Mind Control Symbolism in Russian Pop: Vintage’s “Mikkie”


On the Vigilant Citizen, we have shown time and time again that mind control symbolism is found in pop music acts. This disturbing trend is not, however, only confined to American artists. Mind control-related themes and symbols can now be found in pop music all across the globe, as a result of the globalization of popular culture. We will look at the themes exploited by one of Russia’s most important groups, Vintage, and explain their hidden meaning.

As seen in previous articles on The Vigilant Citizen, mind control symbolism is often found in the videos of young sexy pop stars who are on the rise. In most cases, the stars take on the role of the mind control victim in the videos, making the symbolism relating to it seem cool, sexy and desirable, while the idea of mind control is unconsciously planted in the minds of young people. Many  videos depict rather vividly the harsh reality of being  “puppets of the industry”, to a point that it is all out in the open, but most viewers remain clueless because they can’t see past the thin veil of symbolism found in the videos.  This phenomenon is not only found in America, but in all parts of the world: in this case, the Russian pop group Vintage (Винтаж).

The group—Anna Pletnev, singer and composer Aleksey Romanov and dancer Svetlana Ivanov—released a single titled Mikkie, containing all of the aspects of the Illuminati agenda.  The themes of mind control, alter-personas, abuse, sexualization, and dehumanization can all be found in this video, as well as in some of their previous works. So, before we get to Mikkie, we will quickly look at two previous videos.

Previous Works

Since their debut in 2007, many of Vintage’s singles have contained some sort of commentary on social issues, like prostitution and abuse. References to mind control were also present, although the way those references were presented, the videos seemed to denounce it.

Loneliness of Love – Одиночество любви

This single portrays the singer Anna as a doll who is forced to live the life dictated her “handler”, played by a little girl.

Anna shown as a doll in a package. Mind control slaves are often portrayed as dolls or puppets as they are controlled by a “handler”
The little girl places a naked “action figure” next to Anna, a reference to sex forced on mind control slaves to gain privileges

The lyrics of the song also point toward the futility of conformity and of a life dictated by someone/something else. The best translation of the song I’ve found is probably not 100% accurate, but it is enough to convey the gist of the song. Here’s a particularly significant excerpt:

And after? After
we’ll press the button on the remote
And go to heaven easily and neatly
Curved mirrors
Well, those whom we love
we’ll never be with
Why we have forgotten
that we’re people

At the end of the video, Anna breaks the white ribbons holding her, representative of her mind-controlled state.

Sleepwalker Girls (Девочки-лунатики)

This song describes the harsh realities of a prostitute, as prostitution is a huge issue in Russia. Embedded in the video are symbols relating to mind control: prostitution, ritual abuse and slavery often go hand in hand in Eastern Europe.

Anna holding a doll to give to her daughter. The dolls looks like Anna, representative of her core persona (the real her) as her alter is the dissociative prostitute

Anna gets beaten by a Jon, who then throws money at her.

Broken mirror representative of her fractured personality, fractured life

At the end of the video, Anna is shown giving the doll to her daughter, showing that she went through all of that crap to give her things. The doll also represents Anna’s core persona, which she transmits to her daughter, hoping she will lead a better life.

New Album

The group’s new album, Sex (very subtle marketing), seems to be targeted to a younger crowd and the social commentary seem to have been replaced by outright Illuminati symbolism, on par with what is found in Western pop music.

Cover of the album Sex. Going past the fetishist theme of the cover, the blindfold also represents the “veil” in front of mind-controlled victims eye’s, while the candles allude to the ritualistic nature of sex with MK victims.


At face value, the song is a commentary on popular culture and  mass production. The authors also say it is a tribute to Michael Jackson. There is another very important issue described in this video: mind control. As seen in previous articles, Mickey Mouse (especially the Mickey Mouse hat) is often used as a code for mind control in popular culture. The involvement of Disney and Disney movies in mind control programming have been documented by Fritz Springmeier (you can download his books for free here).

Many of the recent Disney movies and cartoons are used in a two-fold manner:

  • desensitizing the majority of the population, using subliminals and neuro-linguistic programming
  • deliberately constructing specific triggers and keys for base programming of highly-impressionable MONARCH children.

– Ron Patton, Monarch Programming

This video makes full use of the Mickey Mouse = mind control code. Mikkie (Mikey Mouse) is a symbolic representation of the artist’s alter personality—the mind-controlled facade—programmed to be a shallow entertainer.

The video starts with a happy family running into Mikkie and finding its dismembered parts on the street. More on that later.

We are then taken to a Mikkie production factory, where entertainers are mass-produced.

The subject of control wakes up to be programmed. A close-up shot of her eye reveals that she had been “computerized” or “robotized”. Furthermore, the entire choreography and the mannerism of the singers and dancers are extremely robotic and mechanical, which puts an emphasis on the soulless, dehumanizing atmosphere of the setting.

Emphasis on the single eye and mouth shut reveals that the victim is subject to Illuminati mind control. The importance of the single eye is discussed many times in articles on this site.

The subject’s handlers, the ones accomplishing the programming wear monocles (c0vering one eye), a symbol of power and of Illuminati control.

In this scene, the subject seems to be giving her “essence” to her Mickey Mouse clones. Notice the “leopard” pattern on her body a reference to  “sex kitten” programming in mind control, also known as beta programming.

“This is the second Greek letter, and it represents the sexual models and sexual alters that the Programmers are creating. The primitive part of the brain is involved in this type of programming. […] Beta alters generally see themselves as cats.”
– Fritz Springmeier, Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula

Mickey Mouse is then taken out of the factory and into the “real world”. Mikkie becomes Anna (the singer) and she holds a lit candle in a scene that hints to her self-destructive nature.

It would be interesting to note at this point that Omega programming in mind control relates to self-mutilation and suicide, which causes the subject to effectively “self-destruct” on command or in particular situations.

OMEGA. A “self-destruct” form of programming, also known as “Code Green.” The corresponding behaviors include suicidal tendencies and/or self-mutilation. This program is generally activated when the victim/survivor begins therapy or interrogation and too much memory is being recovered.

– Ron Patton, Monarch Programming

Right after she symbolically lights herself on fire, the scene of the car hitting Mickey is shown again. On the street we only see Mickey’s “costume” (not Anna’s body) on the street. Is this an attempt by Anna to break free from her programming?

Mickey Mouse—Anna’s alter personality programmed to entertain the masses—is then shown dancing somewhere in Russia with everyday people. She is in her “entertainment mode”.

After the crowd is gone, we see Anna standing at the same bus stop, almost nude, seeming depressed and in pain. Even if her Mikkie persona is happy and cheerful, the “real Anna”, her core personality is sad, broken and in pain. And cold.

In Conclusion

Vintage is another example of the globalization of the symbols and themes found in the world’s pop music. Way beyond being the simple the result of a trend, the repeated and constant messages found in videos across the world reflect the presence of an effective agenda in global mass media.

Vintage’s last album, combining kiddie themes and music with overt sexuality and dehumanization, brings to the masses of Russia and Eastern Europe the themes the elite want the world-wide public to be exposed to, but with a “local flavor”. The same way McDonald’s adapts their menus to fit the local culture, Illuminati themes and symbols are communicated to the masses using local artists, who speak the local language and to whom people can relate. By slowly erasing the differences between cultures to instate a global, mass-consumption culture, the New World Order is not presented to the people through the voice of a stern dictator, but with the smiley face of Mickey Mouse.




      • Ascended Master Of T on

        Vigilant you also fail to mention that these videos promote sex as pleasure, when it was given to us in nature to procreate only and in society we no longer have mating seasons, therefore that impulse must be resisted! Which is their agenda, to destroy the family through moral debasement aiding Eugenics!

      • I disagree with that evolutionary statement. God gave us sex, not just to procreate, but also for pleasure and union IN THE CONFINES OF MARRIAGE. Obviously, it's plain to see that satan wants and coerces Gods children of the earth to do the complete opposite of the will of God by using the flawed falsehoods of evolution to convince the people of the world for the last 100+ years that they're nothing more than animalistic.

        While the elites have gone on to be used by satan to round us up, mentally.

        The flawed study of evolution is what caused the destruction of the family, the enticement of suicide and the desire to live sinfully without remorse.

      • Next article will be about god ? I'm getting sick of " God gave us" bullcr*p. God doesn't exist.

        Bless you VG 😉

      • God doesn’t exsist? Well then what would be the point of this. There would be no feelings towards this if god didn’t exsist. This act is Like a Rebel. Thats why it feels so powerful. But you probably don’t feel it if you say that. To bad for you. 😛 Just wait You’ll see… And plus If the illumanati and Free Masons Just chose to make up these things then flash it to humans who came to this earth by evolution what would be the point of being on this site? They’d eventually take over all humans. But if God exsist Satan would more likely be happy with this and this would be Satan telling God that Humans Like His way better. Then God would have no choice but to destroy us and leave the faithful. Yup. I’m not saying that i’m better than you because i’m not. Your probably Much older than me. I’m not saying that God’s Not going to destoy me either seeing that I only come to this site so i can read what other people think this song is about so i can feel more powerful listning to it or singing it. I’m a Horrible Kid. But yet it feels so good

      • Ascended Master Of T on

        I never said anything about evolution, I wrote "nature". Also no, sex was given to us to create and continue the species why else? It was given a pleasure aspect so it would induce animals of the species to practice the process. If there is a supreme being, it does not focus on such worldly things as the Bible states. Now that we are part of society we cannot focus on sex as pleasure doing so removes the purpose of it. Doing so when married is strictly up to the couple married however it was not intended for recreational purposes. Which was the point I tried to make is that by focusing on sex = pleasure, the youth will inevitably say "to hell with marriage I just want to fuck". That leads to the death of the family, when they stop having kids population declines A.K.A Eugenics. Although I agree there are too many people on this planet, I do not agree with how the Elite see it as a chance for control over the planet.

      • Excellent analysis Ascend master!! I couldn't agree more!! Destroying the family is crucial to maintaining control of society and keeping it completely immoral. Parents used to be a children's first line of defense against this type of garbage, but now, when daddy and mommy are divorced, separated, you don't know who your daddy is etc it becomes much harder to maintain order of that family and to keep morality levels high. Excellent comment!

      • God gave us sex? LOLZ… Amazing its the 21st century or at least they say so… There is no god. We are an alien creation. U praise family and its values? Stick them in a place where the sun dont shine. It means nothing. Where is ur impotent god when children are abused and killed in "beloved" and "close knit" families? In my whole life Ive never ever seen or heard about a gay family to abuse/kill its kids. Everytime its the same "normal" family. I bet ure fan of the Duggars or the Osmonds. U love the Amish ppl too? Look what a "good" Amish did for instance. Mind u, how many of them are silenced, its a wonder this case was revealed to the media…

        Watch the movie THEY LIVE to understand it better. But since u lack ur brain, I doubt. SEX IS FOR PLEASURE IN THE FIRST, NOT FOR REPRODUCTION, BUT RELIGIONS HAVE TO KEEP THEIR SHEEPLE UNDER CONTROL.

      • Satan’s the ruler of this world not god. You’ll find out more if you just wait for that knock on your door

      • Ascended Master is saying the right things, but did you know that the Ascended Masters are actually a concept created by Helena Blavatsky, a Luciferian/Theosophist? They are the Gods that the Illuminati is trying to tell us about, they are dangerous. And for all those people saying that God doesn't exist, put your comments on an Atheist fan-page. Your comments are fruitless here because it's simply not true.

      • He never mentioned anything about the Amish. For your information predators can be of all faiths or of no faith. You don't have to have religion to be bad!

      • That Toyota Scion ad was creepy…I'm guessing it was allowed only on the web? Has anyone else noticed how very blatant all media outlets have become to the lucifer/satan agenda? They're not hiding anything anymore! There's the song Lucifer by Jay-Z, SHINee also has one called "Lucifer", and I think M. Night Shamalama-ding-dong has a movie out called "Satan". Nice, so we already knew that rock/metal was in bed with Satan, but now we've got the hip-hop/rap genre and K-pop too! Not to meniton all the other groups VG has disected like the Russians and J-Pop, etc. Wow! Our popular culture is just ooozing with this crap, makes me want to keep my kids tucked away on a little island somewhere, oh wait we're already there! Ahhhhhh gotta love the tropics! Peace everyone!

      • Ascended Master, you do realise that if a man and a woman have sexual intercourse there is an eensy teensy chance of a child being concieved, whether the sex is for pleasure or not?!! I agree that the media is definately promoting the "sex for pleasure" ideology, and this does in fact destroy the family, HOWEVER that certainly does not mean that population will decrease, in fact quite the opposite as more children will be born!! i'm not really sure where you missed that little detail to be honest. More and more children are either being born into broken families without the stability of both a mother and father, or aborted due to "free love". Do you not understand that through sex for pleasure more children will be born without good, strong foundations for their upbringing? This is just what these evil people behind industrys like this are aiming for.

