but damn…this is absolutely disgusting and degrading for Natalie…i don't even need to see a ritual, a contract in blood or anything like that…if this girl understood whats she got involved in beforehand and continued …she sold her soul as soon as she made this video in my eyes.. & she probably now wants a refund now like most of these Illuminati Artists

  5. creepy creepy creepy. And to think, in the 80's people were up in arms over such fluff as George Michael and I Want Your Sex! Hate the damn dolls and mannequins. I had a ventriloquist doll as a kid that I begged for and finally got for Christmas one year. It was in the garage sale that summer because it gave me nightmares.

    • Iamapilgrim on

      I had one of those Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist dummies when I was a kid. It scared me so much at night I had to get rid of it.

  6. I literally gasped when I saw the head on the ground. Is it REALLY necessary to have that in music videos? This world has truly gone mad.

      • this isnt even art, this is just a sick agenda fueled by sending mixed messages to the sheeple misconstrued as being something artistic. it would be different if this video was about a real message or awareness, then it could be considered artistic. but its just the same pop slut desensitizing people to the police stage agenda.

  7. I saw this video on much more music last week and thought it was really disturbing and violent…it didnt sit right with me, now I know why!..Thanks VC!..

  8. Say No To NWO on

    I'm sorry but honestly, i thk dis iz crazi.

    This symbolism is everywhere. It's getting ridiculous.

  9. WOW . What really scares me is that she used to be a regular person and came out w/ a song like a regular person and then right after she got signed with the "Cursed Label" she is like Lady Gaga , all twisted and sh*t ?? I wonder whats next ! I actually took a look at her music video and its just really bad . The video is just symbols all over and the music isn't even DECENT . I'd say Justin Bieber is better than her . I just dont get it , how do we stop these Illuminati retards??

    • YOU / WE can't stop it.
      Nature will step in to put us on a leash or kill the parasite that SHOULD have learned to be SYMBIOTIC but didn't.

      Maybe this just needs to be full blown before anyone truly notices.

      Oh well

  10. Why is there so much "electro-pop" lately? Could there be messages or beats that we cant hear consciously that affect us subconsciously? I mean I hardly ever head of an acoustic or even just a slower song or even rnb anymore, its all this dance electro stuff that seems to have layers and layers of beats and sounds… (sorry I dont know technical words) ? Just a thought..

    Its so distrurbingly obvious… how can people not find skulls, blood, violence etc disturbing? even if they cant believe the whole illuminati conspiracy thing, its undeniable that most of the film clips seem to have nothing to do with the songs and have a 'dark' feeling about them..

    and that different artists all seem to have a similar theme in their videos…

    Poor kids absorbing this sh1t!

    • I've also notice the electro-pop trend in music. Linkin Park, who were originally rock, went completely electro in their last album (note: they worked with Jay-Z). Even pop artists like Rihanna have gone the electro route. It's weird.

    • Reveal The TRUTH on

      Even though there is a lot of kids/teenagers brainwashed into this, there are a lot that aren't, Im a teenager and I love this website. I know heaps of other teenagers like me that know the truth. And also, I have also noticed the movement into electro/dance/techno music lately. Hate to admit it, but I like it. But I do definitely think that there is some subliminal message or frequency they must add in to push for nearly all mainstream music to be so up beat. Thinking about a decade back, there wasnt as much pop, and focus was mainly on slower, simpler music. hmmmmm……

      • yeah.. and also Black Eyed Peas music has changed to more electro…(I used to love the old stuff like 'where is the love', but now its crap dance rubbish) Rhianna, Usher, Chris Brown music used to be more rnb and now has changed just in the last few years..

        … I cant tell you who else has changed cos I dont listen to mainstream stuff anymore! but the odd time I do flick through FM radio stations they all seem to have that same electro dance beat blasting.

        I'm glad younger people see this stuff. I'm only 25 but I still find that its affected things for me – a fked up system blasting out these satanic messages really confused me for a while there! Questions about my role (or maybe that was just feminism that screwed that up) expectations, sex, body image, etc etc.. even when you dont pay alot of attention to media its there in the background. I found it difficult but im so glad that younger people know this stuff early on.

        Good on the smart kids who are awake, think for themselves and can see things clearly! You guys have so much power to see through and bring down the system.

    • I find that the beats and electro pop sounds and stuff help to drill in the lyrics and what I dare to call rhythm of the song. I always notice that even after listening to a Lady Gaga or Usher song once I can recall most of the words instantly, including the beats and rhythm. Maybe that's why they use electro-pop because they know it gets into the listeners head and will keep the overall message stuck in their head as well?

      • Yes, every bad/illuminati artist produces songs that get stuck in your head, even if you hate the song. The guy from Weezer, River Cuomo put together an unpublished book of the best tunes/songs ever made (the fundamental tracks which the human mind remembers/clings to). Its why so manysongs sound the same, they are using the rythym memory you have stored. And Weezer will get stuck in your head for days just as Eminem, Rhinna , GaGa and so forth to such a degree that you can actually hear it being played. Whereas an artist like Dr. Alban can make incredicle music, but it doesn't do that because Dr Alban creates an unpredictable sound that the mind doesn't have already stored in the subconcious.

      • you might find this link interesting:

        scroll down to halfway

        "[Eleanor White's comment: This is why we don't "hear" ordinary

        radio and TV signals.]

        Thus the rate of change (the first derivative) of the waveform of

        the pulse is a CRITICAL factor in perception. Given a

        thermodynamic interpretation, it would follow that information can

        be encoded in the energy and "communicated" to the "listener".

        take care everybody

    • yes.

      also note the increased use of vocoder/harmoniser in vocals in the recent years

      (kinda started with that horrendous "do you believe… by Cher)

      as a carriersignal maybe?

      I used to play a lot of electro (oldschool, cuz oldfool) that also uses a lot of vocodered vocals,

      these "new" vocoder/harmonisers sound off, and layered, in a way that gives me the creeps

      analysis needed

    • I noticed everything slowly morphing into electropop after the 80's trend started a few years ago. Bands were trying to recreate the 80's style synthpop sound and look, and some videos even made it seem like they were made on crappy VHS tapes, The band 'VHS or Beta' were doing that in 2005:
      Then the 80's trend really took off, after a few years there was more electropop stuff then ever, and it started moving away from the 80's style and incorporating transhumanist themes. Then after that almost every mainstream artist started changing their style, say from pop or rock to electro and would always mention some rubbish excuse as to why. Artists that could sing would often get the autotune treatment aswell. In Japan Electropop seemed to become more mainstream differently, they had no '80's' revival like the west it seems. Rather many artists were copying the success of 'Perfume':

      Now that its mainstream of course its going to be co-opted with the mind control symbolism and illuminati agenda. Eurovision 2011 had quite a number of electro tunes aswell. Dubstep is another genre becoming mainstream aswell.

      I believe we are stuck with electropop being everywhere because its an excuse to blur the lines between man and machine, its predictive programming at its finest. Look at how many artists behave like robots in the videos, or have robots in videos, hi-tech gadgets and autotune everything. Just look at the popularity of singing software Hatsune Miku in Japan. This is an age of transitions, and its easier when they prepare people with the media first. I also believe all this proliferation of tattooing and body modification is getting people ready to accept cybernetic 'enhancements' but thats offtopic. Anyway thats how Ive seen things going so far, thanks for reading people!

  11. Never knew that this girl was over the earth. Very shocking to see another Lady G.

    I found funny this “OMG she’s the best I’ll luv her forevz” lol hahahahhahahahahha that's how our generation is talking now. I, as a grammar lover (My first language is SPANISH so consider this before judge my syntax's in english) see this like a mental injury U.U

    Great article as always, now I'm going directly to youtube to see what's this girl is doing. God Bless people!. Peace.

  12. I cant believe they allow this sort of violent images round plus they probably show this video daytime. Every video supported by the elite is yet another copy of the previous one, they're mind blowing brainwashing teens FULL time. Have you guys noticed that its increasing drastically as if they are rushing things? With the ongoing violence and "revolutions" in the world and specifically the middle east, is it no wonder they'r imposing ideas (for the youth) about the military and state police. It will become so natural for a youngster to look at a cruel reality and not react thanx to those sick twisted videos that are manufactured on a weekly basis.

    Whats up with the zombie ideas/videos lately? I thought that trend come and gone.

    God help the kids, their minds are not gonna be strong enough to resist the future enslavement.


      HAHAHAHA, yea right. Listen, its true that a vast majority of teens are going to be indoctrinated and …well…simply put pathetic meat bag consumers. I on the other hand choose to continue the education of post modern symbolism and class conflict. There are just as many teens out there who love Bob Marley and righteousness and are ready to avidly defend it…even if it means death.


    • Voice of Reason on

      That's great to hear! Please try to inform your friends about what's going on…but not in a 'doom and gloom' kind of way. Instead, while watching TV with them (for example), when a commercial comes on that's mostly hype/grossly mis-represents the product, casually point out that the ad doesn't contain any accurate/useful info about the product itself, and that it's important to be a smart consumer and Think For Yourself, so you don't end up buying a bunch of crap that you don't really want. During videos such as this one, you can mention how the people producing it must not have any respect for others, judging by the inhumane way they're portrayed…

    • that's very impressive

      friendly advice: don't absorbe the information but always think it thru and you decide what is normal and what isnt

    • iyaman biggz on


    • That's great 😀 I love it when my generation knows their stuff.

      I'm 14, been on here since early last year. I am spreading the word as much as possible.

      It's pure and utter shit, and I hope the world wakes up.

  13. I just saw her videos now and it scared the shit out of me. I never thought I could get scared by music videos but I did. You've talked about the other two but mirrors is very disturbing too… How about when she repeats the mantra to the skull and the masses (the listeners)? 'Sex, love, control, vanity'. Does she wants us to associate love to vanity and sex to control? I'm not even going to talk about the symbols and the beats headphones like in every single video. Why is it everywhere? Even in videos of artists that aren't closely related with eachother or Dr. Dre.

  14. I also saw 'Activate my heart' and the lyrics seem like an ode to her handler. Like he has the power to activate her heart by will and make her feel whatever he wants. Zombie lyrics seem like that Lady Gaga line about the monster who ate her brain and it's by far one of the most disturbing videos I've seen along with Wonderland. Her 'Love Kills' episodes are very disturbing too.

