Illuminati Symbolism in former Disney girl Belinda’s “Egoista”


In previous articles we have covered Illuminati symbolism found in the music industries of America, Asia and Eastern-Europe. This article looks at the symbolism found in one of Latin America’s major pop stars, Belinda. We’ll examine her past role with Disney’s “Cheetah Girls” and her new video entitled “Egoista”.

One of the artists covering the Spanish speaking market is Belinda, a Mexican singer, songwriter, and actress born from a Spanish father and French mother. Her music video entitled Egoista is simply rife with what we call “Illuminati symbolism”, which are the symbols, codes, and themes associated with the occult elite’s agenda. We will see in this article that Belinda’s success is however not the result of good luck. Quite to the contrary, she was groomed to propagate the mind control agenda since her youth at the No. 1 school for teenage pop stars: Disney.

Cheetah Girl

In 2006, Belinda appeared in the Disney movie Cheetah Girls 2, a movie about the adventures of a girl band. The concept behind this series of movies, which revolves around young girls wanting to meet big-time producers and make it big in the entertainment industry, barely hides the mind control associated with pop culture. The fact that the movies were produced by Disney, the ultimate recruiter of young talent who turn into sex objects around the age of 16 and the associations with Monarch mind control and sex kitten programming are all too real in Cheetah Girls. What do I mean by “recruiter of young talent who turn into sex objects”? Here’s a handy visual that describes the typical path those young Disney girls go through to stay successful.

As we have seen in previous articles, Monarch programming uses trauma-based mind control to create alter personas in the victims, which then accomplish specific tasks. Beta programming, also known as sex-kitten programming, is used on young girls in the entertainment industry and is coded in popular culture with feline prints on stars. In Cheetah Girls – as in sex-kitten programming girls – the stars are constantly wearing leopard/tiger/feline prints.

Are those “leaked” sexy pictures some sort of forced initiation rite? Belinda was part of the same type of “leaked” images ccontroversy

Can you get more sex-kitten programming symbolism than this?

BETA. Referred to as “sexual” programming. This programming eliminates all learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive sexual instinct, devoid of inhibitions. “Cat” alters may come out at this level.
– Ron Patton, Project Monarch

In Cheetah Girls 2, Belinda (the subject of this article) competes with the girl band in Spain and, after a series of crazy events, becomes their friend and honorary Cheetah Girl. Grrreat! So, Belinda truly went through the ultimate school of MK entertainment slaves, Disney.

Mujer Asesina

The symbol of the series is a Butterfly, symbolic of Monarch programming

After playing a role in a Beta programming (aka sex-kitten extravaganza) Disney movie, Belinda appears in the third season of the Mexican novella, Mujeres Asesinas (Killer Women), which is, in turn, a Delta programming extravaganza – also known as “killer programming”.

DELTA. This is known as “killer” programming, originally developed for training special agents or elite soldiers (i.e. Delta Force, First Earth Battalion, Mossad, etc.) in covert operations. Optimal adrenal output and controlled aggression is evident. Subjects are devoid of fear; very systematic in carrying out their assignment.
– Ron Patton, Project Monarch

As the title states, the series is about women who kill for numerous reasons and their resulting police investigation. The series’ promotional material is full of Monarch mind control symbolism.

Shattered mirror is a classic reference to mind control as it symbolizes the compartmentalisation of the consciousness after trauma
Doll with dead eyes, another classic symbol representing mind control

The Inevitable One Eye Symbol

One eye = All Seeing Eye = Illuminati. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read some previous articles on this site. This sign is the unmistakable symbol of an Illuminati artist. And Belinda does it …

And does it …

and does it.

More Occult Pics

Masonic checkerboard pattern in 3D
This image has some deep occult symbols that regular readers might recognize.


After going through Belinda’s impressive Illuminati mind control curriculum vitae, will the fact that her latest video, Egoista, is full of occult symbolism come as a surprise?