        Also, your argument is flawed when you say that humans do not have mating seasons anymore, do you not know what a menstrual cycle is?!! There are peak times when the egg is most likely to be fertilized and during those times a woman will subconsiously want to have sex purely because her body is telling her to do so. This is scientifically proven. Yes i understand that the need for sex is also influenced by society or by being in a relationship too.

        Either way, my point is that i agree that with the fact that the media is trying to destroy the ideal family structure, however by doing so they are also causing more babies to be born into this fractured society. or they are aborted.

        Read your statistics and do your research into population/abortion rates etc before you make up crazy theories like you just have.

      • Sex is not just the act by which the species procreates, it is also a way of reaching bliss (god, heaven, call it what you want) It’s also a method to achieve freedom, as well as pleasure. Not just limited to one reason/motive. Peace.

    • Music videos are just one form of distraction so that people are too beguiled by these things to take notice of more important issues that are going on. Video games, TV and movies are also just as bad.

    • Is'nt it BLATANT and everywhere…. Like vigilant is saying we are being schooled by a sadistic teacher, but even though it hurts we are going to learn something… THe problem is so is the teacher. As I wrote in reply 117, we as a species are in the process of growing up and the whole universal school has made sure they are here to witness it, some of course a little more active for better or worse than others… But the truth of it is we need to grow up or this could be a massive disaster on all fronts. I mean if you look at some personalities who have never discarded their adolescence and consider the damage that they do through their life, intended or not, that will be our species if we don't stand up and take responsibility. This is all happening because of our emotional imbalance, and im sure at some level vigilant is doing their best job to communicate this. Our attitude to our place in the universe and our relationship to each other is severely mishapen and imbalanced, like a confused adolescent and his attitude to their family, no matter what situation or mess they are in. We darlings are in one big incestuous mess soup… Instead of whinging to daddy we have to get off our soap box and clean this up.

  1. I am the third one to reply… Usually, I am the 50th. Not that I counted but it seems so. Anyhow, this is a good artcle VC. Keep up the good work.

  2. great article! since you are doing international artist, can you do one on mexican singer belinda? her last album "carpe diem" and one of her latest videos "egoista" is full with symbols..

    • I saw yesterday Belinda's video "Egoista" and yes, it contains a lot of symbols. I observed immediately the horns, the Freemason floor and there were a lot of things. Simply copying others, not original at all.

      And did you see Anahi's video for "Mi delirio?" I was shocked, because she has a beautiful voice, but…not this way. That video is similar to the "Disturbia" by Rihanna. Tortured, and all the creepy persons around her and when she is dancing in the bed, beside her there is a cross with Jesus Christ….it's shocking and unacceptable I think…. I interpreted in the way that she doesn't want to be 'good girl', she want to go wild, not being innocent at all, wild life and others; the tortures made by people are the ways that she have to be stopped….but no succes.

  3. Still one of my favorite websites all becuz of articles like dis one…meant to tell u thanks for the POWER article 2. Soon as I read one, I'm lookin for da next…dats wat I'm talkn bout

  4. This is NOT new in Russia & East Europe. The Girl Band Via Gra is steeped in MK/Monarch all over their videos:




    This video for their recent Hit "Поцелуи" / "Pocelui" is as close to seeing what happens in the Chateau Amerois/Castle of the Dark Mother in Belgium among the Black Nobility at Les Ballets Rose/The Pink Ballet Ritual as it gets:


    I warn anyone who might have suffered MK to NOT watch it.

  5. Great treatise again. You wonder how many can see it. I'm meeting so many that are 'gaga' over Gaga and have no idea why–even those I've warned. Disturbingly blind, hypnotized world–but there are those that are waking up.

    Funny–Hollywood and Disney google ads popped up in the article…they scatter their propaganda like chemtrails, scattershot in plain site knowing someone will inhale their toxins…

    Thanks again, keep 'em coming!–Z

  6. British pop music seems more scary than this.

    From pop legends Girls Aloud and Sugababes to newcomers La Roux and Pixie Lott, British pop music is a brainwashing party!

    Because you've already done American, Korean, and now Russian, please do an article on British pop music!

  7. This is why we all need Salvation!

    John 14:6 (KJV)

    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    1 John 5:11-12 (KJV)

    And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.

    He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.


    The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

    — 2 Peter 3:9 (NIV)


    And most related to this article, on ENTERTAINMENT:

    1 Peter 5:8

    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.


    This page helps greatly on understanding Salvation:

    • frequent lurker on

      like. So many people are being indoctrinated by so called "pop" culture and they just have no idea. Forgive them Father for they know not what they do, as they worship their idols and defend their idols (dark) art.

  8. Illuminati =





  9. This system that humanity is living now is the new world order, it began long long ago. There is no new world order coming but a new cleansing, a renewal of life through the divine intervention and the secondcoming of Jesus. This system(originated from evil.devil,satan) will soon collapse bec thats the goal of this system….we are really living in the last days…signs had been fulfilled…Godspeed to all truthseekers!!!!!

    • ilovegreentea on

      @final genius, FAVED! You are absolutely correct. The NWO has always been here, entrenched in every government throughout the entire world and since ancient civilization. You are right. the advancement of our technology, information, and education, including the blatant images and symbols all around us, we are truly witnessing the last days.

      I have hope in Yeshua Ha Mashiach because he truly came to this world to save the lost and to defeat the enemy on our behalf. I pray for the lost's eyes to be opened to the truth before it's too late.

  10. Wow! I'm russian and i'm ashamed. it finally hit home that this is legit, and that we are all becoming little slaves for the government. We must stop! Vigilant, is there any way to stop this? To stand up against this mind altering music?

    Thanks VC for this article!

      • I think it is a sacrifice.Gaga denied God blatantly in Alejandro, Farmer did it subtly or not so subtly in this video by "breaking her engagement" to God, blaming Him he betrayed and forsook her. Well, here is the " polite French attitude" for you. It is about refusing God, desecrating the Church, offering a sacrifice to the devil (hence the repeated image of the ape or a goblin ) and sealing it with an orgy with this red-eyed being. Absolutely revolting. This reminds me of the Clockwork Orange when the main hero was subject to watching videos with nazi atrocities accompanied by the music of Beethoven. Here it is: a "feminine", tender and somewhat ethereal music and a blatant satanic rite.

        BTW, she is blind in this video. And I think this is meaningful, too. It is a spiritual blindness.

    • Wow, I guess that those artists truly are going to hell, and are living in hell as we speak… One must be seriously damaged to do music and a music video like that!

    • frequent lurker on

      This video and others like it are meant to force the viewer to make a decision whether consciously or subconsciously between the salvation of the Christ and the carnal things the video offers.

    • That is one of the most HORRIBLE music videos that i have ever seen!!!!!!! It looks like she went through bloody initiation of some sort! With real blood!! and it seems like the devil is doing it too or something! Some shadowy figure! That is wayy worse than this video.. even lady gaga!

      That really needs a VC interpretation!!


      I seriously have to pray right now for even watching that.

      I cannot believe so many people are watching this perversion and enjoying it.

      That is just disgusting…


  11. Songs that i think should be checked…

    1. Te amo by Rihanna

    2. Over by Drake

    3. Forever Young (the lyrics)

    4. Clap your hands by Sia

    5. Love the way you lie by Eminem

    BTW: thanks for that Kanye west Power article… i can rap all his songs but… i wanna hate the mu'fcker now…Pls help analyze those songs…Thanks…


      The music video for Rockstar 101 literally creeped me out!

      The scenes of Rihanna withering on the ground, covered in horns was beyond disturbing.

      The whole music video seemed like some time of cult ritual.

      • It really is creepy she seems like dead…like her soul is dead already…i feel bad for her..and all of those who follow and like that music increase the possibility of ending up exactly like that…

        i've been learning about this as a Christian but here its like in my face..i felt the same a few years ago let me tell you without Christ there is no gettin out of the invisible hell inside us which becomes visible once your soul is out of the body (when we physically die)…but her video is also an example of a dead soul..souls are eternal but without God they're barely alive, and suffer…but on the other hand she chose this…thats what you get…

        dead souls belong to a scary place…

        Glory to God that he gives all a chance not go there…those who want it they take it and are being ridiculed as crazy people..why we Christians accept the blasphemy in mass culture I don't get it..how can America call herself Christian, then why Gaga and others are so popular huh???? Why do we accept death like something normal??? We are eternal beings and should live like ones, not like some near-dead-used-to-be-human ideals we are presented.

        The scary part also is that as these ideas become norm, people become numb. The elite will be able to do anything they want with you. Anything. and you won't even notice.

      • Her soul isn't dead, it is just cut off, blocked, partitioned (See Fritzspringmeyer). Souls cannot die. She could be healed but those who surround her will never let it happen and she has no power to find the kind of company that she really needs to heal. What we must understand to some degree we are all in her position. Closed off from who we really are because of the trauma and destruction which we are perpetuating and reproducing in our lives. Vigilant is drawing this picture supremely. Wake up even if it is slowly, the day is beautiful.

    • Love the way you lie is really creepy. I'm not sure what the whole song means but I think the chorus Rihanna sings is directed at Satan:

      Just gonna stand there

      And watch me burn

      But that's alright

      Because I like

      The way it hurts

      Just gonna stand there

      And hear me cry

      But that's alright

      Because I love

      The way you lie

      I love the way you lie

      I love the way you lie

      There's also a creepy hell analogy about different people in the video being on fire and Rihanna being outside a dark house on fire in every shot she's in. The sunny scenes with Eminem might be sun symbolism, but I'm not sure.

      I think Eminem sold his soul so he could salvage his bad relationship, but I'm not sure.

      • That song is downright frightening. The fact hundreds of millions of people have heard, and ENJOYED that song.

        Even a Christian review site gave a MIXED review on the video and song:

        This review seems more accurate:
        (While reading that review, it made me compare the song in a way to "The Burning Bed" with Sissy Spacek)

        What frightens me the most is the fact alone this song is about LYING, and ENJOYING LYING, and ENJOYING PAIN.

        Lying is a sin, everyone knows that.


        And the music video on YouTube has like 75 million views (probably more now).

        And based upon your comment, I feel more disturbed and bothered by this song than ever.

        The song could be seen as Rihanna singing the chorus to satan and saying she loves the pain he puts her through, and the lies he tells her!

      • just so you guys know eminem is trying to LEAVE the illuminati his new album recovery is pretty much all about him wanting to leave … not afraid and there's another song called 25 to life LISTEN TO THE WORDS but he is taking many subliminal shots towards the illuminati

      • When I saw Rihanna was on “Recovery” it put up a MAJOR red flag. But when I saw Pink, I knew right then it was over.

        Pinks’ performance at last year’s VMAs and this year’s past Grammy’s had to be some kind of ritual.
        There was nothing natural about either of them, whatsoever.

        Eminem can try to escape all he want, but he signed the ink.
        Hopefully he does manage to escape their clutches!

      • honestly as a sixteen year old i had no idea that a illuminati existed! and i never really paid attentioned to those lyrics! thanks for stating that. but anyways, my mom has always told me not to sing songs that could refelcted back on you, and she was right!

  12. FearTheLizardPeople on

    i disagree with this one almost 100%, although vigil has taught me a lot i dont believe this message is subtle enough. it looks like she is is blatantly denouncing it. i believe that vigils assessment of her first two videos can also be applied to this one. the only difference is she is using obvious illumin symbolism. im not russian but it seems their culture puts this sort of thing out in the open. from what ive read about russia is that prostitution and discarding children (kicking them out of the house at a very young age) is just a simple fact that everyone knows about and it isnt hidden. you add those two elements together and your are going to have MKUltra like programming going on, especially with all the "russian porn". seriously using mickey mouse and painting him black? i dont think that is a good thing and i bet disney isnt happy about this either.

    • the shear reality is that Disney is probably behind these images.

      do you think images of Mickey can be used without permission from the copyright agents in pop culture? give that a thought and you will see how tangled this devious web really is!

  13. Excellent piece on exposing the blatant and overt manipulation of children and people, aside from the subliminal use of Mk-Mind Kontrol…….Glad to see it! Maybe more people will wake up to crap the Elite are dishing an d spewing! Justice, Just for them! Laws, just for us! Organic Food, & Supplements, just for them-Toxic Chemicals vis Big Pharma…..JUST FOR YOU to unburden the earth of our overpopulation. Eliminating the middle class is the true agenda and making money of you wile they slowly murder you! WAKE UP& REBEL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! BE THE CHANGE! Return Christ into our lives and you return morals and honesty and our foundations…..lest the Corporations steal your very essence for a penny in their profit pocket!