  15. Am I the only one who thought that the Wonderland video was actually a ploy at drawing attention to the imagery and symbolism in today's music videos? After all, look at the plot of the video: Natalia actively rejects the police state, the drugs and frivolity of the ruling class (or the concubine class), and the subjugation of the people by the ruling class to the point that she was executed. It's provocative to the point that I was stunned to see how anti-establisment it was. I recognized all the hallmarks of mind control, and I was excited to see how negatively they were portrayed. In a way, it's like, through embracing the symbols of the ruling class, she's trying to warn people about it. At least, I'd like to think that. I don't want to see evil everywhere I look.

    • Do you honestly think that chery record would make a video to warn us from the evil side of joining the agenda or more like keep making videos to rub it on our faces and to keep us confused while indoctrinating us?

      I think it is more the other way around…

    • Always judge a tree by the fruit it bears.

      At the end of the day, there appears to be no indication in her lyrics that she wants to be free from this moral and spiritual torture . Even if there are some hints, the tone at the end of the songs is submissive e.g. at the end of 'Wonderland' – "Take me to Wonderland, take me to Wonderland" , end of 'Mirrors' – "Turning the lights out/Tighten the handcuffs/ And the mirrors gon' fog tonight!". This applies to most of the other artists employing similar imagery.

      What is the most worrying is how the mainstream public who listen to these songs and watch these videos refute any indication that there is blatantly an excessive and consistent use of occult, sadistic and unhealthily sexual imagery in these videos . They often cite the artists themselves who claim that their songs are liberating or concern banal themes of blind romantic love, failed relationships etc.

      Even more worrying, the majority of adults or so it seems have no problem with these videos by either saying that parents should control what their children watch anyway, saying others are over-exaggerating or by claiming that these new artists are sexually liberating and encouraging healthy, open sexuality. While it's true that parents should exercise a degree of control over the viewing habits of their children, this tolerance for what is a moral degeneration of society , in my opinion, can only lead to generations of people with distorted perspectives concerning morality and society. Looking at the reviews of 'The Lazy Song' (Bruno Mars) ( not so Illuminati related, but related to the point I'm making) by parents on this website… , who are flaunting the merits of this crudely-written, talentless song (which is enjoying so much success e.g. Number 1 in UK charts) is disgusting.

      This degeneration is made worse by the dumbing-down of society through simplified education, unhealthy food habits, reliance on technology and other media. Of course, media and technology can undoubtedly aid the progress of humanity but not in a society where people are not taught to think for themselves, where parents refuse to partake in the bringing-up of their children and where selfish individualism is praised and encouraged ( by all of these artists with the 'I'm partying non-stop till I drop', 'I'm getting drunk tonight','I don't care' etc mentality ).

      Sorry for the long post. I realise that there are plenty of people who see right through these things and that is truly encouraging.

      Personally, I have stopped listening to this music. Whether you agree with me or not, I believe such music and other media of this type is draining people of their spiritual and moral energy. I noticed I feel like a 'zombie' when hearing these syncopated, auto-tuned songs which become hooked in your memory , put your mental abilities on shut-down as you are drawn into the hypnotic, repetitive melodies. While some may not agree on the point about spiritual energy, the effects of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and other methods of hypnosis have been shown to have measurable effect on certain types of people.

      Thank you all for reading my long and wordy post :o)


    Janelle Monae has a song called Wonderland.

    Natalia Kills has a song called Wonderland.

    Gaga and her dead rival/friend Lina Morgana had a song called Wunderland.

    ok you know what…this has gone far enough.

    • Let it be known: LADY GAGA HAD LINA KILLED! Who kills themselves directly after excersing?

      She was a blood offering for Gaga to jump to Superstardom.

      ^saw that comment on Youtube, interesting.

      • rastagyal76 on

        wouldnt be suprised. alot of sacrifices have been made in the past in order to rise to a higher state of fam. and i always has to be someone very close to the person…thus jay-z and aaliyah, kanye and his mom, puffy and big, suge n 2pac…the list really goes on…

  17. You know what's really sad is i actually know her and I knew her when she was Verbz and I am so sad and disgusted by what she has become since she's been signed to Interscope.

  18. interesting that a ceremony (dinner) of eating a human heart was done in a church. Eating of human flesh in that manner (fancy dinner) is quite an old and common means of initiation.

    • in one version of the "greek gods"… which there are many versions of the "gods" , depending at one point in greek history one is talking… the original "gods" probably referred to angels and other beings… later like the Saints in Voodoo they became masks for demons and deified.
      In one old story the Olympians (whoever they were meant to represent at that time) visited some rich king who tricked them into eating human flesh in a fancy meal… and then the "Olympians" punished him for this.
      (The latter day "Olympians… representing mainly demons, though with the same names… would have congratulated the cannibal king… since by that time these Olympic names were associated with psychos)

  19. Iamapilgrim on

    In "Zombie", the words "scene missing" flash repeatedly throughout the video. In "Wonderland", the word "censored" flashes over and over. This most likely signifies missing memories, missing time, chunks of their lives missing, experienced by mind control victims. They're censored and missing from the subject's memory. It can't be coincidence that these similar phrases appear in both films.

    • Very nice input on that! That makes a lot of sense, but I would think censored could be things the victim remembers but chooses to keep to themselves… Still I completely agree to that for missing scenes though!! Hehe

    • The 'censored' was because you were watching the cut version of the video. There is a version without it wth a few more eye related (of course) gory images.

  20. It's sad that when videos like this come out, the "artists" are praised for their vision and their artistry. It's sickening.

    • Ancient priestesses of nature and the Mother Goddess were once the guardians of the earth and Her natural abundance. But sadly, through the spiritual pollution of Azazel, the feminine archetype was debased to become the habitation of demons and evil spirits. Wherein the power of feminine raw erotic sexuality to mesmerize, entice, and capture the mind, spirit and bodies of men, was used to the corruptive spiritual detriment of both men and women through evil sorcery and witchcraft.

    • Oh great its u on

      Well it is men who are the orchestrators and beneficiaries of this great evil. And so it is clear men play are much larger role.

  21. Just Somebody on

    Hey VC,i suggest you do an analysis on Jessie J's Nobody's Perfect. Quite much reminded me of Alice in Wonderland thingy and oh,i think there was some reference to mind control.. *shakes head*

  22. Even though all this things eventually lead to evil and ignorance, I must admit that the people who thought all this methods and plans are amazing geniuses.

    Something worth of respect for the amount of planning and logistic.

    Thats just my point of view.

      • These people may be geniuses the same way a computer is… so… Who was THEIR original programmer? Lucifer.
        These people may have Brains (CPUs) but no Creativity (Soul)
        All they do is distort God's symbols and angelic Heirarchy etc. and rip off other people's talents and geniuses just as shown in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen which shows the real reason why the Masons were established.
        So… Why equate mechanical I.Q. with God-Inspired Genius or Creativity, Wit and Insight?

      • There really is no wonder in why most people are being manipulated by these people.
        For the same reason Israel lost its favour in the old days… when they turned their Backs on God.
        When you have turned away from God… you will always seek a new god to replace the empty space left where HE should be.
        Just see how many people have allowed God to be taken out of this country and any other before Communism took over or Satanism.
        One Nation UNDER GOD cannot be conquered… so… they have been attacking God for generations.
        And this is not about religions… but GOD. The Temple of the Holy Spirit is within. Not in Church.
        Intellectualism has replaced Faith.
        And though an I.Q. may climb… that doesn't mean Wisdom will accompany it.
        Wisdom is listening to the Holy Spirit… the Heart… our Conscience.

      • How could you respect someone who uses their talents to destroy just because they have that talent? Sorry, but I can only respect those who use their powers for good.

      • @jremedy

        To respect doesn't mean to like or approve, it means something completely different.

        For example, you can't deny Hitler was an excellent leader, or that Napoleon was a majestic military.

        Thats what is worth of respect, not the fact that they killed millions.

        Again, it's the same here, I respect the Illuminati because of they amazing logical and logistical skills, not because they are masters of evil, thats horrible.

  23. Hot to Trot on

    The end of this ariticle reminded me an archived VC article with Pinnochio- The prized dancing dolls that were treated so well when they drew the crowds on stage, locked up at night isolated from everyone but the puppet master (handler), but when the doll lost their glimmer they were thrown worthlessly into the fire. Having seen the result is what causes Pinnochio to break free.

    On another note, the increased overt symbolism and information on the topic is an externalization of the NWO. It is ready to come out openly in the next few years and people will be familiar with it from all of the exposure to the symbols, doctrine, and predictive programming. It's no accident that all of this information is being brought to light to so many and that we are all reading about this on VC.

    An interesting documentary that goes into this topic is "The New Age Infiltration of the Truth Movement"

    They are making themselves known more and more because they are ready to take their places in the spotlight (which everyone will be familiar with).

  24. Yea, this is scary but it just shows us what is happening in the world. Guys, would you please check out the logo for 'Big Brother Africa'. Its an all seeing eye…I think the show is there as a mind control tool for us Africans.

  25. When I first saw the 'Mirrors' video, it seemed very disturbing to me…My first thought was that is is damaged, she has been suffering, because a normal person, an artist didn't get things into a video as she did: broken mirrors, with dark color(black..). The second I observed was that she was saying these four words : Sex, love, control, vanity….Excuse me, but this is more than disturbing…

    I was waiting for long time to make an article about her, since I first saw her video. It's like poison for the brain, for the youth, young people.

  26. Thanks for another good article. I really don't like this kind of cheap music just for the sake of the music itself so I never would see these video's if it wasn't for VC and

  27. The axe covering the eye is the ancient Egyptian Neter sign designating a god, or deity.

    The single opened eye in combination with the image of the axe informs us that the identity of the deity, or in this case the demon, in question is Azazel, the evil demon of the wilderness.

    Azazel is legend to have “one eye open so as the better to see the plight of his fall” and imprisonment in the Abyss, the realm of demons and evil spirits, which is his punishment for teaching mankind and womankind the dark arts of black sexual magick, sorcery and witchcraft.

    To occult initiates the code word wilderness, forest, or woods, means the human subconscious dreaming mind.

    With enlightened spiritual understanding we now understand that the symbols used in the song “Natalia Kills” correlate to Azazel, the evil demon of the human dreaming subconscious mind, and the human unconscious mind.

