Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance – The Occult Meaning


Lady Gaga’s videos and performances are extremely symbolic and filled with hidden messages. Her latest video, named “Bad Romance”, describes the dark and ritualistic inner-workings of the entertainment industry, by symbolically depicting Gaga as a sex slave. This article examines the occult symbols present in the video and its hidden meaning.


The video for the song Bad Romance is a mix of deep symbolism with sheer randomness, creative fashion with corporate product placements and modern day decadence with religious imagery, all rolled up in a great big music industry celebration. Gaga uses her odd-ball theatrical presence to its full extent to shock, creep-out and fascinate the viewers. If you’ve read my other articles on Lady Gaga (see Lady Gaga, The Illuminati Puppet pt 1 and pt 2), you’ll already be aware of the occult symbols permeating her imagery. I’ve mentioned the presence of mind control elements, of the horned god Baphomet, of secret societies and so on. Far from steering away from those themes, Gaga’s latest offering incorporates all of them in this video, which is a great big metaphor for the music industry. Let’s look at the song.

Concept of the Song

Bad Romance is the first single out of Gaga’s Fame Monster album. If you look back at her past works, the main message of her music is that she is willing to do anything, even sacrifice herself, to obtain fame. The video continues in the same vein by depicting Gaga as a willing victim in the music industry’s shady inner-workings. She wants to live a Bad Romance with the abusive, cruel and satanic music industry. She’s aware of all of its flaws but she still desires to be part of it more than anything else. She is a Fame Monster…she feeds off of fame…she enjoys being famous…if she is not famous, she’ll die or something…you get the picture. At face value, the song lyrics seem to be about her wanting to get “banged” by a kind of psychopath, but the video reveals that the psychopath is in fact the music industry.

The song starts with a weird chant that goes

Want your bad romance

This is the type of senseless crap drunk people like to yell in those disco dance parties you crazy kids go to. Is there a deeper meaning to it? Gaga announces it in a weird, gothic accent, in the manner of a ceremonial/incantation, a little like the “Bum-bum-bedum” of Rihanna’s Disturbia (article here). Ra, as the name of the ancient Egyptian sun god, is still of great importance in today’s occultism (see the “Eye of Ra”, the All-Seeing Eye). Roma may be a reference to the roman catholic church, but I’m not sure. This could be interpreted in many ways so I won’t linger on it.

I want your ugly
I want your disease
I want your everything
As long as it’s free
I want your love
(Love-love-love I want your love)

I want your drama
The touch of your hand
I want your leather-studded kiss in the sand
I want your love
I want your love
(Love-love-love I want your love)

Right away, it is obvious that the love that Gaga is seeking is wrong and sick. She’s a sex slave and apparently, she likes it. She knows that the industry is ugly but she still wants in. There is an obvious sense of sadomasochism, as she seems to know that this love (of success in the music industry) will hurt her and treat her badly, but she’s up for it. As we will examine in the video, there is also a spiritual meaning to the lyrics where fame equals submitting to the dark, satanic side of the music industry. In other words, the song is also about submitting to evil and the imagery of the video corroborates this fact.

I want your horror
I want your design
‘Cause you’re a criminal
As long as your mine
I want your love
(Love-love-love I want your love-uuhh)

I want your psycho
Your vertigo stick
Want you in my rear window
Baby you’re sick
I want your love
I want your love
(Love-love-love I want your love)

Here again, there is a mix of the “horror” of evil with hardcore sex references, which convey the fact that she wants to be “penetrated” by this evil influence in order to gain its favors. There are references to Hitchcock movies (Psycho, Vertigo) that are cleverly turned into sexually explicit lyrics.

During the bridge, Gaga sings emotionally “I don’t wanna be friends“. She does not want to be an outsider of the music industry, she wants to be part of it. Later she says“I want your love and, All your lovers’ revenge”, which means that she wants all of the attention of the music industry to the point that she also wants the “hate” of the artists who are jealous of her.

Of course, the lyrics are open to interpretation but the visuals of the video really give a particular meaning to the words. Gaga is not singing to a person, but to a group, an entity, an organization. She is singing to the Illuminati, to the music industry, to Baphomet: to the ones that have the power to make her famous. She wants to be part of that sinister and corrupt system and write a Bad Romance with it.

Analysis of the Video

The video is dense with symbols and odd images. Some are significant while others seem to be random. It is obvious that the whole concept is a huge allegory for the reality of fame. She plays the role of a mind-controlled and drugged sex slave who is prepared to get auctioned to members of the Russian mafia. Here’s the video.

Main Story Line

The video starts with Gaga emerging from what looks like a high-tech coffin or maybe a sensory deprivation tank.

At the beginning of the video, she is deprived of her senses. Either her eyes, her ears or her nose are covered. Sensory deprivation is a torture technique used on prisoners or mind controlled slaves in order to “break” them and to facilitate their re-education. She is a beginner, an amateur and she doesn’t really know what she’s doing.

Gaga can’t see or hear anything

In one scene, she is wearing thick sunglasses and talking to herself through a mirror.


This is reminiscent of The Who’s Tommy movie, where a deaf, dumb and blind boy only becomes responsive when staring at the mirror.

The Who’s Tommy is a movie about a boy who becomes deaf, dumb and blind after a traumatic event.

Gaga then bathes herself to “wash off her sins” as Gaga said in an interview about the video. She is “wide-eyed” and innocent but we’ll see that she’ll gradually turn into a “Fame Monster”.

Innocent Gaga taking an innocent bath with her big innocent eyes

She is then roughly handled by two women. She fights them but she finally accepts her fate and even raises her hands in praise.


Throughout the video, there is a back and forth between her being forced to go through with her duties as a slave and her willingness to go through with them. She is then forced to drink some vodka, which is in fact an MTV-friendly substitute for drugs. Mind controlled sex slaves are heavily drugged to numb their thoughts and make them easy to manipulate.

Gaga is then undressed and forced to perform in front of a bunch of men. Those mafioso can represent the Illuminati, the dark force ruling the music industry. The masks represent their hidden nature. Each individual represents a record company, and they are bidding to see who will sign her.


Gaga seems to be well aware of what is happening and she chooses to charm a particular guy, who seems to have what she wants. The masked man seems to enjoy what is happening to him and bids to obtain her.

One second left to the auction for the services of Lady Gaga

Gaga is then required to fulfill her duties as a sex slave by…you’ve guessed it… having sex with the winning bidder. So she proceeds into a very symbolic room.

Her hands are strategically placed under the horned heads. Immediately after, a fire ignites the room.

On each side of the bed are gazelle heads, who symbolically refer to Baphomet, the horned idol of Western occultism.


If you’ve read my other articles on the music industry, you already know of the frequent use of the likeness of Baphomet in music videos and pictures. My past articles on Gaga have shown her posing in the same way as the image above. Strategically placed horned heads have appeared in her past videos and photo shoots. Having said that, the presence of those horned heads in that room is not merely decorative, it is very symbolic.

Gaga is “offering herself” at the altar of Baphomet in order to become initiated and accepted into the Order. She does not want “to be friends” with the music industry, she wants to be an insider (she’s not a “Fame Monster” for nothing). So this offering gets consumed by fire, and not sex, because it is about Baphomet and not the Russian guy. He was just a means for her to obtain what she wanted..fame.


When the fire starts, another scene plays simultaneously showing Gaga and masked dancers dressed in red, the color of sacrifice and initiation. The virginal white garments she wore during most of the video are replaced by bloody red, a visual confirmation of the fact that she is now initiated and accepted as an insider. In my article on the 2009 VMA awards (article here), we see that Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift start out the show wearing white garments and, after a symbolic performance, they appear completely dressed in red. The codes of the music industry seem to be used over and over again, in videos, award shows and photo shoots.


Gaga then makes her trademark “Eye in the triangle” hand gesture after her initiation to make it clear who owns her now…the Illuminati.

The final scene shows Gaga lying in bed with the burned skeleton of the Russian mafiosi.


Notice how everything is burnt except the two gazelle heads. The real “intercourse” happened between Gaga and Baphomet. The guy was a tool, a middle-man who was sacrificed in the process of Gaga’s initiation.

So Gaga basically went through the steps a mega-pop star has to go through in order to “make it big” in the music industry.  She ultimately got what she wanted and apparently played the game on her own terms. Let’s see how that works out for her.

Other Symbols

Aside from the main storyline, the video is riddled with numerous symbols and images which are occult in nature. Here are some of them:

Sun Symbolism

There are many symbols referring to the sun in the video. As said above, Ra is an Egyptian sun god who is mentioned many times in the magic incantation-like “Rah-rah” chant.  Sun worship has always been at the center of occult mysteries as it is considered to be the ultimate representation of God.

Image of the sun in the razorblade shades. She is wearing a golden dress. Gold is representative of the sun in occultism.
Golden sunlight bringing her back to life
Gaga at the center of planetary orbits

Anti-Christian Symbolism

Christianity has always been at odds with occult secret societies. Persecutions and accusations come from both sides and one often defines itself by the negating the other. This is also represented in the video.

The word “Monster” with a Christian cross underneath it creates a not-so-subliminal unconscious association

The cross associated with the word “Monster” is also seen on her promotional pictures:

Notice the position of her hands
A cross placed right on her “privates”. No matter what religion you are, you know this is not a sign of respect
gaagchrist2 copy
In this choreography, Gaga does what looks like the sign of the cross but her hand gesture describes a triangle instead (classic phallic symbol). Enjoy my brilliantly drawn triangle to help you visualize it.

Reptilian Monster Symbolism

In some scenes, Gaga gradually starts to look like reptilian monster, with a focus on the spine.

Emphasis on the spine
Why is her spine glowing?
Angry looking bat on her head
Bulging spine… I’m not sure of what she is doing with her fingers either.

There is a great resemblance with the devil in this painting by Michael Pacher. Notice the spine.


In Conclusion

Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance is by far the densest and most symbolic video I’ve ever analyzed. It is a metaphorical yet accurate description of the steps which must be taken in order to become part of the “mega-pop-star machine”. Submission, control, business negotiations, initiation, secrecy and the embrace of dark forces are all represented in the video. Once decoded, the song describes indeed the Bad Romance of the music industry. The machine uses artists, it pimps them, it cheats on them with new, hotter artists and it finally dumps them when the initial appeal is lost.

Gaga, the “Fame Monster” wants to be treated that way, knowing that there is not any other way to obtain world-wide fame. One might be extremely creative and talented, however fame can only be achieved through the exposure  provided by the media corporations. They are owned by a secretive elite, represented by the masks on the faces of the bidders in the video.  Bad Romance, more than simply serving the required dose of subversive symbolism to the MTV generation, offers a chilling description of a music industry ruled by the elite. And now comes the hardest part: getting this damn song out of my head.




  1. StrawberryShortcake on

    Thank you! I have been waiting for this article to be published, and you never disappoint!

    From the time I heard the song I knew what its destiny would be, and worst yet when I saw the video!

    I am so glad someone out there sees the light in these things and have been so greatly inspired to share them with the world.

    Keep up the fantastic work! – Your rewards are far beyond what this world could offer!

  2. I just wanted to know:

    Isn´t ROMA some kind of gypsy-tribe? Do the gypsys actually pray to Ra ?

  3. Great post, and particularly want to say thanks for pointing out that it's not the sign of the cross (4 points) that she is making, but the triangle (3 points..forhead, shoulder to shoulder) intriguing!

    I've been wondering where I'd seen those dance moves of hers…then it hit me…the video starts with that whole 'tails from the crypt' style music as she snaps out of the trance, then onto the coffins and the dead rising, then when the dancing starts I get a flash-back of Michael Jackson and the zombies from Thriller…I believe there is definately a link there. Does anyone else see it? Anyway, as for the role of Gaga in the video, yup she starts off as the 'wide-eyed' girl…white, innocence, but those models soon put her straight…then she's literally the monster/satanic creatue that she wants to be, very well illustrated by that painting you've added. On a final note, the cross is obviously shown, especially in the graphic of her album title to represent death/dead…so it must have been part of the branding for her 'Fame Kills' tour?

    P.S. I find those images of her with the huge eyes quite disturbing too! I am thinking that that is intentional.

  4. Omg! So I thought the same thing about Britney and how her breakdown was because she was trying to get away. And if you listen to the Womanizer song it could be about Baphomet! And how she's not as big as she used to be, and she doesn't have that "umph" in her performances anymore nor is she as big.

    What's weird about the whole lady gaga thing is that the Fame album was written before she got famous cause I heard the whole cd before she was all big. When "Just Dance" didn't have colby odonis and akon. And then she got big and her videos started getting weird and then she was on tour and wrote these new songs for the fame monster which include Bad Romance. Really go back and look At the video for just dance it doesn't have any kind of occult symbolism. Then once she started getting really big, it all changed. How sad cause I really like her and her music. A lot. :(

  5. Great job! Could you please do an analysis of Diddy / Dirty Money "Angels" song & video? I know that there's a lot of hidden messages in that. The video has a very bad vibe.

  6. You missed out the fact that in the video there are also shots of gaga looking relatively normal and very sad about the whole thing, making the point that it’s actually just about persona and not real people and feelings. She's obviously making a point about the music industry (and yes, using occult imagery to spice it up a bit), but I think the overall message of this is not that it's a truly desireable thing.

    I also think that just cos she uses occult imagery it doesn't mean she actually has anything to do with the occult, people do it just because it looks cool and interesting and creates controversy.

  7. instead of a planetary movement, gaga being at the center, i read the large silver spherical device she is wearing to be much like a gyroscope. "a device for measuring or maintaining orientation or used in navigation and motion" ([sic],wiki), much like she engenders after giving herself to the industry. the burberry coat with letters on it she wears at the beginning of that sequence? not sure, but seems to indicate a stripping of the common condition as one "exposes" oneself to the industry.

    also, let's not ignore the obvious tribute dance moves to Micheal Jackson's Thriller. The "King" of pop.

  8. Seriously….Barbie has a mask…I can't get over it!!!! This is not some sick joke – it's just fashion right?

  9. Hi. Love your articles…

    can you analyse the Black Eyed Peas "meet me halfway" video. it's so weird! what do you think?

  10. I first off want to say that I absolutely love your posts about this ever present subliminal stronghold they are forcing on the world.

    The more you know the more you can prepare for.

    Keep it up!

  11. This is great I have been waiting on this article for so long. I can’t wait for the next one, and yes vigilant the song is stuck in my head too.

  12. Yes, another great article, Vigilant!! When I heard about this video, I scrambled to see it so I could try and analyze as much as I could before you put this up. LoL… You’re a great teacher, because I noticed A LOT.

    It’s so sad that this stuff is being pushed in the faces of young people around the world (and even some oblivious parents). Other videos, like Britney Spears’ “If You Seek Amy,” also show the industry’s intentions and workings with blatant imagery, yet many are still blinded to the evil light.

    Keep up the great work! If I could catch on, I’m sure others will, too.

  13. P.P.S. I beleive that the ‘Roma’ part of the chant is suppose to be for ‘Romance’ but it could have another meaning, which wouldn’t be surprising!

  14. Someone on i think it’s youtube has cleverly posted about the connection between this video and the present pneumonic viral outbreak in ukraine thats happening right now. The vodka in her video is ukrainian. The guy at the end whos all burnt out on the bed is the one who was drinking the vodka, incidentally, express paper in UK reported on this outbreak saying how victims autopsies have shown their lungs BURNT LIKE CHARCOAL, other doctor reports which have come out of ukraine have reported the lungs of fatalities reaching 55c inside their lungs. No one can determine what the origin of this virus is or exactly what it is but its TOXIC. Co incidence all of this?

  15. When I saw the video, I knew it was an essay waiting to be written. Thank you for writing it! Excellent work!

  16. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! knowing what this song is REALLY about and having heard GaGa explain all the symbolism herself, I can say with confidence that you are a CROCK and all this is ridiculous. You don’t need to read deep into the lyrics to understand what this song is truly about, but YOU PERSONALLY have to read deep into EVERYTHING in order to write your articles. My friend’s grandpa has goat heads hanging on his walls and he’s a devout Christian, but I guess you would say otherwise, wouldn’t you? and I don’t see how tommy has a mind control theme. It’s decidedly anti-religion, in that it asks the critical question, if a boy is deaf, dumb, and blind, how can he be saved? oh, and the ROMA chant wasn’t in the original cut. I’m guessing she added it because she’s Italian. I loved that, because I’m Italian too 😀

  17. LOL IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER.. hardcore sex references? You mean “want you in my rear window”? geez, learn some culture.. Psycho, Vertigo, Rear Window? Hitchcock movies hel-looo.

  18. I don’t understand how these images would affect anyone. I mean I never knew about goats being connected to satanism until this site. so if I saw those images it wouldn’t affect me. that’s not subliminal messages. it would be different if I were compelled to buy a coke after having seen a coke bottle flash on a movie screen. because I have seen a coke bottle before. but if I see these images I’m not compelled to worship satan lol nor will I ever be. what if lady gaga were to come out and say she were a satanist? would it matter? Im sure a lot of ppl wouldn’t listen to her anymore but her music would sound the same. just like led zeppelin.. jimmy page bought aleister crowley’s house and dabbled in the occult but he is still a great guitarist lol and even though I’m a christian I like the sound of his music. it’s not like he sings about praising some satanic deity lol.

  19. @12, do you really think she’s telling the truth?! With all this information and a simple google search, you still believe this is complete bullshit? Dude, open your fucking eyes!

    Anyways, I almost feel bad for Gaga. It’s actualy kind of sad. It’s as if she’s telling us her story. I’m not sure who has he creative control though… Anyways, about Britney. I’m confused, because I read somewhere that her mental breakdown was a sign of her breaking out from them… I could be very wrong. Can someone further explain?

  20. Bad Romance, Run This Town, Russian Roulette, Sweet Dreams. Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Beyonce. All four are in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. All four have extremely dark and disturbing music videos (especially Russian Roulette). Even without all the obvious symbolism its pretty apparent that SOMETHING is going on. I think the page is turning for the style of the music industry. The blatant swearing and references to violence and gangs are out. The Illuminati is in.

  21. I cannot stand when people read something like this and still swear blind that it means nothing. Everything in a music video is meticulously checked and edited, everything has a purpose and a meaning. To all of those cynics; are you able to come up with a varying interpretation?

  22. Yes! Finally! As soon as i heard she had a new video i went on YouTube and tried to find all the symbolism myself. But your amazing! Im so glad you put this article! I love how you break everything down and you know what you are actually talking about! Keep up the good work! & Dont listen to the ignorant people who always think they are right :)

    #1 FAN

    -Adriana :)

  23. Erm TRACE so in ‘Just Dance’ she doesn’t have any occult symbolism? I could have sworn she has a lightening bolt over her eye and is constanly making the triangular sign….or did you not see that? Hidden in plain sight my friend, hidden in plain sight!

  24. I see why she’s mostly naked in this video. It’s to distract you from all of the symbolism. I tried to watch the background in this video but it was moving to fast. Thanks for slowing things down vigilant, there was a lot of things I missed from my initial viewing.
    @freeminded that could be a valid position since I wondered what the ending was about. I’m beginning to believe there are no such things as coincidences anymore . :(

  25. In a different post you talk about the Statue of Liberty coming from French Freemasons and that that is why Lady Liberty is bearing a torch high in the air in occult, Luciferian symbolism. It jumped to my attention when Gaga starts her song with:

    “I want your ugly
    I want your disease
    I want your everything
    As long as it’s free”

    This strongly recalls the closing lines of the poem inscribed on the Statue:

    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

    The poem, titled “The New Colossus,” was written by Emma Lazarus, who was a Jewish American revolutionary but not (as far as I know) an outspoken member of any occult tradition, but those that approved the poem’s eventual inscription on the Statue might have been associated with the French Freemasons who presented the Statue.

    The *lifting of the lamp* near the *golden* doorway seems particularly resonant.

    P.S. I’m getting addicted to these posts.

  26. I’m back, but only to report that I’ve just seen the Christmas advert for the new Barbie doll…you’ll never believe it….Barbie has an ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ mask…..seriously….check out the advert ….Barbie in a pink ballgown and matching mask!!!!!
    What next?

  27. Thank you soooooo much for revealing the true nature of this for me. I also wanted to get into the music industry & yes I wanted to “BIG” like MJ and or Madonna etc but after really seeing the things you’ve pointed out I’m glad I no longer have the zeal to pursue a wasted life like that. I’m not saying that music or performing are evil, those gifts are from GOD the Father, but if used for some other twisted satanic purpose IT IS NOT WORTH IT. Jesus really said “what good is it for a man to gain the WORLD & LOSE his very SOUL”! After reading this & referencing the various scenes on youtube I’m even more encouraged to stick it out with JESUS-he really is the WAY the TRUTH & the LIFE!!

  28. The shots of her in the video with her eyes looking all big is her mimicing the characters in anime cartoons. VC states that in the article written in "lady gaga the illuminati slave puppet 2".

  29. Wow, I've been waiting for this article since the video premiered. Thanks.

    It was equally interesting and hilarious <3

  30. p.s. omg….and there’s a lab rat stuck to the side of her head when the fire is engulfing the bed…..
    jesus, you’re right, the symbolism is THICK on this one.

  31. I personally find the symbolism in all of her music videos and performances amazingly artistic. I don’t find the imagery as disturbing as I find it enlightening. I think she is likening her experience to that of occult practices, not implying that these are the actual steps she took to rise to fame.

    But then again…

    I’ve been noticing some newly established alliances that I would have just accepted as artist expanding their creativity and diversity hadn’t I read this site. I’m still having a hard time believing that today’s pop artist are actually practicing occult rituals outside of their projects, and I see the imagery in their works as a way to merely spark conversation. Nonetheless, the information on this website is very compelling.

    The other day I was reading my friend’s Twitter, which lead me to Taylor Swift’s account. She had posted:

    “Getting all pumped up for the CMA’s, blasting timbaland ‘morning after dark’ in the dressing room.” PARTY!! [10:28 AM Nov 11th from Echofon ]

    I found this to be interesting because I read this like the day after she made History at The 43rd Annual CMA’s by winning Entertainer, Female Vocalist, Album and Music Video of the Year. Also, Timbaland has been mentioned on this site as initiating Omarion into whatever secret society these artist have going on.

    Also Beyonce makes a guest appearance on Lady Gaga’s son “Telephone”, while Lady Gaga makes an appearance on Beyonce’s “Video Phone”.

    Kanye was supposed to go on tour with Lady Gaga, but for whatever reason, that tour has been canceled. They were an interesting combination nonetheless.

    And finally, I never would have thought any thing of this prior to reading this site but, MIley Cyrus has a song out called “Party in the USA”, in which a lyric says, “And a Jay-Z song was on”. It’s innocent, right? Well the self proclaimed Christian has gone out of the way to make sure she isn’t associated with Jay-Z by stating:

    “I’ve never heard a Jay-Z song,” the singer, 16, said in an interview before her Halloween concert — in which she was dressed as Pocahontas — in Louisville, Kentucky this past Saturday. “I don’t listen to pop music.”

    “I don’t know, I didn’t write the song, so I have no idea. Honestly, I picked that song because I needed something to go with my clothing line. I didn’t write it and … I didn’t expect it to be popular, originally. It was just something that I wanted to do, and I needed some songs and it turned out for the best.”

    “I’m really blessed for it to have done as well as it has. Totally blessed. God has definitely put me in an amazing position with amazing people.”

    Why would she go out of her way to disassociate herself from Jay-Z, and why is she bringing God into this?

    Love this site. While I find a lot of the info here hard to swallow, you’ve definitely got me thinking.

  32. Yes, because your explanation makes more sense than a director trying to make a snazzy video to sell more albums and create buzz.

  33. I was waiting for this post thanks moving on The Rihanna video and song scares me. It’s like it makes me sick or something. I refuse to even listen to it or watch the video again. As far a Britney it’s something very fishy about her situation. I still can’t beleive they took her children from her. For no reason, just because she had a thousand cameras in her face getting on her nerves. On top of that they gave her children to her seem to be no better husband. I always felt like they took her children to get them out of her way so she could tour. I felt this way before I even heard about the illumanti. It’s something so not right about the situation. The judge always rule in favor of the mother, and the media frenzy did not fool me. Not even when they took her away in the ambulance. OK give her space to breath, the girl can’t even breath.What did she do that was so terrible? I still can’t figure out why they took her children nothing comes to mind but her being able to tour. You can tell the media was trying to make her appear crazy. I never beleived anything was wrong with Britney and there is still nothing wrong with Britney I want to say again what did she do that was so bad they took her children? NOTHING

  34. thank you for this. i actually haven’t heard the song or seen the video yet, and i wish i had before i read this article, then i could have tried to identify the satanic symbols myself! i reckon i would have clocked the goat heads, the eye in a triangle and perhaps the triangle cross, but thats about it.

    honestly, im slightly pissed off at you for ruining lady gaga for me completely – before i came across i was actually a fan, but that’s ruined for me now! but i’m 100 times more happy that i can see what so many others cannot. incidentally her plan is working – she is gaining ridiculous worldwide popularity, i guess shaitan held up its side of the pact.

    but lady gaga really disgusts me now. a small part of me thinks she may not understand the gravity and brevity of what she’s doing, as she doesn’t come across as intelligent enough to fully comprehend, to me at least. but then on the other hand i’ve heard quotes from her saying how blatant the messages in her music are if only people look properly, as you are.

    one more thing: are you or have you ever been employed as a professional journalist (this site not counting)? your investigative skills are very high as is your use of english.

  35. Roma-roma-mamaa! means in spanish: "Rome sucks!", and obviously Rome is the Holy See of the Roman Christian Catholic Church…….

  36. To Marty: I agree with you, I instantly noticed the copy-cat MJ Thriller dance moves too. Good spot. Well, it’s not the first time she has portrayed MJ influence, she has incorporated a lot of his styles and moves i.e In her Love Game video I think she completely ripped off MJ’s Bad video, especially the part where MJ and his boys are running across train ticket/entrance gates (I think), she used them in her video too.

  37. awesome post. thank you for sharing, that was a good interpretation of her vid. i never realised just how deep the meaning of this kind of industry produced garbage is, i never considered it as anything but pap, thanks for opening up my eyes to this brainwashing crap, keep up the good work please. peace.

  38. SHe Actually sings:

    I want your psycho

    Your vertigo stick

    Want you in my room

    When your baby is sick

    very disturbing!!!

  39. Very well done. I wonder how many young adults and whoever find themselves loving Lady Gaga and her music, and not really knowing why? The music and her video does cast a spell. Just after listening to her video once and reading your interpretation, I find the song revolving through my head. I don’t want it to! I wish weird Al would do a take off on this!!!!!

  40. thank you vigilant for analysing this I always thought there was something weird and evil about lady gaga from her song poker face I just got a feeling and now I know her satanic tendencies…this video should be banned on MTV and everywhere else children shouldnt be allowed to view this its like devilish porn even the Daily Mail (British Newspaper) called it devilish and bizzairre…NO weapon fashioned against those who love and trust God shall prosper AMEN!!!…amazing I recommend this site to all my friends its very insightful

  41. LOL. You people are the insane ones. I believe Gaga probably reads this site and others like it and makes these videos to fuck with you all because you eat it up like sheep! She is an artist and this latest video is brilliant. There is certainly a lot of symbolic meanings being depicted however none of us can truly say for sure what it’s all supposed to mean because we didn’t write the song nor did we have anything to do with the making of the video. You read into it exactly what you want to. Only the feeble and weak-minded can be “brainwashed” and so those that come here saying thank you and claiming everything to be satanic need to get a grip on reality. As far as I’m concerned, with each of these articles you only prove how dangerous organized religion is and how it is in fact the true evil of the world. But hey, keep doing what you do because I find it hilarious!

  42. lol @ the skeptics on here. Ray Charles could see the symbolism in that chicks videos…..u can call it art alright "The Art"

  43. I’m suprised no one has mentioned she looks just like marilyn monroe when she is dressed in red; the most famous mk’d sex slave of em all.

  44. Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah!

    Very catchy. I’ll be singing that all day tomorrow.

    I follow a handful of people on the internet who analyze things from an esoteric angle, but none do the MTV videos and Freemasonry like VC does. And if it weren’t for VC I’d have no idea what these videos were about. I could see the esoteric imagery all right, but wouldn’t know how to connect them all together, like what goes on behind the scenes in the music industry. They are men with a great deal of power all right. I still wonder if Lady Gaga has or will be invited to the Bohemian Grove with the politicians, to put on a show. Seems like a fit there.

    Say what you will about Gaga, though, she’s a zillion times more interesting than Madonna ever was. I may be a female, but I’m entranced by Gaga’s beauty and how she can wear such stunning costumes so easily. The innocent eyes in this video — are they her real eyes, or her eyelids made up to look like that? I just loved that diamond maile hat and vest thing, whatever it is called. And the way the ice diamonds flowed around her. She is so beautiful. What would a girl like that do in life if it weren’t for the music industry? Be an office worker?

  45. Ugh, Lady Gaga is not brilliant. She comes up with stupid crap like this because people take it seriously and generate buzz. She's an attention seeker, like with that whole "I might have a penis" debacle. I can see why people might suspect satanic influences though. Only the devil himself could convince me that Lady Gaga has the "artistic talent" everyone praises her for. Maybe if we ignore her she'll go away. : /

    And that ugly angry reptile thing looks an awful lot like a bat to me.

  46. Towards the end of the video (4:28), right after Lady Gaga flashes the triangle but before she spins, there is a very brief blip of lighning (or electricity) over her left shoulder. I was wondering if this was just a mistake. No one else seems to have noticed it.

  47. Yes ben Comment post No 42.
    As much as i have enjoyed vigilants very in depth analysis of these videos,I too have started to wonder myself about vigilants agenda regarding all this. His Site and work are very very in depth and professional looking, Yet at the same time retains the stamp of an amatuer , with the ads etc etc. Also all the links to the Occult freemason books etc etc via amazon ,no doubt his own amazon account.Nothing wrong with making a bit of money no not at all.Just have this feeling, Our friend? May be another Shill at the Till…? I read somewhere (prob in 1 of my many many books on occult etc ) that the iiluminati have to reveal everything b4 the final harvest. Some kind of universal law…? Maybe Vigilant is One of those doing the revealing? Maybe not?
    It is certainly interesting times we live in….


    At 3:29 of Bad Romance, I realised that she also gets her fashion from AlexanderMcQueen. And this Spring/Summer runway has been…interesting. The models strut down the runway dressed like fawns (hair-horns, hooves, fur). And Lady Gaga has taken their hoove-like shoes. Besides this, at the beginning of the video, there seems to be a lotta snakes. It feels like the Garden of Eden. Maybe these 2 are linked somehow? It’s an interesting fashion show and when I first saw it, I thought it had some sinister symbolism. And then I see Gaga’s Bad Romance, having in mind that she maybe involved in the occult…

  49. Hello




    I don't know if can be useful but I read somewhere that

    in the name of the christian capitol city Rome (Roma in italian) is hidden

    the name of the christians' God : AMOR

    which is the contraction in five letters of the solar egiptian divinity AMON-RA


    AMOR (life) e ROMA (death) represented by the god Janus (duality)

  50. Nicely done!! Definitely the postergirl for evil, what a shame.

    @ 57 I think she was doing her favorite Hello Kitty impersonation with the whole buggy-eyed look. I could be wrong though.

  51. This is the reason why Gaga goes right over my head, not cuz I’m stupid and I don’t like intelligent creative lyrics and music videos…but because she does stuff this out there and crazy I can’t relate at all!…I like your intepretation and I like the video, but all this crap Gaga does just doesn’t get into my soul and I don’t get it…I wish she were more human

  52. Also not sure if you touched on this Vigilant, apologies if you did but the cross in the “Monster” is also the Satanic cross, except here it’s right-side up. They think they’re slick…

  53. Good work (and fast!), Vigilant. I have to say the song itself really sounds quite clearly like a typical song about a girl who likes a bad boy. She knows he’s not good for her but she wants him anyway…nothing new there. Just about every female pop star has had at least one song with the same theme.

    But the video definitely gives it all a whole other meaning. As I’ve said before, I’m not convinced she’s truly an “illuminati puppet” but she’s clearly familiar with the concepts and symbols. I’m sure she probably feels like a puppet sometimes, since the entertainment industry is a real bitch. Artists, particularly new or up-and-coming artists, are subjected to an insane amount of criticism and input from the people around them. They tell you what to wear, how to act, etc etc etc. Combine that every celebrity knows they most likely have an expiration date with the public, and it’s hard not to feel like you’re just being used and controlled.

    So to me, there’s video is almost certainly about her desire to be a part of the industry, and then her experience of feeling like she’s become a “fame monster” as a result. The protruding spine is not necessarily a reptilian reference. It could be a reference to the ridiculously low weight female celebrities are expected to maintain or, more likely, a visual representation of her as a fame monster.

    Nonetheless, I agree with you wholeheartedly about the general idea of the video being about her initiation into the inner circle of the industry, despite my skepticism about the occult connections. (note I said skepticism which does not mean I reject the notion entirely…I’m just not convinced at this point)

    One minor symbol I’d like to point out is from the shots of her in the bath. As you pointed out, while in the bath, Gaga is wide eyed and innocent. She’s still an outsider. This is further indicated by the fact that she’s wearing headphones and appears to be listening and singing along to her own song. It’s as if she’s still a fan at this point. She’s a consumer of music, longing to become a creator.

  54. I think Gaga’s brilliant. You might be right about some of the symbolism. If so, she put it there on purpose to make a point. She is embarking on the Fame Monster tour after all. If she were merely submitting to the music industry, as you indicate, why would she come out with something that is so dense and discernible with symbolism, as you describe it, and that shines a light on the dark nature of the industry? I think it’s symbolic that the video starts with dark lighting, and then becomes filled with light. She is shining a light, indeed. If she really wanted to just submit to the industry, she would do some cutesy video that was geared to a top ten ranking and kept the secrets of the Illuminati, so called. I take her at her word – she is a self-professed devout Christian who is not ashamed of her body and its functions. She is a genius artist who has made a profound entertainment.

  55. @15 Isa

    VC mentions the Hitchcock movie references are turned into sexual references, hellooo get some reading comprehension.