If you read other articles on this site, you might be flabbergasted by the similarities between this video and other pop videos appearing all over the world. Egoista seems to be an attempt to cram the most Illuminati symbols in a 3:30 video. Latins have to be exposed to this crap too, right?

Pillars, checkerboard floors, Baphomet everything is there.

The video starts with Belinda sitting in an Illuminati/Masonic/Alice in Wonderland setting. The “princess” (mind-control victims are sometimes called that by their handlers) is enthroned between two “heart” pillars. The concept of the twin pillars is a Masonic symbol discussed many times on this site. The floor is a ritualistic Masonic checkerboard pattern that is not-so-coincidentally found in Alice in Wonderland. In arcane symbolism, checkerboard floors are the surface on which occult transformations happen, which is why they are found in Alice in Wonderland. Speaking of which, the links between Alice in Wonderland and Monarch programming are many and profound, as the movie’s storyline is used as a programming tool by mind control handlers and many symbols in the movie act as triggers on mind controlled-slaves.

“In the 1940’s and 1950’s, the Illuminati began using Disney’s Alice In Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz films as programming bases for their total mind-controlled slaves. Alice in Wonderland had been done many years earlier by the Britisher William Cameron Menzies (who also did Freemason H.G. Wells’ Masonic forecast of the New World Order entitled “Things to Come” in 1936, and the film Invaders From Mars.).
– Fritz Springmeier, Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula

To complete this Illuminati overload, a Baphomet-type head is strategically placed atop Belinda’s throne from hell.

All of those clues tell the viewers that Belinda is in an alternate, fantasy world, the wonderland of Alice In Wonderland and the dissociative dream-world mind control victims escape to during trauma. In other words, this whole scene represents Belinda being under Illuminati mind control.

Pitbull in the “real world”, a distant and painful place for the mind control victim

Meanwhile, Pitbull raps from the “real world”, a dried up and not so inviting place (in the mind of the victim).

In another scene, Belinda is shown dancing/battling with a diamond-studded skull connected to wires, another blatant reference to mind control. I mean, the brain is directly connected to electrical wires.

Skull connected to wires

At the end of the video, Belinda is shown attempting to escape from her mind control state by jumping towards Pitbull and the “real world”. The bee-hive background probably represents the concept of “hive mind”. The attempt fails, however, as Belinda apparently liquefies.

Belinda attempting to go back to the “real world”

Egoista Performance at Premios Juventud 2010

Belinda’s Performance at the Premios Juventud (Latin awards show specifically aimed at young people) truly drives the concept of mind control home. Mechanical body parts are all over the place: sleeping pods, lifeless mannequins … all of the symbols usually associated with mind control are present.

Belinda starts the performance laying lifelessly on some sort of mind control programming device.

She then gets up in a mechanical, robotic matter and starts performing, with a bunch of half-human/half-robots dancing around her. The whole theme of transhumanism is a must for Illuminati artists.

In Conclusion

Spanish is the third most-spoken language in the world (after Mandarin and English) which means this market is most certainly not exempt from Illuminati influence. Belinda’s career bears all of the telling clues of what I call an “Illuminati artist”, entertainers who often follow these steps: recruited at a young age by media corporation, marketed with a “clean” and innocent image, attracts young fans, goes through sexualization metamorphosis, releases new album with racy imagery, then exposes fans to Illuminati and mind-control themes. Although it is impossible to prove, those types of artists are, in my opinion, those who are the most likely to have gone through actual Monarch programming. Are they aware of what is happening to them and of the meaning of their performances? Probably not. Video directors, stylists, choreographs, scenic designers, music producers and label executives all have a say in these artist’s products and they, in turn, all take orders from higher-ups. “Artists” such as Belinda and her fellow pops stars–Lady Gaga, Beyonce, etc–are nothing more than performers and, if their input is sometimes integrated into the act, it is because they understand and conform to what is acceptable in the pop industry.