    Natalia herself dressed in black represents the human unconscious mind, its reproductive sexual energies and potencies, the feminine anima, termed also shakti and kundalini, who is helplessly under the physical and psychic attack and duress of Azazel’s demonic solar masculine phallic will, the animus.

    The anima and animus are terms acclaimed psychoanalyst Carl Jung used to describe the two primary anthropomorphic polarities of masculine and feminine archetypes within the human unconscious mind.

    Azazel, represents and symbolizes, raw lustful and blind passionate bestial human sexuality, devoid of the edifying and uplifting qualities, of virtuous, selfless, surrender and devotion to love. Such bestial sexual activity is the means by which the evil spiritual virus of Azazel is spread from human being, to human being.

    Azazel’s tortured abuse of human sexuality opens the “Forgotten and Hidden Gate” of the human unconscious mind and the human subconscious dreaming mind to demonic influence and evil spirits issuing from the Abyss, the realm of evil spirits and demons.

    Natalia, the anima, becomes the demonically possessed Babylon, or Scarlet Woman, “the Gate of the Astral Gods”, or in this case astral demons and evil spirits, who transit to earth through the now opened door of Natalia’s unconscious mind and its sexual energies and potencies.

    The lower and upper astral plane or light are terms occult initiates use to define and determine the realms of unenlightened reactionary human emotions and basic instincts, the lower astral light and the upper realm of the enlightened and illuminated spiritually disciplined human emotions and initiated intuitive instinct.

    The Wolves, or dogs, represent Sirius and that star’s connection to Azazel carrying connotations of association with sexual fertility rites and rituals of debased orgiastic activity and intent, being the means by which the spiritual virus and cancer is spread among human beings.

    The Sirian star-gates is a double gated door which leads to the lower and upper dimensions or worlds of actuality.

    What the ignorant viewing public and audience is being exposed to through this music and imagery is the subtle deceptive art of Azazel’s worshippers and votaries, who in this case happen to be a dark Adept of black magick, whose imagery is intended to infect innocent minds and open the “Hidden Gate and Door” to Azazel’s demonic phallic will and evil influence, which corrupts and leads to spiritual possession and soul negation.

    This music article ties in to the recent VC Secret Arcana article concerning the mysteries of the star Sirius.

    • Robert Resner on

      The word "scapegoat" is a mistranslation of the word Azazel. Scapegoating is the process in which the mechanisms of projection or displacement are utilised in focusing feelings of aggression, hostility, frustration, etc., upon another individual or group; the amount of blame being unwarranted."

  28. As much as I love Vigilant Citizen, I have to say that this shit is actually starting to bore me.. I don't mean to say that I don't appreciate the effort and excellent analysis that VC does because i do, I mean that I've been open to this way of thinking for several years now and I just can't help seeing this evil beast everywhere.. My girlfriend is getting annoyed cause when we watch TV I just analyse adds and pick them apart, I really cant watch anything or go anywhere now without lookinging for symbolism, and it is f*cking everywhere! I'm not REALLY bored with it, but I want it to go away. It is ruining our beautiful world. I saw Bob Dylan a few months ago at a festival and he had this massive 'all seeing hypno eye' backdrop and I just thought "damn". We tried to make our way to the front of the stage to get some answers.. When he finished playing we screamed out.. "BOB WHATS WITH THE BIG EYE?!" :) My cousin and I are skateboarders, and we have formed a sort of gang. I asked him if we should come up with a symbol? He said "No, be the symbol".. I think those are wise words.. Much love to the seekers of knowledge X

    • I know EXACTLY what you mean. Seriously, this symbolism is everywhere – it's so predictable. I'm bored with artists like Lady Gaga because every time they release a new video, I just KNOW they'll throw in an all-seeing eye or two.

      Bob Dylan: I saw an interview of his once where he said he made a deal with the devil. So his eye symbolism isn't surprising to me.

      • Yeah i saw that interview. I was actually talking about it before the festival and then low and behold it manifests right in front of us. He didnt play any of his hits and the vibe was off. There were no close ups of him or the band on the big screen like the other performers that day, just the continuous eye changing colour hypnotically. It was an eye with a swirly pupil and what looked like a stylised BAPHOMET head crown sitting on top of it. Very dissapointing :( The rest of the festival kicked ass! Blues and Roots in Perth, Western Australia.

  29. BRILLIANT, I've been waiting for this one 😉 It was that eye-in-the-mouth thing that gave me the creeps most about that Wonderland video, I had to pause several times to even see it clearly. I don't know if this is true, but I've heard that Lady Gaga wrote the music for the chorus of "Mirrors" – I've seen some "Little Monsters" fighting about it on YouTube. It's always the same story, isn't it? Pop singer releases one or two hits, then disappears off the face of the planet, only to emerge years later as another polished little soldier. This is sickening. The first track on Natalia Kills album is worth a listen to as well – it's not music, it's a gang of what appear to be doctors discussing treatment in an mental institution. Disgusting. Thanks to VC and others who are spreading the truth, at least we're all able to recognise this crap when we see it. Love to you all x

    • In Anton LaVey's The Devil's Notebook he stated that all this Entertainment was actually part of the Demoralization Process.
      None of it is meant to be entertainment… but demoralization.
      Enter.. be detained… or ENTER… deTAINMENT
      It's all a Snare.

  30. Why do so many people get sucked into this game? It's quite sickening to know that the next generation is going to be so desensitized by images of violence and abuse through the pop culture vessel of music videos. What next?? :/

    • I am not convinced of that. As part of the original MTV generation, I saw the same fears expressed when heavy metal videos were popular, then rap videos. Before my generation, folks were certain that the baby boomers would be forever corrupted by Elvis's hips, or, Heaven forbid, white kids listening to black music! Every generation thinks the next is going to Hell in a hand basket. However, statistics show that kids these days are doing fewer drugs, getting better grades, getting pregnant less, than my generation, or the one before.

      • Heavy metal acts, on the other hand, never used to hide behind anything, they just said "we like satan", it was an image. I think this is more dangerous because they don't say out loud what they mean and the audience listening to these artists is, in general, much younger.

  31. Illuminists, whatevery they're called, can do one and meet their papa in hell. This kind of music is rubbish, pure and simple, they have to pay me to listen to the drivel. By the way, ms Kills is hardly an English rose, isn't she Jamaican/Uruguayan.

  32. Yeah, I'm 13 and I go to this site weekly ever since I was 11, I tell older people all about this and they just think I'm crazy, getting all this info from a kid. The world is doomed -.-

    • The truth is… concerning average people… the older they are the more stupid they become and the less aware they are of their choices… so how can most adults even be considered to be at the age of "consensual" or "consenting" whatever…
      It seems the younger you are… especially as a little child when you are less brainwashed… the more wisdom you have…
      average Adults hate to be reminded of the simplicity of clarity they lost long ago.
      So… most adults will always turn a blind ear to anyone they consider younger and less corrupted as themselves.
      They don't want to be reminded of how stupid they really are… how Wisdom does NOT necessarily come from age.
      It seems that most people start to go downhill during middle school… in high school most are already fallen.
      It's kind of like in the Matrix where Morpheus says how beyond a certain age it's hard for them to even listen to the truth anymore.
      Unless you developed that awareness and kept it from an early age.

  33. Sympathetic Magic is the modern weapon of choice used as a demonic means of Satanic expression and viral spiritual infection spread by ‘Black Adepts’ employed in today’s Pop Music Industry.

    Simple put… “sympathetic magic is a type of magic in which it is sought to produce a large – scale effect, often at a distance, by performing some small – scale ceremony resembling it, such as the pouring of water on a altar to induce rainfall”. (internet source)

    The phenomenon we are presently witnessing consisting of the over bombardment and over saturation of occult symbols in music video imagery before the quickly approaching turn of the Aeons, is a massive ceremonial occult rite and ritual initiated by the “Elite” and broadcasted over the airways via their media, with the intent and purpose of keeping modern humanity under the wraps and control of Azazel, the Lord of the evil denizens of the Abyss.

    Azazel, is the well of psychic magickal strength and perverted spirit from which the “Elite” and the “Legions of Darkness” drink and draw their magickal strength to contest the “Children of Light” in the ongoing ancient war and battle of earthly dominion and dominance which will determine the fate and destiny of humanity on earth in the coming new Aeon.

    Just as the eye upon tongue in the open mouth of Natalia’s music video represents Azazel’s sexual dominance in thought, speech and mind.

    We the viewing public are helpless to halt or relieve our condition just as Natalia is the helpless zombie slave under the control of her demonic handlers.

    Again, this is pure Sympathetic Black Magic at its darkest and intended to put the unwary, unsuspecting, and uncaring viewer beneath an evil magickal spell to eventually make of them Azazel’s evil demonic spawn and puppet.

  34. Robin Shadowes on

    Keep your eyes on the new danish star Medina who recently got to Billboard number one. She might get turned into the next NWO chill.

    • She is already. I am from Denmark and has recently noticed some of her pictures with The Horus Eye symbolic. Also read the lyrics for her newest song 'Addiction' – the text is obviously referring to Mind Control.
      I haven't seen her videos yet, but I will try to look them through for symbolism :)

      – Thank you VC, my eyes are now opening. Now I see why she reminded me so much of Lady Gaga.

  35. InChristwelive on

    These people are not mind controlled, they know exactly what their doing. They have given themselves over to Satan and he will eat them up and spit them out.

    They just need to repent and turn away from the wolrd of nothingness, it's all temporary and it's not worth your soul.

    • It's up to them to have their beliefs and live their lives, I can only hope that I won't have to put up with those emotionally stupid people when my number is up.

  36. Me from Colombia on

    Natalia Cappuccini is half uruguayan and she looks very hispanic to me. The NWO is coming, nobody is safe.

    • Try not to write or say things like "nobody is safe". While I understand what you mean, those kind of comments only breed fear, anger, hostility, etc.. All the emotions that lead you down a dark path and thats what they want. Instead promote strengh, knowledge, love. That is what dispels evil.. that is what they're counting on us to forget. Be prepared not afraid.. Your heart and mind are so powerful.. embrace them.. fill them with light.