  56. is there a reason why she is wearing a white rat on her head at 4:26
    its the scene of her standing sideways and you can see the bed burning
    in the background.. just look at her head, she is wearing a rat

  57. Keleigh YOU ROCK! I believe you hit the nail on the head, However I am glad that i found this site. it provides for me a GREAT amount of lulz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Yes, Gaga’s symbolism is blatant and contrived, but to me her message is also clear. Her persona and art (music, photos, videos) are a social commentary on the materialism and shallowness of western consumers. Gaga is not Stephanie! She is a character, and everything she does is making fun of mindless consumerism! Only two years ago, none of this Gaga stuff existed… she was just Stephanie with black hair and Amy Winehouse makeup performing indie rock in dingy bars. Gaga is performance art in daily life. Even though she is highly knowledgeable of pop culture and symbolism, I sincerely doubt she believes any of it. She is just using it to make a point on today’s culture.

  59. Erick: No, she sings :Want you in my rear window, baby you’re sick
    rear window
    Alfred Hitchcock, anyone?
    apparently “sick” is the new “bad” which really means good, lol.
    lets have some fun this beat is sick…..

  60. hey just to point out as well, the red clothing sort of resembles that of the mason initiation dress code discussed in the mtv awards article which Pink was wearin

  61. Isa said:

    "LOL IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER.. hardcore sex references? You mean “want you in my rear window”? geez, learn some culture.. Psycho, Vertigo, Rear Window? Hitchcock movies hel-looo!"

    Yeah. I'm sure she meant "want you in my rear window" literally. Like, she wants him to be in her rear window of her bedroom. How hot! Couldn't be that she is implying that she wants it up the arse. Nah. Couldn't be!

    And the "Vertigo/vertical stick" part–I suppose the fact that Gaga and the dancers do a rapid "up and down movement" with their fists right at that part cannot POSSIBLY imply that it refers to a penis and that they're "jacking it off". NEVER!

    LOL at you and your utter blindess/stupidness.

  62. We can’t be sure what is really going on in that satanic head of hers, however we must give her credit for getting a bucketloads of attention. It is disturbing to think of all the profane and youngsters for whom she is an artist and a ‘pop idol’. Notice the current blatant worship of celebrities and bodily needs. All hope is not lost. Some of us have had our eyes opened. We ought to look beyond the surface structure of our society and think for ourselves.

  63. Satan is no longer hiding who he uses for his purposes. Why do people keep denying facts? It’s not as if she was not directly attacking Christianity and Jesus with her imagery. Come on, open your eyes, see what she’s doing, she transformed herself into a sort of snake demon at service of her masters. I can see that, and I was usually listening to this sort of music years ago. Nowadays I take nothing for granted, and avoid this kind of cryptic satanic messages.

    I want my brain to stay clear of this Illuminati crap. And so should you, warn those who you know. This info is so explicit, it’s not like they are trying to hide anymore.

    May God save our souls from hell.

  64. Thx mate,

    Also the colours Red White Black as seen in the picture when Gaga is initiated is used allot.

    Look at Hitler and the swastika, There was also a Spot for a Channel in Germany called Pro7 (7 heavens ?)
    whit the “Pussy Cat Dolls” (mind-controlled sex slaves)

    They also come out some sort of coffin and it sound like the sing “their running the show” and “take over the world” could be something else let me know what you hear.

    United we stand
    Divided we fall
    Much love and awareness to all


  65. i have watched this video over and over.
    there are alot of other things i have seen that you havent pointed out.
    for instance when she is walking up to the man. (just before everything turns into flames)
    she is wearing sunglasses and as she is walking closer you can see the mans refection in them and he is getting bigger.
    which means that see has her ‘eye” on what she wants and shes going straight for it.

  66. Or maybe the point is to show that even though she's saying she wants these things they're not bringing her happines

  67. @ 70: nope, you're wrong. it's "want you in my rear window baby, you're sick". It's a reference to the Hitchcock film and you can see that by reading the rest of the verse.

  68. That’s great to know a lot about all this stuff but what would be better would be to know about their main goal, I mean now we know that all that is true but why are they doing it?

  69. Also, these analyses fail to explain exactly how such music videos benefit the Illuminati in any way. How does a shot of a gazelle's head brainwash me? It doesn't. It only influences someone if there is some meaning already attached to the symbolism for the viewer. For the vast majority of people, there isn't, so it's meaningless. An animal's head or a symbol or certain words don't make people buy music. There's far more to it than that. And I don't mean that in a sinister way.

    Another point: Why would the Illuminati, who has supposedly brainwashed these artists, allow them to make music and videos that apparently make it so very clear what they are doing? If such an organisation actually were behind the music industry, or any other part of society, they would most likely be far more covet and secretive about it. There is no benefit to the Illuminati in allowing artists to expose their secrets through music and videos.

  70. @ Velma

    "snakes feature heavily in the Satanic sexual abuse which creates mind-control alters"

    And your point is what? There are no snakes in the Bad Romance video.

  71. Velma, the fact that you believe this to be "devilry" (whatever that is) doesn't take away the fact that it is indeed art. It's a damn good piece of art, look at how many people are talking about it, look at the emotions and opinions it stirs up. It's doing exactly what art is supposed to do which is evoke thought. I guess if one is coming from a viewpoint of "them vs. us" then yes, you will only see it as bad-voodoo-evil-doer-mess.

  72. I'd like to say that while I do not abide by any organized religion, I don't want to bash those that do, and if I've done so then I apologize. I find this site amusing and even enlightening at times and that's why I read it, even if I disagree with the message. I'm an artist myself so that is the platform from which I look at things such as music videos, paintings, films, etc, before I begin crititquing it's meanings. I do not believe in "God vs Satan" nor do I take things written in the Bible as literal. I was raised to believe in Christ and as an adult I've decided that it's not for me. I do believe in a higher power, but I don't tie that belief to one system or way of being. I truly believe we will never know the answers to such things, and that perhaps we're not even meant to know.

  73. “Also the colours Red White Black as seen in the picture when Gaga is initiated is used allot.”

    The use of the colours red white and black for spiritual reasons has appeared in many different cultures completley independantly of each other. One can only assume that they relate to something in some deeper level of collective human conciousness.

  74. sophie engelhardt on

    Seeing this I really feel sad for our young people – what they are subjected to. I feel sad for the “western’ world. Tomorrow really belongs to the Chinese, the Iranians and all people whose brains are not “occupied territories”

  75. An interesting tidbit in the video (ANOTHER co-incidence? I think not…too fucking many coincidences in this and 983676432786 other music vids)–look at the scene where they first show the laptops processing the “bids” for Gaga (time at about 2:40-2:50 in the vid, in between there)–notice the back of the laptops hava a red “6” logo on them–and there are 3 computers—which equals “666”.

    So yeah–the “6” on the back of the 3 laptops (“666”)–and the fact the the computer screen show bids and then say “SOLD”–aka. She “sold her soul to the devil” for her success/fame.

    The “devil” in this case are the Satanic/ritualistic Elite who run the large record lables/highest part of the music industry (and run pretty much everything from the banks to the music and film industry to the largest world corperations and companies)–she has made her choice and this video is a little story portraying that in a very metaphorical, stylized and attractive manner. (So the “kids” think it’s “cool” you know..)

    This video is CERTAINLY hypnotic/spell-binding. I guarentee, there is something in the video that makes people begin to crazily love the song, seriously. (Not that anyone would actually *believe* that–it’s certainly possible–it’s all just like the whole “ghosts don’t exist!” argument you know… )

  76. Note how the minions of lucifer are quick to lie and ridicule, as opposed to present a counter-argument worthy of consideration. Ridicule is the same opening tactic used by their Zionist bretheren currently occupying the house of Jesus in Palestine.

    It has been said before that the truth goes through 3 stages. First, it is ridiculed, Second, it is fought, Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

    Those who wish to mask the truth, whatever issue it may relate to, use ridicule in order to try and discourage others from considering the arguments let alone accept them. The minions of lucifer prey on oridnary people’s inate fears of being ridiculed. To the ordinary person, I say, overcome your fear with, courage, wisdom and faith.

  77. Thanks for your work in exposing the occult, particularly in the music industry. There’s no doubt that the occult infiltration at the highest levels has existed for many, many years and has become terribly flagrant in recent times. Youth have always been subtly indoctrinated and desensitized to occult symbolism, but it seems even more so now than ever. The occult is coming out of the closet.

    Keep up the good work despite the critics, naysayers and scoffers. Either they’re the ignorant, resisting the truth or occult disinformation shills.

  78. Personally I see the destruction of the music industry guy at the end as Lady Gaga breaking out of the shackels that have been put upon her in the only way she can, by calling on her own power to destroy her captors. All through the video she is being manhandald and controlled by various people but this is her first act of defiance and control over her own destiny.

    I do think she’s using masonic imagary to describe the music industry, but I think she’s using it as a metaphore to describe how messed up the whole thing is. I also don’t think she’s glamorising it at all. There are shots where she looks relatively “normal”, no crazy makeup or headgear or anything, they are also very close up and intimate, very different from the rest of her looks in the video. In these shots she sings the words with great emotion and sadness. This is the woman behind the “fame monster”, behind the persona, showing that while it may seem like an exciting and glamourous thing, behind that it’s very distressing. I think that’s the true message within this video, and much of Lady Gaga’s work.

  79. Your logic is so flawed.

    You haven't said anything in this article that GaGa hasn't said herself… You're just outlining the underlying theme of the album and the songs that she has written and has testified to in multiple interveiws. Her "gimic" is that she is, y'know, The Fame Monster, that pop music ate her brain, yadda, yadda… So the references to the occult just futher perpetuate the image that she is striving achieve herself. Some deer heads don't PROVE that she's been brainwashed…Your aguement goes no where… Yes, there MIGHT be a reference to Baphomet, but why, what does that say? f you walked into my country cottage and saw deer heads on the wall, would you automatically assume that we are members of or brainwashed by the illuminati? Or would you just think that we are avid hunters? I see decorative deer heads more as a symbol of weath, she is in the company of a Russian mobster who just paid a million dollars for her, the decoration makes sense.

    And I mean, YOU KNOW that these ancient and religious symbols are so ingrained in Western culture that it's impossible to look anywhere without seeing them. Take Michealangelo's Creation of Man, for example (, the image of the fingers touching is EVERYWHERE, but that doesnt mean that every time you see two fingers touching Michealangelo and the Church have something to do with it.

    Also… if this illuminati is so powerful, at least poweful enough to brainwash some people, put them in celeb status and try to… what is it? Trick people? Yeah, whatever, anyway, if they're so powerful then why haven't they gotten to you yet… Shouldn't you be dead for uncovering all of their SECRETS and posting them for the world to see? If they really want trick the youth of today and bring about the New World Order then wouldn't they do their best to supress the "truth" and shut down your site? If they're so all-knowing and powerful, you know they are capable of getting rid of all of your very inciminating evidence against them.

    Another thing I wanted to bring up… I'm pretty sure that if I were part of a secret organization that brainwashes people and then sticks them in the public eye I wouldn't make music videos with really obvious references to it. Isn't the point of this for it to be a secret? Why would they make it so "obvious"?

    If you can provide some thoughtful and convicing answers to these questions other than calling me a brainwashed robit then I would love to hear them. I'm definately open to conspiricy theories and find secret socities facinating and all that, but I mean, you have got to do better than this.

  80. You guys are over the cliff. I especially liked the “onto the coffins and the dead rising”.
    Her new show starts with her “hatching” out of an “egg”, the birth of a new GaGa.

    People like you justify psychiatrists

  81. Amazing work!! 😉

    You always surprise me with some great new articles!

    I used to like this song, and it was hard to take it out of my head for me too. XD

    PS: by the way! You should make an article about Rihanna's "Russian Roulette"!

    Keep it up!

  82. I love the Hitchcock references, Rear Window is my favorite movie. I do think there’s a dual meaning for rear window. one the movie, the other for anal sex…..I assume this since she repeats twice the line “I’M A FREAK BITCH BABY!” I fucking love this bitch.

    To the “VC” I also think it was in bad form for you to completely leave out the scenes where she appears normal and is crying. It gives away your agenda entirely by omitting those very visible parts of the video. While you sit there pointing out satanic symbols in everything and how they will brainwash the children, you actually exhibit that same behavior with this website and the naive people who blindly follow you and believe your articles taking them as gospel.

    But I digress, as I read the article, you’re so vehement that these symbols are related to the music industry. And as others have stated, Gaga could very well be exposing the downside to that industry, as in giving a warning. You’re calling her demonic when in actuality, she could be one of God’s messengers. How do we know for sure? We don’t. Your critiques will always fall short because of this.

    • @Keleigh In the scenes where she is crying, she is still singing “I don’t wanna be friends”, which to me only say that she is really sincere about the fact that she wants that romance. It shows that Gaga is a persona but the real also Stephanie Germanotta truly wants that fame but it is painful.

      I’ve never called her demonic nor do I think she is “God’s messenger”, she is simply a talented artist in a demonic system. If I really had an agenda, there would be a lot less analyzing and a lot more condemning going on.

  83. “@Keleigh In the scenes where she is crying, she is still singing “I don’t wanna be friends”, which to me only say that she is really sincere about the fact that she wants that romance”

    Maybe in those bits she means “I don’t wanna be friends” as in “I don’t want anything to do with you”?

  84. @Kris – Exactly. This is where I disagree with the way VC does these articles. You do crititque, but you also claim that YOUR interpretation of the lyrical content is the true meaning of the lyrics when really you have absolutely no idea. Then those who follow your every word take it as truth without questioning it. There are a million ways songs can be interpreted and I don’t have a problem with anyone offering up a THEORY but when you paint a picture of it being a sign of the end times and the Illuminati it gets silly and then I can’t take you seriously. The entertainment industry is just too easy a target in my opinion. You’ve done some research in other realms which I actually find a hundred times more interesting because they are the kinds of things we can all see for ourselves, like the Denver airport or the monuments and their symbols. Let’s face it, there’s no qualms about the entertainment industry being twisted it’s been that way for decades and will not change because it’s all about $$$$. Do some more articles on the less obvious shit and maybe you can convert someone like me. If you really believe in what you’re doing it’s worth a shot right?

  85. Forgot that I wanted to respond to the crying scenes – now your interpretation of that I wholeheartedly disagree with. So, my interpretation is that she is clearly in distress as she is singing “I don’t wanna be friends.” She is unhappy and sad which tells me that she knows this bad romance is wrong, that it’s truly fucked up. And perhaps she’s crying because she’s already been sold and now she’s stuck and can’t do anything about it. This is why if you’re going to really analyze it, analyze ALL of it, not just the portions that support your ideas.

    Anyway, can’t wait for your Russian Roulette article!! :)

  86. @ 99: “Personally I see the destruction of the music industry guy at the end as Lady Gaga breaking out of the shackels that have been put upon her in the only way she can, by calling on her own power to destroy her captors. All through the video she is being manhandald and controlled by various people but this is her first act of defiance and control over her own destiny.”

    That’s what I was thinking.. if the mobsters in the video represent the evil elite in the music industry, then GaGa triumphs over them. She burns one alive! What does that mean? I’m guessing GaGa KNOWS about all this symbolism and all these conspiracies [true or not] and is actively displaying that she won’t be a part of it. After all, she said herself the video was dedicated to the “tough-girl spirit”. That’s just my take on it anyway and it seems to make sense if the video is set up so that the men [and supermodels, whom she resists] are the evil ones.

  87. @#41(kate)
    I thought about what you wrote, and some other things occurred to me: it was said that Michael Jackson was telling her to get out of the industry and save herself and not to end up like him just weeks before he died. Michael was also, for the past several years, speaking out against the industry–and he too was made to look real crazy, like her. He rebelled, and we see where he is. Tupac spoke out against them, too–and we see where he is.
    Also: I remember six months before Michael died a big published rumor came out that Michael had six months left to live. After that, his tour came up because he wanted to (supposedly) raise money for his children. Damn near six months to the day later, he was gone, and I am convinced that ppl around him had something to do with it. And I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it was said that he wasn’t sleeping much (barely) before he died because his mind was racing with ideas for the tour. I think he knew that they were closing in and would get him, or maybe they threatened his kids’ wellbeing so he agreed to do a short tour (but they added way more dates than he agreed to). And, voila’–he has made so much more money dead and there’s no end in sight. They got him in the end physically, and are still being the vampires they are and sucking that money machine as hard and fast as they can.
    And I wonder too, speaking of ppl looking crazy: what the hell is going on with Lindsay Lohan? That poor girl looks over 40 and is only in her 20’s. Is there something going on that we don’t know about (illness)? That looks like more than a drug problem.

    Thanks, Vig–I can’t wait to hear your latest on Rihanna’s new video/song, and on why Beyonce is increasingly getting lessed dressed when she performs, and why her face is getting so hard and…something inexplicable.

  88. @#53 keleigh

    It’s ironic that you should say that, because I am no longer a part of any organized religion. I believe very strongly in God and His angels, and I also know that evil spirits exist under the direction of satan. I pray everyday, and I can see clearly (like so many others) what’s going on around all of us. I found that stepping outside of religion helped me to see it even clearer. I do believe in the Gospel, but not churches and ministers–too many of them are part of the problem and are playing for both sides themselves, and can cloud true believers belief and judgment.
    And for those who are a part of organized religion doesn’t mean that what they are saying on this blog is because of their religion, but because of what is right here in our collective faces.
    So you may find this funny or stupid, but watch your back–these demons are not fooling around and are getting to as many ppl as quickly as they possibly can. And, trust, there is nothing funny about losing your soul to satan.

  89. Umm, that ‘reptile’ is a bat (a mammal). The triangle is the symbol of the holy trinity. You know, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The whole video is about feminism and society’s expectations and oppression of women. And how GaGa doesn’t want to play into that.

  90. Totally agree with what Zoe’s saying. I also don’t understand how this video is in any way supposed to be trying to say that what is happening in it is a good thing? I can’t imagine someone seeing that and thinking “OMG, I totaly want that!”. More likely it would make them think twice about getting into the industry.

  91. Quote: “Only the feeble and weak-minded can be “brainwashed” – therefore, you must be weak and feeble-minded, because you’ve been brainwashed into believing this devilry is “art” and only a fool would think this freak is a “style icon.” I don’t believe Gaga’s a willing participant though or enjoying her infamy, she’s compelled to do this sh*t… she looks drugged, plus, snakes feature heavily in the Satanic sexual abuse which creates mind-control alters.

    Great analysis Vig!

    Russian Roulette next?

  92. “Quote: “Only the feeble and weak-minded can be “brainwashed” – therefore, you must be weak and feeble-minded, because you’ve been brainwashed into believing this devilry is “art” and only a fool would think this freak is a “style icon.””

    I never said her work was “art”, or that she’s a “style icon” (though I think calling her a freak is pretty harsh, she just knows how to make a statement with her outfits)

    I do however think people on here are interpreting her stuff in a very strange way though. She’s obviously making a critique of the music industry, and using masonic imagary to do so.

  93. #65 – Thanks for the information about Alexander McQueen. I have been very curious who her designers are. Looking at the McQueen video at the link you gave, all I can say is these designers are simply BRILLIANT! It must be quite an experience to see one of these top designer fashion shows.

    Regarding the ‘occult’, I don’t really think there is any big deal about it. Mostly it seems merely a gimmick, a theme, around which to do a fashion show or a Lady Gaga video. I don’t discount VC analysis, however, because he is interesting. But I notice that the groups that “fear” all these illuminati or satanic symbolism are the right wingers and mostly the Christians. I believed them for some time myself, but eventually realized they are under deep mind control themselves.

    I doubt if Lady Gaga has time for “dabbling” in the occult. Most likely she learns about it via her videos and the themes these videos take. So what? As I say I think it’s just a gimmick. And they are incredibly done — the costumes, the settings, everything. More than beautiful — quite beautiful. I think Lady Gaga simply has the body type that these designers can dress her in very astonishing and beautiful costumes, and her face is such like a canvass where the make-up artists can do their artistry, and the hair stylists their creative styles. I can only wish Lady Gaga the best — she is quite unique, in a mundane world.

  94. oh my gosh i knew bad romance had something dark from the when i read the lyrics it just didnt make sense.the video seems worse as well .i feel bad about lady gaga she willing to do anything or anyone in particular for fame.y cant we just listen to something without subliminal messages in it ugh just ruins a song.but o yea im waitin on an article about rihannas russian roulette obvious symbolic msgs an imagery theres somethin there. keep posting those articles lol they good

  95. #72 – What’s this? Lady Gaga is a self-confessed devout Christian? Where did you find that out?

    Not that I don’t believe it — glad to hear it, actually. Shows me she’s definitely not mind controlled after all.

  96. What about the skull tattoo on the guy’s back at 2:11? ..It’ just another accident

    Great work!
    Respect from Hungary!

  97. "Hey VC I was curious if you noticed the peace symbol on her inner wrist. I believe you are aware of the satanism behind the peace sign and how it is also used in witch craft."

    Where the hell did you get this from? That symbol was created in the 50's as the logo for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmerment, and comprises of the semaphore signs for N and D (for nuclear disarmerment). It has never been used for occult purposes, at least not widely (unless someone was doing some work on trying to further nuclear disarmerment). Read more about it here:

    "Surprised no one has mentioned that the scene with the red dress and masked dancers is a direct reference to Madonna’s video for “Material World.”"

    And that video was a direct reference to Marilyn Monroe's video for Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend.

    Ooh, the plot thickens…

  98. To: Freeminded (10.) Your reference to the recent outbreak in the Ukraine and the Ukrainian vodka seems like the best explanation so far as to why the vodka was used in the video. Why hasn't mainstream media reported more about that killer outbreak?

    Also, Gaga is also shown in the middle of "planetary orbits." I thought that could be a reference to the new world order. Who knows of all the signs that may have been missed. Thanks again to the Vigilant Citizen for the outlet.

  99. Jesus always remains the same on

    Hey VC I was curious if you noticed the peace symbol on her inner wrist. I believe you are aware of the satanism behind the peace sign and how it is also used in witch craft. But also I wanted to know if you were able to get some insight on the writting on her inner upper arm? pls respond

  100. Oh my God, i have been watching that Jay-Z’s video RUN THIS TOWN, and enjoying the music, just d other day i came back home with my husband after a night out with friends, i was as high as a kite and immediately the video comes up and i start seeing things, i turned to my husband and told him that d video was occultic, but we laughed about it, the next day coincidentally, i came across this website from a friend on FB, and wow am in total shock.

    Just about 10mins ago i took a shower but came out to watch GAGA’s latest BAD ROMANCE and believe i ran straight to my computer and wow! u didnt disappoint me.

    i come from a country that loves music, and with d way these American artists getting so much publicity, i dont think people really know what they’re getting into, am trying very hard to spread the word to a few of my friends, but its kinda difficult cos i think the mind control has eaten in deep.
    I thank God for opening my eyes to see these things, and i thank you for summoning the courage and exposing these useless artists that are exploiting the name of music and their poor ignorant fans.

  101. OK, this video doesn’t even attempt to be subtle. It’s about mind-controlled sex slavery. Period.

    What effect will this have on people? It’s not like someone’s going to watch this video and say, “OK, I’ll be a slutty whore”. It’s really just expanding people’s knowledge. It’s not a bad thing.

  102. when are you going to write about “this is poster?” and Rhiannas new video, it seems like Beyonce is hanging out allot with Lady Gaga as well. Also ive noticed Alicia keys seems to be in that group, any thoughts?

  103. So, I am a huge Lady Gaga fan for more than one reason. She writes good songs, she follows a theme, she is artistic. If you listen to her when she speaks you will know that the Fame Monster album is not about her wanting to become consumed by fame. She wrote it almost in opposition to what the Fame album brought to her. Its not about money or being famous because she already is famous. The Fame Monster is an album that explains what fame has done to her and she begins to explore topics that fame has put on the back burner like LOVE (hence, Bad Romance). In any case, this video is explicitly about being a sex slave. She said it herself so no doubts there. Yes the spine is played upon because she IS a monster after all. And if you think about an evolution (which is what her new tour is based on) things get hatched out of eggs (the cell/coffin like objects she and her dancers come from) and when they are hatched they cannot see nor hear right away. It's birth and in growing, you become more aware of the things around you. The coffins/pods/eggs are borrowed from the vampire show True Blood and it's clear that she likes that show because she used one of the main characters in her last video, Paparazzi. I mean, if I make a video that makes great reference to architecture and the architect's tools are you going to say that I am a Free Mason or apart of the Illuminati? I AM an architect! So I mean, she uses her symbolism to mean what she wants it to mean. Reading into something so deeply makes no sense for the mere fact that you are searching to find things that are so obvious in everyday life. And it is all nothing but speculation. What is meaningful to you may not be meaningful to someone else. Symbolism is meant to be interpreted. She wearing an upside down cross over her vagina says nothing to me because I know that she is from a Catholic background. Catholics know that the upside down cross is not an occult symbol. St. Peter, the first pope requested to be crucified upside down because he wasn't worthy of being crucified like Jesus. The upside down cross is on the Pope's chair! So I mean, what it means to you is not what it means to me. If she is apart of the illuminati or she is a Luciferian or if she is a Christian it makes no difference because she is doing what she wants to do. She is where she wants to be. Get over it. If i follow this page I will end up thinking that everyone in this world who is influential is worshiping the devil. And if they are that is their choice. People are open to religious freedom. GET OVER IT!

  104. You really over-analyzed this one. The song is about love and how it should be.

    I want your ugly
    I want your disease
    I want your everything
    As long as it’s free
    I want your love
    (Love-love-love I want your love)

    I want your drama
    The touch of your hand
    I want your leather-studded kiss in the sand
    I want your love
    I want your love
    (Love-love-love I want your love)

    She wants those moments where they’re aren’t pretty or beautiful, when they’re sick, and everything else (the point they become more than the friends and point where they are no longer in love), as long as she doesn’t have to buy it. The second part speaks on passion – drama and the love.

    I want your horror
    I want your design
    ‘Cause you’re a criminal
    As long as your mine
    I want your love
    (Love-love-love I want your love-uuhh)

    I want your psycho
    Your vertigo stick
    Want you in my rear window
    Baby you’re sick
    I want your love
    I want your love
    (Love-love-love I want your love)

    This part she says she wants to know everything, including the deepest, darkest secrets they aren’t willing to share with anyone (which is why she make the Hitchcock references). And she calls it a bad romance because of her fear of love.

    The video itself is about sex trafficing set in a futuristic Russian bath house (ideally to match the sound she’s going for) with Lady GaGa elements included. Nothing more, nothing less. The thing she wears is called an atom. The cross between her privates is symbolize that she is a virgin. The pupils is to give her innocence. The ugly reptile is a bat. And I don’t remember a gazelle’s head having anything to do with Satan.

    I don’t understand, if they’re controlled and brainwashed why would they allow it to be shown? Wouldn’t it be more pleasant? How would they know? It doesn’t seem to be benefitting them at all. And for what reason are we being brainwashed? Because I’m not sure it’s working.

    And she says “I’m a free bitch”, not “I’m a freak bitch.”

  105. The symbolism used in these videos has been utilized in music production since the video generation began roughly forty years ago. Lately, it’s become much more conspicuous and ubiquitious because the time for the consolidation of the “Great Work” is at hand. Alice Bailey referred to it in her book as “The Externalization Of The Hierarchy.” Those writing here arguing that Lady Gaga is symbolically literate and is attempting to sound a message about the inner chambers of the music industry might be on a bad acid trip. She may well have only be introducted to it through her contact with the industry although her affinity with 70s glam rock stars may have lead her to a rudimentary conception of many of the symbols. I highly doubt the video conceptions are her ideas but rather a product of corporate brainstormers.

  106. @ Meke… the symbol on the back of the laptop is a 'b' not a '6'… everyone knows that the letter 'b' and '6' tend to get mixed up. If you knew anything about her and her videos she has ALWAYS featured that symbol because she promotes Dr. Dre's headphones and the brand symbol for it is a 'b'. It's called Beats by Dre. Duh.

  107. my name is B-Ron, fool! on

    Gaga Sucks. I saw an interview with her the other day. She was asked what she looks for in a man. She said she wasn’t looking for a man. The interviewer said if you were, what would you look for. Gaga replied, “a big dick.” That is all I needed to hear. I have a half of a vienna sausage for a penis. How does she think that this makes me feel about myself? Thanks alot, you slut bag.

  108. I never watched a Gaga video before yesterday, but found myself immediately spellbound. I watched it over and over, trying to figure out what kind of messages were inside. Besides, it had a catchy beat and the sexy dancers. I knew that the red crosses on the the coffins or pods seemed out of place. What could be the meaning of the vodka, the bat, the fire, the goat horns over the bed, and other strange things? What was the meaning of the protruding spine? Why was she forced to drink the cup. Maybe that was a clue to why she was crying. She went from white, to red, to black. Why does she often cover her eyes…they never do seem to look the same. Thanks for your assessment of the video. There’s no doubt it’s steeped in the occult. She’s going to be the new Madonna.

  109. Surprised no one has mentioned that the scene with the red dress and masked dancers is a direct reference to Madonna’s video for “Material World.”

    Chew on that one for awhile. I can’t wait to read.

  110. i also observed all of the products, i mean i know she doesn’t like Vitamin Water so much that she would go out of her way to have it specifically in the video, so why have it? Then the Nintendo Wii remote, and the vodka, and the parrot stack speakers at the beginning, and i guess the Alexander McQueen dress and shoes , idk.
    just saying…whats the point of those products.

  111. If you pay attention to her HEELS, when she’s wearing the white ones it looks like a snake is trying to swallow her, and when she wears the black heels with her black outfit, it looks like the snake is attacking instead of swallowing her. This could be that she is now part of th “monster” and/or recruiting her “little monsters” as she keeps calling her fans that.

  112. If you pay attention to her HEELS, when she’s wearing the white ones (opening bath tub scene when she raises her leg) it looks like a snake is trying to swallow her, and when she wears the black heels(when posin in middle or laying in burnt bed at end) with her black outfit, it looks like the snake is attacking instead of swallowing her. This could be that she is now part of th “monster” and/or recruiting her “little monsters” as she keeps calling her fans that.

  113. … this logic fails to address the fact that the symbol has been used for evil both in modern times and for thousands of years. This same symbol was used by Hitler’s 3rd Panzer Division from 1941 to 1945. The symbol can also be found on some of Hitler’s SS soldiers’ tombstones. … is the use of the symbol as an anti-Christian symbol by the Saracens as early as 711 A.D. For the Saracens, the image placed on their shields symbolized the breaking of the Christian cross. For some the broken cross was equated to a satanic symbol known as the raven’s craw or witch’s foot. Bertrand Russell was a historian and member of the Fabian Society. A 1970 article in the American Opinion magazine claimed Russell knew the historical occult meaning and intentionally selected an “anti-Christian design long associated with Satanism.

    The fifth and final Roman emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, Nero (15 December AD 37 – 9 June AD 68; born Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus), is remembered in history for persecuting Christians. Nero’s rule was so wicked he even had his mother executed. The First Roman-Jewish War (66 – 70 AD) started during his reign and today the term “Nero Cross” is the symbol of the “broken Jew” or “broken cross”.

    Everyday one may learn something relevant and new. Music-videos are getting ever more explicit. Just have a look at another intriguing example:

    Pay attention to 3:27

  114. “What about the skull tattoo on the guy’s back at 2:11? ..It’ just another accident”

    He’s an evil music industry guy, it’s adding to the character…

  115. What do you make of the lyric she emphatically *speaks* two or three times in this song:
    “‘Cause, I’m a free bitch, baby.”

    What if she is the first pop diva to turn the tables and thumb her nose at the “Illuminati” ? There is a part of me that thinks GaGa is a gutsy chic who knows what’s up and is playing with them. Then again, probably not.

  116. I have commented on this already, but has anyone seen the blip of electricity at 4:48? It appears for a fraction of a second right before she spins. It is located just above her left shoulder, and it appears to strike one of the masked dancers in the head. I want to know if anyone else has seen this and what it may mean (or if it means anything at all).

  117. Wow
    nunca me habia puesto a analizar las letras o videos de Gaga
    Sabia Lo de the fame , the fame monster
    pero wow esto es super raro O.o

    PD: La amo 😀

  118. BTW, I noticed some other commenters say that the lyric is “I’m a freak bitch, baby.” But it’s “free,” not “freak” on some of the lyric websites and it sounds like free, not freak. Ah well. It’s an interesting aspect to consider if she is, indeed, saying “free.”

  119. And another thing…

    “May I remind everybody that she is a guy”

    This was obviously another engeneered thing to add to her mystique and get publicity. When you’re a “fame monster”, no publicity is bad publicity.

  120. Awesome analysis :)
    I watched that video for the first time last week and was hoping that you had seen it and done something on it! God bless, the stuff you put up is great, dude.

  121. About the lyric saying “free” or “freak” – all I can say is that I downloaded this song last night & listened to it with earphones all day at work today and as far as I can hear she is saying freak. It sounds nothing like free to me, there’s a sharpness to the last syllable that wouldn’t be there if she were saying free.

    I can’t believe I’m analyzing this so deeply. (((((Getting back to my life now)))))))))

  122. Another thing I was just thinking, if after the burning she was initiated into the illuminati and had all the power, why does she look such a mess in the last shot? Why isn’t she reborn and triumphent? Looks more to me like someone who’s just done something pretty awful they didn’t want to do but had to through circumstance, and it shell shocked from it. She managed to destroy what was holding her, but now she has to rebuild herself and her life.

    I’ve been thinking too about how the basic narrative of this video is really the same as the video for paparazzi, she is take over or controlled by a force stronger than her and enters into a powerless, death like state, one which is only overcome by killing the one who put her there in the first place. This could be a metaphore for many things, the killing of the ego, of love of material things, or some other force whether it be internal or external. There certainly is alot of symbolism n her stuff, but it could mean anything really.

  123. To damian0815

    If you look up gypsy in the dictionary, it comes from the word Egypt. Hope this helps!

  124. Um, sorry, but I think you might be taking this all a little too seriously. I know Lady Gaga might not be the most religious of people, but I don't think she is a member of the Occult. I think she just likes doing random, crazy shit that no one else has done before. She exists to sell herself, so she entertains rather than considers what each motion and fashion accessory could mean if looked at symbolically. I just think that she loves to have fun and experiment.