  14. FearTheLizardPeople on

    lmao @ all the replies of people saying vigil check this and check that…

    this site gives you all the tools you need to do your own research

    there is also many free books you can dl and read on this site

    if you actually read this entire site you wont need to be spoon fed anymore

    music videos have had subliminals in them since their inception

    ive browsed a couple vids from links that people just posted and seen nothing deviant

    but all videos have something in them that is going to look suspicious

    they would probably completely fail as an artist if the vids they made didnt look that way

    why dont people do their own research and if they find something

    then do your own thorough assessment and then submit it

    stop acting like babies, grow up, free your mind and do your own thinking

    how can we defeat these people if none of you can think for yourself

    stop acting like sheep looking for a shepherd

    following leaders is what got us in this mess in the first place

    • ilovegreentea on

      100% exactly right on all points. The information is at our fingertips and we are encouraged to seek out the information about these hidden symbols and the real agenda behind it. We are still free thinkers with the freedom to seek out the truth on our own. Verify all the information that Vigilant has posted on his site. Vigilant can't do all the work for us. We must be diligent in our pursuit of the truth, no matter how painful it is when we our eyes open to the truth. The 'net is full of supporting info to what VC is posting.

      We are all united and we are getting stronger. The elite is using psych ops, subliminal programming into thinking that we don't have the power to break free from their strongholds. We do and no weapon formed against me shall prosper. Pray and trust in the Lord for all things because this is truly spiritual warfare. We are in the fight of our lives. Put on the full armor of G-d and trust in the Lord for all things and he shall direct thy path. Amen.

    • She's french, and the church they used for that sacrilegious video was Catholic, so I guess that's her message for the young Catholic youth, embrace satan and lose your soul!

      Isn't that sad???

      People should be afraid of hell, because it is real!

      • The Catholic "church" enthroned Lucifer along time ago. Literally.

        People foolishly trust that just because they SAY they represent God that they actually do.

        In reality they represent the minds of men and their foolish selfish desires.

        As is seen by their fruits.

        Miss R.

      • Every One Wll Bow- J on

        I have always questioned the Catholic’s primary belief. The way the Catholic's religion is often portrayed in movies is questionable. Nice to see that I am not the only one with that view.

      • First of all, Catholicism is not a "religion", it's a denomination. And you're concerned about how the Catholic's primary faith is portrayed in movies, correct? Hmm, well who produces these movies? Aren't they the same people who are bent on bashing and distorting any and all things that oppose the Illuminati/those who are against Christ and the Almighty God.

      • Let me guess, you are one member of the existing 35,000 protestant sects in the world???

        Get it right, Luther and Calvin were heretics! and they are burning down there.

    • Every One Wll Bow- J on

      I wondered the same thing. Why are people not boycotting these videos? They made a big deal regarding Janet Jackson's breast being exposed, but these videos are even more harmful.

    • ilovegreentea on

      The revolution is on two fronts, spiritual and physical. First, we must turn our life to Yeshua (Jesus Christ) because He is the only one who can save us. Have faith and trust in Him because Yeshua is the only one who has defeated the enemy, the god of this world. Seek him and you will find Him always. Yeshua has already defeated the enemy on earth as it is in heaven. We as humans aren't taught to resist the devil and he will flee. We resist the devil by using the word of G-d as our sword. There is life and death in the power of the tongue. G-'d's word is our sword that will cut through anything because no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Put on the full armor of G-d spiritually, not physically.

      Second, financial boycott. The "powers that be" rely on the population spending $$$ blindly on their products, so they line their pockets all the while killing us softly. The greedy men who are pushing this agenda through all aspects of entertainment, from gossip, logos, movies, music, entertainers, products, merchandise et. all the powers that be are promoting. The only way any of us will "hurt" them is through our pocketbooks. Their untold fortunes are made off the blind unaware of where the $$$ truly goes. They make $$$ of us to fund their wars and generate greater control in the world. So stop contributing to their empire. So $$ talks. Encourage others not to buy their products, or the people who promote NWO (Luciferian) agenda.

      $14 can turn into $14 billion if we stop buying their products. The elites are all about $$$ and power. Causing violence, wars, and anarchy is exactly what they want to hasten the RFID chip/beast system. Do not fall for the "let's take it to the streets", because $$ is made in the boardroom. Revenue and losses.

    • Hello Mr. Potter,

      This is sad but true.

      Anyone who attempts to burst the bubble of a sleep walker is seen as a threat.

      It's as if subconsciously all the zombies instinctively know how to react to anyone who points out truth,

      and that is to call "them/us" crazy and paranoid.

      When in reality we are the only ones who are awake.

      Miss R.

      • So true, I can't even talk to my family without being called crazy.

        My sister is the only one that listens, thank God for that.

      • ilovegreentea on

        it happens to the best of us Linda. The same thing happens to me as well. All we can do is pray for them and try to reach as many who want the truth. Pray for your loved ones eyes to be open and for the Lord to change their hearts. The truth will set them free.

  15. Nice article, but! i myself know that these symbolism in these videos are real, no one can deny it. On the other hand i am still not convinced that mind control slaves are real

      • Actually Marc,

        and not to be rude to you at all. But it all started in Egypt, then carried on to England; whom is the BIGGEST influencer of all.

      • You tell them Heather,

        The sheep and lemmings must have put down the remote and stumbled upon this enlightening article. For the virgins in the room this information has been available for quite some time and I do mean quite some time. So now that your eyes are no longer shut don't you think it's time to keep the idiot box off for a week or two and try making a music video yourself? Please do because I promise you will not only learn a thing or two about symbolism but you will realize it's power and influence as well as the fact that it is often misinterpreted and coincidental. I challenge you to become the programer instead of the programed and think for yourself. This often leads to the age old statement which came first-chicken or egg….. so is the programing a reflection of societies behavior or vise versa? As an artist I say it's a painting of the lab rat. As a business person I say it is a way to make the monkey behave as a somewhat civil human being. Once again my challenge is for you to create something….anyting and think about the process involved.

      • I have stopped watching TV for like almost three years now except for some selective movies but you must also find something new and uplifting to take over that space that was once giving to the media devices. I am trying to step out of the box meaning being alone in a very new kind of reality that does not just involve a life of fantasy and dream but with real actions, love and commitments. It is just like the Matrix with the blue vs. the red pill. I am still adjusting to learning how not to use so many media driven products and am trying to make better decisions on the companies that I choose to invest my time, money, and attention too and sometimes it just seems as if you are no longer apart of a familiar world. I guess being a full and complete human being comes with a lot of sacrifices and limited amount of over active entertainment. I am just trying to quiet down my mind and emotions to begin to understand what being healthy is all over again.

      • Actually, from the recent research I have been doing, it appears as though all of this really is the Europeans. Yes, the majority of the symbols come from Egypt, but it was also from a long lost Goddess culture that we cannot comprehend. Our archeologists refer to the time as 'fertility cults' or 'sacred prostitution.' Which, imo, leaves a very biased perspective on the time. This was not a cult, the Goddess culture was a culture that existed for at least 6000 years or more, and encompassed every single aspect of life, as well as vasts areas of land and populations.

        The Indo-Europeans desired to destroy the Goddess culture. The Levites began to write the books of the Canon and commenced genocide on the people they had invaded. They took the symbols of a once beautiful and flourishing culture and made them evil, demonic, etc.

        While so many people view Christianity as the religion of brotherly love and compassion, it was fundamentally built upon the genocide of an entire, and already ancient culture. For me, this is not the work or will of God, but that of man, greedy to be in control of the blood line and throne. By embrassing such once sacred symbolism and projecting it as dark/evil, they succeeded in, thousands of years later, creating the symbols that are now virtually the very essence of Satanic religious dogma.

      • Astarte, Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Columbia (Liberty!). All the same. The Statue of Liberty is a statue dedicated to the goddess of fertility and sexuality. In fact, in ancient times, her temples were places where virgins would stay until they were selected to be deflowered in exchange for gold (or other money.) This is the entymology (if that's the right term) of why some refer to the statue of liberty as the "Mother of Harlots."

      • Well, the Europeans borrowed the Mother Goddess cults from the Babylonians, Arabs, Assyrians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Philistines and many others. Have you heard of Semiramis? She started the WHOLE thing.

      • "It started in Egypt…"? You're WYLIN. You may want to study egyptian mythology/ symbolism/ history more closely, you will find that these negative concepts are not truly Egyptian in nature, but have been perverted for demonic and satanic use. "It started" in ROME

        Just as thew INVERTED cross and INVERTED pyramid hold perverse meanings.

        That is my foremost pet peeve with VC. They know enough to know this, yet refuse to make this clear. That makes me hella suspicious *squints*

        Peace, Progression, and Abundance


  17. I'm Ukrainian (Russian) and everyone in my country loves lady Gaga, so go figure…But I don't want the kids to be bying into it….IDK what to say to this…someone mentioned that it looks like she is "blatantly denouncing it", but I'm lost…

    • Some people caught in the web can still hate the web they are tangled in.

      I've known plenty who are aware of the trap they live in yet continue to live in the trap.

      A self loathing self aware slave.

    • Every One Wll Bow- J on

      As long as Satan has liberty to walk the earth, the answer is no. We all have freewill to choose. I choose life. I choose to believe in Jesus. Do the same.

      Do not die without giving Him a chance. It would be very sad if anyone dies without embracing the true God first. He loves us all. His love does not hurt.

      • I am not a big stickler to all this "satan" and "god" influence… your universe is influenced by you… and rhianna i think the world and those who inhabit it will be just as f*d up as we are now when they get here. Its part of learning, anyway who has ever heard of normal?

  18. How about taking a look at Pink Floyd? I'm sure they are not much different. It seems like this kind of evil moved from rock and roll and into pop music as pop became the predominate music genre. Alot of rock from the 70s-90s is probably rife with this sort of symbolism.

    • Hi Cogent,

      I've always loved Pink Floyd but they are too depressing for me to listen to everyday as I used to. It appears that

      after watching how Syd Barrett was essentially destroyed by the fame they all experienced early on they became

      painfully aware of the living machine they were all a part of.

      Miss R.

  19. Wow! That Mickey Mouse video was like the weirdest thing…

    She just kicked Lady GaGa's ass in the "WTF" bowl!!!!

    It's creepy, but it's just the truth. We live in a mass consumption culture, it's not just in America, though I guess we probably are the one of the biggest consumers and producers of crap to be consumed.

    This is how the world is now, this is how our minds are. We wake up, go to work, so we can buy crap. Mostly crap, but it's all crap if you think about it. We NEED food, shelter, water, love, sun. All these things should be FREE. We shouldn't have to pay for food and little patches of land, and homes on that land. We are all born EQUAL, we should be born and be able to take a fair piece of land for ourselves, or inherit the land of our families. We should grow food on our own land and trade with others fairly, without having to work and pay another human for the things God has provided for all of us.

    But that's not the case anymore. When your born you are automatically in debt to other humans. How fair is that? How can this be? If that's not bad enough, not only do we have to pay for these things which belong to ALL of us, by right of God, but they've convinced us that we need all this other EXTRA GARBAGE. They keep us as slaves all our lives, why? to buy ipods and cell phones and sneakers and crap.

    And Disney cartoons for the kids too of course.

    • Ruth Ann Lopez on

      I feel bad for his daughter. I have no proof that he is blatantly brainwashing her with Satanism or Luciferianism . However, is she I hope she gets out and seeks Christian pastors.

  20. I think i finally understand whats going on here. People are going to be fed their childhood while society gets progressively worse. Thats my understanding of the commercialism and imagery of some of today's music videos. "Hang on to nostalgia Kid's because its all you've got, retreat into your happy place while the difficulties of this Life/World dehumanize you!"

    this is catchy music aimed at the younger generation…

    • BINGO OSIRIS!! The powers that be are pulling the same trick that came from original sin. Lies, illusions, dissolution, then ultimately betrayal. That is how the enemy works. Build you up to tear you down. it's been the same tactic used in entertainment, politics, business, medicine, food. History proves it over and over again.

      • oh yeah, good point. the procress starts in childhood, when you become an adult they crush you like a bug!

  21. DeeperthanAtlantis on

    If you really think about it, mind control is actually SPIRITUAL CONTROL. The scriptures say that the MIND is the spiritual part of the whole body. So, if you control the mind, the BODY will come along willingly. It's also interesting that prostitution is big ALL OVER THE WORLD. A PIMPS' whole agenda is to control the females, or males, mind so they can have sex with strangers for money, and then bring it back to the pimp. So really, the ELITE are just a bunch of PIMPS, put they want the WHOLE WORLD TO BE HARLOTS. Please, but on the WHOLE ARMOUR OF THE MOST HIGH, ESPECIALLY, THE HELMET OF SALVATION!!! YAH BLESS!!!

  22. Given her voice… its almost impossible to understand how she could have a career if it wasn't for some hidden help along the way!

    • I have never liked Vintage for some reason, I thought it was plastic pop since the beggining…

      I once read an interview and this girl Anna was in a band, but she was kicked out and the producer said she wasn't an artist at all, so she kinda slammed him on this interview… but it wasn't raw talent what brought her to the place she is.

      She could have been happy and free, but she chose this, fame that won't last.

      It is terribly sad that these horrible acts are corrupting the minds of young russians.