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I was born and raised in Mexico City, my dad's family were originally from Spain, they left when Franco was in power back I the day. My paternal grandfather was a Freemason. My dad always acted weird and to this day is a pothead. It always struck me as weird why he was so overprotective of my sisters and me. He was always paranoid and trusted nobody. He always seemed to be running or hiding from something/someone and pot seemed to be the only thing that relaxed him. He acted like different people all too often. One day I told him I wanted to become a famous actress…he said emphatically 'NO YOU ARE NOT,YOU HAVE NO IDEA THE TYPE OF PERVERSIONS THAT TAKE PLACE BEHIND THE SCENES'. It's as if my dad himself had seen it with his own eyes. He'd never open up to us. But we knew that… Read more »

What pains me is that,nor matter how hard they try, GOD is still YAHWEH

how does that ‘pain’ you? do you not believe in GOD? it should give u joy that the industry cant win.

I know these Monarch programmers love to programme kitten alters into girls… but… in truth… even that is a distortion as everything else satan does… not all real life cats are as pathetic as they alters they create… real wild cats aren't "sexy" slaves. They are tough and smack snakes up into the air and eat lizards for breakfast (two animal associated with the Illuminati or Blue Bloods). Although like all animals they can be domesticated and made weak… Like Rams becoming little meek sheep… nothing wrong with being a lamb… as long as you're a lamb unto GOD… and a RAM or LION unto the enemies of Christ. Like Jesus is the LION (a cat) of Judah.
Peace with the World; is War with God
to be at Peace with God; is to be at War with the World.

i've been a fan of her since her first album. i like her teeny Latin pop songs. however i didn't like her new style, how i miss the old belinda.

I have been investigating Hispanic singers for some time now concerning their participation in the illuminati …I could tell right off the bat that Belinda was one of them…it would be really nice for you to expose some other singers, such as Thalia, Vicente Fernandez, Joan Sebastian, Laura Pausini. I know Gloria Trevi is apart of the iluminati because it is obvious…but like I said it would be nice for you to expose more Hispanic artists..Great article VC as always and I always look forward to your informational, eye-opening articles…great job and God bless!

all your discussions are interesting but again, i think the point is much more simple! ive also been studying this stuff for years, as many of you, im sure, and at the end what i got out of it is: aliens and various other weird phenomena are none other than satan himself, the master of deception, doin it his own way, being here since the beginning of time, and f–king w our brains and bodies since eons. and adapting itself to the new language and the new way of living he eventually created for us. this is also why all these people are into the occult. without summoning the prince of darkness and his minions they would never be able to pull all the stuff off. …and the powers he gives them to build such spectacular weapons and the tips and help he gives for the mind control to work… Read more »

Um, Belinda was never a Disney Star. Sure she was in ONE Disney Movie but that doesn't make her a Disney Star.

She started out in Mexican tv shows, not Disney. Everybody knows that.

al leer todo esto, les juro que se me desgarro el alma, yo soy uno de los tantos seguidores de belinda, pero a mi me empezo a gustar su personalidad, tierna e inocente y no su musica, pero al leer esto les juro que me dieron ganas de llorar, a todos los que lean esto, no culpen a belinda, por que ella es victima de esto, ella esta cegada y quiere salir, pero se ve que los illuminatti o los que sean la tienen controlada, pero a todos los que lean esto, quedense tranquilos por que la unica solucion a todo esto es cristo, el ama a todos, por que de tal manera amo dios al mundo que envio a su unico hijo jesus para que todo aqel que en el cree no se pierda mas tenga vida eterna.

My friends at school think I'm crazy about this stuff but its true!! Keep up the awesome work!!

Just finished reading this and at the bottom… this article has been shared on Facebook 666 times. I lol'd.

are these people aware that they are programmed?

do they even know?

or is it an alter that does the singing and dancing on a subcon level?

…genuine question.

Disney and mickey the most illuminating and controversial industry and character ever due to the mind control in having good girls gone bad…way badder than ever as their usual thing.

This may be an old article but of course, talk about reaching the massages with no borders at all, especially Latino culture.

Fame and fortune all for fun, but at a price of your own dignity.