  125. You have done it once again, my hats off to you. I was wondering had anyone else noticed first the backup dancers look to all be male especially at 4:55 you can get a close up, and at 2:44 the laptops symbol looks to be the number six and there are three that are visible and the last one shows the six displayed on the headphones? Some say that she is a hermaphrodite either way with all male dancers dressed as female dancers shows just how deceptive one can be!

  126. One thing that is evident on the man is the 6 that appears on the region of his knuckles when the camera does a close up of his facial expressions before he “blows up”.

  127. I haven't read the video analysis yet, but I was surprised with the interpretation of the music. When I heard it, I didn't think of the music industry.

    My lyric interpretation: To me, it sounded like exactly what Satan would say to lure you in. This character she's speaking for is saying "you don't have to be good or right, want everything that's wrong with you as long as it's free" (a reference to the fact that Jesus paid a price to get you, but this character is not willing to do that).

    Also, to me "Want you in my rear window" made me think of all the explanations this site wrote about Beyonce being in the back seat of cars in "Crazy in love" and "Upgrade U" – basically this character wants to be in the driver's seat of your life.

    I'm surprised you took it differently.

  128. GAbrielle the Angel on

    luv ya! Please do a video on Beyonce's videophone with Gaga. Even tho it probably just symobllized whoredom.

  129. You people sure are imaginative!

    And if it’s all true, I’m glad to be brainwashed by her!

    But I do have to ask the skeptics… I liked the song before the video was even made. Soooo how did I get brainwashed into liking the song if there wasn’t even a video to brainwash me?

  130. Ok, let's say that everything you say is true… how/why exactly am I being "brainwashed" or "tricked" or whatever the hell point of your post was about? So I'm being manipulated by these occult symbols to spend the $7.99 for her album? 'Cuz that is ALL I'm compelled to do from watching the video…

    I find your post really offensive and narrow minded. Not everyone thinks Christianity is the end all of religions. Just because the symbolisms are from different religions does not make them 'occult". Then again, I don't believe in religion so you're probably all, "SEE THEY GOT TO YOU!!!!". Yeah whateve, organized religion itself tuned me away more than whack jobs like you ever can.

  131. The picture you can’t Identify is St. Wolfgang of Germany (c. 934 – October 31, 994) who’s local feast day is Oct 31. The painting is the legend how he tricked the devil to hold the bible upright so he could read from it. is a great reverse image index. Feed it an image and it pops out links with that image.

    Traditionally, illustrating the Devil with tails and horns, and in this case a “face” on the posterior is to embarrass and strike at the pride of Satan.

    Several things are also missed. The day 00,00,01 on the Auction look’s to be a birthdate (the first day) not body measurements the likes of playboy.

    However in the end each of the Singers and Song’s analyzed here are produced in collaboration with song-writers who are rarely seen. and other sites could show links to the lyricist, producers, etc. to the agenda being broadcast quite openly.

  132. The opening chant with Ra…Roma…then ooh la la seems to indicate Egypt (Egyptian gods), Rome and French. If you watch the video she clearly does a Roman Catholic cross while saying Roma and later echos the French with French lyrics near the end of the song.

    After emerging from the coffin like chambers the dancers appear to me to be male except for the center one which is supposedly GaGa but since her face isn’t shown it may not be. Either way the center dancer appears female like. The male dancers move in a very awkward non feminine manner. When the dancers reveal GaGa for the bidders they are more female like. Near the end of the video with the red dancers there is a man dressed like a woman at the front that is shown for just brief moments. Overall there is a mixing of sexual appearances, androgyny, that once again echoes Baphomet and is reminiscent of Marilyn Manson’s video where he is laying with a woman who is then replaced with a very similar appearing male.

    A key element of the fame process is summoning demons for possession. Demons are summoned through human sacrifice which is what the final immolation appears to be. Drugs are also a key part of the preparation of the vehicle for the possession process and I agree the marketing placement of vodka may simply be symbolic for that. I think all of the emphasis on her spine and the bats may also be reflecting the demonic portion of this fame monster process.

  133. I didnt notice it and I thought she did the sign of the cross fully when you showed me it was a sign of the triangle and not the sign of the cross. Keep up the good message and Gospeed to all u believes the truth.

  134. It’s a tad worse than that.

    Lady GAGA is The Roman Catholic church. She is depicted as the whore of Babylon throughout the video.
    The man with the golden chin mask is Rothschild, leader of the Jews. The Sanhedrin watches the church ‘perform’, groveling up to the Jewish state, selling out.
    The dead body in bed with Gaga at the end is Jesus, her faith is in a dead man that did not rise from the dead.
    The other obvious cult symbols you’ve already noted. Rothschild is a Satanic Jew, a Sabatean jew.
    They beleive Lucifer is the giver of light through rebellion, and that one must rebel in order to achieve ‘enlightenment’, the energy of glowing in Gaga’s spine, Kundalini.
    So the overall message of the video is ‘don’t have faith in Jesus, a rotting corpse, but beleive in the Devil because he gives you knowledge which is power’.

    Is it just me, or does Lady Gaga seem deviod of the natural femine quality? Such that I am tempted to
    beleive she might actually be a transexual.

  135. Did anyone see the style references to the works of artist Matthew Barney, in particular his cremaster cycle (all about freemasonry)?

    Also the dress covered with the green insects comes directly from the Belgian artist Jan Fabre

    He's the only living artist ever to have his works at the Louvre in Paris

    His art is highly masonic as well, complete with owls, scarabee, etc…

  136. I’ve just finished watching Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s new video, and I am truly shocked. Will look forward to you analyzing that one.

  137. The wide eyes after taking the drugs might symbolize thats she’s under mindcontrol now. Mindcontrol victims supposedly have wide eyes like this. Maybe the bath symbolizes her rebirth after old personality is washed away using the drugs and sensory deprivation. The reptilian thing is kind of disturbing. Maybe this is part of her initiation. Illuminati defectors claim that demonic possesion is a key element in the occult. These demons give them special powers and things like that. I guess Gaga is getting possesed by a reptilian demon in order to give her power and succes. The spine part might be the symbolic take over of Lady Gaga by the reptilian demon.

  138. hey! when i saw that the new article was gaga i had to cover myself under the blood of Jesus Christ . i know and understand every thing that you said, gaga is crazy and don’t know that Satan don’t like her he just don’t want he to go to heaven so he shows her all this fame and bling but is what she’s doing for it all that she wants is material this god have your mercy on her save her show her the right way father send a angel to guide her the right way and for give her because she knows not wat she get her self into. i was getting mad because she disrespecting my god i dont like that she better watch her self.

  139. thanks for posting this! i was appalled with the video when i saw it. her videos keep getting worse and worse; more blatant of the occult symbolism in them. the horrible thing is that people are starting to like her more and more as this happens. oh, and as for the frame of her making that weird sign with her fingers it looks like it could be the sign language for either the letter F or the number 9. not sure what that would mean though.

  140. @ Kayleigh: I don’t know. I just don’t understand why it would be “I’m a freak bitch” instead of “I’m a free bitch”. I doesn’t seem right, but know GaGa…………

    And LOL @ Alexander McQueen dealing with the occult.

  141. studious student on

    i kno dis is not dealing with Lady Gaga but uhh i found some stuff on robin thicke and Rick Ross lay back video… at the beginnin with the mirror it’ll show rick ross reflection regular but when u try to se the girl he’s with reflection, although it’s only part of her, she seems to be wearin white you have to look close to catch it and maybe rewind a couple times, then u see robin thicke throwin up the horns, in which rick then turns around then points at an angle to the sky, then rick shoots the horns at the camera, then you’ll see thicke jumpin wit the horns up, couple seconds later he throws the horns at the camera quickly with what looks like an upside down cross in the background. couple seconds later you see thicke holding up some type of chain… dunno what it is but it sure looks suspicious to me… then later own they’re in some type of private indoor pool thing and when thicke says lay back the girl fall and he kinda sorta caress her but with out touching here as if he put a spell on her.. later on rick says somethin like “you make this a perfect ritual” as a woman gets out of a pool or whatever it is… and later on he says “I have a camcorder to show how we carry on” and as he say that it shows a women dancing with a movie screen behind her with her in the middle of the fire that is bein blown just after there was lightning there… then at and of video you jear someone whisper something…. dunno what it is but prettyy sure its somethin when played in reverse… i also noticed that the way most of the women were positioned on top of the water was set up where there were triangles whether with their legs or their arms… another thing i noticed was that the pool said 3 ft 6in. why couldn’t it be 4 ft 6in????
    3ft=# # #
    3ft 6in= 666

  142. Ok, now I’ve read the video analysis. On the one hand, I don’t necessarily believe that subliminal messages in music and videos are gonna get everyone (if that were true, I’ve often felt that it’d make sense for some satanic sound engineer or producer to put subliminal messages in Christian music to sneak it into that audience). On the other hand, these things came to mind for me in the video:

    What are the words on her robe that is being ripped off at 1:59? In the bottom of the screen, there seems to be an Arabic word, not English (next to the leg of the dancer that is closest to Gaga).

    Pyramid references:
    Beginning of the video-
    -There are pyramids on the shoulders of her gold outfit.
    -I also interpret coffins and mummies (Gaga & the dancers in white), which would be what’s inside of a pyramid.
    -The sunrisen is important to the layout of pyramids, but …. I forget why.

    Devil references:
    At 2:04 the devil’s pitchfork is in the foremost center of the video, as a tattoo on a man’s arm.
    At 2:44 – 666. Three computers with a 6 on them inside of a circle.
    0:27- Also, to me, the way “of Gaga” first illuminated seemed to hit at 666 as well.

    Gunplay directed at men:
    Lady Gaga’s, Beyonce’s and Rihanna’s newest videos depict gunplay directed at men? In Russian Roulette, it makes sense. But In “Bad Romance” LGG makes a gun with her hand at 1:12, then all the dancers take aim at the group of men and “shoot” them at 2:13. In “Video phone” Beyonce leads a group of guys to some place where she aims guns at their heads, their genitals (@ 2:10) and then they become target practice (did anyone else think the crossbow has a picthfork on the bottom? Look at 4:45 in “Video phone”).


  143. You got it! Everything you said makes sense, even the last part when you said about getting her song out of your head. Her music is truly mind controling, but now thanks to God for opening peoples eyes like you to the truth, we can be set free.

  144. phishybongwaters on

    Interesting article.

    The glowing spine might be reference to the cylons from the remake of battlestar galactica.

    That said, i have a very simple, straight forward question.

    Are there any videos and songs, from any time and place and artist, that aren't 100% occult symbolism?

    I mean, some of what you said is blatantly obvious, the cross of the crotch, goat heads and the likes. Other items seem to me, that you are stretching it. You might very well be seeing what you WANT to see.

    Vodka is the MTV friendly replacement for drugs? Is it now? Or could it be related to the fact that in the video she's being auctioned off to Russian mobsters? I'm pretty sure the russians INVENTED VODKA.

    I personally hate this biach, and think she represents everything that is wrong with the music industry, she's a fame whore and has actually made a career out of being a fame whore, each and every song is about her whoring herself to be "famous"

    I don't know, I think you are reading far too much into these pointless, and for the most part ignored, videos.

    Then again, maybe you are 100% correct and I'm naive, I just have a hard time believe that the illuminati and freemasons would require her services, and allow here to telegraph all of that into really crappy songs and videos.

  145. "There is nothing about love in this video! Another psychological deception. Sex is not love. This video is selling sex. Women in dominatrix costumes is not love"

    Of course there isn't. It has nothing to do with that motto, I don't really know why it was brought up. She's shown as being controlled and made into a product to be soldto the highest bidder, as happens in the music industry.

    What I really don't understand is how this video is supposed to be convincing people that this is a good thing do to, I'm sure even the slowest of people would understand that the message in this is that this is a really fucked up system and you have to be strong and resiliant to survive it. Do you really think a young girl is going to decide to get into the music industry based on the side of it that's shown in this video?

  146. just to clarify, it is indeed "free bitch", or at least that's what is clearly said in "dance in the dark".

  147. "WTF. I can deal with GaGa dissing, ’cause I can just ignore it, but don’t you DARE touch harry potter. hell no. WTF. i hate that. you could take all the magic out of harry potter and it would still be an AMAZING read. ugh. ignorance is self-delusional superiority I guess"

    Harry Potter was just a rip off of the Worst Witch anyway

  148. "Don’t be absurd; and I implied no such thing. The same message is everywhere, this song/video is just one more example of it. I live in a center city district of a large city. You should see the sights I get to see; I have front row seats. The “agenda” is clearly working. I refer to it as – “narrowing the “spectrum” via the Fabian exploitation process."

    Maybe you wern't, but that's what the article and lots of the comments seem to be saying.

    she's using symbology associated with evil things because she's depicting something evil (controlling music industry/sex industry), not because she is worshiping satan or whoever. It's SUPPOSED to be creepy/uncomfortable, that just emphasises the point she's making. She's a peformer, like an actor, she's playing a role and expressing a viewpoint. If she really was in leauge with the devil, I'm sure she'd present herself in a much fluffier, accessable way.

    Personally I think it'll turn out Cliff Richard was the antichrist all along.

  149. Could you do a rundown of the symbolism of the X factor shows becuse I believe it is full of really nasty stuff and would like your angle on it . I’v noticed both Louis Walsh and one of the contestants make the horned hand signal, so all is not as innocent as it is made to look. Keep up the good work.

  150. Displacedcitizen on

    @ Isa and other pessimists you are missing the point. You have to admit that the analysis on this site is consistent.
    1)What on earth is she doing weith ram/gazelle heads(when its been repeated over and over that these are representations of a demon god.
    2) What is she doing in positions of worship on a secular video aimed at young people?
    3) Is it not instructive that these images and symbols which used to be forbidden are now common place?
    4) Harry Porter made the occult cool for the 21st century youth.

    Witness the way the good has become the new bad and bad the new good to see how perverted our culture has become. Its just a matter of time before we begin seeing child sacrifice in videos all in the name of ‘at’.

    Wake up dudes. You’ve been had.

  151. Displacedcitizen on

    @ ANB

    Although I have not watched the video, I can deduce from converstations that I have had on the topic that the gun play relates to initiation at the upper echelons of Freemasonry.

    I think the initiation involves that blindfolding of the initiate and then involves shooting randomly around the initiate. I think the initiate is to stay still. It is a bit like the circus act where the knife thrower aims at targets around a blind folded woman.

    I may be wrong though.

  152. You all have so blatently been ignorant to the overarching morals and themes that are conveyed through Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" video. You are so stuck up in your "Christian" morals, yet you still degrade this women who is actually surprisingly informed about Christianity (specifically, Catholicism) as if judging was right. I understand that she is not the moral compass or figurehead of Christianity and such. I just find it bewildering that you are so obviously ignorant of the main theme of the video. Look at the theme of liberation and the ideas of the Catholic doctrine of original sin (from the Garden of Eden) that appear in the video. In the begining of the video, the word "Monster" is portrayed on the coffin she comes out of, with a cross under it. There is merely an identification of the status of Gaga's soul and mental and spirtual persona at that point in the video. As infants, according to the Catholic Church, we are all born with the stigma of original sin, which is removed through the sacrament of Baptism (which also Gaga has participated in due to the fact that she went to Catholic school for many years). Throughout the video, it can be seen as a form of Baptism, as she works through and evolves (not literally) and defeats her demons, wether that be from other or person (specifically sexuality). The white in the video symbolizes the purity and spiritual renewal that we experience through the Sacrament of Baptism. The red is merely a symbol of passion, as it is in all peices of art. Look at the movie, the Passion of the Christ, red is often used (especially in the blood of Christ obviously) and could also be an allusion to the sacrament of the Eucharist. It represents the passion that we feel for our present person, both physically, emotionally, mentally, and spritually. The obvious overly-sexual nature of the video is obvious, but overall in the context of the video helps develop the theme and message she meant to convey. You all are just tooooo caught up in your "Christian" churches to realize. I, personally, am (what I consider) a strong Catholic and I still go to Mass weekly and say my prayers. You can do it too. Look for the actual meanings. :-)

  153. Whilst singing about wanting you to be in her room whilst your babies sick, It shows a bottle of “spirits” (another word for the deceased) which says “Made in Ukraine”, This is the same spirits that she is forced to drink in the video. I thought that was VERY significant.

  154. Actually, that could of been a sign to the men in the video being not Russian but Ukrainian, and portrays the sacrifice of the Ukrainians for the illuminati agenda. Hence the skeleton on the bed at the end between the goats heads.

  155. please join our group on facebook… (the illuminati dominates the pop industry – open your eyes)
    videos and posts by members and topic boards.

  156. The psychological subconscious message is: Lady Gaga sold her soul and body for fame, money and what she perceives as power. She had to make sacrifices along the way to get what she wanted – a paraphrase of what you so accurately stated. The subconscious message is – “its OK to sell your soul to live in the moment”. Admittedly, even the video reveals that, nothing is for free – at the end she is haggard from the path she has taken. The song and video reveals the Luciferian golden rule – “do as thy wilt is the whole of the law”. This is not a video you should be allowing your daughters to watch. It says to young women do what ever you have to do to get ahead, even sell your body and soul to do it.

  157. i knew that there was something wrong with this video…. and you should cover Rihanna’s as well…. isn’t it ironic that they sing about the same thing, their lyrics are just too painful to read….. well i feel sorry for them coz the devil don’t love them…. and Robbie Williams also, his lyrics are just telling you everything!

  158. “This is not a video you should be allowing your daughters to watch. It says to young women do what ever you have to do to get ahead, even sell your body and soul to do it.”

    It’s obviously highlighting the plight of those who’s bodys and souls are sold for them.

    And the whole motto is “do as thy wilt shall be the whole of the law, love is the law, love under will”, as in the will of God. Selective quoting is a dangerous thing to do, though I know christians can be very keen on it.

  159. Corin,
    There is a part of the mind that is quiet. It takes in information like a sponge takes in liquids. It is this part of the mind/cerebral cortex that is susceptible to hypnosis. What this means then, is, without your knowledge or consent, some unscrupulous entity can program you, brainwash you, to engage in acts that 1). your active or conscious mind is disassociated from. In other words you wouldn’t have a clue that you howled at the moon every night a eight PM.

  160. This is the type senseless crap drunk people like to yell in those disco dance parties you crazy kids go to. Is there a deeper meaning to it?

    ^^You lost me with this quote there. What young people are going to disco parties YET ALONE chanting at them?!?! Also the song does not parallel the video. They have two different concepts but good try!

    In the Gaga article about Illuminati you mention that the Ram is a symbol of that Baphumet whatever god. Now in this article you say that the gazel is also symbolisim? Or are you just digging to the bottom of the barrel for some analysis?

  161. “It’s obviously highlighting the plight of those who’s bodys and souls are sold for them”

    I will have to disagree. She has clearly made the statement that she is a willing participant. The whole motto adds to the mass societal psychosis to “live in the moment at any price, for self gain”; competition to the point of extinction, dog eat dog. The video glorifies the Mafioso element of society, there are no rules. Lucifer rules the physical plane by degrading, desensitizing, the spiritual plane of man. It is with intent, the elite to “narrow” perception and to strip society of all ethic and morality. The goal, to implode society from within; they have succeeded.

  162. “The whole motto adds to the mass societal psychosis to “live in the moment at any price, for self gain”; competition to the point of extinction, dog eat dog.”

    The motto is actually about following your own truth and the truth of God and love rather than allowing yourself to be brainwashed. So yeah, it doesn’t really make sense.

  163. There is nothing about love in this video! Another psychological deception. Sex is not love. This video is selling sex. Women in dominatrix costumes is not love.


  165. To: Brian who made a post on November, 15, 2009.

    The Quarrel's Song is one that I have asked VC to analyze, too!!!

  166. Ferocious_Imbecile on

    Damian 08 is close to the mark with his "Roma" reference. If you listen to the music it's very much gypsy or ancient traditional jewish music in its structure.

    There's a lot of weird agendas in this song/video..

  167. “Do you really think a young girl is going to decide to get into the music industry based on the side of it that’s shown in this video?”

    Don’t be absurd; and I implied no such thing. The same message is everywhere, this song/video is just one more example of it. I live in a center city district of a large city. You should see the sights I get to see; I have front row seats. The “agenda” is clearly working. I refer to it as – “narrowing the “spectrum” via the Fabian exploitation process.

  168. @207: hahhaha they’re taking everything and making it into some form of satanic symbolism. could be bunnies, puppies. flowers, tortillas, shoelaces, watches, waffles.. they’ll turn anything into something dark and sinister.

  169. 4) Harry Porter made the occult cool for the 21st century youth.

    WTF. I can deal with GaGa dissing, ’cause I can just ignore it, but don’t you DARE touch harry potter. hell no. WTF. i hate that. you could take all the magic out of harry potter and it would still be an AMAZING read. ugh. ignorance is self-delusional superiority I guess

  170. roma roma mama….mother church of rome, dating all the way back to ancient Babylon. "The great whore of babylon it says in the Bible

  171. To quote one of my favorite films – “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

    Organized religion plays a huge part in such trickery. Convincing you to look for certain things, all the while, what you really need to be cautious of is right under your nose.

    All of the images in this video and others like it, are just too out in the open for me to buy the propoganda put forth in your article and the majority of the comments. And to speak more personally – ever since I detatched myself from organized religiion, and began to strengthen belief in MYSELF and trusting of my own intuition, I have been much more acute in recognizing the truly evil things in this world, and the true nature of people whom I deal with. That being said, there can be a balance. It is perfectly fine to believe in a most high; but I cannot substitute that belief for my own common sense.

  172. “she’s using symbology associated with evil things because she’s depicting something evil (controlling music industry/sex industry), not because she is worshiping satan”.

    Point taken – I don’t know her from Adam. She very well may be simply an actor on a stage and not knowing the actual message scripted for her. The following link is a 30 minute video essay from Chris Hedges – Empire of Illusion. He is rather scathing of Michael Jackson but he is using him as just another example of how people are used. One needs to listen to the whole 30 minutes to understand what he is saying. It is a scathing video essay on “celebrity worship” under the umbrella, US corporatism. There are two additional video sequences, if you feel they are worth your time viewing.

    For the record, I am not Christian. I view reality from a much wider spectrum. Nonetheless, wisdom can be learned from all religions, not just one of them. If you are of a wider spiritual understanding, the following blog is a good place to start”:

    Just because I take you to a place, does not mean I am 100% agreement with such or all viewpoints. “Maybe you wern’t, but that’s what the article and lots of the comments seem to be saying.” Your relationship with God is your own – seek and you shall find. Consensus is Irrelevant if those in the pool are confused. If more people would spend a little bit more time seeking, we might end up very close to the same point.

  173. Thank you SO much for the insightful analysis every time. I wonder what you have to say about the new Gaga/Beyonce video. It is vulgar and satanic. Flashing the left eye and 666 all the way…

  174. You must be creaming yourself over the Beyonce/Gaga video. Killer mentality, puppets, sujubjugation of the female form… Yep.

  175. Christopher AM on

    OMG! Has anyone noticed that Lady Gaga and Beyonce and Shakira haventhe same album release date!!??? And I just watched Shakira’s new video called “Give It Up To Me” and you will be amazed and a specific part in the video…she is dressed as the statue of liberty!!!

    Amazing….3 influential artists…who have all worked together on music. Except Ladt Gaga and Shakira haven’t had a duet…yet.

  176. @Phoenix…who gives a crap whether or not it’s a six or a ‘b’ which can probably be interchangeable since it’s called “deception,” and no I do not follow her such as yourself like some mindless drone to have know so much about her to have known who or what she promotes. So duh your damn self….and a phoenix is a bird that’s only mythological, false and not real just like your he-ro. Rofl!

  177. “Point taken – I don’t know her from Adam. She very well may be simply an actor on a stage and not knowing the actual message scripted for her.”

    I don’t think she had a message scripted for her. I think the video carries a message intended by her, showing the pitfalls and controlling nature of the music industry in a very styalised and symbolic way.

    “Just because I take you to a place, does not mean I am 100% agreement with such or all viewpoints. “Maybe you wern’t, but that’s what the article and lots of the comments seem to be saying.” Your relationship with God is your own – seek and you shall find. Consensus is Irrelevant if those in the pool are confused. If more people would spend a little bit more time seeking, we might end up very close to the same point.”

    You seem to be implying here that you think I’m Christian. Where did you get that idea? I have my own spiritual path that isn’t to do with any book written by men

  178. If she was such a good person she would be spreading encouragement and goodness instead of this filth. If she were an ‘Upstanding Christian” she would be singing in the Church Choir. Her actions show what she really believes in. I believe she is a witch and I pray for her soul. The message she is sending is clearly shatanic not Holy. Who cares if she didn’t write the song – she is not stupid, she is pushing this crap down our kids throats – very impressionable kids who will think it’s ‘cool’ and will imitate her.

  179. have u seen the video phone video w/ lady gaga and beyonce? its full of symbols. cant wait to read your analysis on that!

  180. I read the post; the dude is a really bright writer. His interpretation, however smooth and seamless in its explanation, remains, yet, his own. For one, I never really believed the illuminati or the masons were anti-christian, just misinterpreted, aside from the fact that, in all sorts of societies, clubs, cults, and the aggregate, people harbor good or/and bad intentions for their actions, conscious of it or not.

    Now, I am not totally dismissing the blogger's reasoning. If indeed it is true, then, grats to him on figuring it out, and as bad as I feel for GaGa for losing herself to the industry, and going from obliviousness to total embrace to the addictive and magnetic change of life the dark corners of Hollywood entail, I feel it's incredible how she was able to portray that metamorphosis and the consumption of her innocence by the "evil" forces puppeting her destiny. What was just a dream to open up and share her gift (and she is indeed a marvelous vocalist), transformed into an ardent yearn for acceptance by the masses, AKA, fame.

    All the fluff aside, I just like the addictive tune, and don't really take in the meaning of the song, let alone live by it. I LOVE the song haha, and I don't feel I will be affected by whatever meaning she meant when she wrote it.

  181. Kris November 17th, 2009 11:19 am writes:

    Personally I think it’ll turn out Cliff Richard was the antichrist all along.

    Dammit, that was supposed to be a secret!

    Sir Cliff will not be amused…

  182. I was hoping you would analyse this one, and I’m glad you did! Very insightful, thanks.

    I just have one request. I have just seen the Beyonce ‘Video phone’ video featuring Lady Gaga, and it is very ‘out there’…. Could you please do an analysis? Thanks!

  183. Only when you understand the true identity of the motherfvcker with the black clothes and chinstrap, you’ll understand why she sheds a tear (at 04:19 in the video that I watched) immediately after he goes up in flames.

  184. That painting you mention is called “Saint Wolfgang and the Devil”:

    An interpretation of it says ‘St. Wolfgang here is compelling the Devil to hold the Gospel book for him and thus to share in the worship of God.’

    I think Gaga’s publicity people are going overboard with the surefire publicity-generating symbolism. And now blatant product placement?

  185. when i read some comments i doubt , bad people try to convince us =( but couldn’t be all coincidence and it’s pretty clear… i always feel it
    Thanks Vigilant ♥♥♥

  186. this is the most amazing and interesting thing i have read in my life my friend tara spoke to me about illuminati from that point i have been so absorbed and determaned to find out more. i have always believe something very like this has been happening and know i see the proof. thank you so much for educating me in something so important.

  187. It’s amazing how people read so much into the myths and deception that is posted on the internet and through the media. The illuminati, although may exist, one must also take into consideration that if a person gets too involved with any type of religion or occult-like believe will be hooked. The music industry and individuals like Lady Ga Ga uses whatever means they can to sell records. It’s like Madonna in her day, did things that where of “Shock Value” just to get attention from media who hyped up her behavior which in turn made people want to engulf themselves into her music. It’s all a Music Industry ploy to make money. The more shocking, the more attention it gets. Believe me Madonna posed all kinds of shock value back in her day from kissing a black mans feet who was representative of Jesus on the cross which Angered the Catholic Church, but it made Madonna’s videos more popular and her music sell. Beyonces music has been very immature, yet appealing to her fans that are young, but as she gets older, those children of the 90’s will look for more mature music and Beyonce will become a thing of the past. In fact most of her demographic has fallen off, so in order for her to continue to stay popular with those younger audiences, she’s teaming up with Ga Ga to try and rejuvenate her career and garner some of Ga Ga’s fans. It’s all business practicality. You all need to put down the fiction and maybe go engulf yourself in your children and family, and loving your neighbor before your souls burn in the pits of hell.

  188. Christopher AM on

    Shakira’s new video just got as weird as Lady Gaga’s and Beyonce’s…and Beyonce and Shakira have worked together. The song is called “Give It Up 2 Me” where she looks like the Shakira we know….but then takes a turning point and she’s dressed as The Statue Of Liberty…and a light is around her head and the night sky is filled with stars…and a shooting star (meteor) flashes by. Her dress is blue with red pockets…and then a strange surprise comes right after….I have many ideas as to what it was about…….check it out for yourself!

  189. sheeple_exterminator on

    Coming thru in the clutch once again. She is also in Beyonce’s new video “Video Phone”. It is full of symbolism and esoteric meanings. Very similar to Metropolis. All seeing eye also mysteriously appears….Keep the good stuff coming and one day at a time let’s WAKE everyone up!!!!

  190. “And “Ra” comes from that too. So she’s actually just making sounds around the theme of the song title.”

    Or could it be she’s invoking Rara, the god of bad 80’s fashion?

  191. @ANormalPerson…




    Do some research. Go search P!nk's performance at the MTV VMAs. Then search the procedure undergone to initiate somebody into the 1st degree of freemasonry. It becomes OBVIOUS and even offensive that they put this "ceremony" on TV for everybody to see.

    And trust me. I can guarantee you NOBODY that believes there is symbolization in everything we hear and see on television WANTS to believe it. It has become a painful truth. I'd prefer this wasn't true and have all the unbelievers laugh at me- I'd gladly trade my dignity for this sickness not to be true.

  192. @245, Christopher says

    “Shakira’s new video just got as weird as Lady Gaga’s and Beyonce’s…and Beyonce and Shakira have worked together. The song is called “Give It Up 2 Me” where she looks like the Shakira we know….but then takes a turning point and she’s dressed as The Statue Of Liberty…and a light is around her head and the night sky is filled with stars…and a shooting star (meteor) flashes by. Her dress is blue with red pockets…and then a strange surprise comes right after….I have many ideas as to what it was about…….check it out for yourself!”

    I’ve just checked it out. Some observations:

    Lil Wayne is besides butt-ugly also working for Satan, or as he ‘sings’ I’m the cashier I change girls’. This yellow a$$hole means that he corrupts girls with his lies and changes them for money from good girls into whores. You know all those (c)rappers wanting to be called pimps. He has just earned himself some extra harsh tribulations before being thrown on the eternal bonfire of rejects. He and that dumb fame whore sellout Shakira are saying anything in the world can be yours. You know like the devil tried to tempt Christ with all the kingdoms of this earth if he bowed down to him.

    I thought that Shakira had some sense, but to sell your soul for a few years of fame and earn yourself eternal damnation. It’s amusing to see that they believe to be on the winning side. But part of the fun is to make them believe they have any real power.

    I really dislike that a$$hole Lil Wayne and 99.9999999% of American (c)rap musicians. If he tattooed I’m a devil worshiper on his forehead who wants to be a pimp and worship $$$, it could not be more obvious. That turd should be flushed.

    About what Shakira is suggesting, I can only quote “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues”. They are not the only ones who can be clear and obvious. I say a worldwide boycott.

  193. Christopher AM on

    @249 & @247

    Also Shakira is wearing a gold plated "sun" belt….again with the devotion to Ra maybe???

  194. Awesome writing! As a past 32nd degree scottish mason I am thrilled to see you get into the occult part since masonry is very occultic. I ddn’t know this until I was in.

    Keep on….I am totally excited to see new articles. Cheers. Doug

  195. i think you're spot on about all the symbolism in her videos

    i dont think you're right on the satanism.. i think you need to be aware that you are slightly biased because you are christian…

  196. Ah, I knew you’d have the interpretation for this.
    It’s understandable that people think she’s incredibly innovative and clever.

    Think of it like this- imagine Christianity was a hidden and secretive occult group and being a Satanist was mainstream. Ooh, crosses, dressing as a “nun”, the pope’s fish-hat… HOW INNOVATIVE! Where does she come up with it?!

    She doesn’t. And as these videos become more blatant and obvious the sicker it makes me. Jay-z has the freaking illuminati handshake on some pieces of his clothing line. How innovative.

  197. I really appreciate the work you do. When one tries to explain stuff like this, people think you’re nuts! However, LG is at it again, this time with Beyonce- a song called videophone. Would love to read your take on that one. God bless and keep up the good work.

  198. Ok, how moronic can you guys get? Every single article on this website is over analyzed and completely ridiculous. It makes me angry to see how pathetic some people are. How can you think that celebrities are secretly being turned over to the Illuminati? It’s completely and utterly moronic. These conspiracy theories are made by pathetic losers who have no life. They sit at their computers all day and think up knew ways to get attention. Either that or they are mentally unstable in some way. I am seriously getting so angry right now. You guys need to step outside of your little cages and get a life. Stop it. Just stop. You people are discraces. Morons.

  199. She says “I’m a free bitch”. Can this possibly mean she’s admitting to being a freemason? She doesn’t say “I’m free, bitch.”.. she’s “I’m A free bitch”.

  200. either my comments got deleted or I put in another post that THE VIDEO PHONE VIDEO CONSISTS OF LIKE 3 IMAGES AND IF YOU SAY ITS SATANIC YOURE AN IDIOT

  201. has anyone see the new beyonce and lady gaga vid, beyonce does that 3 6's 'OK' symbol. has anyone noticed anything else?

  202. Vigilant, you need to analize the video of the BLACK EYED PEAS "Meet me Halfway". Lot of symbolism.

  203. @245 YES! That shakira video is weird! And it’s extremely out of character for her too. I mean from working with Alejandro sanz , singing in Spanish, playing the guitar and her belly dancing stuff, wearing little make up.. Now this?! Lil Wayne, Beyonce outfits, shallow songs, nose jobs, color contacts. WTF shaki :(.

    Anyway, that statue of liberty thing freaked me out.