    • severalminds on

      capuccini seems an italian surname…it is not a simple coincidence that there are so many italian origin actors and stars in show business world wide and the most occult ones of them are often italians…(lady gaga, madonna, frank sinatra, stallone, di caprio etc)i think, the italians still have the background of their politheism, roman empire of darkness, the dark spirits of those times are still having influence on italians no matter they have vatican which is fully infiltrated by the evil servants and symbolism…even the hystory of Jesus is manipulated on old roman mythology as Constantine wanted it…

      i think these so calle dnew stars in the beginning wanted to have a fame giving their souls to evil, but they didn't know what the hell was waiting for them behind the nice lies and temptation of they are in evils power, they can't get out any more becoming something without soul and life…total suffering…the hell in few words.

    • Me from Colombia on

      I was thinking about the Bielderberg post on which somebody intended to say that hispanics feel safe. We are only safe in our faith, but our people is victim of this too. Like Natalia and Shakira. Probably Ricky Martin too.

  37. There are alot of views on this topic as a whole. People either think it is weird or consider other poeple 'extremists' if they over analyze and question things they see or listen to..Then there are those that accept that there is alot of hidden meanings and agendas going on in the background of not just music, but the way the world operates as a whole, as it is ALOT more complicated and deep than we think…

    All your articles are good as they shed light on things that most people don't have the time to think about. After reading them it does make you wander though, what exactly are all these mass mind control techniques being used for ?

    Yes we understand that it would be a small group of people who have a large amount of money/power trying to as you put it 'lead a nation of Zombies to Wonderland.'

    But is there an end goal other than just mass chaos ?

    Also…..have you ever thought or done an article about Tupac and the whole contreversy surrounding his death ? Or analyzed any of his songs ?

  38. Oh, how I missan awoken mass, does anyone else feel lonely in knowledge of this? I love the fact that I'm awoken and KNOW, but we need to somehow wake-up the asses out there. I've tried but they refuse to listen.

  39. Do people actually watch and love these music videos? I could understand an Illuminati star's popularity if these videos are rarely seen and only the music is heard, but if these videos are popular we truly live in a sick world.

    • You see that MTV doesn´t play videos anymore…a new song comes out, people go to you tube dragged to see those videos, 30,000,000 views in short time, ppl don´t even see musical videos on tv, my point is…an artist doesn´t need to be good this days, you see ´´rebecca black´´ on you tube and everybody seems fascinated by her idiot face and now everybody needs to be illuminatti to become a star.

      So yes…we live in a sick world. As´´Things That Make You Go Hmm´´ says, it´s like grab all the content in this site and make a video for us…and there´s more artists with videos to come with more crapp!

  40. I wasn´t shocked when i watched lady gaga´s judas, cuz it seems that she wastes more time thinking in new concepts, alfits and looks than making new music…that video and song doesn´t need a post in this site cuz we all know the intention behind this illuminatti crapp…left eye…making religion ridiculous and evil sings, poses and behavior creepy…i thank GOD cuz i can notice all this things that try and want to put us dumb, making us go towards self-destruction and eliminating social values and mental health… i feel sad when i see the culture that our child in the future will have, and the worst is, that the illuminati team it´s acommplishing the agenda at all terms…mtv is the crappiest channel everrrrr!!!! it poisons minds!!!

    P.D. Sorry by my english grammar, it´s because i´m from Dominican Republic ;p

  41. Black Pearl on

    Natalia who? Gimme a break. Never heard of her and furthermore, she's a clone of all the other pop demon possessed singers out. There's no distinction between any of them anymore. They all look the same, act the same, sing the same, dance the same. Put the same crap in their videos. What are they gonna do next? It's evident that they are lacking creativity and new ideas. How many more one-eyed, robot dancing, half-naked, killing spree videos can they make before their followers start to see right through it? This music industry is disgusting and I personally don't want to be bothered with it. I just hope all of them make a decision to GET OUT like Lauryn Hill said and follow Jesus before it's too late.

    • severalminds on

      i agree with you…fortunately i don't watch much tv and i don't know all the new popped up "stars". I didn't ever heard the name of this new doll of illuminati, nathalie, so i guess i will go on my way as before without watching their bull s…i discovered some of them just from VC articles. Good to know, but i won't watch them any way.

  42. Change is certainly coming to our beautiful world and we MUST be enlightened to a certain level to ascend to a higher conscience. The music industry know this and I believe this is the reason for churning out all this crap to expose our youth to the violence of these videos and MAKE THEM NOT CARE! By doing this, the devil wins! My version of the devil is our governments from across the world and those who control them. Great site V.C. It's great to hear from our youth on here and I sincerely hope they don't change their views and can help others of their generation to see what is being done to them. The saying is 'That children are our future'! And they are. Lets just hope they don't kill our world….

  43. I'm tired of them putting it in our faces like this. The amount of symbolism is getting ridiculous. My family don't believe in this stuff, so whenever I see them watching Rihanna or Jessi J videos or something, I change the channel over without explanation lol.

  44. it's too blatant and obvious as usual…

    i wish VC will cover videos of opposite side of the illuminati agenda (if there is any!)

  45. I have been waiting for this article for such a long time. the moment i saw her and her music i felt that she was part of all of the illuminati and MKUltra stuff

    I alongside a lot of people wish that the masses will one day wake up and realize whats really going on around them!

    God be with us!

    Thanks vc once again for such an informative article.

  46. Things That Make You on

    Damn, its like the creator of the video came directly to this site, went thru the archived posts and developed the video right from VC's own pages.

    Either this is the most disgusting, latest trend to generate popularity for their artists, or this shit is really, seriously going down. Its unsettling, & unnerving, and which ever it is, I really just want this all to go away.

  47. nofallenangel on

    Please keep in mind that these vids, movies, etc are put into place to mind fuck the whole world. Once this goal is met, then the Antichrist will reveal himself to a world that's conditioned & programmed to willingly accept the evils. If u feel that what's happening now is evil, then ur not prepared for the future because it will not get better….only worse

  48. All these years of ignoring symbols and here you have turned me into a vigilant citizen with eyes to see and ears to hear. Mostly grateful, but I have those moments where I miss the blissful ignorance… 😉

  49. We were never really ignorant. Don't tell me u hadn't noticed the obsession with pyramids, obelisks, the existence of corrupted politicians, judges, priests, demonic influences, the inane films and music they keep shoving down our faces, etc. We knew all along that something wasn't right, we just didn't know the extent of the corruption and insanity. All these years of civilisation and they still worship deities with nonsensical rituals. Putting up with their absurd ways for a few years is a better option than an eternal coexistence with them.

  50. I believe the only reason why they behead her is because they suspected her to be a false puppet and when she rebelled during the party scene, which was a test I imagine, they sacrificed her.

    In other words trying to send a message to all of those hopeful stars that if they think for a second they can't see your trying to expose them or something of the like, they will test you, find out and kill you.

    That would scare me off BUT if they are so afraid of it happening, why would they feel the need to launch a campaign of videos with such imagery? They are imperfect and CAN be exposed further…

    Question is, who's willing to find out?

  51. This question/comment is specifically for site maker, Vigilant Citizen (but naturally anyone can chime in):

    You say in your bio that you (used to?) work in the music industry, but do you know much about the music video side of it? When people make videos of their songs, do the people in charge just try to go for something that will sell more records, or produce a particular artistic feel, or are there other reasons that perhaps they discuss with all their collaborators? Do you get to hear what the motivations behind some of these videos are?

    You've done a lot of articles about videos, but as you often say, the videos seem totally unrelated to the words that are sung. (unless, of course you look at as many as we get to analyze through you, and see, they ARE related, just not necessarily to the content of the actual song). While it's obvious through these articles that occultism is truly the flavor of the decade, "flavors" change like the clothes fashions (bell bottoms, anyone?).

    Maybe 2011 – 2020 will be all about earth worship, gnomes, and "green celebrations," or , who knows, Popsicles and techni-color candy. People have always played around with dumb stuff just for kicks, or so claimed the "satanic rock" and death metal bands. Or does it really appear that the producers and managers of these acts are really serious about all this occult influence, and this is only the beginning?

    Thanks for listening (and hopefully responding).

    • The thing of it all is it isn't just a "flavor of the month."

      Sure if what ever the hell they have planned for 2012 (look at the Olympic mascots and tell me you don't see the occult symbolism on both of them) fails they MIGHT start toning their imagery down, but'll always be there.

      I'm a photographer and noticed how disturbing it was programed in me to accept Rembrandt's lighting system and after "awakening" I asked my self why this was, there could be many reasons but one that I found particular striking is that it forms a triangle on the face. Rembrandt existed back in the 1600's. We all know he was an ARTIST. Someone who painted people of importance with what I'm sure had occult imagery as well.

      Doesn't stop there either, in photography theres a tech they dubbed as "butterfly lighting" and now it just reminds me of monarch butterflies. Developed back in 1930's during the times when brainwashing movies such as Wizard of Oz and Gone With The Wind came out.

      My point being, this type of imagery is NOT just limited to videos and music. It's injected into EVERYTHING.

      This is just scratching the surface too, look back into the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, esp in the 90's and 00's. The symbolism has ALWAYS been there and the masses are too dumb to see it. No this isn't just for kicks and fun…they are blatantly using it more to get people used to the idea of sacrificing to that extent to be "glamorous" and "famous" as they need more puppets now than ever.

      • Thanks KC for that insight on lighting; didn't know about that.

        I'd agree with you that this occultic influence has always been around (just finished listening to a documentary about the buildings in D.C., and influence of Francis Bacon in the US). I also agree that it isn't an accident or coincidence. But it seems like it's much more mainstreamed, overt, and overused nowadays. Like all of a sudden, the color green, which has "existed" since at least grass, has become the "end all be all" color for this year.

        I'm just trying to determined if it's a fad, or an increasing trend. And if it is an increasing trend, is it because producers and directors have decided to stop being "occultic", and gradually be more open about "Yep, we do and believe this. Live with it." Or are they just chasing this cash cow until they have to bury its carcass.

  52. VC. Possibly a FAQ, but why are they displaying all this? What effect is it having? Are they 'prep'ing people for some thing?

    P.S. I've heard it said the chequerboard may be symbolic of the two worlds – jinn and man, on which symbols may be used to facilitate the possession of men by jinn. Solomon was given command over them and the world of men.

    good on you Andy May 17, 2011 at 11:03 am

  53. Metal Mickey on

    Interesting you cover a video featuring decapitation within a couple of days of a British woman being beheaded in a supermarket in Tenerife. The killer was apparently a millionaire's son who turned to drugs and now has obvious mental health issues – but I couldn't help wondering if he was a Monarch programming victim considering his background?