      They idolize Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Via Gra and such stuff way more than I had seen in any other country.

  23. Thankyou for this article…

    i was having an argument with a fellow friend about Mariah carey and her ties to this secret cult.

    after reading this article & following this web

    site, i have now gotten the proper ammunition, check out this film clip:


    Many things now make sense –

    The colors of white and red in the illuminati initiation

    Mariahs eye covered with her hair throughout the entire clip

    Trapped inside a Toy Box

    The uniformity of all the people in the clip

    Butterfly symbolism throughout entire clip

    Plastic society

    Sexual & seductive references

    Elitist attitudes by the singers

    When this clip was released, it was said that the continual red and white theme throughout the clip was due to the additional sponsorship of TARGET in its production…. if theres is nothing to hide, why defend it before anyone questions? haha

    thought id share.

    • Notice too the diamond jewelry. Could that be an indication that Mariah is a diamond presidental model slave? I think it's interesting how she and Nikki are portrayed as dolls (marionette programming), they break out of their boxes like they're trying to break free from their programming (Mariah's meltdown on MTV), but then end up back in the box again, not unlike what happens to many Monarch mind control artists–including Britney and others. I wonder if Nick Cannon is Mariah's handler. Their relationship/marriage always seemed odd to me.

      • But isn't the title "Up Out My Face"? The chorus "Up out my face, boy, up out my face," Maybe they are telling the Illuminati to get up out of their faces. lol, just a thought

      • i defs doubt that considering nicki minaj JUST starting getting into the whole fame thing, i mean she has been rapping for many years and i was a fan of hers in 2007 but now her style has changed she has an alter ego named ROMAN and she says roman is the weirdo that says odd things and in her songs makes weird voices….that is defs probably from mind control programming..NICKI MINAJ HASNT EVEN RELEASED AN ALBUM YET!! but look at how famous she is she has already done features with mariah carey, jay z, kanye west, usher, robin thicke, rick ross,will.i.am, egyptian, trey songz SOOOO MANY PEOPLE

  24. hi

    i have read most of your blogs and i’ve been reading a lot recently about monarch programming and other themes related to the Illuminati,and many of the sites,like yours do make sense, but also i found some sites that i find it harder to believe what they are saying: for example,that there are reptilians and that all Illuminati members are reptilians

    well i find it hard to believe,but everything else, and the symbolism does make sense,so anyways i wanna thank you for sharing these blogs with us and i believe more in what you say also because you studied symbology and other subjects as you said in one of your blogs

    so i want to ask you ,if you know how many of today’s artists were mind controlled victims of monarch programming? i guess it is hard to know,but i wonder if you can guess an approximate


    *i was thinking that maybe some artists are monarch slaves,others are only artists who have no clue about this,and others of those who don’t know anything are told to add symbolism to their videos and photo shoots,and maybe paid to do it and maybe they are told only a little of the truth so they collaborate,and maybe even threatened,and there are others who are into freemasonry and they know part of the truth according to the degree they are,and maybe even some of them are programmers

    so this is my theory,what do you think about it?

    and also,please tell me if you believe in the reptilian theory?

    well thank you for your attention and sorry for extending my comment this much,but i really have a lot of questions about this topic

    • I think that those who don't know what the symbolism is and what they are doing are also slaves. They aren't just innocents. They are being manipulated and they possibly don't even know it. But as far as who are the mind control victims, you can look around. We are all victims to a certain degree. Some of us are actively striving for knowledge so we can be in control of ourselves, and others are knowingly living in the "trap", as someone else referred to it. They don't have to kidnap you and take you to a special dungeon to make a mind control victim out of you. They use the media among other things, which is broadcast directly into our homes.

      • It's more interesting fact to me than it's creepy, though it is pretty strange! 'One page (the one with a picture of a girl on it) says: 'She's third brightest but (something) hard to see.' One word I can't see well. I would also reeeeeeally like to know why the hell they use the same newspaper over and over again! Hm.. I gues we'll never know.

      • Yoooo that's crazy and freaky that that same newspaper has been used across the years on all types of shows and movies all of diverse audiences. This definitely needs to be looked into.

      • For the newspaper it’s actually pretty easy to understand, if the producer used a reel newspaper, they will have to pay for the copyright, which can be very expensive, so they have created their own newspaper (which is a fake one) so they can used them as often as they want without pay for it.

        Ps: sorry for the English I hope you have understand what I was trying to say.

  25. Hi VC,

    Amazing site & articles. I am curious however, what do you believe artists/record labels/the Illuminati have to gain by including all of this symbolism in songs and music videos?

    Ie for what purpose is this being done? Do you think all the artists all mind controlled? If so are they being instructed/programmed to produce all of this? If not, who is behind it and what is their motivation?

    There is no doubt that all the music videos you have posted on here have blatant references to Masonry/mind control etc, however I still don't understand why they would do that. I don't understand firstly who is behind it, and secondly their motivation for doing it.

    • I think their ultimate plan is to come out into the open and reveal themselves and their true agenda and force the public to follow lucifer. A lot of New Age writers and occult writers have said that the 'hidden Brotherhood' is planning to one day come out in the open, when their plan is advanced enough that even if everyone knew about it, they would not be able to stop it. They are semi-public about their philosophy so people will be more accepting of it when it is revealed. People are already indoctrinated to accept the symbols so once the Plan is implemented they will accept, because they'll recognize that it they accepted it before.

  26. Hey Guys

    I see now that the so called world elite have hijacked something. What it is exactly I do not know but this hijacking has given them full control of the Global Mind or Global Ego. Through this they control all of our minds and egos. It sounds strange I know but I truly think this whole thing is so huge that its on this type of scale. The only way out is to realise that we are neither our mind ie our( thoughts) or our ego or our (emotions). We are unconditional Love.


    by John A. Keel (1968. Fawcett Publications., Greenwich, Conn.):

    "…The parahuman Serpent People of the past are still among us. They were probably worshipped by the builders of Stonehenge and the forgotten ridge-making cultures of South America.

    "…In some parts of the world the Serpent People successfully posed as gods and imitated the techniques of the superintelligence. This led to the formation of pagan religions centered around human sacrifices. The conflict, so far as man himself was concerned, became one of religions and races. Whole civilizations based upon the worship of these false gods rose and fell in Asia, Africa, and South America. The battleground had been chosen, and the mode of conflict had been decided upon.

    "The human race would supply the pawns. The mode of control was complicated as usual. Human beings were largely free of direct control. Each individual HAD TO CONSCIOUSLY COMMIT HIMSELF TO ONE OF THE OPPOSING FORCES…

    "The main battle was for what was to become known as the human soul.

    "Once an individual had committed himself, he opened a door so that an indefinable something could actually enter his body and exercise some control over his subconscious mind.

    "…the Serpent People or Omega Group, attacked man in various ways, trying to rid the planet of him. But the superintelligence was still able to look over man… God worked out new ways of communication and control, always in conflict with the Serpent People."

    from bibliotecapleyades.net

    • I find that reptilian idea to be ridiculous. It sounds like it was made up by someone who can't accept that people would do that to each other, and doesn't want to take any responsibility for things by blaming it on parahumans (?). I believe the core of this is Satan. If you don't believe in Satan, think of it this way. Light is good, dark is bad. This is stuff is the opposite of good, it is darkness, motivated by a dark force. If you deal in abstract principles and are not religious, think of it that way.

      • Youre saying that aliens are the spirits people see in the sky who control humans?… I find it ludicrous and the proof for it is so weak it's not even worth mentioning. The "sites" that show shape shifting interpret a make-up smudge or a shadow as reptilian body parts! The aliens we see is Satan tricking humanity into atheism.

      • Ok lets get biblical then.

        "And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the

        dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was

        their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out,

        that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole

        world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with


        — REVELATION CHAPTER 12, vs. 7-9

      • The book of Enoch explains it all the parts of the bible that was never entered has story that many people have never hear of. Enoch was the grand son of Cain Adam and Eve first child and he was banished for killing his brother Abel. Cain and his family went to live in the Land of Nod which also had other species (I say fallen angels) then human beings. This was before the floor and around the time that Noah was born God did not create that flood for no reason but we in today society would never know unless you really chose to look for it and in this day and age even the internet is a very limited source of information. We live in a society of held back information and projected information that does nothing for the mind but only enhance the flesh.

      • Sorry this message was for Rebecca

        The book of Enoch explains it all the parts of the bible that was never entered has story that many people have never hear of. Enoch was the grand son of Cain Adam and Eve first child and he was banished for killing his brother Abel. Cain and his family went to live in the Land of Nod which also had other species (I say fallen angels) then human beings. This was before the floor and around the time that Noah was born God did not create that flood for no reason but we in today society would never know unless you really chose to look for it and in this day and age even the internet is a very limited source of information. We live in a society of held back information and projected information that does nothing for the mind but only enhance the

  28. Do you really believe there are young space cadet video producers who are slaves of some elite? The truth is musicians like to use mystical ideas. Like the Gaga rebirth in Bad Romance.

    • Musicians like to use mystical ideas? Musicians like to make beautiful & meaningful music. Pop & rock artists like money & fame. And the only way for them in modern world to get what they want from the record companies is to comply with their rules i.e. incorporate satanic messages in music videos and lyrics. They may not all be exactly mind-controlled slaves, though some definitely are, but they are sure slaves of record companies. They sold their soul for money & fame. They can not exercise free will anymore. There are numerous examples in showbiz when artists, who tried to break free form the record companies, were trashed by the media, got their pants sued off & left in poverty & obscurity. Some were even murdered or died in very mysterious circumstances. There are lots of talented artists, who live a happy normal life & make good music. But such artists are usually signed on independent labels & therefore are not very famous & have very limited influence on young generation. The big corporations will never let a good moral Christian artist gain much popularity in the world.

      • Another excellent post. This is why articles that VC are so important because this generation more so than before are being exposed to occult symbolism now more than ever that is so prevalent in the media. John Todd, may Yah rest his soul, exposed the secret behind the music industry.


        The celebrities who walk away from their "careers", willing to be "stoned, mocked, and ridiculed" by the gossip and media outlets, choosing a life of obscurity over $$, fame, and power, as opposed to selling your soul to the devil. Christ already saved us from all who believe in Him of this. Yeshua defeated the enemy. The enemy is bidding his time until the events take place and Yeshua returns. We are Yah's greatest creation and the enemy knows this.

        Eph 6:12: For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

      • Alex Constantine wrote a book about rock stars that have tried to stand up to this fascist elite new world order. Its called Covert war against rock.

        Heres the forward

        " The corporate media harbors hundreds of CIA propagandists. The agency and organized crime have, for over thirty years, engaged in a program to SILENCE POPULAR MUSICIANS whose influence subverts the cynical THOUGHT CONTROL tactics of American government and media.

        Check out his site.

  29. George, its more becoming who isnt a slave to the elite not who is.

    Everyone needs to read ' the biggest secret' by david icke .


  30. Lets not forget the monocle was also used in Madonna's video 'Express yourself' and in that new Christina Aguilera video. And also, they say it's a tribute to Michael Jackson who had that Neverland thing about not wanting to get old… Being stuck in childhood, which happens to lots of people suffering from a big trauma. And in the lyrics they talk about Mickey Mouse never getting old.

    Another interesting thing is the blond Mickey Mouse which movements are similar to Lady Gaga in Telephone… emulating the Fritz Lang's movies in the 20's… in particular the Metropolis ones which talks about the elite using a woman as a robot to controle the masses and has lots of ritual symbols. What is also funny is that Lady Gaga in Paparazzi and Beyonce in Sweet Dreams and some other artists have dressed as Maria (the robot in Metropolis).

    And jumping on to another off topic. Talking about Russia, have you seen Salt with Angelina Jolie? It's about mind controlled from an early age babies with the mission of infiltrating in the American society and destroy the USA. Angelina Jolie Is Salt (salt is a symbol of purification but I read that in Russian salt is related to atomic bombing) which was taken from her parents when she was a baby and trained since she was a child to infiltrate on the CIA and kill the Russian president in order to start a global war. We can see Angelina and the other mind controlled slaves kissing the handler's ring as a sign of obedience. They even tell that those children were mentally and physically trained (probably by torture or something) to accomplish the missions. It's called the KA project. I don't know if that existed but I immediately remembered the MKA Ultra mind control.

    • What the hell are you even doing on this site it you don't believe it?

      Don't be so shallow and freakin pathetic. What are you, a friggin' sheep that you can't think for yourself?

      You're too wrapped up in your own world to be able to view the real world as it is. Or maybe you're too scared? In any case do us intelligent people a favour and get the hell off this site, go back to using the internet for porn

      • oh so believing in these things make you intelligent huh…

        hey now i believe that lady gaga is satanic!!!

        wow, i took up an IQ test and guess what i got.. 190!! THATS FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!!!!