    I guess her alliance with this people began with her 2007 duet with Beyonce called “Beautiful liar”. That video is weird too, but not in a symbolic creepy way. More in like a forced chemistry way. But anywhoo! I feel like VC needs to do a post analyzing this entire posse: jay-z, gaga, beyonce, alicia keys, kanye and now shakira. That statue of liberty thing…I just can’t shake off how she posses in those seconds. She does something with her hands. I want to say a triangle? I’m not sure, really. But it’s weird.


    this is a link to your own page on beyonce as sasha fierce, it shows a clip from metropolis. it stunned me as soon as i clicked the clip the metal rings that rose up and down LOOK EXACTLY like the rings surrounding Lady Gaga in Bad Romance!!!

  205. The articles on this site are generally interesting and enlightening, and I found the pyramid in Toulouse particularly revealing.

    However, as someone on this thread said, I think you may be overcooking it on the music side of things. I watched this video and my dog started growling, the music sucks, it’s total shite, but.. at the end of the day you’re regarding this video from the a priori assumption that Lady Gaga is some sort of illuminist pawn, and you’ going to find evidence of that using very ambiguous info from this video. I’m not saying your interpretation is wrong (I have no idea), just saying it’s one interpretation, whereas the pyramid in Toulouse is alot less ambiguous. Even JayZ.. from what I can tell the guy’s been spending his time reading up on conspiracy sites and trying to build a ‘bad’ image for himself – this isn’t unusual in the world of rap.

    Look how hard the real elite work at keeping their dabblings in socio-political reality secret and obscured. Why would they go ‘out’ this stuff in a medium watched by millions of people? Something doesn’t gel. I have no doubt that the overall tone of the music industry is set and controlled by the elites via their ownership of record lables (particularly the hyper-sexual and materialistic nature of the videos), but I have my doubts that they’d fill in the blanks for the two bit singers they hire to sing songs written by professional song-writers, or even try ‘enlighten’ the public through these songs.

  206. Appreciate your work Vigilant. Anyone with half a brain can see something is very wrong even without reading your analysis but pardon my French…people are dumb as dogshit!!! I’m sure lots of hunters have goats heads or other animal heads in their homes without it being a link to satanism. The point people are missing is that there is no place in a video clip for these images. They are simply placed there because those behind it have agendas. All these images in our music videos, movies, advertising & fashion is designed to DESENSITIZE us. We no longer ask…why??…what is that all about?? Everyone is simply artistic, creative or eccentric. GET A CLUE FOOLS or continue to be fooled!! You are simply a simpleton if you believe EVERYTHING is a random coincidence. Stop being lazy, educate yourself on who these people are, where they come from & what they believe in. It won’t be that hard to connect the dots.

  207. "However, as someone on this thread said, I think you may be overcooking it on the music side of things. I watched this video and my dog started growling, the music sucks, it’s total shite, but.. at the end of the day you’re regarding this video from the a priori assumption that Lady Gaga is some sort of illuminist pawn, and you’ going to find evidence of that using very ambiguous info from this video. I’m not saying your interpretation is wrong (I have no idea), just saying it’s one interpretation, whereas the pyramid in Toulouse is alot less ambiguous. Even JayZ.. from what I can tell the guy’s been spending his time reading up on conspiracy sites and trying to build a ‘bad’ image for himself – this isn’t unusual in the world of rap. "

    Totally right. Especially since 2pac and the whole "killuminati" thing. Rappers seem to be sufficiently knowledgeable on matters such as this. Either way, I agree that the video for Video Phone consists of like 4 different scenes and a few colors and hardly anything else besides toy guns. I'll know you're digging too deep if you analyze THAT video and claim it has occultish undertones.

  208. Christopher AM November 17th, 2009 7:26 pm writes:

    but then takes a turning point and she’s dressed as The Statue Of Liberty…and a light is around her head and the night sky is filled with stars…and a shooting star (meteor) flashes by.

    A shooting star (meteor) is also called a falling star as in the stars in the sky fell to earth, as late figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. or and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water, etc.

  209. Thank you vigilantcitizen – after reading the articles on this lady gaga, I myself have found these features in here video, right when it came on! And I was right, I am starting to learn symbolism and I am glad to have my eyes opened agains the manipulation of there monsters that we see everyday on tv or internet. Even if I feel sorry for Beyonce that she fell in this muddhole, I would also sugest to critic on her other videos too. Or talk about even more music videos of different stars, such as britney spears etc or from the present or past. You see it is very strange case: it’s like beyonce has two personalities – one good and one bad. You can see this in her videos. Very sad. Thank you for the informations, Romania salutes you guys!

    Let’s open our eyes, people!

  210. I am interesting in knowing what kind of music do you people NOT find satanic, masonic, demonic, or corrupting? What do you all listen to besides gospel?

  211. A Lady Gaga video is not an anomaly. Everything being said about it is just speculation at the end of the day because no one can concretely PROVE it's significance for one meaning or another.

  212. @294 Christopher

    It is certainly wise to differentiate between the message and the messenger. But when the message is really provocative and infuriating, the messenger might as well take care not to give the impression that he enjoys delivering it or agrees with its content. In the old days bringers of bad news sometimes risked being thrown in the dungeon or being send back with the bad tidings pinned to their back with a dagger.

  213. Most people in America can not remember what they did Friday evening by Monday morning
    Gore Vidal

    I am going somewhere with this, so you will have to read and watch the whole thing to get the message….

    “The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know.”

    “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

    “Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.”
    JFK 04/1961

    In the scheme of things, Lady GaGa is and her genre is passé. From the mid to late 1990’s a very popular Japanese Goth band, named Malice Mizer presented a “no-holds barred” approach to their fascination with western occultism. In fact it was so successful, that the bands “costuming” was used in the famous movie sequence – The Matrix. There are English translations to the lyrics of the two songs I have posted for your viewing entertainment.

    If you think GaGa is over the top – watch this stuff

    Malice Mizer – Illuminati 05/20/1998

    Malice Mizer – Beast of Blood 06/21/2001

    Those Who Do Not Learn From History Are Doomed to Repeat It

  214. Remember the old movies where someone would witness an anomaly and attempt to tell others who promptly saw it as their duty to dispel and thus diminish the person’s experience into something they themselves can handle, with words such as, “It’s just your imagination,” or “There is no such thing”?
    These movies may have been paving the way for us to pattern our responses by negating or invalidating
    those who are either first, or most insightful among us.

  215. Well i just cant wait for the rihanna report!! Am excited for that one!!! Lady Gaga videos symbolism is not exactly rocket signs to spot but rihanna’s russian roullette is a well exciting and wierd video, Wonder what you’ll come up with for that one!!! Oh and i love all your articles this website rules!!

  216. i ask myself : why is she singing in french? At the end she translate “i want ur love i want ur revanche i want ur love” in french :” j’veux ton amour je veux ta revanche j’veux ton amour” and it’s street talking, it is not school french. Instead of “je veux” she says “j’veux”, Sarkozy talks like that and he’s the first president talking like that ever, this is street talking, for a french president it’s almost criminal.
    So i ask again why is she singing in good modern french?

  217. Oh please. You are proving your own ignorance with that bull. You have something say but you know it’s baseless and so you say NOTHING. I have already stated that I find this site amusing/hilarious. I did not come here to pop my head in and leave. I came here to participate in the DISCUSSION put forth. There are a thousand different ideas being expressed here daily and I’m interested in seeing them and giving my viewpoint. If you have an actual comment to make on something that I’ve said here then have at it, otherwise stop trying to bait me into some juvenile argument, I am not here for that mess.

  218. Anybody notice at 1:59 the overcoat that she is wearing that is being ripped off of her has a bunch of writing on it? Can anyone tell what it is?

    Great articles!

  219. At 28 seconds, does anyone see the f, and the two G's look like 666 when the words are barely fading in?

  220. hmmm why do people just come to this site and INSULT whats on it?
    if u dnt agree with the findings and the people who believe it then leave LOL
    you dnt HAVE to keep coming back to this site

  221. In that case, why not ask VC to restrict the comment section so that only those who agree with his articles can post their thoughts? Personally, I wouldn’t suggest that unless he wants to see any credibility he may have go right out of the window. But if one is truly “vigilant” in what they are saying to be accurate, then contradictory views from outsiders won’t rattle your foundation, will it?

  222. go read your first post directed to me, and directed to all the posters who believe this stuff–including the writer.

    and don’t give me that find someone else bull! there are enough energy suckers out there, I don’t need another one.

  223. Christopher AM on

    @ Nona

    Hmmm interesting. What do you think it means?? Are they trying to hint at us about something?
    I’m starting to think that maybe these artists aren’t so bad…they’re probably just warning us. They’re stuck so they might as well pretend to enjoy it and be “evil” and yet underneath it all…are actually telling us to watch out and be careful…???? I don’t know. Just a guess. haha

  224. you should definitely analyze new beyonce and gaga video, video phone!!

    its a video full in eyes of horus!!!! god…..

  225. “292.Keleigh November 18th, 2009 2:10 pm :

    In that case, why not ask VC to restrict the comment section so that only those who agree with his articles can post their thoughts? Personally, I wouldn’t suggest that unless he wants to see any credibility he may have go right out of the window. But if one is truly “vigilant” in what they are saying to be accurate, then contradictory views from outsiders won’t rattle your foundation, will it?”

    If the author finds anything I’ve written to be insulting then he can censor/delete it/block me/etc. But you guys have some serious nerve being offended by me or anyone else who has challenged your ideas, when you are sitting here making claims about these artists & the people who are behind their personas, aligning them with satan, secret societies, and occult rituals. Did you ever stop and think maybe they might be offended by YOUR words/opinions of THEM? Of course you didn’t, because you believe it to be true. A whole lot of outrageous claims are being made on this site so if you can dish it then you should be able to take it & frankly, attempting to run people off the site because you are disagreeing with them is extremely cowardly.

  226. if you want to mess around with strife
    playing hate to sell your soul to hype
    to illude the childrens innocent minds
    well, dellusion of the self
    just means your blind
    when you take a walk
    come down my road
    where the truth live
    old peace
    where the north wind blow

  227. If anyone else has something they wanna say to me then just shoot me an email. Those interested in having an adult discussion are especially encouraged. I don’t want to deface VC’s site with anymore bickering. Sorry.
    Be my guest –

  228. I seriously do not understand what else do people want or need so tht they could realize that all of this has to be real this cannot be all coisidence! Lady Gaga HAS to be an illuminatic, theres no argument on tht. Who will want to be known as “Gaga”. Why dont u reasearch what gaga means. No one in their right mind will be want to be called Gaga. Anyways just look at the title of the new album. Fame Monster?! Come on ppl open ur eyes.
    Anyways goood job Vigilant, i wonder what u have to say about Rihanna’s Rusian Roulette! Cannot wait.

  229. thunder maker
    raw wild peace
    to blow away
    a wicked beast
    but they want to come
    they shouldnt play
    playing evil
    down around old peace’s way
    but they dont know they
    are just fools
    peace raw wild
    with lights tools

  230. Somewhere I read that some (most) of the dancers appeared to be male. What a shock to be deceived into thinking that they were female at first. Check them out…they’re flat chested. I also read somewhere that she was a he. Hmm. Sex change operations?

  231. What? the eye of horus in video phone? wtf where? because she's wearing this eyeliner? LMAO!! I wear my eyeliner like that every day. I just don't get you people

  232. Nice!

    That’s really weird; brief yet detailed!

    That was by far the most insighful article on a music video thus far.

    Also check Chris Brown’s “I Can Transform Ya” if symbolsim if what you’re after.

    Far too blatant!

    Thanks once again

  233. ok so i really appreciate you showing this to the world. but my question is what is the point of them putting these symbols in the video?????? obviously they WANT people to talk about this.

  234. Keliegh and other twits: if you don’t believe in the true real reasons behind certain music video’s/lyrics etc, then why are you on this site? why are you even reading the articles and actually making the effort to write a comment?? You’ve stated that you don’t agree with VC’s points and critiques but YOU yourselves don’t provide any other explanations.. apart from GaGa and others being ‘talented’ which doesn’t explain the constand reference to the wanker Baphomet or the one eye or how many music video’s recently have become sinister & dark.

    Posts 93 & 94.. you are hillarious & your points are right on!

  235. Questions for Vigilant out of curiosity:

    Do you profit from the sale of those e-books you sell on this site?

    I read the “About Me” section of your site. You seem like an interesting person. I identify with your fascination with symbols, secret societies….I also think you read way too much into these videos. I’m pretty sure that if I began to feverishly devote a lot of my time to researching ancient rituals and symbols that I’d begin to see them everywhere I go too.

    Are there any actual goals associated with your website or is this something you do more for fun? You state in your profile that you’re in your late 20s. So am I. You also state that you’re a ‘mystic Christian’. To quote you – “”I seek a direct and personal type of spirituality, based on an esoteric interpretation of the scriptures. I don’t subscribe to any particular Church as I don’t feel comfortable with man-made dogmas and rituals.””

    So then my other question is, what do you mean when you say you’re uncomfortable with ‘man-made dogmas & rituals?’ If you do not like them even within Christianity, then what really is your point in exposing what you consider to be these symbols and rituals in music videos?….because they too, are man-made. So when you do your articles equating what we’re looking at today in modern times, to these things you’ve found in the publications listed on your site, you are giving them more credence & power than they really deserve. Yes, you are indeed making connections, perhaps exposing the fact that there exists people within the entertainment industry, within government, who build our buildings, monuments etc, who are also knowledgeable about such things…..but hell, I could espouse the same assumptions about you if I were to base it solely on possessing that vast knowledge. There is just a part of me that feels what you’re doing is irresponsible, because you have so many people who do follow Christianity very by-the-book, who read what you write and take it fully to heart. And to quote you again – “”My goal is to bring out the meaning of those symbols in a clear, concise and entertaining way.” I see the entertainment value quite clearly. But when it comes to researching this stuff, I just feel that you only scratch the surface in explaining how these symbols end up in our modern-day consumption of tv, movies, lyrics….and when I say I find it irresponsible, what I mean is that you are very eager to let the cat out of the bag so to speak, but then in my view, what you’ve let out only peels back one layer. And maybe you expect that people will come here and see what you’ve shown them, and proceed to do their own research further….but judging by the majority of the comments, that is not what’s happening, on a larger scale, people are taking what you’ve shown them merely at face value, applying it to their own belief systems, that are, in comparison to your own, much more traditional. To me it’s almost like inciting a riot and then sneaking away to the rafters to watch it all unfold. (I do realize that you reply to the commentary sometimes but I think you get my gist here).

    This is longer than I intended so I’ll just pause it here. I really hope you can answer some of my questions though.

  236. “”Keleigh and other twits: if you don’t believe in the true real reasons behind certain music video’s/lyrics etc, then why are you on this site? why are you even reading the articles and actually making the effort to write a comment??””

    @Arsenal1886 The ‘true reasons’ you speak of, are only your opinion & interpretation of those images. And you are entitled to it, as am I.

    To more directly answer your question, see my comment at # 289.

  237. Wow Vigilant nice work! I’m always amazed by your vast knowledge of the occult. By the way, did you get that check we sent you from the Lebanon Lodge?

  238. @ neil:

    I wanna hold ’em like they do in texas please
    fold ’em, let ’em hit me
    raise it baby, stay with me
    love game intuition
    play the cards with spades to start
    and after he’s been hooked I’ll play the one that’s on his heart


  239. @gagafan: ummm no if you watch the behind the scenes footage of video phone you’ll see interviews with some of the dancers who are, in fact, women.

  240. @ kimber 128

    "why make it so obvious"?

    Because if you want to hide something, you put it in visible sight.

  241. Here’s my interpretation before reading Vigilante’s. Some of it is consistent with his and some of it is slightly different. My focus is mostly on the CIA MKULTRA mind control meaning, since I’m not familiar with all the occult symbolism. The two meanings are definitely intertwined.

    The pods they come out of in the beginning are I believe isolation tanks. They are used for sensory deprivation. This would fit in with the mind control theme. The goal is to erase a person’s mind completely in order to be able to reprogram him/her.

    You can see the sensory deprivation in that their eyes are covered and there is no color in the room. There is what looks like simulated electro shock, followed by simulated water boarding. Then she is turned into a sex slave. The strange outfit looks to me a like a drug induced dream sequence. Where she has a distorted image of herself.

    The master/rapist has a metal piece around his chin. It took me a while to figure out that this is an allusion to the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. He’s the one without a heart. So when he rapes her he also steals her heart.

    Here’s a picture of the Tin Man for comparison.

    Notice the goats head in the bedroom. (I don’t understand the bear image.) The rape I think splits the personality into several parts. One red, one white, one without all the makeup. That last one is the child that gets lost. I think the burning of the rapist is a fantasy of the girl being raped. And of course at the end there is the suggestion of necrophilia.

  242. If the devil has all the best tunes, and Lady Gaga has sold her soul to the devil, how come her music is so crap?

  243. wow. This is the first time I’ve heard of ‘lady’ gaga, and because I’m very sensitive to music and the hidden meanings therein, I chose not to hear the song. I don’t want that influence in my mind. Reading the analysis was enough.
    I have a request. I love listening to Enya and Clannad. But after reading henry’s website for a few months now, I have this growing sense of horror at what music is all about. Could someone who is knowledgeable about these things please email me or you could leave a message here as I will return again. I need to know the truth. Has Enya been co-opted? She shuns the public limelight, which I admire, yet she has become quite wealthy due to her music. I am learning that musicians don’t just become famous and wealthy overnight without selling their souls to the company store. And, although she is Catholic and has played for the Pope and the King of Sweden as well as the Emporer of Japan, I have not noticed any blatant blasphemies in her music. I haven’t seen any satanic signals in her music or on her albums, no baphomet horns, no obvious satan worship. So is she for real, or has she been bought? I can’t find out anything anywhere about her. If she has not sold out to the industry, how has she been able to succeed? Is she “owned” ? Please let me know the truth. Thank you.

  244. It’s the product of her “weirdest and most psychotic ideas,” she told MTV.

    “I knew [Francis Lawrence’s] ability as a director is so much higher than what I could [do]…There’s this one shot in the video where I get kidnapped by supermodels. I’m washing away my sins and they shove vodka down my throat to drug me up before they sell me off to the Russian mafia.”

  245. Christopher AM on

    that reminded me of Britneys huge meltdown! she was tired of being controlled and “touched” as she herself said. Hence the songs “Gimme More” & “Womanizer” and womanizer isn’t about just a guy who has many women…it’s about the industry…the top dogs…

    I don’t know but that’s just my guess…it seems legit.

  246. Keleigh Nov 18th, 2009 08:57 said

    "Questions for Vigilant out of curiosity:

    Do you profit from the sale of those e-books you sell on this site?"

    This is a really old and stale trick, trying to discredit the messenger instead of the message by accusing him of ulterior motifs. What do you think is the answer to your rhetorical 'question', given the well-known fact that almost every website on the internet tries to make some money. At least this site is not littered with blinking ads and annoying pop-ups.

  247. “And the whole motto is “do as thy wilt shall be the whole of the law, love is the law, love under will”, as in the will of God. Selective quoting is a dangerous thing to do, though I know christians can be very keen on it.”
    You are so full of crap!
    They are two very separate phrases.

    I’m sorry but the people that come in here and argue for days and make the weakest points, the body of evidence is in the whole of this website not just one music video, you argue little points, weak as piss.

  248. Keleigh Nov 18th, 2009 08:57 said

    You also state that you’re a ‘mystic Christian’. To quote you – “”I seek a direct and personal type of spirituality, based on an esoteric interpretation of the scriptures. I don’t subscribe to any particular Church as I don’t feel comfortable with man-made dogmas and rituals.”"

    So then my other question is, what do you mean when you say you’re uncomfortable with ‘man-made dogmas & rituals?

    While this question was directed at Vigilant, I'll use the opportunity to provide some input and food for thought regarding the problematic nature of organized beliefs (man-made dogmas & rituals). A very wise man once said:

    You may remember the story of how the devil and a friend of his were walking down the street, when they saw ahead of them a man stoop down and pick up something from the ground, look at it, and put it away in his pocket. The friend said to the devil, “What did that man pick up?” “He picked up a piece of Truth,” said the devil. “That is a very bad business for you, then,” said his friend. “Oh, not at all,” the devil replied, “I am going to let him organize it.

    I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. That is my point of view, and I adhere to that absolutely and unconditionally. Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organized; nor should any organization be formed to lead or to coerce people along any particular path. If you first understand that, then you will see how impossible it is to organize a belief. A belief is purely an individual matter, and you cannot and must not organize it. If you do, it becomes dead, crystallized; it becomes a creed, a sect, a religion, to be imposed on others. This is what everyone throughout the world is attempting to do. Truth is narrowed down and made a plaything for those who are weak, for those who are only momentarily discontented. Truth cannot be brought down, rather the individual must make the effort to ascend to it. You cannot bring the mountain-top to the valley. If you would attain to the mountain-top you must pass through the valley, climb the steeps, unafraid of the dangerous precipices.

  249. Then I am blessed to speak them in the concise manner they are written. This was the greatest gift on this thread.

  250. >>> Joe 90 November 19th, 2009 7:00 am :
    >>> If the devil has all the best tunes, and Lady Gaga has sold her soul to the devil, how come her music is so crap?

    Because she’s jewess. Jews can’t make a shit in music, never did.

  251. wow….u kno i knew sum1 wld finally xplain all those obviously creepy videos nd songs she had….but i dint think it'd be dis deep..Good Job!!!…

  252. @d Nov 19th, 2009 14:02:

    It is interesting to see that meditation starts to acquire a more respected position within the scientific community since it has been demonstrated with a.o. MRI scans to physically change certain areas of the brain and other physiological functions. It is especially gaining popularity in what has been termed 'mindfulness', an approach to meditation combining western scientific research and eastern meditation. It has a provable success-rate in e.g. the treatment of depression and is now often used as a psychiatric tool instead of medication.

    Mindfulness is being aware, like Krishnamurti's definition says.

  253. @Animadverto Nov 19th, 2009 09:44

    Feel free to quote them for these wise words are not mine. They were spoken in the dissolution speech on August 3, 1929 by J. Krishnamurti, a renowned writer and speaker on philosophical and spiritual subjects, when he dissolved the order of which they made him head.

  254. Azrael–

    right, and as far as I know some huge corporations like Google offer meditation classes to their employees.

  255. jessa from the phils on

    before i read this, i have seen the different symbols appeared. you forgot the earphones with the illuminati symbol. the triangle!!!!!

  256. VC–
    I really can’t wait to see what you saw in Videophone. There’s way more going on than just the whoredom.
    and why did Gaga look just like an older man when she first appeared in that video?
    I truly hate that video, and see that they’re getting beyond blatant with their stuff. Sad.

  257. Azrael, just last night I read a definition of meditation from Krishnamurti.

    at that piece he talked about how meditation is not just sitting with your eyes closed and forcing your mind to stay silent, but rather watching your mind and your actions all through the day and start building up an awareness..

    I tried to observe my mind, caught myself on the brink of anger or empty sadness and today seemed so peaceful.

  258. hey this is great keep up the good work .. very weird video .. and very blatant.. but now can you do Black eyed peas – meet me halfway that video is Very controversial

  259. Queenb33s Nov 19th, 2009 14:19 said:

    but now can you do Black eyed peas – meet me halfway that video is Very controversial

    Especially when you realize where halfway, the location they hope to meet, is situated…

    Also controversial is their relentless attack on my musicality 😉

  260. Thank you! i noticed most of this when i first watched it,

    you guys need to wacth beyoncé’s new video for her song called video phone ft lady gaga.

    I notcie ALOT specially what she does with her hands when she is naming the states.

  261. It was no big deal about Video Phone. The only signs I saw was the HOT GHETTO MESS. The lip smacking, all the shaking and poping/grinding etc. It was nothing about the video to even take a second look of course she flashed a few signs, but it was nothing but GHETTO TRASH those were the only signs I saw Beyonce being country and ghetto and uneducated and it shows.P.S. You can’t do every video sometimes too much make it hard to beleive.

  262. d Nov 19th, 2009 17:58 said:

    Azrael, you won’t take my life away, will you

    Life, death,… in the end we will all be one happy family again. Lies will be turned into Truth and Justice be served, for it is inherent in perfection. 😉

    Until her pining soul and weeping eyes
    Had learned to seek him only in the skies;
    Till wings unto the weary heart were given

  263. Sorry, I'm commenting again, but I had to add to my previous post. I just figured out what the thing flashing on her torso area is about.. since it's around the solar plexus area, the answer was staring me in the face right on my computer in the other tab i had open. It's from the absolutely brilliant and mind-opening article you posted on twitter,….

    Here is the part I read:

    "When this true Mediumship is better understood, we shall have the medium passing out of his body in full [11] waking consciousness through the orifice at the top of his head, and not, as is now the case in the majority of instances, through the solar plexus, with no preservation of awareness of the transaction, nor any recollection of what has transpired."

    In other words, her 'other self' her double performed these acts and in the end she was not even aware of doing it. There was no awareness, and ultimately no memory. There is most definitely occult knowledge in this video, like you have said, and very strongly. Somebody really knew what they were doing to a great extent. Now the question is, if it is so 'in the open' that is if you are aware of the meanings, then is that to bring light to this or what..? Questions, questions and more questions…! Looking forward to your Rhianna article.. I am sure that will be interesting.

  264. @ d, 350

    i miss lauryn hill too, she wouldn’t have stood for any of this nonsense masquerading as music, not when she was sane at least. now there was a true artist, as soulful as it gets but also dripping truth from every pore. before she was overtaken by extremist rastafarianism and ethiopian-slanted zionism of course.

  265. Ummm, not saying anything about Lady Gaga, remember I like her, but I thought this was weird. Does she have dark occult powers now…? Has she really sold her soul…? Hey, you know, just being hypothetical.. just something weird here.. look at this, the title of the article is: Lady Gaga’s Arrival Leads to Photographer’s Death
    and she arrives looking like a black widow and didn’t talk at all..

  266. Sorry to keep writing so many comments, but as I keep watching this darkly fascinating video with a very catchy tune, I’ve noticed that the gold piece that the bidder who ‘wins’ her wears is similar to the one on the picture of the MK Ultra victim you have on the Beyonce article. So, not only is Lady Gaga in this video a proponent of mind control and sex slavery, but her bidder is also a ‘victim’ of it symbolically. Interesting. Also, interesting is how at the end, instead of ultimately being the victim, she is the victor, albeit at a price. But is this prophetic of what will happen ultimately to the perpetrators of such dark acts…? The victims become the victors.. and can anyone tell me, please what is that shocking on her breast area at the end of the video and also interesting that it is located at around the solar plexus area, the chakra of the heart and emotions.. burning in the fire of the aftermath..? I don’t know.. There are just endless interpretations and analyses to do on this. Which really makes it very good ‘art.’

  267. oh my goodness.. in her VMA pictures she looks all gorey and bloody (thanks to the red lace) and in these new pics where she is dressed like a black widow, she looks burned and electrecuted. look at that hair behind that black net. when you look at the smaller pictures (not so detailed) it all comes together.

  268. Is it at all possible or even plausible that lady gaga is in reality JonBonet Ramsey? Think about it. They were only five years apart in age. The whole cime scene was contaminated (deliberately?) The police action was a farce at best. The modeling industry is rife with all kinds of corruption, like that described above. Lady Gaga makes the perfect mind-controlled slave.

  269. Lilith & Jezebel all over the place.

    Wake up, people. Sex and addiction are tools in the hands of satan, the great deceiver & tempter of carnal men and women. … souls who give themselves over to this are damning themselves.

  270. For so-called Christians, Muslims, and self-professed people of faith and spirituality, you all are some really hateful individuals.

  271. I looked up Nemiroff’s ‘LEX’ Vodka –

    “Nemiroff Lex — for those

    who create their own world,

    where I am the Law.”

    “There are things that do not require any proofs of their outstanding properties. There are people who do not need outward demonstration of their significance. Nemiroff Lex is the vodka for the Great, the Successful, the Courageous, for those who change this world and hold it on their shoulders.”

    Apparently this Nemiroff company has been “chosen” as well, by the international elites of the world, “[it] was founded in 1992, and has grown into a worldwide concern, now exported to over 50 countries. The company cites growth rates of over 40% per year in 2003 and 2004, earning the designation of International Fastest Growing Alcohol Brand from the International Millionaires Club.”

  272. Alicia Keys in her last video is really laughing at us. She ‘s giving life to things who are dead? WTF is she talking about. Is Alicia god? VC we really need to analyse her lyrics she seems to make a personnification of a spirit.

  273. Hey Vigilant,
    I hear you when U say u want to get that song out yr head lol…
    That woman is very deep into the occult,my my….
    I did n’t even watch all the images.I started to feel sick..
    But good article,keep up the good work
    Remeber we are the salt of the earth.
    Teach as the Lord leads you.Take care….

  274. I just watched another video that may also have symbolism and a connection to what is going on in the Ukraine right now. If you notice the brand of vodka the man is drinking, it is not a familiar brand, however, on the label, it states: Product of Ukraine. Now if you know that there is a major flu bug going around killing people in the Ukraine where their lungs and literally turning black as charcoal, I find it funny that the guy who drinks it ends up burnt to a crisp. Just another observation I found via YT.

    Good work!

  275. I hate this bitch. Where’s her true femininity eg. motherhood, compassion, love, nurture, grace etc.?
    Oh.. she’s a man?… Ah

  276. Thanks for this post! I love reading your analysis of Lady Gaga’s songs/videos. It all makes sense. I find myself picking up on things all the time now thanks to you and David Icke’s books. Great work!

  277. speak:

    with a very clever strategy, they managed to bring out the “best” in us.

    now it’s up to us to undo the damage. us meaning you included.


    the paiting of the “monster” is actually a biblical representation of the vision of john in revelation, the first beast will give poer unto the dragon(satan) and that the first beast being the catholic church!
    i must say i like reading these articles and say the time is comin for the return of jesus lord of lords but first the beast has to be exposed for every eye will see that jesus is christ! people we need to reason with one another but not hateon each other! god bless!

  279. Vigilant Citizen: Do you think the powers that be had some kind of “formula” for the ultimate pop star that was just waiting around for somebody like Lady Gaga to be given? By that, I mean, I have trouble believing that she comes up with everything on her own. It’s like somebody really studied who the most successful pop acts were, and deduced what they had in common. They took the flamboyance and androgyny of acts like David Bowie and Annie Lennox, etc., and combined it with Freddie Mercury’s piano/keyboard skills and rapport with the audience. She obviously follows Madonna’s MO by keeping her songs very catchy, accessible dance-pop – although with raunchy lyrics – and seems to enjoy talking provocative crap in interviews. Also like Madonna, she plays up her bisexuality and is a crusader for the gay community. Okay, so she’s not beautiful, but she’s got a hot, taut body, and can follow choreographed “dance” routines. And she sounds like she actually has some vocal talent; other stars’ voices would sound thin trying to hit some of her higher notes. Her cleverly-named “Haus Of Gaga” team are ensuring that in addition to keeping her supplied with “WTF” outfits, she also gets to wear some trendy items from other Illuminati designers. She clearly has corporate backing, as evident from all the damn product placement seen in her videos. Already she has collaborated with other stars (Kanye, Beyonce, Marilyn Manson, etc.) which always helps give a performer good PR and possibly a broader audience.

  280. I Love Rabbits on

    One may find some truly astoundingly precious pearls in heaps of dung when reading the comments here. One thing is certain, this video may look sinister, or you can dislike her other videos, but Lady Gaga is very bright. You have to be knowledgeable in history, mythology, symbolism, anthropology and theology, to name just a few, to really understand what is going on here. It is obvious however that she acts like Nemesis, the spirit of divine retribution against those who succumb to hubris, vengeful fate personified as a remorseless goddess. That's why he goes up in flames in the end. If you are really insightful, you'll understand why she is sad about this. But since most haven't learned from history, they are bound to repeat it.

  281. When I first watched this video it just didn’t feel right! I thought it was just me- but you’ve just confirmed what I was thinking!
    People follow these artists and everything they do without thinking they say “don’t over analyse it- its just a video” but you don’t have to have amazing insight to see that glamorising sex slavery (for example) isn’t right!

    People should really think about what they are listening to and watching and not allow your mind to be corrupted.

    James 5:1 “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him”

  282. To d: Your best is to sit here psycho-analyzing a music video and trashing the artist? Sorry but if any of you really gave a damn about what’s going on in this world you’d be out there focusing on much more important shit than this. You would be relaying your stories about how you’re fighting all this eeeevilllll. Saying I NOTICED THIS, I NOTICED THAT!! I SAW A SWASTIKA! I SAW 666! I SAW GOATS!!! is laughable. You’ve all been brainwashed by the articles and your stupid religions that do nothing but LIE to you.

    And what exactly do all of you intend to do? Besides pray, read the bible, go to church/mosque/temple? If I believed everything said here then I’d throw my tv in the garbage since the media is corrupting my poor defenseless brain. What are any of you accomplishing by watching videos and picking them apart? How does this help anyone? Spreading conspiracy theories and paranoia is just as sick as you claim Lady Gaga is.

  283. @haydon

    OMG i love her too so much D:!!! i'm scared :(

    just too many coincidences :( but i still listening to her

    i'm possesed or sumthing?? O:

    i just don’t want to stop listening to her, ;'(

    aarrghh!! :(

  284. Same here, god, like this is actually really terrifying, its like a bunch of creepy coincidences that all coincide together, and coincide with so many other artists too…

  285. It seems to me that more people worship the devil than worship God. In fact, devil-worshippers like to think they’re worshipping the “true” God — Satan. Watch any televised sporting event and you’re likely to see fans flashing the satanic hand signal to the camera. They used to flash the peace sign! It’s rampant at rock concerts, too, especially at Green Day shows. I’ve seen pictures of the last three U.S. presidents, Clinton, Obama and Bush, flashing the satanic hand signal, and their wives, too. Michelle Obama flashed it on the cover of Vogue magazine. Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward, who was working for the CIA when he helped to bring Nixon down, made a telling comment in a CBS documentary on Watergate when he said, “God is in the details.” I always thought the expression was, “The devil is in the details.” That shows you just how inverted this world is. That reminds me, The Shins named one of their albums, “Oh, Inverted World.” That pretty well sums it up. The irony is, they’re probably devil-worshippers too, like almost everybody else. I’m glad there are still a few of us out there who don’t want to be gods, we just want to be humans. And we know the difference between Satan and God, which is why, if we worship a God at all, we worship the REAL one, not Satan.