  54. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    This is simply disturbing. My first thought was “She is too old to behave this way. She must be drugged to do such videos as these.” I am finished making excuses for these people. My God, what kinds of people are these? Who wants to be with Satan?

    I read few people speaking of how they are becoming bored with symbols that are prevalent. I think they truly want to know where we go from here. There are many people who do not believe in this, but why are they not lashing out. Many of these music artists and celebrities have the financial means and powerful influences to speak out in unison. I finally watched the movie "Demons and Angels" featuring Tom Hanks. This movie softly touched on the secret society- Illuminati. I am shocked that you did not discuss this movie and purpose of such a movie with the other entire stuff taking place in music videos.

    I honestly say that the Lord is in control. I am just hurt that so many people would whether live in damnation instead of choosing everlasting life. Enough of this. Keep watching these people and you will see how the Lord deals with each one. Each person is responsible for himself/herself and choices. These people can enjoy now, but soon the ugly behind this game will consume them.

    Only the strong survives! That is only ordained by the Lord!

  55. It keeps getting uglier and uglier more violent ,oppressive and disgusting

    why isnt anyone able to stop it

    There's nothing nice or artistic about these videos

  56. The truth is a very powerful spiritual and psychic weapon against the “Powers of Darkness”. Ignorance and innocence, lies, falsehood, deceit, deception, and illusion are the tactics the demonic will use to separate people from the truth of reality. Evil also suppresses, denies, oppresses, and seeks to destroy the truth because the truth has the power to bind evil and slay the ‘Beast’ of demonic spirituality. A non-educated person ignorant and innocent in the ways of the demonic can be easily fooled and lead astray to become possessed by evil spirits. The spiritually strong armed with the truth with righteous hearts can slay the demonic, which is why everything is done by the “Elite” to keep you tamed, mental sedated, spiritually domesticated and a dumb-downed consumer busily pursuing illusionary non-realities.

    "The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth." — H.L. Mencken

  57. great article! i was trying to get to the post you linked to: (see the article The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music) but it says Nothing Found content moved or deleted.

  58. Dr. Octagonapus!!!! on

    Damn! Is that every record label ultimate goal? To get every artist to sound like Gaga?? Cause thats exactly who Natalia sounds like………

    Auto tune sucks!

  59. Great article as usual (:

    I really think you should do Judas by Lady Gaga


    Words I never said by Lupe Fiasco? O:

  60. I've seen at least 25, 30 " Artist " doing the same TIRED , One Eye B.S. and I'll tell you the lack of originality is one thing , but the attack on Culture , religion , morals by these degenerates who control music is getting sickening and watching the great art from degenerate into one massive propaganda machine is sickening .

    Where's the accountability , but they are lucky these revelations haven't reached the tipping point , because if the main stream media wasn't as Corrupt and complicit , the masses would wake up to their AGENDAS and organized assault on society .

    Can you imagine if some terrorist group was as wealthy , as devious and as INTENT on degrading society by their constant brain washing , they'd at the very least would be brought up on charges .

    • You have it figured out.

      We know that, for example, most people (especially females lol) will do almost anything to avoid something even as simple as wearing the same outfit as another person to a party. So, how is it then, that we have all of these pop, rap and rock entertainers constantly using the same very TIRED symbols over and over again? It not only goes against artistic expression and the desire for some amount of originality and creativity, but also just against basic human psychology – like not wearing the same outfit as someone else.

      There's no reasonable answer to this, other than it being a deliberate agenda to constantly desensitize the public mind with all these very specific symbols and the ideas they represent – butterflies, checkerboards, the one eye/pyramids, the cages, the puppets/mannequins, pentagrams, skull and bones, shattered mirrors, ad nauseum.

      It is psychological warfare – predictive programming, to influence and shape our perceptions, desires and ultimately, our actions (or lack thereof).

      They have certain goals in mind…for our minds.

  61. I wish people would stop complaining about these artists, actions speak louder than words. If Ur truly against the stuff stop watching the stuff. Got my cable cut off a long time ago, and before then hadn't heard of every new song and artist, I just simply don't watch any of it period, I already know what its all about so I don't waste time on it at all, there's a lot more things that's way more important than the next "illuminati" star. They're not what's important, their freemason controllers are the ones we should be concerned about, not being deceived by them, watching for the signs, and anticipating the return of Jesus Christ.

  62. I didnt even know who she was till I read this! I dont watch tv anymore and hardly even listen to the radio. But im glad you put this on for everyone to learn and see that music isnt what it used to be anymore especially not hip-hop or pop. All they try to do is brainwash people!People stay vigilant! Awesome job VC like always! What would we do without you?

  63. Conspiracy theory and phenomenon is a creation of the “Illuminati Elite” to discredit, demoralize, and criminalize good minded people who have woke from their mind controlled and magically induced sleep to see the spiritual truth within the artificial reality of modern civilization.

    The evil of Satanic demonic worship and its worshippers crimes against collective humanity are paraded before our eyes with arrogance because as everybody knows “The Devil” doesn’t exist.

    It isn’t illegal to watch Natalia Kill’s become a zombie in Wonderland. You can’t take Lady Gaga to court for raping Alejandro. You can’t sue Rhianna for instructing your children in the art of S&M.

    If you make the compliant of insidious evil rampant in today’s culture too loud you are labeled a conspiracy theorist and quickly relegated to the level of being a prime candidate for the loony farm where you will be medicated and indoctrinated ‘to hear, see and obey’.

    In the very real world children are abducted, raped, and tortured by the thousands world wide everyday, yet, not one national or international police agency or international intelligence organization will confirm the existence of religious Satanic Devil worship as the prime cause of the evil which is preying upon our most valuable and vulnerable citizens of tomorrow. “Get them while they’re young” is an old “Elite” catch-word.

    The denial of the existence of evil lies at the very center of the institutional problem we face today in effectively confronting and dealing with Satan’s minions. Not even the church itself and its noble mission to protect the sheep, is able, prepared and capable, of leading the fight against the ‘true and very real enemy of humankind’ because the church itself has been successfully infiltrated by the enemy long ago. All the faithful believer is told in face of the lawless and prideful arrogance of the ‘Beast’, who tauntingly tweaks the believer’s nose everyday and provokes the faithful to indignant anger and rage, is to be patient and hang-on till Jesus returns and God himself brings down Satan’s house of cards.

    What an enfeebled church priesthood fails to believe, preach and teach, is the truth and power of the divine spirit that inspired David to challenge a loud mouth Philistine named Goliath, who with arrogant sarcasm was insulting the God of Israel before the eyes and ears of Her greatest warriors.

    David didn’t wait for Jesus and the US Calvary to get back and save the day, nor did Joshua at the battle of Jericho, nor did Gideon, nor did Daniel, nor did Moses and Enoch – and to set the matter straight….neither did Hercules, Ulysses, and Achilles.

    Why doesn't today's church teach divine inspiration and the righteous power of spiritual justice in the believer's heart which brings the battle to evil doers and spread dread and fear throughout Satan's kingdom?

    It is a bitter truth and hard pill to swallow – but I’m going to say it anyway…the church gave up the fight against Satan and his minions long ago, which is why the faithful are not empowered and inspired with the spiritual might of the divine living spirit which alone can bring victory over the Beast. Instead philosophies of patience, humility, ‘and wait on someone else to do it for me’, keep a religious community of good hearted people without the self confidence, courage and heart, needed to put the Devil in his deserved and rightful place.

    The war against evil is a spiritual battle and not one fought with physical weapons of mass destruction, but with the weapons of spiritual cunning, patience, understanding, knowledge and wisdom.

    We need to become ‘Spiritual Warriors of Light’, filled with the wisdom and wrath of the Divine, to put an end to the insidious evil threatening the children we say we love and care for.

    The one and only thing demonic Satanist know, understand and respect… the one and only thing that catch their attention… is raw unadulterated occult spiritual power – “the bigger they come… the harder they fall”.

    Wake-up and smell the coffee!

  64. "So, in case people ever get tired of Lady Gaga, her record label is already grooming the next generation to serve up the Illuminati symbolism"…

    I'm not sure it is debatable that Lady Gaga would be outdated sometime, well, except she's the next "high priestess", whatever that means.

    Thanks for the piece but then, I think we need to start awarding "them",

    *Worst sex symbolism

    *Worst rabbit theme


    V, You rock.


  65. I guess I should have know this one was coming…although I interpreted the video very differently. Are the symbols there? Absolutely. However, I actually took a much more sinister meaning out of this.

    In the video, Natalia fights. She screams and kicks and claws and it takes seeing the executioner for her to realize how deeply she's in all of this and finally resign herself to her fate. The impression I got through all of this wasn't "Natalia, you are to be initiated and sacrificed", it was "Natalia, either eat your pretty little dinner, OR you'll lose your pretty little head." I think the Natalia character in the video would rather die than to submit to her treatment, and well, the "Wonderland" government obliges her.

    Call me nuts, but I find my interpretation a little scarier. Those on high *could* use mind control, but it's not like it matters anyway, they've got the sheer brute force to wipe out those who would oppose them.

  66. Confused Spectator on

    I have been perusing this website but never did I feel the need to leave a comment, this has changed today. I watched all three videos back to back and I simply cannot believe how far or should this read how low we have gotten. Which is the demographic that this kind of music is aimed for (at)? Teenagers! Pure and simple, perhaps some college kids, but that is it. The lyrics, especially in mirror are so incredibly oversexed, it beggars believe. And then the general public is confused that some 12 year old has a sex life that would most Swingers from the Sixties would feel ashamed of! The videos as VC pointed out are in no way related to the subject at hand. And in the case of wonderland, I hoped to find out that the final scene, the severed head, was just something "photochopped" (I should really stop those bad puns), but alas, it wasn't. Since I am slightly uninformed about popular culture my following statement could be wrong, but isn't that the second decapitation in 12 months (Kanye West's Power video)? There at least it was only hinted at, unless one counts the cover of the single.

    Zombie is probably the creepiest of this trio, reminding me of some generic horror film, minus the campy overacting. I don't know when it is generally broadcast, but any slot before the watershed is improper. Something most foul is afoot here; and I am grateful for VC doing such a sterling job in keeping those who wish to see AND understand informed.