This is just so sad. Disney is such an evil cooperation that's only reason for existance is to warp the minds of our children. I wonder how long it will take Miley Cyrus to fall off. I talk about her here… . I just wish more parents would wake up and realize Disney and anything connected to them is PURE EVIL and is POISONING their children!!!!

i don't know that girl but she's vigilant

PLEASE; I had known and talked to Belinda when she was just breaking out as a singer in spain, Ever since disney though, I have not heard from her nor my best friend who is even closer with Bell. When she told us about the Cheetah Girls we were so happy for her. But she has been so wrapped up and left her old life behind. DISNEY MADE HER DO THIS. They changed the way she looks, acts, dresses, sings and everything. PLEASE!!! don't be mad at her it is the psychos at disney

"latins"? you mean LATINOS, though that's a term made by white men…and spanish speaking people LOVE to use it w/o realizing you are only dong exactly what they want. I just want to let you know that free masons are also found n Mexico, I recently found out though a friend that her uncle in part of that. The thing about Belinda is that her "puppet" state was done way before Disney. She is a child star. She was part of a Mexican soap opera during her childhood, where she was "fired" from and the whole was made public and every gossip show spoke about it. The poor girl was overworked and humiliated publicly, at the time her parents managed her so I'm pretty sure they sold her soul then. Just recently gossip shows spoke about some bizarre incident dealing with her… She accused someone of sexual abuse, some older… Read more »

Hi vigilant I like all your work but can you check this video too Anahi – Mi delirio I think it heaves some symbols maybe I'm wrong but I think.


keep it working

P.S. sorry for my bad english

See the two women at the dancefloor in the background. Their standing stiff and the rope is like two horns on the dog.

Like its a show down performed fot the dog.

this is not her frist video like this

Im Planning to create an illuminati resistance club we will find and prosecute every member until the world knows and i also plan to create a medicine that will make us all live forever so we will never die.

it will be cuming soon so be pacient and try not to die.


A word of warning.

Hollywood publicist just gunned down while driving.

Shattered her windshield.

Must investigate…

The older I get, the more I think the root of it all is the age-old saying, "you too can be like God."

"killer women" is a tv program that started in Argentina in 2005 based on a book of Marisa Gerinstein 2000, the program was also made in different countries with local actors. The tv company is Pol-ka in most of their productions they try to justify revenge, they practice black magic on air, in some of the programs.

This program is pure crime apology, feminismt; "women victims" ; each programs seems like a justification of crime, the program JUSTIFIES CRIME, abused women: wifes, daughters etc who kill the abuser.

The logo is a butterfly and a doll , too strange.

Pol-ka is a Disney allied.

can you check the latin video "nada de mas" from de mexican electro pop group "Belanova" it seems to be something weird in it

greetings from

mexico city

Hey here I leave you the photoshots from the next video from this girl…

Hey, I hope you'll post another one of this about disney. There were lots of controversy about it like in 'little mermaid and aladin ' and I'm convinced that its part of this illuminati thingy.

There's also another pop artist whom I think is part of illumaniti. Charice Pempengco is not very popular in here before- in Phil- actually she was beaten in a singing contest. I don't know why but she suddenly got popular in the world of hollywood because of oprah despite the fact that there were lots of other better musicians than her (to me, her voice is pretty common for singers). Oh, and she also has this song called pyramid.

Another thing, I'm curious if illuminati owns products, websites, restos, etc… for their own sake.

I know its off topic but i dunno where to post so yah,.. that's all.

Kanye West's MONSTER's RUNAWAY: LUCIFER/SIRIUS Rising – DNA, 23, Nephilim, Genetic Engineering, 666, Posthumanism, 2012, Ascension, 33, 9, Nibiru, the BEAST, Cycles, Cataclysm & the Red Aeon of Horus?!

The more i look into this the more i find. Theres also another great site

um i dont care me im livin the life of a toxicated i start having a hard party life at age of 14 having sex,drinking smoking and 2 more .. so disney call me…………..i will be THE WORST SATANIC trust me the kids will obey me me= satan

on other Disney news. have you watched it's Halloween commercial with the goats head. i was at a b-day party when i notice the kids watching Disney and the goats head was flashing in on about some Halloween shows. instantly me my bro looked at each other and said something is definitely wrong with this.