  286. speak: generalizing is an upper and a downer at the same time.

    I have my ways of dealing with the way we've become. it took a LOT of time, thinking and energy to figure it out for MYSELF.

  287. I am a HUGE Gaga fan. This is actually really scary. I read part 1 and 2 and then this. And the beyonce one. This is actually scaring me. But I don’t want to stop listening to her, and I’m sure there are others that I listen to that do this too! I’m sure Brittany Spears and others do this. God, this is kinda terrifying… My grandpa’s brother was used in that brain washing thing in eithere the 50’s or 60’s? idk. But they government told his family it was some kind of fantastic school and they wanted my grandpa’s brother. He went and didn’t come back for a longgg time. I think they got to visit sometimes, but not often. Anyway, weird shiht would happen like he called my grandpa one night back in the 80’s (during this time it had been years since they had spoken) and he was freaking out crying. He didn’t know where he was or when it was or what he was doing. He was in his bed calling my grandpa. He remembers ‘vague images’ of standing in a telephone booth talking to someone but he doesn’t know anything else. He just suddenly woke up in his bed. Isn’t that so terrifying. Its like he was sent on some mission or something… Like, I have chills right now. I LOVED the Bad Romance video, so do all my friends, we thought is was like one of the best videos ever made. Its so scary. The even scarier part is I don’t love her less. I don’t want to believe this but I cant say I don’t. I just dont know…

  288. @ Speak #376: Yes, I love you (:
    to Manuel and Haydon: no, listening to Lady GaGa doesn’t make you evil.
    and if you call someone who supported her sick father and almost cancelled a tour because she was worried about him and visited him every day in the hospital “evil”, then, heck, we could all use a little evil.

  289. What the hell do you think you’re doing though? You’re generalizing not only Gaga, but a handful of other pop artists by claiming they have ties to or are puppets of a cult, none of which you have ANY PROOF OF!! So, we will just have to agree to disagree on that. But you cannot say you are seeing a damn thing through your own eyes when you’re really just eating up what someone else is passing off as truth.

  290. speak: what I’ve been talking about has a much broader aspect. it’s about the way humans have become. gaga is just a tiny teeny fraction of what “some” people are talking about here. You’ll realize that if you pay attention and stop lumping all the posters together.

    and why so angry?

  291. so mrs gaga messed up just living a lie
    a puppet for the hate that rules our lives
    the hate that starves to death
    little african children
    the hate that blows holes
    through afghanistans buildings
    the hate of the men who have
    no heart in their chests
    the hate that bellows
    and infects the west
    well it didnt take me
    I wouldnt go
    I stand on my own here
    I wont sell my soul
    I went to peace opened the gate love let me in
    made me awake
    taught me ancient ways the star the sun the wind
    showed me the weapons to rise the light
    cos evil infects most hearts and minds
    trained me in peace I stand at the order
    wise water open eye’s i kneel at the alter
    so satan you want to fight
    I dont think so
    cos when fire wind strike
    down you go
    blown by the might of the mighty heart wind
    so dont be silly now
    get back and begin

  292. Try playing all the music of these Satanic puppets backwards & slow it down to half speed,

    you will be in for the shock of your lives when you discover the hidden agenda of Satan's evil NWO,

    yes it's in your face & bad enough forward, but fitter all the music out & play the vocals at half speed Backwards!

    Warning! this is not for he faint hearted.

    wait till you hear this evil corrupting crap Backwards.


  293. Wow have u seen the new video with Lady Gaga and Beyonce. I thought it was too ironic yet way too obvious them two having a vid together ..specially after i have been reading your stuff for the past month…u have got to do an Article on that. I mean GaGa and Beyonce ina video is like putting Whitney and Janet in the same video/song well maybe back in the 90’s but yea thats just a trip it dosnt even blend well the two of them if u ask me. But we must pray for Bey..and the rest of the hip hop culture who know not what they do.

  294. Just another citizen on

    Since I've come across all of occultists and such things, I've been more 'vigilant'. It makes sense. But some things aren't adding up. I would go into further detail but, I'm not sure if you actually read all of these comments. I'm still finding it hard to believe but one thing I will always have faith in, especially if all of this is true: God.

  295. Yet another well researched and most interesting post, VC.

    I hope you don't mind having been added to something as mundane as "my blog list"… if so, give us a bell and I'll remove asap.

    All the beast (sic 😉


  296. yeah , the thg that looks like catholic cross i was sure there was something about it , and the spine too

    and how about the music player -just at the prelude of the video – it looks just the same as the one in rihanna's russian roulette -maybe its not such an worthy detail i dont know ; ure the specialist! :)

  297. I’ve read this and the other gaga articles and i think you’ve done an amazing job bringing out the truth. dont listen to people who tell you otherwise.
    keep publishing more articles

    p.s im disgusting that she put a cross on her privates.. and im not even chrisitian. thats SO rude!

  298. Wow.. after reading this, I’m completely shocked. If it’s one thing, then maybe it’s a coincidence .. but clearly, there is more than one coincidence. I’ve always thought her videos were kind of ridiculous and random, but this one is by far the scariest video I’ve seen.

    I never really liked Lady Gaga, and now I just think she’s kind of freaky.

  299. It just seems as though people will find any justification to prove wrong the OBVIOUS symbolic meanings of these images. Naturally those who have little to no religious background will not be susceptible to the Illuminati & occult references; for years they’ve been exposed to this mess. I guess it’s a sort of ignorant immunity they form. OPEN YOUR EYES! OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED.

    When the industry gets to a point where artists/songwriters BLATANTLY write songs about suicide (i.e Russian Roulette), there is a problem.

    TO ALL THE NON-BELIEVERS; when will we take our lives and put them into GOD’S hands and stop being senseless puppets to the Illuminati?

  300. Okay,

    You people really need to stop looking so hard for things that are just not there.

    Lady Gaga has an obsession with monsters, she's said it herself in interviews.

    She calls her fans "her little monsters" and I happen to be one of her little monsters.

    Guess what? She's just a talented and beautiful woman.

    Get over it :)

  301. There have been songs written about suicide way before 2009. Just because people these days are paying more attention to it doesn’t mean it’s the end times.

  302. Great review, please can you look at the movie The Thaw, it has all sorts of symbolism. A yellow jacket, gold helicopter, sacrifice (ethnic people) and the Guailos survive…, young white “Eco Terrorist” thinks the only way to stop global warming uncovering ancient “plagues” is for people to die… from the plague or bombing them as long as he survives its all good.
    There is a plague, its a brain virus these insane people have thinking that the ones that should go are the poor and helpless, we’ll see about that one soon enough.

  303. the song is about being with someone and loving them for everything that they are, including their disease and their horrors, not the relationship with fame. The Fame’s gone, the monsters are here and they are the bad things from what she has desired. Its the fear of love monster ffs!

  304. i still think that lady gaga didn’t go through these steps herself, or really wants fame…
    but is commenting on the music industry, and consumerism.

    its my last hope.
    i mean, she’s extremely smart, she has hundreds of historical references and artist references..
    its not like some pop associate made the video for her, im sure she had some say in it

    OH and btw, you should really look into the weird trend of diamond dresses

    britney spears in toxic
    beyonce in dangerously in love album cover
    lady gaga here

    interesting motiff

  305. i also wanted to point out another parallel.

    she’s in a room with a monochromatic grid, like an asylum
    and has a small box that plays music

    well rihanna in russian roulette has those exact thangs.

  306. Vigilant Citizen
    VC. I have high respect for you work and for the most part agree with what you say. With that said there is one thing that I wish to comment on. Person lok to you as yu shed light on pagan beliefs & symbols and things connected with the occult.
    You mention the fact that Lady Gaga is disrespecting the “Christian Cross” in video. Why don’t you explain the true meaning an origin of the cross?
    The words “cross” and “crucify” are nowhere to be found in the Greek of the New Testament. These words are mistranslations, a “later rendering”, of the Greek words stauros and stauroo. Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words says, “STAUROS denotes, primarily, an upright pole or stake … Both the noun and the verb stauroo, to fasten to a stake or pole, are originally to be distinguished from the ecclesiastical form of a two-beamed cross. The shape of the Cross had its origin in ancient Chaldea (Babylon), and was used as the symbol of the god Tammuz (being in the shape of the mystic Tau, the initial of his name. In order to increase the prestige of the apostate ecclesiastical system pagans were received into the churches apart from regeneration by faith, and were permitted largely to retain their pagan signs and symbols. Hence the Tau or T, in its most frequent form, with the cross piece lowered, crosses were used as symbols of the Babylonian Sun-god … It should be stated that Constantine was a Sun-god worshipper … The evidence is thus complete, that the Lord was put to death upon an upright stake, and not on two pieces of timber placed at any angle.” as adopted .
    So Lady Gaga rightly used the cross in her music video,several things in the video where connected with sun worship just as the cross is, so to say that she was being disrespectful to it would actually be wrong.

  307. Does anyone else notice that when she is singing to herself in the mirror, that she pulls up her dress to expose here stuff.

  308. The music video was not based on any of this. It was based on movies such as ‘Taken’ were she gets sold off, and many other movies the director of Taken directed. The probably only accurate part are the lyrics. xx

  309. I was thinking on what you said with the lines:
    and how that last verse was in relation to the Roman Catholic Church. I think it might be so.

    The first time, she says that “Roma”, the view changes to show the coffins, with THREE LIGHTS in the back wall… a reference to the Holy Trinity perhaps?

  310. angeldestruction on

    you guys seem to just wanna make her more and more popular satinst or not her music is amazing and not everyone thinks she’s a horrible person , so please keep on talking about her , make her famous , that’s what she wants right ? :)

  311. OH yes…and as far as the references to Alfred Hitchcock…she purposefully put them there and freely admits to it. She is a big Hitchcock fan apparently.

  312. Plus she was singing in French there at the end. That makes it seem cool, but I think it's about something else.

  313. @steven…your a moron….its representing the movie “taken” because “taken” represents the same thing this movie does and that is monarch mk ultra programming…geeze open your eyes…the director of taken is probably another global elitest…

  314. I can honestly say I think there are some occult and very offish things with lady Gaga’s whole approach, but I don’t believe everything you printed. But I do agree with you that the music industry is controlled and there are secret societies that are out in the open, but hiding from the untrained eye. And this video is too random to take in stride. Art is open to interpretation, but the message is clear if she keeps doing the same thing in all of her videos. I think GaGa is just living up to her name. Flooding you with imagery and seemingly nonesensical songs just to get a rise out of an audience. And if you don’t have a specific message message or tone to your music, and only do things for shock value, the door is open for chaos and and confusion to come in. Then you can sneak in any message you want. Making the audience go “gaga”.Just the music industry slyly showing its true colors. I think think the bitch is sending evil messages out without knowing what she’s really doing.

  315. record companies are getting bolder with the capture of our minds. As far as i’m concerned gaga, rihanna, beyonce, jayz, and a lot of others sold out. The fame gets their self esteem up, but steals their will and souls at the same time.

  316. Just caught her performance of this Jay Leno. I’ve been trying to study that move she does with her right hand. It looks like a modified OK/666 sign when she flicks her fingers 3 times really quickly. I slowed it down and she does it slightly different than the dancers.

  317. Not stepping on toes here, but I notice every comment on here is pro for this thought. Seems there is no room for discussion without a con. It sounds like everyone is trying to convince themselves. I can find meaning in anything if I look hard enough. Each to his own I suppose.

  318. Gah im kicking myself here for never noticing sooner
    i remember listening to one of her songs so much it made me literally sick…
    there’s too much evidence to defend her now.
    and yea i agree with the guy about getting the song out of his head, im suffering the same problem hahaha.
    but what im trying to figure out is why the gays like her so much… im not bashing of course, she states that the gays are her best fans, so it just makes me wonder what makes gays more susceptible to her kind of mind control?
    oh and the song alejandro
    someone should investigate that one, i wanna know whats up with alejandro fernando and roberto, that and all the crazy things about alejandro not letting her go and stuff
    that song just has way too much symbolism….

  319. This is right on. You’ve nailed it the first time. I went back and re-read it, and you nailed it again. My question is, What do the Illuminati or whatever get out of it? I mean, they already own everything, and they’ve got all these submarines with bombs and missles and whatever right? so why Lady GaGa?

    Is it because they want us to be like them too? Because if that’s the case, whey don’t they just come out and stand on the Whiyte House steps and say, Ok, Man, here we are, and this is o8ur place now. All you guys we rescued from the lizards reptilions or whatever all right! Youre not going to be FOOD any more!!! But we want more money, or we want your women, or whatever, right? Why do they have to have Lady Gaga and Bing fucking Crosby and all those guys? Because they’re in California right? Richest state in the union ok? And they already own Arnie for fucks sakes!!! Like he could come out and say “Ok, you guys (Calif! NOT the White House) we already did everything you said, and now you have to give us the 23 bullion because CA is in the toilet and we need more jobs.

    BUT NO! Then there’s another video of Mi chael Jackson not doing what he’s sposed to and but it still makes a ton of money. So what’s in it for them? Do they EAT money? Or are they just like the fuckin scientologisets sitting out there on that giant boat drinking all the booze and laughing at the U S of A. ? If we really had a deal with the Illuminati, we shoulld get them to sink that f@@@ing boat.

    I liked that viedio because she’s kind of cute even if the message is filled with symbolizm. And even if people can’t read, they can still understand what’s going on, especially in the sub conscious. And that’s good, because people don’t get educated at school and they watch to much tv, but now they can understand what all that music means even if they can’t read or don’t want to read. Like Harry Potter. Becauise thats THE SAME THING, OK? It’s after all that he can still hear the voice of THE REPTILE *(SNAKE) which is what the gy in the video is saying. And that’s how they kn ow its the Illuminatis because they trusted Harry, even if it was in a book. I know this can be hard to follow, but it’s important.

    But I don’t have anyh answers yet.

  320. From her Jay Leno interview:

    “My music was different when I was in high school. I was singing about love… you know, things I don’t care about anymore.”

  321. @ Bunny:

    She sings the exact same lyrics, except in French.

    “J’veux ton amour, et je veux ta revanche, j’veux ton amour, I don’t wanna be friends”
    “I want your love, and I want your revenge, I want your love, I don’t wanna be friends”

  322. Robert Anton Wilson on

    Has it occured to the writer of this “essay” that they are actually feeding the “Fame Monster” by giving her thousands of dollar’s of free publicity?

  323. I really feel sorry for the cynics reading these articles. It’s amazing that some of you have mocking things to say, but yet, you continue to peruse this site. Open your eyes! The world is manipulated by very powerful people who choose to worship Satan, the Baphomet, are members of the Boule and Freemasons. Let’s not mention issues such as New World Order, members of The Council of Foreign Relations, The Bilderbergers, the Rockefellers. READ! RESEARCH! A book that continues to open my eyes is ‘Beyold a Pale Horse” by William H. Cooper. Because of his expose’ of the government, he was eventually killed by the very people he knew were going to kill him.

    I have family members and friends that are in masonic orders, however, they are the gullible ones. They are not rich or powerful enough to be initiated into a degree higher than 33. I am an avid devourer of anything regarding conspiracy theories, the occult, et. al, and it amazes me how everything seems to be bound together. I could read about political conspiracies, yet, they are always connected to religion, entertainment /media….symbolism is a powerful tool.

  324. Vigilant, I’m sure you are already aware of the fact that Beyonce, Lady Ga Ga, Rihanna, Britany Spears, and Shakira’s videos will be played all this week. I’m going to have to get back with you on the channel, but it started yesterday and it’s been on loop. They play theses occultic videos one after the other with Lady Ga Ga setting it off.

  325. I’m going to preface this by saying that I believe in the idea of Reverse Speech, so if you don’t, that’s okay. It’s up to you to decide. And I’m no professional or anything. On a whim I thought to look at this song backwards. All I did was use Audacity and reversed the song. I let it play normally and just listened. At parts where I thought I heard something that I could understand, I slowed it down and tried to listen very carefully. These are my findings…

    “Ga-ga-ooh-la-la!” reversed sounds like: hallelujah or halalu-ah. Somewhat fitting with the Ra Ra which sound the same reversed.

    “Walk, walk fashion baby, Work it, Move that bitch crazy” reversed sounds like: Fall fall easier with it (or which it?) mad men (or madam) make no mischief (or livia mission). Slowing it down didn’t help me figure out the last part of what she said.

    “You know that I want you, And you know that I need you, I want it bad, your bad romance” reversed sounds like: spam damn if you (gibberish) if you fevmos?… push know where the limit.

    “I want your ugly, I want your disease, I want your everything” (only early in the song) reversed sounds like she’s saying I know what or I know why. But she says this three or four times in that line alone.

    “Love-love-love I want your love” reversed sounds like: They were fun, fun, fun.

    And the big one:

    “I want your psycho, Your vertigo stick, Want you in my rear window, Baby you’re sick, I want your love” reversed and slowed sounded like: Oh when they walk, they see me….when they were on me we are…yeah (bite sound). They took theater of the ohh orgas (as in orgasm) signal.

    This what I think I heard. I could have missed more. Most of it is gibberish in my opinion and clearly some parts repeat. But this is what I heard. Feel free to hear for yourself.

  326. yea yea some people here just dont want to realize the truth there just saying OH LiVE THERE LiVES ALONE ORR SHES A GREAT ARTiST pUFF

  327. I love how many on here state that they couldn't wait until the video came out so they could watch it and analyze it. Reminds me of the censors who use to watch all that porn so they could tell everyone else what was wrong with it (but enjoyed every minute of it).

    Lastly, remember all the hype about Michael Jackson's video "Thriller" and how it was occult influenced? Well there you go. I guess we needed another video to point fingers at and say "there's the bad guy!".

  328. A friend of mine sent me a link to your website, as I’ve always told her Lady Gaga’s videos were completely influenced by Illuminati imagery.

    Not sure skeptics will be arsed reading this, but anyway, regarding the heavy metaphorical encoding of her videos, I’ve been wondering since “Just Dance” if Gaga was not using subliminal images (most of the time inherited from all and sundry occult societies) in order to ponder over how easy manipulation is (some sort of meta-commentary on fame, if you prefer and understand what that means!) – that is to say subliminal images in Gaga’s work only exist for the sake of existing and have no other purpose than warning us that we’re passively allowing images to manipulate us.

    Those who think that we’re over interpreteting her work are wrong – let’s make it clear that Gaga is NOT an Illuminati’s puppet, she is NOT trying to convert us, and she is NOT an Illuminati. She is only borrowing Illuminati material to show you how subliminal images can gain a worlwide status and yet no one notices it. What most people see in her videos is the lascivious sheen of fame and sex – as pointed out by Vigilantcitizen, fame is only the bright side of the metaphor -, only to miss darker signs that Vigilantcitizen has successfully identified.

    Remember how the extras had their noses literally against their TV screen and didn’t even see what was on it? Just a mirror image of what we are, i.e a mise-en-abyme of our inability to see signs and to decode hidden messages (please forgive me for that barbarian technical parlance…)

  329. A friend of mine sent me a link to your website, as I’ve always told her Lady Gaga’s videos were completely influenced by Illuminati imagery.

    Not sure skeptics will be arsed reading this, but anyway, regarding the heavy metaphorical encoding of her videos, I’ve been wondering since “Just Dance” if Gaga was not using subliminal images (most of the time inherited from all and sundry occult societies) in order to ponder over how easy manipulation is (some sort of meta-commentary on fame, if you prefer and understand what that means!) – that is to say subliminal images in Gaga’s work only exist for the sake of existing and have no other purpose than warning us that we’re passively allowing images to manipulate us.

    Those who think that we’re over interpreteting her work are wrong – let’s make it clear that Gaga is NOT an Illuminati’s puppet, she is NOT trying to convert us, and she is NOT an Illuminati. She is only borrowing Illuminati material to show you how subliminal images can gain a worlwide status and yet no one notices it. What most people see in her videos is the lascivious sheen of fame and sex – as pointed out by Vigilantcitizen, fame is only the bright side of the metaphor -, only to miss darker signs that Vigilantcitizen has successfully identified.

    Remember how the extras had their noses literally against their TV screen in “Just Dance” and didn’t even see what was on it? Just a mirror image of what we are, i.e a mise-en-abyme of our inability to see signs and to decode hidden messages (please forgive me for that barbarian technical parlance…)

  330. I don’t know if I necessary believe this. I clearly see her throwing up her hand to her face but I just like to point something out. You have the lyrics wrong. You say she is saying Rah ahahah when she is not. She is saying Roh roh oh oh oooo the begining of ROMANCE. You have to listen carefully.

  331. you are all fucking mental you read to deep into things its also the producers and directors that make the ideas up you say there are hidden messages i wouldnt know what hidden messages there were o if i hadnt read this
    the videos looks good the songs ok listen to it or dont but dont read too deep into the meaning u fucking mental fucking cunts

  332. Consider this: Lady Gaga was influenced to choose her name in honour of Freddy Mercurys’ song, Radio Gaga; Really! According to Sitchens’ translation of the ancient Mesopotamian “Seven Tablets of Creation” text, (Mesopotamian “Epic of Creation” ) Mercury was the emissary of the Sun while Pluto (Gaga) was the emissary of Saturn. One culd then say that Lady Gaga is an agent sent on a mission to represent or advance the interests of Saturn. Perhaps the rings she wears indicate that she represents Saturn. Interesting how Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun while Pluto (Gaga) is the furtherest. Gaga encircles the ideals of the other god planets. According to the myth, Pluto, originally a moon of Saturn was given its’ own orbit after it had completed its’ mission. Yo say that “She ultimately got what she wanted and apparently played the game on her own terms. Let’s see how that works out for her.” Yes, we will see. Astronomers have or are talking about demoting Pluto back to a moon.
    Keep in mind that the 3 colours, RED, BLACK AND WHITE are known as the Death Head colours. That is the Order of the Death Head or The Skull and Crossbones, also the Nazi SS. The sigil (stylised) S looks like the lightening bolt she has splitting her body in half. Her videos and her costumes are rather degenrate. Has anyone seen Marilyn Mansons’ artwork and costumes. Look at his black face/Manson mouse ears outfit in “I am not a slave”. A cross between the death head and mickey mouse. Interesting that lady Gaga wears mickey ears in her video “Paparazzi. The picture on her dress looks like a man wearing a Gestapo helmet with mouse ears on top.

    On a more personal note I have to admit that I hated all her songs on first hearing but grew to be verry attracted to them. She certainly knows what she is doing especially with the change in tempo and octave. It makes a bulls eye score in the heart. I think that the bad romance song is terribly sad.

    Thanks for all the great articles. I especially enjoyed the one on Saturn symbology.

  333. i think it’s quite pretty unfair of what you had said of her.have you nothing better to do than to criticise her?and u are a brainless retard that keep obsessed about what she does.have you really nothng better to do???for goodness sake,just keep your own twisted views of her in your own rotten brain.she may sucks to you,but for me,she ROX ,and i believe there are many NORMAL PEOPLE who likes her,not like a idiot like YOU!

  334. Gullible much? on

    Hey, geniuses,

    Does this remind you of someone in the early 1970’s who provoked the provokeable into fire and brimstone mode, and used image and imagery more deftly than any performer in history?

    Come on, you can think of his name……
    I’ll give you a hint. Initials are DB.


  335. ive always had a sort of respect for lady gaga, thinking that she might destroy the music industry and that she’s blatant about all of this for a reason. its possible that “shes on our side.” i always thought it was satire.

    however, according to your point, one could make another striking parallel to BAD ROMANCE and CRAZY IN LOVE

    two innocent women
    both in love
    the spiritual, innocent ones die in a fire,
    the evil, fame monsters are born

    bum bum bum bum

  336. i try 2 tell people about these things but they never believe/

    or are hesitant to believe,and its frustrating.

    Anyway, im glad i've come across this site.

    I picked the Bad Romance Video Apart Myself,

    But You Went more in depth,and opened my eyes to things

    i didnt see before..

  337. Anon November 24th, 2009 3:11 am writes:

    From her Jay Leno interview:

    “My music was different when I was in high school. I was singing about love… you know, things I don’t care about anymore.”

    Fame & riches won’t bring any lasting happiness. The emptiness can’t be filled with material things…

    it all became a silly a game
    some things cannot be bought
    i got exactly what i asked for
    wanted it so badly
    running, rushing back for more
    i suffered fools so gladly

    Well, it takes time, effort and good intentions to learn an important lesson… but then again it’s not about who is to blame but how to change.

  338. “Ooh LaLa Ra Ra”
    She Says That In the Song.

    Ooh La La- Meaning Like Sexual Attraction

    Ra Ra- God Ra Also Known As The Sun God,And The Devil,

    Something i picked up on

  339. @Kay Will,

    Awesome! Yes, tell them. The ‘cross’ has NOTHING to do with Christianity, except when used to mean ‘worries’ or ‘burden’.

    Love this site. Love the comments more.

  340. you guys talking about the ra ras and stuff have got it all wrong. most of you, anyway. e.g. there is no “ohh la la ra ra.”

    the correct lyrics are:

    ra ra, ah ah ah
    roma, roma-ma [not “roma mama” as some of you have said]
    gaga, ooh la la
    want your bad romance

  341. @ soundmaster- there are people also saying when you play obama slow or backwards you hear satanic messages also- when he was saying “yes we can” after every sentence at his winning speech in south carolina- in slower speed it sounds like “than you satan” and also people have played various other speeches backwards and he has said “murder murder murder 6 6 6” i wish i can find the youtube video.. anyway the masons are really smart people and can talk backward- i though back in the days when people joked about playing rock music backwards and hearing the devil was a joke- but all jokes stem from somewhere and if this devil-worshiping nwo seems like crap to someone, it had to have stemmed from somwhere people are not just making this up, now the symbols are more in your face than ever because they are coming out soon… if you look in the past it was always there, this country was built by them

  342. @Rick Jackson – yes! I can totally see GaGa attaching a “this video has nothing to do with the occult” message to this video if this crap goes into the mainstream :p

  343. @nyc gal – so whenever I say “yes we can” i’m invoking satan? hmmmm

    the logic keeps getting more and more ridiculous.

  344. ha i know, it seems ppl look into much into it and create things that arent there
    BUT if you meant it that way, and for your followers to hear you, then YES it is what you were saying
    if you beleive in and meant it like that then yes, if you are just saying that wihtout even knowing and with no other purpose than just saying that, then obviously no you arent invoking satan

    ppl figured out jay-z in some song played backwards is saying – murder murder ..
    being that it is jay-z, I think he really is blatanly saying kill our savior backwards

    You can be wearing sparkling skull and bones logo on your sweater or as a patch on your schoolbag and have no idea about the whole skull and bones association and darker meaning about it, if you dont mean it then I dont think you are part of it but the designor definitely was

    It is all about the meaning, some of these artists might not know what they are doing but i do think the majority do because they had to sell themselves for fame..

  345. @valentin- also look up madonna’s “beautiful stranger” lyrics minus the voice and music and tell me who- or what -you think she is singing to

  346. Roma are gypsys how I know I am a gypsy and we pray to god and Jesus and holy spirit I was lookin to this and it’s sick to see this every vide is like evil pray or something

  347. Fame is our felony; were so in love with it.
    Some superstars and masochists who dont know
    Where to go.

    But the poets and the fighters of our time.
    Put down their weapons and their rounds.
    And know what they must do.

    Theyre gonna start a resistance.
    They want independence.
    Theyre gonna give the world some of this.


  348. Not sure if anyone commented this already- check out her illuminati hand symbol at 1:13, shared by baphomet, hitler, and other predominant illuminati figures.

  349. I remember the first time this song came out in late October ’09.

    And I swear the Ra-rah- ooh- la-la- part would not get out of my head!!! I woke up one morning it was stuck in my head. This song is very catchy but I knew when i first heard it, she sounds way possesed. Do some about Madonna, I love her music but I’m curious to find out about her too.

  350. This website has opened my eyes. I can't wait to see wat u have for video phone and that crap of an interview that Rhianna gave 20/20.

  351. dude these thingss are awesome!!i knew something was fishy abt gaga since just dance
    the symbolism in this video iz in plain sight
    y wud a “normal”person show such crazy & disgusting images in a video?
    lady gaga iz just wierd & has anyone noticed tht almost ALL of her songs are a complete success,we gotta stop listening to crap like these
    its not as if we benefiy frm it
    we just waste our time & full their pockets
    im not a supersticious person but these articles are the only explanations i have for all these crazy videos…

  352. If they believe it, in what they are doing, won’t they beleive they’ll go to hell too? I don’t understand. I mean, if you beleive in the devil you should also believe in hell. Is it worthy it? To be famous?

  353. U have this all wrong, this song is about how she will accept even the bad parts about her lover, the parts that he thinks will never be loved. So get ur facts straight.

  354. Posted it under Re-Re nonsense and I’ll post it here as well. First, I’d like to say great site. I have been doing some reading and I find the following to be WEIRD. I’ll start like this. Solange is little sister to Beyonce who is obviously involved in all this luciferian stuff. Solange was recently seen in DC with WALE(rising superstar). The weird thing is that I found the photo of the two together on a website for an artist calling herself RA-THE-MC. RA! as in ancient egyptian sun god. Also on her site I found a photo of her and Wale together and in it she is wearing glasses with a veil in front of them. Also her and WALE have something in common. It seems that both worked with a producer named JUDAH. The name Judah means “to praise.”
    It seems he produces music in Washington DC – home of Barack Obama and the latest installment of Masonic TV’s Real World. I watched her recent music video which is posted on her page to this woman calling herself the Sun God(RATHEMC). I clicked play and almost threw up. The symbolism is there from the get-go. The video opens with a logo of the masonic G and two inverted pyramids. Next up is a logo telling us what is about to go down (a real slap to my face). the next logo says Strange Music. I looked up the production company that did the video and there isn’t much information other than they are called THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERS! But these guys are black so why would they be calling themselves that? Well it seems that if you drop the (s) on brothers and add (hood) you get The Great White Brotherhood, who in some belief systems akin to Theosophical and New Age, are said to be supernatural beings of great power who spread religious teachings through selected humans. Aleister Crowley was a follower to the GREATWHITEBROTHERHOOD and writing this all makes me feel extremely sick.

  355. First, I’d like to say great site. I have been doing some reading and I find the following to be WEIRD. I’ll start like this. Solange is little sister to Beyonce who is obviously involved in all this luciferian stuff. Solange was recently seen in DC with WALE(rising superstar). The weird thing is that I found the photo of the two together on a website for an artist calling herself RA-THE-MC. RA! as in ancient egyptian sun god. Also on her site I found a photo of her and Wale together and in it she is wearing glasses with a veil in front of them. Also her and WALE have something in common. It seems that both worked with a producer named JUDAH. The name Judah means “to praise.”
    It seems he produces music in Washington DC – home of Barack Obama and the latest installment of Masonic TV’s Real World. I watched her recent music video which is posted on her page to this woman calling herself the Sun God(RATHEMC). I clicked play and almost threw up. The symbolism is there from the get-go. The video opens with a logo of the masonic G and two inverted pyramids. Next up is a logo telling us what is about to go down (a real slap to my face). the next logo says Strange Music. I looked up the production company that did the video and there isn’t much information other than they are called THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERS! But these guys are black so why would they be calling themselves that? Well it seems that if you drop the (s) on brothers and add (hood) you get The Great White Brotherhood, who in some belief systems akin to Theosophical and New Age, are said to be supernatural beings of great power who spread religious teachings through selected humans. Aleister Crowley was a follower to the GREATWHITEBROTHERHOOD and writing this all makes me feel extremely sick.

  356. Pretty much true, your analysis. Of course- your understanding of Luceferianism or Satanism is generally wrong……these are merely just labels.

    The Masons and others, in particular the OTO (from which Gaga more mirrors than masons) like to Illuminate corruption by exposing it, but “Occulting” it. This means, hiding it in plain sight amongst a set of encryption. This song is no different.

    Some of you are swimming in circles by attempting understand what is happening. That is because you still live in the box Lucifer vs God…(which is a form of ILLUMINATI CONDITIONING of the populace).it’s not how it is–at all.Things are more complex, the Occult laughs at you..

    Gaga is in fact this person…and she admits it. The first time I heard of her I immediately thought “god she sounds like the Illuminati’s dream.” Why? Well she PROMOTES the most WRONG things in our society, the conditioning, and brainwashing of young girls into sadistic, materialistic, and victimized sluts. In otherwords, nothing more than objects.

    • Funny that someone named “Baphomet” is one of the rare people to understand the purpose of this post. Not surprising actually, he’s probably educated in occultism, contrarily to 95% of the commentators here.

  357. @petblue – Within the first minute your link shows the director of Lady Gaga’s videos proudly wearing a baphomet t-shirt. For any skeptics still out there, would you be willing to wear that creepy thing on your chest? Yikes!! Not me. Some may say, it’s just a t-shirt, but is it really? They don’t even try to hide it anymore.

  358. Ok,
    Let me just say that the things you have picked up are very interesting.
    HOWEVER. I strongly do not believe that she is being submissive to the fame and to devil worshiping who-ha. I honestly believe that she is making a comment about the industry, and how it requires submission and evil practices and such. She is forced to drink the vodka. She emerges from the coffin with others, of which it seems like its a mechanical process of breeding these “celebrities/sex slaves/whatever you wanna see in it”. She has no control over it.

  359. Yes, Gaga's videos and music have a lot of symbols in them, but that is the point, she makes a comment on how far the music industry is willing to go and how far plain people are willing to "mutate" to become famous. This is what she wants to point out, she is not trying to say that she herself partakes in something mystical. That would be ridiculously obvious. Her whole career is based on commenting in extreme visual ways about how the industry turns people into pawns.

  360. I recently heard that Lady Gaga has been invited to perform for Queen Elizabeth of England. Apparently the Queen loves Gaga’s music. At first I thought “what the heck does the Queen of England see in Lady Gaga?” Now it is starting to make sense…….

  361. I am completely obsessed with Gaga’s music. She has amazing talent, she’s incredibly smart, and also realizes that no matter what she does, more than half of her fans aren’t going to understand what she is really saying. It’s almost a joke, and it’s particularly funny. Props to her.

  362. great analysis. gaga is definitely illuminati scum. all you haters just arent seeing the whole picture. study more.