        … but still, all people here are either schizotypal or just plain stupid…

        and guess why im here..? because im LOLing in your stupidity, and oh, one more thing, i dont watch porn, its for losers.. maybe you are the one whos watching it no?

      • one more thing, the articles here are great, VC is a great writer, great enough to persuade all of you to his conspiracy theories…

        i just wanna let you know that conspiracy theories are meant to be "believable" but people who are truly intelligent ( your not part of it, dont flatter yourself) dont believe this kind of things.. because it just plain stupid.. how long does this new order crap has been going? centuries and yet no one has been able to prove it… why? because it doesnt exist morons

      • thankyou once again vigilant… this has got to be one of the creepiest….

        i have banned anything disney from my daughter.. he justs plain creeps me out….

      • dear, for people like you, i dont need to be grammatically correct.. just letting you know your stupidity is enough

  31. Instant Everything on

    When you think of the kids today, many who's parents were part of the inbred 80's head banger stupid is cool club, the off-spring today must be so dumbed-down now that even satan must be shaking its head at how easy it all turned out in its favor.

    • Every One Wll Bow- J on

      Your response made me laugh. I thought the same when I observed many students in a school setting. I think Satan is having a difficult time prowling for the cream of the crops. It is hard to distinguish the smart and good students from the poor performing and rude students.

  32. Well, i am sure that what you saw in this video is a good example of how pop artists work in Russia. It is simply plagiarism and bad try to copy Lady Gaga and such. Believe me i know what I'm saying, as i am very close to this country. Russian pop industry is so stupid, that they cannot create something new, they are only copying Americans, English groups, everything actually. The same goes with cinematography – modern movies are like some retarded and really bad versions of hollywood movies. They are not thinking about what they are copying, just repeating everything like the monkeys. Russians got/had almost every possible popular foreign group/singer version. So, if american video directors or other persons who make music clips know and want to put all this occult/mind control meanings/themes into video, then russians surely don't. They just stupidly believe that this pity singer can be as popular as Lady Gaga and make some money out of it – that's all. Sorry for bad english.

    • As a Russian, I have to disagree with you. During the early 1990s there were emerging original artists with their own attitude towards music & music videos and there were good movies in the 1990s. They were not expensive & didn't have much special effects, but they had soul in it. But after year 2000, when major global record companies & movie production companies entered the Russian market, things have changed for the worse. It's not the artists or producers themselves, who copy the western media. It's a deliberate move by global corporation to adapt western media propaganda to the local market. Blaming Russian media for trying to cope the West is the same as blaming Russian McDonald's for making the same hamburgers as the US ones only with some local vegetables.

  33. I think that all religions are part of the Illuminati plans,and i think this includes Christianity and Catholicism,the most powerful religions in the world,and Christianity has lots of branches

    I'm Agnostic and i think there could be a God,but i really don't believe in the Christian God,Yahweh,because he shows many personal traits that seem more human than godlike

    Also i think that it's highly possible that there are other universes different to this one,parallel universes (copies of this universe) and higher spiritual dimensions or planes,because i think there must be something more,or what is on this universe doesn't make too much sense

    So i read somewhere that the Illuminati have built most important cities and places in this world with a certain shape everything done in such a spectacular way that they get energy from the people who live or work there,also they make massive events like concerts and sports events,or also wars and mass movements to gather all that energy for their highly advanced spiritual purposes,using the Kabalah,doing everything in synchronicity on an exact date and time,like for example the 9-11 event

    So they said that the Illuminati use that energy to attract very powerful spirits that they adore,and they are feeding them with energy

    I don't mean i believe this 100%,but i see this probable,anyways i'm still skeptic about everything

    i think the world is really full of lies,and you can hardly get to know if something is actually the truth or false

    • Hello,

      Thats what the illuminati want you to think, that there is no hope. So people don't have a purpose and they can feed them the purpose. Christianity is completely out of this world and they have no control over true Christians, all they can do is distort and confuse..which is the only thing devil can do, and he is their father and spiritual adviser as to what to do. Masonry is the sickest thing out there..its so evil, more evil than pure satanism because it hides under a 'good' mask. sick.

    • They try to show so much evidence against religion and I don't follow religion but just try to have more a personal relationship with God. I do believe in Jesus Christ even thought I have been coming across so much information that suggest that he is not real and never was but the bible talks about a Great Deception and we are all here talking about it as well. I know one things from coming across the Book of Enoch whatever is true the other being as I refer to them as falling angel feared a God maybe not a Jesus Christ and plus he had not come to earth yet at that timeline I history after the Garden of Good and Evil. Jesus to me makes perfect sense an all loving God/ man who is willing to lay down his life for the love and health of mankind because were Adam and Eve failed Jesus prevailed. Now why would a hateful species or fallen angels even represent an image of God if God love and image is not in them other then the reality of fear and truth of him?

      • Resurrected,

        Well thats the thing, the fallen angels do not have a substance per se, because anything that falls away from God becomes nothingness, and because they are eternal spiritual beings (like our souls, too) God does not destroy them. So, for demons to manifest themselves to us, to destroy us, they take up masks and distort what has already been created by God. Very often they play on emotions, on sadness, to make us be attracted to anything possible, except Christ, so that we do not see our truly sinful nature and live in oblivion until death time, then they can take the soul.

        Only people are made in the image of God, not angels, so they are a little bit different. There are also several hierarchies of angels. Christians are called to fight demons through Christ, in New Testament.

        "For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world's rulers of the darkness of this age, and against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places."

        Ephesians 6:12

    • I think a lot of religions and scriptures have been tainted by the illuminati. Vigilant even exposes one of them. However, if darkness exists so must light. If the occult (hidden) stuff is valid, the orthodox public stuff must have some grains of validity as well. I think God seems to have elevated 'human' (though they are far beyond human) qualities because for our minds to grasp Him at all, we need to use the frame of reference that is the world. That is not a reflection of any limitations on God's Glory, we cannot fully comprehend God's Glory. Anyway, I agree with you about multiple dimensions. In Islam, we believe in jinns (spirits/demons) and angels and they exist in dimensions we cannot see, although they can see us.

      • I believe that as well but I also believe in that God has the power to protect his own book as well. To me that is why the bible is written in parables because the average mind would not get it but when it come to another life form that has know God then it may be somewhat different but anyone who knows God and then falls from God become ignorant of the facts of God evetually because you must keep it close or your eventually forget all of it later.

      • Interesting note, yes there is something in Christian life that is precisely, the more is opened up to you, the more you are risking if you become ignorant about it. In our future life everything we said and did to other people will move with us as our 'baggage'. That also includes passions and sinful habits (vanity, pride, gluttony, many others) as well as good things and habits. As with the ungodly ones, if a person did not try to defeat them in this life now, they will burn them eternally in a special type of fire…I mean not the physical fire e know, but that one will burn lots stronger… It is very tough to confront them, but in a way we make it harder for ourselves by not calling on Christ.

        Yes there are demons in islam too, but as a Christian I do not agree with islam – there is lots to it….Although I do not transfer my dislike for it onto people and try to love them because thats the law of God given to us in the bible, and a law like that makes our world a better place. In Christianity you can divide between belief system and a person, hating on people is wrong but accepting false prophets means death for us. Good thing is that there is God that can help anyone who asks..it's just people don't ask…or ask without humility…but there is always hope.

        We don't have to be slaves that the industry is trying to glorify for us. I'm saying NO!

  34. Every One Wll Bow- J on


    This configuration of behavior by the music industry and adults should be viewed as child abuse. Mental abuse is just as harmful and detrimental. The poor little girl in this video is subconsciously exposed to things that will plant seeds in her mind. These seeds will eventually grow if she continues to be exposed to this nonsense.

    Another thing. I observe so many young girls (even under 12) who are sexually aware of their bodies. Music does plant seeds.

    Videos only provide the mental image to speed things up.

    I am just saying.

  35. I'm starting to see these same themes in many things. In Adam Lambert's song "If I had You", it looks like it is taking place in the Bohemian Grove. There are even people dressed as Owls. Could you do one on him?

    • It doesn’t take VC to see that Lambert is part of a dark agenda. The TPTB keep throwing money at him and promoting him hard even though his music sucks and he’s a joke artistically.

  36. Instant Everything on

    Quite a few of you know the world is about to go through these evil changes, that won't put us in the happy ending pages of world history. And for the show biz side of life; the media monopoly has created it's modernday idols by combining the perverse , S&M half of Madonna with the sadistic and satanic imagery of Marylin Manson. A very wealthy company known as , Shaw, just carried out major media deal here in Canada , buying up a huge chunk of TV networks, was signed this past Friday / 13 / 2010. The choosing of the preferred date is a clear sign what's in store.

  37. Great Article.

    I suggest the archaic media of simply reading the Bible. It will heal the mind and soul of the scars of the Illuminati and the occult. YHWH is far superior to ha Satan and His word will set the mind enslaved free from occultist programming.

    fast, pray, study and preach the word of Life,


    • Yes it will that is why when people put down the bible I don't get it because I have never got a hateful or negative message from it and it always take my mind and soul to a safer location in reality or fantasy but it protect me. I have backslide in thought and in what I have giving my attention too and I always feel the sadness of the world and what the world present and represent but only the bible can pull me back or put me in to the safe place.

    • Oh so true John Vega.

      Romans 12:2 (KJV) ~ “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God”.

      (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, KJV) – “Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you”.

  38. To Orange Juice:

    You know VC will do one how can he not do one on British pop??? Soooooooooooooooooo much is based around British pop it's ridiculous! I can't wait to read what VC comes up with. I'd like to see one on jazz & country because every aspect of music has been affected. I didn't realize how much until I started reading VC.

    Another good eye opener from VC! But I want the newbies in this post to start opening their brains & eyes and telling their friends about this site so they can STOP letting music brainwash them or they'll be nothing left and no one to listen to the sounds of their loved ones. They'll (or we'll) all be under lock & key of the ILLUMINATI/Bilderberg Group/Haliburton . . . if they aren't already.

    WAKE UP AMERICA! Protect what freedoms there are left and defeat this brainwashing groups!!!!

  39. Can I suggest some further reading:

    Fritz Springmeier's book on Illuminati and mind control are very in depth. Also Mind Control, World Control by Jim Keith is very good.

    • That is really is the best answer but many won't do it and I been doing for for almost three years now and still there is so much more to battle in the mind. You soul is you thinker, your free will and your chooser protect it.

  40. Ok, there was such period in Russia, but i am sure that they just don't know anything about MK Ultra, Illuminati and other that stuff, they saw something similar in popular foreign videos and they thought that it some new flaw and repeating that. It's just like it is in their nature – to copy everything and try to be what they are not. For example this silly rapper – Timaty – this guy tries to be black, even got tattoo – "black star". What for? He thinks that it is cool.

    I was reading VC for some period and all this articles are pretty confident, but at the moment i see all this stuff from different angle – probably most of such called – "mind controlled media persons" are completely unaware of what they are representing. Let's see what happens next, after all at some point people should be fed up with all those similar occult videos from Jay-z and Co.

    • There's really no point in arguing. I do agree with you that the vast majority of artists themselves is unaware of MK ULTRA & Illuminati. But aren't they aware of the corruptible effect their racy videos, slutty images & lyrics messages have on people? Maybe they are just plain stupid, or maybe they prefer not to notice in exchange for money & fame. Yet the executive producers & big media bosses are sure mostly aware of what they're doing. The moral corruption of Russian society has progressed enormously, especially since year 2000, not in the "rakish" 1990s as Putin's propaganda likes to assess. The media played crucial role in corrupting Russian society, especially youth, by instilling false values, which were not initially compatible with an average Russian person's worldview. Funny, that you mentioned Timati. I'm convinced Timati is the one Russian media person who is very well aware of what he is doing. Another media person who I'm sure is aware is Ksenia Sobchak. Sobchak & Timati both come from very wealthy and powerful families with probable masonic connections. They were both hugely unpopular when they emerged, but the media shoved them down the public throats, giving them enormous rotation times & extensive press coverage. Now they are "popular" media persons, especially with the younger generation. They promote sexual promiscuity, alcohol & drug abuse, obsession with money & "glamor", homosexuality, etc. By the way, there was an article a couple years ago with the analysis of Timati's tattoos/ Turned out most of them have occult & masonic meaning.

    • Kseniya Sobchak and the whole MUZTV channel are seriously a source of BAD stuff for the russian youth.

      I also think the girls from T.A.T.U were mentally trained to be controlled, they were underage, sexualized and not even lesbian to begin with… aMost of their videos are quite odd, like "Lyudi Invalidi" (Dangerous and Moving)

      Lena Katina was asigned the "good" personality (maybe because her father is a producer) and that is why she is struggling less than Yulia, who is totally wack after they gave her the "bad" alter ego. She whines about everything, acts totally bitchy and scandalous and even the look in her eye has changed over the years. I will pray for both but my heart goes to Yulia… she even dated that evil ass Timati! I really really hope she reaches out to the Russian Orthodox Church and gets some help.