  67. Metal Mickey on

    I've watched the video now and it reminds me a little of Kanye West's video for Runaway – the masonic dinner scene. And the heart eating is reminiscent of Keisha's recent stunt. They seem to be churning out the same old themes only pushing the boundaries of taste a little further each time – surely people will just get bored with watching the same stuff over again and switch off? I find it all really repulsive and can't be bothered with it any more. Are the Illuminati big into decapitation and eating hearts? It's a sick world we live in – that's obviously how they like it. :(

  68. I always updating my self with the latest happenings on earth.

    But remember! we cannot sop on what is happening right now. all of these are according on what is written on the Holy Bible..

    All of them will be sent in HELL.

    I'll wait for the "JUDAS" song of Gaga.

    Thanks VC.

  69. I was not shocked by her video rather I was incredibly bored with the tiresome use of "shocking" symbols – how unoriginal

  70. All these artists are going this route because they think it is the only way their music can get heard and for them to get notice. I was on a website TODAY and they were talking about a new popular Tyler the Creator is a satanist. His album is called Goblin and the album cover shows Tyler with an UPSIDE DOWN CROSS ON HIS FOREHEAD. Check it out. VC needs to write an article about this guy. The webiste is LOOK FOR THE ARTICLE ILLUMINATI POPULAR NEW RAPPER TYLER THE CREATOR…IS A SATANIST!!!( EVIDENCE INSIDE)


    Vigilant, u r amazing! I cant believe these ignorant Americans refuse to fight back against these evilness. We need more people in the world like u. Keep up the good work! :) FUCK THA ILLUMINATI

  72. Everyone Please send this sites link to everyone you know. It is so informative!!let us make a difference in this world

  73. These videos are just to creepy to watch. I guess soon enough pop music will be more brutal than death metal or something. 😀

  74. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    Yomel (#76)

    You quoted, “The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.” — H.L. Mencken

    How true that is. If people do not believe that this is a warfare. Observe people on your jobs. Has anyone ever noticed how some people keep up confusion. What about how some people get ahead and the things they do to get promotions? This thing is attacking us every where.

    About the untalented Lady Gaga and her same old tired music and videos. Satan has never been creative. It uses the same strategies since A.D. and B.C. Lady Gaga will soon become outdated, because Satan uses people and destroys them all just the same. She only thinks that she is in control. I feel for her soul. This thing she worships is going to turn on her, because it only wants her soul.

    I watched a movie that featured Madonna- Swept Away. Her ex- husband was the director. She displayed some symbols in that movie such as wearing shade glasses with only one eye len, playing charades with a one word guess being Jesus. She pretended to pray and mimic Jesus hanging on a cross.

    This is what bothers me. For people not to believe in Jesus Christ, they spend so much time mocking and laughing at him. When will we learn that He is Lord. It is not about the symbols. Those things are just distractions. It is the naked truth about this spiritual warfare between good and evil/God and Satan. Satan's strategy is to only distract people and lure people from the truth. When people become close to the truth, Satan becomes busy in their lives.

    People such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Jay-Z, Beyonce', etc. are in such danger because they have fallen in too deep. Satan is not to be toyed with in reference to who he is and what he stands for. He defends his honor with rage and destruction. He has no mercy or grace to give. He is pure evil. They are using Him to get what they want. If they try to turn from him, all hell will break lose. It is a very scary game that they playing. Let along chanting and sacrificing, the simplest game such as the Ouija board a.k.a as spirit/fire can cause problems. Don't tell me that Satan is not real and Jesus does not exist. Just as sure that there is light and dark, there is God and Satan.

  75. Such symbolism can be seen in most MV's these days and it's very saddening :( I'm a kpop fan and I found similar signs in Park Bom – Don't Cry in regards to the Wonderland theme. It'll be great if VC would look into Kpop industry to see whether they're really illuminati puppets or merely influenced by the pop culture in the west. MV's such as Lee Hyori – Swing is very disturbing as well.

    All in all, this is a great article VC…thanks for your hard work :)

  76. And kids are watching this shit. No wonder the world is messed up. My friends ask me why I don't wanna use my vocal talents to try to make it big. I simply tell them because I don't wanna become a mind controlled victim vb of the illuminati.

    • Oh and then they look at me like I have ten heads because they have no idea what the entertainment industry is really about.

  77. The "Love is Pain" signature is actually something more literall, thay are sending the satanic message of love being pain so that people reject love, love is the main force against satanism, the main force that satanism uses is the EGO the one thing that if you search about,you will find that Bono is actually talking about and exalting about with his known band… U2. He in fact presented a show here in Mexico City where he had his eyes blindfolded, and the "blindfolder" had Masonics signs wich obviously meant that he was being mind-controlled by them too

  78. My Friends Think I&# on

    I haven't listened to this artist yet. I don't plan to. I don't listen to the radio anymore, but I surf the web a lot. Can you write an article on Nicki Minaj's Super Bass? I don't really know if she is Illuminati, but she seems to be a "sex kitten". I think some of the lyrics can also relate to a relationship with her mentor or something. She looks like a Robot when she raps too.

    • Only a handful of my friends believe me…most of them think I'm crazy. They'd rather listen to the radio than read a book or VC! Doesn't make sense…I stopped listening to the radio but this music is everywhere and I really can't get away from it.

      Anyway! Have you seen Ludacris's video with Nicki Minaj? When I read your comment I remembered that she was in a straight jacket for part of the video…maybe having to do with bondage?

  79. I'm a musician and have been since 1985. I have seen many music videos

    and heard many songs in that time. The reason they are using electronic

    music like Techno fused with Pop or also know as Synthpop is this,

    It's more likely to get lots of airtime and played at clubs because it's musical content

    is built on dance beats. In other words they make it very enticing to dance to

    and not think about the lyrical content and or the over all message being giving.

    It's very deceiving to say the least.

    Music has always been a powerful creation in the world that moves people.

    As you can see there are people that control Pop Music and the Music Industry

    that are using it to install their programs into the minds of anyone who's willing

    to accept it.

    There is a style of music that has been around for many years and it's been

    good music with no harmful intentions. It's call Uplifting Trance.

    It does what the name suggests and that is it makes you feel great.

    That's the good news, that bad news is that our enemies know this and are using

    the Trance like effect from that style against us with people like Gaga, Spears and

    Rihanna to name a few.

      • I thought I just explained how but maybe I didn't explain it simple enough.

        Trance music is supposed to do what it's name suggests. Put you in a Trance

        where you just relax and go along with the music. I don't mean the listener

        is actually Hypothesized. They are just moving with the groove as they say.

        Well if you use music like that, that has a catchy beat or groove then people are

        more likely to ignore the images in the video or not care about them because

        they are too preoccupied with the words and music.

        This is done so they can get their Signs and Symbols into peoples minds

        without much questions.

        It's simple really, make catchy songs that makes people want to sing and or dance to

        and then throw in Signs and Symbols and eventually after that is repeatedly done over and over people will start to accept and like it. Which is exactly what has happened.

    • I totally know what you mean. I don't listen to the radio, but this pop music is everywhere. And If I walk into a store at the mall a Katy Perry song or Rihanna or Gaga is usually playing and when I leave the store I have the song stuck in my head!

      You also made a good point because I know I was guilty of it as well: when people see strangeness in videos they ignore it if they like the artist, or watch it enough times to where it doesn't bother them anymore. My friend asked me if I heard E.T. yet and I hadn't, and he told me, "It's amazing! But don't watch the's weird." How do people ignore that they go hand in hand? Frustrating….

  80. It's crazy how back in the 90's to early 2000 they use to try to stop rappers and protest of them using to much foul language in the songs or degrading women on ther videos but they cant protest or stop videos such as these…. with images of pills in a cupcake and dolls with no arm like are you serious.. for us smart ones were really not stupid and to try us like dat but then again we just sit and do nothing….. what is everyone scared of why dnt ppl fight back??? on this idk it just makes me sooo mad

  81. agent patterson on

    I met this girl numerous times before she was a pop singer about 6-7 years ago when she was aspiring to be a mc back when I was considered an mc in Leeds west yorkshire England. She was a tv presenter for some children's show on bbc at the time think but resided in Bradford with her family. Back then she was fascinated by the art of rhyming and the hip hop culture I guess and she used to come watch us freestyle cipher and attend nearly every hip hop jam going. Looking at where she has ended up now it is no surprise to me because you could tell her drive came from wanting notoriety and fame, people like that are the most susceptible to these sorts of evils discussed in the article. I hope that she is enlightened by the true meaning of life before she leaves this earth and accepts it in total sincere submission to The Creator. Peace

    • What a wonderful post. We can only hope to find the right path in our lives and wish for the others the same. Arrogance is our worst enemy. We think we know everything and we can do anything that pleases me. We are just some little ants in front of God.

  82. Many humans are insane to worship Satan and his demons when they have pure hatred for us and no mercy. That bottomless pit (hell) is big enough to accommodate all of us. That's the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone. Spending all eternity in hell, being tortured by ghastly demons. God bless all of us.

    • Actually I do not think hell can fit everyone. There is a saying that when hell is full, the dead will walk the earth. I do not know if that is true or not, but I think it is true. I doubt hell is bottomless.

  83. The version of "Wonderland" that's on Natalia's VEVO has been heavily censored, so much so that I'm wondering what the point is of even putting it out there – half the images are blurred out (although the point remains the same). I think it's ironic that they deemed it OK to have messages like "love is pain," "it's all lies," "no one warned you," "there are no happy endings" etc. flashing across the screen, but it's not OK to show people popping pills – I think kids these days are pretty familiar with pill-popping.

    Please no articles on Lady GaGa for a while, I'm GaGa-ed out. Oh no, will she meet a certain demise now?

  84. masonic matt on

    the sad part is all the comments on you tube about how they are sick of all this illuminati shit and MK ultra monarch programming..we are crazy it's just art she wrote a good song..well she didn't write did not direct or produce the video..this music is for adults not children,, well then why are they marketing it toward kids? desensitize them all…it's sad when you point this stuff out and people just scoff at you like you are crazy. there is no agenda no mind control we are the crazy ones.. it's art please..this is not's an odd way to visually tell a story about a wonderland..they are many other ways to do this but this video went to only way it can..

  85. thanks for posting…thanks for reading my post to post on her…maybe other ppl did also but maybe I had a little part to do with it….wonderland is scarier than gaga!!!