  363. This is a BRILLIANT analysis! I’ve been studying about the occult and Illuminati influence in the government and media for years. You brought it to another level for me though. Some of this stuff I couldn’t pick up on my own. I knew there had to be something up with Lady Gaga. She is too popular, weird, and other-wordly to not be used by the Illuminati. I think her cover is that she is showing what it takes to become famous and what it does to you in the end…but there is more to it than that and you have picked up on the true sinister message beneath the cover story. She is a mind-controlled slave doing the bidding of her masters. And we may never know the full extent of what their agenda is with her. Even though I am aware of these things, I have to sadly admit I am a fan of Gaga. Ugh! Maybe some day I will break free from the music industry’s charm.

  364. This article makes me think about Common, his song, “Universal Mind Control,” and how he leaped from being more of an underground and abstract artist to the mainstream star we see now.

  365. "Roma", I think, means "people" in Romani, which is the language of some European gypsies (also called Romani). Though I agree with the sentiment that it's just part of "romance" in this song.

    I personally think Lady Gaga loves these rumours about her being a 'puppet for the illuminati' and is trying to push it as far as it can go. I mean, I would.

  366. LOL this cracks me up. I can see your point, but I’m sorry, I think all of you are reading into this a little too much.


  367. Here we go.

    Lady Gaga at Bell Center in Montreal for her new world tour… Illuminati in action.
    INCREDIBLE. I knew she’s gonna put some symbolism, but iam surprise she went so far… Excuse my english, i’am from Montreal…

    The show start with her in a glass box. After that, you have a pyramid. All the dancer have a coat with a pyramid and the eye of horus on the back !!!

    THX to LG fans, who put a 9 min. video. Again, INCREDIBLE. MUST SEE !!!

  368. You mentioned that Psycho and Vertigo are both Alfred Hitchcock movies and are featured in the lyrics, there is another one you didn’t mention, Rear Window is another Hitchcock film about a man confined to a wheelchair in his apartment who witnesses a murder through his window.

  369. The millions of naive teenage girls who watch Gagas Videos & Bad Romance will not be as educated, worldy wise or clued up on symbolism, illuminati, masonic rituals as you guys can see it, I can see it but to a 12 year old watching this on TV on a pop show in the mainstream media all she sees is wow – I want to be like that, I want to dress like that- she’s cool. My 16 year neice is clueless – as she should be at that age – of the hidden agenda – but she thinks it’s cool to behave like a mindless slut – that look is ‘in’ …it’s all over the high street…..they misinterpret the message and imagery in the videos, and only see Lady Gaga as some sassy role model and copy her style, her way and her attitude – they are a generation of sluts and whores worshipping a brain dead slapper…….my neice is a good kid, brought up in a good home – but this trash is all over the tv, magazines, on the radio – Job Done by Lady Gaga – she is the PR poster girl and epitome model of the devil and all his empty promises. This is the corruption of the innocent mind – it’s not aimed at you and me – this dross is the next generation so God help them and the ones to follow them.

  370. Stay Tuned .folks….bloodline connection ya face as blatent as it gets…Lady Gaga to perform in front of Her Majesty The Queen Of England at prestigious Royal Variety Show next week…………….

    News Quote:
    “God Save The Queen! Pop’s most beloved fashion nightmare has been invited to sing for Queen Elizabeth I of England at this year’s Royal Variety Performance Benefit Concert. Lady Gaga joins the royal line-up as the latest act confirmed for this year’s show, Royal Variety producers said Friday.
    The 23-year-old New York native – who is as known for kooky sense of style as her dramatic stage performances, including sparking fireworks shooting from her bra and pretending to stab herself to death in a pool of fake blood – will join entertainment legends Whoopi Goldberg and Bette Midler, Canadian crooner Michael Buble, and teen idol Miley Cyrus for the event at Blackpool’s Opera House on Dec. 7.”

  371. when i first saw this video, i know there will be a article for it here 😀

    but i am surprised that bad romance is to the music industry!

  372. lady gaga rocks on

    lets clear things up .. The main idea behind the video is that of Gaga being kidnapped by a group of supermodels who drug her, and sell her off to the Russian Mafia. It takes place in a white bathhouse. ..and for the monsterous poses um the album is called “THE FAME MONSTER” so u gotta put the concept of the album in some how thats why the spine poking out..n well for the sun glasses it portrays a tough female spirit thats why its made of razors have to think of things more than one way

  373. Melinda is right on track. Also, anyone who just sees this article should also know this symbolism shows up in other videos–the head of Baphomet is mounted on the wall of two other videos. All of this stuff isn’t by chance, and it has dual meanings — one being that she has sold her soul to the devil in return for her fame. Let’s not forget Satan also tempted Jesus, promising him he could have all of the kingdoms of the earth if only he would deny God. I think in many ways, we’ve all become too used to this stuff… it no longer has any effect. The illuminati are basically promoting their agenda and pushing their values upon our children using puppets like Gaga, in order to influence their minds. The Illuminati use media, economic terrorism and many other means all in tandem to work towards their aims. This whole global warming thing being pushed is just one of their cards–the Copenhagen conference is about surrendering national sovereignty, and using the fraud of global warming to tax businesses into oblivion and kill economic development by penalizing industries that rely on fuel for progress. They want to drive our societies into the ground and make us fully dependent upon them…. also ask yourselves, why no more family programs like Family Ties, the Cosby’s, etc etc.. our society has been shaped by them forcing their ideals on us. Now it’s 2 1/2 men.. promoting gays, Sex in the City (just older examples)… they’ve taken what was good, and turned it upside down. Notice Obama also wants children in school more hours a day… he’s another “puppet” doing their bidding. They want a new world order, or global government and they are talking about it more openly.. they want to control everyone and turn us into mindless drones/slaves before depopulating the earth. The rabbit hole goes very deep, you just have to connect the dots. Visit or to get started.

  374. there is PLENTY of occult symbolism in 'just dance'. seriously watch the video again–lightning bolts and eye in triangle

  375. this is quite astonishing. never in a million years would i have imagined such depth to the song. can you PLEASE help analyze some other songs on her album, particularly “Dance in the Dark”. that one’s a tough one. again, amazing !

  376. Also! The lead man who buys Gaga in this Bad Romance video has "6"'s tatooed on his fingers…interesting.

  377. Thanks for making this article, I didn t read all the comments maybe what I notice already been sayd

    – At the start of the clip she shows that she was created by the reptilian, I mean physically. Her birth is the result of sexual ceremony. She grows up in their centers, like in the american serie “The Pretender”.
    – The spine that you notice show that she has reptilian blood.
    – The bath she took refer to the blood bath that templars were taking before going to the crusades, to complete their counter-initiation.
    – She s dressed in red on the cover that you post and in the second part of the clip, it s significating that she a “lady in red”. In aristocratic partys, when a woman is dressed in red it means that she is a sexual slave, or if she has a rose tatoo on the right hand. BTW She has a rose tatoo on her back.
    – She has the tycal face and body of the khazar race, maybe some research on her genealogy would be great.

    Thanks you,
    love from France.

  378. that thing she’s doing with her hand, where its folded in a wierd way and the bat’s on her head, the way it’s curved reminds me of that mason-plaque thing thats in the denver airport only its upside down on gaga’s hand. it could be nothing but who knows

  379. Matt (Y)
    Amen .
    & thanks for this , ridiculously enlightening. My heart goes out to those invloved in this industry but even more to those oblivious to what it’s doing to them!

  380. It’s very funny that the “eye of horus” or the “all seeing eye” that the author and others like him quote as being an Illuminati symbol is actually a Christian symbol. The Masons copied it from the Christians and so did the Illuminati. Read and be informed….

    Modern Christianity is forever corrupted by the influence of the Catholic Church which itself has been corrupted by many pagan influences.

  381. You know.. I’m a religious person…

    But I don’t believe in this…

    You people are making analysis to everything.. Giving them deep meanings…

    I’m not smart like you guys…

    But as long as I can…

    I will try to make you understand more of this…

    1st of all I just wanna say that this is my chance to explain things and I just want you to know that this is my freedom..

    Why do you people keep on making such things??..

    I know some of them are based on the Bible..

    “BUT” ……

    Many of these are light years away from the Bible..

    These artists are not Satan’s minions
    They are just expressing what they have observed in their surroundings
    And these music videos are just for entertainment

    Producers and talents are just being artistic..

    If they absolutely know that all of this are evil
    Why do they keep on making such things?


    We people are not away from God.

    It’s the heart that counts not the visuals.

    The only problem with you people is that you react immediately in what you see and what you hear.
    You don’t confirm, nor talk, nor ask those celebs if that’s really the message of the song.. “Based on the video”

    Why don’t you try to understand the whole song?..
    Read the lyrics carefully and you’ll know if what’s the message of it..

    I’m not a voice of many people
    I speak for myself and for those “victims” of these kinds of things

    These entire artists that this page is talking about making them a huge topic

    Are sooooooooooo innocent…

    They’re innocent because they don’t know that you are making them a demonic minion..

    The only thing that could save the world from total destruction is “CHANGE”

    We change things


    By starting to ourselves

    What if you write something about cooperation?

    “WE”… cooperate to fix the world..
    Coz “WE” are also those who ruined its beauty..

    Imagine the world without…….




  382. You know.. I’m a religious person…

    But I don’t believe in this…

    You people are making analysis to everything.. Giving them deep meanings…

    I’m not smart like you guys…

    But as long as I can…

    I will try to make you understand more of this…

    1st of all I just wanna say that this is my chance to explain things and I just want you to know that this is my freedom..

    Why do you people keep on making such things??..

    I know some of them are based on the Bible..

    “BUT” ……

    Many of these are light years away from the Bible..

    These artists are not Satan’s minions
    They are just expressing what they have observed in their surroundings
    And these music videos are just for entertainment

    Producers and talents are just being artistic..

    If they absolutely know that all of this are evil
    Why do they keep on making such things?


    We people are not away from God.

    It’s the heart that counts not the visuals.

    The only problem with you people is that you react immediately in what you see and what you hear.
    You don’t confirm, nor talk, nor ask those celebs if that’s really the message of the song.. “Based on the video”

    Why don’t you try to understand the whole song?..
    Read the lyrics carefully and you’ll know if what’s the message of it..

    I’m not a voice of many people
    I speak for myself and for those “victims” of these kinds of things

    These entire artists that this page is talking about making them a huge topic

    Are sooooooooooo innocent…

    They’re innocent because they don’t know that you are making them a demonic minion..

    The only thing that could save the world from total destruction is “CHANGE”

    We change things


    By starting to ourselves

    What if you write something about cooperation?

    “WE”… cooperate to fix the world..
    Coz “WE” are also those who ruined its beauty..

    Imagine the world without…….




  383. Please dont be mislead into thinking it is your duty to judge and save others….if what is being said in these articles are true it still is not for us to judge these artists. I have combed through the ups and downs of all conspiracies and some things I dont know but what I do know is that we have all come here for a specific individual purpose and what gets us in trouble is the fact that we think it is our destiny to judge… judging everyone, especially the ones we dont understand. Step down from your soap box and take a deep breath. worry about your own moral code and live your dreams. these website are designed to scare you into religious submission. the same way you can all agree that the entertainment industry is out to get your precious brain. the same brain that loved gaga’s poker face but still lead you to research the truth. what is being forgotten is that no matter what tomorrow will come, at some point you will be in traffic, eat dinner, take a shower and life will just continue on. dont you understand? or maybe you dont and thats the problem.

  384. also you allude that those who dont understand symbolism would never get your message…sounds elitist to me….guess what I am very well educated in symbolism and I STILL think you are the one who is a puppet used to keep people enslaved and pushing an agenda. Your arrogance makes you no better than those you accuse

    • @erika How exactly does explaining symbolism "enslaves people" ? Because thats pretty much what I do. Nothing more, nothing less.

  385. Comment No. 517 “I believe @LadyGaga is exceptionally talented-but that will only get you so far in the Music Biz. After that, it’s devil-worship.”
    Also, question to Vigilant “How many times did you have to watch that video to get all of the meaning and all of the screen captures? On behalf of your readers, I want to thank you for subjecting yourself to the free-will-numbing torture of her subliminally brain-melting pop ballad for our benefit. You are truly selfless.”

  386. No Clouds In My Mind on

    That hand gesture she is doing with her 3 fingers, where she has the bat on her head, could symbolically represent the number/mark of the beast 666.

  387. Wow. Talk about a bunch of sheeple. One person comes in with a bunch of fancy talk and deep ‘inside’ intel and everyone flocks like sheep to the slaughter. Look, this song does NOT relate to Britney Spears break down… You’re just grasping at air trying to find strings to connect things. Just enjoy music and don’t try to ruin it. If you people are so weak that a simple song can ‘brainwash’ you then you really need to look into yourselves and your religions.

  388. I knew there was symbolism in this video when I saw it… I really hoped someone else saw what I saw and thank god for your article.. someone wrote about it.. i wish there were youtube postings about this…

    I see so much symbolism now in music videos and on tv and movies its unbelievable.. not to mention all the logos.. tacho bell, aol, cbs, abc etc etc etc etc lol

    Anyways thanks for the article very informative!! Bookmarked your site!!!

    Finally someone who is exposing the reality of what is really going on in this world.. the actuality of this world…
    I learned so much when I was exposed to the famous YouTube serious ” The Arrivals” Youtube it!!!! Its unbelievably amazing!!!

  389. dont know what to say but u just gotta believe that there is a supreme beign which is almighty GOD…just believe in wat u gotta believe in

  390. **Also,

    The diamonds probably signify a type of engagement/marriage/romance to the industry or perhaps even to baphomet himself. Oh and… In the bed scene the guys eyes are completely black hinting at the fact he is indeed possessed by baphomet.

  391. The “Roma” part probably relates to the sort of “Roma”/gypsy rhythm of that part of that song. It also happens to fig with “Romance”.

    When I first saw the video, I basically got the same impression. The video is clearly about GaGa selling her soul to the industry. The part where she is in front of the gangsters dancing pretty clearly mimics Britney Spears’ dance style. I think part of the point she is trying to make is that she’s not the only one sacrificing herself for fame.

  392. Monster

    1 a : an animal or plant of abnormal form or structure b : one who deviates from normal or acceptable behavior or character
    2 : a threatening force
    3 a : an animal of strange or terrifying shape b : one unusually large for its kind
    4 : something monstrous; especially : a person of unnatural or extreme ugliness, deformity, wickedness, or cruelty
    5 : one that is highly successful

    Fame Monster, hmmm…. let’s see, what was that #5 again 😉

  393. @ 134 thank you for pointing out what the people that wrote the actual song as said it’s about….it’s about not judging the one you love for their bad or their secrets because the bad romance goes along with the good romance, and the video is showing that the music industry is manipulative, full of users and hurtful…not that it’s ran by the Illuminati, if I was the head of such a secret society than I wouldn’t brainwash people to give hints or clues about what we were doing.

  394. The vodka in the video is Nemiroff LEX Vodka a Ukrainian Vodka the Ukranian word for Vodka is Horika below the links for reference is a saying that is often used in traditional Ukrainian weddings, in the saying they refer to it as a demon drink. This vodka is expensive and has a high quality rating increasing it’s relation to the traditional saying at weddings.


    “Horilka plays a role in traditional weddings in Ukraine and in eastern Slovakia and southern Poland.[3]
    And bring us a lot of horilka, but not of that fancy kind with raisins, or with any other such things — bring us horilka of the purest kind, give us that demon drink that makes us merry, playful and wild!”

  395. Kung Fu Instructor on

    I wonder if the name “GaGa” also refers to the land of Gog, as mentioned in the Bible? Gog is another name for the nation of Georgia in the Caucausus Mountains, where the Khazars used to live in olden times. I am not an expert, but it may be possible that the pronunciation of “Gog” in the Georgian or Yiddish languages actually comes out as “Gog-ah.”

    In other words, Lady GaGa has been assigned the task of carrying a message to the masses, via her status as a new cultural icon, for the modern-day descendents of the Khazars, who are, organizationally-speaking, at a level that is above the Illuminati, in the whole scheme of things.

  396. Even when you know all this – what are you going to do about it? Stop listening to the music? Stop watching the videos? Preach at street corners? Blog about it? So now that Lady Gaga is laying in a pool of blood and burning up men… impressionable teens the world over will be doing the same? Give us more credit will ya! This is all such a waste of time but interesting reading nevertheless.

    If anything, if there is a heaven or a hell, verily verily i say unto you, we are all headed to the latter. Why? Some ‘Christians’ here are cussing and getting so emotional… that is unChristian like. We are all sinning by searching for enlightenment if you think about it! 😉 There is a whole lotta judging going on here.

    I couldn’t care less about Gaga, I find her absolutely annoying and by doing all these analyses you are just giving her more credit than she deserves. Just ignore her and she will go back under the rock she crawled from. All this music and the videos, the only message I get from it is that it’s crap and I dont dwell on it. There was an article on this site about Omarion but suddenly when he spoke about Rihanna’s video it was removed. These are all fame hungry people. They play on your emotions and at the end of the day… ITS JUST MUSIC AND ITS LIFE!

    Why don’t you also analyse the people behind the songs and videos? Ne-yo writes most of Rihanna’s songs and the Dream has written a number for Beyonce… why dont you analyse them cos they seem to be the brains behind all this.

    Of all the responses Keleigh’s are really making the most sense! Its all about you and your common sense.

  397. And another thing… why is the devil depicted as a goat or serpent or any other ugly thing? If he was one of the angels that should have made him quite a beautiful sight to behold wouldnt it?

  398. I think in the video that there is a lot of symbolism and you are right on with a lot of them. I also think that it tells here story of how she got into the industry and who. You really have to look at the clues and you will know exactly who put her there.

  399. @africanwoman

    To understand where this fits in the big picture you have to realize that the concepts of 'God' and 'The Devil' are contrivances of these secret groups instituted as another form of control. What occultists realize is there is a duality and that is the only truth. There is Light and Dark. There are gods and goddess associated with both but all the semantics are just symbols and stories used to represent these two forces. Freemasons/Illuminati and other secret societies recognize this and there are those groups who practice in the 'light' and those who practice in the 'dark.' I think it's clear Gaga is a member/puppet of one of the darker groups.

  400. Kung Fu Instructor on

    More on diamonds…

    Diamond is the highest gemstone, and not all children will earn it. It is considered a high achievement. and may not be earned until adulthood, after passing rigorous tasks. It will be the controlling alter in a gemstone system. A diamond has passed all twelve steps of discipline, plus passed unusual tests and will have highest family loyalty.

    “Family jewels” are often passed down internally during training sessions with trainers and family members. All high Illuminati families will have jewels hidden in secret vaults (real, outside jewels) which have been passed down for generations.

    The children will often be given jewelry to wear in the daytime, as a reminder or reward, once they pass their programming. A child may be given a ruby ring or garnet pin to wear; in fact, a grandparent or parent may insist the child wear it. On ritual occasions, the child will be allowed to wear jewelry from the family’s vault, once they reach a certain status. They may be allowed to wear a ruby pendant or emerald bracelet during high rituals, and will be quite proud of the fact, since the cult is first, foremost and always an extremely status conscious group. The children pick up on this, and the adults will make a big fuss over the children who have earned the right to wear jewels. This gives them a huge incentive to earn them.

  401. Kung Fu Instructor on

    This comment and the prior comment contain information on how jewels are used in mind control programming, according to the mind control expert Svali. The scene in GaGa’s video where she is showered by diamonds comes to mind.

    Metals programming:

    Metals programming is a type of programming that many Illuminati children are given. Because it is so similar to jewels programming, I will discuss how it is done under jewels. Metals can be from bronze (lowest) to platinum (highest).

    Jewels programming:

    Many Illuminati children will go through either metals or jewels programming, and occasionally will go through both. Jewels is considered higher than metals, and more difficult to obtain. Which is put in and when, is dependent on the child’s status, its parents status, the region it is born in, the group it is born into, and the trainers that work with it.

    Basically, either metals or jewels is a form of reward based programming.

    Here is how it works:
    The child is shown a piece of jewelry such as a ring, or else a large example of the jewel (or metal) being put in. They are asked: “isn’t this Amethyst, or Ruby, Emerald, Diamond) beautiful?” The child will be eager to look at it, touch it, and is encouraged to by a trainer with a soft kind voice. The trainer will ask the child, “wouldn’t you like to be beautiful, like this jewel? (or metal jewelry)”. The child is usually eager to be. Here is a sparkling gemstone, placed in their small hands (the training often begins between age two and three). Of course they want to be beautiful, sparkly, valued. The trainer will extol the beauty of the gem (or metal), will tell the child how special, valued, wanted gems are, and basically build up the idea of becoming like a jewel.

    The child is then told that in order to become a jewel, they must “earn the right”. This involves:
    a.) passing through steps of discipline (see chapter three)
    b.) passing “special tests”
    c.) being rewarded for special achievement

    Becoming a jewel (or precious metal) is dangled before the small child, like a carrot, as the reward for doing well in training sessions. The earning of one is linked to going through the rungs of the long, arduous training process expected of Illuminati children; having a jewel or metal involves stepping up in status and being praised. But the price is enduring hours of abuse called “training” but in reality is organized, systemic abuse to make the child do what the trainer wants them to become.

    Over time, with the help of drugs, hypnosis, shock, and other trauma, as the child goes through it’s training process, it will begin earning its jewels and/or metals, one by one. These will become full alters inside.

    Amethyst is usually the first one earned, and is linked to keeping secrets, never telling, and passing the first step of discipline. Each step is linked to receiving either a jewel or precious metal.

    Ruby will often be next, and is linked to sexual abuse and sexual alters inside. As the child is repeatedly sexually traumatized and survives, or creates sexual alters to please adults, they are “rewarded” by being allowed to become a ruby.

    Emerald will often come later (ages 12 to 15). This is considered very precious, and is linked to family loyalty, witchcraft, and spiritual achievement. Emeralds will often have a black cat, or “familiar” linked to them.

  402. hey i found something interesting on Lady Gaga’s video “Just Dance”, at 2:12, if you look in right hand corner, you can see an animals skull and it looks like the baphomet.

    just thought you should know if you don’t already

  403. Amazing analysis. If that Baphomet stuff is right then the video is even more film intelligent than I thought. Because that image wear she grabs the deer is also phallic, like she’s grabbing balls. Articulating even more precisely through the images what she means.

  404. Trippman youre absolutely RIGHT! when we thought that illuminati symbolism wasnt in the just dance video, there’s the old Baphomet right on the wall! LOL

  405. Kung Fu Instructor on

    In the very beginning of “Dancing In The Dark,” it sounds as if Lady GaGa is receiving electrical shocks as part of the mind control process of using pain trauma to create an alter.

  406. great stuff VC.

    no doubt gaga will go the way of the rest of them, britney etc. play with fire and get burnt.

    i predict total burn out within a year or two

    serve the skank bitch right as well

  407. Notice the parrot stack in the beggining juss like the one controlling Rihanna in Russian Roulette don't you think ?

  408. I knew she was a retard, right from the beginning.

    Thanks again VC. You never disappoint.

    I’ma spread the word. The more people kow about this, the better.

  409. Nico Blackheart on

    She deliberately put these references in the video, she knows about the allegations against her and probably finds it funny. Don’t you see the tongue-in-cheek quality of her doing the eye of horus around her eye in the red outfit and the blaringly obvious baphomet heads on the wall??? I love this site but Lady GaGa is not anyone’s puppet. She worked for her career and she is an amazing artist. I am intelligent, and I am not “falling” for her tricks because there is nothing to fall for. She is playing into theorists like you. Haha!

  410. Rowan Ravenseed on

    I’m a bit confused, are you saying that Lady Gaga and the music industry are evil because there using anti-christian symbolism or because there there trying to plant subliminal massages?

    If your saying there evil because there using anti-christian symbolism then i would like to point out a few things….. for a starter… The Christians cross as much as many Christians would like to believe has very little to do with the crucifix Christ was on as most scholars know and accept the Cross is a very old pagan symbol for the four cardinal directions and was merely adapted by Christians in an attempt to convert early pagans as was 90% of the christian symbolism, festivals and rituals.

    If your saying she’s evil because she’s trying to plant subliminal messages at least She’s giving people the choice to watch her videos unlike the many thousands of Pagans that were burnt at the stake for practicing a religion that was not Christianity.

    While were on the subject lets talk about the continual hate many so called Christians spew forth even today towards people of other races, religions and sexual orientations….

    In the words of you ultimate guru “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”

  411. i got this song outta my head by listening to the spoof that shane dawson from youtube made. it is called bad (bro)mance

  412. Kung Fu Instructor on

    Stefani’s father was President of Infocrossing, Inc., a NASDAQ-traded company, and is probably a member of a secret society such as the Masons. When Stefani became addicted to cocaine around the time she left NYU, he may have sent her away for treatment by a psychotherapist using mind control techniques, available only for VIPs and their family members.

    Stefani worked as a burlesque dancer in the Lower East Side of Manhattan after leaving NYU, probably to help pay for her addiction, and possibly because she may have been cut-off financially by her father. Her statements saying that her father ordered her to stop taking drugs and so she just stopped do not add up. I believe a secret weapon was used — mind control.

    Read the following statements from a cult-rehabilitation website:

    “It may be technically possible for an organisation to be a cult in the above definition and yet to be wholly or partly beneficial. Mind control is a powerful process, and in a sense can be used beneficially, for example to cure people of drug addiction, through reorienting their personalities away from addiction. One of the UK’s leading cult experts said that she first became interested in cults when she became aware that cults were using techniques similar to those that were being used therapeutically within the medical profession in order to cure people of drug addiction. Rev. Jim Jones (of the Jonestown massacre) started off as a drugs counsellor in New York. The Scientologists claim to be able to cure people of drug addiction, and they probably can. The FWBO has plans to set up a drug rehabilitation unit with help from Dutch Bank Triodos.

    “The problem is of course that abuses can occur when powerful techniques are used in a situation without proper checks and balances.”

    Stefani said in an interview with the New York Times last December, “The drugs disappeared around the same time as her act began to take serious shape. “I had a scary experience one night and thought I might die,” GaGa remembers. “I woke up, but it helped me become the person I am. I see things in quite a fragmented, psychotic manner, which I think is because of that. But I decided it was more important to become a centred, critical thinker. That was more powerful than the drug itself.”

  413. I am only 16, there is so much I want to know and this is incredible and now I am so curious to learn so much more! It makes so much sense! Really it does, but I want to know whether people say it doesn’t and if they can prove it. By the way excellent comic relief at the end! – JayGee

  414. Hey I TOTALLY AGREE with EVERYTHING.. but theres a part you left out that has to do with the Illuminati , when she shows a tattoo of the ‘peace sign’ , originally, in order to join the cult, you have to hold a christian cross in front of you, put it upside down, and break the hands, that is where the ‘ peace’ sign comes from, but they have done an outstanding job at blinding human beings into thinking that it is just a peace sign, well yea i love researching these things to thank you for this !!

  415. Kung Fu Instructor on

    From evidence presented in Stefani’s music videos, it seems that there were at least three methods used in her mind control programming: (1) Electro-shock therapy used for creating one or more alters and for punishment when disobeying commands during this process; (2) Sensory deprivation to open up the mind for programming; and (3) Virtual Reality goggles for programming new content.

  416. Kung Fu Instructor on

    What I do not completely understand is why Stefani presents the occultic images in her videos and performances. Yes, the roots of mind control may be found in the occult, but we must determine why Stefani has seemingly embraced the occult herself. Let’s look at the possibilities:

    (1) Stefani hasn’t embraced the occult at all, and use of these images is simply a requirement imposed upon her by her producers.

    (2) Knowledge of the occult was programmed into her mind during her psychotherapy sessions. If her psychotherapist was a high-level member of a secret society such as the Masons, as her father must be due to his high rank in the business world, then we have a likely avenue from which her knowledge of the occult originated from.

    (3) Knowing that mind control saved her from drug addiction, Stefani later embraced its origins in the occult.

    (4) Stefani embraced the occult well before her psychotherapy, perhaps during her days as a cocaine addict and burlesque dancer.

  417. Athe beginning of the video, although subtle, she is sitting in what looks to be a throne with all of the perons who appear in the video with significance. However, I noticed that the man who won the 'bid' to sign her is not included in the shot meaning only one thing. From this point her facial expression implies what seems to be a vision or flashback of some sorts. To me, this appears the video is a complete lookback on her rise to fame.

  418. On a note that nobody has touched yet………. Lady Gaga has a new song with Beyonce. Additionally, the sound device that Lady Gaga touches in this video at 11 seconds, as very similar to the one placed in the room with Rihanna in her Russian Roulette video at 20 seconds. Check it out

  419. Re: Barbie – the new dolls with masks are part of the “Barbie: Three Musketeers” movie that just came out. There are four girl Musketeers and they all wear masks while they fight. It’s part of the movie, they’re hiding their identities while they fight the bad guys.

  420. the thing about Gaga is that she thrives off her work. she creates music and videos that will challenge her viewers to question her sanity and wonder about her religous beliefs. she wears insane clothes and sings insane songs to keep us watching, to wonder what she will do next. she wants us to focus on her, each time she does something crazy or questionable she gains more power through everyone who begins to either follow or hate her. i have tested this theory in school, and it’s true. changing yourself drastically day to day makes more people watch, makes them want to know you, want to know what you think or do. in short, this only makes her more and more powerful, just the way she likes it. Eiher she or her publicist is really ahead of the game. people are not interested in static characters, fame is really that simple. : )

  421. Lady Gaga wore a smaller version of the planetary symbols on her head to the Ellen Degeneres show!

  422. You know what I think? I think she's playing them.

    That woman is a lot smarter than you think.

  423. did anyone in the UK just see her performance on the X Factor?!!! She literally dressed up as baphomet. anyone who thinks this is all coincedence will surely be convinced by this! youtube if u aint seen it.

  424. I’m sorry, but this is just getting ridiculous.
    Why cant people become famous without “selling their souls”
    What if you worked hard to become famous? Would you want people talking behind your back saying that you’re a puppet? That you sold your soul the devil?
    They’re people just like us. They work hard just like us.

    Do you really think this woman knows anything about the things you’ve just said? No.
    She’s an artist. She’s probably seen pictures of these things and tells herself ‘Hey, yknow what, that might be a wicked idea for my video’ not knowing that it may mean something evil.
    Everything apparently is an Illuminati symbol. The peace sign, the rock on sign. But people do it just because they think that it means that, peace or rock on. Not all of us know our history as much as you do.
    Just stop it, this is ridiculous. You’re just accusing them because they’re in the spotlight, but what if it isn’t them? What if its the people they work with? Ever thought of that?

  425. Everything Kimber and ChuckJones had said is something I was thinking, but couldn’t put into words.
    I really doubt that lady gaga is an Illuminati. She doesn’t sit down and think of ways to hide that shes an Illuminati. Chances are, she just knows the symbols very well, she just doesn’t know what they mean.
    I mean, before I had read all of this, I didn’t know what they were either.
    I’m still not convinced. That woman is far too intelligent to be controlled by anybody.
    She isn’t Britney spears, or Beyonce. She knows what shes doing, and apparently its working if people like you are on her case.

  426. I just watched that xfactor performance and she indeed does say FREE BITCH not FREAK bitch. So there you go, could be another reference to the freemasons.

  427. Just saw the X-Factor performance! Jeez! WTF was that all about? – very, very disturbing. I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get the song or images out my head.

  428. WOW!
    I never noticed that! Wow,
    you are so great in interpreting songs. HAHA
    When my dad heard this, he liked the beat but he said the lyrical content is bad (probably so he took it literally)
    Well, I was pretty sure that the song will be symbolical.

    Lady Gaga! Is a really great artist. She has everything uniqe. so creative.
    I idolize her (XD). SHe is so good! :)

    Keep up with the interpretations of songs. 😀
    You contribute alot to the music-lovers industry. XDDD

  429. you are, to me, by far the best religious symbologist of today. i wanted to become that once but unfortunately my dreams were crushed because of my culture and my current location however now i feel that spark again to practice this career. it was obvious that lady gagas videos have hidden meanings. and to previous commenters…mind control works in mysterious ways because you might not, after watching the video just go out there and “smoke weed” but over time changes occur and you wont notice them. repeating the lyrics of songs with hidden meanings can actually welcome unwanted “visitors”. i can say that because i have seen it happen to individuals already. once a girl was possessed by a demon and when the demon was questioned its response was “i was the demon you saw on the tv”. i used to be a horror movie junkie and that turned out horrible. the music i used to listen to and the videos that came along with them were disasterous to my psyche. im still recuperating

  430. when lady gaga speaks those french words Je te rends ton amour meaning i want your love i went your revenge she is speaking in reference to an old french video by Mylène – Farmer in this video this blind woman comes in to a church to worship and finds the devil who turns her away from god this video explains the lyrics in bad romance and her choice of album art WATCH

  431. @phylicia December 8th, 2009 3:16 am

    Thank you, looks very interesting. Unfortunately my French is a bit rusty, but I’ll give it some extra attention with the help of my trusted friend the electronic translator. Elle est une dame très belle et intelligente… 😉

  432. Helter Sketler on

    Okay the video i’m about to show is a tab bit old but relevent when talking about the music industry.
    This is coming from an ex illumanati and a former witch. So imagine this information with todays music industry. I can’t begin to think of how many musicians, artist, and performers have succumbed to this life.

  433. There seems to be a similarity between some scenes from Kubricks ‘A Clockwork Orange’ and the opening shot of this video. The sound used is also similar.

    The ressurection scene is very similar to the ressurection scene in Gibsons ‘Passion of the christ’ and the white pods are akin to the white pods used in thje opening of Scotts ‘Alien’ where the crew awaken from cryogenic sleep. Certain outfits she uses also remind me of HR geiger alien design, with prominence on the spine.
    @3:32 she looks the alien in Independence day by Emmerich.

  434. Im impress on ur article. It opens my mind to think outside the box. wink. By the way Im confused about the way her show her innocent eyes. Does it makeover or using video effect??

  435. ummm… i don’t really think that lady gaga is that really smart make a video with that like of hidden messages..
    and the covering-eye thingy is just her signature 😉

    but im quite confused about the gazelle head thats always in her video..

  436. I think this is insane. If there's someone that obsesse that's you all guys. What are you doing?

    Haver you ever heard of the word "entertaiment"?