I came back to this website after watching the song by Trey Songz ft Nicki Minaj. There is a lot of symbolism in that video and I was shocked when Nicki says

“Anna Nicki
Rest in peace to Anna Nicole Smith
Yes, my dear, you’re so explosive
Say hi to Mary, Mary and Joseph”

no need to explain that….. wtf?

i noticed that too, but she is in with lil wayne and therefore with Jay Z. publicity is publicity.

The problem now is not that not enough people are getting the message, it's the fact that we've been focused so much into revealing the actual occult symbols themselves that we arn't doing anything to address the actual problems themselves. This makes me believe that Vigilant Citizen may not actually be trying to fight the good fight. Or if he is, he's only hindering our resistance by being overly repetitive in his reviews. Any numbskull who's even remotely familiar with basic esoteric Illuminati symbolism can look at all of these videos themselves and not only see the blatant symbolism, but also, the connections between them all. You could perhaps argue that maybe one video is a coincidence in it's symbolic portrayals, but when every single artist in Hollywood all portray the exact same symbols in all of their videos, then you KNOW something is not right. Whether you want to… Read more »
Damn I admire your passion. May I state a few things? I don't wanna sound like I'm defending vigilant or the illuminati or anything. Yes the occult symbolism has become plain as day. What hasn't become plain as day are the interpretations of these symbols, sigils and such, this is where vigilant tends to shine. It's people like him that do everyday people like you and me a great service by going out of their way to explain or at least question what all these occult signs, symbols and messages mean. If it weren't for people like him, our subconscious minds would be at the mercy of the illuminati. We would be fully programmed without the slightest hint of what may really be going on (like so many people are today). Not only is he helping to expose the agenda, but just look, he also created a place where people… Read more »

it sounds good in theory, doesn't it?

the only thing i can recommend to all of these tweaked out hyper-christians is to buy a pound or two of shrooms and figure it out for themselves. none of this IS real, you are correct. there is a reason why shamans were regarded as being so wise, the things you learn from the other side can only help cope with this life until it is over.

Hmmm i like that you don't blame the artists… you say that they're either unaware and being controlled. Or, though unlikely, they are aware, and therefore as evil as the higher-ups. Interesting. Also, I had already assumed Pitbull was working with the Illuminati cuz he's on songs with all the heavy hitters.

PS: Please do one on Justin Beiber, he's terrifying.

The Throne is the throne of Satan->skulls(death) and horns that represent the capricorn(affiliated with the planet Saturn).Satan/Seth/Saturn/Cronos is the god of death & darkness->notice when Belinda gets off the throne that she breaks one of the white (life,light) patterns from the masonic floor and leaves the dark ones intact.One more thing:the masonic floor is not in itself an evil symbol.It represents the true and only god, that I called The Beeing(from the verb ''to be'') , or the Universe if you prefer.It is both good and evil (order & chaos,creation & distruction,life & death), thus beeing in perfect equilibrium with itself.In the Bible it is represented as a man (this concept has come from the primitive fact than the man is phisically stronger than the woman).My opinion is that the Beeing is an Hermaphrodite,containing the brutality of a man and the sensible nature of a woman.There is another symbol that… Read more »
How could she not make it anymore obvious? YOU'VE GOT A BLOODY RAMS HEAD SITTING ABOVE HER. Oh, I know! she can just TELL the whole bloody world whats she's doing! but oh wait; why can't she do that? BECAUSE THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD WILL GET THEIR PITCHFORKS AND FRY HER ON A BRBECUE, THAT'S WHY. SHE, SHINEE (who i once loved; ha, how could i've been so stupid?!) LADY GAGA, BEYONCE AND ALL OF THOSE IDIOTS SHOULD JUST TELL THEIR FANS WHAT THE HELL THEY'RE DOING! I WANT TO SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE MANAGE TO HIT THEM! Honestly… this gets me so angry… I can tell people that i hate SHINee. thy say why. i say, 'because their newest sng was called lucifer'. they understand completely, and they look at me like they've just seen MJ die. my friend however had not even read the translation, and she sung… Read more »

Hey, can you do research on Linkin Park? There's a lot of people on youtube saying that their new videos have a lot of freemason stuff..