  41. Are you sure that Vintage's earlier videos denounce mind control? In Loneliness of Love, while the doll figure slips from the box, she still has her (silken) chains on her, and the crash of the dollhouse at the end of the video looks like self-destruction programming writ large. And the handing of the doll to the woman's daughter at the end of Sleepwalker Girls can be read as "It's now time for you to dissociate yourself, this doll will be your essence." (I've always found the idea of a girl having a doll that looks exactly like herself as creepy. American Girl is a tool of the Illuminati!)

  42. For sure the end is at hand.

    Rev 22:11 He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

    12 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

    13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

    14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

    15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.


  43. i stoped my kids from watching tv and they have gotten better grades and are reading much better. Keep your kids away from the box of poison called tv.

  44. I know Im just like anyone else here who's suggesting for you to do this and that but I think you have covered pretty much the western world. With Asia you chose Japanese pop. Maybe its time now to do an article covering different kind of artists at the same time. Chinese, Arab, Indian and maybe other unknown pop music are interesting too. Of course this might be difficult for you coz you wont understand the language but I suppose you dont speak Russian or Japanese either?!

  45. I think what people are taking as her dennouncing it, is her in a sense being afraid, not sure, trapped etc. Which is portrayed in other videos like Gaga. Kind of reluctant in a way & at the same time trapped, having no other choice. Thats what I got/get out of most of these videos. No so much her dennouncing it, more her living with a choice she has made and it wasn't what it was cracked up to be…but how do most of them say it Gaga, Kanye & others " we chose this, it was our choice" so live with it !

  46. I really wish you would do more articles about Masonic/Illuminati/MK Ultra symbolism in hard rock and heavy metal videos instead of just pop acts. After the 5th article on Lady Gaga, it gets a bit tiring.

    Here are some metal videos that would be good to analyze:

    Baroness, "A Horse Called Golgotha". Rather blatant Masonic symbolism/mind control references, both in the video and the lyrics.

    Deftones, "Diamond Eyes". Mind control/alternate personality references.

    Mastodon, "Blood and Thunder". The whole video is a big long love letter to Shriners, a Masonic sub-order.

    And this isn't a metal video, but it's still another one that REALLY needs looking at:

    Yeasayer, "Ambling Alp". Also has mind control/alternate personality symbolism.

  47. it's good what v/c is doing. for the ppl that belive in Christ you keep strong, for others who don't know him, just ask him to come into your life. for others who think we are in the tribulation, you're mistaken. yes, there are alot of signs that are saying we are in the end times, thats correct, but we are not in the tribulation, yet. first the church needs to be raptured from this earth. secondly, the anti-christ and Isreal has to sign the 7 year peace treaty, that will be the first sign that the tribulation starts. Isreal will not know who the anti-christ is until, he defiles the temple and sits in the temple claiming to be worshiped as the Almighty God, that will be 3 1/2 years into the tribulation period. what the Illuminaties are doing, is trying and will succed in ushering the NEW WORLD ORDER, whom will help the anti-christ step himself up as the final dictator of the entire world. the anti-christ will make Cesar, Hilter, Mosaline, The Pharies (the preists in Jesus time, who convicted Jesus to be cursified on the cross), plots look like mere enfant games. the anti-christ will be 100 times worst than these men. for those who don't know Jesus, i beg you all to accept him into your life, because in the time of the tribulation, it will way harder, to be a Christian.

    May God Bless you all, and stay strong in Christ, our Lord and Saviour

    • I am Muslim and it is reassuring to hear my Christian and even agnostic brothers and sisters see similar things. I think that is a clear proof that these things are real; if people on different spiritual paths independently arrive at the same conclusion. The Muslims view of the anti-Christ is almost the same, virtually identical, except we view Jesus as a holy prophet, not God.

      The Prophet Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of the Almighty God be upon him, mentioned these signs about the anti-Christ (we call him al-Massih ad-Dajjal or Arabic for 'the False Messiah') and the end of time:

      Dajjal will be blind in his left eye. He will have very thick hair on his body and he will also have his own type of Jannat (Heaven) and Jahannam (Hell) with him: Although his Jannat will appear as Jannat, in reality it will be Jahannam and likewise though his Jahannam will appear to be Jahannam, in reality it will be Jannat.

      He said that before the emergence of Dajjal there will be three spells of drought. In one year the skies will withold one third of its rains, causing the earth to withold one third of its produce. In the second year the skies will withold two thirds of its rains, causing the earth to withold two thirds of its produce. In the third year, the skies will withold all its water and there will be no crops that year. All animals, be they hooved or toothed, will die as a result. The greatest evil of Dajjal will be to approach anyone and ask him: "If I bring your camel back to life, will you then believe that I am your God?"

      He will emerge between Shaam and Iraq, and his emergence will become known when he is in Isfahaan at a place called Yahudea (Judea).

      The Yahudis (Jews) of Isfahaan will be his main followers.

      Apart from having mainly Jewish followers, he will have a great number of women followers as well.

      He will have with him fire and water, but in reality the fire will be cold water while that what appears to be cold water will in reality be a blazing fire.

      Those who obey him will enter "his paradise" while those who disobey him will enter "his hell."

      There will be a thick fingernail-like object in his left eye.

      The letters "non-believer" will appear on his forehead and will be deciphered by all believers regardless of them being literate or not.

      He will have a wheatish complexion.

      He will travel at great speeds and his means of conveyance will be a gigantic mule. It is said that he will play beautiful music which will attract the music lovers.

      Dajjal will lay claim to prophethood.

      He will then lay claim to Divinity.

      He will perform unusual feats.

      He will travel the entire world. He will send down rains upon those who believe in him, which in turn will cause good crops to grow, trees to bear fruit and cattle to grow fat.

      He will cause drought to those who disbelieve in him, resulting in starvation and hardship for them.

      During those trying times the pious will satiate their hunger through the recitation of 'there is no God but Allah' and 'glorious is God'.

      The hidden treasures will spill forth at his command. He will stay on this Earth for a period of forty days; the length of the first day will be one year, the second day will be equal to one month, the third day will be equal to a week and the remaining days will be normal.

      He will be unable to enter Makkah because the angels will be guarding the Holy City and nor will he be able to enter Madina because there will be angels guarding each of the seven entrances to Madina; From Madina he will proceed towards Shaam where Imam Mahdi (leader of the resistance) will be stationed.

      Finally Isa peace be upon him (Arabic for Jesus) will descend from the heavens and pursue him and eventually kill him at present day Lydda.

      • Thank you, Vigilant.

        Just did my own research on Anna and found some interesting facts:

        One is that she teaches music at the Maimonides Academy in Moscow (I must admit, they have a very strong faculty of music there). Amongst other introductory information posted on the Academy's noticeboard it is related that Rambam (the way the Jews call Maimonides) was the first to dream of bringing together Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Moreover, being a medic, he was the first to suggest the possibility of growing a human being in vitro. Interested?

        Maimonides Academy have connections with the University of Tel-Aviv, US etc.

        Also, I found it quite telling, that when she is shown at the very end as lonely, naked and cold and we feel pity for her a child's voice says: "Mummy, it is Mickey Mouse". I find it the way to pull the cotton wool over people's eyes: when they start seeing a suffering human being they are told : "do not worry, it is not a human being, it is just a Mickey Mouse"…

        Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flqAhgQmjbg&fe


  48. I have to agree with FearTheLizardPeople (and others who might have mentioned the same idea). I don't think the singer was manipulated to include the symbolism, but was rather blatantly pointing them out. The lyrics are much too obvious and doesn't seem to have any other way to interpret it unlike other artists that have been reviewed on this site.

  49. hi vigilant, my name's robson, i found your site just like that, since then i can't get out of it, i guess your site very important to open the peoples' eyes, it help us to look into the true purposes of the media.

    i have something that I'd like to share to you all, the singer usher has a music called "my boo" he signs this song with alicia keys, in this clip he appear wearing a clothes like this: http://tendapaifelipedaangola.blogspot.com/2009/0….

    i want to say "Michael Jackson" wear a clothes like this too, in his clip "Smooth Criminal",

    this pic that i linked, it is known in brazil as Zé pilintra, i would like to know how its name is in your country.

    that's all for now, thanks for your articles, all the best. i've gotta go!

    pardon me for my grammatical erros, i'm learning english so, take it easy.

  50. I agree completely with comment #77 (anti).

    I love the fact that you have touched on "Eurasia" as well as North America; however as someone who listens to Arabic music ALL the time, I have yet to find something as blatant as Vintage, Narsha, etc (I also listen to JPop/KPop).

    And whenever Arabic music gets discussed people just decide "oh, let's take a stab in the dark and assume *a big name* is using symbolism" without ever giving a proper reason besides their success. I want the claims to be beyond reasonable doubt (like the videos you have chosen). Having said that, I am sceptical about these videos:

    Myriam Fares

    (raven at the beginning, 1 eye symbolism, her eye is illuminated a couple of times near the end, her hands have pyramids on her palms, as well as "scales" for tattoos possibly referring to reptiles) and the lyrics "he asks me where his place is, in the heart of my eye" and later "I feel my soul is leaving me" (my translation is not the best but it's something like that).

    I think there are references to mind control, and the lyrics are basically like "I feel I'm born again today" "what happened to me? why am I confused?"

    Amr Diab's Wala 3ala Balo draws suspicion because of the eye of Horus shadowing over everything at the beginning, however I'm not really a fan of his stuff so I rarely watch.

    I'll appreciate any contribution to this. Also, if anyone has any non-European/American artists I'll appreciate that too.

    PS: positive thinking regardless of any of the crap we see in the media :-).

  51. Note that I am aware the Arab world (part of it) is within Eurasia, however we also have countries like Egypt/North African countries (and even East African countries to some extent; for example Sudan).

    I should have rephrased my introduction clearer. Remember that Arabic is the most widely spoken Semetic language and top 10 in most spoken languages, which is why I'm inclined for it to be mentioned.

    Thank you.

  52. this proves 2 things…one that there is some illuminati music out there and not only in america and 2…nicki minaj and gaga are fucking copycats xD

  53. The Illuminati and mind control symbolism in the Mickey video is indeed obvious and telling. Everyone on this site is aware of the details, thanks to the author of this blog.

    However, there is another line of symbolism in the same video. The mind control is shown as a dehumanizing force that produces robots and sex slaves for elite's consumption. After the barrage of the factory "dances" set inside of one big eye, the hero(-ine) manages to break away from this lot, burn the manufactured skin. Burning the hide or skin is a well known symbol in Russian folklore when a princess removes her spell and set herself free. She is out in the rain, washed, cleansed, even re-"baptised" maybe, and finally free. There is no glitzy end to glorify and glamorize the handler-puppet paradigm, instead she breaks free.

    To support this contrast, the Mickey Mouse itself is shown as an artificial unnatural character made to be "multi-brand" and "hero of the ads". Its superficial dance ends with a car hit. The empty shell is broken to pieces but there is nothing inside.

    The dedication to Michael Jackson seals this very theme: he was made by the elite into a King (of Pop), followed the elite's orders to entertain masses, he lived dysfunctional life inside his manufactured skin, and was killed by the elite.

    If anything I see this video is a satire or a critique of the mind control which indeed enslaved Russian entertainment industry. This one is a rare bright spot in the wasteland of the Russian pop. I'm going to find out more about this group now and the origins of their plight.

    • I can't disagree with you more. The video can be viewed as satire only when look at it superficially. I mean, it's Vintage we're talking about!!! They're not some rebellious musicians, who denounce the system! They are blatantly part of the scheme (I mean, consider their other works like "Bad Girl", "Eva", "Sleepwalker Girls" etc.). The tribute to Michael Jackson is nothing more than a mockery. Michael Jackson is one of the latest examples of an artist who tried to break free from the Illuminati-controlled media corporations, which resulted in trashing of his image by media, numerous criminal charges & ultimately untimely mysterious death.

  54. I'm just a little confused so i'll ask these questions to gain the knowledge I need. Are you saying the Illumanati gain their power through devil worship? Or are you saying they are the "devils" among us today? Promising people "ever lasting life" and fame if they follow them?

    • 'Illuminati' gain their power by what you give them every day. You buy an album, you worked an hour for them. You use your car (4-6 months of work to pay for it), you are working for them. They only have to promise fame to the artist, costs them nothing to give since they own the media.