    Leave the celebs alone and get out of your stupid little world. The problem in this world is people like you throwing shit at other peoples sucsess. You're saying that you're christian and stuff but I doubt it!

    Christians have more dignity than all of you. The christianity does'nt come from what you believ or trying to be. It comes from your very heart and soul.

    I love Lady Gaga, and I love God. You all are a shame for the christianity and humanity.

    Leave the Bible out of this and leave Jesus out of this.

    Im shure God loves every human EVERY HUMAN!

    If RiRi, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga's under Satans demand im shure God will take them back. Don't blame the Hollywood.

    And one thing. A research For Lady Gaga's video:

    The fame is a monster, people can be detroyed in their way to the rich and famous. She PLAYS a character who wants it!

  437. its entertainment folks! she/s not a great singer so she has to put a bit of controversy in her act! remember a video act named madonna? duh! she is a fine looking woman and if doesnt work out for her/ she can cry on my shoulder anytime!

  438. This all does make sense and i get that gaga has definitely been influenced and exposed to the sources of inspirations that guide her creative choices, but on the other hand: many a time, musicians lyrics tend to be a metaphor for something else they really mean. I'm not the biggest fan of her music, actually hate it in all it's catchiness. That said, I believe she did admit that she was inspired by the russian sex slave industry who's cliche scenarios we've all seen in movies and comedy skits. Hers just happens to include high fashion and intense conceptual referrences all in one. It's interesting though the whole code of the music industry theory though. That fascinates me, but I am a little skeptical as to whether or not these aren't just coincidental. Like wearing red after wearing white: could'nt that be just a trend thing. Beyonce taylor swift and gaga all wore red. that says trend not illuminati initiation, but coming from Africa it is not completely bizzare to me that some weird form of Other government is at play here. I mean, we are traditionalist by nature and so if a group of industry people are in control of a specific field such as the music industry their rules apply regardless of who the artists are. Occult images are popular in any industry, we turn to them because people sub-consciously relate to them like the sun, halos, wings, the devil/ the angel, the cross, christianity, gargoyles. Fashion designers especially are famous for using these symbols, hence stylists, photographers and even big corporate entities (food, television networks, advertisers) etc. They all use these symbols to sort of idolise or 'iconize' their logos just so there's cognitive consonance with consumers when utilising the brand. As for some of the coincidences in the video the sunglasses (with the apparent sun symbol) were apparently handcrafted by gaga herself with razor blades and that bat on her head is designed by the late Japanese pop artist Nagi Noda who interwines hair into creatures. She was probably just attracted to the aesthetics of it. This is to say that not all Gaga's ideas are her own (thanks to artists like Grace Jones and Leigh Bowery who preceed her in ridiculousness) and she probably has an incredible camp of probably gay fashion and culture enthusiasts (including herself no doubt) sifting through imagery that she can 'recycle'. I do agree though that she does happen to have a controlled nature about the way she illustrates her works and orchestrates her music… but as for the part where the writer basically says the industry eats you up and spits you out, that is yet to be seen for Madonna, she seems to be consistently valued more so than cher, prince and the late michael jackson. Maybe Madonna is REALLY the madonna of the illuminati? it's always the ones who can't sing at least gaga sort of can.

  439. I think that Gaga is pulling an Andy Warhol with pop music.

    She is ridiculously self-aware with everything she does, pulling from occult symbolism or otherwise.

    And I would dare say to not lump together satanists and all practitioners of the occult.

    Many a Thelemite, Lucifarian, etc would not be pleased, and frankly laugh in your face.

    Vague occult symbolism is available to anyone with access to a Google search engine and an active imagination.

    And damnit, that woman should make industrial music and not this pop crap. She has a great voice for it.

  440. Glad i found this site! but before I read about this article I already knew that the evil uses music to relay message to everyone. Lady Gaga songs for me is really weird and this video is pretty scary. There are a lot of esoteric message that need to be unlocked and thanks that you nailed it!

  441. xavier Castillo on

    you should analize video phone, By Beyonce and Lady Gaga. In the video you see Beyonce with this group a guys walking to this place where they’re going to meet with this girl that she being hearing about. The first thing she say to Lady gaga “shorty whats your name is” Than beyonce insist on her lyrics saying that she likes the way she was approached by Lady gaga. Beyonce “everything you say sounds good to me, you dont need to convence me anymore” So with this, beyonce is telling lady gaga that they’re convince and that she is part of them now, “the music industry”. You can tell Beyonce is singing this song to Lady Gaga when she say “baby you’re doing something right, you just canceled every other man in here,” you say you like my bag and the colors of my nail” it just couldnt be more obvious, what type of heterosexual man like women bags or nails.
    So now they’re buddy buddy. Than lady Gaga come out wearing White, symbol of purity. and she say to Beyonce “baby you’re so sexy that you should win an Oscar” this so is so obvious I cant believe people really think that this song is for boy, and its so clear that its for themselves….

    I was trying, my English is horrible lol

  442. It's quite simple:

    The right-way pentagram fits around Man. Us. What God has created, that is Light and Sound (in it's purest core principles – atoms and electrons). What we're made of (the same principle with stars and their planets). That's what you have.

    The upside-down pentagram is saying: Nah to this. "I'M (my own) God!" Denying the natural, physiological structure of consciousness.

    In other words: Satanists/Luciferians are just enormous LOOSERS =P Like bullies wishing to drag others down to "Hell" with them.

  443. Brilliant! What roll dose she have or did she have in the creation of this video as I have been told the artist usually have little or no control over the creative design of his/ her music video that it is contacted out to the "slaves" in that industry. It is clear that every industry has it's price and if you want to be at the top then you have to start at the bottom or should I say on your knees. Interesting also very fascinating.

    Thanks for the review and insight. Great article

  444. There will always be defenders and detractors. I realise everyone has the right to their own 'opinion' or 'theory' but that doesn't mean it should be taken by others as fact. I can not tolerate those that spend their time looking for the evil in everything and 'exposing' it for the general public. Life doesn't have to be ugly. Lady Gaga is obviously very talented, regardles of whether people respect her music or artistic choices and I truely feel that this video in particular, is being read into far too much. Gaga has made no secret of her fasination with retro horror and sci-fi films and the inspiration that she takes from them. Evil? No, I enjoy horror films and I think her video is an artwork that will go down in history. She takes elements from the past and blends them with futuristic ideas and puts her own distintive style on it and comes up with something fresh and right for now. I consider myself intelligent, and I do not believe nor buy into the concept that the music industry is run by the 'illuminati'. While there are secret societys in the world, 'Illuminati' is such an old, out-dated name, not to mention, there is nothing very secret about the music industry, and even less about Gaga. She speaks openly about her lyrics, her choice of fashion, her inspirations and collaborations. It saddens me that there are so many people who will read this propaganda and take it as fact. Gaga is not trying to brain – wash the masses or convert us all to satanism. Nor is Beyonce and Rihanna. They are Pop stars, creating music. Im afraid that those who easily believe these 'theories' are the ones that are easily brain-washed and will ultimately believe anything. Once again, life doesn't have to be ugly and not everything contains a deeper lying evil.

    (ps. the whole ra ra ra chant being likened to that of the sun god Ra? absolutely ridiculous.)

  445. This is trash spawned from the pits of hell…pushed by the rootless cosmopolitans controllers of the verminous "Sheepletainment" industry.

  446. its all very interesting! but look at the video! she/s a artist and i think the message is bigger then some occult conspiracy! i cant stop thinking after seeing this video about the young lady that was missing after the metalicca concert! i havent heard much about her since! i believe it was in virginia! are young women really being captured as sex slave/s? we need to get to bottom of this and find out whats up! many missing people and young women are never found! and it might not be a killer but some perverse act! maybe lady gaga is doing a service here! what do you think?

  447. This is a beautiful analysis! Excellent work! My goodness, I would have never realized this be true! After knowing the deeper meaning, I've come to appreciate Gaga's work even more. Thank you for your interpretation.

  448. Ahem….. can anyone explain why the disguises (characters) of Lady change? Think about relationships that are public and rocky. I think I know the final character is a reference to the skank Amy Winehouse, but I am buggerred if I know what the other are… They do look familiar but I just can't seem to find the right words. . . . . . .

  449. And that look where she is doing the "triangle" over the eye is suspiciously like early Madonna, don't you think??

  450. RememberHistory on

    All one needs to do is look at history. I thought people were not ignorant enough to fall for the fake occultish cults that allowed the Third Reich to maintain so much power and brainwash people (See The Occult History of the Third Reich, and numerous other references). The Eastern religions actually contain a lot of Truth and goodness, but then all the symbols are twisted into this mesh used for control.

    I sometimes hope the Old Ones mentioned in the Vedas, by the Egyptians, and the Tibetans (possibly from the stars, whom knows) comes back and throws these people off the planet

  451. are u retarded?

    ur one of those people who live to jack off in their mother's basement aren't you?

    watch her interviews you dumbass! and she'll shoot your "findings" down.

    someone should shoot you in the face for even publishing this seriously.

    get a life.

  452. So I am point out the occult here and there, but are you trying to say you dislike her or you like her music?

  453. now somebody did really explained all creepy videos of Rhianna and Lady Gaga, but i didnt noticed that even beyonce is also a slave of Illuminati.

  454. Vigilant:

    In the part where she's being 'auctioned', she's wearing something that seems like 'nothing but diamonds'. I remember seeing somewhere that this was also a repetitive image being presented to the public and it stood for something. I can't remember now where I saw it though…

    Do you or anyone else, know about that?

    I can think of these two images right off the top of my head…

  455. You know I actually know the real story behind the song. But I think I like this explaination better LOL. Oh good stuff and I wouldn't say completely off basis.

    The horned figures might represent someone who views themself as a horned one which is a term for any practicioner of Western Occult. They might also represent someone with a Native name like Leaping Antelope….

    Bad Romance is a term simply describes a bad romance.. Haven't you ever had a bitter ex, or a stalker gf, or one who makes it their life mission to ruin your life? Such an act certainly burns any bed or being to char.

    Have you ever studied the human body or Devinci? The human body makes a perfect sphere in movement. Lady Gaga's main form of expression I believe is not music but fashion. The ultimate expression one could make in fashion would be one that shows perfectly clear our true physical identity.

    So lets pretend the guy that got burned was a good person being tortured by a vampire who indeed is sacrifcing or saving such a person from corrupt beings. That is my take on your version of opinions.

    Be well and please no witch hunting.

  456. when in black: michael jackson

    when in white/silver and long blonde hair: britney spears

    when in red: marilyn monroe or like somoene said christina aguilera

    someone said this earlier

  457. lol great article but you read into this stuff way to much.

    its a s if you actually believe she is into this stuff and trying to be a real devil or something.

    its all just for show, nothing more.

    that is what pop music, what all music, has become.

    GET WITH IT! LOL. =p

  458. Last week I could see the YouTube video posted on this page for the Anaylsis of the video. Now I cannot. I want to watch it again and pass it along this entire link to someone so they can watch it too. It says i"This is a private video", don't remember it saying that last week or so.

    How can I see this? Any help is appreciated.


  459. She interviewed with MTV about Razor blade sunglasses – she said that she wanted something symbolic of the tough female spirit. In New York she had a lot of friends, and there was one group of girls that carried razor blades in their mouth, so that if they were ever attacked, they had something to fight with. So that is where the razor blade sunglasses came from.

    As far as the "Ra Ra Ra Roma Roma"

    I thought they were all omnimatapea of "Romance' "Rah Rah Roma- Roma- Romance"

    Similar to Rihanna's separation of umbrella as "Umber – ella , ella, ella, ella"


  460. wtf, razor blades in their mouths?

    Lady gaga is one of the biggest bullshitters i have ever heard of.

    When asked why she does not wear pants, she replied, "So my blind grandmother can see me. She is practically blind and she can only see the white parts, like my hair and skin" Uhm, ok, why not just wear white pants??


  461. This is NOT what this video is about.

    It's clearly about trafficking girls for sex. You are just trying to over analyze this. She even said in an interview that "Bad Romance" was about sex slaves.

  462. Holas derrepente no me entiendas pero trata de traducirme

    Tb hice un analizis y hay algo tb q se te paso cuando gaga se acerca al mafioso el mafioso toma un baso yen sus dedos se ve un 9 o un 6 noc loq realmente es luego en la foto inical hay un mafisoso q tiene una mascara exactamente el ultimo en la derecha se dice q los illuminati tiene relacioncon los Anunaquis y estos son seres extraterrestes lunares yese sujeto tiene esa apariencia.

  463. Although i like lady gaga's songs but when i know i get upset about her but still i listens to her songs i just made it pass in my ears. but even though she's like that she's still a good artist. she just like the fame she's claiming now.

  464. I wonder, when she is talking to herself in the mirror, she takes her skirt up and shows something, what is it? only skin?

  465. Omg! Thankyou for posting the truth about all of these songs! I've read most of your articles about Rihanna, Beyonce and now, Lady Ga Ga. I couldn't believe how much symbolism each of their songs have! Honestly, I'm not so smart when it comes to symbolic things, but you've made everything pretty clear from here on out! I've deleted all of my songs with Rihanna, Beyonce and Lady Ga Ga. But now I'm worried. What about Chris Brown and the others? Are all singers apart of this occult? Please write back if you can, and Thank You!!

  466. I always find these interesting reads. I think it is good to be aware of different therories. I've seen gaga in a interview with paris hilton stating that all she wants above all else is Fame. She has said she is obsessed with Fame. I saw this even before I even knew of these conspiracy therories. I'm sure she will get her fame… I almost feel sad for her though. The truly famous ALWAYS end in turmoil… We tear them apart, we can't wait to see them fail after awhile.

  467. Hi all…regarding the ongoing issue of everything not being a-ok in the music and entertainment industry

    Just thought you might be interested in tuning into the Royal Variety Show on UK ITV 8.00pm tonight UK time – Lady Gaga and The Queen of England – the show is packed with loadsa symbolism –

    Lady Gaga is the mock tudor latex Lady in Red – singing Speechless raised high on a Daliesque ten foot piano – as a 'tribute' to her father who is in the audience.

    Gaga's eyes wide shut in deep panda like hollow holes of red sequinned pits, bored deep into her eye sockets…courting a red ruffled elizabethan mock 'tudor collar – literally the Lady in Red –

    Comedy host & acting court jester Peter Kay dressed up in costume as white rabbit – he proclaims Blackpool the entertainment capital of the UK – it is indeed – as headlined on front page of industry bible The Stage – "A Return To Wonderland."

    Also look out for a dark and disturbing monarch butterfly transformation number for forces sweetheart & opera star Kathryn Jenkins singing Evenscense classic – Bring Me to Life – reversing goodie goody image in a self sacrifice ritual perfomance – like a transmogrifying black crow / bat creature surrounded by dark crowlike creatures then sings …wake me up inside…as she tranforms into to a magnificent giant butterfly …like phantom of the opera meets thriller….then clock Miley Cyrus's homage to Lady Gaga …and the obligatory psuedo Sister ‘Act’ number….

    All held in friendly northern seaside town of Blackpool – in reality an illuminati / masonic stronghold – where the entrance to the town is actually called Starr Gate – where there is a giant moon shaped spinning glitterball opposite Starr gate that beams & spins gobo's of eyes and pyramids – aka a spinning rotating Sphere – this is situated opposite the Solarius Centre -which is framed by two large wind turbines – which is situated opposite a public promenade made of giant metal gates / cubes shapes and squares based within circles – these are publicised as works of modern 'art' – not so – so inappropriately placed along a crappy old British seaside promenade…. yet so slick, so stylish – so futuristic -slap bang in the middle of Blackpool beach???

    From the entrance of Starr Gate – All these objects are surrounded & protected by a long line of unusually curvaceous curved and angular lamposts…..and lights, little dotted lights everywhere's like a space age runway & docking & landing bay…..they are curved to hold the energy – it's like something out of a James Bond movie set….

    This is the gateway to another dimension alright…portals extraordinaire – a giant magnet horseshoe shaped conduit disguised as a seat – opposite the biggest rollercoaster and fun park in Europe – aka an energy transmitter – leading to 3 miles of illuminations – the famous Blackpool 'illuminations' aka the illuminated seafront that get 'switched on' every year – forming an amazing illuminated path along the famous 'golden mile' literally festooned with the biggest free light show in the world……

    Ahhh all that glitters is not gold…often have you heard that told…..razzle dazzle …where all the sordid showbiz, glamour & glitterati mingle with the pros, paparazzi & porno pimps – Blackpool – it's rather like that popular Broadway classic number 42cnd Street where we inadvertently hum and sing a hymn to the darkside:

    ""Come and meet those dancing feet

    On the avenue i'm taking you to

    Where the underworld meets the elite.

    42cnd Street…"

    There is loads more going on – imagine the energy captured and conducted over the holiday season as over 12 million people visit this resort – known as the Las Vegas of the UK – now an abode of evil of the highest order – with it's 'anything goes' attitude, drunken debauched stag and hen parties, drug fuelled nightclubs, bars and crazy party scene, hedonistic wild weekends, lewd & rude comedy shows, hypnotists and strip bars, lap dancing clubs and UKs biggest gay scene..also…the latest project is BRILLIANCE a space age state of the art music and laser light show – it looks like something from War of The Worlds with giant balled lamposts beaming lasers and images on the street – that wouldn't be out of place in a nightclub…but where is it…opposite The Winter Gardens Theatre down a quiet public street where all the banks and cafes are…not even in the main holiday zone ..just a regular old street…or is it??

    The famous Blackpool Tower and the Cenotaph & the Winter Gardens venue and Empress Ballroom dome where the Royal V show held ..very sinister sites – this is no coincidence that next year sees the WORLD Magic Convention being held here …and newsflash just in…all these Venues – Tower – Winter Gardens and other local attractions now being bought back by local council from self made millionaire and entrepreneur Trevor Hemmings – this was literally announced on day of Royal Variety show – very significant events and synchronistic happenings…laylines – sacred old sites of great significance and interest.

    Back at the Royal Variety Show –

    An unusually subservient Lady Gaga sings 'Speechless' then bows adoringly to the Queen of England – it was an initiation and thank you ceremony – the Queen even broke protocol by shaking hands with performers in front to the audience – in plain sight…

    The Queen gave her seal of approval – on many levels – watch Blackpool rise now..strange times – strange place – The Queen & Lady Gaga's pictures were on every national & international newspaper & made front page news.

    The world is a stage….thus leading to…this:

    People you need to understand that Paramore is a manufactured band – made for the masses when you say "but..Paramore said in an interview" "Hayley wrote this…Hayley said that..".. do not be so naive as to believe Paramore / Hayley really said this – this is all pre packed and pre written well in advance by their PR's and slick management & marketing team – they are constructed to tell you what you want to hear…

    Everything you read from album covers, interviews , chat show 'chat' is contrived , pre planned, rehearsed and engineered – it's an ACT – they are literally an ACT – that is their profession – they are a musical ACT – from how they look., what they say, what they sing – do you really believe these types of performers really have an opinion – this is the job of the PR to write it all for them – all that stuff on their album -their pictures – it's ALL made's a PR dream to get you to believe they said it – they are acting..they are part of the game.

    Look at the current backlash to the X Factor winner going to number one in the UK – why do you think a facebook campaign to stop the manufactured dross and mind controlled massed buying into this Christmas number 1 hype has taken the world by storm ….as I write this the people who know …want those who are trying to control us …to know WE know!!! Rage Against The Machine's "Killing In The Name Of"…says it all – check out the lyrics :


    The people are on the uprise – this unexpected backlash is an outpouring of energy – this is good news – this is happening today – in front of your very eyes & ears.

    The X Factor winner Joe Mcelderry is being told what to sing, what to say – controlled by the X Factor stylists, svengali management & music moguls …over the last few weeks those taking part have come from nothing and from nowhere – hand picked to be groomed, told how to sing, how to dance , how to smile, they've been shamed & humiliated in front of millions of people ( masonic rituals) if they put a foot wrong, then outshone & ushered in by the masters of the industry with a further humiliation by having to show their ineptitude and servility by performing like stupid little mesmerised monkeys next to pop 'legends' ' like George Michael, Robbie Williams and Whitney Houston – then they are re-styled and re-modelled right in front of you – while you sit at home like robots and even VOTE which one you want to be a slave to the system!!

    When and if you vote or call in … YOU are paying them to make you a SLAVE to them…in the words of Bob Marley….don't let them change you..or even re-arrange you..oh no!!

    Why do you think Silvio Burlesconi has just been smacked in the face ?? It's the rise of anarchy – it was the TRUTH that hit him in the face ….what comes round goes around…..this is the time can make a difference…so go ahead and do the right thing this Christmas …smack the devil right in the face too ….Shame the devil and tell the truth – knock X Factor off No1……show them we know…..

    Thanks for the inspiration Vigilant – great work – you are like the Screwtape Letters of our time – showing us how it's done – wise up people.

  468. Every American needs to read this site in entirety to come out of hell and music….i always thoght..why thelife of an american artist is so short….hope this site stays open and is not targeted by the illuminati…thanks a lot for the info

  469. Thank you so much for the enlightenment…….

    I hope other people get to see this and believe cos we are truly living in the last days…..

    God bless

  470. Okay, so here is the thing. I think it is cool how Lady Gaga uses a lot of symbolism in her music. However, I do not think she was aiming for what you found. You mentioned her and Taylor Swift first wearing white, and then red. First, look at all of the outfits Lady Gaga where that night of the VMA's. They all represented Alice in Wonderland. Not anything "evil" or stupid like that. And duh, the music video is about her being a sex slave to a Russian Mobster crew. I don't think any interpretation was needed for that. Also, the orb was something designed a long time ago. Its called the Orb. I think it is really cool. Ra-roma-romance. The first lines are kind of like a speech impediment kind of thing (not quite sure if that is the right word to call it.) But it just slowly transitions into the word romance. I'm not saying that you are wrong about anything. I find it interesting that you found some of that information. Again, I do not think that is the real deal here. There are many "monsters" out there. Sex monster, love monsters, alcohol monster, drug monster. Just about anything we love and can become addicted to can be considered a monster. "The Vigilant Monster" I am not for the Devil or anything. I am also a christian. I think instead of hammering down on people and judging there every movement like you have clearly done in this article, you should listen and consider what the artist says. I have written a some poetry and have a book up for sale. I would sure feel bad if one day somebody just randomly started referring all of my works to the devil. The sunglasses reflect the sun. There is obviously no reflection on her glasses, so why not my a sun on the glasses. There is a lot of symbolism that goes on in her music, and that is what makes her such a great artist. Her ability to symbolize and reference without sounding stupid. I don't if what I say makes a lot of sense or not, but my point is this. Congratulations on making this seem like a devil worshipping song, you have clearly spent a lot of time researching. I just do not think that is what she is referring to. Also, not trying to stir up any trouble.

  471. this site is amazing explains why everything is so weird and doesnt make sense its because there is a meaning behind it. everything makes sense now

  472. Don't you think the begining is her rebirth. Inventing herself and becoming who she is today because of what the people tell her to be.

  473. this is less a comment than a question. I've only recently learned about your site from a friend at church and I think it's really scary/fascinating the kind of imagery that's at play here. my question, though, is about the possible motivation of the artists themselves (beyond fame and power, of course). do they WANT people to know/understand the kind of choices they are making or are they simply banking on our widespread ignorance in odrer to normalize the kind of submission they are engaging in? In order to make it desirable and easy to replicate? What are the widespread goals or aims of this kind of visual programming?

    also, great work and thanks for keeping us all so informed!

  474. @Melinda

    thanks for the info on Blackpool, it’s funny to me that people still choose to dismiss all of this as coincidence…

  475. wow. sorry to see you have that much time to obsess over every little detail of someones life.

    you could probably do this with so many other people in the world too…. then knowing how lady ga ga is… she is probably laughing at this and just doing it know for the fun of it on purpose… just like all the other rumors…

    anyway enjoy your probably much lonely days… trying to find ways the convince people the world is crazy and mad…

    good luck with that.

  476. Lady GaGa always made me sick…. i never liked her.! she's weird and i knew there was something fishy about her just by looking at her wardrobe and her "random" songs. i always wondered what the hell she was talking about. now i know imma pray for all these artists. God bless & thanks.

    PS-all she need is Jesus he's the key to the wonderful LIGHTED kingdom. yet she calls him a "MONSTER"?? hmm…

    and you said something about Taylor Swift at the VMAs- that girl is only what 18.? she has no business being on the darkside at all…she better wise up and go to friggin church that worships the Almighty God

    as in Jehova, Jireh, Raffah, I AM, your creator, your everything, & He loves you and He is waiting for you…

    its a shame these ppl are so blind

  477. My question would have to be… have you turned that high powered perception on Christianity itself? Talk about occult symbolism!!! No, I bet you haven't… after all there's absolutely nothing evil about a cult of blood drinking flesh eaters worshiping a zombie. And all that sacrifice and blood letting going on in Leviticus is just child's play right? Incest, pedophilia, genocide and Jesus forcing his followers to denounce their families if they really love him aren't big cult Red Flags either I suppose. David Koresh must be so proud of you!!!

  478. Wow. Well, what can I say. Not only were you wrong on some of the lyrics, but you missed some connections where you were wrong (Rear Window is another Hitchcock movie btw). Most of the interpretations you have drawn are obviously stemming from previously held prejudices. Let's take a look at a few of the errors shall we?

    1. Rah-Rah-ah-ah-ah

    While you are correct in sating that RA is the Egyptian god of the sun RAH is not. RAH is normally what someone would expect to hear from a high school cheerleader. Or a really cheesy monster (Rawr).

    2. Your vertigo stick, Want you in my rear window, Baby you’re sick

    Here are the REAL lyrics:

    I want your psycho, Your vertical stick, Want you in my room, When your baby is sick

    As you see the real ones give you MUCH more to work with, however the Hitchcock connection kinda crumbles. Don't feel bad about getting the lyrics wrong, she is kinda hard to understand.

    3. I want your love and, All your lovers’ revenge

    Actual Lyrics:

    I want your loving, And I want your revenge, You and me could write a bad romance, I want your loving, All your love is revenge

    As you can see there is much more fodder here for the interpreter to use. However it is more along the lines of wanting to be in an abusive relationship. As we all know being in an abusive relationship is one of the best ways to get into the media spotlight.

    4. Anti-Christian Symbolism

    The cross placed under the word Monster on the casket is hardly a clear indication that she is calling christianity a monster. More likely it is referring to the old custom of placing crosses on coffins to prevent the dead from rising as unholy abominations before the rapture. Crosses were used to consecrate and seal the places where the dead were kept because it was thought that only god had the power to cross a boundary marked by his logo. In this case I think that it is closer to meaning that the box contains a monster and they are trying to use God's PR to keep it inside.

  479. Servant of God on

    Hey bro, you missed a major piece of symbolism…… you probably didn't notice, but she is dressed like Pan, or Fan, the pegan Demon of Perverseness. Thought you might want to also know that they had an entire runway of top models dress like this demon, playing this song in the background. All the models dressed like the demon of perverseness. Yah. That's right. Satanic

  480. Well your interpretations make sense but I honestly feel that actually "acting" upon widely broadcasting this will be a waste of time. I completely agree and understand that she is giving herself up and this is really mind boggling stuff but she knows her end and just like all the others she'll crumble and fall and the monster will die. Her name will be in the record books but she'll soon be gone just like all of the other "fame monsters". It will eventually happen, and we're all sure of it. But commenting things that are completely out of bounds is absurd. As said before, I completely agree with this interpretation but Lady Gaga's downfall is her own problem and the rest of us have nothing to do with it.

  481. Our Order does not engage in petty parlor tricks.

    There are bigger and more important things to take action on, than polluting the minds of those who are already enslaved by the fascism of their own ignorance.

    Happy Holidays

    -The Illuminati Order

  482. I started reading this thinking you were a laughable lunatic, but this turned out to be an interesting article.

  483. Articles like this one only help to further spread whatever "message" may or may not be in her videos. There are hundreds of people who posted before me whose comment started off as "as soon as I heard she had a new video I rushed see it". You are making her money everytime someone clicks on the video, which will only help fund her next project.

    I would have never seen this video if it weren't for this article. Should I be upset with you for exposing me to such supposedly "demonic / satanic / wiccian / occult" content?

  484. I have read your review and have seen the video/listened to the song.

    I must question why you think that it has to be occult related. The majority of people making these videos do the things they do for the shock value. Yeah they can be weird or even occult but that doesn't always mean that they are trying to conger Satan into the homes of the people enjoying the music. Everything in the song/video are metaphors for things that happen in the music industry (just like the stories in the Bible are metaphors for events that happened during the times of it's writing). I really think that this was over examined and that it should have been left at the video was made for shock value.

  485. the photo of Gaga at the center of planetary orbits is the Atheist symbol.

    the satanism of the masons and Illuminati is highly debatable and up for interpretation. some understand it in purely dark and negative way of seeing life the Illuminati them selves as ones to free peoples minds, not enslave them. that is how they see the world. the symbolism of the catholic church is and always has been the symbols of the death cults and when Illuminati see the same things you see, in every instance you suggest, the Illuminati always have a completely opposite view of it. when you say it is evil Illuminati think it is good. you speak of all these negative things when Illuminati see them as illuminating and positive. they do not understand the christian world view at all so the Illuminati can not see anything thing vaguely evil in lady gagas symbolism. the monarch symbolism/myth is pretty much a running gag from all i know. in the ritualistic world view,; gaga is a lady and is in control of her own world but in the christian view it seems to them to mimic the dark world of ignorance, views of christian symbolism and mind control and the Illuminati is supposed to be liberating not enslaving and the mind control slave is the victims of death cults. in the christian world view every thing is spun on its head..and in the Illuminati world view everything is upside down and backwards.

  486. So im like a huge Rihanna Paramore. GAga. beyonce' and jay z fan……i dont think its hard to believe u know even catholicism hides stuff from us so its only far to believe that we arent going to its all there even rihanan isnt the same girl she used to be u know the music of the sun days………just read up on stuff u guys and look at the evidence on hand……its clear whats goin on here we are being controlled alll the way around point blank period………im going to still listen to all of their music i dont particularly worship the devil i love God thats who my alliance is with….do some research on the illuminati the occult…….hitler was apart of an occult regime……thats why jewish people were subjected to those heinas crimes………this an orators world we just live in it……from the prsident of usa to the pope they are alll puppets of the orator of order of the illuminati………..oh and just so u can get an idea CAPITALISM is a great movie it deserves a view…..GOD BLESS keep hiss love in ur heart and lock it there u will feel better about this…again GOD BLESS

  487. I honestly think you're all jealous of her fame and success as a singer.

    You wish you were as famous and brilliant as she is. She got you all busy trying to find the occult meanings of her acts… Well, she got what she wants: People getting busy on her work…

    Keep on doing it. The more you spend your time the more famous she gets!

    Her songs are about music industry and all this blah-blah-blah you've mentioned, but it doens't mean she evil or even have pacts with demons or whatever you crazy people might think. She's showing the bad-dark side of fame.

    well, anyway, I think she owns a beautiful voice and her songs have really good rhythm…

    Instead of wasting your time trying to find occult meanings in songs and videos or images, why don't you all join together and start a project on trying to make the world a better place, huh?

    But don't forget that in order to change the world you've got to change yourselves first.

    Good luck!

  488. One more comment about this article… I saw many comments people left thanking VC for showing the truth…

    Now, I assume that VC might be God or something, right? Cause according to these lunatic people who follow it, VC shows the truth and everything… Yeah… keep on doing it…

    The more you do it the more entertainment I get from you guys… It's like watching a Freak Show… I LOVE THAT!

    Thanks for making me laugh on a cloudy, rainy day… =]

  489. @640 Ray

    Vigilant's Lyrics are correct.

    These are the lyrics, according to the digital booklet that was downloaded when I purchased the album. Thanks for your input but it's wrong.

    "I want your psycho · Your vertigo shtick · want you in my rear window · Baby you’re sick"

    again you point out lyrics that are correct and try to replace them with incorrect lyrics

    "I want your love and · I want your revenge · You and me could write a bad romance · I want your love and · All your lover’s revenge · You and me could write a bad romance"

  490. You know, i think as human beinqs we percieve thinqs and try to find meaninqs for EVERYTHING; but we're not always correct, each person has a different way of seeinq thinq and i didn'tt notice ANYTHING until you people actually wrote this article but there are always assumptions and there is the truth. I still don't quite qet the point of this article, what are you tryinq to prove ? Even after i read all this its not qoinq to chanqe what i think of Lady Gaqa because to me she's still an amazinq artist and in the end she's still famous and people still love her music. She write music because she wants to share with the world the bad side of life, that's the whole point of The Fame Monster, and if you put it like that EVERY sonq from any artist has a "satanic" because that's what you WANT to believe and what you percieve from what you read and listen to. I think people just can't live with the fact that the artist is famous and they are not and EVERY person has haters so they always make assumptions of what other do and try to put them down without even knowinq one bit of the truth.

  491. You know, there's so much symbolism in this music video that you really have no way of knowing what she was after. It could have been many things. And a gazelle's head is not a symbol for Baphomet. Just because it has horns doesn't make it the devil. Anyways, Lady Gaga is a huge fan of death metal, and artists like Marilyn Manson. She has a full understanding of the imagery she's using, and is probably using it because she thinks it's cool, not because she's a member of the Illuminati. And this whole album is about how she feels about fame (hint: not good).

  492. @ Honesty: You probably haven't noticed the aspect of these claims that makes them inarguable – if you scoff at or mock them, or bring Occams' razor or other basic logic to the table, you will be summarily dismissed as some kind of "Illuminati misinformation agent." So, trying to talk to any of these "true believers" is totally useless, they are living fully in their fantasy world of impossible conspiracies… it's kind of ironic that they claim us fans are the "brainwashed" ones!

  493. lol although i said i didnt like Lady Gaga…this song of her was quite catchy but i always knew there was something off about it…OBVIOUSLY.

    @angel yeh i undersatnd where ur comign from buh you could hardly say that all of these interpretations of the lyrics and video's are all a bag fat coincedence.