  86. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    @ Bella (103)

    I am certain there are some safe record companies out there. I wonder if you were to sing country music as Taylor Swift, would you be safer. Just a thought

  87. oh dear. more unfortunate artists giving themselves over to be "used" for fame and fortune. i personally am not gonna ramble on about satanic rituals and demonic people. there is no "demonic" artists. before most of the current artists like gaga and nicki minaj, chris brown, rihanna and britney spears achieved this mega new-found fame accompanied with a whole "new" style and complete unoriginality and scandalous antics they seemed "normal" and happier and more natural- lady gaga used to be stefani germanotta, yes once upon a time she was "normal." justin bieber was just a "normal" kid on youtube. fuck knows how he became as big as he is today conveniently with the help of some of the most successful people in the industry wink* wink*.

    but then all of a sudden they become robotic and go all electro-pop and dance on us in their videos. since when was chris brown a dance and electro artist or nicki minaj or kelly rowland??? wasnt nicki minaj an underground Queens rapper before she became famous? wasnt she rolling with the other chicks in the game and in the streets? now shes barbie smh. and wasn't kelly rowland an r and b soulstress? and wasn't chris brown an r and b/ pop singer and dancer? If you look at their videos esp nicki minaj it's as if they are literally being "programmed" to speak and act and walk and breathe and blink and open their mouths and close them. its truly sad that all this is going on and people actually copy them!!! PEOPLE ALSO COPY THE STUPID ONE-EYE SYMBOL in their facebook pics cos they think it's cool – am sure it's a harmless symbol but if you don't understand something or why it's there and you do it just because your favourite artist is doing it it pretty much makes you a thoughtless sheep.

    beyonce has turned electro-pop with her who run the world song, and so has usher with OMG, so have neyo, rihanna and xtina aguilera!! smh. every song on rihanna's LOUD album has the same backing electro bass and the songs all sound the same but with different lyrics and videos. it's the same with Uk artists and artists all over the world some which we haven't even heard of. JLS have turned electro dance and pop as well it makes me so sick and am slowly giving up on r and b, being an african girl who grew up listening to sick artists like mario winans, r kelly ( miss him!!), the old usher, boys2men, mya, eve, destinys child, foxy brown, missy, aaliyah, donnell jones, left eye, tlc, blackstreet etc it truly saddens me how the industry wants to control everything and we shouldn't allow them!all this micro-chipping and trying to "tab" us or keep track of us we need to rise against them not just sit there and disagree.

    and its not just r and b its all music. i know all we notice is the black industry but it affects all

    music industries- rock, jazz, pop etc- i love all kinds of music but it seems theres too may cross-overs- now hip hop fused with rock has become the new hip hop, pop is supposedly hip hop (arrgh), r and b is supposedly "soul" music and electro pop is now r and b. do you see whats happening now?? everything's changing and it's only going to get worse unless we do something about it. i am so worried for the next generation and the next and what they are going to have left besides pollution, endless war in the middle east, the invasion of social network sites, texting instead of having a conversation, happy slapping, rebecca black, justin bieber and, lady gaga music, whore-ish fashion for women and very metrosexual clothing for men, mind poisoning with crap reality tv shows full of swearing that fill your mind with dung (BIG BROTHER AND US REALITY TV SHOWS LIKE BAD GIRLS UGH..),

    all the best tv shows being axed and replaced by shit shows, legendary movies like harry potter ending or have ended, boring tv in general, lack of originality in general among most things, slang, more rise in the cost of living cos of the new government laws and students having to pay up to £9,000 for tuition fees, jeremy kyle (LOL), loss of chivalry or a sense of community- REALLY WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO HAVE LEFT?? an english monarchy?? the death of osama bin laden? 4D movies?? autotune?

    do we really have control of anything at all anymore???? are we going to become a zombie planet? are we allowed to speak without being spied on?? and makes me keep going back to memory lane on youtube where i can watch old movies, old cartoons and listen to old music videos. its like the world is divided – you have the thinkers, the sheep, the observers and the doers. i don't know which category i place myself atm but i'm definitely not a sheep because i do feel very different from those around me and highly aware. even before VC i knew there was a lot wrong with this world we live in…. SMH

  88. I searched for the video on youtube and some parts were censored.

    The song is very catchy, I actually enjoyed it, and one line that says, "I don't believe in fairy tales, I believe in you and me."

    One thing that bothered me, aside from the video, do I hear gunshots all throughout the song? It is very evident on the ending.

    Take me to wonderland?

  89. earthmember68749 on

    The first the thing I thought of when I saw the red cloak was Little Red Riding Hood… Another interesting video: ET by katy Perry.. Freaked me out..

  90. YOU ARE SO RIGHT. Can you please take a look at Beyonce's latest video. ITS DISGUSTING! The black and red with the pyramid earrings and she even has the audacity to make a sideways pyramid and I caught it. The video is TOTALLY CREEPY! Its called "girls" or something like that

  91. Pop music videos have become more and more ridiculous over the years. I don't watch TV anymore because I can't stand the stupidity. I don't understand how people can see these things and think they're normal or entertaining. They're not. They're just plain weird and I don't understand why people can't see that.

  92. This is almost exactly like Lady Gaga. They're all just products of their record companies. Anyone who thinks LG promotes individuality is delusional.

  93. The "Zombie" Music video and song analysis is very accurate but the "Wonderland" one I felt it was little superficial; in the video she seems forced to participate in the "Tea Party" but she doesn't take the Pill Laced Cupcakes, in fact she rises against it and walks on the table causing a riot and that's when the police beats up and abuse everybody taking Natalia and executing her in the end. In the video she stood against the control of the authority and died as a martyr, not as a drugged human sacrifice victim.

  94. Interesting to see the comments on youtube. People post about Vigilant's analysis and the people who don't get it say, "it's just art…it's about a bad relationship" or "Beyonce's a Christian, she's not a devil worshiper." Wow people are really checked out.

  95. I remember her as Verbalicious and I looked her up the other month and saw her videos and thought yikes creepy! It's a shame she has stooped so low considering she has quite a decent voice to waste it on this type of awful trash. Her music videos are disgusting. I'm sick of these sort of pop stars declaring everything satanic they do as 'art'. It's no excuse! Art should be used to inspire people not disturb them!

    Whatever happened to decent music?!

    I'm only in my early twenties but I hate how mainstream music has become. Full of no talent garbage like Lady Gaga who uses stupid outfits to distract form the fact her music is drivel! It disturbs me that children and young teens are probably watching this. I used to think the Spice Girls were racy for wearing bras and short skirts! And now they have beheading and riot police? Sheesh. It's scary how much things have changed in such a short space of time. And it shouldn't be allowed to go on, whatever happened to banning videos like this?!

    /Rant over.

  96. if this world were to come to an end, people like tyler the creator and his group would not make it at this rate. even lady gaga, rihanna, and many more. its hopeless

  97. What's frustrating is when people can see how evil these videos are, but they will refuse to believe their favorite artists are a part of this. People would rather blindly love their favorite entertainer than open their eyes to truth…

    VC, will you please analyze Kanye West's short film called "We Were Once A Fairy Tale"? I couldn't bring myself to watch the whole thing but it scares me…along with his video "Coldest Winter."

  98. :) article on E.T by Katy Perry im not an expert on the whole symbolism thing but i didn see quite a few "odd" lyrics in the song

  99. Squishymage on

    Honestly, In my opinion, Judas by Lady Gaga doesn't have that much illuminati symbolism in it compared to her other videos. I'd much rather hear about Katy Perry's E.T.

  100. I definitely see the connection with these singers and the Illuminati, and that they are victims of mind control – something I've suspected for about 20 years – but to what purpose. In other words, how do the videos affect those watching them? How does the message play-out in society?

  101. Respect Highbury on

    With all due respect to VC, I have always enjoy his articles and valuable insights on "dirty" music industry. There is no denying about the occult symbols shown in music videos. The repetition of those symbols in multiple artists has proven that is not coincident that subliminal message are incultivated into their music. However, my point of argument is that these artists do not necessary practise the occult, satanism or illuminati whatever you call it. VC has pointed out a number of artists notably lady gaga, Aguilera, Britney practising the occult. VC even suggested that they were disney trained from young and groom in an "evil" way to spread the illuminatism. In fact, I believed these symbols were inserted by music producers and these celebrity have no say in it. I wouldn't be surprise if some of these artists are ignorant to the symbols represented in their video.

    Lets assume these kids were chosen from young by the Elites, go through the tormenting mind control process to transform to "puppets" to be handled by their handlers and groom to become a star. The procedures they have to go through would have been intense and extremely difficult. Firstly, their parents would have realise the change in behavior of their kids assuming the psychology treatments they have to go thru to become transform. These parents could have pursue to understand what their kids are going thru. I am sure they would not have allow any harm to their kids.

    A music industry is a big organisation. Employees would have range between 100-1000 depending on the magnitude of the project. Let say the chosen artists are put through the trauma and torture or what is describe as the brain washing procedures. It would have taken many co-workers for it to succeed. Trained psychologist, doctors to adminstrative staffs, labourers. These "workers" involve in this inhumanly project would have range between 10-possibly 50 and even more. The treatment also need a place, a possible laboratory, office, a private housing or whatsoever.

    Are you telling me that not one of these "workers" are enlightened by their conscience some day and actually come out to blow the lid on such despicable acts to human? It actually would have just taken a small employee who accidentally came across such an "Act" report it to the authority and make light about the dirty secret of the music industry. Yes these workers could have knew the consequences of revealing these highly confidential details to the public. Their life or even their close ones could be threaten. But in the light of footballer Giggs injunction revealation has shown that nothing can be hidden by today's technology. It won't be that difficult to disclose pictures of the "tortures, treatments" that these artists go through. It would have been easy to use the social media, twitter to disclose informations about such misacts and prompt the authorites to uncover the truth. Lets not forget the very one thing Americans have been very proud of, their own freedom. Advocating to the world about human rights. If they have realised that SLAVERY is very much existence in US, it definitely would create a very big stir.

    My point here is that the music industry does indeed have hidden agendas. But I disagree that celebrities have gone through such mind blowing procedures that only CIA are capable of. Even the CIA failed in covering up their act so what makes you think Record company can hide their despicable acts. It just need to take one good samaritan, one normal human being inside the industry to come out with concrete evidences to prove to the world about the dirty secret. In concrete evidence I mean photos, videos or detail desription what is happening. Not some suggestive comments but never the full picture. I am sure if Lady Gaga herself were to speak to the media and disclose how she was forced to engaged in acts against her own will, we would have something more to argue about.