I think that the illuminati theme has got so popular because of the internet. The illuminati are actually stacking their videos with masonic imagery on purpose. Let's face it: you'll be hard pressed to find any mainstream artist who doesn't have these symbols in their video's. Illuminati is now part of pop culture

Interesting article once again keep up the good work. When you can please look into Danny Fernandez Video "Automatic" feat Belly. I seen this Video the other day and I was wondering if there were hidden messages in it. Also does the Game Chess have any hidden meaning behind it? I'm a big fan of the Game and I sure hope it doesn't.

Peace The above 30 second video will give you a quick summation of "WHY" they are brainwashing society/world with mind control. It's to make people "willingly" accept the mark of the beast so that they have 100% control of EVERYTHING you say, think, feel and do. Ultimately this is designed to turn the worlds hearts/minds away from Jesus Christ and damn their souls to hell forever with satan being the mastermind behind it all. Revelation 12 [9] And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which DECEIVETH THE WHOLE WORLD: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. Revelation 13 [16] And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or IN their foreheads (YOUR MIND!!!): [17] And that no man might buy… Read more »

I recently watched this video, and I could do nothing but think about your website and what I've learned from it.. the symbols and signs are so consistent with those of other artists it's not even funny, and it does nothing but confirm that there is no coincidence in these. There is obviously a pattern. Did anyone else notice, in the youtube video of the "premios juventud" performance, that the outline of the stage is shaped like a giant butterfly too? You can see this in the video, specially in seconds .31-.33.

Check it out!

Lol, the puppeteers don't even try to be more subtle, belinda was crap even before being brainfucked by those guys (do a quick search for some other crappy belinda videos).

LOL! so this is the reason her new music is so trashy! xD

I hope Gaga's or Beyonce's music does not go wrong!

It seems nothing is sacred anymore, neither are we! There is a trap at

every corner & at every move or blink of an eye. I just think that it is so sad that

we have to be so protective over everything we see, hear, touch, taste.

Yes the dangers have always been there, but too this extent, we definately are

doomed race, too give our every thing, even our souls, for what? Riches, popularity?

So sad.

First of all, this is the dumbest s**t I've ever heard. And by s**t I mean this poor excuse for a "song". Someone asked why an "artist" would sell their soul….I guess when you don't have any talent, you gotta get your name out somehow. In all seriousness, this girl probably doesn't even realize what she has really signed onto. Either that or she just doesn't care. I think young illuminati artists like Belinda, Rihanna, and Kerli might just be oblivious to the very real and very scary consequences they're gonna have to face. I feel really bad for them.

Amen. Will the real talents please stand up? You name some music artists who are obvious headed to a dead end road. I feel sad for them as well. They truly believe there are no consequences for their actions. They are either severely brainwashed or have the worst case of deception. What about Lady Gaga? Speaking of lost soul, I believe she is the first name on the list..

This is so sad to see Belinda being used this way. I watched her in an interview several years ago on univision and the hostess of the show tried to insinuate that she was anorexic. I remember she looked confused trying to defend herself but the lady was taller and older then she was so she just submitted to her questioning. I hope one day she can get out of this mess but she is too much of an asset now unfortunately.

Un segundo mas te di de mi tiempo

Y lo sabes bien como me arrepiento

Un segundo mas te di

Y ese fue tu fin

I gave you one more second, of my time

And you know darn well, I regret it.

I gave you one more second…

And that was your end…

Could it be that Disney itself isn't perpetuating the downfall of these young stars into harlotry, but some other third party targeting those graduating or exiting from Disney, so to speak and not Disney itself?

But I'll admit I enjoy your articles 😉