  494. yah,like i totally agree wiv u.

    when my bother and i watched the video,we cldnt get it out of our brains. my brain kept switching btw the songs BAD ROMANCE and RIHANNA'S RUSSIAN SHIT.i had to actually listen to gospel music for a whole day in order nt to think bout those songs

    y should u sell ur soul to that thing they call the devil all in the name of fame????y nt wrk 4 it and believe in God.i dnt have to pray because i know that she's gonna rot in hell BIG TYM.oh she's already got a special place.


    continue xposing this musicians who love brainwashing

    bt 1 ques…..What is the effect of these songs to us??

    will be grateful if u reply

  495. Lady Gaga didnt make the video. Producers did! Has nothing to do with religion. I am a Catholic and i love Lady GaGa music. Yous need to get a life. If you do this to every song what are you going to listen to??? Your all crazy if you read into POP music.

  496. Lady Gaga's Mon on

    how do u noe if its true or not?? it could mean a whole different thinq and ur sayinq this i dont believe anythinq of this in this case im on Gaga's side

  497. Ok so after reading this whole article, I must truly say that I can see why many people in this world are becoming atheists and agnostics…not because of Lady GaGa…because of CHRISTIANS!

    For you guys to JUDGE and ANALYZE what you hardcore interpret as "Satanic" or "Unrighteous" about this music video and Lady GaGa in general, is way beyond disappointing.

    Yes, she dresses in "weird" clothes, or does come off as very sexual, but I know it in my heart that she is a ray of light to this music industry. I mean how about just interpreting Bad Romance (Which she says herself that it's about someone falling in love with their best friend), try listening to her other stuff such as Speechless, written for her Dad after goin through open-heart surgeory.

    She doesn't judge people, she EMBRACES people! To be honest, she really doesn't care about "The Fame"…one of the things she HATES is MONEY!!!

    When she started out, she would get paid to do a show…then go do another gig to help out more costumes, and set for another show…FOR HER FANS!!! Because she cares!

    In addition, in general, how about we stop interpretting what is "weird", because we don't see it everyday. Get to know something first, then embrace it, like a TRUE Christian.

    It just saddens me to know what religion has come to!

  498. wew.i'm really fascinated to gaga.this song is very symbolic though some parts of the song is not really acceptable to some audience.but in general. i can't imagine how they come up with that song.:)

  499. With all due respect, I think maybe you're seeing this from the wrong angle. It isnt ment to be demonic. Far from. It's about a woman opening her eyes to how she's being treated and how she really feels about her relationship. Then being strong enough to burn the bridge and come out the victor. I am not one to listen to mainstream music, however the appearence of Lady Gaga and the obvious courage she has to be true to herself and her expression really turned my head. I admire her emencily. The fact that I think she wrote it herself is a credit to her too. You rarely get that these days in mainstream music. Everybody is entitled to their opinion… but as for me? Kudos Gaga. x

  500. THANK YOU

    i hope ur site never gets deleted

    lady gaga has definitely made some sort of deal with the devil

    NOTHING about her is original (not even her futuristic clothes)

    …yet in a year shes working on projects with beyonce &madonna


  501. is an awesome website! If you want to get further answers about the star system and more, read your free king james bible and it will et you free from the spiritual blindness of the crowd!

  502. Razr Wire Shrine on

    Just a thought : Anyone else think the russian guy's controller looks like a Wii remote?

  503. i disagree completely with this interpretation, although just being an interpretation different people will see different things based on how they were raised and thier cultural beliefs. On watching this video my mom and i sat down and did our own interpretations. My mother see's the different color outfits as being different parts of a human, the purity/ good:white the bad/ugly: black & the passion:red.

    I on the other hand, took the whole video into consideration and connected the whole thing WITHOUT any demonic references!

    in the beginning the red cross symbolized help, it foreshadows her downfall (in american society the red cross is an organization that helps people who've been through disasters.

    she arises from the egg:birth. completely innocent and blind(eyes covered) to the way of man. Her dressing in black shows that she's become tainted because of her exposer. when she's "wide-eyed" it symbolizes how her inability to get the "man" drove insane and as a result other women had to feed her the hard truth(the vodka dumped in her mouth). The scenes of gaga naked in a cage symbolize that she fell under his spell and he had her under complete control such as a caged bird. when she's carried into the room striped down and "sold" shows how the man objectified her and didn't see her as a human, but rather property. the scene of gaga with teary eyes shows that underneath the appearance this man created she's still herself and she's upset with who she's become but still so blinded and in love that she still wants this bad romance although he's bad news. when gaga is dressed in red it forshadows how her inner passion motivated her to ultimately kill this "bad romance" which ended in the death of a man because while she didn't wanna be friends she couldn't be around him with the fact that that's all she'd ever be, so unable to escape because she was trapped she finally does something for herself and kills him to free herself. the "snake" and "spine" references symbolize that she's become sickened with this bad romance. many can refer to these "sicknesses as anorexia or bulemia, she's trying to become anything this man wants to see. Nobody has seemed to mention Gaga's green sequin outfit, which symbolizes how materialistic she's become while under this love spell. Gaga's posture as she sits down during this scene symbolizes how she's tired and exausted from living this live. she's more of a doll than a person. As for the satanic symbolism, it doesn't exist to everyone. Goat heads don't make a person worship the devil, the person choices his/her own path.

    Symbolism is always in the eyes of the beholder. A person who's been exposed to satan and evil will see the demonic references while other people won't such as i, and the people who view this video as being a reality of the traffiking problem throughout the world. No, i'm not saying they've been exposed to traffiking, but i am saying that it's something they know about, an issue that they support.

    I've been looking for other critic's views on the symbolism in this video (because obviously there is a surplus, but i do not agree with this critism, at all.

    not all music that is mainstreamed now a days is demonic, it's the critics that are making it seem so.

  504. I don't think GaGa is a Music Industry "puppet."

    She's too intelligent to be fully manipulated by a higher system. And so are her die-hard monster fans.

    She even sings about Resistance in this video:
    @ 3:40

    "We are a generation twisted by a myth — confused and ludicrous, holding onto love…We're gonna start a resistance. We want independence."

    If anything, she's tricked the Music Industry Executives into believing that she's submitted to them.

  505. but in her song she sings "im a free bitch baby"

    i think that means that she knows whats going on, and she wants it and its her freedom because she wants the fame.

    I think it would be quite natural for someone to want fame.

  506. I think this is cool rather than alalyzing the problems with lady gaga or the problems with what she is doing, i am going to say thank you for posting this. Watching her video i was confused on what the video meant or what she was trying to come across as. Lady Gaga is strange in her unique way and i like it. This is cool what you are doing, i enjoy reading up on these videos and realizing what little, insignificant things mean. Great Job!

  507. geezz… thank you so much for the info.

    how i love this music. now i also have to remove this from my head!

    i never knew that the "rabbit hand" -[ what i used to call this pose] at gaga's album means something. tho i've never seen that pic of hers. i always pose like a rabbit in some of my photos. but not the other meaning.

    i was also surprised about the chant, "Rah-ra". Which i never thought has a meaning..

    i was just wondering about the meaning of the "french" [correct me if im wrong] part of the lyrics. please mail me back. i'd love to know stuffs about this.

    now i really have to be aware.. oh man… >.<

  508. wow, thank you so much for your posts – it will definitely make me be more assertive and not just absorb everything i watch thinking its ok!

  509. To #393

    You're right! That is the weirdest video for that song I've ever seen . . . and I've seen a lot of videos! And it smacks of masonry as well. WOW! I knew a lot of singers/actors are just now coming out about how long they've been worshiping the devil. I didn't know Tom Jones did until now. WOW!

  510. To #653

    None of us are jealous! We are all seeing the same things and our antennae goes straight up and our heads are cocked at a 45 degree angle wondering "what the hell is this". We're not crazy but something does smack of strange, weird or just too different.

    I'm glad this site is here because it explains a lot of what we've been seeing but had no way to communicate or anyone to talk to about what we were seeing. We are getting some good insights and explanations as to why things look the way they look and what's to come.

    JEALOUS??? Honey, I do not have time for that. I'm too busy reading this site from top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top and side-to-side. Its much more important to be knowledgeable, educated and know where the pitfalls are than to covet another person or their life. I'd rather know how I'm being manipulated instead of being dumbed-down. This is type of knowledge is pure power. In these days, its life and death and the life you save, just might be your own.

    If there had been this type of website for the Bernie Madoff types, he never would have been able to pull it off. Someone would have connected the dots and it would have been stopped. But we do know the Money People in the music industry are in cahoots with the Wall Street People. They too use their own version of the Dark Side, but its there and I want to be forewarned and forearmed for the next few years until the people who made this mess can clean it up . . . if ever.

  511. i am proud to see the symbols.. the secrets.. the meanings.. the music manipulation that you see..

    keep watch of it all.

    you are not alone.

    for i too have found secrets.

    the world will deny you because they follow influence.

    but one who chooses to stay peculiar, will see everything, what is planned, how its planned.

    and what "they" are planning to do.

    stay strong.. if you are in the path i think you are in. NEVER GIVE IT UP! even if it means your life.

    — to the people that love to stay ignorant and accept insults and anger instead of wanting to know reasons why and solve this warning–

    DO NOT BE DECEIVED… <– i did not say this.. i am just listening to a very, very old voice.

    who told me/ US! this.

    seek the truth, and the knowledge, after that then you will KNOW the world.

  512. Okay, did anyone else notice that Lady Gaga in the BATHTUB looking WIDE EYED and addled, looked more than reminiscent of BRITTANY MURPHY who DIED of supposed heart attack IN THE SHOWER? I think Brittany was on the way OUT and her programming was breaking down. Long before they ditched her with drugs or, okay ill say it, electromagnetic/'radio waves, they knew it was going to happen. A lot of Brittany Murphys films were dark and based on mind control, including Girl Interrupted, where Brittany plays a survivor (sortov) of sexual abuse who has an eating disorder, who kills herself…. Not a big stretch of the imagination to see her as a monarch slave, complete with ugly older handler "husband" and a sudden death at close to age thirty. Sure, anorexai and drugs will do that to you too, but …… Take another look at the Gaga clip, see if you think she was made up to resemble Ms Murphy.

    Wakie up peoples, the ones still saying its all coincidence or snappy styling are ignoring the obvious. the question is, are the illuminati trying to scare the crappa out of us, or are they trying to distract us from the truth, which is that they ahve a plan to reduce the population of the earth by 90 percent……..if this environ mental catastrophe of 2012 goes down the way some ppl think it is, maybe all this mind control crap is to distract us long enough for the illuminasty to make a break for their underground bunkers BEFORE the rest of us wake up and make it harder for them to survive whats coming. If i were them, id sure not want five and a half million people trying to stop me taking cover.

    Thjoughts peoples?

  513. She is Lower than dust in my eyes. she doesnt even worth up to the reminants of a rabid dog

  514. I have a theory regarding the image with the strange hand side and the protruding spine. When I see this reptilian transformation it becomes obvious that the person is being possessed by a demon (because the person themself is not a reptilian or a demon, but take on attributes related to the demon possessing them.) During a demon possession of the body (as seen in "exorcisms" or tribal rituals) the hands will start forming strange symbols. Whether they have meaning or not I don't know. Also, some religions and cultures believe that instances of sleep paralysis are caused by temporary demon possession (being a victim of sleep paralysis myself), the victim's hands will morph in strange ways even when no other body part is moving. That's my theory about the hand symbol, and other hand symbols that are not immediately recognizable as Devil Horns or the OK symbol.

  515. i love the song and i found it suspicious too when i first saw the video. when i heard the song i got a little suspicious but watching the video grew my suspicion and read this confirmed it! i thank you!! 😀

  516. nyangel2019, she hasnt made a deal with the devil.

    She didnt just magically appear on the music scene and become a huge hit.

    For years shes been playing in bars, and clubs, and she's even been writing songs for other celebrities.

    Shes tried making it before, but never got the right deal. That is until Akon discovered her.

    And she didnt become popular right away. She came out in 2008, but people didnt start liking her until 2009 when they finally realized 'Oh wow, a pop start with actual talent'

    So don't go accusing, please.

  517. I am the Illumati representative from Quadrant 6. You have uncovered some of what we are what we do. But only because we allow it.

    Enjoy your mock freedom, peon.

  518. At the top of all these comments you state, "Comments that are insulting to anyone will be deleted." I assure you that this seems one sided. It seems that most of what was said above in this long bash of Gaga is nothing but insulting to her and her fans. She has done many interviews many of which I have watched myself. She states that she has always been different, and is there for all others who don't seem to be normal, people who are disliked, and for people who are hated (persecuted) for who they are. She speaks of love and joining each other! Do you think a rose is evil because it has thorns?

    Well let me tell you what I think: Jesus said, "Let my children come" He also said, he who is without sin cast the first stone. Even better for verse tossing "enlighten people": St Matthew 7,”

    1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.

    2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Mk. 4.24

    3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

    4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

    5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.

    6 ¶ Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

    How dare anybody say that God hates! That is truly appalling!

    That’s all I have, thank you for letting us all chat.

    James Preston Williams

  519. God I hope you all can understand what that states. above. You will be judged alike those you judge.

  520. Catholic people make the cross with their right hand, with the thumb crossed over the forefinger. In the picture mentioned Gaga makes a cross with her left hand (not the right) and crosses the thumb under the forefinger. This may be a sign of an inverted cross. Maybe?

  521. I understand what you are saying. And I accept it.

    My question is……WHY would someone produce something like this?…..what is to their advantage of projecting this….to a world wide audience?……what is their goal? what is the point ? and what is achieved?

    Sinister or otherwise?

    If you can craft a small person response I would be so appreciative


  522. The cross on her privates appears to us that it is part of a rosary. There is also a black rosary draped over her. It looks like it is a rosary because of the spacing of the beads. Does anyone else see this?

  523. personally, I believe This is just lady Gaga trying to come up with creative Ideas rather than portraying herself as a devil

  524. She also has a rat in her hair during the Baphomet fire scene to go along with the bat in the other.

    There is also a hairless Egyptian cat the Russian Mafia dude has.

    Roma is the Church of Rome, without question.

    Roma, roma mama… mother Church.

    The term mother church or Mother Church may have one of the following meanings:

    1. The first mission church in an area, or a pioneer cathedral

    2. A basilica or cathedral

    3. The main chapel of a province of a religious order

    4. A plantation church — that is, the "mother" of several "daughter churches",

    5. A church of historical importance to a Christian community, including the following:

    1. Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church, the "mother church" of the African Methodist Episcopal Church;

    2. The Mother Church: The First Church of Christ, Scientist (Boston, Massachusetts), the Church of Christ Scientist of which all others are branches;

    3. Greater Refuge Temple Church, the Mother Church of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith; and

    4. The Roman Catholic Church, as the Mother Church of Western Christianity;

    6. The Universal Church or Church Universal, which is the Bride of Christ.

    The Baphomet image used in the one picture from the 1st article on Gaga, the one with the triangles for arms… that was on that new show of Simon Cowells X-Factor. She wanted to have baby lambs instead of the backup dancers, but they said no for health concerns.


    Also whoevers Bad Romance video is being used… they made their video private so you cant see it unless you are their friend.

    The Jesuits are involved.

    There used to be a Jesuit Priest on the Board of Directors for Disney until I started pointing it out and he had to step down. Leo O'Donovan.

    Roy Disney and Rupert Murdoch were inducted into the Order of St Gregory on the same day by the Archdiocese of LA Cardinal Roger Mahony.

    This isnt just Satanism.

    The Catholic Church and her Jesuit whores were behind the creation of the Illuminati and Gaga comes from the female version of the Jesuit Order, the Society of the Sacred Heart.

    For complete control they have to play both sides of every argument and have influence withing all circles.

    The Catholic Church has fallen to the Holy Roman Empire, who created the Jesuits and Zionist Rothschilds alike.

    They can shove their spooky symbols and rituals up their asses, I see who they are and they may as well take of their silly masks and come out from behind the curtain.

    King Juan Carlos of Spain, Im talking to you pal.

    Otto von Habsburg, you too, as well as all the members of the Order of the Golden Fleece aka the present day Empire in hiding.

  525. 687. gagalover but "Okay, did anyone else notice that Lady Gaga in the BATHTUB looking WIDE EYED and addled, looked more than reminiscent of BRITTANY MURPHY who DIED of supposed heart attack IN THE SHOWER?"

    "Thoughts peoples?"

    Its an interesting observation.

    Which also adds credence to another observation…

    Murphys last 3 role she plays, first up is Dead Line where the teaser poster shows her dead in the bathtub.

    Then Abandoned and then Something Wicked are both i post-production.

    And yes, now that I think about it, she does look abit like Brittany Murphy in that clip.

    But also at the same time, she doesnt die in the tub and the eyes could just be a coincidence to convey innocence.

    But it is awfully spooky with the teaser poster for Dead Line, plus the other 2 titles she was working on when she died.

    Something Wicked(Baphomet?) had Abandoned her and now she is Dead (Line).

    Its a long shot, but I think it is an observation worth mentioning, cause ya just never know.

  526. I had never seen a lady gaga video until the other day. On a side note, I have heard her songs on the radio. For me they represented those songs that start out really annoying and are played so much they start to sound good. Mainly a tool of the corporate media: just saturate the audience eventually people will enjoy.

    On to my first viewing of a Gaga video. I found out I could watch some TV shows online for free, but I was subjected to ads at random points during the show. The ads featured Bad Romance. Might I add only a clip. First, I heard the clip and probably thought oh another crappy lady gaga song, you know trying to sell singles, for 99 cents on itunes. What a total ripoff, but thats for another day. Moving on, just the clip maybe 15 seconds of bad romance, is incredibly hypnotizing. After about the 40th ad I tried to find the “song” on youtube, but I didn’t know the name of the song, so I couldnt find the video. So I let it be, figured I hear on the radio later. And sure enough rah rah, then the hook on the ad. It is addictive, the beat and the words, how she is singing, all of it. In the ad there is no Ra Ra Ra or any of that. When I heard the Rah Rah, I thought to myself this song is better than all those other crappy catchy tunes. I went to youtube to listen to the song. Little did I know it would turn out to be one of the best music video I have ever seen, as far surreal shots combined with art/style, pushing the edge of sexuality, and absurd images. It is addictive. A combination of Britney Spears/Christina Aguliera/Marilyn Manson/Jenna Jameson, is Bad Romance.

    I could not help but think after watching the video whoever produces these things sure does know how to imprint my brain because as your last line indicates the hardest part is to get that song out of your head. It reminds me of watching a porn. Only more visually simulating because of all the odd things happening. A few outfits look like they came straight out of a Jenna Jameson video. The close ups of her face are filmed like a lot of the porns I see online. You all may think I am perverted, but hey its the truth. One thing I have learned from watching porn is that images satisfy, but leave the viewer craving more. Unlike almost all other TV which can be anticipated or even excited to watch, nothing compares to porn. Until I saw Bad Romance, I don’t think I had ever had the urge to watch TV over and over again. Maybe listen to a song, but TV just has never had that effect. Now I understand why.

    I appreciate your analysis of Lady Gaga. I read all your articles about Lady Gaga they really make sense. She is definitely brainwashing children and youth into mindless puppets. “Love Love Love the New World Order” even though it exploits and abuses you. Enjoy being a slave. I used to be unaware and I am still trying to break the spell the media has put on me during my life. In the past I would have seen your article and thought this guy is crazy. I have recently come to realize 99% of what I see an hear in the mainstream media is hardly the truth. I am glad the internet allows for alternative view point to be expressed otherwise I probably would not write or think about what I was watching, I would have been just drooling…repeating Rah Rah oooh La La.

  527. LOL the occult thing is just a fashionable atm.

    ya'll take it way to seriously

    plus, how in the world would a song make you brainwashed or something? its not suicidal like Rhiannas Russian Roulette so why worry?


  528. I think those signs can be commented in both ways (bad and good). In my religion (Orthodox) the trianlge is a good sign (The Son, The Holy Spirit and The Father ), also in egyptian religion Ra is a Positive God, the gazelle it's not and evil sign because they are delicate and weak and they're not like a predator. In my opinion you are trying to hard to find the bad signs and you are trying to hard to convince us that the musical industry tries to corrupt us. These kind of things,the signs, i mean can be discussable because they depend on religion just like the superstition (e.g. black cat : in some religions it's a good sign and in other a bad sign just like the number 13). Did you just checked all religions and all beliefs,find all bad signs and tried to place them in singers video clips?

    Also in that picture with the triangle it doesn't really look like a triangle…it looks more like a diamond , i mean if we take this so..everyone forms a triangle with shoulders and the head .

  529. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH BEEPBEEP….. people need to focus on what is ACTUALLY going on in the world today and stop trying to DIVERT attention away from it by demonizing the music industry. Its all smoke and mirrors

    BeepBeep November 16th, 2009 2:20 pm :
    You really over-analyzed this one. The song is about love and how it should be.

    I want your ugly
    I want your disease
    I want your everything
    As long as it’s free
    I want your love
    (Love-love-love I want your love)

    I want your drama
    The touch of your hand
    I want your leather-studded kiss in the sand
    I want your love
    I want your love
    (Love-love-love I want your love)

    She wants those moments where they’re aren’t pretty or beautiful, when they’re sick, and everything else (the point they become more than the friends and point where they are no longer in love), as long as she doesn’t have to buy it. The second part speaks on passion – drama and the love.

    I want your horror
    I want your design
    ‘Cause you’re a criminal
    As long as your mine
    I want your love
    (Love-love-love I want your love-uuhh)

    I want your psycho
    Your vertigo stick
    Want you in my rear window
    Baby you’re sick
    I want your love
    I want your love
    (Love-love-love I want your love)

    This part she says she wants to know everything, including the deepest, darkest secrets they aren’t willing to share with anyone (which is why she make the Hitchcock references). And she calls it a bad romance because of her fear of love.

    The video itself is about sex trafficing set in a futuristic Russian bath house (ideally to match the sound she’s going for) with Lady GaGa elements included. Nothing more, nothing less. The thing she wears is called an atom. The cross between her privates is symbolize that she is a virgin. The pupils is to give her innocence. The ugly reptile is a bat. And I don’t remember a gazelle’s head having anything to do with Satan.

    I don’t understand, if they’re controlled and brainwashed why would they allow it to be shown? Wouldn’t it be more pleasant? How would they know? It doesn’t seem to be benefitting them at all. And for what reason are we being brainwashed? Because I’m not sure it’s working.

    And she says “I’m a free bitch”, not “I’m a freak bitch.”

  530. OMG! I also notice when she did the two fingers around her eyes and then when she twirl you can see the lightening bolt on the right side. That's hot.

  531. CharleyGaGaFan on

    Thank u, u made me cry but thank u i am a huge gaga fan but im also from a born again christain family,U have opened me eyes to the truth bout such stars we worship them. GaGa has changed a lot since Just dance she has gotten deeper and deeper into wat ever she is in. I cant wait to read more from u.

  532. Invocation of Ra. The fans won't believe so I'll let them decide what's best for them.

  533. Okay i've read it an i'll add my 2 of my recession pennies lol

    WHEN THE ARTICLE starts talking about rah rah roma ma ma meaning something YH IT DOES but hes taking it a bit far…if hed had his face logically on earth an not on sci fi land he would have known it was the two first words of the songs title romance =roma roma ma ma an we all know gaga's her stage name like this guys just crackers and he probably wants fame writing a lot of bolox the hypocrite (dont know if i spelt that right) . that was my 2 pennies from ur down 2 earth VIRGO XD

  534. I recently just started reading about this here and it was due to some of my coworkers, and really it all makes sense. I mean this is everywhere, i recently just saw the emblem for dodge cars, its a ram. I was like wow, this stuff with no doubt is real. So yeah im a big fan of the website and keep it up because us here in our workcenter, we're spreading the word.

  535. WELL DONE!!! i've been on youtube for hours trying to see if anyone else noticed the sign of the cross.

    You nailed it, and then some.

  536. Bruce The What? on

    Excellent review! This is like taking the thrill ride at Magic Mountain! I am not going to become some thrill junkie because of it. Just like watching this video. It was a thrill. Doesn't mean anything more for me because I know God is always with me. Lady Gaga is brilliant and she gave a great visual thrill to her music. She can take me on a ride anytime.

  537. Diego Sanchez on

    I understand the Anti-Christian (She's actually Catholic) stuff except the one when she does a triangle isntead of the cross. In a lot of her live preformances, she does do the full cross.

  538. WOW..thanks Vigi!!

    I some how cant seem to get that song out of my head…i keep chanting the begining part..

    But i have been an unplugged person for years now and i am glad i am finding more and more people who are not ignorant and stuck in this system..i see we have a few above me.. wake up people.. geez!! its sad but exciting!!

  539. ps a mi m parece k essta full todo el video la musica todooooooo no entiendo por k hacen su show dejenla en paz puede ser verdad lo de los triangulos y kkkk no les hagan caso disfruten del video ok

  540. I'm a Christian too. And I understand where all of these came from. It's a great thing that you posted this for us to be reminded of some important things. Sometimes, we are engulfed by worldly pleasures not realizing what we are giving up is for eternity. Continue posting my friend. God Bless.

  541. so why did they make a video like that ?..They want to show music industry is a dirty thing…i don't think so…but the symbols here and about Beyonce and Rihanna were awesome..Thanks!

  542. "Rear window" is an interesting touch. The film Disturbia is a modern Rear Window. This post even mentions similarity to Rihanna's Disturbia.

    I always wondered why the song was called Disturbia. It has little too do with the movie, (except the theme of paranoia) an it's not even a word.

  543. Great article! I am fascinated by your articles because it just confirms what I already knew was going on with the music industry. I had to chuckle at your last sentence about the hardest part is getting the song out of your head…it's true. That's what makes your information so important. I'm a youth leader and am looking for an opportunity to share my findings with the teens. What they don't understand about the music is the "spirit" behind the music…that's why it's so easy to get a song stuck in your head. If only we could get good stuff stuck there…

  544. I am so glad I found this site. I have been very disturbed and equally drawn to Lady Gaga,but something just has not felt right. I can`t understand why her pathetic lyrics and mediocre songs have caught the world`s attention. Best New Artist? Puleeeze. I finally understand why there is such a massive conversion in the world. Her videos show lots of flesh and various scenes of orgies, mixed in with completely inane shite. The images are there, as you say, and if what you say is true, then we are in a lot of trouble. The dark side is winning the war of souls. She is perfectly situated to mind control masses of innocents, people who think her music is good. I am not Christian, but I do believe that the god who rules Earth is extremely powerful, and the gates to him open through music, sex and drugs,all things pleasure loving humans are drawn to. I don`t think that she has the intelligence to do this on her own. Those crappy lyrics that she pens herself are proof to me. If there is something sinister in her and her videos, then someone else is behind it, ie a mass marketing monster that requires slaves to carry out the message and convert the humans to evil. She says she is a Christian and loves God. What utter crap,and what a pathetic attempt to portray a front. Paparazzi, she says she will chase you till you love me. She is talking about herself chasing the fame until it loves her. I truly believe what you say about her. God help us.

  545. Oliver January 7th, 2010 1:56 pm writes:

    “Rear window” is an interesting touch. The film Disturbia is a modern Rear Window. This post even mentions similarity to Rihanna’s Disturbia.

    I always wondered why the song was called Disturbia. It has little too do with the movie, (except the theme of paranoia) an it’s not even a word.

    A very astute observation…

    Rear Window (1954) – A wheelchair bound photographer spies on his neighbours from his apartment window and becomes convinced one of them has committed murder.

    Disturbia (2007) – A teen living under house arrest becomes convinced his neighbor is a serial killer.

  546. I'm sorry to disappoint but this is not true.

    "Fame" is the "Monster" because this album is about the bad side of fame whereas her 1st album "The Fame" is about the good side.

    It makes me angry that someone would go out of their way to make artists nowadays look like satanic beings when they're not, but then again you must hate music these days so much to put them down and make them look evil any way you can.

  547. What is it about the revenge though that is what I would like to know?

    If you have lived the mirroer industry your analysis can almost bring one to their knees with the agony of life. what I would like to add is in regards to the opening stanza




    Want your bad romance

    You commented often about the Russians…which you talked about Mafia…but do you understand the beginning of the Illuminati and Shamballa? Something for you to think about not for me to tell…..It reminded me of this song.

    There lived a certain man in Russia long ago

    He was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow

    Most people looked at him with terror and with fear

    But to Moscow chicks he was such a lovely dear

    He could preach the bible like a preacher

    Full of ecstacy and fire

    But he also was the kind of teacher

    Women would desire


    Lover of the Russian queen

    There was a cat that really was gone


    Russia's greatest love machine

    It was a shame how he carried on

    He ruled the Russian land and never mind the czar

    But the kasachok he danced really wunderbar

    In all affairs of state he was the man to please

    But he was real great when he had a girl to squeeze

    For the queen he was no wheeler dealer

    Though she'd heard the things he'd done

    She believed he was a holy healer

    Who would heal her son


    But when his drinking and lusting and his hunger

    for power became known to more and more people,

    the demands to do something about this outrageous

    man became louder and louder.

    "This man's just got to go!" declared his enemies

    But the ladies begged "Don't you try to do it, please"

    No doubt this Rasputin had lots of hidden charms

    Though he was a brute they just fell into his arms

    Then one night some men of higher standing

    Set a trap, they're not to blame

    "Come to visit us" they kept demanding

    And he really came


    Lover of the Russian queen

    They put some poison into his wine


    Russia's greatest love machine

    He drank it all and he said "I feel fine"


    Lover of the Russian queen

    They didn't quit, they wanted his head


    Russia's greatest love machine

    And so they shot him till he was dead

    (Spoken:) Oh, those Russians…

    Just wordsw for thought…

  548. My opinion :

    The lyrics sucks..

    I believe that the word "I" is so powerful.. and to say "I want your disease" REALLY Sucks!

  549. Great analysis except for one thing. It's not the music industry she's wooing, it's the fashion industry.

  550. I'm actually writing a feministic paper on lady Gaga at the moment, and as I was researching, I fell upon this website. I love your analysis, and although I agree with the way you analysed most things, I do have a few things to add if you don't mind. First off, I think the beginning is actually the end. Lady Gaga is sitting on her "throne" so to speak, and is surrounded by her crew – she's already become the Fame Monster at that point. And then she clicks play, and it's like she was telling us the story of how she achieved this fame, and how she became what she is now. I think the first scene where theyre coming out of coffins symbolises "birth". it is as if she is coming out of a womb, she is a new born, this is further evident in the way their fingers are all curled and their steps are hesitant. they're still learning how to walk – more like dance – they dont know how to use their fingers, or how to clap. also, their senses are all covered, because as newborns, they can't see or hear yet. they dont have a strong sense of hteir surroundings. and in the bathtub shes wide eyed and innocent – almost "childlike"??

    it looks to me like a sort of growth timeline.

    also, the part where shes frozen with diamonds around her as men sit in a cirlce watchin her, it symbolises how she has jst become an object of the "male gaze". she is nothign now, but a female sexual object.

    then when theyre all dressed in red and dancing, note that the masks are off … her senses are regained. she "KNOWS" what she's doing and what she's getting herself into.

    the parts where she looks like an alien with her spine protruded are supposed to symbolise her "monstrosity" i think. she has become a monster.

    thats all .. thought i'd put my two cents in.

    good job tho. you're awesome 😀

  551.,, and and jesuits.Do not trust wikipedia or the links on wikicompany article.Good luck.

  552. on

    Sorry about this second post; I just had to make this after reading some of the crap people are saying in the previous comments. A key detail I left out in my previous post was that her new album, as Jay points out, portrays Fame as a bad entity, as well. It can corrupt and twist your views, impairing judgment and common sense. Fame, she says, is killing us. Look at what it has done. *cue celebrity scandals and other such stories*

    Sometimes people tend to get carried away when analyzing this sort of thing. Sure, the symbols are there, but it's all open to interpretation, so we won't all share the exact same point of view. This analysis of "Bad Romance" as a vehicle for the Occult and whatnot is nice and all, but it's not as complicated as one may think. Gaga herself said that the song is simply about someone who might fall in love with their friend or whatever. She knows many of us have also been in somewhat similar situation."It's not necessarily unrequited love, but unspoken love," she explains. It's chaos when we're caught in a bad romance (or more like a fear of a relationship?)–in that vortex of confusion and mixed emotions. Those are the main elements of the song, succinctly stated (more or less). Her lyrics actually say a lot, for those of you calling her lyrics "mediocre." Learn to use your critical thinking skills to analyze things, for fuck's sake (not everything is always so superficial as you may be inclined to believe). Otherwise you'll be brainwashed into believing even the most ludicrous claims.

  553. I luv lady gaga….
    And her style is wicked…
    And the my friend told me she was an Illuminati,,,
    I totally didnt believe them…
    Then Bad Romance video came out..
    Its totally scared me shitless…
    Then i googled her,found this site…
    All the symbols exactly match to satanic occult…
    And she like to make hand gestures like a gun…
    Then a saw the pic of Baphomet…
    Their hands are the same…
    Luv this article…
    Keep the good work…

  554. on

    I enjoyed the article and, of course, Gaga’s work. I just wanted to add a few things here and there. First of all, her video is brilliant. Su is correct in saying that her video is a kind of “timeline.” After all, Gaga herself said so in one of her numerous interviews conveniently uploaded to YouTube. She said that her video was a representation of evolution, (and, consequently, her own evolution as an artist) that the “coffins” the dancers were emerging from at the beginning of the song were a kind of “egg/cell” type of thing. She goes on to explain the meaning of her album title, etc… I can’t seem to find that interview at the time, but from what I remember, she said that when you commit yourself to something, you’ve got to leave some parts of your life–albeit your past, bad times, whatever…–behind, as that’s what her new album was about: Monsters, or rather, all of those problems we encounter throughout our lives. For instance, she said in the same (?) interview that the meaning of “Telephone” was her ever-present fear of suffocation, that because she’s constantly working on bigger and better things, she hardly has enough time to enjoy herself and so feels crowded, or overwhelmed at times. “Dance in the Dark,” she said, was about a girl (or women in general) who likes to have sex in the dark (with the lights out) because she feels insecure about her body and will thus be incapable of sustaining a healthy relationship. Gaga said that she knows she’s not the only one that feels uneasy about her body, and that she was exposing this common problem to the world, to let everyone know that they’re not alone, that it’s all right to feel insecure, that it’s OK. I realize I may have left some things out, and that I paraphrased what Gaga said a bit, but it got the point across…and now, I think that’s enough out of me 😉 I love Gaga. She’s so intriguing.