    • Respect,

      Brilliant comment, I too agree that there is a lack of evidence if MK-ultra do exist in the music industry. There are some weird artists around that behave dis-illustionised. But these artists are being back up by many staffs working behind the scenes supporting them. It would just take a couple of co-workers to realize how distorted these artists are.

  102. Jason Garcia on

    A great report as always! I noticed Natalia Kills once the video Mirrors came out as well. She seems more revealing than even Lady Gaga at times! But the white medieval-style executioner really reminds me a lot of the KKK too. Would the KKK have had anything to do in the past with the same occult? Just makes me wonder ahaha.

  103. They're everywhere. Cleverly disguised. On TV, imbedded in magazines, and lurking in powerful advertising. Sometimes they're subtle or subliminal, other times direct, provocative, and mind-bending in effect. Strange symbols, signs, charms, talismans, and handshakes that program and control our minds. Henry Makow, astute inventor and essayist, says that they are key components of the satanic conspiracy that now confronts us with maximum force and evil.

  104. Thank god I only listen to indie and chillout-music. There are several unknown acts out there that are not (yet) associated with the Illuminati.

    But it seems to me that if you want to be popular, you have to make bad music, sell your soul and join them, success internationally guaranteed. This is such a shame, if you ask me :( When such a song comes on the radio, Ill skip the station quickly. And most teenagers, even some adults actually like that dark, sinister stuff? God help those poor souls.

    Keep up the great work.

  105. Wonderland video kind of reminds me of Mylene Farmer's late-80's stuff (Pourvu qu'elles soient douces, Libertine, Tristana).

  106. The White Snake on

    Just watched the "Director's Cut" of "Wonderland." Even if I had not been aware of mind control, I do not like the 'feel' of that video at all. It scares me on a level that I don't think I've ever been scared on before.

    At least the bunny was cute. The real bunny, not the white rabbit masks. (Kinda wish they had used a rabbit like Alba instead of a normal white rabbit, but that's the bio-artist in me for ya.)

  107. So, you're wrong about many things. Gaga was called "Gaga" over a year before she even got signed. Both didn't change names when signed. Get it right. Get your facts straight you fallacy producer.

  108. Jessie Js new video " Nobodys perfect" is very similar to Natalia Kills " Wonderland", so I am about 100/ sure there´s an agenda on female artists going on. Whether the artists know it or not, you can´t deny they´re puppets of the illuminati. ( like 99 P of the other `overnight sensations´, too). Here´s the link.

    Wake up, sheeple! This is no longer a wonderland, it´s reality!

  109. I read this article weeks ago and since then i have started noticing Natalia Kills on various magazines and tv programs. I was thinking how quickly she became famous just like other illuminati stars like Lady Gaga.
    Thank you a lot VC. I feel so lucky to find out about our present world. Next to becoming more horrified in every new thing i learn or see, being conscious about them makes me feel more confident and different.
    Also knowing that there are many other people in my situation here helps me feel sane.
    Keep up the work VC!

  110. The White Snake on

    Bad news, guys: Apparently Gaga has been following a lot of Kills fans on Twitter. Just as planned.

    Be afraid.

  111. Even though you didn't touch on Mirrors, I wanted to mention that "Sex.Love.Control.Vanity." is the mantra chanted in the song repeatedly. So it's pretty obvious what she is about.

  112. i go by poison and i noticed at 1:36 and 1:37, it flashes POISON

    poison shows up alot and they know they are getting my attention

  113. From an artistic perspective, the Wonderland video can be seen as a dark alternative to what we know to be 'wonderland'. On the other hand, severe flashing images of words that bear no significance to the song at all don't need to be included. It is known to be used in the control of monarch slaves and although taken out of the mind control process, may come across as a process of de-sensetisation.

    The majority of the songs on the album appear to be about severe trauma and emphasis on materialistic possessions.

    Open your eyes people! The music may be good but they hold dark intentions!

  114. Natalia, her dark videos, her uninspiring songs, her irritating voice. They're trying to drive the kids insane. Give me Shania Twain anytime, amazing vocalist, a beautiful woman. "You're still the one" is still one of my favourites.

  115. tornbanknote on

    I agree with Jorgo's comment about old heavy metal acts. Although what they were doing was considered quite extreme at the time, it could reasonably be argued that a lot of it was deliberately tongue-in-cheek: Satanic imagery as a necessary way of exploring the dark side of existence, but without taking any of it too seriously.

    Am I just being nostalgic or is this current trend in pop music imagery & themes (which a lot of people such as myself with some experience in the music industry found it all to easy to predict several years before it happened) markedly different in its implications? Illuminati symbolism is being fully explored in an "artistic" way (and is rapidly becoming overused) but it is also being force-fed into people's consciousness with almost sadistic glee by the pop stars and video makers.

    That is partly because of the insidious entry of certain new technologies and encouraged social networking behaviours into our lives. But it is also the fault of the stars themselves, who by their actions demonstrate that they have zero regard for their audience nor for human beings in general.

    What happened to the millennia-old tradition of the musician as rebellious folk troubadour, cleverly needling the powers-that-be with energising music and savage political lyrics? Right now, in 2011, we have nothing but cowardly, misguided, stupid, ignorant, selfish, self-obsessed c***s like Gaga and the rest – all of whom are completely and entirely speaking on behalf of the moneyed establishment, whilst appearing to be all dark, mysterious and dangerous. Once again, a grand illusion has been perpetrated on society and it has been carried off with magnificent success!

    Here is a question: what does the future hold for the corporate side of the music industry and the devious, degrading products that it keeps churning out as the economic situation in the US and Europe becomes increasingly desperate? There will be a period in which it quickly becomes seen for what it really is. Our human need for such things as genuine artistic creativity, valuable experiences in the physical company of other people, a profound enjoyment of life's richness, will replace it in time with a true form of music that is not simply a means for its practitioners to attain fame and money. That true form of music already exists except that it is not so prominent, firstly owing to its non-self-aggrandising nature and secondly because there is an ugly corporate monstrosity casting it in shadow.

    Eventually, that monstrosity will die. We will not have to wait too long.

    • tornbanknote on

      I forgot to mention, another missing element in this particular type of pop music is a truly spiritual aspect: not the hedonistic exploration of dark themes and of evil; but rather, a form of spirituality – of either the religious or non-religious kind – that raises the human consciousness and enriches our lives and those of our fellow men.

      This gaping void in the heart of Corporate Illuminati music/entertainment is obvious to anyone who listens to and watches the stuff, and it is designed to be obvious. The aim is to represent, and in doing so, reinforce a spiritual emptiness in the lives of the listeners and viewers, particularly those unfortunate enough to be unduly influenced by the almost military-grade propagandistic hype with which the various products and idols on offer are marketed and sold.

  116. Great article!! Also, there is one more thing – in those two videos in the beginning there are titles, that in the clips are some scenes that television censure, or something like that… That was actually the reason for me to look up for something unusual in the videos… ://

    But why is she doing those videos?

  117. I'm sorry , but I think that maybe the person publishin all dis ..stuff. Is feeding off the stupidity of all the pple who believe it . GET LIVES

  118. What about the scenes where she's cutting her hair? Could that somehow be symbolic of her shedding her innocence and previous identity for a new, darker one?

  119. NotOneButTwoEyes on

    I noticed a few other things. Early in the video, when Natalia is dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, an obelisk is visible in the background and one of her female captors is wearing an inverted cross earing, two obvious allusions to Illuminati spirituality. Also when Natalia is taken from the tea party, a split second frame reveals that the whole affair took place in a church, a reference to how Illumimati rituals take place in sacred places. Like this so perhaps VC can see it.

  120. Also 12,and I thought one day,I should just receive all the positive messages and throw the other crap through the window when I listen to all these songs.

  121. I guess all the artists from Cherry Tree Records make part of the Illuminati… By ALL I really mean ALL..!! Like all that company is illuminated… And by artists I mean Natalia Kills, Far East Movement and unfortunatelly ( I SAY IT WITH A LOT OF PAIN IN MY SOUL BECAUSE I REALLY LIKE THEM & THEIR MUSIC ) but LMFAO are illuminated too. Not sure about that though… umm yeah… I would be really grateful if you could tell me if they are illuminated or not… :s

  122. Found same thing that macncheese found at:

    They ask her about "Zombie" and "Wonderland" and there connections to Illuminati Mind Control. She just laughs at it and says "Yes, i am the head of the illuminati and am controlling your mind right now." She plays it off but then u think well maybe she is just another puppet being controlled.

  123. VC, u forgot to mention the antichrist earring worn by one of the escort behind Natalia at second 0:13 in the Wonderland music video.

  124. LateNightAlumni on

    I am a firm believer in the notion "there are two sides to every story, and three when the truth gets told". Honestly, I think that is why I was quite sceptical when I read your articles. I thought "what if this is just some hipster looking for a new way to bash on mainstream music?" I felt as though you were misinterpreting the meaning to all these 'artists' music and its obvious that you're bias. Therefore the credibility in your work could've been questionable once the defense by the artists is considered. But there is none. All the proof is so obvious I'm astonished as to how some people don't acknowledge the overwhelming montra of mind control and New Order. It's clear that 'artists' like Natalia Kills, Jay Z, Lady Gaga and Tyler the Creator all have advovate this message and it's so commonly thrown around today that you can't help but feel scared for new generations that will acknowledge and enjoy their 'music'. Yet, I still wonder: What exactly is their motive? Publicity,so people can hear their 'music' and they gain the fame they want. Or does it dwell far deeper than just a few album sales?

  125. fucking bored with Illuminati we had heaps here in Australia they are cruel vicious fuckwits some of them are unconvited murderers on their way to prison being programmed and experimented on too by other Illuminati often they are child abductors and drug dealers primarily they are murderers
    they are cruel mindless counts this year is the year people should fight back and get these fuckers removed and executed from society
    they mind control people into being homosexual they target practice n children and even on babies they target women who are beautiful they seek information from data and informants they are also government do you want a government that's malicious enough to murder you?
    they are such vicious liars with multiple personalities and sexual abusers do you want to know sick cunts like that?
    are you people so ignorant lazy and amused by them and their blatancy that you're willing to take this fucking shit from them another

  126. I am so sad, because I remember seeing Verbalicious and thinking how lovely she was. It's tragic and it breaks my heart. Poor, poor girl. Remember her, Jesus.

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