  55. I would like to see analysis of different kinds of rock videos,and i'd like to know if artists like Muse for example are promoting or trying to denounce MK programming,also i'd like to know if Linkin Park,Evanescence,Eminem and Robbie Williams have shown Illuminati symbolism

    I mentioned these artists cuz i have "the open door" album by evanescence,and i don't know it looks a little suspicious, also on the cover of "Anywhere but home" ,Amy Lee's eye is shown

    Also on that Robbie Williams video "kids" feat. Kayley Minogue
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYB4ebbJUys he shows the "ok symbol" like three times

    Also I heard that Linkin Park shows symbolism in many videos,possibly "in the end" well i have watched it and it seems to have some mysterious elements

    And Marilyn Manson's videos are always blatantly showing sex,drugs and satanic references,but i'd love to know about symbolism in his videos

    Paramore's "brick by boring brick" kind of surprised me,i first watched a video on you tube about this video's mind control references,and then i discovered this site

    I knew about the Illuminati but not about mind control until i watched this video,and many times i had watched "brick by boring brick" on tv and you tube,but i didn't know the alternate meaning to this video

    Anyways i will say that i like the music,and i like most of these artists,and i still listen to them, but i know what they are into,and the occultism they conceal in these videos and by other means

    So people who don't know a shit about this are the ones who are being most affected and are feeding the System more actively than those of us who know about this

    Also it is great that VC is showing the symbolism found in music videos in other languages,i would like to know about music in Spanish,French and Italian,also German

    There's a German rapper called Prinz Pi that i have listened to,and he made a song called "Illuminati"
    and here's the album cover http://www.hiphopkemp.de/forum/index.php?topic=29
    also i watched a video made by a mexican rock band called "Zoe", "raptilectric" and also it shows imagery that seems illuminati http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyM5ogDABqk

    • It is very unlikely the case specifically with Vintage. This group is definitely a part of the Illuminati-controlled media & acts as puppets. The video is in heavy rotation on all Russian music channels. Video itself was not very cheap to make. Who on earth in the corporate world would have given them money for production & air time if they were actually denouncing something related to the NWO agenda? Artists who actually denounce NWO usually play in small clubs. Yet again, with the Illuminati's gegelian conception of thesis, antithesis & synthesis controlled denunciation of something usually means promotion of that very thing.

      • "Yet again, with the Illuminati’s gegelian conception of thesis, antithesis & synthesis controlled denunciation of something usually means promotion of that very thing."

        Interesting concept. By "Denouncing"something in a way they are really promoting it. I find this to be the case in "Family Guy" they are constantly, constantly, making sick jokes about pedophilia/incest/bestiality.

        They say it in a funny "ha ha" way, but there's almost guaranteed to be at least on pedo, besti or incest joke per episode. You have to wonder if these fuckers have anything else on their mind…

      • SO TRUE i've noticed on cartoons like "South Park" & "Family Guy" they do make A LOT of jokes about perverted, deviant sexual behaviors. But the thing is there is NOTHING funny or entertaining about these things. Yet they create a cartoon (cartoons attract children viewers even if they are so-called adult cartoons) and then fill the cartoon with disgusting trash yet they expect you to LAUGH mindlessly at those "jokes"

        any intelligent & spiritual person sees right through that kind of crap

        yes, it is supposed to make us see sin as funny instead of destructive and wrong

        all i can say is…..WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

  56. Notice the Hello Kitty jacket on the young girl in the beginning, also a symbol of programming.. It's too blatant to ignore.

  57. Mister Celebrity on

    Excellent job Vig,

    I truly appreciate the things you do for your fellow man. I believe your a good role model in the area of seeking and spreading knowledge, be it truth, opinion or speculation. Sometimes I am saddened when I read comments along the lines of, "Can you do this video, Vig?" Too often throughout history. a man has come along to bestow knowledge and charged his audience to seek for self… In other words came to teach people how to fish and end up just fishing for the same audience… You don't get paid for what you do and your hard work is definitely appreciated. One of Siddhartha Gautama's requests was that he not be worshiped or idolized, After death he is forever known as The Buddha and statues of his likeness have been around since. Jesus Christ spoke of His Father who commanded that you worship no graven image… There are people who believe they are devout Christians who pray to crosses… Guess I'm just ranting but my point is, people appreciate Vig for what he does but don't rely on him for the truth, the way, and the light… Fish for yourselves, you're learning the symbols and the underlying messages, don't let your quest stop at Vig's articles… and one more thing, I don't think its wise to solely watch NWO propaganda for the sake of pointing the finger at the screen and saying ,"Yep, thats illuminati… I seen it" theres gotta be a better action… just sayin… keep it up/ hold it down Vig.

  58. The main thing I noticed in this video was it made a 'ka-ching!' sound of a cash register at the same time as the singer opened her legs. For someone who previously took a stand against prostitution that's pretty serious.

    • Well, ascertaining the obvious facts about the prostitution doesn't mean they are taking a stand against prostitution. In fact the lyrics of Sleepwalker Girls on one hand expose the consequences of prostitution, but on the other hand create feeling of hopelessness & impossibility of quitting being a prostitute. Moreover the lyrics subtly imply that prostitution is a "necessary evil of the big cities" & most "girls who come to Moscow from other regions" will have to prostitute themselves to some extent to get by (which is absolutely not true!). There's also a phrase that "childhood is over", implying that prostitution is a part of adulthood for women. The lyrics also say that it's "easier to do what is the client wants, get the paper, smoke a cigarette & just forget about what happened". The final phrase of the chorus "I agree to anything, but love". To sum up, I think Sleepwalker Girls is in no way an outcry against prostitution, but yet another attempt to desensitize the public to prostitution and make it seem more acceptable or at least inevitable.

  59. Marilyn Manson use Mickey Mouse ears, with art direction of Gottfried Helnwein in 2002.

    Also Marilyn Manson have one persona, OMEGA, the most androgynous creature since Ziggy Stardust. Manson admit to don't understand why he was doing self-mutilation on stage and on his personal life. In "The Dope Show" (of course), we see OMEGA, an innocent and naive creature having some treatment and torture by strange people (like aliens) to create a New Star, who sings with gay policemen, in front of a building design like two towers in the smoke in one scene.

  60. Again with the arguing…

    Anyway, I can't believe no one seems to make a connection with Disney and artists now! From Lady Gaga to Rihanna, and now I see this…hopefully everyone else sees the link.

    Thanks for posting this, VC!

    • I noticed the connection! Like someone mentioned above, you have to have the right to place copyrighted material any where. I even saw the connection with "Nasty Nicki" Minaj and Barbie. I know if I was a major buissiness cooperation like " Matel" she would have had a law suit at her door as soon as she uttered the Bar as in Barbie!

      • EXACTLY! It just amazes me sometimes that no one else finds this suspicious. Even before I learned about all the Illuminati, I used to wonder why Lil Kim had never been sued for first starting that whole 'Barbie' look.

        Also, for VC, I managed to find the english version to Mikki and it is just creepy. She goes off saying, 'I'm not a girl, I'm not a boy, A plastic dream…'

  61. When the girl in Mikkie sets herself on fire, her matchstick doesn't extinguish however it's obvious very windy at that moment. What's that about?

    Bonus points for the "Ka-ching"-sound when she opens her legs when she's sitting on the chair.

    • Hmmm, I'm not seeing it. Could you point a couple things out. Its too bad-80's-music-style for me to watch it too many times and not get anywhere with it ; )

  62. Again, I prefer foreign music to American music, so I don't really care if Gackt or Dir en Grey are corrupted by the Illuminati…I mainly just use that as an excuse to hate on American media, because it sucks, and it is making the population dumber.

    Just look at the programming on TV — that's enough reason to dislike American culture.

  63. My question would be the following: we all know that Satan is the ruler of this world. He has won this is his world, material plain, so your fight is useless. All we can do is pray that when Jesus comes again we are the ones chosen to leave with him and not the ones staying behind. Once Satan rules we are all screwed literally. It is impossible to fight them. I live in NYC and it is everywhere I saw it years ago in London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Barcelona. My friends all thought I was paranoid and still do. I am not saying I am against the NWO. I am just saying if you are so fearful and want to stand up against do it. If you do truly believe in Jesus you will be saved otherwise bye bye!!! So what are we to do now?

    • satan is only as powerful as you let him be by agreeing with what he wants you to do. Noone is more powerful than Christ, noone. Besides satan likes to boast of himself, how powerful he is , etc, but he has limited power. By calling the name of Christ sincerely he runs away as it burns him. But if you're not Christian, you have no defense whatsoever.

      That is why our message is so radical, there is no in-between, time is limited and we should be smart to choose how we live our days. Definitely not like the industry is telling you, thats pretty much the highway to hell.

      • Yeah but all these messed up things are supposed to happen, the antichrist is supposed to rise so Jesus can come back. So why not just have some fun and move this show along because honestly it's getting trite to keep waiting.

  64. If an all-powerful and perfectly good god exists, then evil does not.

    There is evil in the world.

    Therefore, an all-powerful and perfectly good god does not exist.

    • "If an all-powerful and perfectly good god exists, then evil does not.

      There is evil in the world.

      Therefore, an all-powerful and perfectly good god does not exist."

      EPIC THEORY FAIL! -Wow, did you think of that all by yourself?

      First of all, that "all-powerful and perfectly good god" does exist.

      GOD granted human beings the power to make their own decisions freely -free will (ever heard of it?). Once a person decides to go something wrong in the eyes of God (I trust you know what "wrong" is), they then commit a sin. Sin brings forth evil, which explains the amount of it present in the world today.


      HUMANS + GOOD/RIGHT = PEACE/A place in Heaven

      HUMAN + BAD/WRONG = WAR/A one way ticket to Hell

      God Bless <3

      • Hi, brainwashed person! Prove ur god exist. Bring solid proofs that idiot up in the sky exists. Im sick of those like u…

      • XYZ says:

        September 4, 2010 at 4:53 am

        "Hi, brainwashed person! Prove ur god exist. Bring solid proofs that idiot up in the sky exists. Im sick of those like u…"

        Hi, brainwashed person! Prove God doesn't exist. Bring solid proofs that the Master of the Universe doesn't exist. I feel sorry of those like u..

    • Wow, that's tragic. I heard alot of Asian artists (like some KPop artists) are offered singing careers/puppet positions during their most low times in life. So at that time, the choice seems so much simpler.

  65. I'm agnostic and i think there could be a God or high spiritual entity that created all of this,but we as humans would never be able to comprehend his/her/its way of thinking cuz that entity holds everything that exists

    This entity musn't be sexed,must be an androgynous entity,sexless or even sex at this point would make no sense,or probably could be said that this entity has both sexes in Itself

    But i don't believe this entity is the Christian God or Yahweh,because as i said he has too many human traits,and i don't think the creator of this universe (if there's one,which i think there's a high probability, but i'm still agnostic)has any human traits like the need of being worshiped, or you are not gonna see that entity telling humans how to do things and what not to do, i believe there could be karma,but not a judging entity,but i guess if there's karma,karma must be already a self-inteligent law (not an entity,but an abstract unexplainable thing in human terms)that was created by this "God" or better explained,the universe,i guess if karma exists,the principle of good and evil,this is a universal law,but not a physical one,however affects physical objects as well,and must be a law like any other law in the universe,even you can compare it to a physical law like gravity for example

    well this is my idea according to occultism,philosophy and religion books i've read

    And i'm still agnostic,i don't mean things are like this,but i think there must be something more and i feel like this makes a lot more sense than what many religious books say,however i think that religion books like the bible hold still a lot of elements that are part of the truth,just like all religions,so all religions tell part of the truth but also deceive people,some of these were modified by man,and some of these emerged from other religions from the past,but i guess many of the gods and demons are probably spiritual entities that appeared to mankind during these ages,and they created their religions,and they seeked to be worshiped,to gain energy from humans probably,so they were gonna become more powerful after this,and i guess that applies to both "good" and "evil" "gods"

    And i guess then the elite,the Illuminati,who were emperors,and kings and rulers of this world since then,were contacted by these entities,possibly they have to do something with aliens,but i don't believe too much in the idea that the Illuminati are reptilians,and these spiritual entities granted them more and more power and tought them the way to worship them,so they could gain energy and these entities became more powerful,and now most of the people who rule the world are part of this somehow,and that's why they make wars and violent events like the 9/11,to offer this energy and the lives of all of these humans who die to these entities

  66. It's great that these things are being revealed internationally, because the world is moving towards a global order. Do not be deceived! This is a spiritual war and YOU are the prize. This is not about money, sex or power. Those with power in this world already have that in abundance. it's about pulling people closer and closer to the occult, New Age and eventually Satanic worship. But in his love, God has provided us with a way to avoid all of this, the Savior, Jesus Christ. If you believe VG's articles implying that this is occult, Illuminist then believe that God is real.

    I updated my blog with an article about the King Nebuchadnezzar, who is a foreshadow of the coming Antichrist.


  67. Really enlightening read VC, really like this site.

    Would you please consider doing a review or some research into Florence and the machine as I really like her voice but the lyrics to "Raise it up" could be a little suspect…??

    Thx in advance

  68. Great job, Vigilant. c:

    Though, another thing I tend to notice with these videos – in relation to Mickey Mouse is Hello Kitty.

    When the little girl jumped out of her car, she was wearing a Hello Kitty sweatshirt. Just as Lady Gaga seems to love the Hello Kitty everything; aka, her very suspicious photoshoot.

    Just a thought.

    Thanks again for these articles!

  69. Good insight Vigilant

    Though your work is quite informing about the knowledge some possess and use for nefarious ends I find it quite tragic that people are still pointing fingers rather than reflecting on themselves and seeing how they directly relate to such attitudes. There is no action without an equal and opposite reaction my friends. Instead of putting the blame on someone or a supernatural something let the healing take place at your level with you. I wish I could say this more clearly but many opinions are closed to the discovery or apocalypse as you will of what all this really means. This time is no time to fear, we humans are just young, and we are growing up, please take responsibility.

  70. Ok,, how can these "artists" and die-hard fans think that these stretched out call-girl ads to pop music is anything more than a degradation of values and integrity and debasement of the human psyche. This was absolutely gross to me. If she isn't a mind controlled slave then she's just a sad, nasty slut being pimped out to the world for fame and fortune. This goes for all of those "amazing" artists who somehow confused lingerie and sexual gyrations to clothes and dancing.

  71. Hi there!

    I've been reading a lot about your analysis on music videos and I must say…ALL YOUR WORKS ARE WELL DONE!!! anyway, I was watching a music video of daddy yankee on youtube and I saw his new music video…I was struck by all these obvious Illuminati symbols and I though of this site….you should watch it… .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpoFBlH4wMI…and make an analysis of it.

    • Reggaeton was supposed to be a seasonal trend, everyone thought it was going to be over soon, the masses got tired of it quickly, but the media started pushing it like crazy. Daddy Yankee is an untractive dude with an ordinary speaking voice (just like Jay-z) but he has been empowered by the media like crazy and he has been on top for a while. I was thinking about this the other day… also his crazy song Gasolina was played all over the world and I recall the video with the undecent women, the fire… I don't have to see more, Daddy Yankee & co. are definately iluminati.

  72. . I was once a Christian, then I became a Muslim, now I’m neither. I believe that religions seperate and divide people, a continuous us vs. them or “My religion is the true path.” “NO MINE IS”. I believe in one god but not the fables written by men.

    • the very foundation of separate religions is totally different! If you read for example Bible and Qur'an with open heart you will see the 'God' presented in those books is NOT the same

  73. I've noticed that foreign artists tend to follow American trends in music. Not to say that that these insights are incorrect, but could it be possible that this is a type of imitation merely to sell albums to a wider audience? After all, considering the following Lady Gaga and those of her ilk have, it wouldn't be difficult to see the profit potential in ths kind of mimicry….just a thought.

  74. Fantastic article vigilent, but you have forgotten to mention the fact that disney has also allowed it's most significant representative (that being mickey mouse) to be sexualized. mickey mouse women dancing around in thongs and the like.

    you would have thought the oh so wonderful, family friendly ahem monster that disney is would have filed law suits and everything else in it's power to stop this copyright infringement even being released. OH. clearly not. disney doesn't mind too much.

  75. laceybellissima on

    Well they're more convincing than Gaga and I used to consider myself a Little Monster. I mean this almost makes me *wanna* be mk'ed 😕

    Very sad how this has spread. One of your best articles.

  76. Introducing the one, the only, the Father of Lies:

    I've been here since the beginning

    Know exactly how you work

    I know all of your cravings

    Know what makes you go berserk

    Been lying from the start just to make you play a party in my infinite rebellion against the Father God


    Everything he is

    And I make you hate him too

    Make you hate him with your actions it's so easy for me to do

    'Cause you like it…

    Sin feels good for the ego…

    You love it…

    Oh, come on baby let your hair go

    And all the time, I'm winding you up

    Like my perfect little puppet, you're my favorite robot, welcome to the show but I'm watching you and all of hell is with me too, helping me make my lies look true

    Oh and there is a lie that works for everyone, everyone

    A lie that opens your hearts so I can get me some more of your free will

    I'm winding you

    Winding you

    Give me the control that's why I'm telling you

    Selling you



    Appealing to your human way of being and I use it all against you to just keep your eyes from seeing past the life you're living

    Past the moment you're in

    Past the pleasure of your sin

    • excellent poem! that describes satan perfectly

      his agenda IS to get humans (God's creation) to reject God & rebel against God's ways

      that's what Lucifer did, he disobeyed God, he disrespected God & he rebelled in an attempt to replace God with himself


  77. Is there not any keyword, symbol, song that will trigger some mind control victims to switch to another personality ? So then we can trigger them while in an interview or whatever and maybe more people can see what is going on…. I just would like that more people know about this.

  78. Stop arguing about your irrelevant differences in views and look at the facts of what the media is feeding you. They are trying to brain wash and desensitize this generation to not want commited relationships and whole families. The whole basis of society revolves around the family unit and just because it hasn’t been right all the time doesnt mean it isn’t right. Don’t just look at all the negative examples look at all the positives of a whole family and what it produces in people. Sex is there for pleasure and procreation so if it is in the confines of marriage then it can function properly. If you have a warped sense of sexuality then you are going to think up wierd stuff to do and thats what messes up good sex. keep it real

  79. GOD DOES EXIST. God created me, you & every other human being that is alive. God created nature, animals, etc. Either you believe and live for God OR you obey Lucifer (satan/the devil) and his demons. There are only TWO sides which are; (1) good or (2) evil. These 2 sides war against one another. That's why I allow God's Spirit (the Holy Spirit) to be inside of me, helping me do right instead of wrong.

    When you reject God you are accepting the devil. That's the choice you have made when you resist God and God's ways. There is no "neutral territory" or middle ground. Period. It's always either or. EITHER you are one of God's people OR you belong to the evil one. I GAVE MY LIFE BACK TO MY CREATOR, GOD, OVER 2 YEARS AGO. God's Word, the Holy Bible, is my guide that teaches me how to live a righteous life.

    Through prayer you can (& will) defeat demons & destroy the works of darkness (evil) God gives believers authority (power) to do this!

  80. Lol I'm scared but oh well. As long as you've got God… God bless them though (the ones that don't know what they're doing) hopefully God can guide them.

  81. I live in Korea, and I've seen a lot of this crap on TV, the radio, and even on my cousins' iPods! Illuminati is going worldwide; all we can do is to resist… and never give up.

  82. I remember when I first saw russian music videos on t.v, I was very impressed with the quality of the videos, obviously very expensive… but most kinda x-rated… I was wondering how did they get such money if their market is very small… they get only money from touring because all music in Russia is pirate and they play clubs not huge stadiums… I think whoever is financing this record labels and artists is definately dark…

    Look at this piece of "art", see what I'm talking about, it's Seryoga

    "Disco malaria"

    I think Disco Malaria describes the new "decease" of the russian population… the lack of morals. Anorexia and obsession with beauty, love of money (even turning into a mail order bride to get a husband with money), fornication, no faith, drugs…

    I was once talking to an old lady and she told me her generation was over the top shocked with the moral debacle going in Russia. She said people changed and capitalism came to tear down everything they had built. Alcoholism and promiscuity becoming major concern.

    Hitler couldn't conquer Russia, but this disgusting music could. It's really sad.

    And look at this "pearl" it mixes russian culture and… orgies.


    It's Seryoga – Chiki

    I wanted to watch the whole clip to catch something I haven't noticed before (I'm over 18) and I couldn't finish watching it because it was so utterly disgusting. And believe it or not – this clip went all day in russian tv channels and it was avaliable for children to watch. AWFUL.

    • You're absolutely right. It's a fact that Russian music business is unprofitable, yet the videos get more & more expensive & the number of Russian music channels constantly grows. What's even more amazing not a single governmental body puts any effort in fighting piracy. I used to think it was due to negligence, but know I am pretty confident it is deliberate policy. I mean what if all DVDs & CDs were licensed? – The majority of the populace would not be able to buy them. But since the pirate produce is extremely cheap – crappy Russian & Western music & Hollywood trash have been spreading for the last decade like virus! The corruption, dehumanization & degradation this virus has been inducing is enormous. I'm not an old lady, I'm only 25 years old & even I am truly shocked with the current levels of morality & integrity, especially among younger generation. Although I have to say that there are young people, who start to wake up & denounce the NWO propaganda (sometimes confusing it with US propaganda though), just wish there were more of them.

  83. I want to point out when Anna is in the tube thing with the mikkie mouse stamps all over her body it looks like one eye is covered with something black.


    God is real. Grow up.


  84. When she opens her legs a “kaching” (like a cash register sound) sound is made. “Sex sells”

    From 1:02-1:04 when her face starts smiling but goes back to almost apathetic it sounds like wires are shorting out or her control is trying to make her void of emotions.

  85. In Latinamerica there's so many singers like this one, showing in their videos Iluminati symbolism… saddly they are all over the world… I notice that at the beginning of this video they show a little girl that's in the car and wearing a Hello Kitty's jacket… i think u know what's Hello Kitty… another satanic icon

  86. God created man and woman and the devil and original sin and then impregnated a woman to carry Jesus so he could die and come again and save us from what he originally condemned us to? He doesn't have a "back" button?

  87. Gosh, this annoys me so much! i think music artists like this should have their limbs SMASHED WITH A MALLET. Seriously, it pisses me off beyond belief.

    And people say its rock and heavy metal that has all this in. Hmph. I can'tdeny when i say SOME, but if you were to compare my favorite Japanese heavy metal band to Lady Gaga, you'll see a distinct difference.

    Honestly… 'Fans' who let themselves be fooled should have a pin through the joint in their fingers, and the artists who do this rubish should be beaten with a hammer. Then, they can have a taster session of Hell.

  88. You all act like it's a choice for these girls……. It's not.

    You have no idea the kind of torture they've unwillingly endured to make this shit.

    So before you make judgments, like, "Wow, they're going to Hell! How could they do that?!"

    Realize that it's life or death for these girls already– they've been ritualistically raped since they were the age of the young girl in the video, and probably younger. Look it up.


  89. Amazing article mr. Vigilant, as always.

    I've always disliked the way pop stars nowadays are selling themselves to the masses. There are lots of artists who began with their own style and suddenly, change to a more 'selling' appearence, specially female artists who begin to show more skin and become 'sexual objects' in order to atract the masses. With your articles i understand now that sex is just a way to dumb the masses with the hidden concepts you point (because we are humans, and it awakens our primary instinct. The easiest way to convince us something is 'cool').

    Thank u very much for making this articles and try to give us the oportunity to question the validity of our pop-culture and everyday bombarded media stereotypes.

    PD.: Sorry, i dont have a correct english

    PD2: It's amazing how many ppl starts to dicuss things OUT OF CONTEXT. This space is not for dicussing religion or races issues. There are lots of forums out there in the internet in which you can yell all you want.

    If you want to say something here, try it to be something RELATED TO THE ARTICLE.

  90. I'm not a girl But not a boy A plastic dream I'm not a toy I live and I will never die Forever young Forever number one Mickey (10x) Mouse (4x) Mickey (10x) Mouse (3x) M-Mouse, Mouse Here I am My life belongs to corporations All the space and stars can be my decorations yeah I'm Mickey, Mickey Mouse (Ouw) Play with me And you will see i'm not expensive I want you I hope you want me too so be my guest I'm Mickey, Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Here I am My life belongs to corporations.

    Enough said.

  91. I think it would be a grave error to think these symbols are being used to control a fraction of society who have been subjected to extreme mind control.

    They are ancient geometric symbols found in nature used to manipulate and control ALL of society. We have all been subjected to mind control, believe it or not. It makes no difference to me.

  92. Anomanomanomanous on

    Also note the occasional screaming of the word "ow," which could be a reference to jackson, but the startled tone says otherwise, more like electroshock.

    But damn that song is catchy XD

  93. People wanting to reply first = ego. Lower your ego people. People want to be number one just to be noticed. Deconstruct the ego, it's a part of being free from this evil system in place. Would make a good article, yeah?

  94. A random thought on

    I do wish people would stop with using the word Illuminati for everything that is occult related, with this reasoning even the church comes under this banner, the reason i mention this, is because The Veil is mentioned within this article.
    The Illuminati is one of these veils used by certain groups.
    The Illuminati is the whole majestic 12 document thing again! it's a miss-direction technique used to waste researchers time and effort in chasing ''Red Herrings'', yes i know there is people in the world who call themselves such and even documented evidence, but the majority do not and this very vague term now used gives them more room to move and do what they like!
    Oh it was the Illuminati again etc….. so i fully disagree with the use of this term as it lumps all society's into one group and never gives an idea of who is actually responsible for certain actions !
    A bit like this site V.C. you name and shame the artists (the puppets) and don't really seem to touch on those who are actually responsible (producers, financiers, directors, corporations, CEO'S etc…. ) it would be nice to see some of these people exposed publicly instead of gunning for there drones which will never tackle the problem only cause a continuation of war!

    Also i would like to point out ''The Veil'' is something all mankind is afflicted with, it is the reason there is so much delusion on this planet, and it is our job as spiritual beings to learn and work to remove these veils.

  95. what i don't understand, is why do people say it's the illuminati making these symbols. Isn't it the artist/record label trying to "quietly" hint at what is going on with the world???

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